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fPt.ntr.hL or Tins. iBBflB fivKiv?. ?The fanerai
Mille*? of M?s. BoMTi, wife of the R. v. Dr. Spriog,
vete hi-M ye?terdiiy afternoon, at I ??' 'ek i Im
Brick Church on Fifth avenue. A? on Rua'tay la?t
bi* fritad. gathered to ?ABBjflBWk?A tbe D?>itor oo tne
Aenvehii i?f fie .'?Hth annive-naary s>f his I ?uii-cii ?u
?a ith the ( "hnrch. ??> yesterday a Urge ?nrel* of ? ?moi
Ihuiug fueled, clneteied about Iniu, to in"iia with
?m the lo*. of b? r wiih whom he bas been cimnect?d
for two years more than half ? c??n'nry The b ?ly
MM pla-ed in ti n-iawwood coflln: n*-"n,id Mmiw
plate wasplmed t wr.-ttl) ?>f evergreetiA, and i? w*a?
then Ihnuv from tla> bouse to t??o cburcu. The Rev
Dr. Hot a - u ifi '-?d 'be nervi ??? by reading Ufl 5 h
?haptei of l.'d C'rifthi'4'.s; h livret wi" sT'g; prayer
wa. crt'-red by the K??v. l?r. Fhiliirw, and i>r. ti?. tg,
in a v*r> feeling ami itnpr?-*?ive mamier. addr* as-*?! a
few r?marks to hat?.?Mtd aud chiltlreu, tbus left Wltaou'
wife and mother.
Ano her hymn was sung, and prayer was offered by
ttve Rev Dr. Plumer. After ten, it W*A a v-ry h -
feciing sight to see the venerable pastor, wh **? h-?a1 'a
?whilened by tbe snows of ?eventy-five Wiatets, e?lo ?ri,
walk ?o the coffin and kist lui the last time t.-e lip? of
tier who h-nt been bis companion and " ot.rier se'f for
?o many y? ara There were but few dry eye? in the
churv-h. Alte r giving other? an opportunity to mm for
ihe last time tlie fate of tue de eiaed, the bjdv wa?)
teken by he p.ill-heartrs, who wore Hears. Horice
II.?Weo, Mc?ee Allen, ?Samuel M-irsh, Diniel I .or I,
Alner L. Ely, Shepherd Knapp, Thomas Eg^Iesston,
Ony Richn.-?s, Peter Naylor, .laep.-r Corning, down to
tb* va ?It? lei.-ath tie "cnurcr, and d*r?o?i,ei in tbe
nortl east cornci. directly under tbe steeple.
DotOI A, A*?n JOBMOB, VMD N??*-l?TERvi VT10N ?
Tbe Douglas Central Campaign Club holds regular
weekly n??ttinge on the corner of Thirteenth ?r-tet un t
Brosoway: it held one last night A Dotiglt* and
Johnson banner ia suspended acros, Broadway, ia
front of the i,eadqnari*rs: all oi the perno?? p.<?aent
oet?d easily have takau a standee on one half ?b-> sir
fcce of the said banner. Tbe flaming ad vertisement
that ex-i?ov. Foot? of Mississippi would be <?ne of the
Apeak er?, failed to ?1 raw a res ectable mm ??er of p-*c
Aoi?tog-tl,er; and although it iv-te uaderstood iba'.
6ov. Foote might be impatiently waiting 1er the Com?
miiAi-e io eecoit liia, to the Douglas and .(.?uusoa lie id
4}UBTt*rs, no committee wie appoi'ited.
?Te President, Supervisor Briggs, reqn-*ftt?d the
ftefretary, Mr. Couuis. t.? read tbe flMflflMflfl which
was done, and a Mr. James .\. McM-mt.-rs discoursed
?bout Ott undouottd ?icjese >f DoUgW in Mies m i,
Arla, e: ?. Nor h Carolin-,, aud Kcnt-j kv, m defeat: g
Ilr?-? km ridge. Mr. McM. apologited f>r tbe flanG
nuLi'ei ol MflaMflflflflfl present, by attributing it to he
??aCtU?ai!l. MflMM the lank and IWoftMM ?/in
absent on t, eLr Summer trips io the v\ rueriug plac s or
rneiica'ing on their country re?ts. Il ABbM uanl'y bo
?xpei-kc that tney would remain in the ?-ily dii-ing IM
be j led tern, not even to attend a Douglas mee.ing. in
Whose BUiteer) tht-y were h.-a'idj. Ui ?tvMaOd?
Two individuals ?Ig? cd the roll, aad ihe President
declared tbe Ohtb aJj?uined.
BBBBBIMM CtNTRAi. Camfak.n Ci.i-b.?The
regular monthly meet'ng of tbie GflflBflNB bill lisi
night, at i? beach.narter?, on Bi-wdway, when ad
rire-eea. w? re mj?-e by Stewart I,. VfoMfMd and .Jo.ia
Cometford. A larg* amount of rortiae h-,ir.i?,r)as ?vas
Irai ?acted, lo ?re abeeno* of Pies dent Draper, M..
Gi. van occupied ihe chai-.
Death ir??m the Hi ?t.?A German nimed Jacob
?Deicitcb, retidiig at No. Ill Tbtrtfleatb e?r,?ei, died
test even in?' i.? tne Third BTflrd S?a,ion r?o,ig, fr >m
the eaceseive beat. Tbe dereased wan em]>l njmt i' a
angaj- re tine ry in Greenwich street from wni?h pip..-?
he was conveyed iu a ??ale of iiiseuaibili-y tj Jie polioe
?tatiou. Tin C? rollfl WaS UOlllied.
A ltH'1 V I?) OODBT ?il liOWeiKI.
IV lAr i'diror of Ihe N. V. Tntune.
Sir : So it norma that Gnrowski. a? an oft?**, t?-> the
????nit loiuu.lttrd < 11 me, L'W accuses uir of cp?-nm.? hit I'ttcr.
Tbi. 1?, ii..!< ? J, a - tl. MM .Im?.', ai.tl 11 b? lOi.M oily pro v.. it,
fcriiiltht an lit- hi? ? ..Hi-, to II? h-art-a otAkntt ? but it - . d tp
ptr.rd th re w. r.? iw? p. to .? pr.-tent when b? b?n?"d m>-tti>
twu ietlrii, win. r> ready t.. t-alifj to I.i? mine. No?v, what
are w? to ti.iiik of a ?.an who , .?..id de!i,te,at>'t alten.pi o? '?l??t
tbe ekarartei of ?notb?T by p-i.tirig ?ich a diabi-lictl ch?rec in
print, kcuvtbi the ?am? to be ioifc. I am more .. ro:.i-h> it at
Bi? re?orlInt to inch b??e riieim of boliterln? iifi bl? r.itT mly
????duel than I wa- ?t wini.-.iin?, it: for, th..mi, I?. OmWt to my
?BVe char?d fnll to the br?rn with bli?ter and ruil-iir-?. 1
tBcupbt he niith' be priax I wi'h loni.-thin- elie : but it term?
fcr wit only IbIbbMbM w 1th the idea of bt? own I mm? n-- i..,
aortal,'-*, brine ?- it ??? turned out, a rrnl live Count And M?.
felt Ian???** t?i me and n,j wiv Sor tnipttriou????? it wB- ..,o-e
leetiltin?: th?, of ? I-ord to li? aerft; ?od lor coar?<?nc?? th" pot
fee ??e , ;.?!,- of tie Hie 1'oiut?. Y? t uodou'-t, fea '?oii.lJi-r-d
P. ?ii.li?-?ourtro,,?? Bough . r .?. Ame:i ? ..? >-?iir.-i>?a t illve B ??'?
master?lor pfeaa. mi Bfl ihe country *?'d it? MMIMMm b? "l
pr> s?r(- i.teu.pt. But w. pi iiu r.-j.u II m
apt t?. tr |..'.iih?d wi?ii ?we it the ?ounl of a line, oi in the
MMMM e of ihe wrar-r, ?- (?? citiiy W, ell ttr .re ||..W it ?ra--?*!
ancb ? r^e. i i.i n &. ! i.? p:t-eii-, , cjLtabip Without adilijj? any
aaore at pre-t.t I ,. (er him to the p , *. who ?ayt?
*' Vv Ii?, (-?ti eiiBiMe ?lave?, or lot?, or rnuard??
A.a-1 Bot all th. re -..J of all th. Hut?,rd?.
\V,.,tt. a ak. . the pi?, .rid wart of it the fellow ?
Tb? rest 1. ail nut Iratbttr and prun. ils."
THUS |.?>[)tV(jRTH IV-t?! ??Irr o' Mrrl?3tils.
Aforrita?.?, Am t?, 1*0
A meeting vu? bel 1 hist evenintr at Lamm-tiDe Tlall,
*ori:er c>f L??,i.t!i avenue and Tweut?-iinlh Bireel, in
peinar ce to tbe following cali:
Raer hl.??.-- at thk Twbmibtb War?.?Ml Uepiih'i
Can of tlie lw .tit th Warn opp j? d t(. Ciirruptio i, aud opro?r 1
to ' |vit f the p.-.,'.? of the ttbrd (ii?iii?e.l l.y 'i ir'f-ii.'r.?a ? !
?ti?ti.e, ??O u. totea* of hoi.?at p'iii arirs, it.i 1 1-.. !.. fato. af
the election of btii?*? and I .'.pal.le n M t*B* l**? .??.!>', to oCe*
are i??jt?e?ted to meet it Lamartine Hall orner ith-av ?t.d MM
M.this rvenir* at B o'clock p ? Ky ?rd-r
CIIAt*. NKTTL.ETO.N, Clmlrman.
