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. _rAV#aj m Miri i between Mrs
?1)4 ?* <>? s|*J> ?' r rtiokssi 1 a, nfi?n ^pressed tr
" 'rtM.!Kt. Dckena ha- h-"n it the
lerU '''t^aa^erit mat!e\ mental dieorder under
' l?m ? more, Cat -he Ml bar
cftiVtbe Hfe i >e had to lea I a* n v we, and
mu ?tu m t f awn>. i bore utiforalf
at'we.outt bear our iitfortuoe, and ngut
:.e?na?; .t to tie ... Ca- lb< eh d en were the
&?ci. itratJOB, ar,^ that 1 t'ear.d tfew >' must bind U
^"^w^X. tbfB. we-ks. it. wa< ?fr
Ii ?U v even for tbe;r aakea, it
The im] * -? i * p wered hl? to treat w.h
L-Y iiVkeae as the friend of both of ?? for one aad
1? . Kena, a* i" witbad t.> add on her
^?Tls^-S^^ S Saturday 1.?
I!1! J Pearler that Mrs. Dieken; " grate
tl v ,"? d ?UkakiWTJy ee< ?pttd the term* I prof aai
1 0 , i -eraroary part of them. I will ordy say that
i . e^.';?yare a* jtet.. r. aH as if Mr*. 1). ?er.-w?re
i :?o> r f Ot.cction and I a man of fortune. 1 nere
r. a L - ? arts of toem tre easily described my eldest
key t? Art) with Iba Di tkeaa and take care Off ner;
ir-r a' tat girl to keep mj hoaiej both my girl*, and
ifltul . ? dr?n but the eldest son, t<. hve with me, in
the riV.-i.ed c-mj.aa.onehip of their aunt (Jeorgme,
for wl m they have all the tendered ati - t'on that I
t ave ? ?? r -e<i) among young people, and who hat a
t uhf are -a-1 haee affata declared or many year-)
?pea aj lleothia. rerpeet ar.d gratitude than any
|, d ' - wotld. ,
II ? ' at bo oae who atay baeeeaa acanaiatad with
at, aj 1 a rite here, run po??ibly be ho cruel and BBjost,
t?. t, ? - a rr. eon*? ue'.ioB ob owieperatloe, oofar,
i;Te' T i.ildien all understand It perfoctly, an i all
i?c*pt i: a- u.evdab.e. Thera is rota shadow of
rJoabt r eoteealme;.t among ua--my eldeat son and I
B>r* oavr, ae to It all.
Two r ii ktd persons who should have spokea vary
t tr* 'er I of BBS, m e u-ideratien of earned n speot
i ne'e, have (as I am told, and indeed to my
Mtacai know* .? i d With thio separation tb'j
rarr- Bf i yurg lady for whom I have a ureat a'tieh
tDOBtai < garn. I wi! no', repeat hernam* I honor
: tat n . < B, I'pon my soul and honor, there is not on
; j| < h- a more liitaoaa and Qpotkieo creature than
Ii at)' .rglady. 1 know her to be inniM aal and pure,
n a h "?>d as my own dear daughters. Kurther, 1
?im tf la 11 i that air-. DtBheew, having received
th- k p. anoe fr"in im-, must n.w believe it, in the
?aspect l know her to hare i ? me, and in the perfect
<? iL '< ? i ? I know ber ,n her better moment* to o p MM
ir. rrj :-uthfuinor?.
f?n 11 bead, again, there i? n.d a shadow of douht
bt eoi I -nent between r.-y children ari me. All is
tpen af ' plain amori; BS, bs Ihotlfh we w?re brothers
tdtfstiterB, Tbey are perfectly oertain that I would
iot dsctiee tbeeh, aid the eoafldaaee among as is
l> * t ar. i . ...
mat, l^e<.
Ithaviagbeea stab I to uthatia referaaoeto the
? - ? which have requited ui the B'-parat1 BJ of
^!r ii Mrs. ( lifts. l>i h>-!,s, certain stateir.ents have
i ? ?? i -at lafed that ; u h d :leren"es are oe^asi ?nad
tyoiroai utanfo" deeply affecting ti.e nnral elmraeter
of Mr I?< kens and co-npromising the reputation and
peed r.nrjctf other-, v, ? soleinrly deelare thaw WO
i ( m d i < neve such Htaternents. We know that they
h e Lt I" iieved by Mrs. liiekens, and we pledge our
fc. ?ve? < n all occasions to contradict them, as entirely
t;. at ?' ? of foundat on.
[??re ioIIow the ajarBataras of Mrs. Hogarth and her
jontgt it daughter, j v. ). a.
(>: I 'ay last at about 9 o'clock in t^ie evening, the
Inhabilanta of Qaihea, ftrange County, in Ibis State,
were HaUtasd by the information that a diabolical
tioul'.. murder had been committed at the hoine of
Mr. Chaa Beesee, abotSt two miles oat of the village.
f>n sj: v.rg at the house it was fowad that a Qenaaa
nan:eii \N il'iam Sanders, had deliberately shot his two
'? v rraaas, PeterBhosohaad Margaret Spoaiing,
Uflh}| tl e man instantly, but the woman was still
alive, liaving escaped from the houae by jumpiog
ftcm a wiadasr, and < rawhng to one of the neighli jrs .
There -?tms to have b?en no cau?e for the deed, ex
(ept to raaoeefc and roh the home afterward, the rest
id the family being absent. Toe f/.lowing is a de?
tailed f i' tint of the BatahTi
The aeaas of Mr. RserBs, where the atarder was
Con r ?'. is situated two miles from Cosheo, on the
i id to I lamptouburgh. there being no other house
reat' ::an a quarter of a mile, do Kriday Mr.
lUtv Ol ai d bis family veto all absent from the house,
laBrbajh in OhatgaBf three OOSreanav?the murdsrer,
IVilliam Sanders, and bit two victims, Peter S'uorck
Bid Ma-. ".:>t HhaoMst al <iermans. lVt^r and Ma:
jiartt have lived w:fh Mr. Reeves since they first came
i. ibis i DBtiy, four}aarsaaja. Potsr was36 ysersof
B/a, ar Margaistabout28, They have haen bstrotbed
lota er for seine tin e, and w^ i e to L.: married
t. a wash, Tbey are aasorthed as tpriet, raopeetable
(.^:n hi -. who would never giro offSBM to any one.
Wi.ii. in Sat der- is about oi years old, and first made
b i aj p. aianee in the neighborhood some two weeks
sirct, M Kellsr, a (i.-imar, baihsr,-ays he came to
I :tr. at. J gave the IbOowaaj account of himself: He
said thr.t he, with n brother and Bieter, came to this
COVBtr; aboal a week b*fara, and Slipped in New
xoik, t at. a few day-after that, his brother an j Bh>
t< r we 11 < fl secretly, taking with t bob a'i the money
Bed Cthtr property, and les\ "g him BaBM without
Cicnsy and friendless. Hearing that they had gone to
Fatal SOB \. J., he followed them; and thera he was
t* Id l ?:.?had gone west. I'ro.n Peterson ha went to
(?osbtti OB foot, lnaking a twodayi j i: aa luring
orbiol ; nie he said he had lived on berries. Mr. Kelly
gave b ? aoaae Sapper, of wblofa he ate r ry heartily.
Hats i 1 e wai looking after a baker thaihiabsastaeai
hi the al i tountry was -ugar l>?. 'mg, but that he would
i I WI ' K to do any kind of ?oik. Mr. K-dly, kuow
i g t at Mr. ICeeves was in search of a man to work
aaj h .- la'.m. sect word to him, and he hired Sinderj to
avorh lot hhak He 8 aad an had at that time nothing
u. 1 is paaaOBBaai bag a BBSbI, very handaoma laiy -
BBtcLei. :u which it I supposed he carried ail pistoll
wt.i la - vt.dion.
Mr. Kt eves says tnat Sanders was very j.9aceabie
' an?! ; et, aud ieeui-d iateBrgest, though he could
' ?perk u> Hi giish. lie had seen Sanders have two
' doalit barreled pistols, b it said nothing to him abtmt
' aas, Sanders s? ? 1 |??have pleat) of powder
Std ha Is, and has shown bis pistols qaite freely. On
?tr.iay a-we have s'A'cd Mr. K-'evcs at; I ms tmn.ly
? ie (.id I, Mr. ( ase, the nearest neighbor, s%y
*'he saw Peter about I o'etaeh, but s?w or heard
' noth ; g more till after ths murder, or about 10
"O'ekch after be bad gone to bed. His wife, hear.ng
?at., to at aha saar of th* honsa, w.-ke him up, say
" nrg thsl 1 the oowo b at haia broke latrj the goidea.'
