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'?'? B? -
TLc BrQk.ng Up of Auslria.
Ti rik, Iday I, WA
?]*>,,. rvi.tctlrtut?*?)f Atiatria hashcoti suddcnlv made
mjrftr flahai- tba* ever by tbe suicide of Haron Kruck,
tl? r-criowiW Mlahlia ef Finatice, wbo, in order
to ftoaj-e bh; dir.gn.rr of .Kurg unpn'oned on a
afcBJBjeaf frnud, eaat hia thront and opciK-.l the
-eh.f.)fii> wrinu, tim* a-f-B_-aj Ba ?*?_?*? ry
aaRR-h-9 aVa__. It k di*fi.-uit t.? i_a___ia tbc aa*.
JMjtBttlr prc^aord by thi* tmgic ew.t in Ihe
aKI. _J Of VielHVH, and tttc 0_( BflRflBBBflB. af tlie peiiu
httior^ ExtraxBBTOut -_u>ora a?."<? bbbbbb. about tho
aau-t onibeiiW by tbc Minr-t. r; ial tlu-efl-t-ial
, jao'r.ala, BMBah BJB_l a_|Raa1 to hurfi u;? U event
* ajri.ch throwf a aRRBi upon *_ the mMrkkm Admin
artration, twre Mm BBM* BhBRR *?> BfadaJM that
tbe firot servnui* af PtRBB-l Ji***f_)h'.. thr\>ne had
.4eatro>ed 4..ni?._f at tbr, __.oi.Knt wheri, by hia
?aneipe-tod ditiaiasal, b? "w thut he could not
ttaaae a Md IH t'raud Tbe mlitary f larty __B*>
eially, Brfcaxued ofthe laaaj BBRbM af deicatr, during
tbe la'-t war, ttjw end-avor to direct public indig
aatioa atiaiiwt the eivilinna, and tho Emperor
Beemf. r>M BR IM. thut he ix abukiug hin own author?
ity by ktti-u* it ba ki".vvn that the raun wbo har
paBt4-?aed !.i? entire conidenoe ever aince Le
aeceu_._ thc thronc, waa a cninii n awindler.
Within a-uonth, tbe inauBger of the Cr.'-.lit Mobi
ier hat. beaa thrown into priaon; a Dire.-tor of ti-e
Katioiaul .Iiup'-rial) Bank ha. BBflihfaaai_Hn} ____!
the Miui-t.r of Finanee has cut hia throat.
Whtaj under auch circumBtanceK, will be bold
Otiougbto __M?_BBB_M reHpoimibility of couducting
tbcmoaoy aflairs ofAtn-tna without the diagrac*- ?i
a bantriti'tc) I Mr. l'lcncr. wbo ia now at tbe
h?ad af the ompty treaaury, Im* alrcady dcclared
that be i1" unahle to bring order into tbe tinauciuJ
eajiifur-ion of tbe enipire. Tbo failurc ot the tv.t
latt kiaiia, th<- fraudulent iaaaa af Btaie baaBU, um
the arr_*t of four of thc richeat _a____t__. R-K
etood _B bailRltl rclationa with all the great copi
bihetx -i! lha Contineut, make ewry nppeul la th?
exchax)g-r_ of Europe unavailuble. A loic.-d loai
migbt oaitiiy drive llungary into relH.l.on, and
even the dechiration of bankruptcy could not fill
thc tmmt .:>. mmOA it would diaturb tlie money
niarke. bl un c.\t. -nl of which tbe tnilitary advis.rs
Of |a-R__a Joaeph bave no idea. Wbat ia, then,
the future ol Au.triu to be T
lu H-ingnry, tbe impenal orders are already __R
iffr-ardr-d. The Proteatanta hold their meetingH
-%-itbou* hceding the protct aftha ].i.litical author
tien, und I vcu tbe arrcst aftha b-ading men fails to
frightc?) tbe multitude. On tbe 2o.h of Apni,
about 7,.?)_-rote.taiitn asseuibb-d iu thc churcb ol
Debre__iti, and, delviny the threutn of thc iiupcrial
V .flkiab., traiiBacted burincss aa il Count Thun bad
'J never iK_ued his uotoriouh ia_t_a PRI tbe organiza
tion ol tbe Protettant cbuicbe.. On tbe lollowinj
dnj, tbe Caiviniat Binhop l.alogh wan urre-ted B_BJ
caira-d to Uro_ev.urd.in tor having taken tbi
bbair in tbia iliega! 'iieetim.'. When he arrived a
the eounty pri*on, be wan lcceivcd by thc Roraa
Catbohc atudenta and inhabitant.i ofthe town, wln
a.re all dreeaed iu ruourning, with enthiiHiaati.
ehoera. Confiueuient iu pnaou baa alreadv
hacaaaa 8 distiricti.m ta JJunga.-y. _____rtjr__MMB il
BO-ght, and the religioua _nov.-uici:t in tuking a po
hticnl c/'l.ir.
Tbe n-Milt of sucb a atate of thinga on thc for
eign reJatioim of Aimtria ia plainly vi"iblc. En
glatd, wbich until last y.;ir cupported __BB_r_a a-.
tbe uatural counterpoLne af France oa the .couti
ncnt, han given ber up aa lo-t. nnd, without waib
ing to Bb-h- how tho great cinjiirc will bn-ak up, ii
concetitiiitii.g her policy upon Ktreugtb.-niiiL' l'run
aia, which eoenir de.tined to absorb tht. grca'e-t
pt-rtion of (Jcnnany in the iuten-i-t ofthe European
ItahiNceof jiovvcr. liut I'raucm JaBBBhaVtaa not
aeeui to Mt tbe __B____n____HB_L >Supp?>rted by
tbc arn.-ill Statea of fiermany, contiding in tbe prin
eiplea ofdiv ine right, atanding by Jenuita and the
Concordat aa the only antidotc against democra
ey, be continues to worry I'ru-cia at Franki'ort,
though at |_M Mtt-e time hc ia tr)ing, by hia uuclc,
the King of .^axony, aatRR _MBR to i'lduc" tbc
Frince Kegeut to follow tbe baneful lead ofthe Vi
enna Cabioet. Thus the lit-ld in prepared for comiug
Kuaaia and Franae are apeculating upou thc in
beritaiice ol th? two aick men. ltaly is rou__id bv
the aiiiieiatioii of Nice, by thc nuflcringn ot Vene
tia, and th.- agony of Sicily. Sardiuia la anniug.
tbougb not yet pr.-pared to make war. Tbc FoBB
ia artuing and reorgauiziug hin adniinintration,
and the young King of BaBfjlaa, too, is artuing.
tbougb certain ruiD ntur<_ all tbree in the BbOB, ii
thev contiDue thia unproductive cx|)euditure ofthe
resourcee ofthe country for a aerien of jeai.,
tt b.'.e, if they go to war, tho I'ope, ua well an Kin_
Bon.biuo ot Naplea, will moat probahly dinap
pear from the list of Europcan sovereigDa. The
BomiuatioQ of Lamoriceire to the couunaud-in
ebiefinthc' I'ontitical .Statea, ia, ai we now mv,
not an isolated fact; it inean. an adininiatratio.i
refonn. CbibTbBRI t'ount M.-rode, tiie llelgi.n
Ultramontanist, ha_ accept4>d the Miniatry of Wai,
and AntouelLi'a power ih waning. lt ia aiid that ttn:
two Freneb ex-Miniatera, De Courcellea aud Ka
loux, are to ent<r tbe mhTtim of Fio IX., aa Min
iatera oi _f_____Mt and of Home Affairs. Th?_.
the aduiiiiiatration ai Kome will becomo Fren.hi
_a*d. Tbe Fope will aoon non-inate tbe Abbe liona
aarte Curdinal, and if he dier, we ahall tw*- lioaa
pertiam enthroned in tbe Vutican, directing the
coiitciencet of a hundred and fifty milliona of
Chri.tiai a.
Notbing showa Iw-tter tbc _____? of all Europe
than the imprenaion made by M. About'*) amua
ing new pamphlet, M_f_M new Map ol E'iiope," in
wbieb, witb the nio?t happy irony, In- bumorou .1)
Bimpliliea tbe state of Europe, giving ltaly to Vic
tv.r Knanuel. Northern (ieruiany t.i I'ruiiaia, Egyf-t
tu Eiigland. Arm.-nia, Peraia and S\na to Kunnia,
ereating a new Byzautiue l.uipirc, B__N_MaVBM_b_|
Foland, libc-ratLig liungtry, aud proteating ai'itin-t
any Bfjr__n__ten_-at ol France-. The pauiphlet ia
e>identl> not meant to be aeriout; but the inti
mate relationa ofthe author with tbe Piine,. Kapo.
Iboii, aa well aa with the Emperor, give aome c.!.,r
to tbe Burmiae that the quaint buuior and exagge
rati<)n of the author have bi^-n turned l? aecount
by the Emperor, in order to acquaint tbo worid
tfitb tbc gen.ral drift of the Napolconic ideai.
Tbere ia no donbt that the affaira of (Jermaiiy and
Ibe Orw-iital queation now oempy hia mind. Il.tv
hag once rhaken the baaia ofthe proaent Europeau
Iemt4.rial aettlement by the war 1? ltaly, and
B-BlllfllhlBlbiillltl Sardinia and to Frane A |g
batteraathal tho ti.ne for the wta-bo^af
Kuropo bBfl oniN-d, nnd that it would _ot he wiae
to dcf.r that great political chanr... ttt a penod
when tho anpntnncy of Krance tnighl ae roiitrat**
I.y othor 1'oNvora. For the prcvwat anonient, be .?
Um uii.ii who hold* tho diwtiatei, ofthe contincnt
i? tbo t.olloNV of hia kaud, for tbo better *?d for
thc Nitjree.
n.i:rARATioNs for KAFOLEOmS COM-flO
WAS on THE KlllNi:.
