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Before Coniuiienoner Nb?to*i.
THS t?a eo.?TA bail? ?st?ItBoTBBBSfeBBtT orrFRFD.
Tb? r-onnee I for Henrico Da Costo, the ? tpta.n or
0wa*r s? tbe all?ged ilaver Brahmin has offered another aurety
?.i tt-tirilien? In th? person ol Mr. Win. R. C Webster, ater
,?1?, Ne. 21 Jacob ?feet The ?xainluati. u of Mr. W'eSater
? _? ?tt down for to-dry. but in ronaetinent ? of ?it-knee? in ?he
gf-itly of Mr Donuhu?, an adjournaoent ?a? granted until Tue?.
?ay a? 2 p m- ______________________
stair? at ?B* Ht?j*-_ Bxrha-gg?._Jclt 30.
|5,?** Kentucky Stale 6?.. .10411 50 Mieh. Central R. R..?SO 5?l
?,-*? do.104?'*M> do. ',9'
1?? Tenne??-*? 6?. 'SO.... 904! i(-) do. .4 Jai
SB.tfei \_gu.ls State 6?.... 90, 100 do. -aa aaa
ai?? jo.-?bo?n|!ii-o do..:.::.:.:. '*]
Jl.OOti MUaouri State (il.Bill to do.... "?tai *?u
S?? do.Klflloo do."b60 .Vi>
te?? do.blOSlillte do........ .St.
*AiJt*?(--_ifornia8tB'?7?... ttSj 100 do. 50,1
jVsW N. Y .Central Ci. ?Tltte do... .5-??
LOCO Fri?R R Mhni'gt.?. T.s ljo i(,......../.ai? ?fe
ttlti Erie R K. t on ??.'71 N j .so do.604
MSB do.feiiiiaO do.tail ?0?
V-4 Hod Rir. RR.2dM.lOUi 50 do.b60 (Sol
???Hud Riv KR ?JM. !-? 2--... Mieh. .? A N. la R.bdO 1K?
*,???? do.91- 2?' do. ldf
1,0??'Har. R. R. lit M.,.. hA 50 do. 18.
IS,?00Micb. So It? M Bi. 85 150 do. 1?
5 COn Mich So Sk'g F Ht. 81 MXiMh. S. fe N. la O'd 8? 40
1,-44? 111. Cent R IA. Bi... 951 100 do. 401
?tTOO do.9M1I00 do.??.0 4(1
600 do.94| lm? do.b.wl ?f?t-j
BJ.eCOLaC ?Y Mii.LG B?. 15 ittO do.4nt
l.aOCh.e li N W S. F b ?5 lit**? Panama Railroad.127
LOO?'Gal i Chic l.t Butt. 9!'l VI do..bt?> 127
???fei LEI W lit m b. 75] ! Km IU. fen. R.R. Scrip. b?30 774
fet-?O C It T 8 F Bond?., W 111 do. 76
10f0( 1,1*. It Reek 1. Bdi S-fij 2"0 du. 7?j*
10 Rank of Commerce... 100 ,45" do. 7?'.j
? Del a Hud-Ob C. Co .. Heil.200 do.b?J0 77
15? do. b?Se? ??S? ill der? * Pi?ti R R.10
*B Padfic Mail 8 S Co... Kb ! ?WCieve . (VI It tin. RR. 91
S New-York CentralRR.. ?4 l'OGal. It Chic. R.R....?3 1 78
160 do. 8Sjl 50 do.?no 7.1
KX> do. b?i ?-8* 300 do.?.?) 731
SOOlfid'on Bivei Railroad 5*} 100 do. 7.1
?tOHaileui lt_i.i.-ad....b??t lt.; "*?> do.l.r.0 74
24? do. 1*( )'-? do.?60 781
a?? do. !*>* 50 do.alO 7*U
If* do. . IM 200 do.?60 Taj
IN? U-trleci RR. Frefened 4'! 75 do. 711
SO? do.b*0 ta] f-iO do.784
?0 do.?bd 4-4 --Hi Clevc. It Tul. R.R..b80 3?
20 Second avenu? RR.97 ,700 do.blO 38
?WHiadint R. R.bt0 46l;U00 do.PI
1100 do. 4*>?! 50 do.ob? 371
tOO do. lb j 100 do. 3".l
240 do. 46,i300 do.?10 37 J
5M? do. 47 10O Chi. k Rock W. R. R . 7?
B? do.b30 47' 250 do. 7li
S50 Chic. llur. ? Uln R R. 84 IlOO do.76
Il Indjanapoiis I? (in R. 42 llf-O do.
08 Delaware L ?V W R.. 96 2e? 1 do.
6 La Croaae ? Mil R R.. 1 UK? Ho.TT
M do. 11650 do.bill 77!
100 do. 1} 2o?0 de.b30 77:
4,000Ml!?ouri Statefi.... III 50 Mi. h. Central RR.?fil
6000 do.811 2O0 do.b60 ttoi
Y. (?*? Teiilie-at-e t.?, ' !?0.... ??<>} 50 do.?60 (HI
5,1??* Virtini? State 6?.91 1?S do.60
t,CO0Mi?h. 80. 2d M...b30 67 50 do. .6"!
5.CX?) L? Crete It Mil. L. 50 Micb. So A N. lin! It U. lui
Grant Bl?. --.S' IJ Mic80.lt N.Ind.t ni Sk. 4? }
1350 N. Y. Central Railroad. ?4 | 50 tlo. 4"?
679 do.b60"4l'?0tl do.|X14??
100 Erie Railrtad. l.-i ?1? do.41
200 do. 28] -WKialenaltChic. RR..b7 7?l
- 500 do. 781
100 do.boo Try
50 do.h30 731
MO Chic, k Rcck I-Und RR 77
100 do.beio 774
150 Fri? R. R. Aiaeutrd 8k 23
Ni' Rtadii g Railroad. 49
S00 db. 4 .
.y* d'.481
4*00 do.blO 4F|
lit? do.bJO 494: 10 Chic. Bur. ?* Quia.
-- ... 371 ' 100 d"..88
M? do.bbO?ttlioO do.??0 Kin]
200 CWe k Toledo RR... 7r\\\O? d->. f*3|
200 do.boOJHJi
100 Mil. ti Mi??. K R. h?
V? Silver Hill. Ill -"??Central. 6}
lb? do.MO 1$ 50 do. 6,
3*lGuilf..rd. 3j 150 d . 64
250Notth Sute.W? 2.' loo do. 7
Rid. A?k- <1. Bid. Aiked.
Copper Fall? M. Co. 11 lljPnntia-.41 5
(entra..6) 7 Cjttlncy.37 ?
Frv-tklin.t5 27 Roexlartd.85} 96
HanetHk.IJ 7 ! r-uperiur. 3, 4
late R< vale.It 14? Hamilton. 1 2
Me-naid.51 b Colui7ibiavn.2, 3,
Minn-sol*.7S?} .t" Ph?nix.3 4
Mational.36 8?' Gardner Hill..61 ?
Ho-th Cliff. 3 31 GoJlford. 31 31
Pewaltir.|| 54 ! North St-te. if -
Ptt-sbttr-h.bb .V iSUver Hill. H IJ
Monday, Jnly 30?P. M.
The Stock market again display?- gicat activity and
btK'vancy in the WsSfeSSB ?hare?, bnt wa? ?oriK-whiit
tame for our local ?tccke with the exception of Read?
ing, which wa? one of tbe most active of any on the
list, advancing to 47 at the First Board and to 49 in
tie- afternoon, finally closing after the adjorirnment at
?18. This wa? the most important nivanc? of the day;
bnt for Michigan Central, Galena. Illinois Cen'.ial and
Sock Ieland. there was a ?trong and well-rustained
?iemand, with rajtid advance and great excitement.
Tbe constant re?rte from the West of a grea* bne-i
fic-?<j to follow the movement of one of the largest
cereal rrt-ps eyer harveeted, have a ?trong intlaenee
opon the market, and a* price? go up on the share-list
tbe circle of ?peculation l?tiem? to enlarge. The tc-l
egrapliic line? are (jnite actively employt-d with bro?
kers' dispatches, and the commission houses are doin<
a large butin?es. The movement? for several week?
bave been surprising to the veteran ojirator? of the
Btreet, who have been ?cuBtomed to see a reaction
aft?r any material advance; but it is evident that
tbe improvement now going on i? based upon the
-rabetaiitial revival and progress of the Western
country, and the ?peculaiion is therefore of no
ordinary tharaeter. The market ie doubtless rising
too rapidly to ?uit the view? of conserva'ive men,
and must have an occaeional cheek ; but if the West ie
to build up rapidly this Autumn, the iailway? must
-?bare in it* property. The Bond market is very
strong, and the transactions are larger from day to
?lay, and generally at advancing prices. At the IBM nd
Board the market was romewliat irregular, ami some
?f the Western share?, which advanced rapidly in the
morning, were from i to i f$M tarnt lower. Erie,
lU-ad?ig, Rock Islaiid, and Sonthern Gnarant-t.-d were
better. There i? a lively demand for La Crosee LAml
Graut bonds, and even the stock seems tobe undergoing
? tialvaiiiziDg pro-??*. The improvement ttB? BtT-Bbl
canse d by the report that a new BSjBBB? fot rc?orga*ii_
faig the e-oncern i? in embryo. Tbe closing price? were :
United Sute? Five?, 1871, 101 i o-101 ;" ; Tenner-aee
6s, 90iff90(*: Virginia fa, '.?0'?/'.*?^ Missouri 6?, 81?'
? 81 i Canton Co., l4?i<7-0{: Cumberland Coal Co.,
14. ?_ 15; Parihc Mail, fltyteMj New-York Ct-ntral
Kaili-i-iad, bsH*4b??b| Ene Ifla?road, Bwi??Ojj Und ?on
Hiver l_ailroad, 57?a0r4; Harktn Railro.?!, !?...
It]| Harlem Railioad, preftired, 49|t>44| Reading
HiaiLn-ttd, 4Malt?i; Michigan Central Rtilroad, Wi
GOi; Michigan Southern and Northern In JLiiih Rail
itx-td, 11?-?_> 11 ?; Michigan Southern and No.thern In
tiia-ia G(jaiitnt4H.-d, 18? I8?; Panama Railroad, V2CII
l',7; Illinoi? Central Railroad, W?7?v|j Galena and
Cbie?ago Railroad, 73a7:?! ; Cl-veland aid Tohdo
Kailr'-ad, X?a'J7?; Chicago and R>ck Island Rail
?foad, 7?; u77; Chicago, Burlington and Quin y Rttil
rtaeid! K!?^84; 111 nois (>u?ra! ? Wtm\ 11 j ? -K>
In the Foreign Hill maiket ti.e-re i? not Bas? d iug,
but rates an- uiielianged. Ste?liug Irlw9i?ll0?