* He In m? iiately got up and went down stairs, acd
MajeJaj leaaj person lying on the ground a-ked, Wno
* :a tl?ic when Mar^aiot, raiaing herself, ropheJ, T
' IsBiobis a oaahaaaa of hero) I amah..!, and p,? .r
' PsOai kj hi] ed. Mr. Case immediately took ber into
" BBS kaaoe, aad asked her who hat done it' Sis
' ia,J. Ihe Dakal boy at the house. >he told hint
' the had jumped tu* of the window and craaled to
'' his h. -a through the l.-t, fearing that Sanders might
"see and U!Vw her, and that as she t ame through
4 IIa gate she heard some one running away from the
'' bou/e. she said that he Sandcrf wanted to get
"cur L.Tey. |ha BSaBBad miu h evhausted; her
* biea-' cversd with biosai, and much blackened
B ; ader. Mr Case woke his father and they
' BaLt 10 i it -ben I r a-:?taticc.
'lhe ft 'owing ie the giil a aU'emant, made before
i I gl I >i sr:
' I d at believe 1 shall live I believe I BBI mor
la.yw und.d ? waa shot af er daik to-nigat, Peier
Bho th was lh< tx-: re 1 was the b -y ahot him; \N I
v Bti Un -hot b. a and rae; there wa, not..ly in
t .s ,. . eeaeept n.yse.t Peter and Sander- | j, u.
lasdarocaaai Cba-.-s beares's booaa, adj aaia/tbe
let m of Peter, which was between mite and Sander? a
rcci.. I heart! the shot and heard Peter fall he then
tenet, sspiaaej;! sawepi?n>lm his hand and he shot
ti e, tt.?evening Sandeia helped me till a itraw bed
axul? : 'd me to carrv itintotbe house, he atkei ma
i. lb at waa the place wrere the girls alep-. | Tnu wa?
a room wueia i .me of the family alapl J 1 utd bi n
Its 1 w a.-engaged to b? married to Pttrr flbesoh.
a tt r he ?bot P*t>r I sj.-ke to bion. called be ' Wit'.
*v \* ' Y'*,i *"d then 'lp ?bot m?i I thought
?ata-h: ,ed nie, I ?tood near the witdow and he
"na BOBI the dwr. )e WBS within IWB or three ttet
? n.s j was taking my cloth, s odl aud my boa >as
V?? aaaai 1 then paanped oat rf the windo?; Wdliam
badtwo p ' ? tLwe s bctl 1 eVs?be/Teled k*>
f r- eVk WlffiBOl ?rhst ace tf Mr. |{??t?> wetllel
, f i me .at i ii fce ?01.4 r-T> b*f..? <ark 1? '
1 .n ' No,' be thai aeke-a ate ii we Wou-i at 0{ f I
l.i. . I laidara would n..t.
feuc*- is i g '! i Ijlttiy-llt Thai wLJ w from which
the jumped it about eighteen fee. from the giOBai*,
which m a'.n.itotal tot h j. -t i od- 11 twbtdow. 'i bin
ir !? ?? ?.;.<?:.? ? wir i -w ? ' at! o:.'':-<? ee-err*')' a-1
alto on tbe grocrd where ehe tall She nprained her
Biblebad!**, hutbroklaobontt. From than to Mr
t an ii t? t j a quarter cf a trie, and she must
; iti cBa bad three femes ? :,er way. Peter ai o was
Bat a.* he < ame from Margaret s room, feii in the
ha!' bat wtea he w/ai ftead he had crawled into ber
roc8! leaving Mexd mar).- al. ths way.
11 i aatei I who Bade a fo-t-xft: iibbiIbi
tion. states that tbe ball w rh tvhkb l'?"*er wa> the*1
entered about an inch f'trn the m J die cf taa che.-t be
tw< ifkeflrtl Bad e V ? l paj'.ng dowo-'vd ani
backward , Bftk 'arge bkod vessel-, end fira"y
l| t ? '!.e n.nth dorsal vertebra Marga-et was
il. I a1 at i.aif way beta bm the oaater of the breaat
Blidtbe ihetlMar, theba' pv-smg downward, imbed
pg ? elf jaat under ti e iboutdei blade, making a
* md, hat yet aot 1 ig tl i laeej m lergi
blood rteeale. Be seyt tbit altkongk ia a racy o: t .
cal position, jet ;f r.o crfavcnlle = y*rp?om- ensue,
he ttir ks she will recover. This bullet is curiously
legged and torn, altnoet m half.
Mr Peeves says, that when he left home, he knew of
no dime; ty between Sanders and either Peter o:
Margate*. ladeed, Peter was in QeBkea early in the
evenlrg, boBettie, to Lie fiiends of the good, peaceable
arid industrieu* character of ti e very man who a tee
hours afterward deliberately murdere 1 him.
Mr. P'.evee reached hOBM ab it 10 o'clock, went tf
stairs ar 1 found Peter dead. Tbe only thing he
misset in tie house is a silver watch which belonged
to Peter, and wh.ch hung in the kitchen. There was
m me money in tbe honte, ard acme jewelry in Ma w
rctstrunk, none of which wat touched. He ia no
aware that eitlier the decc isei or Margaret hai any
money in their poisefsicn.
Oa 8atnrday axe nisg the Conair, Dr. J. W. Fen
ton summoned a jury, who gave a verd'ct in ac?ord
ajv i w gh the above fac ti- that Peter Shorok cams to
bis death from a ball from a pistol in the hands of Wil?
liam Stunden, or Saundtrs. In closing this a count o'
what appears to be a deliberately planned murder
wKboatbbjoaTsateorftwrocatataob the pari of the
v c baa, VI are happy in beatg able to state that ths
murderer wa- arrested yesterday about noon. He wat
found some two m les l>elow Chester, and only seven
m 1 - from the ti 't.e of tl e murder, by Measr- Thomas
l>. .?, Thon as Co.\ and Charles I )alns. He was in the
fields on the farm of Mr. Jesse It oe j he was immedi?
ately taken to the jail .n Chester, and will pnbabl? in
duo time receive the rew ard c t bis crime on the scaffold.
Schoo'.-. Congregations, Societies and Military C sja.
panies, ar.d other crgani/ed bodies have bad their
picnii s, or little excurnots to the country sometimes
otiietly and almost unknow n to ail outside of their par?
ticular Organization, and .sometimes they have at?
tracted sufficient attention to get a notice in the daily
Journale. Such Vas the case a tew days since with
the Spiiituslists. Of how mach more importance the
movement of the party now under notice, our readers
? shall ju^ge. Since it It altbor movement in thedire-tion
of reform and elevation of that somewhat oppressed
i elafs. the sowing girls of New-York, and so fara.?we aro
ii firmed. Measrs. Douglass*. Sherwood are tbe fir.:t
' employers of women who have ever given their em
' ployeee a bt li'iay upon so grati a scale as that of .Sat?
urday, paying tbe whole expense, whinh was probably
i not leps than $J.<K>0. as they made no deduction in the
week swages of the seven hundred and eighty girls
j on account of tbe day s work. A steamboat lad two
large bargen: a band of Braak the hire o'' the u?e of
Daekfl I Island for the day, I dinner for a hundred or
two invited guests, ard all the et < ?teras of an excur?
sion for two thousand people were paid by this tinn to
give a day of pleasure to those wbcm they employ.
And a day of pleasure it truly was: for Providence
gave a state of weather that could not have been im?
Itisnit at all to be wondered at, that among the
brotkett, lovers, or a'tendants of so many baadtadt of
1- taken wi'.b all the care in si Action possible, tht'
there should have been a few of the order known as
New-York row dies?boys who drink and smoke atd
swear, and are rot even restrained in their blackguard
proclivities by the prete nce of mothers and rioters,
and baadredi of well-bred gbda. It an bee last it
wus impossible entirely to exclude these rowdies, tha' a
. quad id jiolice officers were taken along to keep suc'i
blai kgcards in IBbjeetk?; and the occasion bapreated
us with the in.mense present and protective alvan
tlgl of the law that lltaadtd the M?tropo!ifan district
Idt beyond tbe city limits. Some individuals known
ti tin-detective fores as light fingered were discovered
upon tl e island in tbe OOtUft of the day. and ipiiet'y
adl .st d to reach the man land with all convenient dis
pe*oh, to avoid hardmffs and a dark room on the
atnaiknat paattBgi te tha city. Seserai tf the rowdy
boys, whoso pnH'hvities toward a muss were known,
tht officers wale bed and kept in subject'on, fo thtt the
srboil Hh;. passed wit'.it'Ut any intern:'tion worth
DOtk e, of the genera! j>eace and pleasant ttjoy ment.
l.y the a.lvice of their employers, nearly al! the
?o. ? i; the exenr-ion in their every day w "ikitig
OBBtaaai Bad it was an item ia the hi?tory of innprove
ment of the laboring classes tai America to see how
Btatly nil appeared.
