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a- i ...Tirlaarf of Tba N. T. Tribaaa.
tSnmfmmmm or Bo?0*, Marcb 30, 1 Wl.
Tha gwty nrontb of Mnrch baaa. on i.e way w.H, na,
aadoubtleaawitbyou, aatonu.' ing everjbody with ita
-aganea, and making welcme tbe thought that we
bave but httle mora to auffer at Bl bande. Fir-l. there
ftarce tbat baltny Ume, you rou.eml-erJ WfllheflgM
thal tba gB-lleni-ium had reaJly coine, ibat tbe Lion of
Barch bad iadeed lkin down with tbe Ianmb of April.
tbat there wm to be no ahivering uiom, and tbat rben
mattrra and he?-rt-4ubt> were to tl.e away abrever.
Wbat a andden condenaation waa tbere af tbia golden
-raror af Hope! Laust week waa a week aftaawa,
We took leava of PerambuiatioB. Social life waa not.
The braveet of na opened our doora. und over tbe ?now
beape in froot of tbem nodded at our ueiKhbore
Oppoai-e, aud wiabed we wera able to almke
handa with them. Eichamring mild BmUea and ahrnga
Of inubil-ty. we cloaed tb- d.?>r BgjaBB, uirned over tbe
booka on the atudv-tuble, wianed tbere wua a corner in
kitchen. parlor, celbr. or rag-l** tbat we had u'l ex
plored, and didu t know by ht*iU H?w w- hate MM
homffl, TruiIBB, wben we eaa. t get oui ol tbem. ?nd
how we locg for tbem wben we ci.n't |M a' tbrtr.!
Thea* oontraata are curiooa. rud abould be deetlyiOU
gideredm the plan of every Ute. Mme. de MaMMBkM
gave ht r confeawor ae a reaaon _d?ainet embrai ing a m(
uartic career, that "in the worid onr reiuri-auie-.'
"waya for God, but in tbe eonv-nt our rottim- ure
"aJwayafor the world." Thia w.-a a tnie W'.n.aua
Baying,' gimple, but full of aajigeati n. It iagoodto
pkee ouraelveB aometim-a Bo thnt ? a fl all have n MIBI
whieh, I take it, are BBBaaJaaaay baghagfl towui
tba beat tbltiga aud towurd our beet fneuda.
IaolatioB bightenesympathy.kiid I t-ar aM po<>i vir
neneedetbe aeaaoning of an occaei.-nal N p-i.tance.
Beaidea, we like to make aclean cat eeaBBbflalay, at,d
dietuigulah oureelveg from our aunviiu<.i-ge. Ebe. we
UW U.ey get ao wtddort tbat w B BBB-Brarj know ourvcivee
apart. Do I own thcae four araBa, or >.\o tbey own u:e,
and deteln me bere for their pleaanre and prerervatioo?
Do I waut tbeae booka, or do their |MMr> autbora
aeize me wanderiiig neur 'be ei t-Ivea, imja BM 1 IB8 bf
tbe button-bole, and iuaiat npoii aMMaWJ BMb b'-ul-d
op wiadom intu my paaaive mtnd I I once rend a U-rri
hb tieatbe of PtaMa upon the aaa aad aM aw, iu
Wbich be gave M many MBBBM w I.y I atflB BM l* ti.e
waaba'aud. nor tbe wiiebHtund I. u.at I egnn alU<r a
Wbile to doubt the fac;. Had I re .d further, I t ink I
abould never have known m\B-lf Irom hoore-fuiniture
?gttic- Let me beie temark tbnt o any of li.eac gyflB*
Baetica of Otjrman ?BMfBiyaicaBBBBi to baaa no otber
efflce tban thnt of narm eaaly BaBBdjhag tbe hrain of mIJ
Ita t-lectrieity. Their battcry etri.ea n.. hummer, turua
BO wheed. Fiebte, baHABg dei id.d tl.at be wua uot tbe
waai.Btond. emoked.took beer, and wulked out to ae-t
aome philoeophk trieud, who. viewing hiuivelf \nclu
g*ee, aa tbe (len-mr-B t*s, M-flgM be migbt be that
among other thm^. Fatbcrlat.d irem.iinu, guing to
tbe Devil?atroogbanda wauud, dear, paartfafll babafl
?infiniteaimal oppreeeon lo be ui..Jennin.d, t!:ec_L
tnry bel|*d on. " I tu not tbe waabeU.no',' gfljfl
Pici.Uj; " I aui everythinff," 8-.ye ll-frel. rVtl.eiU-d,
take care of youirelf. Yet who aMB *") BM ii ib uot
B viul point to know our reul at-lve. from ti.e Mtltbaa
perao.-.Kii' ea injrated npon ua, a_<5 to dMmgabh be
tween the ayuipton.auf our lunry, and tl.e. vulid pbe
uoiiuua of our liveaf All thia ib dt-.p, Ttibl.m,
don'l put it in your w_*te-pupe.r ?oaeket, ubich ladee^r
atiU, cruel -uoreover.ae tho l>_akti of Uie beadBii_-n, wM
waitaup..- the guillotine. But 1 waa gok.^-to te!l yoo
?f the weather, bow bad it waa, and beW we Bnd
tbrough bv?how horae-cai. c.uld uot get out of tho
Btable, aud bow b-are-like old ouitiibur.a on ruuuera
earri-d ua aboni, MtMl up like i-oi.victa, or hter to our
late tfiniater at the court ot Pekm, iL h-me of bb inte
rior explontiiora; bow IBBB windy B-BjM, we w.m aM
pocked in iHir bedo a? in eo mai.y ontdka, how hou^e
bolQera dreatled tbe faJl ol cbuuueye, nnd v. uited toi tt e
day. BatMB., thal ni^bl, hub l.lledto OVeiC win^. the
aauu! ay-tole and diaetole l^tween it and the eeflflMf
a_Jf*rid?d baJf way, return tntina MaBWaBbahla. BBaaty
atDl*y beda in Concorl, Wof.?ai*T. Haveibill and the
like," double amtunt of bedrJing wanted
tbe metropok-s. Bnt wMaflB tbe uae
B of liviug over wbat w*. well livi d
tbrough ? " Tbe anow ia ull gooe now, tbe birda are
out again, the uraae begina to ook>r. m.d tbe wind
bkiwa mildly trom wm. bAbB-BM qu_rter? M tbe caat,
8ir, tlrougb I aoe by your au-ile tbat y-u thiuk ao. Tbe
only merry memory of the baO we?k wua the cla<_ at
Dr. l-owie'e Gymnaaiam, whicb ii_t? b-come oue of tbe
i_uu.iic_.ona of Boeton. Ciaae compoaid of fenial-a of
Tarit.ua t_ges?txeuae ttw- exprn-on, ttit "ladit-8"
too kmbit.'oua a derifciiation, and tbe term "woman"
_.o*r-a-dat\a imphea rigbta, and l.ua a BafiB-fllBbjaJB
?ance. No boo[*?dreeeea vaiioua, from Bloonier to
Bat.. ci?;i-ia. Ladiea, take your placoa, aome forty in
Bnmbtr. 8trike up, muaic. Iba Athlate rtanda ou Bfl
alevated |MBMM| on bim, aa tbe mvnle! of inovement,
all eyea ure bxed. We bfljta w ith iM w<xxlen duuib
b?lla. Flourmh then, wildly over yoor Lchob; Unke
out riKht, now left; ewiugthi. way and li.at.allintimo
to the ronair. Ab! youre -liaiteeeieC for breatb
abowa you wuDte.1 -he extriiae bauJy. Now take th?
wanda. Straighien, tip, prt-aent, u__oeuver. Now
foim linea on two paial'tl boarda, cotini tbe bean bnga,
and eee wbich aid- will puea iLeu all tba way down,
and all tbe w?y baah, erw-neet. One, two, thrte?
heaveua! how tbe bean baga go?our aide haa W(u?
the other tbia time?and ao on. We. look like tne able
btdied witchea in Macbeth, but we are merry witchee,
ai.d meaji no haxm to any one. Ouly, if buaLund.., fa
tbera, aaid aai'on knew pi-xiaelj t! e atren^th of ann
ai.d depth of chrsi we Und to davelop, they migbt tbink
it bert to put a btile reatraint upon Dr. 1/ew ia, leet our
pui-auit of happineaa, alwaya under ditticultiea, ai.ould
/beooua too vigoroua au oo. upatiou for doinaaiic peaie.
Cp at the Siate lioaae, time puaeeB n? be-t il may.
The Gcvenior ia b<-_irgtd in hi* gii-tn-roc?_u, in hia
waiks, and eTen in bir pow in cburch, by offlce-noeik
ara. Thev plugue oue like iM A_Lu.uu?ii_u curae,
Whieh wound intimately tbrough every fo!d and tiaeue
Of ita subject a body, tbai uo ixiiini-eaiuial membraue or
ttuac-B migbt eacape the Luvoked maiedictioii. Liko
Otber ritee of falee religicoa, it led, uo doubt, lo a iuoio
accumte knowledge of a_.atomy, nnd did no pemiule
bann, aave to tbe -uen wbo cuJbd it down upon oibera.
