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Tu e/r.ve] ti mM ??.igva wl*. uta^I yee.erday,
ltd a-eat prert-atote nad ry,tB xele ngve t-.tr *
a stab* reception. Tte m.x treats-p ehl C/.a/az.
ttv was g?uly d*. ktd w Va flags, teasel <
gttnti, taa Amer.can a^j Britath eaten la . * ? 1'
Tta Amy Chaae, a ?ma l schooner new ac*..rg as
tender to the C. S. steamer tatttaihllBBi ?*?" ^*
reuy decorated w.ih tb# various l?ge of the d.rT<rett
ne;.oxe. At ti* top of her tsasOBBBtl was a larg<;
r. or. formed cf tae .\meri<-4n tnd Br.:leO flag*, aad
a< arraeged as to make but oie, and at ec-.e 1 :i It
w?? a streamer, parted on wn.cia, were fe f^.ow.:g
W"'M: ATLATT.-C Tr-.LK'.F.tri!
Tte Bpauab steamer ''ime up from tue bwtr accior
age late last evenlr t-, ar i mt mt ltd u) a p'vta where
*aa renJd fltaTOBBSaal y ? alute BB0 N agtrt aa that vae
sel passed on to tte BatJ, A fire ^arvl of mi" t on taaa
reamployed ecvacalaatioea aJn "g the day &
baata .f theeameeted an rat Taken aateaja aar, toe
Kaatra a d be honored bf a grand V itraxt.ne r* my
Tbe namber of vessels abJoh arr.ved a Sat lay
aM yaeterday wv but email. Tre following are those
w.-ocb were Oaaran'ned:
Seeaaar Pniltde'pbia, from Havana via Key West
axd New (i/ieexjs. There were fjur men t>k on the
j.??*a,7e from wr.at appsaredt) ba ye..ow fever, bit
wOetner tha oompla?.: was such It ia hard to say.
?' ?? Quarantine folks think ?; tbe ^ earner r phyi^an
?eye not. Tho 1'biiadtdpaia ual four ':aee* A fever
ca board Jaat before leaving Haw <'rieaa-, b-r
w< re takeo to the huif.tal a'tha". pat - Baal aal be*
I cd. I)? it.g tie paa*a/e there werf eo devha fron
any cense. Tne veace! wae detained for observi*loa,
f'ia bru/ga seventy cabin passenger*, moetly Spanish.
Brig If. O. Forrest, from Santo?, whieb piece i- re
;"-ed'obe hereby. Tkere wa? no r 'Jteress on tha
passage, ax J the vtwtc, was detained only for obeervt
Bng J. Nr karsoo. from Cape ilaytie, With a hetltby
?tew, ard a goc I acc-.rrt of tire pjrl fnm when M ? I
atJed. t'eUiaed.
Hark Tidal Wave and brl/ Wm. Wi>on, from I: ,
Janeiro, ail on board healthy, no fifkn^ss repr/'^ ,1 aa
bating occurred on the pvsage, and tha heaitn of K ,
favorably *y kee of. T)??a ned.
Brig Black a^awk, frern CardesKts, wah a heaiihy
cea, and favorable ac-y vintt of tr.e {?ort frr.m whence
ahe came, drained.
Schooner Pred Howell, from t <it-au Mata. Hoal h
of orew and ol fort stated to at gOOtl iretained icr
Brig ('rto'an, trorr < lenfuef;-??. Ttt'> vessel hae'.itd
conaideral le fever on board, both in peat an! derin^
her passage here. Eefore aadtfag tv,e se"oad mat' < I
ar d was buried, at:d during the paeearre To- crew were
generally complaining. Oa arrival tl ere was one bad
case of yel.ow fever oa b ?e.d, and tna' was tal.en to
the bcspital. The venae! will be ir noughly rloausel
ai. 1 famigated.
There have been no more caees of yelloa- twVOt re
gaajlatj aa baviap occurred outage of <t'iarantine. on
Sutten Island since the las' ran >rt. It i> evident
ti.ough that the feeling in ttn ard to those that have
oecarrtd has by no n.eai ? abated. Toe inhe'dtaot? of
Castleton and the surrounding towns are still very bit?
ter in their denun iation e,f Dr. 7uoropfon and Ouarac
tme ae af present located.
?eei I'kt llaifimort tfvhanyt, Aui. IV.
in 7'*t aTxelsaagaaf yesterday a brief al'u-un area
?oiatfe to tbe fan that one John F.ngh-h, a to*ojri ai
? bara< fer, familiarly known to the police annals of tais
eity, formerly as a frequent transgressor cd the itw?,
but mare rocattlj a* a ?li^rcputabU memltr , f the
p<hceeorpH, had vidtetl our oonatiag-rooai, a id pi ?
tersiiggraat dissatisfaction at ttie pabll at. o. n Ulis
pap<-r of a repc rt ol his rioto; ? and tBtbalaat bahav 01
aartagU>ataoeataxcaratoa of theeteajui I aa ? -
ter to the village of St Ificbaal'r. had left a a
form of retraction c-f all that had beeu said ab >ut him,
to besigtcd by our reporter. The handwriting of this
remarkable do orient, of wbJob we felt it cur ou.y to
give cur readers ttie benefit. Is now aadarg tag inve?.
tigation. witn tbe probability ol proving Iba fapli
tion in taa matter < i a poo oft MIC n it ^uite to low
down in the official scald, perhaps, as John
K'^lish. We a.si. adverted, altnou>;n to tn>
eaine cursorv manner, to t'.e threat" ro.ije
by OtaWc f.'iglisti of what he would d> la
tte iveet of ton < orrpi.arue with bit demand*. Oa
yesterday events trarsf'.ird w n.^ h proved that t'.o'i-.
threatt were no unmeaning meutie. About the boa
ot 11 ia tte Ipcaaooa, "ur oooattag*roMn ??' iavaded
by agacgef notorious ratlaaa at.1 outlaws, laagthe
terror and the ctiroe of this commun.ty, who af er uo
eu. eiS!l.:l\ Co ii.fc' :..
before them, tt.e nan.e of the lOpOCteC Wio had fur
nistied ti> this paper the obnoxious arto ie, pro? a I It 1
withent further aao to make an laHeoriminatt a't?.' k
upon pexsoDs and property in the otfice. Our fur
mtuta wan broken, and our hottha and paper, hurled
?boot in ev* y u.re. tion. Our book keeper, Mr.
t'.r ward F. Carttr. formerly of
atb.-e, a gentienian arafl kaowa acid widery raapaetad
in this community, wa-< violent'y aaaatlltti. was
atruok aad kicked, and piaaOll poiatad at bin w ith
am uhortaticn on tne part of tue iea.l- r of too i;ang
to bis followers-to shoot. A Ivi i.am-1 W a'i.
employed in our offloa, barely eeceped riaailai or
worse treatment by leajdng fri m the window, Mr.
William B. Muse, a gentleman of this city, in n i wise
connected with th:* pape', U'.t who happened a< ci
deatal'.y to be ?: the (tl'.. ittb ? tun- r?. e;ved o se?
vere blow on the loreheed f-o i a ? t'i\r named Ma 1:
aon, who presented a p;-t. '. to bit broait, aad *v
only ptevented from shoot Dg by 1
and prompt interposition of Capt. J >-epl. Mi'cnell of
the police, to whom on del Gpd'a Provideoos, b >th
Mr. Muae and Mr. Carter are probab y indented for
tbeir live*. Wneti tre add to taets Ea ta ieiantlj
indicative in themselves of the c hara' ?.-r and mtgm
to*> of the Otttraga comnutte>d, the ad '.. . ..ii
fumetatce, aakaowi perhaps te ? SM Ol OBI re ?d?
ern at a distanoe. that our CtMDstieg rocaa - ? ' -
ated at the tort It -all and
North strteU , the bu-.tiens (enter oi ti e i ,tv, tne ?(
ra.te totaata Betas ... oa| led by oar aeig an i T>..