(i'ii?e a large unml-er of r^vreooe were p eastii, hu.?
at (Ho clock Mr. Chaili? Nattleton whs ?.ailed te the
?baie. He e?pi und t??at t,tie earn plaint wai that ?he
poiiuc? of tht Ward had been controlled by five person?.,
?lid be had thought it be*' to call tbe tree .{-public m?
Li ihe Wad together for consultai! n. that tte. y iiigbi
?on* der wbeth?r tbi? Hiateof thui?rs eh">uM b-all?wed
toeon'itne. He, 1 r MB, WM In favur of a se.'ir it
O'gji ?7ari(..i. A? a met ting of ?h ' A?s . i .ti.'.ti held on
T i.rrday night, ?i m? b had coi-trled the im-etni./.
while ?he real Republicans in the Ward had no voice:
Ana tbe meeting WM 8 t ?.?Ijiuiiiiedatail,the Chairman
unfairly defining th? motion.
All erri.ied toHj'i. ?- that a ?MBMA stii. lid lie hid ill
tb?- mari?geiceiit of VV ard politic*, I ut there tvae -t dif?
ference of opinion as to tl?- MflAMof flflMMioBfl cha rfgo,
Bid a loDg discussion en?w>-d. At laet-uatters were
Lr. nght to a focas bj thfl f li ?wing reeo! ition, offered
by Mr. Ba*-i'?i Kit? i,air, though he .-it pressed no
??pinion ou tie- snl?iect;
hcuvlred. That the Ireaitient af thit Ati'>c.ati n. VVtll. R
8teita:t by kit (et, ? ?t'.nat. aiil by
Bit conduct at tbe bm**?d| os lap I Ii ndaj evralag b?a jn-'i?
foifetred hi? right to itct at Prewlclent. tod we Ii. reij, ih dire lut
aaat v?. ant.
Ret hed. Thit the S'e?r< taHr? cf ?hi? Atiocittion in re? : I u
lo mltir-T ti" 'he r..i. '.|?l t? ?? rr?r lullatl t'a?-, d 11? . w-.-la ?^.. >o
XUVht. wliicB retolutioc required the BMasMrM? I? flsBVwl lb
book? asfl i?p?rs of ?lie A?t .1 thou t"?('i.i.Itt-?- duly ap
?*?.,r???a ?t th? ??.ih? iiraa i list, M r?ti-* the r??ll of tb-Ai?.. I,
ciatu.,1. ai d in r. luni k'u give up th.- oou?? ai d piprr? t. ?In
sail (orrriitte. Ir, sonjpl??nci- wi?h iiii resoiutl >t. ti ive ,-iBtlv
Ibrf-at d tbetr tlkht M ??! tOttJOt t' rae. etar,-?, aidib.il ?? ill
Ms baaafef d. ?rni ??- ?t.t.
Ane? a f. r?hi?r long dis'-nesion, tbe re?o!u'i ?n was
nvit'l- .1 and wrtst.. r,-.i?l '? M re.j u-a'a d to reeijrn, "
iVneiead of th. ir'-et?at* l.eile.-! i?e ! ?. tc,;.!. ' Thl N
?Mution paeejtd atei tbe meeting aelioarned.
Y'ctm The \?r_ U,U ii.t D.lt.i, MUM, 6.
Ity to? Philadelphia, we l?ate Ut-r intelligence frr-m
aVl t.
1*4? elavtr brig J. W. Krbev, captured by tbe Crn
SXadet vvae to bave fot New-?ork on the let, under
<laa rnurd of Lient, .l'-wett.
Tin- iirbey, on being ?eanh'd previous lo her de
?jain'.re .,r p, va-Yo k v waa diesavaf i iBnt t?rm tt
Tilt' Airb-Ui? vi ? r? le'l "u b ?,ir?l. r>l<;?i-'iic? win, ' k in
iu b?tve iban ?u nt bv k undtr tbe ears of the CuaOait*
tic ii ?V ? iety.
'1 be Kir ?'t aiit-A'ttfa.ii-,| in landing her ?i.riro of 650
_%fii?-M!i? on t',? ?.oi, ih s- - ? I *- o| Id" l-duiid ol C'?Sh. ill)
*?n ini?g i-apoatd foi ??le ..t t) rk
Mfs??ai over fl ?xa? ata head. Hen aw 'ho'i of Uriding
bt'.t cunta wa? u UAiett ovei one, an ! i <? up1??!? Ii Winds I
laoe ?teami'r, wl i'*fa tf/aa C'Uieilig on the ?oUtbo?1-*0
tlit- la ?u ?I, ai** on diavovering a cou;?!a Batfs?oa<
anil? ai ..i.?.- am?o ?fuer (Bern, ou dm ovivring wbien
oiie of th.- u r*rlh 'which war ?i iJncoy i ni o??? .n id
adl aaii und pu? ont to ?aa, <! ?*? Iy followed by th
anauitr, vt Iik.1i, upon ov?-?rhaulii.g i. r, fotm 1 all I.?
t*tMpej? ( o?rte!, Uni mo tv.iJaiile llf Irtllig ei.g.-tgeU in
a.w lai.Juw ful pur8.'iit*.
Y\? m un,.r at oiitr? roturiar-il ?o look a/U r the o?her
??*i??rj, and found '.?> lateir gnat in??i>.li ution und
Chllg) 11?, tilavl rllri liiil Hill ?aafle.re BOli U'ld <<i ll-T Cl'g ?,
?and wa? at lb? liai? d.??iei-l?-rd toy her tap um aud ere?
She t* ne K"' < 'I ritiCi a prise crew l-taeed on l,?>.it<l arid
taken I? uVt) Wb_
Afa'j u, ','"'- "-r b'iiver \Vi!lum, wiih .00 Africi'.a
ton banns, I *?fa*IBsJ kj lie Cruaader BaW?antB??sl
?now m piixon Hv,?ai__ Uic action o? litt uutbunuea j
Ce-rr?>??>???r?**? of The N Y IMbivao.
Crawkoro's, Woite M.-ui tains, July 19,1S6
When I awiikcthi? nio.-.i.og the rain wa? b?
ir g sn 3cc?om pan ?ment to my dreami upon the I
couy-roof, tlm wind wa* r<*ariug in tl.? w?xod? t
low mssaetr ?f ?loud w?re driving over the, gitei
oi Thei N??tch. It was a genuine? mountain st<
wbitl? had o??nie np?o u? and tbr?rvat>ii?'d to co i
u? within doire during tbe ?a??\ prospect wb?
at 1 heartily rejomed. If there U aoythmg wl
fill? me with a comiortxble feeling of t'\uo u'i
which make? me at -.??see with all mankind,
bids me se? ?nnlj the brighr side* of life, it ia u r
itoim amoDirthe tnouutiiaa. It _*>*. become a c
vei tkinaheui to ?peak of the Jrea? i i? -? of a n
day io tbeeonntry: for my part, I kno* MB.
more bevautiful?eieept ?u???h'iic, and ihit |i?
ch.ertul generally. While a raio i? gu'-herno
while the atmoa^t^re is heavy, porv*ntous, I
gtttnl (tu bt.rrtiw a medical w?ord, which exprei
the filing better than any other), I am pluoi
i. t?. the lowest dephs of detpiir, but I begio
mount, wiih the firat drop; and ?hen tbe tr
bend ai.d turn the ander side of their leave? to
g ?le, aud ?behil.e aro bl??tced ? utwttb raiu, |
the r???ol become* a re?-?nant ?oondiog board, wh?
on " /??s Oouttrs d ?'tu" is played with a delic
gr?ce beyond the? reach of Liszt ?or Chopin?th
I r?'vel in an 0 ympinr- buoyancy of spirit?, and
I. st aun ul th? ?uit***r nao? ou my un?*r world.
So I eat down to writ.- to you tbi?- morning, f?
i g mire th*t ? whole lay of ?puiet c ?mfoit was
!.. eme; but ?.'are.ly had 1 w.it'en six pages
fore the cloud* broke, te ram cea-'cd, and tbe l
b? gnn to give, glimpaes (?f hi? fnee. The mount:i
came ont brgbt and green, the bear? roae, sh?
off tbe-r wet, aud ti<uA on iMf hind leg*>;
band played nd-eii? to depn?t;-i;- ?'it"'?', a ?d nil
dtntractio?s of good weather tliruut ?hemnelven
twurn brain aud paper. It was no use ta try
muet up aid away. The air ?*al'ed. tbe auu call
the trees, wa'erf-tlls, and d'xta>>t -olae peak? B
their voice? up t>. my window. Corneen?- (u
rary, only) was role'ieed; l?u*y ?a? ? bore*
dm not ???me to writ?0," I said t? m. Mtf, and i
we went n**.o the woods.
? A? aiube.iii? itretii.? tin., .tu li'.'eia! -j.* e,
And i.otlrli.f j ?ule >r di?,.'??B
8o ??vrd th-- pin* tie- tl.ro rph mv tbo-igl-t.
