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Btaa* (H? 8*8a < < rtropo-ilvuL
Tt rin, Tue?day, Oct. .3, 18410.
Abjb-8 tb* ?**tin tdct, Sunitaj ia re^ardt-i a*
tkt 4*y Bioet appropriate fur wnrwattmm, On a *-an
amf, Napoleon waa elected PrBaMaat; ona sumlay,
88 -wdered Ibe voto to be tiken tir*t for tbe PfttA'
awwty for life, nnd later for tbe Kinpire; 88 k
f8D8-y, tb. Kwilia and T-fi a*1) d"' ",e<,? *J univer
Balfruffragr, tueir anneiation to luper Italy; on a
tkanday, BBBM and Savoy were anne.ed t> Fraiee;
fte 4ay b**fo-e yeatrrdny, all Nftple* aud Ba.~f <?*"
tbtir .ote for ai_e\ntioo a-d \ ictor Euaanufl BBt
tkt ballot-bo..; aid on the 4th of Novei-ber, the
Har-bea and Vmbria ar** called to follow fcsir ex
a_aalr We bave but few returos ae yet, _flflfl tbe
Seatb, atil 1, it scetn." tliat the gencral enthuaiaim
for Italian unity 1i_h imt b tl to Bcene* of intimida
ftton. lor we find everywhere an uuligniii. ant lin
Bfltflf of Ifaafl recorde. among tbe prcvalcnt I'eaa.
_e to tbe flfifi] rcBi.lt, nobody could doubt it, even
-for a nionient; neither l?-^itimiet -vactiotiarie* flflff
fr_er_l_it republicB_B could nnvwhere make a
_____ agaiust Itahan unity, and the principal com
bi??it againit ("aribaldia government. both in Sicily
aad at Xaplea, wai* alwaj? bia delay in eninpleting
tbe a-neiation. hut while ta the wmth tbe enthu
-aaetic population rutb tothe bal'ot-box, thewarlike
aperations are not interi upt* _ On the '.< Kb. Gen. Qk
_J__ii, with tl.e vangnjird ot the l-ieduionteae troope,
-anaehed Ia* rnia, and, "MBflfi-g there a Neapolitfin
aojaiiat rolumn, he at ome attacked a_d (fopersed
ifi, About 1,(X'0 priBonere and a battery ware the.
ttaphiee ol the day. Oaribaldi, atter having on the
Uith revicwi*d the Englith voluntecrs, who on tbeir
airival at Naplea arera at ofieeseal tn tbe Volturno,
made on that ocoaaion MBM important remarks;
aad, **?eing there the II tir't-arian L.gion, he turned
fcj tbeni, and, in a few warni words, eiprew-ed hia
MiaBkB to the Huugarian*. " lt i* our dut> now to
"take fif their cause, ' he *aid, "as our own
? eante; and wlwwi the bour <>1 iioenitio.) strikeB
" for t__ 888 ?BBBM country. we must be n-aily
" to BfMBt her, and by tl.e A-U?_t' B*C _i_ll
"'do it. Hurrah for Hungary'" Thi* een
firnce wan aBOfiea with a prophctic leeling.
fcr it tee un* that Auntria in meditating an attack
upon iheLfgatit'iiewitliiiitlie n.xtf.w Mflflka, which
aititt lead to an (RflBMflfil iu Hungary. f*0e 1(888(1
Ber darger. aiid. tlier.-tore, 88 Bfl ar.- BflBffflBfil 81
Brlfgraph on the -i-t ult.. grant*_ BOflflfiaaBBB aud
a. r_netittiti-ii to Hungary. Wa do rn-t as )H kfiBB
thedcUr.B oftkai BflB coiui'dy, but Hungary WALt*
Bota oonstitutiou: ibe want* her _OB8_t8it'nnn, aud,
well avvare tl.at Aueiria neicr can grant it, ahe
arant* a et n plete BeparatioB from that 11 BBMBti ll
?tnpiri-. It Bilial hii ? eaal a great sn -ritice to
Francit Joi-eph Is yield to tin* proud H(Mgflriflflfl,
*?_?** twilw jMflM14- Muaaaiaa could ttA Bfaafi.
8__, be uibde'the Bi.riii.-.'. aud hiuiaeif 1888*88(1
tbepolici bi wlii.'li I'roiuthe begiuuiiig ui'liiH irigu
ae hae uiide'iiaken to aoeroa the reaiaaag prouna*,
and ftife _?BB iii?ac* a unitary eiiipire. All Italy ia
faily C4.ii\inn-d that tkeaa coaeaaaiflBa augur war
fcr tbem, tkat PraB-ia Joaep-i v.i.-h.-a te mth the
pfli Bfll Bf flaB8Bll without which he cannot
aven think of t-iicce* ding against Italy. 8?8. aaa
?uy, from our kin.wl.d.e ofthe HungHrian nation.
BflJely foret* 11 tbt- _4Mripl-ti) I'ailure ofthe ret-..iicilia
Uon, tlx u.h B8 >1" BOl twt kiicvt the t-xteiit of the
BBiiceaBioiiB. At iu KapMa, they lall aqapfi an un
fiTBteful ground: tbij nill IfiflfefiBB l_ Cfififfi*
(Bon, but not the |88d u'H M*tt- BB__fi
Ob the 888, t8e two l._peroi_ af Aaatria and
BuB*>ia m? t ii "-t cordi-illy :it WfiraaW, and iii a few
day* wc "bbj hc.r i.f MareaalU (B* Ba_ porteatoaa
BJeetiug. lt Bc.'iiiB to 8)888 an Auafnan BBBaar
fiare. lor it wax pie. r.i.-d bl Ihe forni ii withdrtwal
88* the KuBiaian __flW-8fiflflfl froai lurin. while
Frinrt- (iorchakoft, the ctatBB"' af the Austn.ni Al*
llance, aMflaa aai t-. aara aeetaapaaied _a Imperial
BnaBter. On the otner hand. the Priare Ri-cent of
PniBBJa. ullor theinteiai.-w with the Qoeea "i Bn
aland at OeflaafiS, b-Caaae kaa fri-ndly to Aimtriii
Uiaii 888*888, and tl.i.uili ih?- Haron Schleiuitr wr..t<i
s tery Btroug im "faaasra dipluinatic B888 Ifl Bm I u
?in Cabinet, blanjiug tiie diBrcgard flf inteinatioual
lawandlhec4.nclu*iop*<lrawri b_\ Count Cavour frorn
taeprinciplt-ofriatiorialify and univei-alsuffrag.-, he
8*8888fiMBfl beyond a f'.rinal i.-i-cgnitioi) ol Au
firia't right to Ven. tia. and in th-' 88888 br.-ath a.
bnowlcdgeia the prii)ti|)le of non-intervi'ntion ...
retraidu all tl.e other jiart* of Italy. 8??8 im
know thal Kngland fi ur> a l.uropa-au oour1.gn.tiou
?riginating in a 1 enetian war, but th.tt *be sympa
ibizeB otheiwine with Italy, and deBires t<> 888 Vic
lor Knianiiel at tbe he'ad of a atrong Kiiiopean
power, we eleariy bm in Haron Schlemitz'e diplo
itiatir not.-, tbe iuflu.nce of Lord John 11ub-i.1I.
More impoitant is, perhapa, tbe intr-nicw of I.ord
I _?ut-raton with the Kmperoi Napol-'on, at Conv
fnegoe, which took tb.- w..ii.i ?>y BfilfilBM, 8_B*? it
cauie unawaren, but b.nii.d a meag.r t.-lcgratn. we
do not know anythmg about it. It looaa like a
warning to the meeting at WfllflBM, tli.it Me reiiv il
of tb?- Huly Alliance will onlv ceim-nt tbe Anglo
fV? n*-h Alliance more etioiigly.
Count Cavour ia prepuruig with the greate-tt en
aagy lor a eudden AuBt-rian attack. He hae Bfl
t_Dt* to loee, for AuHlrian troops are poariug day
aftej day kwht Venetia. B88BflWB haa g?t tlie ehief
?t?umand of the Italian arujy, und th.- PrBBBfl of
Medena ix buaily engag. _ ifl reorgani/ing hit uniii.
iwiewing tbe Au*trian tmip*. and prcparing lor
B eampaign.
Aa to Napoleon. he eontinuea Iiik myateriou* pol
iey. He aeflMa lt_ly, but Bflflaaafli the fiBNflja p'-w.-ii
from int.-rf.-ririg. Ili- 1X818IB8B8 Viterbn i'nr the
JPope, and 88?"BB tbe French B_8?48 89 denounee
ViVtor Enianuel, aad alao Ba_B8_ indire.tly. He
ipioreath.' plan* fif tbe WarnawcoiiHjiiratorB, while
Br put* bia aimy 88 a *till more erticient footing.
He reap* the fruit of bia lUilian pobcy, which made
Bim tbe n.<?**t feared moiinich in Kun.pe, while in
France _MsaB8flBBBB Bflfii?M him aafi-flflfi?_f_Mj
fil)ated. He hit* 8081 r.-ally like A-W.at at the fiflffl
etf the winda; il'be 8f8Bfl tl.e g;it*-f(, the i-torm "Bflflfl
Bhroughotit tbe (MBBBflnt: il be bIiiiIb the wind* Mp,
peatie remaiuB unimpaired.
WlMlillUNI Fnll WAI in i'ia;..siA.
88 aai Onr Own CoiteipoDd?ot
_-MUM, O.t. 83, 1880.
Tbe anger and tbe ilread lelt by our Uberala at
Me Prince Kegeut. partcipation in tbe WarBaJc
CoagreaB, tind, a* ia uaual witn the gnevaoeea of
Bjflj-aiae l .ueriaij I.ibeiala, their tent iu b'tter at
feraions of Auttria atd ite Bflflr*fl_8J*~- Con-tit'i
"tMi-. Iu tie tirat place, Francia Jflflflfll willueverbe
fcrgrveo, for banng iVreftthe*. g4?tlemen of their
greateat cor.eoiati?o, and the atfiailiog Uipi* 81*
their verUie Bel'-rigbteoutue*-., \u , the C')ntra*t
ketaeeu " conBtitational" Fruatia and " abaila
ti*t" Aurtria. Tbe Auatiian piteut, of cours*,
BBtpen, not orly toraiil*. but to *erioui miatn""
iligt of every kind. Tbe circur_Bt*uic?*r. undor which
atd tbe hand* by wbich Ui*> gift ie BaafiBMfli,
staup it with the character ofa -hif', rather tD%n
a tincere eonceaaion. Once befoie flfl the 4th of
May, l-l.i, Francia Joseph promulgtted tbe out
BBva of a couatitutioo, only to cancel them
flfie follriwing year, alter tte fortune of war bad
tWl.ri <1 on hi* title. Bot, then, tb-re etitU no
fatsttUi 1 ?? on tl**) reeord* of bn-t >ry of pfiaefll l 8
kag ever curtailed tbeir 08m pnvileg.e a.d yielded
le popular c??nt, axeept under fifiafiT) pie**ara
frnmt arithoul, aad t_e_e exiata no iaat_ace of their
BBving kept faitb wh**n.\er tiiey could dan-1>. break
Seir oatba and tbeir pl.*dge* w>th _upanity. Th?- old
^U-gYj^ri Conatitution hae n..t been r. aton-d in ita
jategriti,, aiui e th*'two inorf tmportaai rightaof
wtjttat Ujr*~'?"t8 ?nd mean*, and thelcvieaof tro .p*.
