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mai that tbe effect ie "an thoQc.li anotan* Nineveh had
oMtm dieinknred t>r Baby l??u i'eel? bad ca-l olf the a?v?i
nakt-d deposits? of ar*ca and risen fmrn its ash' ? to
enim its place in the nanny of the ? oild. "
?Mr. White, nhn? popular Autumn T??ura in M>
??ma pain of i:n?.'iajid, ?? r?. the Lemd*a Kn?i," " feek?
nbirc, ' " >?mh?i?bcrbuad, ' and "The S.-otiid; Hor
?Vr, have had much auc?vra, now appears aa " The
Barv. Wlhnt Wh::.-, und anuoaa.er a new book '? All
Stand tbe Wrekhi," frm Us caual j-abhahers, Messrs.
Qiarpmaii ?V Hall.
?Dm-praire ia given to Mr. Marsh's " Lectarosoti the
IVglisli language" in ih? la--! n ? 111 ? > ??. i- of The S dur.
dofR<r?ir. The writer appr?ci?t.? the value and
?_.Tehy of the h-ctnres, and i]-?nks ?if Mr. Marsh as a
man who " hw travel??, a nv-od deal, n?d ? |??1 tk.il,
mai ibeiii-'lt a i*"<?d deal," and M?_OnfeMlMM liie
beauty oanMtstntssof the b?->,.k, a..?,,,?/ from a ihor?.u?<_
aiJtkrtUindirg of, and love for hissu'iject. While ran
anrtnj thiajnatke, ibe review is in many poitita'arm
narkable ?ftHimen flf " provinciality " of ndnd, and
nf th?? habitual rnbordiuH'ioii to a very limited range of
ftttt? and ideas; thus the writer speak? of "Am-ri-e.-i
Datatct?'? " bd?Mn>iaiedba?B?M there i? not a " IHM
nn)*^ lire-ck " in th?- feetniee, (like Ihe country cong.?
fmtiou " va bo paid f?>r lha hert"), ai id caa't aliide tue
word " Anglican applied to language, bccaufC " we
are to awutuined to it ?n a j-urely ?xvkwiastical
Mnee;" tneae aud e?uil_r fatuities art, evidence
tafa " prentice hand, who in scarcely compet?'iit t<3
op-sap V-e profoond ami varied ?thoWship of Mi.
?In Capt. r,l'Hke?-|-eare> " Wild Sports of India,''
now printing from earl? sheet* by Met srg, Ticknor and
Co., tbe public may ixuli?eii?y look fot -ward lo a de
Kglitful booh of Summer mmnn;. The Huthor has
bean fighting since 1834, ofteu singl?*-handed, panthers
nod tiger?, ?. iid elephant? and bears. BB??N ami
Ixnars. and adds au .shi ila>li of duTotional foelinirto Uie
mereosnal mere "(l.idon CummingHh-lov.- of slangh
Mr." 0? mnalny, Im tells us, " he never kills any
animals except the ti?:?*r, and he devoutly expreftsca
bia gratitude on one ocrasion that he bad beeu the
**aveng? r cont-titnted by Him a, ho ordains all thin..*?, to
ahay tbeoe tigers, am' t?. ?ave fuit hei 1? s?.?f li.iin-.n _Et.''
His experience prenn the extraordinary t?na,"ity of
Mfe in tf"e tiger, and thst they are rti:l ?laager ?us and
empaille of killing a man -with their ?iknlls shattered and
their brains penetrated vrith a rill?- ball.
?Three candidate? for the Boden Professorship of
fcjiecrit, vacant by the death of l'rof. II. II. Wilson,
?MJMBRM? <f? I'rof. Mux Muller. Mr. Monier Wil?
liams iuutbor of a Sanscrit Gram toar), und Mr. 1UI
btr.tyi f-, Principal of the liiiver.it v at Ilrnm-e?, hii
nbor of " Christi-?tity Contrasted with Hindoo l*:.i
?The library of Alevtinder von Humboldt, after all
Hie b<?oUe?8 tiilk about seen.I,,?; it for America, ?M
he*m d?fini:.!? s Id to Metern, A. A-.he:- A- Co., the
wtdl-kno-tvn btnhaa?art of ?nans? It Mai?M h>> -ut
10,<VK) TalWMM, n'.d r-atny of the presentation OOfJMI of
becks ait of the mos'. valuable and expensive de
Mriptvor,. The sale, pieeem?-al, >f the collection v% it ?
he ma?le toward the cud of the present year.
?A very earnest, it" not a very lively, controversy
ban been kept up for s?iaie tur?*? or Jour months be*
?? ???-ii some of our ariist* and urt BaMMR on tbe sa'.'jeet
of nudity in art. The ferni.!?- statue? ?,f l'aboi
tbe Vautises of Tag? aere tbe ciin??e of thi? u^ituti 'n;
And b.-w tLe Matte? ha> nW decided, or whether there
baa l-eeu any deci-K?u at till in re^rard to lha merits of
tLe rase, except by the not-at-ull hntdiOM pnt'lic,
wbieb alwH?s like- anylLing that ia gold
and beai;tJa!, we do not kno?r. But. the
eabject t-f nudity iu art has lately been di.?i-itostid
?a a very fci^-h quarter with a g ?od deal of
Rvtiil?CB?- us vv? II Ho eeriu'.inii- ><o. Ixird ll?fl.io, a S. ?1. !,
Pnahytailana, Li? bsnnrhtthB B?ttMhenM ihe ?ritioh
Parliament, Lu a rt?rolation intended to prevent unie
xmvtjtli? Mtrmj n??vi t?y f.r?L?'?. lluppily for the t-H'.\r':
of art iu 1'r.gbuid. Lord Haddo n j-iu'.?-. ? was IlSMjhe i
net of counteiiance by bis if ore sen.ible fellow mem?
bers of I'ar'iarnen?. As J he London Kromtner very
j?stly taid. the same nicety that would exclude a nnd?
model in. m -Jie at tint's studio would prevent the di?>
attct.v.n of a naked fubj-ct iu a MIMjmI HMJt lue
great fault of cur own aniiits is, t-iat they draw too
Mile, and Bet ux> much, in what i? c.ill-.i the ** Wt
?A grea* change bas taken place in tbe migratory
he,Mis of onr Ltadscape artists daring the pu--t few
f?uniuier?. They rv sort more to the sea-side and bes
to the mountains for tbeir stiidi?s than wa? their wont,
Said there ie n penMMl "f thn? bein'i " water, W?IM
?~?:rywbcre,'' by-und-hy in onr exhibitions. Mr.
Bra<iford of New-Bedford, whose marine painting in
the Kjbihition <>f the Academj this year has ??
eonicdcrable atfntion, has g??nc back to lha Bay
?State f/j resume Lis s?ui side lb*tehee, Mr? Gigl ?X,
who ijtr made ??-m? ve.y tine Mndni oi MMt
a?? irt-iv down liio-f in the lieig'iborboo?! of Monnt
Itaaart, grjeoj to (ha iaa>ehora agato this fttmamr,
Wilhar* Hart spt nt ihe hi>t waoon on il? e?.?v?t <?f
Maine, and hua aliea-iy (?riv?-n the psjamV MM?
cue evidencia ?>f the earnest study which 1,h Ix?to ?. |
njv u tf at ro ky and picturesque |>mjmBi D,a
lumtilf wholly t.? thi sea, aud Mr. Suydam hae ahorra
hi? love hi ( i|ti I ?u ,iii iu Ih? nBMMMM einWS he ha?
xrivt-ii ns if Kavrneatn? n b? ich? One aft? ?
ehniren ? f m? scj??.? ry ?,nd m"st aaeeaasfnl d
t%?rs of eoaal mmsm, i? Mr. Ann (.ay, wboM an ab
trurive |?!'.ii'e- ii. the preeen? .-.\!.::.'i!i'.n "f tbe At-u?e
BT have Um. BT4 ?,-ly udmiie.l bytosMS irho I ? M?
??aile of appreciating their heanty. He, too,ha?M?
Mimed to tbe Hay ??Uite. and in sketvehini?: iu the n? igh
tsuthood of Milf *"****
?Mr. Tlioni6i Hicks, who paiotcd a portrait of Mr.
tkward Ltf'it- the C!i.ii.',i CinvewriQu, an Min ? i
MlBanniste pal i a portiah ti "ll-.x-eet Old Aba."
He left '"?,; u S residente ?! the flai! ^MMM?! o:.
?Mr. I?ei - bee? ifnadhafafan meeht
hi Fied-ri.kri.il.!.-, V*m,?Mtaha at*eonatCo??R?l?j
suid ndl rjt-iid ?M K-m.mcr iiionths -at West Il.?i;it.