And fanned rht aa*SEB? it never hr ?th'. '
liut now, vviiile th?* ?tar? are ?pur kling ??veri
hill*., and the dancer? are daoi\ g in lune iu !
gi.?at Min?*?, kat?I ixiri'id of fhe h ?rri and Moan*
and the crowd of guest? a?c "going on" precin
BH if thi're were M n?">ntaiBl abo it tb?-m, and
Mi ULt Wanhii g'oti ??i be u*. ended on the m.-. in
lei nie piek up the thread dropped th", uxirnii
and resume our (my render'? and my own) travel
Yesterday morning, nt N?rt*i Comway, wa?
woi.derfnlly clear that I immediately predicted
?form Mount Wa?htngf?>ri ?eerned tciir at h-tn?
even tbe bridle-pa'h on (lie ?outbero ?ide waa vi?
ble. The eclit-se came off, according to contrae
but no biil laut v*,?? the day that 1 *lii.ubl no? hm
i??>t?ced it but for th?- p?*.*uliar alr-dows Mat by tl
Une?. We resisted tbe tciuptiiiou to cliiub Kelt
?arge, having too much before in?, to eihauat t\ic
locality. So intich the bitter: we can come bac
rf-ediu and ?till have ?oiuethiDg in ?tore. The ?taj
for Crawford ft went off. pitched w itn touria??. run
to our cost, we engaged a Hpeci.il team to bruit* t
hither iu tbe afteriioou. Tbe price d?nia: de?
and of couru?- paid (for there wa? no resource
wa? $lr? lor an ??pen two horse wagon to cmvey i
tu?'iiiy-fivr* mile??. Th'? if rather ah id of llli'mii
and about e.iual t<? C?lii<?riiia. Bat there Bjjf
fw.nie aei)???' ?i. the lnidtord'a r?-mark: ?' I have t
keep fifty hon-e? a'l Wiii'??r at a heavy expense, i
order taMBflj travelers f'-r three or four rooii'h
in the ?Suiimnr, und tbey must pay for it." Cm
t.-iinly, a lumbering Concord eiiaeh. with nine in
side, is n?, ploce whc-tico to I.eh.?hi White Monti
t? i: ???utry, aud we wore speedily reconciled V
l be dniib ?? fare.
The road follow? tbe valley of tbe Sac??, riain
from Ninth Conway, which i? OH feet, to th
source ef the r ver. at this pluce, n^OOQ feet abov
Ihe rea-le\el. At lir?t, the viiley t? broad, aud lit
fa'iui* frr?)iietit. After passing Martlet's Cornet
where Kilt? Hiv??r coiii?* down rom the, right an
a stage-road branches off to I'ii.hhain Notch an
tteGlen lion??, we drove for eight ?>r ten ? lei i
a Wertern direction, between ?till l??flier moue
loin?. Here, lite M.il ap|'.'iiii-.l kinder, mid th
rough abaatir?, whence iseued, at nur approa? b
little girls with birchen boxe? of rimplierriof
ceased. "If the rial were ma-adariized," Mm
my friend, "and a few cataructx pottr?d diwn th
ledge, it would be very much lik? GiMbrand? da!
in Norway." New-Hampshire, iu fact, ia N??rwa
with a Koiiieisl at richer veg.-ti.t on.
At the lpp?r Hartb-t! Hoiiki- we wort? gratifie?
with tbe sight <?f ?on.?- trout, io a ??pring. We hi?
tried, in vain, t<> |ir<>?-u?e tr<?i.t at the hotels. Tim
inntniiig 'here w?-r< t-oine OB ?lie t idle, but fried ii
Mich ? iriiniier that their pivuliar tbivor wa? tin
reeogiiizob'e. What more ea?y than aiti?cal trout
breediig iu theae clear mountain ?tieum?? AurJ
what more remunerative than trout ?'charged rrtrc,
in the bill) to tbe keeper? af th.-?e m??ui?tain ho
tela ? The true method of e?o?oking trout i? to tnk?
ttnu from tbe titieam aud drop them into bulitic
wo .t, then ?en?? them riteainiig hot, with the
fleeheet bread and butter, and (if the Maine Law
Will iieruiit ) a gl.'i-H of lili? ?ii-h v?. ?ne. lam tot
naturally an epicure but I think kih'Ii a repimf
weird improve eren White Mountain ??-eneri.
Turiiii g ii?.rth ugMin, we took a lu?t view of
K.airurg?', down the gloruuiH voilley, ami piinhed
forward into wilder regions. The big'n-at ftAmm
Oli either hind i.ow lea? ln?d I bi^ht oi ."i.lMtO fe?t.
tbe bed of the tli.ley bee,une ci? .traefed, aud the
Old Crawford Hone, now eh.?. ?I ?eemed to be
the last ??u--post of riiili/i.iii.n in this direction.
We weie iitier weary of noting tin- hold, l.tuutitul
?weep of the mountain-ridi I, dntlud t?i their v? ry
Miiiiinitb w-tli u* Urn k ami g eeii a foliage a? the
tropical bill? of M?-xic>. I had iintieipaN'd lanrl
H?-;.p? ? il a wi'd. r und r.ugher eu?t. Hen-, bi,v
???.er. for wveral imle-, we drove through i(ireet?i
which arched above the r?iad and ?but out all vicrV
? not only wood.? ..? I r, o.ik, .itid b.. i !i but tli?
bc'iiitiltil birch, wild it? hi?mJi i, Tinlk-wiiile itcitl,
while the ground wue ?-?n.-i.-d with giunt fen.H, at
large and a? beautifuJ ft? the pauduiitiH and the
?ago-pnlni of Hie I'ttii/i?' iab?. Tlie ?ire and lu a ity
?>f tf.?- bin-In ? ?an . ?1 ii? lor a time t.. for/et Um
ii iiuiif?iliiH iiltogether. .Stiatr.'lit and white m ivory. I
ImtJ obfMtmtOU.fi the gloniii ?if tbe er?inttMmt
H.? foriiitd u fai.ry ii.louuude far helor ? un.
Aft?rtwjie eiwsji?! tan inlmt Soco, the road
?i'iid n little ?o ibe 1. it, and we |..ur,d ouiael.e?
.?iw.en MnUtit Web.iler and Will.y Mojutuin,
?levalioii? of equal b'gli!, who??? uMMt touch in (ho
i?d ol the el ream, and wboae ?idt- line at M aitr
?ji?iigleof 4? . The tr?ea which c ing to tln-ui
re scant ?Mid dwarusb, and t"i'ij nw ,iy iu long atrip? I
by ilide? ? hieb ?tart from tbeir ve'ry hr.iw?. Tb?
appear to be almoat imeevasible, but may 1
climbed by a d v, offltroiig nerve ..i.?l solid inane)
The ni est of Mount Wd ?te-r, i b?ng vvall of pe
p'i.l.'i'ir rock, br gb ten? l uy the ?mk'ng su
towered over u?, midway to tho leuith. Tbe di
ver, of cjurse, pointed out the traces of the fat
?lid* of IflM, on \Vill?*y M luntain, and preMot
Ihe bous? came in eigh<'. It i? now but an a
pendage to a lrirger b'lildhgvvV *h ha? b?v-n inha
ited m ? irt ol bolo!, 1 believe i faf t e pas' year t
two Ihe ?ceupaats pr-bably reckon that ta
ebd. s wili harily be lik. !> to oi 'ur ?B the ?an
II -to comnPTic?'? Tbe N<*<Tch which i? proper
no Doteb, but a very deep, wild valley, or tfOBflj
formed by the bases o- the two moantair.? befon
mentioued. At it* liead, ?iverha g nig it ?n an in
meure ?irecpice of (?ray ruck, and ??.'.ning t?> bloc
all egres?. is Mom t Willard, a peak mor?* retnarl
able from ita abruptne*? and it? isolu-ioo, th?n i
ae'ual b gbi. For two m-lis we drove forwar
through tbe wood?, clmbing tbe naceuding g?-rg<
Th?? tiipmoat cruga ef Meint Webiter were n
longer burnished with ?unset; the air around i
?.t.wdirk and cool, and the Saco became a ri
w hi?'*) I co?ild .-llinoat .?.?ll.'ct in a bucket. A Hpruc
rid- r. prancing through tie woods on a hiindaoiii
black bore?*, assured un tl it Crawford'? was clo?.
at band, and obligingly galloped ahead to engag
r??c?mi i'r us. A l'*w very ste>*p pull? brought!.
t?< u cleft beiween immense rtm??es of dark roc!
leaving a sjta.-e of little more tbsu twenty feet ft
th.- n?ad a:.d stream. Hi-re, turning, back, we aa'
Th?* N.it'-h, looming huge and awful through tli
blue vapors of twilight?a grand, a tru'y Alpij
A bundled yirds further, and we emerged froi
tht* (?ate of the Notch, as it is called, up m a litt]
plains. "JiH'O'ei't above theie?. A black pond, be
suie n?. wai? the 'oiinta'ti ol tin- BSOB, Light? gliii
tn?r?d ah?vi?d, the sound of Mflle saluted u*. an
the loi ?j trout of the Crawford H??use rose like
palace ii, the vuldemeag. Fr>.m the balcony peale
lb?* band- with a good-will, if not will great ar?ii
tic talent; a hundred well-dressed gentlemen an
ladies pnniit nadcd along tbe veranda: gas light
tl-nd tii.-ough tin- brord entrance?in short, all th
endet'**? ol a first-elars <*ity IujU'I, " with th
latest improvement?," milute?d our d'ligbted eyei
Our be.lmoins wen* actually HgftSBd with gas ? an
there were bell pill's?and Bomehody came whc
I you piii't-d?and what you ordered was brought t
?OS! ?Nature* i? go? d, I thought, but Naturel
??oriib'iiiti in with I he latent iiiiproveiiiiiit? is be?