BVMtaad7VB t, we have said enough psraapt,
to dispeme With the necessity of aay?amg fartuai
fnvm as upon the lahjeot of tbia Btagracstal occur
rec^e jtl the arroeg that hat beer, perpetrated w II
Jost ty, peil.a} a v k rds f add::.oi.a
Wauo Bat ptetaaaa toailadt to the damage that hat
beet done to our pi pert} a few dollsj i will pr
repear eay h ? v. - may I av ? taat
paitirabir. We i . oaiyl -liabea r that 1 at
??an beaajghl op a the | aaa i y. and
the wwuna whieh bat been katiicted apoe a^e.ai ordei
by tbe perpetration of taoh an outrage BJ that of yes?
terday, m oroau daytiftl t, and a tha oi el p ibli pi toe
ta tbe-ety. ana u. unparallslad affroatery of aaob
a* ?tt.aupt on tbe par; of the ioeeat aad mostd?
k;rad?'d r??rtiate ba tea nea iBtity to prevent e i i
. ?uiL*; aaoaa aiwtsing aad octeaaaaaatiaa upjn tneir
?iiuxa ui ttrma ? t mente4 oondeu:nat:on. It were ,-u
i?nliK>ue to aoo wnatw. tii ttat the aeleataa u
this joaroai in tht 'uluie bi in the past, tbali daily at
test. fhat we a.e f.- ?-t'e ii.,'.yto bo aVtenel 'rem
the discharja of our duty by actual tiBtaaoe, as bv
threats suen as, in the present btetaaoa, pre eled tfiB
perpetraout. aVe tat! c- %
yesterday at a painful cotmrtratiof. of the tt.-.h A all
that we hate Lrtfe.-tc. sa.d Cifi ern.Dg toe p.'e.a.em ?
?.f ittcaat.?nt ana BWltBBBI ?e ifl tl I Bity of t?t t t trt
aid d the ivo.f.tyof tboeelabora IB trie ca t.ecf
Kmbt and J satire, to whi< h wa I eve oiedi. at;. tdese
eo'aiuns bom the list, and t. which w.- ti.ia day
tooseecrace tbam avew. Keiths* L ie, aor l'ropertv,
Ber Uaaxty of Speecn. tor aMthing taat men or
?i.cajt'y bo,d auored. U r,f- " ;i . .?.v .
ia^rg Be tb. pw.-it .tate..f:liak..,. iticu -. F?rtha
lotrewt? *'y p*ri'.i.iar wr..no whie wt may itvt
tjtuoaed Bad aor I - vied ., <; , ur lUjridual
nghtsea aw aw they have beta oatraai I ?e si a
Foka'UlytO t. e i..o.;:;uted au'..or.ti".s uf t m .a.
a great, octane bee been committe 1 agaln>l ta< < i ?
?"*? ? ~? '1 ' ': "?0" a greet roee atl
ttatci aaareei w? itev* the i -
< Dense* tv the officers to whose pi vioct tta y
erly beW, 'I Baa iar. it It titep a ? .ia t i ?. | mt
harte thtatd every djapntluti o., tha pari <f trete
thonbes w aateg is Hajbl ar.v'. Bajaaeteaaet tbe
perpvtraLoi I ca I u il ' v ^ k
our rfiice. -?<?'; M . , ^ ,;j fb# A
Mayor of tre- o:y, and tr tn Marabai ll r.-r,. u
have /acet/ed Ovuraaota of their det^rmtoa ion u
spare no affoi^ te abat end, while to tbe iadiv.dua.
trtvea/diapiey'Ml byeoaaaof tbep lias, taarsagwbtae
wen-averamera'e: aibaout disp^agetoent to ,,t l.r,
wfoee names bave aaaaatoetaraanelaaVta. c ,
taaa MdaAahl l^ttctiv^ ikJ??. aal ata Seaecer
and Kots, we are b le1 tOa. 1 'r ajhal preserva' |
arcj*rfjr fi-\ro farther ataa^aafaV it ?I l*ae, BJ t7a
rteWd re tmt fmf*+ t.Bg, thai the oa'y P'-r
?ctt?]'/ erresW?,EM r^fc. Tob? Mad.<o:i,
f.ecrr? Cutcn. and . ?ul I\ac;de?wert releixst es
be i ty Mal:oro V, M?ar.?, a Jost; ?? of the P*v e,
w*J known -.8,. ;?r ?-,r.-i i .es. tf?l> n. r?
Bha n*m\r*!t m\.t>'. i.m -.ad tiflM to arrive bM US
c.rd?r?< ?p;-ar?l axi repair t> f.? Stetioi Floate I
IM pax] aa of givisg hit n "? r y. aad t-.e t* .'
fer wh. e the Maracal we? a-ttually at out offloe,
w: Hhei he r ad - rr.<- *o d ua tf Iw arrest and of
the tereas/y of ii?ntify.Jg them,_
1 > Bafata IwJeptnin Ttiu gfrei tha f...ow cg
ra^y letter frcrri a lawyer cf Iii town who has been fa
vetei wi b an offer Ol a cheap recommendatl' n t 1 pav
-Mag?, wt ?:. he ha? levrthtle? .">r.?tra aad :o
gl It. Tie Itattl IM I krt
', J lit B, IS."**.
Join LsVlBOOTOB, let.? Mg Otm Mm Tour?
(??arxe ?afsly U< nand. Wim a irem'?.ing hond, aad 4
heating heat:, I se.zed Hit letter, thiahiag from fm
lue that I .'lad been tingled o it by the mkj ..rc.y of ?je
New-York mer-tanta m tht mo-t proper perans , v,
"pit tiiiougn on tbe "ligtitnii.g bwe, act oc|y
Georgetown mo'fhaxte, hit to ?*e in ah the stir oand
Lag counties, aad vMom of a " pi.e reaJtaeih*^ 'Oper
?.tt BoattO tBT? ir..;.d. tbaf* alltM
Iforgeoaehue* cl ?<x reioo?ws; ?..t a.t-' " .<? , va,-,,.,
gtottm Mlih UOM optmog it, tot r ^uj* t<4^.
ana 1 found nothing bfj| yojr m ?t fla'terr ^ attexp*
to do :i.?j out of t?n dollars. YOB Id] m ,that "-oy
' i.a;j | ha? beea interred for rry iCMty i lyoarCatV
" logue of Lstwyert .n Teia? and asaa ^.iere. Hy
wboce Burhority.'.feaa, waa tfci? i ?t>- ' i ?ir ?- era-et
axce, I tea t tr'in?. are t hutafy th a ;.-,-rty oa y i
part, tod did I a-.'t l^heve ta?i: jt *va- d-.i^ y
m :fj :;?>? '>-.r^ a' !.? <A ad vac >ta, ? aiy lores'., I
? ? ? j ' re?-ut tna i? r>erty. I le?- I .'?
tereo J'.br, a*. thil mark of joa' latatal an 1 < mi
d**~ e, aad woaVd haawe fei. inor- ? o, had ye>. l aeo:
(Ml a.i pay a. - ,a.r. an M a-no^g I Ml
bar. 1 doa'c uL-lcratai'd tun. uj dear ?e'lTtr. MJgw
roppote, dobl tf.n- I tuouldr/ndyvutaehio, and the
balance ot* tbt }t<>i*r not, tere MoaM d> the aaaat
th ab Ol UM dthW i eituat. ><i .r. wr??( ii y.?u TQi I
at plaotd. Sn r i aevee of at all payiaaj I
ineeitid in your ^allhBJM of Lawy?:? at tht mmi
,>.'?? Im u'r i. C/aaijtaara, H'r.'.ir laea C?m>y,
. ? llow '/ aid yo?' ? n'eja*- bera?-:. o- ' V-.u
have made tte -am? rr'Tmee to ai Dt llj a'id Iba
plecM in tco r.'j .11 to affvrd but tau raliahJa lavyar.
It wi n't di? J-jba. Th?- thUaf Oaa't t?e ei;..-? r.-i D
ab< ?.Iber wi.y, hut that y<. j ?. ? ' ) g t-? 'J-.o
my D.i'dle uh ewt of t?-B 'I ?luttl ea. h. It k) a
f '>r>r i'x'Uiplin' itnt tO"Ur aenae to tcink you oan " >l > it
o v >n tbia style. Why, tne ! "la bnt haraa I i
^tnoujrh tn?b, Mai plain m the old " i i'au'lmnher a
Wich, -Joke. Caaaaoi oroould fao not.dev.se aew
iIukt me.thod ..t p .'? r.g tu taroagbT eoaattaiag
that are couid not aee tbr e:gh ' Vou aay that
the ten di.Uara wrll be my " jn '. proportion of iKt tx
pewit ??/ pabliab ag aad oin alauag said Catalogue.
|*OI are rmsUiHen, Jjht?tue raecally poblnhera
have fooled yu? you have the narms of about
alfht or fen thoitsaud " reliarle lawyers" in t ie fjl '-i
Btadrt. and at tea Milan a hyaih Joha, it would hue t?i
a b.ind man ae if there wae money enough to puolish
the hvea of Qoa. Waahhawtoa, 1 om la ah, Fred.