BK 5wMflf*Bi fron. tl**' Diet at I'ettb t*. the Cr.
tra) lB-**4rial'Ca?o<5*l ?l Vieona, whi.-b latter bi-u.-i
k^^Tio lorm the State* (JWal of the whole
BOiMre*. hJrdt, )-*lf intea-U- with attribut.-* likely
_T_l_y-iii- 4tennaijent aourcea ot atnfe Mween
JLIraad itaie diff-rent national or proviiicial
iil-a Thie (kmatrttitiona nf the t,er__o Mavoiuc
_-?_-11 being -ait.-d to th. -uoel fiNMral
-__n_fiMM oZuiixo, may Iie u.ad. BoMtafl
\T oyrrrthmxt oi. TV greai>8t fkuH found
ZrthW_3o8 oo tbe part of the Ma+.yari, ?
S_T-e M_-t-ou of Croatia and Hen ut and I rana* laa
SSioHoi.ra-7, aod tbe grant t* Bttm "8WB?a
y^eitiX^Dt Utett; M N tbeevent* <rf
)84eV40 bo nvalM to mind, it m?y bo jn-rtfy
dmiMed whether tbe Croatl, Sl&vonianK, aSerb*, .tnd
Wallachiana will bc* ifld__-_ to abare iu tbia Magyar
Krievnnee, and back it bf their aupport. Tba Vi
enna taa********. in thia inatauc . MMI ratlitT to
have plaj e*d a clcver trick upon tlie prineiple nf na
tionalitv, and tnnied tt to Hflif flflll acount.
Hnt, "ae for the gflflflol t-flt of the whole Cflflf re.
under the name of the Imperial Couueil, Mfltod ut
Vi, nna an.l fCIPpnil-i flf the reapective dotaflflt-fl
appointcd hy the dif-flflflt Dfatlflf OflBcta, Hun
gary, Tranaylvama, Croatia. Servia, Yetietia, and
ihe Geiman provincea, lieing placod l>?yond tbe pale
of fllffJIflWI tothe Diet of thr ("ermnn Conted.'ra
tion. will it not out aaunder the relatima
that have hitherto ohtained btlfllfll (ier
rnan Austria and tlie Gflflflfl Cmifederation ' Thi.*
i? the greot tlieuie now klfflfid upon by off i?l
Pniamiii Libi raliain, which will never ataiulin want
oi arguinr'iitH for its p?*t idea, the cxcliiaion of Aua
tiian Qtmnj froin the ('erman Ooiitederat .>u.
But all this reaHoninirproceecla from a bflM praflflfl
in eBflfliog to the letter of FrancU Joaeph'a patent.
While tbe latter muat be cousidered. on the part of
the JI flfll lill iflflllj. ae a i-lever device, it aliorda
to the fflliflU pecple. lllflll-Tii under Hip_kttlg
away a precioua liandle fur worfaflg flflt their flflfl
dotiniea and reopenine the era flf r. Toliitmns.
For the preaent, the Anatiian Conatitoti.m will have
d.me much good in hmublinj. the 1-hurwan prideflf
the Plflflflflfl uiock-Liberula, and atnppW). t'ie Ho
henzullern dvnatty ol the <>nly advantaeo it CflflM
boant nvc-r ita rival. that ei eairyiflgofl the .-ld sflfl
Iflffl of tbe hureaucrat and the Mtdler umlerthe
more reapectal.I.' fo~- ci t*'-u?titu.ii*i?ii?ni.
To thfl Wfl an insifcht iflto th. real ?tate of this
lnuch-vauuted, ?- MflflMfffltod " I'rusais, it will be
neceaaary tfl l-fl-T tfl thfl dflflfM that lta\e lately
taken place il Ufl O-gflfliflfl-Mfl of the Prtiaaian
?rny, You will rememhei- tbat the EVflfltafl
('li;,iii?..r of Deputiea, while la-king nn the one
si.le tiie rflfllflfB to afl'roiit puUic opinion bv an
open .'inctit.n of tbe Goveniuu-nt pcoflflflfl fur the
rfltrgflflizfltflfl of tlie army, cud Iflflfliu M the
otber . .de tlie eflflflfll Ifl iiAth*' ? doeided atand
lflflS_lt llfl murtiii-t leaniiiga nt tln- Pritiee B-f-fl-t,
i Lit -Mfl ihe inual flDCfl?flt of flflllrflMfl I
| iniddle etmrtt, neither fiab noi B-flk. It refuaed to
1 poM tbeGovei___*__il plan fur the ret-tfixrizatioi ol
the army, bbl voted 19,500,000 tor 0-ttiag the
1 .-iiiiy into a atat?* tit to eiieonnter tht flflflgflrl ap
1 -.rebended froin without. ln other word*. Hfl
! nrwrnu [taflflt-M -fltod Hfl flflfl and flflfl
J Wflfltfld 1'V tlie (iovenmeiit t>>r flfllTJ-_| out its
, fltaa, bnt vote. th- iu ofl ttt\m pi-tait.. EUrdlj
J id the PlflM-flfl l-rliiiiiieiit befll a<i.i.?iirn.-il wbefl
I tl.e liiflifltry, openl) breflking throagh the eoo
ditioni on wkicn tl!.' arantflrai obtflined, hrgtn,
without tinther fllfl, to iiitioilm-c the ihflngM in tbe
organization of the iflfl] wiltad bj the PriBM
Regeol mid rejeotedb- the ao-ealled lupicat-flltiflin.
During the reeeflfl flf the Pflrifl-fleflt, thi flflflfing
aui,\ baa been iaaakd, bfltag I'tafldfrnfl _0r.fi rawi*
U> 72 M'j-.iii.eiita of thelin-i and 9 WgJMWltl flf Hfl
(.naid. Tbe perniaiieiit Bflflflfl] eflfemei for the
Dtilitfli. buifet buve thu?, bythe flapreme will of the
I'lin..' Uegettt, and m .j?'.'i rioUoioo, not oolyol
tle will of the people. but of tlie wte ol it-* flOflk
Repn rentative-, beea rai-e,i by 100 per .vnt. Bflt
do no' faiiej thflP-taee ol Hobemoflorfl of _?) of
kii roUeaguefl rkki tae fata of Mr.__ti..rd. Then
will |)i MflflliIflll Kriiii...Imi., piekled with fervent I*
Mrtiom "t d-iia.tic loyult.v. iad _wbofloflfll flflfl
fidenee ia tba Cabiaet, and thii aril boalL Bon,
roniidering thll even th<* old army organiiatio--,
li d l_ it WM uponi n:ei.-'yr**rirnliiiral p. pula
t.ni,, bfld b ."ine ia intcderable drflwbflci npon
tbe r-flourcei ind the pnnlu.-tivo letrvit} of? peopk
wl.ieh ifl thfl collisenf tillie bfld ('! l!Hl''"l i" tttttt
beturr*, il will beeflaHj Bfldentooi bow the tt***,
Mtfl dflnUed ia rndflhen, flflfll irifld 'iown th- l.*--t
enerfiei >.t ttfl fleaaef, and dratathe -ftiflp of
iratii ini wealth. Th.- I'iuk. ian army maj now bflflfl
.t i.. i.t the tflraeil im Enrope in proportiofl t.<
pi ptih.ti. h and flfltiflfll] IflflOQIt-fl.
loa know that a UuheaioUflfl rr.ler, flhefl ipeflk
ii.j; ol hiiii. clf, or wli.'ii apok.ti of bj hi ? I thiotA and
bifl affil .aln. !_<?'- bj the flflM Of hn.oshirr, tliat ifl
t>. ay. " Lord of Wai." Hofl tliif MflOflnflldflM
iK.t iii, ai. that PiiMiiflfl U-fl* flfldregeotalofdit
' lai'i- the ehmeefl of w.-.r Their p_al inzie^ t..
'ny peaoe, aad their known propenrity for i.-'in:
Uiiflflbed n tbe opea -Wd ihow better. By tbal
t tle uf ?' Lord oi \\ i.r,' m *a*3*A} rbeiiflhed by Ho
henzollerii rulfllfl, it in lalher tuiaeifltood that tle
tmfl prop of their kiogly flower niiir-t be Mflghl for,
not in lhe people, but ia a partiofl <i the PMfto.
! M-] llfltad from the maM, ..}.]..-. d ti. it. (liMiiigui^ied
bv eeittiin badfflfl, t-fltaed ta flflflflite ohealeaee,
J dt ill,-,) inlai ? iiii-re inatnimeHt of tlie dynaaty which
, own* :i aH ita nofflitj aud ??_? il tm trtmttg to it-*
, eapriee. A rru-hinji kii.^ w.mld, theia-bre, rathar
al.uii ate than allow hia army t'> iweflrobedleflce tfl
tl.e t'ouatitntimi. Hen.- a lloheflfloUern ruler, be.
