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Wl _____8G_tAI*B to thb vp/w york trtbpne
From WtMliinston.
1niapflteh to Th. N. Y. Tribun
Warwrutok, Friday, May lt, 7c*30.
Tbe r.ortination a' Obicsgo wbh tbo absorbing
RBbject of iutereat to-day in both brancbea of Con
freea. Mr. Maaon wa* harilly nblo to I**"*** a
ajBr.rtim during bia apeech in the Sentite. Vanotia
diapatchci were received eari>; and one from Mr.
Huakin to Mr. W'endell, inditatiiia; that Mr. Sew?
ard would be rhoaen, aecmed to eipreaa moat poai
ti-e knowledge of the ptirp.*.' thcrt-.
About I oclock Mr. Haakin IchgtRftll Mr.
Doualaa that Mr. Lincoln waa nominated, but thc
__>et araa diecrcdited in couaequenoe of aevrral
bogna mtfMntktm having been ciroulalfd, i-veti
thouch ono of the opcruture. teatified to ita
MDuiiienera. An hour und a half elnpacd Be_Bta
aay eonfinnationwus obtaincd, und then tclegroma
anironnc.iii! the reault multiplied rnpidly.
During the period of auspente, group* were
4X>_lect4'd in diflerent parta of the hall, discuaaing
the prolabilitii'o, and Senators aud Membera paaacd
Wtween the two Houeea, comparing note*> and
exebanging auch imperfect information aa had
been procurcd. Finally, when all doubta wcre
irmovcd, an evident aenae of relief was viaible on
all aidea, and then began a coinparison of opiniona
aa to the policy of Mr. Linrolu'a nomination. He
ia well known here, and left, on retiriiig from
Congreaa, the reputatiou of an nblf, penial, and
wortby man, of unqueationed integrity and great
popularity. A Whig of the olden time, he waa
detoted to the principh-s und policy of Mr. Clay,
and waa alwaya recarded among bia mo.-t earnest
Abidc frora tbe diinppoiutment oeci-sioii.-d to
Mr. St-ward'a frienda, who araia contident ot auc
ceaa to the last mt ment, Mr. Lincoln'a uame hus
bt-en rcctiveil w;th gaaeial BRRvaaalaM af favor
and rejoicinga, and is regardl d na furninhing cvery
aarurance of victorj.
Mr. Douglaa apoke of him in prcsence of Repuba
beana und lVmocrats aa an npright, gHlti. and
popular eandidate. who had great Btreaf-h iu tbe
Korth-WVat, and would carry Illinoia againat any
other eandidate but himnelf, by fMfiBtX
The eotivicti'ia haa alreadv apn-ad that the
Whole Xorth-'Wcat and Eaat are certain bcyond
doubt. IVnntylvania and Nrw-Jerscy take the
non-it.ation kindly, and with the tariff plank of the
platform intend to wiu.
Mr. Toombs and otherg who w*.re hcrctofore
well-diepoeed toward Mr. Dougla*, eonsider this
Boinination aa diapoaing of him eftectually, becauae
bia tnain pretenaion in th.' Free Statea reated upon
hia alle*?d atreugth in the North-Weat, which ia
now eonipletviy extinguished. Oa thia acorc tlicrc
ia bardly a differenee of opinion, beeau8e the Stat.-s
wbich preft-rrcd eithcr Mr. Seward or Mr. Bates
in tbat aection, concur through thcir r.'prescnta
tive* hero in the behef that Mr. Lincoln will call
out a largervote than eithrr.
Mr. E_~tVrbrook, the uitting Delegate from Ne
braaka, waa a_B_-RRRRR_____a_aiy turmd uut without
eten caliirg the yeae and noec, and Mr. Daily, w ho
waa legally entitled to the Beat, inatalled.
Tbe teatimony before Mr. Covode'a Coniuiittee
waa ordered la bc printvd for ita private xi?f uftcr
aome reri.taiice. Various aubjecta will now be
elaetiCed and re-ported upon, when the whole mat
ter will be given to the public.
Before Mr. 8. ward left Washington, it waa un
derato?d he would not reaiane hia aeat in the .Sen
ate, for if nominated he intended reaignine; and
if not, he propoeed chxing hia Scnatt.rial career.
W'ben hia apeeeh wa* delivercd he indicat.'d it
would be hia la.t in the Senate. Hia frienda atill
enU'rtuin the hope, if thia decir?ion was rcally
made, tbat it may be recoinsidered.
Elihu B. Waal.bunie succeeded, (.r. apitd ??* a
fonnidable coinbinatinn Bnd oppoaititm IVuin vari
oua int^-reeti'd partiea, in carrying bis impurtant
bill through the Houae, providinu for the ealt-ly af
life on board ateamera. Thc aubatitiite, ar- aiaftlli,
differa maii.lv Irum tl.e original. inaamuch aa it c_.
cludea tug, freight and t..w-b..at? from the opera*
tion of the law, and hmit< tlie numb.-r of patMea
gera on aaaaa Btaaaaan, baaklaa ameuding tkc aet
of lbi>2 in many of ita dctaila.
Tbe following ia the wcckly atat4'm.':it of the
Bet-ripta.$684 **95 54 Dl-rWta-Ntad.K*f__ ^'
Drafta paid. 6-6 401 1 *, i Net b-iaiiee.5,'i.n,3.'- fc-3
?ftc\t\ _la|iatcb to Tba N V. Tribune.
Wa-H-MVOSi Eiidaj, May 1?, 180().
Tlie nomination of Mr. l.incoln haa been re?
ceived with r.-markably unanimoua and hearty ex
preaaiona of aatisfaction by the Rcpublican ni.-m
bera ol Coi.^rcaa.
The Dfinocratirniouiberr uri- f.|uii!l) imaiiininu-.
in aKM-rting that Mr. S-vvard ehould have le.ti
takeu. Th.- coiivictk'ii U everywhere UffURMii
tbat Mr. Lincoln will make a eaaaa iwaewiatka
North-Weat, carr)iiiK cvery Btate in that a.-ctii.n.
The opinion that no man haa BBBB named aui.ing
all tbe candidrit.-a who paaBBBaaa ftwater raaaiBfl
qualitie- than Mr. Lincoln, fiuda prompt ai-acnt ia
allquartera. There waa a atrong deine and ??
pr-ctati.m that a candidnte f..r the Vic-Preaidtncy
would be takt-n from IVnnaylvania, it being be
Reved that auch a ajaaRM would atrengthen the
tit-ket in that 8tate; but confid.-i.re ia felt that the
Conveiitiern haa acted wirely, it havitig the aRaRxBI
af deciding upon lha propri.-ty tt that (..urae.
Mr. Uamlin ia conaidered a wlmlly unexc-ptiHiiu
ble eandidate, and one BeasaBBBBj M .ailBRBBlbll
elementa of j-.-pularity, witb uo drawbacka.
AU tbint;a conndertd, the actiou of the O.nveii
tion is recarded aa emin.ntly taati-fa.tory. T-B
entbuaiaam of the- Korth-\Y.-rta-n, RMB ki.owa B8
Tbe following ia an ?__?__ copy of thc fnnon
diapatch of George .Sand.ra to the Praodent,
wbicb created auch an ex.it.'Ui.'iit in the Whit<
" Chahi.i stov, -Tth Anril, 186>.
?? Slidell u:;d Hnj/bt ar.- iit-ie _rj-_| IB BBaB- up tba
goveriiDient. Tbe (H<t_<ion u.uy anivc u.-day i'.r TOB
tvo a?'t. Northern dele__t.B, witb ex.-a/ption A B WOt
fr>a__--eiJii-vlvai:iii, Ne\\-Ji rrey..Mi_r__ii!iiir?'.tt',nreip:')ii,
aml CaJilorma, in ("iH?rt witbhaU t__ldt_BtfBteH from
Alal-iaiB, ttr<> Klorida, live Teiniea?te, hall K'-ntucky,
hall North C'aroliim, butf l-BTj land. half Mnvon ri. u few
from (ifxirKia and Arkam_a, um-tA [?> tbe following
__kLilii'ii t<> Uie Ciiicinnati PfiitforB, arbkh will be
orlen-d tbia Btornbtg a> an Btnendmeut to the Hlave
,,diipaagraBiBBBof Aa mwAotky. prew*>i
the n.inoriiv r_Btfoi_o.] 1_? arm-nd n.i't will r.-e. ire
?u? bui.di.'l aad mttmir-tre u> mnciv rtRea. A;.i_.
_na.Miar__e;i.|i,ai.d Uai-UUia will i.r..i.ably tdttulraw
froo tbe C_iiveuii4.il. UoukIbb ?.fl tben atareivada<
ctded majoriiv <>n tiret Ullot, ai.d <?n e.cnd ... Unrd
w.li _ppr.i-i.iiW ta twe-tbir-a. it ?a bahBved thal th?
C..lle..ora of Buaton, _^bvie4pB_a, Wtd llew-Or.
k_j,M will ctukt f_.tio.ia oppOBiti.ni, but tbe IJ.iiitfliu.