France .'>. 10o ...I-4.
Freight?: to Liverpool, 6MMat Fh-nr a* ?BV, 7yi:
ll.WtJlu?Ule W!,eat at 104.| 8,011 do. at 10,-1-, in
t*g? 10 tun? Whalefoot* at -7?. U., and, ? ?t?*a*ner,
l.VtOO boxea Cheese at Ms, ; 6f mKtM Rae-"n at KkV ;
aOOfirkii.? H'i'tcr at -Oi. To Ham>.'ir?-. \F ttaasasr,
?WO bait? Pimento at ?c To Rotterilam, lOO tan?
H?tty, ?owis at Isa, It Shanghai. Bfll SBBS CeSa. at
?I-4; -itAi inn? Provision? and Ilomeetics at -fl?. A ves
??-1 U? (^rV ?nd a uiuiket, with Wheat at 101., in ship?
per s ln^f. a (gyf- c( .(.(j u.jt,., apacity, to north side
Coba iiL-l tk.k, with Sugar at %>'>. A brig iiti.l a sehr.
from mjmtm to New-Voik with Coal at *? M t* tun.
Tlie bui-iiie-s of the 8n?.-Treasury wa*: Reo-ipts,
f?7,8B T? ig? CiiKioms, $1? ,000; PaymenU, $117,?
Gl'J 14; SsaBBBtt |6^a_,t6, O'i.
Tl.? ?unk ol th? MaiihhUmi C'.inpa'iy BM 'i?-?:lared
? semi-aiinual dividend of five ?' ?eut. pa>a'jle ou the
Jfjtli of August. Attaiitiou ol the I>a ?tOSSI Ltnd
Ontnt hondholdtr? ft ?ailed t., an i?A?yeitii-4-m?nt 111 this
jouriiaJ signed F. SaBMWL The aaBBBBI Hiteil? 0
lirooklyn h_? dexlaieif? dividend of four t* SBBt. Wo
?re informell by the Presiden* af the Michigan South?
ern RhiIi >id Comj-any tha? the iuferest du?- Ane. 1 on
the folhwbg bond? will fts paid on pSBBBBjaBtea al t1 S
louj-onaat th? Corn Eiebange Bank, vit: N .-thern
Indiana Firet Morlgug?; (losbeu Itranch Bond?;
Jackson Brauch Bonds; Detroit, Monroe, and Toltdo
Bond?. In th. M.'iMy market ItWS? appear* It he no
?hange o? note. A large loai. wa? made to?
day on State ?tHurity at 4, t' cent, bal the
current rfates for demand loan? are boh i* cent.
Jb? ?tiDpry -tppeiirs to ihow m dacrt^ae, wliile lie
demand dots not in-cpease, a? wa? _?cipitted. Pop?*
i? m m?-dfrstt? gnpply, and long papar oontinnas mora
diflicnlt to (ihm than it wa? a month or two ??ne?.
The bank* leinl freely on th? description, but discount
only aborter date?. The rates are ?. a 6 V cent for
liret-v-Iac? acceptant?, aii.l f..?7 *? cent for ?ingle
?amen. We have received from Albert II Nicolay,
auctioneer, broker, audlianker, hi? ?emi-inontMy price
cu.rr.nt of Sttck? and Bond?, giving the latest quota
ti( r? of ??-ctiritie?, a? well ?a other informa'ion, copie?
of which can be obtaited at hi? ofti.?, No. M William
fttt-et, gratuit on ?ly. Tbe busineoj ol the Cleat i tig -
Hct.Be to-iay was |'J5 0JO,00O. The Chicagj and
?Vi>rt.h-Wf?'ern Railroad ('ouipany ar-? about to put
IM mort freight car? on tin ir road, tJ accommodate its
incria-irg butinera.
Tbc advice? by the Bohemian c mtinue to ?bow a
rteady feeling in regard to Cotton in the Liverpool
market. Breadrttiffs arc alto firm, ard, wha?^*ver?^e
rtate of tbe weather before harvest, Great Britain will
re. | ail o a large amount of our cereals at fuir pri? ?-s. The
rt turn of a lew Cotton bills ws? used by the bears to?
day, but wi'.hout elf-ct. There will undoubtedly be a
contiiltrublc amount of reclamation? upou the last
crop, but the South is abundantly able to meet them.
The Evening Port ?nyr:
"The htavy rir? in Chicago, BurlirstoD, and (?uiney is no
doubt, orcaaioi.ed iu part by tie in-rem ii g ?cale of eand'ig.. but
Its-cbararte: of the purchase? lend* color to the rumor that a
dividend iaroiiten'p.Btcd by th? mamtgei?. If ourinform*tion
be correct, those ?ho expect ?otion on ?hi? ?uhj.-ct in Anguit
will be disappointed, for it is well m derstood by some of the
laigett sbarehi Idem that no diabuisement will be made till liter
in the **?*cii--t*y October. Not thtt the pr?tent itirplui
does not warrant ? divida nd of loine amount but more from B
determination on the part of the directo-? to await the Fall earn
inr-s, which, irom pr?tent ?ppeirarcei, will not only admit of a
liberal divideiid. bu? '.??ve a tair ?iirplu? The Company I? with?
out Hotting debt, and the earning? since the comiuenceiiient of
the n.w tumi year (M.y 1, lf!60) give ?n lucre*?- to the present
time of about ?> 175.(Km on the ?mue period last year "
The export? of gi-erie for the week ending July v.8,
were as follows:
Steam?; V ande: bill, Southampton cmd Huvre. $1.0*15.117 f>i
Meamer City ol 'Baltimore, Liverpool. 770 Ihn M)
For the week. ?J.1,845,497 Oh
I'revlously reported. 5?6,lli?,7*-r7 00
Total ?ince January 1.?j.27,952.294 00
S me time in lK6(i. 4:1,162,097 0?)
Sume time in 1858. U,?MLffM 00
Man.?time in 1857. 24>]o74.176 00
(?1 tbe coul trade The Fottsrillc Mining Journal
The uuantity ? sal by railr.-ad this week i? 48,291 U ; by canal,
33.442 ?0 : for the ?r**tt, en 734 03, ai?aiint 77,872 tun? for the cor?
responding week l?tt yeur.
1 he trade from all tne region? mini np thii wtck a* follow*,
couipaied with last year:
"?16i.fi -1S60.
?a. a . T"'?
Week. TotaL Week. Total. Inc.
Philac". h R. R... 3?..I6? 947.1.?? 4-1,291 1.U3.M 156,81-S
Sobuyltill Canal.. 8?!,.li?.t 63? fi% 32,443 675 9t,9 '.'.: t i
Lebith Va). R.R.. 10,27 832 300 12 4 ?:? ?Y m 123 M
Lehigh Cannl.27,815 458.213 35.231 495 924 871.21
S.-raiiton, South.. 11 141 815 198 20.127 431,519 111)'321
Scrantoii, Noith.. b.t.21 106 869 5,035 108,17? l'8<.2
Penn Coal Co. 2!?0,2'7 .... 239,879 Dec.
Del. k II Co.... 22403 2<8.34:i 14.9??? 2%,757 Das.
Wyoming. Booth. .... Hi,. 57 .... 12:'.fil2 Dec
Wyoming, North. 7.38t _ lt.247 I H65
Shaiuokiu. 3,481 76,505 4,9<?4 93.0X1 lb 528
Irtveiloi. 2 887 C482.1 1,784 40 ?v.*. Ilec
BtoadTon. 2,540 tt.tM 8 729 108,IK4 31784
Sb. Mt H T. 1,038 24 340 2,847 44 147 19 807
Lyktni V.CsslOs? 1.442 19.488 2-107 19,2'?? 9,810
Total.161,849 3,781,667 177.664 4.1?2.>j-.'9
Tot?). 15814 atwaft
The Bank statement i? as favorable a? ould be an?
ticipated in tbe ?{.ecio bue. The aggregate shows a
d?cruae? of only a million and a balf within the pant
t'-rec months, notwithstanding the larpe f ?reign drain
during that period. Tbe loans ?bow a further expan?
sion, which, however, i? mostly on call. The line
will no doubt be still further increased, until the ?Mb?
uiente of specie afect the reserve Hnfficientlv to alarm
bank manager?, and force a contraction.
The following is a comparative etatement of tho con?
dition of tbe Bank? of tbe City of New-York, July SI
and July'28:
Jnlv 21. July 2?.
Loan.$129,?27,4!'9 129,074,2:)? Inc.?646,809
fcltdl. 23.443.644 n.OW.TM Dec. 843.918
Cucultition. 8.838619 8,76o 252 Ilec. 73,367
DepoiiU. 84.259 435 84,284.650 lue. 25,215
Tbe movement of tbo Bank? since IS'ov. 24, 18?>?,
has been a? follows :
Loan?. Specie. Circnl?tlon. r)npo*it*.
