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E_C-1T_1) BT
Naming of Candidatoa.
a? _ _
t -m
Ibe fitraggle hctvern Srir_rd and I.lareln.
Hon. Eacnibal Hamlin Nominated,
Salatea, Btaflrc aad P.ralec-ar.
BpecWl Dtffwtt- to Tbe N. V Trikunc.
CliiCAt.o, Friday, Ma> 18?B| p. tn.
Consultatu-uia and caucusing eontinued far into
tho roornirg last night, and fltrengthened the oppo
nentsof Mr. Scward, but both partios ontored the
Cotrrention in a atate (?f great auxiety and doubl.
TLe Scward mon wcro probably tlu- moat ctifi
d*nt. The firat intimation of the "oorahag a-ta*1
araa the enthuaiam of Ihe -BBBBaaa erowd at the
Jirst mention of Mr. Lineoln. It WBI wild and
tjcep. Mr. Si-ward'a fricnda uiidorto'.k to rcapond.
Jtiut the Lineoln mcn boat them.
The firat ballot clearly iudicatod Mr. Bewai J's
flefeat, and when, on the Recoud, Mr. Camernn
ati withdrawn uud rennsylvania voted f-.r Mr.
Lineoln, tbe laat bope of the Senard mon uas
gone. Thc enthusiaem with which tho re. ult was
reoeived waR iuimense. The \Vi_ivam, packed
arith 8ome IS.'OOO people, rea,.und^d with ahouta
ftnd calla of flatiafaction for five or ten minutea.
Tbere waa 110 rcprcRsing the irreprossible enthusi
a_m, and it only 6iibsidcd Nvhon ovoryl.ody Nvai
tirod. There waa never aueh another Bcene in
__merica. Ohio gme the IflMlag loaeh kl tlie
majority vote, and then Statea filcd in one after
another for thc flucceasful candidatc. Now-York
did not change her votc, but Mr. Evarta. in a very
HetU flpeech, moved the majority noiuiiiati.in be
made nnanimona, vrhieh nnum done with a new otit
__reah of applanae.
Ia a conaultation of the Chairman of the State
fl_elegation? aa to the Vice-Preaidency. which all
Bgreed ebould follow, Meaara. Keeder and Hick
_nan of Pennaylvania, and liatik* ol M-aaachusetta,
frcre moat ptooiiueutly named, but New-York fa_
thtmmi Mr. Baotho of Maino, and ho was there
fore eaiil) nominated. The Scward men expectod
aid from IVnuaylvania, and being disappointed,
took revenge by defeating her candidates for Vice
rreflideut. Though MassachuRetts gave Mr. Scw?
ard more vot.-a than any other State, except New
York, they entertamed k hoatile feolinc also ta
Ward Mr. Banks, and defoat.-d him, nt.tvsithstand
ing it was genorally agreed that no one would
Btrengtheu tbe tuket more thuu him.
There is a very ceneral i-atisfactioii with the
ticket. New-York ia biUcr.y dwppointed, but
prt-mises to go in heartily. The Went Ifl in a high
atate of jiibilation. Col. Laaa BBJB Indiana i. now
furebothin Octohai aud N..iomb,r. Dispatehea
from Penm-ylvaiiia unnounco a WtmiB-thaaiaatie
receptiou. A Bell man prorfiBB aWf ftFMliBl
pbia ratitication meel.ng to-uinbt.
Mr. Lincolu'B romautic permmai bi-torj. h!" el.
quenee as an orator, and hia firmpraoii.u^u^'fcr"t,vi
*ive nngury of a saccessful campuign?one of the
i_tiO etamp.
Moflt of the Ha-tern delegates make BIBWaiani
to diflerent partn of the Went before returuiug.
Moat of the MaaKaehiisetta lB.flfaf.BB vi-.it tha
Capital of WlflCTIlBiB hj invitatioii ofthe (iovornor.
The Railroad Company are granting free tk-Otl
liberally, and aome aro making up apecial excur
aion traina.
11.'.10 P. Af.?Chieago ia in a hlaze of trlory t->
nigbt. BonfiroR, praeaB-aaa, teceh-g-ta, fir?
worki, illuminations, and salutea, huve Mad the
air with noise and the cye with bi _u*y. " Ho_8Sl
Old Abe" is thc cry in every inoiith, and the
" imprcflBihle conflict" agaittflt :>lav.v. Bal eor
mi.tion. open> with great pr.-miso and baaaeaae
entbusianm. It is impoaaiWe to rate the
good feeUng and joy that preiail ht-ro. Tho nQaoil
delegation roaolied that the milletiium haa corr.--.
Tho Wigwam ia pa.k.d with people, .'tnd M--- -.
Giddinga, Curtin ot PcMiayliania. WjaakM tt
Bo*ton, and oth.-ra, uinde BBaadag apo.-.-hoa.
Preaident __flh_8B- and tho C'hairiii.-n ti the
State delcgations go bb .>pnngficld in BBaaeifll
traiu lu -miflfll. to inlorm Mr. LuOO-i of hifl
Dispatehea fr.-m the intoiior re]?(.rt .norywhoro
tlie greatent nalhaaiBl hnalr", -shtaa, ""<!
tbe higheat joy.
fck.meof the Illinoia dolegation fairly cned wnh
happineea at the Buccesa of " Old Abe." Th y
aay it is a triumph of the people OTer pottHeia ia.
12 P. Us?The NoNv-York. r- M] Hai Pa-BilfTatfl
ttUliiowumto onM.. SeimiMir; thut tha hattlo
Cround will be t.ai.sferrod to RaW-Torfc, aad
tbinga would bave bi'Cii diffcrent with Mr. -BVBld
Bfl tbe nominee.
CkkA'". Fri-lay. May lt, I^JrO.
Tl.e V>"nt*raa v . r j sehed for h Ihl Mar ba
fore thw Caaraaallaa aaa -Mad thia M-lffa '*-)"' '"
tereat iu tho pnx?tx-iiga appear. on the incr?a88 aa th?
tiuio for baaaaaag flffaaaflflHa. _ flflaflad Bsaaaaiad ajr
lLou?mda haa baaa aaaadc t):<-1 _M_ag flhsefl lo'elooh,
M____aia_ awaiting inuHannattmtk thfl in-ide. Ar
nuigt-meiiU bave beeu mwln U>r pmwiug the rcrult of
tlu: Imllola Bf EttE tbe platlortu tothe roofof thfl WH
_ag, aod throuirh the akylight. iuen l?.-iii>; i-.tati-ini d
?above to canvoy apeedily the iiitellif/fuce to tbe multi
tude in tbe atrueta.
A large prooeaaion vtaa fonned by -M
gatioua, to tnareh to tbe hall, preeed-d hy l.audu of
Buair, New-York l-eing hy far th? u><'?t numeroua.
Aa tbe doleKuU-a eiilerod on thc platf.?r_ th. ?-v ntl
gtt_ngt_aht^ n?*u were grnted w ith rouiidn of appluu.-e
J. y tb? audiflfltflfl.
Tho opeuiug prayer was delivered by tha Rev. Mr.
'I8II8 of tlie Tttben_<l>e, Itaptiat Church.
Tli?-or fonr meetiiigs were held at a dataaee oal
E\ ud dB_iog ik eiltw* ?i Iht prajrw m U* Cou
-ontioii, thc ronra and ehotita of thoec tncetinge oould
be dwtinctly lx ard in tho Wigwatn.
The PitF.amitNT, on 8pflfl_B| the procceding-s, bejrfred
tb;- uudionte to refmin na much aa poanible from ap
plauw, and to preaervo, un far aa ooi?iatoiit, the de
o< runi Hiid (li|fnity of the moeting.
Tbe . kf.mdknt ftcnoimccd nn invitation for an ox
eturaloi oter th,- CMcago and Galona Railroad; alao a
808?aaakajiaB from the workinfrinen of Ilrooklyn,
V illiinm-lurnh, and Oreenpoint, New York, in favor
of h ci. wnj. tbe Ooveiiiment lauda on aetual aettlera,
and for ariotting Ait further t-ala ofthe pubhe lauda.
Botb eoiiiuiuuie?tii'iui were ordeiod to be eutored ou
the reeord.
The l'Krai.KitT announced the tnotion pendingto be
w take u I ti'lot for 8 eandidtle for PtosiJ.-nt of the
I'liiud Sttitf-i-.
_h.lii.Aii-. of Maryland announced that, in conao
quentv of the adoption by the Convcntion of the rule
ri ctrit titiK t!.o vt'to ol Maryland lo tho number of dclo
pites preaent, the deleguiion had luat evening fillod
up ita number, and aaked loave to preaent the i-rodon
tiiiln of livc new delt-gutce to fill tho number from that
Mr. Sakgeant of Chieago Inquired whether the fivfl
addition?I votca now udded w.uld inereuao the roto to
iMi-ou, or _BBB it at eleven, which wan the numbor
of votcK BBBBlBad BB that State by the repoi-t of tho
Comniittoe OB Cn-dcntials. If it deaigned to incrcaao
Lo vote alKive eleven, he waa oppoaed to it.
