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?it i
Ment Martial VisiToiv?.-Tds KOrnlng Bro
war, 90 recently brilliant, ftiaj red Zouave? ??i ule-?*,
will loem up resplendent In Emerald hues. The Eni
met Onard of New-Haven ?re coming here f, partake
e.f the hospitalities of Com|?ny A <VUh ifegimen', in
return for similar favors bestowed soi?:i0 time ago. The
whole regiment will take part (ft \M reception, and a
long programme of the ?hrt'?. ??yj festivities to which
the strangers from th? E\m City have been invited is
all e ad? in circula too.
The Y *e mt Rue, ?The yacht race of twenty miles
to windwarj between the yachts Jnlu?. and Rebecca
will eosse off on Thursday next from Sandy Hook.
Hewers of the New-York Yacht Club who wish to
?se? the contest can avail themselves of the steamboat
Jacob Bell, employed fot the Committee, by placing
their name? on the ftbecription list, at No. I Pine
street, on or be/ore Aagut-t 1. The boat will leave the
Barge'OK???, IteV Mt. 1, E. R., foot of Whitehall
street, <m Thursday evening, at 10 o'clock.
Thi Aim;Hh*sic Gi-ovs Be ?in es*.?One item of
th? J?paneset bill has leaked out, bul iu two forms, and
raqui ring I* be settled on authority. One rumor says
that th? .l*,int Committee ordered six boxes of gloves,
( onte?rk g twelve pairs each, to be sent to the house of
?sen ?ttierman and Councilman from the s'xire of A.
T. *ewarte-each recipient of six boxes having the
priri.'geof changing th? gl )ve? for female gloves, or
gloves of other sizes and colors. The other rumor was
to the effect that the Joint Committee ordered seventy
two dozen pairs of gloves for each Aideimin and
?Councilman, with liberty as aforesaid to change them.
Here th? mistake is very evident?seventy-two paiis.
the actual number ordered, being magnified into
esventy-two dozen pairs. Bat who ever thonght the
City Fathers would have confessed to having such
" dirty hands ' as to re<?aire more thau three paire of
gloves per diem to hide them 1 Is that what they
mean by coming into Court with clean hands, or are
they willing to conftws judgment as to having been en?
gaged in very hand-soiling tricks .' We pans? for a
A Goiii: W?*hin<.-Machine.?The Conical Wash?
ing-Machine, wbi.h is just now being brought into
notice and Ml by Messrs. P. and K. French of this
city, is a labor-saver in which we have confidence. It,
consist* o? a wniceil tub of moderate sise, the inside of
whi?k is grooved. Is the center is {?-laced a cone
the ouu?de ?f which is also grooved, and the sur?
face* of '.be tu5 and jone are about one inch aprit
at the bo*y>m, and four inertes apart at the top. In
tbi? apace the cL.tb-e are placed and washed in hit
Bwds by timing the cone back and forth, about eight
lachee, by menus en' ba?iles. It works easily without
wearing-or tearing the clothes ecbinitted to ite action,
end is strong, siaipW, and cheap enough to insure its
benefits to these who need then.
?evrionei. R'oatta.?Tue Empire City Regatta
Clob?held a meeting last evening at St. M:uk's-place
He.tr'., corner-^f Eighth afreet and Third avenue. The
obi?'t of the-ueeting war to make the final arrange
I mente for their Hi.xth ?ionual regatta which is to take
f pla? on tho 10th of September next, at Yorkville.
Mr 'Stephen Robert* occupied the chair. The follow
?ng gentleiren were rbosen as judges cf the coming
rare: Mr. Oe.-rge Wilke-e. J. D. K. Putnam, F. I.A.
Boole, Deniie McCarty Frank e^uinn, ('apt. M. R.
?Roberte, lafJM B. Wing, Jacob A. Messerole. Capt
A.'Barker. These gentlemen are selected from ea.b
Icea?fty l?iat i? expected to be represented in the con?
test. Tots regatta will take place en the E ist River,
and will he for fishiiur boat-, four and nix-oared boats,
and soil! boats. There will be a variety of pri/.e-s
cont"nek d lor, in all amounting to #400. One of the
prizes is intended for amateur oarsmen, and it is ex?
pected that some o! the boat? from neighboring Col?
leges w.ll be entered. The rules and regulitioas to
-goren: the regattei will soon be published.
) Thenhip fever has been brought to this port ir. the
?hip 0>oDei6ur*. There have beer, about twenty o ?see,
the Jirst'lie&th being at Cu-tle Garden. Ali tiM.ee that
were-decided caee<< were removed to Randalls Island.
Cayt Crabtree, the Y ice-President of the Commis
?ioaere of Emigration and .Superintendent of Castle
{?aiden, lui be*??? prooiraUxl by the fever.
Prehattke Em'losio?.?Abont 4J o'clock yester?
day afternoon, ac the steamship Creat Eastern was
paasiiig Pier No. 13, North River, a cannon used in
firing a salute on board the steamship Montgomery,
prematurely exploded, injuriig three of the crew.
They were immediately taken to the City Hospital by
Officer Rodgeie of the First Ward.
Eacisx CoMMu.sio.NEKb.?Yesterday the Excise
Ce?samissiooere held their nual meeting of the present
year, 'i'liey received 94'..' applications for license?, and
granted P-'l, the remaining 31 being defective in form.
These hj plications may be ameuded within the next
ten ?lays. This year the total number of licensee granted
is 1,7'J1, which yields a revenue to the County Treas?
ury amounting to $01,100. The expenses of the Com
miasioners, including salaries, are less than $300 this
year. Messrs. Haskett aud Holmes and the Clerk
have transacted all tie business which came before the
Board. Mr. Kerr, the third Commirsioner, was not
present at any of the meetings. Tue biiaiuess this year
far exceeded that of the previous years of the Com?
mission, as vrill be seen by th? following:
Number ot Hceii?e? ?ranted in 1887. 644
Number of Ucenae? frante-d in 1863. 77
N luibr of licen?*? grauvkd in lfi*>y. 357
Mum tier of ?icenae? granted In 1?60.1'.ll
Of the number granted in 18?7, 7?""? were never culled
for,and conseo,uently not paid for; in 18f>8, ? were not
paid for; and, in 186'.'. 18 were not paid for. it will
be seen by the above table that more licenses were
granted this year than in the three preceding year? put
W'KM Work for Waicm Weather.?Last eveniug,
pursuant to notice, two gentlemen?wtoee devotion to
the welfare of the nation bae impressed upon them the
necessity of settling tae vexed tjuestion of S'iu Alter
Sovereignty?joined in pnb?c debate on this subject,
before an audience of thirty-nine ta-rsons at Clinton
Hall. Col. W C. Ib'te, of IV-uu-ylvauia, a short time
finee threw down his gage in bebalf of the Douglas
theory of teiitorial government?oil. ring to meet in
. lingnal combat the doughtiest disputant of his faith
?\ that this city could famish. The challenge was ac
< epved by Mr. Francis John Tucktr, of New Ycrk.
li em*the last night e labors. At 8 o clock precisely
:1? i d?bat* commenced, and was as exciting as hot
we ather, a elou audience, and a grave subject c >uld
mai :e it. First urose Co) Rote, a short sutured, hmg
bi at ^ed, ne i vous cUimpiou of Douglas. His share of
the??* rgnmeut was rta.l from a pamphlet, aud evidently
"let* md and conned l.yltot?' to cast iuto his oppo
nentV t?eth. After half an how ofs-.-veie logic on the
jihit mi *he speaker, in which he demonstrated that
the fraw^rsof the Declaration of htapajsisatl were
?hamef.?.' patfaHhal from Mr. Douglas, time was
called, an-.' Mr. Tucker ateffaJ to the scratch. The
<:tto t cf %i? i-i gentleman, who is as sinooth-facod as his
ri va! is hire.?'te, was no less elaborately dress?.1 than
tL? ?.f Mr. it.ote, aud ?aj?s .te su cessful iuell'uit'uig all
??rts .of -i| ff*i use and jocosity from the thirty-nine
ft ac H>.'.- am. aV m o. il -Oui? BBS* Join Mi i i i ...
a i 8r."A< ' . i.?Tin thitcl aiiiiual uito?uu c,f ib.- .\,w
York biai* Aseso.'ii-'ioii of Bobool CoaUssiasiotaBn, the
Hon. H. H. Van Dyek, President, and the iift.enth
jtunnal meeting ?I the Now-York 8' it- Tea. hers ? St?
,si.atioii, Prof. J- N. Mc*Jligott, President, will meeet at
,>yra< use f?.r ?> tfreoAys sessional It o'clock u. m.
t<.-<Wy. Amejiig ti??' pa|>eii? aunouueed are " i
<?ttio? Wi Need, vs. The Kilocati.ui w.<;,t by II.
