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twetr- te OOO and :*0,000 ie oofl-nirated between (V
tigl.a aid la"' rer*. _ ., .
A VflM bflfl in The Coii-fr.it Oaxtttt eUVfla Mfl
tbeArafianaiTOV in ltaly c?a eeeuy ^.??-f?*?ii0.
__N0 Ol* -'?_., andthBt tbe n?w G-neral-in ( biif and
tfae Gi r-.ralfl nnder hi* ordera arfl to __**_? poflflfl. aion of
their ci -uit-ande withctit d?la?
AtTr:eate.aca.rtin?U>adiBpalcb,n Thr O,, Dm'tc,..
l?Zt, tr,e Ita-ia-B p-*J eovudtt the grant of a uew eon
Btitm'ioo Bf a r?n.pf*m of w?'?_. ,f ? ,.
',,?, Bt a kind of r*v.aluttouary levee held by
Pfirre Naj***<on on Thur-"*?r'' *-d which waa nnmer
onaJv at'eiided bv Hnnparla-i. I'ole., and I-hIwub,
Bb Imjarial Hig->r.e? .a rep-rted to have aaid. thut if
flofl-M" eb.iold attack li_.lv, Krance *\ot*\A immediately
declBic war against her.
Cot~apoo4e*e* of Tb. 1. T. Trtbaca.
8?tt>A. Ore_oo. S-pt. :'??, I***_U).
Onr \a ^u-lauua aiuembl-d on the 10th iiiat.. aud pro
ceed*d te orgtnize the two ilonflea by tlfl election of
o_bc*iv. The Ilouae au..e"oed iu etlacting a pormanent
crgiuii/ation, and the Senate a temporary one, when
the La. .* 1 lemocraoy had the __au_an.* o deman! from
tbe I ?(*-? tition h WTitten pledK* tbat if t"iey peooeeded
to * lermanent oriranisa u?n ofthe Rsnate, they wonld
to. get 'uto Joint (onventiofl _kfl ihe eler-tion of I'nited
__*??? lii nutorfl, without n?8t agreeing that onr ancieut
.Twepb or onr illuatriouB DflJa/on, ehould b* one of
the twi tobe elected.
Thu drmand art* met with the bc >rn aud conflmpt
il ao jtiat-v merited; whereupon, eix SMiatora, who a
few hoore before had taken a ?olemn oath to anpport
tb* ("oroti ution . f tb* l*t>it-d Statee, and the State
of <>iek.( u. and to do tb*ir dntv aa State Senatoi., took
their _1?-pt*rture for part* nnknoen, for the avowed
pnrpcaecf pr?veritingau ele tion of K.-n*tor? to the
L-Uted Staia*. The taeceeaion of these aix tiola f..r
Sflnbtor? thev cannot tie c.illcd leavoa leaa thaa a qtn
rum io tbe Stuate, and of conrae Hor-ka all leeialation,
Ih* (Viuetitntion rrqnirirg a mt-joriiy of two-thirda of
all the mflflflflfl elecod for the tr_.n__u'.i<- n cf buaineae.
AH the power veeted iu the Ken.te, when withiut a
quoium, i* to adjourn from day to day. and to oompel
Ue atteodance of abeent m.mbera. Thia they have
Ihboo !i~ng to do. for thfl baat two weeka, the Preii
dent ol'tbe Senate having iaaued a warrant, and dia
patciied the Sergeantai Arma for the absenteee. Bu*,
Ibe offic, r. to thia ticce, haa been nnableto arreet bat
ene of 'hem, aud he wae baae enotigh, after plighw
ing hia word, to return with him in the
_norn_r.__t if allow.dto remain with hia fami'y over
night, to a'eal away. Wae i morning came the bird bid
fiown. l_te parol* of tbe Hon. Senator waa not _
potetu we the manda'e of Joeeph, which h:ia nndoubt
*dlv one oa .Veahington. from tobreakup the (1 jvern
mfnt r&ther than have a Kepublican flflcfld Senator.
Thifl octrageous, diannion aecewion, revolationwy
n_ove___e.it ia not only countenaneed by the thirteeu
___*nil*_'e "f Uie Lane faction, wbo remlioed in their
?eatfl, bnt at the S ate Convention held fl Eug-ue
City ou the 18th, fer the election of Breckinridgs
and Lara Elec'.ore, thty paaa-d reeolution8 indoraiug
lhe a. tiuu of the e, c-dera. Tnua we eee the effect of
Yanceyi-m, that the election of a Kepublican Preflident
wouid' be etJi-Wie-at caua* fer sec asion, praa.ti._Jly
adopt-.J and carried ont in Oregon?bu' fjr anoiher
au_a*, which Lb evident to ull ol ub here who hare
wtaebed the boiling of th* political canldron for the
Uat two weeka
Mo-hf r, the aon in-law of Joeeph Lane, a Federal
oii, e-boloer, a man who bu* dotie Lane'n dirtv work
her* for v?_ura. haa been lhe prime nnver iu thia oit
rflge. lie boaated befoie the meeung of the Le_riala
ture thut ihere BflflM b. no e'ection nuleaa their fac-uon
could have one of them. And when it waa aunonnc?d
that tbe Sergeant-at-Arma had arreated one ol the run
awav, ht d*-cl__fed be Imd in hiB piK-ket tbe rea'gnition
of twtlve inembera, wbi'h would be haoded the iijv
ernor if'he qu' rom in thflS"na*e waa effe< led.
Ile c .a_*, I repeat, ie evident to ub here. ,Jo_?p. ii
aatutirdbe aiands no ehunce to be e'ected Vice-l'reai?
dent. He haa therefor* inetructed Moaher to prevent
by any ?-__>? tbe election of Senatora?inteudi g,
when defeated in hia preeent race. to (ome I
thoee be haa ?o often v'nlled, and U.vi bleee tiiam iato
?le. ing bim a___n. But I am cf opinion tlie last
feather ba* been pl&. edon tbe came] a back, and before
thi# leBt-ea vou 1 hope the Pony Expre? will bring
you uewa ofthe in.prboninent of toe aii recreant Sen
au ifl, ai-d then we will ,e* if our Govemor dar* to re
fn?e to oider av election to till their pla-ea.
A lar^e public meeting wai hsld Uat evenin_- and
adfreeeed by Col. E. I> Baker, Ben H.rdinj., l>r*
*M Ii?B-, and othere. axd ihe flentinibiita aud feeliuga
manifeeted sbow com'naive y that the d-iya are num
ber-d for which the Linit/a c_n have the power to
block the wh??le of thfl Gorerument of thn State.
Thia ia Uk- firat general aesaiin ol oar Legi&Utnre
Binc* oor S'fct* org.m_aiion. Many importtmt inter
?cu are auflering for the want of legiaUnon. Tbe
ritai intereate fl uie ia**. ple require ua to be repreaented
in CorgTeeo. ine'ead of -einHmiB'epreeented.iia ienow
lhe C4.H- and vet A* men rhumiog to 1* Democrata,
have by their actioua. ignowd the int?.reBt of .'.O/JDO
people and set at nou^ht tb* great fnndamenui pnu
cip!e of a Kepublican .loverument?that a majority
ahall rxde. I want tbie to go to the people, that every
man who ha. a vote to ca?i in the comi_g election may
aee the rropiietv and abaoluta ueeeaeity of hurlinc from
power the corrupt and ___ecm__Uou? man who haa been
t*e firat te inaugura'e _e.*i__ion. infltead of helping to
elevate him to a poeition wLeie anch principlea would
be danceroufl iudeed.
There can be no doubt that the mandatfl to break up
the Leg-rlature comea from I_ane It i- organiMd and
mtinagtd bv men, who hav* l?een elevated to offic-e of
truai ai d emohnnent at hie biddi g?by men who have
mlwave been he devoted toola. Tne Sarveror-tJenenil,
tbe buperinteudrnt of li dian Affairu, the Ketfiflter and
R*e_iver of our Land Offic* h.v*, all been aiding and
atetunir, while hia aon-m-law, Moaher, haa opeuly
from time to time. prop-rtrd th* terma. upon whicb
theee itaeuotdtt ahould i.turm I thiuk the r.-ault will
be u> thoroutthly repub icani/e the Siate. When flitr
Joeeph ia deleated in the raofl ba ifl now running, he
willbe compelled to rewrn to hia Lmpqua Kanch.
-rb_f- hxa fleeeeeion and d_.un.on proilivitiefl wiU bfl
giad Ifl bide their hideona heada.
Te IBf Fditm o) The 5*. Y Trtbvn*.
Sia: At tbe nrgent _ohcitation of many frienda, and
with the deeire that the ciii/ena of the North may be
informed ofwhatr-cepti'-n they are hkely to meet in
tbe South, ihonld dmy call them th-ther, I hive on
cluded ta publiah a more exclicit account of my recent
.ijeri-iK* of mob law in Northern Alabama than the
preflfl La* yet made known.
Some montha aince, au efltflflmed friend, and well
hnown teacher, W. K ***** N-J ? of King-ton, Maaa.,
received a letter from an old acquaintance, Mr. J.J.
