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IIhwum.'- PATENT ClI AMI'toN KlRK andBl'RO
ui ra~)i 8am > No. V>] ? Broadway, ooro-r Murrty at.,
IBBI Ctj UalL, Nrw York.__________
8in<.kr'm Lwprovkb Si: w in?. M \f hink m>R ?*?"?
_C*?t' r*CTViiK. Tin. IM.?1* ?*'? U.Q Lb* i-ioeo? toye
rlorrtj el 8 Ml B*l Ma. l m v H bl ol.j raoeta-ry bl lequir? ?
ary ii ?.- ?__</. jr-r 11 a,' ? .tame wbo utet ooe. Bead for ? ""PT ?*
8_#- k C? t Oi7-iv, aOAeb v. I, be rupp:i?Kl enti*- It r '"
tVii i_f,r__ec on Uw iuI)?* t. i. bl. B|MM k Co..
No. 4M Broadway. B>w Vorb.
ilbiuil Co r-kfcrated tk mmj H*'Mom <an now b- pb>
U_eo w.u. terctwrt "f ??r.' Oi wiJtbt BlMSM.
L H. Sm.ri k Co.. Ho. 4? Broadway.
E?tiLI?ll and german DAMASK*.
|".aie fir-*??J __d ttrlped, -I! aue'itlet u at] ? ?. ? bkVbl for
CorUir- Ch.ir. C'likimi*. l>tix>ae?, if- Tii- l-Tf^'. ?? '<
tha mattet, juttr."^"* for Mb hy
SoioMot k 11.? r. No. 36 ' Broacwty. n>-ar 1 ra-lli:.
Barry's Truophkroi s
It tia Bett tr.d Caeaettt Ar-, bj In Dr-M.oj,
!(??. U'yina, iVajitiaf. Curling,
PfeterTU.? %i.C r"'. 'tl-? tu?- 11 air.
hut"*. lt. Kor tale by ?II Dr naitu ar.d T-:f.ru?rt
B?Tt hei.or's Hair Dyk?Wkm ivd Tot map.
- I.arrxt nor! ii. -.'i? world. Tttt r. ,-| ???,? 1 aattBl ? Mal U at
Ho. itJ Brr?vlw?j. prr.a?? roon.t npi.n.; f r IM tp
ptkatior. of bit (?nix.? Hair _iv?, tie beat extarf. ft?t . i
Loa'l Wius aid TrOVPKBa h?v> irnprovec.eo't t.T-r ... '.li-ri
tMt m tv ? c my ptt/r wo. ie Um. tbiiij. _n- prcp-.-.j a_ier<t/A>d
and n - . ?
Hi nt, Wl.hsti.r a co.,
lltMevi i> _Hn Sin. ii
n. v. dm m?i mat i.
Kt?, n ? rbasl r*B| pirj??ie? ai.d faaaflj ar-- preferaM?
to a^ t ? No ese ?.' ?> ? ?
Stk *,rns dfc Marvin
Willi? k r.tkut
BiLamardi a 8 a t r ,
?Maaa?t.jMm-l? Ri i.u?"fpwa_a acd k- a-....! raoerlaK-.
Ta**e <? *on>c Saf? b .-. ? l?"0 ia u?>- for 17 faaft, mwk i t
dolk>/i wi.r'ii of bar_ or paperi hu ' Ter be< n ueietrojMl ia
UbeBi, m bare be?_ >? . : la f.rti.
(No. ?Mokkar-?T.,ll?w-Tofk.
F'.r ?i kt No. ii HeaTM Hau ? i N boaJa
_ C Ho. ?7 OkkTira-kT., New Orteaa.
>Alltlt\M,> Si U I > ? Till: J.KHI SMMUltll.
Hatataaa lVO^ifleieut uiodiif aliud? ?r? imw uikde, tu led to
the ? . .
R?itaoAii (''.vrts'.t-. OaVtl P?
WrKi Hins, ,Ma?i i a< tiai:a?,
A ' al ?.i i-:t wb<> req lire a
UikAiili ill) <iiimti BcaLi
VAmt*i\i' 6 i " . Ha. i Hiiaalanf.
1)?.han< i: Sammanukr Safes.?Robert Iff.
pat?U k, etoie Maiiulf'turer of the almve i vibrated Haf'. Bi.l
1'at.Li i*o?de? r/'<ji D<t:?iMa Ie..k. >nd CwaaBara Al?o,
Elra atid Bi-ralai Yw l Si0-1< -ard or farlor Hate*, (or aiiver
iiiw ? Paya? Ha. IIB Faarl-at, a? ?aat belowTaTaia>a>b>>a.
K. H. B.?I.adm tv i Ke??i Relief ?nd Reu
i i.AT >e i bfM aMaetly ?top tr..i raara the iru*< ftalaarl l>i?rra<?.
Pjeeeti >. Cbahra M..ri i.rii?? Crtcp?. .sp?.rr,. v.t Pataa .1
?Jlkl.i.'. Ii __*>?<( S. ?riet ?r.d ?II oti?i EoTwn tn.re art , ,
Mter r rcta.'t i:. aee, r r. r. 1 Bi<?- No. 102 FuRoa tt, N Y.
oold by df '?Mi ?nd >n.r< .'.?ritt er-iywber?.
BOfJttTfl d CaT-OPJX, So. 113 Bromlway. bav*?
rtn i?. j prr 'tum k Akai.o, tatet of
Hatti k.' l'i.t-ii and Saiiv ,
i'ie? aod Bim
PaXMSI for l'uderlalo
"?e Iniirif-n Art af H?r?.?Teimiag.
NOW rkady,
Ab Kxi ra Tri euer, of eight pciret, ron'Rlnlnn the romplrte ac
eouBtof tbtt wonderful _rt, with BBBM oilier valuable am? let ou th?
earu* ai bject, wblcb have not yrt tppeared in tbiti.try. Kvery
body wao owca or Mal a bete will detire to read |bjj Kxtra,
aad aa tew oo'ilet will be printed bijond BJaaaj ordered, newt
deaJart aud o_eri are requettwd U> forward tb. Ir o.-dtit at once,
vtu: '1 ? diattnr"? tl?. aaaabl r of ?v.pi,.? r^.ji ired.