,,! all. In the words of a Xew-Kiigl.i.nl p???-t. who?
tiaine 1 am sorry not to know :
" niv? to BaMr* ttonmft don.
but ?jive 1. Art oiuie too.-'
In the evening tbe guests gathered in the gram
saloon, about half the size of tho .(?tint KaeNrn'
deck, and there were pcrformum-CK on the piano
heetd in becoming silence, and the inevirable hop
In this I did i.o? join, jirefeiiifg net to do a thin:
at ail la'bei than to d<> it bad1), but the rb}thin M
the- dancers' feet reached me in bed, through ?ill t* ?
t mitera of the houae. With this exception of tb?'
h?.p, which (?ccasioned a temporaiy unbending ol
ceremony, the company appeared to me ra'hei
grave and f-jiitial. Those conventionalities from
which we so gladly escape, p-uetrate ?ven here.
Immen,?* trunks ate unshipjed from ihe atag?**.
costly dit'iee- appear iu Hie evening, the latine
ci.ti? i-e each othet ? in ?bort, the utmost re- -t
liner is offered to tbe let ?din?! influence of the
mountain air. It is but a -hi'ti i| ol teflBtJBB?Bet
of i.ntiii?-. I was impressed with a pleasant ?e.i?e
ot free loin thu evening when th? stag?? from Cm
way drove up, with a BflflBSMB) of ladies packed on
the very top, and singing io chorus, with a heir!,
seoin ol all artificial propricti?,. To MB, Ihe hflfli
tation to break through rule occasionally, imp!;.? a
doubt of one's own breeding. 'I ho?c MheCB ????
havior i, i.'iiin ?I, from the natural eugges-tious o' a
leu. ? tl nature, are intei troubled by sueh ini-giv
ing?, ?nd show their true gentleness most when
most tree and unrestiaiio-d.
Th'- mottling it rained, a? I -aid before, and MO
all lejiictd, not only in the rain, hut iu the. en
litived lest. As our stay ?n the Mountain? ? very
shift, i ur ?Inly to llieiii would oblige us t<> n-"
eveiy possible moment ,?t clear ?unshine, and ihe
storm was a b?'alii.g to ??ur C"iisci?-ii?-e? In tin?
or three hours. hSBSfSI, it :\ea,ed ;?*.;t\?but t?M,
lele or Mouiil W.-ishii I on. The cloud?, ?till ?nine,
low, but lif*?-el up their ?ki t? a- ?l?y ttroieOVW
the stiunnitp, gving us BBMBst c?*r"ain pr ?mis?' ol
good vvi-atber te BBMTOW. We listen?*d to tbe bind,
annihii g ourselves wiih the ello,Is vvhi<'b the lit in
made to k(?ej, up with the clarione?, stirred up tbe
bears (one <?< which MMBJSM? my familiarities by a
violent cud ?ith hie tore-paw ). and otherw ise be?
guiled the time BBtfl BflBTSSSB? A climb to tin*
si,nunit of Jlount Willard, two mile. dist;:i.t. np
peiitidt"" I?? the iuo-t promising stroll which oh
l?r?i!. 'I ht l'i'p? r 1 alls ot the ?SBMBBSMBfl WflN
lather too lar, beside which, falls ol this cl,ar..c
ter (loB ieSBfl BfBf natural rocky dams) are so fre
??ii? nt and so deficient in all grand ??unlities. that 1
it'll little de-iit* to add aii"thtDJ tu the th"ii?anil? 1
have seen.
One may ride to the top ti M ?ut,t Willaid iu an
omnibus, but it i? nota eev er.-walk, even tor !a
dies. In .pite ol the dead, sultry heat of the air,
we iouudielr?'?hnient in that steep, uiivaiyiiig lao.*
ol ?hade, with its BMflJ hanks. MBIISd wi'h n deli?
cate o..//?.?', the pigmy ttn-iiitt. glosad pin?', ?li 1,
ii.ose. and bari'b? II?. Nothing was to '?>? MM fl. b,?
thick was the foie-st. until vv?-reached the top ot
the moimtiiin. about .{..*?'u? BB4 il |BBM) ihSfB the
?ea. Hue, alter two or three hundred yards ol'
comparative level, th?- w.1 sidd? lily op? in*d, and
we found ourselv, - MSBSUaJ SB the v?-iy pinna,-le
ol the great dirt' which w?- ?aw l-,?t i.? ?_? I? ?. UeskiSS
tij? The Notch.
Tbe eflect was magi?!)!. The sky hid in the
ifii'in.liiiie part'nlly i Icni-il, and |,;,tc!,c4 of I Wtt
??old l?y upofj the dmk nioiuitaiiis. UfeSSTSSl lee!
yawni d the-In mei ?hm.? g::ll',,f Th?- \,,t,-h, roofed
with belle of cloud which ll-uilc-el aero??? Ironi ?tiiti
inil to summit nearlj ?t our level; s?? tbi.! BBJ
IS "??- n? m II.g:iti-l'?| oisoiiu- grand ciilndial
ISaMSfl ?I? mi int? ,t,?bin i ??,-. At Pie Initiier ?nd.
?iti'i II? h,dm!'lin.| ?euiie name-less iiioimtains,
?t..mi ( in.co,.,,( pui|,i, v. it ii di -t ni?.?, tenslssttai
tic iiinjeet e VoVmt It w i , a B?BSBN whifli lb,- n?
???.iild take in ."t AM glane?: no l.ti:d-.';.p,' en,hi !??
more ?-iu.pl?- tu MomuU?M. The m?m ??i a eat
niait to ?nir right Ugfe uji on Mount Wilh-v, lj!i,.,l
the air Wiih a far, sw? ? t, tin? tBBtBBJ .uiini, h i;
iH i.nd m the v.'.?,.!- u.-,,- fi,n. ii?, j,,,,, ?|i?
I'looiiii d, and tiie IflBffhlBf liiy BBMB up??n the
/ i..ni never heard IhietlSB pailicul.uiy ?-.-!??.
bn ltd, ut??] v i therefore the 111..11- imprca??^ by
jta vvt.i el'il.'il beauty. A. a tin,pie picture of a
iiioiii.tniii pa??, msb Unas ihsaia it eassel b^.m-.
bbsbhI 1b Osttnflend Beeaethleg lik?- it i h?u
?tel. in th?* Taurus. t?*mWH*H 1 eau le? al, m i.ovv J
M?h w t ich 10 c maare it. A portion of the effect,
nfoetree, depend? OB th?? illumination, but le ?rav
, |?r w hn MWfl it on u d?y 0? MMtfV d cl,.?id and SB?
?hfaie will be di??pp?'i"'ed.
?And now tu reeniit, in flkSB, kt M??unt Wush
ii,gf.iii, which is our morrow's ta?k. Twen'y-five
patBflflM have registered their names for ho*?**, Be
we obnfl be a strong parry. Th?? metswological in?
dication? arc fav.rable, but you can pu': no de
pemdence in tbem. H* *?
Emm Onr Own Correspondent
riiii-ADEi.rm.A, Aug. 7, 1^*30.
Terhops no one of the great staple? of Penusyl
vonia ha? paaaed through greater viciaaitudcs of
good and bad luck than the coal interest. The in?
tensity of these vicissitude? ha? heen proportioned
to tbe uiflgbitude of tbe staple. The larger the
capital ii;ve?ted, tlie more completely ha? the howl
of a bos'ile Government crushed it out. Irou uieu
have ?nil? red fearfully under this ferocious despot?
ism, but probably more million? have been I ?st by
tl.?- ? ? al inen. The Lch'gh Coal and Navigation
Company lurnisbe? in i's history a striking illustra
tion of tbese alternation? of good and evil lui'k. It
was the pioneer enterprise of the Mhfllfl region.
Its jirojcctors iM-ni'tnitid into mountains where the
wild I?, nets of the ferett abounded, and commenced
the tinning proco?? on the uiemt tintaiiihhle river in
tlie Slate. The heroes who begun tbi? wrcefling
with tbe wilderness and the torrent, Hazard, Fell,
aid other?. Iive?l to become BBBSBBIBns, und then
passed away. Hut the va?t corporation th?-y
lounded baa many times gone through the furnace
ol aibictiou, ?ometimes scathed, bul ultimately tin*
victor. At one time demolished by the flood, at
another knocked flat by hostile wiit.-r?,, and always
shorn ?if it? just share of profit by the persistent
ciii-Hd?- of (?ovetiiiiii nt again?! labor, it. ha? invuri
ahly regained it? position at the top of the ladder.
It is. in that positi.Mi now, giving li?.|?ef,il sfiiflSM
of similar result? to other companies tflBMBWiabed
by the crash of Iftii7. Last y? ar wa? BBB af the
worst known among coal men, yet it? profits were
a tiille lens tlie.n II) jeei cent on its capital of
|6,CC0,000, though less than half lb?- st-n'k lias
never In'? Ii issued. Its whole funded debt is
:*.l,l.< u.HMl. and until this is paid off it is prohibited
tr?>m dividing more than Ii per cent. Hut to pay
this funded dehf, due in I87v,*thfl Company has a
contingent fund of !?J|,:!r?o,IKHi, and a dear **!,
717.1'0 of stock to dispose ot, with ten' years in
which to ?arn the siimll deficit ol .f.'?"?.IMIO. This
year? busline? alone will pr ibably realize enough
to Bfipe out the- whole of this balance, as it is
granted on all hands that ?-,,al SDSBMBJM 8IC now
doing better than for year- past. Here, then, the
imiiMial spectacle is pii-i'iitcd of thfl heaviest cal
minie?, and transportation eotfipany in Pennsylvania
being ready to payoff its entire debt ticaily t?*n
iBSBfl before maturity. No greater testimony BOSld
r?- furnished in favor of the niodiiied fogyi-tii which
lias pi? vail? d iu tb,- MSBeBfl of thlfl C ?iiipany, while
ils gieat sut t-e?? aflouls bop?- and MMMSUMMSBBBl 88
allot tin niativ recently prostrate?! coal luim-i?.