Gmra, of Valheru.oao, MorgaaCo., Ala., oltering him
lhe {-oB-tion of principal in an academy at Somerville,
ln hia neighfcorhood. Toifl offer Mr. EUia thoui{ht fit
to declinfl. but recomi.e-ded me in hia e'ead. Sep
lember 1. I rceivad a oommimicalion fiom Mr. Oiera,
_tqu*.LDg Bfl, if I deaired the aituation in 'juefltion, to
Tiait tbe .vmihat once. At I had bean fluffering for
f .m? from pulmouary diaeaee, my frienda thooght
that a warmer clur.ate tban our* might prov* beneflcial
to my hflfclth, and advii-d me to aceept tbfl offer. I
liarted from Boaton September 3, for Northflru
Alabama, via tbarleeton, S. C Among the few
ptaeeug-re npon the eteamer South Carolina, there
wa- one Bot'on tnrtt**A. 1 made the acqt_int
auce of eeveml vacheri who had| ttapt
ii, tbe South, und alluded ia converflition wiih
ihemtomy proepective Bitna?ion at Somerville, but
oaatio-ary BTOtded a;iy referen.e to the aubjflct of
Slavery. OBaniviBi at Ch_rl*etoo I took the . ira
a-d.aiieratediutia nde through South Carolina and
Georgia reacha-d Valharmoflo BflBfl. 14, und was re
,e;veabTMi (Jitra aiad hi? excellent lamily iu the
moat bcBj-itable manner. Mr. Giere, who ia him_.If a
alaveboldtr, tn ommeti'led me t*-. the Trnateet of the
gomervillfl A> ademy a* a anitable peiwm for Pnncipal,
and ln a few weeka I waa d-.ly notihed of my at>point
jBent. I enu.-red ujaon my dutiee Thuraday, Ofl. 4.
Ir,<la* 10-Tltflg I waa atiu__i.';ii*d befcre Judyt VVil
ii_?m II- CampUII ou the charsre of being au Abolition
en .raary who had -om* lo mcite the slavea to mnrder
and i-june. opou the evidenc of the following letter
( MABir-T'.B. h. ( Sept 1
7^ Col ftather, DflBflflfl**, B#B? M ?e,rrrillc. Ato
Db*b 8ia ?A ik-i-ltli i**-r?o.* ry _i___a -, .ain'?>d witb yei. ?**
__._? ira** "0 *q_'*? I
_?.ertal. tttti* vrl- I - y**t im tt:.ut, yo_. BO*" ua* a* you
thh_ ?_TU_ble. ln th* ptr+eoi *t__- of th*- y it- t l- .Id. wa
L /.!_.( V,_ttM txtett *..OU_l f-?l tbr.r lr,t-r.-.M t'i tr ld^otl .1
_ _j!_? ?? ' ? - d*. a|i that fiaUro.1 r- g.rd |dlo
. . . . ...? ii._.tual wtlfar* a-.d ytuU- Uon
".'La-a-d-V ix^'oTrttmiljo --Uh . ?eni_ta_a,. who h,d >nat tf
,.^i "j.' itj b, tb* .t^amablp rf.* U. t. m -nr.., trom 1-OrtO-,
"' d " . . .. f -,Lu,tO !.'.e tu'uowllit llifor.
I'" -U-rt-I J procu edTl.e Ml_Ta*la| InformaUo
? a \ia'l^*_l.r r ? .Hotlhenj mai* Witflfla il.-ro pn?
? , 2 ,B rSfl tk-_? tle vo,aSe ftvn, Bo-a,. f (b.-l-rt,,. h.
ip.B* ,ai_aa? . ?wlw*D?r a !!?? *ank.a?,' __.,' Ill d_>
*KlYU.tko-et\-^ *** ? t'iiowjaa
,C'1b"f ^?,-T_'fomi, l. ttt 1? to'.'tied _,, t.e S:,v_r7 q ,-rtIm.
otr UJorn.Bi.t ifO IJ ?;. |U . ,^1, wtm w Abo
tl'r.T'tta"-S_w_[ t-.^ii.-.i-Ul^vTic tUttt wotd.
^ ^ -WE ItTa^**^^
fl" "? !""_* C.Ti?i-_l K__i--*-?*. leceflt-n-* oa,
?Z_f(__Jiy __?_flh- tha* -* ata *oy*t* 9** " *"** **** *
p-oaah... I.* th,. w* w.rr m'orrut- *>i*. <ru? !,?_ _...- tn* tralo
ai. ? aai-, r. ro-,',,'it yii - ta-i? r Ihi- h? ;i Ly | r Faaataaai
l.arla.r. ard a. *? (.ovii. to S? i,.>ra flir iti ?rrj*a- IfaUkf I Harrjr t>'
y,i. ac e.-v 8 Ln< .. tiuC.t .'u'rai t iVr ti?; ilr~l nl. na-i '.
Ot.. (-Bnaaat h<rw aitcd ?-hy ??-,ant-d Mkaa-'aaaj -
? 'c-,1 th. BBBl B_ tta'. Iti it at- n,t?. IrJ t" ?ritr t' t I n
dia, .-.??? B'.d r-apaa-tai.ir rltl- - ? ' Stir,,arvi,l?. an4 tli-it. I hi B,
arata liat niaiiiatiiillj of (Ma WaaaVII Philir.. r*a. i). Dnrlo
fotn ar.t. lo- privat- rcBtom (ro:ina,t?d altli hia llctto* bflflBt)
tta .,]* [-??., b??.t-li,Pt tO fa> p'.aafad ai'I flll*?** BB l-T Ilt
j*rt KrcarlKB tl.at 1/yon aa-ra warnrd of thia arb*i*.n>->r<ar
aid l.ad a 1>at o7 thr pa#^>r.--ia tay tli- 8<a.tl, Ca-ol'iia (?> hi -l.
; ,,-i.fi ll.at yan ?OBlal havf na dlfli ii'-y li-id. ntifjin*
tl * (i.aiari.li.al. wa aliowr.4 our l ifonnarit, th" 'Sorthiarn min
witb taautrx-rTi pilii.lp.ri.' lo t* ?vU-nton thiipoint.
Any con-nienli on thia aohjoct from ni ? oall ti* lmp*niti?*n(
ar d fii bad U?t* W> wrlte jol-tlv, b*?tB)t bothjvi?*1 ta*
oocvf r?t!f*n ind ?*rv> ila.lariy a-f?rted by iL
lt raaialr. onlj for ui to aay tbat tta bold ouraalwai ra-pomibla
frr 8Dy aiid rrrrvt-iii r Ix-fi-ln ca?tair?_ 8hoold oar appr*_,>*n
Bant prov- irtaiiBfilr?t or ihonld wv> bava bar*n tflo BBBBBt ot
__r,'int ott danfer frotr yonr tt irlit, wa In altlier *v-t_. aliail b?
pS d Vary roaratttauj^^ INOLEiT,
WM. 8. McCOT.
Wbrti tba Jnd.e fi_i*h**d ruH-iu.g UM l-t.er, tber
an?? Iron tbe crowd a _eneral yell ?f *x-cration,wi'h
erie* of " Hang him ' " " 8b?.t him ! "
AtrKonaH 1 conld make my voire audible, I de
n.ai.dvtl my n.ht a* an American titir-n to be b* *rd
; in 8alt -ifaaai t-al i tlered. il op|iortii"iitv were given
j ro?. io vimlicate mtee.f frotu an aocr_.?.?ii n ?o u'ttarly
fal*?. The onorn'ble Jnfi_e replied in tb* follotving
! larimage: " You are a (J~d d? -n black heart*d Abo
lit... mu. You come ftogt Botton, aod that i? proot
eponiih Ba_Brt yon. You naedn t try| to vindieate
yonn-elf, lor you can t d" U.
I r. ..tierted' bim to eend to Mr. Giera, and inqoir* for
itlmt purpoie I came Sonth, aid aak tha r*r.?nt, n ?
groea wilh whom I had ridden honr* -bont th*
cnn rv. if I ha.1 n'.i.ken M them of fioedom, or t._
pered wjih them in any way.
Ibe Judge an*w*r*d, " I know yon have done noth
ir a BBltaI hb veU Vou are more eiy than vonr f*llow*
in'Tt-a*. Yon want tt taaiaaafB yonntelf iuto t.a
contidnnce of our onBUspeciing people.br pre?*nding
to Bfl a teacher, und then by-tud-bv giviug our nigger*
: itrnhrine to pnt irm the wnter *i rhe viilac-.''
Wben Uie Jndge had ended, a young laBryer narned
i Pat'eram nionrited a engar-liox, and spoke Bnb*ta*i
ti_ll vr aa followa: '' Fellow-citiMius, have von not heard
I of Ihe horrible onUagee in Texaa, "M48888 by the d ?d
Aboliii. riiftt teachers I Have you n.t heard ofthe
' plot* in Talie -h County, to poiaon tbe epringa and
! murder our 1ellow.it._ent, all canaed by tlie d -d Tm*
[ kt-ee I And now. feilow citij*ent, into our uaiei vil
j lage c omiB another of thia d?n black-hearted crew to
88(888 our nigB.-'B to d?*e>d* of violenc*. The enemy i*
in <>u* nii.lBl?whut nhall we do with him ?' ICrie* af
?? Kill him, "Hang him,' MPfit him througii."J
'? lea, we will pnt him through.' Then, tnrning to
i me, be faid, "Coback to them wbo B*nt you here,
; acd tell them we wish no Boetonian anlong us. Kel
! low-citiz*iiB, all who are in lavor of thie mau> leaving
I thi*towu in two honra. eav ave.'' There waa no
j vote in the negative I obeerveO, however, that quite
i a iioinbei uWtaintd trom voting. Though tbey may
. have tliouxlit Uiat I wa* uniuaUy tre-ted, no one dared
to hfp a wcrd in my deteuae.
Atitr liaieiiinif to other abtmive atd thieatt-nlnu* lan
guage from the Hon. .Indi.*e and Uie l>vtrt_ndere, and
convinced o4 the ntter folly of attompting to reason
with an iiifuriated mt-b. I conBented to leave town.