? Mi. Cblirth eviie?-e alm.?s'. a? lull h ill!", iili.in it.
t?3?vU<v? it.s: Lam- s ujion i,ir picr.n? s as he <i?a?? in naint?
Irigil.m " I w 1 k i m U?e WiltieraeSR,' tin-i.ile o*
liia r.?w IiukI -? ay-* is llnoM a?- koo<1 a i?a;n': it? " lha
Hear' '-' m? A? Im . " ati'i ?tM uro many w!.
tbe new picture is th?- Utter r.n.- of iJi^ i-??, It !,h?,
witbont a ?aaht, more ;,<stical ?htnnj and uai'y ?1
aU-iiyt>, i.tid. in e.-tlain parta, ha? never >..?-.,n -?
by any i f t., ?.?. m Ment.mm? ?aowTl
hie til., ?? I - p.ttniv, lie wu] probably ?o t?i work
np?.n hi? ?ttnii. s ot J.-.-beiire, which he l.ii?u.;.t from
N. ?a found land Ins' yeai ?eo?B|NM
0?*i?jj MMBtnMi meethj et :. tmarj.... ",-.' ?:? i
?hiagaia, hit Henri ol the Au-Jts, and hie Twilight in
tu. Mb-mbmbr
? ?nier?, art- ss-veral verr excellent p?turas of the
lls-lv.an Hud (J, iiraji ?Schools iu th?* " Interm.'ional
-Art l?aln r> N,,. ,,?< |iroudway, coiner ni p'oiirlh
a?_reer, wbictj havr i.o! ul'rai t?-d t;i? ~ -whi. h
tla-y wt | theynoale! It:*.- renaiaed
it m h 1 iii?;?*r iiiiii.'iicw) p."b.i!,lv, bin for -I ?* cir.-nm
eti.iir? of s eraban ont Lnthe trahnry o?
Tlinrsd:.? nona. ir. t i.l.rtin., ?alt M BC?I v ,!ii.-,l,l.
aadntings weif diateoyed.
We iind.-rvtii;,?! MM?I Mr 1"?"1"?, who lias bSM
W ' ? ".r|f 1'age's \'eiii; is iiiiil - : rt if ] i .,.,,?.? r,as for
am exhibition of a colltx-ti? n of I'xwe'a works ,i, tarn.
?*t?-^K?n with tl at | i? lure A mo?i iui-n
Moo toighr. be made "1 hin anrt?M M?hataRJIV Wbieh
?itonld i?v. BBM?harinMi**etaa lanefh^nMnpuhnd
di?!?.<?- .1. hi? nyk?, aud the eli?*?.'.s o? ha ?.
i_etli?sl? if lauter. Hi? ?a: lier pic'i.ns are _? _
BK?at bnl?aut t-t ampies of cdor that la pr ?'
while ??-irr 1 of nia huer w ris have so tlumfnl th?I
r?b?*y would bardly bt t?*-' BMhni tat tht Br? Jut : of the
Man js-iji if.
fill Bill BIIIHmiWB OF -BO-DWAT.
Six or seven year? ago, a few of oar wholesale dry
goods mirebnnts discovered in the widcr.ir.g of Ijbcrty
end Doy atraeta- on Ike west ?ids, increa?? ,1 f.? UP Ira
ft r busbeaa, and -without delay pnrebased the aaoal
eKgil h- prtipe ny in thorc streets, rcb O-Bg lots na near
Broadway as possible. While ihe widening wa* in
progrci-.", they (eji..mcr.ccd the e reel ion tf w;;rx.ho uses
on a more HI eral peale tbau thotc they bad long occu?
pied fur'Ler down town, and ere the s'.rttels were
projerly graded and piivtd, a number of clejwantly
fir.ie.btd marblt-froi.t slortt?, adon.? d the new tlior
Thaas who uiigrated were pronoun.?-:! by their friend
cru/y, in tl m.'iny prodktlons weie made and BBOeahV
tiens indulged in aa to their probable sumara ht their
i.e-w h? ?ii..ns, yei liitit- tin* elapsed kafan Ike kagls
notes of the Man 1. if Improvement strnrk ti|?on the
eur "f numerous ether denizens of the low. narrow,
and dingy down-town streets, when they too fell into
tie ranks. Tie easy means of communication with
ri e various traiis-poiiaron companies, which bud their
? Hins mainly on tbe west lide, was now seen and
admitted feaeraBy, i.rd no small preportioa et*oar
, BMittdBll vt-ie ttu.d with tie raigntory fever.
Isafen tie grading of the Mit-cts aliove ma?
Ilonrd waa completed, both rid?*? of each
feera Broadway toOieeawleiietoeet were lined with
e'euunt warehouses. For nearly tlirce years there
wr.s no le'nxaticn in the upward moveiueut aiuon-*
bubiners men. and the Third Ward, which, only eight
orten y? um ago, was eschewed by mciihitnti. and
abandoned to private dwelling??, boarling-tionses, and
hotels, vvap taken posaCtsion ol completely by tbe
mcrcaiiiile QtBnBanlty. The aitenakin of Park place,
throngli that taaeraUa landaiark, Columbia College
ground?, ofTcrcd clii?blc titee, which were parcha...; 1 at
BlttOSt fabulous peina, and the DuB?hlool?Og, peuked
roof( d, dormer-v. indo vv ext hc-nee-s?BBSBBOBtos of half I
>.i.\ or more ago?in Ve?.?'\ ??>???, Doreluy stem
Park place-, Mu?era, Warna, ur,d Qhanbera streets,
betoraea iiroadway, Ckaaah atmet. College pin , and
('re?u,wich street, have given B0B80 in n.ai'le und
l-rowr-Hone-lioiit tdifcn. In days long part aud
la-, ne, bappy, miiliiu* faces, might bave been seen peep?
ing from ttc latticed *~r_ido we, and oeea ionally, during
Ibe ."-uirmL-r and Winter evcniuj-n, dien might have
Uen heard Ihe sound?' oframlry and mirth?
" Tbe lecis afswest '?'?'."???
Aid the ii,urn.ur of low fountain?."
llov? tl aliped the ont? " Wect-End" of New
}i.ik. Now, nil i-bustle and confusion, and /?'-eat
stacks r.f BMrebaadlee meet the aye ia every direction.
In lien of n_EDg facer- aie lo be r-em ?"?'.-??], culcilatiilg
raattfaaata and clerk?, i*i eager ha Be passing hither and
thither; and In place of revelry find mi**?h, we now
1?h? Ihe great swelllug roiir of metropolitan traffic.
With the panic cf 1867 came a cess?tloa in improve?
ment? generally throughout tbe city, but, during tie
b-.tt two yean., tbe march ha-< been again resumed, and
(?lent encroachments have tm n muda by oar mercan?
tile Community in tbe Vifih Ward. All the eligible
sitos aflblded by the widening of Rende and I)nar.o
?-tit?!? have beta paitliaoud, and maty fine store?
bave already been erected thereon, ttalterad through
Worth Btiael liconard Btnet, PmakHa (Brae , a"d
Walkeretnet, are weanl etatclv edifice?, which Con?
tran str_oRely with the aMdba?hated, paakad-reaM
bouoeo BBtog fide of which they stand. Keade street,
en both sides of Broadway, Las Le-?r.;i wi.l. n.-d ?11 at,
the aatn width hni'ii g been taken fsoin ibe property
on tie liorth ride. HaaMTOBI tine building.? huvc been
erected in Chumbera street, opposite the Park, and in
olher streets on the east side, but site? on the west
eide of P.rf-iidway srapm to !?- the mot ?.-"/-ht after foi
eligibility, mid properly ns bi^b up nt illeeckor street
IM bOBB bought up by some of our far r. < ing merchants.
i in lots Nos. 18 and '?"0 l?e ide -?ti-ttrt haw I?-sn
i reeled two sto-.i^ will. loaible traute six stot?.h high,
33 ?. at fr.Uit, ?ml To le-r-i ?let-l-. < l|i Nor. .'-', 24, UIi'l ~'G
, lb- same street, A. T. Stewart hat t-nctcd BB addi
toui -t? >iu arnrakoan of I?"? f at wide a::d xofeel deep,
?ruh null.- front. Oa If os. $8,91 K. ?M,70, 7?, Of,
M, 100, and IO*.' flne stores, with mm -LL- fronts, have
rect.tlv ken crcctrd. On Ir.ts Nos. 00 7H. ISO, !>?*,
tu*.. i:??v i:ts, i ;o: and 141 Daana atraal raaralaaad i
i. 11 -frai t rara 11 uv. bn a pal ap by various pa.tics, i
aaekhaB-tageoBB-g ttom HO^IOO to 900,000. A very ;
bun('renie block of bnildir,'-, with whit, marble front? i
and t-f the uniform bight of five stories are rapidly i
approaching rataplatira on W"rtb and drank Btnets, i
? ri the site of the old church. Ttic block com;riae-i aix ;
rt.res, couiiuei! in-.' on IVestk abtuet at the Moflkl
Building and terminating on Ckarek street. M-ssr?.
l'atcn to Co., W? A. ivV; latoaa, aad Iftasre. Walker
to Penman baraenearly eaennletod tbre-e Im stores on
Leii.tid sliietU All of lite huiloiiiKs on these side
streets an eoaatraetod in the- mo-t substantial and
workmanlike manner, and add greatly to the a?'pc.u
ai.ee of the tbor-fi gbfare.