L, MuK't "f this tkj, * tbtrae ?Ml calmlaied to i Ms*
n^iid atlantioiJ. __^____^_
f-'nosi Ha. *.na.?The r'ewnsLip i/uaker City, from
Havana w.tiiaiat?* to the %1? iutt., r??K,rli ihche Jih
<\ that pLtec lemarkably good *? At ?VJatMaV. M
ttu wm tfsiki mW* ?**- fct0,': ,)f"'^f wt,-t' -**
i&tfS. '
? ?wiian ?nt* BMOm*'
AvriTal of tbc Bohc.
Qi EEic, Monday, July 30, 1800.
The steamship Bohemian from Liverpool 18tb, via
I/mdonderry 19th inst, passed Father l'oint at 11 a.
m. yesterday, and arrived at this port morning. An
interruption of the working of the line prevented the
transmission of her news yesterday.
The royal mail steamship Asia from New-York ar?
rived at Liverpool at 5 p. m. of the I Vh.
The Illinois and Saxonia were to leave Southamp
On 18th for New-York.
In the House of Lords loth, the Earl of Granville
sta'cd hie belief that the disturbances in New-Zealand
had been greatly exaggerated.
A debate took place on the Savoy question, and the
policv eif England taking part in the proposed confer
ei.ee,' in the course of which the annexation of Savoy
to France was very generally denounced.
In the House of Commons, Mr. Roebuck attacked
the (iovemmeiit for prosecuting an unjust war with
China, and eiK'ouraging the opium trade. Mr. Gl?*d
stone replied, denying that the war wan unjust, and
asserting ihat the treaty of Tientsin was as binding an
engagement as could be made, aud that its ratification
was inoit important. Mr. ??laoVone made a .-titeuient
of ihe financial pudtiou of the country, proposing to
levy an immediate duty of 111 per gallon on ardent
spirits, whi? h was agreed to.
Mr. Gladstone made h stettement of th? financial po?
sition of the conntry, and the mode by which he pro
Hieed to provide for the expenses of the Chinese war.
The total ooet is at present estimated at l".r4,(l00,000, of
which Jl"?l 000,(100 are already provided, leaving a
bulbiiceof ?33,Q00,MQ. Presuming that, under the
action of the Lords, the House would centinue the
?wmr duty, thin und other m would reduce the
amront eo be provided to ?9f3Q6JKs\ To meet this,
he proposed to make an immediate additv-n to the duty
on ardent spirits tv the extent of 1 Id. per gallon, ?xd
a corresponding alteration in the tariff oo wines, which
was tixed to e??ie into operation in January ne.vt.
These measures would enable the Government tc meet
all demands. Resolutions sanctioning the prrnosed
inmate in the spirit duties were forthwith inoveJ ano
sgreed to.
I. rd W??-shoiise contirroed the naws that -V*f Chris?
tians had be-en massacred jaj Dnin;**cns. and thst all the
Consulate honses, with tlie exception of the British,
had been '.uirned.
In the Rome of Commons the fame evening Lord
Fermny moved a resolut'ou dec! iring tha> the r^je. timi
by the Lords of 'he bill respecting the pun duly is an
innov?t'on on the right? and privileges of the House of
Commons, and it is tfierefore iticumoent or the Hon-e
of Commons to aewpt a practicable mensure for the
reftorntion <?f its right? and privileges.
Lore Palmerston moved the previous question, which,
after eome debate, wan carried by 1"? to Pt8, and the
resolution lei 1 lo the ground.
The fourteenth seesion of the International S.etisti *1
Congress opened in London on the l'.'h. Delegar-es
from all jiarts of the world were present. The repre
sedatives of the CDiteel S'utes were Judge Longstra?t
ard -Mr. Lawrence. Mr. Dallas was also present in
the midst of numerorw distinguished guests. At the
preliminary meeting, Mr. Milner Gibson welcomed rbe
Congress in the name of the British Government.
Prince Albert, President of the Congress, delivered an
appropriate inaugurai address. After the address the
following little incident occurred: Lord Brougham, see?
ing the American Minister present, said he hoped Mr.
Dallas would forgive him for reminding him that then
was a DOgfO pre-eent as a member of the Congress.
This gave rife to loud leughterami cheering. Mr. Dal?
las made no sign in response, hut the negro in ques?
tion, Dr. Delaney, arose and returned thanks for the
kind allusion which bad been made- to him, and assured
all present that he, too, was a man. Th Is was greeted
with renewed cheerim.? from all parts of the hafi.
An important meeting, with reference to the encour?
agement of the growth of cotton in India, had
been held in Manchester. Lord Stanley occupied the
Lord Clyde, ex-Co nmander-in-Chief of the Indian
army, bad reached Paris, en rout' for England.
A grand banquet was given by the Mayor of South?
ampton to Captain Young and the officers of tie steam
yacht Fox, prior to her departure to snrvey the route
of tlie projected North Atlantic Telegraph. Several
Am?ricains were present, and a letter of apology from
Mr. Dalbis was received. Amont-' the toasts wae one
to the President of the Cuite-d States.
lineen Victoria had signified her intention of review?
ing the Scotch volunteers at Edinburgh on the 7th of
A bill in Chancery had been tiled against the Direct?
ors of the Union Bank, London, WJfi the view to re
stiain them from paying any di\ idend except out of
the profits of thesurplu? tnnds. to ascertain the liabili?
ties of a Director to make good the deficiency of Pol
At the annual meeting of the Union Bank ihe Aaa>
tralia Directors reported the discovery of frauds to the
extent of nearly ?10,000, the perpetrator being the
Cashier in the Bank in Melbourne, named Ed.
The ship Sqaantuiri of Boston bad been wrecked
near Bombay.
Lo.NimN Mo.Njtv KAUST.?Thl Funds had been
dull, but without material variation. < >n the 17th
there was a slight improvement under the Chancellor
Of the Exchequer's financial statement. The demand
for money continued active, aud the application at the
Bank were numerous, although not as pressing as they
have lieen.
Additional failures in ihe leather trade had taken
place in the Provinces. T?e total failures are estimated
to involve X. '?.000,000.
The news from France is unimportant.
Tlie- MomU or announces that a project "f law lor the
purchase of tlie canal had been adopted.
The latest accounts from the crops were reassnring,
anda good average yield was expected. The fall in
the Paris Flour and '?S boat market had made further
The Paris Bourse on the Lib was dull and lower.
The Rentes closed at 68f.90r.
Sanguinary comb?is are repot t< cl to have taken phue
near Messina, lietween the Neapolitans under Col.
Bosco aud the advanced guard ol the Sicilian army.
The British Admiral Muudy had quitted Palermo for
Naples, and there were scarcely any but Sardinian ves?
sels in the roads.
(?arihahii hal expelled Fariui and two others from
Sicily, lor conspiring against order. Fariui is said to
lave had lull power from Sardinia to MUM the title
of Royal Commissioner as soon as annexation was de?
c?a reef.
The official 0M ""'" Journal published the following
note on hat in day in lelerenceto the matter:
" Sign, is La Farina, (?rusce-lli. ami Toi i are affi'i
ated |o the police of the continent. The three were
e-.?.pilled for having conspired against order. Tee
ii.iveinment which watches our public tranquillity
could not tolen.te the- presence of sneh individuals. '
Another note- says, " the National Society, whose
resources have been redu-ed since Garibaldi declined
th?- PrssMatWT, has lie-en rather a hindrance than uu
as?, i ?taule to the Sicilian ca is?.
It is stated that the ordal lor the expulsion of Farina
came directly from Garibaldi, and it was ihis expul?
sion which led to the resignation ol the Ministry.
(luiibaldi. while advocating annexation thought it
advisable that his Dictatorship should coniiuue till the
whole island was subjugated, and liuding that the
I ris*n.e of Fauna was detrimental to ihe cause, he
d 1 im off'.
The two Neapolitan plenipotentiaries to Sardinia had
I'.n l.e.l 1 il ill.
A Neapolitan minister bad also reached Paris.
A new Si. ilian Ministry hud been formed. Kignor
Iniii.d'/iial" Argi, the Usforian, and Signor Emer.inti,
ass MBOag the memU'i's. and Logotbc, Lapoitu, ami
( U.,m i.iiii.nue- in the Ciiliinet.
A ifaplos telegraat says a strong and empaet Min?
istry woedd be immediatelyforaand loaaiTToal t<. 'heir
foil cM.iit i,,?, principias cif the Constitution and Got*.
eniii.ent, and to watch over the lnteresm of the ua'ion.
lh? latest news in.n. rTspltl lepirlelhe diMiin-sal of
tl.. .Mam-try. Coo.un.ier de Mui'in.- only would re
main m the new Cabinet.