W. T. Coi.i of Maryland said that his State had
1 ci ii riititlt (1 to oleven votee only, becaune the neces
Mxiy number of delegatea for the ai-teeu volea were
uot preaent. Tbo delegation had power, by the actioa
t-f tke State Convcntion, to till vacancioa. They had
now done ao, nnder tbat authority, and claimod the
right to cant a fnll voto.
Tho PafrTBtrT aaid he underatood the rnle adopted
in the report ol tbe Committee on Credentiula to have
"-tntted Maryland to eleven votea. The additional
(1. legBteo would not cntitIfl them to a greater vote.
Mr. Ba??fl af .Maryland deaired to correot tho error
of the (,'bnir. As he underatood, the number waa only
linuted becauae tbe delegatea wcro not preaent. Tho
di lct,alii.ii Imd a right to lill vacunfliflS, uud had done
t-o in flfl-flflaaa?M of the rule adopted yeeterday by tho
Mr. Ar.Moi u of Maryland proteated airainst the re
ception of the credenti?_ of new delegatea. Eleven
rt-j l.mntativoK only were preaent from hia .State. The
dek-gation bad niot withont hia knowledge und withont
tho knowledge of at leBBl inore than one delegate, and
tilbd up their nnrobcra with roen who lived God only
kn iwh where. A rer-ident of the State had been re
faasi -Wa?oa to Um dekfljalka, and ivhat objoct his
ci Dflflfljaca hud in riliinglhe. delegation with non-reai
dtutK bt did not know. He hoped the uiotiou to ad
mit Ihfl ifllflBJBtBfl wtitild bt- voted down.
Thc motion to admit tho extra delegates wa. lcw-t
amid upjluuae.
Tho louvoiiiion then voted to proceed to hallot for a
cari.li.liitc for Preaidmt of th. United Slateg.
\V m. IM. Bl fl Bl 1 of Nt? w-York did not riae for the pur
8881 "1 making a apeei-h, but only to uak if at thia time
it ia in order lo put (sundidatea in nomination.
Thc rBlflflliaBI Thfl Chair conaidera it iu order to
nanie 8BBM?dalM withont debate.
A delegate from Pennaylvania drew attcntion to the
fuct lhat dclepitcs' aeait- wt-re occupied Bf outsid.ra.
A You k?The 8iiui9 here in Ohio.
Tbe Ea_-MB r?Thia utfords an opportunity to tho
( hair to road a commuuitation juat rect-ived from the
doorkoepora. The communii-at ion atated that delegatea,
rn- aaaa ua they got into tho hall, p_.t*;d their tickets
.-ut to frienda. The orfieera therefore found it impoaai
bla ta I'lt-vtiit the adniiafcion of outaiders, but the fault
rci-ie.l with tbt dclegatt-B.
The Pkesident euggeated that the only method to
pursue-wonld bo for each dok-gate to claiia bia own
?-.an ?-ll? ^a^??
Afr. r h-iuo drlay, OMBBBMmI bf ihe clr-aring of thc
plutb-rui and tliKtiibuting ballot?, the C'ouveution pro
tmatmi la huilot.
>\m M. BraUttAoM and said?I bog leave to ofTer
tluiBBBBfl ofYVui. II. S-wnrd aa n candidate before
thir Ci.uieiitioii lor the nomination of 1'ioeident ofthe
I'nite.l .Statcs.
Thk iiominat'on wa-. rect ived with loud and long
,? i.tii.ucd BaghMBB.
Mr. .lt ni) of D-Beifl raaa and .-id: Mr. rrebidcut, I
beg leave to offer aa u catididale before thia Convcntion
brPreatdsnl of thc Unitfldftatea the name of Abr.thain
LiiK.'lii of Illinoia.
The crowded audience jfreeted thia nomination with
perfect ly dcitfeiiirig applauao. tbe ahottts awelling into
B i(-rft-ct roar,and bfliag M?tflBBBd forrcveral tninute-,
ti,,- wiM(.-' c.xcittuic.iin;iJaolha?aaa araaaJ?aga At
tbe rlt>ae of tbe applauao eotue hiaaea were hcard, but
t?V pn mn for Iincola wa. ircmen_oaf,.
Mr. DfPT.rv of N< w-J.Trty pnsBaBfl thc name of
Vi'?,. L. Dayt ii. l_l\gh\ applaaja.]
Gov. BnSI I ,.f I'? nii.-ylvariia. The State ofPcnn
?yhrB-la iaabta to preaent aa her amdidute the uauie of
Siuion Cameron. [ApplBBBB.]
Mr. CtaTH of Oliio put forward tbe name of Sal
nion J'. Ckaflfl flf OUa, (Load Applanae.]
Mr. Smith of Maryland?I am inatructed by the
i Indiana to flflOOBt, Ihfl nomination of Abraham
Lmtoin. [Aarthor ns_s_n1 of aatha-aBtk taafkmt
:,, | Ihe body ofthfl Hall, mitigl.d with aome hiasea.]
F-ABN?fl P. Br.Air. of Miaaouri nominated Edward
Balflfl afll-Bflflui [ApB-aaa.]
,Mr. EiAia atEmMgm aald,aa taapWti ttHWgMil
I e.r-iic t-i aay that lha -aaaala?? ef thut Stato
Ibe mwal?lliaa of Wa. B. Mwisa fur the
Tremen.lonaapplanae foliow.d IhlBflpBBSh, thoO?BM
of tlKBc prflBBBl a-fcag ar.d wavinc their hata and
hai.dkcMh'i.t-. ariJ .-Mclling thfl Bfflfl-BBfl 10 a thund.r
mg loar IhrKMjh K-v.rul laiaalfla.
Thia waa followed by aome hiaaes und loud applanae
f, r l.-rier-ln, when thc frienda of Seward tiK'iin rallicd,
,]<?:, imii.i'l n?-t 10 be pn; down in BSfhaBB hy the
t-eadfl Of Lintolii. At tLirt aecoiid triatl of lutiKB, how
,v. r. it w;.a ( vident .bHt the crowd waa more divided
than at fir.-t uprv-ared, and the Lineoln men appareutly
had thfl majoriiy.
Ti-m Cohwi.n of <)l,i-> noininaled John Mi-Lean of
Oafelbrthfl l'naidency. (Lond applau*e.]
(Mi. BcatTB- tf Wiaooaaaa, on the part of Ua
Stioc. han roafl und h ooadad the uomiaation of \Vm.
11. Bewavda
r,.-,i, thia BBOtherei-neof the greatest enthur-iaam
und taaaakaoafl e_, it< ment aaaaa
Mi. NoBTB of Miiamnta a_0 aaconded, on tho part
of Miiinoaota, tbe nomination ef Mr. S.-ward. [Tre
?fl?deea hj a_aaa.]
Mr. WOBBB of KarariR-Tlie A-BplflBB-d BBBBM Of
Kaaaai wioad lha aoaalaarinB ptaaaaral cheen..]
Mr. D_l laaafOUo, 88 the part of h large numWr
of people ef Ohio?I eaa_a lo Mooad ihaaaB-BB-oa
a. ihe B_a who e_a^Btra_BBad__alDa?ifia_,
Abrahiiui I.ini-olu. |Kound? of applauao by \mmmm
BB "?'
A ib !c;/:ite from lowa aleo aeeorided the nomination
. Hr, I.n."-ln, on the p;,rt of that State, amidst re
nowed ii| phtuw ami oxi ilolliellt.
A Vaiea^-^haIiaBBBil_?f?fsaiaaBaaaa_?air. Let
II t.
Cbaetfl und Uiaaa.
Jmifi l.m,A> of Illinoia?Mr. Preaident, in order or
,.,,'r,,f ..iri.-r. laveaaai thia Oaaajea-aaia-d Baaaaaai
ghathrefl cheem for the man who ifl c-videutly their
?* ,Ji'"' ? .. /-. n .t ii
,, an.l criea of "No," " no." Call the mll.
Tl, li ? n-iNT-If the Convcntion will B***
thi. irrepreaaible ex? iten.ent, the roll will bf callcd.
Afler aome furtber exeitement tbe ealbnK of tbe roll
,???,,?.,.,,, lb6 applauae at tbe differeat a_uoi_,ce
,,.?, |,,i?KWiihdimeultyehecked.