.-'?.viral buildings on Walkei street, east of Broad.
Way, wUek formerly formed n portio:: of " Florence*
Botel," are now beitx* d?molisfeed? bnt. the pliins for
the ft<..re8 to be erected OB their Kites axe not yet eOBB*
plel. i.
(.'( itifft BCaag BtOaaal street, both east and wist of
Bioadway, nunieioti? bu?_ngl which were Heeled
between a oearter and a half eeatara ago, nr? in pro
eeaaof deaM?tinu, On Canal street, near Llm, on the
?*i!e of tbe old Catholic church. Ift. Mutin-vv HorgBB
:,. ?ibriiit i r. ctii, : a sitirc 100 feet tonara for Htvliii,
tl e clothier. It will connect with another store on
Bustard -treat2d rast front by nxir.-i ,i-,-?.. Th.
tr. i.iiigc OB both Btmtj will be '?1 marble, and ?ie*
deidgna are said to he vary elsgant. The cost of both
! nil ?mn wi.l reach about $900,0001
Negotiath osare <-n foot, we believe, forthe pan kate
of nearly all the property on Boward street heOraeea
Broadway and Kim rtnit, ti,. rites befauj d-?m?d
? : wanhonraa Aaaooa M tho parchan eaa
keeBoetod the rabecahle dene aad gragparfnoathhi
?'.it-.-t whfch have long betii u pest to tin- city will be
brokea up.
in, t>.e l.-.t earner of Boward aad Mereei ft i e t-t-?. ^>
by i?? In ?. Mr. A. B. Eno i- ah at ana?ag a atartde*
More, which wiD net la the neighborhood of
Adji ?ting, on either etnet, Br. Ipira Isahout t" pal
rowhkhe ,000. The balding
v. ;i| I - in the font of an L, with 10 feet t.f fl
aa Boward etnet aad iS irai n Banareteaat.
( IB a l"t tx f.-> t front by 00 ft et deep, adjoining on
Hern* toraet Br? A T lit?nail ie alual aaaitiiig a
?front store ri.; ? will r,.?' aboul llSyOOO?
A: No. 19 Boreai street on a lot 25 bj 100 liset, Mr.
s. It. AhioHM- ia eracting afirat-daraatora, that will
I- r!. VV Leu OOB] I? I'd, ill I ?.I: i.- ii/hb.u !:o ?I llf ? ?5,000.
Fnrtbi r u{,. h the BUM street. B WBiahotBB ?8 m
? ? cd ? motion b* Mr. E.H.G?lUgon,whichw91eotl
akoat 100,000. The lot i? :*7xiofi. The from it of
whit, marble, in tbe (?rec?an style. It will be oevn
l :? d by l.'liv ill i Co., fur the book tiadc ?ah-.t. The
ta! .10* m .11 ihe BBOuad story will I < a Bue apartment,
with u Ligh ceiling, uud all the woodwork i? to be ?i
bin. 1. walnut.
(In (he totaer ol BlOOase and Merer street?', Jirlgt
"ij.'f ! .1 ?? ill soon eorainencB tbe erecdoB of aarara
v.itl. a front e.f Albeit ft.?ftone. It will i at)
On tl.' c'.'ii.-r.'f Broorre and i.ret-ne street?, two
ii.i.iblc-fi.'iit et'o-r are. nan to ha pat up at a a
BSd KM") by Mi. A. Arnold. Tin; 1-ls um- '. . leet front
by 100 fut deep.
Ill BtV'f.J OtiiclS ?4 these Stli-.-lsi.il the ur. .'eily
? i-b, in proV'?u:entruif talked ol, hut nothing hau yd
bo. u datan?isad upon.
Oa th.- moth liait c"ri-ct "f ll'tu-'o'i and Qnena
?mete, Mi. S. M. Aille.use. Of ib.-firm of Althoiis- ft
Co. haaiaeeasay nsn-ft toda building fOOreet saj-un,
iiufuctiiring idl kinda of bIbIb and faucy wrought
iron-work. The OBBMOBM 11 composed of link, iron |
and weed, with roof in the French style. The or;
ments and lettering on the outside are in the i
dievfil ttyle, ar.d the elm? lure uoouwlered by an
iletls lu be will oat exception the most ??an...ful ',ii
kir.d in the Sti.tt. TI.e hnilditiK ?Bel aUut $.10,000.
Brt adwoy which is acknowledged on all sides to
tbe most elegant thorenghfure in any city cm this si
?>f tl e Atlante in p?int cf areMtecnral b-nuty a
-tieplHj, is still in the lands of contractors, raosoi
rTitpirtfeT., rellnr-digg*in, and bocf-enrriers. and the
is not the ka-I hope to be entertained that bui.di
cperatiene on ibis street will ever tear?-.
In son e pari? ? f lb?- iborou*.'! faie, old but lakali
tial bnUdings are rentinnally in process of depioliiir
and rr rtly and magnificent struciuri s g.iii^ np in tl t
plans. Many of the odifios which have trMkato
ihee-Ien-ei.i- In? half B eenlnry and upward, occni
iilr..e,st ar mnch time in their demolition a? some of t
modem buildings do in ?heir erection. Ihe Baikal
ing on tbe corner af White street and Broadwa
which las 1-een nnder tie **nn* of numerous labore
foranienth *a*t, was a very suhrtantial strurtm
M?n mrent first set to work pickim* off the brie!
one by one; bnt, fn.m tbe ad he-s i ven?-???, of tla. mort
,'not the mortar ?,f lbs present day), no calcnlati.
could be ma?le as to when the building would be raze
and iu order to nave time the walla were pushed dot
in detached ponions after having been undermine
In tlif matter ?e would add .hat the builders af tl
pre rent day might take po?,s valuable lessons aa to tl
?nhstinitial rr'nner in which a great proportion
there old buihiirpr were constructed.
Within the pat t five years Broadway has been if
BUraeaty Imprrfted, nml, on the cites of old and famili;
lhpelma'ks, elegant and coetly structures have the
During tl?- past Winter tbe Messrs. Ruyduin erect?
a frur-ftf-ry building at No. 92 Broadway iu Uni B;
lattice style. It was laid out for Insanuice. offi-"
aad net aboal t'-'8,000.
On tie ttutlivvesl Corner of Broadway and Ful''
strt 11 a marble-front bnilding hn?. recently 1.n 001
plettd at a erst of a'-ont $10.000. Th- fr..n?ag?..
Broadway ia fjni'.e small, but the structure extern
Bakriy -.00 hei aa Fuitm street.
A poitit.n of tbe old htftsl hnildii'g. corner of Brva.
v. ay and Park place, has been demolished to mal
rot.ni for a marble-front structure, which bahnt h
iiifc trcete d by Mr. Will..ugbby at B OOOl of about f-Vl
000. The baOaaaj will te 25 mot front by 100 ft*
.1. ?? a,
On the -dt? of the building corner of Broad ray ai
Murray ttrtc?. now occupied by Bean -. Ball, Black i
Co., nn elegant building will BOM la' erected by t*
Impellers and Tiaders' Bankin/* dmipany. at BBB
apt, ro-t?matin*, to $rj0,000. As nhiii mm ihe pn-iuis?
are ihca'c-i by H., H. ?i Co., the work of denioliric
will con menee, and it is blended to commence tl
toot data n during the month of Aua-u-t. Ti.e stiu -tin
will be >.f Barbie, partly Bra-proof, aad will peasant
frontet* SSfeetea Biuadney and loo tv.-t aaMarra
str.if. The first flooi will be oeOBpisd kjf the Imp?>r
eis aad Trailer*?' Bank, and the remaind-r of the built
lag devoted to 88?MB.
