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f^m (X, t?mm\ fVrr*?potd>Bt.
WaHIINotox, Ttieaday. July 19, imvi.
Tb? New-York politician have made a'jut her
descent on this virtuous capital There are no leai
thin four leadirg candidates for the ilifftlo I\>st
Ofhc* new on tbe |round, backed by a correspond?
ing fo'<v of admiiiog ?'iec'1a. The President re?
ferred tha case ai,1 that of Troy from the general
scramble a fen ?ecke ?a*. intending at give them
peculiar attention, in eonaequer.ee of what are saV
den*?'d to be paoabef reas me. If be had fifty
thousand more postmaster- in Iba State ot" New
y< rk. tne) would m t aeatreJ the result next Pall, or
whenever tbe AJifiaiatratii ;. n IJ chOOBS to make a
a teed iaaaa aa it* policy, aiad ia, too, ofPbaa*
aihaaia, With all the trimm > > and dodging aiil
Mai af Deeaoeratic pofiticiaaa, w bo art aowatnriog
to ajarta witbooi tin ia nab aoee of a ooowmm princi?
ple ejloariof Leeompton and Antl Leeonapton nen
Jo bold their o?n opitdooa, If tbej w;l onlyeo>
njienU- ant the part;., with all thei r sudden pn
fssaio'j* for a charge in the fciritf. when Ghncy
Joues und bia whole tribe :ti CoStgTOBS ar-? noto?
riously umler the drive < t 1'io-sluery I're.-.'l nd
s-rs. and with all tin- patronage w hich baa been ho
ajaaoiopnloaafj rnployed; ?tili tae Adiainiatratioa
Will be discomfited and disgraced at the Fall elec
tioa by a laajoi il j of ten* of tbowaanda, aad this,
too, ir: tbe bee of tba fact thai their most protoi
oent candidates dare not open their mouths on Le
'ine 1'remlent is understood to take a lively
interest ii the aflmr of Corcoran and Maraam,
which ha* fun lsbed a topic of aa much iaterest lor
the old women of both aexci about Waahiagtoa.
And if he gets a chance he iii>-atis to make ita
?National affair, forgettiog that our fiery young
BoabS callai oat tba Duke of Alra, for an i in perti?
nent reference to bh toother, and tbat his father
ao treated Ilaron Target as to make bi n liinti for
many a day, without exiting the ire of MtbertlM
}">pBji.?:i or Praaei Government. And they wer
aaaaof iiu;b family poaatioa, wbo bod aowie elalaai
from oActa] relations upon tne aottea of their
Oovcriiti ents, if it wa* rjoMaeered d- sirtihle to grre
?? pan i 'd matter a public isaportaaee. There are
two hides to tbia hit of eeaadal, aod tboa far tbi
public Lan only Ind the privilege ot OBjpvalBg one,
and far trauma which are very obriooa bereoboBt
It ti he very eoaaolitifl to tbe President, win
Was Si.fan of Stute at the time, und to QeBOral
('ana, who was a prominent member ot the Seriate,
when the Folk alowiniatraiiao and the DeaaoeratM
jiarty under the load of Colonel Lteoton backed
iiiman- dowi I rom their preteoaioni to ."aj. 10 during
the Oregon eootroveray, and then a booted lustily
over VJ. to find thai tie' region of country which
tbey tboa abandoned. ?uTreoderedand gave up, after
declaring " war to be inev.table," and nuking a
distinct issue with England, should hare turned out
<me ol tbe most valuable and auriferous on the fat e
of tbegbabei and more than thai, that the Httd
tun 's Km) Company, under assumed rights, should
exehade Aaaericans from the ?? diggings'' without
paying ;i Boal extraordinary toll. Coiis;dcriri<?' how
I bey vaulted their prowess at the tiuie, and how the
eonntrj was excited by the theatrical show, the re.
Becti D which has b>-< n siigg.-atid tniist ba particu?
larly aiatilylag to tbe dtatingoiabed gentleaaeo who
played BO eooapicDXioa a part OB tbat occasion. The
Bva degiaaji and forty mittatet of latitude which
they turned over to England, after declaring our
tits1*) U/ he " ch ar and unquestionable," will proba*
fely produce gold enough in one year to extinguish
the increase of public debt, w hich they run up to
f^000,000 iu live months. We .-hall need | few ad
djl.ni.nl miues If the] keep on at this rate,
11 :'s now contended, that iimsniuih as the LawaO
taor?ing tae coatnot with the Colllnaliaaraqutrei
the 7i (til- to be can ii d from New York to Liverpool,
its apirit will be as i tle< lively cirri'd out if they ure
Beat to P< rtbtad, the point propoeed for the taroaV
out of tbe ateaitsers. Tbeta is BO condition that
they shall start frOBB New Vork, though that has
ins ti tbe H( ceptcd eon-triiction heretofore.
Thr i moil aaaaaa ao rejolee over a possible pros?
pect of defeating the nomination of the Hon. I?rael
VVaiihliutn lor a reelection, growing out of some
disputed claima among tbe counties composing his
d'oiigressjonal District, With oho merits ot that
local question or controversy I have no disposition
to interfere, but we all have n stake and an interest
in the selection of Representatives lor the neit
sl'nngresa, which is tobaOCk out the progrwtnoM anl
|e do tba actual work of the Fresidentiiii campaign.
At auch a juncture in public aflYus as now exists,
tmd in view of the moment and magnitude of the
ronnni; strugfcile, no little jealousies, or narrow am
iSitioii, or ani'ill arrangeiiienttt should be p<'ruiitted
to stai d in the way. The laigeatOXperieuea, the
iviseat counsel, the firmest purpose and the beat
ability are needed, to earry tbe Opposition through
a couU'st victoriously, which will enlist on tbe other
mle a tinted and desperate party, backed by the
it hole jMitver and patronage of the Federal Govern?
ment. It will not do to despise such tin enemy,
imwevei encouraging the signs maybe, after former
experience. To obtain success we must wurk for
It zealn.sly ami j?ersisteiit(v.
The application of what is called the "rotation
Tule" to the Cofgteasional representation of the
Free States has dwarfed their numerical strength,
and rendered them comparatively inefficient against
the compact, tMWeobdated and OZperteoced mil ority
f>f the BooaaV, This has been desnonstrsNyl practi?
cally over and over again. Tbe rule itself has. per?
haps, fairness to recommend it ia ordinary times,
and doubtlers may even now be exercised w ith ad
Tautage, in pruning some of the de MatsOM Of meiii
Ihts who have neither reflected credit on their con- I
Btituenta nor carried character iototbe position. Their
Constituents know the men, and it is to be hoped
will substitute in their places others who will
/bring both fitness and integrity to their trusts. The
case ih ciitirclv ditb rent, however, with representa?
tive men like i sracl V\aahburn. whtwe weight, moral i
influence, efficiency, standing aud serwees give
them commanding poaitiofl in Congress, lie b.'ts
feen tili ugh tears of hard drilling iu the House,
and is one of ihoafj ajivaja relied upon to take a
promitietit part. Maine c ui si'tid BO truer, firmer.
st oiote useful man. He has at all times, in all
places, at nD seasons, and on every teat and every
vote Bod trial, proved himself the sterling and un?
faltering champion of that great principle which,
after all. iatO be the ovetshadovv inn wsue of the
licit Freaidential cant ass, aud be deaerves all the
gratitude and favor that a gOOOffOttS and eiiBXht
tmed du ?t.tuency can bestow. As (aUbfal ua ih
aide a man as he may. perhaps, he sent here, but
Will require the schooling of jears before he can
attain the same capab'ijjriei to Nerve the cause. 1
am quite persuaded that if the ??|>p"sition BBBBV
aVra ol the House BOB hi say whit they know of
Mr. Wassaban'a services, there would be a general
Occlani.itii.il for bis reelection. 1m>k\.
_L- j I 1
Ol'PMM. Of T1IK t \>H'\li.n ? Rtri I?i VTIOX ?