FVoni -Our Ow_ OfllNflfflBflflB_
BO-JM, May 1, 1^)0.
Tho aotioii tliat Taouia Bnnaparttr in abnu* t?
put thfl (.crinan queation on thc tupis prBftOfl licro
among all claaaoa of socicty. ln to-day?
SutioimlZritu*tg,u corn'a[roiidont even ntlirms thut
ht kiK'WR, fnun NflTON moat ..uthontic, thut
ltadiiiguct (uxl.ouia BflMftflfl ifl l'niniliary atyled
ut 1'aria) haa definitely reaolvod uih.ii a Uheriisli
oawpaign, and tluit l.ord John Iitiaaoll hud juat
bflaa iiih.rmcd ol this achctne when, aome weeka
ago, hc row from bia aout tofrighten tho Honse of
OflB-MM hy iiorc** ltivectiv-o* agaiiut tho Kmpcror
of tbe Frencli, and tho aoddtm announccment that
F.ngland WBfl now goitigin aearchfor hcnv allinnceR.
Thc tonc ur.d tt-ni]K>r of French scmi-ofticiul printB
BM tar from fllflj ing tho*e aj>i.rchonaioti8. licad,
for kiatancc, tho tolloNving cxtract iroin Hulliir't
Corrajjondincr, a Paria ptiblicatioti from which
flflflflt ol'the i.ri.viucial j*urnnlist8 111 Franee doriw
tbeir inspiratioii:
"A friend of nine, wb-> ia addi-t.-d lo nophetfa
idia?iiliaiia, bbMItn .bi. t_ri other dav: ' iWllaeetbe
' Kmperor 80 t<> the ____M to olfer hia Blttaaee lo th
' Kiugof I'ruaraia. eonplcd nith n lligbl reetili atiou of
? frentiera.' I raplied bv h qaotatiaa from th,- pamph
let Ntrpoteoa lil.it /' hmke t It ie better m flflttle a
1, i-it'.nal inooilicatioii in B friciidt. way ih.ui lo luik.
to do it tbo day atttr u victory.
Not long after tbo troaty of ooinmeTca? wiih F.n
l_land wiih eoncludcd, thc l'reneh Government
throwout a hint to tho I'maaiun Kmbnaaador at
I'atia th.it an application for a a'unilitr troaty be
twe- n Franee and tho Zollvereiii would be I'aioru
tlv receiv.-d, hut thc PrU-M- QotrenUBflfld aiiavN-or
iagtbat tho /aollvoroin was imt at all d.-airoii* to
Biahe laeh a troaty, Hifi-e and diflpleaflnre were
cjproKPed in ternis far from BOBrtaBM. Moreover.
tin Prearian Oorennneiit was, al Ihe time, fully in
liiinnlot the nog(tiatioi:a which the agents flf
Louia Booapaite had f.-o.-ntli opeoed wiih the Ba
vaiiun Couit, in order to iuduce the lalt.-r to eedo
to Franee Ihe fbrtreflfl of Laudoau. whieh, it waa
.-aid. having b.-.-n h-tt to F.ancc by thfl troaty of
lf-14, had been nnjustly tah.-ii from h<-r bv th.
treat) of I61& Tho popular rutnors of an iinpend
ing niptiiio with Franee are, conaequeutly, atreugth
eaed bj oflioiul auapicion.
Prania'fl pot-ition al preBeal beara, ia bbbbb bb.
Ipeeta, a atrong lik.tiim to thut of Auatria uftor tho
((.!.(iiti-iiiri ofthe Oiientnl war. Austria seem.-d
then to have aotoff beatof aS tho Poweta. Bhe
flattered beredf thai ahe had hanhled Boaria, her
dBBffBfOBfl aeajhbor, withont incurriug any troublo
hoyond tho moliiiization of her foreea, Having
played th>- anued raodlatiTr while the Weetern Pew*
. ra had to boar tho brunt of war. flhfl might. bAbT
tho Btaalaaaatfoa oi' aaaee, fwej ah<- had brok.-n,
l-v tho anna of tho Went.rn Ala.iiK-o. tho flBeflfl.
tii'ii-y Kiifkia had won over her _Mfl tho Hunga
tian ck Dtfl "' IW, und s-fltfl iv.re iadeed at thut
time nmnv complimoiita beSBBWad BPOO the d.-i.-r
diplon iitii- tadttcfl of the Vh-nna Camoet ln paint
t-t la<t. howevor. the anibi.uoiia attitudo n.ain
taincd bj Aaatria dariag the Olieatal war. lefl h'-r
wiihout alttea. and .-nablod Louis Boaapaile ti)
I luiuit-.r iln- Ualiaa Niar. Praaaia, in her tarn,
n.aiiitiiin.-d her MBBarsafl intaot dariag tho Itaiian
I I war. Sh?' ahoulderod ber ann?, bat had not aaai
tin iu, and coiitoiit.-d h.-racll with apillmu, inbtoad of
blood. tho paticnt ink of her political wifloaeree,
After tbepeaeeof Villatninca. PruBfliB iee.d to
hav.- flreaAeaed Ihe ritnl Hoose of HflBflhaifl
through tbe iiiafninientaJiti <>f _>ench victorioa. aiid
opened to horai Jf tho road to purauiouiit poivor in
[ Goinianv. StiJl. V.w ttJtJ pn-toAta ... rtincJi tho
Iroaty af ViJJafirunca wiih j.roi-Juiiiied VtaEt to bavo
i.it the il.-iiiai.-ioi sbe bborcdlaadera WhOeLtoaifl
Bonaparte declarrd tbat Pnwaia'i _n_a_?atfl and
tln.at.s ol un oi'Tittiiil intenrention had bimited thfl
niordof Frsoee, Anatria dedared that lor awd
powerot rt?latance hud ajlit npon aheoaalvueal
i.ciitiality of 1'rtiKaia. During th<- ivholo war,
Piaaaia bad d?atajed piatei_ioafl hdanvaBli bbb?
tradieted bj hei a* ta. IMbn Aaatria aud thc tui
ti.ii Qes_U?i BIbbbi ,\"' aypBtltd t<> ber dutiea aa a
KurojuMin power; before Eiudaod and liuabia ?_C
Bfpaaled to h.-r obUgatiot? aa tlie paruuiount (?i-r
mau power; imd, rCflting her claiiBfl on theee
double protoiiaion.|, ihe d.-inaudod fnun Franco to
be Bch-owiedged a* the anaed m.-diiator of Baiupe.
To ber rlahna n* Ihe Oeiaian power, jmr, --.//,?.,.
ihfl act.-d uji bf aliow ing Ra_-B to intiiuidato, ll u
cireaiarof _vpraeedeoted iaeokaoe, the B?aorQer
man c.uirtH, ai.d hy tiuii.lly liatening, in tbe ji.-rn.iii
of Hen Ntui Sohlciiiitz. t" l.ord John RaaBOflrfl flip
paal lectarefl OB the "conatitutional'' law of ua
Ber d___M as aEfl_apeaa Power ^ho made gi>u
by hin-hing up the warlxke impulBM of tlu* iniimi
(x-rn.an prin.es, and hy an attomjit to tnrii tlie
miiitaiy dofoat-k <-f Auftria into iik many titlox for
unuj dug tho pluce loimeily h?-ld by lor rival in the
councila of tho (icrman ('onfodorutioii. Wheu ut
ho-t lorccd, bj tl.e UlOgre? of tho Freneh arma, |fl
BflfltUDfl aoiii.-thiiirr nk? ? wurliko attitudo, flhfl m.'t
with tho oold reflMaaefl af bha bb_aa Oanbbb
Btatea, which hardly thoaght it worth while to dis
umiilato their difltim-t Bfl to tho ultiinuto intotitious
of lha rnnflinn f'oart _ h?* peaei ofT_lafiraaea
ioi.iid PnflM conipl.-toly niMil.itod, imt only in Ku
rope, bal in Qem__iy, while tha Booeeqaeoi aimei
iitioii oi Savoy. by groally coiiti-actini; theexpoaad
front of Frain o, gieatty linjirovod har ,-hanooH of a
rictoiioai cBmpaigfl on Ihe Rhine.
1'iidi-r theae emwaBBBBaeaa, lha linc of poli.-y
whi( h PrBflflh now afl'ooti-d to tollow, both in h.-r
iiit.-rnal and oxtonial n latioua, appean aliko fatilty.
Deapite all thfl ttiti-giorioaa declaatationfl of tim
rumiau Bewtrpflpenand Ueprefleotatrre ChambeiB,
aothitig haa been nltered iu h.-r iatel-al afl'.iiTB, BBfe
the phraaeologr of berofflcialfl. Tho pTopoaitiona
on aiuij reform, while aot at all streiigthcriing h.-r
militaii lorco for thc iti.pei.diii^'>Tii.-a"'ucy. aitn at
a pi-niiaiicnt enlargenient of tho B?lflfl_flg army,
alicady l".. large; tho ovoiburdoniag of Um tinanciiJ
roM.iirc a, alr.-ady 8Vei8?aincd, und tho unuiliilutiou
of thc only democratic uiatitution of tho couutiy
tho L.-mdw.-hr. All the roactioiiary laWfl 00 tho
proaa, tho ri^ht it BflflOChttioo, tho iimni.-ij.iii! ad
ia_B?ti?tioo, the relatio?i td laodlordsaod peaamta,
the hunatioratic totftage, tho aUuaitj of thc police,
hare beea eareft?ly Bianrta_ind. __Teathefaaa_mmu
(tatntefl relatiag to BMrriagflfl aeatrauled balwaea
noblffl und tho coiiimon i-b-.-k of iiiankitid, haio imt
becn rot-ciuded. 1 ho very idea of r<-atoring tho
C'onatittition, IIMH?IIMITfl by a toujr /.' (tut, ia hooted
at Bfl a wild dream.