It is anottier item in t: e history of labor letatai to
kr.o? th.it these employers funii-h a fres library for
the ute of the girls, eostmg sotne'hitg like a twu-ari I
dollar] a year, counting the ee'ary of tbe men in
i bargt of the books and the rent of a large airy, h rbt
i io, w here any one can sit and read while waiting for
U e work rooms to be op*ned, or speed any uoemp'oyed
hour and it ia in the library that girls who call for an
enga.emert 01 to see a friend spend tbe interral of
wittiig. livery girl emp.oyed is allowed to C ir.-y
BOBaf a book every week, and, if she keeps [| over
time, she pays a 'little fine n'o the library fund. There
IBVlral l.ttle penalties estab.ished iu tbe work
leeatB, te promote oidei anil comfort and BfBTBBl
willful caielessees*, and these sums also go into the
Hoary find. And we do not kn' Wof a batter dis?
position that ten thousand men and womeu in this > ity
OOuld make c t surplus books in their houaes than to
(?< nd them to tlie library of the sewing-girls w ao make
tkek hi^iped skiits in White street.
Know .rg the fact that nearly all of this oompauy t>f
gkk not only had but Oejoytd tht privilege this
library, ard that such as are inclined to read are em
ptoytd n prtferenoe to those wlio axe no*, we were not
?urprised at the gereraJ intelcgence of their appear
BBOBi nor were we astonished te see so many of them
leave the daxcirg halls, and other sp irts, for an hour
cr two after dinrer to listen to addresses trom Mr.
DoBgktsa, Ifr. Wood, If, L ftaart, Ofvat Jetaatae,
s<don Rokaaeoa, Dr. leaakkataiK, aad other friend
ct labor reform moverueit.
TkiaBW ctiig waaenlivrntd by mti.-.c and by .-icg.i-g,
to Ikl tote of 'Sheila of the Ocean. ' a song entitled
?' Ti i Nt w Heaped Skin, wrtttaa for the ecsyeaaea by
Solen Kt b.ntot, wloch Meters. D. A S. hal printed
and widely distributed amotj; Ike company on the
passage op.
Mr. Stuart gave abrief, interesting history of the
eaaraaBeeOBMBl of the hoop-skirt manufactory ?ix years
ago, by Dcugiaes A Sherwood, with one sewing ma?
il to and half a dozen fkk)j the gradual increase of
business and rt.nova! to Liroadway, where thty added
room after rtcu ont.l tbey employed o40 or 'X.0 g-.rls,
and near'y W t f Wheeler A Wilsou'e ttwiog ma
ej cts. Still they found the ordtra for their work
?it 'tare fa-t. r than they could supply, until, f^r want
of r... n . tr| t i. tbey cou'd tot obtain when they were
Hey ru.t. 11 utw majb!" warbhonss it IVb't rreet.
just w??t t: Hroadwsy 41 fett front and J9I f6?t deep,
w.that veo Moors, all of which are now occap ed a*
woekaaaaa and turagt rvvms. tv tucb an et'eat that a
*'-. I")--?e i;'-B:t?r.##l?*tr?--* aal rpsa'agiraaj.
I ii.:' '.' ti fit aaV :1 d-"?-'|-vr, tMf
lot? brery arl rittieg-reeeas & e. ID ? t' ay ?u
ft l M ! I gtrfc rtftl oe?- 11 er. I x. *. I - u '
IfAti i . ; *-\ ? '..at car be rs*d f . c: Igo'.sn
I s.:.' lahrr. M*. S'.ua-t tnrvgrt ioat -aca K^tj?,
t ' I ? .V ? was a ar-_V
I : - - ? ? ? ? ? ? I ah an eitart that 4 Iff.
affi d lha ; leasers of g v the c] a-at ?. if tfajh a
? lay as thai w?*? t.^ ??;?* ng.
Tbesdditsi i' [tata. fltairt. TTwiiad leath
baa SI arete teaed It with maek- ! a::-;ct ?a. ai 1
tr-ceo ?f O'iver Jcbasoa ax I S loe ltd..:* a art. pea s
. .?t.'b!r'a;,.' al itiofapplaittt
Bt BoktBSv! Li.-!lf (j. '.'u rp*. ?: .v. . p.,e: .ti
II Itsse, h I .f mirth ttkiag hitJ aillOadh . be
'-tr; v. ftrg, -a.1
B I I kam read? er atl ?- <--,?
l-ij/ n l tr ? kal' u+f'ia <
A:-J A t.. ii ? 1 ? gn* ., ..
It ? i ' ? e r: -"oj
II- thai read to ?: aw. tie 'XriaohaavaaBkei e S>rg.
Cl ee:- were fhfjfl I si'.ed to* Bad g-v->- hetrtdy to the
BStlbor, Horace Oree.ty, and T- r Hi -1 RI T?..i
i "-;. aathe ieai.r.g organ af Ihfl labor rEoveraent ra
foin?BtOtBteB,BotBaBotaBaatfl said, ia reply to the
M n pi D ent thaat -:.a-. I le\ ate ard itr-prov*. tbe minds,
atd moral ar ' BkltUal i - rd tion of the employed, and
make them feal that they arr- cot BttlB s>.fs, I I have
apetttkn a I ?;? t? msintair. w th honor to there
lajfyaj : Bt aha! Batata tLern yew. Bf mueb respecteJ in
;*:- Dph n of all good p-'-op'e BJ tue BavavjSU
ete. I: is by givirg thorn tborter Lours of
laf ' aid aeons cf recreatxn &r.d opportur.it.ei
<i rea:.i.t? at-d IflBftWliag tt:e.r minis thai t^ey
a: e ta ha titrated, fiat ia their own eet.matioB, and
tten in trat cf everybody elf?. Itk amittaken BOtiBB,
bateid,tottppotaemploy enlaaa by kind treatu?-t
and Lttle crc?-s.o:s to theme they IBBpabj, particular
iy vvLtre Ihl '-rr.r'oytes are of the intelligent character
of those who tee! a pride tr. sayirg that they beio-g to
tha e-tali.-i m?rt cfI>oug!Aff *? Sleraocd. WtiJ,
'.' 11 ?*T.tb?tar.cing the eijienje of th.a excursion n*
-u' b that ycu never couid :iave enjoy ad .t If your em
pabjiri bad not pa-.d it, j on will make it all upto tbem
by ti e alrr.o.-t irrpen ept.ble incretae of your work,
fee'.ig hrt py ax-! itv igorated aa ycu w.'.l in r?flactlng
upi c the plajBBBaa of tl?a exriraion. This day bt an
<x?rr; 1? i< r al! < ther errplayerf. aa well fv.r tlieir al
vaitffe s.f for t're-e they employ.
i'ri v. rim nr-i -rrrr t.
fib Bt I o'i leck tn Saturday mc-rning, afire brrho
out ? a frame ahaat] aitoated on f ilty-firet at>"ft,
betwrf c S.vth ana Berawtk a\enue? cc up:ed by
Patrarh Bmitk. The baildtog, togatber wHn a akaii
?'joining wa# deatroy-d. LoeefwO, No inauraace.
'1 be tire waj caaaid by a deferth a floe.
an r items.
fiMrn Niai .?A BBaaharefsew ti.irg- arc proaaaaai
fcr tl e c .ir.irg week.
iVi'aV . OcTi -i .gl.t y, i be prtaaatBd the
BOaaedj of "London AaaWfBfCB,' with a remarkably
streng ard exc.-ilent cast, i-e bad rg tl ?? ranej of
Me-rts. Ulak--, llrongham, Daverport, Davidge,
Setchill. Ac.
hl;*f.Fane Coomb.-, an actress wiio has attracted a
gee?d deal of attention in this and other cities, and is
said to |>c-c*? < a g od degree of dramatic- ability,
makes hl r Gret < ssay in the i haracter of ' I.ady (Say
Bpaaker. Tho-e who are best aeqaaiatod with tins
lady's pi wan ai.tie pate IpasfotUBDCIof noc -mmon
excel'ene e.
Wi ta T t' ?1 gkd w D bt- played tor the
first time at this house an e.vtravagan/a entitled " Tbe
IU libers of the Ithin t oh, written by Chailes (; ayler,
esq. It is full of se-ngs, dane es and fun, and will be
BfBBWtl d with all proper at'ention to detail. Tno part
of Hassarae- i- played by Mrs. Florence.
Ho: ? 7' ' r - Mr. II. taarajaa i- playkrg asta
ssjgogoroaBlattkiaboaaa, witk aaeaeaBi Heappears
U> I ght as "Balphagor,' in the drama of that name.
Tha paatoeataae af "Tka Magie Pills andtuennlo
rframa e-f The Mar ia" CovBf ' Will also he given.
filSara T '-'. ? The "I.avla Tow-ki favorite
ballet troupe l as been the leading attraction the pa-t
we-ek. To t igl t Mr. K. .lohnstone commences a etar
SWgagSnaeat. lie plays the leading character In the
inane of "Bei Lefl, the P rat-. Thedraaaaoftke
" Dead He-?et ' ax I the farce oi Bate Ilaker will
be alfo acted.