Nov. 24, ia,V>...tJ>92.?|2,408 ?11,750,239 ?7,779,667 B>74.t,V.,l;l
J.n'v 3. Itm... HI?. 149,153 11.172.244 8,602.113 115,846,216
J-n'y 31, 1857... 11,785.333 11,191,825 8.(12-1,948 92,4M.,286
Feb. 7, 1857... 112,87t..7]3 11,143,894 8,426,817 9*i,02'i.4:<9
March 7, 1857... 111,899,649 U,7'7,34ti 8,4t>5,497 95,585,222 I
A|ri. 4. 1857... 114, 11,5.(8,732 8,112.128 97,840,918
May 2, 1857... 114.409,275 12,009,911 9,006,566 ?9,159,472
May W. 1857... 114.049,688 12,815,515 ?,-996,698 5*0.117,814
June 6, 1857... 115,3:18.592 13.H4.715 ?.?38.572 86,59?x,8W
July 6, 181-7... 115.(144,808 12.K ?7,:v4*> 8,901,590 ?-H.8.14,.'?,'*
July 81, 1857... IM.ftrT.QM 12.918.013 8,86.5.422 9I.4I5.9C7
Aug. 8, 1857... 122,077,252 11.7 '.7,?67 8,981,740 9l,4.f-.,413
Sei.*, 5, M?W... 112.221365 1",227 ?S 8,67.? 192 79,491,817
Oct. 3, 1857... I(i5,935.4'i9 11.4?KI,413 7,916,102 ?7.978,1,51
Oct. 10, 1857... 101.917.569 ll,47i.,2H8 7,8t8,59? ?S,?0t,??l
Uct. 17. 1857... 97.245.82? 7.843.230 8,087.441 52.894.ftf3
Oct. 24, 1H57... 95,5'?3,51B 10,411,613 6,884,739 57,5.*i,384
Or-t 11, 1R57... 95. ?17.754 lt.88?,441 ?,?*34,74J ?1.4.11,664
Nov. 7, 1K57... 95,8t?>.241 16,492,152 6.?tJ4,312 6i.814.77J
Pec. 5, IHfn... M,t8B,??7 26.(?)i9,388 6 555 (XVi 78,490,065
Jan. 2, 1658... 98.549.983 28,561, i'46 6,49?..4(i3 78,035,2*5
Peb. 6, l.'i.'.H... l(i:i,?srt'.:?32 6.873.981 86.0(sl.4?8
March 6, 18.r>8... 105,021.813 82,7.19.731 6,854 624 90:?8-2.446
Atril 8, 1858... 110,588,354 31..'.:.i,00(l 7,232.332 9:i.."?9.149
May 1, 18.58... lll.868.4i-i; 85,0?i4.218 7,431,814 M,4M,5M
Jui.e 5, M??... 11'..424..'.97 B,790,831 7,M 880 101,489,51t
July 8, 1858... 119,654.???I 84,l4?,l?tS 7.446 42? 106.642.297
Aug. 7, 1858... 120,?!r2,li57 85,145,844 7,7^.515 107,454,715
Hint. 4, 1H5R... 125K85."40 2*..41.664 7.741.249 103.347.801
Dot. 2, 1858... 123,659,C97 28,588.787 7,875.750 191301.56I
Nov. 6, 1853... 126.8i1i.492 2ti.337.355 8,li%.933 109.217.448
DtC. 4, 18,Vt... 12t. 831,324 27.4<r,72? 7.K37.517 BM 290
J?n. 1, Iu?... 127,564,319 1*7,129,725 7,854,090 90,6:14.198
Pet?. 5. K'59... 130442.176 25.991.441 7.950.855 91.W5.256
March 5, 1K5'.... 125.221,067 26,769,965 8,071,698 86.:t00.i?8
ttiiril 2, 1859... 128.702,19? 25.782.161 8.221,758 87,787,188
May 7, 1859... 12i',519,905 26,086,622 8,8?4,697 88,872,043
June 4 1859... 125.(KK,,fr-7 23 72:.311 8,427,64? 82,578,886
July 8. 1859... 122 401.773 22 491,665 8,865.7Hll 7?.1?2,611
Aug. 6, IHK?... 11-;.938.1.59 2.1,083,877 8.623O,'* 72,524.?55
S.rt. 3, 18?9... 11?, 184,258 21.t7t:.299 8,873 318 T1,155,700
Ott 1 lo59... 118,208,752 19 2:11,126 8,387,702 70.812,105
Nov? 5 1?59... 120.118(137 20.228.342 8,627.421 73,)73.ri98
Die 8 18..9... 122.137.034 20,ni6.'i67 8,3:?8.819 76.25h.722
J?n 7. 1CC0... 121.597.663 17,M?,784 8,K.9.0fi8 7?t,?08,?SS
Feb. 4, 1?60... 124.091>-2 1:'."21,?0I 8,174,450 77,577.694
March 8,18.-9... 125.012 700 2.'l.0,x,.i;l2 8,165.026 80,876,172
Mar.li81 I860... 12-888.228 23,420,759 6,444,326 88.422 081
April 7 i860... 11I0.6O6.731 22..V.i9,132 ??,929.228 ta..'*..?:?-?
April 14 I???)... 12? 91",ni5 28,626.9X2 8,775 297 84.f;9',.5"3
April 21, 1860... 128,448,868 23,283.814 8.7?*j,45-i 82.886,498
April 28 1860... 127>I85.??T7 T-'..T?* 809 8,749.048 8l.,.15.4?8
May 5 1810... 127 -17'? f ?0 23,815,746 9,3''l.i*l 81.959,825
Mit 12,1860... 126,184,582 ?,780,887 9,153,811 ??,?86,674
.M..v l'i lit.0... 124.938.3:19 ?8,785,19? 9,085.5?? I?,.'i90.?v?
M?v 2i'1""'.. 1S5.U0.7W 23,431,773 8,826.478 8e,12.!,C40
.lirio 2' I tO... 194.1? 171 24 535.457 8.774 ft-3 81 ?Ml 1.78
Jui.e '< IK?)... 12,5.434 963 23.7; .'..581 8,998.948 lili.641'1,983
' .. |6, I860... 125,899 997 24.110,551 ?,8?,71*6 ?1,538.651
Juie 28.'liKX)... I25,k8b.v?b5 IUS?.?21 8.779.115 80.62ii.?l8
June 3? i860.., 127 29? 901 2J464JM ?,745.181 Q,l>7,7?l
Julv T, 1??... 127,244.241 27.751 694 9 ?-8.727 Bl,8tM?0
Julv 14. 1864)... mil? 166 18641451 8 975 52? tVt.7?t?,St1
July 21, 11'.??'... 12.': ?27.489 28.443.644 8.883619 84 259 4 ?5
Juiy 28, IHtU... 129,t'74,298 2,1,099,726 3,7??0.252 84,2 .4 ?W
Comparative ?Mfhi ?lamiiige of the Pttttbargh,
FonWiivEf and Chic.igo lluilroad for the past four
uun'.liB, vviih ibe same montli? of 18003
lh?0. I M?. _'?_.
Mardi ?? ll'r. 2''0 78 f72,124 02 *>3?:.077 .6 or J) I? cent.
Ami'' ?00? 56 5;,37247 14.630 08 or 521? cent.
\Us" ?."561 '6 51*74 96 4I.0H6 70 or 80 fr? cent.
Ji?e.'.".". ei.'m 17 5" 9?2 ?J 34,<2? 32 or tt\ F *sw\
Sul.j'.imd ii- the tbi.d monthly rejiort of Jostpb W.
Ahoy, Htciivcr of tbef)bioand MiiwiBfipi'i Kailrcad
Comi'i-nv. 1{? oeipt? and dieburnements for June. l8r-0:
ToheiBii'e on bind from M*y ?crr.iint.?21,043 65
uki Kirr?.
! ..ted sstatM Mai! servi' e to March 31.... $9,001 ?5
l'.t^trssii.ilii.glit.sruig.iu ^;c
Fa**??|(r*ofJiiM?sixxiBS?. ?MJJ ?
PieigiTol Jui.mlng. W.7?? 0?-?I,?n ?
(111.? r to.i.ce.
5,897 S-'l
l.l-lil 1,-KVKVT?..
On account Ut ii.oitguge bond?, " ip ?M of
JMoawrlsl-M. ?*g_2
Ir ter. ?t ?nd ditcount. **' ' *'
(Mine ai.d oil (?? e?|?n.tes. ????*?
i - advanced on aceooit *? iilx other ,
ro?d?....,. 8,519 4?
Onaciount ol .uiiei.t <,p?r.?11ug SatpSaSM
?bdioDitni.tion in M.y. ?-MU ?
tir, un omit ot loiiuer ?rreaiii?;e? puoi to mmm
?a.v i . lv*n ?,?
Ou Bccoiiiit ot June cuirer.texpeiiiei. 1,869 81?75,t>9 U
B?latce on luu.d t tn led to July ?* onnt.t V.1** ?
'rierei?;i dinjnite an t ? wbicb of the lWO Ucieiver?
of tbe i-ropeity of tin. Milwaukee and Honcon Ksil
ioad r..xjiji'!iv ?HM biive lately B??B up pointed-im
lIlUlIlllllllllMMllr? Th, Berlin iWiM-ontiin A'"'?
?jl that Mr. Wi.nl, BOU in poH?e?t?ion, wa? appointed
bj tie Ci.itidS'iite? Diririct Coort for tbe pinj-ow of
r_ktfyictf? \%a\?k\9m\ oht-iiiiclin tl.atC'nirt in Decem
ler, 1H..0, ly .I..rc|,b 11. Hdb. Mr. !.. m\ W"l?Ott i?
ibe i'tbi r K((eiver.a|.poiuUd by tbe Slate Court under
a jmiymiiit ol'lanieii trj Mr. EL (?elpeke.
'llo St. Loum Jfiiitoeiot r-iiyii:
?' I- or ll.e |i*.t ?n 0 v ? e?s uioi ?jr baa nol I... ti ?u i.iiun.l.nl i a
'. , - ,i. ? ? . . eilin?; jet t?.!- ?ok ofl.-i In/, have leen llgl t
|. . III. . !.??!> ..t ti.e .-?..'i .,?. li ?III lliOl a t It al ale Lot ol.allied tO
n e.-t tin ri. . ? d ll.st h?v. I -. n prejiiieil tn take no'only ?II the
tared, butavvesl ol t?.?- ?< <i.i..ii..?iiaion p?i?ei ?? ?eil- j
rlai? of paper n ui care p-ri loularly sbool i. .dMlii- with In
dtrd, toux? ?I tit??.- InsUtxitloui h??e not, In iti? ?e dull tiinei.
i,, or ??. u,ui,v ?.I. in t; ? i. llo v null Who ii..- luna? it
Is ?Itleri r,t, tfi. j linn-t? |.r '? ? t lb?it l??u.?. ?ml tin ledemp.
1 . . iu I itsteiii excl.ange ol if 2.. l?s-J t?. ?60.000of llieli liiai.i b
laper, whi. I., for l.?r of its r.tuin they dire n..1 in,mediately
reistiie, inaleiially cull down tl.eir inioine. 'l'lie Kx? liinge
u.a/axi ii lathci ?say, wltb the rrt? i.t addl?cn? |v ll.e (uppl/.
The Sab Trea-ory vraa again In receipt of fe<K*?"> 000 of RaaUrn
drift? j ?ttrrdav, bot tt li already ?boat exhin-ted. Tb1i makes
?510 1*11 from that aourre ?iihin a week. Of caurte, thU, with
tl.e u.?i.ir tie? of the bank? ?nd tbe ?uppliee h*d from ( ?iii*t- ?,
make, it nn it I f' rent. On New-Orleans ,#i prBitiium lath?