I will fiue you one aiiif!.' inatnne- of tho ,-ivil
Ubert) now onjoj.dl.y a PttUfli-fl fluhject A natiie,
ofKbeoiab Pruaaia had, dunng tbe weratperiod
ol th.- r. a.tioti. been cond.-niii.-d by B paehed Jory,
beeaaai ti wh;*t wah then ealai a pauieal eriam,
laaevea \'-ur> >s_praaB?Mitm a E_WB-aa?mEuaa,
'Iho ponod ol __? paaa-_aea4 not Bhridped by the
lihonil iiiuiintry, barlng ooafl to ;">,,ll(1. he ropair.-d
to Cakfoe, there ha be drivea mi bf onl.-rol tbe
pol.ic Ho tion ...toiil lor hia natno toWB, but,
atrange t" aay, anu iufonued by tbe aotboritjei
that, Barhaj abwnh 4 VEoaett f?r a.-v.-n m_ra trom
the j.lao.-, be bad b'ft hia i iti/.i-ntalnji. and inuxt hx.k
lor another ul;odo. Ho rotortod tliat bifl iibaeii.o
had n.-t le.na voluntary one. hut all in uiiii. Fnun
Jieiim. where bfl tbaa nawrlnd, ha araa agaia ejectei
on Ibe ploa that he had BO iiieariK oi p-iatenoe t.,
lhaw, cxe.pt hia poraonal nflOOreafl <d' labor and
ki.owlcdgo; all hia propettl having becn cooautand
duriag hai unpriaoi-De-L a? "t laflt befcw him
arU t?. l'.r..!i,u, where bi oM BeqagintaiieB ot i,h
oinpli.\i-d him aa OM "I hkBCflfl)-, hut being BM
Btoraing flaaiBiobed t.. the I'olioe, ho waa told that
hia peniiifa.ioii af roaidenco cnuld Im prolongod only
iw ul.-w wc-ka., if, in tlu-ut. an while, he xhouM not
huie procurod citiaenahip in Jlicluu. On Iui i.p
pliance to flhfl Urealiiii niunicipal uulhori!/, many
potty dirticultiea wen- thrown in hia wn\, which,
bi-TR- rc moved by the___t-rfer_fie?ofpaliaiai*Ha_a_i
bVspetition lor i-iti/.u.rh'p wua nt lnal grntited, but,
BBfaaVf with tbe g. ant be m* Wt4 n bif? bill, purnd
ing an array of fera, nll t.i bi? pttid by any happy
inoital on bia entranee into l'n- ranka at PffialBB
citircna. If bia frienda bad not BaaBBaBtaJ hV n" M
by clubbing, to raiac tlie atna n-cjuir-d, tbia I'l...
ai'nn subicct would. like tbe 'W'undeniig Jcw, hvvr
found no place in hia glorioua fatlicrlund when- to
rcnt hia ln-nd.
Hi Ki.lN, May _, I00OL
After tbe concltiaion of the penceof Villafnuica,
the PnaBBaR ('.ovcrninent, wbich for iiiontlia luul
flallercd itaelf with the idlo bo|.I being ae
knowledged nn tbe armed me.liator of Europe, and
of rc-aiing, ii]T(in the ruins of thc llnpiburg Etn
pire, Ihe cilitico of Huhenzollern gicatnosa, hccnicd
to have BBrR_M_M_ to a nenac of tlio iinnictiae dan
gem looming in thc future. 'I Tieir |>olicy, ut once
irr. ri'lute. ta.-illating, aud pcrl'ulioua, had UR
thc Ui wilbout alliea, and even Voii Hchleinitr,
whoae loi.g-wiudcd dinpati InB bnd bccoinc a atund
ing joke witb tha di]'loinatu- .vild, could hardly
couccul from him.ell thc- trulh that, no nonti aa Ihe
interiiHl atata ef ftaaiM ibaaU agaiu drivc tlie
Man of lleceniber beyond the French fiontiera,
Pi aaaia nai ta bo th.- praB_teftioe_ object of an
other localircd war.
Had not I.ouin Xapoli on, in a iiiom.-nt "I app ??
rentopenhcartediicag, dropped niuic wordatothe
cfl.cl iliat hc ki;evv wbut t.c-riuiniy atood in uc.-d of
?unity, Uiatbo waa the man to impart it; and
that the l.hcni-h provincea would be not t<a>
high a pnee lor tlu- purchane ofao prccioiia a coin
niodily. (,?uite true to the tradition of Pruania'n
MBt, tbe tirat idca of a_M Princc liegent and
hia ratellitea waa te throw tbenHaRRR apaa tl.e
n.rev of BaaalB. Had tn. l'r.rlenc William I.
iicp-iiicd poniernnia bj ? tiv.ity of B_ri__oa eaR*
cliidedwitb Petet tha OiBB. aaaiiMl Chailaa UL of
Stveclcii1 Had ii.-tli.tb liill.cairie.ltbeclaj intlie
.e.. i. yeara' war, nnd aniiexed (Sileaia by the vvilh
diawi.'loi !,'i. "ii iMiiii bei Au-'iiiaii aily I Had imt
th. i-evi ial iiiv>ioli- of Puland, plannc.; b.-tween tho
Coort of Beiiia and tbe Oirt af l'< t.-rsburg,
sw.llcd out tbe cliniiniitive dinx-naiona of tlie I'rua
riiiiiinoinircbv ? Had m.t, at the t'cuigreasof Vn-nna,
tbe iinl..id.'.l aervility of Ere,|cric \\ liliaui 111.,
who Mood by Ab xnncler I, when, in Irtl4. Entland,
Aurtria, nnd Frnticc ahovv.d aome indicntiou to
oipoMtioii BB- rcniatance, b-vii icwanl.-il bi
tl.e .mi,.-xatiou of BajOBj and tbe Bhenlah
l-rovincen to 1'iiipnia I l'rur-aia, in onc woid, had
iaita . i.ci..acbii:.nta apoa Qermany, iIwrji eu
jojed the patroiiiigc and the Hipport "f l.u?-ia, 0B
thc eipceaa coudition. of ooarae, of Iclping that
latter l'ow.r to aulj.cl tb. cotiutries boid.-iing 00
thc fatbcrlniid. and of plaj ing l_M part of itH huiuhle
bbbbrI aai Um EaRBBaaR aiagc. IaJaljr, 183^ tha
1'iince lu-t'.-iit and AIc.nii.lcr II. aurrotindod bj
iliplomatiatn, gcuci.ila ali.t courtiera. lilet each otll'T
at Brc.Iuu. there t? conclude a treaty, the articleg
Of which havc, till now, reniain.-d an tmf'atlioiii
ablc ieeret, not for Lonia Boiinparte or I.ord 1'ul
rm rston, but for PtaaBiaa aubj.-cta, whoae
libcrnl lepreaciitiitivea havc proved theuiaelvca, of
eourae, afaahtOO polite to tBterpcflata H.-rr von
i.?hloiiiit7, the Foreign Miniafor, oa auch a d.-li
ettte qoeation. Thin mn.-b, however. in tnre, tbat
the JHonapurtint pr.-aa took BB fright at tlie llrealau
conferencc; thut ever aince thcn th.' rclationa be
tw.eji l.Uf-ria and Eraiioo bave gr..vvn more ostcn
tatkrBB.! nit-inate: that tbat cotil'eii-ncc did not prc
v.-iit l.'ouia llonapartc rithei tr-.m IBMIM upon
BaTOJ, Of tlirealening Swit.cilai.d, nnd throwing
out binta upon M_M unavoidnblc " rccfiricatinn nf
tbe Rhenjib froatiera,-1 and, analjr, that Pwaaja
I.. ii. It. detjfrte tl.e comfortalvfeproapect of again
being allowed to fonu Itutaia'a vaiuruaid, baa, in
thcae latter timea. ciiL'-ily n.i/.ed upon tbe hait af
Ull l.lieli.-ll illliaiiee. olil\ thrOW- BBat ;it Jf*Ba_BB to
bbqbbb tl.e BnUhh llouic of Co_-_-M_M for a araah
However. I.onl John RunelTl indiacreet bc
tnivalintl.e ahap<- of :i B__M Boah, of H-BTT Von
Scbleinitz'n c.-iiuetry witb th.- Tuibrien duiii.g tha
lu-t ltaliuii wai', i;uv'c tbe deulb-blovs to tlu Ai. o
I'ruai-i.-i uliiaiice. \sliu-b tbc Tru-i-iaii (.ovciinneiit
eotiaider. d for a moment aa a acheiiie n-ally enter
luiii. d, bnt wbich v\;is known at l?ndon to bo
notbing berond a pbi-UM-hidingal __-____b___s_7 trick.
After all. ieapite tb-' cOnfet. aea trrtt Al. nador II,
at Bria'lnii, and I.ci'l JaRR _t-BB__t_ " at-arch for
" i.ew uliiiinc.-a," I'niraia now, un ait.-r th>- treaty
of V-Uafraaea, Inda hrraelf ciuplet.-ly matilated
and b___mjI_ expoae. t<> _hfl Fr.m b thaaarj o. thc nu
tural li.-iitiein.
