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ftga Bm more t-barbaa, aad bB _B*itohh_
.anniiig laad-t.r the We* *<* abould m
barTeatof tbo ai-oiint the leife nn
bated ibtea ahe, aa -dxaaia i
ior ]ir.. be taa*. weali ail B
rafii of the nk.iifui anl i-Baatrboi cul.i
lt i? perbeafp _?* *? bBbbbb that ha
;,roved cult.vation af the mO, the aaving 10.
tLe judiciouH nse of manure, the labor-savhi.
ii.ac'.ii.ery tlat BBBB. bl h_M|M iiiio BM,
m the pTodocUoa of octtoa, bi
well aa of all olber agricB.ta._- prodoeb af lb
Soeth, that the preaperity of the eoBBhrj
wonld, -n a raty f?w poaia, be aiiei to th.
-tmouot of li.illiona of (Ullai-.
To itiai.eura.e mm! a lyabfli i* the magr.if;
r.'.t vvoik whieh the Oei8ll1_t i_ _B-tot
ui uu, at tbii innmsnt, to tah* fa hai B. Tb
...rt Belil ef Te.vas are opea to us, on whi. L
to begin ;t. That __tute ptaiaBM already aboul
.me tbird af the cottin erop of tbia country.
.slto haa witbin her borJers moro laud litted
mr the giowth Bf BBb ph-B that. are now un
det lah-TitiTT for eeeba in Bto wbab Uatoa.
8 | has an ext.n-ivo eBBB nud fiae liarbor_,
aud her trrritory ii t-BBireei with BSrifBbk
rivers. Tbo writer jurt referred to eatimate.
that a fariuer iu Te.vaa, with a family of BT( IB|
?ize, can with 60 acrea, 10 in oottoa aud 40 ii
uraiD, muke a i.i-t protit of $1,000 a jrBBI oi
!':r ct'ttnii. and Buj.port hb faatj-f Bl the |>ro
J'.ct of the otber 88 acre.. Bheali Bhreey b
abnlinhed in TeBBfl, its pahiie baaa hl ha_BI
l^istebsion of by the Fedcral Covrnmert. BM
..pened to free labor, the safcty iai OXfedfoae.
af einaii'ipat.o'ii would, ttto long, bo N BBBi
ie*t that tho wlioie OOBOtry woi.ld foDOTI th.
exampb. llemmtd iu on all siucs hy free la
ber, the prohboi would be how to get rid 0
Bbrery, not how to pieeoCTO and ezteai it
It would periah htla-l- the BBBreh ol id
af free enii^ration. TBsaa hai but abnu
liUi.OOO Bfarea, and Ler im reaaei pieepeiity
the ralue of land, the fa-Waae in BXpOfb
v. ould aoon pay the price of tLeir emanc-patfoa
Te BB-he hef a Free Stat", to opea hei fortBi
landa to free laborers, to eatahb'ah I B-to-BB
orgaai/ation over her libeiatei elaica, MBBBJ
he an experiment worthy of a great GOTBI
tiient, aud would be . the h'rst and iinpor.nnt
,tep toward the BOMbflaat of that greal fBBB
tiun the .oltu;on of whieh we cannot eeeapc
much lunger. Let us foiget pai-t pr
aiid preuiiectiout, and addivss ourielve- to Ihe
practical IPOlh whieh ereab have forced upon
us. In th* presence of & great BBBMfBaey vve
B**i all the wisdom, the foi t thougl.t, and pm
iaaei we can OOBBBBBB, and he who endeavon
to darken couuiel by ecboing tbe aens-lees crj
? .I ?' Aboii'.ion" i? & truitoi- to bib country am
au BMBBf to nankind.
MA-VC'lIKNTl.-K _01.__.ITV.
ib a ii a great hreeiat af aophbtry, a.
every one knowa, buth froa hb owu bteflec
iai from hb eaaarvatba t>f Li?
hUotfB; preebalj m ii-1' &_!_ <'f ?omc in i
ooaceiled impreaaion that becnu*e f.od i.
aaai, Le wiil give them i:cw great eeab _*
booti aa the o'd onea aie worn out. It i.i i o
| we tbiuk, that ia ihe Ma
vf-r-ity, cott.fl is a aaarpei bgb-obo];
bf ic-.ooli_.nn tbaa waa erei Thoaaaa
i-, or -iielard. Iu the Ait oi lla.r
S'llilring, tht old Jesuita were once theafht b
be LUiapproarhable; but eOBBJBfOi vvith a tlmr
rei liaB-heahBi man. FatherGaoaa
tado waa & tucre cobbler. Thua, lb 81 rncA
hr Caflrdi** aetrapaper b a *;n_,!c art.cle aa
? t4Vi> pOBttb-B, VJz:
I. Hoarerer trroag Bl vry may be, Ib
K( rtheivi BtBfafl have BO ri|ht to luinptl thi
Btatod to fbe it up.
II. 15'it Bbrery, b.-ing cot.fe.iedly wreaf.
KB bt'.t'.-.' are n >t latttbi to anv
?jraaabby, becauae tbey aucouace no intentior
uf i ".lupeiling ita abolition.
Tbal ia to say, we are very w i.k-'.l for not do
iug what it would be vcr> wieked to do .' "Wt
buve had imtliing more Hiiht'.o than this afaei
the publ.cation of Doctor Lord'a celebrate.
. u.an who lii.ds that he cannot muke
tiiuiiei a ithout aeii-itultifi'at.'.fi ia certainly to
be BeOBB?Beeatoii A iluel between Caali aud
t'nuacience ia one of tho mo.-.t lameutable
tpectac'ea in thia gloomy world; becauie ti..
ofteu ve fiinl Caah k', jiini.' the h.t- not
a_;airt.'t CeOMbaee ouly, bat all comera, in
rludi-g Si'u-e, Truth, lluma.iity, nnd CitUiza
tion. Marichfbl.r uDJouhteiiiy liudu the borui
of the diitiuuiu loriiiidahie. Ho did Liverf.ot.l,
ahru ua alavc-tradiug merciiauta mobbed .Mr.
H_|*rfore*. Tbe ditfu ulty ia to make a
llanche.tir man comprrheud that this world
BBB not made B-hajB-b-B to spin cottoi. in.
He tlunki it vvas; juit aa the I.iverpool tradcr
-upposed that the ocean was created only lhal
ae^roei ir.ight be carried from Africa to
J-mai.a, aud augar and ium irom .lumaica to
the Live-pool docka. W-BB the Maucheater
man wauted to io-ter Ipinning at tbe expense
of the Ob_bbbJ aid igiliMBaial -Bteieete, i.e
ia-bhaai, with wet eyee and a long lace.
agaiutt inbutnanity to nej-roen, and aubBcribnl
bi* uioney to aend Mr. Q*ecga Thoinp-ou aa a
miaiionary of Emaneipation to Atuenca. Xon
n tura for belf-abuegation haa eeaaoj aml
al tho flrat ipoonful ot hii own phyab he
____B a wiy face, and ahjurea ail hia ancient
"You am aatoniabed," aaid an bb
lhifliuaa to ua, " at the denu anor of Kugland
"toa.ud Arucrica. I am not. ' Upea refle.*
t^k, ae ctmcluded that ht bid Littlo reaaou
CLAH TlllB rti: >o '
Tbe folbwing Btat-meiit roachea ua from u
-igbly reipecUUe BpaiBBl
' At i _te *k_ ____, otti B_uiary, V ir,iui_, a party of our
a*? wrr* 'ercd leimOeet, leaviia a co.poral ard two pri
laaaolaidprrMedtbitltiiey h-.dtoierrBte_hBinar|?.. !n tlu.