? inp tbe kinK of Iiih pflOpfe only aa t'nr a-he i" the
" Lord ol War," in other words. the prnpiie
1 tor of the army. must, before ull Unaci, dota
tm it, t..ndle (t, liatti-r It. an.l feed it
with --flflflfl taflf-flflflf flflflfltl Of the riatioiial
wealth. Ihie grtuX aim bite Ihh-ii ohtllflfld bj Hfl
iu \s military MfUfafl-iofl. Tbe niiml-.r of cfieflM
haa bet ii doubled. .nd the r.pid pronioti.ni to amgrnft
Bfldl e in the French, Auatrian. and Kuasian ar
niie^. whieh the PrBfliflfl officera had ehft looginflly
anxioua ey.H iiim.ii. haa been Meuifld to them with
! out eNuosiiij. their liv.-a ainl h_bfl to tbe leiflt hfll*
' ard. Den."e there ll juat now prevailini;, n..t MMflg
the coflMMfll t-oldiera. bflt flflMWI the oflflen of tlie
Pnirilll iiinv. u va.t aiuoinit ol entbuaiA.'iii f'T the
I'riiice Kegeni aml hi* " liberal" Mini_-t*-ra. At the
aame time the ariato'Tatie fox-huntera, p___flfl_ag
at the liberal phraaea ,.f the rn'? i,?iuie, have
been .(Uite I IMI jlifllt. d bf Hfl new flflCIIMfl afl'.irded
tl.em lor fafltfnina their younger Mfll on the pnrae
of tle eoiintn. Tliere ia nne drawbaek to all thia,
even from tie dyiaatic atandpnint. I'maaia hua
lK.w con'tiitrated all its flvflflahtfl fon-ea iflto flfll
.tan-ing army. That unny MH l.eat'-ii, BflM vvdl
be no MflMTVfl to fall back npon.
i From Onr Own CoriNpeudent.
FAHI?, Oct. 'Zo, 1600.
The, Waraaw Confereme ifl not a ?ucc._*. I
i mean, of eourse, aa aeen from Faria, where it ia
' irdeed oue of the atanding topica of talk, but ia not
talked about very earneatly, nor even coojectured
! aljoutvery much in the ue*flpape... Aud jet
' nothinf; whatever ia known about its doinn??it'oo
j rauce, the Int OflfliiHtM of c-onjecture, ia cimplete
1 in the flflfl. The truth of it ? that people do flfll
[ .are uincl. nb out that meeting of the three N'ortbera
| 1'owere; flfl have l eaaed to beiieve an otlouaive
! alliance -ffli-flt France amoiiff it* jioriaible reeuka,
j and doubt wh-ther auy tiiiin.e will come tl it.
I Thfl tkl Al Nflfl-hfll ileada, l>iQK tugether with
J tbi?;.- flM-tf-Bg miniaNr-- lying about them, wil! pr/o
aldy come t_> a coii'liiBioa that revolut.ona in luily
and that -i-rt ti thmK are hifhfy hnprflflflfl, and
murt be (.r.lea.ed |||iflfl M flViolfl--M "f the
thlflflffllMC-M (Cfltholifl, beretic I'roteatant aud
Mhtflflfltk Oieeh) oi Dlrinfl flffht ttfretMfltod by
thfl-rtbiflfl-M and ot ifltoraitioflil t*%*ta*T Iflfl ut
Nfltiflfl, and ol nj.iii.fl oi (thflf) faurly and . th*-in
projiertj. llaviui. ..wme Vi ttiia liltuoOl 80tC-fllk_l
at Waraaw, they wiK loa* eit there and fflhoflflfl.
Kothiflg woiH-thai, ftfttbflflflfl, di**k_jr?ed fron
diplon.i.t,. brainfl, fl ill "?""? of it. And diptan M|
haa loat ita IHflflijet *f***A8 ttt *_***?! '?" -'?'?
what kfltor* bai a.. loog boifl tfla-ini tfl-u. thut the
world ii fljofenfld hj faita acctttflu, tm flflfl by
d.pl.uiitti. phrMMj Hithat thfllfl M h.-rdly any one
herealio.ita. esoflll thoae who go flflt by riffal bllt by
faith ia the "hl loniinlaa. who doea not ttfpird
Nai.l. a aml lhe Man h.a na d.-l.nitively ai-.juirod ta
ltaly; llthoflgb th- MOflifl-M haa flfll made in
opeaefl d.-tiam? ..1 th.- law of nationa. and all the
Dflcal, Papalaad Rmn] j.roteati fljflB-tthe j..r
lormaiiiea of (iaril.aldi and Vi-tor Kuianuel ar.
.(Uite eorrei I, Uf-l, l.v'l.al flfld dead |. 11,1s.
Bfl-MflkflTflf Uii* Wfllflflfl CiHilereil.e, whr.h,
ro?roeoUiet,LoflMHflpokafl di.l aot want toit
tend by a.*i) nieana, I uiuat uieutinu tb.tC/ii Alet
ander haa tent h.tn, beaide the four httttt tl tlie
Orloft Imi d * un*- we. kr ai* a recent tnb'gcnyb
letter. J ha\e i,..t tnm the eontt-nta of it: but it
ii* ?-.-*. to ^-iit-BB that th.-y ...iiti.t nl yltU'T.ny gtntt
aLtii-a of a peraoui-lv e?.m|>liuiei;tary and j.m'.i.' aUy
c..Li?< r.ati?e aort. Alejauder d.M-a noi want a i yLt
with Lflflifli t.'.rd.t-a l.m,'* aitl. Aieiande. Iflflh,
fatttlit llttlUYrUt- Wltflt Will tliaMH patei* di tue
icif* and tbortne** of funda and alarmingry pre*a
iiig flflfli of adminiBtrative refonua on one aide, and
the tPtting well under way of the new lyatetn of
politico-ecoi omical nform and intemal BflfflflVfl*
mO'ta on the other *ide?ha* enough to ifl 08888.
lulli ath'ii.e: and us for Coimtaiitinople an 1 tlu
lihcnbh fn.ntier, .loiibtle** each ?*ne known that
Bflflta ripcn and drop uith time.
Stipjx.Be that thoH.- two men are doing their nt
nio.-t to pn veiit, at leatt i-tave ofl", the genernl hii
rcpenn war that Meniato many *'? iniminent any
t BM the ua*t seven monthB ' There 1* con?id.riil.le
likflihiH.il fll the l.a-e flf thi* hypothefli*, and ? ra
tional chonce tor the BfifCflaa ofthe wMtttBmt) ?? tb.*
IBB 88188888. Tbat Auetria and Ital) are l.'.tli
p>.-p:uiiig ior arar la .?ertain. liut if AuMtr.a geta
iio ir.-it-eofl.ackirig.roiu it<* Ku-aian and PflfiB
i.aii frienda (?) and Vietor Eiuanuel ia \n\Aplutnly
tbat France will not back an attack npon VaaflMfl,
th* 8 it the war itaved offfor ail munlha. The only
thnroughh boni'Kt BBfl *Bfl4Mfl BBBflfi B graveli iu
lii.rtarit la the 8888, Caribaldi, in tiot onl) not u r.iah
n.hting adieutur. r, but he in a BBBI8B_B**_? UM a
man ..ICmiiient aOfiMBBfl BBflflflJ. tflj him be phunly
Md tLuit an attack upon \ eneti8 will n.-t be kmtkwi
by Ihe QmilllMIBl of Italy and he will not 1*rt.? rij]? t
it; lit him be peiHUiidcd tliat thi* ("overument m in
rfi-fiflflt, ''J unrclaiid effort* to obtain liln-rty for
VciMtia with um ?BBfiee afflfiflflflflB, and he uil! not
denire lo attemp't it. On the 8*8848. bo far 81 your
coneBj.ond.r.t can Biirre) that largiah lield of 88B*
laetaie, iad decpite tfiaBBBBBN8M ?oiitriiiy imiica
tiono proininent apoa it? mirfare, tht- Au*tru-Italian
war dor* not n.-.-in to bini 88crowdiagly _BM_MBl,
pof tlie general Euiope.m war itu "fiM~0fi_7 rafiflfl*
I cn ti.it BflflMBCfl lorreiterating. that Napolem s
mtcre,. foi* Ibe MflflflM fll ijurop.-an flflflflB.
I have tiiv.r viflflfil hia flflfilt, and to rtm
not in conditiou 80 deny that he it the
wickedct of lhingmeii. MBa*8-8fliana Mfifl one >f
Ihe moft 'i.coriuptilile. and the lat*' King Houiba
one of tbe in-irit amiul'le famili, and the B18B8BI
Kiumt Vr.mz Jtmtfh 8B8 ofthe BMMt iVnri<i!y,
nod*fifit?r(- BBB i" BBBMfil! while Vietor Euiatiu
??1, aml eaea OaiBBtaM am. ia Btt -BBBB tdmttamtl
liiniaix. l.ut Bfiflttaa* Miow-aJiopi.. All biitilie in
BBM-t Redaafid ultra-retrograde* now adimt Ni
i oleon . alilitv an a politicum. An ability eo mni.i
t. Iiie.l l.y tha inaterial 801888 of France, wln.-h it
;md ac ident have bioiight into _N hand-. tli.it 88
881 bacofit-, oi .i ade liiiu.-.-lf, tbe controlliug poarer
oi tlu- organiaed -i.'li'.Hul power* ti Earope; un
abi i'\ -I. great th-n bb htrtm i-trgBfc-, that he a bbJ
?.nn.lj.i.teiit: a i-fitfirkaUe 8tM~ga_-eB>nj parp aa ui'd
nw-t more i. maikaiil" faculti af ?iuietly cliangiti-j
bb |ivrpoae at the iiii]..ri('iisoiilei .?! tbe apiril ol t?ir
tin.i". aategalflf lalentof wai'ing aml auailing. The
n Bfl 1 fBfleffitbe hi'.cui repie?-iitation "I the yo
litu-;ii: a wt.ii.lciti.i aaaaaea af e_pa___B, a
" Blill I BfrlliBg on ot what it pfififiB| ia Ma cham
l.ifil lhabraia behind a pB}4i"gii.iii!i'.'il faeade.
wii"-*.' ( nly cbaraeteiiz'iig fea!toia ba ffefitaOBB.
Bt?_ a *?( cut aa he hnn '
'II,,- town hai been oc.-urned. and, aa tlie I'lench
Mr,. praoeeap?d, ibfla W(*fl*r*B~aa*By*BfltBtafl*, withan
ait.ile in the t'tiiitiluitoniitl BflBBBBpflC <'l that
dfite. As a ^. Deral rule, the Mi-oriala tt ;he Caa
ititutiiit.i.'l are gn atij "?' Riat**. fhf tli* ir -dgnifl
.ai..*-. by Fieiii-hii en. Bfid eitravbguiitii 89 by
tareAgr, i7~ne*piiti~~i)t*. CoaaaB, ta ptowt, thm ten
Bstioa aiti-'lcH of itf mttth} ttititgraiai Bdilnta (br
tl.. pa-t .i_l:t jc.irr'. und CNMfiBfl-fl them wil-li Un
;ictiol ('overiimeiit niid f8eta?BB~8t] in tiiat time.