AAtMttiij wiii aot Lh> iiit-uudatAjd by anyt-mg Uwt Uiv
rt inoritv rnn do. Andl hope thaf there will lx1 pnt"
riot r-rn aaaaaJB lefl in thc couiitry to l>e brought to
bear on thr ruitnna n-iinority to prevcnt iiny dcparturc
froni tlmt exiellent two-thirda rule by lha intijority. I
re ly on your patriotiani and your Kaaapoaiiy. I'eng
Ina r cxr-n rlo ni Cincinnati, bv whieh alone you <ould
hav." 1't-in ntiiiiiniili d, ahoufd 1>c foll->wc?l "l?v everv
con pethor, S.'inl for Doogfau aa ?*...?ti aa the telefrrar,,!
HiiiKiiinccH to von tlint he hiia b d* ided maj-iritv of tlie
('(uivtu-.tiiiii uidoHcr l.im your 1888081 inid a!f Niill bo
aa 111. You eaaaot afl'ord la be tlu- litet Prc.ident of tlie
l i - i Hate-.
" A friend tliat haa never deceived you, howevcr
oftcn bo may hnvi- gone in opponition to your vi. wh
and wkbea.
"(IF.f). N. SANDER3.
" Tt- rie-itla.it Hutlituau, NNn.hinL-ti.il.''
To the Aeeoclated Preta.
\n AMiiM'.TtN, Friday, May 18, 1W>0.
Tl.e United Stut'.-e. OoYenuaeal baVing latalead the
Japaaesa Einharay aa BaToyi Bxtraeadiaary nnd Min
iri.Tf Pleaipotanuariea. Ihe bigheel diplot-Btkr niDco
ki.. u i, ti, .mr Qoti-riiniitit, it beeaate foeambeataa
tli.tn ti- IBBB8 tlu- firat BB?I on lha Koniirn Miniati-ra
reaidtut iii \N uihiupton, but rt r-ti ii tt-a.1 tbia rotntfay to
thoae i-iily repieaeatias the powera which have ttaatiea
\iitb Japan, iiiiiin Iv, netbenande, Greal Britaia, Kuk
rin und r'ntitca-. Tlu y concluded their. nllI to-day on
liaron Btoachl, being the laat in the eeriee, Tlu re is
at preeeat, howa~er. aa afi'aaah -Bb-Bbt fa \Vaa_mg
t. n.
Tba Mitrint- liuu-J uill I'tifuiiii to-inorrow evening,
ir tlu I'i.-.-idi-iiiial Doaae Orounda, inntead of ut taa
( apital, when the Einbaaaarlon cf Juri.n, Nvith tbeir
0-H - re.. nre cxpetted to ba preeent. Tncy have aa yt t,
u itdc no outdoor diarlay on foot.
Dailug the exoeaaanaja af Ooaaaaai thisaflornoon,
ti ut-h < xiiteuitiit iiitvailid. (apei iully among tliclii
I .ii.:uTit r- of tl.e Baaee, wakneralm the ereaua at t'l.i
.;,g,.. Every firaaatalafiaaa diaiatch serv-d to in
, i i.M tba I'l.Mii.ntioii.
Tbe l'n litl.niiiil iioiiiiiiiiti.in aeeaaloaa much aur
j ri-e. nnd Nii.a not :il 0B8B cn-dited. It in aaid the firat
intelhaenee on Ihe B-bjed taaaaad the (Jaj'iial iu a di_
patcli irom Mr. iliifkiti to Mr. EtBBB^Bta
SENATE....Washisotom, May IH, 1860.
Mr. QBEER (Dena., Mo.) oflered a reeolntioB, lhal
i n ; .nd after Monday next the Senate meet ut 11 8 . lock.
; ter.
Mr. MASON (Irem., Va.), from the Cornmitt. .? -n
Foreign ReUtrone, reported a --ill eaiijiuaIntoe_tal
lha treatiee with t'hina, .Ia|>an, Siain, Pemia, i.-.
Orden d lo be printed.
The weeeage from ihe Preaaiaal ralaahre tothe Moaa
tiiiii-Mtaduiv iniiaaiit, waatahea npand oaaarad to ba
? 1T1,H(I.
Beporta of prhrate natnre wara raaehrad.
Mr. HEMPHILL [De*., Texas) latrodarad a bill u>
provide for tbe exanunation and pat ? < nl ot aht?ai ol"
citixem ol Texaa f--i apo-Btiont by lafiaaa. Bafened.
Tbe l-ill t" iiutl,oti7.<- the BByBM-l <>f i.-rtain cmtraita
m;,do I y tl" (..overniiKBM 108881 iN-aa takt-n ii|> aud
The bill fnr the n-li. f of Atmm Dart 8BM taki-n np.
Mi. l.ANK iDtm.. Oregoe) oppoaed it.
Witli.'iit iiny 88?aa <'ii tbe i-1'tTi.tl ordt-r, Mr. Dav_r*a
ilicm.. Mi-ri.i n-r-"] nli'iti- ii.nt.iken BB,
y.i. MA801. tlieni.. Vu.| addajBaai tiie Beaah . Ha
aaid tl.e reaolntk>-i involvi dthe da |- rt iotereetaof tha
.,-,.|.]. i.f bia State. In replyto a ehaiga that ih.y
wi re ahetra.rtkmil hc wnd it hu.l Ix-comt; t> aattlqd ptam
;:,, io dtBcaaj iu tiiif kna the Baataoaa?la_analqaaa*
lioiit- a.- they uroae. Thoeeunder eoaaideration alfeeted
lha Btability ed tbe Uaioa iteeli. Ha diaarrd i.'tiilly
lrein lha nawa a-peaaaad bj lha Baaatoi _.i UlinoiB.
h, Territoriea are the eoauaoa nroperljof all tl.e
Btatea. Ti.e (aaatloa a? la tb'-ir rdafloa lo the
Sti.t.H waa B pnwtieal oaa, ami applkabie t,> tha
buaiiiitB HOW on the iBWe. All the poWBH of tlie
people ol tle Itrnitoriea an aaeaaaatflj eaibraced
in Um oip.ri' a<t (etablirl.inp thaaa. Mr. .Maetm
then M-.-nt into a h-ngthy hi-it.iiy of tl.e polity
paraaed ay lha OaaaBuaaal toward the feiri
tnnt.-i. und iiarraled tha biriaLition tal.en in ttgt i
tu iheaa ia lv^o and 1854, aud oonteadad lhal tha Kaa
mr aadMehtaaka act did aot ainbody Um doetriaa of
Non-fiterrentian M e-plained by Mr. Dooalaa. The
iuteivtnti.,n iibidi the mtaof laMaad l^-'rl we?e i rt -
tt-ndrd to prerlnde araa thai ofthe prohiUthw of Slav
i rv bv (tu avtm in Ihe T.-rritori.-a. lt n-.ver waa in
tended that Cangreea aboald ba ahsalfad tttat ite eaa>
atitiitioiial diitv aa legarded the nioU-.tion of property
where~tr it had eeatrol The legiaiatioB in recardto
doDit-atit BM_ter in the Ttrrirorii a waa trunaterred fmm
Cor-grtHBto tbe Terrhor?J L-gialatare, but, <-f toar^e.
nnderthe limitH jinrKribed by ll.e C.nrtitution. The
baraain made in MM na- lhal tbe Courtf ahoald de?
cide the eztenl of the leatilctioaa iamoaed bv tht- Con
Btittition. TbeDredSeoU .hia.- 'b.l deeide that Caagreai
ronld not int.-rv. ne to prohibil Slavt.ry iu a Ttorttorr.
In iet Iv te tbe etatarmeut tbat lhat (asatioa did uut
ioii.c biiore ihe Court iuui? ially, he t-aid thar that
obiectioewaB atfad beBoBi lha c-.urt,but IheChief
jaatiee deiided dataraatly\ and aat the eajaetkm aaida
Tbe enaaaeaient waa oountory oa aO loreaped the
deciaion ! f tha (;m;rt. and the Smith d-uned ita I'ullill
ni.it. lle pBonoanci d lha docfriae <>f Popahw Barer*
eigntyin the Territorial a aolcnaiii. Boa<-rc;_niy re
riSedin th.- ]-,-,,??!.? ofthe wparata Btatea, and ntrwhere
eaa. Thera ia no iotrereig-ty in the Pedaral QoTera
miiii. ami eoaeeqaaatly it ooald not transtuit that attri*
but,- t? the Territt-rii a. Tbe latter dented all their
jr,-\iei liom |ha (IrBBBk aet paafH-d by Contrreea. 1-8
t uurt Lad detidtd th.tt CoBfreai could not prohibil
.siaiery in the Tcrriroriea, eoeaMBeatlj the Tarritorial
Legialutaia iould noi e_< triae thta power. Iftbe Ter
r\%tv. a." in tha i^tate of Kaiifaa, did prohibil
Slavery, then it was tbe duty ..f Coajreei t-. iater*
kf,-. " He (,iia,-td ptacadeata to aaow that th_
h;.d beea repeatedly ezeidaad, and, us ',nte
u 185C, two yaara alu* ?_m nuarji.ge of ^be
Nebraaka bill. H<- d-d not leaire to bree
(?.lavery ipoa ? raa-r*,gBl ix-o|,le, bal ba did Avant
to BL-hf th.m reapaci the riKbta ofothen and the C'.n
rtitutKn of thc (duntiy. Na parpoac sxiatid to eatab
lirh Shiviry. The (.onatitution did t,ot eetabli?i it,
but Min|lv iaftTBIliatid it aa au exialing condition. That
n aa all tbe rM'tith aaked. L ven in ihe Statea no atatote
could be f.itind eeiabliehinK or crcaiitig Slavery. They
only laaaaaiaad ita oi_taawt. and psorided for ita
lecalation. Mr. Haaaa dwclt oa lUapoiat atlength.