Tbe abelf on wbich the Divine wrath ia kept ib au bigh
Bbove ua, th-ii there ia great dunger of pulling it down
upon our own heade, wben we uieddle with it for tbe
detnment of othera. But the oihee-aoekera^?lliey are
OverywLere. DtaM to Of?n a letter?dread to aee a
mild looking n.an enter your atudy, oifite, or drawing
room. He waute your iufluenco, etc., etc. You lell
him tbat yon have do inhuence. " Eatabliab on?,
tban,' M ooolly anggeatoi aud, beinx mutb petauaded,
departa. Not tl at our men are worre Uiau tboae
OB tbe other aide?bow oould they be '.' But they
have been ao long excludtd from every amulleet apbere
Of offietol duty. If a leech haa been kept lor aay eight
year. upon a diet uf motaloucd clay, woulu he uot like
to draw a little blood ? Ab U>t the leeohea of the other
party, if tbera ia auch a thiBg aa repleiion aud dropping
off, Uiey, methLoka, abould gladly aubeide to apoplectic
rapoeej bnt tbey Uilong u> tbe bcriptural or Lorae-kech
bction, wbo alwaya cry, Give.
Tbe moM imporuuK bearing at tbe Btate-Houae of
late baa been in the taatter of the coniinuution of the
Old Colony Railroad from fall Rivw tu Newpurt?oar
Aear Newport, Taiatag. The fair 8ammer City,
beirtg demaaded in nmrriage by numly Boaton, waa
aotbing lotb to uarne tba day, and at once beg'an to
Bkake ber little nmidenly arrangemanu for tba umon.
CpJumpetM old miaer, Kali kiver, and forbida tba
bane. " You aban't be married in my bouaa," aaya ha
" aud ny money aban't go that way. I waut to keep
it all loeked up bere, for my owu oomfort" Now lt
bkcpaned unluckily that tbe young people could not bo
"?Jried enywhere elae. Much bluatoring followM,
?** M *ba ptt-aaure uf capital. ao many dollara to tba
?hbbeb, beo-ug applied, mattore were held in aoa
paaiaB for a tlxaa. Bot tM match bein^ ooe of tboae
Jada ia Maven, ibe noble Mjb-gachuae--g Beaato haa
d-beorand U*t tM oM BMB k aaa 999\m mtnf, and
baa erijoined bim to etand out of iba way, aud not pot
aaandenhoaa wbom rigbt and naeeaeity haYa akke
joined u>kietber.
" Bo burrab for tba Seriate I tba wadoMng thall ba,
And thay '11 and tnYllatlona to yon, TaiB. and rae.
It ia true tbat it baa yet to pasa tbe 88898, bnt we
truat that body nndergtandg 8 bat a n-ieant by libt-ral
and enligbu-ned legielatkm. aa we)l aa aaother. And
Newport, our dear Newport, thall not oit pinmg there
aloneinler beauty woi.derrog whaitodo with ber
natural advaiitafea; tlirted with in Summer, hot with
no eolid rtanlta af growth und improveraent, and loeked
enfely out of me na reacb all ihe dreary Winter. 8ba
ehali'develope with the quickening current of new in
topata. and new facihiea. And irade aball no longer
aibkal about, rlapping ita one wing, bow ill-grown
aud btf aided we all know. Trade ahall hava two
wiiHja.MitBlwByBoaghtto have, and aball carry our
eonveuience brtweeu BB reaaonable prohte. And the
iiiperaunuatd tbeory of aioppmg np the great artenea
of travo) io order to favor au BJI|1|B8jI depoatt in oue
aiaalailiad ganglion will ba aecn to be aa oBBBFd in tbe
body BObMi tu? it would be in the hurfmn body. And
.pu'r doBI Bhode Ialan.lera, wbo eeek to traffic away the
-boit-a of a Siate which 8888 not Uar tbe Btigma of
iLtir karab, will Bad tbat. green aa are tbe meadowBof
N-wj-'-n labad, t n atapdj Faooaaj are not quite joily
r. aa aaoaajh (M aaaa o a iib aoaa a ehort-uYed uiumph
their nef?rioue 88-0*898,
No. 2:". View in N?rth Cheleea. F. 8-888? The
punty of color in tina I;ttlc jii-tt;BB calla to mind unotler
uiat p-ieed iu the oaxt nxm by the aame artitt. Two
of hia eharooal aket.-hea, lemarkable for dcbcacy and
ran-fulner* af 88889, attnuu-d ua in the tirat gtUer-,
and aa we follow bim throiigh tlie exhibitiou, we tind
i'i tba dozeu piciiires he contributea tbe aame e.ir_eitn
tiouaneia ef treatment and the Nime truthful feelitg.
Kurthtr on, in thia room. Mooulight, 3*-'o, by bim,
pleaaea ub for tlie tine 8-8?884?8 betwcen moonhght
aud darknews, which it is 88 ditfieult togive; anotber
? K>d t! i:ig io 600, Twilight, remiukable for tbe lureeea
t_k?kdaahaf of au honrwhcn tbe growiug darkneaa
aud the hrilliut.ry ol tbe 1 888 the 888-BJ Bim haB left
B88B?I it are loni-infcled, witbout either ataorii-g tbe
88?I r.
No. 254. Anut Miiria. Eltna M. Oove. Miaa O-.ve
laa young artiat, wboae crayoti druwinga 1km two or
1-888 yeara paet bave gained 088 aome repuUtun.
Mii- laaaaBrF, alie baa tried ber haud at on?, with a
good dtal of promiae.
No. 26J. Mouut ETc-rett. J.B. Brietol. A_oatln_in
otib littlepicturo, wiUi the ti?wpart-ut electric atmeapbera
kataaBja-f faaaah a act-n*. Tha roay hghtupontba
lulla ia very vivid, and Uie Btiudow of Uia cktida upon
ihe reat of the landacapa ia equally well p_tited. ??f
ihe aereral pictnraa wbkh Brintol baa iu _a88-88?8?8,
thia 84M?a to 08 to have the nuoet meirt. No. aft, li*
oollectioua of Huniiy Lat-da, a littla fnrther on, io, bow
ever, a xtrj plca-int pieture, fu_ oi war_t_ and
No. 203. " Tlie Sumnaer treBeee of the treea ara
bbb-B.n A. D. Shattuok. And very remarkabh* treea
tt.ey nniat have been, tudeed, fuli beadaof hair, if they
i.ad any mor* ti?eea in Huwmer il an tbey have ia
Wn.ti r, for tbeae which tbe artiat calls braiicbea are af
t!89 kmi which ihe aitiet in hair paii ix bia a.'iow;caa?
al ihe ehop-coor; or they ure like tbe fine aea-moaaee
wboae 8?88818 filau.enui oue rxay ipread upon a bit of
paper by iu.meraim.' it gftitly beueatb tbe floating
vegeuaMe; but ceitaii-ly tbey are not thetwigaand
kaaaab?l Of trees for tbey poaaeae notbing of the rigid
ha, wbetber BBraJ?I or penduloua, or of tha diet'uct
nidividaality wbicb mark the apray aa perfectly aa the
baaaeh. No. X13, Sbower at buneet, by tbe Bama ar?
iiat. doei biu. mucb rnoit- BBBdha
No. _t^), tba Mill Streaiu, ou tha oppoaite aide of the
room, So. ar.', tbe 8-888 Iiank, aad fuitbor oo in tba
fiftb gallery, No. 448, aro all by A. F. l'.tjb!..wa, and
_JJ n?rked ap*ciaiei_ of bia cboice of Bubjecta and man
ner af trtnt-ent. Tbey breaibe 0k8 -nn-epherB of
Scmmer, the wannth, Uie pladneaa, the ri,bneBB, and
tbe npoee <>f tbe bigb uian of the year, and aeem to
i.bvb betu painled in aome of the moet ror_ of tbe r*>
treata of natare. Bellowi, wh. _er be createa or ap
propi iatea?and he ir.urt 1 ave learnt d to appropriat*
arat?aatb sc< ne* aa U88 abBBk?BBBa 88- mill, the platuv
uni oolituie and tl e uuivaraal venlare reheved by tbe
two fiKure?, giv ing a bit of color to tbe landacape and
a bit of fca-ntiineiit to tbe pi lure, ahowB a bigb 8888888.
atioa of bia art. Ha ia phirutaking and careful, and
evidently not wuiafied witbout iinproveuieut; and of
coura* be imjrovee from year to year.
Nr>.utki. Deoerted Homeeiead. Jervia McEotee. Mr.