/?'./' ? ?> * A ? >? M ?Soaaathhag entirely
new in the way e f an ettertainnient is promised at this
establishment, it if an exbibitioe of me chaaical figarea
aid bm tele, said to be exceedingly perfect Bad very
ntcr<-ting. The exbibitie n baitheBOtaewhat protBB
III os. AD.e ? 1 rhkaaV b'bTI '-aterof Art.'
11. o"s M I, Mr. T. D. ltice .-tili continues to
be e t a of Ike leading attractions at thhs popular place
of amusement. He appears to-n ght as li nger B!u?,
m Ike farce of "Tin- Mummy. Fph.Hcrcaudt.be
I ' of t' IBM lu t miustre! BQSjaBBy appear every
Brymnt'i M (.-?Tbk ex--l .nt company give
ore ? f their quaint and pe? al ar I I ?.-.ta.nmentf every
night at No 173 Broadway.
?omttkimg Nt '.?Mr. Charles OayiBf is preparing
a laetfa IB the e? ly l.ietory of the Ca'bo. c m.ss.ons
o An erica. It ia to be illustrated by If eer. large and
tine patatiagl fre u, the bnish of Mr. Joseph Kyle. Mr.
Qayka w.'l traval w.th thal law tnre through the Uattad
Statte and Canada ar I he will have it ready within a
few we?ks.
MB. Di\v-' t'l Li i IB, \Se weald remind all
our re id BIB, e<-p?cia!ly those who are Masons, that M-.
1 law*?:. s tc-ue < r Meaef I < kl DB and . r the LBBaBI
Aerc? .ation of that name, w ..lbe g.\en at the Mer
? aiti'- Library L-c BB IJoon this evenitg.
P.- r Pitt ?A return match of base ball was
played aa Friday afteraoofl baat bataaea the Mecro
t tsr. and Marihattan C'ubf, on the ground of the
?ori.'.'r at Hsm.ltor qiiare. Th- game wa- wel!
playedefl the part ef the MetropoMtai Club they iav
Lag beat ibeir oppocents three to oce. On the former
oceaeict: the result stood, lo runs for the Metropo'itan
to I" tor Manhattan. Th< t. lloariiig is the Kore ot the
gsn e on I n 'av i
*v- ; Sea *n L Ban .ar, ??..?.".- H L. It .is
Mnlrejir. I. r .
Hudaco. i an ber...
Kufe. ? lm~. 4
i ,? m i'4ie..i
L?. r. ?Aort.; 4
To.'.- C f.2 i
w m a, ui base....! 3
y 1?. u*, R. K.3 S
T ???: i ii.:--: ?! i ???.. .f>
?? - ? lit I
J -i et, pit L?r.i 2
T'lonwy. .-it, b?r....l 5
' .icu.l. aaatt.i t
Mt.-ML liaaa.3 I
Lebmtn. L v.3 1
vv,?-: Bi aaaa.J 1
c r.i :
?... akaal B> P...J I
T.<?'. ^:rr.' ?r of r c?....H
>\?i v*is or iwim.-.
attti ; aaaaa...lsa, M Jj ra. iib, orb ?:b. Stu, 9th,
t 3 1 3 II t I 5 t.y>
.'???f*j.-w ... I?'.. ?; -. W. ttt. -.i. ?-tb. Tt... te, ?e.
unit 0 0 I S 3.13
11. I ?' raBSWtaa ui*ir by Mrt.rt Jti im n and M- Jre| ( o
Ike M-tri pnll-aE and Tiiod ? y tt'tbe Mtntatitan.
> T,r.-Xt L> -i ? ? Me'r [- 1?. ii. : Mr ? '
tbr Vktbaitm
I ?rtri-M: B Tt- ?
Cm MoaTAxrrr.?The City iaeaeetoi report*
? th* deaths in the i:t? last week, an baeteBae cf loa?
BtBapered wi.h the rxortal :y of the ji-ev ous week, and
59 ui- re |] an c. DBUed takag the a rrespondmg week
q 18S7, tMJ of the eaaatka las: week were cf
ohildttn under ten years o: sge, and tS icmates of
public aef.tutiot-. The foilowirg tab.e shows the
Baaakei of death a dur^g the past two weeks among
adults and t hildren. distinguiahieg the sexes:
M-n BJ Bta. B ?a W-.a Tc.v.
WVkrcJinf A ?: '?? ?' ' t~?
Wert f-oillll An/. 14.... ? *l> 2to j>? ?.?5
Among tbe pr.r.i Ipal rv ?' i-afh were the fol
+ : Hn .. iti-. '-'; ci nsttmption, M, convulsior.s
inlai ;.le , 5*. cholera infantum. 113, diarr>a, 1-',
dje?ntery. 99; dr- p-y in tbe head, 2i ; inflammatior. of
IkV iswelf, 11, irflammat.on of the longa, 11, in?amms
? i af the l-a n. I"*; marasmus (infac lie . 51. measles.
asjBJaal fever, I. There were also I deaths of
a raoibii? 1- of congestion of ti-i bra.a. 3of
eriot t? wf J?l...t; (it'atti> . tc'disease the heart.
II ef t7cp;:fc cough, . cf paisy, ? of scrofula, 7 of
a?rs.rrv?s, *- l** bz il -r*nt ? ? ?? -? ?
.* Li'"?, ?r4 l~-:rv-> r ?y ?au.?--?, i- ! -
<> ie? tB'i t- d:cw-itJ.
1 .f. Ii V.i?MU'- ?'. *?.?" u;
t; ? nun L-: of leaf] ? eaci cltu of ,L?ea*a i
ll#>an-ek: B'tj-i ;ol.8. eYc. 1 \-<* t sw' t- 4
1.4 geaoiOlliI tTflM. * hei-, s :. LI
InBtra, threat 4c, 1"*: oll ige. 3. akut, de* , tcl
?jrwtfTt ?**???, It; It II Hl 82 i p"mmt -
s: )-iact tow* o.-.-r ?i ..-. '- 1 na?-:
ta.c seat anJ IHbMI f-????>-., H ? < i
Total ? ?
T. * b-2?'"'- cf eoa-air-i w
bj ? i a gBraakeIfeIBMBWd 1 ?<.,,WMM1
wwi.-v-.i A t. ??: iw.? l
AfkrU ?Au: t: tf-'T.CM
W~i | A x t ibm.BBJ
BTiih ibb1b| Ib| 11 IBM-. .??5
Ti.e nat.%. f iahe g N M BatiTBsaf ? I Uxted
R-atr?. f'l of betel, 99 of Germany. 8cf ataf/tel
! seek of Brithtk a\aatrJei Prases 1 ?:.?.-.', Svadei
a- d Sw.t M aLd Bad 2naka*)WB.
i -i ?? Cam it r:r; ? On Sa- tt tay II 'SSoaBg a
max fh isg fail rarue u 1! -aia Bestow was a::--'
Orrke: Lawrtnce of the Fourth Pre- bj I .ha jed wu:
attemptirg to extort ttacrey bom a wuiic in
j ? v ipei fe teee bmbbmbbjI driakxsgsek t a-.
No. S3*J W a:er street It ts s'eged that H tl c w
tie woman a cue to ?M effe. t that for the WOM of II
Yt-1 BtJd ii tt.e a complaint that bad been o- * ai ab v-tt
liirg prefe-red agair.-t her for keep.Lg a ttawafOtaAll
BvBse ar.J pr?vect ar ir licttr.eit fr>m bet'tg found
again-' berkj the Otis i Jarj. Anaz-Maaie*palPe?
I.ferret. v?aitua beater o: the note, bur before tha
Baoaey w** paid ? e affa.r came to the notice c" Officer
Laaieaaa. wke inaediataij eppiabaaled Bastes?
Jot ? ? I before wncrc t': e a< cu-ed was ar
ra?r?f BtBXfl Ibiastoptll at ar - w rthe irr?
rf itteaVpuag to t xtvrt utrtirv.
A' a t?te h BTfii at] aijjbtta BM laated rboeAM
McMaf or an: \\ .h au. \ar.ac between waom -oi*
n " - ????rf ; ? i aziated chance J t?*meet is the dr. nk
togaak I R ? rat I l'- t'.T. ? S i''. iraBoa, Ths
quarre: was taeaaaei, aai McMabaa, aaaaaa regre?' j
exrittd, diew a paatalBftd f.rel at \ araa. T! e ha.
m.r??d the man fcr whom it waa intended and took
effett iL tlie tight arm of Daniel Whelp'ey, a by
vv.tV. :t.:!tcta>g a aenotti wound. W!f- p.ey waa
takesb D by ...? :.-:eLia. >KMahon wa? arrested
a: i iBbaeqaeatly < c rr.ni-tcd bo pn?- r. !-y JastSes
BroBrneD to await the pat - f WawspWr'b jarjartee^
A eoaoreJ w^tran. Lame 1 Mary Ana J.tea, wu
a -rj;< i on Saturday BaOfB . ??, char.red w.th taaaMaaf
a qaantity of oloibbaf, to the va!ue of $M, from KuiJia
BylfWStet <: Ho. I Lauret- street. Msry Ann said
s: I Brad at No. I1' Wo.i t -r street and tha. a man
tauf, i TLm.as tctk her to the p!a;e, and lad need
Let to go i:p and gal Ol Sgl 10bitabi ?? crsaked.