The ccriespondent ol Th. LwH??M .Ver.?, writing
.?rem Naples under date of ,|?|y jo savs
'in Saturday sight a variety ?f decrees were pub
Sl 1. depriving ol oih.e eome ,,| ,L. ?...s! oliiioxiotl*
na.iioiiisu, arnoofwhoai Orasio Ma//a beaisao uu
enviabi'e distinction. ? ?ne dure?- provides for the
organisai on of a new police force. hnd at th.- -ame time
de-tines the du ;es of'h.it l>..'ly ai tniog limited 10 tlie
I re veni.on si frime, aj d the awratsnanr? uJ public
.. Ue r atid tiic secu;ty oi i. ? .<. r The so-'arie e .re u,
I.*'. .
b? HMOCO. OM the" fiirceisto Ir? forufdctr, a milittry
mcoel On Sunday morning a b >dy of v>n attempted
to destroy the pnbfie hath*, of which !,(anetti was the
pr pretor, ?l .1 ?MOgh they wer?; nui.kiy di?oe.s*.1
hyUie m.litary, Mili .t cn.an'itj o', i?rni'ure in'.ii-Ji
was burned; and m the course cS th.' night th? LojafJB?
roniol Santa Lucia\~? 0I Cl'.aja had ?oabin.d te?
geh? r to lib? rate Maiotti atai i.is eon, who were s;iH
aetained in tlit prefecture ; ont a strong force appear?
ing, the attempt proved abortive. It waa thought ad?
visable, however, to remove those' notorious individ
na's. and enrly yesterday morning they were taken t )
the Vi? aria, under a strc ug aiiliia.'y escort. Up to II
o'clock vesterday tre city appeared again to be in a
?'ute of siege; artillery was pl?tced in the Largo Mer
catello and fh# Tt*?*?Vi ?"d in all the rqnare?. I ol>
?rved large b<di?'e of Jo?aZ^ w,d. rav*lry- bul the
public tranquillity was not diituibeu. , . ,
" In tli?) Figna Secca. on Sunday la?!, pfty .TjfT
have witnessed the public fanerai of one of the LAtti
roni of that OOOIbbJ. who ha? ju?t?lie<l frooi wound?
received in the diiturbances with the police on tae vJSth
of.Inne. about'.',000 peraons accooipaaicd the body,
wbi'h was exposed by thegeneral request, and a sub?
scription was enteretl into to erect a monument to hin
memory. This and many other incidents indicate the
fire whi.h is sleeping here, and God know? how ejon
it may burst out, Of what navoc it inay reimmit.
" I hear that the National flnard is to be increased,
an.i perhape tiiis tray tend to calm the irritation which
hae been excited by the appointment of a f iree <>f aux?
iliary gendarme? amounting to :i,000 men. They are to
acniitthe royal gembtnnerie in insuring public tran?
quillity in th?- provinces. The for>-e is small fir the
entire Kingdom, but it has created much suspicioni and
distrust, more ?o perhaps from the manner in which it
has been appointed.
"The Journal of last night continues the work of ex?
purgation, and the Prefect of Police, in ord?T tfl ?aim
the tear? of MOtl citizen? of any possible piole against
the Constitution, hastens to assure them thtt the au?
thorities watch with diligence, and will know how to
eti'k?''h-s? factious aid incorrigible disturbers who
still think that by exiiling anarch v and strife tb.v can
retnru to the old ?tat?- of things. 1/Ct them once for all
lie assure?! to the contrary, and enter peaceably into
the order which now exist?: otbervvii-e all the means of
repiesrion which the law authorize? for the preset-va
tiuii of peace and public security shall be carried in'xi
"The < ?overnnrent, Imnstin jtntice say, exerts itself
to the utmost to restore confidence, but confidence; does
not return; awl whtn I tpeak of the Gover.mieiit I
OsOOO two or tiu-ee people only, lor sever?.'! of the
Minister? are so mild and weak ?e to be coos?isgerman
to reactionist*. In fuct. the wttole weigkt of atfairs
tails upon Do Martino and Remano, whe are the only I
men of onesgy, and the only persons whe-.lare to speat
plainly to lua Majesty.
" A ?pedal messenger !rav?s to-day for Turin, ta
a'lempt ti upen negwriatKnis with the Court of Sar?
dinia, ?rv?, unless I am in error, the teli-gmpli bur? t?i
l-.ii' i.n ?' y?sterday from tfcis Government the proposi?
tions v.ith regard to the settlement-if Sicily; teut my
feeling ia, ?M more I MO and hear, that 19 loo late.
Tin- i>Tibli: sentimeut against the P.onrbons is intense.
Great suspicion pr?'vai!? in high quarters of the ulterior
??teetiosM of France, and nfficials have expressed their
comicti.iDS tu me that, in spite of the fair appaarance
Of our neighbor?, there is an nnderstandiug between
I*!tdmont and the Imperial Government which will
?eJ in France a^king for some further protection
against her too power! ul Italian neigh bor.'
The London ItiSM of the I Nth contains th*: following
acconnt of the difficnllies lietween La Fatiuu and Gar
.baldi, narrated by the former.
"The canee? of my differences with ?General Gari?
baldi, since it is desired that 1 should sporn1? at any cm!.
were as follows- I believed, and s ill believe, that the
only salvation for Sicily is immediate annexation to
the Constitutional Kingdom of Victor Kmanuel, the
most null ut wish of all the Sicilians, alr.-.tdy maui
fehted by the ohiefs of more than iJOP municipal bodies.
General Garibaldi believ ??<!, and |ierbap?j still believes,
ibai the annexation -b? mid l>e p?istponecl till the libera?
tion of all Italy, including Vene?i and Home, has
been ellected. I believed, and still believe, that it
was a great act M imprudence to confide a share of an
thonty and of the pnl.be forces to Ministers like
Crispi unpopular il do not know whether rightly or
wrongly wiiii the great majority of the Sicilian); to
Ministers like Karlaelle, liourbonist in ISO, Kejml.
lican in 1K4N, Deputy of Filangieri and memher of the
liourbon Municipal <?ov? rnment in 1K4!?; or tei a noto?
rious Mazzmiau ?ike Mario, or to abhorred liuiirbon
ists like S.ordato and Mic?-li, who, after btOnjiog the
revolution of 1848, have fought against the Latirgeiiis
in UNO: or, lastlv, to men who liave beeu ma?le mfa
mons thrv>ii<th .r.ll Kurope as the inventors of most
atrocioni toJ",n*3te against the Liberal?. General <?ar
ilialdi be.'?.'<?l?J, and still believe?, that the union of
euch elemente can be useful to tin- national cause.
" It grieved me that every method was tried of dis
creditinr. la the eyes of the public the 1'iedmontese
Government and Biatesuien to whom Italy owe? mj
much ; it grieved me that the men most devoted to tbe
national cauee, and who have done and aiitlere-d the
inosl in ihe Sicilian revolution, and all the most able
anJ intelligent men should be excluded from the ad
minis'ration of puhbc affairs; that all administrative
order thould Im disregarded; that all the tribunals
should I ? i In.? d; that liiere should be BO force to pro.
tect pnlili. security ; that men of no reputation or <>f
bad reputation should 'vvitb thro" or four h inoraMe
i-xci'|itiousi be choeeu g<iverner? of districts, with full
powers, dial fm >?. ut?, opiioeition should be ii.a le to the
insii'uiioii of a national guard, the only pulladium of
order in a ? auntry where there are neither magistrates,
nor gensdarmts, -nor BoBoO, it grieved me that the
country, while motet averse to Mazziuian notions,
sic old be made the nest of all the m<>-t incorrigible
Mazzinian? in Italy it grieved me, in tine, that while
the pi-.-se waa intimidated to such a ejegree that a joui
nalirt was threatened with death for having written a
short anide agaiwt Mazzini, the IVvtterseri was iier
niitted to apjieai?a journal edit? dby the former editors
of the Italia r I'opolo, which in one of ita numbers de
dared that the 1'iodmonU se (?overnment wished for
the annexation of Sicily, in order that h might hand
her over t?i ihe B?inrbonsof Naples, and thus gain their
"These are th?; reasons of my discontent, which I
manifested frankly without bitteniesaU?Gen.I?anbaldi,
who, during the lirst daye of my stay in flaBajr, was
always courteous and kbid to me, notwithstanding
?iCcUratiouB of my beiug OovOOr'l fiiend, of my having
voted lor the Savoy and Nice trtjaty, and having
thwarted his etii??i|'riie in Central Italy. That my
views coincide with the public opinion of Sicily is
shown by the fact of the Crispi Minis'ry having had to
five way belorea (sipular demonstration, ul'lmugli the
iictutor'had declared that it had his entire confidence.