McEuUe ia anoti.er of our uioet promb?ig yonng art
iaU. ln bii picturea alao tbe t _e*ntimentaj well aa
Bii-nery, alwaya a* chanu terietic aa ibe <iuiie oibar but
not btai n_rked feeiUig of Bellows. ln ibe (hrtober
Kain, No. iM, and in tbat before ua, ii ia, we U.ink,
raiber rnora apparmt than a larger ar.d more au.bitioua,
IbaOBpj very meri'orioua, picture, Inuian 8ummer, No.
fffrl Tbe louelineaa of ibii <M und tun.bl-d-down
bouse, No. 2??>, tbe melaniboly hoor of twiligbi, and
all tbe deiaila of the pieture aie in 8889881 uiniy, wbUe
iu hauOIiuaj ia no ltaa ada.iiable. In the Oclol^r K? n
oDe aeea alao tbe duli diecomiort and aadn. aa of aueh a
BBB/ when Uie laat Beuib.'an'-e of Sumuer ia being
waahed iiit af Ba?t aud kTOod,
No. M3. Coaat 8oene. Mouut Deeert. A. Wuat. In
which tbe artiat ha> made, wbat to a.me of hia brotber
uniata will be a dieoovtry, tbat when tbe aea boavea ia
upon beach and r.K-k, il ia apt to make what the aa.l..: t
auid otner rxiaju.ou people ciJl broakera, ita bad beliavior
nol beieg alwayi ontaido in def p watt-r. The abadowa
of thia pieture are aa tmtb'ul aa ita eea.
Tbere axa amie admirable tigure-piecea and aeTeral
good bi u?a in Ibia gallery, but it wonld make our arti
eb) too long to note tberu. We refer panien?rly to
worka by Jobnaon, Baker, Wbiie, Las Cltar, ltyder,
Vewell, Blauvelt. Gray, and othera.
No. 34b. 'Ihe Three Fnende. T. Hicka. A fpiiet,
tulbful littla pieture, ua karu.t.nioua in treatment aa iu
tbe peaeeful agreement of ibe three frienda, a liiile
girl aud ber two pt-ta, a do^ and u kitU-n. Mr. Hicka,
we thuik, haa not even bere departed from hia umul
walk.aatbia ia au nnmlatakable f__ily-pieoe of Uirea
No. 349. Grimalkina Dream. W. II. Ileard.
Mr. Beard deligbta in cbaracter iu animB-, aud aapa
bapa rlnd pleaBiiie in a aubtle aatire opon tbe weak
rioaoea of bia kllow-uien. U? tluda great ple?lure,
loubtleea, in A.aop or La Foutaine, and uitfrbt illuatruta
eitner. Tbe Dre?m ia i_tur.il, and tbe cal axcBllamily
we!l painted. We aeo ibe aauie hamor in _BP, Tbe
Aatronomfr, an owl aa atupuiiy aoleun aa philoBopbera,
with and witbout teleacopea. nn.etauiei are. The bird,
notwitiiBUtuding hia perfert rest.ia very fnll of tife, and
baa ihe peculiarly alert look wbicli belonga to tbe owl,
notw itbfct?udiug tbe proverb.
No. 3ot.. Suunae, nettr the Ialand of Capri. T. C.
Wela. b. A coiujianion to thia iuay ba found by tba
dihgint tMtker ui the fiftb gallery, in a plar* whera
tbe chanc* ia, aa it ia wilb thia one alao, Uiat it will not
be aeeu at all. But Mr. Welech, w e leam from Uie
cai?logue, ia from C'incinnaU, and tt waa not Ukely Uiat
be would ever kuow wbeUior hia works were huiig
well or UI. Tbey are, bowever, well worthy of a
beiter piace, even if aome liule court??ay were noi doe
the etranger. The miaty light of tbe rnorning ia ex
oeedinv'ly well giveu iu No. 3?aS, the artiat not being
afmid io u*e tbe eobar graya tl?t hia purpoee required
in both pirturea.
No. 3*7. Platte Biver Lud_na Enoamped? Albert
Ilierat?ll; and 218, Emigranu Camping, in a preriooa
room, wUl recall to tba jpecutor a large pictor* of Uie
Booky Mountevina by thia artiat in the exhibilion of laat
year. Tbe wbola treatment of th* aubjoct ahowa how
eameatly tbe painter entera into ti- ipirit of tiua fron
Uer life, and bow carafiil a atodent be haa been of iu
pictareaqne phaaea.
No. 373. Cer-ing trom the Fiolda. T. P. Roaaiter.
l>id Mr. K-ataitar ever aee a real hay or a h_r?eat field!
Wetkabi. Did b* evar aee a man or a womau ootning
from a h>ng, bot day'a-work ln aacb a fleb1,1?op, be
draggiad, aweaty, dirty, aad wora-OBt? aUr|--^a8kl
b!e. If be had, ha crnld never have pakted gtich be
di-ened caricaturea aa theae of real working-men anl
women?cari'-atirrs wbich would excite the wonder of
tba real maiic wbo makes bay in tLe aweat of liia
brow, we_ra a couraei aMrr, a very ahabhy hat, hob.
?nail-d aboea, und iformcnta jrenerally btfittiug hia e?n
diiion aud work, and n.ove bim to la.urhter quite aa
much 1-* ibe cluwn iu the circnr. Theae eUjrant and
jauiity yonng gentlerpen and bdiea in Btage-eont?__e, '
wonld do very wBB behind the fnol-tighu, if the tiela
they were retnixdng from waa tbe eide4*eue distaut
exactly ten 1-et ueven inchea, und aa gn-en aagreen
baiie eould make it; bnt wben real meu and women
retum from real hay-tielda? where, by-tbe-hy, wbite
women in tbia country never go? it ia in very different
guiae and in a very dillerent mann.r from Mr. liosei
i.-r'a iuu-iriniog.
No. 380. Gb.ing to Paature. Edwia Forbee. It
would be a pleanant pkture if we had never aeen a
No. 3H5. Wmter Moming; No. 3*>. Antumn. J. B.
Brevoort. Compunion pietnrea, both by aobjeet and
eontniet?Uie brilliancy af ihe one aetting off tbe aom
l>er bue of tbe other, wbib the eolxtr and cold garb of
Winter in t'ia acts aa a f.-il to tlre brigbt uuta of the
Auttimn foliHgn in ita companion. Tbo situatkm of tbe
MaM iu No. 3rVi, I.y tiie \try bleakneaa c-f ita exjo
Bure, adda, perhapa. to tbe d-eolateuu* of the scene,
but it BaWaeM from ita truth, inaemnch aa MaBM of
ita claae ute very r&rely, if ever, plaeed in ruah exjoaed
aituatir-.na. Tbe MflflMflf Uie poor love the valleyB,
and aeek tba abettered nooka rtnder hilk-des, under tha
lce of tho woode.-anywhere but on a apot bo bleak asd
ro expoaed aa tbia. We lind no snch incoui^aitioa aa
thiam tbe other, where a graoefnl trronpof trecs and
ahrnbbery, riob in all the varied tinte of Autnmu
tritle Wk. bright tHrbapa-overbangaa placid aud geutb
No. 411. A Soutberu Cornfleld. ThomaaW. Wood.
Au oriK_u-d work ao far aa purooee is concemed, open
ing a mine of wealth- into whioh Kaatman Jobngon iu.a
exj loied a little way?tiie aUve-life of the South. Tba
coloring aud handiing here are uot without merit, but
for the figoreo, no better criiioiam can be ruade tban
that of a [laln-Bioken viaitor wbom weoverheard re
Luark of it?" They dou't look bo nice aa tbat?I
gut-ae ti.ev dou'll"
In tba Fiftb Gallcry we Bad Be. 123. The High
lunda troin Surewebury Uiver, aud No. 463. A Suui
merMomingon-heM;-siabnB.fBCoa8t, ncar Bever
I.y, by Ki tmett. Tb-y are both .hars-ing pirtnrea,
and extelleat epecimnne of hia n.anner. The quiet, in
doleul rej<.8e of a Sunxmer caln. ia ba diatinct in one aa
the freab aud brwezy BvMBBBM of the coaM awept
by a geutle Sutomer wind i? in Ui-olhor.
No. 439. BWJO Mernk-jr on Bnabkill. H. L
Hiilycr. Our impreoaioo ia-hat there ia -omethi-ig to
look at in thia, if it were where one oonld aee it. Tho
artiat, at leatt, haa had tbo uoldueao to attempt to puint
a tbick fog, rrnderod paJptbla by ti.e neamegg of the
objecta partially obaoured by il, inatoad af contoDting
blmarlf with giving tbo ibaiitnt eff.cta. Tbe taak is a
diUlcult ono, but LLo mero attempt deeerveo tu be oom
No. 446. Madame I-g'u>e'te, whb brr Dar.trhtora,
joining hir hual.and in Uie priaon at Olmuti, 17'Jl. E.
LeiaBte. Laf-ayeue wua tot a nn.n of frreat inta-11-rt,
but it ia b-rd to repreaei t bim and tos w ife and daugh
lers, to be, us ooe migbt judge from Ihcae facea, uot far
removed fn-m ldktcy.