Mr. TOOMBB .oi the loor, bm peaipoaad till mm>
The Baaa81 Wtmt into Execntive aeseion. Adjourmd.
Wa'-hi-x. i oa. Kridai, Mav 1*, 1RG0.
Mr. KEYNOI.DS (-80., ?. T.). BOBI tV.. .(ndiiiary
Conuiiittee, lapeffted a l-ill tor.-|>en!ih?- ait eitabhahing
Coart Ci?taaa, aad to proride tor tbo adjudication ol
tluiit.ta by t:,e DibUi'l Cir-uii Courtu of the Utiiled
rat?tef. , _,
Mr. REAOAM Ad. DeBa., Texaa] made ;,n IneiTee
tuiil mr. ri.j-t to gtl ni- Ihe Texaa RegtaMal aaaaa__aal
1,, tlu- Mi!iia.y AemtUmy bill.
'JI.e Stettii;?*-<:ti bill tanM up.
Mi. TAPPAR fBep., N. H.l mored te paetpeaa till
Taraday to tahe ap prirata biiia. l/>rt. by ISaaa.
J?Mr.'wASHBl'liNE (Sap., DL) gave notiie of a
^ThebiUwMdtaeaaeed bv WA8HBURHB, JOHH
COI HBANE.C1 ABK lf. v.,. aad athera, ea tha
nootion to r. eoBBarit. . .
Mr. TATLOB Dcni.. La.) offered a anbetitate uti
eting iaanraaee aaleaa tb.- eoaditioDi ofthe bill better
retbe Hvea of paaaeagara ob board reeaelapTo
1,-11,-d ,i, wholeorparl byrttraiasballberompliedwith,
and proridinf for ibapeta-haieBl and dtaqnabBcauon
, ? < ftie. re by whoae nirelcaaiK aa er reckleaant bh tvii
..t-tili -11 uned. li.j' ' tt d.
I bf I..I1 W8I .iiireid. .
lt nae the eul-tii.it.-<-f Mr. Waahborne "f lllmoia,
un ? eontaina many iaiportaal ptorii taaa b-r the lurther
K.i.ty of ht. nn boaVfl Meaaaeea. Oaa ariagi bT.y
boatt uadi r lha taw, aad aaotber liaaaa tbe aaaihwr of
raaaeiigera on oceatn-goiag BtaaaMBa. A i-irti-iu of
| |.| tr lh pr.*, rib.-.l for Bteantereand r:n:iii_ reeeela,aad
thtfav. i,i !-?").' iaamsnded in many partkakra.
11., ||,,,, proteeded ;-- 'b.- oonaideration ofthe
Kftbraaka taalaaiad afcaaaiaa etioe al l?ai!> agaiiid
MeMni.'CAMPBELL (Bt-P., PB.). ami PAWEI
(Iteo., Maaa.] adToraBnd lhaaa?? oi lha eeatsataaa.
VM.ii. ;i.. imt. rwaa af-ei.kit>K there waa niu.h con
lurinii "1 l<BMBf8. and lle K.-Mibln aiifl W8T8 etaiidmg
ii, groapa talknu abool tha aewa froai Chkafo.
'II.- ISl'EAKKlC i. rjii. ett-xl guiitleineii to preaerre
aaaaTa ... ..
Mr. I>A\\ l.s. 10 i-juiet tbe eoafnatoo, said laal Mr.
Abi.iii.ii- l.ii.ioin will be the next Preaidtmt, aad be
i.i.i i d tl.ir ani ,,ui.n in. ni woald bo aattaI?atory.
Mr. BRAKCH (Dam., K. C.)?I aaB fca tha laaalag
ol tl.. dtapatrbea.
The 8PEAKER?It _not in mtler. |laa_j<hti-r. |
Mr. EBTABBOOK (Deta., Nebradta) spahe ta m>
c?-,,m- <-i hia ngbl w t mat,
The Jii.ti.-a- ].ua<ed ii reioliition tliat Mr. BataBtaafe
,? not, aad Hr. Paili ,?ei,iiiled to a aeTtt.
Mr. I'.i-ialruok reiiitd.
Mi. I'Hilv wasaworn in.
The Ilooaa paaaed aoaaa priTBla bdla and Ut.-r.a-i
Ui iiAi.ii, Friday, May \\ 1W>0.
Thaproeeedk.fi of.tbt H- E. Oen eral Cemfmnee
lodarwere ofaii nalniportaal aatare. Tbatoeof
memlarra of the Klav.-.y CoBBB-IAaB. and BJ tbe i-re
aentatioa of petitieea, iti. _.._.. i _,.h
Tbe hall and aaJlariea wera dena.li pai-k.-.l %ith
h Betatora, drawu ihither bv tbe ? x^rtiddiacaasion on
tlit rci'iiiia ul thr ObSB?M88 ou bhti ery.
The Japaneac FmbaMy.
WtrHiai.TON, Friday, March 18, lWiO.
Thc Jupunepe prcaenta wcre opctied thiamoruing for
inapecti. n,and thcntrnii.fern dto tlienavalcomraintion
t<. BB .lelivi r. .1 j.rivaf. ly to thc Preaident, in the BRM
of hia Iui-criul Majcrty tha Tycxn. Thc urticlea are
of | ni.rtmajfiiiticcnt d.-aeiiption, bbbbbbM ri.hly BBI"
lir.'iiler. d nnd c ruhotred with K"ld und ailver, Bad ttf
tiiina tuid bt-d KCrcniH, BhB-hbT ta thoae BBbJ hy tho
l'rinrca of .lapan, aml iii^r?-i.ioiiHly chilionited; two
awoidt, fii-h usure worn by thc I'riiicet of Jupan,
fupcrior to any cver niiiniifactund in thia coun'ry or
Viiai.ie; fmjm hutiip'inpa, ornannniid with gBaJJ
lac'|U.r.d warc, iiicliuIinK Waa-BBJ-BaBB, and I l"t of
valunbl. iiiihci'llaneotiH ut tn b--, all ot'theiu exhibitiny
tl.e n.i.at nliii.il larie uii.l it.lviuKcd articti. t-kill, and
?BBBIBUa IB any which hua la-en bronghtto thia cuntry
fnui Ariil.
Thi. ir tl.e opinion cf Ibaaa who huil the privilcge of
iiiinnttly t-ainining there valuaMe preeeuta. Tho
Badbaaay bara laarfeai tl.e hahatioaatf the New
York and I'hilfi-eli.l.iu Muni. ipal Committcea to virit
tltoaa ' itien, luit have fixed no time for thia pnrpofa?.
The Nnval ('.iiiinir-aiotierH will |ttBJ the bRbbMMn
four ( r five daya' notii e, bo thut they niuy make proper
BIIBIlgianiBla flB thcir reception. Thc Japaneac will
j r. 1 ul'ly viait tbc CBBBjd on Satiirdiiy, and, during
the next weck, tho other j'ublic buildinga.
? ??>
_:\ltiiai\r IVlllUla.
St. Loi-i.s Friday, May IK, 1W.
Eflphnel E. Smith, for BBBBB yenit. ? onfi.li-ntiitl clcrk
of K Tii.ctt Maikeniic, wln ferale li?|ti<>r d. alei, was
nircst.-.i on YVcdiiet-day on the charge of cinbezzling
f__7,000 fi'.'ii. hia enpioyer. lataatkBrlriBi t-tee hia
ajr.-sl indintte thut the fraida cxtend through u nimi
hei of yeara. und will reiuh i BBBB. hfJBB niiu than
mentioued in the indictin.-nt, per hit pa $100,000.
Dtulli or tlie tlnii. Wm. ?. Dninroll.
BoBTON, Friduy. May 18, 18ML
The ITon. Wm. S. Diiinrcll.u w.-ll known priater,
and a lute Memb.-r ttCtmAJN** fr"in tlie 1'hinl Diatrict,
dit-tl yeaterday. after a lonf? lluem.
1.CW ITiiiii- nt -ii_.-li?(M.
Aoecari, Ca , Friday, May 18.18HL
WktU tlOtn BBW WbbbI wa* k Baa market to-day:
it whh tiioiiiid in Stowulla Milla, Angunta. A emaJl
BbipBMSl will leuve tor New-York to-morrow.
Wiuter nppears fo lu BBaaBBg the Sprin^ in F.ni/bttid.