Btihr* to aacipe dauth m capt ir-. la tl'i. .ilu.tion thiy
?*.. __ru..r*4 bf two iI.t.-., ,>rl?r,,i_| to a vlol-.
?iwiai._tu.Ti.-i?it-. Voit, (r,T?r of lliflt th_.e Mllfjl
mum miu^-d u. eoaduet *o, tbr*e men iaf*ly lo oar BBBB,
J2______ "^'^ whh >7 -J ?orprl.e. The nr,roe*
BBBBBa. B,l?dar.Oe.. Kriiy cfW-tero V ,?lu.a cau..
_____!.________. ^'^ '???-*?-,! to bl. ,?i..,
/-frod B aaalaiM. ^ elotTelTelZZ _UV-b
BM o/ tk, teaWir^iUa,, u ? ,,,_,_,_ ,. ^ (A___ ?
-Let ui hare id e.plauation of tlu aflair
i i J11 u-?
'and kuoxv whetiiek- aud bow fcr BBF aMTIBB
poadaat L;.-. baaa undii.for_uHl. We do not ha*
?li.-.e tLat (ka. tUOf haa been guilty of the
. adad haaa atoabased to him. Hut lot ua
? know tlie triith. _
Two yeara ago, tbe pabtia mind of the city
in donl't as t" wliicb waa tuo hirongnr
onKintnt afWaod wkethaf Opdyke ox llaxe
ateyer. Thk iaajM aaa^Bdaiat. bmbbbbb bbI
I'divisioa, tmi IVrnando alj ped in thtBBfh tle
?' gap. Hut no auch dotibt exiati in the preyent
I cobtest. Aii reflccting men know that Opdyke,
baeked bf four influential partie*, h etrouger,
xnstly ftrongpr, than (iuulher, Conseijuenliy,
? ,< who sinrerely uim at the dovvnfull of
[Wood xvill go for Opdyka.
Aa Ihbga bow bok, tbe ekettoa ef jraraaade
XV ood-,. Mn-.ort'f NrwX'cik upp*?r? .lru.it iiievitahle. II
ii lito be legteited that thaaa wbo.* iutrn-at and d>?ir*are to
bar* tbOMialri of thatijr'&t i-ity bone*tly ad.nlniitered, donot
iuiike louiuoii nu.* again.tthe aoauaaa aaaa p.
(Albn y Eveuuig Journal.
Tho danger of Mr. Wood'a election ia dimin
iahing. Paopb are acoing the neceasity of
' taking The Jonrnnl's ndvice and makirig BBBB
| mon emiae for lia defeat. Tbey nre coneen
. trating their atreneth to aecure the election of
(.r.oiu.r. Oi'Dvkk. That will givo ua nn
and eapahb hfayor and a robnaai ad
uiiuiatriition of tl?* alTairs of tho city.
If The Ex/rm B/iU turn to rreaident T.in
I eob'l Inaugurol. it wiil tind the ftopabBeaa
] dnctrine with rcr-nrd to the powcr* of thr
BafBMaaa Coatt, and the prepet baaa af it?
I deciaiona. very clenrly itabd. Nobody ever
. hdd thal ??-id Caati. deeiiion that a N'ntional
liank waa aoBatttattoaal preelaaed a citizen'a
I bi'lieving that it was not, acd voting acoord
ingly. So with o'ber quc-tions. Tl.e Covii
1 uixes a judicial expeeitba to lavva, but cannot
. rightfullx preaerilut opii:i"iig to the People.
It :i more tban idle for tlnne who desire th"
(lit'cit of I'ernando Wood to cast their vote*
for (jitiutLer. Ily no po?aibility can tbe latter
1 be el.'tted. I'.venbody kuowa tbat Tainmany
ll.tll io not strong cnotigh to carry its nian.
\'"tes given to Gunther, therefore, only help to
elect Wood. The only eandidate who cau beat
him ia Opdyke; nnd we nre happy to know
thut the great masa of reflecting citizer.a are
taking tbia view of Ihe contcat.
Fcrnando Wood BOeapto bha immination of
Motati Hall. ThuB the eoatoal i* fairly
tii-ned ond the kattb l.c'in*. If the eitizen*
of New-Yoik xxant Mr. Wond for the third
?-. I.t thein vot<< for him. lf not, M tlu'in
, vot" for ttjBBtOB OFBYBB. Mr. Opdyke cau
be ebebkd if the paapla an b er.ri'cst; an.l 1!
be ia not eleetod, it ia crtain tbat Mr. Waod
a.'! be.
! Mr. Opdyka aaw l::i<? Bb riotnbalioa affeBf
' importait p'trti' ??!!..? I.' ipobl . tba Peopb 'a,
' the (.'eniian L.-ague, aad tl.e Tax-Payera'.
' Thia ruukt'S Ua a atrongrr candldato by far
thau Mr. (itinti.er. It, lLe.-eio.-e. feheae 1 ??
in.'iiiy Jii-iiiocrata vxlm atafaM to intensely di<
Bire Ib dafaal ad Wpad wiU aarj aaaa f"r Op.
d;ke, they can be gratiBed. ffow ia tlnir
tiiue to atr m> I Haa t'.at wi.! BBfBIrr B*/ej
tbrow tl.e \\.>od dyBitatr.
1] Tbk < ? ihi Piloi iJ.iAT.s.?
xx aadetetaad Bm obeeia ef the OeveraaaM bave
| .tidy Hooh PQm
i:. > ffo. II, aad ;:?' I I B g, xx.ih t!,e aaaa
\ g a '?' ra.
P01 <!?
in ibe w<aiii. (-.'!,ei b r peed or i-afi-ty. TLere ure
u unniber af ' BB, recenily btiilt, vvhirh could be
' BkBabadbathbparpoaa. Tluyhave beaa Lnilt in
tb. ?. ? ntta , "?- i"'ii" -I th" aal
. baaboa doaaada tka ;i 1 j Bm abl be.aad btod
, ap b tbe aaat aaaafaraaibb, aad, b aoaw bataaeaa,
1 tajntrbaa flaaaaer. BboaMtbefl ireiaaant aBahliah
? h iriiiil Baa to nnd from tho varboa blc* ki
Bjade ber ata aaaeaear ceaat, wbb ibeaa baaa, a
daajraaet*regabrity would be iiieim-'i aottekeeb*
tained in any otli.-r manner. und nt u BOBl ciuifani
tivfly tritiinf.. ThepabaiflTfl Irat rbM pBol boat,
completc, would BB aboiit what tha flovernuieiit ri"\v
paya for tbe hire of a ateamer f..r ten daya, b aay
iiothiiigof tle expenae of heL
?The Baabalaal Beabty baa liitely mlded to ile
perrnanent Kiillery of portraita a hull-length, by
| Klliott, of Dr. C'ornoeban, MB <>f bi-i lineet paadao
1 tiona. lt wua paint"d by "rdor of the Conimi?Bi":,
erg of l'tibii" Charittaa, m bb aekaewbdgiaeM of
ilieeuiincnt aurgical aMBlbeof tbe DoetOT,BBd of
Lie m rvicea in'.'.ir ptiblic inatituti-'Ua. TLe rOOBB "1
. the Bktarbal BBBbay ar* jm-t aaa aaaaablty at*
\ trnt'tivo, from ihe Baataaaa af oonie of ('niwf'.r.l*
' linept niaib'tr', whieh were leeebad BMbaejafaOB
! tfuni I'imi*-. Ainong tlieni are " TLe Peri.'' aml
1 " The Wotimled Intiian."