Thaudki's Bl'ftl 1J8 ? COLOJflZATIOJI su
cu.tv ?conti !<r l OK siii.kih ? 'ills 'X
A?.i nt?ikon iii i.s reOM BCOTLaXtXi
t-.^a, Oui Own Cvm-?ivnSenL
r*ii.Ain:i I'm v, July 90| 1968.
Ti u know already that the hauner under wnich
the t>ppo*?iiuD m Penn?yi?ania has taougnt it umst
prud.-.t to rally, ia inscribed with "The People'e
J'arty. In this aign we conquered afgaaDj at the
mumcital election, held only four daya after the
|>asasge flf the b|bah a*indie, law harmony of
interests inaugurated BB that occaaioa was so de
e.dcd, and produced suah wholeaome fruits, teat
the e:,tre Opposition throughout tae State de
man ltd a common rally under the aame victorious
Mag. The BBaBB tbua .ndioated has urn
Diented into a durable cohesion by lbs. und,*turbed
harmony which prevailei at the State Convention
ot the People s Party, held last week at Harris
burg. Every County was largely repr?aented
there, and what ia very unusual in such baliea,
there was uo ? hlaasj engeodered by contesting
deiegattooa. Ei Governor Koedar emerged on this
cvcasioo nYom the obscurity of Li* law BaafJ at
Eaatoo, aad was choseu President, and WiU do good
service io the i omir | rwn-i There vt ?>- but ?
awgle in portant nomination U> make, that of Judge
ft the Supreme (Tint. For this portion Mr John
M. Read of thin ci'y ?TM palpated. Mr. Bead
a lawyer r f high Stand il |, efl la ii tl] Bttf 1 t i |?Ti
d:gt.ityr to tfce belch. He ?TOI OBC* B DeOB '>'.
find served as I7ait*d BtatcB Du?lilt JLttoaTloy
under the ndo of Van Buren. Tyler aeut his name
il to the Bajsjltl for Judge of th.- Btieiaai Court,
but it bung fire tb're by not being acted on, until
J'olk came ir.to power, whercnpon the eountrr mmt
disgraced by the substitution of Grier for Jadae.
All through the canvass of the la.t tSTO y ear* Mr.
Bead lieat? add) oootMrnted with theOpposition
to tbe sham Democracy, and mi) be m Bated a re
I liable man. his fiInes? tor the office, and h - Bf>
j doubted orthodoxy, ocaabined to make htm ttM
choice of the Convention. by whom hte nomination
was unanimous. It is difficult to see wklt quirter
clef*at can come fr<m. Signs fpun a? BaYtl i the
State give token of an unexampled tri>nnph.
BeeaVi w ,\] be run for Congress, lad trill stamp
the Diatriet in kifl butch. He can poll i heavy
vi te lor hiaaetf, and may vtry probioly be elected.
J< ne-?Jehew ?in the adjoining Egypt of Berka,
will very likely fail of being even msBliBBllld, to
general is the IVnnsylvania mutinv Bgaiaat Ba>
chnr.an. All tieeleaeettt* of opposition baroaooj
a refuge in the J'eopl? 'a Party, which they would
vainly seek for elsewhere.
You know that ADrfbaBI Coatrty, in which Pitts>
burgh is situated, repudiated DM bond* wt
bad been ieatard for ra Iroad purpose*. Aa mm!,
thia repijdiatii.n was tbe work of the Dsaaocraey.
Tbe Supreme Courtiaaned ? mtndaaaui requiring
the Ci Bot] Commissioner* to levy an additional ti.T
to paj the inl irret. But iti operation wu* delayed
b] tie repudiator* moving to quash. This mot'.on
uns irga?d laft week at Ilarrisburg. One Wiiii.am
M. Meredith, for the bond holders, crushed out the
application, and the Court refused to quash. Hut
tbe ettd in not vet. Tbe County Commissioners
staid two I lemocr&ts to i ne Republican. Ihe ma?
jority swear they don't care a copper tor the Court.
They will obey the laws as they understand them,
not a* the Court tli.es, and refuse t" r. ise the addi?
tion si tax. So j on may expect to hear that these
ooriMf te iiwWollow> rs of Mississippi and Arkansas
morality nave beenarrestid and imprisoned tar con?
tempt. Tne) are seeking this martyrdom in hopes
ot going to Congrea* or benag made Governor. Bad
no one doubts that the people of Aileghany County
wiB rrpodtate the reptjdiswora at the awxt eaoetlBa,
I'ni lie iiiitb in Peniisv 1 vui.ia must not be expounded
by the llisaieaippi code of morals, had by that laid
down by WiIlium l'enn, und fr< ? his day porpotu
ted until ai t aaida by the Allegheny Democracy.
It is very probhble that ThaddcBI Steveus will
be BfBTi mated for Congress from Lancaster. If so,
he will have an immense majority. He is Ihe mai
of all others to act as leader of the Republicans in
ttM Home. He (us ft national reputation, an in?
valuable oxpt iience hs a legislator, his ability is
most decided, and aa an eloquent debaterthe House
DOBtoine none equal to bina, Hi is terrible in an
attack, prompt 10 defending himself, and will be a
sore thorn in tbe side of LeCODIptoiL, Mr. Bu?
chanan would rather have the bevil himself in Con?
gress than roch u brimstone stick from Lancaster
as Stevens wi'l nffJtJIBdly be. He knows BwhlttU
like a book, and Buchanan knows it. At the late
Ilarrisburg Convention it was remarkable how gen
eral was the demand for him to tOTtO. From all
present indications the Stute will elect at least
eighteen Opposition members to the House, leafing
rix of the Democracy to condole with each other
ard do the ditty work of the Slavedrivers. Bu?
chanan's organ at Ilarrisburg announces that all
the LeOOBaptOB men must be renominated. Bo it
BO? we want DO better issue. Mr. Hickman's
s|" Bebel are making sore spots, and the Democracy
idnxit ho will be reeeeeted) so, to have an Boehox
to windward, they have censed abusing him. Setia
toj Bit-ler is threatened with some ugly revelations
of his double dealing in Kansas, aud Candlebo.x
Calhoun, since his dismissal, threatens to make
other disclosures. What a precious set they are
and always will be!
A great libel on the Colonization Society has been
most flippantly repeated by the newspapers, in
aatrailng that the authorities of Liberia had con?
nived at the exportation of colored emigrants by the
French, under pretense of free emigration to the
M ost Indies. 'The whole story is a slaveholders'
lie. I have ascertained by inquiry among the
Colonization authorities hereth.it there is not the
slightest foundation for the charge. On the con?
trary, the Liberians have strenuously resisted the^
w hole scheme, even to an extent otl.-nsivo to the
French Government. Bo long ago as Deoonbef
last, the Liberian President, in his aaeaiage to the
Legislature, protested against the traffic. A law
was then passed to stop it. These measures so
offended the French Finperor that he meanly re?
fused to present to the Republic the war vessel he
bud volunteered to send it. Whatever the French
whs* Is have done in Liberia has been done forcibly,
the Republic being too feeble to do more than pro?
test aguiiirt the enormities eoiiuuitti-d.
The city elects a new Sheriff in October. The
office is a fat one, and every incumbent re?
tires from it rich. The next term of
three years will be. a harvest even more
abundant than common. No wonder, then,
tbat there should already be forty candidates iu the
field. The lust for t ffice, by which bemocraey has
so debauched the public mind, will probably pro?
duce forty more before the nomination it made.
> ow look at the OOSasSemeaiOeaof this demoraiizatb n.
Three eighty men will spend and waste not less
than $100.000 during the campaign, nearly as much
as the term of office is worth. The value of the
morals destroyed during the same period is not to
be e.ilculated. Then there are Iff Congressmen
and eighteen Legislators to be chosen, and rariSBB
. "'o r positions in what is known as BfetevHotJM
Row to be filled. They are all good, fat OBBOBB,
making the incumbents tolerably comfortable by the
abundant pickings originated by the DeBBOOI.icy.