Mora m**riinglea* fac-a could h.ordly be painUd, and
we .ail to detoit any trace of digi.ilied grief, <>f pious
r-aif{i.aB-n_, or any otber nobla aentiu.ent whi-b it
en;j-*ed a painter propoeee to i-.rtray in a bbtorirkl
p.cture. Undouhtedly, wben Madame I*-iuy?tta, with
bar daugbtora, vaBted ber I ualrand, tl.ey eu-braced,
nnd tbe girla were BligkUy iiufvt..i. nt for their lurn,
TLna mu.h the world ia willinv t?. Uike for paflMA
andif tlif uliataima|fir-_li<* could not gottyoud af-ct,
only aligbrly mtre LnteLfified tl__n n.ay ba aeen any
tne moniing on a n.il road platform, wby eaauy to
BtlM a Bi-ne wbi.b in bia BaB-BBtlba u i!i con-aionaot
uf tbe eomnion-pluce ? However, tbo pii tore Joea not
want for merit of am^hcr aort; ita baberdaahery?
to apeak? tb?- g^wna. tbe draj*ry, and tbe toilatu k< u
eraliy are cxtellently wt ll patnttd aod in pM tagae, _o
theu.i-.lv, a c.-uidtu-d, Lbin^L BM exu.Uy Bticl. a* it
would be aappooed tbeaa iadiee wonld have jnat coma
off a jouruey in, ur .hoaen u> aj ;<ar lu al a priaoxi.
But tbe b pr. ?[|letj ir only a \,*r. of aM want of any
true idea lu tho artiet of wbat an butorical paiaiii-g
gbr.i.'d be.
We have notieed klready, (n r-aadng tbrough tLe
otber rooroe by atticipati'*, aome of the beat picttirea
in thia and tbe next gallery. A mong theae, bowavtr,
we faiied to call MMMtMa, hi r.ferring to othera by tha
aame artidta, to No. rVlO, Bt-iiBet over .lemey Fluta, by
Wuot; and No. i33, (k-ma lor ihe Maiket, by Frank
Bow h-nd. Thia laai ia u moal |-r^e.ua i iece of rok-r,
but rather wantinp iu c. (iraeter. Tl.e ini'-eaeiTity af
Uie baautiful alavta mtber abucka Uia apeetater Uu.n
eici't* bia j ity, ,nd were it not for Uie tame in tl.e
ejiialog^ie, one Wi.nld BBBBJMM H t" tfl k emi for pleaaiire
uf e-.me lich aud nol.lo U::igj, wBhMl I uro ur auxiety,
rutl.er tban of alav. a faBBJ |o uiHiket. Eicept in oLa
grirl, who kaiia Over tbe aide of tbe IkmiI, tbere U Uo
trare of BMBBB-B, and oveu tn her r*?- ono U uot enro
wbetber aha woepaor aleeps. It ia ncvaitheleaa a pic*
tur-ehowinga very full promiae of wbat ita joung
atithor may yet do.
No. .'-W, Vvuet'a Bunaet, is remarkdble for tho fai'h
fulneea with wbkh be givea Uie bror.d expanao of the
level Jeraey moadowa. Tha rich, clnuiKtng li^hl of tbe
paaviia^ .iouda ia very Btriking aiid akiilfu ly manajred.
Wa note another picture not V. be paaaed by in
eihnco, No. .16, Waook off N-aitueket. ffMaBMA
f. rl. A veritable etudy of the in. Wn do not remen.
ber to huve aeen ai.ywbere n> v-,-11 done Uep.-c.iii.-r
BlanthMtaaehM tbe Mha BahtaijaM ind<cp
water, and the roll of the aea alao is axc-IJ-ntly weli
givaa. Tbe pink-at<-.ru achoouer n.-uk8 tl>*> lotaJity, for
it la B eraft n-rely, if over, w* think, aeen in tbeea
watora, aud tba wliitla-boat ia elearly a Nantuckat boaL
Tbo abip ukue we are not quite ao aure of. Haa abe
taken tbe gronno I Bhe wanta movemect, life, if ahe
ba? not; and il ahe haa, abe Bcema too apright, aud on
la-?even a keal. Mr. Bradfonl haa ono or tw> otber
pkturea in Uia eoilectron, but tbia ahoWB where 1.1b
t\* < ial Lklent liea.
On Tbnraday moniiuK, about 9 o'clock, terrible crea
were hcurd proceeding frt.m tbe ar-a-WMV between tbe
reitra of No. '-".' Itoekn-Ui uml No. 112 Bpruoe atieet. A
wbitewaaher who wua at work in tl.e room ou the
(/rotind tlcKir of tbe Sprnc?-aireet buiidina; rau to tbo
door and aaw ihe leody of a muu w birling ou a ateam*
abnft thut jdifcacd f:om one building to the MhBK
H- then went B8MM tbe rtie. t aud told tbe cngiuti r
to Btop the cr.gine, wbkh waa done Lmniedialely. On
_?<'?.!._; back, it waafotiud tbat th* victim ha.1 L-acouie ao
tompleiely eutim^le.l Uiat it look Ma min MMBbI min
utee to cut away the cloiLLug and diaengagv hitu from
the abaft Tbe uuui waa a Geruutn, lutui-d Fre.kr.ck
Adolph, and upparently about thlrtyyeurB of age. It
appeara U.at ha waa ?-i._r:?*.-> -1 in wbitewaahiug tbe
mal!e, and waa probably leaninK agaiuat the revolving
aliaft, wben the atrin^a of hia oveialla, wbkh Were
tod bebiiid, got wound about tho abafl, aaid the nian
waa cangbt aud drawn up, as atated?tbe wbole affair
oooupying bot a point of time?and whirled i.und at U.o
rato of 110 revoluUnua per miuute.
At every revoluUon bo struck hia feet flrat againet an
iros grateway higber tban Uie ahaft, and di-l._ut tbr.e
feet and Qve inobes, at an angle of about 3.'? ; next the
ground, three feet below the ahaft) then a brick wall
dividlng U,a area, four foet from tbe B___fi. Some por
Uon of hb body waa therefore hit over tbrea hundr.d
timea per minute. (juilo a hob waa made in the ground
where M had atrock, and tbe edge of the iron gangway
abowed a poliah made by tbe leather of tM mau a boota
hitting it eo outny timea before tbey came off. Both
fe-t were nearly battered away, tM booeeof tM rlght
fo-.t being all kuocbed out between tM ankle asd tM
toee, baving a aMpeleaa elotted maaa. Wben fbuad M
Hawaa taken to tbe City noapital by offlcer Jarae
MrKay, hnt died immediately after hia arrival tbere.
The ahaft haa been where it now ia for yeara,
and it Ib about the but plac* one would look for
an acfideot. In fWt. tn get la il re'inlree that one
j'lrnp dowa from the irttnat-.,y conuecting th* two
bnibl-ga five or eix feet, and cii..yt for aome ench
purpoee a* that thia unfortnnate man waa -ngaged in
on tbe pieeent ociaeion, it wonld never be approtwbed.
Mr. H. W. Oreene, from whoae workt on the oppo
tnta ai.it- of laraaa atreet tbe ahaft protaadad, immf
diatoly ordered rarpenfen to work to box op the ahaft.
The Board met yeateiday afteruooc, Mr. J<>vzs, the
Preeideiil, io the chair.
A uio'ion waaadoited direeting tho Couneel to the
C-ptaaa1oa to draft an act to te aubmitted to tbe
aaBBlb-tara, nuthoiizii.g tbe C'orn_.-n ('"uncil to ap
point Commiaaionfra to eatabliah the np-town atreet
Bxadaa, and IrauBtuit tbe aame t* thia Board before the
fitli iuat.
Mr. SrtvxBio* preaented a reaolntion te hare the
atreeUef the _hjM88Bth Wcrd 8a?aad bf Mr. Hack?
ley, a:ii, in detault tbere-f, ibat 888 City luepaetor
rartae tbe work to b* d<me, the Controller to pay tbe
ex^ti-^* aud ? liarge the aame to tho BBBB8pBa-?BB for
cleuning itreeti.
Meeara. Lbnt, Pincx.nbt, and rrTKVx.isoif argued
tb?t tlie prereot nianuer of tleaniug the atreeta waa
anything but eatiafaetory. The up-towu elreeta bad
not been rleancd in aeveral montha, aad Bo?C actloU
abould li* taken to remedy ibe avil.
Mr. Bk?BBT, ia reply to Mr. I/ent, i?kl Uiat the
otber alde mmt have been itkainjiollltaa tn aoeking the
appointmeiit of aome friauda 88?88 Mr. Hackley. Now
tl.ey ri.i.'bt oirer te awap otf a nigbt-watchm? i appoint
inect at ibe tj_tom-liouae lor a ati-eet-eweaiaar or a
Mr. PiacK.tr.r ofTered a aubr-tltute that the City ln
apector be diracted lo Butoroe tbe terma of the contraet
wiih Mr. Hackley, which waa uilopud.
*!r. LxaT Iben 88_8ad a re*olutiou dlrecting the City
iDipector to laua* all tbe atieet* to be thorouarbly
eU J ed, tba Controller to pay lha oxjMi.Be, aud tb_rge
il to lha LoDirartor for <ire*t (Jieaioug.
Ti.i- waa b?d on ti.e L, 1*.
Mr. PutCRBBT .-flaied a laaoa-t?-dtraottaytba Con?
troller towitbhohi tba warr-tit for tbe buiioing of a
new ateam lin--e.ui<iue, foi Ci'iuj utiy No. 6. He aai.l
bobadbOOB iiitoru.i-d. on i(.m|>?'eiik .mthonty, that
tba lirm funiiabiiiK thia ei gii.a bad nlvertieed ona pre
i-i>ely BJuilar lo thia t*r $.i(000. Ue foaad by the re
port af tbo Streel Co:aiBuvuoi.ar tbat f4,H<)0 waa to b*
BMropt?B-dtar aaaaajtaofaa th? aaaaaaiiy, and aa
tkove uow exit-ted a dirugreaiiioijt in tbe couipuay, aa
to 'he d-.-j-ur-iiion of Ibe b-iu.h i..oueya to be oblnined,
ho believed 1b. re waa a v*ry laraj* rolored 0889s?BBI
tn the w.od pile.