Thfl IJHtheilsl S.ici.tie-s of the city and vicinity
lift la*-! week on their annual ?-amp-meeting ?-\er
!isis in Ki-nt Con?,ti Dele m aw. They have
i nlight the land for $17,000, ,n,d will her?? hold
their tne? tinge tor all future tin:". The land lie
b.tw.eii Hour and f iiui'len. Tb?* concourse of
people now ?js.c inhlt-d is so tlliti.? ,i?> , t ? : i* t ?'igllli
large ?tng?'s urc required t<> tran?p ?rt pa s senge re? to
the ground on the arrival of every train of cars. Tin*
seventeen a?'r?*s devote?! to the Hosting BJBMB
are beautifully tiiiih.-r? d With old liickori BBS ?>ak
trees, ? a-tiiig ;? B8BM ?hud?*, while the soil ba4
In ?'ii cleared of flnderw.1 and ?tumps, making tin
MM I . m r.thing that coiil?! l,e d?sir- ?1. A stn am of
clear w..ter .kirta flVfl ground, while ?eteral larii?*
?piiiigs hobble up. ?nul in ai by is a iniil-ilaiii for
I nil.u g. A bydreiilic ram siip|?lie? even ??.?int in
fi c . inn;? v ith wnt.-r. I he i-iiinp it??'lf is ?aid .?ut
with th?- fltBMfll r?g?i!anly. The tents an* of a 1
-?>-?'-: s..m?* tor coi p i-g .?I a.?al meetings, sixty ??y
thiity fe.-t, wiih nuiny ?luailer ?ui?-s, perhaps 7?0 to
?'?.0 in all. Some 7,0? o pemoti? ?re constantly ou
the ground, I.ut on Sunday the influx of .-triuig.-is
Irom the n,ighb.,iheed ,? ttvii,endone, no doubt
sw?lliiik the niitiibei' to .'?O.I/HIO. i'lovisious are
abiiiidiiiit, I?..,,id .*l pel day, ?,r ?ft for the t? u ?lay ?'
?uijp. The neighboring uinB>n bave put?? m\f\
tatitt on all ihev have to ??II. and the niuAet???*?
having ?tartcd on ?t c.dlcefing tour, present bill? to
?inner? aft. r Ibe -harpe-t manner. Some* ten
cliuicl,,-, an- represented ut this gathering.
1 bfl ?log-day e. tht.ii".h >.f mor?- than SVOfBSB dry
i? ?s in.il i |,i?i? -?ii.iiesH. work no abut, in, ?,t in the
anl? r of the People's party in this St.,t.-. On the
(?1'iilrnty, tb'-ir spirit rises with th?- mercury. J?, ?-.
liHj-H at uo lbrmer tini" has the opposition to DflBSM>
rn?-v 1?, ?n MOTA thoroughly and ?-vtciisively organ?
ize?) I,, tbi? ,-ity if is complot?* und admirable,
with ramification.? ?,f (holSt.it.- Ex? <-i the Coiuruitt.-e
?ti'-r? hiiig away off into all th?- Interior eesaties,
The eapiuDBge and drill m Admirable, reach?sa ta
th, r, m?,!.-t , iectioi, di.-tli't. 'It,;- lYnpl.-'? Stiite
( oirtKlt'ec II H ?? ils licHfli'tiartcrs in ('Instant ?t?'?et,
will, . wry applianre tot a ciuipaigu?a Iree n-admu'
room, supplied with pasan from all p-irts of the
1 nion. campaign do. uu . ',1s hi the MBSBB-doad,
w ith iiifi, co'i-fantly (li-pi.t?'biiigrheiiit??*:h?' interior,
anil.? . .?il. d by ( lowd- ol'e? npathisiltf partisan?, to
??oiiiult togetherand report prog,?--?. QsrSBlTBBBJB?
inciifs ar? mad,'tor holiliug in, ? ting?, bath g''?at
and ?i.uill. wln-ievcr m*3i may be called for. Here
able ?peakers may b<* at all times engaged for the
iiiinluntiicts, many of whom arecoii-tuntil truveis
ilg tie State, il.Slru.-tilig the JM'"ple hi VV ?I'd ?>!
iitUith, and leattttring doeaiaeBti !?y neoflaadfl.
'Iht n en i he re of thlfl C.n.ill?'?* .ue Working a? haul
at flu* duty as any drayman af bis. Tiny ban
,.,-gai i?., d lin i, in,., bitter] so ?i-lemalicuin that no
lb in? .-ratic dull of f'oiiini liuns flVOf ?'?puled it,
while that flf all the ethflf parti? ? now is no lung m
e'Oiiipiiiisoi, with it. Kvent* are ?liiily adding to
th?- MSBBBStlBB which thin movement for Lincoln
ha? already acquired. I'ublic sympatiiy, combined
with complete organization, must niak?- I'-im.? 1
vaina fett ?fly enr?- tot QoveiBor, Legislatuie.
Cflflfljreflfl, and Presitient.
Syn ptoms of revival in I he shipping interest, no?
ticed ia i In- BBMflBBpen ?'IsewiieTe, are apparent
b? ie. OST Kipe-walks have received orders foi a
??.in' ? f '?'??..'i';i '-? fora I,COO tun ship now busld?Dg
at lialliu.o-r.' fi.r New-York, with HlUI for two
ether ship? l?f 1,(100 tSBI cadi, one building in llil
tiiiuii?' .uni tha other in Birnaieatl Tb)-??* tvm
Ver?) ir ai? lliti'liilid for the new line of pHciiets be
fv.nn It ?'liiiio.d and EbISSB, MBBM uiiirioli it will
be to ?tu flflBiate the (BBS time sf. long B-B8M?B*,
when direct trade front flu- Bosth e?l?all |eei,iiit (Ir
lui- tu grow OB your now du-fy wiiatv,-.
I hfl sten-k brokel? who suspend,'<! ihe other day
haves.-ttl? ?! to tb?* sal ??faction of crcditou, niul base
b? ? n reiistati'd at the Basri. Hut HkepcBsoii m
of op? rator? avvuy in thfl conn try is ?.<> larg ? Hi ,t.
Ihoiigb pn?*?s are vvdl niaintaiii'd, yet thfl MMMMM
is email. ?
Cburebmen an* diacu?*iog tin? prayers to I??? of
fered for the'unen l.\ th.- pii, a?H id'Trinity. Tben*
are th????* among tlnin who believe Trinity to he
Cflpable 0? any ecu iitii, ity, while others deny Unit
IB] ihing ?he iiiiiy do boolfl bfl ?'ouiit.'d 81 ?UCh.
As v.aa t.? m ?xp??t??1, iln Chicago /. ?ii.es
o? i b ???I Voiin?'AiiK-ricii b? i. ?hunt. v itii h
fewr that will pioli.iiily i, ?,It (a loiiuiiig tivo mt
Ihre? ii.tsi ?? ?i u. i la i- ( ouipaii'e? iniiiitj ne. A wl. t.?
bait? i"H i- ? V?il tail.. ,1 ol uni".ii- the If) in an V | I
111 til is.
Our ( it] TlaNMBl*] i? ii.ll'u eliip'v, and war':iiif?
i?i?* iii"i?t ?t ?> per c.-iii AAfleoanl i l,i- .-..t dit m i I
tbii'gs is likely to I'l.iitiiiiii' utilil .),|i|ii,u-\. unban a
'??u |..n.iy ban !??? mail.' to i?i.?l thfl .Iciiiimct.
OersHj aehtli bom |91,000,000. our taxMhard
t<? I?, ar, and M uce the uppeflitioB iu inany tJICBli ?IB
t.. the . V| ' .. lltuie of 81 liti, . llnilioli for IrO? public
building?, tiiouih vie need tht'ui as nun h us you in ???!
U 84 VV I'orl-lllll? ?'.
A ?'? h hi a Ic 1 leli'ei, ( ol. ClwflB, ?"? ??.**. I? t. ?1. I?n loll
hlsv.it t"i ClMirl fur s?*nt?'iicia. e?ciip?-,l y.'-l.cdav
fiom tl"'?.fli. e' v?',., tin ? 1 him in rhaig,*), .i.ul 'via,
cuna,ni. ?1 lo I I dim ?foo at a tav.Tii on th. ItMtfl
*t Ibbbj KS8JB? ? ol'.'ita, hut th?' btf* ha? flo'.vu.
Armai? at the great hotels continue large, many
luiiig ftfru the &inth and West, m??st. of whom are
in piirtiiit ? f recreation, and but few on hnaiiie??.
Oui mi-rcbimt? find itdiillenougb. Kxcurriioim, o5
botmef? ?re tbe order of the day.
The fi? Id? round th<- ?-ity, away through the State,
over In N?-w-J? isey, ?in?! down into U?laware. ar?
liteially burnt up by the hot aun and want of rain.