It i? further sho-vn clearly, by the natne8 of the new
Ministry, fs'atoli, La Loggia, D'Ait?, La I'orta, and
Lanza, all honest and respectable men, inclined to iin
rxi'diate annexation t?i a free and constitutional govern?
ment. '
Here Signe r La Farina cites a letter that appeared in
the L'nttti Italianaoi: the 7th, imputing too great toler?
ation and want < I promptness to Garibaldi, and con?
cluding a? follow?:
" La Farina, and all his fellow-intriguer?, ought to be
put in a plate of security?a step which would dis?
suade Iyorenzo Va irm Irom having recourse to intrigue?
in Sicily on behalf ?if bis new friend and master,'Ca
La Fa?iua goe? on:
"On the nigh, of the Tib th? advice of the cor?
respondent ?if the I'nitu Italiana was faithfully fol?
lowed. At 11 o ?lock my BOOM was entered, eeiiiiiiels
Were placid at the staircase? and doois. some friends
who were with OM were prevented from going out. all
communication was strictly prevented; about half an
boat's time was given m?, during w neb I was kept
out of sight, and then 1 wa? escorted t?i the frigate
Maria Adelaide; and thus Lv dictator al decree 1 h iv>
In -n toned |o leave that Sa'ily Irom w:iicb the l.our
bons drove iiie tbNO limes, whir.- I have three times
risked mv head :<u- the cause of liheity and national
unity, and where now 1 hav>- not even DOOB porgnittet)
|0 ?mhlace my mother, WB0 fOT I-' ?fOBtl Bid not s.-en
her son. The f.d) rwfaag is the way in which theollicial
J, rumloi 1'al? mm describes my expulsion.
On Satmdiy th? *th in?t . by ?pe. ul BBOM o! tlie Dletator.
win ii?i.>i.. il truu. our lalai'1 Mgnon liimeiip?? La Kaiiua.
Uiacomo Ortaealh, ?ml P??.|imle T.ati Btgpon OrUe+Qi ami
Tota, ( i.r?ii ?na h) birth are?! Ibos? win, ha\.trueJ to
coiiieii tbemselve? m?h all Um BoHea aatborttlra al ? i eoatf
Sea?. 'II., tlin e cupelled fi.r.eii? ? er. in I'.ilet i ? aoapilloa
a?aiii?ttli>- ?.tualnrJei ?t thing?. Th.- Oavara aenl wttea it
vigilant to the f l.lii ? tran.piillity, ami -lio al h it aaatta?*
t .i lu il i tnld not any lon?er ton rat?' tie pgajMavBS among it of
?ia.li n.dividialr who l.?d i oui. h.-..- uitli . itigtabat rnlmiflfrBB"
" The (iovernment tl the Jlniirhous wished to take
away my lile; that of lien, (iaiibaldi g-us further.
Let Italy jodge sin h unworthy Ktiilu t. lint it is
u ell that Italy should know that, when the news of
n.y ariest ami my expulrion was know n the Mnun'ry,
who bad all besa ni IgBOtaoes of it, gave in their
r< signal.mi thatoih.r auilmi i;ios foUowtxl their ?Jt?
..o.i le: that the Dire? tor o. the Chmrmmk i>[/!??>al,
was diniiiated for not inihlishmg tin se caluiuni'ius
words, and that public inuignaiion was so exnt.d as |o
i 11 i,n.e dang? ions. This new prool O? BJI?etion and
laUeai givinitit-by my fellow ?-..iiiitrvineii i? an addi
loaal reaeoa why, b?yoa?1 locos woros whn;. I have
? It it my duty, however r.luct IBtlly, to wrue, I sBonM
1 0 loagOr oi ?-ilpy the pejBail w itli Ihe OUtrAga Whi? h ha-,
ei ii ttons me.
Kive great military < amp? are to he | n med IBOOJ the
enii.it August, in the neighborhood ol Turin, .Metano
di i.t, Milan, 1 .or. ntr, und BotVgjBBa
'11 ?? .M iiiri?-i ol \\ mi at 'liiiiii bad ??Uni a inn itiia
I,..ii, iiiformiiig all r? tired oaWfl of the army t'iat the
necessity for calling them again t? active service Iris
S000I d.
Tbt l'< je, ,n t onustorv b? Id 00 U.e Mb, promu.?J
ID ,...'.-' L e. e g?-' i*, y protestiug agaibat th? 1'ied
m?ntese Government on aero int of the arrest and con?
demnation of the Hi ?hop? ,?' ?',.,,, Imoll Kaicsa. and
PaMi mi, approving the conduct of those Ui?hops, W>*
detivuating'he annexation of the Duchies aud I ?ega
lioue to rie-iinont as an iijiirpalioii.
The m ir-aci'S of Chiistuina in Syria are said to
reach 7,000 to 8,000 persons, while 181 villages bave
been destroyed. Sickening details are given of the
barbarity inflicted on all ages and sexes.
Brrnoi-T, Jnlyll, 1W50.
'I be ?Hack of the | ins? s on the Chmtians at Da?
mascus commenced on the evening of the i'th, when
several nun were killed, and many women carried off
for harems. The French, Russian, and Greek Con?
suls took refuge in the house of Abd-el-Kader. The
altitude of the Turkish authorities was indecisive, and
rather ii. jurions than useful to the Christians. Three
thiiusund Turkish soldiers arrived to-day. The fears j?
t .? l.?H?J ..1 i*. ?il|?il..- Vol r.
the Christians are reuv....--, ?- yasMK???***? veu7
and Norwick are expee'ed with impatience.
Details to ihe let of July say it was then ascertained
that the Drnses bad burnt and pillaged 1 ?1 villages
rin. e the Mil of Ma v. while from . ,?00 to *.u00 Chris
tuns, inhabitants of" Lebanon, many of whom were,
wealthy men, and all strangers to auy thing like pav^n?
are homeless beggars, depending on charity fur daily
breed. < ?ver and almve the number of Cnristians shot
in actual warfare, it i? believed seven or sighttbcosand
have been butchered in cold blood. T'ue mae-jacres at
Deinasc us were nut known at this dite. The most
sickening details are given of the barbarity inflicted on
all ages and sexes.
A French vessel had been e?-n, to Latakeea, and was
obliged to take upa positio*.?. within firiug distance of
ihe ?own in order to retrain tie fanatic d portion of
the; inhabitants frmn re'muiiuinf further outrages.
The Austrian frujate Rud'-.ky has been ordered to
prcceecLto Syria, to coeiperft'e with vessels of other
powers there.
Great agitation prevailed at Aleppo and at Kellis
THF. langt?Rf Telearaph to Londonderry.
L./NH*>, July lit,? Her Majesty's ?xeain transport
Assistance has l*en loal in Deep Bay, Hong Kong, and
the JVench ship R-ine des Clippers was burnt at
The London Phut Icity article), dated yesterday
evening, sa) s : "?'he English fund? have been stoadily
maintain! d to-day. The discount business at tlie Bank
?it Englatid oaBttaaOS on an extensive? scale at the mini?
mum rate of 4 .percent. The MSB market this morning
was without alteration. There were no bullion opera?
tions at tie? flank to-day.
A privare telegram has Leen received in anticipition
of the mriil, the date of which is believed to be Uoug
Kong, June 1, which state? lite shipment of tea to be
1,000,??*1 ponnds since the departure of the previous
mail. ?Hi? Ellen Roger" had sailed with some new
tea ..r '??.aid. and some -W.tsjO chests had arrived at the
Another telegram says the exports of tea show no
incrwee. The exports >f silk were t, 700 bales. The
ratee of exchange were unaltered at Hong Kong; at
Shatghae an aoven-e movement of 1'2 per cent had
taken place.
Trade at Shanghae waSfaidto be suspended, and the
re-bels are inventing loMaWW.
As regards the war with England and France, it is
aided that the Chinese are resolved to light.
l.aM night the I?twd Mayor s dinner to her Majesty's
Ministers lock place at the Mansion Home. Loid
Paln.erston praised the volunteers. The other speeches
were not of general interest.
I>ird Clyde landed yesterday at Do<?r, and has
arrived in town.
Pahi-, July 11'. -The Month " f says the Stilunhi?
addicssed the folk? ftiug letter to the Kmiicror, of the
Pith July:
" 1 have at he/crt that your Majesty should know
with what grief 1 have learned the events in Svria.
Lai yoor Majesty be; convinced that I shall employ all
my powers for ??atahliehing senility and order in Syria
- that I shall ee?'?rely ?mnish the guilty parties, who?
ever tlu'V may be, and render justice to all. In order
to have no doubt whatever on the iuteniions of mv
Government. I have iiitriMed that important mission
to my Minister fot Fore ign All lire, wiih whose princi?
ples your Majesty is acquainted. '
Lo.M.ON, July P'.?ihe Vidletta, with the Bombay
mail, anivad at Marseilles at l'? p. m., yesterday.