Jttftks Urn nan committed her t/> prison.
Oi s?t' ? lay tarn tag a wemso named ,\ri Bttlkl;
wa.- arre^.; 1 Ly Oflh or Waikleyof theTwerty ?eooed
I' ? ia _-I wth heating in a orae! and ou'?
rs^ocos n.atner her r iece. a -lei:, ate :.tt!e cbiM, seven
yursi! age. The girl wa- produeed in court, and
p -.v.\(r\ a *r.rl ::\.'. st p- aranes). T. .< I>r. igs of i.er
l <? -r-ti..!'.. i.H bnkf c. and her ba< k and shou'le-j
tH/remark? that appeared to have La-n made with a
it ?;? OS sin k. The magistrate htid the woman to
srswer in the sum cf $300.
Mi-. Sn-ar. f. Clocks cf No. 178 East >eveataenth
l?eet, aheeadhaal Og wu entered some week* a..-o bj
bwglaia, <.n M'urday ieatiAod a por; on of t he prop
Btty raeavasad a few days ago, as mentioned at the
time in To? TbIbI SB. The arte lea belonging to her
werefotni at the lewabryatoreeoraer of it;oai?ay
ai i Di us?..ii ttneti
Captain Hutchirgs. w,th a p.-sse of Iiis BBBa, mado a
!. ( ent upon two diarepuUble houiea in the KiftU I're
? I n iay right, and arroted the proptietora an 1
irmatt-. The I? finer Wt-re held to answer tue charge.
Bad the k :l i were sent f.r varous terms to Hlackwel. a
mmt I.
<K. Bath lay arah .? a disturbance occurred at th*
deck cf the steamer Nandeibilt, owing to a str.ke
lbs I ghai "ag- s among'he firemen and i oai-passeis.
si , i s, bail k'oat- a;, i ..ti et saawilai Bare hurried about
in k\r'} Kyle, great'y to the danger of persons passing
ap aad dowa the deck, Aaqaadof men ttojtt Poiitw
beacoaavtersaad aactber fn m the i .r : i'ret-( t n
mi.de th. :r oppoatBI 00, wheu the r.ot? tl h?-ata retreat.
The rt Bte] at the hour i -a !irg had i. I BteaSI on. s io
wss (oared bate the .-tteam by two tug-, and anchored
off Jeisc) (It) to awa.t the shi'i meet af a BBW gSBg of
l:?Li ?.
Bat in AsSArM trroB * Ban "it.?Coroner h Dj
wa* ea.' .-. ?Jat.;r.!.ay to take the ?? -aa r.
inat (n t f James ReynolJs, late a sailor on board t ie
.-1 p OaUatta, of ItosV n, who lies at the poial of death
.nthe New York Hospftal. It appesrs that in April
bwt, wi la ? h p ay at the port of ReBf Koag,
China, Mr. Itaker, the mate, called him from the
foiecactle, and as he delaj.-d coming for a moment, tha
mate aaisi I hin. by t1 e ha:r, pu led him upon deck,
stall pej upon, hes* ar.d kicked blBO in the most baiba
rc.is mat rer, end then put him in irons. Since t'.
as-a- ? the -ai.or has b?< B gradually de? I I :ng. and is
BOWbaBersd(Obe btp'iesrty ill. The jury rendered
a t. rd i-t 1) at th* ii juries of Kayt.olds were, inssdby
ernel treeiasnl of the mate, ard a warrant for the '
arrest of the latter wesis.-uel.
Tu; II ?? i A -1 ? A -Cerocer fteaavy
..r. Svtnrday c? 11 kyafssd an bahjaMtta upM the h>ly ??
Cl i'?tl*- Mat: -whacker, the fiertaan who was killed
n Thur.-uay Light during a row at the corLcr of
At cute A and Second street, Bad the following verdut
was tendered by the Jury! " Tbat deceased rime to
" . ? Jeath Ly a fia? trre 11 the skull, caused by Tta>
? lerte at tha handa of Denn:.- Crcwley, i'eter fader
" I 11, Win. T lletscn and Tcaddeus .M? Cirlhy, wide
?:g?g.d Ii a tight at the corner of Arecue A aad
s?.nJ airett?-aid ran la BOB heirg given without
'teLt to commit murder. The Jury exonerate
? Wm. Y. urg frotn participation in the distnrbsnce.
The part es aecu-ed ;a the verdict are all in pv ^
BWaitisg szaa iaattea? Deceased wss 1l* yean of age,
atd Ly trade a alaaeVmatr.
Ftiti Aihmm-An icquest was he.d on Satur?
day at No. ? ' 1 Madison street, upon the body of
Epfcriaa BaTlga, a a] | ; _-g.-r. who, wh.le at work
tj^r. U s ably) ( rtt.ne. j ag at the the foot of Third
?tr->*, I sat BJtrer, fell into the water ard was drowned.
It a; ;>.a's that wiiie standing open a boon, the bolt
al .1 bald it gare way, aad he wa* pearipiloted bn
the watsr. Deceased was a native of Kog'.ar.I I
yehrr<- s_ ?. rsrdlct, ? Aoc. 'eLtal death.
I'm I' :vt-H :<.- ?D:.:-ria, N 156 Wl \
?v. IM B .'. i r.,Kl \ . I Aug. 11. 1858. \
aVaadrartaisi BBssns to doubt the prwetrrflifT "* nQJ
Og a l ? e , eLt shirt-maker. ' It j nut .ajpo.-i.jie.
howeas-. We ?au introduce him to as many ai ae
(hecft-s u emp'i y tit at m I oeatl ap:eee. but at
:a r ,r:? <?-. N raaty Iva cents to ot.e dohax is n 11- I
?Del for a loy'o wash at sbirt-niakinj. fVa m.
M. K. cail attte Baooo of kd-istrv, andleainthe
tlU'h I
^^ e can t ? - des sL? w him on* oc more ?e vxg wo
a?r who have wi-rk-i freon Batwrdaytaosaiasjaattl
Tuettsy aftertooL Bib eg M h:rkervshcrts,'' ssd up.-n
cnryiig btme her work received" ??<-???><,/? ? ceits.
She ,r-v proparii de< [haadh 'ab?vr aarsaars at r
rate. > . gtt narsaif able aad obliged as do bet
tar thaa that ,.
We caa :ntrcduce him to a sober mac and Isifl w.fe
* .?-.?e tle.r stTctt-. and ?neceeU n mai.og a frock
r i . cet in tLrea da\s. fir wa:ch t'.ey r?0.-:va j
its.' v u o a 'per week. 8Ld ttreecr four
r ' ?p rt Ard this, f.... frooB ot? o: '. t
ksri it dotbing estabtishmests ca Biaeahray.
We caa show tie gaatasssaa a fastiry tha ftthat
w b s oc i i csath hsd w.th slow cotatjnjpttca. - I
Wife Bad a daughter 11 )ean cf sge stMre.y .d.e, ex
twpt,Mrhaws, an occaa.i aal |eb that yte.ds a few pen
lt. -;ca thees tbe-e are three emaher c- ire;
to 1 e caied for and BLpp-^rted ' ...
V"l a? wordertka? tte inmat-? of the institution uts
r. ? esMstef the aaoat ditsru.-ting d#prar.:v-tBe
I thy lag ard alao-t irre--atib> teaptarionj t>r :s*
,- caid ti e boy also, to go into tha way that
saea 'oh,
1 ho BWtaagkt aaeared fee ass ? rystep ttua
Joanaari OOVM e a: tc^;- of c:: paad cr -sfcrxat'.r
?t ?iv ; ? -irx?* **-??: r**11 u n a I:*?
?:?-. . ? ;.? ?. . ? a- - tb v# <:..:-?t wii
fitd'cr-s it '.?(ir??t ?"'4 ? bwt e> tiro* it et/re?
bed i -?. cv aetaaty a .. ?[ a~i raaterai
? ?? >g, t_e'.-a_:.t . i.C* w . . ?; ttadtM
- ..... >. i . ^ ? yaa r, .-n,
? 1 T<h"j ?2hi for l2 Ht*?toMtM B:* it ev::
I ? I M k ?. -tt* re --f.. f tbeaasber.
hM I : a . a: -ra 5" ft IV - j !I CM ot bdaetn ?-1
h ? .. ?. MS . 4;? .' Ui P' ?? i
* >~?R.> PMM MR. R MttM
I I I j - , TS, .\ I ."' ??