In . tun? of Uit'oe regions, there ha? been none of
valu.' for full two month?. The potato crop is seri
aat-fjj i?iinr?d, .mil norain row can reatore it. Corn,
tboiigli delighting in a hot sun, ha? had to? much of
it, sid will need ?arly ?hower?- to rink?' it what i:
Bli?uld be. Thin drouth has sensibly affi'cfjtjd th?*
pii?.?.f w'getabl??, while a general failure ??f th?
eows i? *-tii?l?ng up butter to a uK?*<t uucomfortaolt*
The largeft ai-iemblage ever collected on a ball
grom d iu ttia eonntry was preatut on ths grounds of
tbe Atlantic Club yea erday to witness tie return
match between t'esetwo rival Club?, who have no
f optriore in the S'atee. Tbe result o' th? bvt con'e-it
wan a .igual defeat of tbe ' Champion Club" by ?he
Kxieboior?, ar.d that led many to snppoee tba.t.-oirj
game would be a second editi ?n of it; but thota ?-ho
were aware of the plucky character of the ?a.tla'1'.io??,
kn< w vie I that it w< nid be a very diiferent g?me? and
tt ongb the n ajority did not anticip?t? tbo result that
eiasutd, tbey fell sure that a g?ood tigbt for the MM
In ?i i Is would be made?and a linely-coDtetled gtnio it
proved to be. Imktd, u better played game has never
Inten ?een than that of yesterday. The aceoe at tbe
?rn mer.terrert of lI.?h gome win pictnrasljBB in MM
extreme. The whcle circle of ?!;h ground?and it i?? a
pretty ? xrtiisive one?was hedged in by a crowd of
not lene, at u mod?rai?? calciilatior?, than twelve ta m
BBB<i people | and among these, ?.cited oo the r gh? aff
the players, were ?orne three <>r four hundred lflie?,
and onihide tie circle vehicle? <?f every d--s*rip ion
were b-aded down with epeetnUins, who never moved
from thi-ir poriti M ttntil the lu it hir in the last ii_iing4
bad elided ihe game.
Tbe players took their positions iu the ?e'd at 3:30,
ami ii' ti:..n th? gnme ?-ad tertninited. It i-nnnec-3?
??ury to enter into any detail? d acroniif of the pl?y of
tie iwrpeeiive ?contestants; snfhYo it to ?ay tha?. bo?.h
psnit? atrived manfully for the vircrtory, and a'l who
witietried the corrtef-t airree in staling th??? a mor?*
Hkillt'nl dieplpy of batting m.d ?elding wan tttttt wit
ne.^ed, and tbe fact of the game being decided by a
mr.jcrity r.f on? only, prove- euch to have b?-eu the
i a*<j One in.|ror?aLt fact war elicited iu this contu-t
ard that ix, ibat the love of oui-door apurts ha? hecome
(juite a natural feelitg, for we ?juetion mn-h ?vhe-her
any ?.ther recreation in vogue could h .?e dr*?n so
i .nnenn., and ??t tie narre time so i-e-'|>ecia!'l*?) a ?*'0?i
ccuree of bi th sexes to bear with the hint of aa An*
guit ?nn for tbrce hours, unprot-scted, too, a? neatly all
were, Bat there wa? no ?hade whatever except that
fiuiii-hed by umbrella?. At the clone of the g*??,
every cur and public vehicle leading from the g*oauis
wan crowded for an hour and more, ami many had ? ?
w-'lk h? me. being unable to lind even t-tanding r.om in
the ?ar? We obetrved a cone of arti-its froui the il?
lustrated p:.,.iri, taking Xtawi of the fj*ene, whirn
was one of ?be most a?tri.ctivr> of tbe kind ore hive
ever witiiCff-ed. We append the score of the match,
which if? as follows:
Atlantic O. R. ; Ex. iiai.it. O. R.
Pear.?,.-. 2 lP.,w'|,Hb. 2 3
Pult?. Ml,. 3 I Creli! ton. p. 1 I
Mi-Vih. n... f. 1 ? J ?Vliitin?. ??ri h . 4 1
1? (I Hii.ii. .iiort. 3 2 Rutaell, l.'f.. 3 8
.lor (>i;v. r. I. f. 2 2 Kralnard, r. f.3 2
r.U.er.ldb. 3 I I', ? ,M-. thoot. !i
M. O'tVen, p. 4 !!Kl.ile?,i: f.5
r.M.I?'.l.. 3 '*'.. -iT *?t. r. 1 2
Hauxhunt, r f.. 3 1 (III-r, 2d h.8 1
Total.2. 15! Totil.r. 14
l?t M 3d 41 i ?th fith ;th 3th M
At??.i?lf.n l. 0 2 1 3 9 0 I II
Ea.elttrr.I41I1BB1 l-lt
l mm? e Mr Wax Ban. the PaaBlffX? < 1 h.
Scorer,? M? ,-r?. S S. OMMMJ il' d t!. IV. .Mo,,re.
Irlarkcla? Rejx.rted hy Teli"jrnph.
Pun inn -ni? An? o- Bbjumiiims ??iit-railye!iv,?Hf.rtii.
Ki, i h at ai '?' for ?ipcrtr t-. WO a.ernriii falta o? ?.*<?> tu.-h
K.-.?*t *-l ? </- I li tabla, il '?'?t-I M, ('. hx tirm an!
.1 .?'..,.- :. u. i u-h VViu-kv iirm ; Ohio. *"??
H- IT?L... Ai/ P. I??? - Fi...ca a'.e.Jy :i..d In fir d -noi.d:
?il.. 1 2.H0 rM? a' +4 -fr>4S for extra Stale, Wl.con-ln a-fj
Ulli'.? T'ilatl' M forextia l'idiaja aadOhi): 4-8 .???? ??" for
!??> bl. .Jti^? IVhka. in ,?lr Iff, nLomi RV.1 M*?****?
M'.i.t. ,?i laie io??r ?a.-? ?1 i??>tii.'i. New ft?r| VV'in'-r Ohl ?>
l'id Irdi"t'* Il *l I? ?(??ilvii.h "lin VVInte-.l?-? at ? I 1 <<*
?el I?. C'??K*t rrre.r hi? drill; ?s'en 12 aOtrsj bush at 4<r/Tbti\
OlTI ??'??,?. B?>aia.SB8 : u-b at :?:c. W H'?K?n.i.i.lii?l ?t I** .
(?ml iatiii'?- 4?. t.'Kluir '8c on Wheat I2< ?a Cas?'?
N?s-York. Lake laroBTa- ii.i??o b?.|? Kl nr II.SBS ?. ?ah.
wie?,, i, ?i.?ii..i Cara. Coaoa ? vh.?rt??n.??ib?i.ii wi,tt
176Mniaab Coru.
()??F?.i>. Atg. 9. 6 p m --Ki..c? ?t. ? Iv lue du*! at +?>?",
totO-tT? 1?00, End ?6,5 for fBTorlte iloib'?-extra VVrbiT
wr- ,r: ta! ?r? 3 fit*? bu.h. n*w reH Indiana ai 4*1 l't r. r.io
h? b N.? White do ?t *l 1 ? .n.l 3 fWai new Amber IU1.1..1.
W ut? r mi privata l? rmi. r..K?i lu t'?lrd.-n.a i.l ?? '?3c . h.u I .1
.-r? ?'e frUag 5?jja54n. No -il.f r*|.firted oi o?l,er llr-i ,t
l'?i.?l tun "-H r- cio-e it 27c ..11 Kl. nr. fie on W'r.eat. 8c. on
('..... t.. Ne*.Y.'k I.i'ke !?,.?..hi? 2.?.V... h?,h. WT-oa?. 41 BM
? ???li Cerr. r?,i, | BxPOBTa, I ('18 bl.l? r*l ur? 15,tri0 biu'i.
\M..t: Oil??' h. ?h Cm t l"d h'i-h (?als. <-|
Ha?ti?, ?n?, Ans. 0?Kein qui. t h .t firm ; Howard ?t'-ttl
? : .1 Ohf .''.M at ?T^??'i: ?.n ?tie*. IVmkat Iran: ll.d. *' 2 2
#1 ?b. White *1?'?7*I t?. CuRfi ?Ladv; V.-i'.?av,w*af~k, 1
?Lite, :r.r Se. Ptuotltlom .|i?iet, lirm an! iinchaiig-I.
?A'-iHii bfg?<.r, at _{*
N ? ? ( Iki Ka>- Aast 0 - ? .?rrev dill; ?tearrer'? ni"?, can??d
1. ?? lin. BSSBl ?aie- ol lltlO li.lel K1..IK .1 .11 .t 4.S:?t0r?ll.S VI
COBX *?fj dull tV'r. PeKiv bncynn?. ali.l nr.l.le?? '.teiiiA..! an
rdasnce: Mes?. $31 .?1 1. IB h-eva-t. af\,tr,\c loi t.lr t> l'nllr
:?lr iMiiA?-*:? at lu u!Vr.. Tn.iAC.n hrm ; l?i.g?, V :. ; Kin?
L--.' 'it '-'.'. Ail 1 th?r i?nlrl*i? un. imnard
f hi? ,i.,.., Au? 9.? Ku.i k .(i.l-t vVaair du!! aud Aaollaoal
?ri-<C : ?a>? S (?Vlbiifb. al Ms, for No. ? Spring: *l f.irNo. I H*?!
tat?I* Cr-n tlrm, tnd I ??;'.?.'. !. va.-: ?a!ei5 CiH)'u.,?h. ?t 4-Vc iu
ftore. (?nt??le?dv. Kkcripti?-I.WHi bhl.. Klour, 8l,0?0 bu??..