Wn.- of the two honr* ?*iven me were spent iu vain
erdeavore to procaie a conveyance for myaeli and
; trui.k to Ya.h_4Jooeo. lleturning to the vill-aire from
i _v frnitleea eearch. I waa met by a mob he ?ed _y
. lawyer Patteieon, who commaiid-d me to open mv
! trunk. kefnaipg to do bo uiil**e8 hy legal authority, it
waa broken open. Iie contenUi were _loronghiy er
i aoiined, and Uie sidtfl ef tbe trunk aonnded for cn
BBB?- .raatira. My booka were iamacked to tind
BomeUiirgof an lncendiary ch__cter. The newsp-pavra
whicb I bad wrapp*-d abont my ahoee were carefnlly
fcr_tiDi.ed. Oneof theee waa a copv of Tr.e Botton
H- 'ild, which wa* tirat taken for a Black Kepublictn
sbt et, a: d when dincovered to \. a Dougl-iB or_an, wae
pronounod by tbe byBtandere, " a d?n aight worss
thanaBlukk Kepublican paper.' There was alao a
caapef The Boston TraroeUer. with one of Henry
Ward Beecbera nermone. whi-h, however, con
taived no allne'on to SUvery. The n>ime of Beecher
addt-d lo Ue ex itement, bnt Uie cl.ma\ wai re^che-l
when they fonnd anioiii. mv l.-ttem, one written by ttie
Hon. Charlee Snmner tn I8M. I or a lew monenU 1
tljo-.'t.r mv time had eome.
Taking whai j'anere Uiey thou_ht narpiiion.-, the mob
letr, curiingme with the fotU*? oath* Uiat ever die
_n_ed bnaan lip*.
i >n collectiug my e. attered pmperty, I d~co--r*d
that eeveral aiticle* of clothin_ were mi__ug. Wj?fl
ihtre wae of an moendiary characlet about mr ehirse I
cannnt iroa_ine. I tnn-t they may hnve been the maan*
of bringiDg clean linen into fathiou in a re_ion wnere,
ac.. rdiig io my obeervation, it ie aaldom Keen.
I liraUy baxgaited with a pereon toconvey mv trunk
to Valbamceo on the following morning, and imme
dia*?ly B*t ont for that place on foot. Exhaueled in
bodv atd sick tt beart, I dritg-*. my weary limbn, nn
der a bn.nina: mid day ann over the rugged monnr*io
roiad. I had gone abont three milea, wrien I heird a
faalli oin_ bebind me, and pr*?-nUy three men npon
horseback rodta np at fnil epe-d, ordt-red metot-p.
_ad dii?onnung, approacbed me. Uueoi them. wbo
beld in hie hand a loDg lea??r thnng or la_*io, with a
alip-Looee at U.e end, eaid: "We are cometo hang
you, bo now prepare yonratlf.' I replied, "I am
rthdv, and foldmg my arme. awaiied th* reBiilt. Af?
ter the outrage and indii/nity I bad already BUtlcreai,
worn ont by anxiety and bodily f?igue, I felt in the
r_iie pe~Aive aate which a man nomeume* feels on th*
det k of a ninkini. ahip, wbeB the laat bope of eac-tie
han ditdent iuh_ breaeu Therutli.uB were apparen?!y
al-ont to put th*ir Uire-t- into execntion, when the
Blrter*. a man of fiHy, crted out, " Hold on, boys, let i
tslk wilh him a spell fimt Accoeting me wilh the
nnmberlese oatha with which Uie AlabamiaDta eeem
wontto garuiah their ele_.nt etieaach, but which I do
not tar* lo repeat, he *r_ed, "Whateent you down
Sc.nih to mnrdtr ue all ? 1 told bim I came by invi
taUon of a alaveholder. and if they woald go wilh me
I wonld prove my mnr cence of any deeiga ag__rt
their alavea. This wae reoeived with jbera.
>i__ly tbey aaid, " If you will confeBi the trnth,
that vou come to sur u_. the alat-e, and tell 88 who
eent yon, we will let yon go tx*_t-frr_, if not, we will
kill ytu." I told tliem they could kill ma if tiey
pleai-d, bnt I ahonld not _.?.r-|i~e myeeif. Ab 1 n
maicfcl calm, and evioca>d oo teare of death, the vil
l*ine enrpoeed that I wae armed, a.d commanded mo
|0 inve np my piHola. When I lol? Uie_ I had no
w. apon oi defenae,Ui*y eeiia-d me and threw me into a
p< _d of water by the roadeide. Tn* pond wae oue of
tht.ee ao common in the South?a more bog-hole,
aix _idirg with venomoue reptiiet*. I aauk knee-deep
in the mud at ube bo.tom. The chief raffiau cut a la-.e
toll, wiih whicb he U_r.at*>ned to epht my aknll uniew 1
attemptedto walkacrofl*. well knowinic tbal I could uot
exrri-ate myaeH in the deep water. I refoe?d to move,
however, and at lepg1- my vaLaiit a*e_Llani~ tnrned to
leave me, calliriK ont to m* to go home and tell my
Northern frieLd* that they wonld htuig ar.y one who
cume down there. Tue rutfinne were Charlet. I-iri
g_iid, h> eldeet aon, and Thomaa H. Morrow, eon of
Uie P' Mtm_i-er at ISomerville.
Afier a time I B_v-e*de_, i.od only know* how, in
raaah?_ the bonee of Mr. Giera. He waa bimBelf 88*
aml lnt ihe < ,'ir_ttJtt_ Uaaaaaa _wi_<-fl'.ed toward iie
by hia familv. at a moment wnen I bo much Beeded ir,
will never I. forgotteD by me. A* my a^ailiiite bad
tbreatentd to burn down Mr. Giere a nouro if he Bbel
tered m*. word wa- -ent to eeveiral plauters iu
the neighbrrhood, who came armed with gnns. I
Bleit tbat nigtit for ihe tivBt time v. i.'i a 1 aded r.volver
nnder my pUlow, which waapon wae iriveu me by a no
ble-hearvedyout_,liimi-lf tbeeonoi aucxt*__v*iBlave
owcer, with Uie advice to ehoot tbe ti-*t man who
rhtnld'otler to moleet me. Several plantere exprettBtd
tbeir regret that 1 Bhtuld leave Alibama with bo un
favorable an imprenjion of tbeir State, bat oould not
adviae me nnder the circnmetancea. to imnain. I left
at once, and arrived ar Boaton . .iday, Oct, 12 a.-out
tbe time that the dieUngniahed Alabamian ornt .r. Mr.
Yaccey, waa inerructing the BoBtoaiane ae to their po?
litical dutiee, and dejucUng in gU.wing cnlore the
beanUee of that " pecnliar inatitution,' the delitaing
anl brntali-'.irjg eilect of wbich I had .ust baaa co
t-)led bo p_ini_ly to e.xp*r_nc* in tha omtor a owa
Ma'.e. .
Su. h ie my ttory. AU of th?- Btatemente herein
made 1 hold inyBell m readiuetje to nubnUnUate. Ia
all err-ntial particulan. my tale i* Ci.nhnn-d by an nr
ticM copied into The Chmwkttwt fonrxer from Tkt
SomerviUt Democrmt, which gi-ree adeUiled ac. ount
of the occurrence. To Uua arucle I beg leave to refer
tbn-ewbomay be diapoaed to 'jueaUon the trnUi of
n.vu_rraive. Wiiliam J. BfifiWaf-B.
"Hu.,-.*., ot. n, laaa,_
('. ! ? -llllA, 8, ('., NOV. ., I***
The I^gi-ature met to-day. There ie an evident
diei~?UontoartiiiJrle_d(.ft-_lk. The I.BtTii-atnre or
,.BW?d and reaeived the Oo v.rnor > ?88888* I aaraia
be -mgifert* that the I^galatan- ihm-, in view of tbe
li.reaMBiDg aepect of brTaira, remain in aeaaion, Bndtake
a. I.fin tO prepare tha Blata tttt tbe erisu. He earne-tly
reiommtndB.inc-BelJncoln a elected, an lB)M8(lBte
call of a Conveuiioo to determme the mode and _.??_>?
nr* of r-.r*_*. He aays he, indiyidn-ly, coneidere b*>
cawion the only aller-ative lott; Uiat the indicaUoo*
thow the B.-oeBflion of South C?r.l oa wonld in?utnUy
bnifi about tt.at af the entire Sonth; and Uiat if Uie
(itneral (Jovernm*nt attempU oeercion, our ei.lemn
dnty le to meet force by foroe; and be promieee to 88rry
out the Convenlion * decuiin durmg the reniaindv of
bj* t*'.rrn, regardlea* of baz?rd. II? rocomniaudi milita?
ry reorganiza?oa, and thtt every man in Uie Hutte, bt
tween Uie agee of eighteen and forty-five, ehoald be
armed by tb* State witb the moat effloient w*api>t? of
luodern warfa/e. He r*x:om____ raiaing imm.iali_l-.ly
ton i_i tiBf?d volnnteen. t-- I-e _ readineastt U-*hi?tr
eat nolic*. wiib othar -*^i-Jra?'rfi-, t^_*o?<>aa tba; w*
are eontendirg f-*r onr f.re-idee. We may. njt **>
Qtrtatvar, _m_i onr rauaa lo the keepuu,' of tba ?o
preti flll'iroeer of eventfl. .
Tit me*am.'e war mafle tlie tpttbti ord.r for 1 aead .y
lorn. and the I*? _:??<.atur*- ..njr.urued.
Tte conrt.flm of the ne wi ity i f ******** I" biur.y
flflinhiplinrat.d. The Pid-rnl rtt*j*k ot I htrlcrtot.
aie -ttiat t*> hdve th?ir resiunutiot b wrirten.