The Pth of Noveinlier will kaaBBBB BBBBBaaUa i'r
. .-? ^uatiou of L'uicn ottiie-boldera in BOBlb
. Curoliua j iet at.itoiy ta ti." BM BBba of thal Htat,-,
for tha fall ot' ih.- Port Itoyal fortbkatioaa, aad for
ibe capt ure pf the reb.-lLuiLuaMiilora to kbgfaad nnd
BATIOBAl ABBOBT at CbiCABO.- The citi/tn-'of
Chiiago bitvc aent to tbe GoeefluaeM u MBBMBbl
*trttiiii. f.irtli lha itdx-antkgeH t.f tlmt l ity a* a ?iie b-r
nai . .al ni'ii"ry and toaaderT.
- '
? 7V" Tniji/irniiiiii ayai
[ Arrong Mi* rei-?ft ru.nor* of f!,? _??*? i. 01* thal lha K*t.
H*n-y W.iJ Baeetof i.a'iinntto goto Europe, for the ;mrjio*r
ol intlucii io? BagBah .'iitiu aal aa An ertoaa aB*iu. VV* ai,
aatheriaei io ??y 'bat Mr. Beaahc* Baatfala|toEaropi
I either for t!iii pur|K)*e or foi .nv .,th*r, nor hd, lu 'hought bf
' gorniv N tiiiv to al*" w*!l lo.d.l. (or ti.* benrfit ot .tiii-u.
fi,.- i.i., tlu.- im bai aaahabj a Ua I'u.hed ba deiign of taking
,, ?.-;. .* iii foi. I.aUti-tt...
Deuth of a l>r?i*nin*>nt litlkri-n.
. Bauurar. B. Y., Taaaaby, Bo*. 1
J. 1^ Proirt I.anL'don, lor h ininii^r ot rean a
resi.lent <>f thih pbee, tiied tbi* day of tyi hoi'l levi-r.
Ho wa* -ni aaaaaaraabtaa beof oppreaaoa aml
btomperaaee, aad a loxerof a pan Cartattaaky, b
1 a word, one of Uod a noblemen.
A Rbbi < 1 r.in ri; i?.
PBILABBI nt.I*. rrld.y N f.M, IMt.
t I'eteraon'a Dete.ior aantbaa tbe publin agfliaet
(.'"inilert'eit '' teim ' ou the Wutcibuiy liank of Con
i uectieut. Jt, ia tbe baat exi-i-uu-l and BMB daiigerouu
, uiinieileit tbat baa been out for yeara.
- -?
i'iiK 1 ia Tiir S.'iiH ?(lu the 7th. baron wa*
1 (juoted in Marou, (Iu., nt %'o>30oentaforckaraitkai
j Adamantine candlee, fOBdb eeiita; eaBbe, 40a 4.'.
I c.-nta; ahot, $1 Ma%:* \or bag of :.'.! MMMBj leati,
$18ff>890eeatfl |*er poead; rilie powder, |i....$i8
' per keg; I'ike'a niagnolia akkki, fl per aBBoB]
atarcb, 9Bf>86 eflBM per nound; Hiipercarbonate
aotla, "_> centa BM |>oiiud, tMtf-aoap, 84a36 eeeto;
aalt, atitf at glBper aack?loull OBly '" I, Bagl .1 ?.'.
r.tail; blo, k lin, fl .'?() jvpr |*>iiii.i IBBOl tin, BOBO it;
tLeinaj-kot; BOBbaM BBppef b the ruaike!, wool,
t kar of Lur.4, WJ? 70 ? outa pai pound.
-me, ,i -
ThcTrca-iiryaud (he Ifymlar Loan
The House Invostigatinj Committoe.
Strai.<;e Rumor Itospccting Col, Hakcr's
IpeBM Dl.pit, 1. to Tb. N. Y. Tribuim.
IPjBBBMia-, Krldiy, Nov. M, 1_61,
The Secretary of the Treaeury haa not made
auy draft .?_ the la-t loan negotiated with the
Nevv-York l'.anki, and due* nut at prcieut in
tend to. BOBM Bl the iletaili of tbe arrange
uieut yet r.-main imcx-ttled.
Ol'KllVIK'NS or di:x. SMITH'S Btf-BOV.
Tho eipedition from Gen. Smith'a Diviimn
vi.trrilay pusked ou the Vienna road tuivanl
Fnirfax ae far as lTint Hill, driving io the
r. l.el picketi there, and returuing at a late
hour with lon wagum of . oru aud hay.
Yesterday a eontrabnnd brought into our
Iines a re_>ort that the rebeli wero buihling a
new rond from Gerniantown to Flint IfiH.
Gen. Porter sent out a aeoutin;. pnrty to-day,
conniriting of two a.piadrona ol Cavalry, who
went far enough to aacertoin the correctnee.
of thia atOTP. The new road upnn wbieh the
rebela are l.naily at work, is to the r|g]1 al
the ol(1 one, whieh ia more dirert and in good
tii.: um .-._ iNVK.-iii. vi irtt; commmtf.e.
The llouao InveitigatioQ Cmiiinittee, of
whieh Col. Van AVyck ii (bairmaii, is in *ei
8'i.n at llarrial.ur(|. lt* bustnesH there and a*.
i'hiladelphia wiil probably conauma the r.-rilti ?
ol' time b dhia Ihe -BBetfag ef Ci>ii>rr,.s?. There
wiil be two or thr. e MBOfcl ef work here b
d'. allerward. M lhal Ihe (\.:iin,ittee w;I1 imt
he pieaauid t.. reperl aatflaftoi the ( hrfatanej
heBdaja. It I ? ??'? nn liBv-aii day*
lahaaiy, aai h_? atrad tte eeaBhrj a go-d d.-ai
! f.f iiioney. It wa* ujm.ii lin retoiniiieiidat. >ii,
forl lied b> abundaut teatiinoay, that t
leeat raaabtbaa ef Qbeaeaaaeal toaehbi ?' ?
Iparehaai el bpbm. bbpi aieptoi. r. ?*. ?
getic action in cau-iiik; the nrreat af th.
Iparty, >T,",i', whieh a idpbeyet hai ? i?
. charged QarenBBeat, bci?i. over I ' i
oi ihe ahofa UBoa I ..? hb] ir_ha e, a*ra iie*
gOtgei, iai the culprit narrowly tacaped a
.?nn iual pceeeeattaa. Of ita fahan fa -faa>
Vork aud bt. l.oiua the pubhc already know
TIIK I.l V VM. V'.n ?<.
The irgiie of the demttnd note* ha* reached
about $18,000,000. The re-snle* ef 7.:.0 notea
to thr pBbBe hni aborbed wfthm a f.-w milli m*
tho l.r*t lil'ty iiillioin taken l.y tbo I.ariki.
The eipeiiibaiB for Ihe pahBa aerriee average*
inore lii.ii. a u.illion aud a half a day.