The five Congressmen will spend, or have it d ne
tor them, at least $100,000, The Legislators will not
wade ill so deep, but there are nearly four times as
many. Ilarrisburg has rich fields for Icgislit.ve bbs>
tuie. and there will be B5t\000 spent in putting
these candidates through. Take the whole csut or
loss to bo encountered by the coming eleetkfB in
this city alone, and it will reach a quarter million.
Money, not merit, it now the key by which office
door* ?B UXtlocked. The base doctrine tbat to the
victors belotg the ipoils has sapped th" very feuii
datieaof public morality. Where else but with the
Ivnioorncy did it orijrinate '
The report of the Prison Agent for this city, Mr.
William J. Mallen, hat jual been published. Thil
gentleman's tiim is w holly occupied in rititlBg the
prisons, aaeertainini who has been hastily or WIOBg'
ffxQj comn.itte.l. aM in proottrillg the discharge of
iiiuiH'ent parties anoodily and without trial. He
visit* regularly all the magistrates on the same mer?
ciful errand. He there interferes as a po.iee-niaker
between excited parties, soothes their irritation,
and cause;, hundreds of frivolous but expensive BffOB>
editions to be abandoned. For all thcae offices he
has a taiei.t ani i,ii;o.ticut:on both peculiar and
happy, D?ring the year iaat ended he has btvu the
instrument in rtleaaiag from priaoa 1,303 persons
whose otlen-es he f! und, on invvstigation, were too
triffiiig to justify their cnntineinent. Indeed, a very
few bad been coiiimitteo for sufficient CtBBB. Cor?
rupt magistrates and policemen, eager to secure a
bill of eoatt, had ianrtiperli commated handrodi in
cases where a f ingle am.i ible word vvoiil l have ter
?iaatod the diepate. Of rbe 1,303 case*. I,tt0
Were dasohargod without a dollar in cimts being re
quired. Awi^rld <<' goodfcadtagbaahaoaioraated
between the parties to these amicable ditch arg OB.
Thev have, moreover, saved to the pfJOBty t?!."-^.'
in ths r maintenance, a- d 700 more which it
would have cast to send tbe pirties before the
(irand Jury. A prompt settlement of this large
number of cases has rest red hundreds B> Iboil po?
sition in recietv. prevented then, from laVthg situ
tious, andconlerred unspeakable blessings oa moth?
ers, sisters and daughters. This mission takes , ice
at its very threshold. Beside tbe foreg.ur. re.-'ilK
Mr. MuH? ii ha* iuvestigated over It.OfX* other ? tea,
written 000 letters for poor pattaBB, found h BBM
for BBBtty discharged couvicts, aud been a in n -ter
bag aogel in all the dens and beMaefthe city.
Our city is the center of so anap' an BBBRfeal ?
the iron bus.ness, that a rood aaaa af feeiir.g ha*
Neu created by the discovery of a n*w <i il^e Car
giving the foreign article a preference. Y? I know
that Congress has appropriated vast sum* of BBahTJI
for tbe building of an aqueduct to supply Washing?
ton with water. This work require* unuieaae
quantities of iron pipe. The wort ii to he com?
pleted tfcm pall; but it i? now d:aco?er?d that no
order for th*? pipe has jet be. r. grtefl to inj Anvr.
car: rnant-.rt'irer, tb?-?iirh *< mv j wi be t,J ?
?Opph jt. Tie i - iitfict wn taken id thr- name of
? re pf our owni itffeaa, bat It is bow heHcved that
t it for the benefit of a Dliottil irea oaaapaa*, b>
PBtrd m Scotland, the pipei to oe there made md
tbeooe shipped to thin country, thus etijplotirjg for
IB artisaoa at tbe expesee or Anaerieaa labor 1 |
tkat too 00 Oorerotoearl arorfc. Had the bill re
qoired tbe pipe* to be ?.f AjnerieOfl hrOO, tbia sing-n
l?r ton might hove been avoid id. Mr. Ifeigt, the
< 'hief Eogh rer of the aqaeduet, ioea not aeaj t: it
foreign prpei are to he ij.ed. On the e.mtra'rj, he
re| lira with per feet iodiftnOCC ti at 'tis Bot tbe
" business nor ia it the right of the officers of the
! Gi ven irent to interfere w:?h any arrangements
? he mat find it Bfeeeoarj t<> mike to fulfill ib;s
" large contract bl the BWiBerihoi t. BO. He will
" doabtleoa bay his iron wherever he csn ?aha
mo-t money cut of it. and who ran prevent him "
Thrre'l a tenth-mac for you.
More than 1,000BMfl are at work in the hTBff
Yard, i-nd 11,1 re rou'd be emjdoyed if the ?to,k of
pn per timlier were larger. The Lbb aster bImm*
< f-war gf*s on slowly for the.-"me reason. The
Congress frigate is nearly fim-bci! repiiring. The
new steamer ordered to be constructed here is hj
progtOBf. the drawings at ieast. She will be a
seeoiid-elrtss prop. Her. P.*, feet long by ll.l feet beam,
and the order is to finish her with ail poaaible dlB
poteb that is. put on all the men w ho w ill he likely
to vote for Tom Florence. Jtut he will need bettet
propellers than this, arid more >?{ th-m. There are
tarions other contrivances to m^ke work at the
Navy Yard find keep it up till election, such as n-'w
ships to be built and old ones t" be repaired; but it
won't do.
It is a well attahhabad fact that inventon a* a dat.
ere a boaetirg set and that any lniiite-s man in deal1
irg wsith tin m goes mentally though tie prr-ce*s of sub?
tract rg seventy five per cent from their at at ?mr tit ?< b?
f"re asaaahaboj if the remainder are iina.'inary or mt.
This is especially true with improvement* of f.e steam
Btgdae Any one who will take the trouble to go over
our lasbaatraal reports <,f Ian year, would fird taat *ver\
(range, damper, lejrula'or, iro>ern<.r, ? ut-off. StO., saves
froni ten to fi'ty per cent of the hat, all of whim sav
I irge added tog?tlier wou d amourt to mueh more than
I tbetotal consumption. Under each clreumstances it
r< quires some OOBIBgO| and i'. is highly meritorious, for
a man to come forward statxg only tbe truth. This
was don-yt-terdy by Mr. F. 11. ISIanchard of New
iT< rk.
At the invitation of Mr. lilaOfhaid. a number of sri
ettifie gentlemen Bad repoitere of tbe pre? went up
ti e Hudson Kiver on board tbe steamboat John Go wan,
which is BTOpeOod by a steam ergine and boiler of
this gentleman's invent'ot. The water fjr the trip
was contained in a tank, ard the quantity onsuaied
ascertained by meaeura'ion. The coal was weighed.
The piessnre was indicate.! by a steam gBBgB. In this
mar.Dfr the inventor mede no sta'etrHnt, but simply
?hewed what he did. The boat is IV) foot long, .'I
feet beam. 250 tuns measurement, diameter of paddle
w hi els 89 feet, lenffth of buckets i foot, draught I]
fett. It is prrpelled by an ordinary beBBI engine, H
(eat stroke, l!o it ches oiaiueter, and by a high-pressure
horizontal ?ngice, 'J feet stroke. Ill inches diameter.