At tli* celebrati-n in Sav-.n-.ial. cf the eompfl-wa ?
lhe (;i.arle*t<in ard Sa-.__a.iii Kulroad, tha M"yr>' ?
ranaaab pleCsted .V) OOO Oenr/atia to ru-h 'o th- <-?
ri.tianc* of South Caroln.a if ro.rc d. Co'.ector * tt
rock of Clmrleeton. mude ko elo-inent diaanion !*??*?*?'*?
Mr Bucbanan waa toaa'ed i? the laat of an ilh-tn<*ae
Tbere ia Uie greateet enthna__?i for a S-.nUiflrn Con
fedrracv. Krary hat hai a coik-de, and all made flfl
reeolved to tight.
Coi.imhia, Nov. h?t 1- p. m.
A eencua waa beld to-ni?ht, at which it waaa-.'r
tainrd that a large majoritv of tlie I_eg.Blatare are lor
imirediate aeceaaion by B'ate a* tion.
An BflBflflM rrowd aaeemlded Itifl arailBfl. * y'e
VoityMflfl Hcuae, and eerenvtee* 8*1 *t ?- tl*** nt. ***
apoke loog and eloqnently, __-_M_aj Uie laflt hope of
tiifl I'nion gone and resifltanra nnivoidable. lh?
apeech wa? enth .Biaatical'y raeeivel, bo.ai.ee "ir.
Chrannt waa hithei. Mflflflfl Hfld,
It ia rumored tbat Senator Bflflflflfld IrllB-fl
MeeerB. Bonham, Ehet?, ? OflffllBBfl Adan-fl hu.1
oUier* apoke alao in the -(.roe *"rain_.
CerraBpe-deac* tf Tha N. Y. Trlbun*.
W111i1s' o 101, Oct. ttt, 1M.
Having at n.y command ample meMha of giviug re
liable infortiiation upon the rabjflfl ?f gnn-n.-kiag. and
? apecielly of acme important improvement*. in rniill
arina tbat bu\e l*een .jnite recently invetitod, aad
knowing tbat yonr riti/en aoldiery a'e deairoua of e*>
o-llingalltbe worll in everytiiing thtt will add tn the
effitier.iy of their reapectiv-e eorpe, I donbt flfll flbfl B
ahort iinic'e upon tbe abo\ e-named anhjettwillinterert
no' a faw of your rrader*.
It waa formerly euppoaed tha'. atttwtk ehooting
rould inlv be aUaioed I y Mfl nae of a rery leaoy rijls,
and that .TOO yaida waa *ht iitmoet eft-otive rarge that
ct>uld be ol'tained wi'h the beiivieat amull-arm thit
cou'd be produced. Hut, in qaiie recent timea, it haa
been diacovered that to at'am k*tg rnnge ah-voting
wi'h ania'l-armt, it ia ct neceaaary to uae a beavier
w,b;<>n tlib.i tbe moihrn itfentty mvtket, To atttun
h raoge of 1 0C0 ? hrde with thia "ann, all that ia nesee
reiy ia to aliuh'jy nfle ita bore, and then uae therein,
with the reqiiiei'e 'chaige of pnwder a proiectile of the
prcrj-er ?<*__/*/? aud retght, viz: an thttttg proj**_ti!e,
tflving a cvmal /.*__'_, a tt**-tA***k butt. and weigh
bfl i.bout _n ounoe and l half. The explosion of the
cbari.'B will perfectly e-iny thia form of projec'ile, and
tbereby defltrcy ita wii dHge, and cauae the eutire f.rce
of the pt'Wdtr to aet effi<-iei,tly npou the pt?jectile.
T>ifl form of projectile waa firat naei nv Mtior
Mfa me, but heineerteo an fraa *-"/- into it* ho'Jowbutt,
on tl,e anppceition that the enp, b-inird'iv?n into tn
pr. jectile by tre force of the powder, would expaud
it. h_J deetrov iu windajr*.
Ibe p rinci'i le whK exo-ll-Mit, nnd it Ima broncrht
abont a revolnti. B :n thi* etnall-arm department* of
tbe aervice tf all ihe leidin^ Ooveromenta of t'h'i-t-n
d?.m . Int tbe mode t f cH'rvioK i'- oat, by meana ot un
ironcup. waaref,c'ive. Thecup waafrefinBiilly dnv.n
i.t tt* bal through lhe prcjt'tile, lenvian; the lead
iu tht bar-el. It waa u.en fonul tlint tlie ir..-i -ia *n
jatrtlnooa, and that if U.e breech of the pr..jectile waa
hfllowtdout tt t flflfl id, ll wonld eiT__d quite autfi
cieLily. Thie oblOM pnye. 'ile, havinir a flOMTll head
tnd a cnp eLaptd br.tt, l* tLe one wbich is poj.nlirly
known aa the " Mi'niebn'l,' Ht>d ia ihe one now uaed
Lo tbe rifled moek*-t-in the United State* tnilttary aer
v.e, fltd a!-o in ti__.it of Creat Bl-tflta. The nwna of
Mini.ie ie proj^riy apptie- to the above mentionad i'r.*
ieotilfl bnt w an oblot _? pr.jectile was uaed ia a r tl-<i
mn.kft rrirr tc the date oi ________?*? inveutkp; and aa
tl., BHid p.oint.!ecai. I.e naed iu every de*.*-ip'">t. ..f
errull ^n: t, ifl ia uot proi*r to ap,?ly ?tie taarni _V.i-"
ffl, to U.e rt/ed -..*'.. In Lnglaid, the rifled
n'ufket i* termed the Eafttld rtfti, eimi.ly fro-n the fttri
that Ibi Oaflflflflflfll ****** wh*Te idv-eo anna have
l?en lanrely produced, ia located at Kntitld.
When thrown fron a rifled mnaket bv tha fone of
the eiploaicti of a chu.se of powder of on. teuth ot
ita own weight, the Bhove-tnetjtioned proj-< tiie laa tlie
erormoiiB rnnge of 1.000 yarda, a greater efficien'
rarge tban ia attained by the beat field artillery, and
.n it ia open to the f.>lf>wiii__- ol'i?ctiona, viz.: after
hniK bet h bfl* rbota comparhtively. tk* 9 or '.'?>.
fn ? a n'led mnaket, ita bore beoomee ?o fbul that it ia
!_i:jo.?.ib_e to lead it sgain until after i'. har been
cltaned. And, again, Uie LuratiDtr of ihe thin aide* of
its butt, at the inatant of leaTing ihe mu_/.le of the
yoo. rendere it impoaeible to u'tnin n,r:ir,i'.e or --t
/cft7, *hoottng with the aforeeaid Mit.uie iiroj.ttile.
The form of proj?cUle with vfatflb tbe most uniform
and 8.enrate ahfottru. haa ever been attaimd, ia one of
un oblem_ chape, baviog a eonical head and a <i*.'ii
tuil. Tliia form of j.roi.culc ia the one une.l in an itn
proven 'nt r*n the ma' ket which haa recently be*n in
?enled ><y Pl. ffdaid Maynard of Waahtncrtou, D.
C Tbir imprnvemrni, wbich Mfl be added to any
n.nzde loedin/mnaket or rille, at anexpenae of le?a
il h: /'-. ialhtrt, givt-a to u rifled muaket Ue following
ad\fcdtai_-eB, viz:
/'?,( Tbt Muynar-I improved rihed muaket can be
baded und fi.ed an indBfinitfl number of Unie? without
reqnirii-t c eanirtr.
,s* md, 'll.e Maynard improved rifled mnaket cun
be fire<i tttn-i ti*ei fatter ihun the Kn_i?_d ritie.
'Ih 'd Tbe rau_e, penetratioi-, mi tttttatf of
Bhootrog ofthe Mavuard improved rifled muaket jfraat
k exctla the Knfleld rifle.
' Eov-fr T-.e Maynard improved rifled mu.-ket ia not
bo liable t*-> uccidenia aa the BaflflU ritle.
Eifth Tie Mavuard improved rilled muaket ran be
Bcpp-ied witb i-(..*-.-;"-(x/ammuniiion, pnt udjii ifllaf
Itc cartridgea, at a lflflfl eipenee thun Uiat of the amnni
Uon, pnt up in p-'P" cartrid-ee, whicn u nrM iu the
BtJrth: _4ie metallic cartr^gee uwd tn thia Mnynard
improved bt__, while they are but a tnfle heavier than
lhterrartridg... can be naid hncdredaof timej withoit
lrjnry, bnd can be iottdtd in thfl field by a eommon aol
Bflfll fll |Tbe Maynard improved arm can be loaded
miamttttmdmgktg tt fttUiaa, mi while Ihi eyee ot
tbe ua*r ure r.j*on hia euemyor upon Uie gameof whicli
be ia in pun>uit.
i\,gtAk :|Tbe attid Mayuard improvement flflM aai
?Bflflgfl either U.e thapt, weight, poit, or ptoportnnt
ol the Kiifield nfl.,.
That tbe aaid Maynard improved rine<l muiket doe?
rehlly poaeeae ull tbe fldfflflflffl al-ove flunmerated,
haa l*een fuilv den.on_traU"d ly practicil ex|*rimenta,
ca-.ndu.ted by k numberof the moat akillfol gaB-maker?
und eport<:nen iu tiie t.mn'rv. H*
H Doaai D Ctai k ?Kverylwdy rememben M I> m
ald ClB'k wbo wae eo well known in New-York, a
few ycurr ainc*, aa the ' Mad l'o*?. Dnring the la_?t
yea-i of Li* 1'fe. Clark waa mi.de free of at lhe Aator
iionee table, and often timee thifl ermnt man of geniua
could b* -*?n acepting ita l.oepitahiiee wben other
doore were ilwed on hia fallen f^rtnue-. Eve-y one
knrw Claik by aight. a;id one day, while qoietly taking
hia dinner, two Sonthernera, aeatiug themaelve? oppo
Bflfl, con.menctd a ion\er?ati"U intendfld for tbe ears of
Clark. On* eaid.