The 78 i-ontranaml* brought tf> the Na?y
Vard maato there. nwaititii, Bm letloaef 0ea?
Maaaeat in lafctaBee t*> them. Bobm iefli b
line of pafiey ta ragari b ail fagltfre ilave* bl
fkiBlBllilai, aai greal troabb Lua aiready arinen
liuiii war.t of it.
Tbe Peet-O-tok. Iiepartmeiit is mnking ar
rangi'iueiita for ri_-e-tabli?hing PoetaO-tofll in
Accomae and Norihamptou Coiii:t;c?, Vjr_;.iiia.
The Governnr nl Nevv-Jericv wiil recoiniiieiid
an approprintion af 15,000 to i.mtitnt-i niilitary
inatructi'iu in the State Normal BeheoL The
I.cv. Mr. llarris ti BfabohOB, I Weit-I'oint
grudunte, wiil take charge of tl.e departmeut,
ai.d peraonally drill the pflf-fa T_B War I ?e
partment wiil lend t<> tbe Bchoo] the oouacd
miinki-ta of the old pnltern at YVeit I'oint, and
preeeat to it Bpee-Beaa ef BVat, _heB, nnd ?itti
ilur material.
IuBpector-fieueral Ileniy Vum Kenaielacr wiil
lo-iimrrovv be appointed lirevet ltriKkdier-ticn
eral in the iei<iiliir army.
DMBMNB "i ' vv vi uv.
flen. lfavelock ha* ben appointed Irnpector
af Cavalry, an '.fl'u'.' wh dh hl Ubi fa tlu
Britbh Army.
avoiiih! i.rtvND REm.tr.
All th.- refalan ou tl.i* s-ido ?.f tho Peteaaae'
wi!l be revi.wed on Tueiday at 1 o'.'ock on
the plnin .'u-t of tbe Capito). Th* wiu.l- brea
wiil be under command ot l.en. AikIp?.v I'nrti r
the Infantry under (ien. Oeerg* S.4ke*. Art'1
lery under Col. Henry #, Hunt. (avaln BB-M
I.;eiit.-('nl. W_L II. Kmon.
I.ll III s VN'l BCBBBLL To BflVB A ( hmm.v.mj.
LieatoaBol RaiaeB, who bnaed the pri
Jodilh BBJftT the Behd gBBJ ?'' I' B MM-t, i.r
live.l here to-day. II'' wil! be appoiatodtoth*
,?,,,1,11,,.ul ot i.i.c of th- new gaaheeta,
A rumor ih cunent fa the arm4 th.it the order*
ii_?.n wbieh ('..I. Baheraeleiel BalTaBbfarerej
brged bj Hiii nhrt. br toe parpoee ef drawtag
him iato a trap.
MIHK ( IIAItl.l.S IN TUK. MI-?'Ji Kl IMHit.H.I.Ii).
l.en. Bl KHiel I'- Curtis b..4 j.rcl.ircd IBBffN
npainat Capt. CrhflBBMap M?iKOMBT, Oaa. l're
iiioi.t'a Aa^iatant Afl_ataat O-MBTbI, "I faeaheasl
iiatinn, diareip.ct toaujK'riornflic-m, nnd cmidiict
iiiili.-ci.ming an olriccrand a geiitlemnn, wl.ile in
Bi fit-b. when it vvan under command ..!' G n.
Curtis. The iiiHiibordinaticii cn.-uplau.. d ?f cou
.-i-t.'.! in iisurping authority, ffo-flf Ifflblg ?ud
(iiiiutcrmniidini. thoal Bf Gon. CiutiH, hw supe
rior, under the fulxc plea that he wuh Bflt-Bg -BB_?
Qea. Fr.'n.f.nt'H direet -athority; th i j ???.
iii?IM'.;!.:nk'et.iitemptij'iiMly ef Cba. CbtB I
ulhoriuperbr ofllot , . Uj lutit , --
in DkgaDy rotifcniiig uiiiitary rank and title upot
private citizem. Tbo cbarge of coudtict unbe
coming an ajkaa aid gentlcniin embrucea ciinila:
Col. C'hae. S. Merchant, 4th Artfflery, wa1
I.efore the Ketiring fioard tn-day. Ile wai
1 f.iii'.'d Bfaal to his iatba, and waa not retired.
j IfBjBB Chriatopher S. I.ovcll, 2d Artillery, wil
JBOBM bafaa tho Baaii to-nmrrorY.
Tin: bflawiai penaiona were granted to-day:
i.Iaa. M. Patba, privnte, ."th Keg't, Mnna,
j Voluuteera, wounded in the elboxv?$1 per
i montii. Henry SchneD, corpornl, 'Jd Maine,
lilMlpbal ftftfah and genoral prontratani?08
per inci.th. Gdorge Bohh, private, 'Jd l". S.
Ariilhry, lega of fout at Hull BBB ffl JBI
1 kOtllhi BhBB A. yVaadbary, orderly aergeant,
'Jd Yerniont, lo?? of rigbt arin?$6 per
To-day, the body of a aoldi.T BMBBd F.vorett
I). l-reen, a ineiiiber of C'onipany I, 5th Vct
uiont Ki'gimerit, who wa* drowtied aome timo
iinco by falling into the eanal at (Joorgetowu,
waa rerovered there.
Byraa Jiarton, a BBBBhaB of the 5th Cavalry
' RflgiaaaBBj wouudtd duriiig the recounoiaaance
'nt l.oit Ilill, baa almo-it reeovered from hia
' wound-j. He waa viaited by (ieo. McClollan
aerera! timea while in tho ho*pitaI, who cotu*
pliineti'o.l tii in for hia bravcry.
Tho filliwiiig ihnwg tlie averag.* aickneaa in
the regiuiciits named duriug Octobrr: IS'ew
1 York, ii?; Maagaehuecttl, r*0: Yermont, J41;
Maine, C!'; lVtiiiiyhania, BB] Michigau, 77;
Mlnne*-ota, .">:!; Uiuioii, 44- Wiacouain, 76;
jKh-dr I-land, 11.
thkf.k BOLDBEBB BBBFI vx-.i.ki.y.
A l't'er from H. Wagruor, troui Camp Her
inan, Kichiuond, Ya., to Lia father iu C'harlea
' ton, found in Fort Waiker, coutaina the fol
lowing pa-.-age:
"There i* a greu wiuit of ayttoa iaeverythiag
I tbcv do her.i, and u BBBBtaal B| roar iu tl.e .iiilen at
rekiuienl*. We hav<- iu oar neighborheod u L.'.ttal
.-.iilix, Col. Gregp/a laajbaat,aFoBah i ng
' ad?, two Lot_aiana regiuieuta, and aoma .,ih' ra arl ea
II bave not tho Ight of I |itii ag about, wbo are ta B
ptato af coeatant taaaboi-iuatioa. Iu brt, thay
abool twoor tbree exery *i ? :., t? keep tbea qntat.
di-r iii.-n bave Bfjkbg M d'' witli tbeni. aisdai" ki 11
liotn uiinglitiv in 'lie roinmoii berd, aud are then
I aell
lha icKer t-nJ* with tho bBaarbf aBakbaa
? riiit iu paarfli
??] il ..i i ? t..i i.ieniii.ti ni,,>ii the laaaBotdb
reiliiu to aiiv i"i", fur fnr tbe Yu:.keee iBBjht BflflJ
,,l lt, Bad tt.ii,k xxc ure, or our u'tin ii>, Bobfl to
gntk*. 'ILey 11 ii:,il theen elvn niigl
Wbat I rl, ir xxhii of n light."