On tbe north-west corner of Broadway and Read
s'teet, the directors of the TradeiHBBB Bank buru nu"
in narra al ana?oa ai. elegant marhfe-feeal baflAaj
in ib? liaban style at*architecture It will beim
stories ai d an attic hi(.*h, and will peaaBBt a frontage ?.
?^1} f. ?t mi ?be former i?reet, Bad 100 BNtOBtho la'.tc-i
Great ran it1 taken iu its con. tru-tion, and M tha l?an
is in i... particular haste to rein ove, the bafldors bav
nntil April muh to complete ?be itnicttire. Tbe base
BM nt Ion will be rented to Ins. runt a OaBBjarafes, an
sll the oiber stories, except Ibe (irrt floor, which is t
be occupied by the Bank, vv dl be ananged for 88?OH
IkOBBBB alad? st i- $80,000.
The adjoining lot, Bo. '.'.'-"', is af pmssB BBOOBaaW
bat amagsrassBa ara ia pnajnaa? wa aadantoad, t
build tbaraoa si.only.
On the let in front of the New-Yotl. Boepftal
MwBSBb Tins. SufTe'ii ft OB. are nhont era-eiing
marble-front ?tore, -10 feet front by 100 feet deep, at
net of about $80,(?00. Workmen arc now rtiyving th
A kttla fuither up, the Ilroiidway Theu'er, aAer ?
brief rTfkilBfl tt 11 yean, has succumb, ,1 t.. th?- ?1
niiiid."! i f hm inesa. and ?tu site is now graced by i
Btotdy 11 re- of line architectural finish. The MO" i 11
is OWaad by ,Tain*-?i F. Wuitiug, t-*"-' , who '.-.pende
over 0000,000 in the erection ot t;,i.? st .re. Th
while-marble front, is in tbe Norman style, (?trikiu1* ii
itseff?ct. and preaenlii'i* an MMBMBtoO?gBBSBsub
slaiitiahty. The building it iu tie form of the leite
T, with IS fief .m llioaflveiiv. ?.". f, .-t on Worth *""eet
and ~J feet on 1'euil stioet. Tl.u ? -tienie* .e j.ili is 17
lb?- large bnilding corner cf Bicndv?ay and IiConar
street, astil recently owafiad by the Apple-ton?, is bb
deigehlg ?i.aicrkil alterations, and will heitatter h
OCBBffed for mercantile parpOMB, Ihe a!ti-ia'i>.t.
v. ill cost upward af *?I-j 000.
On leus No. .171 and 117.1 Broadway, Mr. \{.?ffat i
al ont to cm 11 two rn.'.rbh-fioi.t st..r, s, of lir?t-cla-,s
Tba lota an 85 feet final by 100 feel deep, ('o-t (,
both aboal $100,000. Tho (ntor-raahnj builcing, tbi
frnr.datlon of wl ich i? only 10 f.ei below ibe curb, i
now being (holed up, and the wall carried nine fee
d?e| 11.
Oa tbe BanaVwnal comer of Broadway aad Whito
street, tie [ren-nt fine brown-?tone five-story b'.ildii'.i
I ia andergoiag anterlal altoiatleaa and iraprona*eaa
i i ",- ihe leeaeoBi Mease*. B. W. vTbkloah and _alkrop ?v
Wt?daaoa. ltwilIbasnaftor be asod as a p-W'ing
bonae, aad the oral and alteration will la aboal
$-U 000.
Mi. Win. It. Asi.u ?s aboal patting ap two lest
ek?M rTo?cr tn the property en the s.n'h OOrBom
I.r. ailwny m d White s'rect. They WS he II by IB
feet cacti, and wi:| cost joittly |900,000t The front
OU both rf reels will be of w I ite marble, bandi-oin"-'}
tau '? t ''., and lbs di **n ie ot the Palladio BoheoL
Two lii.-^-c : tiri.s fronting on tbe north-? asi coro, i
oi Bit liiivta) and While street :ue r.ipidly appronchinu
eoBpIetieB. They an on cm i b_\ Balhiin Mur.'an ami
8. P. Babcock, aad present a trarble froatage of 7J
t...; .u Broadway, and 170 feet on White street. The
?m Is f i art ? i*> cti-.n-; It.'.lir.n. The till eourra of lha
neenditoryl naaraoBtodwitb panels end balnaterVi
mid n.m-t ei lbswfedawean a.anted with pod!
i'.i. >. in keeping with the "fenend sij Is af Ike ?un, -
une. Both biiiltlines nal oboe? t'-'-0,.'ij''.
The l-uiitiii _ Nu, 350 Broadway, forawrly occupipd
as The*.i, s Sal.m.u, bes been re**nodelod and eon.
retted Into a Trhnlerabi jnMiinir bnniti It it 00feel
draptrt than fbrraetiy, and azteuds ia the fjrm of au
I,, to li'.t.Hm slre.t. Cog? *:'. 000.
On the r.ortb-eurt eat?wof Bnodway Bad ('anat
itrccts, balf a dosen buHrHngs tbul bav.- a
t-ien.i i.ls lor the lai-i half centuty, an- BOW in proteos
1 ? iii'iliiit.n. and n vi ia!. Inganl stores w ill Is- aractod
oa their sisraby Ifr. Dickis, nno kotd aaaatonA i
l. ?m oi ii.. .?...ii,,d. We lsii-v.- that tho plan ban
i 1.1 yt t hern \i rfected. On'- OT tivo other |s rs-'ii? Is
riilt Mr. ljickie, are inlercetcd in the improve menta Ut
b? u.,'1? la this iiiiiiedia??- vicii i'v aadthaeoatof 'he
biiil.liiit/s ?. I? pat up w,l) i...i fall abort erf $"?00 -,
Praaarasfen era ?" peogeaaatnansl apanlatBe
301 Broadway,aaral-elraa BariiaahtBBBBBn*| arhk ?
will cos? aleut I ?I.
Oaths souii,-vv,ri i M.I..' Broadway aadGrand
rtiicts. Besan. ?BEhrndbCo. ??<? ahoel araetbg ?
t-t'-r?' 7.'? feet front by 100 but BBSa. and th. et bar is
no?; it u / d'ic. It will jurant aftnatofs ifataiala
BB '"f. siietls, und will i--t f:"iu |130,000 U?
?fi 10,000a
t 'i e o? the flutet ini|-rtjv. m.r.tH on l'.i.-.dwav, is ;i e
i,, ls .io,e of lytird cv Taylor, whi. ii has ree-eiuly b.-en
.oii.(leted at acott ol about ?)i vi u-i. 1 ?? . | |
gn m,.: alone nos$^00,000. T s buildiim niveatorira
m lir-hi, froais OS ii.-t ?.u Binad nay '-'"i 100 feet bb
(?in! il rlie-t t, Slid is t.-neli u. '-'.I :ii lha Kloieuln e si>le
f.f arthit'ctur?-, dabontttj aeaaBsa?tod, ?id idmont
eatliely of EaaUhaator aaubls.
At N'"S. llil and MS Broadway, Mr. Nich ik-, Lud
lam has nesrly completed a store wub a whit? marble
freat, in the tt?lian etyle. It has five ?tor im; tbe t
consist* of nix arches resting on iron columns, the t
ai< ? ee in tbe tenter being for show winduvvs, and
ntliersfor doorwaya. Tie windowa of lb?* upper ?
li.s.tM als?? arched, and have ornamental . ?pe f
ar< lit rav? a, and terminate in molded sill-oourses, wh
extend aereas the l-oilding. Tlte fifth story termina
w itb a rich iron cornice of truseca e.nd medalion?, t
a heavy pediment. Tbe bnilding is 50 feet wide, i
MO fett deep, extending to Mercer etreet. It will c
a! ?i.t ?;f?n,f!iMf?.
lmuitiliately adjoiiiing, a fltrt-c?M buiMing, exlei
irgtoMncer street, i? at pre?eni being erected,
will hue a marble front on Broadway, and will o
ajhtnl t.rr0,ooo.
A lilt Is? bigl er, on ihe oppo?it?* ?ide ?if the stre??t, t
bnildii g No. 471, for many yeans occupied iu? a drir
rng-snloon nt d gambling-houne, bas Is^n ?y?mpk>t<
r. u ?s'< I..?. ;,t a rout of al-out *R,000. The change
this bnilding i? a consummation that has long li'ii?
von'ly wished for, as the plme wh? formerly a pest
the neighborhood and a disgrace to the street.