I iiili'1-.tuiid, tl.e Mlitan af tba aa-k-Bvmi.t~8ctal
Bapara here aie not faolai ttani aie wm?-.-?.-uiii
ri.-iitl) culthat-d wiitiug BBMnaea, attarij wittn.ut
h.iuI aad rcitr.-j'lct. jooraal pttmiitmtm, rtreet
ciiurteMiii- ul the Poarer tbat b, bco pt'ni iheir
daOjwagaa and abaaw na an booor, and -ign.ng
tlirir nantea ia .ull. as tba law dir.-.' . ta tbe r fui
80BM Bdallta?BM noi-i fl-BBfiflea ' t tbeir Inijienal
Keeper; meekly, Bhaaieleaarj aeeapttaftbe bnttal
reproofa anddeniala, ta arhich tii.v are ae tmmtt ei
)i..se<i. when tbe Piiwer tbal aafli tbaa a m n aaaa
i t? ai-'-it-.i). it- raapeclai.ilitv aad taa*~aea_Ma.i
lliiin tbidUgb tbe (M??HB 48* tbe Mmu'i.ir: and,
in ri\.i:ge. flai'iitiu:: tb_r iavon-d Biipcrioritj
of poattk ii in tbe (aee of d<-out puoKt-i t- Ikitbfal
to |-riiic!].lei> ol aiii mrt.
'Ihe Bltcle "f Wedl)'-d.i\' ' tuisttlntioititft de
.-i\.r, tt it h... atira. te.l. more tiififiOf-MIttf kt'
iniiioii, for *.\. ral raaaopa, eae e_ flrhfc- i-1 .at it
ie m.t wiiltci. BJ nny one t>l tbe Fuperra.-nireable
editora of thal trntti. It wa-a-nt in to them apj.a
M.tly 1 r. .in tbe Ministry ol F.reigti Aftair-. II r-'l
fbrlb the Italian ftmm} ti Bm Bmmttm aa be *.*_*?*
il to be BfidoratCOd lor tbe day. I be BBXl of it will
batciiMchi-d you ny tlu- A.ln.itie, but, in vi. w aftbe
1. gRu_ate ieo-a~kjii it han caaatcd Bara und iadaai
Uuroaahoul Earope 1 make ao apology fcr _>-'.ni
grapbiag upoa it. Not*. tbat it- eflfleOTial i-npar
U?ce r(>i!iigB liimi the fact that it it flfltaa ..nlinary
etlitdiiHl. lt Bf?88 with a r.-markal.ly bold tt .*?*(''
of tba BtflBfiaata of Ihe letragrafl- aad fldvaasa.
paitM8 b*.<iirif-t the Emperor * Italian poH?J : boid iu
ll.ai it ffttt not oi.ly th> itlBBfMt bi.t tlu m .ct
i llerilive. i. f. tlie moft __ ,?-.(..c-tlul, (to L. N. 1!.)
arguiiieiitf. oi the adfoeataa efAastria aml tbe Pope,
iii.dol tbe aii\("':iitea af tbe _Mtaaal Italtaileaase.
Tl.. ii lullowH tlu- dcl'iifeol the In.perial poli.-y. To
tafcrcfl the Vfl_??Mfl B_p8_??81 by military
power would hate baefl ta trnhtBtllteVwacfaBMf
AuMnan M0l8flBB8J in Italy, to the dincontent flf fii
Italy, ol Bfigtaai, and oftafl genernl BlfifB?(Mfi
tim.'nt, for the advantage <>f Auitna and ef oth.-i
fowtr-a who would not. m return lor *uch sacri
i;.*, grant their ayiiipathy or (MBdMflflflfl ta
l-'iuiicc. Ol the iith.-r hand, ta 8-8884 and
ei'dii.rage the Italian niov.ment that wai,
in a Bort, a "eaaaafaeal'1 af tbe V?tafraaea
treaty, would bave exeited gem-ral .lintrunt. Il'ine
the BMMBB followetl ta PtadfiMfit (wh'ch hnn run bo
rapidly from ('aribaldi and r-icily ta \ icta.r 1'inari
ucl and Najdee) ha* baea eaaaated rather tbu aa
pioi" d. To iiiteif.rriiifai.orol I'iedmniit wnild
tie to pr.noke u g.-i.eral war; te intervei.e agiiiii-tt
I'ledii.ont would be u M-lf-v.intradiction (iu \ii-w of
tlu-late French cainpaigii in Italy): to let Aaatria
ifitaffflfifl in It.ily would hfl to Hiilli-r un ..fl'eiiriie
return toward a ph>l and detimtively lort "flMfi-flfil
to join with Sardinia would 88 11 tlely Europe BB8
I- 8888 with reiolution. An Uie moderatm of reio
lutiun and dyiiactic ndfif, Napoleon i* flflBflflai tu
Sardinia: but a* the i-hild of revolution and r.jire
r> i.tatite ef the pipular will, be ii a Irieiid ta tbe
Jtalmn BBOveaaafiti eai_-a_j Mairiaaj aaaoe?aai
learing war. HitpoBitioii unikra him the almott
natiiral pncificator ol Earope, tne arbita-r flf the
Htnring ofiflB-iofil thut at Bfeeafit fiflflf the n.-ver
balaiictu e?iuilii'iium of"_flr88J8 in an alarniinfily
I'I.lile i-tatai of (lanee H-JiddleUUI ' Tli.tlp-ll'.t of
tbe arlicl. in, L*-t BBbflTafiC-fifiT?-. On the whole,
aiidwith acceptan?e of r.eceaaarily qualilying eir
(Bnal88(>IBi iBH Bla-aVl is \ery clever; BflttBeB?8
elevir that in BBBB than (MM 188" e,t i*. ib \ery illogi
cul. It hsK heea i eoaatafil diH-.t ..i Ptaaeh p"li
liciaiis aud Bafisiea that 1-89 88888 tafl IflgtaflL The
bi>t juiit* of the worfd'H work hithert.o iu
Hfl r-low. bungling flffflgnflB, BBVfl Ihmii made, by
liiHtiiictiw "BBTBBb??i uuanal}..-d by Ingic. ElflMfl,
thn Bfiaaflffl in the iittek mBBtaaefl is not ?...
8-88X8,8881 B-Btfi__88 it might b.-.-i)) to a tliin,
fonDfi?8rd n-ader: " As for France, faithful to Ihe
" iiilei.rtN it bitB d.f. ri.led t;.-d t.< BO 8B8 by flflfflflfl*
?? in. nt-.. it will haw?M in a CoBfreaa hj the neerre
" whiih it hn* hflflfl rejuoa.hed with, and BJ the
" iuod. rutioii that it bflfl 84)88 abh- t<> 88880888,
?? Bettfll tlmn another, perhap*. it vtill 88 M a BfiaJ*
"tunto indicnte the BflflBBf88Bl8M amonc div.-r
" Baat clainiB. Alt?T having fr.-.-d Italy, fiBB-iaed
?? ih*- Pflaeai Bflaae, eflflflfli-d th>- _raafltaa eftbe
" K'oii.an Mata-H nnd ef tbe I -io -M._88, trntotroj
" i. Bpecl lor tbe piini-iple nf n.ni-inta-rieiitii.n o\ e
'*888-_B| it beraell. 888 cnnnot bcr.gdidi'd nitli
? hii-piciou l.y Italy, or by the l'apacy, or by Ea*
" j,,[??-. They all do r* _iid lu-r with nXtJwtmmmmw}
Bl?*) flBfllfl i"JK|'icioii, ti CtmtmX Here i* 88888
tfibfij t-till b.-tti r: An orgflfiiB d and jhiw. rftil Ital)
Ib hei.cefoitb fi BfilflflB?B iiit.riHt, and iiurope, in
Oflflflf_rfll_*f it ifl flfl-h coiiditioiis by a it.ilcuiu ('mi
greiBional aet, would ehow aa BBBBI BTfiflflBl BBB*
sight a* juttice !
The ariicle ol the t'oin>ti:uitiniil i? 8-8-8888* here
by aUflflfiflBfl Bt 1 i-?--r-ial BB88B?*? wilh gr.ut pam.
Tb*' liirid-re.l I'ltrau Ofl-flflBBIflfi do not rciiah it at
all. M.antime, they Bflflfl a Iflfifl* and BfiJBI flf)
?BBBI BB "Bflflfl I'eter'* MfiflB, Tb.- King of K.rii. |
treaauri ia dreaJfully iu want ti funda; Uie Kmg
?. ii. i, ' of thi* world ie |)*.**Bingty urgent ttt
worMu -ollar* and .entn. HMaflBBfifl troop* are
ibiBiii ih-re now in abundan.e ta. flajflflael the I'atri
tu.,. . abifi Ht. I'eter di?'d without ever ??itp***-tiiig
I.. IV oht. It ia hard U, tell wboii. be ia protecting
it fot. Tbere are folka heeabo.it, aa there are ifl
Un* ? Lijue ihat MMfO-Ba- *r-vr, aiiiinb**", iaflfl*ffiTflfiM_
non pottumus Piu. IX.. who doubt ******!
JalKtherhemaaviiiK it Mfl .St. *7**Ma*i *********
hi ir u- a Mf_Mfl-fl-f< _ ., ?
?lhe political .lerienl party bere contimie tb-.r
unite i-flical, bnt thon.uchly prarticul bflflflfl ot
boatilitv to the Eflpflori one ot the lateat reaiilOol
which ia tbe aupj.reaaion, by the Itnpenal p-.wer, ot
their ablcat provinc.nl jouriifll, tho timettedt Ltjon
lt p (Miirea a maral ifT.-rt on the part <>? * Btoooal
triei.d of the liberty of the pieaa to feel aorry lor
tha their llllll ?ilflltMl The tinzrth dr Lw>n,
hie all other flf tbe ultru elerical jourualfl wtt, from
1651 oi. to the oiitbreakof the Italian war, un." ul'
favnrahle to tlie ini.'iijt.iia law on the preaa and to
all meaaurea lor the auppreaaioii of liberty ot tbmi-lit.