A telegram inim the scientitic party in Spam says,
" Succ ess is complete. YVe have (wo photographs of
red flame which prove that tney belong to the sun, and
many photographs of other phases."
It is reported in Paris that the French Government
has received a communication from St. Petersburg,
expressing the desire of Kuieia to act in concert with
France and England in Ihe East. The Russian cabinet
reiterates its opinion that the events now transpiring in
the East hold in susjioiise the i? a? e of the world, and
that the very existence? of Turkey is at stake.
ihe J'ayt teems to imply that more massacres are
in contemplation, and that the exciters of the disturb?
an, is in S\ria hav<; rain locations with other parts of
the Ottoman Territory; that the events in Syria were
only a prelude-to a formidahle rising of the Ottoman
popnluticn against the Chris'.ians, ana the siuister pro?
jects are staled to have been long Bince concocted by
tanati' ai conspirators.
The Paris correspondent of Th* Hi rail says the
4,000 men collected at Tolahin have not embarked, and
the dispatch of a larger I.t.? has lieen decided on.
The steamer Xew-iork, lr-mi New-York, arrived off
Cowcb Thin nlay morning.
Li>?Kiooi. Cotton Markkt.?LiiKiifnoi.. July
If.?The tales ?f aha Mtl Hire?- dny? amount to im.oiio asiaa, oi
which !? 000 arasa at ?peciilatir? md e?p<?rtrra. The? market
cUitd ?teady. and freely mpplied. The nuoUtiont are; for Mid?
dling (Olean?, 5.d., anl tor Middling I'plandt, 5...1.
Siatl 0| TitAiif.?The Manchester Market wa.-c
qnit-t mu? s.ni-r but cot ?ji.otal.ly chaiifed.
Livtiiiooi IIkiui-iim'- M wikkt.? The weather
bad lie-en favoiable for the crop?. Waketitld. Nh?1i 4 Co. report
Klourejnlrt. but le?? pr>?4?4 lor ?ale. V.'heit Iteady. iiotwlth
?Unding coniideiibl.arrlvu!?. Red, 1? .'II ; White, 11 912,6.
Cata v.rjr dull lilted, M MO 6; Yellow. M e/31 . White?,
M a M e,
Liinipooi. Paorisioa Miarrr Daaf beavv.
Pork heavy. Bacon .|Uiet. Lard .|uiet, but ?teudy. Tallow, ?a
in.iii.nil ii tei.dem f.
Lj.i.icrooi Pion.i . | M UUU i -Seria dull, and de?
clined tightly, owlrif lu arrivai? ; ivnimon I iut S Hiiiiir?
Ti mhb.nti>k heavy and uon.itial ?t Mc. Sti;eic lirai. Ko |
ilu'l. Cuirsa luio. Anus-dull.
LoNOoa M'kkkis?Fhiirslightly higher. Wut-: it
tirai ; all holder? dem mding an atasaaa. Si hak Una. Corvnu
firm. Tka, ijuotationa barely maintained, llu? heavier, and
price? i-a?lcr. though not lower. TsUOw dull and nnchanged :
naif? It :>i"J. 1. ??- -i-Fi. Oil 2? i); I.Miu.i?, ?nica profireo?tii
LoRDoa MORgl M cKKir.-Consols closed on Taaa
day ?t i*i."/C3J formonvy, and :?.'J?'.i3. for aicount. la ?mter
lean ."^?1 iiriti?-? aalt-a w.-rr niaO?- of iliiiiol? C Vntrel aaaMS at tl
dltctinnt. New-York Crntrul 7? ut % ; Lele ?han-? at Mi, and
ditto '-tint iiioiUa?* it 11 er 45.
LiMHPo.ii, Thursday afteruoou.?C<uton?Sales
iWawsTaj ticl t?.l y, lt\SS>s??at, laelaahaj ft, no? to ssasaJavars,
and asaartetB, The uiarkst ia gruernlly uuchaiig.?i Import?
to i? i y .',114 bale? . previously thi? wi-fk :l*.till. llaBllltllltH
Kiourtcti?e H ln-at ha? an iip?nrd tendency. Corn ?teidy
I'K'iM.-io.N?? The oiurket U giuerally ajatat, l'rodui:? BaaM?M
Eomi.in, Tb in ?day atierno-.n.? Coasol - close at
lWiai-81 for mousy, and ??e,?r !?-i? lor? .omit.
I.o.mioN Makkki -.?.Si ..Ai; very firm. Coeni- ?
At the ptililic ?ale? lull price? cv.re obt.iiht-d. Tka?The nmket
i?.|ui?l. but lirm. the iKi'e. r'rnm china not vit artt ting the
m ukrt It:. I talst Pililtrn linn.
SiiiiM. I.Ai.m Pi ru us Simiav.?The diecjvery
of an "Id city ordinance forUdiling the sale of ale, por?
ter, strong or spirituous li'iuor*, on the Sibbath, im
].elled the police to arrest the keepers of several lager
beer Balooiifi last Sunday. The offenders wen- I ?eked
up for the night, and yer-terday were brought before
Justice Coruwell. The jenalty prescribed in .*-"?0 line
for each offcupe. The accused ph-aded unilty. and the
line was imposed Ifoa I M h of tln-m. Coun.-i 1, having
been retained by tLe d?tendants, came into Court after
the ca-ee were di.-p..sed of and a-?kc.l t.. have the judg
mcDt in each cs>e re?i|ened, lonfindlng that the ordi?
nance under which they we te lonvicted was passed
prim to the a?t of cousulidation i.Jul\ I, I8'?<i , and was
by that u.-t reiidei'd invali'l. The Justice consented to
suspend judgment until Thursday, in order t" hear ar?
gument on the Mihjcct.
PaUrOBtTS COMNOS ( '?" v. II.? The H-urd met
t.:. 1.1.,!? I'o d laat m ths . hm. j
TI.e M f?l ?? a tf. itlOB vetoing Ibt ir??lntion '
aassai ?t la? fnOiiti aiaiHag, whl. h dir-et? tin- Cetoualtaiaoas t
nt ltrp- ISUPI ? lo i UO I li.to oliti?. t I.ir the vlpplj ol
I..1*0.i. k B i..- :ui all the !.?? e tal lir
dr ni. m bctli Ii..ii.t? Vio- -I..U d taken i?. that thai
pio>l?ion lu Iht a?BM Lo?c wlii. h tl.e ui.iiry ie.|jireJ . in be
Ihe L?w I ? iiniUe? lepor. ed ..ii tin- iiMtt. r ol the r. js?rt ol
i:rAa.- t. ., ill. .? u I,i i. w ? , di. r-..-1.. i.iiiittli.? ihe
t,,r. ta .. b. ildn.f ..iij--n.ii.ji il,.- y ott ?ti aal M.K.I ireh
lied lui U.e |. , I. ii ? p.tt i a t. atil
1 he La? < i. n iltee taue an opp ...ten. ... a..d coi.aider that
the piop-rti li legally en nipt iron, taxation and ortcrud lor
.a. ill.... a leeolatioa due. ting the Colle, toi t.. cal? el th.- tit as
?aid prop, ily The rspelt ?a? ?dopled Tie I.iw Co i. mi ills
i< polled th- lelloa lasrtaalt ttaa la i latlaa t? Iht Keiry tuitt
fit i,,,' li \ the law CenimHtiw or? niajflij tf II
aiitlmri/id ?i.d dirr. ted to take an h aUjp. at tliey may di em
m-, ??~iiy to ata?? ote tli<- ?nit now ii.ndiu? aataraas ihr Psapal
oMbe HUle <r New Yoik tud tin- Maior. Ald'-rmeti ?nd Co.n
?saalto ol th? IHy ol New-York, and ilol.ett Haw?, OsaaSala?*,
to IU 'in? determination, ?t a ? o it not t? ei.'.-ed Un moneit
now In the I reai iry for that purpoa?. Adopte*] by II Yeat |S I
?t? t c?a u !t:< e ?B v, d..m.tL i ?-o t laiflit rspertfd ?li fltvl v|
dtreerlni the ? oiitroler to iaane bond?, payab'e in Ojjaja .?...
fJ??o,h^. U%??id't'Cn of th*?* claim?, now arno.intiu. %.,' 0 '
0?8,lW The ?jfejeet wag referred t-> th? Comml'.tee for report'
-?a? ? -
TirROMRV.?The house of Na'huniel Mills, No. ruw
(i....I atreet, was viaited by thieve? ?,n Sumlav, and robbed of
three ?liver watcl.e?. The family were abaeut.
Hliide? Death.?A man named Patrick Haily, re?
dding In Oreen avenue, near Clauaon avenue, di. 1 ? 1 -I? ,. y yea
Urday, a? ?uppoaed from eibauation c voted by over-exercion.
a ?