Mr. BOOAI ?Otad 88 refe-. k to th* Con.milte* on
Fi.-e r.-ia.::_.iii. to mvi aig.it* about tbat colorad
Mr. BaBB BT aaid tbe w*rk hftd l-een ordered by th*
C.n.iM.c Coiin.il ul bat ye?r, aad ba wvuhl vot* nol
to refer.
i be reference waa batt, aad Mr. Pinckn*y'e raeolo
Tbe iiour-1 adjourned to M?.'ay.
Tha rogiilar tuonu.ly n.e?t'ng af 'hia \h.<1j waa beld
yenU-nley at ha rf\'ii'ii <oi_rr of (t-dar ai.d \\ iil?m
ilnea, PiLXTiiii PBBPP, tt e I'r.riient, otrupymg the
g-air. Tbere waa an uuuaually large atteuu-uc* of
oi< :iibara.
Tbe mianU- of Iba BiaatOBB meetir g were read, and,
afii-r aihghi auini'ti. ?r'. irora aparuead,
Tba fdlowitg nanlbnaa w. re ?laaeed tnemhers:
Charlaa A. Cop*a_id, Auraha_ 9. Hewatt, WilUoai
I. Ki.'g, aad ( b_i. Sjuire, ji. AXCa-bsid lirail v, v
tb . i.,: .. jjbm la-' ol l.a Co_8?ttaa of Arhiraiion ln
pla e ef Baan If. T It?L wh.ajr term had expired.
llie fj'.aeiiofi of ..p.-i.tug the 8888?80 trade to f..r?i>rti
boiU:T:B 8BBM up on tbe ?bjortty ai.U miDoiity reporta
,.f ibe >,-.u.) t'.'ii n.i'.'a*, ta arboaa tba a_8?arhad
l^en ralerred B88B ?!tar tbe iri'ervie x of tbt, Kxecu
tive Coa ii ittee r-f tba Cbaatbaa wnl. Mr. l_uaaey,
_, 1*, aa i.i? rtceut vb.;t ta thia aaaaBPFa
BBB, W. b?881 ujoved it:* adoptkm of tbe ma
j.,.i:r re|4,rt, BBb_bb?d by < upt. Nte, iu Chairuian.
Mr. Ntt jo?, who had 8-badWia ihe nii.ority re
port, ? pi<oord the inotioii to adoi l. He bald 0*1 tlxr*
aa : i ??? but litile riak iu afai ing our toaaimg trade
to fon-iirn rompetinon, and, aa ill.iatrain.g tbia faat, ba
at.ieu kiiot wbUe wa bavi abi, ? al ll.ia port loaiiiUK tor
Ci.il*, lliitiu, Aiiair..IiH, th* aa_ Bf? Brjajl i 008? of
rk?utlr.Vuvii-a, BO kviia BOT?atlj BB* ii ro.yi g tbat
uot one ii. a baadrad "f -b?B wnt- l. etg I ra?ata, und
) a .-iild uol bb* wby wa fliuuhl I'-ar IBB reaoll 80198
l aii! .ra? li_d* Ui raae Uie Ciiaatii * biW to tlila exleut
w-_ r?,Y-ubd. Re BaBfBah cototi-kl earrt i. g; tnide
waa a very i_:i.'e 888, BBd 08 888b od I t itiai nuait of
oar' tu*' a?tooaroaBo waobd b_bitt tbal uwu.ul t.*of
a gra?iBdYai.Uke lo tiain lo te able to paru lpa?> tu
it. Il .a-bii ed l ba Iba peBaj ?f aaa graat uaiion to
graap evartibii.a; und t.. gt*a n.thinirTa retaira BBT it,
for vr* bavJ' 00?OBf lo graa ex.-ept unr eoa-tiog tra*la.
Oa U a I'.'-jwl ot b(i)iiiK f ?8988 *mpa ai.d baving
tbem regiweied bt re, be U.ougi.l tbat privilcga ouabl
lo l.a giaiited 88 diiM)!-i"f U e I'i i*i'l Niatee. He
move.1 lo ameud by ?ubatituiu.g tne B-B880aJ for tbe
U.aj.'riiY r*p rt.
JoMa' II. Bnowin favnred the adoptlon of Ihe ma
Jonty re|4irt. Jl. a.! dtu i-o ib- BO?ey of Great Biit
uiu i'a be-kf ln,er..l loword fiiiahja aa-oaa whero ber
li.t-raala vae.o lo be ei!wi\ril ty il, in admiuing
cbf:ii, f.a-i arbaa bai o'*t p.-.-iucta weie b_a_b_aai ta
I i] , ly tbe wimta ot l.er j eeple, and w ban ber captal
BM blbor B8BB8 bar 8888??dp enn-loyod in ber vaiiod
l.raiub?ot u..i:i.trT. iS<>, tOO. ibe I eaaed to Ux tlie
Piw n_te._!? wi.irli enlered U.tO ber [i,ui:uf_i'tur?*,
tbat tbey migl.t be rendared m-jre 8888?88881 Her in
U r. a'a \V.re , ?.1 ,-t? 11 - | r8t8 lod al ull p Bk?, 8 b< J.er
ba fr?0 trade or ratif OOul lreati.-a, to il..aien wbat
BMbaaghlaad io ataca Iba r,otli* af l.eriudurtry
?poniba aataalrj tcdi arketaof -koworbl ta-rhiaaaf
e- nipat?bak. He tbaaahl tbut tbe aakjiwby repori wai
BOgTCOt in .aviDi/ tiint ".raal Blllttli 8M uot oller any
j. il e-jitivali'i.t !or theadvai.tngea wli.b ibe openn g
of oar eoa_?aa traita woold pbtceal ?trdiapoaaL Ho
looh iaaiie Bjrita Mr. Liodarj b bit h?:i ?eol tbat " ibe
8hI aaraai waa a Diere 88-1?F, BBd Itd 808888888
ira. o? ti.at the tra.'e Boal ba cieated lor bim." Ue
hell tbat lha coiutPirtioii ol a abip waa a
OBBBtaraf trail*, il there waa any 88888?? bk t.ade.
Ti i.uUrr, IfOB, baaap, and iuU.'h '< | k .i ert? trana
portatiou ai d | r. du. ave lai-or w.-ro a lOiubiui?l:ioi| bf
a b.rge tt?la of ita own tic.tiion. Mr Browerj.ro
duted 8ka?aa?al Bk8aia_9h? to aaakabi ha view.
i oini-iii,k{ thaaaaB-8?Tk?b tha iaaia)aiad tunuage,
aj-k? muihol t.... 8898b?d tuiiLni,! waa employed,
and t..kii g into searfBaratk? iba ahort rouua uion
lOinj'artrd with thu ragaitrf*. be tbought it
Bdg-1 b* fairly inftrred Uat our conat and
ibe lake cafrjLng ira.l* waa quite eijuol
in quaiiiity to Ibal of onr lureii<u 888k?b88?I bl 80th
Aaake_aa aad ??aaajB ?:.?,?. Ho tbougi.t that Mr.
Jjiuiaey underi-ita;,! t_g iuiporfai.ie o! out cotieiiiig
traa.-, und waa daa_roaa ta tara it la ar. mbbI in babaB
Of bia tOBBIryBM B, m vi. a of the a ijf i"r ailvaniages
in cheoj neaa _ka~aaad bad over Aiu rita iu tbe coii
atriuti'iiol irou Biipb. If uo dutit I were lcviedon
iron, our ?888?8?8 would bateto .oiupt'te with tlie
Bcut?i in ibe pri.eof liboroiih, \ ithadatr, ttaj
would have to ooatpota wiih the BBB aut of thf duty
alao. As thia tl.*y coubl nol do, Iron ihipa would have
io l? uiiporied tOF BB, alieauy built auu free of duty;
aa-tbeo a-ba, wbetbar wgraad by aar ?arabaala aa
fotii-bera, aoald 88888818BB8888_B88lk trade. He
i aataO?ad that, ao far f..-m iberebt uv a i-ompeiiaatiou
lor tbo Lui'ed ftluii-j to open her couatitiK trade iu Kn
|t|:uid o|i!.itig her eatoata1 '?:?, that wna
eeaayaaaaaedfta>iaaar kav?9 dtvadal with ber tho
ruaie _ipeg8??| fOgtiaB ioiiili.i-1't: ol our c<nn'ry Ln
Ix.ib bar iroiiuiHa und our own, and by which ln-r
a.ilii!>< veraelj had bten ua udvaatageoualy em
i4oyed aa our own, or aa tl ey 888?1 havo
la-eii had ehe ttUintd 888888888? canvmg Uade, and
left ub wiib leaa t iui,?l.iioti oi. tbe Atlnhtic. Our 88??
bg FtawOia bad kat tr eii adv?atafia <i t'?,rmer dayi.