Ita only complaint of them waa that tbey were not
thoumgh MMfljh, . . ,
IU the flflfl, or out of the way, it il queeinh,
wlmt Napol'eoii'H piirpode _. with that enlarced
Freiich-I.'omnii pmfl The artu-le already ao
frci|Uently referred to, condenuia, in atroiiRt-niiM, the
eteittu of Fiench irairiaona in ltaly. The French
f.'.n-e, M lat. Iv increiised, ia Bfl greater than ia |mib
aibly Mfldfttl lor dflfaflfl ?l Rome. Some folka,
cteimg abont for explanationa in the caxe. have
fallen up'.n thr- i that there iiumeroiu. troopa are
Mb! ther, to be r.ady fer the pofldhh ..utbreak oi
the Auatn?-],tt!inu Wfll! They would not Igfcfl on
the Aimtriaii. idP*
Ilerr Hubner, who uaed to be Auatnan hmba_i
aadoi at Faria bolore the Italian campaitfii, WN
Ml here two w.eka a-jo; ?dthlltflffll a l_fl_-Mfl
.. n, .jH.nd. nt ot a Faris journal wrote that hi? u_ia
tioii waa to tind out whether or not L. N. B. would
niiike common eflOM with V. Bt, in ttt* J. i.
ciosai d lhe Mincio, aml thit he had n<-t aucce-eded
in obt-Jflbg ? patialactorily elear ana w.r. Where
upon the ut anthonzed hand-organa ol' oftir-ioui
jdiirnnliHin declnred wiih thir M-NBBflflt criea that
tkt* had no reaaon to bctfflflfl that M. HflVflM came
t.. I'aria for anv auch a thin?. Buflflfflfl pretty
much everjliodv Oflflfl to thini, that Mfl-flflflflM
ior just that Bflfl und have aince rij.htly 01
Wlfl-ghf made au mtiiuate flflflflfltiafl b(twe?n tho
imwer fle didat flflt aad the oooaeqaei-t grflnting
b\ F. flflflfl offlflt-OOfl- eoflflitfltJOfll to the BflOOOl
roflpMiflfl the Anatiian Kmpire, whi.h, ou con
ditioii that F. .1. flfll iu earn. -t in -.rautiiitf Hflfl,
Ifld tbat thfl flfltfl-M are BM?flfad -hat M ia :ii
eaim.t, flflj l.elp lo take the wind out of the aaila
of nvdutich in thoae nationa, alwaya flflflflft-Bf
-'?BflflBfl, ....
A n.w i' i\ I ij -O.-tavc .Yuillet. waa lately brou^lit
,.ni m lh? YflfldrriDfl Thefltor. Itntitl.-i* "1."
dcBfltiOO." Tlie title ot thia HUcce-aful dl*flfl-M_t'l
h,,t p,( ,-e was "'J.-ntatioii." I.ike lt and iii_
".l.-iine HflflflM Pflflfllfl. thiaia au elc_;ai)tly vvrit
t. n \crv theatrical, faahionabie, morlud, false,
iiiflii. ui ihiUbiiiIi. iii-fliij With jta 'il'''ive
rituatkmi iad itag-fltl-fliafllj (fl-ak?g flftofl enouxfa
lo Ihfl pititU ftetlte-1) literary atyle, and admirai.].
acting, ii ii doflinnd to agmat ruimr L-kflhh.
otber pi.'..-, it ia worked up from a prarvioflfllj pab*
hBhed <-ir.-rintti<- rtoty, llfl flbjeet tt the Ont aet
ib toehow the piil.lie'ttiat John aml Maiuice, two
ci.-iii ?. b. came cieat .'ri.mda, bfleflflfl Mauri.'e
Mfll not a acourdr. I. Tlie object ..f the imm .md aet ifl
lo f-how that Madclcne, u tfllflflflI and ih-atrical
fltar at \ ii in.a, it m.t Lippv. ami that her oi.ly way
t.. bccotwi -"', point, d out byah.lv prieat, ifl to
really fall hl re.il love with aome one. Theolijecl
ot ihe mnaiatol three art.- ia to ahovv ihat if a
coflUMfl eoartaflfl dofl ?A diifflited with mom
nii.mal er.jo-ment. ai .1 thifl tnes to poiflQfl her.eil.
lhe ia I .(tiite tmi xi (-ptMinal.le c.nnpauioii far a .me
rooflf Bflfl, whflhfli pn.ved uaaaeU toflflflotflaeoflfl*
(ii.l. ai.d lhat, befiif fleceptod l>y kfliaflieeyo?ai
Bflfl iwl.o hiows aad bai braaded u it deaorvei all
the ii'i.'imy of Cer prflfli?1 Ufa), she il ndfleofld)
tbat ifl tke eafli "BedeBptioa ofthe isproper
fi nia'e. bigbt .M..'i. lcii.e; whoflfl J_-tt, r-day virtue ia
lo have tl.e uflM luiliiant flfleeOM wiU. thi -flflfl
UitelUgent puWIc, who, for a baadred aightato
tetler, hav ipplaodod, ii finoot ol tha nw itafe,
ti... c..i;iiih itaflT firtoea flf the i'oor Voun_j Man.
Ifld ?>t the heioi'i I of the "Tefltatfea '' (who waa
r_aOy fl virtvofl WOfllfl. bj bttyy\ a.-.-ident), flfld
the vt'ii>Liiient ol the ?BliltflflWI DaMa.
They do aa) 8L'.iin that Iffljflthfleri \frirmus
iald be lirciiLlit at thia flOaflOO, a'ter Wagaer'l
Tflfliiikflawr. at lheOrflfldOflflifl. TkBptaei thia
tiine a || M M-tod l Bflflfl fl. Ofllfl, Iflfl Adft-flB
woinat I eini/its piincipal cliaracter, uud improper
h relfltad m love with that Mfahlfltcd navi^afnr,
V. dfl Oa, fll thfl flflfllfll fli hi? Iflfflgl -M?__ff-flfl
with other iiiv.a, tbe Ofl-Hfld ***** intervenes a.. a
?ort fll firflfllfl Olh-Bu, The MMfll ifl la.d out to
meet ber jeflkflflflflMkflfl, Thia ..[.era wna orijji
rui'i it ii j.. s, il befbre the Pr*pa*te, Like the
Vrtfkttt, and partkrolarh like Mayerbeer, all of his
.j.. ia>. ii ifl to !?.' Inouplit ..ut with Ike (flirfiillwflt
?ttention to ifl-uiaiy Mesk etl.-.t-. ThMfliflto
b.-. lor ililtlfl-fl I rarely-applaud.-d IflUMfl, reji
n-eiitii.i,'a \'itia .il -ct ton ot T. de (_.'* ahijc on
il.ckia ? p:> tui-eaijiii-lv urran^'ed iiiii-ical row: in
Ihflflflhtfl in eiitiauciii_ teflOC an 1 Mfffllfl love
I. : in th.< hol.l, iiluiiiinated I.y the footHgfatfl,
and played up to 1>> tl.e orcheatra. a fniely-uieaaured
lavint;. diatraetO-l otitburBt M black Af."aii
Spt. ia_ c-nf?ptnal*nr* of Tte LodJod Tirua*.
Bt* \ OBfl, October 11,
The I'rii.t ol Hflfli has Bflflied New-Vork. Thoae
fgm flflflfl__l flM flf flfl-h flfl. OfajIWB aa haa aoldoni b^?ii
otfertd to any montuch in annent or modern t'uioe.
lt waa Loi a r*.<t|tioni it waa the grand, i ui preaa ive
welcome of a mii-'htv people. It waa aa.-h a iuuif_-liu_j
cl O'velit, bflB-fl flfllhn flflflfl. flf Ji-rfo.'t goo 1 nn.i r,
of wartttli ato Jtt kind rw*p,-ct that I am fnnly at a
loa* how to coiiv.y in worda to EnglLah remler. aay
b.ln|tii(te idea of thia nicat IflflflMflhM event 1 __v?
Uad ruttier a n naiderable exjiorienou of Koval oro
yitttte both a*. Poui?? and ibffflfld. and uotil yeit_r
ouy'a ci MflflMHflflfl, bflUflffld that liiere coula b. very
BjtUfl tliat waa new Lu aoch diaplaya. Ia ' .*?
wbUO-ib to New-.ork, howt-v.r, 1 fonnd that I had
much to lmrn. There wan n>. Bflfl-fl or ytgt:*n?ry
uttrmptcd of auy kind, no ?,Tana liveriei or jfilded
There w _a a mdiury proic-paioo, bnt that waa only
an iieni iu the Bflfll f? a'.urta of tha day, which wa i tho
welcome of the oeople. It waa juc.i a wolcom" as
0 .ly u wh. h' ;-. ,?_?? and a tn??? p<-ople rotild ? va, aod
iu i..e .1, Ui! 1., of ile enthuaiaam aud i_a y >oi order there
waa much, atrance aa it may aocm. that nuvlo auch h
riorption josaaiblo only in New-^ork. Iu 1'arin it
wcuid kaflfl hcn a (.ovenimeui at'.-cr of a ihli-ra aad
Mflj-torflflflli in LflBMS it would bflfll been a mob,
with. au immen-a Bflttlflfalflatfl .otitrolit. Here it
wba aimply th.- t*< |.!t tirii.ii.' out iu huii'ii* le of
ihouKiu.di'. A kaflfl aea of docorooe, bot m_?. outiiu
?aflk apeitutora, who, even at tlie ap>U where tney
w-re dtnetat were yet ao qaiet, ro irnprefaive in
li.eir flfljMfly ol ^ood order, tluit ul no one platw
d.dtliey n-, ii, to have u eiuyU- elemeut iu eomiiiin
with what wc- c_atl a mob. It a*c *,! more a
gipaatk meetini. of tbe citi/cna of Hfl#~M__, con
vtned lor aoU't-^n-itl uud aolemn rejoicin^ illonk; tl.e
flrkalfl ln a''-- ol me city thau th. oiere cti-mrs muater
ii,g (t ita i.t,-) . and ? \. hahle populvion. It wua atich
a i_rni.ll ?,!,?, i ,\ of nopular enlhii>i-_H_D, IhflM waa auch
a ui^nlty ifl ti.e i c un ii-lianr,! tell by e. ory c>ne iu the
j rc..i .atiou ol oid*-r, f-urb it p-rlect wiirmth and ji-eu
i.il.'v ol Uadfllfl .viucd trom tr .-li,-*t to loweat
towui.J tbe youi)_r viai'or. aa made the whole dam'.na
(nit..*n pflTBBf , flfll fl the mui-t roDi:u'kable of it
ku d thai h?B( vcr flh-M ph.ee. Qfllll uud dentire na
ure tln- Ki.^iiali ytoylt, iLeteaie yet low Kutilli'h.au.u
who can rei.li/.e tl.e Iflfl of thi whole. ta_MWM__l of
an imn en.e i-ity uin.ni^ out t > Witn.-e* ii ajie.t_ui Ie uud
KiM-a C(.r.:inl welc.ru., introi-'-.l ut tbi aime tktm
v-ilh the Uny cf kflflpMg "rd, r MflMfl theuea-lvea.