Douglat, the Ang?) Gatinei and yourself. John, all
Maad iat ail, and have enoug'i left besida ts> " 1
all n und. i 01 -? I we hnve ?mdied ar.t .met lure.
Jibe, and have 'jt our-ye teeth btei le. V\'e doa't
Man.? you, John, for trying to take us in, for altiough
you know us weh enmigd to v >m h tor m t > a?.? man
who haa important butines* t? attend to, and wdl, fir
ten dolla- , r'.i on nend M aa the " m >tt nrid ??nly re
liable lav y<r in tieort;:loii a." Vet, John, you 2<MB'4
awwa tie (tbllll private, however), or you never Would
have attempted to Sirrun Siig??? in 'n tbi- way. 1
believe I aaa capable, and hope I a>n hones*, bat,
.loh- y u do no; i-.rie>v ti e fai t ?<? he so, and there?
fore, ai cording *o Polly, when you say eo, you lie,
Jol a
Vou say in you postsr ript, that II you can't </" me
M. ten dollars I wap " go in lemons " to the am mn'
< ? " '-??. ' Tl.atk yeu?small favors thankfully re
ce.ved--large: oi ea m proportion. I Oeheve 1 wnl ,-.a*s
the firrt raaad aad t-i- now the g&nii g?.?es.
in aoMlaaiMj Joha, allow naa to reqaiety/ou ?.?
?aJif nr.y name ont <f your book, 'dm I bad as
iref l>e published alm'st in a horae-thii f list as'oap
ptar in )cur book, for we all underatand it here, and
wt ? n a man s r arr.e is seen there, we know he has
lawfti ire i.r.v.lege, and aw we hiw tL. pr<rt, we
thmk i ut littla td a ten dollar reputati >n. and less of a
Maa who priatt It aaoagb to buy it, I ? ocstdar my
-ill lajaied. Jot.n. by tie ftrM hatartiow, aad if it *
cnatiautd, ?hall ha MMaalkd to reeort to iega1 pro
' la?< .? -r i.riuer n.yseu rlmdered,
aad think Ital of erery man ?li.? r.*aioe app^a's in
y. r.r tatalcg Je if done with kit Mthority. 1 would,
U-l ?? I i li te, advise you alaaye to mid a v .<tatr^
-tamp to pay postage wi B, did I not know it ??? as not
a "part Ol your eye em tu do so. No news. Tosru
as cull at proent as your e'/empt to swindle me.
In con?lu-i( .1. al'ow me to subscribe -nysel?. my leer
.'..,; . ^our aaawtaa. <u <> k?rn,
a. 11 t ii ai.mkrs.
ymm T\t Kru- irk ? ci, Timm
A tew weeks ago, two ladies (Mis. (iirnar and M ss
Viaetnt) Bnived inNewaik.and were s-ionly aticr
wa:d atn utced as ''Trump t Mediums, In a very
abort time, rumors bege.n to circulate that all other
tihaeoeof ?'diMaolliiii were eclipsed; thattMipirits
tbe lad.es had in charge wete ijiuet, orderly and dig?
nified, Uisdait.iiL' the urtivil praetMM of npttttilg
thug* turning a cold snoulder to all Biaterial afjrai
<iea, end maa.r.g their communications b? wo.-d oi
mouth (or, rather, trumpet.. Heing aomtwha! ba>
Oiaaruloaa, and of an it.quinng mind, on Tueedty even
x c we repaired to rhe "spiritual readeavotae.' ii or?
der to aeocrta.i. Waal troth Macam ltuui<>r ha i carried
Wc|' i ? ''.et!.-- -eekers f >r knowledge of
BBeOM t aigl ptaaMti ' htl Irat < are wa> t.i make a
tb ronfb -na i..Lation of the mom we eipl.>red
aval) n.dden tts, aid ei?.m:ned the wails and ceil
i g carefully, and are confident tiiat th? d?nunstra
i i ? we w.'.Lirsed a art iLdejiendent of mechanical or
? \ Jua' a^eci y. A half circle wa- fi rmed before a
itaad, . i on which was placed two ordinary to dinner
; tae, ^^ry mui ti battered, minus mn.th-pieces,
which had heea buken off We ?xain.ned tue horn*
and found notldng su?picious ah.ut thetr, aotMai
? lag Iron other boret, rM door wai locked aad
th- BMOlaaa, Mist \ .r.cetit Mr^. (iarner being in l?-?s
?'si --.ateo berteli a- the end of the cir.ls. Tco
Hgntawerc blowt an i aareral piaoei of chat t
music eurg. At tne erpira'ion of ab MM five minutes,
we heard a si und as if a ball had been soot into t tie
hem, Bceompatied with a nuick flash of phosphoric
light, a tisn :t began to rech upon the stard.
" Ihv K ig the goardiu sp-'.* of the Baad - I
s w:in if '' aaaoan< -d M s* Vincent.
A.i was hu.-hed a* deat!., and a deep feeling of
?o.?i?t:y -t-nent' \ etvadt the er.t.re i fie. 1'esent
ythi tort lowh atoeaded tM wah, arepl a.or.g the
i? eng and *her. tiew orT ir 0'.t^'eren, iireotaMM at>cut
the rooen, Th* medium :. ouestei the ?pirit to mani
laM Mail to Bteabera oft.e Circle immediately it
pa-sed aiorg. tfiMn?r. eatdi a gei.t.e rap aad an oppor
tui ty foi ret ib| II, 1: returned to tu? -tati, aaafthe
laedlaill lefailOII If it bad any c.entnani, ations to
make. The horn la-'.^c'ly left tbe stand and rushed
tbriugh the roi m will, great veio.-ity, insuicg a none
like .-team escap i g t on au engine, and s -are'ly
with less p.^wer. Aft-r several circuits of the
ri m :t t a ted, at. i sic i d tn air, ius; bef.re tbe ein 'c
aid a vtice which no unaided mortal cruld bt
?aepeetedof laitatieg, llowly bat r.cher indistinctly
nttertc*: " Ye are tbe children of earth, bnt I am the
ctild of Heaven, mvis.ble." Tne TtTtrtt aatteaatawJj
from the horn, ai d wa.~ of so mud. p wertuat .tc. i.J
;.a\ e been heard a f juare. It Bounded Mthev/oibo
f a peraoa ?>. ak<i g UtTOUgB .abored breatain.. Sev
iral cwrx.ir.un.oati.es w?re received purporting to
have cca.e from iptril laid, and dtecr.paoaa of de
parted otet which are said to have been accurate.
Dorjvtraatioa wai mataiMdJ wltl tM ghoetly vMttaat
for about tec n.n.iites. when he .ro| p. i i.is t ra an 1
bte'e u* edlere.
1 te i sn. e aas relit and the circle brokt in eve-v
?: t ? r t: w felon wa> f.."y cocvici ed that a auptf
i.atLral agency crttrolled the horn.
The toet cuiiou* put of the ?aaifteteOatw, haw
? vr. blthe fact that a?ier the dtm <t-trati>oa ?? | r.
IM toi* cf Um hern, which b?fjre the i.r.le was fur-a-J
wMebaaa ead braj foticd. upon exam:aat:..n,
to :>e t: :< k'y cotteu wt*h a lisy subrtaoce.
The was *g a ay be an imposture, the *?. it j.
werk eft. tuanitg brain, but wt ate conhdsat tbe
layccr ?a- ,id?, nd...: cf tha mediux. ^i.e was
seafra the rnh 'ir:."t'tke aac^'-stat.ons, w.ti
?r hat ? * dly.it* : tut ; i * in waoe? h ata
'v wt ha ve g'rat ?' an?e, and I? -. >.:s was often
i a. .1 a* ? * stis t.r?i. ?he hem w*? e;.?ahu'g. H'iT
\ ?i BnaatL'h, tha itcy at el heaaj t ie u;.-t. ita
areMayiag, tajoyitktoeaiteactof theioatu c:tv
at d she statt?, that oftoi .a the night tne tern wul
v-sit tbt btd ot tte naedtaiM, and hoi i! >sg ooav rea?
tioMwtththeak, >?? ? thetehe bMoft? t?.-?n a?*a.