No _lgB "f Suinmer ia yet reen. Tlu- worated-atocking
and tluni.(l-wiu-t.< at tcinpt-ruMirc i rt-vail-'. und tha
ipibkrilvcr rti.nilriit atcudy cold vviih a linniie.-- uml
uplomb that the llanl'iii Hroth-rs wjiild gfaflj tl.-ir
htadato rival. Thc air ia miaty, niurky. kggj, und
allthiccr ni'-t.-orolo^ically mi-cruble. IbbVI iv in
c DaaaBjaaa cntcitain.-d for iba eaadaa harv.-t.w hi. _,
at baat, will be lat.-r tl.un ii haa hc.-n for many yeara.
S< n.c few dnyn, h.'Wever. af goldBB BBBBgR. may re
v.im- thia pi. luit-, uii'l May thiadurk foreb'Hiinjr.
Tbe Il"Ur-e of C-BBBaoei baa beea but thinly at*
i. iiiii-.l, Be-faaai und aasajlj beiag tl"- iiaTef ot the day.
bkatrange, but ia cver ao, that r.n anpply night*,
Whea rnilli-'iia of monf-y are _BJ_Bg voted uvvay for
iMivthing ai.d iinyihiiie. th.- iapiaaeaRa-i-_i aftha
lin-t iiniu.a r.iul .-..untrv in thcwthl invuriahly kaBf
nvvi.v, aml leuve .Miniet.-ra to tBBnag. tli.- produ. t-"1
ta.xuti' n rn- I e.-t plaRBN tl 'in. Ev.n tha aweet Hlaai
of Ga-Aaatone'l ailver r-tyle cannot dniw a hoaaa. A
lew niir-(?llant"ua ne BB-tn aie ttajBeth-M prtSBBl bf
tic IBRMfl tlmt tlie t-tara in LoTl r'n pn-tty ballud
iwinkle le.uiiae they have BBtl-Rf BBaB to do.
a r ilrop on for a lOBBga. 0f aome private
_B___b_eaa, lha Ilouae of Coniniona being the BBBt
t-lub in Ku^land. Palinerrioii nl"iie BOBBbbBbJ atead
fun to bia poat, and at ull hutira und ut all timea inuy
be fonnd in hia accur.fon.ed beat, with luit down over
hia 1 row, ahowing no aijrn of wearineaa or wa-te.
Onc Ot the wondcre of the age ia thia male N'.nun do
I Kiicl"-., who ia now ut an aj?e when nioft men ab.w
tl.e fhrunk cuLf and toddling K-'t appareutly an buoy
uut und vigoroua, ua ftill of auiniul npiriia, aa dirduint'il
af criitch iu band, aa apcctacle on nosc. und ua meu
u.lly tlart:.- ua at any time within the ]?rt half c-iitHiy.
Ont BOda of preaerving thia won.lerful jnv. nility ia hi.
I.,ve ..I I1..1 r.-1'ii-i k .-x.r.i-e. ajB-BBaljl ridinv MbBB
linakfiirt when Bl lliou'llunda, or on hia Irioli cgtuU-a,
aaaaa tweatjor ___>?> B__aa. Bbbb aarawa aaa_aihhi
(1. vuli'-r W-koffj wb'ipi'iner BRBStat BB hia BBRRBa
tii n in ull munly partiuien, nairute- in hia "rovin-a''
of bow he uhriink, vvlicn 011 ? vitit t" the lYcini.-r.
Iii.m vciittiririg into the aaddle alongride of thaagai
j.ullant in hia morning ride. Another eecret af this
ihiirin which he poaeerrea in ("inmon witb onr f'h.-va
bet > liir-1 .-ilcct inuii'.bihty. N"t "r.ly haaheani-.t-ii"ii
coi.ctitntion. hatalao ? tttBtlroa baart, which -.'iv.- Up
C.u.j'kt. c< ininaiK) "f hia t. mj. cruin ,;1(. f* l,ilu ||| ,,?.,,,
JBrtiia und priii(i|'lcr.flrc alike; he it no more moved
BBBB than B Iiiill.-tone ii alleeted by the ipialily ol" the
paiaitgriatda. He uaea ull __. m.-i. implementa to
ward Bttaining hia on. great object, Pttwtv,MOM*
prirc, nt i-.ll timea, und BBBRf eveiy cin uraataiu.-. Like
I.i- ?bbRRT, Talleyraii'l, _fM wln ? h-- BBI BBR_B_M
hin r.-lf OB BB Fnnli^biniii.tle. and whom he laaaaRBRB
in haa idciitiiicutien w.th ull th?- paf-RB to hia thaa
illl'illl. he iicvtrexhibiintoo much /eul, bill lia.-rj.l-t a
litth- ar ia re.piir. .1 n. attain Ua otrjeet . It intrue that
the Knelirh pahBc faaaaatt]! do not mt 1 mttm k aha thia
imperturhuhihiy in which he ia engai.-d uitainat every
etnotional influence. Hir ar " ?' "I""1 l1"' "M "|,J ,l,ltH'
which bud atoiiehof moat BBBbbbI 1"-' tt about ii. Hia
m aaeb ut .sir K.-h-rt W al'a iiaalaRag, wbich vaa ia thc
hBBph -t tliMe, UW\ buppiei-t rlyle, 0*4 hia celebntte.l
?peeeb ot dirbeiiei Sa aaRjaaal aha, iia bbrJ kj many
Bd__at_Bg worrhijipcrB ua proob- tt hi- decp ra-n-ilnlily.
BatBOone better undemlanda tbc weaknernen ..t tbe
.??Lj-Iirh peofle 01 |M.inlerr. to them witb more playfnl
paea, nnd thoaa arhokaaw bba baat, and bara ttadaad
him more bbrbIj, b.-lieve that thaaa bhR af MaaBbilitj
v.tre rimple piil'on f'T the neiBBJaB Hia "BB "t en
i?iitM..i.,-i,!i..u<-iiin aaajte hi- aabauip-laa,** Ita
?' M.vei.iei,- for thut apleii'lul lillle l'.ll'.w . BBjetB,"
iajaal tmA auutbai aR-iiiiiaeInari afaaaaaaaRati which
Wlilel.li.-MI hill. ill U hllt.'lte.l Kl.V'lieh hi.Iire- whete
faith iii I?:ngli^b pliick uml aaaB-J-MB ia B-B-laBB.
N.,t hult ao vigihii.t ni'! BCtJTeJlbtfBgb ni"ie thun
tw.i.ty y.-iiiabir junior, tha I'a'lcr tt lha OppaBRRBB,
I) braeB, gi aaiall/, it ba aaa, BBwaatl a baaaa aarly
lorlaa- rer.;,!. li.eal'c.'oavein rtQOAO, ulwitya aj-tt-Bf
out ol the Houae w ith a kind of Mtt-Ratfeair. M _ the
Ar.an ? vrtery Waa not half m> im|>enetiable Ur the
fact Of l.^.w a liuii.l.el' af m?n eoilhl rtllnnit t<. BB horcd
bj aaeb i-iilliuii ur th.t whi.-b laaJgaaaraBadbb-a.
Hia bratber autaBal. Bahraa Ljataa, loa, r.-i.ii.iu
tl.ii.krit .oi.ibicivetothc l.ialth of hia iuteni" ly |n.
m,m-iI w__aaan tapenab Iheai la _____ the iaaapaaai
.,1 ll,.-'11 iii..tr al'.r nine ". 1.,. k. V'.tniK Stai.l. y ia
tl.eiii-it put.ii.t ritt. I "f hi-- juriy. Ofl tii_ I.udin? Op
l.ari'i' ii l.en.h baaBB mr be fonnd with anexpreahion
M ll Ull th- (fl r.r "f Ihe |..iir.|Ul.ltel-.o| the kI"U'were
on hia riwaJsatl BatH the hn-t liiikfa-n-r lua left. A
nmi!e f.iirc.ly cver tlila uci..aa hin feuturt-rt. ? If hia
tutl.er, Ihe luie i'remier, who cnte.tainn for t.im a
itvei.iitii.l uve, and alwaya pl.yf.illy adh him
?? pi.pu. Iic niva thut hc would ba I great man if he
would onlyeoiircn! to laal ut uny Mil'jct aeifualy.
Baaa tha aaaal attady atHaH may hai.- baai biteiy <?_
. urt-.l BB un ??" ari'mul BbSBBBB, ao dnll and UliproliU
hle I BBI bat n the dia. uariolia iii the II<.uae. Meinh.Ta
llUVC r-Clirceiy d.ell.ldtlie ll-w Keforill l"ll W'Ttll U
_?..,<! iriihir ib-' Bta, und it will Bt-habhj BBBBter BBf
I. ,t.,| thi..ni I. ihe Caaoaaai to tind a gruve in the
Hoaaa afLotaa.