.tl ll.ia w.il u.-timlly the c.im. at N. ?? _ mla; aud ikflg
il.it- mOm of '".,o. thr.'iia'c.i with h.'lf a million or
.'_ ( i "I a| ? . :;a. I *? there IVMflMt 38 p-lllcemeil, iilld
nven tlicai were only rUitiouod Hr. inf?rilfl(ltiflu . m .|k
t*. a op Mflfl *ud MflMMI Iroui MUBrlflg in the lu.e ol
route. \ tl deacripliou doeu not .;__<i!y (.???nvey t-ie idea
01 fii.h a mu! itod* tbe etrict, tue ri^id |<ood ord.ru'id
I'.iai ht.uior il.ia' I'ltavuiled Tb'a, I.*.., waa uot for an
B-Or. or ot.1) vvbiie the l'r into wia pa-aiujf. lt ww
iba uuvurvit | (iemeuiior of the wbole eotiC-un?. from
Kl in lhe (Ly till paat I al a.^ht.
Aa tho r"v.,! ateamer .ame in view thfl
^cna from Ihfl bflttfltfll ivalcd f_ulh their roviil aa!til_>a
wnh alow, diiniitird r-Kfllahty, ahroudm).; lhe towu in
I i,_. l.'l: ? - <1 wlilt* au.'.;,.? U.al .1.-,l'r,-d ov.-i the rily
in a thii. veilof cloud, liLe tiie miatoi u W'inter'a flflfl*
(iiiKlnally ol'jecta irrow flMlfl Miid nior,r (|__tiii.l; the
ll'iHuy wi.aceii. a K'iU'-rinir uiaae of reiirimanta, lhe
wulla, tl.e windowa, the loofa of the honaea wiong
Mflfl) the maaifl and varda of all lha veeaela iu
lhe luubor; the (juaya, and wharva*, tbe treea,
aud every apot or poar. Ir. ta whlrh a K'Hup*.
.(.til.l l*e (...uii.od wiiri one BflflM -nllry-look:u_; BflM
Ot butl.lin bfll_.'B, 111) a om.tr__.lv ill liol .li. Mr.wny
ileir ha- Bfld haoill-.r hirf?, chfterintf u . I ciappin^
th.ir liiu.lr. All ihe air Mflflli tllled with a hourw,
UL.iii'atii.M roar, a*. ir.in. tl.. MflflM ol uu aui<ry etta.
The :,,!,.i.-, pluce waa all.'uatJe Uurden, tr.eap.it whare
? D'HTunta ure r, i.-.ve.l .ml boflMdhj the Staio of New
Vork on tbe tirnl day* 'f their uriviiJ. Mr. Mayor
Wood, ai d thr aldcrmeu of ?bf civ, wvt* io a"*uj
anco h-r*, and boro ihe ahat ot Baron R?frew wu
t-ntii-ly dropped, a* i_d?i*d ir. I-* been now for eo._e
daye pa*l?all invitatioo* lo fttei and pabHc 'oticea ol
roceprioii being given in Uie name of hi* Koyitl High
BflMJtba PtHnc? of Wale*.
Th* roembeni of Uie Corporotion and flen. Sandlord,
.....-?"iding th* uiilitia of Ifew-York, haviu. bein
pic.enttd to th* I'rince, tbe Koyal p.rty yroeooded a*.
8888 to the (j?''") of th* Kmigration (.'ommi-itionera.
Htre )he I'rince changed hia waiking dr?Bi for the
nnifoim of a Colonal. The Doke of Newca?tle wc.ro
bia nniform of I-ord Lieutenant, (ha, Brnoe, Col.
('r*-y, aLd M&ior TeeedeJe a:ao 8j-*n_ed their unil ir aa
Biid ordera. The boiee* which eacb of the party rode
during 'be Cflr.ad.an tonr had, witb ddicate tboug fl*
fulntee, Ix en purchased fcr tbeir ub* on thi* Oi ct
b;od, und, monnted on these, and a.c'jnipnnied bf
Ihe piircipal American offic.re, the party i-~u~H
from Ct>ntie Cardtn toward the Ba'tery. A long,
r-eep, IremeiidouB, tn-tained cheer gree'ed ihe
PrtaOB, wboee appearanc* aBtoniihad every one.
Slight and almott boyiah in hia appearanc* in aiorairig
dn-na, in iinifcnnandon hortaback be looks a yonng
iicblf-ar, of wbom, apart from hia exalted potiinn
1,17 ErglirhniBn might be prond to aee acknowl-dg*
i - a rt-preeentative of hi* nation. He erite on a hor*e
BBorly Kngliehnen can, and receivea hie homage of
wolconje wilh the etvy gTa'e of one to the mmior
btrn. Certsirly, aa he cantered down to tne Hu
rery. bi* horae rearing and praneicg with timidity
at ibe tnn.ult of cheert around, be looktd even
worihy of the great welcome that aaaited
him; ard more than thie it wonld be di-colt
to iuy. In the Hattery were drawn nji in eu.-xetv.ive
linea, five brigade* nf the New-York iniliti-?rctit'er
irg iti all eome f>,000 or 7,000 men. Taken aa a type of
the volont-era ol thie country. they certaioly were
f-jlcrdid Hpeeim>D8. ln the .'d Itrigade were the 7th
l'eiriti*it. tve uride atd admJi-tiun of New-York.
Tbiy are, uudoubtedly, a mortperfect body ef Bo'diirs,
. qnul in .11 ihe minnte techniealiU.e of diacipline
to onr very beat regimente. I must own, how
tver, I cai not .hare in ihe feelini* here wbich
awai'de 8II piaiee to the 7th, and I cannot pay tbe
mi'itia of New-Yoik a bigber oompliinunt than to aay
tbat, to my ujiprejodiced eye?, there were ueveral
othe'r rtgiaeniB there almoet, if notqnite, aa good as
tbe fbniuUB 7th. Tbe 4th Britrade, to nee I.jri J >hn
liiii-eell e BiBiile, wa* " couepi-U.u* for ihe absBBBw" of
tl.e b-th Kegiment. Col. Cor.-oran aod hia ottitera and
BMB iefurt-(t to tnmont to welcome tbe Pri'i*.. N<>
naiioial ra'ight iaimplied here. The OflB. BtgkmmAm
al)_('rt fiitirely ocraposed of urniifemen, mtmf ti
wb( n. do ntl blnsh IO avow their ryrap-thy even witn
tie B?.884*7? fanaticB. Thty M-aaai, thereforc, to
parade, tnd with thi* lairt irupVeut di.play of wnt'.h
ironi a di.a. pointed turbnlent fact ion, let us bope we
h.te tlr.ne with the aubject.
The i_-i.lt. however, will not be p-rsod over eo Ii.ht
ly in New York. Col. Corc-ran wil ir itiald, bet iai
by conrt m rtial and diBmia ed for refu.i-'g to obey or
di-rB b-jo ihe whole regiment itealf may probably b?
dieh.r.ded, for the feeling if ""Beeg agHinet it. Tue m
h ei'iion "f tliemilitiameielytj'ii-iBtc. in riimgel jwly
aiocgthefrontof eachccr'H. I>ery regiment drooped
furveyiig wi'hupenadmirari.m Lneb-ndaome i_ni.o:BM,
tLe t-rectrB'.*Hdv, military aspect of every 8888888?, reg
_B8_t,BBd brigadeuntaegroani". At a volanu-e.-uiilitu
tb*] i -rt* ir.ly twttttd a "jody ot men of whom any Ml wn
might fet-I proud. Oar aaaa Volaataaaa wttt amvu at
'h.- -ame p.rlection in time, but tbey are > ??* too yoang
lo fvi-iv biar comptirii>on wilh thrfm piclced 80*88 of
Ne-.i-ik. Ut onr regiment*). however, look io lt
in time, lor when next Hih Royal Highnfi ae.;e thein
itview.d he will judao of them by the b'g i ei_n Urd
beh.siem h.-re. The inept-ction look a verv long
tin (? slintBl tOO long for the patitu:e ol ihe umlti u'loa
in liSoiidwbV, who had been BflMflf flfifl waitmg lor
lcng wearv Loure.
1-rttn 10 o'clock ixi the moraiiig the lmoense con
.curBe I ' ? -lowly eollecting. Before 12 ull w-re
in ,|, \j |... . .; ,i h- re lt wae pat?t 1 ovkck, aui no
1'rince iu IigBt. At ia*t tbe lomr. tu-'vction terun
rmti-d, and a c-trruve drove by six co.l-black bonae,
t-aii- ii.ro tbe Hatttry for the Prime, with a nnn
of other vi I.i :'f* for the reBt of the suite- Tbeopfla
baionche forhieB.-ia1 IlkhaaM win* plain, bnt 8Z*
t ,-ively hMi?MBflh It had betn btiilt expree-lv
f r the oceaataB,afideoM Ux.- city more than * 1,01)0.
TbePriaea nat with Mayor Wood ea bieriajb', tba
IJuke of Newcaetle aud Lofli I-yons fa~in<. Ainid the
mc*t tnmoltaout cheert. tbe 88811888 wvrnt m fiom the
Hhtteiy toward tbe Incloenre, called the Ciiy Hali
l'uik?a park not by any nieans ae large aa tbe revr>nt
ii 11. .ure at Camberwell'. whi.h h_- been haaflflad "4*ith
tlat title. Ilere the vritore canght a foil vieivof
l'.roadwav, aud it waa one of the graudetrt and oioet
imprtaaiv. pighta whi.h MaBojal HnighneBS is ever
llklly 10 WlUlrBI-. _* ' _,.
It ie lmicBt-ible to dtecribe r.h* route ft 'ta th;* p >_t.
The inipreraion left was gTand, bnt vague and niid.ti
nalle, BHthattf the oceau in a atorm. _"Uga and lun
B88B ~.ere acroee the road, but they seemed aa nolil um
n.BH.nry ccmpared wilh the eudle"- flatter of httad
ktrcbit-t*-- a flntMr that seemed le make the whole
K-uiue glimniir and rlick.-r?that rippled ont over
tleftont-of maiwive d_t_it bnildinge like Hakoaof
biow thut formed a perfrct fringe above the tmiis
blitck crowd of head*. Hatt went into the air, aud
hhiidkcrchitf-., too, at laet. and there were crie. of
?' (iodiavethe Qneen' ' with ?' Your* wehora* to
N. w-.irk' and cheer* and ehoutiu-c, escn ...?.<??-*?,
ot Uintily Bf Hflfi and deli?lit, tach a* cui rtxl ev.a the
Cokea4 away with the ).t>a_oEg torrent of enr.a* -.stn.