Frli e: Biiifl? ooplet, 4 oenta; 1(10 rvipkw, *2 Je.
kaMrea* tlURACK (.rkklky k Co.,
Tut i: . <. N? v* i II
Th? publiihi ri of Tin: Tri ih m: prop3ie to
|bjue, on the lit day of September and monthly
there after, a inert dcrotod ?? .xcluaively to tho in
teieate ar.d uiei of the Mercantile Public, on the
followiBf plan:
I. It will coiitiitn full report* oi tbe Market*,
with a-.oh other Commercial ami Monetary iotelli
geore aa ehalJ be deemed of eiie< ial inti reat to
Met chant*.
It will le ec-nt without charge to ?d.tXKl
Ctiititry Meicbanta who buy aajaaja in \ew-Vork,
PWldf lyhat. Kaltiinore or Boil Mb, Tbo natnea
will be? aelectrd by Meura. IffiiKUlofl ?V Womi from
thoi- ttcoit'ci OBJ the boi'ka of their C'oiiiinercial
Agency, a.id they ?.narantee that nm leia than
ftti 000 a?all be acut, thia being tae full number of
Com try _BOT(B.BBtl that they B?bUbI1 it ileeirable
tbi'- to tufdrraa.
3. The total eife-rae will beilefraye-J by Mercan?
tile Adreitirinp, for wbich One Dollar per line will
be f bargt J. Tboaa w?o r?i)'rre tbtvr ilvertiae
menti to be iiarlayed. will make apetial birgaina
therel <r.
It ia believed that M etnia! opportuuity for ad
diee^irgC uctry nlerchante waa e\er nflered in the
I'nitrd State-, even at double or treble the coat of
thia. Tb.? eheet ie intended for Mercbmita alone,
aod w 11 contain BO other matter thin auc'i a* ia
adapted to their w auta. Advertiieinente received
at Tin 1 kint hi o_otbaweaa\wib until the SSIh
ioat. If by Ittter, addreai
Mm Ibed A' *. 17. n r. No. I'lataMM at
Ad-et1:r..'inent.. for TbU WsBBXl TBIBOHI of thie
we.'a no -: bn BaVBtbd iu early to-day. PriOO, ot a
Iba. ?^^r??
t<)o<rti V.ctoria'e Mreea^e te> the President of the
I nttt d btatte, of which a part waa, through BtMM
bluadercf the ttlegraph operatMO, rece.tisl aa the
whole }e?terday, will be found complete ia ourcol
umce t day. Ita tranimipaion occup:ed ^>tiu?
tweet} tour houra; that ia to aay, a ? ui\ h time
elapaed be twtcti the reception i t the firat and laut
won!*, duniuj ?everal hours of which there tvai no
oomcucicatcn with Valentia Bay. The electric'mn
at Trinity Bay preeumei that he can tranamit Mr.
Bucha.Meeiage in a u hour and a-hail", but as he
bbd not apparent!) recched it at the- date of hii
moaai^e to the preie. Hu ipeculatioui ou the time
it quired ate of BJ great value.
At abaut a quarter pa at twelve o'clock th:t morn
irg, tbe alarm bell itruck, and B00SJ came the cry.
m Tbt City Hall ii on fire ' ' In leai than teu min
utei mote the tlamei bunt out of a window, and
ran iouod the clock toever, which ioou became a
pyramid of red light, far ouUhtuiug in eplendor the
mimia firee of the early ev.-niag. The i!?_e# are
now, aa we go to preae, in the Coveruor'a Uo >m.
and the tower .at falleu. The fire now appeara to
be under ootitrol.
Tbo toi.li for Kurope by the lioy&l Mail iteam
akip Penia wiQ cloae at 10 b'ejbek thia morning.
At the hi^ur of gx?ing to preM there w ere no ligni
of the ateamahip Niagara; but the pilot of the
Se_onia reporta having ipoken her under cima*
abont throe hnndred muVa from thia port She
will doubtloti bo up to-day.
Our first cebbration of the lucctHi of the Ocean
Telegraph waa had yeeterday. Salutoa were fired,
firewoika diaplayed at the Park, public building*
were UluminatcJ, and many prirate citiiena joiaod
in the afair. The jobileo appeara to hare boon
goaoral thrctghout tae country, aod wa haM full
* -ft* of tb?re*' 6"' l!" *?%.".;?? f4? r?*:"?d ?tn
afuutetrd tke oceas*a.
Tie tew State of Mesnea-'tt ?"? carr.e?? bj tt*
fiUve Itemoeracy i / rr *. i 4 tha grtvtaeat frauds
at its e<ect.ua last Kail, aod tw Ta ted Stetet
Senators tbertupon ea sen by it* first Le#r.statc,re
?B>try M. Kite and Or.. James Shie'.da. R.ce
w?:.: for I> crxpt'in at ouce; but G?*a. Sh.eids
did not r? Lah that measure, aytEpitbir'.ng With
Stnati- I>o _;iar ??' whom be waa forxer!/ a r?l
Uifct.e. Near the er.d of fie eeiaion Ueae g?r.tl*
il l W' :e admittfd to rseat*. wb?n, on drawing to
cVr:de L*. Ir.-gth of their reapeetire terms, Bee
drew Ita jean, while ('en. Shitlda drew but two.
Ccnip'a.rits of foul play were male, but not aub
?ta&tJated. Stifl, we do rot believe any abrewd
profit rian. who k'.ew the ropea, wo;ld hare bet
ev<n on Shields'a drawirg the full term.
The Legialat'i.-v was rernnvered tb a Summer,
and taa been ia leieloc t?:ee a* lor;; aa it shou.d
bate been?tbe dommart party abir>rbed in tha
???rette of eiertirg Frsaidic Steele | of Fort Snallbg
BaCfjory) to aufplatt fierj. Shields ia the Ssott?
aftrr the 4th cf text Ma.-cb. To MM end, the
rules In"? bten overridden, and every nerve
rtrairiV.. But the maapt;*'- re/>b?r>ed without their
boat; for on the 'Id irrt, th- Joint Beioive which
hfcd been offered by a Leeomptoaite, that tbe twj
HeoeH pro< eti tr, eWta 17. S. Senator, waa taken
up ia tie if u? ? acd ti ii-defiatte pxtpooemeot
moved by a I)iurja*';t*. Tbt ex majority, seeing
that fba-y weie outnumbered, trttd to stave of a
?f*?c'e.' r : but their Speaker waa overruled, and tbo
resolve t" yr^yo** rsrried by the votea of dirty
t<n Republican e^ery OMtbal waa elected; aad
wine I)iwglaadift, formirg a atrnrg majority. Tbe
otate1. pa-ty nf'.red to roia.