The beam ergine works at from 30 to 35 pounds, and is
condensing. The bigli-pressure engine woiks at from
BO to 108 pounds. The steam escaping* from it at a
pressure of SO to 89 j>our,ds works the condensing en
g ne. The boiler ia tubular; the flame moves to the
end cf tbe boiler, and returning near the fumiie
through email tubes b-low the surface of the water,
hence it passes through two cylinder BOSS p'ac?d
above the water into the steam. After leaving the
boiler the rlame is conducted around the tubes
of tevcral beaters in succession, and is finally
let out, perfectly cool, through a smoke-pipe
6 ircbee in diameter. The fire place ia clieel
air-tight- The air ia forced in by a pump. Tae grate
is higher in tbe center, and goes slanting to the sides,
like tbe roof of a bouse. At the top of tbe fireplace is a
cylindrical openirg, with double door or valve; the up.
tier velve is opened, Vl pounds of coal are put in en I the
valve is closed. The lower valve is thenopened and the
coal falls upon tbe grale. Tbe slanting shape of the
gtate is dflieient to make the coal tnus falling dispose
itself in a bed of even tbii kness. Over ibn smoke-b >x
is tbe chimney; this is used only to light the fire, and
to keep it burr ing while the l>oat is at rest; as soen as
the vetsel is under way the chimney is closed by air?
tight valvss and used no BSOTB. The new tnnrhine
works as follows: The steam from the boiler, at N lbs.
pressure, is made to pass thr.-ugh beater No. 1, where
it is peitictly dried and expanded. Hence it works the
high-pressure cybnder, is expanded by cuttirg off, and
escapee at a pressure cf 80 lbs. through beater No. "J
to the low-pressure ecgiuc and the cmdenser. The
feed-water is hea'ed to tbe boiling point in beater
No. U before enterirg the boiler. Trie air supplied
to the fire is heated in hsater No. I. Ail th*t gussta
ascertained t1 at 808 pounda of BOOl were con?
sumed in gettirg up eteani; that afterward 1,101
pounds of coal totk the boat from New-York to Havsr
etraw, a dutance of 40 milea. During the trip, i-'o
cubic feet of water, equal to 88,311 pounds, waslrans
foimed BBjB i tesm. The steam passed into the cylin?
der at Hi' pounds preBsare and a temperature of 338
Fahrenheit- T!..- running time was three hours and
eix minutes. This ergine consumes from ON to IV)
p. urn's of coal per hour. ' >ue of the same power on
the eOMBOB plan would require m. re than 1,'ssi
poutd.s. Such a result is startling at first, but is easily
txplainfd. Kach pound of coal requires for burniogone
poutdaed one tl ird of oxygen. Air is composel of four
BBlta of titiogenfor one part of oxygen, and a* otly
one half 0 the oxygen of tne air combines with oal
buined in a furnace, it resu ts that for every pound of
coal burned at a grate nearlv 19 lbs. of not gases
eicspe tlirOBgh tl a ch;uney. Ti es? gases have !o bs
at lestt ( f tt.- temp, ratur* of 808 to produce a proper
diaft; acu.ttim-* tbey escape red hot. Mr. Blanchard,
by means of bis heaters, recovers this enormous qusn
tity of beut to raise more steam, BSai bn produces the
draft watt a small fraction of the power thus saved.
'1 ail intent-on is as simple as it ia important, and de
tervsa atrsLtivn from all persons interested iu steam,
a J tspecialiy in steam navigation.
BoaBS OF PlU i C m^i--imm:r<,-At a meet Bg
of the Board of PDot Commiaeionera, held at thes
iillce, on the v."0fb inst., a Utter aas read from his
honor tiie Mayor, asking tne 00 peration of the H>ard
ir relation to tbe IJuaraotine Uegnlations and the Pi?
lots, The following dim'.une were issued to the Pilots,
atd rteoiuLone w?re passed and sect lo the Mayor
dibxcti >s toR ri: ot*:
Baw-Taaa, Jj>
8ia. You are fce-e'-j re^uiieJ to ?^i!wr all v^??u ivder jo*x
chats* :' '?' 'fc- f '? r>l'.w. ?t tie : <? ? r Vtaaractiae
?ninaA anbjtrt fa the bsweUwaa eCtaa Hreim otS.-er of toi?
p. n, rta H?v?i?. aUiasxu. St. laeoi??. Port-?u Pru-e
y aaa Catdeaaa, sr. Jaaa BaCaaa ?'u -a iiiaiO-. TncidU J
i .s. i in.tueri.?. San Jaaa >> i? K-mniio?. aal NiwOrn-ci.
Toil ait alail lafll?Si. on \r :.rt\:.$ inj Te??el b-.nnd luto thii
pi rt fn m por? ?iit>,?et to yel ow frT?r. t?. asswatala if tbr y?J >w
? \. . \.t\-d ?? t.'e'r-?'"* nuni urh.nrr? fir : -. an 1 it fc sarfcM
?te 1.. w?r Caan: I I ? kaawaV ?' the
Heii'b-Ottcer. a >:?4au..a >f Uw ?bore iliie -i.ua, er :Bow* of
it,. Health Od sr. w; be p'U ?'. : .* f.?p- ? '- or i.aiu.aaal.
Bj r>r^er st tte B ar^ ot fll IC y l. - a?ra
RI S-sKl, SlTH?Trl. Preaiiei^
cm tS. H. MARSHALL, i
ItiUlKRT L TaVLOi:. ! Pilot Cjaauawoueri.
Ri ssKL BTUBOia, I
Or.O T\ blim. J
Tta: the Board ? f Pilot Cou.mn. :.e ? will pr r...9Uj ac ! oor
?liai.y ou< [? iate with ah the- awii.i u n.^ir p-'Wer tu aiv ?j^tea
tk li ? aSe bj tae Board of Hea,u. w pru>.-t Ue aea.tb of BkS
?fVat tbe H<-arJ of H?a)rh be reqi:e?tec te hate rarnorel f">b
xv ??bina*. n Marbet, aed tiss ?round edjoinin? th? pile* ot Utk
mri out ia vatah ihe aBaatjoa . f \ut mj i-:.jiiun aa ai.ed
tj tl-? fkaid s uit ?b? ah
A " Ss tl. ?A popular actor or Philadelphia want
to fap#> May a few days sin e. He accidentally Isft
. ia ? alt h i t bia dreesinff-table. A fneed g.-mg to the
v/ap* tick it down. In conjunction a^tb a laa otaers,
re go! up a complimentary presentation. A preaea
tatioa rpaech was made, ana rha reply "*s a-rata/ni y
? ioqaect. A feast f< Unwed, a'far wbioh. on gomg t^,
hie room, be wpeoed tbe easy, wbicn incloaed the
waica, aad tvocd it to be the oca ha sa.1 a. Boote1
Yf-tvdsv f e 't.' ??- ti p ;.-"n: am. c.-tie Bf...?.
Base Ba ( Jubs set the ether raosei. nine from New
. i :k etJ Hi U ken tc ???::'.:.<> .. -.?? r: ri.-tjry
i the gute ix tr:. i - tb >y Tbe Breeches was
pr<; ti<r.- ::?rky sotrew'nt cioudy. t.k.-atir -? . .
,iUj*n'ivryetc , asd tie g-ouni u tolerablecob
(- o, eit>{ti ?? f ?? its looetj f .?b'? ta* tra .ri* *ja>
tevorable to ctx--i.t; b?.i "ea tha beead Taa
BB) ?f?'bt Bated ? ut a la-ir-" arenuszce. l'robab.y
.?our t'ousaxd people as alt tad at the p*rfcraaaaoe ?
ejejejat! '.-.tyre J wixk f m art hetM, ?ha aai at there
wet a btilliai: i at. I good btttiag or due run.
The erithuf la.-tr was ai Hi h . teat atata during tie
wtileit' tha gaoBO :'? tr Irat :> !?.?!. T.
gtaa! wu w*'. Iliad a/Ha theo roa Im rhl art, .-:ttero
. ivest] eeit* of the Be** Bill ??;*)*?? ? f tLa three
Hsa. I'utsir e tbe limit* assgr id the spectators, the
plare was cay w th . asjfh I M I -rstsd wrb. flags,
act b*arinif the reu e* of tie van. u* Club?. Al
tleee arrived one after arut; sr. they BBfO greeted with
the neartieet cre*rs. Hutiireci* of private ve.u ? ?**
weie ct the ground, many of taem rerrirg at stands
tor tl eir propr.eu rs.
The astembly waa of the cost re-pactabl* chvac
ter. It was eon.p<?-d, ir. the n.a.n, of statt eil ?