A Bcther Ronm n.?A man MBSjJ Thomas Abbott
made complaint before Jmtice Cornwall, yevtcrday, agalnat Jo
?epii Johi,?on, a .-.olored man, whom he .'barged with ?teiling
+ '.'i Abbott got Johxaon to wit h hi? e| .th. - while bithiag in
?rsveaend Bay on Handay, and. a? ?lleged, the ac'euaad embraced,
the opportunity of taking the money oat of the pocket?. John
?on WH "oin m it ted for examination.
If the nutted ?UfTrage? of all the people who wish
well to the. Great fcesUrn, and s.ucce?! to her present
fcita? could have been concentrated on th? appointment
of a pleaiant day, their unanimous vote could not
have indicated a time more auspicious and every way
delightful than was vouchsafed yesterday for tho de?
parture of the mighty craft on her first trip between
ports exclusively American. From Tenth street to
the Battery, all along the Jersey un well as the New
York shore, and all along the extended water line of
the Brooklyn docks, every pier and bulkhead was
crowded with people, and every one of the myri?
ad? of vessels commanding a possible view of
lb? Great Kastern was thronged with human in?
dividuals, from the de:k to the uppermost
holding-on place. And while the brave men
monopolized for the mott part the masts, and other
exalted position? such as they only coold attain, the fair
women congregated in thousands on the piers, and
decks, and shores, and such other place? as could be %
achieved without a ?acritice of maiden modesty. Esti?
mates of incom]>act crowds are doubtless generally
wide cf the true mark, but no spectator of the grand
scene will set the chronicler down a? mad when he
record? here bis deliberate opinion that the departure
of the steamship Great Lastern waa witnessed by ths
wondering optics of at bast one hundred thousand
Yankee souls. Five mile? of water-front piled forty
deep, score? of excur?ion craft of all dimension??
from the ?kin' with two men to th? magnificent
river steamer with her fifteen hundred passengers
contributed to make up the immenae crowd. And
further down. Fort Hamilton, Bay Ridge, Coney Isl?
and, an?l the bights of ?Staten Island, were black with
multitude? of spectator?. For hour? before the gi?'a',
tic eteamer was ready te ?tart, she was surrounded by
boat? and steamer? of all imaginable dimension?, which
failed round and round her, thereby giving the
anxious paseenger? a complete view of her tre?
mendous proportions. Many of these boat? ctme
from far distant points along the Hudson, Fast River,
and from Newark and other places in New-Jersey.
The calculations of those who chartered these boats
were in many ewes iaa in that of the Newark boats>,
?o far transcended that they were overcrowded before
leaving borne, and were unable to take on board any
New-York passengers; hundreds, therefore, who had
intended to accompany the great steamer on her trip
down the bay found themselves unwillingly left bo
bind, from i?lie> r lack of room on the boats to take
them on board.
Beside the steamboat? ngularly advertised to leave,
there w? ie many pira.ical craft, chartered at the last
minute by shrewd speculator?, which ran up an?! down
the river, touching momentarily at piers hired by the
regular boats, und snatching here and there a score of
passengers, until they too were surfeited, and liad to
cry " Hold, enough !" The river presented a specta.le
most beautiful, and seldom equaled: the wharves
i row?led with people; the ships bearing, even to their
main trink? in some case?, strange human fruit; the
ship? prolific in many-colored (lags: the bands of mu?
slo, tlie salutes of artillery, the cheers of the people,
and in the midst of all, the mighty ship of ships her?
self, all contributed the various part? of a spectacle
which words can never dapbeate.
The Great Eastern hauled out into the stream on
Sunday afternoon, and in doing so stirred up the mnd
and brought to the surface the mutilated remains of the
wreti'hed sailor who fell from her de:ks and was
drowned the night of her arrival in port. At I p. m.
yestereiay ?he liad received on board all her pas?
senger?, amounting to about 1,100, and hurried prepar?
ations were in progresa to get oil' before the tide failed.
She was advertised to ?tart at -i o'clock, but exercised
tlie prerogative of all object? of public adoration, and
was an hoar or so behindhand. At ?< o clock, a lay.y
gang of blue-BUirted eailcr? were leisurely employed in
hoisting niatreew? on board Thi? labor of love con?
cluded, they proceeded to hoist the anchor, after which
two tug-boa*?, seemingly incompetent to the task,
?ieayed to pull ber note down-aream. Theie boat? at
last sweeeded In getting her ready to ?tart, when ?tart
she did, at a little past I. Shas was surrounded by a
perfect lleet of excursion steamboats, among which the
following loomed eenspicuoas: The Mayflower, Tiger,
Red Jacket, Thomas B. Way, Huguenot, Keyport,
Hendrik Hudson, Flushing. Thomas Hunt, G. B. Fra
eer, Daniel Drew, Highland Light, Delaware, James
A. Stevens. Tamineud, .Satellite, Columbia, Huntre??,
Belle, and Moses Taylor. The Great Kastern had the
American llag at the fore and the Britiab ensign at the
peak. The passengers crowded her deck?, and climbed
into the top?, and lili.-.l the shroud?, whence they re?
sponded to the cheers that were given from every side.
Tlie lady passengers, too. waved their liandkerchief?,
and did their feminine utmost to make an appropriate
demonstration. Attended by the lleet of subordinate
vessels, the Gnat Kantern made her way down the
harbor, the grandest craft that our waters will proba?
bly ever Heat.
T.i m h ?J the Loan; Specif, Circulation, and Dep-ttiti of the
Har.ki of the City of tftW York, for the \cetk ending Sat,,*
day. July ?A, IHM), |f tchteh n.ijfiieti the Capital of each Hank
Namb? or
I. ??? ?i-.
I Average I Average
Amount i amount of auiouut
B. of N. Y. ! s,W 755
Manhattan. 2,<>5n.i><m
M.i, liant?' 1,783.313
Me. liai.ic.', 2.IMHI (?m
tun."i. 1,9011,000
Hk ol Am.. S.OOS.OtW
Phei.ii.... 1,8011.00?
I its. I,SOU.000
:<: i 'i
?>l II ???'
Ill?l IH?
B00 '??i
Knlti.n ....
(I,.mi al..
Mer. Kx...
Nati. nal...
i; ? a Or.
Ml-c U ir
lire. Ii? ii'll
I., nth. M:
\llth Wd
n | N. v.
Am. Ir.i...
( i.lllllieree.
Hroadu av.
Dean.? l,l??l,i?1
Ifrrrtvuttte. l.OOO.liOO
P?. ill,. 433,700
2,ik?i i?m
4,'m .aai
1,1??' nee
1,000 '??'
|.i??i i??i
1 000,000
l 000,000
4IHI 000
? ..i H.p.
I Latham ..
N.rth Am.
Mi trap tan
M Nn I,...
S.f, Lao
Can K?...
ItiaBtie ..
hup i Tr
Arli.an?' .
N Him .
r Kiv.r .
Iir. II... k
N V K,
Bull'? lid.
H i i ...
Mau. k M.
T. .tal.
No i??i
2i? V.'J
1841 Onu
.'??I I
2??i 000
i Loan? and
i II?m-oiiuU.
4 ooatnT
.\3 ir. 352
:?,\m.? ?g?
2 314,(151
1,990,1 ':
: i?>? ' 3
2 9? 3.m?
1,62? 527
1 060,041
3 M.I 389
i ?'.i. n
1.491 sn
?- mi
1 '* I ?4?
i.:i > . i ?
I 111,740
1149 a?.
1 12 419
627, SO
"il :
599 794
? 119.340
l l
170,2 t?
M '1
Averate A vera???
aui?iint i amount
of Citen-.
29?, 45..
. i sn
sai ir
1 9,4X9
34M 14
.' Int,*?
457 r.9
177 311
2M ?M
15.: ia?
3*i 105
'." 2->2
n i m
4...' t
I M'2
1*4,808 2 '?>c7 ?ol
318,J?i?i ..-i.; n
1;h.4 I :i.2.l '?.i
2911.8331 8,609,789
1HU558? 1,754,744
142,230! 4 .Vei US
13 ? 174
M ,130
2.12,3" 1
211 141
1 ?
IV? y
130,1 ?'
22.1 870
134 ,'.
18-1 177
" I
|l ' U
111,3 i|
?i" .?.i
?. '
1.517 3.19
1,379 ?" I
1.4IH 7911
m ?'.?
7<e2 869
2,055 o.?!
' 710, i'.
1,901 -.:
2 743 '?.i
.V^t 190
?.*?> 191
4,310 9u2
TJ. 119
1 3W.SM
1 Hl'l "Mi
8?.) IHI.I
1 181.415
1,880 '.59
MKI l'?J
467 4.:.
291 451
I dt 2.1
.15.1 125
440 447
I ?un
14,2.(4 i,jo
( learing? fi?r weekending July 21.0>4e,7ai,(i<i7 35
Clearing? for week ending July 28. 137.t37.7igi t!?