Mr. Starkiy (DrojfJaWttr) there?;pBfl offe'ed the
followirg rpky proj-ori! tm:
jTrao/rfrf. Tbal tba courre pursued by rnc-inl^rs of
tie prrn-r.* i/rjji.-iaturv to enforce, the. election of a
Srr.ator of ti.o I Bated State? at the preaent eeanion, to
fill the aeat oa ttpied by (Jen. Sfcie de. for the purpose
?f advarr ir t? i .rii.pt deri/re, and to elect a L?coinp
ton Sana'cr as a deiiir.netration agaiast Stephen A.
I)oujc!a?, a:.'l to eonetiiate the favon of the National
.Admin-;ration, ia alike a violation of the n?rttrr<nt.<
of the people of AJinteeota, and obnoiioua to tha honor,
interest atd digLity cf tbe State.
This, too waa carried by the votea of eight
Douglasses ar.d a , the Republican!i Total, .'?'< Yeaa
to H Nays. And then the House, after a season of
eight hours, adjourned.
LecomptoD ar.d Fort Sneiiirg seem to form too
atroDg a doae for Minnesota.
Tkt H"i>. Lynian Trembuli, ['. 8. Senator from
Illirois, recently made a speech at Chicago in ex?
position and defenae of Republican principi< a,
which ia receiving that general circulation and at
tentioa which it deseivea. We did not print it,
because of its great length, and because, we believe
our read, rr already better informed on the quea
tiona it discusaea than those of almost any other
journal? or, if deficient, it ii because ofbeedleas
acrs on their part, not of indolence on oura. For
,'rars. v a bare day by day set forth the vital truths
0 lucidly and forcibly presented by Mr. Trumbull,
icd we tejoice that they seem to be taking firm
oot in that magnificent West which bears in its
?osoui the destirira of our country. Alter the
text Presidential Flection, the new Free States
\ ill fnim tbe largest third of tbe Union, counting
be old Free States and the Slave States aa each
?ompi t-i. a ? third. In 1848, there was not an
lt-ctoral Vote raat a^nuist the patty f.r.i fating to
taflf tbe name of I >.-mi>ciatic in all the Freo West,
jet?. Taylor was fleeted Freeident, but r.oSttto
atat or iortb-went of the Ohio contributed to that
1 luJt, In 1858 there wa?, of course, no change in
hat qaarteT) \etin I-.'?> Fteiuoat carried Ohio,
Ifitdjigas, WlaBi Bali and Iowa, ioning Indiana and
[li oaia oi !) b) foul voting and by tbe otitr^bt pur
ba?e ol ceitai i Know Ni tbitg wire-w^rk
Hl by tbe Slave Democracy. I'.ven thta,
ho 1 tie Weat nave Kepublican to 'Jt
Itemictalic FUctoral Votes ?a clear majority
igain^t the Sham Democracy for the first time.
\cd we cannot doubt that, whatever temporary
rbecks may be "xpeiienred in local eiections?wbioh
i either draw pnrty linn rigidly nor call out a full
?otc?tbe pn-greaa of the Republican rtuoe ia
rdeadily onwaid. We believe over. "Fgypfwill
tive twice as many Republican votea next Novem?
ber as she bas ever yet given, and Lb.it thedarb end
of Indiana, if faithfully canvaased, will ahow a cor
respotidirg gain for the party of Free Labor. And
we sb.ill be grievoualy disap(K>inted if Minnesota
does tot, even io I860, throw her weight into thai
scale olFreediui. As to Kansas does any one
imagine that 'he can be kept out of the Fn.on two
yeai-<'onger, i r cajoled iato caiticg a respectable
vote fot the pintv which fraternizea with, and bo
atows i flirts upon, the murderers of Barber, Phil?
lips, and their fellow matt) ri?upon tho.e who
paid the Border Rnfliana from the Federal Treasu
i) lor bin ui eg Lawrence, and ravagiiijr, the Free
Stnte rettieiuti.ti at stBaa qBBlbafly through two
evtiitful tears of trial and ei.ffer'.Lg I The F. ectoril
Vote ol Kh-.aas will be as iure!) Repubiiraa in
IfJfJO aa that of Yermout.
?Mr. Trumbull is an admirable debater?alwifl
knowing what be wanta to say, a;,d Iberefoie say?
ing it. He eiowds bia colleague very Lard?harder,
we think, than Mr. Lincoln baa done in any of bit
published aptecbef?with regard to bit inpport of
the ?? Teon.br. bill'' for pac l>mg Kanaas. [itsaed by
tbe Senate, but defeated in the House, in the Sum?
mer of Dot". No doubt, there were at me votes
givtn aud some thu .-s said by Mr. Douglas daring
that long leiaion that be would now gladly change
or have gecera'ly forgotten. It certaialy it a Her
eulean task to reconcile " Popular Sovereignty"
with the treatment of Kansas by the Federal Gov?
ernment from 1864 down to the hour that Mr.
Douglas refuted to be longer responaible forthat
treatment, cot to mention the Dred Bfl rtt decision,
which Mr. 1). still professes to uphold.
But We ha?l intended to speak rather of the
bear?Leaa with which Mr. Trumbull oemmita him?
self to the policy of Retrenchment in the NatioLa!
Fxpeiidituree, deec*ndi::g from generals to particu?
lars, axd not resting in vague declarations that the
ejpeiditiirei ah. uld be dimiLiaboJ, bat iuittaciag
wrere aod bow they can be. This oourae may not
help the expected orhce-holdera divertioa or ?? fire
M in tbe rear " againat Mr. Dou*tlu, but it is em
phat ea:!y ngbt, and the popular heart will r.aapoad
to it. Mr. Trumbull has made a moat effective
The last teas from Cbiaa iu-iuded, ajajaa K ;?
the forcing tbe entrance of the Peiho River by the
Allies, information alao that tke great city of Ntcgpo
bad fallen ioto tbe hands of tbe rrbeli. This cty
in tbe neigbborbood of Canaan, oze of tbe five
ports open to Kuropeaa trade, is a gieat resort for
Forcpean shipping. It oontaais, with rts a burbt.
aome 400,000 mba^itanta, and is tame tu tbroagkout
Cbisa for ita eitonsive bankirg aatabliaktceata.