i BTbgbeau apptant?d*<ytbe liueaol Brlitakantaaeb?d
jteana-ra, :ii t| t,, l,ia luitij tbe 088?y now waatoextend
t:,eae linee af Bbbbjbjm to 888-8888 888 lioiu* Irade in
eaaaaad?aa ahb our lxuJ huea. Bad? aai wiab to be
underatood aa advot-tbg a rebtriciive trude. Wbat he
w.uld luo wi.a 10 take iway all reatrklioua and give
ua freo-trtide iu full B111 wben he aaw tbe ?888-898
ai.d artia_i but ba_'enipb.yed, boeaaaa of laxt-a ou tbe
matoria1 8888888ry t.> tl.? ir trade, and waa aaki-d to de
priv* Uiem of ibe otber baif by wiihdrawing the taxea
upon tbe material wben aoa?4aod with foieikin bibor,
88 niuat reject tbe BttrpoaaL Tha PFOBOai ion 88088 at
ibo wroug end. lu conlu.ion. Mr. llmwer conteuded
ib.ii in tbe pi-eaeni atate ol tbe country we were uot iu
au> h rertain rela'iou to the coaat friun South Carolina
to tbe Kio (iraud* ibat our Oovan.nient muld negoti
ute with Knglaiid in reg?rd to tbe trade u! tlieadjatent
porta, and that if there were to b* a permanent aepara
U n Greal Britnin n ightaxin turn her negoiiatkna in
amAl er direction, uulena a oilferent diai>eaiiioii abould
prevaii iu the Nortb loward the peopla and th* com
merce of tb* 8tatea tabich bound tbat coaat.
C'ait. Nti ataled, in reterenc* to the California
tnule, if tbat were to be throwu opeu, in a very ahort
Ume Ureat Britajn would be runuing her ateamera
froai Viitoria to Panama nnder aubaidiae from th*
Briiiaii Guvernmeat, and that a Ike te oonuaxt would
be eaubkabed opou thi aide, and we abould have our
enlire contiueut ?nclrcled by Britiah Uuea of ateamera.
Alr. Nblxob aaaooaded that were we a_owad to
pun baa* onr ataumera oa tbe other jiite, we ooald tken
competo with Eugbxnd in tb* Atiaiitic cttrryiag trade.
j^oiavi. dV-iu-j t-4 tb-* U* wpvrt 4-4 ta-aB a
wfder raago than wae intended tn the original reeolu
tion, whieh iuterjded tbat the CMinber abould only
expreea ita opinimi in n !itb>n to the opening of tbe
carryii.g tmde between the Atlantk and Pacific tofor
eign ahipe. He aaid tbat at the Conference whieh ihe
ExeeuUve Committee bad with Mr. Lit..!-e_r, be be
came eonvineed that it wonld be imjoe.il J* t<> get the
toaa'ing traoe oorjur.i w,,w?*n here and the 8outh, bot
thal it migbt be outned between the Atlantk und Pa
ritic coaata He (Mr. Pi-elpa) did not aMath that New
York would refiae thi- little boon, und pariicnlarly
after Oreat II jt.in l.ud thrownopen hercouaiiiifc' tratfe
aud colonial ir?de, wbich was of tjreat advauutgt, M
onr aliipa. Eii)<land in thia had been extrtmely gerer
oua, and all ebe a-k* d w. a that we give her tbe advan
lage of fi.mpeting btM C-liforiiia trade. He believei
that abould w. m mply with tl ia requeet, we abould
not Bee one Britiah BBBptMaB out in a y-ar for that
trade. He piotored.ui a proj*r Ume, to orler a reao
lunou embodying the-e views, at leaat ao far aa
to uliow i ouipetition uround Cape Horn, and
tbeu, in reepert lu tbe regietra'i >n of abi}#, be would
nol udmil loieign-bnili el.tpa made of woo?l under ai y
(irctinirtaiicea lor iegb'raiiou, but be would advocute
that iron ahips bo permi.ted to be regktervd. He did
ao notwitbatanding the able remarka uf tbe Cbaiiman
of tl.e Committee (Capt. Nye). He rteeired to know if
thia great a_ai>_me natiou ahotild rii atill for an iud-f
inite niimber ot ye.re, unlil <>ur luboi c.uld be bruuglit
to be aa cheapaa Biitinh labor. Tue question w ae
whether we nhoul.l tiioe wait and allow Great B iMia
to get eontrol Bf our tntde. Our packet-rhipe were
done away with. Iron Krew-nte-unera were bow tiie
veeeela, asd, uakaa a law were paaeed p.-i miiiin_ their
ie.inii v, they w-uld be BBBBaMMdM by Biki.-h officere,
and mauned by Bi-uiah oi.wa, instead of Amerii-aua.
He would like alao to have tbe eeiee of tbe Chamber
upon tbb eubject, wlieu he abould offcr a reeolution
wbii h he bad prepared embodying theae vfowa.
tixoitciK OPDTKr. thou^ht ueituer rejort Bubinittcd
waa a ruffii k-nt aaawaf to Mr. I.iudsey. The repoit of
the majo.ity did uot doji_et.ee lo ilr. Lindaey'a prono
aition, nor tmat ii in ua breaoih aud lani.eeh. Hbi
pi-trpot-i-iun waa toabolinh leilain .ooal faxes upoo our
commerte, and M open tho inter-col aatal canviug
trude; and aa a coiupeiiealiuu be piupoatd firat that we
abould opt n ibe whuk oi our lOudling tra*le. Adinit
ting .luit thia ini ?! t b- loukrd ujon an aekiug tooBUueh,
be miid he woulJbe willkg 10 try to get ttMM coureB
aiona frouith- BrBtah QovBrUBBaat. provid-d we would
open our trude bBtWBBfl the Albatfa aud Pa-ilic porte.
lio [Br. Ot-ykej wo-.ld bo willi. k to aee negoiiati-ne
opeued with Greu Biit-in upon tue eabied, eene. iklly
in rbw of the romev-iooa graiit.d by Ler lu the colo?
nial trade, and the eiill more MpaMMM advaiitngee t<>
be derived from t'e epeahg of tbe bator-eebalal trude.
Ou thaotlar hiu.d.be believed that were our wbole
coa*ting trade ihiowu open, foreigu abipa would not
get five percentof it Aaf*raa ti.e QbIuMhIb traab
waa concerned. I* woull not r.atii. t ti.ein to Cape
Horn, but wot.id permit tbem to i?arti i|itit?> in tue
trude via the IstniUB. He hoped both rejiortB would
be voled dowu.
After Boiue furtber dtaenraion, Ilr. CharLBB H.
BaBABAAL Bta'ei that be did uot thit.k the country
waa ut pr-eetii iu A comiiiioii to adopt theee n-eHeuree,
nor Uie Ct_an.ber taaaratfwa 'o adopt ekberoue or
tbe otl.er of tho reiorts. He ceove-l, tlrarefora, tbat
tha wlole aabjaet be indetiuitely poatpoued. TLe mo
tkn prevailed.
Two propoaitiona to ameud the by-Uw8 were hud
Tbe Chamher then adjourned.
A few daja ainre we uoiiced a f-w of tbe promiuent
B'abloB of riifet. whicb had e..rlod New 0 leaaa io
advauceof tbe Meiuine Kprini{ meoiing. We have
a!nce receive.t papvra wbich enal.le ualopreeent a com
plele iiat of the M ck. It will MBBMfMBIM ariny
cf Cral-rutera ia aupeinr to ibat wbich baa beeu col
latt-Ml at M-J prafbaa meeung aince racing commenced
in ibe 1"..; hi, Staie.
There are twelveatablee in attendanee, eorr.prifing
upwHrd of Ctiy bor.ee, ammig whioh we bave tbe r
nowned I'lanet. Kanny Waehington, Exchequer -tid
Ninette, from VbgbMl Joha C.uupbell'a Joe Ntoner,
Eoley'e Lightuing ai.d Ileitie Waid, Mmcamaii a K?>
peiit-uice. Keiitier'a P?nic. Sid, Story aud Tne'-ieaa,
(ieneraJ Wollea gray Wellawood (a etaver) William
Bon'a Neil Hoherleon, Samlere a M __etita and Twihght,
1'. :ndexte-'a bav filly b. Albba, M.Kir.-'aLaura Farria,
Mully Ja-keot, aud Ed * iu Bootb, and tl.e famoua L,,'y
Cyftie; anl lael, tt.ouirk not 1. aet, Cuj.t Wm. J. BMafl e
cb. eolt Eqiiiii-x, by Bekaa-BBaaj, outof Nelly H_nling
I.y Boaton, ch. eolt Baa W. at of Vundyko, dam But
Cut by Envoy, ch. f. liegret by Brown Dick, dam
Teoipt^tiou Ly the renowuvd TrtiMee. Tbe above are
the Captain'8 two year olda. Tlu-n followa tbe b. f.
Caata Diva by Voucl er, diti: N..rma, and tbe g. f.
Fuiry by Vaudyke, dam Litdy Jaae I.y Leviulhao.