"WflUl I fcare been m New-Vork tw? montha. and
bave aeen ufl I with to lee with one eir-p':ou.
"Al' raidt'-eotUr " wha?. ia that' '
' M Donald Clark, the grtat p"6t, itvponded Kfl, I
with gretit impli;_"l.J.
(Inrk raieed hia eyte alowly from hia pUle, and, *
bfl the nttenUon of the table waa on him, fltood Bfl,
placiri' hij. hand o>er LLn heart iind bow ing with graat
gravity to tbe {-otithernera, eaid:
" I am M Donald Clark, thfl gi-** post.
Tbe Sontbernflra atarted b mock Burpriae. g1?-'?d at
him in flilen-e, foi a few momente, and then amid an
andible -ftter ol tbe company. one of them drew fr-m
hi* pocket a qnartflr of a dollar. and IflJ-fll it bef.er
Catk, .till locked at him wi hont a flmMfl* t'lark
laiatd ibe iuar'_r in ****** and digui'.y, placedit in hi?
pocket. drew tbenre a -h-Utafi whi.h he depoeiled b?
fue tb* Iflfl-bflfl-HU with theae worda:
' CU'dren balf piice. '
Thetitier chacged to a roar, and tbe SootbernerB
were miflriDg in?'aat?r. | Hinglia-ntou Kepnb.
* ' i
-(Jov FaLkaof Muaflachuaetuhaaappo-ntedThurfl
day, the '___b of November. a day of Thankflgiviog.
I.nr 1*- NrirhA-B*.? Th, aanctum of the editor aad
? .rep.iet r of Th H-.t mnn a Erho, w flheet pnnU-i in
Nibrm-ka preaentaJromeUmeB atrange aifrhta. " fl^aat
week ' Uia editor aa.a, " npon two a.craeiona, from
onr flflM ve witn-aeed tbe playful pranka of aeveral
witelopflfl and again ii flprightly red foi came np near
lhe eudoeure, bot < ut .nd run when, Towflar caiufl in
Bi|_bl, a uue race U.ey had, an.l both made time, bul
Uaj-ari tbe beat. A woek Bfl two gnalJ b^*>' *_J
thtee larire wolvr- bflflfl in aight and playfld rouud on
il e p-aiie B ** -fflfl riaL-J-O*, Uie aame chape tt*A*MT,
Ihal made a tendrrmeal frem a good nxed oalf Bf oura
SS had bflen rnnning o.t. T_e burt_lo have taken
iuT caution, aad lot iwa BflU IflVfl u? UvnWfld B?.
I i:o*4 mmi to fc-'aa, aaj* in- d eweet day,
Of Indian 8ummf t f_d-~ U~ aoon.
Bat t-aderly, above the bbb,
Hai ii*, wniu- aad eaua, thi Ilnntar a mooo.
In iM pale fire the vtlJage tpB
bhovva bfifl Ui* /.f.ciiai. a BfBH tral lane*,
Iba rhintrid wbIIi, where on lt falla,
Tn_i*figti red atatd in marble trance.
?) er tallin leayea the weat wind frrieTea,
i.' I'cuita tb~ t-t-ed tio-e r-uud itj/atn;
Aad tuorn ebal re* tbe Sta'.* **own ttoa
With beleful U_-fl or healUifnl grain.
Al<__ the ttreet the *h_dow* rneet
( H l>e*finy, whoee hand* conoe -l
Tbe molil* of faie thal b)_i- the .St-te,
And aak* 88 n.ar tie common we.-.
8*18888- I ree ine powei* that be,
I *Und by Kmpiree primal apringn;
Ano jrinciB mea-t iu e-.?ry etr.-1.
Aod h*ar the (read of uncrowned kh_rt.
Hark I thromrh the crowd tha laugh runs 8*8(1,
B-B84MB. t'ie M?i rel.uk'ng moon,
(iod aave Ibe land 8 cet. leie hand
May ahake 88 aw en e ? re morrow e noon.
No laal i* Uiie; ?ne eaat anncW
May Bbflfl 188 hope of Kreedom'B ye ir,
< 11 t-ke me where are heait- of prayer,
And forebeade b<iwed|in r-verent fear.
.No* UghUy fall beyond recaU.
Tha written ttttBt a I reat'i (.tn tlo_t
The crowDiii. fact, the ki.glieet ac(
< >! freedom, i- the trceman'e vo*.-.
For rjearla that gem a diadem,
The diver in the deep sea divee;
Tl e regal right we boaat V, nigbt
Ia oura throngh coetlier "a-rific..
Tbe blood of Van*, hi* prieon pain,
Who tmred thn patb the pilgnm trod;
And her* wlwtie faith drew Btrength from de_th
And prayed her Bri-Bell up to God.
Our heaita giow cold; we lif-bly hold
The rti/ht which bravemen died to gain;
Tbe right, the eord, the t_r, th* eword,
Grim n_-?r ut ila blrlh of p __.
Your aliadowl rend, and o er ub bend,
<?, martyrB! with your crowne it'd p _ln_
Breatbe tbi ongh theee Uironga your battle *on_t,
Your ecatlold prayere and dungeon pealme
Look from t?e ?ky, like God b great eye,
Tbou *olemn moou. with 9ear-hin_; beiun,
Till in Uie Bnn of tby pare light
i mr mean Belf-eeeking* meaner eeeca.
Shame from our hcarte unworthy arta,
The fraad deaigned, the purpoa* dark.
And frrcile away U.e hand* w* Iay
Frofar.ely on Uie 8acred Ark.
To party clair*-** atd private _._-,
Bl vei.l that 888. --t tttt of Trnth,
To which aie given tbe a_e ol Hea- -.,
The beantv ol immort-1 youth.
So ehtll onr voice of eoMreign choue
fcvtell the deep bt_e of dnty don-,
Aud strfke the key of time to be,
"When God and man "hali speai. aa one.
Wiiirn*... Omn.?lt iaacrn?l end gener.illy a uae
hflfl art of barbai?m to whip o.veu. The beetdr.vera
om- tbe laeh the leaat. I'pon thia point hear what the
editor of Tttt mmmmtmmttUt Pinwmntn eay*. It it good
bcdbi*. and every fan-ier *hould think of it:
'? Thougb'lee*. men will whip, wbip, whip. They
do it from habit?a very bad habit, and we tind n ditn
cnlt to 80818-1 Uiat habit. W8 are tryirg to teach ,.or
bired men b-tter mannerv than to put ou the wh.p be
foie giving an invitaUon to the brut* i?jmali* ' to go.'
Wa have oxen that will 'go' aa noon bb they are in
vited, withont the indoraement of the whip. ietwr
tind it a difljVult mauer to control the whip. It in eure
lv a -Hvaie prHi-tioMo apply the laeh before invitinir
Uie animaletoncw I /the (BOparWwtwt, Yet we *oe
Ihat thi*. ie a vorv no. 88888?8 of tho*e wbo un*
not own*t?of the tai , Wnen the (BBBM?B whip-laali
i?nct thonght to be hard enongh L.r the backa and
noeeeof cattle, the walunthandie. oue inch in dia_
eter, i* u.-e.l on Ute noeea of oxen.to make them back a
losd'o-. bill, before the 888?8 bave ever been BBBf?I to
I... k an euipty cart down niU.
?? Cattle murtbemadetoohey -Bfldthe common laeh,
r.ra Bwiu-h ctick, will be euttii .ent for bre_kiig iu.
BM we aak for merry on all catUe that are wiUing to
de rcht ae soon at tbe right ia pointnd otit. Manv driv
er* of o.en pnt the lanh on tin".. before aekintr tbeir pa
Tetitteameto move. Ihis ia aef>e-er of biir'janem
whi. ball ownere of cattl.- onght to prohibit. It is 80
nu cruJ ior people whom we hire from Uie int.rior, to
nre force in the hret inetant e. and gentleueec. afterwurd,
itat all, that particular care ahould be exert?d talfi*
trnrd to the utatment of their cattle. l'roper dnving ifl
an iirpoj-tant iteui in huebandry. So rnaay farniera
now (lej~ud npon tbeir bired help to do the maui work.
it ir itnp?na_t for th. m to see tnat th* work ie pn.p
erly done. The merciful mao i- morcit'nl to hia be-tt.
Poi*TO!? ntver ahonlii b*i heated iu the bui. before
Barla,g Ukiu, and if they ai8, *hould be allowed to
tool. The b?t p.ac'ice i*to pick them up at tttt nt
tbey are urearthed, and an eoon aa pimeible get th m
into the M?tf, or pit, or in pilee, where they are to l*o
ntyi through the Winter aud until eold. aud at once
loveitd from the light. and in eome mea-ur- from
the eflect ol air, panicnlarly drying wimls. It ia not
impir?ui that pctatoet 8888*1 ba trtor?<l dry. We have
t, en them aiortd directly frcm the lield in a ntiny day,
; with the adhering dirt in a muddy coudiiion, and yet
1 they kept hret rate. We have an MMMBfl now l~fon>
| utof a man who took piune to dry hie potato. e in the
' pun, and h<- pnt them in the bin in the cellar while irtill
' waim. In a few dnys be fouud his pile of potaioee
] -flfiflflB-f, and on orerhauling, Uie center waa in a -eate
of dtcay. Hi* 188888*"** wut t. epread th.-m out upon the
i c-llar b-'.tou. and cool them, and spri.ikle with gyp
anm, eny two buthela to a hundred bt__el* of potatoee,
I _d then return tliem to tha bin. Tnia bronghl
j them back to Uie condition th.y wonld hav hai if
| etorfdona damp day with th.-dirt adhering, jart a*
| Ibe pla*ter did. Who can donbt that bia potatoe* would
i heef b* tter if buried in earth, t'dhng all the intoratice*
I .-tween ihe tuberB. lt i? beeaiii"* t^ey keep " well
I enongh wilhout tbe earUt Ihaitt ia B8l nsed. I'otatoe*
i>.|utietobe kept cool and dark. I_aJ m Ihi gaaafifiB
B '(tinttoringi'Otatoe*).