The property on tb* north-we?t comer If Brooi
?irret aid Itrcadwuy is atM.ut to l?e improved by It
(?il?ey. Workmen s?.ine lime ag?> commenced diggi
il?c?Ucr, bet operations have, within the paat foi
i.igi t, ba?B nan ndi-d, as Mr. Oilsey ha? opened n
(/rtii.'icng for the adj. ining proper'y on Broadwa
Tl e building to be. erected by Mr. Gileey will c
about f?.OOftfl.
l>r B'-atwick iscbout erectingen Iff No ?50t Broa
way an A 1 warehouie. The property haa a fronta,
of 17 feet on Broadway, and Mnttna to Crosby ?tn?*
a depth ??f 200 feet. The huilding will Is- in the form
an L. with a front of 6*3 feet on Croi?y street. It w
cot in ih? neighborhood of *lf,l,000.
At N". M Broad ?ay a five-H"ry building, with
front of AHert freest?-ne, haa just been completed at
cost of -bout $10,000.
Tl c uaignilhx-nt marble-front building on the MM.
wert coii.er of Bn-adway and Prince street, whi?
whs.^rrimenct-d by Ball, Bleck ?fc, Co. eaily ltt-t Fa'
h i.ii'ily i. tnpli f.d. and will probably he ready for o,
eui.-.n?) in August. The material ia white marbl
and the style purely Coriath?an. It presents a front I
51 feet on Bioadvvay, ?nd 100 A-et on l'riuce Btree
aid ia ?ix stori'-s in high- tie ti.-vu'i m from the -idi
whlk l-eiiig 100 fe?-t. Th- first i-t??iy on Br0?d ?av hi
linee an had i IM .nil.s.'?, ? ach of which ??Oj; by l?f.e
Bnd will aontain a i-ingi? pane of plate ?Aht*. Tl
fit,m "ii r,n.?ilttsy is oriiaiueiiied w ith a Corinthi?
portico, TbebnOding from fonnda?in m root, is i
every respect fire-proof. The MM ar?; of BtTOeaaj.
inn, hetween which arc thrown Brick arches, tl
whole being nnppi.-rted by iron girders, Tho fioorin
ihiough?nt Will I?? of marble tiles. The extensiv
v?iilts in the cellar will lie devoted to the nssage I
silver ware belonging to ?versons who are about goin
to tl e country, or making a loreign tour. The ba?i
MmI w ill be used for the reception of goods, and tli
fii?! floor, which forms one large apart?MBtU?Ith
will be u-e.l In- tl Jewell V ?!t.,e. The ?e<'Hid ll'K'r W'i
', e devoted to ticks and bronzes, the (bird to gas ti.i
turc.i. the fourth to the manufacture of jawelry, an
?1-e fifth ?tt d ?i_th to the iuuuufaet'ire of silver wan
The es! of the building, when fully completed, erf
BM fall -I..?, f offJOO.tm
Tie large building adjoining the Metropolitan Hoto
aid hr n any years occti, ied as a ra kit-?-,,art an
clnb-honte by a company of gentlemen, has been cou
pletely rrir.od? led and converted into wurchonaes. at
c, ?t ,f (I.,,000 or a,'?*0,000. It is known as the " Ir?
it g Bnildii.g."
Un let No. B9 Broadway, extending to Merit
ttraet, Mr. Aator ia about erecting a ?rst-clt?s st?r
tli.f will Mat uj.wuid of *i*75;000. The lot is n, fe<
by 100.
A fotir-sfory marble-front building has just baa? MO
? !? tad at No. 850 Brnudwuy, at a tost of about #Xt3,0(X
The huilcing comer of Broadway and B?,nd ?tn?
In? It en reiniideb-.l throughout and now piwmls
fun? on tbe f??rmer thoroughfare of AI er* ?'r<*t??t?<n<
At No. ON Brioudway a teat ?_rbh ?Treat st?n
:.\.m, bus just !???';i completcd at a coat .,1 *a.'.'J,tXK> ?,
The b'liMii g ? oui? r of Broadway and Washiugto:
ph.tc-, f..r n.ai.y )?._r? eeenfiod a? a MMm ti -liar
inlotn, I? hi ir g rnaaaV tad, ;u.d will h? an ange.1 f,,- i
dry p?,?"ds ban a
At N". T'.'l Hr-ailvr.-ty, BNJBBBBam??, for building;
MIN25bj T?t.tt aie ill ?....?/,. ?o. Il will probatol;
r Bl iilx'Ut $ 'O.OoO.
A '.erv eb ".'?nt MBrble fron' bnilding hit? recrutl]
leen I ii.ileic.i at N?>. ISt Broadway, designed to
Ml m Md offices. Cost about $l'.',000.
Th? aanhtt straetnM al ihe mann os*Binadwaj m
Tl iiti-enih altaat, eroatod by Wiilinm (li'.-mn, d'Cora
tivu artiot, is rapidly npprtKu-hing completion
Tbe owi.ei daa%iai antendiaaj il,?* halMhag hirbn
lha Rnn MM M cover M? lois of groond, and boa
i.nt. i ly on Jlii.atlwfty Bnd Thirteenth stivef, but ul?<
' n K??nrth svtnue. It will t.? supporte?! on the threi
-tn?-?? by .} iirche?, of Id I? et ?pan and It feet MJjt
ttb?,ve tbe cinb. The eiiuctiue wiil be wholly v
lrirk. f.ii.te g ?ass. atid iron,?id painted to rcprescnl
MilBaaildj frt-r- !? .?? ,
S?v?-iulother iuiprijvementa aie in peOfMH al?n?,
the line..f Broadwny in Ihe tray eftvnwngetonaant1
j,.ii.| ii:,g (ii-in to |i... ?i vie of the mmyaaat day.
\\ e and) r b? i tint A. T. Stewart lia, pnrcbutol
t!< t-i.'.iio Hock btui.thd by Bnadway. Ninth aud
Ti :.th .tr.eti.. and l-'ourth uvcmif, on whicli at Boni
latan -'..vit deaigBS ereeting a Bmgnidtent ?vai
! ? i ??-, |a which he will iem.\e ?i?.? burines?.
In aaamentetm mitb Unprovi ?..e.nt? hy our mmn hat.t^.
M? would n.t |,tu,n that l!i>- lu ni of t'lhtlin, Melh-n &
I ... i.r. al ' '!' erecth g a ?tor?- ?>f mammoth (iroi'onions
M West Broadway, Worth.,ml Ch?reh ittaata The
11-11 ]\\ ft mpriaes altean Iota, and lha N*ai?hoaM will
I iiniif a front of 100 fret 0? W?-i Broadwny ami
i b_reh itieeta, and '?'.'O f.-et on Worth street? The
baahHitf nilleeat ihtnJ 1100,1611
Mr. Sot du.i...-?-< ... helxtLi?It?.?MIX?
B'a-ey aad Falten ? w.e. K-.000[No. 417 Bret?we1*.
Mr. iCt?.'I Vvl'imirbr,-... Wl.eeeNo. 4T4 HroadwaT. I.OM
?:. I? rt? :- .'. ' :..,!i :.!.'? l.-lnl,- Mr. iiilta-T. M ?O
itsrnirn'i bark.e0.aoi>il>r. Boitviick.161,000
Tata B I ? , .v . .,. ;?, ?iro N'.. US Broa?]????.. 4>?.'?^>
? ir ? - I? Ml.I,raa MS,?? Bill, Blork a Co.. -'??' -"
?i ;??-??.- it.ri l.icnaril, InriajBoildlai. m.000
-?'?'-. ..,--?, et.... I'?,"??, Mr. A?tor. 79,0?
.V;r. .\1?fit.?m.iili N i. i,M, KroaiiwsT.M,0M
w |.. p ,i,,,r. 100,000 M ?-" Broadwav. ?'???"
^:...,. \\ i.i i?. ? ?,?| L,. -,-? - ?a, B?.,?,liv.y.tt.OM
ll.np k \\ ilkii ???I... 711.' f 0 VV m to,,..,n. ti, '??I
Melibea Alcrno.l.tMS-i l ial;iii. .'I.-l.rn k ?o... .400.000
?? R load way. 4.r,??"in M-tth-w Marnn .100,000
Mr 1- lie i;d fib. r?... J'".'"i UiiiMii.riiiii Tt- .1. Ilii
Frocdwaj. ?0,000 in?, Luonaiit. t Baal,
M. mi?. BufTera I f.l4f,,,?V) Vier, ,r, and otb-r
?. bird a. Tijlor.. Ii0,ii,0 ttreet?.?,OnO,0?X)
A i.i'os v Com im i a.?Oar Aiizona corrrapondent,
Mitthnj I < m 'luc? u, aayai "The Covode lmaMi_al
i . ( ? umit'te would do ?ell to turn ihtir atienti n.