V hrtt. TOCOihi.b frm S,?Kl hi.ab. ()?U 8ho ??vt<-? 700
U.'?. H...?r Kicr-ihiul?. W'?ea', l'? .'?o? bmh Or? IMr-Obifh
Ott?. FniiiHi? *f'lv- Ble aaWassX, (Je on Corn toH.:'
tl'. . BMgarl Ex? BXPSB on New York U IrTrcrit, prem.
(iv.i-mti. Aur 9?ri,,?K ?u .?veu-e hn?1????t -ftWilOXl
(lii'tabl. harte W'h.?k? ?teatlv :-t l?i (a- PaoVIBIilBI qil t
W VK-. in codent?? d*n,an<!. Fia hin.,b ou Nev-York, *"
PORTO! H??st?..n 4NI) ?'H irtr.FSTOWN.
M? l'tiiv -t --.., .-T.t of th.- ??in,, ot lapait? aal Barsastt ut
(. ?<,.!?. V. ar?., and Mercli.i?,?iiie, ei tered duriiif the month of
J ilj, !'????'
???BI-lFlai.e I,,),,[>*, WAHR?, ?xn BKKi HA'.ni-K.
In r?'t?- Pulia'.'e. rit. red for coiriiui.ptlon.!KI.,"^ '"*.
Hl.tifl.le. IV H. el.? 1.' I._ ?*]>, 1,1 I
PrOO, (l A. III?..?? t.! ?pt, ir and Ili.lH.lli). -'rt/lrC,
T. tt! UtrfOtOj.fi'.i.i.lA BBS
r.iport?- Dob rftteM.rt-limi.lUe. ?IBM m
I'Mirlci' M. -vhiindite. ihitiible. V. (IV
roi? i -i. M? ii-!'_idl?e. fr,.,.. Tl ?.'ti
Bpl I't? ?...I I. u Hi mi,.a..,,,,.,, lit? ?K>?
T. InUtp...!?. ?I 42? t?
MerelMI dUe nit! .hau?. rVoaa V\ arehou'.e for".-', ?'
?l""l'l"". *5912i;
4 ..iMl.rt.la.? l'unie Mini,. 1.
Rr-.i.iHitD ? ?h Thn N Y. Thihcke. bv Qbo. Ri rr
.... , - , V-'Knsa.nAT Aue 8 itWltt
\\li.,i- i.un.bet of Cartle at untitrt . ;t, o'mmt irtBtfJItl
ar?!**:? St.!*? roi?i.?lri?or V?.0,,jn;. 0_.n MHcb Co_? M(
ont?, i<a .. .1 1 :, . <? y rar. o,I
Pk . k- orM?BXBl Ke"|. ? Fttr?, OR Tberf;- ?rat HBsstl
?II ffl. ?ec.ii.i qui.hty, ?S: ?bird quality, ??75; ordin?r?
12 b
Phi. ?* o? 8T.11.B Cattib ?Wiirkln? Oxen per ptvb ?frr?
?f.i t?. *lfO, Co*? aLd I" alvos fu ni blOaiiV.ifili lo' ?iv.
T.a.llr? ?, iionr.Tuo year? old ?!f?to?L* ?TWe year* olo
tI'O. !..
Bleep and Lan.Kf, ?,. "0 at Marlirt, Piket La loU, B'.*ll ?
'?f$l tHlrscrh; B-tvB, flttt?t 8"rfS4.
BrjBBBH Vkoa BiriB ?T1VB
Cettle aipbLb't Calvn it,.-.,.
Ml!*??. hi 10OO
nia-ngBifahiia t? i."?*.
' rin.-'Lt...IU 1 ?O .. M
Mtt-t.-h iriti.47 110
N ? York. 70 a-) .. to
?Ve.tern. :t
. 212 2,325 .. 88
Total.... .... fil? ?.800 li*. 7H
Ilitlto. ? ? ? TC t)Tt, Tallow 62(*k p tb. FoUs, Ms tBl tt
? ? tl toil su., fiarla? f r*
N. B.-Ccel I ?tia ?id Kir.t qcilltj Include? unt'ilog bi.t th?
be.t, laiaa- lui, atoll f. d (?ten "n-oi.J q ml tj in. 'jj.-. th? bt* I
.1 Pirn, ibc list ?U'l'ed 1 ???., an! I bt be?1 th ? aa ) e?
tl--t..i? (ir.'n.irv - 'iti. u.J ko rofuao tl it.
IbBXP- r?lr? Im 'nJei Col-ett, and ?lieu taWSB of l.itert. 1
qi.tll'j are ihr. ?1 . cl
Th. i,.?.?. m ,1. ...i Um Ka.tein Rrilh?)??! IStl ov?r t' ,
. ?ni I ue'l. b. J '?? uv, t. . 1 o. I i |r|
Heb u.k ' - Ih.re ??? un BBiauallt kr?Savpprf nt a'onk al
BUM lot I 1 t'il? .. Il' I 1 ? th.- ve?' ?l'.l o? .: ? t > 'he .
wt.tl.t, ?ait. ?..? dull I '? t ...?'ig b.it lut! ? cl t r '.'cal
Mutt Ol tl.e ...tt! l'.i'l, 1 l'.il ., iHtj ?. -..,'lalf
'? ? n -i ?' ?..: 1 t m i> roooa ot trat g 1? lly a 1 I,
.?n tl.. ..il. ?f . , ond o .?hty. P,B??f Sali Halaa aWw St IB?
Bot MME, .eut 1 tl.Aii li?i ?. ek
P?il??Hi!|thfn l'nlitr Htfirltel-Arc S
Tber. ? ?? ? fn|r lnpp|v ol He?f Cufie tn m ?rk.l'M? w.ok
IBS ?.M. i: ,. . ' oll il? \ .. ? .11 ouiilliif |a |,-,i? h. ad ?i .le
" d" ? M.k tudtal.. 1, ate.lli, ,? +.-? .' ? a 1 + ??
F 1"" lb, 1.1.U1 ait ?,d pun e.
ISBS Tl. . ?,.ia , t .1 ?.p i.a.'hdi,. ?..V.H. !,??( ?, 1 , |
?>e?er i,..?'.?? tt ... ?I,..??. .?.ted lor ?ove,ni w-rki Th.. ?tie?
?? ... id-alto.u . u. j . |- 1!.
Il?? TMtao?ket w?.,|,il'r b.lik ?ni all offered 8 ?lni? he.J
?m. II.)" ?. J ?y ?? r-,..,. g-i.; *::i lot ? .1 t.d. ?ud trom *"*
f I ?i.? ?I M'"?, ic tel
.??? Th. rob i,. (?ill (.lar deiiiaiij for Ihl- kind of ?|.>,-g
ai. ?:.tt)vl tu inly l.'i? iii.d, alt.viui f^? ?*>, oocoid
li.? to ?|..a 'i v
?ffrBfTr-rnfTarTf- a?w'rhftTd,glj0fj.u\*n?, ?* *Mmut
,1-t Airni?*) ?-y th? ?.r? Fdward R*IL Thomas T Itarem
ot fart H?a.i!t'.!. Kew '-nfM. inpbebe F., MMflflMflBflMM
of Pr 'i M. 4 h. r. !?n| th- fa met .lUce
DEAPPi,BN-"BTOV_ ?t tb* fbcrcb ->f th? Raafewr,^,
F, .o. !.? ?,. *???-..?n< ?la?, Ans A by ?yt Rev E M J-att,?'
fapt tleiiy C. Deiibom a:,3 Jtaaat 8. 'JtIoti, ?Il of ?j
MTAD- MAfirrf-l-O'iifr -Oi Moodiy, Ja-y 10 by tfe? R?*
l'r A-nit.t?. Mr. WIlMt,,. Mead to MIm lIsrriM M
C ulie>'-|li, til of Oil* citj. *
BOBFBTB?At Htilenn on Monday, Acjra?t C, M. Wife 4
Ht-pb-? Robert, "f ? d??>?l.ts . w
BABTA-A? BI?i?w)ilnH?'*. o* MonMj ev?ir?B?. lu?? a
.??rr?e'\V B-?- ?*,????* 4* yi'-r?, 1 month? in* 10 dsya. ?>
JIHr M? pars-r? p!???s roo*.
B? t|)pM t W-f>n M?."?l?y, AtJfnn?, Mn. P. M. Bafebtth
M? l?*h vesr of h?r a??. '**
H?r f? ii.in? P*?* i- b-rr- d la Or*?owood.
jTOEE- In il !? Hty. ?m Tn?t?Ity ?venfM. Ar?1| 7. Ir*;
Caiheilre H.?,, widow of the IM?? U-rittt EotT, io th*S
y??r of her ?**>.
FIA-P-O Wr..ln?-?^?y AsfMtl ?t *h? r*P lem.'a of b'i (es
Fr)*trd ?!???* .1 ur.i r? tUw-JoruteJ Alfiiaod-r fn'i if-aj
t I... r ?nd painful bine?? late et N?-? Orleans, ia the "er.h y-^
et Mi ???.
FR F r'.MAN-Siid?j>nly, ?t Met .iiin New Je?sy. ob 1V?t?h?
Ao( ?? 7, Mktth*w F. Ereerj ti ty*J "'?ye*??, 3 ?soa'LsnJ
ri?i?. ~*
Hino-g-Ar E??t Iftropton, Lor.g Island <"? We,ir*?fc.
Anjrni? ?. ?f fr Joris- r--?ived by Mnf thrown r>?,o ?\,
1*111?,? Tin.o'hy Ifedg?-?, etcj, of thit city, Ir. toe -?th ?sw
o?- H? ?r?