;ber buiirers rr.rr. of vat. aaj bbIbbkb. There was a
sparing aim:iture of a ?>tr..-r.t, bat nt '.tr'*
et. BBjh to ucp'ea, sntly affect tbe app?arasce or spirit
of the act a*ii n. Tnere was one tr-riiiuj case of die
ot tier, ar.d in '.bat t:.e sr ver.'rt thing which comd be
-aid to the individual guilty "f cajM ag .1 wai, "Are
jou a baJ-p;ayer, too ." 1; wu d*eim?d a bitter re
proacb, aid served it* purpose. Beyond tuts there
was nothing to mar toe baimoay of tbe occasion. Tbe
greatest ged humor pr->\aled ail d,: und, aad thus
ti.esc Vatkee Olyrpiaa gatr.e- wer.? ciebrated after
as orderly a fashion as Che 'ju;ete*t o.tiiten could de?
? I r urt,.
iitholittleItxeVeBd s'at.on tlir'e were a few of the
enterprising gettltmen who make BtOf n*i.c,? proposi?
tion* to tbe inn cent, whereby the latter cat make
huge smourt* of rr.-aey wit'.: tha in.at t: '!.: _? r.-k".
There were thjteor four ca.<ej of benrvoleut ^^r>tle
men with tbrte ear.it ar.d a ratiisr shaky tabie, wn<>-w?
sole puq.ere .i e. m:r . : t the;-" ... i b? f > lose
ail tbeir beery retbi of hOli to the p"or- pe-pie arju^d
thtm. There ana oety oao thtag ta exctea drahtof
tl e.r perfcet ftatfeitsledeeii. and thai ine the con
start assert ten that "the bigger the beterthe aton
? it-Hit' is ttitalittle game." Tl - seeru.l f.. luve a
U r.ii? t.ey tu throw tbe mon-y into thi* bari is of a few,
ai.d brtiithe moat ui ju.-t susp'rion against the*e ,-en
tUnitn. Tbe r'nseqaerre was fi>?* few but the 00O>
fnierates of these pentry t0"k advantage of the heaew
oleLce of their rtfer. Tnere was a sporadic case
of swtat-clrth. bet tbe risk- were smalland the Bjtjitl
L'trltt. There wss also the " wa!k-up-an'l-try-yoiir
rtraagtl rarhir.e, the waik-sp-and-try.your-weijb:
uacbiLe; several htgealetBl oootrivancos, conair',ing
cf platks with spikes driven in them for encircling the
renter ore of which wi'li a small ring provided fof the
purpose you rtceived a quarter of a dollar. proviW
jou threw from the proper distance, pai ! ten peace tor
jonrcbanee, and threw with precision. There wa*
one more cmrirg irrp'^mi nt. devised far the more
general difTuti'in of cash among tl:? paople. This was
a imall pyramid, surrouniled by a five-cent piece. Tt
stood on a tsasis wf >imp, and was to be thir.wn
at with a tbickish wire j the o van er descanted
with much elooutnoe on it* virtues, but geaerally eon
tiLtd bimsrlf to the Mlowttg truisms: " Ton pence
"a n t much, gen Im ? twos t nutber break nor nutber
"will ir make jou. Ef j.m hits, you rnty make twen
" ty-live cents; ef it falls inside the soap, jou lese| af
" it falls outride the soap, yon a ins. ' Hut Iii? teOa/aaaiae
seemed thrown away?no one felt indited to accept
his tempting proffers. We cid not ob*>rve tbat the
tbaubles were taken advantage of by the liberal frater?
nity who wtre then plying their benevolent calling out?
side. Indeed, few of tbe people cars.] to be weighed,
try their strength, or to gamble. They bud come to
see Baee Ball, and only looked upon the gambling ta?
ble* with unprofitable cmicsity.
ll UTT 1.10.
Before the game began, aud up to about the fourth
iriri gs, tbe feeling was all in favor of Brooklyn. .Jus
a' its commencement twenty to fifteen was offered on
Brooklyn, atd was lorg in finding a taker. But from
tbe fouith to the sixth innings the feeling began to
ebargt-even bets were offered but there were no
taktrs. The game was too even to predict any result
from it. It was, indeed, so weil contested that beta
were freely i fTered that there would not be twelve runs
made on either side. But notwithstanding the offers,
but little money changed hands an the result,
r h t osxtt.
The game optned at ".'i o'clock. Tbe following are
the name* aud position ot the players:
.Vnnir. I'.ititijn CM.
Leatcet....r?trti. r .Kb tease.
ll. . >r.leeaae Bms.hat alaba.
< iir.i,r.r*efia Field.a.- a:*r.t
P o'Bnru.f.efl PleM.SileaB
Purs.First Bw.Bites*
M.O Briro. ril. Ler.A'.tiiUc.
Uerlre.Third B?~.Puuiiu.
A. B rr.Ritht Klr.J.F .Msm.
Hisats. PoHtit* t tub.
Fateaasy.lataal n??s.U I .
Hrr.KHi.Csntrr Hell.Kmiilrs.
Kuhr.Third Bus.Ks? s
Da h..:.Ctvber.Kt-iik^rboe'r.
0* -:. l.Short.ahata.
V\ sdt?..r.t.f irtl Htv.IMi.iun.
Hcjt.Uft Firld.Kmpir'.
V ?n Cad.Pitrhsr.Dottsm.
vtr'itit.itteat Ittel.hl-. ?..
There athletes came npon the ground in exBeleal
?} : Ha and in th* finett coaJition. Tbe ball wai opened
bry the Brocklynert going in tir.-t an i gaining a slight
nnvextsge over their opponents for two or three in
nirg*. Tba tha tide of fortune began to cnange ia
favor of tbe New-Voikers, slightly, but enly enough to
bring the (core tear'y even until the last inning
but ore, when the New-Yorker* ran Bf their
tTore to B i against the Brooklyatr* II . Tne
Urroklyters went in on the last innings
but three brilliant catches did their business. TbU wee
Ucieive. But the New-Yorkers went in on their last
irnirgs to show what they could do. They were paid
off in their own coin. Three catches Jid their business
in a jiffy. Then there wa* a waving of hat* and band
kertbisfe. -baking cf hand*, and a general congratula?
tion at the success of the New-Yorker*. Hut thstr
Brooklyn tntagoni.-ts did not seem to take it very hard.
Tbey smiltd good-bumoredly, and hoped for better
? utk another dey.
As a matt" of cruise, whenever there wa* any BBB
catches, ?ii .ticg cew nr ingenious stratagem ? n the
part of tbe player, there was immense cheering, by
the partners of bis ?ide among the spectator*. Van
C'ott's run between first ard sec jnd base, which was
a tiiumph of Scif-poeseetioa end maragem*n:, and
Holder stun home after a splendid h.t, called out the
most ettLutiastic t hsers. however, and won eqaal ap?
plause from friend ard be, There were ciacy fine
catches, but it wouid look mven'ory like to gtv* them.
DBBBBf tbe 7rh mtirg' tie baU split Wads worth s
finger, and he retire!, I)av s Knickerbocker being
bis substitute. Masten and Legg*tt excbaage.1 in the
"'th iimngs?the latter bating lost two bail* us ?uc
cession. lie B?j*t wa* also lamed about the middle o:
the game, but worked on with indomitable pluck and
TLi* w*j probably aa rite a* it will be the good for
text of the admirers cf tbe game ta ?*e BM BBJ I in?
to come. There wa* as bad platin*-?*?? tts'"
were muwtd balls or unfortunate run.', they were in
a.re instance* out of ten, ct?es against wiich no judg
tt'U or tk.'l could guard.
Tin r rt LtFrr Bt thi aaaTB.
Baseball | a compa-a'ively modern caxe aai fej
its prtettt dtvt'opme? BaBBBaBrJf Ammcaa. Tae na?
tives of the mother rourtry, who have attained skill ia
airket, coctetd for ths *up?:iurty of th*- gaao orar
that c :be*a ba.7. aa reqmrng or >re ak:T W* f sad not
? in BM U. j question Lerr, but fact M setabnanad.
( lith tOBB t-ver, ia An? ?, at i-ast be as p >pxar
IB if JBBBgBr BaatBBS Ha-ba.. T s !aU** B) p.ayad
Bitl paejat <" "*f RB IvMbbI BJB) MbI MlfkBI tft
SkBCBl BSSfO aWOjBakl teBBtBOSa .a i .. k ?:. T I B
tf - i a t a a.-.4 ; '- '???< ????? <? ;? -?vi _? v/'' t.*
BlBJBBtWCf tBB BBBflt OBS ' * ? ' Bl ;t g**w op. T.