?riling lange, ? ith not to much demand the U?t t* u day? ' ?old i?
Ufalr itifplj. Althongh neat half a m* l'ion baa g-ne luto the Sub
Tr?-a?iir> in ihe lut few day?, iiiueh of it hud? It? way out at-uTi
? n oi g tbe n.) n liant? Some + 2? 0 OeO of the above ?mount be?
already been ditburted; tome ?2\00O of cole? wat ?old by a
merchant to i/o?emnient ; th? intar leftucry ?old about 150 Uni
Of lugar to tjte '.une ? individua).' ?
7 he M? O. Delta ?f Wednesday evening ?ays:
" ThU ha? been a very Inietive day In monetary ind financial
circle?, ami tbe movement dl-cloted no cl>?i-" o'aiy kind that
cal'i for ?perial iird, ?v. Tb? batike diieotin'ed vei j rsntiiiiily,
ard ' perat oui in the outlid? market in. lu led no round amount?
of ..i.vataaul of paper."
rkfW* !i
i?l?rk??OR-CABBI'lI.Ly RBr-.iRTBO F-.M Thb N. V. Tbihi-b.
M.ivnA?, July 30, li?).
aSHF.B-Tlie market I? without variation: the d Bagad il
fair n lei of .?0 bbl? It ?5 1"J f..r Pot?, and ??? 5" for Peirl?
COTTON?The market i? K.ady; ?jtlet of I 500 bales We
-u?t-it H'-ni'lO.?. for Middling I'plind? and (lull.
COKPF.E?Tt ere i? very little ?torkfln firrt band?; islei from
m rond band? at exorbitant prie??. Th? tran?acti'ri? are *">0
bag? Mtiractiioat 15c. iM-lbta-a Rioat ll'i-15'c. (reiaie?), and
IIS ligi St li.mireo on ptivate tern.?.
KLOt R AND MrAL Th? inivali of Flour are moderate,
but tie deiire to tell Watten, brandi I? ?till ?trong, and th.-.e
are prea?ed on Hi? mi-let ?t lower ?nd very in.g i lar rate?. The
Inquil- for be Weit Itidiea i? moderate, but ?here li a fair _?>
n and for Stute extra? for the Liverpool and London market?, and
tbete aie well itiitsined : luprrtine State i? quite ?cue i'.J it
brin : Family Rxtra? -re inttrtive aid lrrrg.iUr; the lalet ?re
10,-70 bdli. at ?4 'ti.? ?6 tor auperflne We-rteru; fe5tTfe5 30
for l-w gradei at extra do , ftlVBI 10 for mpeifine Stab?;
?5 1: ??}?.'. 2,-. for extra do., ehieHy at ?5 20, fie? on board;
?5 30ii ?5 H for choice do . feu MV?I 85 for ?hipping brandi ol
mid h. op extra Ohio; fe5 SSteBI 50 for tntje Irand? do.,
and *5 4(i?7?l. 10 for St. Loui? extras. Canadian Clour i? dull
and heavy : the arrival? are moderate, bnt equal -o th- demand;
the iow giadc. are ter, .low of ?ale ; tbe tian.acU.oui are ?TB
bblt at ?4 It? ?4 It fot Superfine; ?5 10fl"*525 for Spring
Wheat extra? ; ?5 80t*?7 50 for Winter do Southern Flour
i* iu fair leijne.t, a mI I? aga?i lower, ??pecUlly tbe low grade?;
rhoiee brand? aie not pltnty, and ai? well au.talneal; aalet ?f
2,441 tibl?. at ?4 75forMiiriy ?4 ?5?-?5 25 for mUeJ to good
?uperfirie Alexardjia, fee, and ?5 85o7fe7 50 for the better
gjadti. By Klmr in in fair demaiid. and It ite?dy ; i-ile? of
M bl.li at fe8 :- <??4 15. Corn Meal la unrUng.-d ; the inquiry
i? fair: tale? or ?60 bbl.. at ?8 45a fej 50 for Jeriey, and fed 60
for Baltimore.
GRAIN?The denund for Wheat i, mod?r?t??, and tho
offrrirg? more liberal, ea-x-rially of new. Winter ia ratln-r
?inner, but Spring it again st about former quotation*.
The demand ii chiefly for export: the talei are 0..00 bu-h ,
Rat ine Spring at ?1 l'?;6,o??i buih. Milwiuk??- Club, it ?IM
ai'rat, 23,(>iMi bath Red Sut? at ?1 171; ? ;i?,
buih. Red Wtita-rn at fel 24 ./?.l 25c ; 70i
btiab. new White Wnb-rn at fel 33 i t.5(To
bu?h. f)ld|WI,it?0|iio'at fel35: 1,000 In:.h Whit?, K?ntueky on
private terns, ind 1,H00 buih. very choice Indian fin bhli ) at
?1 tVatai 4H delivered. Bailey ft dull, ind it? value nominal.
R?r!ey malllii in fair rtqueit: aalet of 2.71* buih. at ?Jutl?**?-.
Oataare without change, the ?ii~t iry 1? fair: aale? of IVeitern
and Canadian at :?7|?i?*?I , and Slat? at 4iirt-4l4e. Rye i? ?lib,.
Out charm. : tbe demand I? fair ; ??le. 3.544) bu.b. Northeru at Ble.
CtSB opined quit?- ilul! and htavy, but ere th? *!??<> of " ? hint*''
a good demand prevailed fir export. Thi? imparted a turner
fiel.t.g. The ul?. ?re b4,l??l bu-h. at blrJOlfe. for We.ter.i
mixed: ?2c. for choice do. G4at.5c. fur RuunJ Yellow and 041.
for Southern do.
Ul'NN V (LOTH is in moderate requert at ?t-ady rates ; aale?
of tSt balei at lie., (S month?.
HOPS meet ?Jifa a moderate Inquiry at former figures
HILEB- The demand i. u.oJc.-?(?-. ?ale? of -iOO City SUu-hter
al Cp ; .Tt (i Country do. at ?ge, and ??H1 Savaniila at Lv.., t> mot,
rejet tini! had,
HAY?The tiiBiket it ?paiingly ?upplied, and the demand U
fair. tale? of LB (t bale, at Bt?i ?Be f It? !!,.
MOLAftttRS? Th.-,? |a very little doing pri.ei are ?teady ;
ulti of 25 li'id?. Porto Rico if 3Kc.
N AVAL, STllRK?--Spirit? Turpentine 1? ?teady and in fair
rcqueit : t.le? ol 1U0 bhls.. In ?hipping ord?r, at 3!e : 25u du. du.
:??? -C, iindlB5Ne?-YoikbbU..-at3aic ?> gallon, .-?ib. Crude t?
quiet and nnniir al at If 1 ?J? 280 Ih. Common Rotin i, di,il. but
lnii-t bolder? an- iudilfeiri.t aller, abort of ?1 45 f 310 th
8float end ?1 H delivered from yard The medium and fine
gibdt ? are alto dull, ?al?. of 450 bbl? low No. 1 and Pal? White
t.t if -' ? * 4 SI to quality ??p i\-,n fh. Tar U quiet at fe.'a pi I2j
fur Wailiiiigtbu.
OILS?L?ii?eed i? ?teady and in modera?? reqne.t; ?ale. of
5,(i( 0 tallnna Kng'Uh at bCc, and 7,000 ditto American at 5????li.,
ia tatttt ?Dd in barrel?. Crude Sperm continue? in lively re
que?t and price, tottimie to favor the teller : nie? of 2,500 bid?.
at fel :0?p gallon, wiah. I rude, Wiia.1? ft buoyant, but the de?
mand at the moment ia limited owing to the extreme price?
atk>d. Other il ?-. nt.'i u.? ?ell ?lowly at ?t?ady ratea.
PRO? IS I (INS-The Pork n arket i- a ?bade firmer, and more
active bin the ,upp!y i, ample ;aair? of 1,720 bbli at ?11871?
?in 12} for new Men, fellfc for tld do , ?14 for new Piune.
and ?I? Im rn?tv Mets Beef i? in fair reqne.t. and pri?e? are
?ti i.dy ; ?an? of 220 bul>. at fe4 (72} a ?S6 for Cuuutty matt, ?50 50
n felt 50 fur repirked Men. Beef Ham? are in li-oitcd requeri
at ? Id ?t fe 12 50 for Stute, and ? ?at * 15 50 foi We .term Baeeu
I? qtiie?, and i? ?teady. Cut Meat? are ?ea ce ; ?ale. of 41 hhd?,
Sl.on?d?tu at !'". Lard i? firmly held and i, in limited den.and
?aie? uf 2fi7 bbl? atL'ieUic
Rl( Ki?dull,ialerCf '.:*' !c?. at ?4 (.???"S, ai to quality.
Sl'GAKS?The demand I, very trivial, and price? of refining
grade? favor the buter; ?sir? of 85 hkdi. Cnb? at SM*f|a S*
fined ?re lower. We quote 1'i-ited State? Crmhed Ground ind
GramiUted at lfe)a ; V\ hite Codee grades do. at ??J?rd?c ; Yellow
do. fluye.
??F.F.D8?There i? a fair demand for prime Clover lasi it 8J h
Pf , hut the itipply ii m t ?arre. Timothy ii nominal. Rough
Hi ? Seed in in limited demand at fel i?'<;*.l t'2i p bu.h. of
5C ITt. Cotton Seed i? -caree and wante-d at t-1 l'i'/fel 12 %>
blieb, of .*>? ". Caleutta Lio 11 d It in moderate rcqueit at Iteady
rate?: ??'??? of 1.8(41 bag! in Button at ?I bn t> bulb., eaih.
TALLOW?The market ii quiet but iteady; ?a lei of !',(??'1!,
prime at lOJr.
l\ llALfcllONK i? in Improved demand; ??lei of 8,0"0 fh
S-.i.th Sea at *???? p If', caih, and 3 ,i?i0 lb Ochot*?, ou term.