Of ihaM, Baa VV-at waa aaajagM in tbe ataka on
Haturday. Ifegent waa t-ng><-.o<l in tM great Doewe.'l
alake on Monduy, and, no doubt bad to cotitend for tha
bouore of the oay with the renowned Ninetta, own
4intrr to Placet, BinKau.an'a Tom Ite.-dy, Oen. Wells
Uncle Trne, und Mr. Poindexter'a bav ti 11 y by Albiou.
The bfltttag up to Kriday mgbt waa l.eavy on the
MCotid aweepsiakea thal waa to be run on Satnrday,
lainbuuug (by Le^ingtoii) beiiij/ tbe fuvoiile u^amet
|M field at lontfodda. Tne moniing broke clear and
fino, and a great crowd of vehicloe of all kinda and
deaenptiona, e-eMIe-! ..raee, und pedeatr-ans, moved
along tbe hard ahtll road 'but kaos from ibe cuy to tbe
oiu;ae. Sbowere wlmli fell iu tbo i.ia-bt, had, how?
ever, made tba imck too heuvy for liratrate ijH.rt, and
at tbe back aide ol tho couree the grotmd w-g quite
k>ggy. Tba atteiidaiii e, purticula.ly of ludieg, wub
large, but not ao great aa may be counte.1 on wben tbe
beet horaea will rnn.
Tbere were two swoepatakea on Sitarday; the firat
for two-year olda, nuile heata, and the a..-c?nd fortbre.
year oida, two :nile henta. F<r the tirat there were
Lut two BOfltaataMa, auaough aevernl had beeu nau.ed.
Tua hrat, a chtattiut eolt, by Vandyke, out of But-Cut,
and the eecoud a cbeetnui ti.iy by Albion out ef
Fudora. The atart WM* g< od, but the eolt ruahed tu
the lead hef-re rearbing the quaner poat, and kept it
tbrougbotit with ajj..ir-ki eaee, al-liocgh on Uie
gtretcb Lia autogotiiat made an motiei-tiial bruaii, and
be won the heat in l:f<3j. The aecond heat waa al
mo?t a repetitian of the tiat, the eolt winuiug lu 1 :tt|
Ly aevtial len><Tbe.
For the aecond aweepgrakee, four horgea only carae
to ibe a and?tbo otbera whieh bad bienentoredbaving
appurrntly been frii^l leued awny by Uie od.le ollered
on UghM-Blg. Tbe four BBBbbM were Wellawood,
I.i^'btuiiy, n bay eolt by Bronn Dick aM of Juduh,
aud Sberrod. Tbe favor wiUi w!i;rh tbe Lexit.gtori
rolt wua viewod BBjiac to bia u\ | ;ara'.co waa raU.er
bightened tnan ditniiuatied when, at tbe Lsp of tbe
druin, he went b. ui.diig pA>t tl.e Gr.md Siand, aa
lili.e and agile aa a garelle, the blcuii of bia coat ebow
ing tbo eplendid coiubiiuu to wl.kh bo had been
brotight by hia trainer, Dr. Weldon. It bad been
hard to plur-e money ou him before tbe atart, but it
now becatne a niatter of nlumit perfect luipoeibiJiiy.
The I'u uytne oi BM-My tbun .li-wiil.-f the raee:
" At the Up uf tbe drum. tha f,?.r got 08 well logeti.vr, Lifhl
Blug poeaii.iy l.a.ilge?nie adr.ii-ag.'. bul, ?I,, tner that be ao
nr n.t. beeo.u aeou.ed It, ai.d did nut awrn .llepu.ed to irlin
qui-h it, ? i.b"it a etntggle, tu the ? od Ue waa feHowed by
Wrii.woud ycry cloacly, Uherrod Imiug tklri. and Ihe Urowa
I'l.-k o-.lt laat. Tt,l. pwlil 11 waa preee.yrd thruiifhout theleat.
The lirat rnlle waa ruu Ul 1 .'A. Ou tbe aecond u.iie, lt looted
reiy llkely to I.e a rlo-v thlng beiwvvn the iwn IvadiBg I.fgt,
Im' Ltglitiiinf rau.v .irii.rl.iiie!, aagafaa eiei'lng I'riicgM) with
Wellawood. ruaklog tl.e-ec. nil mile m l.M| aud the aeat ta
3 \*\, ai.d d^atanciiig b.tib Mier.,.d and tba br.?t. Dick oodt.
Knii. and h.n tu uue w,ra then fr,-el, offrred, with few or na
ta-vra, tl:-t the wh-iei ot the bnt heat w.uid be tha wluuer of
tbe rare
"ihe Lexingtoo and York.blra oaaoa to tbe etring, look-n< U
fooi urder for tbe eecuud Leat. The atart wae a g.ud cna, But
,ighti.ir>g tb?t ahrad froui the wnrd go"aod though g-liaotly
pr.__??.! by WMlawuod bali way ruuud the rir.t nube, ... tbat
wlieu at tba: |,.|nt a biauket u.tght hare Ouyered Ibe twaln, aud
lh,.u,h it aaeuird a rer< cloae aud dountful thing Ironi that unHi
tl.e end of the iiilla, l.ujuiuiur , auia ia ab.ut hall a lei gtu abnad,
maklng tb. i.i : I ?'!. Ai.d lUaie .Utual ) end. d tue cutiteaL
Llgh'i : ;. 1 lln... ., -.rteraof tbat oille kn.reaaed bleadvautage
at <? -n_e. the . ...?nt eBurt of hie coui|e4iuron tbe bal
.jLiait Oring rewarde.l with noahing beyei I ll.e mead of liarlug
Iried hie beet Iha n.t - wai uaade by L'l . li I la 2:0.f. aol
tbe heat wou I.y Liu., .. .,d..ituel), Lo IU Ihe Cuiiteel be
t-een theae two good onea waa very Intvr. ating, uotwlihetand
lu. ike aixnowledged odda, and all agreed that U waearery
pretty raca.
Wa haya bow oaly to wtud np oui luiparfeet report with a
mmuiary 1
Marawja Jc-i-ibt Cira, leatan Maarinti or 1881??'4>.f
/>..?. ? N-w 1 irlear a Haturday, Maieb M>. 1M1.?eweepalaiee fof
Iwc year-old., n.ile lieata, g>-00 auaacrlptioo. half foi.it, ?-?
derlaiaii.iii. lour or ruore to hil. tha Ciuii to add *X if tba raoa
ia run, the aecoud hniae tu ea.c hia etake , to name and oleae oa
Auguet 1,1 .'0. lJeciaraUoaa to be made oa or before Jauuary
1. 1-81.
W J. Mia.r_amvfi.i_ 0 by Vandyke, outof Bul Cut.. ? 1 1
BrelklU aad Ro-ndtn-e nau.e cb. f. by Albloa. out of
Budora. I '
tMaliaM1 fiMB _ . . .
-baae />?*.-?waapttakaa for tkree-y-er olda, ??o??_? Bawka,
BA? aubecripUoa. 0 lOO forfoil, foar er o>ore to BU, *9W aoded
by tba Club Lf tbe 1888 bnan, tba aecead horee to eaye k_. atakai
to oa_ue aud cioee on January l, lrril.
U. B Foley aaaaae gi. a. Ligh-aiag. by Iaexingte-.. fut ef
Blaa Benaot....,.??.?...?-*??.?.._ 1 1
f, i, WaUa aaaM a> B Watawaad, bf laabBba, aM af
J. 8 aad 8. Baatar aaaae cA. a. Bharied,' Wt'T"^''_
of Ploarnov. "* * .Maa
W H vVUUaakdoa bbd-b. b. .. by |a-era Dbk. eat ef
Tlaee. J:4?l--4io9f,
EwLootoa on Tiia Latb Db. Frawcib.?TM aahw
srium na Uie late Dr. Fmncia b to M dehvored, by
appoiatment aa -l. New Y.?rk Ounty Medfca) loabty,
by Prof. Onnnfasg 8. Bedfoi-a, aa. n on Friday (?___}
evening, at 8 o'clock, in the lecture-room, t/i->^?HaB.
Tna Pwttxo 8tat?8 Mirbhal.?Cape Byndanb
ati il attending to Uie duties of tM tf arafaul a offlee. Ba
atatea tbat he b onder bonda, and atuat aontinoe b
olflce umil hia suoeetaor ia appoiniedi bot that M wifl
be much obliged to Mr. Lincoin if be will aead eaa a
new Marshal.
- a ??.
Chiritiis g_B8 Corhxctioms.?No l oaineaa of
pubho importaace waa trauaacted at the soeeiing ot thb
Board yeoterday.
ArFAIR.4 AT THt CCST0M-H0C8I.?Kotbing WeXt
thy ot nrx .i.,: note oecuired at the Cnstom-Houaa ygg>
toriay. Iu furt, Ut'Je can La a. iti wiih regvd te tM
wotkiivaol u.e new Uiiff. ujit, for the raaontbM
it bai ajaaa ti.to only hmiied operation. It iaSeMTrad
that w i.an importere shall Lave become a littU aeo_a>
ti.incd Ui tbe new ia?ea. ao aa io adapt their iovoeeo-ao
theio, but little diflculty will be found in tranaaattof
tbe bueineaa of Uie deptutnieat. Of couree, maaor
queatioua will for tl.e prcaent aiiae every 1 uie whEa.