Aiiother fat < (IIRbRRbIbRI place baa falbn ini" the
eif ot J .ii.i 1-i.lmerrtoii. The Archbiahopof Vork ia
d. ml. I'oliiicully th.- uppointui.iii i- not "f imi'l.
in. mi Bt, u? thc Libcral BbbIbRM IbB>RRR r.inain loiig
traa la 11.. i?- pniiy. Laad UtIbbrmm aaad la any
' | BRjhBf vvur ulwi.ya the tirrt to BBtgRl B-i maker."
ti .itaaV i rha un- aatati aajhaaqaal mwhat thay
hu<l been. 'Uml "f IHnham, foriliH'.un.c, tbe ti iicat
in BaajBaRd, ulth"iif.h it IBRBbbI ati" 'be $m\ "I "!?
Vwhft; Itaiaglag ?_H a ytttt, und the income of
J. 14,111)0 U year, aa iii.iit i the old .lirpa iiKittion, it hua loat
BBtgraal aaaraai4BjaaaaM whi.b waainthe iajBRR_RaR
leat*? of tlie cogi _iiu?a. Dr. Alaltby, th. but PaBBtf,
haa cleared in a year from forty to a bundred tbouaan''
potiudr from thia eource. Thc Arcbbiahop of York ia,
howevrr, worth aome twelve thoasand pounde a year,
i nough to eiiable ita poaaeaaor to try in hia own BBfBBfl
the a< rptural exi>eri_ieiit whether it ia aa difficult for a
cumel lo get tbronxh the eye of a needle aa a rirh man
to ciiter iiito ihe kingdoni "f hcuven. The BfpSBB-iieut
ir (trtuin to le aelected from the extrt-mc Low-Chun-li
party, 1 'aliiieipton being itrongly oj-poaed to Puaeyiam.
Itideed be baa eommitted tbia brancli of pationage al
m<?t rntirtly to hia aon-in-law, IaOrd Shaftcabury.
llut, far bt-yt-rid th. vantnt Uiahopric, the cotidition
ef Itidy, oitbe diiKiitaiona in ihe houee. ia tlie lighf at
Fainhorci.gli aud ita rival champiou the engroaaing
ttjic ofthe bour. Neither of the liona, the Beuieia
H. y or Tom, can vet.tnrc into publio without being
atirrounded by an udmirintr erowd. Indeed, thc feel
ii.' of the l-.i.. 1 r h toward their pet partakea tm) a little
t f tbe apiiit of tLe U.-mana, who, caring uot to honor
their victoriona ger.erala, came out of the gatea after
the battle of Cauia to crown their counaela, becaoBe
tbey had not derpuittd (f the rei, ul.lic. For, howevt-r
ttey may L-lory iu their BBBBipion'a nndoiibted pluck or
vaunt tc the t-oiitrary, they mutt/ed that Sayera waa
The acoottntt fiom Inland, at leaet from that portion
of it?thc Weal?vi Li< Ii baa becn aiibjett>-d kt JBBfl t->
piriodical viaitaiiniir uf laniine, are uf a moat glooniy
characur. _leag lle wild, loricly trart of moraen rhar,
ci-vcra om -half of the C'ounty of Mayo, which ia eall'-d
Erria, n anyeaeea of olarvatii nare i-aid to havealready
oecumd. Tl.i-iiiacccioaibiiily of the vi.lugea, wbicb
are aet genenilly in the center of hilla aud lioga to
wlich no roada bave yet been conatmcted, render
tLe convcyatire of r< li<-f dilhYult, even were relief
rtady. Hut the lundlord, Sir Kichard 0 Donmll, haa
baaa daaah taaaaabaisd for yeara, aud bbbMb la di?
cbar^'e the duiiea which abould belong to ihe paaBBB*
hi,Ti of araaatrty, The eaaaaaa?aaa i*, thia tract ia
tbemoM wratchsd and miaerable portion of tho moet
untched and mii-crable county of Ireland. The dia
aatraaa ?..ndiBaa ef thii partfaa af tha aaaaary leaa
iu ?? u| ji( ar, howevcr, to bave atayed the gay.ties af
I,"id Carlirle and the Iri-h Goverr.nient, and
tle ert-w of di.-tiltare, gi 08818, raraona and
jolire tkmtttt who .,-? t-titufe the " Court cir
ile" of that wretd.d __BBI Mi hypotheticaled hutr.
bm.', tbe I.on! UaBBBB?BI (>f In-land. Tbe paBBBBl "C
cu|aiit bai leii.ier.d. if poaHMa, lha eaaai _an.mi<
ninl rhtkaloaa lhaa befi rc,l-y hiitoxlraorditiary Terp
hi-liTciin f.-ittn. "Wby," hc in reported recently to
iiiic asdaaaad fhrioaaly,hraaUagfrom Ihadaaciaf
rfatCf aa aaa af M< aid-d.-tampa., who ivaa kranging
ai. Bad Iik. a lon.-ly 80(888, " _J V"ii not B?BBB, Sit .'"
" Y< ur Kxtcll. my," reji.ined the funclionai-y, " I have
lefl oll' daiu-iiig?and inarhlea.''
Mra. Ada Kichardi-on, about whom there haa been
ao much talk, in conr.ection with the dead body found
in tlie water at JaBBBJ City aeveral weeka 4go, ie, now
in thin city, and rtopping at the kaBflBflf a friend in
Hn.. BM rti-.t. She in apparently a modeat, unaeaum
il <.' |< r-'-n. tvideiitly poereered of cotipiderable ineiital
. n.ioiiiriiTita, and profeaeca to frel deeply i/rir-v.-d at lha
ii.ai aet in iv! ich *! e hae becn ?\ okcii of, ihroagB the
aahoa print- oftl il city. Ortninly, froin the ilctix-aii'i
< f tl.?- lady, ao BBB iiould iuiagino her to be a woman
i.f the chari-.cter tcpreec-iitcd.
It ia uot b*r dceiie lo r-ay anything in the newipaptra
?laal the matttr, preferring, rather, |0 let it all -Jieout.
She bnrat ii.to teara when apoken to about it. Her
fiii-rnla, howevcr, daim tbat all the atoriea told abont
I er uere coneocted by di-nigning parti.--., for a reaaon
that cai.uot at preaent be made public.
It ia B rather reiuarkable ciicuiui-tance that neveral
.ftlie prominent roarka which were repreaented to Ire
on Mra. Iticlmrdron'a face nre not to be found now.
ll< r BBBB are nnt r-lir, and th.-re are no bnniona on her
1. cr.nnrhBH ehe a thi.k nail on one of her toea, al
thoupb it wanporiiivelyntated on the Coroner'a inojaaal
lhal lhaaa ?arha waaa thaaa, It ia thought by many
tlnttl.ie uiie an ulleiii.r deri^n iii the ileiiti?98?08
,.|' |ha b.nly in .leri-ey City aa Mra. Ricliardm.n'a, and
tit- further invtrtigatiori that ia on foot may poaaibly
rt laaal a very inttreetiiiK Htate olfact-a.
Mih. Iliihardaon, in pompanv wiih Detective Voiiiik,
veater lay virited eeveral of the newrpaper oHicea
about the k ir v, and produced to the edirorn in chartre
piatty ratirfadory prot.fn that ahe waa Mra. H. tn
ntrnpria ;*r*o>ia,iiiv\ tot, aa the lamented Toodlei
aaad to ticlaim, ln ghoal'o peraotut,
IiE(.i...Nf.-Mr. C. r. Bal , f Ciucinnali, for many
reanaa-at afa aaaapapif there, and a aaast-Bl
and rarafal nader of the movemeuw of all thf
c.\|,,iiti<>nri t<> the Arrtir Regiona, abandoned hia
lii-f.rrion. nnd in February laar. virited New
Loadoa, Ccnn., Niith a view of par-M-BBf
ihthrigitaarrt,foiaiail/ lha BaBBaa, of the (irin
mil expeditioa, aadar th.- bbb?b_bI of Lieut. I)e
Hin, n, fi r tl.e pnrpeae "f makinga peraonnl efort iu
laitheraare of Aictkdlatwaeriaai but baaaffaaaUata
r.<ure a niniiill. pereoa t<> Bavkata tha raaaalfha
abandooedtbia idaa, aad taraad bi? attantiaatooba
lainii K tlie ue. lanui ml'-inati08 in rcyurd to a hoat
fxrx<fitioT>. Capt. Sv.ln.-i O. Baddiagtoa, a whalcr
of N. w-I.ttii'oii, wbo biit'l.-tti ly r.runied from un un
iiriiillv liiiih lalitudeeieii b>r WBaklB, aua who haa
BtadavanuaaToyagratothaaM Barth, and ia audte
be v. ry ii.ll poataa .>n tle (vreot-raj-hy of the pattato
bevisftirdby Mr. Hall, fortaaately becaata iatimata
witb Hr. Hall, r,ml Nl.rarr. Willianir A ll.iv.riH, a tirm
II al haic u largB lh et of N'cBrcIa at th< ir couii.iand.
gn iroualy pit poaed lo Mi. Hall lhal " Aeateatfaaony
" of oar prreocal raaari, _ad tbe iatarnal we fn-lin
'?tbe propoted expetution, we will eeavey it aad Ha
?? r>rjioi..1 ..iniitr, boata, awdfee, protiaioae, &?-., ?e.,
?ln, ,,t i],:,ryi, m the bark (JeorK-- ll.-nrv 18. Oa
" Uuddii.gttui. i_:irt.i . !i> N-rthumberluitd Inlet. atid
" w ten di .-ire'l wewill give the i-tue Iree paeaage
?? I...II (- ill 1,81 rhipe.