Can it be bclieved tl.ut uiiilcr auch trying circiiiii
i-tiiiicca tbe only e.\|.e.li'i.t whiefa tbc I'run-ian (lov
. nini nt baa bit upon il to ren.-w itr a_he___. <'t a
little (ieiiciiny w.th a Haheasalleiu al it.s l.ea.l,
nnd, bv the n.oat _B80teBt proviii atniiii, imt oniy lo
diive Auatrifl into the li.etlle c;. ni 11, but lo eflBTBBge
theatbole <>1 ___a___era(leraiani .et, iacrvditiie
;ia it may app< ar, and tha iiion iuc e<lib|.< uoce tbia
line of BoBcj ia l.-nciitlv rcroniuii ndi-d b\ tiie Bo
tuipartm preaa, aaeb bi Um eaaa. rhe neanr the
diinger drawa, tl.e raoia ______)aa aaaj___ri Pnaala t..
cliaplHy ber lniii_.-r lor a m-vv divin. .-i . i Ccnnanv.
J'._\ tl.ewny. il is likely eiiougb tin.t, atfi-r tl.e blovv
di. It to Aiirtrin, Oei-BBBJ -tan.la m aaad of a ainu
lar !i!(.-w being ib-ull to l'nnnia. in ordi-r lo nt rid
of " i'ftii the boii-en." but nt all event-- iioIhmI) will
Mifpci t tbe 1'rince Regent and llerr v?n Sc!il.-iui__
of ac-tfaiR bbbb Riieb ]..-nitiiint prineiplea. Etot
aince tbe treaty of Yillafranea tlu- l__MahBB_ of thc
Reyent'i potkv baaa been h__rar__l ia little pra -
ahinaiabea aaa laiall ooea-ioBal dcbit<*n on tha Itai
ilill q.ientl'.ll. I"lt, oll tbe ?.?Ub ol Aplll, III tlu* PlBa
riail I.i.W'T HoliKf. oll occaaioll oi tbc debat." BB
tl.e Kuibcaaian aRBBBBBR, tlie cat w;in let out of tlu
i ll.'IVe before CXplailied tll.a Klll!_MbB-__I .|ll'-nti"ll
lo faar raaieia, und ahafl thenffan now lnmt aq
a.-ll lo e\|laiiiiug iii R f.-w vvudn tha inaiu Boiott
apoa wbiejithaaebatea turned. The Ifurlniaaian
( i.lintitiltloll of 1831 ba'ing lieci) ile-trmed by tbe
An h-I'llector in 1849-60, under Austriao aeaoicea,
Praaaia for a __atnent aoeeted a Jeaii. t<. dratv tle
nrord on behalfofthe pr_ate_1in_ itipitatntalian
Cbamber, but in Kob-_bbct. UBO, oa the __ateting
between Prioee Bchwaraenbeif and Baraa hfaa.
tcuflel at oiiinitz, whea Pi_aaia altogethrr aurreu
dcicd ta Auatria. ncknowlcdiicd tln- n atoritioii of
the o'd (.elinaii I'i't, bctlUM'd Scbli'hW )_,'-1 li.lnlelll,
and iccuiitcil all ber prelciihioiia to supieiiiuoy. nh>
alaa v i. I.l. .1 b> r kntflti eiltuitrt on behalf of the
Kuihecniiiii (.'onntitutioii of \H.U.
In 1k'.'_. the Arcb-Elcct4iroetrove.l a iia\v tRRMtt*
tution which was guarantced by the iicrnian Tlief,
deapite the proteat of the Kurh.-aaian P-Opla.
Alter ttM ltaliuii war. the ijut-rtion, oa the BB0K.
inatigation ol Pntaaia, was agaiu Diooted. Thc
Kai-eaaiaa ChaaBheta agaiu aedared for thc vn
lidity of tlu ( oiirtituti.iii of ir_i.il, aad fraahpett
tioiin for itn recatablialiiucnt vv.-nt up to tlu- l'n t
Bt Fiai.kf'oit. 1'ru.pia tbeti aaaerted tbe I'oimtitu
tion of IKil to ba aloOC valid, but. an ahe ciiiitioiin
ly added, it DQgM to be adapted to the mouarcbiciil
nriiuipl'-a ol tlu- hut. Aimtiia, mi tli<- other lnin.l,
_R__ate_l ll.at the Coiintitution ol I-."..' wan !.|_;il, but
oaghl to bc amended in u liberal n-nm-. Tbua thn
diaj'.it.- wa. a v.-ibal one, u iner.* qaihhle, tho giot
ot wbicb wua a trial of the reapertive power arield
ed by tl.e llobi i.zollcin and tlu- llaprbtirg o\er tha
(?eiiiiiin < oiilcdeiiition. A \ii t inaioi:!;,' of thc
l)ie| dcciiled at Iaat for ll.e -,;.lidity ot ihe t'onstitu
tion ot Ir-,;',-.; \iz., ou Ibe Au -lii.i.'i nnle, and agBUial
l'llll-ia. TtM llioll\e? Wlncli -,\\ ii'. .i tlie \utcn of
tlu- ni.t'i 11 (i.riimn Stataa vveie traiispannl. Ai<
triatbe1 knea to be toa much baretvad iu fon-ign
cliflicnliief, and t..o Bnaopatar, to atta.iiiit aojrtbing
bejond tbe coiiMi-rvntion of tba fMB ni! m.itm </i/.i
iu (.. iinany, tvl.il ? llny auapect.-d Pntaaia < fatubt
Hoaa aebc-Be. af lottavathaj. Bj aot aclutow-leala.
ing tbe COlnpel. i.cy "I tlu- \ote ol Ihe ll|e| of |-.'.l,
tbey vvoubl bave put iii j.-opardy tbe competenry of
nlltbe other reaolutioBt of thc ldct aiaea lr*H.
Eatt. not b-iirt, thej dd aot like the PraBaiaa aR-at
t(Q of di' tatii.g to tbe iiiinor lii-rinan 1'rineea und
. niii.ai bing UpoO tbeir tOftreigBtf, by B_hetaR| to
tule up tha gncvuncea of tlie KuiheiKJan people
ngniiiht Ihe Arch-Elector. Coiiaeiiucntly th>. uio
tion of J'ruaaiu waa lott.
Now, on tlatfth ol Apiil, when thiainatta-r can...
lo I'l- debiitcd at Jlerlin in the lloute af Deputie.,
llerr von Pl hlcinitr, in thc niime af thc l'maaiun
Covermncnt, explieitly decbred that Frutaio would
rot Ibink hcraolf bound by tbe votc. of tho OerflMfl
Dieti thnt, in WBO, v.bcu tha Fnueian Coo-Utuioa
vaa fiilnii .ited, there ? \M*A no i.eru.nn liiet, thnt
l.dv bavinf, I""' awoptawiiy hy thc oarlh.piuko ol
|g|H wIm neo it folloWfd that all reanlutinns ot tbt*
(?man Diel whidii-hould mn CMfnter to tbe phtna
?| tle Fii.a.iiinGovcn.rtKnt wcro voidi.floei.lb.rco;
ni d laflth i! Bt, in tact, lh- G'-nnaii Diet b.-long.-d
to tbe deod, altboagh tho Oerman Coofcraooo, of
tamm, ooiilinii.tlt'. cviat. Now. ia it po-aibh tti
in n_,no uuy atop more fcouab on tho part ot tho
J'nifaitin (iov.-iiiiiici.l I Tho Amtnni. I.nv.riiuieiit
d,, I,-,-.-.I th.- old Conatituliouot tbe Oerman Lmpire
tuhod.t.in.t. att.T Nnnolcon I. had really put the
rxtimro-ber upon it. Tin- Hapflbarg then prodah.1
onhafaet Tbe llotonzolloni, on th" eontrary,
n?w pr...-kiiiiiH th.- n.illity of tho Foderal Coflfltltu
ti.,n ol Gei-WBV at a umment whefl (.orinany l.t
Hirculcncd wiih a foreign war, ns it to afford tho
llniioi lJ.Tcinbcrli_.il prot.-Nti tor ontoniig U_0
Mimatc alliuiii.a with the. ininor (Jonuati Btatea,
whi. h. till BOfl . wcro preeluded I'rom au. li fl ?
of action hy the lawa flf tho Diet. II* Fiu-aMii
proolaimcd tho rlgM ofthe ItVvoIiit.nn ..f 19*8, BB
nullily ol all the eouater revoltitioniirv a.-ta eoiiiinit
tcd by horaolt'and tho Diel trntt lhat time, and tlu
n atointion ofthe imtittttiona nnd btWfl ofthe K.-vo
lutioni.ry rpoeb, aho would hav .-ominanded the
iya patUefl <-f all Qermaoy, Amtriun Germj-qr ta
c'liid. d. Aa it is, aho baa only diiidod tho (o-rinan
Friniea witlmut rmiting tho Oorinan pcplo. Bhfl
haa, in lact, oponcd tho door by which to Ifltlfl tho
A di'intcli fr..i:i (iVnoa, May 4. aaya:
" An Engliab awa-of-war haa arrired here, brinRing
n,w-t;.n, Mairalato th, Mth, Tnipani to thc 8th,
Palermo lo th-- 28th, und Ma-lBB lo ihe VtM ult. Ihe
iiaiirretti'ti e.iitinutd. One n-iriin. i.t had rwfoBj d t->
ii.iii-.b frt.ru I'alenno, 88the aohlicia, miin.-diati ly on
kaving the city, woald be axpeaad u> tba are ofthe
inaargeata rhre of the prin< ipul mhaMtanta had been
miiritted toHiejndgmeni of tbectriltaibaaal of Olr
gerii. Thc arr.att coatbtaed at Meflaiaa. Miiraal.t
Wl Ifl tiai BB-. 'Ihre- NeapoliUtii MBaMflfl were watch
itig the eoaat."
AdriM tt,nt Mcsi-ina to the ,8th ult. Mtfl tlut pci
ic,ttruiK.iiiilirj, but fljaaeraldi*outfMMat, preaflfli d.