In vain you taoD-rlit to catch a ulimpee of anyfiiin?-.' deti
Ditt- the vn'.ne lmmeuraity of the whole impr_v..*,i yoa
too niurb. There tH-eiucd to be BO detailn, *ui;h ai
nmaily beloBg to a va*t a8eembl_ge of people oi all
nnke- 80 OBMt heie, and ontburete of vo<>ifer.tioa al
uuo-her ipok It wa* tue continned ntiaaunoaii wel?
come trat(Hn r.tither be told uot forgotten. At on*
Ciiiirt-I._ib* Moiher Cbaiab, ae it ia called? tbe. himen
wt-re rin..: _k 118?-J " Ood aave the (/ueeu. Yet trom
tbat editi. e M'_ >0'y?iire_go Dr. Irving iu laMr timf*
Biahop *>t N' va tSc.tial wae e.pelied for readiag
?mtil lor OeergB 111. aller the De. laration of
li:d'r] tiii'Miie. Heie it wae now cbiir.iui. the natiou
nl BBlbflM nnd all New-York mad wiih exultation
Bfid deiu' t, welcouihig the gie_t-grand*ni of t.at
nou.tr 0*-rg*'adeetaadaal who had omy a fc\v d-tyn
ln-toie b tn t-i the torab of Wiwhington Oaren*_d(a
bud plui.ied a tre.- to eh.de the place of eeim'-hie of
tnat great n>au. Wtio tan ever oeliev* iu tue perma
8?B88 cf I rredilary antipathie* alter thw I W'aat
?Lti*.athy, rather, can be herinii_xy between auch
crr.iiice m* Krikland and America" If the Went ii
ever eo bu.l it owea ita fitulta to Kuglaud; if Ameri
cudb tirr ibink lightly of Knguuid, let them reraember
tliey aie tbe mh.ritore of our every vice and virme.
< 'tli- liiih acd kin mtet o* in every city, town, anl vil
__e ont hert? eiaggeraUug onr na'ioual chi_Httver?
both t)r good and lll, bnt with the graud ty. *? of Uie
Ai.Liioba-cn predomiuating ov.r all.
Al tbe City 1 _rk hia Kjyal Hi-nneea and euiti left
tbeir curriui/t t, and Btood in tbe uu.idl > of the iucloeur?
to 888 the r., in.cn'- tr. iu Uie Hattery march p.ujt. Thia
wi.b rather a bitch in the daye pr.igramme, ttt it took
a Ung, long tin.e to accompliih, aud tbe diy waued
and i-.ii.-k r.i. e, and tiine-tenths ofthe people were Btill
waiiingfor the Uoyal vi-itor. .Appareutly en .ngh,
bowt-M-r. t_tv tbia meit_re seremoi iai of marchiug yjwl
to bave --aiiHtit-.l all Aaierica. Kven tue honnea rooud
the n.ni.re Ba-fmed lo bave tnru.d into i-ornp ineiit
phrt? of the crowd, bo dti?e were the cluntenng oi-tiefl
ii,tt iLn iiLTrJ at every window, over the copiug-, ti 11
ii'g tbe balcouiee, and buddlir;/ t gt-ther oa rxifB
aliandrcd feet from the ground. And the enth'iBiaim
Beemid bounJlres, )_exhauBtible. If the 1'rince ouly
tnri,. -1 hiBhead they cbeered; if he dtdn t,tney ctieoied
I. ii'l.-r ?till. ln laet, the I'rinc* had cume, Ihe pe *ple
were glad to eee bim, and teetitied it by never etopping
cheering while he remained m view, no B8BBM what ho
di.!. It waa pa*t dusk and gettint; very dark aa hi*
lu ti.l Highnee* again eaterc_ hi* carrUw;eandB8B88BBI
bi* tiiuui. liant prugrtta down the Itio-lway. Ip to
thia time tnere had u - n roun.t Ihe carridgt) Bfi eacji-tof
light cavalry, including in tbeir rauka aome of the Itt*
teet mtn in New-York. liat, at the re.<ue*t of tne
1'ruice, they fell back tn _, to let him eee and he Bean
by Uie ?. .-.ii.: people who had watted for hi* comingao
. l ...' Biid <|i. e'iy.
At every point I rom thi* time, it wa* one long, cor
di?l greetmg. I'. w t* auch a mixture of eulhusiam
aud aaei mannerr.. ul* Uie moa*. vociferou* Wdlcome,
vi t IB8 mor-t proiound mnpe.', ae no othar vieitor ii.ai
BVi r tutt-re.l thi* . ity hitM Ij-a-n welc-i.ued wiUi. No
BMflBB wlut the excitemcnt, it never templed tue
put'ple to bieitk ih'-ir Belf-lormc-d and nell k.-pt I ue.
Tbey Haemed to leil that it might be ludeeoroi.a aud
inin'oiifiiii-.l to I i.itfl ujkjii ihe royal cortege, and Uie
. ut?a w ,- r,i.'uii-ly tiiaiiiuiu.11 n.H-n ull t - I'rinc.
bad paM-r*' al leait a mile. Iu thii uiaiiiitr li,* Koyal
Iligbueaa .onmeyed down the HroadwHt of Now
1 ork und iu la?r, ar noarly i oi lo. k, arrived B -Bfil
palatt- of ull Amencan bot.-l- ihe llou-l of tbe 1 .t'tii
now BVBOMMDUI mu; OOBVM ri:u in i:\i.i IBB.
f-'ruat Ih, LooA . IbBBB, Ot|. 8.
No mii pri.- will be Inlt by auy ou* ou learniiiK that
the uiu'. Ht the uid Hailey leiminaOd yeeterdty with
theci l.aidiou of tbe pri-.>uei Mtillm- who received
?unlt-nce of death. Alrhough tba ?888 wa* one of .ir
? uruBtantiul evldetce, the goilt of thi* mau waa proved
l..-yot.l ull rtiiBonable d .ubt. The l_-t few moutht
bave been unuanally proliiie in niorder* of the worit
k>nd; weie it n"'.ao th< Stepney ciime wjiild. pnb
ably, hatu obtained evtu a ?rger nhii'* of piiuli.'
ittuiniin, lor the manner in which t ... nel?rioii*
t um ing of (he murder*r led U> bia own detei-tiou is
almoM new in tbe annals ol i '.me. "Nov*r, iu our
-..(.llriUon, hat a pnao-Ar more d?*erve~lj rereived
Miiii.e . i diaUi t_im thia wirked ol.i luuu. Tbe mur?
der for wbich h* ia to diewa* in the biglkeat degrea
i~i.iI.Iik _e>l aud .ru*;, bot avau the . - li nf uii* i* per
bapa BBBMBBi l-T 1881 ah*r_ be iMtlitataal when l.e
tald bi* pt-) for (lit. rm. cf U*- To < omnlt a cria*
?fl ii ???b??
and tbea to poekat tha reward ortered for t-h*. tttot*.
tty bv falaeiy dw .r* i..? an.*-ber man, ifl a r*1 ,eoo0*t,
cl vilLuiy wt.irb aiinof*. bordera on rom .noe.
Tbe alory ia, indeed. one of tbe moat axtra .rdmajy
that hua ever bflfln told in a Coart of .InBti-e. At tkfl
mnrd*. and the Brat etew toward dflection t , ,*. plao*
in thfl early Anttunn. while a 1 _rg*> portion of tfl pab
lic waa far diataot from anything likoau Eugl.-'. tu-***
I mi er, we may epitomise in a few inea t .e m rn fastfl
of the caae aa detailed at tbe variona exunina' ML aad
at tbe trial whieh haa jn?t coucladed. The __>)ti?fl4
(.;-'. 11, Mary Emaley, waa a widow, i - *nt 70
tm? ot tgt, ot verv miaerly habita. fc ., ved
e-tirely alone, in tbe ueignborbood nt Hile
F.ud, not only yerfoiaunff all domeetic . iiea tor
hernelf, bnt irorog out to coflect b?r r_n_?, tn **,* potr
tttttd toLflideniblflproperty in hounefl. Ere-y t.oa
dny flhe wei.t on tbia er.and, aiid would br. y bflflflfl
icma ?30, i_-IO, or ?..0. bhe waa U*- ?>. ?? aliva
abont ~ o clock on the eveninrof Mocday t<j__ ld_
ofAofluat. Ofl flbfl Mlflbif fm?y, tbe lii.. a ,__,_
i.an-d Eflfl, who h_d b-.n oeeaaiooally ini>loyv*_
by thfl dectafl-d, ooniD-.ni.i'afid with a Mr. Kaflh,
who had uu.ri.d a d*nghter of tke de->aa*a1, aol
the rwilt waa th.t the bous* waa en'e.-.-..., *__\
Mra. lirnJty w a fonnd mnrdered in a Ininbflr
roca. Many people had kne.ked at tha .lor of
the home doring the prflceding threfl day*, bot
conld make no one bear, and it cannot be .1 > ubted
that Bhe bad been ruuid.r.d in tke ng ht h-v.we-a Mon?
day and Tneaday. A reward waa flflflffld, fir?rt C10O,
then of JL*:*00, and on the 8tb of tieptembflr a ??<._._??.
ahfllttfl waa made lo the poliofl by a mu nanael Mol
linfl, the anbfltquent u.ci____ed. He denouncel lJiia aa
the mnrdeier, and aaid that he had beti waehina
En m a *"OttBj<e, and had eeen him go ont into a hrtek
lield and hide ? parcel. Mullma condn ted ' i f*Btt
to the apnt, and, of oonree, wea Ihfl one to pn i a -and
on tha. p?rcel, whflh, tur* flnougb, o ' -aad
property Uloaftof fl ?*? deeeaaed I BB oar
eel waa tied lonLd with a dirty apr..?. -'-.ng
Theie waa an eneJo*u.e bonud with waied ? ?rd. Tke
property eoneiated of ap->ona and other ar* .,_*, to
gatherwith a eherk for ?10, rtrawn by a hnt who
wtre ten&n-a of Mre. Emrley, and p_id bv lha ato her
on lhe vety dav abe waa m'lrdered. Wfltaver, thfla
i*of-?*.t*d tbia rheck, and pnt it iot3 the p_rc--i .u.y be
airly looked uy n aa the mur-erer. Tne wh ?. i iruwof
he cuee for rh*. proeecution waa to abow tha;. i I fc-i?m,
hnt Mullinabit-aelf, mai-eop the par .el, au<'. n t il ia
the apot whither he a'terward ronduct-d th*. t> . *e.