Whaa Maryland wa. mmm\ the Chu.nr.an of the
???-j-fr BBBt the vote of tbe HtaUr faf Ibttefl, two
dek-iiat-BclaiiuiiiK their right to individual voUa.
After arane dineuaaion tbe Conrention rejected the
Totea aa caet by the Chainnan, aad wairod tho votca
of ike t-kfc'ttU* aepaixat?l|.
Thc firat baflot wrnhV ?"" fAw,:
ForMr. *_]___ ,n
MHine.10 iV???nein.W
Ncw-Iiumpahire. 1
MlOf-H l-UM'll......iii
UR.? -.. 2
IjHlifl. rnla.2
1'ellllrVhM.lia. li l\,.l r-l* .
Jtlarvlund. 3 iXebraaka.. "?,?"?____"*" ?*
Yirg'iniu.8 il>ii?iri.t r?f|4'., lumbia... 2
Kenttnky. 5 -?
MbUaaa.12 Total.,....l7Ji
Texaa.4 I
For Afr. f.incnln.
Bfabaa. 6,ohio.I
New-1 lampabire. 7 1 iidiana-.2b"
MaBBM bmetta. 41 Illliuoid.'?*
!'? i naylmoia.4iNebra___-. I
V_t_'u_la. 14 ?
K.ntmky. <,' Total.102
For Mr. Balrt.
I.liodeItdaiid. liTexaa.2
(.ni-tctieut.7]Iowa. I
lMnivbtml.K Oregon.5
.felaware. 6 __
Mireouri.18| Total......48
For Mr. Cameron?I'eanaylvunia, <R# _, Yirgime, 1,
lowa, 1; Maaaaaha, 1?lataL ?">o_.
Fo,- Mr. Mi Liun?lihode laland, 5, rennaylvania,
1; Kei.tii.kv, 1; Obio, 4; lowu, 1?ToUl, lt
Fer Mr. CAoir?Netv-Hiiinpabire, 1; Kh?de laland,
Ij Coiii.t-eticul. 2; Kentucky, 8; lowa, 1, Ohio, 34;
Nebra. ka, 2?Total, 41.
For Mr. IVudi?C'oune.taut, lj KentTtcky, 2?To?
tal. :<.
For Mr. Dayton? New-.Torne.y, 14.
Fer Mr. Re'ad? l'li.-tl. Irland, 1.
/ W Jfr. Frrmont?Jiew-llauiprhire, 1.
For Me-. L'oliatnrr?Vermont, 10.
For M>. .s'.o/ifl.r?Kentu.ky, 1.
\v, bolc iitiuilrt-r of vott-a, 465.
lSece>___ry to a choite, _!_W.
Tbe MtaaM bullot wa* then taken.
Mr. Cameron'a namc waa withdrawa.
For Mr. I.inroln.
JaYw-Ili-liipr-ire. B D.lavvaie.C
Veriniint.10 Keiitu.ky. I
Bhaaa lalaad. _.|()hio.14
l'enn.y Ivaaia.48; lowa.5
'Ihe'vvbole vote for Liinoln WBB 181.
F"f Afr. Srirard.
Ifaaaarbnnrrlti.22 Keatachj.7
New-Jereey. 4 Texan. tl
l'i mevlvin'iia.'^.Nebraska.3
'Ihe'whole vote for Air. Sa-ward wan 184J.
\j, 1 . ,.ii. 8 Pavton.10
Cbaaa._2j|C.Rt. Clay.I
Tbe tbiid ballot wan tuken ainid t _rit.ment, aml
cri(n for " tbe ballot.'' Inten<-? feeling exiete.l during
tbe ballot, ea.h vote being avvanb-d iu breatlilen_
Bilerce and expe. tancy.
For Mt. I.inroln.
MiisKubn-etti..8 M;,ivlitiitt.9
Bbode Mi.nd. 5,KeiUucky.W
,\. w-J.-iM-y. 8Obio (Apphniifj.99
Tlie' gave Linobi 2.10] ?____, or witbin lj of a
n'liiin .tion.
Mi. ABRBRW of MafRacbuaett1. tt_BBI_aa and oor
r< (ttdtbe vote of Mae.-utbuK-ttt., by changing f".:
vote., ai.dgiving thaa to Liiicolu, thun u< MbbRRBRJ
bim by ?.'' majority.
Tl a Coiiventi'.n immediatr-ly became wiidly bBRbbB-L
A large portion of tbe delegates wbo bad kept tal'y,
at (nee ._id tbo atruggle wa* d.cid-d, und half thc Caaa
veniion iom>, cheering, ehonting. and waviny b.it .
Tbc auilieiict-took up tbe cheer.-.. and tbe coutu-i-n
becainc dcaft-ning.
State after State row>, striving to change tbe'ii- ttMM
to tbc winrting eandidate, but tbe noim- and ei.th:i.ia-?_
Itailbfi d it iin-iosfiblc for tbc dclegtiteu to make tb.iu
?ahraa beara_
Wr. McCrilms of Maii.e. making himwlf b-ar.l,
Rtiid tbat thf yonng ginnt of tbe Weat iu BBBJ tt age.
Mnii a now aaata _bf bim ber Mfetea.
Mr. AM>i;r.vv of ___M-_ateaatta ahaaaajl tb- rateaf
tbat State, giving 18 to Mr. Liucolu aud 8 to Mr.
In-tlligenrc <-f tbe nomination war. now a__rVBjai tr.
tbe meu on tbe n.of of tbe buildiug, wbo immediately
maile il.e ...r-lil. iii.illltii'le aware nl' tho rr-eult. T_b9
lirrt roiir of the rauiion aaaa _bRBBJBb1 iteelf witb tbe
ahaata ef tbe paofla, nnd tbe aarae moment a man ap
pc.mliii tbe ball brinu-ing B large ivaiuting <>f Mr.
Lincoln. laMMRRM at tbe time Ix'gL'ara __MIB_Bta_B|
11.000 i".].|-inride and 20.000 or-ii.OOO outmde bjbN
yelling and rb'-utitig Bt aBBM. Tw- caiinon n-nt fnrth
r.ar afiir in i,tiitk nuierbion. Ilulegate* In.re up tbe
Btickaiind b.iarda. bearing tbc namen of tbe aeveral
and wavi d ti.em ab.ft over th'ir beida, and tbe
vatit mnltitudc before tbe platform vv rc waving BBRl
andbandk.-rcbiefr.. Tbc wbole LBBRR WM ou. of tbe
wil'b -t enthuaia-tQ.
Wa. M. Btartb, ef New-York, having ofetttaaJ a
biailng.bbMi "Mi. Cbafa-Baa,aaa ?aw*Tai_i baaa
tbe rileine tt tbe 00_T~ Btkfl I [I ' ' ' ?'] *
ark ii li.e v-te biin y-t It-eu .?iniioimc-'l I M.'iie-, _M
yet.] Tli-n, .-ir, I vtiiit to ba in Otttt."
Mr. Bnows. ofM".,-l--i"l la bbbbrb U reaaaai
Mlflaaail bat _n |dHI bm af Ha ITaat, AbrabaM
Liun ln UmA, ('"iinc. ti< ut, Keiitncky, and Miiin.-ota
Ib. | mtmgoi tbeir vote.. Tbe rc .ult of the third ballot
wiii- aiiiiounCod''
\\ Im 1. number of'votea ca-t.M
i -'tl
Keceaaary to acboice.
Mr. Ab-aaaa lAmttw received 154, aad araB4__d_BBi
.liily uomiiuttcd.
11,?- laalaa niil voting for Seward wre IflBBIrBjtV
ftette 8, New-York, 70, N.-w-Y.-reey. :?: lVun-vlva
nia, || MatyLii.l. B| MBRBfBB, IS] Wi--.oi.rin, IR.
Cabiuinia, :^-total, 110J.
Mr. Davlour. "iv.'l one Vi.te fnnn N'evv-Jt : r-y. und
Mi. Bfilaaa baU I taai aRMi i .-nn-vlvaiiia.
Tbc- rcaafa wa> received vtiib remwed applaunc.