Not cr.'y are there a oxs.Jerab'.i auabaT cf Eure
j 'o rteafeoti engaged La trad? buttlargertimber
tttfi <rf nr.: ar.-iet---.es, ir eroding e*-*eral Kiriuib ?'-*
Arxer>ax Ud;M engaged in the educ?tioa of Ca;iese
d^ldrer. NTiagpo is, in fact, the headquarters of Pr?t
eitact crasicejajj rp?rmt.ooj n Ch cm. Tie rebeii,
ia eil Uei/ proceeding! Ltkerto, hire taker p?r
t :ular care rot |> embroil th?rrise>rvr'a with Far*
peens, and tten is little dacger?however tbe
tetive irkibitanta ruay luffer?that the establish
meoticf theCor.?n!i tod foreign merchants will fail
tt be respected. 'Ihe Muh-innAries. we icppcM,
c?j be eqntl'y iure of pcnocal laf-ty?though the
idea cf any part.nla: reipect on tie part cf tke
retell forth* Chriitlan relgko. at oaetme warta.y
u-ged, ii new {retry generally abandoned. Ia
fact, tke preient rebellion 1 very far front being
either a novelty in Chinese ann?!-?, r>r very respect
al ? in ita character. Brigandage ort itad?aci tke
prrsert rebellKO ein hardly l>e retried it aiy
other 'igbt?kai alwiys been the curie of China M
km Iran piracy on tbe ecaiti. Not to go beyea-i
the time of tke p-eient Tartar lyratty, it t
recoided ia tae L'tia^je ?naals that ia MS, t'ren
wa* reb^'.i.t r.:-. t*JI tul of '.b? e ..?LteenChmeie prov?
inces. Between. IT?.' and 17oo. the Governnmt
?pert upward of a hun'.ed millions of dollar?:!
putting dowr aaothtr rebellion. Ir. 17T?>, at reich
rp'?re wai spent for a limila- purpose: while frcm
)T:?C dowr. t I8S0, tkfftl timei thit mm ii iaii to
fcave beto epett in luppreuing rebeflioni, one of
which luted eight yean. The peaent rebellion
ean be traced b^k to that latter date, at which
time complaint wai trade that two thirds (f
Kwar?i;?tfce e'.utherr preface r<*xt inland fr*m
Cantot?wai overrun by rrbbera. One of ti-*
cbiefi of theie robben, who had, before turzing
robbi r, picked op from a miinonary icme acrapi
of weitem knowledge ard the. logy, toek a town,
a: d beirg jr lned and i':pp' rte J io hii tperationi by
other plutdeiirg binds, proclaimed himielf a
kirg; while, to give himself the greater eclat,
he claimed a.so to be a relative of the
God of the Chriitians. Proclaiming death to tbe
Tartan, who were hated as coriquerrn, and
death to idolaters, wt!?h meant the plunder of
tke temples wher* the riet h.d their valuables, he
emerged frcn Kwasgii in August. l-.M, ar,d to-k
b:s come through the center of China, captaring
and plundering city after city, and by the end of
tiat year he reached the great river Yang
tse-kispg. Iieseeading that river, npoa wboie
fertile ba; ks dwell more than a hundred millions
of people, tke rebel chief Tae-Pimj-Wang. as
re called himself, atormed Woo-chang, aaid to be
tbe mctt populoua city in the world, and in
March, 1863, assaulted and took Nankin, the
ancient capital, destroying the celebrated por?
celain pagoda which had been reckoned one ot the
wondeia of the werld. From this newly acquired
eeat of bis power, tbe rebel leader sent two armies
northward, one of which penetrated as far as Tien?
tsin oa the Peiho? tbe same city against which the
French atd F'.g'ish are now operating. But in
the North tbi rebels found no sympathizers; their
irmiee melted away.- and in September, IflBTa, the
I'thin (ia-titt announced that the empire north of
:he Yellow River was clear of rebela. Still, frcm
;be:r central poiitlon at N ankin, they made anccen
u! raida in almost every other direction. Almost
'very cocaiderable city haa been made to endure
:heir presence, ai.d to auffer from their rapacity.
r\woy and Shanghae have been occip .-d, though
tince recovered by the Imperial sti. In fact, an
Imperialist army has followed in the rear of tho
rebela, reoccupyini: and again plunder,.)* the un?
fortunate cities latelv in their harrdi. |o thn way,
the great i ity of Woo charjr bai changed htr.di
tbre?j tlmeH while an Imperialist force haa been
?n ploy id fir f< ur yeara in layhg siege to Nankin.
Nirgj'o has DOW fallen, but probably will loon be
recover?d again. Ai a political revolution, the re
bt ilii n take 1 no root. *?nly the dreci of the peo[>ie
adhere to it. and any regeneration of Chiaa ,s
haiu'y to be expected from this 10'.re.
We learn with pleasure frotk a member of tie
Republican Convention cf the lit Congressional
District t f Illinois that at the meeting of the Cca
lent.oaat K<?ckford, on Thuriday, tbe K'th last..
tke Hon. E. B. Washburno was nominated for re?
flection by a large majority. We aiucerely rejjice
1: this intelligence. Mr. Washburae n a bold, up?
right, intelligent. iLdustrioua and moat aseful mem?
ber of Congress, and the wko'.e co untry would have
reas.n to repret hi? absence from that body.
Fl 1 1! 11 im 1 :n no l't 1 x Qi iti i'..? 7"'?? Hermii
tt Tuew'ay morrirg tres to excuse its false state
11 aal about the Niagra, by say xg that "several of tha
"da;!y newrpnpe.s yesterday arnoanced tha arr val
"of the Niagara on Sunday morning.
Now Tltf Htrai'd wa.i the aaafa paper that told any
:ueLrtory, Tin T. 11.1 >r. 7\mtt act Rxjrtn dia
tKutly ?a.d that the Niagara bad n ti ar ired, while
?ome papers iaid nothing at all. Tha fact j, no oneof
us except T'c //cm/ / had sufficient enterprise to HI
"cur cwn reporter.- *p*iialat<.onnt tkr .ugh tLa cut
ttTkiown ih l'lum Gut.
T, tSf F.hf 9/ The .V 1 Trih r.,
Sik: No ngna cf the Niagara yet. 1 >ld bjat-nen ari
naiinors here are unable toaiount for tba a*.ay of
her artival, except it be oaring to fog*. Tha City of
Washington and Saxon a, winch generally arr.70 in
frtmtea to eleven dayi. are tow in their thirtoscth
day out; aci it ma> be tiiat the fig the-Tj- u tho true
one. or the Niagara may Lave gone aground on Nan
tncket Shoali. We went out iart tight :n a small boat
to the Dr. Kane, a tug boat which croaasd tha bar at 7
oii ik. At that t ::.e tka Niagara had net beoo
aightid. She 11 now IS hours from St. John <, a ii<
tatce of 1 IN mi'ea. If sha only ran e^ht mJei an
hour, the cught to be here now.
i^ijjiirfi'f Twtity-% a ni.
tina lai ma .a a -r .kin.