?him iu maehm, to lha nrnani ujion tamTiennaiy
MS ? ' lie'.' H|-i, th? i i-w ?VS ?III of lo-'til-K c..ntra?-tr in
?I I Ali? M m ttii i; ,f lha mi?.ary d.?a.im. at. I al
?ti'?i.l lo tl.ir fi?? ni in my l;.-t h?er, a;.d ?bow. 1 fir ,
*?tr. ?>. 1 j aje" I1 at the incn-a-etl e.\;en??- in the .-?.?ii
aaatraei iImm mm mm!** r ?.ixk) |bj las- ye.ir. bn?i
tl ? n, nMMMtin? ficm the V, _r litiaitmnit bav?
mal ..i 11.it r.iichaiM.n, sMnhtnjthtj InnnMMri ? 4
SnI'Matel.te !.. |. I be ? ?'litl li, t? to t ?t o (irollii'i.-iit Delll
?. tut.t |.?.ii,,? Mm tb.itii, bmm d, tad pa j m atnattsa
'? li.is In n, oiler ronrics. Ihn? two fH?l-ni-n. U
i 11 tar?, ilUM n.ii I oth n n-icr. ?. n!? one being from
Mi..n.- md the athm from Califori.i.*? liave N-en
i ?Maniai bWmrImj Ml i .ii|plies'ot?ienewj'o?te,
' , th. *+. ii,?ta-iit l.one, m I,j, h * ,|| give tin m ibe < is
bui?? MM t "I on i half a MMM? of d?,liai? duiiiiK' ih?
l?M ?t I.I Vl-ar, \?e.e Hi ??. ,.,iit,u4-t? l?-t lo the |,f.ve?l
I .i lit i ?ib. i, mi, t... no doubt ilwi i houaands of dollars
Mcnld be saeed t-. i.,.i.-hiii>?-ii',B?d ntna moeen*
i .?in!., bli|-btiiigi'_i.rttbia system will have ?pntnl
|'||!eif II.. 'l.-iiit..ry, it maj well l,o ,,u
wt t u.? r |hl N? ,'t-tuiy ol \S ar lanretoit to bik?i ItrjvM
Mena nf rewnrdbn i-tny Ihveritea. it ihia ??.rru[,t
i.?'-vin.nit ?e Milieu-1 to purs without ?nvi-riixru?ion, it
vt ill had to other att? ol fraud, ?hi h wili^uaily re?
tard lie piojrrr?? o? froulirr ri^erjiiaea.
; TV the. Fdit>r of Tke ft. Y. TrlhttM.
6m: The Tribi'KK rays "a number of witnei
i " were snmmemed f? Washington to testify," " s
; "resyioncs-d to ih~ sn-nmoi-n," "others declined
i " make their appearance." " Mr. Hyatt neither sta*
"away, nor arpeared to t-vstify, but went forwai
(befoie the Senate), " and refuiwd to answer."
" Br. Hyatt's ceiurtae wan a wise one, then his le,
"ceium-ei, Mr. Andrew, Dr. Howe, John Brown, j
" and Mr. Sai burn were wanting in wisdom and M
"age;" " for, of conree, it is absurd to assume tl
M3e three different ...m see which have been tail
" can all bei right and manly.'' " We believe t
" sense of what i? tine to then'itel vea ia qnile n? k*
" in thctie gentlemen as in Mr. Hyatt. We belie
" their judgment as to what it whs liest to tie to as?
" their i??hte, quit? r.s r. timetable as hin."
Tur. Triimni' having thus handsomrlr indors
these gentlemen, I introduce them as unobjectional
witiursee. I..fnstben first consider Mr. Savroh?
ariaioa ob Bfarr*a ?toaaaai
Csaeann, Mass . March 21. 1""**
Mt Him 8ia: Tho??h I -r?-<--l) rau els??l aoq.iab.li?
with you, 1 know yen will allot? me to do io now when you ?
inipi?oni .1 for tbe ?ams rsu?e ?. that wM'h I h?'e ?id ip'ni
1 ?err In Wa-hlr.-t"ri / t?pprtt Ithtmld be committed to "A- ?a
jail: tut I doubt it eh? power of the Senate reache? into M ?ai
i iir.'stt'. nt i.nj r. n- I ifaall try the quest! m here if the Sem
?Lhto teat it. I m ad u 1th ?real itilerwal tli?- two d?-!--? ??
-rcLirciie si.d yc?r tt\,\y Is tha Im sie, I Ihiakvaa aad ys
coi-iisel have put il.r matter >o ?troii.lt- that the wools count
will peassult/ 'SS' ITial fm *' S in ike riykt. I ?it? surprised
Ke??. ..dea ?r"d f tier? taking the cfurs-i th??y h*v? don?. t>.
?arasart*, n-eech w?s worthy of himself, and Haiti ?!?o s?.o
?ell 1 im ?otry t? bear I'rooi Mr. Steams how unwell yon ar
?nH 1 iippc-e yottr craft uemest will tend to a**;*".?Ce ri
IHr.c.?. Itruatit mat not ri.,? aeriou?, Snd put y,,,,rlir?
d?na<-r, for we all ?a aut to lit? a few year? liuqrt to ?... th? ov>
ll.ot. ,,: ..... paal WStrj IBS Slav? Pirn?, I nn/il.iu.i fm
puipiite tif.T Tf, tia? r> |a the Seonte ! and soi sat? t'i~; trill ?.
up *.h? point if von insist apon your positif.n : 11 Is ? monstro
Itisi,?.? tin.? ti> In |.r ?..ii altosclli-en, and it will ?-?-.n call -
lbs p. p.ilai ?mli-i-allm, ?jaii.-t the.? wh-i ar? rtwponsibla lor
But ji.st i,?w ihn (u-ople aia iKit fully ?roua??! to tue? I-;...re...
of tb? ?tmpfl? on this ?oliit If I ran ha? of any sertis?? to you
yot r (nipn.orur.cnt. command rr.e In any way. Ii Is pottibti
may sca-m jlnd mytelj in ytntr pontion.
Yours, truly, F. B. 6ANBORN.
Ts.troKca IItsit, p,.q.. Waih'infton.
Tbe above letter, it will be observed, was writte
nine flays after uv committal to the " common iuil,
hnd abont a formi?ht before his own troubles. Nov
h t n? bear what Mr. Sauborn hat to say after his figl
at Qenten*:
Curicoitp, April 80, l**ft.
Mr D??r BlBi I onrht before thi?to hire answered your|-<
tad he rfal I. tter of the 11th, bot press of bi?dness most be ,.
?pol-1y. I bare bid my school snd my garden to work In. and
1- r.g li.t of new err.ipouf?ei t? tu tnsarsr. fss ?he ein.U ?if tl
*,l Eat/a -.i\>-ii ma a lasts af tos at? asSstlsS*, ltot****sas*-j
are stress*) of letking, hut which we would both ?o flU-lly a?oi,
Yet 1 Ve?Hve the cs i-e of ireedom is served, and will I
? t-Bfth, d '!.', __h yeas means, and perhaps through mini
sad 1, r that s.ii,,f. rt. an put up m Ith a newspaper renot? n, and '.1
?... p,t tiei alt / odUOfeO Ike iiifi.tnney you thaw, ai.d ititt
lliirk you will ??mi find ?finr-a-lf at liita-rty, in .pit? of ?he Is
puHf-i i i>. iitlerei c? "4 ibeVenate and th, HepubUcau party to yot
r?a?l jxint'mn. When It ia fini-. un*l?r?'t?od that ynn are ?-'i-tarict
to perpetii:.! ?SfrtSSaanBl for a prMpfe sndlA.it tltoino
I. ,-nil kii.,*? i. in ..,.r p. lili. ??the | run l?.'? of liiffi?|,|ual freaa.lo,
- I do not ?ee I cw yot. can be kept wh.-rc yon arc s: the riik of ou
r.| s'l luis?! i'iibii,- ?entiiiient But tur the present, the aua
ret? mtnoUUtimnt ?ill tingle, t both yon and n??, sud 1 wi?h ft
won tt n n-h st tats in ibis retard at 1 am. 1 am gUd fas ai
well uni find ?<? i,,ai.y .....r. ?. t,f aniiiasineiit and oc.ifv.li""
il.. I.1.I - lisle ?nd fret in a pri-on, e?en if fr*? from yonr aitn
finr-s njTcmtn, and the like. With rnoeh regi-rd. belli-?? n
ever v.,nr. truly, K. B. ?ANBORM.
I If?.iTT rsq.