.Viiciirii.iiee wa. reBteted, Wm. M. BraarscaaM
forward aa lha Baefaaaiy'a tabla an.l -p-.k.- an hlerara:
Mk. (iiaiiiman, Obbtlbbbb ") raa HaTioBAt
CoRTBRTIOK: 'Ibe BtBlBOl .\e\v-Y"rk, l.y a foi
g-,i!i..ii, wiiii coflaplete iinniiiinity in in|"-e alhoaaa,
culi.e to tl.e C..iiveiili..n and |.rea.-nted Ur CbkOJO I
oi ii- eitiseea, wbo badaanred iba BtaU froat boybaod
up and labcwd i"r n aa_llBTe__ Wt aaaaa kara, a
en'at Btate, Witb, an we tll'.llgh!. a gical rt.tt-ralllHIl
Ii.iiilaiiH !, and onr lo\e "1 tba k-ie-l BepobLu IrOBB
w imi: u.aie all l)e!....raiea. Th.gie.ii BepubLn pftba
Ait.eri. an l ui'*, aini oar lov.- for tba gr.-at ttepnblii au
party "t tbe Uakm, and o?r bta ?f ear atateainaB aad
eandidate u.a.le nr ibmk wedadoardati totbecou-Ory,
aad tha wbole i"imtrv, iu eapreaaing our prelerence
?i,i| I'.ve lor bim. [Apfliaaae ] Hut, g.-nlleineli, . R
from (ii.v. Sewani tiial BB-Bl M '?- l-al;..l laj i"Ve Ita
i ablii an prin. 'ipb-i- aad tbe K.-publuaii party. IC'lie.-rB.]
Hia lid.liiv to tbe i-ountrv. tbe (.'oiiatitnti"ii, an.l the
Lawa, bb adelity to that partj an-l tbe printiplea thal
n i.j.i.ilie- gow'rn. bin intere-t in tlu a-lvaii" ii.ein of
oar panv t" itr vi.toiv tbat oar t-*a__rjr mmy
rim- to R| IIW gl'l>. ii.'l'ter. me to de. Lar.
tbat I aaaab bir wnliaaiBia, an l <b> tb.
unitid ..|'mi"ii trf "nr del.g;.ii..n, vvli-ii I
ii...ve, Bir,..- I ae bow, that Ibe ncauuation ol Abra
l;;in, l.i:,.'i.iii.-t liini-.iB.i- Iba ItopabUaantaadidatefor
tli- Buffragea ol Ibe wlmie ..nmliy for tha taflea M
t'l.i'f .Miitfirttate of tbe Aliien.-ii U__f_B BB l.nule
niiauiiii.'Ua. [Applaasa, and tiiieo aBBBRI f.r R. .v
A lif.-H7- '"Ttrnit af Abrabarn l.inei.ln wa- li-re
ezUbtted from tbe platf.'tt!) BBbM IBBBWBd . I..-er-.
Mi. Ai-dr. wri.f MaaaaibanllR na tba part ..f tha
iiiiiteddele_ati.m of tbat eBRbB, m-i oiid.-d tbe D.oti'.ii
ol tbe geiitl.man of New-York, tbat the nominati'ii
be mad.- unai.im'.iiK. Aftnr de.laring the d.-v..tion of
MaaaaaBMastla M tha ftkt kkt ot brmbWm aai eqnai
iiy, ha extoll.d QOT. .Vward a* a MahMMRB aud
laatii. t. ai.d ple.l_-d tbe Siate to roll up ..v.-r lOl.nOO
majoriiy aud give tl.e H (llfj ek-itoral votea t> tbe
ca< I.l idlt let.
Ba pi* nt -.peechi-r, enilrn-iiiir tl.e noniinec, wero al?o
i?;i.ieliv(a.l Seh'ir/. F. T. lllair of Miwuri. and
Mr. ll.owi.iiig of llliuoiH, all of which breatbed a
pj.irit of connA-iMe and tuthunianii.
At il..- dofve. time l.eaiiv tbeerfiwcrr) given for
N.w-Voik.andtbe .I'.niii.atioii of Mr. Lincln uiade
Wiih loud flRaaai for liacolu, tbe ConvenUi.n BbV
j..11 ri.a-al till.. oolock.
Tbc (''iiveiition ttMBaaaatll I at ."> o clock.
A bugi-banntr waa broiigbt on tbe platform by
Penni-ylvania, bearing tbe iiuacripti.>n, " i'.-iiii'ylvania
giaod for 'iO.OOO majority for tlie Teople a G'aiididatc,
Abe Lincoln.'' lt waa receiv.-d with lond applanae.
At .r?, f/aBBJa. order waa obtain.d, and tbe PRRM
DIBT annoanced the btiaim-M U-fow tlu. CoUTeutiva tu
bt m ballot for Vk.-rrt-i-J.ut.
JCr. WirnrR of Kanaaa named John Ilickman of
a\r. Lrwis of P.iiiieylvania acconded the nomina?
tion. [a>JB_aaa.]
Vlr. (.'ani K? ?f Ohio namod Haanibal Hamlin of
Mr. I'AMTW'SLr. ot Maaanrhuactta named Ha P.
15?t_11of _?aaaeaaaat?t. ['.""' uppluu-.-. j
Ur, Snitii of Iiiduiii.'l iiuiiai-d Caaaius M. Clay.
[Load applauao.]
Mr. LoivHRT of pcnnaylvania named Oov. R.?_t
of IVnnaylvania.
A Iwllot waa then lak.-n, wllh tho follrrwing reaalt:
For Hanntbal Hamlin.
Maine. ltiObio..4fS
Witt HatirpahlrB. 10:indiuna. 8
Yerrnoiit.]0 Miclugau. 8
Maawn huiioita. I 11 ..... -. ii
Klude Ifland. H^Yiiaconein. I
loiiliooticut. .1 lowa. 6
Iwrw-York. :i5|Minuoaota.. 6
Ni w ,l( raey. li Oregon. 1
ppi.tiHvlvatiiH. 11 ?
Mariland. 8| Total.194
]>_awart-. '..I
For CmtatUt M Clny.
('?iii-e?( . nt. :? Miebigan. 4
Jiew-York.'.? i Illinoia.*--'. 2
?arw-Jeraejr. 1 IWieaoaeia.-5
FemisylvHiiia.4_' Minneaota..1
Maryland. _ \ Kehraaaa. 1
l'e.uwan-. '.', Llislrii-t of Colutabia... '-.'
fvgiaia.'-i'.i ?
K.ntiaky.1.1 Total.101J
For John Htrkman.
g.iB*McbuM?tta. 1 t'alii'-ium.? 8
(loiiTioiticut.. r Mimii. ? .t.t.. 1
??York. ll] Oregon. 3
Kntiaax. fi
.Nobraakit. _
Total. 5.
Sriim-yliuuia. 7
hillali.l. 1
Ileluwure. 1
Miaaoari. ?'
Illinoia. I
For (iur. Rinii-r-.Maanachnwtta, ll New-t ork, 2;
Maw Jaiaaj. Tj PcuiiBylvunia. -ti; Illinoia, 16; lowa,
1. 'I- .l.-.l.
F?r aV. /'. Iiunkt?Maaaiteliuw-tts, 20; Connecticut,
J, _*.w-_,-rk, 4; Ponuaylvauia, 8|j Mi_loitri, 'J;
I.iWR, I: flregon, 1. Totu.. .WJ.
For Hmry Wtnttr //V/nx-NeW-York, 8.
Fur iSar/i Houston?Texaa, li.
For Hn, L. Datfton?U.
_'<-r Mr. litud u) P-nmylvrtnia?l.
Total, a_U aVeooBB?7 to a eheiaa, EE\
. lit- rot Oll.l l-uilul ll ai then lak.-n.
yiis iu l.ur.-ti.-. wilhdrew tho uuuio of Mr. Banks,
aiid eaat ~'6 votea f.-r Mr. Uauilin.
PeiiLhi Itiinia wit.lrow the iiuiiic of Oov. Reoder,
und < ait .51 votet for Mr. Hamlin.
Now-Y?rk caet 70 vetaa kt Mr. Hamlin.
Tl,, I88BH "1 the voto whh nnnoiiiircl 81 IbBbWBI
Baaa-fl.10 | Clay.86
Tberc-.tilt waa reoeived with tumtilluou-i applanae.
When ..r-lcr wns rectored, Mr. Blakely of Ken
tiakv BB?ll
Mn. CiurMiN: On behalf of thut galhint son of
frcidom, CbflflflM M. Cluv, und hia frienda, I move that
the nominatioii be 8??fl unaiiiniotia; aud in retiring
ln ti; Ihe Convoiition, al the eloae of lle iiroce.-ilirigs,
aliow mo to tetider to you, on the part of the frienda of
Mr. Clay, our thuuks Nf your liberal suppoit. In
pi, m ing lu- lauie lo you, we pteseiitcd tho name of
one who roll- the end of freedom under hin tonguo,
ikiuic aa Ua lipa "wuct liberty hrrea to ttagar. [Laugh
l- i liii-.i applfl i-c.J
Mr. Batffl of Indiana "roociulei the motion, and
made an alogaaal aiieech in aupport of the nomination
and in eulogy tt Wm. II. So vard.
Mr. MbTBIIIII of Maine, on the part of the people
of Maine, eipresaod thanka for the honor done the State
I.y th?- noniinution, and declared that Maine would caat
her vote f< r Lineoln, Hamlin, I'nion and victory.
[Load araa fur Cerwia.]