The Notgara waa bonrdai loth inst. 1" 4ML,334
miles east cf Sandy Hcok by pilot-boat Mary Taylor,
tVo. f>, in let. 41, leng. tt, Sha was utler cacva.* at
-he t ee. bu: *aa?i be?a ung the pr^pa^ar a ihort t.ma
The steamer Ss\ t a. arruei ye-terday r*nor-i
A f \". 1 P. M -8? aaflal Mat af Stady Hook,
taw I'. S. iteam nr^ate Niagara beatj:,' i p uoier
? a:\s- but lie disappeared iounedjate'y x af g.
Ti e witi wa3 light from the southw*Jt
BY mBOBAiH T" Tili NkW Y.KK T.'l^L'NL
Tire at Kochobfer.
Bocaiim, Taaiaay. A?g. 17 t8Sa\
L> -grouir s brewery, ? tuated i c \N ater stroct, was
t. taly desuojed by fire about 1" 0 clock th.ii morn.r.?;.
Also, I'vcdas & Dclloirell s efce?p?kui 'actnry, aad
Doarakar'a batbi adi ainc Lorfrtruir 1 losa abcut
B25 000, Laearaaco fliOOOj l?utdaa A HoJoarall a b?e
f. <*?> .rjuraice fl,01 Will f \ Bollowa'... 0 tr.?
?^ixe bvilding, expe-.eriei a l^sa of *1 SM .Ls.reo
M 000, Poitater'? Use *1 Stt, do '.'furatea.
A Gerrit Sin it Ii .Meet ins.
OfWriao. Tuesday, Aug. IT, 1KB.
Tbe Hon, Garr.t Smith, by mvitat:on exteodad Lim
?cna days i^ca, attacda-i a meetia.' here this afar
r../ctfortba purpoaa of bue qutat-ocad relative to
h.s Tiewi on tai ginatal po it cai toprca cf the a?y.
The meetisg was wall attandad and at tka close Mr
Sautb ixpreasad hj previous deUrmutauoa to run Si
tas OovarBc-ship. abi 9araaa~y .ailsa afMiaw v. tan
U ciaiito hii irppct.
How the Line Works.
Htw Long the Me\<a<^ wa< Coiiif.
At ten cnutea before !1 O'clock oa Taea'ay
moruiig tie follow.!.,? me*aa*e ~M received frou
Trir.it} Bay ft r Mr. Archibald, or.? of tae Honorary
DattCtaWI of the At'aLtic Telegraph C^mpinv.
TairiTT Bai Tuesday, Alf. I", 1858.
F M. A: !?: ?> :>, New Yoik: ThoQooaa'l OMB>
fi^e was ccn.pletei at 5 o cl> k :'-_?merLin,- I: ~m
Commenced j*-ter.iay. a: 1 d ? -< > :??< ? c Y;t
>rt:a !e-? ???>>?! N ia Ofdot t i rr.ak? some ?I ghl
repair! ia the cable. Tr.r a BHOtaka the pat re
reive 1 waa ser.t Kntb. ae I it o net-t-W the a bole
The fbBowil>| was lais^iiatelj avat to WaAliaf
ten, together with that fol Mr. Archibald;
Knr.ToBK, Tuaicay, Au,j. 17, li'^.
Tj the Honorab't the
r-esi ler./o/tle <"? r< J S' /. ?-, -????'?.
I beg leare to tranerr.it a BJOaBBfB tl.i< moment re?
ceived from Tiirity Bay. explaicirg the cause arfcl a
preverted tkai whole of the i/ueen a Meeia^e ba ng tei
egraphed frcm YaleUia yenteriay. Bhall we confide,
yourme.-eage to HarMejoatja f? reply, and data it
_cia Jay Bcoor?agly. Tka operator! at Trie ty Hay
aaait c.:r at:w?r. Pi ri K C i 'PIB.
To the Presvhntof the inxtoi State?, Wmmmwtgttm;
The Queen deiirea to congratulate the President
upon the euccetwfal completion of thia great inter
tatioral work, in whieh the Queer, haa taken the
deepest intereit.
The Qneen ia convinc*! that the i'reiident w 11
join with her in fervently hoping that the electric
cable which new connects Great Britain with the
I'nited States will prove an additional Link between
tbe cation*, wheae friendahip ii founded upon their
common intereit and p-cipr^eal eiteem.
Tbe Quex .. haa much pleaaure in thoa communi?
cating with the Preaident, and ren 'wing to him
her wiihes for the proaperity of the I'nited States.
Sr. Johns, gf, F.. Tuesday, Aug. IT, 1838.
Mr. I>eSanty, the Electriciar in-Chief at Trinity
Bay, aajs that he la ucabie to gire a:.y information
for publication as to the working of the cable, but
that the time recewary for the tramnra'ion of the
Preiidtnt'e Mesa-ee depend* upon ita length and
tbe BvaMhkaa vt tHo line vnd iuatruuier.tl at the
tin.e?perhaps urder favorable circumatan<-ea an
hour and a half. The reception of the Queeo'e
Metnage waa commenced ear'y yeaterday iucrn._?-,
and mt finished DJatil this Bjjnbjf, but it waa
iti pf-ri for leverai hiurs to ali<w uf :ep.vra to the
cable. The fragment of the meeaage trinimitted
jftteidiy, was handed to the Newfoundland Line
a* t'r.9 gttuiie entire mtiia^e. aad wai luppoied
he:e t< be luch Bat- this aaajobf,
The k '.lowing '?> tttH pj oftW Go.ertior General'!
n MBBfi to the Home Government:
TU Bt* vaMl tki S-cretary mf S'at far (VfaWll,
Lttnd >k, Engta i /
The < .< vernor-General of British North America
pn. ser.ti L:s humble duty to the Queen, and re
apectfu.lv congratulatei her Majesty obj the com?
pletion of the telegraphic coiurnuLication between
Great B:itnc and these ccl.Lle-. EMIT nd Hkad.
riTEU8 W. FIELD T?> GO?. KIN3.
TuiMTt Bat, Aug. 5, 1SS8.
T) Oit Cereenxe ../ Km rari
Sir The Atlantic Te!ec;r!?^h Cable haa been
lucctufuliy laid. CTBt I W. En i 0,
BTATI "i Nkw-Ymrk. )
Bill iti\f. Chamhui, Aug. IS, 1668. ^
PaCraaraW Praao,aaa, Tei .rv m*. mm?/>n-var.i
SiR: I fouxi yo-^ri of the T.th irutant, on my re
In to-day. Goaiui, akiil and pereereranre, have
ncbiy triumphed. New-Y? rk rejoicei with you.
john a kino.