B BB !'H H.
D, I M ? B, c . U. li relaabea, at
, i:i , aiTBlry, nt
i ' ('. rt"'i N,.w-Yo.k Tutiai
ba i.' ( ?? Coll .' .
iVilh ' v. ' Jeraey relna*
-iork volnnieora, ai
.i H ! ' ' > ? R ' .'..'?
A.CBai r, t ,? K, Btoektoa'a IMahbpaa r<
1 i.t ( ol imbian <
IViiliam ffaaey, ' K 53d Pi raabyohB*
j tet-r*., a( S(. l.h/a'be M
i Jvii:, Baaabar, Ca. *>. Mth New*Terb rob i i .
iu ''I',.
I (Jeorire Ila'.l-r, <'??. I' I tb P
\ t**r?, in rtiiiit-.
, Ll .-' .a I BB . i ,. I
x 11. - re. in ? fiiip.
Jaaaa H. Wildaa, Co. F I5tb Pbbbb-haab v. '
: nnti*!.-, . I ihe l i.i II
l?..l.? 1 I II.', < : ...
, ai Cebabaa (.'.'liei'e.
Tborua* Ciu]*M*y, teum*f*r, at tl.e Knipliee Hoa
l'.'ixute Nanaer, Co. M, Bb ' t. .. i 1...
at the ll i .
0. XX' li ? . II i ,,. II .. x.iiuii
toera, ta taua , on K i! i ama 11,11.
xv. ii. Btootar,' ?). i;, IB iTaabraaarrea,
(ii'.rre SLii.er, ( ?. A, i'tlxulli rcjiiutnt, al
l'i,i. n ll'itel
QeoaaaBewen,Oo. K, ',rsd PaMM/lraab?aah?*
U-. ra, "i Colaa baa CoJ **;e UeeettaL
.liieob l'i ii.tu, Co* I,bt MiiLigaii.iiv.iIry, (Joluui
biau Cotbga llo*| itul.
To th* Aaaodated l'r< ?
xx i.aiBerea, Prldsy, Nov. tt, labb
\ i,.n.|. t|( xit PI Kx; \?i i it.
WLile aomo gebtlemi-n of diatimti u nre de rona
tliiii Qaa. Meiga abadl toka tha Bald, Bbhaaara
ili'i: tbe (Jovrrninent, Bppreckting Lia eminent eajBh
l'li.'.iiivi.af.,r tba tiit<-inu-*,,!' tbe e_teneiTeaad rary
iiiiiu'iiiiiii IbBBH .iekiiikul ,,i. liiiii. in not iiii-litiH.l to
tiiiu?ler bim li.>ni the tjuiii-tcriniiater'a l'tparlment
i,, |h| | ? if'ii.iiaiite <d '.lln r |'til !u <in!i, B
mi. tBRCBTOF xivo.i.s ABBBUOBLL.
Mucl: ?|' >mlatba aoothroe* b- I ?? bd dgi d in relu
livetotha -Xiai-ou aad sii4i*ll qaaBBke. s.> fir m
n.i, ba aa artebed, lha IDaiator af ber Brftaaak
MakMy'i OowaaaaM bflaathaa Baaatba abaaaaM
pu.n tl" euljeit, but xvill , n.ba'.iy -r.xait in<-tr;u
liona, nor baa liiere i>tt u . xen an inforn ui coBBBBR*
ibabatwaaa '.iu. ui,d ibapiapaa UepartiMarl aaro*
ci-iiiiin.' it. Tho*t: \, 1,0 uie ilitiiiuilelk ;iii|ilaint",l
xx iii* l.oi.l I*yoBB kalieva thM ta tbk a* ta athea bm?
, ba oba tm ii Li* a* mi <li.**ietioii ta refrata ag
Iroa OIBBMBure exi rral i,h of ypiuion.
THM i'or,.xi4( in.oi hAliK.
II," \\ jaadaab raa B a bb "kaiL- Im' aiarbt, aat*b?
iog Indiau llcudaboul naoonriae aad tha Nary-Yard
oratag. S'ic m m noi im-d at.
Tbc ateamt-l ii. 1'.. ii.ill iil.-o r.m tbe Idockmle
;,,., award i*t*t aight, baabg "" bataa u kr^e |aaa> ?
,. v ei BaBaailknaudordiuuice atoreag*u*rally.
TwefleheoBBa i":.'U.i arith waad i.'i. ibe bkekade
..' II* pa Wl ili-.-4.lay aii/Lt.
'! ' ? ??! ea**' i* BppareBtry Bt vx nrk BBB new ballery
at rot.it", Bom, wkiahk far Bhave the alhaaa,aa
Mr. Ottorkaak'i bai.
AUKI.ol OK V .VII llii. Itllt.
J'iie muldt rer of l.u-ul.-l ol. V"OB I lerben hm BM i
aneated. 1 he exuleui-e B/.'1-iuet luin ij xeiy clear.
TBB tu i oNNoiino.M. i-AKiv v i:sn unvv.
TLe nu -i.!.,,,i. i ',ig iiii'l baagtag party oaoV <
Diooka. \', ktah weM eb haa Oea. Saiitli * dirkioo
ve.iterduy, t'.ok poaieaaion of Klint lliil and the mui
roaadbg tttttttfi by Ihrowing ..ut the piel.etH in dif
forent directiona to ;.r>'vciit b aiirririae, while tl.e
bcaaa iu**ttr iBtkaaad and bBagb Baapaefaatpl
bada of bap. Laving with him not lc-m tban tnnety
xvagoiia. TLe ouiy eviiientea of ihe preeence <>f tl.e
eiieiav were oue rr^imeut <>f uilaiiiry, a aquadof
cavalry, ttud <>ne bj)tter) reeu fruni n promiiioot p,*i
titm bataaaB Fuirfax OaaakHaaM aud OaMvarilb,
in a wee'ward dirtetion, about eight inilea l.exou I
oar araaaat aatpaata. Tbe pany Mtaaaal bbbB
ni.i/ht, having been iiltog.tber anteeeefnl, nnil i. M
xvnli i a rneualtie* vkatofBUi Information waa re-l
,,:ve.l tbat tbe r*b*b had conatrn. led an artillery '
read ir.an Flint llil' to (iennantown.
THI. BBCBBT Ai iioi M.
Thaiaport t'.-t Df. aU-.Sid, larfiaa v). tiuiWii
11 New-York, waa accldentall)' ?*?? at the reviow o
W. IncBlay, i* untrao. Iie w.? n(,t cven h,lrt' TL
only one. slightly injured weis l> Dickereou, A-sit
ant Surgeon oftbe barne regimenv
Col. Taylor, who waa arre?ted mider a mi. oppr.
I henaion in connection with the runiing overof
privnte ou Wodueeduy, haa hOOB ra'tored to hi
mrifiox nnviF.w.
Gen. ficnith'fl Divihion, inrludin. the. hriffBBBI o
1 Gene. Hancoek, Rrooka, uii'l BrBBBBB, Bai ,5;,rr'
BaBBrbl aml FriedtLan's Cavalry, waa to hnrc .'>eei
i reviewed thi? ufterncon by ffun. M.Cleltan; btrt ?
publie buaineas preveuted him from bBfag preaeni
i (ien. Sinith hitntelf reviewed Ihe diviaioD. A-.er
. p__*iing fa teview, the regimontfl wero drawn up rr.