Mr. t'AKttB explained that Mr. C'orwin waa con
fmed io hia haaaa hy 8?haaaa, bat bahad aent his
heariy iudon-ement of the procecdiugs of tho Conven
Aie.a Ti-ck of Xew-Hampshire moved that lha Prcs
i?l.tit ,i the Convcntion and Chairinen ofthe aoveral
_?k-KHti.>i:>J Iw a Ci_an.ilt.ac to itifnriu Meimrs. Lineoln
Ht d Hamlin <>f tb.-ir iioininHtion. Adopted.
Mr. OiddingB ,.ff, red tbe following:
Jflflflflatl. Ti.at wa (l.'i'Iy ljiB|ialhlBfl wi'h ihose
ii.en who l.avi been iliivcii, aOBN from their native
Btatea aad othara BroBi tha Ralea of their aa_atiea, ami
are now exihd fr.-in tlieii hotncH 88 8880888 of tbeir
,.pn i< ua; aud we boid tho Democratu aartyreBpoafliye
l, r tl '? gr'-s.-violaiionaof that clauaeot tbeCon_titntk>n
whieh de. lari i tbat i itiierix ef aaeh State shall be enti
tli ,1 lo all ibe privilitfcs and iuimujii'.iea of titizena of
tlit aovtral StaKi-. Adopud.
Mr. Lam (-f Indiana took the floor, an-I made an
tli.-ji.'Tit BBBBab it favor of tbe whole ti-'ket, aud
plei'g il ltuliatia f"r I.'.OOO majority, an?l hia houor fpff
tl.e rc.l'Ul|'i"U "f tl.e l-l.-ll/e.
Lo'ul tt\tt tttKt bari flnda I r Gnelcy, whieh were
uit-t by ap) lanaa- uml b_a ??
Mr. Uoooi(it.-ii "f Minnofoia announecd that a tri
umplial proveraioii would puravle the slreeta to-night,
ai.ii t..ai. I. ia taa ftajwfl-t, whata ? graad ra-iaa-oa
?aaa-g v.'.ul-i ba h.-ld. [LBadahaaaa.] Mr. OaasV
rit-li iii.iinlit loieof thniikMto thc ladi,fl and gentle
m i. af CUeafo hr lha BberaBry (lir-play-*'1 in bafl__|
and decoi atiii1. lha Wi._witm. Chirlad BBBB?Mw71
The Convcntion accepted the itiviiuli-iii of the Bon
lalauil Bfld t I.i. in.". aud GaJ-ua Itailioa-ls to i_curB."U
ri.b - aa ti.-ii iflfl?_
Mr. Aaaru i ot OUb aavad tha MWerlagi
Hiirfatal, 'I hut the Bi publi. BB Xaiional Committee
:,- potnted br ihii I ionnniion be nnd ibay ur.- beretry
ii.Mriict.'l to prcmribc uniform rul.-a, that flhall oparata
Kjiallvin all Ibe .Stat> I i.nd Temteflifla, Nvhcreby 111
t efutarethe aahea aad ptefciaaraa ol lha euetorata
tha BtpubliiflB (iiganiaanon in tba ebofee of i-audi
aalea lor l'reaidcnt and Vkt -i'r- -i-l.-nt may bo
juliv aad 1.1.rlj BfleertBlaed, aad lhal bbb ba-ia
. t um Domb-ituig vote be Haed aa Bayaaaaajr be
i- tbe proportiofl to rhe Btnnbei of KepoMkaa tdecton
t.,,.i.d t" re.idoat the hu-t general M.it.- election pre
. aaid nomination in aaeb Coograiaioa?1 d_tnct
througboal th<- Vakm.
Atter BBBBI hkiinii.'hiiig, laid on the tahle.
Mr. WashihrBJ of Vermont moved a vote flf thanka
Ofthe COBTaadOB tothe thWflhaaal for tho uliility and
,..uit. tt wiil, wl.ich he d-charfad the duties ofthe
. Iliee. Cllirii 'I lli;:iliilli"ilily.
A rota of thanka waa al.-" BBbBBI to the olher officeiii
,,f tho Caaiaatfoa, ? aaai ially tht- IU-cording feeralarf,
I'r.ut ef Indiana.
mi 1 hUaarhaj waa aa_oaaaad aa tho N_ti?nal Oaaa*
BB-laa tor the next four fBBBB, 1'ennaylvauia aloue un
t'.lh.l: . ,
Mni,,.C. J nillmHr,'K.nrnrky.C. V < I'T
N.v. ll.?.,.-l..(.. (.. r. ..; (il,...."'_*.;?
\. , ,..I.. I1., .ie. .1 lieliaBB.S. Mh,^.I?Ii
>!?.._-I ?.-?"-.. J /.(---Hei. M--.ouri.A.a S. Joiim
Bhnrl.a Iilatid.. I boa. O. Tnrn.-i' Miebigail.Au?tin Kla.r
( .?,,.. - .V. Ull nl..N H J.ltW
r<rrk....Eitw_D.Mo rai
N, w J.--. \.li...* i int Duat
MsivlaKd.Ja? 1 NNi,_.iici
.N i; si h-1
IVxa..II. Hf-.idfra
INlaconain.Carl Schttra
lo?a.A. J tktrrtm
(.'alifuiula.. ..D. NN . Cbev'.-uiikU
llou- IhC C'lilffiKO ^omlimtloiiHWcrc
Aii'-is-v, Friday, May 1?, IR.'A
OaehaaaVadajaaaaraaew beBaa Irea byaaaBaef
tbe enthnaiaa-c -Bepablieana of thia city tn houor of
tlu- noiniiiation of l.intoln for I'rceidcnl. Tho greut
i-at cxiiteiiitnt pieiaila 111 the city. The atreetn are
ulivc iiitii poUlkianaj and poBpa ara ptbatai on
Btateatraataad Ur.ailway, aawaaalag the sabjectel
ibe in niiiiimioii. Thc aiiiiotin. etneiit of tha BO_1111.1k
tu.11 waa ciitir. ly uncX|KCtid bv tbe Kepiiblicuiui of
thia (ity. 'I h, t'wore i-oiilid. nt tliat \Vm. II. Ifl ward
waa tO 88 the ti!;in, nnd when it wak aunouncod that
IaiiKoln was ihe nomineo, a feolmg of diaappoiutmeut
waa nmnil'eat. At lirrtthe iiitolligeiico wainot crodited,
but llieae doul-tia utrc of ahort duratiiin. Tbia foeling
rtil) eaina, but they taty that they will flhidfl by the
d. (ii-"ii "1 ihe l "ineuiiou, and give Lineohi a hearty
and (T-rdial 8888011
lYi-K tfekekm, a?TlieUejuiblieanaof tbia ciiy are
now fairly Wuked up, and tlu- wihlc-t i-xciteniBui |"",,
rafl ? iflgari le bm aaaaba?laa "f l_eep*" *itxa
.. ? in a |>a-r1'i-rt M-a of X\r* from buri.it.g Uir l^rrela.
Tbo whole baaaaaa htc _aaaiaaaad Nv.th a r.d iriare,
. at.888 blriBg, BHJMIc ia playiug, uud the people are
afcoatiag on Htaii -tr-.- und'Ii.-<>udw-av. H--ih atr.wta
ure liientlli janiinctl iv ith BMfl <>f all j.aniea. who are
t-Hnieatly di? UF-uug tht aiin.ii ,.i tlu- ( ..ni.ntion.
Tha Ktrpflbl- iu a ol tlu-, ity are now more retynriled
to tbe notiiinati'-n, und unit.- in hcartj approval ol it.
Tbey flOflatidar lhat wbQa Lineoln mav not be afl fltnuig
111 tle htaie aa S-ward, be will be leafl objactwuable
tbroiighniil thr- L'nion. - _,_
hin.e ihe reeeption of the aucceaaful laying ?r ">e
Ailantu- 1 ablfj, no more ..mui.ti. <1 88880 haa ever be.-n
Hiimtaed ia mm uij th_u haa boea mm iliia eYOj-og.
t "be firing ef (TMIib and the illoniinntinn of Ihe pnm i].?)
,J, -a-ongbnin-abBB aallai BBR -heBBBBBB af people, and
J_?* .t-t_iuelit la at Ibe bigb.Bl piU-b.
toe ?" Aliianv, Friday, May 18-11 p, m.
T, p aajMhMM bere aw-tri determined to keep np
Ihe Be, .?, Thev bave jiiBt I.imI it greitt pyrot.rh
llje excih-n. gtaU atfBBt lt ia tbe intei.tioii of tbe
nic inaiiiay on ^ ,0 e_.e||(j _ fom&i m.ep,j(lfl ?,, t|ie
KcpiiHtcaiiH bei .)f)u o_ ,(l|.ir _,,,,_, fro,n the _0_.