From Washington.
Wa-i-^ .t .v. Tueaday. Am? 17, I8S8.
Ta? Ici.az Itureau haa received a cotzuuuoication
f:.m Br;;ham Ycncg u> which he eays he will giya
\>*yUi I>r. Forney, axd cloee hia orlice aa > :per:?
teadttt cf Indian ArTdlra for Utah. He aAs for an al?
low acre of $L?tM to rt niburae him for food and
preset ta to the Indiana, in order to coacil.ata and
keep thaaj :n cbi. k bbjH the peaceful rer.lta folloaiug
?he a-ivacc? cf tba troopi c^ ul 1 be eipla'aed to them.
U - IfBCti i by the C\ n.mi*(loner of Indian Aff_irg
that D* gbam ccccliated the Ir. l:ana for hi. own pur
B8BBB, mm fiedirg he c?u!d r,"t u*e them, wants the
Gtoertn-^it t pay the expen?es. >;-(.*'. Agent
P) botta tuirr Boiaof A*f.% eta'es thai he ba-i
ire-- a-. *;al e?ort wtb a large body >t \ an
t. ra^?e tBa ar s to fix a time at i pVe to meet Su{*:r
liter :?tt C-il-2 to rafj te the pr^r.t.?. a ., author
ired by receit acta of CtEgret* to be dlaJjrftsAjd
an. i % tiem. He BB! totajaaa] to the Sicm Ajreacy.
Soperxte: r?rt C'^l.-:. ra? taken meaam-a to meet
titm t MBBBtfl or. tie l"ta cf Asa t\
Fiirther by tbe Arabia.
S:. J hs. N. Y., Tuc.iay. Aug. 17, IM
We hare m ceede i m obta.r_;z one more p^par
l;.ugit out by the Arabia, the only additi-na. ooe
ol board the Europa.
7 ? Li '?? Ca ? t of toe T:h eayn That as
vtmpared w.th last wetk. pr.ces ot Hreadit tJa are
at ? raa.ir, t_a ultarate y.ei-i >.f the preeeLt harveat
favr-rir it iier? at the prenOBJfy reiuced a\-j.^a^e
pr< s;.
t> o-_- era? met* iBOjajlBja] | ? at fx', p:.t?? t^-iay:
We-'era (.'ana', v u'd o I'tilade.phia. aid Btlti
rxcre, aa i (??. i.-. .- .t Wbite American Wheat ia
petal a: |/3f7 ? Ke\ B/fo>f/f Iri.aa Core
Rcptibiirati (onsfowou*! >?miti.i
(' -<ivM.-,, TMfltej, Aug-17. M *.
Iii Bm Tiro Cciw.r w*i noai Dated fcr Coo
?MM ytevrday bf U< Repu&icaMM*tkl Seva<th
Tlic TtHTC Haute. 4 If on und M.
Lout* Kuli road.
tri I. I. Tae-day, Au,\ I*. IKS.
Hi ?-r. k 1 ?' tkl Tctn Hi ita, Ahm and BL Leun
BmI wwSBvi ?"ay by tilt |Tltt tl ,d 10 Jute, il now
(b rrOWl ill repa r*il lad tM bridge M n>-< the I, ng
Lake bejg fin *iifrC yt-tarcir, tram* ire enabled to
rcatkra gh without ci^^a en
Army Intelligence.
Sr. Loci-, Tuesday. Aug. 17, 183?.
Lea?" wi^rtj adv.eea of thi I Pfc met., per U.S.
Fim?-* Cornea:'to Boorevnle 1-th it St.. it ate that
Ltki Col JaaiOM, e Lrat Cavalry, aad Capt. BhafW
Of tkl Ccami-eary Detanment, have arrived from th*
Pia.cs The fcnwei s: on',-/ aui.rue* the command at
frort HUey._
Button tYeikly Bank Statement.
Bom*. Tweeday. lag. ir. IB I
The twDowtag are tiie lovtiagOW M? Baak State
Meat for tbo past weeks _ . -
tap-a. Su* . |ASiU? Dr?toaaWlaaki.. ?Igt*?
Ipsw. . H TV* ? it'm.u*:wri. ?. '??.'??
L) 1 fta o;a?: jl.i 1 Olk '. ?1
Tire In Altleboro. 71 ass.
Ba -.v Tuesday. Aa*. 17, !<??<.
Id AttV ?1 [alt nvht a laifl building occupied b>
too Man.-field Thread Manufacturing Company, the
-aun.'m... cf Haywa.d. l?r./,;e \ Co., and l.vereu,
I>^a: V Cr., iewe'.em. irv aeet.wed by Ira. The
lose iii estimated at |S5,000, Ore hundred and fifty
p -.'crj a:e tklOWl out of err ploy meut.
Artillery Salutes and Bell Ringing
The Firework* and l?Hmination?
Dl ?'ORA cross and [NSCBIPTIOKB
Paoe! 1 wire widl awake at aa early hour, and Tin
T, 11 ll tu in demand yeeterdoy morning. Our
ixtri of the pravi I * light ! ad sharpened public
curiosity, and tbe I inirg editioa went off like dew
before the eut.
Purr;.' tie forenoon but very litt!? business was
done, ever* bo I v beaUfj engaged in I ouversation act
corgratuiatioue, and in preparation for the evening.
Flags Brittas aid Auieri. an, were exhibited from all
p j bi ? bttfldiaija, aad in .jome iustancee, a cosmopolitan
sp.i I IT) ked the 1 olota of many otiier nations.
At MMiMO -?? vo of 108 guns was fa al in the l'ark,
an-i a saint" of ?>!? i$une was tired u the l?attory.
At toon a detac hment of the Scott Life Guard, under
the?'.'Iuiijui I cf L.eu'.onant Wm. II. Brown, tired an
rther 100 guns in the Park ; aid another detachment
of the Guard under the command of Lieutinan'. J. I>.
Mcgregor. fired 100 gwjfl on the UiUery.
The art llenes n bvth ca.ies were in full uniform, ex?
cept cartridge boxes, aad their lively handling nf the
gucs ihowe<l they had not forgotten the lessou? they
hal learaed co 'Aid battle fields ut' Me.ucc.
Al scon as the hour of noon bad >een struck, many
of the tbctcii beIN ;n the city comm. nce.l to peal.