B'i fone??l *l 1 b? ?ttenled in -???.?.?-? at 1 ?? ?.. ir from V-,
3?, W'r?t Tblry Bi"?.i ?tr-?t, BiiMM jrtiisc liavitatlo?
l*?'EllI.-?t II? rrridenr* I:, PhiUAelphl? ??a W>rlnttrjay,
Atif?'?? s ?h? a??. tVlll?*m ?Mil, D. I) , ti-* M va-tr?.
11"? f,.?e??l ??r-lrr. *?il he bell on M-7n?_y, Au?>.t 11, st If
s'sl-vk, 1n tie Sixth Pr-.by'?'l?n Cb rcb Tbe frleid. o' An
't, . i ?. 0 ..1 ?'errvn.eB of4 ail deooaiitittli-.n?, ax? L-irtkaUrly
Ir vie? i to itiend
OAKI.FV-At Elir?b??h N?w.f rtey, on Tn-i*id*y, Aaj?n?4
!), H. rrl. It? R wife ut L? v. 1? VV. < J ,kl -y, M U . : 1 tha ? 1-j
year ?f h?r it?.
"Tfr t"l. ' d? ?' ?h- ?* ml'? ??? Invlt-d M ????>?, ?*)? fnn**?! fr?M
her '?I* re??'Irrri' Flirabeth. N J . M |M**aM?B on 8*1? l?y
u,< -n'rii. without further ?bvBMIm? Tra?a? l?av? foal ti
rointUint ?t-e??' a 8 ?rd 9 o'clock.
PAV?*E?In *b1? rltv. or? W.^rieaday. Anritt ?. P.rah P????,*
th- otborri teVe at W'fUlam Pun??, ii?d 41 y??sra
pn,r**_Or, ??-'e??ne.day. AoTti.ta. Strah -Ann BUey, widow cf
tb* I??? ?bmri?? Hll-y. a?ed ?i7 y. art.
Tb? ,. p...??. an?? Bfe rAt ot the f?*- llv ir- 'etpairtfi-Hy Irtrttsd M
?'tud l*i Cnprr?I fr-ru ber latm resideace. Mo 24 Varkk
?I ?tl, ?n. r>?'..r.f?y, lltb I:?tt, ?I I*?**Mm p. m., *Hhop tap,
?h., irvitati.io
ri pn?fr, ?hla dty, en W?j?lia!a?iay, Aor:rt 1, Tcnls V?
W folle it,,..,
Hi? f? ei d* ?rd tho*? of hit fst-ter. Mm ?S. Rohr, are rrtfb
fn'l? ', T'*e?f to -t end hi? f n Pial rV "ri hit !?'? rmahmner, V-j.
13 V' .-st T-eiav-rnnnb street on Friday mora'aj. at S?j'elock,
w i I ont fur*ber irtvittiion.
SVITH--?)n Tho'?f?ty rranrTtl'iiT, A=ia?t 9, Cctb?M-.I PfJlita, Dt
tl e !??? tirr?. ?** d k l. J. Smith ai ?.M? cKy.
Fnueisl ',. ."??'"d?y triorni' ?r A.i-iTist 11, si hait rpat t e/el-v-l,
fr m M? retMesee No f9 l'nfon plu-*. ?*?? ernsr Si? rarotl.
?-irt. le? r-lali... ?,..f Irin,.!, of ?he '??.ily are rest** ?'..
MB) ii.-.t?r<f t?i ?Oeud ?he f mural without f'irtber invitation.
TA V LOR- In Sidney Mil-ir, 'n gttnrcliv n..,-iiiri? Joly M ->f
rh-rn I.- Ir.jl-me at'on of :!?? rtoniae-h. M. Anal?, only
ditiy??Hi if Nttl.au ??,. J Melinda ri. T.yljr. ?atetei t? yaara tai
* rr ot thi.
T1FPF- Ai Orsr^e, New-J-rsey, ob Thort-My, AotMSt 9,
Vil'i..oi M. Tl-i?
E'iith-r rioti.e si" tb>- fjDeral will he given in io-tnorrttn'a
I ?pee
VAN noRolJi?In.)e?*iey dt* ob *I*hixriday. A"ntt 9, Ltrira
1 prit I?In ??!? ?htrr of Joseph ?^id A:.a M. Vac Dotan, i(f>4
3 n ottl ? trd ."" I ?v?.
Tl.? r UM?. ?., J r,Wd? of tb? family ar? rmrumttfoTiy Invtufl
?o ???< nd th? ?nne-sl tomorrow f.Stt-jrdiy Diorr.ing). at IA
o'clock f,?m No I'M "ay ?tr??t, Ie?t y rity. p{tk**l f?rth?r
biifai'.D. Her r-n-ai-i? wi.'! ba laki a to Miliatoae, N J.,fot
i..'?rn ?..-.
Son . ivllle (N. J ) piper? p!?i-? fipy.
VAN A EPT- In ?Un "l'y, r-n Tl..rtd?y, A-.riit'', Mr? D-borai
V'ar? Nr-i. ????? 91 vr???.
I!e? fi:n.n I v 11) tike i>L.<m ft'.m tb? r??t<J??Tire of bs-ralaniiitar,
M?. I) I*| r? Ba 4 Varl-kpl?-?. m ?ttar-Uy. AaTfM U at
2-' lih Th? M**mt*WtOmm\t*toi the MM J we i?*?P* ?P
fully iaiitedtoaOri").
4'h??. ni'ir? flJpil?*?!
In mtWmmbkt Conna ?//tl tor tin'way, ttmm Uoi"?i? Mr. txA
Mr?. W n, F. Tiyl.-r. w m. Hi??#y, l- 1? M rt-.n C V. Karl-y,
J 1 n P.r.-T, J. Tribii. (. 8 F.r.t.?---, R*v. J. Hraaly, R>v.l.
S Beak** P?? fr-hn Hoztn J B:-???? r. ST. Kseraon. /tan
I'll?r.??, Mar 1 Nerv Ite?. J. ?nrrel!. Rev. ST. Ml JM?mK
roukev.V.'rn T- f ?rk*r?,x1 \\m ft..lli t, Ii>v VV. Mortoo f.
Mor?.-n. V'tn Furry. **-o Mia?*? H rr*, J M Oowlry, Dr,
Sh. erhonter, John ( off?e?2? -, tu d 81 In th?? it???r?4?.
Rnn-R'?.i.. S-.r-b , a.,u. 0??? 1 M<>ob? Rite?. 11 'fl
HI??H WtTBB THti ??T
Sandy Book... 1 M'Os. ltUn.l... ' - ? : Hvll-Oal?.I 47
S'samtliip-It. H. C.ijler Cro. ker, S.iv?HL?h, H. B. CrootviU
Shipt- Fo,-kfc,hf.m. M. lohor St. Ma, N B . Slmme?. ClaM
l(t Crmeil? VVo.kJi?H? (?lti|r.?* Iloyd k H-in-ke,,.
PaTk.-|.,yin?r!o.)?l, VI arr?n, R i?tiii,-?r?. J. McK?e ; (JeorM
I. ale HrtctHiry. C'tr oa. R. VAT. Tr i.idy ; ?-i-nhler Pt.-kv4,
>l?it? ll'-i V.-'.'-li A Minie. P. P.-!.Jl"taj;:, S-.iunc:., BaMM
Art.? R P. fcnekit Co.
Viift-A (?fMel CnrhraB Hi'Ibi, T). R. Dswolf: Viry H.,
t?re Boatrn, J. ?. M-K.??; (fl Irin-. Rio?, HaiilBX. A.
.-ni 1 ?"?A f. ; Ne-av World, iUiiamn, ElMfealfafMa, I D,
It:o..In l< k Co.
g,.,,,. r.e-a-S ?.?lmin Trowel! Rrxton; \, i?'???r (Br),
Rr? ?Ie? H.'ifst H. O D-nov^n : E. Cow?l! Ortjr?i, Nor'.4k|
? oiiH-.k Mit.bel. Pirttiroke. Miller fk. iloiig?"on. J. Sn.ith.
P.ijtrn Wfln Irttai . na.t-r. W T. (!.?., ,e.. R . , Bo*??.
I.ii'i.laii. A Mn.on Veteran Chapman St Jtho. P. i.Ntvt.il?
Hot . Adt.nre. Curvy, Ifort ,1. N 8.. I). II. Drw.ilf.
SIo.p?Ph.ri.ii, 8i.epu.Ti) N'.-w tlsv. a. msatar. >
SletirihiB Vorktovm, Ptrriih Rirhmond, Ac, rr.die. ?nal -Mat
to LiKi'en- i Hrtni-ken ^^
S?. arn.hip Mount Vemos, Layfi.-!d. Baltiaicre and NorfiJt
nd?. ?i.dia? 1?. II. B i'r..ii.(.?il k Cc
eh'p ?? K Ln.iw!, fot 'I'lri-n, M? ). MUl?r LIv?rpra?| f .tp
l-1, u.d?. to J. VV . i.lvArll k Co. Hid fresh br????t from Wi?
fl:?tp?:i of ih?pa??-ge; middle end Utter pirt, liiht S VV. aad
V-'. t.ind?tnd rain.? wi?h ?at -ide-??!e r.is ai d Mri ?mpo M
d?J?ti"c the I r?!..? ?mk*. July 14, lat. 4?4?), loD 47 JO. HW *
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b*e pilot fr? 1111H1 bir? bro-i|ht has, to 'bit port.
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(No 1).
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