New-York deb-g illi&tthtl.n forwardc_l to them to
vention. A dupatt ^^
,LiBeHtct- AT wiinrrnt.
,.,,;.?;.. TRR, Friday, May 18, WA
A OAkteot HOgaaawa \_?* *" ****!?,;''?*,l,u'
lii-i ul.b.a.iB in favor ?,f i.> nom.iiat.o.n of Abrahuin
I _II.ADELFHIA. r>lu-v' Ml'.V r_?, 1800.
Iii iinlliBaBBBlla laBtalftfra uttm^H wa* beld _- tue
K.i.il.li.Hii Il.-adqimrtera to-night. A grand tc-na
light niRrtaaiaa Bl now murthii.g t.*>? Hlreete. * ne
,'inii ntion of l.ineoln ia ree.-ived witb favor ;trnon<r
be party throughout tbe State, it being tbo work ol J
be lanaajlTaiiia deiegati .n.
Ibe leader in The North Atttrittm WOtAXAer very .
? ighly of thecandidaf.a, alluding partirularly ? the
levotion of Mr. l_im-?ln, through B long publie tttu, to
t\hlg piineiplee BBB BtTOBg proof "f lu* _OBBb-M-B on
bo qut-aiion of the protectivc tarift, of which he laa
reen for yeara a consititeiit Hiivoeate.
Washivoton, Friday, May 18, WA.
Mr. Haiiilin'a. rooaM ure erowdU to-nigbt with
ri.iidr toiigralnlatingbini on bia nomination. lle bad
io ex|aeetution ef rcccivuig it, and wan BBI priaed wln-n
t wi..-. aiiiioiinied lo bia. Tbe Kepubliean* of tbia
ity and tbe Kepubliean Congr.8i.mcii are fullofen
1 il-.,.r|.| over tbe ticket.
Mr. Donglui. baa repeatedly aaid tn-day thnt the
loininaiion of Mr. I.iiuolu WBB the .trongent tha Kc
?iil'l.. itue eould have made. A Kepulil,. au rutitiiation
vill be beld bero next vveek.
DtTBOrr, Kridiiy, May 18, 1860.
A oabrtc of 100 gun* waa tired her. ihU aiternoon,
ii.d b_a__-l and llliiinination* were tha order of tha
?veiiing, iu honor of tho noininati.m ?f l.incoln and
ni ikai.o, Kriday, May IS, U__.
A tviluUa wa? lired here thia afioruoon upon tbe rr>
?eipt of tbe ucwh of tlie lioiuiualiou of l.incolu aud
lamlin. Na other evideucea of mad i.-iith_ai__j__,
lowever, were ajRMaaaaa.
IfgWaBS, Friday, May 18, 18C0.
A large, apontareoun and eathnaiaataf ni.-.-ting of Be
mblicaaa araa held bera tbia ev.ninir, ratifyi.-gaad
ong-itnlatitig thoniBclvcn on the Chicago nominationn.
pceihea were u.aile hy Meaara. <.'. 1'arker, BBjL, l>. Aa
ioyaa, aeq., J. Y. Foater, er-q., and othera. One haa*
Ind gunn were lired and bonlirea lighted. Agre.it
:ood leelmg wan maa_ter.ted, and many congratula
ions c.\i liang-d.
BabdoB, Friday, May lf>, WA
Onc hundn d gunn arere lired, BM ibe Rej.iiblicaua
ire jubilant for tbc Cbicago norninatioua.
AT M VN( IIKS'I___,,
Mamhkstkr, Kriday, May 18, 1S*t0.
A nab-.tc wan lired for tbc Chicago n.-iiiiii.-i-c, mw h
?xi it. ineiit prevaik and tbe Kepublicann are appa
i ntlv perfcitly tB_____B__
Hkw-Batkb, Friday. May 18. 1H60.
The nominationa af l.ineoln and Ilainlin are received
ahh bbIimbiI inilhiininiim A natiotial aalute ia now
x.-Lng BBBB tbe (ireen.
BearoB, Pridar. May 18, 18i'i0.
Mr. I.incoln'n noniinaiion to- Prenident cau?ed aome
iiirpriMj, but Braa well recived gcu.rally by tbc I.e
.til.iicarK, wbo bailed tlu- aniiouu, eniciit witli B xalute
.f 100 guns.
It in pro- oacd to have a grund Katification Meeting
it Faiieuil Hallou Motiday uight.
OOBXOBD, N. II.. Fiabiy. Mi.v 1?. 18U0.
Tlie Republicana of thia citv rc.eivcd >fr. Lincoln'R
lomination wiih great _a__MBBRR_. A aalute ot 100
>tiiiH wan lired, ancf bonrircg lighted ihia eveuing.
Bath, M.-., Friday, May 18, ISfiO.
A ralnte of 100 gunn, liiewotkr, ringing ofhatta, and
t 8tn et pi.KtBrion witb inii.ie, luauguiatcrt thc Hcpub
lcan liiinpaigu in thia city.
PoBTtARV, Friday, May 18, Wfl.
Tbe Chicago nomitiatinna were received with great
?ntbt_?ia-m. A t*lute of 100 guna, boulirc., tVc.
Tnr. nf.WaS iy TnE cnr.
_v vcr since tho organi/ation of thc party liad tlu rc
BMa. anytbing like tlie BRRBBal _aaa__fBR_M. in any other
.-vent. W'leu Frcmoiii waa B 'luinatcd, thaaaoataflBn
zuine di.l not dare to bope I>r anc-eaa. But now the
?ae<- wa. diflcrcnt. Tlu- ]>arty had grown froin a tiniid
md bopeleea minority to nnch proportioim aa to chal
i:.- invincible Dtmocracy, and it. voico waa p<>
ential in Naticnal uffairs.
Tl.e Platform war- fn . ly dMBBaBBJ during tlie day,
md waa almor-t uiiivcrsally appi'.-vcd. I*?el-ar, aharp,
lorilive f_rr.-rliou_, in laiiiruuge m-.-'t unini.-tak. ablc in
m "rt, wcre eoiii| ui.-d with the ilo.lging gcncraliticri
>f tbe unindoi? d Dcmocratic Platform, to bha great
__aaTt_B_tBfl of tbe latter.
At firrt tbere waa conaiderable dirappointment at
be re-ult. Seward'r. daRMM w.-re cui-ider'-d t" be so
?trong iRBt bin __M__aBttoa wan d'-emed a foigone con
lnrion. Wa-RB _M u.-ws of Lincoln'. noniinaiion
?auie. ii waataken to beahoax, and not I fevv jier
.oiirinH_.ttdU.at it vvaf r<>, until tbe publicaiiou of
ihe evenir.g odition of The Thihi ne dinripated all
knbt, by fully confinuing the iiitelligence.
Tben there wa*. a tR_t_NM exhil'ition ?.f fc.ling. Tbe
riore ultra Kcpiilili.an. cadly regictted the d.-feat of
Mr. Stward; bnt tbene rcgretf. wcre not bo uienti-med
...-i.l.- tbe liy.writical wailiiiLt of the Pro-Slavery
PaiBOffBfJ They ?uddenly Ivecame the I'riendH and
t_a___f_ant_flfr. Seward. and bowled pitcou.ly over
bia lailure. Tl.ey t.___ffa4 tbo l_ea_A>__Maa wirb laaaa>
!i..n of primipb-, nnd c.pecially vv ith iiigratitndc to tbe
man wbo bad *o Ioiik l>eeu tbe exponeut and cbampion
Bf the party. Whetber thoee regrrt.4 aror- fr.-m ayin
I atl y vv ith .Mr. S ward or l'ear of tbe BBBbIbi BJti Mr.
Ijncoln, will bo n.-adily gnenwd by the reader.
Wirb v.rv few Bllll|lllnaa, tf- IBB, vvorking Ke
|.iil Ueaaa oftha city bailed tbc nomination witb bcarty
piitir-lueiiin. .Yiihin an hoiir after the newx BT
rived, i-v.-iy 1'iiblii plaee and evetv rin-ct corner bad
ita crowd intorrnted in tbia IhSBM only. Tbc tltBlBBI
i.t t) I Drmo.racy waxtbo bcrtevidenceof tlie BRBBg-h
aftha Tiomiiiuli4.il. Oh, how aorry they Were for .Mr.
S.-wanl I A otianger lnigbt havc been bRRM-BbI lor be
lievingthat Mr. S. wim the ideal af tbe Deiiiocnttic
|artv, in.tei.d of lieing thc most radical of all thc
ital. aiiien of tl.e otlu r ridc.