A? -? - mm ?i io>.? I*. B Beethja wtdsShaawai irrte,
luing in Cabel Coun'y, near the Mason las, Wi- as
saania-id tu fTedaaada) evoi ag la-. i? app.a.-s
teat I ?> was rrturn-ig hsMBV fa a buggy, with a aagro
gitl with l ino, and wnen with'n two or three handr^d
yarJ" of his house, hit horse bivyrte fngiitened, aai
jpot h^kir e arontd, be we* Bp ?o aad leoeived %
ba'l ia hit left aide, which pt?*ed fartajgh acd ifaTaoh
a rib on Ut righ'. He aas itxw?.?-:?*'. y taken trj n.s
bOMt BJ d o.-d bj ak> >t aa a. [bb>Q0 VV ,
?.Ihr*, ed.
CAa [i- CHI Rt'IILL?Oa r_UltlT, A i 4 bylA*
u G Irewte. (Mt ( rv- f p..j>. k, t J , v M*t ?*>
? - i ? ItfRel , Ltke S Y.
H RA1 R?Al . .' . t ?? ?? * t ... ' j '
* <- > I ha? la?i 3 P-? P?". }* l"J
?? j I
M ( Ot] R?M' RjJAY-OaT.ee.'. j At W ^y-""1**
H.Ii fl- Mi. Jkt,., M.U-iiu. n AlU?JaaaM'AflWJt
fUj .tT
O/ABBILL. -MOOltZT-Oa Tt-ndty, Raa '.I Ir/Da "Tl
?yywtt? ,y..? ^ -: .?v 7 > i?-? -T
BRAD r. tTKhJj ii Baelaas r, nankky. A ;* 1} w-a*aa
c fit.f.f ?A-V-r .-. l Mi 'Jw R.-.ij. !?*???? ?
?? ???? ?: lay.
?> ?N-TT-la ? try SB Wdaj ? r * ? * T '
e . v J t.k.'..: .. !. yt Bti-e". ii Ute ..1 y?: ??
If r.
ROTlAJI- ti (Ata Ry, 'c frlity, A .c H Hat) aaabal
w t| '.' f? r ? I I) ?. K^i II J*ara
iRKSNAV-fn VA... ac. Urra, ??? Jtt j<Uy AM feaaB*
'? ? i ft j*:. B> r?ti e ?-?.' -:?? 7-4/ >t ?e; V
Ct O u^Ml-ln?ifj! :- - .t Ac 15 M'atit*-.
I . l : j. B to- A M t-e-.-.a.1. ?? - I ?
Tb- liiendi f Ui? ivn'j.ilH -.bei? of in nt'.n,*l'jl!
tmi De.-ra. fVveler.d. aid M A I'd A. M. C Wf" :
f.. . .. . : c>: ) ?? ? ..r? -V :*> ? - ? f .'? ?
? :?-...'.! M R Cti- .-. . rk iSC. ef?r.?e v?
V mmt ?a--e
Cllin-li No. 17: Real TMrty-fo r.t Anitw Prtiiy. A .?.
17. kir?. ( ?tbei :? Chi i if, id tot ta* lite Am* Lbeeej, ut
:i ? " ?:. j.j f t.^r ar*.
( RaN.-ToN- K: jfe>h#titow?, I'- i^ mC ji;, oa Tanra
I?) aie&ii t. A ./ U ? . L l t M.
f r.:- ir tH ; r.r fr-- : ?.'.? N'w lfcrk H M^d -
CORKUt?AtUt ? ?Bi :. K:.Uy. A.t .- ? .
Ai- <UL,e'e. 1 '.tu ?i..a-: l ? r?< f mf--l I T'**'- 7
MBU * uid '1 dev?.
< HAMBERS- ft V.. ?. ..- .. N S?' iMey A.i.ll.Ii*
fiiD-:i. w)f eraetTOeert?CM ken ifMtBWkk?
Ii> VIBSKB?At R???w<t. Lor.? t. oo Tt.rxUj *'?.
12, kVpAi? biurfODda, jcu>*-< > a:'i -A t:BM.i. Mi4 SdfkMde
Vlwer, ittd .1 ia BthAtal ?' :?J?
hl. r.'N-j f ?? - ?? v ? .-? ? K- .f?y.
A.t- tA i?m<-e ?. la the 1*1 T'*r hi?
fA>TMA.N- la F-r <.J .. M fl BtJi A:.t. H .Sett i^l ti.
t^.-t t| 1 M )?
IQHXB?Ii ? ? .:y ta Frida) ? Batfa, A ? IBj aitl ?
Iv?ii?e. nft-t k.u *l Or- ud l.u; r i: ..-n? J aee, ??-1 i
?: ? ?td i <i?v
[Uli ?: N F ?-. i ? .. ? '. ? tl M
j?!..?? Keely, tataawlt et f%m*i Ball Cooatj I tr..Ly, lt?
l?H3, ?."1 ' }'?:> ?^fl ? : . ' ?
HURPHT?la A< ti-, Titri-k M.rptiy. w*<l ;1 jmi, ? ?..
.t .. Putok et Kualakiw, Cewatf CaTap. laataoA
HICHOLB? la t&iectty x-? -oy K ? . i ?>- . Wiibiarw,
the beiovi-d tDi'.nie ? iaf lefeB taa Aas Mat Mteaaaa, tftal
I n oLthi at d ii d*yi.
PAHSONS-Oc Sat?iday. A ./ Ii Mtfpnt, ? i tf M ??'? 9
P .' ?, aa Uka ttta jeaa f -?laaja.
V . ki'.t: \ *p
| . Alt?la Uta r.y. - D Piiiay. A lg. 13. Math? l tat ?? Ryat,
i : . let of Halttaa, N'.??s- tiv w i :i )
3l I KOt-S- At IIa r?iUr:.e<f hnl?ti.-r. Vtr?.i.*k?u Hi(bta,
N J . t: Baaday, Aat I&, Batbaal aalytea ftaMW&aatl
Baaii? a. Btttajaa. ?frd i tear.
Ful. rti ir ? tte hj-te ti I i -* V- ? u-' ? ??? T 1
ixt'iifw?i t* rjt?rre4 ?. OiaaaawatA n.-t-.i : ?.-fti.i.j
Kl' TL%.t'(. ' l-.t. ; d.
BHERV. (X iti - At (i.rzy ~. < . .. or. Krldty r. ru. .i. A ^.
,i tili'. - eek. Man, raHet ftfce lat. WOUaaa Baararaed
Tl Kh-Dr'.?ii.d, on i.jtrd ?bip Sir Bflkeit Peel, .ju Monday,
A t '? DaviaTata, aBttita ? Ai?: w, beatad. tajad lAyeaia.
TAYLOR-1. Um Hj, tm KiiJty. Aat> IS Wl : ai. P. Ttjl-.r.
afadM j.t/t lad I n.outbt.
MH|<a ait tier MltMk tnhanif \ .. II.
i" noo on ? suv f.? IM.ion
;- 11 T. nesea ?? h. wj
l.i |t \ ufiLia ti.tit
4, ??i ,!o. til
1 "UM:.or S:a'< Ii . Btj
HI < ai ItaU :?. Reta U "
Lttt de. ti)
i HOCalUbft.ll -U'e 7?.
5, "on. CarolbMBtatata, 96j
Rift lt. V. ItateS? ??'=..... im
S..W BrixklTi; l.'i'.j ??.... 97
lift Elia I '?? kl B ?
i :,e ii. -d IL Bi i Ii ?
tM r.rie R CaaTeTttkll
I UTI.bio sf'i
S.kki do. 31?
1 '?"I CK i. Kl K >? r
1 ead Koiid?. n
Lttt do. tT)
2,0m Rirlaaa R. l?t Morl. ?5
7 (Id l!..r R 2d M Bt bi1 134
?l">? 'I ?I. R. ..: M r:/i?. '
S.k-o Mi, h.< en.RR. t f et.