'111 ,'x; i iiitinii wfla iheiafara al bbbb ?et doarfl ai a
ItitT aii.l tl.e ttmc for nailniK n-t 08 the iitilh uf thin
in.. iitb, I- I >? u'l-iie ab'-Tt niii'ti en inonlha.
Aftti leaviagHr. HallataaaM i>oint n<>t yet fully
deti it, ii-' d i-.pim, but by tbe tirat of Aagaat, Capt,
Itnddington will reiarn io Northnmber??d lul.-i. or
tl iit i a ii:itv, t<> crataa for wbak ?, till about Ihe tirat of
.Nottiiibir, wl.n !i uill aarh i.i? Wlaaat (aartara
it aaewbera in tb.- iHt-tud.- afB-defreea aartt.
(?n b av ir:K the point ofdeparture Mr. Hull will pro
cce-l t" <x| I,tc tie na?aowa r.>'ion lyfog between
( i,|e WiHoDxl by i.ml tl.e ci.rrame of Fmy aad Hecbl
Btralt i from th. tu e lo ibe wcalward, through ihe Srr.nl
to lioi tbia and KiuK William a Laaa, where the relica
oi i- iHiiklu, r exBamiaa araia Aaeovarad by Capt. Um
Cliati ,k.
The toute ef Mr. Hall _ expedition ia a new one.
_(Hi ii.iUe <-r n 088 will be new geo?raplii.'ul -li-. overit-8.
Ol aciiatici.r 08 the ui| , vuriaiioa aud iiitenaity ofthe
ii i ei ciic needle a ill be made.
TM niii. tin'ttid.nre of coiirtrrjrling lha boat ia left
lo Capt Baaaaajrtoa, while Hr. Hall aaaaaaarlaa kt
i ii.ui iiiiii, ahtn ba ie bariaa bie rle-lgea bniltafter
|)r. Kuiie I- pattera. Tbe guide for tbaexpea?ioa ia
;.n Er(-|iiin tiii-i whibr, engagad by rl,.- New-l..-nd"n
Mii-.'iiin'.' n.-n from Ibe weal ai-ie "f Haffiti 'l Hi.v, Bfl
h " b( ut liiu.lcr" numid Cii,l-lai-|i.-..li. a M81 about 35
l.iilr'.l ,>,' ot eXC-ll.llt ilieporllloll iind lilllerr-, llllo
b now aiojpiiig nith Capt. Bad??gtoa at Xiw
I.i riii n.
Tle l-ark (,e< rj_ ? Hcnrv ia "tronj-ly huill, dotibly
I L iik. il all round, aa lu_li Bf aa her wulea. tuid ia
ah. aibtd wiih iron lroin thu niern lo ihe al'ter part of
Ihe fbre rkgiag. Tha boat Behtgraaatrartad i-.r Hr,
Hall if 98 i.?'?! E BB. 1 te, I I eani, V.".'} inchea deep, und
baa j! oi un nith tliickiierit of tetlar ]il:iiikinir, ber ap
|.t,iiii>- i?r. ii.l.l, Dg a nbaleboat. hbe will ba pt'"
li-icd arith oaa bhmI oa whkb rhe uill cany a jib aud
11.Iill rl.il.
Mi. Hall will iliii-tiihark pro'-ably at Su-ru-x Irlund
in ihe Fox f'haniiel, arbsBfl iheri; ia an RasahBBB?
etiib tii.-iii. uud apeed a al.i.rt _BM IhSN pr.-vn.ua to
uuking bir o\, rlaiid jourmy, for the purpoae ol BB"
roti.iBf a-? limated. B88tad BpBB N'orthern niatlera, and
i i|iiiiii/.i!i| a baat'fl crew of live luiliveB, ihe BBBl he
, an tind to aiiawcr hia p,,r|.-a-,
Irrrosrn Sl tirii.?A man appeared before Mr.
Ilihliid-Altorii.-v PWlghl on Tliiiir.i.ty. aii'l "tar.-'l
lhat for aome time tlere Imd becn littniK ?P B veanfl
ai I'i.r No. K iva.t Hiver, which, from her build uud
a.h,|ti.tion to fa.t eailiuK, Bfl b.l,. i.-l t" Bl '"'?''"?? '?
f. r the . !uic triide. Thu ?Mflfll had tirat BBB, l"',1?'r tt
claaianrr from tlu- CiikU._i-Ho.iw-, for St. Tbotnaa, but
he belicv.-d that ab?'waa b.-mi-l fof C'vugo Kiver.
Nothing ni a. douc in the caee.
Tbe Wbitworth gun ia conitractednpon the prin
ciple of reducing windage to tbe iitmoat niinininm,
hy a mathematical fit of tbe ahot to tho bore, and
doing away with wbat little may remain by tho
eflect of tbe luhricnting oompoaition. In thia
renpect it is inferior to Annatrong'e gun, which
haa no windage at all; and thia wc conaid.r itn
prineipal defe.t. The polygonnl bore, however,
would be impoaaible without thia defect, and at all
eveuts it deaervca to he ackuowledgcd that with
auch nn originally defective ayatem, auch great
reiulta huve been obtained. Wbitworth has un
doubtedly hrought to ita higheat perfection the aya
tcni which givea hard, unyielding ahot and allnw.
tvindage. Hia gun ia immeuaely mperior to tho
Totigh enipiriciam of the French rifled ordnance.
But while Arnistrong'8 guu, nnd other guns de
peading on aoft-coated abot to be forced into the
groovea by preaaure, may beperfectcda-. injinitum,
Wbitworth'a gnn will have no auch future; it ha_
alrcady altained the higheat perfection compatiblo
with ita fundamental priuciplea.
To recapitulate:
Vo find that at the prarticable. ehtition of ficld
artillery, the beat rifled guna known give a range
but rery little auperior to the old amooth-bored
gnn. There ia, however, aome advantage, and
tbia remains an item in their favor. But the great
adtantagrt of rifled ordnance for ficld-artillery are
1. The aame weight of ahot can be projected
by a gun having a much amaller bore, and with a
much amaller charge than with the old amooth-bored
gun, wbich waa .mly fit for spherical ahot. Conae
quently, the weight of the (riin ia considerably re?
duccd. The old 1 .-pounder had a bore of about
4_ inehea, and weighed lHewt.; itn charge waa
four pounda of powder. The new 1'2-pouiider h.ia
a bore of about Ila} inehea, or nearly that of the old
9-poimder; ita weight, ri cwt.; charge, from 1_ to 1}
pi.undra. Tbel-'rench new l'-J-poundera, withtbeold
4-pounder'a bore, are still Lighter. Thia ia an immeuae
advantage. It gives to the field-giin a mohility
liithertoutikiiown, and rendera it aluio.t au fit to
go over any groundaa inl'antry. More than four
horaea to a gun will benceforth be uaeleaa.
_. At the diatancee hitherto practicablc forfield
arlillcry, it givcg a far greater chanceof bitting; it
!ower8 the trajntory, and reducea to a minimum
both lateral and longitudinal dcflcctiona. At an
cxcbange ..('round ahot and aholla with percusaion
fu_en, a rifled battery will alwaya beat a amooth
bored one nf eqtial weight ofahot.
Aa to beavy ordnance, it will be all-powerful
againat bbbbM w'alla, eapecially by ahell-practice
with pcrcus.sii.n fusca. Thia haa alr.-ady been proved
by eiperiment, both in 1'ranco nnd Gerniany. It
w ill give ahipa and aiege batteriea a chance of bom
banling tov.ii. at diatancea from 4,000 to 9,000
yardi. In every other reapect it will not alter
matcriiilly thc hit-'crto exiating relations of beaier,
ers nnd beaicged, and of ahipa againat batteriea on
On tho other hand, the disadrantages of rifled
ordnance are:
1. Thc common caae-ahot becomea either impoa?
aible or ineflfeetive from the irregular line of tlight
impurted to the balla by the apiral rotation.
_. Firing with ahell with tiiue-fuaea (and ahrap
nell i-hot w ith ditto) becomea almoat impractiea
ble, aa the absence or reduction of windage prc
ventathe flame of the exphjuion from communi
cating R ith the f'uae which necetsaiily must be at
the point of the oblong ahot.
In apite of these drawbacka, rifled ordnance haa
now become a matter of neceaaity for every amiy.
The queation m.w ia only, bow these drawbacka
can be obviatcd. That they will be so there can
be uo dniibt. llut it ia certain that the aame rulea
obtain in rifled ordnance which regulate the con
truction aud uae of rifled amall arm.. The exag
gerated ideaa of five-mile ranges in the one are aa
lidieuloiia aa thc notion ofhitting a man with the
new riflea at *00or 1,000 yards; andstilltheadvan
agca given by rifled bores in either case, aro ao
great that it ia imperative upon every anny which
may ever be called upon to fight with civilizcd
foca, to do away with all amooth-bored barreU,
both iu emall arma and artillery.