Str.: Tl.? uadera;gc?d requests i I public te autpetti
* . rpsot u tea eaeifa reaghl itwn
- Ithtfacts ais hOj *i t. H* '-?? ???;?? i
wiihboadiU ?. t 7 t tea - : e> -g note*
I ?I - be Ftl m?>! pBJ IBBf whiah w th
t:? t?. ?; ? . ??..- v. :;? - .nsoh' to. anl
tet a U e Vaa.U .? : >:: t_ <:.a:e Ira a' is own joa
aeoaaaa itfj.
' hi trar-sr. - s :ct c- ir-c ti bj ft: J? W?T w-tV My
- . hie rritedt ar btjaaaaes roeitectioea Be teeta it hai
I j' :?? T.ak? thai etpSaaet..-n .c der to ?<.re ta<
' ' c that r.o oaa baa -vtfV-*i ??.?o-juer:'? bet him
? iif, ard tr? facta, whan i\*c'.o**i w;l fu'v etouarete
? heal char*-. R H laa vm.
? [AiiTarrtw-n-c- J
iTRDl - s'at okai Tut tint.?Mr. R. JoiTsT
? *r. I ? ?' i.,. ,. Ceeuaamsffaar al last tatetiaa i ??*
Lltl HU I?. -j,: j.,au*L pe::.-3i*d.
I a tT?rtl*?a*e*:. I
B::m?\ ? OaXU Uli
tain rrata aal Dacciaeaarrraa
Pet aataalias Bi ? Ha t' j r?aiit?
aaaaaaaa avaaaaaaaaa o c
(a l??r iwm
?TLAatTB Tbi BOM \rn.
Qcxta'a M ?
v _ ? l?,t S; ?> ;> M. '??;..! :.-.iS:?>?
P?i ?ntM'- Rs;m v
? Wf ft . P,t'"?t
tV'Hltsr. h L>..v Prop- - M
-. ? j. V ?*? ii It?w-Tact
( \ ki ? U . FlEI ;>
i ? :*. ..'.,? *.\ k : 4i ? a ad
Bbabv*s Oaalbbi n Bt BtttlaiBI racTaataattaa'a laaaaat.
I MaaataataaaBtj t
bfetara. Gotntz at Mm- loTentore of the Beat
r?t?rt Bi?m\ Fi>i Ta?:\, r??p^-tti'.;!j Iot-?? '.a* c'.tII atl
mi i'ary ac*n"Titl?? ni'tnb?*? t ?.'? r' 1 ' fxibi'tf a^o?
t,'.y. i.>wif.-?? ?c taail I M?uip
t ' ' .-*??.? ? ?: a ? ? ' i . ? p . ? Sv p?rniU?: <o
tf L;? Honor th.- Mayrr. Danl?'. K Tlraaaam, '?i ?tth#H?:
?pry, on Tt r*n. \ Nr\t. Iii.' 17, it 4.4. m. Ter S ;S-i trin^
1 \> . att . '. ' .' ?tt. -\ f: M t " r.x p- O.Ih;. h)Ii ''.
w aatantlj aal ab ^: % .? :i tk<> rival
ton <? thcmanl frtt from tbe abora. Ciobou will also be it pint ml
v ? fb m ratk ? pHi.u ?ith '.^nrtha of thn,? | trala
ta Dt ?tia'e tiie> aattaaaa v. I .o>- ? atttattaaM ir?i?uci
??fi ty of tlii i.^w Ku?e d; itarr attmalaaa It . ?b..<? I b?
iTaUati.ity of cam a a ?? . < as rpikatt tt aa aaMaay wfll
ii. bi< aattatal Lj afa j (li<> aatua ?? o.?t?ad of the ventb?>ie (at
nb^ iitrtion cf 'he. f Kaery a iwrnaaaAaHoa wfM br ?I udoJ
: ?p?i t?J.'t?. ? f r> .'. f r- <? v ? i.p.-t ?iie ?r?.-n.t. and tha
I : - .-edinai ' ! ? ' f*. to (>: ?.? ?Uractiv- tu til iut?r??tej in iu
.? ... ? atat tlx r' istta at
tfllUAKi a?i> Raval IcllXCi ?
TtuB.??The CaatTOH Tea CotfPAinr imr?- ob
Btatl every atttaty >' Ta > i (>* Ok wr, m i TV* l>**J?rt tnd pit
va> farnUi-a S 11 . >i t act Ftatu atyaaaiBwatIN ti
: . tiunjt- tviat Mtd latfarial fr'>n tat. aa 0"c Ali other q aaH
Sit** equally lew. Alu. .'9 nn\?a tted For. v 1. . Cm ft
Call and . tan.'.ue ?' No. Iti Ctathtaaati, b-tw^u P<^rl and
MaataM at, _
Cm KoiTALrrr,?Thetotei BBBtbar of oVetha it
tire city last each was I $, < I vhieh I? w.-re> men, II
w n en. r; boyi tr i 51 lirfa Ol theee, u tVatl af
cbfVra -rfactnm. 2 of eb\>:a aaorbaal, !?? ?t atftaatlat
i ? \ alt obi B of dioifhoi lyn *??? i baatOt
ii AraftTiU*. ||| atill liern, 5| j remi'.iirej birth, \ Ac
Of the abort, 74 tretl uuder I yea: of ajra. ??:'nA
ti\ta cf the I nited Maio*. 138 Irr'ant. 13| (ier
ii aoy, 7,
Tm CoariDBBci Qamf.?A mie who giaea bia
name aa ( ..n: . ? Sj th wa a:r>-<*.e.i a few laya atnee
on tbe charge c obtait:ng properly under fa.sa
tenet.-. It appears that Mr I? t*. BttrirB of Kreepjrt,
DL, beiag ia the city ia D tit and somewhat
A',ti af fund-, o\ p.'cited two go'd hunting- rats he^, a
? hain ard po'o seal bi leoBiity for |70 adtaeead by
Sn :th. who etipnlat? d to te'urr them when tlie amount
loaitd waj paid. BlOWB fettttBed home, and again
i'arae to the city ready to re.ieem the watche i. wldch
*?it worth ab. ut s a th bed represented bka
Btsf a- the heaaaeei partner of a firm doing Imtieesa in
U'oa.lway. bat if win ascertained tliat ho was not IB
cnntcteJ, aid had given an assumed nam*. A (tat
d; :gent HBTOh Smi'h was IV und, but the watchaa were
gene, ar.i latt week Mr. It'i.wr. placed the matter in
?he han.'i of 1 is lawyer, Mr .1 hi P. Troy, who i aaj
naeeetd ptoeeedhagt to reo vat the property, or it*
value, and had the OBfbadBat arre..tei. Jl* wa.<
brOBght beff re tlie) City Cou:t, and settled the mt'tar
by pay 11 *:.e full value ot the property and tatet,
Tai Citi Hvi ? The tdaeaa ani enerWooaaa in
the City Hall are bevr^ c'saned and r?tif texl, pr*>para
to; > to the resufi j t.on of bu?.i ess in >sptembor.
A<oir>r?.T.?Aliout R o'clock on Saturday morning
Mr. W ilibroth? r and wife, Widdig a*. No. Ill Ka/en
r'-.et. net w ith a rerionx a< ? .d?nt by the-overturning
. f a ca-ria^e. Mr. Willbrotl er i.ad assiMted hia wife
ate the < trrilge, ard uat as ne was takirg his seat,
:Le i.or-e Btadi a ah art tBra, aptettlBg the earritga
ard thrcwieg Kra. W. oa to tne ildewaft, hp which
she susta:ned s.-vere M i-i-a ab^uttb? hwa-l. Mr.
W iilbrother had one of his ackVs dislocated, liotb
were attended by I)r. I.orttte.
Citri n Boitin.?Thi M. H. Cbarefa at Bay
Bidga was atabaiontlT entered on Saturday morning
sc'1 robbed of all the OBTpatbag and trerythiag ilet
that eeatld be earned ? ff. The tarderea e^ca^.
Ainr-r y Be aa LABI IBS BBCBTBBT of niK
G Two men. nameg JehB BreWB and Henry
I ??. ir, were arraatad by Ofllear Etaaa of the 1 sarti
Prtetaet cn Friday tigat, on itapioloa at Uatafl
having in their ponetatea two bundles of under
clcthut:. It was tub*t juantiy ertaic d thai I at
1 ad robbed the hoeiery manufactory of Joel SHbarel.
r. Bl nter street. They were onmmitted for ettmina
tl n.
fi in i Fight.?Wil am. Long got .nto a
Bghl i Carroll stieet or. Friday night wn.le int ?vl
cattd, and, failing on hit kreet, fractnrt*d one of hit
ktoe pan*. II? was taken to the [stag Is,and CeBefl
if q ital.