Balancea fof week euding July 21. 7,115,446 97
KtUaKvliw W?tk ??ia?| ?laij gaVggggggi 7,077,7V! 7?
P1TKIN?YALE?In Hartford, Conn., on T>.or?d?y. J ily 24,
by ?'na Rev K R. Heidi?. Mr llorar? W. I'-.tkln '.' Lr ?.?.
ville, Ky , an 1 Ml-t Lucy T. Tale of Hartford.
RANSOM-8TICKNKV-At Haverht?;. Ma*?., on Thrrrwiay,
July ??, by the? He?. B. F Helloed Win. R..;.?o.ii of Kelt*?
York, te? Kate A. WstaSf of H?,/?,blJt.
SEYMnrR-KIELD-Attrie Altor Honte, on M. nday, ;. f
??'', bjtha Re?. 8 8 8 Bl??H Corresponding HectMtj of
?lie, ?Wricin s.-*i?ru'? Friend Society. Henry SVroioiu ol
tSmSi yu" 't0 **" Jaii% *"c *"** fr""**1* ? NirJ?
w.^t, MD,
BI.O8S0M-OJ ?riday,j0'y 27, Matilda Claris*, wi?ecf?L S.
Bloaaom, in th* tiitb ,?., ,f her age.
Hyiacan. p?p*r? tJ?tm copy.
B?,y*D}o?~la St ^'ii on 8?<l?y ?lovnmi?. Jjly W, aft?; 9
pain! 11 Hi?en, JohnJ. Btmedtrt, t^Jed 3i T??*r?.
BETHTTTE-In thl? ,-tty, ,? gatardar. July JR. in bbS ?Wd yeas
of lier u* Mra Joan,? Bethune, widow oV the lata DUs??V
tl.'it.e, e q , or New-York.
rHATMAN-Suddenly, ?a f??^ ??^ Ja) ? u a?
o'clock, of mflaminetloii y? ^ 7, Ai/rM? / tamm?n,
?jal l' yetit, 9 u-1..'.?i tod 4 day?.
DITCHER?In Trenton, N J.. on W*dn??<lay nv-n.lc|. JjcjT
20, arter a lingering illne?!, Harriet M wile of Andrew Jowrv,
e?q , aged di year?.
DUBLON-Ir. thl? city, on Sunday, July a), afra Carafe?, wife
of M. Dublon.
ejJME/.-At Boll't Ferry, N.J., on Satirday, Jaly at, A. I?,
'?..im j, tfed72 yean.
HAL8EY?At Spottwood, N. J., on Monday, J.iy 30, OerrtroJ?
Tripler, infant daughter ol Jaaie? M. and Ja??- P. lUi.ey, ard
grand daughter of th? late U. Edward Lord, ag*-<- ? jeer, ?
nionthi ai.a 7 days. _ . . ' .
The reniai?? will be- interred in St. Peter t . burr.h yart, Bp>tt>
woe>d, on Tceaday, at 5 p. m.
JORDON?In thl? city, on Saturday ev.-i.fn?-, Jnfy V, ??. <?
o'clock, Roealla C, daughter of Henry Jordon. tged 4 year?, |
u.out In tnd lb' dayt.
MIRPHT ? Departed ?hi? lift- on Mot.dty, J'ilf 30. Majfg
Jeannle, relict of the late John M upby ol Bally K?.. ly, t ?axty
Derry Ireland, ag'd HI v.-art.
The olend? ol her - .i,?, James and William, ?I *.?.-. i ??.? I
of the family, ?ie invited to attend the funeral from the real?
dence of ber ton In law, John McDeriuott, No ?t '. WeH
Forty third street, tn Wedneaday, at 2 o'clock, without fnxtteS
MILLER-Ou Elrtt day, 29th, Benjamin O. ML 1er. tfed O.
Hla remaini ? ill be taken to Amawalk, Wevtcaeatav Coacty,
thl? (Third d?.y i morning, for interment,
MANNINO?In thl? city, on Saturday. July 20, Tho? Mtnxln?*?
in the 30th yew of bit age.
MCCARTHY?In thi? city, oa Sunday, Jaly 29, after a thort
illne??, Daniel McCarthy, in the 70th year of hi? age.
NELSON?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, July 28, Thosntt N?i?rr,"
in the 74th y-ai of hi? age.
Tie relative? and friend? of the fanliy are retpect/.il'y l'?lt?4
to attend hi? fuuernl from hi? late residence. No. I'M Lawreu -?*
?treet, at H o'c.ock a. m., on Iveaday. without fSSaaSi .i.wU
tion Hit remains will be taken to Wettbury, Loi.| lelax-i,
for interment
peiLLOCK-Siiddenly.ttWeehewken, on Sunday. Iuly29, JaCtf?
wife of David Pollona, e?q.. aged 42 year?.
ROACH?In Williauuburgh, on Saturday. July 2?. a.tsralor.f
and painful illne?a, Mr?. Ku.iiin. Roacri. widow v the ??I?)
John Roach, tged 85 year? ? month? and 12 day?.
STRACHAN-On Monday, July ?\ Wm. B. Stra har, a?eJ 3?
The relativ? ? and friend? of the family are retpectfully lr.T???d to
attend hi? funeral from the (Jrand ?treet Pretbyterlt^ Chorei?
I Dr. Thornton ?i, tail (Tueaday i arVmoon at 2 o'cIjCL
STEVKNS?At Waahingtcn HlaTiia, N. Y.. on Monday fmlf 31?,
of rooaumption, Horace M. Steveti, M. D , aged M y ...? _sj
l'Jdayi. ... . .
Tne friend? of the ftmilT are reipecffnllr Invited to attead th?
funeral on Toe?day atVrtoon, July 31, at ? p m , from th?
residence of hitfattier. at Wuhiuston Hifhtt, -omer of Hbtflr
bridire Road and Une-hundred a? d tifty-eiglith ?treet.
SPROTT?In Brooklyn, tuddenly, on Sunday, Jury 29, Arb*r|
W'eat, you i ige? t ?on of WUliani and Lititia J. Sprott, aged *
montli? and 3 day?
The relative? and rrfo&d? of the family are reapectfnDy invHed te
attend hie funei?. from the realdence of bit paresia, .-orner of
Jay and Concord ?treet?. on Tuesday, the 3I?t ln?t, at 3 oVlv-fc
p. m. HI? lemaina will De taken to ureenwood for interment.
TRACY?At Richfield Spring?, N. Y., on Batcitay, I ?iy M,
Edward Franklin, yo'iagett child of the late Chatio? A. ? J
Elizabeth K. R. Tracy. . ,
Kunerai ?eivicet at No ?EutTwenty-tecondttreet, on ?.VedceS?
day, Aug. 1, at 3 o'clock p. m.
THOMPSON-At L'idon HU?, N. J., on Friday, J :j Ita
tiennide Iaiheil, oniy child of David M. Thomptor-, aged >
mouth? and S day?.
WHEELER-At Bridgeport on Saturday. July H, Mm Hinc?is
Wheeler, wife, ol the late Ira W heeler, aged ol yea/t ai.d t
The funeral will take place on Tuet lay. Slit, at 3 o'elc k p. m.,
Iiom the North Church. Car? leave the New-York and New
Haven Railrctd Depot corner Twenty-teveuth ttieet ltd
Fourth ?venue, at I2i o'clock p. m.
WARD?In Jertey City, on Suntlay, Joly 29, John Wa-d, In th?
53d year of hit age.
I1 Hateen g < re Arrive?!
In ?tttimthip Saxunia, from Hamburg? Mr. H .Tawat ..Ij
ind duoghter, Mr?. Kjepper, II. IUi li', M. Lion and lady. Mr.
Pappenhuinen, O. Mojler tnd ?adv. Mitt C. cjolda.ann. M:?? T.
Cioidniann. D. Bettermau. R Pi-frier, lady and child, D. V D.-e
veli and lady, L. Schleextien, W. ??alrey. lady arid two hildren,
A. Meelander. Ml?? CJueleermann, E. Fankenr.ann, E. Taj t
mice. Mr?. Furtive and two children, L. Cohen, Miaa Eaep-r,
Harriet Patterke and daughter, H F. Walt', (hat. Wiesg&ard. O.
Louiiberg. Miaa Looita hucnt, and 3>r7 In teeond cabin and BaMaa
a?e- _
Bark-Louita, Siralago, St Jago. 1. B. Hager.
li-U? II. VleSM (Br.) Murphy, Halifax. H.J.kC A. De?
?coll. Fliivla (Span.), Ha>igo, Barcelona, Ribera ?. HI':, M. T.
Ellaworth, Curry. St John, ? R. DeTtolf: L. berry, Friti. Su
Jaao, Bmith, Jone? a. Co. ; Amononink, Wade, Newport, mai*^r?