Tl.. nuuiL. i <-f aaraoaA wha kfd mmt anaflBal araa
conaiderable, thc citadel and |irit"ii? Wflflfl BBBwAfld lo
mktm .'aad tho traaa^portatioa of a flaaeber of ii-di
vi.: :ali- rtiit apokon <-f.
Oaaaaaflaa?ry raflaaai mn in ri.ruia.ion. It wu-*
ani,i that a Noapolitan (icncrul had been captured by
tl.e ii.nug. i.u.-tliat ihe acat of gov.ruuit nl waa BbOBl
to bfl tiaiiaferred to li. acina- tliat, the diocuibarkatiou
r.f K'V.iai iiiBun/critB had reat'-red tOBiagfl 10 the
Uthllfl Mdlhal the gal-flflB flf J'alernm, althongh
uunihcii.ig nearly-0,000 nien, appareutly fearcd to
| rn. ,i d iiito tho i:it<ii<-r.
The corrcaponden. of Thc London Ifcwfl, writing
from Nupli B, A\ ril tk\ MtyBI
" Tho rejion af the bi'ital condnct pf tiie B-l-ii'-ry Bl
Cariai iacoaiiraed by an o_k lal Mtemeat aenl bt by
the ..th'.er in ooauMud after thfl (?ngagci-.nt, aud l
trai -late and Btad it la you.
" A IciUr retci'.ed bv ui.-umil in thia city, from II- %?
%mB.aB_rai 'lt winn "thm m Pahrrtao the -awrican
? and l.'iiglifh veaeela did aol reeeire any of tlu- poltti
?cal fugitiv.a on l.oard. Whether thia ia tree or aol
' we do i."t know. ln Mcaeina, on tha eontrary. lha
? | -iui, nl tugitiv. b foiitnl u n-i'uge OB board of Uic Ku
'gi.rh reeae-s und were apioatoftbe way.' wWi
rea] e< 11<. tbe 8i. iEan a h<> bad bc, n riven ap by the
An.tiTcuii c.'ii-iil, ] eun BOW B-U-l lhal it W8fl tm-.
'I be rcafld waa a mcnbant oraft, The police went t<>
ih.ibaaaaaf laeeoalalaadaa?ia tht deuiaud, aud ho
coioid. rt;d that he had no alterni.'ivc.
"Ai< rifr.u-da tbe Britiah raaaal, I harehaarnthe
niiiio (han-.cK inaii ua'.d, a> ii"t<d hbovc, in other
aaartfn; aat witl.oui giving eaBdaaaa la iho at_te
niont, I eun afliim that g:eat do-uhi e.\ihla ua to Ihe
(i.ti-imr io he ohaariaaTbythaeaptainaof berjfajea
ty i reeaalfl in the tnring iiniiaiaiBnri I in which they
un-, aad .no lik.iy lo bo, pkirod kt tataa tituc
Kn iieb raaaalaof war ollor honpiialily, 1 knoii, to all
political lafageea, flad it i?to oo bapedtbat England
will not I,,- Wrr gaaerooa and bflM?*? The wideel
DOMible Intitu.lc rhould bc givon to Britiah v.-- la
wlu-n lying in ihe watera <>f auib a barbaroua powor
an il.at'ot ii <? 'Ywi BM?aa.
"Tho inti-ndciiti af .Sakrno and atvdlino Iiavo r a-lo
aovi-ral conplaiiita t" tba Oorefanatrnt regarding flte
iniiridl.d -oiiduitof ibe foreifB troopi flta-oaed fn
thoae pluree, but the cxr, 4-aoH etin eontinne, and unii-f
do 80. lor the WOOBfl -BOW thai llioy uf u BflBBB?l]f to
tlie (i.'Veiimiriit, and uluiuet bapBOfl their own coudi
" I.ittlc ia known of Mcaainn, but thnt ' tranqnillify
aad ord. r' iTcvaii there, laahafl baaa baaa kNayaa
(nrted by tne Neapobtan <roverurocnt. A b tt. i t>> u
t '..n.iil i"n tbia tity r.,\g: ' \\> are ul.tnii.-.i BB
number of arreata tbat are hcing made.' [aaaaron,
witli. ut f.irthir delay, tkt " ? lal tnilitary r. -p.-iT Oftha
engagi li.ent Bl Carhii, froin wiii- h ><,.., vsill reudily in
.- i,. exeeaara that aaaal hare laaea awaaiittad there;
la fjytt. ibe ai-nitarrrna whieh arr made Ibraiflb ?atter
ahunditut lor ibe eoadeaiBa?oa ofthe troopea"
;? i m It,I! i l.iit in I.und"n.
Eft iav ? very _ttle origh?J ina'.l.r to aJd to whal
a| |. -ar. ,1 in our I jx*- T r.-juting thii .illair. Notwitb*
r'aiitling what ha-. baefl B?led 88 to tha iiit'-nrion of
Iheaatboritiaa to ii.t.i!'-;-, und notwitbMadhig the
iaeo8B?Baadadeai afrarlaaa lov.-ra ofthe an, botb
iik ii bal BflOffl (?"?peeially IIe.uan?appear b.-nt ou
iighiiug agaia. That tbii will BotbeptmB?tedaay*
whi it-in th.- I'liiinl King.lom IflaOW cvi.l.-nt, Ibr OB
Tbnradsf lun wa had Bahdl from Bapet?at??enta
Darbla of tbe F firbdoa, and Haanaatef the A di
virion, who infoi?cd 88 they w.n- b?traflflaibj the
CoBB?ifltioaera, who Wera aetiag un.lci the dheetiaa
af ihe BoflM Bfleratary, togjre uh oflcbd notiee, lhal
iftithci T'rn S-iy?i - or lli.'-i.un BttetaplfldiO I8MW
boatilitiee in any piare whieh could bereaehed by a
K- rrctarv of St::tc'N wurrntit. they w uiild be arre^tcd,
i.nd tbeir ()? djgaa fraflarated] and imt only thia, bal d.
lKiiotM would bfl given to th. proper pareoaato iu- ?
ditt th.-ni, and all ptTTWia ct-n. oiut d, I--r th.- bnacli - t
ibe peaca alreadj committed, 81 the enaaing aaaiaea,
Thin warniiig hai beea coinirimieated to tin; rcl'.-n-,-.
who baa deit-nnined, beyond tho namingof a future
dav, i" w,,ih hia hair.dnof the hu-iiiian.
On Fnday wc ha<l a vihit froiu HOBBflBU who. ifl
t on | any w ith Mr. Wilkea, caiue to dcuiHud that a day
?bqaM he Ized for tbe batdfl to be lesaaMd. Botb
weit aware Oi the notiee allndcd t<? in our l.-ir-t, and
fceth raggeated that tbe fgbl s?oold take plaroflialof
Ki.giaii.l. but whether aayerfl will BBjree Is thw re
nuiina t" bfl piovcd. A dav hun b.-cn 888808, hut ait b?
t.'t aiti,l-r tle ii .ii are bound t-> Igbl ii, Fuglaii'f,
Bad, a- the anthoritii * ure dotennuied, w e euniiol m-c u
wuy out nf tho tlitli, ilty unlc.a Hayera waivea Ihe ur
lielea eatlrely, nnd goea ahtoad to flaaaaaa thc eoataat.
We had not MBfl lle.T.ati jaiiicc Ihe liudit iinljl J-'riday.
und w.-rc glitd to peio.-ive Uuil beyond a8881 uud 8
fi-w (liMoloiationa ho had entirely ictovt-r--d Iroin tlto
iTli.i-! iik IU BC had icc.r.i-d. Hc, of 888188, pBaAflMd
liii~ Hii.\i> tv to bara thc BflMhW M-tllcd BBB way or th>
other, aaa aaaa no objaatioa ta give taa praper Ena
kt Bayen t<> b.- plaaad <-n bb e-i-ial footiag wi'h hita
aclf. Bfl i.niii.uiieed thut, be will ithoitly take u
heaaft, but that th.-re bad been aomo ai.t_ia-a.ila_y
ua tai a plnre, which pflveeaied _aat preeeatlxiqg
a day. All we can -ay in. lot him loBB no lime.
bat, " strike while BaB iron in liot." Thc c.\
i iiotccnt at preaent ih very great, aud if h<- lixei
upon a >-p-'t wnhin a l.-w daya, lu- iiin-t r.-al-.-v h hug"
autn. ll he larry too l"i<K. puhlie int. i.-i-i will bfl -"i
lha wune, i.nd hia receipte will be diininiahi <l one iialt
(II Tom Saver* W8 have lu-nrd bul litth-dnring tb
wseh. lle h.,a i>..ii at Charhwund _irerpooi, al >:u*'i
of wbii h plaeea ho baa had mont rapcaroofl reeeptlona.
aadreeeivedbtrgeaabacripdoaa, arhich wiabe found
iilludid to beiow. Hin uriii ir- pr..gieenin_r fltaorably,
alilmiijih, of aa.iiia.-, tliecure imift ifl wrv lloWa \Nvo
hare flpua neairad aaaleranfl hattew "i. _m wbjed ,-r
thc late l-altlo, I'lom whi. h Wfl e.vtiact thoBfl inurt to
tl.e p.'int. Wfl bavfl iiIk., rcecivcil a 8MBBBJ8 froin Hr.
Hoggoflhfl Aagal, Mtatford (tbe Mr. II. alluded io in
our Iwt; ftatiiig thut hc wua imt a friend ot II. ciuui'a,
iiiul knciv nothing ..f him beyondBaeing him with
|fa< 'I'-naM, Kii'l lhal be waa a,-nt 10 lha .?Iwafl by tb,,
laiioi lo iMaaflt l.un toretoralo lha riag, and aUow
Ibe battle logooo. aad aot far lha purpoaa tt puttiag
an a i.tt to it. ll Mr. llogg ?..|ida un u blti r to lim
a-tb < i w, will iiirKit ii, hut wc may iiitoini him ut oueo
lhal hi- iu. icT y ii ii t ba floaaewbai al lault, ii he im
BghBM he put Iiit requrat to iho refereo iu tho wuy
Iblorc (oncludiiig thcae rcinarka, nv havo "tilv to
repeat oar rt.amei datioo that thc ni.-n ahouhl aliak,
banda, und tettle the ina'.tvr ia 80 uiiiicable uutmier.