M M t K Con Bt
10,f?i III Ct . . RR Ba .?*' ?s
1 ku do. S9
It n 0Lal v MO, i Ii?- III
Lttt t l.i.. Bt V A K'.ndd
l.i I. u. Be...antat ITI
S.i BI da...Hier 21)
5 i' Chi.. k B<?'k 1.1 Be. '.('<
Rtt "Hin. a M Je RR.I ?. BI
t>i B?l* at Ne? v. i?. . .
M Bhabaalia1 Baal.lit
Natknal Bank. |
NM Bi.fk ju n;\ bBjtad. M i
in Mick '<( & naatree....iai
in in.?:
i. lu-.k . ? n aaaaai -
15 Me'rop/.?'in Biok. ...1WI
'Ii I'.: Ii. I .tl C .ex div ti
Bt l'e II M*l S. h. Co.... ?.
V? do.a*? ?I
o? do.a?
Ml PaaaaaM Radioed.inj
5 do.Ill
IH N. Y < >n- 77j
JS() do.off 77j
5-t do.pV ' 77,
10? d>.bit 77 i
Vi d'..bryt 77|
BM rril Rt o?l. H|
10 do. IA4
ti ?v>. M
TOi R..>dini FUIlro*d....eVi 48
Mi. fa (ei, bk.....bm ?
I ?.?K? BM
|( Mi s V. N.KR.R ? . ?
do. ... 221
I M le.tvll.Ia i'r Sfk. 41*
at do.i..i ?H
I ii c ? al H it ....aava
ix u.l k Cl.lc K R ..Mm 881
?? do. ?i
iat do. ?H
id do. ... it
IV? Cl. e. A 1. !. R.R. bl(t .l?i
trno d-i.ti tat
??> d..in n'
1<? Cai..A. R IiLB-tt...'.? 74-'
H? d.Mi I 74.
l(t> d-.ill' 7?)
StTTurur, Aag. 11?r. m.
In the St. < k market tbit BMaTBiBg there wan no im?
portant teature. Tre ftt-vt r arere to moiera*?
axttttt, bnt ptaaaa trera well BtaaRtaaRtai. Tnere wa-<
no ilicpoeition thown tip IB tbt part of t' a I aar- to pro?
itook" up'ti the markft, ittavaBfll tbtrjr olTir their
eoma opti.-r.1 with baad B. N it gtatatBQj '.ia>!erato>i
that oLe of the i.ptra'or- who ba* heer CoratkMBttttt
ptatt ajaatt Jr(?u.ir.eli,. .n the hj.i moraakMBt baa at taa
eotte lar^e private aalta, ani la n..w prepiring to take
the adverie -ide. He eoLl $100,000 BOtrG '.ernB.eLt
loan at the afternoon BMatRarg at IM. b iy-r taa 'layr
BBtj offtre.l acothtr $100,tOI Bt tha BBBka Btioa. Tai
bell party do cot atem willicg |b a*'t w.'h any v kj <r,
and ktcneialiy tha na ket t.<-.!ay waa w teat try
BoretBtatat ^pt(?:a^ iatatait. Daott Central St^.-h
improvfd to under some foreign ordere. I', i* unier
i teflBaoftha i aJoaiaherta betaaMtot?dan of
purel.a?e here. I*?< 11 ? ? S?..aui"aip and Parana are
lirm ur.der the laige ba-inff? d> III-. Airejly 1 1
ticke*? nave been told tat the nex' trip, a*.J
the demar i atfll BtBtatl t eit.V. wo tut
tabvtd under ti.e rtUBOIl, fv r whob we Col to
gr< nnde. tht'. rome ariacgemeat l^tweea tbi?
road atd tha lire it impending. Kaviiog
wat ataady, aotvathttaatlhag a report that aaothtt
large tranap'itat.on t.'ccern wae about to with?
draw- iti bnaineat. In ti e Wettern aharea the mtr
bet waa not BOtfra, and Btiaaa wer? al ,it the BBB91 a<
Je^ferday. Tbe unfavc^able acconnt* of tbe Augurt
ratlic ia mdnticg some rut- ot ties*, at uka. Tnere
wna to itficial IBBOBt] amaM of the B ard. bat a'
an irregnlar meeting of the membera, a few huodred
'baree of etcck were ee'.i at ttaady paloaa. A rep at
wta cirr u'ated that a IBM fa! b-en BBBtM e-i a^a:n-f
tbe lir e I'.imptxy upon it* 1879 hoed*. Tne
pi ice t were I ? e ' . M i M taat>
keo and Miatiae ppi, l?. I II Fond du Ltc, il, ft9
Cantor Company N| New-York Caalral liaii.'.*d,
o": Krie Ralraad 11 \titi. Baaata Kiv*r
Bail'fad. > Iliririr l.'aiiroai, I . I ?j: KmI
.ri; Kailroad. Is; I* >f ? . t'-i ' -"'-a Kalroa],
10 atgafl I ' Vnerr. atd WatThan Indiana Kail
roac1. t.:,..'-... Tantma Kailr.*d. 111'.; Ill (itleua
and Chicago Kailiotd, N'li ^1 ( -veland and Toledo
Kailrcad. i I C ?goani K >ek Ii'.ei.d Kai '??!.
"4||a>74j3 Pacific Mail, Kl] ??3d.
Tbeie it noBi'Vtintnt ia the foreign bfll market.
The ratet are at be'ore i>t'd.
Freights are lower and utaetiied. TaLBttiBRl 1"'
bbla. Pork at '-t?. It|i S tun? Whtlefoots. j.'s. ?;j.
To I.iverjooli %wtt bbh. Flour at 10i L./ls.: I osi
bu?b. C.-ain at Ifd . bj bulk Co**oc quiet a- d. ?
hb's. K *:t at Ib.iM MOhaaiiI -jt?*e at -Ot.. IM
bbla. and tc*. Lard at ?B. M IM b.'ies Bacon a'
lir. 1 d. To olaegoi 1 tuts Wualei-iaita at .'a.
T Attwtip: ll\Mf 1 hjht l'.pe-S'Avee at M4 A ihip
n?m CBj Point to Genoa with Tobacco a: 11?.
l>e bustiess of the Sttb-Treasury wat: KtCMpta,
1160,930 M? from CaBMBR MRMR| I'^vme-.ts.
MM|,MI ::?Cai.f.-rtia Dttaiht, . liautx-e.
sn t?l: oc ace uat of l..ao, f r.'|,ol'l.
Tbe earrirge (1 tbe Krie KailrOn i Lt the it^nth of
.Tuiy Wo. wire '? ". earmti:? .1 jly,
*l""l,it<o itirea?e tl
Tbw t onpary has retm::-d I. r i t the itter*at
cue it Septen bt rRfORaaVal ? I M ^afc-e B-ooda to
fonigr. ht drrs, and wi i b-prepared to pay tae ou
perr 1 ere also.
W.inei a o-'mparat.'ae BBBttBaaalaf ( I la
it' ?? re:on Mt.rcionj.se kl ajfc tot the w-. k
ir J - . ?? i"":
Rtraki sTaab I ??'#6. IVJ7, iv%s.
Dry t....:..t.^ a^t'J^t.
Rtjorral MepAacdlaa.... 1.5? W t(lll.itl
TetaltV? tbe Week.. BA"*" ?*i ai.7?s7rn B4.tW,:ii
.1 > Br|.<rtee....l-? >*'? ?? ? '*?..*-? ? i,,
I -,e Jci-ji1 ...|.l .11 f
We areei a .mparat vt- tta*. hilf ., t-,
raBhaaJwa Bf ipecie, Ratal N?.w York u> foreign potts,
f*T':e w.-ak f.?:- ! Ml . i I
l IS57. ivas
7* r? f. ? * - ? - - ?
?-tv. t j..(.,:? r M ?
a- ?
yi?<n CO
?7 : Ii .?
l.i"l ?
Tbe Liporta of fTon> Ml port for the wiek
?r: rg th- i* kj 1 f'n the yev were aatV~**:
h N tn :. ?? , Seat) r I 1 '*'? g,.
?at fcr*w> , . j l m ratal it* w*t?l. ' ?
i St'??! -'?rv :jv--r U. c ikata.
1 |--?i?r J .r?, l. .r p. I Au. t .-. , ., w
Buk r?f> it. - ^.-i Nu I ?. M r. ,
1 B .? Ej?-?, r . ., ; . ?oat.
Btkj B. f . .