Th?* fair-minded reader will thns see thaf m*r fr?en
Baahen ha?? not by even his wise course, whnh Tu
Ti. u i NI so I,. Hililv ajiplinidt?, escaried the je.-r? of tii
untbinl.ing, or the insinuations of groveling minds.
l?-iite for h concluding BStB?8 what further I have t
ray, and ahn wl:Ht others of tbe " Martyr Family
hare saisi aboal ?bis t-s??-. Ta_aasva Hyatt.
II bsB-W-h And, May .10, MB
A little more modesty might perhaps hare le
"Terra Firma'' to conclude that if anything in hi
u u inunicatiBB of May 31 was not replied or referre
to. it BM not that it was admitted or was onan-wei
able, but because, it was not deemed worthy of a reply
or not material to the question. "Terca Firma" i
lifhl in suppe-iru that the argum?.: '. as to the legi
light of ibe City to the made li_,d-. rt?~ upon tw
Eirtt.- Tl sit the State has authorized the City to t?
in, ?ink pi-i>,and make wharves and slips upon it
binds under uit'.er, and take ihe wharfage and slipug
Si ? tmd : That such permission is in effect a -mint t
th<-Licdn under water cd which such land, pic re, an
Klips are made.
Tbe first position was first suggested by "Ten
Hrara'e" qaea?en in Us InteetonaakaaVra?? Whethi
the right 'o fill out lots and slips gave the City th
rii/l f to go beyond her water-gnuit ? To which it wa
lepb? (I: that ?h. i n i,: lo i??! i?i?i>, ?ink pier?, ?c, be
yond the e.\t?*rior ?tree-ts of the Ciry which are con
utruc'.ed en the outer lino of the city ?rantf, ncce??iril;
|a*n ?he light to mal?e uli?,*, oV?*., beyond the tit'
iriiiif. To v*. hit h "Terra Firma,' in his second com
BSeafcadOB in Thk TBBMTBI of the tith, announces', ii
ml staiioe, that the law of 1803, which i.-iven tbe Citt
the rub? " lo till up, nl.er, or amend any public slip,
Ian not give the City the right to g" beyond BfrgBBB.
Tl if do? - cot meet my poeition. Admit?ng (which '.
?io not) tint the luw of 1?!03 does not Bathor?e ?ie Cit*
tf. ot? beyond lie exte-rior ?tree's, ?be law of li'.*^
which I hr.d in view, dies soexpres?ly. The a?~erti--i
of "T? ua Firms," thut the law of Ik-XI antbori/in;
tl.e City " lo fill up, alter, or amend an? public slip,'
u? pli-ti to tlipti within the exterior BtnatS of the City
n?-iv or m?y no? I-?- true, but it amounto to nothing un
til it u shown that it applies to no other.
To {.bow bow full hi..1 ample is ibis power given u
tbe City to huiid trhoma ?md t-l'p? at its discretion, at
to rize and loc_lity, I will quote at targe the pn-auible
hi tl f't>t fection of tbe Act of April 2, 1806. Let it be
ehet. ved that tbir law was pasied eight years after the
plan of layini- down two exterior fctreete, one on each
river, on the outer line til the city grants, wa? adopted,
und that it relaten to ?lijs and elan hereafter to lie
i,...1?-. Of c;urse they muet be miede be-yc-nd tbe city
?' HAcrivri?, frara the great exte-uei'niind inratera ol
il.d'y, i'e trade, ami iiihabitaulr, it baa be-eome ue
.iifi.ry to proviile i.detlirioniil wharves, pi**r>, BUfe,
Bad I,anils in the said City tor ?he aeroauBodBttn and
eu.it 1 s of v?asela of?_Saranl daanriBtione? bow? asan*
' I. /?. ',', tnaeted bylht ptople, i*,.-., thai it ?hall
BBd n.i.y be biwful for rae said Mayor, Ahlerin. u, nml
( t ii u.oi.altv, at their own exjw'nm-, to ciiu-a- piei?? to
be rank and er-mpleted _i snefa plueeaand BMHwem
llicT shall think eligibl*?, between the Whitehall ?Up
BBdtl e tari "id'- cf tbe Kxchaiige elip, in the mid City,
i-.. M t?. |om u ! ;u.in lor the BBtotjf and u.-ceui?odaiiin
ot ?liri.p? und other BBBBbI1 iiaing ilie finde of ihe Ci'y ;
Bad ein) at ti eir own nieai, t?> ?ransndl tmd to
mono i Un r Instns ta At jot med and tamvtvtid in the
Mi,,: Citif at :!?? y unite ?'tin Huttsiny ]ui lin (ni,!.
?I, ami tu lain to their MM ate the. slip,:ge and
? ,. / isttag /Vf-m t!.e fame."
A-? t<> ?luit branchetf ibe flint B**Bnea_hn which aa>
a r?H that tl ? hato bar? grunted to the City tbe right to
ii ;.ke ?ii*rs, whurvei?, and ?lips be yond their grants,
(liia hct and tbe act of 17l'8, (?iving it the right to run
otit piem ai right*??lea to the exterior strtvts, ure
di? n.i J n u.'Inaive.
Tie "tb?r brunch of the peBBM-ln which cluima
for ihe tity, i.i,?lsrtbe BBB-Mri'7 ol ibe Si?le, th*- right
IB till .uf I ? y.nil their gi-i.n?, IBBtB, Hint, opon the au
thortrr gtaea by lha art ef i*i:i, t.-tillout lots fronting
-nili Korth a'.?i i'u-t Muera,whleb anneeaeaaa*8y
outside the extottor atraatB, aa far into wiid river-?is
maj 1? tl-? nied expedient for pron?, ting the health of
lha Ci'i ; Mini, r*-?'inl. upon tne unlimited power of
IHagaae-ps pina to h bjthaaWBB- '.'??7i?e-t.oiis
. 1 the act cf 1*1-1 If, us I have shown, the Sla'e has
-rfeea t?> lha ("it J tha right to make slips beyond iu
n?nt, ?md i-*, ina '?o7 asetlen of tha net of I8i3 it ghraa
to the lity the nnre trit ted p.>w?r "to till r,|., oAott,
" and amend all public slip-, it would seem to follow
(I i,i the- Cftj I...?- tl?- i ? i u.i-ioii of the Stale tej fill cut
I? i..ml i- grnnt. The three ae-ts, ?lervlore, of I?'.'??,
1806, BBd 1813, eofOf ?"J warrant the whole of the
Il t pto? f-?tien?tha? the Stale ban iiuthori?-d the
Chyle Ufas, ink "Mb, mA make wbarvc?..ndalipi
BBBB BB lund under water, and ukc the what-Wt ?-?1
fii'i.t,?- tl.? i- ?I. i
In ii-ply to tbe second propoeition- that snch per
Britsira trun.-ft ia the IbsbbI Ulli "Terra Fuma" olit-r?
no ar? i une nt wbale*\er. He cit ?. a dulum of ihe Su
11- ii.e Ct ait which is no authori*-, and t?nlv entitled
torn? I cet, im w* are informed, from whom it come?,
und BBO?e what i.rcuii.n?uicf?. o? itil whidi in ?iiacose
we are left in iirnorunce. He seema to be befogged
by n me te-chiiical notion* about paaaing a fee of
I laud. l*i rliape it may help biiu tnit of his ?llicultj to
?x-aider that Um grant of lead under aad nbov? wa?
ter are materially ?hller-nt in their naturae. Of tb?
fii st there ran be no pedU pottet*io?n > actual bv?sry
of num. Fraetk-aQy, it ?a m iotangibie n n f. -i
?liee, aud in aad of ilrwlf, aa lutul ander water, utterly
valueless. The very tenus, ^rant oj lanel under toml?r,
are cal calated to mislead as if it were a deed of a
houae or a farm; where*?* it ii nothing bat a hoenae or
pcrmiraion to fill in earth, siok piers, make wharves,
slips, & c. The only object nod effect of tbe graut is to
give this ?*iun??i?.ii, If ibia Baat_?lnl bi given di?
rectly, dota it not obviously amount tn tlm same thing
ss when ?iven indirectly by means of a grautuf tbn
land nn.ier water?
Tic City ?b-f. tvda ita right to ita pi? r?, wbnrvw, ?? I
?lips on another ground. It haa built them on '.be
State grounds under a oontract with the State, in
which th? State gives tl em the wharfage aid aUpage
in consideration of the expenn of building. Tiwy
have thus become the private property of the City un?
der the sanilioo of the Sta'?*, and cannot be taken away
from it " without just compc:i_ation.''