Bot disrluteA
WOOL-The demmd for Native Fleece i? let? active, but
price? geneitlly It? firmly maiiitained ; ?ale? of 50,l?Xi lb Ite? c
at 42ir.'vhc fur .j..arter lu lull-lili.od and choice Satnnv, and 3 > BBU
th Tex?. BtMVMtl. for I'liwiilied. Fulled Wooli ar.- Inactive,
but the it , k ii licht and price? ?re iteady at MBB*a*. for Lamb?,
and a0t7 ti-'f. for No 1 City and a_*SB Country. California ia in
reduced ?turk, but the receipt? iu proipeet "are larirer ; ?alei of
15,0(0 ft? common to tine lit 10?/21c. Foreign Wool? have been
more acrive. partlculaily Cape, which have beten -old to the et
ent of H?0bel(?at t!?'r/:(2c. f> If.; ??Ie? alto of Hh.iiOO *? (?r.-ek
at < r about 21<. : 43 000 It, Unwashed African at l>, 6 month.,
? nd 4*> do I ntt fc-l.i .1 Mi .tiza on pntate term?.
U HISKEY-The market U quit.- Orm-. the demand fair, ale?
1500 h Lit at 2tijc.
R*?r? ? g?? ? ?F l'r?(lure.
Toful?valf Remtei, July M. 1300.?Flout, ?i,-CO bbl, . Wheat,
47.1:^1 bu.h. ; Com, HO,750 buth ; Oat?, 5,34(1 bu.h. . Hve. 3,553
bBta.| Provi-ioni. 517 t,kg?. : A?hc?, H2 pkg?. ; Whi-ky, 1?3
pkg?. : bard. Ill paga.
Live -?.id. on BBS N. V. and Ma KaHro-tal.
Cabi-uiJ..B, Monday, July .?n, 1H60.
M. ndiy. July in?113 cart (att!e, .1 ear
iking ldH car-load? of live tt-K-k??dd 18
Forth? week ending ._.
lli.t 18 cura Sh.) p, making 1 >'' car-loadi of lit? ttix'k??dd 135
t-ari of t xprt-ts lieight. making total nuu ber uf gstS h-tii-dby
Stock Kxpren during the week, 274. Total Increaa? of all car.
haul? d by Sttxk txpre-s, 12
? ?
Locki'ort, July ?i?, 18?"0.
Hon. BaBACI Gitr.Ki.i-T??S/r. It i? some time
BBBM we liave had any correspondence. Hot yen have
adrjtt-ered a letter to m? through the columns of your
i ewppaper, which seem? to invite au ackiiowledgaient,
and I have concluded, not without relue- trine?, to write
this repiy To pas? over your inipu?ati'iu? with tin
silent (JiiK'aiu which their rudeness deHerve?. would
prol ably embolden yon to a?-ert that I admit their
truth and justice.
Before proceeding to vindicate m)?elf frcm your re
I roof?, MtBBfS you will indulge- me in some conruent?
e n your own SBBBBfetSf and c. BBTB t as a pablie journal?
ist. You assume to he a champ'on of fr??e *BwaBBBBB,
and propose to inform the public mind on moral aud
political question?, jou offer your.-ell B? a popular
teacl t-r and guide. Thi? i? a itBponsi hie office, and
imp?as, if tut a compliance with the rules of logii, at
least BOBM regard for th?- law? of decorum and the dig
ni.y of truth. But, unfortunately, you have shown
yoiirn-11, aflat?, utterly incapable of fairnes? and ?an
dor in the- discussion of ?abject? which engage party
feelirg or affect party interest?.
luhtead fef guiding the wason hy legitimate argu
meLts, vou ftton our -enees with a volley of iaaBBBV
lions aiei invective?. Von clothe youreeif willi caree?
"a? with a gnimeni, and |mur forth a turbid stieam
ol hatred malice, aud all un? huritahlenee?. You re
cogiii/?'uosmh thing as an honest dill ?rene? of opin?
ion. Tliiiewho diesen ftOSB you are Tuik?, inlid? Is
and eneinitB of mankind, batead S? stating their po
sitioi. fro!?, end civ ing a jm-t exposition of thegronnd?
oi (iitl.-reii'ee, v oc deem it sullicicut to cover them Wmm
hard luunts, and jou claim a triumph when you have
exhauM d your artillery of vulgar reproachee. What
??worse vi.ii etippresH some lad?, dietoit other?, per?
vert StetetJ, cud thereby BSois?! B-BB impression?
upon n.an? tUliovv. i;/toratit min.l?, which have uioet
need ofco'rrctt iiifci n.ation. W-BB alb ?dig fr-'-'lom
of opition and di?cuision, you can find n-anathema
too eeve.e lor thote, who are ?ounfortunate ai to ??Ivo
ealt opinions contllding Watt your favoiit? th?orie?
and ??onceit?.
Now allow an old frieiiQ to ailvise you, Mr. Horace
fire, ley, to correct JJUBflteK in theee rerpeot?, ami
|.ri:"vonr ?arrioi.?- under the control of that lilx-rai
nl.UoM'pliT?lik-baecsno ? it. use in the di vereine? of
Lina:!.?,:'..!?!.- (?.'Vuin JOB?ttBB|aiaateBjaBj
unitilv fi.-" before* ar-uanng io as ? JtjSJBBMB?
i,|,( nil e '."!!'.nit 0t iiiotiver uf "Tht is.
",','ll, , ?I,-,., :,s ; reu,Mil','.Ibv the cou-^ym. have
p?r?u..l m ?cut ..en..-'^^ ^'V^; \?
?.-ami? ... 'ill?* |Htson:,l ?.i.ll.imt- ta v? 1 H? ? 1U
rulLc vom cha>_f?of \mmmwmey and dct-ertiuu
,,,?', ' ii.p|.':,'i- nevr -ur..H?-?*d- ey,?
?ffi?a?i ..M-..S-' /pr'is'sc.'.pv.-';??-.>???;
mal? ;,., .red brain, :t.d?.at.!.i* fehaei a 11' "?...ii n
, , ' s " ng IN.wclr, or a d. Iil.e-rhle purp.s? t? .,,.?
/?'.'i',"??; S5tS? "Novt suri h??- Pi?-', a tal?
?r!.hll,iii>ou.l"W..' ' . ?..u,
fror n .my v.-ar?, .vu and I i""' 'b - ? **
1 *l ? . i li.l,, || \t a? Ut lIIH T ,1 ?a'TIIIrl a
>,i le? lu loi lied t" li" rectlou, bte peiUtin-Hl i utn
t it f. iKioig??? i> ?? .?uiiirv, and many of
A\ g.iveiniliect "I tbu Wliole ????'?>')> . J .
I should be uniform opinion* concern in? Slavery, o
I any opinion on tbe i abject ?hould be made a po
ti st. The very nstur? of tbe orsganisytoii impflei
ther? must be, not only diversity but taedom of
ion on that (|ue*tion. We wsre mid t-og mer i.v
mnDity of ?entiment on the great Mtiiouil object
which we wert? uiiited. When meosni-is uroeen
ing Slavery directly or indirectly, every man
dfcuifd free to act according to hi* own judgmen
the prevailing HMOM of hi? own ?Action. Yon
to try vote* in Congre??, and ask me what I meat
thmi. Til?n i? ea?i y an?wer.'d In the firnt pi*
ci'inmon with moa? of the Whig?, I cnmbaUtH
whole sene? of measure* which tended to engende
tional j?a!oni>if ? ..nd urg.-d that the peace ol the I
wm more irajvortHnt, than any ?"ceetiin of terri
when we ?tere overpowered, arid the quosli.
?Slavery Extension wan forced npon na.
I endeavored to maintain the rights of my ?>wr:
linn opon principles of reason ami justice. The o
of all my ?/OEM and a'l my effor ? was to have I
qtiealiot a decided according to my conviction? of r
lo put them at reit, and not to keep the controv
alive to ?lit.frait the eonntrj interminably. I will
v ou tt. j .u t tn any vote or sen timen, of mine v?
wu? iittnded to pnloiig aectionul diaaenaion for [
pnrjHiv-B or to make it the groundwork of a new p
organization. On tbe contrary, I tinifnrnly prou
againat any eJtretne nol'ty which could prevent
harmonioo? ac'ion oi the Whigi of tie North an
the ?South in support of tbe vital principles which I
held in cnttmoD. You refer to the election of 1
At tt at time you in 'orei d my political principle?,
[lacrd me under persoral obligations by giving n
gemroua fupport 1er office. Mutt I inform you v
n.y prim ?pi. 4 tin n were I They were the sime w!
I maintain lotgt*. The Territorial controversy
just been ??filed, by the pai???iige of the Comproi
measures in Congress. The Whigs were seriomly
vided in ret-p*ct to that Compromiae Many ol
would have preferred a diU-rent reault in ?orne |
ti. i.l.ira. Hut, believing it to I.e. on the whole, a
solution ar.d the only practical ? ttlement of the (
tegt I advocated an acceptance of the Compromit*
?N-'O, as a linal adjustment. Have v-.ti forgotten I
I was the author of the leeolution ottered in tbe Si
Convention ii favor of acqtieseence in tbe Conpron
meaear?? ? There wa? a diviaion in the Conventio
a ?ectmion?a ?epirate Convention?and 1 found i
fell nomitated an the catididate of both redimir, of
Whig party. My op niona were placed before the r
pie in a letter to Francia Granger, and 1 have ne
awerved from those opinion? They were ?o model
a? to satiety all but Ihe ultra? in both division?, T
letter ?BBMaMi tbe fo lowing de lira'ion, to whic
have ii.tl.ei. il, wbeiber in Bunahine or in storm:
" V'u ?ml 1 h?Ve witnes*ed the p.trir.ti-<rri and true natlr
feeling e i ir.ed hy our W hi* In? threii ot the Sooth during yi
of per?nn?l inter?-, urta? vrph them in the halim!' Congre??,
in (.-> ?ail)!.? we ever should lie ?a paiated frutn them lu feelln
poli'i.tl principle I will not anrreuder oiy ..laini to live and
in the rime iiatiuial tarty with Clay and Critleuden, B. 11
Matigoni, Stanley and Uentry."
W ith a full know ledge of tbese views, you snppor
me in 1H.-0. The ?ame aeLtiment? we/e"expreaa??d
my annual Meaaagea. Yet yon advocated my nomi
tion and nein lion in 180?. Tbe National Convent
of that year accepted the Cotuproraiie, and decbn
againat fmther rectioual agitation. It ia true tb
while i-'i[ |i"it,i g the candidates, you claimed I
r'gbt of " ai'iitii.g upon the plutfoim vvhii n they
cupitd; ot il m heia balanced the account by Liudi
the platforu' and deserting the cmdidalea.