OftaaRM a ii"i.-c mu-t bc mad. . and two riix-pound
ers w.-re hrought to tbc Park, aml tin.d eachahiindrcd
times?.ine of them by order oftha Kepubliean (J. -nerid
('. UaUiittcc, and tbe other under tbe BBtflSBiajl af | ri
vatc i-itizeiir.. Beaide tbeae, the Central Coiuuiitt.-.
ordend "tic liiindreil guna to be tired in Madiaon nnd
Ilainilt'.n l_|__LTea n-aj-ectively. In Moiint ___Br_ia
r.piaie, nlro. tbo Mg gaa wan bre_ujht aai, aala baa
dr. d r.nindh ani.ouuci d lo tl.e c',ii/eii- the nomination
of Lincoln and riamlin. Great BBabBH "' enlhnai
artic I"c].nblicaT,r tratb.rcd iu tbc aaaBBB, ?'?"?t,R' m'.
citement wan inleiine.
Among tbe Free-Soil ^rtion of tbe D.-mocrat..
parti ti.- tallataillna in aa__fMa. They aay tbat tbe
ii'.u,i.,uti..? ia a ttiuniph kt mtmm*k view-. and that
tlicyarenow rc-liev.d from tbe odiuin ol ultra-Abob
tionirm. ? , , _. ,i
Tbe old S.lver C.ay Wb-JR aiB BBaM. Niu-Madha
of LhBM bad made up their minda to be,.. -t .Mr.
siward i _ ilii? ??<* aaia|iiaaMi ta aaaaai km
wiih the lit.leenergy bai ta tbeir clt.t- , ?PialBBtlBB
lt?, l.incoln in a niynt.-.T, Bnd they BBBBI t.n.cto rctle. t.
s.ili they ayatf-thlae taarfaBy witb Mr. .vwaid. who
u . vry BBia BBB -??at he ia imt a eandidate.
T|it. D.-nglar n.-n Miirter bravcly. Tbey n?y tha
their man will BOW .'.rliunly ta auMBBBtli, and tha
he williarry Illinoia, New-York, Peiin-ylvama, N. w
Jeraey, Connectirut, and pt.rha|)f> New-llainp_bin- -
thna B-BBBBBJ tbe ele. tion into the Houae- that in, un
1ea_ tbe S..nth go for Dougbm; which they do not on
fider ponhible.
VN'e do not preaume t<> d.-ny that Mr. Seward baa.
tbouaanda of ardent frienda in the city, who would
bare l-ten thrice bappy in hin advanoement; but uone
of th.-fie fail to atapiieace iu tbo cboice of tbc Couven?
tion, <>r to promiae tbeir earueat aepport to tbe rogular
Thb TRiaruB offlce waa crowd.nl all tbo afternoon,
aad opiaioRi were very freely ezpreaaed. l_era wcre
a( me pcracnal ng**ta expreaaod, bot ? Hot_et oli
AI>e" wna f"'ly indonad by the people.
Durbg tho evening thei^ were ioma HIo_ioatlOB_,
and mo?tin.a (eleewhere repXrM of congratulaUoW
OfflT the reault. ^^
Th( re waa a pretty genentl wiah . wpreeaed that Joha
Ki- ..iiuiii or W'ii.tir DB-xfl ahonld 88 on for Yum
J'r.^i.b nt, arol llamlm's name waa no *? *> onthuaiaati
rally n-ceiv, d m- that of Lineoln.
thk tEEEE mk.n's kki'LIJI.k an ,WBBBm
Tbe bj| of thi. feaaa Jtea'a MaaBblaaa Cni n waa
erowded at _n ?arly b-.ur, in puraiiance . ?' ? **"
promptly iaatiod hy the Kxecrrtive C'ommitfc-' ?** Em
A*** inli'-n, for a rutiriiati'in meetingnr ?'i? Htny *******
IriHiitute. 'Iho cbair waa taki-n byCaraafl Hhai\ *nnt
na.. Bad Mr. KLLIOTI P. laaraaa w;.a _BBBBB- **'J
(iijli (1 np. n ro tiddresa the meeting. .
Mr. Siiu'akii njoicod in the 8888888?aBB that h ad
l+a-n made lle onloKi-ie'l " lloneat Old a\be" . ?
giowftig tenne; refnrei lo bia late Braeaeaajaaa <oniet *
Jot rhe Hotiutorrbip with Mr. Dniiglaa?a eonteet ?t
wb bb ha had ;i majority of i,0(IO on the popnlar vote,
tl.'-. 411 lritked oul of hia ok-ction by aa uiifau di.-trict
ing 1- "tteni.
lt Oa doflfl of Mr. Hhepnrd'e aildrcaa. tlin-e rouaina
08*888 were givcn for Akk Ijiaroi.it, and tke baa
arruik 1/9 " Ha.I CohflmWal''
Mr. Cfarraa at MBplBBBB, Ptmttm l*\*ut4, mttm* vm
next BBBBSh. Hr r?cogiii_ed in tbe audion** rna-y of
Ua olU BBBBtailia i? tbe atruggle of I89S. A\ that Urma
they were defMted, it waa true, but how aenr thwr
can e t"Carivu-g th* dav! And wbat ahonld be Uar
r.Mih in UK01 [Vakaa "We'l win Ihe bawar1
" lliinuh for l.incoln' "] On the tormer oecanon. bf
having tlie uudaeity to ina< ribe 011 tJieir Nortuem bao
nera " lluehaian and free Kan*as." thc Dcroocrairy
bad d( l< at, d ua. lut now aueh a pretonne would noi
aerve tl.ein. Iho db-thntion baBBBBBB tlie pat_?8
waa too well drawn. Tiie hpetJier had !>??a.
walcbing tho tel* grapb. He would BO?fcflB
bc bad been diaap|mint?'d, but ha waa now
willing to take "IT hin BBBt and go in to *uxt the noiai
noe. |(ircat appluiiHo. hix 1 biin.for I_Im 0I11. ?S<>(nfi
om callad for cbeere for William II. Seward, and alt
r<-re to tbeir ktt an.l gave them with in. ireniaed f.-eling.}
Thev miia-ht well cheor for Soward; he waa the tnoat
uobfe leader tbey had evei had; and waa there nota
I'ntnrc in which the Mtarenman might have hia deaertat
lim the ouiKlidale, whoee nanie caroe to ua by tele
Krupb, wua the imblci-t man ot thc Waat. Hia publia
[il,-, thoagb bet bnef, had not been pai-aed in leadinr
ufficiul poflMona. Thank Ood for it ? The evileof anuh
sxporience were fully exempliried in the caae of thai
"gray-baired old publio fuuetioaary," who now, at
BVaabingtoa, drmded th. inveatigation of the Govod*
(nii.n.iiieo. |ApplaMBBb>]
I be following luroiutio-i, drafted by Mr. Ki< hakij
MlCokmh K. wtru here oflered for udoptiou, aud Car
r-.cd amid mneh oiithiiiaiaani:
Rttotrrd. Ti.at tbe Younx Slra'i R4apnbll1-.au t.'nlon ~<p-)f?e
* ith ala. rity aerf iiiitciirii4-d ta?.tactfoii to the iiomi.-iation ot that
Lhi'Sf ( .ilivniti.il, .
ho'ltcd. 'iVt lu ABK.iuA.t LiaooU of IUibois we have
1 tUonrrj and eoliatstrntiiBiiBBiaBlIti af mt ptiaalpM of tha
:n .1 K- 1 - bln ta Paity- a laa?xr w, rth) an.l m crruptiblejcal
*h.... nliiiitk ?>? haT.- abuiitiat.t pruof, and whoa*. pttnonaa
aonc can qu> .tinn. .??___, -- -
Kttohtd Tl il II.a-v.au. Habi i""f Mtlne ia en.Infntly(U
icrkiiir tbchi.'hi.->"i(i-iia.-i.'.i4d luni by rl,c ConvrnUoD. a?1
k, | ,?1 -H... R.., .,bi,.H,ih-..:aii.tlv-Kaati,ol....ealcrlua:iytha_i
bf- H u-t, ??-lat* kvillb^sur-to.lnlBth- WmX
hii It td. 1 hi.t vt e tlins our bxuurr to t_4- br.-4-xe ui.iribed wita
tb*-i.an.*,. . t Li?l i.tsand IIxm.irf.".<.t,B-Jeiitthat wita socfc
1 ti. _et tb-ie Ciu Iw ll" ."cn w"rd "? aBfla
a Mr. Waaaiaa hata aropoaad aa addhloaal rei*
lution, ub (bDowai
Hr.?lr,d, TLattl..- ll. artT thai.kf of thltmeftint ar* Ju*tlf doa,
? ii.i ba-r* bvt. 1 .I.---! t- tli.'-i. l-mtaair./i- thi. Stitv to U.-- (hl
a_? Couvrutlou, for tfctlr nnwavw?j and untinm _a?pport ?r
l!,r paafljal tki"J Bflblaat atatrrmiau in lh<- couiitry?NN iluxb H.