Bn.' ;C.ns.- In some r**47Uoi_ of tl.e conntry, par
ti.nlarly on ibe Mobawk Hiver, broom com ie aletd
fa g . rop ir-on B__y of the fitnnt. It -e'-niiet th* beat
kind ol -oil that it, boiI that woald prodnce forty or
tifiybniibele of Indian corn |~r a. re. It aleo re-'uiree
tb* b**t kind of preparatiou by Uii-iutegraiion und ma
nnrinj, and th.n ihe eeed is planted in drilli or hilU,
like Indian oorn, ar abont th* eame time in tho Spring,
ard it ahonld b* tended in the eame way, thinnin,,' ont
tti'plHnU. whi. h wUlpro'iablygrow ia excaea, aathe
reed i* nenally plai.ted very thirkly. Munt be ctre
inlly BfiftflflfiBfii to at the tirat und eecond hoelng. When
ihe broom<orn ie maiurid mmmmtthaf, the head* ar*
l .-Lt down Lefore cntUng. lf th* eeed ia to be taved
in a matura condition, the corn ie allowed to atand un
liltbe beadt are well tilled, but not dend ripe, when
tbe Iie*.I- are ba.nl down bjf a man walking between
two rowa acd U-nding aU the ba?de iuward. It ie Uien
ulltiwed to t'and until ripe, bnt not dry, when it ia ent
bv a man walking between Uie ?__? rnws with a ke*n
kiuit- a largasi/ed ahoe-koifei* abont Uie beat kind
ibatcanbenacd?cutUngolf U? hrueh with tix or eight
incbae nf tlie ntaIk itttacbed. Th* bt?- i* thr.fl- in
bancbee by Uie cutterr, and ia or ahould be tmm**?
ately gtthered up and carried to the barn, or *om*
where nnder cover. It mnet aot be cured in th* *un.
It b fre'.n*nUy nripped or th* **ed aa fatt aa it i* cut,
and Bpread all througb Uie barn, orot th* hay aad grain
Itifie, or under el.tda, or tie- m bunche* and hnng
aga.i?t ihe wt\U*.
ltta aaad Uiat ia to ||?bbJ ?*_t ba baadlad eara
follv ?a it i? v?ry ,1?b*-' ? *~mt- ** m*J ** enrod lo
tbe enu, or apread npon th* bflrn-Hoor, or oa ? Ir*.*
with a very open floor; au.l h muat be freq-ieutly
?tirred ?o aa t? |ive tt air.
8-metime. tl.e bruah ia cured with ibe **d adhering,
bnt it U not ae well, M il ia moie ****** t? care the
bn.ebweIl.iBd it iabnlkyand ***** ? ****** "J
really in tbe end reqnirea a good deal more Inbor* N i?
aaid alao tbal th* dry bruah ecrspe* mnch --*?_"
when fafl eut, and eertainly lhe bruah La more liable to
Ie injnred. For _*me work the bruah muat be c?rt aud
cnredqnif* green, before tbe ?eed is ma'nre. Thenit
ira<r?ped off and fed out at once. It ifl of aboat tbe
fl_ro*val_fl aa hav. Thfl ripe aeed, cured for winter
feedhig. ia c?t_.ider*d by flome nearly aq-al ln vnlne to
.?*:#. Wfl have nflv?r b?en aatiflfied that itwa. worth
half aa mnch. Perhapfl i? would be if ground. Thfl
atalkaara not cotwldered anything like Bfl valnable Bfl
In.ian-cora aUlka. If neat cattl* are'turned into thfl
field after the bruah la cut, they will pick oH thfl leavefl,
but never ea! th* ttalka. 80 they will if thfl fltalkfl ar_
cut and cured, and fed out in the Wintflr. About th*
beat uaa that tbe atalka of broom corn can be pnt to ia
to litter yardfl in Winter to give cattle drv bfld*. They
may alao be ufled to make temporary ahel'er, or wind
breakera. for atock. or for covering root pilee, or pro
terting more valoable teflp from the weat her. They
ar* not valoable for mannre, and wonld probflUy be
the mott ao u mnlch. It ia the moat common prac'ice
to let tl.e atalka fltand till 8pring. le'ting the fltock
pick and trample what they lik.-, and then cnt and bnrn
the remaindflr on thfl lield.
aScrapingcfl the read ia alaborioufl job. A ma .hin.
haa beefl extempori/.ed for thia pun-ofle, and is de_-rir>ed
- Tuke Hn old fanning-mlll a new aet of wheela in a
strm-e frame, eo that Mfl could nae h balance-wheel.
would be bett-ri, p?t on two platik wheela w place of
U.e fana. then take alate of the length von wiali to make
vonr cvlinder. three inch.fl wide and lIlUflfNU-M of
in inch'thick, hollow them a Iittle at the enda ao as to
fit the wheela: drive eight or ten wrouifht naUfl through
,Hch alat. and nail them ti the wheela with the pomta
out, in auch a way that the naila will not be in etraiifht
rowa aronrd the cylinder, bnt hrL-thntr ull over. One
foiurn thecntnk prettv Btrartly. one t?> liold on th*
brufh in handfnlfl and ft boy to hand it up, will ecrap*
two or three wagon-loada a day.''
Tbe valuecf the crop ifl the moat important ftflflflV
j eraiion B *bo*e who may be tetupted to embark in thfl
' boflineaa. Wfl bave ae?n variiua efrtimatee of the
j amont.t of ptodnce per acre. We thiuk that a tan of
' brnah frrm tbr*?* acrea ia a pretty fair eatim .te, and thia
' will aell at trom $100 to f 100. or it will make up about
one huidred and twenty do/eti broonifl; aad any man
of tolerab'e akill aa a farm labcrer can noon learn how
t? make trood twine or wire broomfl. There are m.
chine* ii-ed by broom-makera, which greaUy facilitate
thewerk. Th?y coet abont |_8 ea. h.
The inantity of fl-ed grown upon an acre we liave
aeen rated oa h'gh aa aixty buahela. We dont be?
lieve tbat one crop io tenwiH give t*iat. The writar
of an ar'.icle low before na. ertiniates U.e value of well
rirened aeed, forhoroee, eheep, andpoultry, bigher than
oate. Tbe etAlkfl, when left to ripen tbe aeed, are of no
valae tor cattle focd. Tue aeed is more valnable, but
U* bruah ia not; that ia moat valnable when cnt green,
ar J wLen the itraw ia line, and retsina a biij,'bt, lively
color. _______________________________
Fik. 111 IflCOflfl Avkm'i.?The bflBdtaf, So. *
Bnttt flMBflfl, own.-d and o.cnpirl by Swift A Schaf
fer, aa a chairmairufaciory andia.l'iet wareho ise, waa
deatro-ed by fire Tueaday evening, and a . _a of $3,00.
involvr.1. Tba largeet porti.-n ol thfl ertablielimant of
Meaera. S -t S , fronting ou Houaton ***** and c<>.i
necting with No. 8 in the fi.na of Bfl I*. waa bflflfld
down the other night. The bflBdtag BB the arcnue
eeiup-d. thu.ugb -he exerti'.t.a lf Att iiremen on that
O-M-l-B, rui'lthe anppoaiti.-n iflUiat il wae aet Ifl fire
liwt n'srht.
? a
8m.>..i ior tri Btiflfl m Kaiflfla ?Dr. Byna
Mertille commenced aome two yoai. ago to aeouae the
aleepiui.'energiee ofthe pnblic of Mai ne Bflflfl thin im
portant aahject, and baa by inda.-trioua l__V>r, auc
. e*y\t-d in atarting a school. It ia eartal.Iiahed entirely
by pi iy.it* donaUona, and it La preeumed that onUmud
eflorte will be made to Buetain Dr. MerriHe in thia
laudable enterpriae. Th* Maine School for the Bliud
ia loca'ed in the town of 1'iuty. at a houae known a.
t.e Hufl_ey jlnre. Thia locality ia flituated bo.wean
the towna ofAugnata and Bangor, near tSe canter ol
the 8'at*. Th* ?ehool ia now open to roceive all wbo
deeire to attend Tlie pnpiia will le admitted, in board
and tuiticn, frflfl of eipenae.
S>. K--i.'-..?Abont 50 studente in ihe medical d*
partment of the Xew-Yor*. Univeraity, fiom Southern
aSta'ea, yeflterday held a m* eting to take int*. c*nflide
ratien tbe momentoo? .-ri*ia brought abont, by tbe elec?
tion of Abraham Lfaeota to the Preeidency. After the
uaubl amonnt of apa?ech-m__iing, it wan reeolved to
adjonrn nntil they -hould hear that one or more
Sonthern .Statefl had recedei frr.m tbe Ucion, when
they, too, would, aa gracefU'; ua po?sibl*>, a'ide i<aTi
tbe Bti-am of fleeeeeion, and leave the Colkge without
arkmg for their diplomae.