_ line ol batile, the arlillery ocmpving proiuinent
(poinla, and Friedman s cavalry bflpfag been ponted
iu a |in*i:ion to make ft charge. Tl.e infaotry anil
BBilbry liret onentd the lire, whieh wuh tontinueil
by the aaaba divi.ion for nearly an honr, movements
. na in actiial battle being obaerved. They ima.ined
i ihe eneiny to be in the dircr tion of Iievvinsville.
! Ayre* n Battery, whieh ocenpied Srnooth Ilill. t.v.k
( part in tho en.agetiient. The exerriaea were tioied
I by a tharge from Frieduian's Cavalry on a fancied
i .liiir.n uf the eneniy b iufantry. The onlyaciideut
waa tluit to Cbarles Trenter of OaapBBy
I, of Pbilad-lphia, who waa thrown from hbhoaBB
aml aerionnly injured. lloth the rcview and aham
battle were in the highe .t 8_p*8 creditahle to <l"n.
Siuiih's Divi.ion, and ehowed that it haa rapidly
ptngreujed in di.eipliue and eflieiency.
Col. Ernatein jaBBBfaf took lornial leave, in thi.i
city, of the o.lirrra of ihe regiment whieh he loi
u,er!y toiriniai'.dcd, huvitig been appointed Comiiil to
.'..in abaaja lle vvill kave l'or BaiVf* by tho noxt
Baaaa r?
The following niilitary api'.intoients wei-e made
to-day, naimlv:
Kohert Siniih ef lowi to be au additioual I'ay
MaaterofVotaataarai Fiaiori ',.('. Ogdeaof New
Yoik iu beaBeeeai Lbataaaat ot the int Regimet-t
ot United .State* Cavulrv; CapCJeba bf. BebofieM
of the l.t Aitillciy .,f iba I'i,.ii',i Btafla Brar* to l.e
a B laarHaT flimeral of \',.J ;:.t.-ei?= i Bai, ?b**aaa
J. McKaaaef I-.wa. nownn additlon-1 Pajoiaitnr,
to be a HrKfii'lier-lieneral ol Potaateen ; t'ol.
Ph_8pe it* Qeeraa Coohe. Uadtai BtabM Army, re
<_iitly Baaaa a BiaB_-br-G_aera] of \ obata a, araa
aieaatad le haaB-igadbr-Geaaral fa tbe n-gular
-- ?
HtiTiai.KB, Kri-iv, Nut. M, 1K0I.
. I'i>. rneived iliapati he- to-'lnv a'h ;.
lhal Ihe dbergaabatba of tba tbbal ton
pinlatily onapbita broagboat tha peai-anla. The
Ifew-Yorh 3th toaarea, the _ l tt ladfaaa, aai paB
i ffatArtQbry flaored aa toward BaaV
riib, tb* eoaaty eeal of HortfauBptoa, outhe-uth.
Tha 4th Wbaaaab aai Ktb Maaaiafa-aMa are ai
T4vo ii bol a_fa l r- had bei u BRtatad, aud iwo iron
. ii'l ba ' t... ? ?,'. ( :; i. iii, harda'a liivalry
had ln en -bpatehad, before t'ao luea-eiiger left, to
tilif- ; nr i ->ioti of pix liiiiH4 cunnoa ktiown to be
'invvn of Onl.4 ea Oaaaaaeh labt,Qevaaa
. and l.b 1 no doubt succeeded iu
| tioiti. a?.
i l. S:i -h,, ??:? ? b hi ?' ,: ?? Ba il f i" i". aad
? ? - . i.?. : -
, v. ? i axtn ? ? . '
I ' . i. I ' 1 - r>
, nnd it ia b Ibrad
8 i1 ap v. m all ba c:i,
i I to the
i , ,.; Her
rtile*. I.ieil. Ob-Bb, ba ba*B I'laced uiidt-r (i.:i.
D ? ' ? r.< lu-uiy l'< naiii, ...I aad Capt.
La Gawaa, wkh the -bliaae* aod tbe Tiger, I .?. o
W.ili . ? ? ll ih.1 ba; r.d'.'.
-V 1,1 ill.
I ,,n io ? ? ' r \\ e?t r.'|"'M tluit
- buat Waaaaw, abjb hafbra faat,to{M*
ti'utiv - tVlulai nueitaaft* oui , -.
?i. reached Byrai
! ir.iin univi d, aml ii BODaideiad troBwortby, A
i waa dsatroywL
Atrabof 80,000 , afchaa aaeerter988 _aea
ft fl ? i i ?. ii i ? rwrworth. A
bed fi i .1 ar 19 o'cloeb laMuight
I .il beea
? KaoaaaaB f, bj S00-r60ti*b*b,aadtb*tra_Bcapa
Ull. -d.
M-BM *> arrire bere iu eroarda, bbbij
ia a uioei iaB-bBB BBfliBba.
? I... ,., M , , Krida.T. Not. JJ, MB.
i Jnd^f Ti aaaa 8. Bbbar-b 4\_n bhoi ti,rough ?
, wiudo.v of tb* Coart-Heaa b Kaaaphb, Seotlaad
Coui.iy, on Moadaj bat,wblb a iiimeii n? i bBbbboi
b tba baaia of CoL Howo of the Home Oaaia
OoL hfeore aabeeqaaatlji aihrad a nMaaief _pi,oo*?
, for the apprebeiifuon of the aaaaaaio.
Beei v, Kritfi., Nov.?.-. | .,!.
The San .liiiinto left -Sivvjor: 't 19 O-loeh !;?hI
' nijfbt. 'itul wiil arrivt.l ut Frnt BTanaB tB-lgbt
Naw liai.K.iK.. Krid.v, N.it. _.' UM.
Iba f'- i.ii.ii iSin J.uiii'n whi. iii Babaa ? Hafa M
18 o'floi'k thb uiorning. Bbe Mlired about 7 u. in. I
Nu eoauBaaba- ? with the alion- aai iBawai.
Tha wt'.ither i.i Eajgja
It.u 11 a,...K, i i.l-/ M ii .'.' I Bl
lha beatfiaaiOM I'.'im hai _rrbea,bel brbgal
nn tievvii.
li v. .ih apofted th.it ? Bag af Bare had eeaa fr-.m .
N'oiiolk wilh aeveiul vvo.neu arul rliihirni
MOVBHmB OF IHE roNSTiirrio.v.
CiiittM.. ! i.!.-. N*i Bt l '"i
The Poaa-tntiaa bbiImbb_1 Bi C'ap,' Erbaaetb, in i
thb h_.riior, at I a'ebah bb Morafag, aher a 8ba
raa fi m iiohtou. 8b* vvii; iae*b* troo.i-, probablp,
ibbaftomooa, aad aail taaaadbtaiy. All are well,
inui tn re bara beea ao aeckbat* to raaord.
Ai i:4M, Ftiliiy, Kor.89. Htll.