Trinity Church led off, when Mr. Ay iffe, the bell
laaaya*, repeated ! is pro^raiauie of Monday tiigbt, with
variatiot? ai.d addU oaa,
Trinity Chape' tip town, with its tine peal, attracted
much attenli. a. The lull laWgOU of Dr. I'biltipe s
Chun I. it K.ith aver-uc , S?. i'aul s Church, St. John s
( horel. tkoChvch of the Holy Communion in Twen
tilth .-trect . the I).itch Kefora.f l Cnurch in Fifth
a\ t-nue, and many others disticguislied themselves by
th* hearty manner r. whi. h thfy ran^ out weleoms to
;he QotaW I Bl -b^? ard tbe President's reply.
At :i a sime BCmoat, all the factory bell? of the city
;oined in the genera! oho:u?. and the steam-whistlei,
wkieh ui-ally announce tho hour for the mid-day
lur.ib of labcrirg men. shrieked mm loudly thauever,
and for many m.i.ute,i swelled t: a dui commenced by
the be\t. On the steamboats, a', the foundries? up
t'wn.diwn towc?everywhere eteam lent its aid to
celebrate tie triumph of electricity.
The** noisy demot.-tration.' continued about an hour.
The workmen cpon the Centra! Park, and the work?
men on the raw &i ton Ke^ervoit, uiada a novel
parade, and aftei marcbir.g throuirh tho princ pal
-treets, were review* i by Mayor Tiemann, in front of
the ( tt;. Ha l.
The procession was headed by a squad of the Central
Pa'k Police, in full uniform; then cama a full brass
band, atd a etandard bearet with a wh.temuvhu banner,
on wLic h wa- it* nbed
The workmen, a'tired in their every-day clothes,
with evergreens :n the j hats, next Doaxchexl in equad*
cf four, each gang carrying a banner with tbe name of
their bosa-worknian inscribed thereon. lu the line of
tha procession were several four-horse tsama drawing
wagons in which were the workmen in the engineers
department. On the sides of the vehicles ware muslin
bante-a, with the word-?i
The Keeervoir workmeo ware a harly-looking set of
men, and were lla.r{nr'Ocimens of the laborers of Now
Tue procession filled Broadway from Union square
to tbe Park, and as it was altogether uaoxpectod, it
created no hitle excitement and inquiry. If all tho
men and teams at this turn-out are kept at tho city a
wctk, w- shall soon tee ^reat improvoment in tha now
Cpon the arrival of the profession at the Park, Mr.
Andrew H. Greet, President of the Central Park
Coapmi-^icrera, addrested the men a< tullows:
/V '.'i "-e/f ;e7. i ,,nd fiUiAC'tcorkmr-n of tht Central
1 This prooeaeion ci ie.bortL; men of the city,
tun rg epcutaxecasly froni their daily work iato line
of tu.ve arisM lor,;, with piowg, draya, spadea, and all
the btaitaiaaf iabvr adds a mort significant foaturo
to the . elibratk I of ten most wonderful achiavaoient
of uu.r. aVkl I OnLkers, and br< ke-s, and -hipown
ors, ar.d manufacturers areal! bttb^oaaUg tie ictiuenco
ol tkM event cpoctbe.r peculiar vocations, the inUlii
Ketce of the arxiiir.irman .s not becucd m discovering
id beai.n^g upcu bis intere^ti and tha interests of labor
tail ughou: tno world. Movement, activity, fan-pot
tarim by rail and -,y #hip, by lai.d aod by saa. are tha
life of t?is irreat market piace of the West and of tue
Eea*. A . .:.. ei.Vora facilitating tea exenan^e of ma
ter.a! prooucu. and articlai, and tba latarctiat'i of
ir. u^-t, u. ;at e:.h?ac- tue jjreatnet? of this noo'.ropo
ba ar d .t u tat imgulai that you who areaogaged in
a w< rk that is to a.i z b*-au*y to its greatneis ahoull
'jn.ptn./- n an event toateo deeply conearna its ad
van iMMt, Yi hatever tends to equalizi tlio prices of
Cinmcd.ties operatei tc arrest 'Jto*e sudden penodn a!
snccks that paralyze trade and manufactures, and
bear s-. h-av. j spaa labor. ThM tbe ocean telegraph
mutt co. and 1 tind a 1 h ef gra'dieatior. in a fa.tb that
p..,ut> c at to ma rhu result. Wmle cfiic ills apaak of
this eri-ur _n the .atgu&ge ct" State, tkla demonstration
' i j( ibaan that tie great heart of the people beats
w.th an aatJ Dl aem wi tuj of the day ana of the won
ages. It eacnot La that this new avenue of
theagbi that briaas tka alatt*ie4 faafioaf tkaaartk
with r ?c nc'. r cf ea< I ether, will ever fail to iub?er\ a
i-' 11 heat ititaatial baaSMity
Mr Gr?*? ?.bar, ?;trr**u<*i Mtior Tkjsa
oaoda * br.ef *ac *c-v->-rate t ? ?eoh.
Aftat ti* vtt of theMajor, Mr. Or*,
tetra t f eccotr.mr- to th* meaaetr* of tk, p**^?
ti? l ? ! i Ma'ee aad at toe r^^jo, j/??*"
tha Arcfc.t'et-in-Cbi*f of tie l'erk. ?jj1^
:?e*sa,* would at t-e eariieat motneci ha t?**'
frcm th*> ajBilwa? of the < tst.al Path to u,
of tbo aatitja ?** lndriB Paria Bertha, V*bbj j *
lajasadlaMa* **?
fit frcxM*\i,*o waa rxmpo-ed of I.iqc^
HlX),carta fnru tn?' CaotTOJ 1'ark. uader tte tat^1.1**
cfMeaar? OtjBtfJ?, Mliki W vrg ?.ad Oojj||**'
haV n?r? aid carv frcaa the new r*m>mtti tmm
tnarNba^. i? <.' M W aike.-, form ? rwoeeoaj, j!!
tore* mile* j lerv.u.
Tbe folk r - 1 ? " '
Lvadon haa
Tbe feLVwtrg Metaage to the L>H May*/
a be-'C forwarifed: '
Mo k ? On i' '. New-Yerk, Aag. B BJ
7V li Ettfft* ? ^ ' K.'!>t.WttTtitCu?;.t?,aiC
I Mwyor, Ijfjjn,
I e. r^atc at* year l^rdakip 0*ot tie enrraaw
layrg of ti ? Atlantic Cab> Mitto^ ^ C)eiw>j
Kurtpe aad America, and theo.*? # \iltmm ^
New York-the wr rk of QfBBl Britain uA tU ^
State*, the triumph ?* MaA**1 aadeaergy 0?aaa*
acd space.