TbefrtrHngtbroaghoatIheeoaatry. hi wl exaeptaer
I?ia ol tha- beitiag frateraity, ia ao aacidfldly ia tmtor ot
ii draiv, and iln- OfidoB ia bo lUiivorsal that botb nien
have doae eaougb, lhal we do imt heajtale t<> adopl
uiacoarae, Wabaaaao doobt munv will ba found
n ady lo Ihrow suapieion upon aueh a reoniuntendiv
tnii, _fl l. iiding to implv a doubt in our minda um to tlie
i apabilitit-a ol tbe t btunpiun, but tlmy will uot be
found mi.oiig a fhta^ ta, wbom it ia at anv impor_ince
loualoe.xpTiiiin.ur inouvoa. We feel qriit* ojulidfli*
ibal ihoaaai whoae good oninion alone we care for will
tll I*- ready lo jnan^v wh?i we bave atid and dono.
Tl.e tertinioninl to Baycra bad been incrr ,*_,><? 9j a
E,.. ? aiir-ui... Bdtt'IJft aay a:
" 'I'.,ni Ravera baa lncn Btuiaing it wi1'^ ? -cngwuin?
. , it-r ur h.i't. Oa Haturdiiv he n-ce -...j hr.A,\(,.,.,\?n
BlioOOtlOB to ? 1M>, OOXU ciad af ibe ,??.?,? r y s ,|,..
;. ou a, Hiiiciig-bine. On Monday |,.; Weiu t., l.ivor
., .il. wbire w_ undrr-t-Uid bo i e,-4?ive.J ?139; und at
( l.-.tcl, llie following dnv. ?""'. rei-4-ived ?99 la., Col
le. iid a' ihe TaH..t lin, l.i_fii>o<>l. Then. a.iiua tbo
t ii'lmit tillow vvitaly in. r-.'a ahould ht ud.l.-.l lottte
n.inily nn d ...l.ti.ii.g for him; und IB BBBBM Uua,
>!r. Moaea il.illiia, who bria be-n BBSting far bba, haa
_. icrile.l vaitii u- H.e ttXArt 'BBBitttj ?' Cbeaier and
llllicilig-hilie. Wa bave re-.i-.e.i varioiin auina,
u.knowledged below; nnd we bave been loqaaMed to
Btate ibal bbbm <>f apwaad of ?MA haa be.-u aajjastael
Iv B g'lin.a BubBcription among certain wull-known
C-tiutbiaa patroBa ef lha h-_g, ando__M__Ba__raof
all niinlv Bpotta. Tba Hukc ot Mao._MM.i_r (oaa of
the nol li'iiiin iilludid to in our Iaat, whoae niiine wc
w.-re r.ot at liberty to riieiiti'.n) haa written to ua to au
thoriro our ndding hia nume to Uie liat for ?,'?&)."
During the wcck ending with Muy."-, more tha_i
?100 waa received at tbe office of tbc paper jnat
.pio ed. Tbe following letter, aoiuewhat patrouiiing iu
ita toiie, ia t ubliabed:
To Ihe Kdiu r ef Hell't l.i/e. . .
"hiu. ll ia only aataial tbat th<- majority of Uie
lfritiah public ahould join in an onthuaiaat.e ui.planae ot
their Bghtrng pet, Tum Barem We cM____fcr haa aa
au apt illuatratb n of trne l.nglinh eonrage and endur
aaea,aaR___B and honorable tombaiant, aml M BBB
wbo haa jurt CORM __JBOBt vi. torioua froin a coiitert at
o.traoidiiiai) and overwhebhtogodda. Tbeae are t..-:
rc iironn, iiii.ong otbera, why the little .hampion BMre
ii-ived bo iiiu.'b more eoiigru.uhition and pramo than
flillr to ttM lot of mort boxein. I/?-t it not bc BUpJfO.-4-tl,
however, tbat onr ialand baa been frighteued trom itn
propriety by Ihe tbc arrival of that hcreub-an
?bony f rir.tr IrOM the bumoroua Statea." Wbetber
Scv.irtbad won or loat, we troat we could ati.'l lind
p.ai. | oi other _ua.ii to in.et HeeBBfl and to give agood
ii.i.tnt. of bim. Norwiil.rtaiiding tbat, I M_a tha
Kngliah will ahow tl.ut, an of old, tb.-y can waru.lv an
I r.. iate good qualiti.a in an oppouent. and 1 decnb-dly
tbink that the Heiiccut lloy meiit*. eou.ui.-ii'lu
tit n. He haa CBBM aevcral tbounand nul- n. BOt
for Iba lucrc of brJb, bat for honor, and of
conraa af a conniderable expenae; he haa fought
in a bnive, unflinching, and fair mann.-r, and (togetber
witb BByera) bau ibarabt doue mueb to raiaa lha i aai -
a.t.r iii'id atatua ol the Iiing iu public ealimaiion. If
ba baa nuiurally cnormoua bothly advantagea over
u.ohf men, if mtiat, on the other li'aiid, be re.ollected
tluit be ia bfaaaelf compiiiativelv a nxrtkt, and tbat ba
hi.a ronti-iid. d n ith a l.igl.ly nkillful and mu.h-pra.ti. ed
.I.n pr ii. Wc feel patriotically pb-a-.-d tbat Efeaaao
did not BBCrtad in bin enlerpria.:; but we alno BMn
l.iu.ito l.tar witiues to tha galbmt and honornoh.
?atyle of bia exerliona. 1 move iherefure, Sir, tbat B
eu> e. i iption ba optntd for tba ptvpoae of prea__t_-tga
itatimonial lo Heenan k tbe form of aa ananity, a
rarte. ctio, <r what not; and I hopc that tbe inotion
will be both aeeond'tl an-l haii'lnomely carned out by
all lovera of u "fair ligbt and no favo;.' and by tho_?
wbo wit-h to iniiei_-e ihe reaiiectability of thn King.
Voura, kc, tl_T_R BTOH-C.
Tovvard B ttatimonial to tha gullant American, we
bave icct ived jC. frum J. H. C. Wtadhaaa, w\.
[Ed. BcU't I.ifc.
After a tonr of obe* rvation amoin,' thc..raba, cxtend
ingovei in'.r. tl.an tbrec monih<, thc kuiL' ot bSMB
(ain' rl l.tiBietiirned to oiirahoreat'or binlant "aeafjion. '
S. raral tOTJ udvantiigeouBofb-rH were inade to him to
le, rure in tba Krencb provincea, but be ha<l to decline
them all, ?nd, after f.mr exbibitiona in I'aria, he puahed
ou lo BbBBM and Nupl-a, and ao, by Si.ilyand Malta, M
Ab xi.ndriu. lbyond tbe Koiimn hubitof not MMBRRJ
tbe hind feet of tbeir boraea, bia note book, up to that
point, had reti iveil very few entriea; but ho fuud
biuiaelf among more congenu-laceneB aa ho aailed up
thc Kile tnwurd Cairo, intherweond wtekof February.
It waa jur-t thc B8B8BR for turning out thc Arab homen
to gra.n, nnd there they etood np to tb.-ir knee. iu il
iai'b BB evei-_hiftiiig taikground of camela, donk.-yr,
and butlaloca, on wborc ba. k ihrce or tonr doak/ ur
, hin.- migbt be aeen riding home at uightfallj, mib after
ruile, in bav, ebeatnat, and fleu-bitten grey platoone.
alc-ut five yanlr Hiart, nnd l.-tliered to ntak.-a by ouo
fore and laoth biud I. ga, ao an juai to .oir.inand tbeir ab
|. "i'l rana"-"f b-rl :---"? -* t. Cuiro bin ata? was verv
lrmtti 0, alihiiiiki. ne r.-c.-ived ? pivaaiug lnviutionfroiii I
tlu-Vi?-rov ot T.gvpt to viait bim at lus country n. at.
higbtr up ibe riv.r; but lo gaie on tbe high-caatt
'? ibibiri u of tbe atur" -Aah bia aota min. ion, and be bad
no linie to ling'-r. Ilc anoidinglv w.-nt OBat Qnee
with bia party u.i.-aa the QlBBl DeBBII to the ahoren of
the Ited S-a; und, taking leitve of tlietn there, mi-rcly
r-. |'|. d aaide to BM the pynunida aa ho rctruced hi.
htein to Ah.-.-aiidiiu.
Ilcn.e ha aailed to a non near Jaffa, and rea.had
"tbr Eternal Cily," aaa it wan oa a pi.-tareaque,
naaaj kn.-ll, bara hy a grot. of olivea. ttmt b.> gave
i!n- Paaba aapetiuieu <>f niaurf. Bia __JaB__Baaafaad
BTaV i'd out for bia iliappflfain fcar of hin i.ert mar.-a oi
ihe BBjreat Kadgedea enete, and after he hud nddcii
.;:?-. a gret (wboaa aatica would bave tjiiite Ojoalifled
ber for b dautt aa muotig tha Mwaasl aa " tha Bariaj
. .;. i, he took a brown horac from tbc handaof tbe
ntt.uilant eiiniKb, ai.d with thc aid of lha " IBTO little
BtraBfl" iiiiidc bim foflow bini eterywbera aboM the
Jlutilte. Tbe grey inare, wbone raggetl hipa and long
nea k <lid not iui[>iove l,,r, wua a little over tifleen
liaisrin. and ro liiglaly valueil by tier maBt.r tliat hc had
n ii.-e.l a thooaaiid pnunda lor tier.