W e now dene*nd to u more recent event. In 18
you, and many other of our leading asr-ociatea p:
ptstdto disband the Whig party, ami create a ui
organiz.ti.il) by tombiuing with the Rudi aal D>n
ctata. The Missouri Compromise had been repeal?
Probably I regretted that act mor?? aerionaly ?ian y
did: bnt I did not deem tbe formation of a geograf
ical party a remei v fur the evil. I considered the re
edy worse than tne disea?e. Therefore, I or >teat
HUnitiBt the dissolution of the Whig party, and ga
f-ir warning that I would not be enrolled Ln the nt
K*publican organization. That all my Wliigfrtet.
might know mv determination. I wro'e and publiah
a letter, Aug. 8, lh.?5, in which you will find tbe ft
lowing expression?:
" In my ?pinion, no .tihttanilal good ran come of inch a mo.
ment. It an iitbieve notiiln* but lokcep une half of tne li.it
State? inten?, d a^fintt the other Nei'her the plan of the 11
side, nor it? probil.le . ontequence?, ?cord with my cunvi. tio
of dutv."
It i? juft here that we reach the turning of the roa
Your opinion? were ditlen'iit from mine, uud you d
cided to act npon them, M yon hada right to do; b
yon had no authority to transfer me to anew par
without my MMttt Von acted ?i proiiinent part
the formal ?urrender of the Wrbig party and the ere
tion of thi? new Northern party. I remonstrat.
againat it. I regretted tlieM-pa-afion which it in vol -.???
It wa? painful to me in many respects. It aeven
political lit-a which wer? clostiy entwined with tl
affr?tions of my l.eart. But you would go, Waa t!
fault your? or mine ? Did I letve you, or did y<
abandon me } Wa? I under any oblig-ttion to folio
you into an alliance with the most ulna portion of tl
Democrtu y, und that for an object which my judgme
disapproved ?
Did yon ever gnpnoac I would or could, knowit
tbe opinions .vhich I now recall to your recollectior
Have you any right to turn upon me with railing a
cnrationB and coaiae epithet?, because I choae to r
main on th? old Whig ground which we ao long o
copied together ? Did you serioualy exivect that y>
< ? -<11.1 break up a great party und form a new one, o
condition* entirely dillertnt, withunt Mparatini? me
who had been previously united f Hy wnat pnvcess(
reaaouiig could yon, or even The N. Y. Tiuiuni
arrogate thi? autocratic, dictatorial power, and reijnir
a million of Wb'ge. to i-nauge front and wntel into lin
at your mere word of command I Y'ou assume th?
nin? -tenttiB of the Whig party went wi?h you. It thi
were ao, it would make no ditl'erenee with me. M
courae i? governed by my own uense of right, and not b
tie voice of ?n exii'td multitude. Hut you aro mit
taken on the point of fact. Your p-irty does not cor
tain one-half of the old Whig party of tbe I'nion. 1
tbe Fn-e States, yon carried ft majority; but, a mttg
part of your force ia drawn from the Democratic ranks
and i? moat rampant in tbe Democratic Btronghold?
auch aa Heikiroer and St. I?Hwrence. You left a larg
number of Whiga behind without an organization.
Some joined the Dem?crata outright, Bomu the Amer
?eat.?, and other? remained isolatid a id fr??e to voto in
cepei'detitlv, ai- the good of tbe country might seem Y
reouire. 'fLi? has been my own position. After yoi
and your confederates d;?eolved the Whig party,
never ji inid the Atnerican or any otb.-r, until thi
UBtOB otgHtiization was recently formed, for tbe ?ingl
und avownl patrpM of r?'8toring mmttnt l?etwi'eu thi
sect ht a.
Von havi? bad the eflrotiti ry U> inainuate tliat my re
In- nl to join the l.v?'i?!iln,.i?? wa? tin result of ?"?r-.tiu
ambition, and that my (-unport might have been secure?
on roii.t-i iiiditiim or otlii-r. Now, jou mm', kn m
Mr. Ilorac? (in-i-ley, bow < aliimnioti? tliia iaiP'.it ilioi
ia. Yon innrt know that, if my conrae could M mrtu
( net d hv auibiti'iiia motive!., the inducements pfMHOBl
by tii*? Ii'i-pnblif?n pnrty wire abundantly ample th
lie psjrpoa?, 'J'h.ie are tbe.ie who ?an testily how
iiiht.y plotters I bave r? j> 11? d. and tint, rather thai
MMH :i ciiiite which failed to secure the annution o
my c?-iiBcki'(e. 1 j referred voluntary baniehment fron
piiblic life, i our rttlei liens on my ??otii'iop and cours?
m this l'r? aidenlial election are equally unjuat und un
manly, t h ce f.r all, I ?tigtnntiz.' your a-sertions the
I have a'.aii'loiietl my own caudid.ites, or iuU-ud ft
sMriJwM Ibeir inteiftta in favor of other candidatea, oi
lhat I ?iropote to sell und transfer volea, a? grossly uutrui
ard libelmis. I i-peak for myself alone, and expreai
my own opinion. Every National Whig will judg?
for himself what be owes to tbe I'nion and tbe pe.nt
of tbe I'nion in this crisis. I daim no liicuv.orial now
ir, such as von MNBt I nm ?incerely in favor of tin
election of.lehn Well and Edward Everett. You tnu?
know that the conise wkkh I propose ia the only out
by which I can etlecttiully contribme to secure tbeii
ejection. Onthi?Buli|ect 1 have no disguise. I prefer any
other Connituiioiial nietliod of ilectitig tbe PMatdSBl
to a choice made by Eli-cUnal Colleges, chosen by oue
?eciimi of tie l'n;"ii only, and by only tl third of ibt
American i?eoi'le. To avert tbi.- 1-tst u-sult, 1 am read.
|0 unit.- vv!:li Natlt'tial men of ev> ry r-hade to carry tin
final deiisioti t? the House of Kepreaontativea, whoa?
members are a- muth elected by tbe people as the mem
Uia of the Ele. toral Collegia. Not that I cotisidei
ibis mode of i-let lion desirable under o.ilin.iry circuui
?lances; but I held, and am ready to maintain, tbat.il
ie preferable to mi eleilion which, however Congtitu
tional in Ivrin, is utteily iiiuoni-tit.itiot.a! in spirit, mad<
by theatrongt r gi('graphical ?eetion combined ag'iiii?i
the weaker, on questioiiB pertaining clnelly to tbo do
incstic polity of the weaker States.
In the |M?oai r>tate of tllng? we are reduced to I
(lioiceofi-vils, and I would take that win :b 11 ou.eiv.ti
be tbe least. I w mh now to see a direct vole by tn- leo
pie ot tbi* State i u the naked ??sue wbetber N'ew-Yorli
elittll Ik> one ? f a mere geo-raphical combination, oi
^hall maintain a National attitude in her relations tx
the (loveinnit nl ol the I nion.
You a-nuine that if the electio*) isgiven to tl e II U-e
rifj .-r I'rcckinridge or laune will be made President,
l'iibaja y..u think so. Ili.t you must permit um t<> ex
press my ('pinion. Withont'cbiiuiing imy pe< uliar gifi
ot |i?|'ln<\. I will venture to piediit that thi' tie\1
l'r- lient will bi eitbu Mr. hinein, Mr. Hell, or Mr.
hv.ietl. I believe Mr. Itt-ll will r. ?j If? a ?nuc'i butjPH
?lOftotBl vot? in tbe South than Mr. Hr??ikini-idg?-. uud
tint Mr. Kv.it tt will certainlv l?e one of the two Ugb
est c.iiididat. s on the liel lor Viie-I'itr-idi'iit, foi I now
aver that lh? HUM of Mr. haue will uev.r rMofa the
Si i.ati'. tad all l-:i)> "f hie her iininir tb? JV-?detit are
itbeiird il mil lictitioii?. l/?t time de?nie tbia dilicrenca
ol opinion beivveen ua.
Ni.v, furtlier 1 tirmly b?-lieve that a divided m .|"r
ity ti tbe thoughtful and patriotic men ot the I?. (-u''1'
Ckii jmrtv would at this tnomeiit ooriii.lly bad I?"0
?l.illt.n to the I'nsidei.t'v of eit? er John H? H "?" **
ward F.vi i. tt, as the best solution of the tiasstiou win. a
tiotv uguate? the oonntiy. It i? by no uieai.? uupo?*>i
ble that, in let? (lian ?i* moulin, even you vvdl streu
U' .sly con'.Ltd ?.bat it i? tbe Nnndend.ty of ever^
Ke(iibliiaa H?>prvsent?t:vetovotef.ir Mr. Bell, arid thi
r? HeeiK.p shoiiil admonish yon to adopta more rut*.nal
tone of dit'? issViri.
It i? proper for ?e to inform you that my course hai
the full approv ?1 of the lea/ting supporter? ?f B-ll and
Kveri-U in all aarte of the Coion. They are nor Mind,
neither are they willing ?bat divisions among N-ttiona)
men shall give the choice to one section alone. In
many Hate?of the Sooth, the respective friends of j
Hell and of Douglas will combino to put down Di?- j
onion and Secefaion. In aorne of the Northern States, i
they may also cnite to resist the march of ?ect ionaJ
?gitatiom I warn yon of ?he fact, that yoa may pre- t
invetomeet it. If it is laudable for yon to cohabit ,
with the rankest portion of the Democr-vy, for sec- 1
tional purposes, why may not other men eodperate for |
once wiih tbe sounder part, for the safety and bar- ?
mony of the country 1
You tow pris*ud iba?. Mr. Hell i? ?a objectionable a? |
Mr. Br? ckjnrii'ge. How is it pem-iihle that vo'i ctn say '
tbi? I Wh*?, did yon mean by the felicito j-s alliteration, j
in your w.t.eiy-circulat>d journal, of "Bill, Bates, '
or Bolts," ut proper candidate???repeated, if I mistake !
no*, in your celebrated speech at Osawstomie, ia the i
very heart of Kansas I More than once within a '
twelvemonth you bave placed the name of Mr. Bell
among ttoee whom you would be willing to accept, as
? compromise candidate to unite the Opposition. Yon )
know ne voted againet tbe repeal of the Missouri Cora
protniae, under a heavy tire of denunciaron ftom hia I
own ?section, and that he never favored any aggression* j
on the right? of the North. If it were a choice be?
tween him and any one of hi? compeiitora, I believe he
would be preferred by a large majority of ihe tieople. '
On the subject ol coalitions, I have a word to say
fc-r jonr special consideration. Did you not mMmt the
Republican? of Illinois to help retHect Mr. Douglas to
ibe Setate iu preference to Mr. hitcoln ?