The evidence, though en-treyci MUMllfli i tttttt
from nany dirt-rent juartera, aud the onil. etfeet
in to leave uo donbt Bflt Mulline, and no oo j, .<-e, had
poaaeerion of the deoe-.aed'a pro|-_rty, and Bflfll ii lo
lnuurethe ruL of Emm. I wbb proved _l.-rond a
doubt that Emm went to S'ratiord on the ourt.: of tha
irnrdir, that he waa io comp-ny wit. ra-.re i,iu ona
ptraon up to midniaht, and that theu ht wr; I BflflM la
b*d. Itwae alao proved th.t on the >l-_ Bflfl he
waa ulltgtd |B bave hidden the pircel--tn ? 'v, tha
Mh of bept_nil.er four weeka afcer thfl rr. i d-r. hfl
w-ia not ont uf hi.. 6flflfll till 10 Or'fljw* UtaflB
havii_rBta'e<l rt"at he aaw hia. in tne bir. wil be?
tween i aud '?, Y.mm theref'-re, bem?< proved i .osent,
and Muliina'a evi.lence ?_own uo ne f_il e, ** bavfl
very atron^ A-roonda of trmaferricif onr en -p ? >oa to
the latter. A nnrnUr of circiaibtanoeaC-o*. - -^icioB
u. ?row into certainty. Mnlliua waa ae-t. ? >.t tha
place where the parctl w*e fomid. On the I -Iay. thfl
d.y before he made the charire he wa. - - ? _t tba
brickfield. He bad b?en m*n on the flvee.i v of the
murder-taliour 8 o'clock in the neiahboiri l of thfl
dec*i,_ed'rt houae. The witn-ea k.ymojd r .aifvflly
idenf.l'ed him, and another peiaon e*w bifl f-tetwig
thmngk Siepneygieen.
Wearer.ot (liajajaed, bowever. to att*. ??;. __ .-n iaaf
portwice t*. tbia l_af fact, tor Ibfl aolor vvu . .'-\9 tkfl
evidence knew nothii'i. of the priaoner ' tdTt, ani
miuht, bb Mullina b coonael toyyt t?d, hav, r ? -)_nii-ed
him trom the deacriplion wheu ne waa alter ?.,rd ?on
fronUd with bim ut the flflfli n.-Honae. Hlfl flailor
aaid tbat Mullin- wu a+fitatrd. and that h -" p cketfl
ateme.i to have a^ood deal iu thew, and gi,*. ? flflflBlta
tbe police bflfflrfl Mnlh.a w_? apprehend* d. There
are, bowever, mnch atron_rr piecea of evit-r. ??. On
lhe mantlepiece of Mulluae lodi<iD? wn* foand a
pieceof BtriDK eiactly similir to that ______ beund
uy Ibfl BflflM-, and there waa al-o waT teh aa
wi.a u? d lor tl e cord wheh wia tied round thfl eneJo
Bure. It wm eu^fl-Uid flfll Mnll.na kn-.w-u^ that
Kmm ?hb a eh(**n.a_er, n.ed wa.\ cord in ord-1 logivt
a eclorto tbe atory thit Knm had hidden V?- raroeL
A pencil caae bfloagiflg t > fne de enfl-d wan *?iapoeed
of by the prinflli'l wife ahor ly aft*r th. murder.
Mullma waa bv trade a plaaterer, and the hi '.nor he
u.e-1 eiactly ti'ited the wonuda wtich depr?el Mra.
Emaley of lil'e. In the clotted bloo*d w__fl t! i : ark ofl
nuiledboot, and auch a boot Mullma had ihruwa into fl
duathole eomo time afer tbe f*t*l day.
ln ahort the nummil ein nms-ant i| evii* r ? whacb
ia forthcomiiig when tbeen t .!?? of blood ar? fl iTeled
leavee no denbt tbat the prisoner waa K"n_ty. IIe will
?0 to ha doom withont pity from any one. l.i timea
when it ia aile>_ed tbat ao many flvild.ier* *-<ape,
it ia at lc-aet aatiafactnry t.> tiud the moat dal Herafl
c'minal wbo bufl come before onr Cmr'. r eome
time h?B not eucceed. d in evading joatioe. Iaia caae
HTflfliltii n> oue of tue moet fltfeetive meiuj whieh
rrovidence uaee for the detection of crime. 1. wonld
neem that in many .__?? the marderei' Mfl I I rflflt,
but ia impelltd by an irresi-tiUe foroe fl 'alk ot
bie crime, and fo Bfl aomefhinK to avert th* ?.??..ieto?
wbich he fanciee alont to li^'ht on him. Tn,-, Mnliina
wauted to i<et tbe __j:?H), ia o*-it.t n en u_;h. bal thare
ia alao Iittle doubr iha* he wae urired on by an uneon
trolable deaire to give pub;ic eoepHon an o'sa-it, aad
that he hoped by the anuiitice ?f Emm 10 ?-"i?fy io
qniry lor ever. He thatae it may, \*\t anare .vnich _?
bnd aet tofl a guiltleaa man cacght hia own fiot; hii
wick. .I macJunatiflui. racfliled on his own bea L, and ha
haa uow, after a lengthened trial. the pa'inuce. and
impartia-aty of whkh tba unkappy crim::.-I h.maeM
contett.a, betu fonnd juntly guilty of tbia n'r-cioofl
Thi Bt* Boaoaflian O' i rrioa.?<*ue <f tie VI
enna journala aaya ihat the Hnnmrittu Dict will _v>t ba
convened for at .eait aii montha. The IIan., lliaua ra
aidihg ut Paria have agreed to apr.teat ex r-^Blrm
wait ol eor fideuce in the conceaBiona juet m'i ie whieh
are <i?r ribed aa a deeperate rtMource for flafllt? tf ia
Tbe Bpaniah C..*_vernu_eu', accordirK to a teletrim in
the l-'re; i h ournalfl, haa reculed ita Embaee- tor from
the Coutt ot Tniin.
The l'ttiia correflpondtnt of The I "?__?. . Ttawt
aaya that French Kegimenu are to cooaia. < 1 bflfl bflt
tMlicna. aa wtitn the araiy wa? prepariug tor war ia
ltaly laat ye_r, and that oUierwiae prepar;. , iia ara
going on ou a very larg* r alt, ua if a war M-M oertaia
next Spring.
It ia conftrmed that at the Conncil of M _ra.. ,V beld
the otkfll day at St. Clond, it vme determined > ? .*__!?
a leurth battalion in every regiment of the l renak
wrn y, to be m led the ltattaliou of Beeerve.
Korautb aud hlapka have had intervi?wa v._h thfl
Emperor Nupoleon.
Tai Tin.es n \ lenna eorrfl-pondent aaya tl.*' in hlgb
efficial .irclea it ia believed a uew ConveuLoi: r.aare
c?uti\ been couclufled betwe'n Erance and Bflfl tiaiia.
THB GOVI_____ICI ^T HARsttv.
WaflflflW, VViday ?It ia awted that the Waraaw
interview maintained to thi Ia.t a purely p.monal
(haracter. Aa regaida lhe rhnces aad Miniitei. &t tha
interview on Thuiraday la_?t, no fltipulation wae mada,
no Convention of any kiud waa concluded, nor waa
even a protocol drawn up.
The great camp al \\ araaw htw been uu. - -_ ?"?___,
raifled, and no ?i.e appeiua to know where Btt ? ?<**__?*
d'ltrtiut have beeo rei.t.
I I 1(1 III R PRORlKJATI.lN OT flflfll l.tMl NT.
At the l'rivy (Joumil on Kriday, PariU-u-.ni waa
fnither ptMBgflld to tbe ;id of .lanuary, MM,
i/'y Tiltgraph fl QuaaifurB 1
Tmiv 'iitAx.- .\oc-,ir.?l_)gtodoepH'ah?eiec<..vel hflra,
tsuyitti, n <ri'*e had uk n pl.u.e hetwaen Mti" f* ot
the Kd'H of NflplMJ snd ihe rieJiuonteee, I a'sway
between reaiia aud laBM, The eneuiy, lea\ I . aaay
priaot Mfl, I'l: back npon<"ll gltni.
l.i i t i i.i thk Ni cr i n va-, a-lflOflflflB, Sttur
day.- TLe c>rre->poade. t of The Daily Nctct a"..-hed
Ifl t'arib-iali ? beudqaaiterB aaya, the BnUa" I/e/ti-a
waa atiacketl by a Vflflp UtflB briicudA oa I'**. t-*t~
Tlie tinbt lii-U.I live boura with *u lnierrupti i> flf tfll.
The tim and tl.ird lompflaiM ciiiv-d the Ba* a.iiunfl
trore thi.n ... ,e, _d liioi'i ii.oij beat then. <' ' Yeari
loat aix men, aud had at'o-.u twenty Mflflflflai ?_-'?_?
Tncker, uuartiatin N'_p1*a, w_a krlf.J.
TflflVoTI "T N*ri HT-.-Thfl reanlt oftle I >te in
the I'i-y ot Naplea Bflflfl Iflfl lJI.OOUhave i *?<*t fot
hi ie nflfl
Tur PaflAI BMflAflfl, Bfll htiidrBti I-i-.:-. wbo
Lad 1*. Id.tjc.t to Uie Pap_l -nuv bave ba?n Iflfldfld fl
MfllMi lea thia week, and Uie - e rnier wsa to i ? .ira U>
(leuoa for tlie rtat Ol the p ibtiici - I i*?_' -ir .
Thi H(i**i-s Statk*. ?The Ptryfim Ut: tt* *t*t*t
that etuigruliou from \ iterbo eontiuuefl on a . krg* ?
iv alc tbal even tbe olehcal party ..r- fri_;liu_u#_ at the
MMBltadflflf th? demoua ratiou. The emign__ou bave
fliunrd an u.Ulieia to th* Emi>eror of th* Kreo, h, in
which thev aUte thty have lelt their native Ivnd in or
der uot to have the Khef flf witn^afliugtke rn*-v.i-al_ea
of priea'ly mp_.<>vernm?utbv tie flag of S.Ifenno.
SOMIfl-l Poiky on Ir Att ~Tkc Pm y Netc*
cinoifla the deepaUb re, alliog the Kuaflan EmSAaaidor
tiomTuria, aud aaka what mLDia??rln Bny Frtt Mai*
in t'hri-tflndom eau flfter th-aja-tifv thfl though. of ?_
tering inlo t iVvngi-flfl on Italuui alf_irfl.
Ai?thi4- >\ ?e.iiae l'narARATicma.?Tbfl warflka
preperaliona of Anatria on the Lat ot tha P", aaya La
Pretv, wt* IxH-ofli ug mort ai d mora MflBflemg. Thfl
?oii rflccnt kieU.>efl_* M-M no*** tbat a florp* of ??

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