Tm Gattfl Votim..?OnTaealay theyotnuladiee
of tbe TweLfth-atreet (Kifieenth Ward School hei.l .?u
eleeiio. in due form, at wbich 023 rot'ti were Bflfl,
Four were for Breckinridge, 10 for Douglftfl, 18 for
li*;!, aud 1 wl for Lincoln.
We were indflbted on KlecUon night, to a brace ol
Wi.le-Awakefl (I*. B. Pa^ea and B Taylor, jr.;, in th*
flmpkvy of the Kmpire Co_d Oii Company. for 1 barrel
of oii to feed a Lincoln boofire.
a ? ?
Gov. Wiae may aa well " come down. Tht Ro,-k
inghmrn Regiater, piomptly for the Tenth I^eion.
aeitlea the matter, for if tne " Denii-x-racv' won t a'and
it, tb*. game ia up at onoe. Hear The &? ?nter ?
" We preaume it ia ec.rcely neceaaary for oa to aay,
tbHt the maene movementa and epeeclieflol' ____-< _or.
Wiae, aad hia eflorte to get np companiee of ' Min ite
Meu in Virtrlnia to reei*tthe InaugnnUonof any l'reai?
dent elected bythe voi.e and will of the pe>>ple 01 the
1'ui, 11. meet with no r?~pon-e in thia etroughold ofthe
Virtdxia Dem.cracy. The people here are reeolved to
opp^'a* tlie election'of lincoln by all fair and con-titn
tii.ri.l ineana; but if the people will that the reina of
tlie Cneral Governaent ahall b* placed ln hia handa,
thi? Demccracy of the Tenth Legion will not be in
Tolved in the treaaonable purpow ;ind ettoit to pretent
hia inauircration. Tjion thia p. iut thera ie but on*
opinion among all onr people.
~A man of a aingular character died in N'nw (>rleuna
on Monday laat. He wu eeventy-two yeara of age,
and ol Lte yeara had for hia only companiona a nua
lier of doge. The Ptcay. m ettyt that on the diacovery
of bis death by the neigbbon, a number entered hia
dwelling and fonnd the body euxronhded by a ecore
and a half tt grown-np doga and puppifl, _oma h. king
ai!e".ionauly nia faceand nandu, and eome othere howl
my imont-ifnlly. Two of the puppiea were fonnd deid
near hia body, perhapa <mt oi aympathy for their poor,
good, old maater._^^
Pro. lamaliaa.
ln Hi* I'relleiey, Be? 15 D. Moau..!*, Uoterito* of tke HUtt o
tt**> York.
Eighty-fomr yeara of proeperity, auch aa haa beaa
Toacbtafed to thi* nation, ahould ruali* ot fiataf-it b?yond a!! tha
ptaop.a of th*- *-!__, aod eap?^lallT -houlal wr. rruJer 00/ thaiik*
jiTing iiid pral,? to AlmUht. Ood f?r th- b.-*?inf* whkh. aa a
btate, wt- hava to jm> .aliarij oejoyi-d U-irlnfl th* j_ar which now
*r^'^?.*l|?', "? eloae.
Tbt public baaltb haa ba**n pteat??*<! tn an Tmuanal iogr** 1 lo*
far^h with unwontaaj r_*.|y I.a* bronght forth har fniitt ln taira
rn, and Com.iifrcf and tbt, M <ri lianl.- A rt* **** conlrlbntad
ha-rellj lotb* oouimon pr.'*p.-rltT. 8ea:ur?ala p?r*c_aud pto
p^rty aad In tha anjoymant of thahi?ha*t chi) aad raligloa?nb
arty. all rlata-t and profaailon* hava puriued th?Ur **)T?ral TOca
tlont undijtuitKd. _ ?
Whilf -Hfllit ha* fallen and dlmlalahtad lha nrodoct* or othar
Landt, tU labon of our hnab.ndn an aie r-ward-d with abimdant
: ratnrn Whilr Ui* paaatnr t-ar ha* wttnwat*d tba ("poii-rt-* Bf
1 tb- Old World eon-Ua-d wdh r-volnllou* or tramblliig on th*
'? **ttr otwar. oorowu happy land ha* flflflM \?__V~Z\
i and tha popular voi.-? *er_* ?ipr?-ilon only throuah th* p-_r?r_l
i -o*l..VtuAdedbf thawlad..-Vo!ourf.t-?X_. wJll ?U>~"\'-?
. ofaTr__Uwl.il b rrowd the -earrA hour. wa ara mad*. tr, ttil
that H,. whora wr thonld blrV. tor onr ******* ?_ ?gW-flfl
' -M^iltyUalwworkln^Bt a brlflht-r i**n_.y for othar aa
."bauiblr w***_*****tt*t ibeot -d othar mrrci-j,. br
flnlt. In Mflfl ?* *ht* ar- alllfljfll? unm*?,rt,trd?/1w?' *****
~~7iJt bow our .pirlU batorr tha t-rona of tha Oraet ftalat
'Vdo Iheirfete' appollit T-UBBPAV thr TwBBTl NllTTH DaT Of
N. aiauia NaiT.Maday of I'ralto, Than__.aa.Tini and Pimyar,
lo A n lihty (>od and I r? "ii.mrnd that tnr proplr of ihU Ht_M*a
do on tb_t day, ab-U'n frooi thrlr utual occ .natiooa aad, m
acmbtlnf ln B-tilr pUco* ot worahlp, unltr In l.naikl* a?pr?MBBflfl
of gr-ttt-d. l_ _-*> ?*~?* -uthor oi rvrry truipon- and tptiltual
la witnrB* wbar-of, I batr hw-uuro Btfnad my narnr aad
aJTiird thr Prt, y .*'?-l ol Uie State, tf Iba City of ,tIhany,
(1. ? J thi* flrW day ot u.-tobm, ln Uie year o! oar Lord oa*
tboti-? i eUbl huadr.-d aud atxty
?y Ue OoreraM, KbWlM U MOHUAW.
Qtotut tkl**, K . ht-flfl flflflflfltfl-T.
Bi ifi-l .haa - Our -fv>f?ort of tbe Cattl* mmtkm,
ahowB that tke new* of the *4*--on did aot tpdkt \AB
th* b-nnea*. aa eoao* of Ibe Keotocky droTaia hoftm
U woald; bnt. on the BSBBfiflf, for the hrtt tifl** 88
many weeka, tbe Wedaaalay trade w*? tktdioBf 881
Ur than tbat of Tueaday. Sobbb of Uie eel-t- tkomgkk
tb* _dvHn_a -aarly *'__al to half a eaat a pomod, (_?
th* bnyer* thnnght tt more thaa that. Oa th* wb**-,
the -Ivt?.*?, on the avarage. it ?q?~ to a***it a poetnd
nprn the priee* of laat week, and opon th* loirer
grade* Biore thaa that Tb* eoatiaaaaaa ef tb* aboK
?upply next week will kaap tbe ?ma* up, Vot tvtt (-*
hai diy be hoped for, now that *l*ftio_ ia etrot.
Wisth*. OaRnr.M.?To-trig-t Chariotte
playe "Ro?-0, when Mr*. D. P. B-jwen, tb* wflbV
known manager*** of Phfladelphia, wUl maka bar
tirrt ap-peaninc-) a' thia boa**, at Ui* lov*-in_
" Jnliet."
? B
Yoki-ba, CrnTRAi. Araicx.-A encceaafol explorv
tlon of thi* inureeung eonntry ha* jatt bata ***""
pl_h*d by two 4)irtonJ-riaiiDg wlotad man, Mr. M. *_.
DelBDyan- Mr. Bobe-rt CaBspWI, tb* l*tt*r of whoaa
propo*** to narrat* tcrtoe of the iiK*-*iit* a**~ oArom
(oree of bia travel* ia tb* fonn of a lectur*, th*
Thureday) tvening, tt Shiloh Cbareb, Priao* (aaf
Maricn Btreet*. He will exbibh many eonommtt, aad
a youpg African will be BBBBfit in iiaUre coatntaa.
Citt GoirRMtEKT.?N-ither Boa-doftheCfl
Council had a fafiBBB latt erimiag. Toe Board ef
AJdermen wa* deelared adjo?i_*d witb out d*y, aod
tbe Conncihnen till this **v ecirig.
Thom?i T/oyil proT~**8 to give hie thirty-three 188
aone wby Abraham l.incoln la ?let'-ed, on th* otflf* *f
tb* Merchaate 1 'xchange, at 2 o'clock to-day.
Mtflerr. KairbankB _ Co., m-in._cturera and dflalaaa
in ecale*. indicated their opinion of the effeet tbe 8_*
ticn of Ij_kjo_ will have on trade by inaerting aa al
VflflflflHfififlt of threacolumneinTHi: Tbibi-hk, YteBy,
Siini-Weekly, and Weekly, at an exptoae of Bbeat
$1,1-00. ^_^___
Ilifoa). B-T8BVT8 to Vot*..? Tha f-llowing per
Bone wer*- arrertad by th* police of the difl-raat Ward*
for attempting to vote _leg*_y: I>**ri" l\ Bryaafi,
Franci* O'Neil. Jamea A. SliJtu_e***y. Edward G4*a>
Bon, Henry Wflaon, Jame* Soal**, Michael 8m_k_
Wm. McCantry, Jobn McCaffrey Ja?. M-Dflriaca.
Jae. .Slover, Cbarlee O'Heara, and Michael Darr_
Hk me of the above aia alao liable for lllegal refirter
ing. Th* penalty for tbe latter tTrffeuae ia not ba* thaa
cne year in th* 8?Ifl Prieon, wbil* a per-son wb* no
tually puia an illegal vote into the ballot-b-C la otrnf
liable lo ?_* mor.)ha impriaonnient in the PeoiU?tlary.