Did you not advocate coalitions with his friends in
tbi? State. Pennaylvaniaand elaewhere? And in doing
tliia did you ''??II tbe IvVpublicaua to tbe enemy?
When you dissolved the Wing party, you coalesced
with that wing of the Democratic party which was most
widely separated from n? "ii all practic-d measures of
government; and what ia the Republican party now
but a txioet incongruous coalition? When you ask old
Whig? to support Mr. Lincoln, you also invite them to
accept Mr. Hannibal 11 am I in. Do you forget that he
voted to annex Tex??, to repeal tne Tariff of 1842;
that he denounced it as " the black tariff," " the British
ay-teni," and " the bill of abominations,'' and that he
actively opposed all bill? for the improvement of Har
ljor? and River??
But yon contend that it is neceseary to keep up a
Northern party, because the South is ?till bent on
spreading Slavery over the remaining Territories. I
wholly differ with you on the question of fact. Will
you ?ay, on vonr veracity, that you believe there ia
any danger that Slavery will lie permanently estab?
lished in New-Mexico or Utah ? Hundred? of the
moet reliable men in the Sontb ru sure me that there
il no su. b intention in that part of the country. The
? laim of right by Southern uhraiata is a mere abstrac?
tion, and only three Senate rs could be fonnd to vote
for Congveeaional action in support of it.
You speak of your correspondents iu the Southern
Stater. I am authorized to offer you a reward of one
thousand dollar? if any of them will find a Southern
planter who intend? to migrate with bis slaves to either
of thoae Terri or it a. If I am right in these view?,
your issue, for ?tl! practical purposes, is dead and gone.
Mr. Seward dtclared the war lo be over two year?
ago, and be never made a truer observation. Hut you
promptly disiented, and said in aubstince th it the con?
flict, is uot to l>e ended ?o long as Slavery ha? a foot?
hold on the American continent. Now let me ask you
if any guaranty, any earthly settlement of the Terri?
torial question, would induce yon to abandon your
eystem of Slavery agitation ?
Would you not continue to hold up one large portion
of your country to the obloquy of tiie civilized world,
to i nil. ule its weakness, to denounce it? law?, to repre?
sent it ua a dead body fastened to a li ving organism, aad
to re-aa'ert that this Union is worth le?* than one dollar
per bead to ibe people of the North?
Yon complain that the circulation of The TBIBUII
is utercepttd in the Slave States. It is not for me to
defend any agcreiaions on yonr rights by Southern
post-master?. Perhaps it is not strange, wnile remem?
bering your expressed opinions a? to John Brown and
tbe Helper book, that tue white people in a sUvehold
ing community sbould regard the circulation of The
Tribune among them, with rensation? such a? you
would feel on witnessing a lively discharge of blazing
rocket?, terpeuta and torpedoes into the moat combusti?
ble part of your establishmant.
You have been pleased to refer to some harsh person?
alities, of which 1 was the object, at different period?
of my public life. Probably I have suffered my full
share of this kind of injustice. But it never disturbs
my repose. I have obs?'rved that no man, who.-* aims
are right, is harmed bv the hoarse railings ot a licen?
tious preas. Those who indulge in this mode of war?
fare sutler the whole penalty, and sooner or later be?
come asharied of themselves. Ia it becoming that you
simulo imitate a bad example, now that I am a private
citizen, m? king no advancement, and claiininu nothing
but the right of a freeman to hold |and express my
honest opinions on political subjects ? I make no per?
forai aaeaulta on those who diil.-r from me in opinion.
It is their undoubted right to think and act for them
-elves; but I utterly deny their right to censure
me for adhering to my own convictions of public duty.
Nor bave I ever forgotten any of the claims of gruti
tnde arising from personal favors and associations in
the year? when many, now separated, were bound to?
gether in patriotic efforts I have cherished many agree?
able recollections, even under a deep sense of wrong.
Perhaps you will think this letter transcends the
strict limits of self-defense. Hut it is my answer to
y oars, and I persuade myself that you will give it the
same publicity in the columns of Tin Trihi'ne, if not
from a sense of justice, as a decent tribute to the cause
of truth and free discu-sioii.
With due respect, I remain, youn, i.e..
A Convention of the friend? of practical, especially
agricultural, education waa held last week at Bloom
ington, Illinois, with a view to tbe establishment of
an Agricultural Seminary in that State. To this Con?
vention, Mr. C. T. Chaee of Chicago m.?de a report of
bis travels and personal observation? among the em?
bryo schools of our country, which we find reported in
The Chicago Tribu tie, as follow?:
I tirai visited Cincinnati with a view of visiting the
Fanners' Ci liege in that vicinity, but on learning from
several iiiitlligent gentlemen ?f tbe city thai it was
strictly a literary inttitution, and made Bn? little pre
tensions even to teaching those, branches which have a
decided bearing on agrie til tu re, I did not visit it, but
proceeded to Washington and had a very satisfactory
interview with Prof. James Henrv anc] Prof. Boin,
St. rotary and Assistant Set r-tary of the Smithsonian
Inatitution. These gentlemen manifested mm h inter?
est in the movement in this State, furnished me with
what infortxatiun they were in posseasion of, and ten
dered tbe coop? ration of the Institution.
The State of Maryland has an Agricultural College
at Hladensbtirgh, aa-ven miles out of Washington.
Tbi? institution went into operation nine montliB ago,
nuder tb?; direction of a Board of Trustee?. They
1 ave a Professor of Mathematics, of Chemistry, of the
Ancient and Modern l?anguagea, and an hntomologiet
who is purtuiug b'B investigations th. re and preparing
a text-book on The subject. Tbi? gentleman lecture?
before the a? bool at stated honre each week. There
are about ?ixty pupil? iu attendance, from twelve
years of age upward. The College was eatablisbed bv
act of the Maryland Ixegis'attire, Muii'h b, 1S6*5
f2b OIK) waa rail ed by private subscription, and tbe
State made a paTiiianent appropriation of ?j?>,tX?0 annu?
ally for ibe endowment, of the institution. A farm of
4M acres of land wa? purchased, and a build-ng erect?
ed of ISO feet by .'el leet, ?> ?tones high, at an expense
of about $-5,000. Tbe accommodations are considered
anfficicnt for about l!2U boarders. There are a lartn
bouae and out-buildings on the place, oecnpied by the
lttgister of the Hoard of Trustees, who is the buainess
mat agir. An annual endowment of |.',000 per year
for three v?arB haa also tieen made by a wealthy gen?
tleman. Ti.e institution is laboring under some pecu?
niary i uibairaseu.eiit, and difficulties of a Bcri< us and
unfortunate nature have arisen liotween the Trustees
and the Faculty resj -cting the detail of its manage?
ment, which have soiuewbat impaired its efficiency.
Tbe pupils are all required to work aeveral hours ?
day. It waa eviceut that tbe work they did was not
generally agreeable to the pupils, and thai it cost all it
came to. The course of study ia not yet wel delinee),
but It will be a?-n from the ages of ?onie of the pupila
admitted ?iat it niu?t l.cassarily he prefatory ,
such as are quit.? vonng. Ktlort* M__* to ? IU*?\
t? nioke it m ?amcultural as the emum* anees would
?limit of. Time ? ill be required for its dcveloi.taent.
in the vicinity ?f the large cities of the b.aat tiiere
arc a number of Karm or Reform tt hoola designed for
Lb? reeiiie or reformation of children whoa,? exposure
m vice or destitution have reudertd them the especial
Mil.i-.t-is of public regard. TW practical working of
thess schools is exceedingly interestingatid their result?
beiiefic'al, hut they tl" not come within the nutre of our
i.re.eiit invuBtigaUons. Several benevolent institutions
? miu wed by pii.ate munilience are also in pr igre-u,
?ut are as yet only in the formative state
'Ibe hast, rn colleges of the highest standing hive,
within a few v?are, established un elective or ?t leiititio
course, in which Natural History is given prominence,
und eeveral otlur branches related to Agriculture pur?
suit* an taught.
I may here mmark that, %l these institutions the set
entiti ? cor.rseis regarded Us subordinate or iuierior tt
the classical ^oWt?. Th? prafeaeoi ?hips are not gen?
erally so well endowed, and although e??iial lievotioD
I Bt-tylteobtaiaad is l>* ?r?4?-*^-? ?nr.tloyfd, :?. isnot
| e-isv f?i cmniand ?? high trr'df of 'A??-n?, -o|iiv7M'wj,
i ami pn.< tr.il Sip liai -? :n vteh o*i**o ?. nor t. Jji 4Ji r
I have an e^uai elan?: to la--Ny tht-i? ?butty? Sr.iA>;r
je H 10 feS fxpXfiei I1.. ?.i?-?v nor. 1 % e-ra'ure wie at
j one?- yield t.. v'inih'-!' .t'- Bftl h r Vc't rt**d ?rowa wtth
otr. a rtrrggte.
In view of ifn? i* I toe fWn.l? '?t* MSfete? nava ett
?SSBSJSjai theestaMi'lrnent t?t awBTrBaSSfeta--ii BSfJl ..X*
from ?talego?, on a la?ie p*t-ti^aily their own 1 i?
I>awf-oiii? .Scientific N hooi of C?iiibii?*lge, and the
Polvfec'.ni ? t"<i!leg?i of Philadelphia are example * of
the kind, and are tastitntitrn? of high grant Tfi* L-t.tr
proposes ?toon to ebgrait uj?on its programa* an Agrl
euhuiiil Departo.en?.
In the Constitution of tbe S'?i? of Michigan, atapte.
August Bw, l'*?r"0, we iind Ui? folio-ring (imane ? " Hue.
41 II. Th* Legislatnre ???all encourage to?promotioB
44 of tatellcrtnal, .-cieiit?li-, and agricultural improve
" n.cnt; and ?hall as soon n? practical provide for the
41 f?tabli?hment of an Agrit*-dtnral 8*b?*ol.''