Br;? 5.BB* Ttiv. i }' Seat ItB f> I
I'taws* Vtf ? ? : ; f? BBBM S\r?
. - i '. if* L T-r?.Cat *>?"? < ? .
S-.t aster V j. :? ? tu -.*--? i.__ *_
It1 T21 W
T ? - i- w~k .? ' '
P:ewaa.j iff an J. __
The r^oarirg table w.II WJBBglfB DBB ?tr?rt* of tee
seven principal r*a;'? ir - M * ' srd T**r:
i ^.5 7 ? i ?tp"Brg
W-#k eB*?| I
f- " -4.r?..
gVmr. bbtt.
fr.-n M*B ? ? ?
W-.-tt. KaB.
C- .-l. b'.ia.
BVl, b5> ? alel I
Pi.-B.bb'?. BBwtBa. 7?y
lu r>w ? f ? -* t m ? tnpirfxS
The following i? a comparai.ve statement of the va'tie
IB* IBB I IBB ijbmIiIYiMIi BBrBl of the year to Aug. \:
!?ar?7. is**. U-r?.**. t>i rat**
loiaM-ai.. 1SJ*1 tili* I*"?7 .
We.. : Ifl >i ?- 1 ^ a*'^
Cor?. 1JBMW 1 Ml BB*I . Si. Wo
B..f. S.7 T41 'J.2iV> JH5ir7 .
p0,k. Matal nm .
T-.tt..f y ? ,. . ? * * "7, _ *? ' ' -?
;> mm at i; ;?>j ?IBfJ.?>'? 71 kSM
Meter?. B*?j. Iri'-r. Warren Lslaxd acl others,
have called a mea'lrpof tbe eomxatere and ethert
trr.Te! rj: np-rn the New HbvbB Rovf. ar the leftot of
lhat PBSi, oorrer Twerty lavwaCh lB"aBt acl Kjurth
aver.u? ? r Ti I -lay. I9t9 -j* . a' 'p BL, totafVa
Bal i- ra'lon what measure*, if any. are necessary
tobettken. n view of the ?ff.rt? no-* W ?< male t >
?SJBWBbI th- BM rt-: .V4ti. btlow Iwltj MM >nd street?
viewirjr thts tfTm h it a? tne b?>:iDniP(r of a sys'em
of cppo-i'.ion wi ch, if IBttMBafB*, may be ren-wef
from tir.?^ to tBBM to ?top ? he MBJ of s?"tn' a'?otn?
p, v ' ir her ip 'own. an tirally a*. Harlem.
Th? f;'iarter'y -'.atemon' of the affiir? of the Ma'nal
L fe Insurance Company sahibi's the UtoWlBg result*
pbb tbi >.o?t rM aaBtw Btavlaxv, ism.
Am- i M?y I, :.aVS.5if.1T-. V
? ? . ? rT- ni h.^ . r1 I i.c?v ri a.
Pm Pica i?u m4 P > Ptwt.s).v. Ml O
? . i tsa*l . 1*1 stj t'
r.r all.. a*?*>- aat,t?M
T.ta! .aHtWB,BM 11
auarasBansTi ni-trac. i i?. antBTaa.
I't ?1 H rr?n-r?r?i: Po ? ?<?? x- J titi. * JO MO ??
PiiJ < i?.n.t. I? D?? h, i-.d ?l.u-.i'.Di v>
Pakt BtsMsttea af PibbsIbbii. ftM ?3
Pt.d An dtfaa. l Ml
P4?H t> saaawatoi f. It^sJal -t
P.l Kipo* i. to wit. Ki-bacf. Nat
.. Tii ? ItatalttaSi t?w Ki
i?; >. ? a: i f. . .-.*?. ti ?>?.
4 Piif. l, Si? iotfry. Beat,
j ?I, fit.. ?TH M
lashatwstsAapML, IM.et,tMflkM I
uvaaiaa ?? pm i bwi i
Ct?h en bHtd %ci ... Htuk.* M| ? PI
B. BS and M .4 IM Ml I i
Kira lr.turto<*. ?r ?
Daa?i iu aaaati sc l fjKrvJ. f7,Jil 8t-t.7isi.7it 06
Ail utiii.tt'd Ai?."4 sax sasMask
il 4IMS vnT m?ti am, b3-. W.
Ac . Btt ritt M?) L IBM.?.?31 2s
l44>?d lii-.-r. 1.18-1,950 00
T.a.!. aM?MT,ai| 00
D.d ..-! K itMtt'. Caatatsi, I inaMssaw, Kt
pitas] ?;.d . l or.*"" (??
Am^cnt t? r'.ik A itaet 1,1S5^. %H,f,VA,\V> 00
N b ti rM ?? i tor - Mt; I l?'4. UXMT1
Mraif tjaas. wo
Tut*;. u.1.7
Dt let V ?d.Ca: rUi, Buwndatat*,Easan I
b? Deal. . 3.19
p..lici. ? in Btjea AataaM l, isw. H Ml
oi wM ? awBts .%9M
Oi ?Li .. ?:? rat ?? ret jm. 4*
lit ?biab trs Im ?b. rt Uri.t. 137
Of watch at* fee aailsaaisals. axi? i I
The Yaniteibi!'. to-day took $134,419 in Q M,
S I>rr.i?-r e r> | ilar aurf n sale of bonds aud stocks
will take place on M-.n'ay, the Ir'th inet .at h.'* I oIboIb,
at the Merchants bsWaMBaj?
A.otrt II. N cola> s regilar auction sale of r'.'-ki
Bad bOBafl wJl take platM on Monday, Aug. 16, at
I lOCk, at the Mer. nanta Kx-haiue.
'lha Lew (1 y-.errrr.eLt hMM is held at 106, but is cot
pre?-el cn the market. A sale tlf $250,000 is reported,
at a a bJ BJOTi bj rates. R me of tie new b nds have
yet been rectiv-d except, th 00 tth-o by the S.ar.en s
Sa\ BgBsMk. Treasury NotOO, OMOOtM issue of the
liar. h?%. boot tot] a ti a 1 weward tendency. We
nttn f -air- a' \ - ary of fli- ? ?< Nea Yorkttatn 0,
wh < b we tuiLk is the ia-t of |ko loan recently t
w.iib 1 BJ no* bob! abr' rhed.
M - rs. Tbt BipBOB Hio.hers a Ivei'.ifd ;n ourcolumus
tbe f lowing first-class rteuiitie?:
MaM?w-TackBaaks a,d ie ittis. BMaiaM p4j?b.-.j?:>: j
tu N a Ymk.
State at, dual tel. :..t*rett pit ataV eeumentuall*
it M, * I/, ;j '
? ? ? S rtb 4 tr-.'irt StiV t't i ..? 1 >'? xte.-. ?'. ptyih;. t*u..
-. iua \ a H*w l.i*.
iei?o MeaeBb a t ouitj .')bto) 3p?nt BonJt kawaaj fe*
f 4r- ? r i r%-,?i... m ? 4i.'..i?;:y .n N^?r y
Il4u.iit.iD County ?n.bra. tfi- City oi CtataTaaatl, and ewa*
0. - B.aaa W r?*. > a- ,r>. 4-d Lu * ttxtbt- b??n of Ott ono wa
Ti. aatto* laawateOaeaa '-tt- ? .'iott 14 leta tha.; 02S0ono.
Tr-ir u.tis ata morr aaahaOJs thai s t? s. irititt bMusjj.t
m ??-. v' in -? ? a.. >,
M 6: f'tu. (Mta . Cut i^i' bm I b aaai kaaweat ptyt?.