The officere making the abore nrrtnv? ar* eati~e4 88
the leward ot $1C0 on the eeBviction of the BBBBBBfi
of th* offer-se cb_rg.?
Death pfififi Violfsci..?(>n Tue*day ?rening aai
Ir-hwoman named Harrigan, hving at No. 38 I/eafi.
areet, wae found lying on the tioor of ber room Meed
?_? fwely frcm her mouth and n-~t.li*. Upon -cbbbV
r-atkm it wae found that ah* waa quite daad. Pr__
tbe t*vid4r_cea of violenc* npon her peraon, it ia wtm
poeed that the had su-~ained aaevere beating tt Iba
b&ait of an intjemperat* h_et*-_d, tha effeet* of wi_sb
had can.*- her death. PttrickH"trrigan, tha b'l*-**-*.
wte arroeVd aad locked np to await the reeult oi Bm
Coroner'fl inqneet, wbich will be held upon the badp
Tf* portrait of Abraham Lineoifl, painted frtxa HA.
at Springtield, DL, June 14. 18o., by Mr. Tae*. HU-BB*,
wiU be cn exhihition nt Schaua'a, No. 6-1 BmoAwwj,
for a ehort time. Bil portrait ia u_iT8t__Iy "?iai
to be the moet spirited likauea* of oar next Pr*ud**_
Tlll WlISON l-flUMBfiUI..? _4__M_1 8-__"(""*B
tioni to t-rtin.ot,.- for Capc **-* \>?Tltoti of th* brijr, **___
S. liif)**-. harcir.l In to M-**ra HowUad k Biptct-l.
"4r*nl.'lmer Hroa."8'">' ^acket. B*V__ k C*-88*
S.-lHa_ar _ !4>l'tliei_?r.... !"? i J. F Pl-llioo. tt
- ,[.; -k iVatiii k. 1*?| W_t?j-_ tk BBBBBBB. 88
Il'-T. ?!('__ f.TaaB . ?
M C S. r'Cha* Silllmaa. 88
Har-'lb*** tk H rilfld. I'I lv*? Be- b?r fc 4"~. U
B*.in li S-idw. 10'8 M 4_xp*at*r. M
PeVrS March. 85l Jai O. Oradr. M
BaibcurBroa. "?|H hH"*-* ?????. 18
R-bi-rt IHIlon. ??. Oar?_ Tvler lt Co. 1*
J. D. PhilHpi fc Ct?*?a. 2'IBiarj Wooal. 88
K. B. fcCo. 10 _ , ^
Tarparo'tfcCo. ?' TottL.8*8*
S i Ho. "-? P-vioo-y*_no_1**>_.a88*
.lai M-irrhy. l"i ?
Ha-ard PowJer Co. 25! Total.8*>v-t'
Mi HnrR wn i Oit.?(>n the L'ttb of Ort-W laat,
Mr R K Kandnlph wm w irkini in hii ltiaib-r-yird, attkafatt
ot T_lrt--*'*hlh-iraart Katt Rh-ar. aud. for roarnninoaa _?
:?id hia i-oat on ajj-r ot lumr>*r Sfibaarcjaently. h* 8*888)1?i
tbat a w?laH.coiital.ii ; irini*>rf.iia valuabl* dev-umcata. ha. benm
?Str-rlr_iro-i cr.rol' th- pcckrl* No c*lo* to tb* tbi*. va*
oi.talnr- tintl'i Taa*BBf. Cn ti.a*. day, an Iriah Utxtrar, n_ar4
"n-ocrjai (la V, hai"lDf b**ri luad* drurjl on r_r-tlo- wkiakx,
ea'l._ at th* ho.Bf ef John Morpliy. In T-lrty-lf-th *tra?t aod.
ilttini doavn brt r- thr fir*., tvr|8ti to barn np varfooi 8?Bttflflt
whi, b hr pr-'lad trom hii (.-Ift Ona of th* pap?>ri hippaalag
to fall npon tbi* n-or. Mr. Murpby had th* caHfjavfty ? it??laa
it. nrd tonnd that it -?- onai of th- dooumeati wrtaleh kid h?a?
ttol-n from Mr Randolph (lary wa* i_me__*ly arranad aafl
, o_B7ii(ta- t*) act-erby JoiUoa* t-oouoiiy.
PicKrorKiT.?Mr. C. B. Walton of No. 68 Wi
liin, itrcaH bad bil peck-t pirartl cf a i-?rtincal* ** fJ.p-i4t tn tha
Pa.kHink.of 4- J7>. wbil* ln a crowd tt tbe polii on Tuaodaj
A IBBflfl n'~) r.uin-d Jnxnaa Br-iiutn wai arrriteal for thi 08 aaaaa
aml eaf-mniitt*>d to aniwai by J iitir* WaUh.
Br Wll'la?P. P*yr*at No Mt Wa**, Ta-tntr dit* enreat,
armm at th* BBB*. 00 Tui-day, batl _*?*?_?< piAei af 1 ttirrr
wuti-h v*lii*d at 818. ChaiU- B- --? orea arrmtM ?* aatcH
non an- th* witoi. fo'i?i ln bu poa**a*lo_. Joitic-* KaU7 __ai
bl?1 tp to aniwvr.
Dr"" stii.? The bod*r of an unknovrn mu nt
tiilor'i iran. wai fo-.nd fioattnt ln Ih* ioca at Pi*. Na t Baa
Riv*r, y-tt-rday mornlni. !)-*?_- w_ abual 44) yaem ai eajn.
5 IrK ? inchr* in liifht, and atoitly bailt
An niilmoi? tuan wai focn- droau*. y>*-t*t.ay aaorjla*, 81
th- iciot ol" Kab. . nth ttra>*t. Yeari Riv*r. It araa ra_*?4__t
b? had c___.itt*da-if-ld*. Both t_* abov* ?ta will be uvtnB
L.trd by thr Corf?:?rt--_iy.
[ \ .1a~.rtl?>f?'81 ]
LCTI-B IRO.m J. II. Abmsbv, M. D.
Albj-mi Hi .ittal. May 84. lriBB.
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th- -ip to tne kre*. Tb- w*t*r wai ?_?J??i~4 ta *aM*>
tijoonfal dc*-i four ti_*a daliy. and the ul;*! wi* covarad wBB
lint ta?.irat-- tn th* wil*r tvri-at daily Tb* i-priviaiaat fraa
L.oit .Jr-iiiVd ai- ni8-k*~ from tl.- fi.rl day of iti aaa, trnme IBc.
um- rroi.-l^ had prod c*d iwry ttttl* *ff*ct. In -MMtl*
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ho.',it- nearly weli, aad i-aruon_ hii crtt?ary hailiv?v
In t*vt>ral t?lar c**?*. whlrh I propo**. to n<-j_v- bxreetlmt, m*
wat..i waa fr.und to ba* v*vy **_l-*i:I0B8
Th* H)t~_4- in which l hav* fr-4 lt moat uaafa, irtaM
lowi: Iii eocditlon*d (lf*-; D???Mt- of th* Skia; Pa*-?l
H*_iori_*t?* 1 Uiarrha-i dopeoMrf on an al^nk twj^lt^ ot* tW
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of th* body front tpacit,- di?-** aaa ftat- li?*_Baf*ia~_
I havr na-d It wlth (rrv-t adv*rUt* in U*_otrk*W_ 8iit_la.
ln B-.f and Prilrao H.-aaorrl?ji- fi-in tb* rae4~aa_ aad ia aaw
ar.i cth.r fonmoi _aai***. . .? . . . _.
Inmy oplBli-n. and in my P^-',K h? ^1?'**'*+*
r*n-_tion ft h_ arqnira- 81 a r-ma-l_ afl-ot aad ?? reoarBaMa
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Md will *lv* .oi my tetntn to tat -ilh*> ro-, B* of valaa.
I Bav- tb- hoeor to b?, v*ry r*trn-a.f_Uy yv-ia,
J 11 Aaaaav. B IX
II \V. B-mt-ic* (1*4* otC-erniaa) *-it *r*~-M-B**-*BflB
Uotil Bnlliltaia. No. b'A Broadway.
(Advi*rtia*B?et ]
A Caru.
Th* l_j|~<7ton 01 th- ?Hth r.raUun DUtn.-t ot I?t I"*_t
Ward, rat?'n thrir thaaki to Ro??aaaa J Dfl-iBflt, fw tfia
prempt and o_. ?r like coeduct d j1i< toe day of el*ot__
(_i(aetl) Jaaa* B.acb,
PkTBica Co.i?,
Joaa U*i88
(Adva>r_?.m-.it 1
Thk U~M Si wik>K Imins. at IIulhum'b
(Adi-Uienwi 4. |
S. II. Crook .s
Nbvi HoTbi..
Ob tka
wl'l b* op?ti?i to-day. at IJ oc?.. i?.
Wo. 'I Cl?thajn-at. Vo. .4
a '
lAflBsaa-BflBjfl I . _ _
II. R. H. tht. Prwcb or Wai_? aad Btntn tB
Bbabi'i B_naBii. P-*"^1?'*i'iL*,l' ?
Coraw of Broadway tniltkm,
Taa Oaii Uaixaai ?*?I|".U"?*8 _____
Hoao~d wiia . so-.- J2___*L^_tlf*_-_*T____ m
|1_toc*(>a* *** H. fi. H. 48a B-MB- WaJBB BBd 88B8 88
?4*wa-Br-_f^i-*lWT. ^ ___
Copiaam arrtynrUet tfc* art (Waa*.
tiafiwr *?** Hi*** I Bflfc M 8 8 88

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