I l.eli l.ill.iwed ail eX. liirioli to tlie Deud Kca, wbieb
was rouiewhat n(' ill bt a BBrtjf ef B. ttoniiM, who de
f. ei.iieil ou ll.e leut und e<>okin_- uleti-i!n, ai.d thottflfll
tlnir iliMT'i-t ai the abacaBM af Btihlat ptaMar by mak?
ing ibe co.k atund aud dclivcr hi^ wutch,iind malireut
ing tlu; tjolitary r-oltiier lor turning ?__._>? in hia remoti
rtrunee. Ilr. liitley and hin party were aome niilen
uL.iid at tbe tiaae. bat tbe fbnner protted bjrthalaa.
il li tt ' v.-rylhing l.eliind in E__Bb_B un, down t-)
' -..:v keva, ttheB, niei.lv a.-eotiij itiiied by Maj-.r
I-i.-.. ir, of lioii-liiii-.ting fame, and an inu-rprctor, lie
rpei.i a.-u-:al da_\a in U;e dt-rert iu aaaicb of butaa lota.
Ilditrg .1 ' to euch euiuiii|'iiieiit be eould d'-aery, aml
ti'i-Mi ? fi r f.iod and a night's lodfiing to tLo sJicika af
th<-vUl. ,, .
.\t 11. .rout, on hin r> tarn, he f.-'ind the beat Arab
be had aeen on Ina travela umong a lot of tweuty,
wl... ii nonii-a-^aiuimaii olbeeir-bit'i BOt togethi-r on i
roviig .on;niii-ri..ii froat th? ir king. __ha__M and
Sinyina l.ad little to nbow in tbia way; but at Con
ataiiiiiinpletbere wereaeteraj atada(tndodiaB thal ti
tl.-.- itiu-vviieti oiii.i- Paaba), nriaeipallj -aanRihniaoa,
and nowlit ri ?:i?i Mr. __ar_f Had tbe horaa beBMrr un
deirtordor ni'-re n. i.-ntifieally hundb-d. The Araba
.< i-uiird to inll far abort iu tbc latter point of wbat bc
bad iinti.-ipai.d. Their liaLit of nbaring their t.-nt.
with thc foal froin th. very day it ia dropped h.m
givea tbeat a perfaot ataatary over jeatfiataia after
geiieration ot li'iraca an they ari-.-: but ibeir crittl araa
rtr.eigly t. n pted t" dotibt wliether they haVe tlmught
OBtBBJ rynt.in, or . ..uid grappb-"ii any fixe.l priu
eipla \. iih a hoaaa thal waa bbbj to tbeaa. lle waa
more con__r__ed on thia poiut by ihe utter helpleaaiia_a
nnd iligbt they exbibited wbeatha Iit11*- aatifa horaa
08 which be nii.de bin Iaat iliper: tour BBt_BM BB
roaiii un one nioriiing. und refuned to lat '*i<- oi ihcm
put bia bndle on. -''ihe Pruph-i" wan invok' d iu
\ ifiti lliut liine, und iheie wan UMJtbiBfl tor it but to _____
B im I ' i-< -r for Mr. Kauy to thc tciit of the
ah( ik, ai.d n .pi.-ht him lo leave hin IBBRM of brown
bnad and w ild boaej forlbwitb. and tOBBB aud put
ii.atteira ta rigatn, aaoiat of BO great ditri. ulty when
tba i i-'Wi --I agit.tted lurb.iiiB coald ba Ihaaat back u
ajiue. Jl.- alaa thoaahl tbeir _ao__i of putting abaaa on
\. iv inartirtii ; but tlie _hoea th.-iiin.lven aeem.-d to
coiitoriu witb more e___r_BCBB to th.- Btrii.-tiire ot lha
Both hia vievva OB tbin point aud bia genei-al e.\|veri
.11. t-B of iit elt liie a ill leli'l llOt U lltlie l.oveltv lu tlie
l.ctiiria wbiib be p__rpoa_a xiving before he retoraa
Inii e to Obio, i.c-M Kall. \N.-I.a\-- liad " origbtal.''
" 1. nul.-, ' " Irinb. and " Me.xieiui ' horne-tainerB n
tl.e lieltl aim I- tarhion iitai Ml in thin diren'on. but atfll
Mr. b'an y boldn iliiit \aniage ground whi.h tha tincai
b. raenieti in ihe vvorld have Imig riiue aitnrded t<>
bim. botb for thc ing a t-av age or " gentling" a aerroaa
Mlbjeet inlo eotlllllelH-e. |t ia i-lle t<> thc lant ib'gra-e t.i
e.\l. . l lll.ll tMatata Will liOt lllpne llllel tllev llUat- le
.eivedoiie l.-aaon fiom lini. ( l.\.ru. hc may be. he
eannot . I ei k".ate u.niuic bf w.-rkiug B uiira le. Tho
ni a! ll.at be i an do ia to inili. ate the motle of trt-at
l.n-l.t, nnd r-hoW bow et'tnpb-t.-lv il worka tbe deair.-tl
ellii-t in bia owu luuida; but it ia only bv u EtjaatBRl
i.i d | itn n: it-jii-iiiimi oi ii [aa iu tha eaTtura ragfaaaatat,
Mlleie tbe Ul.'rt ilieori ii;ll'|e aill'jfi'Ia have be. II tn.'ul'
I. i ii ibi i t.t 1 > un tul ba it] tbat a betM can be taugbt to
rl ed i(_ old viciolia bilblta, aud ><-a.e to be a |>eat botb
n aiid out of tbe nlable, I Lomli'ii lllua. Ncvva.
From U italiliiutoii.
W'AMiiao.r.., Kri.lnv, May 1?, l?c'aO.
'Ihe Poet-Qflce Iieiiiicncy bill, wbicb paaaaal lha
II- uae ti.-tlay , altboogb itppurenlly uppiMpriiiting il
iiiiicb luig.r iimotint, reullv uppi-opriuiea but bille
ov?r ^i,04i0,000 out ul'tho TruMBury over und abovo
tbc porlagea now ou bui.d.
N_v\ 4KK, Kridat. May 18. trjijO.
Thc llon. Kerdiiiaiid N. Nhenck Of _HB__aa_fla| iVtunly,
f.rntierlv u Heiiilier of (.'ongreaB, aud aeverai veara
Jadg. "t thc tVourt of Krrora aud Appeula of thia State,
.iied auddf-nly ut hiaaon a rtaiduute iu C'aaidcu, yt-eter
ilay, aijed T'/yrara.
Ki- b. Oar Own i '..rr ..?- adn f
I'twiMA, May 9, IMO.
Iliivingaent yon by the Koanoke the lateal oewa,
11. vi' uslv ra ii-ivi-d here (dnpiicating the letter by Ibe
Kotth Emt ia aaaa it ehoald arrive tirat), I D.wava?
ink-a H of tho dc part ure of tlu- Ariel to forward lha
moat rccent intelligence from thia -piarti r.
Tlie atoatocr Onat*-mala, fr< m San Jooe" ile Guafcv
rnala and intennediate poi ta of Central Ataerica, a*.
rived here on the 6th. Bhfl hrought aboot twenty
pn.sengcra und u large freightof indigo, coflbe, eoobi?
ih al, hidca, figMt, mdia-rubber, deerakina, lumber, a_4
maily f_0,CO0 in ajecie.
It in very aatiafai tory lo roniark the ?. *dy tflflTflflflj
in thia trade. We hav now?thanka to the enter
priae of the l'anania Kailr-ad Company?a bi-monthly
jine of ati-amera, which have opeued up a large extent
ot eoaat, with a rich interior heretofore eut otT from
interioiii-e with the L'nited butea aud Earope, excepl
by the loi.g and dungeroua route of Cape Iloro.
(iiATiMAi.i?I >ut> a from t h ia _U-publii- are. to the _?___
Aj.nl, but there ia aetnally no newa. TV noairtry ia
uiet, and Carrera'a iron hand ketrpe tbe Urb_Usot ejbm*
nicr.t in ((flflplete aubjection. It is andeniable that tha
naourcoaof tho couutry are rVintf rapidly developed.
uud perhapa il ia juat k? Weil that it abould (onliuoe for
?oart tnue longer aa an abaolute deapotiaia i-Woad of ?
uharn republic.
SAM'timit? From thia State new8 is to the 25th; tha
ow ci vil i-odo waa aboot to be promulgalod, and qoieC
nigncd, tOCBpt among tho volianoee, wl.i.h hadahowed
BOBM ayuipton 8 of getting up 8-tBrh_BBBI on tbairowo
?eeoaah _ *. _
>, i< ta_et *?Ceafreai cioawi ttflaaa?oa on the bm oi
March. In additioa to Iho iword voti-d to Corn. Paal
dn.g U-e leBBaa Hj.rc.-d to preaent him With twouty
"aarlullaiuof' <f hnid, I" be fleleeted by him. Tha
ti.at v with England relative ro tbt> aettiement of lha
MoaqatoqaratSoB liad been ai-eepted, andtheSocate
baal gruiiUd IO the Exe. utiio the power to repeal tr*
law relaiiie to thc free trunaif of ihe laUimua, wheu *
(tbe E-e, utive) aaw tit ao to do.