Kr ? ?? n.r ? The I' li-e and wagon wlm U was
?m the .table of t harl'8 He li>v i an .n II srj
wo k avenue on Thnraday aighl were found by tho
New-York I'olice on Friday r ight, the horte be o^
t td I.. a lamp post. The property was rec'ored to .ts
- Ma-y Traey wat arrested by tbo
Fifth District Poliee, cn la'urday n gh?, f-r etea'tog
a pah of -hcet from tie atcre of F.. I>. Brown S
i liar u etreet, tear Sixth, and a piece of gingham from
II Nl I Peek i? P ? rth street. Christ.jphar Leery
was a::c-tea the same evvcitg f<r stealing a e.lver
watch cf John Farley in Borth Eighth str-et. They
B ?' - - : !? r etax.nf >?..
ll ?r.7VE CGI Rt-Cie?vniss-A-| .?t :1.-B.fere Jidta
i ? ? an .
Tiir mist wAtauroToi ?*\aaar eosTiuensi.
He P 11 i-- Jaa B Taj >t a u*-a bj s . .at. *?'- Ha
M?> >r. ke at ?
Thia wa* an order'requiring defendants tt abow
ft <t why tue appeal taken from tha decisica of
Jaiga I itv.et in this case ajaoald not be dismissed. It
appears that eu'seqaeut to the deciaion of Judge
I'avie* in favor of tha State lessees aad appointing
* ytui C -rt a raceirsr, the defenlanta obtained an or
-?.- mtai Jadga Clerks staying all proceediags oa ths
jadlBsaal BBaa attar the decition or tbe Gsaaral Term.
Atter hearing tas argument on the order to enow
eataa, ahieh waa returnabl* this morning tha Judge
directed that the order et August 11 be ao moditieel
that tie receiver, pencmg the appsal to the Centra!
derm, bt at liberty tj ? ollsct tbe rents aad profits
witx a'tt prejudice to"the defeneanU right to move be
I re a single Judge to vscsts ao mart of the lira* or?
der a* greet tht auowtnee to tbe receiver
Be ? J .i? i j i t. ?
wiut cBaaiiiBiai ? thiatir.
t * Mtaeaeri ?t tae (j; me Raiocaaau/u ?f J tyanite
i trmU %f Aselatj Re.ahar. an! atatts. T*? taae
i, ' I BjaWtaati Tae i?air.e %C tTta Utk.fi
I. tease '-sees a moron la aaal* tat ?? iD'uaetioa re
t i>4itstataitsatihast >*-.?.at u<a ????.al ?.. tut? t?
, ? 4 ? rat w* ? ii. -.? ?4? ?
?:<.?-.. ds talta etat. ??
' ' ? ' ' ? - - ' aa ? i-, tr. ? ?
'? 1 ' ? ?-' -???I?--,
? ? T ' ' * U 'iki? u. .?u-tvat
t(m?i ??? ?? ? ?r-> % ?? v ? i -j. paratet * t*^u,J
til . ? ? l 'w maui. I at attic Bai Im f4W-^t M
?'??-'?? -f? n So.? m
?_ ????????.-*?' > i w. a*
prtpai Wert?: ts u?. -jKtioaa tat r.ret leetatea.
? it i ? . . I ? ? ?.? ? r? tt
p. i > ? i rk? nii> tatc ?%.k
%. ? I? ?'????-<!???. m ?t, aljai
? ? l ? >i ? > ? i1iiim
It t aaraaa i ?a?- wa at ??
w . ? v Mt Ctrl ??? m ?? ? I af i ? mW a*
I p ?.-- ???? i -4? tl mm aa
?: t ta a* i T?? . ?:.:? ^ l <J? ?pp.0?.I? WUtai*
? ?... ? ? ?- - i ? f? ? ? r? ?-a v?
????/?, !?.??, wta * tf ttavifiaat m
? ??(? ?? k ? 'lon-J - t-1* ' *? ' .
tat ??f'? . - -^j it ? j.. beta .t U ??> J ?ebtfB tktt I 4a
? **? "? .i j <-?.? ?, :i? u ? <?>* *t -a.>as iuW
r>? jvt.
Eh ?* Q mi t^t. JaJat t.'?.'a-*Tair?eat af
*?? * i tats ?
Janiea Mc Menial, tt al. agt. Oi.be-t I.. Mm'S. As.
. ,3 ? i aianatl. sriTi fltnaiM MB*
Bn rant u tail ? ?naX
.lewea E. C ?Seyen, f react* J. IHatrgtoa -M*
? I, a ? #> io -<???? w aaaaseant ta tatet aw
t ath?-.re U. l'.wji.t.\V..',4in Ose? V ma
pasjl v1 4 ' ? ait. '
KJVattUaa, COURT Cau-..??.-?,?. gaj.,, ,;4t,
A ? tkS.
in? arooMoraf oi4>>R' I Cssa.
Matte> k tViiaataata|l Dt .?. w >4> aai
Tl > wa--ar app!.c?!:<Ti tra J* by Mr?. \V?M>iaoft?a
tc laf s- la a ?acraaof ?l.voro* ?kioh sV-e aJ'.*frea ajajj
ibra =fib . ' --bard br frauJ. Tha part:oulan at*
:..s rase wfre | tsr a f*? trask.i ag\v H?frra tha
rr. t m VaatWf I Mr. I'ortar. p'aa.t.ff 's cuiasal, af
vt ? a- a la- to tha p-o>*<-<bo?r? a di?<v-at auaaoa
sicrn-d bj avafj partis. Tha dafoaoaLt, howarer, bf
tt a\ t -tat** that tha papar tu aijraad by bar
w la h U t laftaaaea af t>ar and atriturtaat. aad
tbaatmrntHaraaajH aaaaajoilpg ft to ba another paaatr.
I b4j .ludi*?- CH t;. ladVd to I ear tt.e oiii(iaal or. ?? ...n aal
:-cd cttlaOB tha atot I t I ;.-oontit'.;anra. Tha
p tiatiff tl en ,t!Vred io i pp.^a ti? n the atlilavK of
Dii i M Porbrr, plaiatiff'i rtauaal, who al'-v?? taat
. - '?r csyt l>efoi* thw K| ? atiou . i tba tun I' *a
?rrat ia tha aiToroaaiaa, ba was waited upon by a
ftjv, wto attittl thai ah* frM Mr-. Wooa^aaja, aai
B ,? < .'ep. aaat whether said prr,>e*dina^i woahl
II r ai'.? aablie or aot tl at dV) oaaal laftwaa I t?r af
ibo aaaa eoaraa aahaa ta dttataa oaaaoi thaahaaila*
lairatl whether i laiatit was to be aaantad or not, aai
ttatad - Mabaasoall ptavetH any *j.'a raar
a.;e he larthot lllafll tl at. alter the oaoree of di?
vorce bad been grafted, the MUM 'adyea'.ied np*a
it i M ent ar,.l bU him that the had t>e?n irriuencei
by bat ri-'.atiX'H t" eomtnei.ee proee-MinarB 4e
tipeo th ? ' t st w! .!e e.t. Isr the ;;.tlu?Boe af
rraal izcttiBiaat ?! .? i gned soma paaan b*'ore a
Mr. Hal*, wi eh aba w.-!.-d ta re'iaet. and waatad
to knew ii aha had the right ta tea: ! >>t oana trotai
raid papat a The', -i\ n of Mr N'ewtaa and?> ili ???r
Wabb i ha wad tha aotrkca >>: the auina >b< up >n the
?'efetdant and her a< knowleJ..? : that ah* knew tha
pastel \?h tip'r. Th* atltdav t of a Mr. HaaUar
aat fbtU thai with i tha last Ira aroshs the daaaaaaal
i a led upon bitu and stated that the had be^n indu v-d
t-y her ratal rss to make adidavita in New York, aad
that ihl was told that the papers were not to bo used,
ll ar y procer-d.r^s to open the divorce, and that ahs
did n?'t Irish any such proceedings comineneed, at aha
had been compelled to trump up a story to please her
?eist? !*, who were prejudiced against t'e pla.ntiaT,
tbeaihdatit IteaYObetatMthatoi Mr. Poitsf, sud alas
ihowod that Hunter was prssial when the Jiscoatinu
at ? * was signed, and that it wa< <l >ne at tha ipaoial
reimest i I the d- fei dant, and in deponents preseee*.
The athdavit ot Mr. Woodhouse aliegea tutt the di
VOreO bad been obtained through the uittcoBiuot at*
dstsndaati that she had BOfleoted her marital rela
t . sa, an.i that the discontinuance of these procaadiaga
wa- -igned at iefaarliat'l re-pieat the plaintiff also
denies generally every allegation made Of the defead
aat. aixl that he baa been s>noe married.
The Judgi referred the matter to et .ludg-> Mivhei
to fake tettimOl y and 'sp.irt the fa? {?>.
II < ippllrwtaWI Im th I SOadbnaMtasa of the report ia
regard, h) Ihl Im ond im nue improvemeut waaa'jsura
ed to the 18th met.
l'Li.hp Utk tataaaat laesaalah Hw.aa.