A targl number of I.cpul.lienns gathered la?t even
inu' at tlie headntiartera of ihe Central <'ar_paii<n Club,
No. 7__ Broadway, to talk over thc Chi.-ago tiomina
tion. D_at_- I'm.man culled the meeting to order,
i.nd BBRflMtad that mcaanrea ahould be taken to get up
a iiititi. aiion BieatingtIB Monday evening. Mr. L'll
u.uu proc.ided to ap.uk of the noiiiinatioii of Liiuoln
aa a gaanatj ef rmotj, tai waa loudlv amlaadad.
.Mr. Ki.vv Aim DaTTOB uflcred the following rcaolu
Httohed, That thia Club will heartiJ- iipp- rt nnd a;i?__-_
Vliraluii. Lin.. In foi tl.e Pr.-.ideii.-y an.l Huniiil'al Hainiin fot
ti... Vi, . Pt.-.idn..- "f tlie fnitrd 8tat. a. b.-lirvinr that tliry
? ill luatain ai.d l.ally tarry out tlie princlpl. a of the Ui-publicaii
Tba refolntion waa received witb great appluuae,
und adopted bv U < laniatioii.
Mr. .1. W. Iloiu-.N uddreaaied the meetinif, apcaking
i.f l.iiitoln ua the man whom Douglaa aa-IB, taa man
wbo baa aaal tha Daaglaa in hia liall, aad will mcet
bim there agahi aml di rtaj hba out. He relate.l attaral
iine.doteH of Mr. Lincoln, apeuking ?>f him aw u aelf
lnude uiun, u profound lawyer, und u perf.ctly honect
Mr. A. C. HiLi?- aaaaatha next apaaaB. It waa
enough for him to know that Abruham [__ee_B waa
tbe nominee of thc Cbieago Couvention. [Loudap
plaaBB.1 1 bai ('"iivcntion waa the aarenibhd B7bBRRB
ol tbe Ib pabHcBfl partj of the country, und itn deiiaion
wiiabitding upon ev.-ry m.-mber of tlie party. For
bia pait, he had no grievancea, and hclicved thut the
.!.. inion of that ('onv.-ntioii wua, und.-r tbe lircum
Btaaeee, tbe wirect tbat could be ?BBB. lt wua not
aimplv u duty, but u pb-aaure, to nitify it, und he did it
witliliit. wln'le heiirt, and ahould work wiih a!l bia
night. BBBa, und atiengtb forlhegreut victory whieb
he ...llfldel. tl I'.-Itaill. I A }>| i!.ill*-t.. ] lle COIllniKfe.I
ihe huiinoiuinir actioa of the CbkagO ('ouveutioii with
tha brofl at Charlerton, and r.-garded tbat barmouy the
pie.uiror afaBBMBBi
Jllr. Kiim A.MiUKW-next etvoke. following m the
waha "t the aaBiiiilaa apaahar. Bb tbongbt the namc
of Mr. Lin.olii vmib the atn.ng.-at iiume that coul-l
navc 1.aa i r. ti i.t.d f.?r thc aaftagea ot tbe l.cpubli
.1,1. pattf. He would aupport Mr. laincoln with all
bia miuh't, aud urg.-.l the hhiiic aunport iTom ot n-ra.
IU helieved they tM.i.ld BB- - D- beav.er B. puhl.i an
M.le next Fhll tfii.n wa* nec.ar.try to cle, t th-ir cHU.il
date. |^}'1?^;)^il,_|,,?dly?,ll,adf,,r,ror_3 in re
,,,';? ' iJe wua n?'t ilirappoint-.d in ll.e nomination of
.. inxoln le waagrunlicd. Th.- Republicaa party
.all ? out >" SS <?'"-' ^"gtb G .Novcmla-r
,,. ., i, mii i?.rt Mr. I.in.oln. Th.-rt- w.-rc many who
_o\_T_t?^-?^Mw< "?httV" __?_!_&_!
StnUftbcrmtcd aStalca. but Mr. Kevvard ha
,. rtre gtlM'.o.igh. lle wua like ll.-iin, t lay, M
l ,, iinu.K.n vTould h.ive been hia .h.teat Mr
H wi.r.1 badabaken th- baaa, and Mr. t__Bt__awR
'ulj,-rin? tb-- fruit. IU- U-heved the _n.e ciithuaiaam
u ,,.id b. rhown ia tl.e I nauiiig t-Bt-M Ur. iu 1H40. A
1,,-uei day waa dawaiag on the Ain.-ncan Hepubbo.
Tba marib of tie.-lom waa ..tnvard. Th.y wi-rc
atiiviig lor a principle?the principle ol libcity againat
Mr. A. N. CorriN aaid thut the Kepiibliinn Aa*ocia
tii.n ol tb.- Tu. nty-ti.rt Ward bad h.nl a BBBB-B-ff. and
ruiiti.d the m miaatioB of Mr. tiacota. He bad NN
veivii.u.hin tavorof Mr. H?-ward, but in favor of
Mr.' Lincoln next to Mr. Seward.
Mr. A. K. Dovv aaid, thut althongh the Rcpnblican
Aiwii iuii'.n ol tba Nuith Ward bad lae4.11 very much iu
htvorof Waa. H. Sewanl. th.y rervilvcd to take otf
th. ir c ata, toll up their rh-.-v.-a, und go in t..r u Hght.
'II ey would Ii.-hi a good uc.ount from tlie Ninth Wurd.
Mr. Vli TiMioiiiut Niid tiittt be had i I'Uic iii for tbt;
j pnrpoa* of giving hia hearty approval to the nomina?
tiona of the Chirago f 'on-ention, and eaperially tn tha
exrelleut piatform of prineiplea taJd down at that Con
' vrntion. 8nrh a platfonn muat receive thf li-earty arip
I port of all true loTera of freedom, no matter what iiteir
arit.ccdenta. He eonld pledge theOerman Eja*mmmmm
ot New-York that thev would work t-arneatly for tha)
auccera of the partv. He waa safiafied that lineorn,
next to Benator Seward, waa tlie mo*t ivtfepuible
nan to the Keptibiicana of New-York. Hia cerwer
in bia own glate had prored him to Iw; a moat fltaa well
na a moat available r andidate. Hlinoia and Indiana
would no longer b? debatal.li> Igroiind. Illinoia wonld
l>? carried asliy a etorm, andlndiana whe.1 into the
ItV| uhliian line, [ajrplartae,) and be thonght he wonld
baaUa toearry Pennaylvania. He thonght that tho
pro?pe?-t of aiicccva wan r-rninentlT flattering. fipeeohea
alone wonld not elect our candinalea, bnt it reqnired
ariion. We ahonld apnre no time, we ahonld work
bard and all togelher, and a, muke aacceaa certain.
Mr. F. WSBBI BB naid that he. B?detaloed the Rer-nb
lican party to ba baaed on principlr. He wonld na-e
been very glad to B88 (lovernor Bnnka, Preeident.
\\ hen eaiididate for Speaker he waa aaked whether ho
rcer-vnired in the ('onatitntion of rhe United Statea any
tmr-port for Slavery. and he aaid No. He liked hia
coaraga. He would have been glad to i * Mr. Wade;
he likid bia boldneffl. He wonld have Ix-irn glad to
aut'i < rt Mr. 8. ward; bnt an Mr. I.inonln waa the can?
didatc, he went iu for him, heart and aoul. ln thia
coming taaraahja ha waa aara that wa ahonld aee an
tnthtiaiarni whb -h wonld iri .rnphantly phice Abraham
l.ii'.oln ii) the Treaidcritial chair.
Tlrce (herre were given for l.incoln and Ilamlin
" next Preeident and Vice-Preaident of the United
Stafes." *
The Clnb then adjonrned fo Monday eventfig. Afr>r
the adjonrnment, Mr. Ullman, who had preeided,
aaid: " I tell yoo. genrlemen, yon will 188 a tlre booo
piirKiiiff over "the prairicn. wbo.r- flame will ligbt the
glorioua mnrch of Ahraham l.incoln to the Whita
Honae on the 4th of March next.' (Euthuah-tk ap
plauae.] ______________________
?A Baltimore jonrnal, commenting on the invita
tion to the Prinee of Walee to viait New-York, naea
the following mikind laaguag. reipecting the membera
of our City Conncil:
"The City Fathers, aa a elaaa, are far beiow onr
loweat conception ot a (.'ongreaeman. They are from
rhe very dr.-ga of a aot iety little lietter than that of
Sodoin, nnpolirhed, unwaahed, and infiiii?ly rolgar.
Bobm of them are eonatantly nnd.r indictment for vio
laring the lawa, and nearlyall of rhem charged by their
own journala wirh bribery, corrupfion, and aometimej
poaitive peculationa. We do not truat otireelfee to
aj eak aa we feel upon thia aulject. We bluah all over
at the thoualt of bringing a yonng gentleman accua*
tomed to all the refineinent of aocud life, into contart
with theae unclean officiala, andallowinghiin toform hia
eatiuiate of American chanicterfrom auchexamplea."