; e - : rf*ctS> I ' I '*' mmi vaajBBjaBB.
wkDe tka footer wSl .keep a arrcwd n? aaoatal tfcs
-a- ' aatBM if w: >x rr?> k:ow es\tSia<o:' r-i*
game, n % -tare v :tM |?BBBB?t ? v BMBBBl uau: tae
B) l : :..e ??ai?j
T .. ?* \ .; t.i- _-??".<? IBB fell BOB*, ' '
O?1 ptBTS ? rt*
BBW-YeBB I Ba>oaiT?.
I ?. Hit* laatMtJ*.
Pkl krsy.J 3 'L*??e?t.5 I
Bert.?. <| .1 jlt'lder.? *
Bia't. 1 ; PK- a. 4
IV Beet. f (i-.-a.i S
?Vi??cr. 4 I P trBr-n.t -
? > !?? tl. , ' . M t) Bi.*:. I
*ft..1 , 4 MM.1 *
? tr. C?f.. I 4 1 M??t?s.4 1
WltjM.4 t' B' rr.S I
N.?l k H I in*. I Br.> k yj uiaJ ? .13?.
Tt ?? <\ f?itr.?r.rrfr?nt ot 'Ii? Kr** A a l*my was held,
for tie fir.-t tune ia th* Bf*BBBf, y.'s'erdav, at tbe
Acadttry of M.ue. Tie mi ore waa tborcughly
errwded, a '.a-^a cun.^er '. , i'. " b>.ug unVol.? to
ga:n adraittarce.
Tb-* stsg? wu HbI with men b.>:? cf tha bVbH of
Education, the it friends, and tbe fiecde of edncation
? among then), Peter C.vpe* ana Jem-e Harper.
Duirg ft part cf the eve'im*. Wm. H. Ne.ison. eat}.,
preaictd. dur ng the r#r,-a.oi'<?r, 1>t. Lafayette Kan
oey. Af- j -ay-r by t.- I>v. Dr. McCloud,
Tbe rtrBtBtlTJ addree... an o.ation on TlB M.as.oa o
Smi i ' I wti? jiiver by .?a-reo (. ja n.
TbtlCBflkttt!..*.>erta;;in oa Mat varaili. by Joaa
A. F'y, aBO alt1 mp'.td te ?bow t'jat tii? fiBfll Ma?hia
v-, jaa prn.f'ple, wbieb. he eaya. fa, trre <oi ;u*t'.tta
the means, ia the tuie of t je world to-day.
An era!-on cn True SkepticiiBi, by Walter S. Sand*
t"ok 4l>-r:dedly liberal view*.
A ciarertat'on on M> de:n j.>mtiall?ni, by Will.ana
Krtkland, while h. k: -a'.- 'k 11; tlte ix-we.-.-'. thapreee
. r ' i .;el Ka circttmettutia' iatflfl of tn.cntla, and
urged n?r? atter'ion to genera, caatttra, ejpet'iaily
tboaa far.litatjr : the) p'ogree. 11 the race.
A ?Qi!c?.ephiceJ oratio" /sntbe INBV4BBb1 or Hretory.
by Henry F. Monatty, *i< foBoafBtl \/y an oration on
rrocraHei, by William K. Hallook, win.y?e nd.cule of
the cne sdea men waj very effective witb tbe au-beace.
Mi>#t people went home thiak:n,- it was the beat thing
they had beard.
Tbe ethical oration cn the Sipiiia:.*, by Henry K.
>loan, was followed by a aiseertatiou on Smooth
TliBfS, by John W. PuLinan.
A dietertation entitled " Matter rrogre*at>e, Man
ketroifrvwcve gave Alexander I*. Ketcbun, a
sen if Edgar Ketcbun, atq., an opportuc::y to aay.
emorg varioai bold andniach tl. rg*, that tbenatiocal
aiirbem wae alapted to the nation of Tri. but never to
the.I" 1,01 af lavee if that sestimoBt received
the loudest applause.
The Slastera Oratio?, "Saying aud I>otng," by
I>wis t'. Havlee, A. H., was a line production, well
delivered. It showed a large and e*rne?f :lf>itgbt.
Medals and prizes were then presented:
First Prize, trold Medal -O, M Kutott, Fusb.
BB* ad Prize, Sliver Medal?('. KoOert*. jr.. Int'y.
Third Prize, Silver Medal ?A. M. Feee, Int'y.
In Senior ( lass?First Prize, tioid Medal?U. M.
ev , -i. l t'llno, BatVaa M?lal ~'l liotnae t'rowther.
aaoawBLa m bb * i.
History and Helles Lettres-M. h. Dw gbt, i>\'pb.
BraBB bboai -.
(Sreek.H. K. Mor arty, ?ea.
I.atit.W. M. Hanks, sen.
hty'i-di.A .'an/. ?? jr.
French.H. K. White, sopo.
Spanish.H. K. U nite, aopb.
(ietnian.A. V. Ciu'.ds, s?u.
CeBJ position..1. (fiidwic, aen.
Oratory.(i S'o-mvo. ir.
L*w.I. OodwCa, MB.
Metal Philosophy.t. Qodwia. s<>n.
Natural Pbilosepby..D. P. FaBBlar, ir.
Astronomy.F. Tisoall, jr.
Chen i-try.A. K. t'hilas. bbb.
Civ-.l Engineering.A. K. t hiids sen.
l0|tit.M. h. Dw got, soph.
BiltOt].kT. Bavollo, *"7ih.
Drawini;.H. leiveridge, soph.
Natural History.S. K. Siierwood, soph.
A'gel ta and (iectnetry... (,'. H> liert', ir., int'y.
Hygiene......A. M. I^>e, jr., int y.
An Alun maMedal, with go d plates, for " he*t notes
cn Physiolcgv of Plants," given by Dr. lhreinus.
t. K. Hyde, Freshman.
Peter Ccoper of the Committee to deci le on the be*t
ipeakers in ptose and p'iefry announee.1 that they hal
aaatued the ptiz.e for prose to Alex. P. Ketchum, for
poetiy to John A. Kly.
I'reaident Webster then said, H-tjainm HIm Martia
has received tbe prie in Frtneb lor the best tran.i'a
He gave h.m a bes k a- thepr za. 1 h;s may explain
tka p; tase, " tn French. '
Degrees were then comerred upon t'.e following
A. B - \\ i.liun Msl'.en Bui.k., V. J *n B?n?Ti:i', Theo. Mm
m in. HlaSe, Jotaii Gtaffc, Tlioma* Crow'ber. John Audrewi Kly,
JwiiHi ij?dwui, ayuBsai Klaaaiaaal Ha act i sastss Anuur
.ito.e?, %. PBaata KaSeaaaa, WlBJeaa Kbtlaoal Sf?i .? a.
KaiabsaJl, Tl<*. Uft*:?*;, BtaKs? Etaaty K.i"\r4 M >n?rty,
Johi K: i ?r p.ti?rew, Cb?ri. ? \\ Uttn| Plyr, \\ ?l"r He?^ ry
S?d(.'? H.iij KiL| SU?n, Pei.r Dnn?r?e. S' r?e?, Klliott Duo
kaa T< nataa, Oe.,rae 8peue-r I tter H-r ry Vea?la|e. ir.
BS- a'tcitt Bio. aaaaU, A B \ i latua Kred, Clu.U. Jh.
ai ?' ?? a .r.s. A. B. Oeoraa K aa Hawaa a. fl iaawaS
Haavra i. jr., ab j. Weaiey P i:i?.an. Ii aa Oht :?./ R..iiert?,
A. B Hamu. 1 W. \%*hitteu..,re
A W -WaBaaa Henry A!*l. \Vi:;,?m M?u<iea \ ltmm, Aiwla
A-I/- Alvont, Bamlks Ilaaooefc, Laar . CoaaUet B.y.r. I .,
Da lad ' Cbttti I, XMlUani Ma^uoa Cole. Charle? (Uly, William
?.Li? l)?raii n P^'er Hopkmi It :. an (Jeorsa laataSB OssaB
aaas s?u,,.e, laasasaaB Hou??. Jaaaa ir Bjaaaa, Bmrnrj al
.?s-r*?. I. p. at, KaaaaUlsaaaat i, Tawnajka ftaaiiaa iaaaawa
^ W ? latiiri Ml bael DoLaC e.