Tbe City defends ita mad?.- lamia, becaute ibe State
gave ir |,-. n,is?i"ii i?i 'ill in earth upon her land ax*dtt
wnier. Tlie grant of tbe net) of a ihin?* which ia neeet
?itiilv der troy ed in the asing ie. g., articks of food) i.i
a //rant of tbe thing itaelf. This ia a truth afretan to
?? ixtiion sense, and recogni?ted by common law. Kill
ii i?- up lands under water noccsi?rily destroys taberu at
lards under water; and when the Sute granted tbe
City permission so to use them, the antxtjurily gave
them to the city.
Tbe Harbor Commise.or.ers report that tbe City h?t?
filled in a large space at tie foot of Dey rtreet, beyon?!
the exterior street, which they just'y consider tbe hmit
if the city grant. If so, tbe legal presumption ie that
tlie City has d?>ne it in pnrsuanoe of the autai.irilie?
??iven it to fill slips ami lota fronting on the North
Kiver, and the burden ?a on the State to prove tbeloon
trary. These Commissioners also express the opinion
thai ihe title of these made lands Iielonga to tbe S*..*/*.
They wero not appointed for tbe porpo?*?. ??f dWidinff
this qtifstion; they evidently had U'>t exainiu-il the
subject, and their opiniou is worth jo?t as much and
no more than that of any one of five hundred gentle?
men ?vjnally respectnble, who has hastily and without
examination e.\pret**?-d tie same.
The town of Newburgh. situated on a beautiful i?k?pe
in full view of f.? etvnery of th?j mm?- laoiioUinoue
pun of the Highlands, where tbe Hudson ?a?ita way
between two frowning promontories, hi?s been r* U*c?*m?
of late by a considerable number of prominent and
wei.lthy New-ynrker? a? their place of residenoe. Tbe
noithern parr of the village, where tb? elope is gradual,
yet so Bteep that ttn-et behind streo-t rise? with unob?
structed view, has been iilimwt exclusively tevJed by
tliem. The ftiwu of Newburgh has extended it-ielf
chit-fly in this direction; and the unique arc?let-lure.
and magnificent landscape gardening ot I?e rmIbbRMM
and grounds of so many wealthy people <-?in??'tii r?!?-d
in a rural ne ghborhood constitute a fit monument t>,
the life and labors of the lamented A. J. Downing,
ui? ? ni. ?1 v. !.?-?? ???'> nsive and artistic ?rroiiiids, aud the
castellated residence of nia successor (Mr. Ab_?rr) tin
lie? lown has grown.
Among the New-Yorkers who have built manaiona
aud improved grounds hens, widiiu several yean? past,
may lie mentioned the mimes of Mr. Ball, of tbe tirai
of Ball, Black tt Co. ; Mr. Aaron P. Jones, formerly of
thufiim of Mitr?!i tfc Jones <?f Wall ttreet; Mesen.
Bnrelay and It*. K. Skeel, recently retired mere?_'.ts;
Ja.lt/e Sheiman, for some time prominently con?
nected with tliu Cumbo, land Coal Company;
Ur. Shel'on; Judge Brown of the Supreme
Court of the State; W. E. Warren, Deputy
Controller of New-York City; H. K. Br?Twn, the
sculptor; Mr. Charles ?owning, brother of that dia>
tin_uisl.cd Lorti?ulturalist; the Hon. P. B. St. Job?,
formerly Superintendent of the Bank?g IJ.-pantaveut
of tbe State; Mr. Prieet, of the firm of Wilrocrdiite?.
Priest oV, M'innt; Mr. Delano, of tha firm ot Urtniie.'l.
Minturn ?V Co.; Mr. D?miiig, laI? iWitb-iii <?f t>?e
I'ntou Bank; Brownlee Browne, esq., who ?a known
to tbe literary world; Mr. Gordon, aud Mr. Cbuk-ton.
Tbia year there has been a new influx of real ?t?tate
j. u i chasers, who have located themseivca, for the rix?H
I nit, on the hijs'h rid*?- hue? of the village, adjoiiiinir
and near to the extensive grounds and stately resalen? ?s
of Mr. K..n.?del!, formerly PNaMmM of the Erie Rail?
road, the MBMBMI to the oBtau* of Thomas Powell, of
river steamer conneetious. Among the?e may be men?
ti end the names of Mr. Butler, the author of " Kl?ira
-Mcblimsy; Profcasor C. S. Henry, formerly of tbe
New-York l'niv.r?iiv; Opt. Steontf of the U. 8.
Army; and Prof. <! roen. New bnildin.-a are in pr>
gresa in half a d?'ten ?por?.
Dr. Shelton has purchased the residence of tin? late
Col. Isaac K. Carp? ater, and improved it very urn h.
A remarkably smooth, green undulating l.-twti of many
acres in exttnf, slightly elevated ?!?? .v? th? rousl, sttr
n-unds tli? mansion, which ia one of the larjsVbt then -
about, and is built in tbe mode, n pointed style. Op?
posite is ti.e resilience of .Indsje Sherman. Tben?"? the
r.-?i<lene*"-? of the geu'leman above mentioned, in their
order, extend to the distance of thi.-.?[iiai-ters of a
mile northward alono- the river elope, the last, being ibe
c?y liltle cottu?;?* of Mr. Brown, the sculptor, at the
?trtfttiir-niiig not far this side of "The Great Ba*m
.?feilend' Tr?e," which, from its woadcrfil dimm
iiior.s, ha.- bt.cn a landmark both among visitor, and
r. hi.'.ents from time immemoiial.
Mr. Ball has a large place und suhstai-iti.il bk ?i? o
on a lane near the water. Tho woods are so thick
and imdiatHi U-d aa ulnift to remind one of primeval
days. Mr. Sh.? 1 has an elegaut wooden bowse, daj-kly
colored, on the other side of the lane, rery mnh in
1 eepi'.g with tbe surrounding grouuds. Mr. Clark *o?i
in ,-ti.l t-i< gaged upon inijirovuiuent? about his premise?;
tie building in the center, being a large, ebts?-Oi*a?aay.
pianned, line brick maiisi?jn. Mr. (.onion's dwelling
is the liehest in ihe rei?/lihorh<x>d roundabout. It is
I erebad on the top of a hitzb hill, some dieUi?re to tire
i .orlh and ?est of the mote thick?) -m-uu? suburb?, und
has a BMaa??? and enduring appearuuee.
Cuming buck Inward the town, we pas? the Powell
ton house which has not yet opened; wil?in three
arrow-flights of the long dock, the rosideucca of Mr.
Kamt-dell on the bill, and Mr. Alger (formerly Down
ii a/a) npprtite and on the aloje, both of which are orna
'i,entv d wilb ?very apj-m teu_.ee thai wealth can de
In consequence of the ?mretT.s given by tlie inllux
of ?t-alib, a new ?"Vaebyttann Cbur?i, very large in
a_Banahne?n?l .iii.aiiim m BsoWseatajM, ha? uitoiy
betn completed, and ia uud.-r the care of th? Karr. I Ir.
SproM, formerly chaplain of the Military Academy at
Weal Point.
A mov.ni.nt is now on foot, which nmmiaea lo be
sucoaaeful, for tho building of a aecond Kpircopul
Church, t!?- op?ration! on ?hieb, it is prabaable, will
Le i? n,ment?.-i lLe preat-ut Summer.
Henri ru.?* Biok?vh_*t.?it h.,s mom aaant
tained by axpa-riment in (1er?any, at ?ay? a vv.
llu.t an acie of buck?,b< ui iu lull bloom willyiei'l
ioii, u. n joui,.I? of honey per day.
Tnr. Star??m. Cor at Chatham.?Tie Bamtt.?
llt Patriot, nrfrrrring to the death of Mr. Eastgii Ei
diidge, of Clatham, Musa., says the il?x*?maml waaavl
dehtly so m?laiaholy aa to I* insane, andpen?Med. ?>
long na he knew anything, to refuse food. He lived
il u M-veuiv-eight cava. r*?.epl that during the Li*
neebef hislite Iii? frle'iide gave hint a t.-aspcouful of
i??? water oiuean bour. Hi* caan haa tmeu ??u?-le??l
?nh gn-ut an?i?*ly hv hie rvlativM, and they ftstl
eiuneiy ?ertain tiiai at u<? lime, either by night or by
di.?,, did he receive any nour.aiim? at, exoept M abtue
stni.d; ami excepting al??? the takinj; of a atngte te>
rptaiiful ofuourL?meut in two or thretj inet-in.*???,. It
la ?.al. d that fot tbe lirtl i went?, -h ve ?Jaya, bi* loath mil
a?ay but little; hut tinallv lia haeatue aaMrnakeU'tiia,
|.,?t his mental fu tilt,, ? intlrcly. b.?ttino parf. .ii,
I Und, und waa ao ot'eily evliau-t*d,th?t be waeUiulle
?. move ?jMutil at tdi.

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