Costa l.HA.?Datea froin San .Joa_, the eapita/,
.ire to lha lal inat. An attoinpt waa rnade aboat
the 16th Of April to urset the OieirM-M, bat
rhe plot being diacovcred, the leadem, abont forty or
titty in nnuioer, were. omat.-al, aod, bfl?OBBBM and
thaitied by Ibe leg, they were lodged in the ban_clu;
but, na the urro-ta htcfleaaai, thia locality not being
large enougb to coutaiti the " tonapiratora," a
pirti'iti of tbem were lodged in tbe Cuiveraity,
wl.cra- they were ebaiaai to thepfllaraof thecfHirv.
yurd. A variety of reporta are < urr.Dt aa to the object
and cxteiit of Ihe nioveiueiit. Somfl auppoewd it lo bo
goti.-n up againat the I'rovi.innal Oovernuient; oUiera
iii-agined it to be 8 niovcinciil m favor of a i-Hro-dtu.
htora; while aome again believed it to bo dirooted tx
cluaivtly ugainai Doa Vieei te AgttOar, the Miuiaterof
F?_nce. ThemBtteria atill aueaplanwd,aadBoMK
quentlv a want of eeaMflace aumiig tha incrchajiur,
adilad to tbe want of eaahwhkb hai. foraome tuue
8-iBted. baa noi tended to improve the appo_u_nce of
the ivolitiaitl boriion of CefllB Kica. Congraaa waa
iii.talled on r>uiiday,-kd, with the uaunl foriualiUeaand
aokmnitica. Ita tirat act Waa to alect the Vice-Preai.
denta. Doo PiaaelBeo Hoalaalaara ibrother of ihe
I'n-aidcut) and Don Vicente Aquilar were chooen. Ko
buaiueae of iiiipoitance haa yet beea tianaai tod. The
followingSanday, April 2'. fbePieaident waaaoletnnly
in-ral!ed in oflic.?. .Mr. Dimetry BM preaent al the
ccni.tery. The uaual apeo.-hca, 4.C., wero made, und
tLc proceedinga cloeed with ih>- liberation of all politi?
cal piii-ona ra. It now romaina to bcsecu if Montealegru
ia better than Mora.
Trade, aa 1 aaid before, W88 doD. The wfiee erop
ia ull ov.-r. and hut little reniaina in the waxehouaea.
Attention ia l-eingturned to th.- growrh of tbe augiur
iniit aid immuiiuture of eugar, an indaatry which if
dovelopeal would add muiii to the wealth of tho
I ao&aa that Mr. Gtorge Fagun haa been appoinunj
llriiiah Aliiii.-U-r to Ceiitral -Baariea iu tho place of Mra
1 he P. 8. N. Couij-ny'B ateainor Valparaiao, frofll
the fcouth Coast, arriveo here on the 6th.
Chii.i.?From thia rapBbBfl we have datee to tbe
Mth of April. Tho political newa ia unimportant:
t'cngreata an not yet ln .-.iwion. ? u Ai.i.riciui lin* of
tt, ani' i a between Valpuraia.* und Panam.-i haa been at
leiigtb aaarted, und thc lir?t boat italroady on the way
out; at lcaet bo aaya tho Mrrrurto. Tbia certaiilly
_BBBOtprove a paymg Bpeculation at tirat, botitaa
ceitaiuly will provo ot very groat eonvenieoee to the
pnblifj and dt aervea to BBBoeed. llle Ind?_ diirturb
antea in the bouth are nait y. r. t.vcr. The war w_l
probnbly bo auapcnded during the Wiuter aeaaon, to be
icflBBM d w ith BMB8 activity iu ihe Spring. Tbe minuig
iutort tt ia vorv r-roaperoua. Copper in bara ie beld at
f,! _(l tadi. feilverr b_re, pure, $10 79 per nmrc Ex
cluiiBgeOBthe I'nited Siaicfl, eixty daya, 11 per oaat
pr.-iuiuni. Fixighta: To the Uuited Statea, |15; __i?
latid, jC3.
l>n,,-,_While waitiug for tho political rovolutiott,
of wbi.b 1 have ao "itoii rooken. tho Peru.ia-a have
t-par&flBOai OM af iheflB Digbtra] earthquakea for
wl.it-h Ibe tuuntiyia ao tolebialed. Lmm ia halfi'l
ruina, aiidilio lnhabitantaof t'allao in daily dread of
anotberanrha eatBatreabe, a? that whith doauroyvd
tho old towii about ouohuudred yoant ag>). The nrat
tboeh took I'li.ee oa 'be l'.'rb, aud _MM aeemida,
tlu ii M MTere "ne on Un- iSuuday fotteaMg, whieh,
thonjib it bit-nd tu.ly I.i aeeoadB, coiuploiely ro?-ked tlw
(itvtound ti". Tne feilowbu m-connt of tho ev_it
i? f?y the Laaa flflereepeaaaai ar Thr Pmmmmt Stan
'? The tii.t in- tf n.i-nt - ? uiiiicn. ...I ua th-- nightof Um )?*>_, tntl
__t< J ?? a ::.n.ult. but tlid BO kjury ; vu tlu- .lat teTeral alMit
c.iillatitii.toi-iTirrcal. Lutthc bi-i-.i.-.t .liotk wtx felt un _M XM
at 2 o'.iu. k in thf ui'ta nio-n, _:d laatu-d na-ariy a minote. Tiie
,t.om ui.nl wai tirat iiorixuutal, aiid wcut froiu aotith to w.-st. imt
tl . n . IBM avrry .trong ahock trt-in beiow, whlrh wonld BBT*
luid Un* fra _tc?t part ol I.l_i_ in rsiiis, if it had b??ti rrpa-?ta-d;
at It't it du d .wuy with Un- aame liorUoDtal oarillstiout. Next
n.oniii-a tll n'.Tt.tk s aattrc .hock was l-TI a_am, itaiarijr aa
?troiiga-. II- i-ni.rr, atid ou ull the lollowmg daya aliglit vibra
ttona tr rn, ftlt, or tobtBTtaneaa ooiaewat hrtnf (a?n..il4,r?Mai
daniagr Im. U-in dom- in l.uua ai>J thc ucig.'iboriiood, hoatta BM
arl'i Iril iu. in our watrn.ig ftteoj, (Ti..ntl.a, srv?ral pnop'.?
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in tl.e IcLutik-r i.nd in tlie itligi-'iii. In-li.-f n( diHrrrul propla.
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|o ba- a 1-ioi.a man, aent trttt '? r tl.e |n<n'ba>e of wax aad attier
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4-nitl,.,M?? _M rr -in. -? tlie year li-Sll."
It upprarx thai Fnincc. nrcd with trying to brin,.
l'.nu u> i.itr-'ii, by i?-in ciible aaaaaa, if uow about to
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wh.ic ; rginiicti! ia tlinwn :nvi:y. Kn-uch Adaairvla
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of t oui-c bave to j icld io il.c detaaadfl urnde ou him,
with tlie addi?0?U moititication ef paying th. pipttr
who uia.lc h:in dam c .;? Lih i-ltl l.tiut.-. Jt would ba
wellil tba L'niu-d Btatea would eoadaaeaad to u_;? a
lei-ca^n fr-iii tbe Preoeh, aad alTord ita .iriicna that pro
letiiaii itlin-ad vrbitb they ure entitled to reoeive. lt
it. paiafal to aee how Ibe eoodattof Uie (iuvtjrunMJut
baa caaaed tba United Itetea uud her cJUaaaa to be
dian tpet u ai in thcac Bpaaiflh A_arkfla eaa_tria*. l>et
Kepublir.iiiM und Pt-uioi ratu foi^ct n.r tnu-o Uarir tflflfli
Bquabblee.aad reawabar lhal wara ia au Aiwrn-a
pti.ple nnd u nitiouul boBOfl tbat lax>_i for rx-dmaa at
their b_rda.
dur niiuv BBBBOB umy be .aid lo have a?-t in, thoa^h
ua yet lha flhoarerfl are uot lery heavy.nrof long
ilnrut um.
Thc acntence nf dci.tli on UKiauia, tho Ainerioaa.
wbo hilbeda BaBBaftbaaaBHof (Mia, on tlie railroad
cara,neaiij ? rear ..v-.), bsv been cttilirtii.'d by ihe
.uprcn.c Coart. //'iho d.-kth penalty ia a rigbifloua
on?-, be incritMt.
Tbe fruruie U-MflM -diad ou it viait to Central
a\n.. ri.un lorta. "U the JOth. .__?_. /
Tbe PowhatBB und LevBBl are in port; the ?***r /
itb.ut le Ffl I 8B a (rriae.
Thfl Hnt-sli k-lniip ('ln. wua ut Tubaijra. .
liui-iii.rr a dull, exeeptiag lhal Uoue by Ua- railroail
oouiuuiy, i.bi.li iadail) iocreaaiaf.
I hhitl. n .1 iuflit l on you'our local goaaip, wha-O eaa
be of no 888?M> intt 11 at to _i our i withsra.
Knoai IlAVAhA.-Hy tbe arrival ot the at??iaabh>
l'bila.lcli'biu. Oflfflflll feoflJM. we hav? datae fr-na
Haviinu t.. May 13, Tbe HUKur market ia a litUa aioi*
ii.tii.-. Ka, I'Ja.fleraat f 1 to #4 _JJ |>er 100 lb.; r*ry
little done. HelMM at 3, U> :<i rlala jx-r kea, a?d noB
much d.niand at theao ralea. Tbe Britiah ateam
friKUte Etntrald. and Urit-h aWp Bacar are atill ta
pt.rt uud aU well. The heahh wf llai-ana rwaaia*
bbbA ._ ., _. ..tm.
tiahsntes rn I.iuid'O, ll.u-IJ prrii.iun; Nsw l _B. r?
,.."" rP>-"''b."'. Nrw trrleaiia: 8881 aroaimma*r fMb
r.riihla lisvs not aalvaut*d foi |viis in lh* ' ****> attmt ?
_, ua-1 la I. .? > .-r Xuroprau pv.ts tha dt_*ud aaa ar ""?
raltt tdranred at Was|. .hlUlng. 4} lu_

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