' Cnuf.irt of the I'ri'uili Atrnv, who him
aarved berta m jr* ua b AlgeB.. haa. ..i the n aaaB
f Gea. M.Ciellau. baaa aotborbadt* labeaiagb
luent af "/?'??,/'.'??/'?>? a...." 'linir aorrba bto to
Bpaabl in iti rbaiaBer, an I uutier tlie iuuut-'liiite
liiritt.on of lhaCoeBBBBBBT*.?aChbi
The folli'vvin,.' letirr fioin (,'.n. lii-aureg-id wa* i
F-totb*edil ii af Ti ,? Ji, I a i,'., f IM . , aml
d ln a -ii. .al iiumbrr nf that tjoaraali
('.iThBvii.i.B. wmna Baaaia* ai h.k i
7 -r i. . Ul H?. Nut. X j
i. i i: M..V; M\ attantfaa haaJaB beeu i.lled to
aa BBtortaaate aeatioroeea bow gelag oa relutire;
lo tbo ; ..I Ifaatbfl o." a aynopah ofiuv report of tin
battle.,!' .Mi-uni-ti,. Baaaa ragaa-are tbaa I1
do, tlini, fiou. u knf>44lnfi,'e that, Uf auihority. tha
PreaUaatfa il.e *ole bdgaef wheuaiui vviiaipurti
of tha comaaadbg o8bar_ laporl ahall _ei__ad?.,
aahtb. 1, ladlri-BaDy, Ao aal objeet to debying it*
aabtbatloaaa baa;aa the War Dapartoaat t_bba
pii-pt-r ;...! ii'i i'.r .ry l'or tbe muh'om.- of our cauae.
Bi al laa at apMaeia aot totroebb them-1
ariraa aboB lafatbg be -Badan aad _*lan.it_aa
u.-icti bgaitikl lue. AKi.-Mivb, -j_i _ wjiiaii. MCdavu. I
?i - ' ,, l'l
resortcd to an cxtraordinary method to ocrnpy the
minda of bia traducerr-Iot, then, that aynopei"! aa*
awer the natne purpotte for me, in tbia inatanoe. If
?" oertab minda tttunot uuderaland the dirlerenoe be
twe.-n pa'rioiiaiii, tho higheat civie virtue, and ?f?
tioe-aeekera, the lowot civic oretipation, I pity thera
i from the bottoin of my heart. .SuIIire it to w?y, that
I prefer the reepect nnd eateem of my conntrymen.
a j to the admiration and envy of the world. I he-rte
8'1'T the aake of our BBBM and country to be uble,
j wilh tbe aa*istunce of kind Providencs, to tuiawer
|my calumniator't with new vtetejfaa over our na
,- tiinal enemieo, bnt I havo nothingto a-tk of the
COaatiy, Government, or any frieuita, except to af*
" lbi.1 ua> HI tlie aid they can iu tbe grent atrugglo
11 we nre now enrra?7ed upon. I am not eitLt.- a can
.jdidata, bm do I deeire to be a aaadbbte for any
, eivil otlii'i) in th<giffof the people or Exc-ntive.
' The aiui of my amhition, after hevbf ctvat my ii'ito
'in the defenae of our aacred canae, and aa-i-*ted to>
,'he bcat of myabiliiy b aaeariaajoar rigbt* aud iu
d peadeaeeaa a nation, ia torefVefo private life.
Bf if"i*u8 then perrniving, never ircam to lertve
my l*oxne, unleaa to light anew the butika of my
R*aj>**tfully your rrort ohedl-nt Ber-raur,
BOW FBABFBU.T and BBHM.I rr is ni.i\o>
in iii.i.ia.
In ?at Febiinry AbbBBM sreeded! 'Ih.il brava
oll ma*i, BeaatM CImbMB who br:d, ur.til t*ien,
breatded all the atonna of wild BaaBkbBB. nnd rlnnp;
10 the fiag of our I'mtm, yiela-Kl to the popular
ebnor, aaa aaakaMkadUa awortfu ? ,-d,
an.l one h?i knew eo*i'.d BM BBeeeod. Ile wraBt tbo
following fo a friond:
"Weareeeti ?. latba ?'?'tsr. and lltrinee,
andabaudotiedtbe l.igli prtv ri*BB
I . uaai te coafc*. tbat 1 .iu'.u not re.tr.in
my teari when the cid baaaer, whi. <*d t! rnugb
ao maay danrera. wa. ton dot. n ai:d :h >':g ol' A.t>aui?
wn? rai ? d t reitr.ia tli* .1 row w*nl
aniwritiiig; unt th* deed :? d<-ne?a rie- ?-r* ha* d-? i.ea aud
I ! thal ?'<"'? 01 ?iy
part to praveBtil froni '* ??? r.??n*ri Ifv. *.j?
aot iavoWed iu a wai W" ? .,., will i *. II..r, il no buieot
|, * un J h* i? but !ittle h>-il. r (Liu . nmdi au who dr*ama
of bogeieoptioo irutu intai.ii. I ibali iiu-et i( v-b*n U
eo?? .i.i,-,. I Ibght tbt
r*u. in.. Wfcaa BT*rytbtogl b*t, a* I 1"?r .1 laay h*. un1*** ?
? ? un..'? ?;:,,. Id tboae ????? ? '?
1,1* dir*rt*d ,11, I ik-ill drag my bo.1y t" lb* Mttt I ?'. le?
ft*',,!, .1 d Iuy ,' , .. | .1 . 1
llow awiftlv ha* bk piedktkn been verifkd. Kra
the echo ot hia xniie, pbadbg to the fanalica to
"r'.,;! bad dbd aaray, tbaery na eaa, to aaaa I
\ si ite then proaparoBBbaow baakraptt afl Bha
h'T'ora of war are 'lj^xii thein, bueinena rumed, uutl ia
aiblition to tbe rostleaa aighM they paa be feei al a
iasai'.-i tba, '?' ? aa'apr
,1, | ktttr ti* t\ a "I liii'it aaanBaa M MbMe. Ibe
i..i;:l-li.-lil xvill be ii'-ar to tbe boaaa of N-nator
1 '. oa, and nnba oaeuna nhaaddbbhb Limt
hi*- piophecy will be full.llc'l tt ?' ?" '
I baltii ior* Auieriian.
,. . ; .. dr.^'i.a Pritt. _
fjea. George H. Thoa ?t,wao aa enior Brbaifan
in Eaatorn Kentaeky ranka 8 ' " and HtA ta,
' aml xtiio ha* bia bead |oartera ai Canp I.irk Bobia.
' *ou, ba- re.-; lie 1 ibe > I luin- of both tbe** Geuer*k,
lad ' . . rn to join bi*. ZollieotlOr haaeri.