?ml nii.i'ij In t<-w \ rt 4t fii M-tr^p titau Btuk I... .
for < iiy In pre\ . nie^t pe-peiet
K 1 44 ? 1:. tc, to ? .iL
Wo can ect'cely tuppo*e toat any j.rulect cap:'ah->t
w. ilt].; r. ;? . - I'd'.ama o l'Q ,ye*;n?.. ; ft k
a*t?r resell .'g the fo.lowing annout i em-nt fr mi ' llere
pBth s Uailroai .lottrral, p.iblshei m London:
TwaOaaBPTatrBB ?? CaBaBa, Cttiroaxi? iko Barn
GaavMBia ?Wt a Iftatat I-t?t 4rr?. aaaBaaM a..ila pr ijrreat ty
wblea aaaMaatrt wttl b* ?ot^aratl fat a payawai m r..
rot*, vi? '.hr Oitcii Tr-.i ?. -. tf. ir.phi?. .a :a- ?:\t- t T?uue?
trr ml aasan kfca*Uanrt]State**vsttaat)rt let BaaWtt
aaaia,M wbi t p. ii.t it it 1 ih i<4 tiut a no* af tteautert will
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The buricfss of the Clearing Home to-lay Mai
fit 1 "A'.'K
The Metropolitan ( -rt Cctles reaiain at fi.fsin.
noOPHMI r'orti.f the depot bu ldirgat [aBCtMBBt
says J'.t /. - Mf, wai laid lte: Satar.lay. Too
butlcirg is to he 15 by 1C6 feet TOO ?rri .n l- Mf ti.e
daprot occupy a frcutage on Bat river of 1 I 1 feet,
jutt above the mouth of the La Crotta. Tut r <aJ er.Ii
open to La Croste oc the ~>di, to as \<j run from H -
waukteto I.a < rotte in ten hours. Hy tht 1st of <?:?
tot.cr the ttit ntl will le J.-te. ar.d a] orter t.ne male.
A'. aute-..tg the I <:'? ?-. .r? of tue M -...rai 1'? _t
Kaiircad Cenr-pary on Friday last, Mr. Luther Beec
t-r of New Yttk l .ty was tin-ted 1't-esilent of tne
OaaVfOOBJ r. tl I pi tea cf the H..n I'ail-y Kiton, ra
sirred. 7*e .V.-e-ra/ F?,>u |Vbmim :s aesurei that
BMaMaMary arrargsaents of t:e itlituitiee of the
Ccmpaty tavc been made, and that nannicy which
is tvtr i:<ttf%rj to suxtes hv b >-z re^Ur-1
'I ri.-s lieg It . id ttinntge ., - w-:k am
to ' -uns. mtk . g ? * 1 tuna thia year, a^aiitt
l,-<? 32i to tbt eamc tune ltat year: a ieJbag otf f r
?Lr week of rearly ? and f? r t'e sea.,-. ,,?
Mi :- 9 'uns.
l te N '.'.yk IVo?4|bjbbi C -mpacy brought dowr
f|,ltf tnr* thii w?tk, making tha tanxtije for tat
yiti ti ? "it tcbt, a ga>n of a few tuna '.>r tue w*-k
bnt a fJotaBBB of " 561 tons ia oompariaoo with last
law L*bkg1 ' . ? a -i q t ? ? ; ear s t kWfBJM Bf
IfSMBtawa, igt nat al I '"t tuns last year, a lo*e af
??3.SI ? t.r-. The Lattlgi Valley BaallWBi rtportt
in taw ajrain-t v" i|<| tot- la-t year ? gain of
19,S0J turs. Tbt weekly returns bYbsb taawCoaMMMy
kwOV a dtc'.irt a: ?! ??. ?e .? ~,Tn* t-?.-..l t. :'-art:.a*
;t will soon be w th the othtrs in the ist, lotisg up >c
?r- ? Batgw of 1-. " T'- v -v. de- ?<'. ,
hy : -?e f. It-- ic !n>*. at compared with !?'?" .
'E .-.-I titi.
Tiit ttaiemett f ti-e t>.at<-.a. c.-ni.-.o: of the C.ty
fH kMstkea, 1 traMawtJ iweeBgkj by tbe) Mayor sf tawl
- isj. gtvta tie foi^wieg items
n , i"*' / -W ( i?t, Murtt f UV.
? ? BaMot rash ?J..Si
? Bawd fer BaaaaraaiJ paayaaat. 7?s; s?i
. T^a!. 9i ro.,
.-.?.( -i? ip- ? ? ? ? . t. %r rr- ?-' r.t. w-r
?s - ' ?. i-ii ?
Jf-? r-r?r.r BM . .... II WT 17
, Po'-'*. ii,?* -at
. ? r. a.. c j. ?
Prta-ipU. . .*>a5 *A)
Mtatatt. 7^ij
PrrtWt --'.-a ? r-. ??? t t^r fri-iu rf ,. W -at ui?t u, x/
ears at t.?t ? , .
I ?o:mt!)( I -nndatioti now halle* III ?ftvMH f
t,:lct'. T:? fr?<?? ajilv * Dh ? BBB1 WtBBOBBia
ard Ikl BMh -ytterr. w ?> b-ts III ? ? ??
? . . T I ? tr i h t I e I:** I'??*
r,.-?2i :aSbe ur/roil-l by oil 2:r? .-'or'ro a e*?S
t.-.t v. Tbe U'c-iatt.-rf M&MBf B?tba b %T*i?e ?r?
|B be til Barle bbAbtbUitJIHX n ' "
, i -^tcJ tni rev-f-red. T > ? htaf ??.;. NB,
n en. Ley or Q S tmt ?t- At, lt| f - ? !' * *
?? ? taikEritt baad.-?.??) hi ktiim?mm ftn
fMrnpi rtd.tr.p^cti. Tte bra-.trei are ab b -nitt
UM mach Othat'l ctetatpt ; and Ml I I im fl I
tm] Bfl of in b-^r 'b, ;U notee ire cut to bite roe/a oi\
If the tBMtttl v f ail rhe IJM ?".<;? ere * ? be *^p' e i
to tie rtdeap?cD of tie BStBl tf tae ai-patdel
A' I ..aiaipYa in tha xnoo'-y c:ark?: M nsply of
ipttal t~ev:y ex ?ei? tbi deaatadl tAttiaf from tha
batata of ???*. thai p*p--r, arhieh ??aofhtfcr, aol
pe.'ci.attJ below th* reiftla*'or >?;?! ra:a of .j'ere ?,
? av fT'ta 4| to i\ V e-tt; tut a pod deal beVaaaf :j
:*t-r, p*vbabiy eqi^y gtata, btataot fai I ah /
krcwc, at 1 f ratal *lj -? M o CfMtioa x.'.-e.
?tJarketB.-Caar. ct.lt liroarto rom Tne N T faiBCBB.
uTaaaaa, Atg. i< tas*.
lIBit Ti* aV?l fa fe*raal Ike geartet la anai eeJeeel
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ftTfON -Tbr e .? ? attie aaata I aa at h are itetfy.
tat-i taJ-a W repeat yeeterday ? ;j iatl Ml
baw-tobb CL*l>iriC*T'' N
Upland. Ftcrtda XI-Mi*. N 0. 11>a
Cdaary.t*J I I N I I
M ?Aa*.l-t i-i ?*?
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Pa-r.- _ _ ?
(n>?KE- A 1 k-di are I .:. rr -t. !t a 1 suvl
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r>1 K'.Vi.?D*? A i -Jei.v irq-iiry bat p-rta el f r M?-a
reioo acA StnuTIa Fj-tl^, ai d ??)?? of w?v i<>e i taa !t*?? ??
.f- ?? ei-':?.' -a* ? . r ?: 1- *
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K. ur. aud a ba't*r f*?43< p aval ? ia m.ia. lud?, lajtatfttl S.a>
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een.er.4 <? d a-e liaa*t| 'he are ICt a btia, al |1 J I
I? "Vi ?br :? - ???! ? .p-:fi-?. ?iu;.. *? I 1 v/*. | : i ' r 1 ?in
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for < > 4 ? lire do . ait ?#41 Itr tut rllM U lit, I *?