Schooner?? Lei-adea Small. Salen?. R. W. Ropei .. Co. ; Se?
Bird, Smith. Wilmington, n aaler. Ann and Butan. PeaiDn,
l h.nlea'oi;.Dol.uor \ Potter; C. J. Marabail, Nusao,-i Tqc??
Depew, Kdmonil?. Freiierickiburg, \nnBriiii >?.a.*ht. Forre??
King. Perry. Rio Janeiro. O. S. Coi;; J. M Warren e'hapeiaj,
Norwich, maater; C. H. Moller, Nichol?, Petersburg.-; lien?
don, OaskiJl, Washington. -, Eapret?, Boat,Newport, MMSSSt
Steamihip Saionia ( Him., ?crewj. Ehlert, Hainburg July 15,
So tl jeu 11 Wn I-, at 3 p. m., iinlir. and pat? to Kuuiiardt k. Co. -,
Joly IS. at 7 p. m . pa?*ed Brem. ?teamabip New-York, hen-a
from Bremen and Southampton, bound up toe Channel J .Jy M
1st 44 SI, Ion. II29, paoed bark Honton, bound W.. hat bad
?oiithwetterly wind? and fojt mo?t of the patsage. Ar-ivei s?r
the Battery ?t t? p m.
Steam.hip t heaapeake, Crowel!, Portland, mdte. ted SaSS. ta
11. B. Cromwell k Co.
Steinnhip Naihvilie, Murray, Charletton, mdte. and ratt. ta
Spofford, TTlerton it Co. *
>bip London, Huilfiut, London and I>le ol Wight Jure 21,
indue, and 128 pata, (ill well? to (iiinntll. Mintjni at Co., h*a
had a tucceailon of light ail? from wettward from loo. 40, w;tb>
deii-e tog. Saw ?everal iceberg? in lit. 46 ai.d Ion. 49.
Ship June? Foster, jr., Abeel. Liverpool June 24. mdte. and
put?, to C. H. Manhill k Co. ; two birtiil, all well; Jaly 4, i?u
4 it?, len %i, ?ignated ?hip Atalanta, boond W. ; Z9th, at 7 a. in ,
ort Notthau.pt.iii Shoal, ?aw ?teaun-hipi Vanderbilt ai.d Cilv of
Baltiniere. bound E.. wird light from N. E.
Bark Traj?n, Bailey, Sait Cay, T. I., tall to Walih Carver te
Chase; Jaly 21. Itt. 2??t?. Ion. ,?. ?aw baik Harry ol New York,
?teeiing S. ; Juy ?i, lag, 2H ?I 1 ?n 72 41, ?poke trig 8. b. Maat
heid, from Koaton tor Havana, 11 day? out
Bark Wildhre, Whitty, Havana t? days, ?ngar tc B.i.ner &
Deake ; S7th, OfJ Charle.tou, ?aw bark R. H. Knifht bouud N
Bark Old Dominion, Johnaon. Havana 9 day?, ?ugar, Ac, V9
Robert Williaml. I? tuchoied at Lower Quarantine
h n-- Salman (Kr i Crowe, il.iit.ad N. S., j day?,' patter U?
J S. Whitney fc Co.
Brig Elliaiieth (Br ), Flynn. Sydney, C. B., IS day? ;oa! to Rm
Brig B Maloney, St.elmau, Mobile W dayt, cottor, 4'., ft?
Brig Jotiah Jex, Mun?en, Matantaa 9 dayt, tugar to Tboi. lkh
' Hunter.
Sehr. Alma (Br), Siiellgrove, Mantauiilo 17 dayt, cedar, w**
hogany, ke .to Brett, Son fc Co. ; 11th inst , taw a Urge bla k
I nk. with white quarter board, athore ou Cape Crux reef; bad]
i.ppaiently gone on the night previous.
Sehr \?teran (Bi ). i hapman, HllUboro. N S 12dayt. ?ton?
and flab, to Win Jone? ; veiael to P. 1. Nevi.il k Sou.
S. hr. Oen. Tasty, Hunt, Lubec 7 day?, platter, i.e., to SmJi?
k boy i.ton.
Sehr Cohtuet (of Sandwich), Tobey, Baltiiiiote lOday?, wb.-a
t ? uiaatrr.
Sehr. Native, Starrin, Hertford, N. C, 4 day? wheat M
Willituiifc B.e.
Sehr. John \\ alker, Farreu, BalUtncre 5 dayt, coal, bo-.il :<?
New -Haven.
S, hr \eudovi (of RocklanJ), Brtei, Hilltboro 8 il.yt, p^a'.et
to muter.
S.hr. Julia and Martha. Toothackc r, Ca?ala 6 dayt. ...u.btr to
Jed Frye
Seht Mary. Bodv, Lube?? 4 day?, plaster to J. Boyr.ton fc Son,
>. hr Hampdeii. ridden?, Kicliuiona 4 day?, Hour to u.*?ter.
S.hr. Squire Brother?. Aile i. !!? it m 'day?. bal!ait
S. hr. Mary I.ouiaa, Smith. Ro.-klui.l 4 day?, lime.
Sehr. Mary E. Peariou, -?, New Haven I diy?.
S. hr. Snow Dir. Mitchell, Harwich 2 day?, nab.
S, hr. Beiy Strong, Smith. Bro.'kbAveu t dtyi.
S.hr. T.. id. (?..via Stimford, Conn., i daya.
S.hr. \ intag? I ole, Boaloii for Philadelphia.
St.'iiiiier Saiah, Jouea, Philad.lphla.mil???. to Li ret fc K I
SAILED?Steamahip l.reat Eaatern .'or t"*pe M.-.v . ?hip T.V
ealaior, Mveriool ; bark TaMU. Bord.tux.
BKLllW?Ship Lady Franklin, Jordan. Liverpool, ai.d ta-k
Knight, from Cuba.
WIND?During the day. fktaaj N !isht
Tl.- ?team hip Jrti.nt.wn, of the New York ?i.J V giil?
Steimahlp C ompany line, thl? m..rnin?, .teamed fi. i ml *.o lb*
Mifitan Inn Work?, footofTeiilh -tre. I li , m
jt haiiug new boiler? put in, lud Ina. iiinery overhauled.
? -
l?l?H?l. I-. Ac.
KASSA*, July 1H.?A wre. king ?.i.o,.ner came lr. jeeterday
r-avint ?oine goodi on bnaid ?igl.U-n-it freu, the brig limp re. of
Sew-York. for Mobile, which gut SsWra SB Orange Key. wa?
?a?itt>d oil and oiuiug here tor >al\age and rv-palia. Sl? wa?
aaktea badly keel gone, i
Ihe Br. brit Anita trom Cumberland Harbor for Bahim?'?.
?ilh SBSJSS, got aaboie ?t I nagua, and w?i ?aviated ti w?o ?!<? ?
lau ige, but i? in hands of wreckers, who will cot allow ??*_>???"
tain to come
A Fren, h
?u veriel. ?
*fly??.' tier to Kllwood Walter, etq , Sec B'd I'r.de.-wri'.ert.
? y l>|f (grupa?
S.W ANSAH. July ?H-The ?uajn.hip R- R ? 9$?<?? an. ?t ?
p m All well. , . , . .
Th.? Florida arr. at Lube- a * o'clock S?t .tday m.-lit -Ja
bei whirl at 4 o't'loi k Sunday luoiuio?. ,
BOhTClN.-Julvaw *i ateauiei J-eph W bit... y. l...v. . J.
Bavaanah. btlg ?tanWy. Davld-n. Uavaaaitofcia?* u-? ? ?'.
fl inney. Miraotone , Rate Kleid. Robbiu?, New^Or????*?.
PHILADELPHIA. July il-An. MaMar Male o *?"**+
ft n. .-avtiinah . l.aik? Coidella. ftom Turka Ulai-d, Hai.U.tajn,
'ictu Mitan/ta; brigTlitd, from Btvaiia.
Below, .lip Northampton, from LiverpooL
Stub ln?t., la?. 41 SS, Ion ?4 ft* ?hip Aleiandrlt, frjlt? ?^??
Saeta? -ame dale. Ut 42, Lui e?. ?iilpPhilaJ-upftl?. fr-m. F-topa
br Phll.Jelphla; 2Wh. ort Nantucket. b?rh ITwa. Dm tf tlvj
?ort, from Havaua farBottoa.-lBy ptlot-bvat ?ldwka Font??,
?It. 14,
i? in lia?ul? ol wrecker?, who will cot allow t?e ap
? to Naaaao and have hxed a salvage of>? per Oeit
abip, wttaooaW iion; St lloiniiigo.aadotie ?*UJ*"*
i lth lumber and proviaimis, are raporteJ wte.-t. ?

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