An oration on "Tbe (.'hone of a V. cation." and the
valed . tory addreesee were then given by William Mel
'en Batks, and the exsreiaes closed with the benedic?
tion snd a pot pouni of college songs tram Dodwottk's
Baas), which tad enlivened the evening wita eleven
j .eiea, oce of which wes encored.
The Board met yeaterday afternoon, at the 11 -aae
Arylim, Ocv. Smith m the Chair.
Mr. Pit. h, Warden of the Penitentiary, reported
'1 at he had appointed Joahua Parker. Keeper of the
Paaateatiarj; alao that twoconvicte bad e? aped.
The Comaittaa on Islae<i Hospital reported the b*J>
received for iron work on Island Hospital, aa publishad
? n our last, iei omm-ndiDg that the i-ontract be award
?d to J. h. and W. W. Cornell tor ?H.^l 0? lowes
hid sdnptid.
The repcrt of the Cotrmifee cn Lunatic Asylum
waa or.'.t :sil to be pru.t'jd aul made l**e apecial order
lor the reit meeting.
Tbe Ccmm.ttee on Penitentiary were ordered to ad
tvttiaa Vrp'opoaals for tbe ?aggxg af the nea wing
? f 'v.e Penitentiary.
Mr W/ixs, supertnlsndent cf tbe .ons*ra<tion o'
'ce Nlacd li spiral, petitioned f;r increa?ea <? rjipen
sat rn. Ka'erTed.
Ire Pie- Cent erd Secrstanr w?re authorized ?o
"'raw |9t,0l w trcm the Controller for tne use cf the
Mr. fii BTftaa offe'e'i the following reeolutioe
b'.'irti, Tba: tiiu Bnar.1 vis? ?ith bia? apprrciatiam the ini
'laio a atawa taisa by tt* Medii-a1 ft. '4 :n? <-ttV? of B'w
- ?_ ! i N?? Vera tc a Sr.?w;-4ae iu a ? betacial maaoer the.
^i.cc.ny ate aspiiaLCea ..f luipberta einer. Sy Dr. U m. T. O.
M rWa Matt WStviai Baa ??: ? t > be at \y : and set S?rth
n '?'t >?t.rc aiea, tb? gre?-. i*. h?r ?rt ef the pt-.?iit af* ren
:.i-d 10 k -d< ? aad h .ruarity, we leem it "ur d .ty ic eoo
.t, tb?i.-ot. gad of tbe many uaea to w?. a the wuna tu
t?-: app ;? a Ie ti ? .uaMtutioe* uaaer our tur/? Mwata t-.waid
lb* oat ? .. . rp j? taa^, a* hutituUd by th* PsaatTf
?? r. ? t Oi..'-").
Mr. Gi BTBaa stated tbat tbe Maasachosatts *a'e
Boaasaal bad % ? tad ILOMi tba City Hospital of
Bl a-V' :k, ISOO) ard other inatitutiona praporticnata
atchCBts. lie thought that ia isstitoticns lute theirs,
wttte the pat'enta war? ao haigelv indebted tothm dis
c vaiy for aiMlioratuig their sufferings, tba Board of
(1 Vt!B88Bl igat to raeegtize in a fitting mannerthe
man a ho bad freely given his great discovery to tba
wcrld and aben te etated that tba man was now a
cripple, aad auffetiag trom a nervous affaeti a coo
racted to his eiperimaati wtb p'.ur .? st^ar, ba
I to K*tt.
b*utv?i tha* tha Beard weald haarte*? L
??ce ie lb* -prrpo-^o. Mi. Mtrtn had MH"
f lit r<X) 10 bis M.^w?. m4 or( the rasefc
U> I'omati'r, wita<w'. Oom; mmi wvthaut Bltja.
Tl r ni>i*ct -a.- r;>'?Tt?<l h th? Mj-p't v' i*.^^-y?*_
V i ept-rd tha uiual <*w?kiy t'av -a. t
*. n tu r I ? .n J . i J iW y MB
u. .1. j ... eve ? ata vi to nu htm, ...
rw-i. n
D.v.k?trJ. .*???
n.., ? ?. !?? ? >? ':in. . il*
v : Btat* h M-s. i* -1 *af
P ? ??. : .'u!t It .
Ir r.-av. ..**
A*, tha f ? sariag iaatitattoaat
R ..? r I! .; ?.. T i'-? P-? -. . 41*
U-Mta A.T'-m . Ml fcwaad DiattV; Pneua.. . Iff
t :..!?. ? . I'-'Vl Prui, . . t>
,-, - * f ??. i> ?'? t iv ? a
i?. h<m ir? w. iksta ? ... aa>
I? IU it^n. A n ?.. ?? MI'vMlli^u Ii).?., IM
w. th. tta.. . -. ,(?: <-?? ?* care*.. . *S*
s ? P ? ti .?ptifc .#).... Ott t>?eet?f*. *
H tr da ? i liai i.l i.t -
. w .?. iitiMitiBBpaal! tit tv*:. ...Tin
n.?*i ^oHUiiii jtt,y;? nit.aaa)
I .futf r u< . <mt
AC'i urxxfC to n.eat two week* heats at tj
.4 TERRIBLE TRauepy.
h'r m Tkf Ki*;*l.im'* h i- k--. is
A treat ehcoaieg atftir occurred id Maiaa V>Meare,
r thy o. tirty, al*r>ut M nailee fruir HiBsoemt ?a, aai
Friaai tftevaeeo, tl? Ic'th inst. Oueec Howard, a
rrac ebout M yr-ere old. murdered tw j ot hi* cmidraw
liv onttire I heir throats wtharaior. Theetroeaa
staticr* at tbi* on-' let; ett able ooeurrwne?, ex< v~\r aa
wa can lear*. are a* tct'owc Oliver Howard, tha
irorceter, tea id the arkago of Maine ba* a wire
and f> ut obi dret two girl* ?-.d two b.) *. Ut* wife ?
rrotler bad ! ?r keying a few day* at cm brtiae, aaa
tba aaa ptcvioaa ta Uaataaaar, hb tritt tr i wife e
aatthf r went on a *iit to tbe bone* of tba lattar. teh
,rg tin 'hrmtba t*o yonr^esl rhildres, the atria;
? at bag ths two bora, one a<.d ata. tbe otuer four, at
About t. faaaft on Maaj v-: r ? ? Howard left tha
raaaarj >i Mr. Baaell rd. -.her* ba worked, weat ta
1 Ii ho aaa, aru r*ti r* >o\ ties afle- to tH* tannery. Not
or.g after at wat dfteSTsrad that tbetvoiiitle baya
bed teen Btardrri d - tbetr t hVj beiag out wrb a
racer. Haward waa baaawdaattl* ? ??.'' J aid takes
vrfare n. w Kaataaaa, e?-?!., a Jaaaataof the Petxwta
tbat towr, for aaaaaaaati*aa< Tl t prt'ooar a .uiittad
-jat ha < ou nutted the flouble murder aad waived aa
?xan.rr.aiicr. The mardrrer wad brou?;bt to lliaa
tant n la..t Kndaj) atfht, and lo.l^?d :n jail.
Ba waa* a waa ai ?r-' bj tha pr.?onei, weareia
'ormed, fr- ihe art wh?e be wa* arrreted. ^fow that
ko fa ta JaO far tha bofiMerhaat. ho aaai that h* waa
id ftar of the I. <rd, atd tliouxbt that be waa ceaa
manled by tbe L nl to ki I l i? two boy*. We thieks
that tin* a mere dc-Ue to i n-ape puiubmert ot tha
grotirtt of wtttatfa and <hst instead of harirj Bay
??????toatlaa ftnaa Ihr frrf, be wa* aattayatad by
tba l*rn.' ard hi* own bad pa sioct to commit thai
it I. M I ptfett otin a.