?I : M aal b4 Ml . I - ar Bad? f aim U I 4s
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?ad ta tMi nriiait; aatNoTatlbMa, at B4 aaSBI ai s ataega
I . h fa ?iru" .*. el a: te . the de.uaod i? MM active, tda b ?a
Dt ?? atk^d ? lj blf.ltt. ?a '* f* . * ??)>? ?:
C'i 'of rsia-d to go.j brtuit Baitieoof*, V ixa Jha.
ke : Mlrtaai rairtaaey tttl eauada, and #1 ????" for
. t.i.? aad Huii tu*:? R?e t o ;r e i; t a'. * 1 i * I ii
t Mtal fa dull, tbe aagflf good j lalae Jenej at -t I
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KISH- I'-t I" r? i-i tt*d >irai.-l. b 1 -n-it- k v.l te
re'ptt are a k- vriy a ? .it-rate, aui cri. ea are trat fto lavdet .f
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acd #11 >' I" r No..' '?n* N> aear o. t b< ?i%d tbeir ap
pee-u..'* yet Soiukrl ?rtni j! tell ?lo?l)-at Utf . lorNj. 1,
ac.l V ? r ? a', l
UR ?IN? Ine W'bti: market !i fi-roer. C ' J'nn l ? >re
i'.i. lu ytrt for export, prime fatttkM are Lot p-i.'/. Iht
?vlae ar? UrtO boak. Betl lou'.bero at AS fo'dimagetTaad #1 ?>
for priii e . 4." I b :?b. Muted Bttaktkia at ?! A; I I KM In
fei. r Wat* ? ioti-ra ?? 11 2?, BM I .th. AmSer VV*?'eru
ar *1 Hi tlOt b -h. lt.-d Iirttaai tABI Uttl ?j. and
i.i al .. ti <f el i e at BI IT'ttai I*. t?>? b tia. fair
w. at II 14; ia Wl ??? ?4B lugaa i* ai lad
t>i tti 12,001 bjih. Miltaa kee Chik at !<??* kit inie.lur
U. Itil and prin.e ay. .;! bri'l 11 '?3; iud M baih tl 4 e
Wbtta Keataeky a?. #i 'a. Bya It h*a%y. ItM ? ;py at
?. . i .' 'j DA .tr. a- i ???- are ti -aw j . . i i ? ?
D.t plenty; lalei or ii.'* ' koab. ?? ! 13 -i (tfWatttraaal
C?i.?o:ao. ard ?- K>? State Von >? IDiattiadi v-r? pi.ir
;? t.? plenty ; 'be OVmaud ia t. : a tivt ?ale? . I ttLOOO ti lth
at 71&7V. foi hot; 7t*t?i' fat fair to i <d, and 814K4J,-. for
f ? dto p.-iiLe . Ht,4\-,. i t \V e.t-rn fall arj m.i t!?e. f >r I) ithetu
whi-e. ai d s??SV. for te&ow di . and tll?tftt:. I^r I >und Jar
i i ft t ai atiai' Peaa are better aad la r?lr reqi^it; eat-a
1 Ibaak a 11 10 V\ ho.- 11-aLt a;.-o.'tei ir de".?od. ulei
cf 4i 0 k oh. at +.u #1 i i A> b'nb.
Wm. 0 OaaataBi ta Hi Uaatta f fata !.?? I I ? >%?iBg:
M Wbaat laaeweoaoAvg foivard La kettai tawattkta a fair pr?
p< ttloo, la eompaiiion with p'ev .? re.--ip t kattaf la ttty tool
ordrr. Tne tupp j it .ad) numerate, while taa .:e?:tu I. b-> .1 I I
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aOBMtCtittty, as 1 rn'-e? r !v.. ... ?.;:.? ??? t'l.i ..;r:1 ai
well al prime ntay be tjuot-d l'aJ<-. f 0,1:1 hn:.
tea market cloeiog to faror 11 aellaxa Balaaol Ik* antat,
113,000 anal, ol aisg Do?aioal for Cbicaio Hprii t !??.? if *ji fir
latViioi ta fair Milwiukea CUib; aiaai t2ur unwd> 1 4. :.'
at-llti f r Wo.-. WeareiB Rr.l. rl Ii? hi B Iba Walta
M;.fci|iD, Indiana kc: ti 143 *i for VVbi'e Canada; *! It
ail 34lor IsCuIot v cboiee & thtrn Bed: and BI 2421144
ter ot n't. ;n W hiv "
j hay?Ike oiarket ii q iet: taltttt' M bakiat 40*5V kr
HIhKS ire faMta dtf, ow j? to the viea-v-d p-.e-.-iiha? of
harden ? a. ? .'?.* motk* are n ote Brady held. Tba aalaa an
LKATHLR?A on. tera'e detrand prcviiti, j-;d gete|| are
10? It.
HOLAtSES?There ii no demand of moment: p.-i. -t i-.
ateady: aalea of If t kbli Tut Cn tttSta,
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able oid't, at 4V . caalt. ?hl. u la note an iu?ide ark ? 4. . . .1 |
iL ibiLpli t < rder, to ariiee. at 4*i it Pr , o i-vt ?' ? a", r a^
D ailet l.j.ii.| Sit-iJ tne ?:. k no '!.,> aed citi'd/-' ; !-n ,r'
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la ittd, taeae trau tba aaaal iriierec, ^ it Dotteaaaki be'*/*e:, th?
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?1: b'.t tie fn.n.d bai paitlally inbaldal c a loads
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eti i.gb to pay mm ti a luiu prico ?? yet, oi 0 bb'.a Sttai jed * ?re
p!a.-td jettereai at a " t' I'd hat ^r,!.,
ate Itaa aruve, but pit. tt role ateady Ta: fa m .^-ge ? ipp > ?ua
I ? f Meat #175for u,.a ? aad B2for Wilariuiu ...
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raabent kaadi ?r Bp ra bu baeo Ing/x reqaeitatth
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we,k. j'ifr 'intio. CradoUatoady.aa , . - n
?a. iti l,|i? bbu. go.-ito naoJtom-. la Nea L- m lot a .
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tutt, toaeia Ohl latjfa rea ,at ltd fa rf.h.r
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armalnre (at .a. . , +, ; ] i - . y '
J"^1 ?; *"'"? Ill IJwailBt I r Mm,
t .. ar 4> 10 Beeilt aim, the laaaaad it fair aalea of 16il hh .
01 BI - * - fori ry Meat a) H i
vs. m M? m a: IB ? t -- . . v ,.
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.: ? Beery aalaa of 41 hi 1 at 1 for Bbtmldan, .
;',> *?"'? l*>* I? t*a?? a' tbe 6r. au* aotfosd yeata-dar
*??*? af IW IWa and 1.1 at |< fc for S ft Ci.y. aod Ilia M- t,t
liirt. pruie aod kega 1! Ifc. Better Ii la f?ll rtq'aal and ia
rate 11 1 ?' :"Su;tf; t---*S
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port.:. <n. Legi, iitui- ??. be f,3?p d?'- e-ar
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t \slt KkM T- ?V'5* '? ? " at .,
riV. s. 'v D *' ' ' ' ? ?Waoat I tm
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laiaa iJi 't**t Oariq?ot. BairitaBraU BaAUaa,
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Whiiar, S3e. War.ir a;-iia at a6e.*ai "7. Men Pc?k
?-?n 7 , ta.n, It:
R'liiple of t'io.1,1,.. .. M.
?v"t* Birer B*a._t,K2 t kU. Tjo?'. I? pkg. A.S.. Uttl
aaata Uala, lOJtO to Cora, 32061 to Wbaat tktf pkgi. t\ aiekv
'?0? ? in. ui. ?f O. eun tat 11 on. ra.
TU Dr.l'Atf
Loajaa P. Vtt
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tt INO- is... ?;. lay from BJ. M B, S. E.
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N.? i it
CaaotBi J i.-BalW, kii| Mtafitn. O^a****'
Professional Notices.
0f>.^ fei p - ,
J. Pa PIRSSON, NO. 6 WAM. 8T^K-f
4 Puo*t>*. '.f (a* rtuatSot aar' BWt ";t ?all_
f^bvAAKD H. DLVOnTbI. D., E*rtof^?T
^ a-aipW, ar.da".aorof " A PrvU a Ti-trt?? na fj^tjt ?t
a:. . ... , , ? r. '.iVij^'gg,
OOHS?LTATIi 'Si . ' acra bt ? - ?* ?tf
a*. OSto* t < ia fr. m f to *, I to 1 ai d 7 to t ?^**?fc#fjp>
BB ? tir.urt be la a' i it puttt* fi. ?p.ta. TV ct,ja ? ^|
p. isMMo.| TaawyV Aaaw H^.*., w.?r* ?JIJ^jbSB
auiiaraa v.mm' olcal , na mat i?a mA. aa its otuaB*"*-^
ata r^?t??d. t>n?vl : Jt fn Bt_^_??
1 ?Vctto ErB.a'ea -j ?.*e y treattd bt Dr. D't^Cbaw
I - The Ptn-i't' I Urnd ta Na^A'' tt*t LadiW {^BAJlB,
ar trat per Uder fi~-. ,t ?pr p,?? ajje Aoi-*?sa ft
Mt, M Wt*t SHtbat, N Y.

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