Thug, on a curgo w icb bad b*en damaged 25 pae
ceut, a -luim tvai ye?rterd_y put in for a o..tT6apoi.d?ag
ieducti.il of du'y. It waa deci.led, bowever, that B
could not be done, tbe apecidc du'y of thr-e-'oar ha af
a ceut per pound bav ing uo reference to tbe ve_aa of
the gooda.
Mr. Burney waa beaieged at hia otfice yeaterday by
cemmiiu-e men and otLcts, and we are inforuaed _ha_
the rura! du-tncU were by no meana unreprr?eat_d.
A aingular frtak of tbe ty peB waa r epot_sio'.? yeaaa*.
day for the 8'atement that $6,000 worth of faraa trvga
one cargo were entered free the day previoua, whieh,
tmder tbeoidtari-T would bave paid $480. Ga__r"
shuuld have read " guma."
Memorial Chvrch.?Tbe new Epieropal Cbareh M
Forty-fcigbth atreet, between 8ixth aud Seveutb arvo
nuaa, waa dedicated yeaterday morning, with tbe aum
? eiemunka, audaaermou by the Rev. Dr. BaMM-hj
Biahop of Maiwatcboaetta. Biabop Poiter of Nemr.
York performed tha ded catory eeremouiea, aud tha fob
lowing genlleuen, beaide tt.oae already menitooad,
api^-ured in the ehanc-la: The I.-v. Dr. Caufield of
Brooklyu, the Kev. Mr. il r_e uf Heiui eteuri. the Bart.
Mr. Cbauncey of 8t. JBflBM Churcb, New-Tork; tbe
Kev. Mr. Uougbton of the Churcb at tbe Tr_Jia__get?
Uou. tbe Bev. Mr. Wiley of Cbrut 0 urch, aod tM
Kev. Edward Anthon, the reetor. Tba Meu-aria)
Cli'in.b ia a Guthic siructure, huvn.g a front of red aad
wbite brick, omumetited with browcu-toao, wd ttoavy
biitireaet-a of ordinary atone. Exteriorly, there ara
ae\eralonel und oblung windowa. not diffrring frogg
il-i_e Lu rhurvbea gcnerwlly; inieriorly, tbe buihiiag b
plam and epttcioua, tne ceiling ia axebed and pa-cuad
blue, aud ibere are ottken pewg cap?-ble of ae-uiag
twelve huudred pei-oue. To tba lel't of Uie altor ? a
neat marble labkt, wi.h an inacnplion lo the mamoay
of tbe Ute reetor, tbe Bev. Dr. H.nry Authon. TM
total coet, iuciuding au excellent orguu, was $13,000.
Dcath FB8M VioLxycK.?Oo Ute '26th of Mareb,
Thomaa Sberidan, a native of Irei.._ i, aged 47 yeara,
was admitted to ibe Bedevue 11-_| it.l, auff-ring froae
intlammaiion of the atdouien. He informed a pattoM
who luy near him in the HoepiUl ward, tbat Uie __?
flaniuiation waa the reeult of a kick wbicb he reoervad
a few daya (.revioua to bia admiaaion to tbe HoepibaL
He aaid that on tbe occueioc of hta reoeivuig Uie _a>
jury, he weut ui tha driuking-ealoon ut tle comer af
B ill-eny and Park etreeia, and called for aome baaa.
On receivinR it, be rrrr.arked U<at ii waa very mnddy,
wl.en the barkeeper beeame very abueive. He tbra
atarted to keve ibe aalooo, aud in doing ao, rectivad
a kick in the lower part of tho abdoirien from the bar
keeper, whieh waa U.e occa&ku <>f bia okkneaa. TM
ke?per of the aaloon referrud to waa atimmoned before
the ('nroner, but he denied all knowkuge of tbe da?
ceaaed, or of any diattrrbance at hia plao* on the day
m-ntioued. Tbe Jory rendered a verdict of dealh
from n.jmied received iu aome manner to liea OJB
The foik.wing reaoluUon waa intended to be acted
upon in tbe Board of Counc-ituen laet evening, but by
ac-eideut it waa overlooaed. lt will be off.red al Uke
next mecung by Mr. Steveuaon:
Wktremti A eaatab Mr. Jaaaaa O'l-eillv and otbera
have preeen ed a pe/iiion t? the I_e.kb.Mr.. of thb
State now in eeaeion, char^ri-g upon utoinbera oi thb
B id bribery, . omn-n >t., and Keueral uutlfettaiu,c? M
otfiie, aud parti. ubuly nuiumg ibe etXBt-BM rv< eaitly
enteied Into wi b A. J. Hatkley for ileunLg tM
?Mflata of thia (ity; und wkernu. Ti ;b Beaad -nd, M
ite ragabi Maaaaa on tbe 14th aay ef February last,
adopt a aeriea of reaolu'kma aaB-Bg for tba ai potnV
ment of a (.'ommittee u. iuveatuxate tbe aaid uharKaa,
and roqueeting tba Jk^trd ot a4.Ueru.eu to aifK>u?i a
aiiaibl Commiiiee, thua ioruiugujoint t'omi. itier for
a..i.i pi'.rpoM:, aud tcrmn, Tbe aaid reaol.iiionaaa
utlopied were duly aeut to tle Board of Al.iennea,
whrrtj tbey have rtruiuined wiiuout any actiou bcing
hadtl.areon; tbt-refore,
Rrtjlvcl, That t!,ia Board haa alwaye a'ood ready,
and do now etand rcady to give every fac lity in theAT
power to ar.y Commit.ea that bave been, or that may
bo h-gally ap|ioiuted to inveetigate aaid ehar^ear ea_r>
neaily d-Biring that tbeir truib ot lukity may be
f'.illy apparent
And here ia anotber df4nimetit prepared by
guffcrerg for preaentation to the Clty Fatbere:
New-Yori, ApiU 4,1961.
Te Mf Ho*. th* Board of CVuft. u'e-ra uf tt' Cit* tf A'f? Ttrm
QbBTBSMSBI Tie oiiu'ernKued wonkl u-uat raaoaedje
f 11, repreaeiit tbat he ia a t.-X-pava-in tba Jrll-J- Ward
of the Citl of New-Yoik, aud of So. 11. Franaib
MiaMl tl "t dkid atreet haa uot beeu cleaued betwataa
Browdway aud We-; Broadwuy ain.e Wt O tober.
Tnerelore, owlug to the rkn aoil ?? cumulaie<l iu aald
etreet, your ietitb>Ler would tuoat rrajoctfully BBB of
vour baainrabb body the privfleBjaafph__BtBg and raiga
Ing a araa of potatoei above the p?vm^. oay four taM
ir ui tbe eurboneach flde, froui BroiidwKy to bVaaa
Broadwuy, aaid erov to be dug ai.d j la. e-t in liirt-eaiia
uuder the aup.nk.ou of Ua. -b y, tben to bo t_iatnb>
ui.-,; aiuoiig Ubte puor, ou ao-ue day set apart by advae*
iiopuig the prayer of yonr pet itioner may be graotedk
I ani, teapac-fuU,, your obd't earVt,
ja.s I., wauuh, Na. IMg-aaB-MM
A W : ... Chbck ? Dfltoa-baa Bampaon and
De Voe ye.teid.. -r.eated Andrew J. Hull, a o.-uuacor, who b
rharfed wl'- h.vl g paeaed a worthleea cberk f. i 8-2.1 BBBfl
i* i.. ,.,. 1 e ::e. a I "t aj.d .'?e deeirr. at No. 81 Maaaan atreet.
lt ia aiie^ed '.bal, about four ruumba eiu. e, ibe accuerd percliaaad
ol tbe cJn-i.l-inant a MU ef geoda. teudaitug ln aay-oaot a auecA
far BM oc li.r Aitieai.f' Baaa, put^uiuug tu L.?e loma d.-awa
by I. h n ')? w: :ug. Hnll. ae la rbaigrd. lepreeeo-ed tkat Dowulag
ai.wo.ik ?..oti.tfOt), ai.d kapt au 8888088 at tbeA'tleaae' haak.
Thrte repreaeulath.oe were luund to be In.onect, aud. aa Ua
to-ney ? ae uot forthcouiiug. the e/reet 04* H..U BMbweB -J8
p:l-uiini a_- . :, n.iUed te ibaTouibe by Jaat-ce Wa-aii,Uaa
A DERtaoxn Woataa Coaatra Bc,c'n^-*M?i
FtedeilcaSnuiU. of No. IA Bldge etr-t, ooBi-.it.ed, MMMM
W.dne_day eveaing wkila luaaue ll appear. -MBMgj WWBggB
haaheeu deianfed for le.e.al awuto. ^* .'^^J^T
waichmg 0a W.-duoed.y .be 2L-<_^-fi____i?^_____a
wlivn .1,? iuiuu diaieiy ihiew hererll fraeo a thifd atory w.uaam
*_vw:.wc_adopnotu'b..-J.wfcklu an ll bBT cWltoa
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Edwabb H. Duun, M. D.. JEditor of Tha
Scalprl. and Opnrating aad Coaaalttog Surge a, Na. 89 Tlb aw.
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