The n -"luti'-n waa unanimoua'ly adopted.
The Vice-Presider t of fhe Asaooiiitinn referred totha
iiomination of Mr. Hamlin witb honefit State prida.
Tbe apeaker waa Itorn in the aame State, tbe eame
Lown; pah.edpart of bia lifein the aame houte. [Caeers.
Voicis-Tell ua about him.) Well, he would 887
something about him. Mr. Hamlin was a Democral
in eailitr life, but when the Democrauc party loft tha
[irincipka of Thornaa Jeflerxm he left the Demo:ratia
party. And at that moment the Democrata eonld no
loafflf count on the Sfate of Maine; the Star in the
Iiaet no lunger ehone for them. (Great applauae.j
Many other speeches were made, aud the on_io_
ai-m coutinutd to a late hour.
Tliia liv ly Kepublicun organizauon ni't laatoveaing
nt tbeir large ro..ina. con_r of Marray atreatt aiul Cot
lege plaoe, tbellon.A_ou J. Wn.Liaaos, Preeideek,^
tho cbair. There wua b large aasemblage of thc aotira
It. j ui Ikaofl of the Diatrict, wbo manifested the moet
livelv -ari-faeri' 11 with thc notniriations at ('hi< itg..
Bolomob L. Ht r 1, eari., 11?dea spirited apoech, ia
whi. I, while he regretted that .Mr. Seward waa uot
noniinat.d, bfl expreM d hi- tioi..ni,inatioii to g<> in aod
iv,.rk wirh u w ill for the electiou of Liu-.-oln and Ham?
lin. Mr. Jlii.'ti ol tin- tbat ftatd alao apoktx.
t'orty new incinl-ei-a rigiied the roll. The Club now
Tiin.D. ra over 400 w orking membt-ra. The following
r.-.- lut iou wua uiiaunuouely adopted, amid tremeudoua
1 I 'lit 1 '? fkt't
Kntlttd, Tltt W?la ??" rrgrrt exeecdinrl. tliat Wru. II.
.ekksjdv... i,.,t -rl.- t.ii I'v ?4 l ?(?fO ( ii..i,ti.-uaa tlir Ee
pubHean aoniliire for th. rn ? ornia* ln Abral?nt
Linii.li. ot lllhiubi. a Standard bcirer, wottkj ot Ufcidin* tb*
l.a.t.-.f lr.-il.-i, tovit.ry la th.- ce??| - ."tcst. an.l as aur?
,..,. i,-| .... ;r ,1 .-?? n-ti-n. and nlpd.- oufaaaW?a tt*l
S4w_-rk._alld.j_fr whole d-ity in tlia- 1:0??fl couteH, a?1
!., um thlnmp?irrt elacol nt.. Mw_ea__fla
Tl a Club n.eets everj Friday evening nntil after tha
The reguiar meeting of the Nintb Ward Republicaa
Asr-o. iation wiu held in Bleecker Huildiug laat oit-uing,
hflf_N_fl Y. Dow in the cbair. The <Jhaik_ai< an
1101,iu td the noiiiinuliou of Abraham Lincolii, which
ln il, tl iln, >? I?u,i < !,.-ent. He xai'l that InMNB there
trat (..naideiablediaappointnientaetothe name thua
m t before ibe eoaati v aa lanaridata tot Preaideafl ofthe
i'liiie.i Snt-a, but 11 waa lo be boped thai Ibe faet of
Win. II. Si ward ti"! having received the nomiuaiiDtt
.vould not militate againat tho uncce*! af the great Ha
[.iibliran priiitiplea, wi.i-h were repretentod oqually,
1 w.tst" I a l-."pt'l. in Abraham Lincolii ua in t!_ haro
,f our own State.
Mr. Kii'ii wa-. iaile.1 nprin, aud made a bner
qsaecb ia saaport <-t the .audi.mte.
Mr. SM11 it dciiounced the politiciana of the preaent
Jav kt their paaib-?aity uud axaedieaei un .-Miibited
in tbe 1 aa ing twer "f fliea who n;vl a rigbl i" oxpert
better thhrga from the Bsaablieaa parBy, ta whafll E
.... il -a. ii.Tk h ),>r tl,.- work whieh ti.--y lui-i diueia
i-.-tul lisl ii g atrei gth and c.-nfiden.-e in the p irty. He
ua'tntained that the hope hold out for Mr. tSewant a
-i-c.iK.-iii 1WI ivuaap.M.r in.lood. lorif Mr. Uncola
ifcoald be elected in WBO, tbe nexl KatiOaal ( onven
i, n ..I 1864 woald be trowdad np hy delegau-a from
Boa l.ein Btatea, and tho State of New-York wohiIiI Lxj
?i _____ txin?dt.a.ion. \Nbcn prmtTpea were, aet
uidt foi expedh .,- v hy any poOOW party,JheJ nna.
,',i,!eawe,e\ik,Ivt? het.n.e tntHnomora, and of ltttla
,,!,?. q,K?ce lievo.d a .nerc.y oooaUtutioual kviaatoy.
A Large aainb. rtrfflBaaAera areia raaaired aaffaa-Bi
,l'.ir __?B8 W r*BBI Mad th.- following roc/.lutiona:
?Wl*. Tb...7*_^V|TJS_ XS^atrmm
f^lL^m^^^SZtmm mo h.,1 wiih the pronJ
,..;t,'!:ti:,'.f Abiah-n Li.l'.;-r .n.?.-.,_ oar
sidMalc ai.d -landaollH-arrrfor lh.- cono-Mof 1 '*>?
R,V*<r.i. Tbtiws h-r, pl^jt. ourtobtm, mftrntaE mkmat
ofl our.-,.?. roU no - ur alcrvc,. aud ?o to trotk ??*?**??
.id ii, ter toii.iilt t<> I'V d> ?n eur trmoi ut/ t_.; -at-itlB
I 1 ,V.. k,.,o,vkki?.-..,d WB hawithB pron.( .wialaction <_
,.r cadidwc dulr a-.t-bit-_.-kl la lh. NS h-t B^a
?li,. idomionol tba M-.Intaoaa waa movci by Mr.
CtnrK';.TitT, iat(iDi-d by Mr. BBflflBM, and uiixini
uii naly B-flfflada . , .
rievertjl-pp; and vigorotw ff*?hefl were made ia
,.lanceaitD the ajrtrttofthe reaolatioes,aM tha
A__r___iini adiounied to ihe t'etitral Caiujmigu Club
iu Broatfway.
81XTEI MH 1 Nni. Ill Pllll.K AN A^SaOTttTlOB.
A large iiumbeT ?,f 10 pnhlicuua iu?aemblcd hu-t even?
ing ut thc liciidqiiiirtorH of the Sixtccnth Waid Re
pnbKcan Aaaocia'ion, in Kii/hth avenue. A meeting
sw.i- IU.im .balely oritaiil/ed by tlie r-clc<tu>U of Mr.
\\ 11.1.1 im Obtoi aa CbaarB??. aad l?r. U tMier Sec
rt-utry. Baitited apeeehaa were tbaa wadfl >iy Meaara.
uitii-N, R_B8_rr, McLaoa,a?I JaagaWittBn aal
thi., I < atty clii-era wert ghreB for tbo Chieago norui
iiatuiia. lluring tit-ajxutiag the ruentioii of NIr. lain
ioln was leicistd with dt-afoiuiig iheera. At a Uia
l.o.ir the n t .ting adjourned, t'liaoriiig entliuai?fiiwally
or tbe t'.iiiu?Uic*.
Sruiot - At i iniNT. ll.-nrv Ogdi'n, jr., amercbant
dflhg hu-ii.,H,i,t N... t'7 Itii.ad Ktroet. laal evening fell
tl roagh tl.e I atehway of ?_! aaMfl-fllj 'rom the BBB*
aad to the tiitat laaa,awi, atrikma; ?I>on hia hcad, an?
tain.d inj.irioa whith are likrly to pjavfl fauO. IU
wan coiivevtii to bi.. r.Bi.iemv, No. 71 lriiug pl_co.
FlRC IN 0>r-IIT,.l>?i'0-l'?t'-rHinTT-8IXTH strkbt.
- Yot.iilav nu.rnit.g. an ice honae U-longiag to Mr.
Dorlin, and lixat-cd lu (lni--h(indrvad-aud-thirty-ai*ta
atrvet, nettr tlio l.-ntb avtmoe, waa aet on lire aat ia
s'.ppoBx-.l I.y aome defliguuig [gJ'.-.'w, aad dtuna^aed. ta
Uie atuouut of ."&?

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