The <'t t-ndant in this case, who was a porter ta the
I ub!V store, No. 55 (ireenwich street, waa arreeted
siire days aicce on a i haiu'e uf enibe/./Iem*nt of
linuois, cigara, ate., preferred bv the plaintiff, aad
was i-eld to ball in the mm of 11,500. Mr. Jai. M.
Sb??ban moved to vacate the order of arrest, or
modify the bad. on the grounds that theatlidavita oat
? i h (hi offer of arrest wat granted were defec-ire.
mam,in h a^ that damsgea were laid at SUNK), but
that the plaiatibTdid n't ihow any apeciri' value n the
I r>y ?? ",.gsd to have been taken, aud that if waa
apnv lag? ! liege f< r port.ts to take waat h'juors aad
Bri ?errt MCSSBBt* for their oau uaa ob tba
prtnises Oaheailagi lasel foralaiatilTaad defead
int (he Coait ordered the hail to he radaeed to l-st,
(hat stM Baad to ? >.o to va< ate the order
(f ai r-. t or iffldBTltS,
COURT or COMMON n ets is. uu mrr naaa hi?
laaatt i . <t? Dai i
\ ?? Laaaart n' HaarishMlrsraad faaWMatMiaa
Tl i' a at ai, awpTleoatBB to set aside a jadgneat ob
- by tbt atntiS. and all ?. .-q .-ut pr.. ^.t.o<i t&trena.
It tp|i tlitt tft*r lbs I'KtanitEt wtt obtaiiKl. Mirtr wat ar
Watafe Ml Bat taa ition. tnil *bt:? tn tht wtf
t atey af Breetaetaaa waa aartaS aaaa Baa etaeBtMea
* ?' :? iiacl aratS '?>?? pi ? aai s ineas, -f t tha pttta
" i' ? i ? pptetttBtttj p aatUaaj aaj ti.i 4*f?>ataa4
d w r ny** to trt tiwm attSa ob um iroaad that th- jaiiasaat
<??< letJraal h? tha tout of tlm .iM^ndaut
71.? ii ?.;? . < .-1 ? . c,v *f pr.v ot-Maia
tarvaS r> t?>? aaaataata, lie ?M aaaatl tu ..imj tue oraat af
taa C n an4 dtacbaiaa the prUoaat, aaSl ttiat arr?a?'U?f the
r- anlltafb? piatBtTff'taaaaawasaot iaJaraS Tat 1 >mm
. del thtt 'h' plaint.I '? ^ >.ltm?rit m uot ?#?. t?d btUta?a
ha>ai '?? . It ?t4 i.b'tiusd tlioe.th t!i? a i uf tbt 4-l-nXtat
: f
BasalL< f taralaaStll ii ? PUaaaaraaaasaaw4
COURT OS COMMON I'M ts 4ie?ai if ?.ur? laaha
Dai i
Bai ?i o of PaoatlB.? S ine weeka ago an order of
meet was issued out of thia Court againit Morris
Bi aar kraus for bfeaahof pn c. - f marriage. The
l lint tf Mo-T.i kt.er, it about 50 yeara of age Bad
inakee th* usual Blbgattoas ia aiu.dar raaea. Itoaea
krans i| 3d yeara of age, and ii'g> 'ed to keep h^
[in iri'se. It appears tuat a man aam*d Julius Morrn
waeaireated w Boaaahraae, and he applies for adia
cfaue on the groucd that they have made a mistake,
ami t' at I e w ul 1 not be guilty of tba act w t i which
B Mtkraae is charged.
' The plaifitilT. on the ? tber band, produoad allidarita
aHegfajg that Morris and Koaenkraua are one and the
sarre pat SOB, and aitheugh he might have bmen jaetiaaj
whi n Ve made love t > her, jat at bar age it was toe
serious a ii atttr to be iokirg about.
'1 be jadge I'-tned Morna's or Kxencrans a motioa to
be di-i ;a'ged, but without coats.
COURT OF SPKCUf. IEMIONI-Ae?. H.-B-fora J'aSaaas
Ba isau^ (facaaacvasj aaBCeawai ?
N .? ter t aaaaaaa theaasaaaat, Uj aaarasaaaa,04
Michael Kas*m%n plead guilty t<> an assault aad
aasttij oa Cetharbt? Rtattaaa J sawtsaS tmp?nVit
}? b:. hhthaa plead tntlty to to t??iilliii<t b-tterj M BnS?al
M?ntn i itmmt satpaaltf
lot) ph ;?u firnl t lityfotn Uta. ' ?od l??tVry ue Mshtm
Ihl I .r J .'tinrut ?uip.'I.dei.
ChailMO Bast iBUaS ssrihtf I ia ?<?? '? ?..J aa<t??y as
. ku s i-J BJ". _^
Jib et betaae patal fvdtty It ? ???? aaawaaBBSfSI "-<?
Cur. raasd ?!?. _ ,. ,
tataaaa WTa ? (,.*'. i.r.i, m .>?u*>< aali aai u.t^i omn,
I , ll Pel lialjl ?. > '?' '? ?
Jtrr? If. !..'. ;?'* f't*i gniity la tt?ai'n| t a ai ,f r.^-*t wiaa.
l'?:.tteort?rr sii Biontnt.
41?:y Baraarsi n pl?*<! t 'itj to ?r>alln? !a4j-?' wsarin| tfytrM.
ts] I jr rr aaWhs
J. ba Ooetlrrit j ptaaS lailty Vi tvcaliai a pair <A (attar ahoee.
Pei >. ? ??? ? set Bbaa
Htasy L??di pteaS raBty ?.. sUalta| at a^faraal BaaSS mar
- aaslat O'SM Ttt as 'i?rj *br?? uv.i,tht
? i - aSur p>kJ |'i..tr '. .v?Lij( t pi~? <>( h>
Banstad tu aai t#a<r.
Cbarita Jachaca aarel aaBayl saw/aag e ? ?? raeeMBBBBJ
M,r a..rti ?
Du1'. Mu*j was rSwkadajralBwaagaahBM p-uit*aaarj
t .;.: B.tiUtlS. , .
( . 'Its Hutt trat arrl '-l I r ?-<-r><rH ? il^i^nr aoata a
Ill Ctatraatteat r-cttrctui) Ur?a oiooUt.
Torr, it fatal waa tea ittla* wr rrrtaaBj a saaafaayas <*
i : Rtataeta fw aaaaaaea - ? - - _
F...-? M.i.fy aa?."u*i-UHlf.r a>a.u| btaManktia. Re.
ire-a f. r ?Uf?D'?. . . ,. . , . . . .
M ? La*w?aawrhtaaaJMaltssha| hwttaBaMasaBBaaf
? , , roeSvrywart tmMwmtmriatei_^
i ? ay was aartaatl 4w ttii'lae; art pairaaf aMMaBI
it. ? b'i-'.'.ii?. P?oite'.ti?'r ^aro months
FahatVa. B.eaaac,ti?i't*J i -r lUatini Blf- PeuluaaBaty
! ' !>.wrt-j eoni i. XrA for rt?a.inf t \ tatti j 'A cwtata.
l--L...-ctli7tw', n.oDtht.
A ?' BaSBW eonrtet? 1 4>r ??? t r ? t ?athmirri? tht*a.
t ?.altert t .r roootht . _
r . .V;..-r a-m <x*Tl.ud tat >va.ia| four 4nt?trl?|a
Pa '?o mcDthj. .
Pttiirk Moras wtt cotittcted fut Anliat a woud-a i'm* w-r
' Bid Wuer tw iMrutot for tt*au t ul hBSBBf aa
1! r:.- U :.u I'. utei.rUfT two saocth*
W . Kyan wt7 oaWcted f^r aaaaaft tti tat ary ca 4aa
B i B?7raa?jrteresaaaaasad 4* aaajc.t ,,.t aat>rT aa l?hl*a
drrWord-n. Nriuatlary two ?.otht _
V ha Saepbtid watooe^rrd fur laaaatt tcl battery oa Htcry
}LZ? H.>y wtt <-c?r.ctedfof aawsill tad BatUry as Haaaea
^jBi^rVu^iT-- art* snovl- tsd for tttault and aatary oa Ensa
t. Bc?rrt. rit?d 010
TboBMt W-lih ?a? ooori'.tad fur tttai.t tid b?r.?ry at Jjaa
VN I -rry f ??>-'? B IS.
MKM>lOR?niii was *aot>t?d fat aaetu-l tad StStaiT aa
M' t?a Hi- i JuJrw*n?aoapead*L n^
rn.yaVe w?.<a> ?. . tot tatut oa Joha aoaa r*a
*T*^tm W lokttc BMfi ratty to aatavt aa* aattry MJ / Aa
K . ? i fan .?j ia-y tares aaveaaa.

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