.i.-.niy ri liieil xxith the n.ain bodyol bkforeaa i"to
EaMTennaa ea, iathe .lirn-ti'iiof .'xtu ,\ ll--. 11La
debat a*. " W Ud <'at Caap," tbe ronl of Willbaa'a
IgaarrQla baudat I'iket'jn by Nela b ?: eea an.l es
lh theburningol ibe bridgea apon tbe TetaBBb
I vTrginta Raflroad, '.. ? ?? I I-;- 1
Qea.TaeflBBa aaaaa to bave kaaed tfcboreWta
?r,vt'tit Alhtit s. Jobaaaa. uoxx- ta i"i."in iai M tn*
,',.].tl fo I i..o aaa of tka Loaiavilk aud
S'aahvilk K k 1 loyaoaaal
iiy-.iitiat Qaa. lii.eil * ?-' ad aloag taa
. . Baa. by way oi DaaaiBe aad Laxbatoa. ai
ready ibere'have been serious d*i>iou*trulion* made
agbaB Johaaoa'aeolaa 'i toward Hopkiaayiib. Ile
i haa, t:."ii i-n-, boen forced te make a roaMti - j?vo
tnent Bpaa Uuell a Ihe k. Thk viiut, r-movi ment
I ha* giewa into ao *tront; ? meii'iee. tluit (.mi. 1> bm
a- BOOB hm |?.-*i'ile, a
1 aa ii-ii x'. 1 kh ba
ifr . v
[t ii . bi ': ' i :? ?': m ! ? b - ;,II'g
I of tl.e. :iti"B,
it? 1 ? ? 1. ? Bk a paa
'.om- la. 1 x . > ol
; .. xx i i '1 r. u'b u*
l . ky. 1 an l>e
? . <-en
3 . ' 1 aaaa. xx baa
with Tiiut.. ?.
f .- . tbe l*tier xvil! haye itill 30 1 00 an. V-t re
' . : the I'.x.'il j ... !i
< .i-fiauilj.
\g :,h 4 thk, tlitce rr-.-iaieut-i reai hed
? ?? ii-i'ia t ii.. iitr.it:i lut loiit daya agi ?
bk powar*
fulfoi : ait make aa advaarB npon Bowling Oreea
:-? aa 1 1 tu "i 1 '?'flflata ?', oaa 1 ! me
loeky. ' ? ? -",:'; I *bM ii m be a
. i.iii.e. Caraliyaad artillery ta abutMhaca
vkiii i>? BreaaBt,aad tbatraapt tearablywaBaaa*
! .,1 |iii;.' ii-j xv.-il ae
? lui ?*.
1 , ? aa :i -w bb ragabr re',, I braa upon tho
?oil rd Kaataeky, avi ? m 01 ber
Bouthweal a bonndan iren beld by the
'. .i!'iiiiii., f .'"! ? -"ni aad Polk. The latta .- eataaa
baa retked, aioca tha battk ef Bebn 1 aal
pf ,*li -? iai*. I BM I ittle -<? ..- to lo
believa that tbe aoil of btkaouri - nl alth, 1'lie
'. retiiiluent ot rn-iuoiit'e (aew Ualkck'al coluaaa
' irun. Springlieid, and n a rwnceniraifc 0 o: aaeh tbo
| heavieat part of lt at 8t. I*. il i- li te* a .l-.-i ?;'?>_
11 ir.oke dowu 'he Mkaaaippi in? il: , *oi..-ly with
ihe tor ward ui.ixeiueiiiot Bnell up<.n BowBngUreea*
Tbeea Baoaeaeata w'ul both depead.b 11 inl ef Baa,
npon the fini blng and aquipmeui ol lha baa ? y il-'et
I of gaabeata, noi- near ronpleti a, ut yarioua neet>
l eru ailke liue au- all ..vie.-t.-il to be leailx for
ective aaraka bafore Ihe Kah of I>eeenibor. Tho
I faet that 500 nuiiii.ee buxe been BBM flM| tbe K:u*t
toCatroahowa thM Ibe Qorcraaaai e.\tei. iho
riv.r BaMtoaofoat a very earlr day. ihe reaj,
. ki>'ro;i4 werkef tbe WaBarn campajga
vxiii f.on b*i(in. Aa BOOB M the rrouli o, thi I
'.-oiijOiat 1'ii'X' Btentsol Ba llana Ualbck are k.'.owu.
then tlie graud iii'ixi li.eiit upon tbe l'otoinac musb
1 iu- naxal axpadittaaa, BBbbe ilutler nnd Iiiiineiile,
trill be ready to atrika about tbe a?me Baaa. Ka
opetat.oeaoi laodara ibaaalUhaamia .-.xt-taiva
ot aiaaat ladaoi, Bberaaaa nmy be tully axpaeto^
M or aoar tho aaaa time, i<. be thaaaanag u. tho
yaiea of Savaunah or Churloaton.
Orden lo Butrcb bave been i.->ued lotho lolloxvin^
rrgimeata. Tbeflra three laariaaeato will aaoaa?>?
". ? uai ? narred. The othera wilhin t?.u daye?oue e
..ay , a* Baily a* uiiiy be:
Irej .'. B**jbi*bI B. f. I 4?Osaaa, BtoaBf, OA M..rH.
MO, iN'i-f ::!'*r lt,
Alb.ny- i'tb BagtaMM N. V. Vo.iir.t?rr., Cava.ry, i')i.
I. *?t*r?Jth lb uuu*nt N. Y. Yo!uBte*r*, Cavalry, Cot.
Cr ??**. Novriuti, 1 -'?
u b*,i..ri,t N. _? Volui.teer., ln. ai.tr*, CjL
Mi ki
Ki.niri- 'li llegiuieiil N Y. V oluBtfen. ti !aoir<,
Ii.,.., nttii ll* ,iu.*, i "I X VoluBteera,kfannr] I 1 Pi
:ii,;ii Kegimeat M. Y. VoioBlaan laf.etry, Cel. Balley 1
llafUu. i.N X '........iee,*, li.ianlry. C?4. Kobi*.
Vuhu 1?flth Rrglm?.1 N Y Xiibiuteer*, luf.nlry, CuL
J ..lil. X llo.ig*.
.0 '.- . ..t N. Y. Voluuteeifc lafintry, Cib
BtepBBB i'odg*.
? ? -
7"o iht l.d'U.i.l i/.i-.X. 1. FHtoBB
TBanea, B.J_Bea li, BBL
Siu: I o'.i.-t rve that an iii'2'-nl cull i? u,u>l-.- ttMw
lha pMri <h aaaaM af Ibe kryal Sut.? br aailbaa to
ba baabbad t" ear baaa aaUbaa b lha Beld. Pax*
ii. u'atr dbacakae kara kaaa gtraa aapeotbg th*
ghapeaf tfaaaasadM Brtbka,aad l obaaara tbat
ibe*o direclioua haxe i-eier.-iicc eolely to yarm
Bow, xx ill y?n all.-w me to ?uggo*t that a dog?a
i;,)od paii-n ot rbfl initteus eaa be Mada by aai
aaaaa witb a Bewing-macLine while ahc coultl kni|
bul oue b ti.e itiire lime I lf thw* augjreatica
Le ii'lopfed, it wouUl not be diili, uit to aupply the
L'lettter rurt >,f our army with tluwe aat-dfularticli*!!
lor the Wli.ier. The . lutlt ihowU be a'tong und
.?.fi. and the mittena ahould I ??? cot ??'<? of the chuh.
1'hey iuuv be haaad xviih Cantua rbtnnel 4.r w.n.len.
aud if wall tuude, would l-*t thtvugb th* ecaaou with
ordmary uaaoe.
-Tbe new exhil.ition gallery otjMr. tklmua, ia
Uroadwuy, near Kighth atreet, coniaina a few
ebeba pahtiiBB tt tbe IVaaah, Germau, and
llelgi*n Mkoflb, aa well oa ibe favotito " Ciuderella,"
arkbh haa now hecome a perniantnt attraetion of
this .abinet of urt. Among the worka of our New
York uriiet* in Mr. Wchaua'a BBBaBJ ii Mr. Hicka'e
new vi* i'vit LulayxtU).
.. .'arieri
Uailei : 'tU

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