Howard tirmrrlv tended P'rooeh't Mill oa Ctatla
( reek, aad Spra^ue't Mill eear Tor* Crane. He alee
worked at 4>l. I^ewia' Mill, ia ItiDfthaoKon, eorae
reten year* a(jo^ ^
Krorirotti oi rut At ai>? st al Musk -Tbe
city i* not to be without muair 1'ilinaaa and Mueard
have failed, but the Hoard of Kducat.oa have takaa
the matter in hand. The (Ytruriencement of tbe Krea
Academy last evening wa* trushrttted into aa metre
mental cor reit by Dodwoith * Hand, givea at tha
eipenee af the attj by the llaard of Kdncation to the
frier i'eof it* member*. Tbetui oee-i wa* immtote. Tbe
Baaia wa* excellent, of courae, and waa probably ap
p-eeiated all the l>etti r beeaute the e xercuee of tbe ("ot?
meccerrert were intereper*ed. Dne piece, iHalworthO
'am. at " White Mountain Kehoe-', ' received the cotn
p .meat of an enooie, aad waa repeated amid mach es
thaiiaaaaj Thia repetition aeerreo to be approved by
Dr. Karney. who wbm pre?iduig on bebalf of tbe Board
of K.duostion. Tbe coneeit wae at eucceeaful that it ia
to be repeated on Tbnnday evening, arith a Dew aad
much more attrai t.ve programme, th* ('omm? ueaaat
liaiaiaaaaf tue Female Norm*. S. hool being eubeet
luted for thote of the Free Academy. Ticket? mty hi
cb'ained gtati* from the member* of the Hoard of F.ia
TaiaTMBaTi ? i Piajoaaai *i Baa Obir*a*.?A
New-Ortean* ione#|m>t(ji;tt of 7*/i. MWah Afercura,
lllnaiaf to ti e late trial tf Ha/by, for killing St ?oe tba
ledooat of ii:* daughter, thu* apeak* of the wita?#*ee
w p i-wrre thear cbe wa* of eaay virtue:
" Those unrncc-p'ed men who bore fa'ae witlHea
Igehat MiteCaiOlatI Haiby, are, by tin* ti lie, abla
to Bgpteciate the text to it* fullest extent. Our ow
rbaatt aad beataees men have tabaa the punishment
ni theft ciio e into their own bend*. Nimmon* aad
Usurer were clerks at a cotton pre?e up Iowa. Hira
nn aa was fo have been given aa interest, but aeverai
bank* titiiiedtli* proprietor* of the preee that if he
wa? r. a. v way intereeted in their basinets they would
dec.>l ? dircoun'iDg any more of their paper. The cent
miDr oj merchants who had < ottoD prasted and ?torad
by tha concern, alio *ent them a aotiS
cation tbat they would do no more basi
n?es with them as long a* BimaaoBS aad
Maure' remained in their cmplov. Simmons ha* baew
utaciir.ously expelled from bl* I*odge by the Odd Kel
lows, and both bat e l>?< n ignoniinnaely tunxtd oat ef
hoot as where tbey formerly vie ted as ravored gattta.
Hit um married man. ard hi* wifa ia one of tbe tivtet
!n ra of oar Oily, Shortly after the trie', be tignioed
his 'i.tentiin to her of golog to Hladon Kpriagt. Hie
IcMbbatege and never come f.rv k, a* *tie never
wctud live with bim again. He ia a cotton weigher
aru sampler by prwfeeaieo, but henceforth wid bavs
to foth w acme other calling, ee all Ida cuatooae-* ha*o
in t l >-d bim that tney will not patronize bito any more;
and it is also hinted that he will be expelled from aB
connection with the Masons. Thu* you see teat, al?
though these feilows oo ild not Im reached by too
lave, they Lav? beei puaisbed as sevsraly as af they
bad he'D.
A I'iuktix. OrrtCE, I Wii >i t Town and * OeVa>
rrBci eaaaiD. The editor of fit tTaasaai at Cea
homa, Mu-a., on tba -.oth alt., .-sued the followingoerd.
It explain* a very btd state of sffsirs:
" The Mieiire'pci haa fahen poaeeeaion of the ofbVa
of Ihr Coohom* Citi -'n, and I am eompellfsd to *u*
perd the pubhcatKiD cf it until we have a fall ia the
water Nearly every place aad point in the coanty is
lubmergrd. Here and there a ridge of aacommoa
hiebt ia left above tbe flood. The dam ige to the coea*
fry wLl reach an enormoo* sum. At the pr?sent it ie
ii oab ulable. Onteide of the deatiuction of erejie
i wbu n were unusually premising), tba drowning of
?totk w.M ba immense: all the stock ruaniag ia tba
wocde will be lost. Many of the plsntyn have erected
platforms, and bave a "a mal I portion of their atook
upon tbe?e. A portion thn* cared for will die from ex
peeawa ??. d a wnct of att?ntinc. Koine have stock la
their ttaileriea, b'dnx me. aod even their parlore. Ww
i.ave d ?t with aeverai of the fufferart who have bad
'o abaxdon their bonaes; with others who ere l.vugua
upper ?tone* of their dwelliogs, and can aseurs yoe
that our condition ie very dietreeeiag and deplorable
Tbe ateamsbip Star of tba Waat left for Aspiawa!
yeturday, full of parser, ger.* bound to the gold regio aa.
Ar umber cf those ou Ijoard weraeasd to be oa thaar
way to Frazer Kiver.
Bvaawat Shakipv?On Taeaday nigb t, there ar?
rived :l town, from tne Shaker settlement at N.-ks
vuna, a ycctg, pretty and modeet damxselie, with
'jj< err ii g "red 9 e*k* and a monater straw bownet, re>
mitd rg >aa of the artistic rrvaga/ina repn sentsttoa of
Cupid wiin a eight cap, or VecM weering -pectaciea.
Her rkirte were ill- cent ef hoop*, and bar waist ua*
-pai l? d with corset band*. Th* '? lxprjvemsets" of
rx? dem farhioB had rot reached her r^rel hems, and
! we - s-; v - a.-.'! -m ;< ?? inberappesracceasssy
naaisteat follower of Am \jt>* abould be. Bat bar
riatedarhagthe tseasaj 'o varuustjry gxd*-tores, hi
qsest <f myaeriou* skeleton*, charming taffatae,
?b< wy ttelias, rich gaipuras, dainty la's, p. siting r 'ka
eLd ecft velvets, indeced a suspKBon that there wee
a rat in tbe meal" eomewbere, and by a poaa.bdit*.
Ann tbe rr-.pt etee* wa* to Icee a 'air disciple. Tea
tbe httfs Shekeiears wiseiy kept her on couaaal, sad
rs'd rot.
Verrarday, however, a ruddy, fair vissgwd yotoaa;
n an, in hame-ppua blue, made bis appearance intowa,
axd fotthwitn icstituted a vigorous ?iage span toadry
nrerchatt tailor shop*, hat stores and aba lika-appear
inir. in curse of" tome, a new man. Mb have bo dk*
j???tion to follow the mat'er further The fioeie of a
set |eet so mvtter:cn' in it* inception was last ere stag
nt t atted to ? popu-er clergyman, who aoow fisishad it
up t a mantarqatta preaaiant m the outer world, bat
hardly recof*"'z*d among tbe "rarity, rerlty" order
af the faittf... We bone the two whose fates bare
'Ins ae?n ux.itad may never hare occasttia to rmympX
-I??,?! it i u '-nt af the " peaceful e ?awtaaetty, ' e*>
lb ogh tee indtfeu trauaaatartflostioe of a aoaabar,
quiet gheher rxiae uto a full booo*d- fa?hioeahly-a?
ur. d baU is a very deoasroas eiperiroaet ia true fe*
weather. (Tre/ Uedf TaBrSK

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