?(ieorge Giffbrd, eaq.. of thia city, haa been in
Charlt-aton, 8. C, for aome three weeka paat, engnged
in tryiitK a caae of Baldwin agt. Iauniar, in the United
Statea Cin uit Court, in which the validily of a patent,
iraued to Philoa B. Tyler, for an improvent in cotton
preaeea is in question.
?Amongthe p__BBfl?BBJBy the a.riel, arrived hero
yeaterday from Aapinwall, are ISehor Seoane, I'eravian
Mitiietert., Brazil, William Chambera, Seeretary of
LBp?M toNew-Oranada, and J. 13. Halaey, ChajgO
d Affaira.
?Among the paaaen^ei. by the Europa, ia tho
Prinee de Joinville, traveling incog. He ia going to
Canada on a fit-hing exenraion.
?Mr. Kmil Scholier h ft Detroit on the Itli inat. for
the jurpoae of tinding aome cattle he had loet. Stray
lag ftirther away than he intended to go, he loat hia
path. and for nine daye had no food except rootaand
the bark of treoi. When fonnd, he waa aadly emar i
ated. Though hc had kept in motion moat of the time
of the nine daye, he bad wandered only about twenty
milea away from the point from whieh he auirted.
?The Rev. T. Starr King preached hia firat eermoo
in California on the 29th ult., at San Franciaco.
?A Weatern paper, in dencribing tbe etfect of B
i-evere tbunder-iihower, aayf: " A cow waa atrack by
liKhtnhiK and inatantly killed, lielotiging to the villago
phynician, who had a beautiful calf four daya old."
?On the evening of May 1, the Liverpool polico
artettted 47 men iu the Albion Hotel " for making
baBB." When the whole nnmber were bronght beforo
the magiatrate, together with Mre. Smith, the kceper
of the hotel, a police oflicer uaid that, on entering tbo
rot m when- the defendanta were, he found a board
ugninat the wall with late telograph newa relaling to
racea, betting, Ae. Several detectivea were examined,
111 uf whom atuted that they found betting-booka, liata,
and other memorarida relating to betting, upou neariy
all the defendanta. They were, however, diacbargod
lor want of auiiicient proof.
?Among the paanengera by the Europa ia the Prinee
it .Joinvillel, traveling incog. He is going to Canada
B B fishing exturaion.
ffffT DotL-Bfl FaM roi a Vissy.?One ofthe
" HiuU-y eoppera" of 1737, atruck by Higlev of Qranby
(a blafk-amith) ont of ropper from the old Simabury
mine (Newgate prieon) 19 yeara ago, waa to-day pnr
chaned bv Alfred 8. Bob?aaa, eeq., ot thin city, of Mr.
George Williatoe, of guileld, for the aum of $50.
A lawauit had been one of th,- f.aturea of thc biatory
ofthhj old eoia. The Hkley aoppaai waaa the fli>t
, oiiif ever siruck in Nortb America, and are now rarc,
only three of them, it ia *aid. being in exinUmee. Mr.
Williatou bad beeu offered $15 for thia oue, by Mr.
Vieta of Gntnbv, who daimed that W. had acepUxl
tl, i.fler; this7N\rillirton denied. and a lawauit, w.iathe
reault, und the verdict waa in favor of Williaton. Tho
coin in ?,f pure aBBpar, and the tlie ia very good and
alaafa <>" tbe obverae _MB appeara the macription,
" Connecticut, 1737,'' in a circle around the renreaa-nt
ation of three blacksniitha' haminei. or sledgehj_ti
mfrs; the reverae beara the worda, "Tho valne of
(ln.- of the rarc " Waidiingron penaSaa" af 1791, the
fa< e of Warbington being lieiiutifnlly tb-ar and dia
tinit: and a Iaoniaiiuia penny of 1767, coined forth.a
tolotiy by Krance, were alao paichaaed of Mr. Willia?
ton by Mr. Bobinaon.
The "oldeoin" mnniaia a atrong one, wearoaware,
Inr tbia ia tbe rTrr'nirerT iuatante of it we have in et
with. Plenty of "old coine," " ivarranl.-d genoine.''
will be aahaaa, if faX) apiaaa can ba obtained for them.
CaFTt KF. Bf A BBBB Shark.?Our coiTeirpofident
ui \N,-anv>rt l'oint writt-h um of tlie cupture of a aliark
ofa .?ainxuhu apecica, in a trap, by a wirty of flaherraen
at tbal place, one day htat Weet ^?* mouater wae
ten feet m lenirth and nino round, by aotnal iiK-aaure
nient, and innde wt-r.- tound f'l.nryoungoni-H.eatiouttasd
to weiab 30 poaadaeaeh. Ihe bv.-rot tbe old fellow
lilled a luilf-biirrtl, and made aix gallonaof oib He waa
NOI ided Wlth four Of 1*8 WW8 of t. eth. The trap IB
whieh he waa aaaaht ?? ??^ ^^i V
inonater. ' [Xew-lrt-dlonl _taiidard, May lo.
Thappbi'8 Hvatt.?Dr. ChaBIBff will conaider the
aubject of Thuddeua Hyatt a impwonmeut, in adia
ronrae ur the Church of the Puritaiia Kvnjomiw
evening. _____________
Whikk Shai.i. Wf MrrT .'?Tliere are 15,000 Re
pubiicana in thia city who would be ?lml to celebraui
Ihe l.incoln and Huralin ratilication meetinK. Whero
ahall tbeyiiuet' Wby caiinot we have a Wigwam,
larger than that in CMflBffla We liad famoua log
cabina once. Haa tbe apiri'. of 1?I0 departid ? Abont
four acrea of gronnd could be very protitahly ooa-iipied
until afierthe electi<>n ? Wl o will take the lead in
the moveineut for a k'!'hii-1 fampaiirti beadquartera ?
, m
Cokrei tion.?The agent of the Colonization So
rlrty atatra tbat our r.-port of thr muiiial inrrtlBt of tbat b*<l*
v.nii.. i-rri-t-t. It ahouM l.-.vc n-til tlut $b,M3 3?/ for Mtlartna
ami - ijN'na.'- W4-0- 1-xp.uJ.d from an lut'ouie of <>v.-r f 48.000,
lutttad of *9.000.
Mivor Pot irr Itf.ms.?llavid M.Cormit-k waeyea*
i- i.l... anr.tr.l, t _iaaad kkltli lutkllix alolrn aproiiilssorv n.-ta- fot*
if"0 .ed a tiatin.a. f.wt a. ..itn ati, f, ,,,? tlir ahoti of 1>?, is lt.
Duiiu. at tlie loot of 24th atn-c(, North Rl.tr. Tbe aeouard ara*
..a, ii w itli thr r.-at t.u Iii. lia.'k . taM.*e rwiitf BTaBBtBB, k* tm
ll i ti.l llBlltlt liaketl tl.r pro|H-rtr. Hr Vkaa.'i>......itta4dta> au.wrr
by .lu.tif.- Uuarkrtibinb.A luhaii naiued (.rnarro Mstitota,
of N.-. 2n M.'DoBfal .trret, vaa. taMttjaj otrrAod, etiorgrd with
triint tt.aa-ll at. .tl MaMikiil.TiMi, .tiial i -li.si?fa PlBu,*_ , *i*
ii'liii-d tt *350. v.hitlt hr hadboimwrd rrt.ti. hlafrk-nd. Tldrl J.
'_uof_?btr. (i. nino wat lot krd up to xnaw.r by Ju.llrs Osboru.
.r'lill ralamii. t niiatta p^lJl^r. wat ya*rday eom
mittrd bv JiLtitT (l.borti to an.war a (-888 ?f ?_??/: '* ??*
iraiatlia'tJoaephb?tan.*ruaB.onadot tk* ?_? ? r-u? SBi..
I. Iti. ?l No. 131 11. :,ry atrt-.-t. a-,d bad . ,.J-> *i7?f!U,r?l,__?,"
hrrtorloiK-. Tli*, l.a.1 r,_..i?l a iprtl-.n of Mr. BMbBjI?8
b....?-l,..ltl KotHl.. iind fo. Uus be U held to Biiswer.I)rUtt
vr. KarWaud Ki.ttair .r.terdar tir.-k.trd a ctstuta ruaim-d Aa.
tho.iT (iolt, ,. aidli.f lt No. BT l-art .Ueet . I.ar?d wlth H-^UC
|Blw?_l 71 tlre rr..n, tbe brt? Blr.l .-t the Wav*. II* WBB
roioinittrd for examluatto* hy Juallce Dibonie.
Wx-.f ?___?.?The following aalea were made
ye... iJ.T at'lhe Merrbaiit.' Extba.^b, A J. Bkts_*_? ??"
Vcl Vli.u-e snd nt, No. _ North Moore arr*4 UA tla^
an.Kaj, Uvutt mi baa ?u t'aj *wt, trrveDpoiai, Lai, a^iBtat

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