Thu# uniiirg mere clo?eK th* kaajdj of pear* ^
wonnwrcial prvperity, aad mtroduriaa; pj ? | ^
world a 1 -story, pregnant wiih reaulta bejeaij^^
ceptioc of a finte BjjBji,
TWGodboaalBaaiaol Daauti r'. Tuawa,
MajiM oi New ttmj,,
HOOTOI It, Aug. 1*. tts|
I'jr '-' i/V, *? f .V< ? I'o'v
WO yow wr>; ?l :p bo pleaaod to 'nfoui malit(a
leaded to tlx upon a day, aoid what day, for c*a*a*?>
tlie e?cce#a of tbe AtMBlic Cable ;.b the Stat*a |>
ol'.uct -a to have otu cele'oratum in ('aDadaca^^
with ytnr?. C. S. Room k, Miyat.
MATOB T1EMAVM To THE Mayor ok iol
Mi ar-Toe?, k*?. it, isoj,
7"yfr< Htm, ('? S. BoBllat, Ml .V- w of Monrem*;
Thre city will celebrate tbe event, but tbe tt
net y?t been fi\fd. We propra? tliat Laajjjj ?4^ j,
the day for the general feetivitiee, and tkata* acovai)
ai! the ait., a of both hemiepherei aba.! usiU ia iu 0*?
Ycu a?l cf come* receive 'eawneMe ootisa.
OAMKL ft Tl KW ANN. Mayor of New T?4
At ham, Aug 17, lid,
T> Ma: " Tuaiaaa, K ?ForA Ci/y.
When decided upen, p>a< < iuform me by Ui*ptat
wbat day the general feetivitie- will take place.
ku PKABT, Ut*.
5fay< r Tiemana aent a reply to Mayor Panyaa
ilar to that which he had returned to the Mir?: cf
The Committee held tkafcT rixth u-^tirg yeotariir
A deietratn n ffBOB the (Ioboken Ccmraea Caoaal
wu utrod'ict 1, a; ! atated that it was th* daairaet
Hobt-ken to join aith Netv-Yoik ia celebra?af tk*
eveat, and they deaired to knoir the patt.< j v?, that
they might co 'perat??.
A contmutuatioD wea rrce vedirotntk* St. (^otfai
and St. Andrew a Societies, atating their with to|abj u
the celebration. It *a< refetred to the Cotaatataa01
the Dinner.
A communn a'.ion to the ?am? effe<t wu r**tif*?
from tha American Cecgraphical and Statiatrai 8aa>
t-ty, which waa 'eferred to tha Committee of Arneja
Tha S*i tetary waa teqaaoted to obtain thaaaaaaf
*J] tba v(Rc?r* cf the t ?'? aurrtjuiiding Naw-IaA,
and it waa recommended tbat the Navy Yard b* ra
?jutated to (aniali i.a with decoration butts?.
Ordered, that Center Market '? i.'.'smiaatal oa
Centre, Craud and Ittoome etn et?. or not at all.
The C mmittee .hen a 'joumed till today.
At the Ki lton etreet prayer-meeting, tha K?r. Dr.
DeWitt, tlti Rev. Dr. Marah, Mr. Kdarard Cdraiaf,
A. R. Wetmore, ee.j , aid tha Rev. Mr. Laadjiar, oar*
appointed a < ommiu?? to prepare aad aaad by tha
Ocean Telegrnph, at the earliest f tahU pmod,
aChri>tian aalutaticn to the leading LiaAaaptayw
A lotg yellow omnibua. crowded with men, aai
dtawn by four horaea decorated with riaga, paatai
throoKb Na^eau etreet ab ut 7 p. m. When io froataf
Tin TkiBCVI offnothe occupant* gave three b**rt*
cheere. which were repeated in front of The T'**
bnilding. Around the top of the vehiole wu a laf*
bar cer, with '? Hoboken iaecribed on it.
At the Attor Houae, every window on tbe tkf*?
front* wu brilliantly illuminated. Along the top oft**
building thore wa* a large transparency, haviag t**
it the wotiia,
At.autii' Te>i|r?ph. ?
Below were two other traneparenciee, with th*
lowirg qu-tationa from .Scripture:
: " Caatl U.<-. iflaj forta the llabtiODna, tbat t*ey mayr I
t .TIr."y to a",,s-Her? we are. -Job j* | 3S. .;
i "Let the f\.*>&$ r|,p their kaa J*, au'l let tiw hUH *? r?T*" I
: tof ether. -Paalau 5a : ?.
< >ver the door wu another trat ?parency, 4iapiayia|
tooepicuou.sly the name* of
Mora* aad PlaiA
wLile firework a ware diacharged from tha froatl *
Broadway asd Vasey atteot. At ?> o'Oatofc a t*lr9??'?
hundred gun* wu tired from the top of tha baildta,*
J. N*. Genna Bazaar No. Jli Bioadway,alaoka
private reaidence. corner of Seventh avenu* and vw
teenth street, were brilliantly illuminate!
The Office of tha Great Weatarn Railroad and Mich?
igan Ceatral Railroad, corner of Broadway and CootV
landt street, wae fitely illuminated ard decorated with
national tiags aleo a large ?aoner with th* fofiowirg
- kmmilrv. Kail: ? ?
al.d tbe :
A' ?> Be Ca ?
Mty they aerer fail tu **WM
The Ameiican MbBBBbB waa likewia* liluri.^atad***
,a*, and bourtifu !y de<orated with butting.
Oaraeei 1 H tel, corner of 1'roa.lway and I'ark place,
ilium nated on both a jee.
Deimoni" s Bote', Oirnerof Broadway and Cka*
bers ttret-t, waa very brilliantly ii!armo*te<i oo boot
fror.tr, and preeet.^od a ?ne appearax.ee.
Bower. A McNameea aplendid marble etore, ear**
tf Broadway aid l'eeri atreet, waa bni.Aatiy '^tm-'
nated with gas and candiee, a&d m tba w.odo**
the following mottcea:
: " Qbkbb Tacraauai
" Vom dubttch ncMre* .
'? Imt ? :?.ar ? I If IjpBI
I. phBl B|
aaaM tud '?:. ? by
lioi >
? ? .-?ti a. 4 write aad t > ? ras Ja *)
M ua,
<?% tri 1 Tonit Ut
y 9. Cooeva 0 ('o..
J > Bi i
; ail
8? tataa foaafaaa
?pe. 1 retrv -.

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