Twenty-two fat?iio-fl of swamp land? were appropri?
ated for the purpose. By sa act of the L?t"g-?.*feBre,
February. 1 "->.?. provieion was made for the ?ale of th*
lands and the establishment of an Agrictilior?l College
th.- e-i-w-n-e not to ex?-?sed B_-6.:?00. Iu 1 ?-.07, ?10.?TO
hi" ii. : il n -nal was a i.propr.art-d for carrying on UM College
two years, and last year a farther appropriation of
Mint f 10 000 more was given. The act of o-gini-.?
tion provided tbat the College should I? It-Kxated within
ten miles of I/.n?n,g.
A firm of ?'?" ?>_ acres of lands was porehased f_bout
:ij mile? from a*tBB_fta* This tract w is covered with
a ti. us?- forest of heavy first-growth timber?a few
acresonly betag cleared. I-main g i? mtuated 50 mile*
from the Michigan Central Kai i road.
Two buildings 100 by 50 feet, thre? stori?-? high,
were erected, one for the college, and t?h* other for a
1" ?n dii.tr.house. The Profese.irs lived at Lansing,
three and a half mile* distant. Tho ac-'/mm.tdarion?
were ?nfficient for .r*0 pupil?, yet the applicants for ad
i.i!"i'Ti at the opening of the third t?rm were '?f00. Th?
??tucent? were required to labor each day. They wer?
allowed a dime an hour for their servi*-??*. lu In* re
port. April, 1850, the Presiden? says: " We now have
" evidence to expect that the student? will perform
44 daring the same period of time, oe-arly a? mac? <-g-i
" cult mal labor as the average of fall grown lal>or*rs
44 through?!':!, the country?though, perhaps, tint is
*' ? certain ing a very sanguine expe?-*ation.'' Pair
residences for the Professors and various oatb**iIdina-B
bave been erected, and stock imported and par. Ira*???.
A four year?' bterary coarse of in??m?*tion wa?
adopted. Among the higher ?tudies pnrgaei, som* at?
tention was devoted to surveying, leveling, ?V.C, Ex?
perimental, itg-ricnlfiiral. and analytical .hem'stxy.
Although the accommoiiations were sufficient lor 1c?-*
than 60 popils, 1-0 were receive?!.
The Summer of 1858 wa* exceedingly anpropiti?<rM
for this institution, lire farm was new and stnmpy.
They liad undertaken to raise ?considerable ?mount of
{*rain, but the weather was unpropitiou* early and
During the Summer 100 acres of heavy timber-land
were clear?>d and logged, ?tamp* extracted, tile laid
through quicksand?, in all which labor the student?
participated. They also had charge of the stock, the
bunding??, and waited on the table?. In a-hhlion to
this, it was attempted to ?Htablii-h a grand uuivertrity in
which the entire general range of human knowledge
wa? to he taught.
It is scarcely m-.-?-?eary to remark that wider all this,
the Michigan Agricultural College was in desp water,
and had touched Dott<>m.
A thorough organization has since taken place?oily
one of the original protestor? being retain.*?!, and strong
hope? of ultimate success are now entertain-id.
A large number of the student* and th* Prestent
were compelled to leave the institution in conaeqaenca
of sickness, and many who remained were invalid?.
At one time but about thirty wer? In the li.-M. The
d?coijj-agement wa? almost equally ?ever? for ?veveral
week?, and extended with more or leas severity over
a period of three months.
A bill piist-ed th? Legislature of th* State of Iowa
in 1858, authorizing the ee*_bli?hment of an Agr,e?x_
tural College. A large prairie farm ha? been pur?
chased, and a Board of Trustees appointed. Their hav*
chosen from their number a Secretary, who tfevote?
his time to the intereets of agriculture in the State, at?
tend? the fair? in hi? own State aud in other State?,
procur?e valuable seeds, recommend? implements,
stock, t?. c. for introduction. The building? are not yet
erected. It i? believed that the State will not oha?ge
i'a policy in this regard, but on the return of prosper?
ity the plan will he put into execution.
"In other State? the initiatory step? have boon tnk-n
for a similar object, to which the report make? refer?
ence *? mew hat. in detail.
It yet remain? to speak of the conree of agricultural
lecture? at Yale Coll-ige, in the month of February
hist. It? object was a no vel one ; it* re*ult* a rare suc?
c?s?. I ti'-ed not detain yon with the hiirtory of t ...
It is familiar to us all. But very few pei-eo*?? outside
of the State attended, and yet it paid. Tbe effect was
moet happy upon that region of country. Bringing to?
gether so many *nen of nigh analitica'jon? from differ?
ent section? of the Union, and hearing their addresee?,
the i ?-.ill's of observation, experience, and study, a*
well as the private conferences in u social way, were
highly gratifying to tho proje-ctor? of th? plan. We
feei here in this remote region tbe effet r.? -feiuiilatiug
us onward in hopes of better thing?; and her? ]?t m*
ask, if ?ucees-fu! in it, why would not ?ucb a ? varre be
?in < csful in Illinois ?
Mr. ( licsiiy, known to be deeply interested in agri?
cultural education, and to have devoted himself tor
years to that department of science intimately related
to agriculture and tbe art?, was called upon by m. .lion
for information, who trtated briefly but with gr***.
clearness the importance and magnitude of the enter?
prise under discussion, the place it should occupy in
the hearts of the people, the ne?x?ssity of wise ant, ju?
dicious, measures for the acA-omplisLnieui of ends in
view, and hi? be-lief in the certain ?neceas of the pro?
ject il thus wisely managed.
Be then stated unit an enterprise was about inangn
rated in the City of Chicago, tor an Agricultarai Col?
lege, in connection -with the l'uiversity of Chicago,
whit h he wished to mention that the Convenu >n might
know what had already been done; and to prevent
misapprehension as to his own motive?, he won d a'so
state that he liad the otter of a position in that Univer?
sity which he would probably accept, and that while
the Profeesorahip tendered him was in another part of
the institution, he would be expect?*! to take some
humble part in the management of th? Agricultural
Department. The institution ha? a commodious boild
it g completed, six professorships already filled, a libe?
ral endowment, and will so*n stArt an experimental
farm at a convenient distance from th? city. Land?
have lieen offered by the liberality of ciritens in two
or three direction? from the city, and will be accepted
at tone one of the point* on the line of some railroad.
Good ?oil? it several varietiea can lie tecured sa a
form of Ml acres, at any one of the point* tinder con
ruli-ration. '1 he farm will be pnt ander the ii_uiage
inc-nt of the lieet agriculttiral tutors of the country.
PrtifeBBorshi* s appropriate to an agricultural college of
the very h'.glr rt order, and studeut* r?-.? r. -?i next
He made these ?tat?mente without any wish to have
them control the actions of the Convention, and ex
pr?s?-?'? a hearty willingnee? to coop?rai* to th? utm.at
of his ability with any oiher in-tituti in of the kind
that might be < ?tobl'ishi .1.
Army 1st-? ik.ence.?Some trifling gejgr_pliL*al
changes raving taken place in the orgaoiiation of the
l)?partineuts(?f the Army in 1*59, we give herewith
a correct statement of their present arreng??m*iit :
Department of the Eait-The country ?s-t of the Miwi.-ippl
River. Headquarter? at Trov, N. V. ......
Department, f the ?? <>*?Thecotmtry welt of the Mi-aUaippt
RlTi r and e.?t of ?he Sorky Mountain?, except tho?? p-rl:..- ? of
it included within tbe limit! of the Depirtment? cf Text? and
New Mexico. Headquarter? at iSt Loui?, Mo.
Ihpartmtnt't foMmt?Ttm S?a'e of Te>.it aud Indian t-rritory
lying?, nth t.f K unta, and the Arktnai Rlvr. (Pert BHa, it
Ttxa? 1?. however, temporarily it?arbed to the Departoinnt of
New Mexico.) Headqnaiten at *?ao Antonio, Tex,?.
Department of A??-M??rico.?The Territory of New-Mexloo,
etclii-ive of kort Mohave, attached to the Departo.?i t of Califor
-J? He?d.|t'?it. i? at Sarta Ke. New-Mrxt-o.
Department of f"Mt?The Territory of I tah. ??cent that pir
tir n of It lying ?'e?t of the 117tli degi.-e of welt luii-i'.r, le He id
qua'teriit (amp Kloyd.
jupartmn.t of Dieoiin?Wellington Territory lud State of
(iretoti,. 'tt .plug th? Rogue River and t mpou? di-tri t? of the
latter HtiiiJuiiatt?' i?t fort Vancouver, W. T.
Jlepartrntnt of California?Tue country west of th? Ro*ky
Mountain, except tho-e portion? of it imiuded within the limite
t?l'ibe Depailmeiit cf Oregoii, I'ti h, and New-Mexico. Head
quarter? at Pen Krtnelaeo, Cal.
Th? Hetdquaiteri of the Artuy are In the City et* JxVw Y oik.
( ?n. en ?h. .4 ttatioui are changed or promut?'? will iep rt for
duty accordingly.
- ?I..? i ?..teilt? of O. can ??iranien?
Steamthip*. I.eat*. For. flat*
Africa.New-York.Llverpavol.Aug. i
Teutona.New-York.Hamburg.Ait?, 1
Irieiitii:?-.New-Vork.Havana. lt-....Aag. 1
Jut?.New-York.Liverpool._-a %
Bremen.New York.Hrw-aea.Artg. 4
\}*?.New-Yotk.Livetpoot.Aog. 4
MaUntat.New Totk.Mattnaa?.Aug. 4
Boeton.Uv-arpeol.Aug. I
City of W'aah?iglon.... New-York. Llver-aol.?tig 11
Um.New-York.Llvtr->?j?*l.A ug. IS
V"*' ?'???ten..New-York.MUford Haven Aeg. I?
Au'tialaaiaii.New-York.Liverpool.lag. It
Illlutd?.New York.H?v?T..An? I?
_?*<mi_.New York.Hamburg.Aug 14
X'f^t?.B?i?a--i.Llvei--->t>l. Aug.?
?4l*i?t?c.New-York.8'BlU*-opt?>ti...A.ig. ii
***?*??.New.York.Liverpool.Aug ?
?'"a.New Yoik.Lirer-ictol.Aug ?0
Illlnoi?.?...ith-ui.ptou .. ..N a i. k.Lily II
A?t?.Uve*?Ti--_l.New-Yo.?.I.tly il
run.? A inert,.Oalway.New York. ... J uly 11
Au?Ualaslf_.IJ-rerpeel.Ne-r-Yo-t.July tt
Aiago.Soo(?i*niDt?-B....New Yak.July '*>
Kangaroo.Ltverwiol.New Yet*.Jeiy tt

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