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cots, nanu in wiLros itwcn?om
John Minor Botts Crested for
Loyalty to the Union.
Twenty Prominent Citizens Seized
Fon-Ras? Manara. Iwratjre, Msrahl.MM ?
Vu li in im, ,.:??.. Matt li R I
The vet-ael which arrived hut Bight, BBpBtMSd to
have been tie BrtgBttB St. Lawrence, wa? the ship
De Wut Clinton, bound south.
A leg o? truie win? teni over to Graney Irdaiid to?
day, but no paanagen returned.
Tu Birt stand Disposes my?
"Col. Conor, n. Col c. M. Wdoes, and otiier
ITaloejabonan to toeaanfaar rt 100, arrived ken
on Kinlay from Colombb S. C, ead an ewnittog
tran-i.-l.ij meit to N> .a ? ri Newn. They, faowavar,
may art ?tar? tor ??-verni week? to non, fin the ..r
rawRMBiaata tor nratoag ttnui away have nat yet
btv-ti i?-tii[ fa ia I?"
Oin? Witans io the officer who Brtod ne Military
?Governor of At xi.udiia when itj ah-.? fun: occupied
hy l! e I'ni' .?i?ir-.
It .1 re; ittd from Richmond thnt ?lohn faffa r
Bam has anna anortad and thrown into pi ison im
ina nil"- atong l"i ion proel iv ?lie?.
Ti? Batoanend parana pnbhhh Oeananl Orders ?No.
9, d.,-'.? AdjnlBJM and IntpBtnrOaaeeel'i Oans
Jj., kneen?, March l, nrhsnb JetTanon Dnvtapea?
d.iiii.?- o ?o' i an over Iii ?latead and the adjoining
aaamry foi 'en nibs. BiijndieMlea. Wtadn a
ib i_.?! with toa aaesntba of the prodaanabn.
A.! . HI ltira of epintuoii? ?..j'ior? an i .-.ile I f spirit*
???ia li-, mirare fort. i. lab n M aei-omit of the demorali?
sation : lb army Bad toa pi? ?alan Bannar?
A Utattui '.-.i: : I '. Ol B. IV U In ;.; pi bM ''?-I?'.. A.
C.(t rttafl PioA -.-?-Ma:rial of tot ci' ii RinV
mond. All person baring bran of say der.iiptk?-.
are reqa ?'? 1 i?> dellv? i li ? anna rt the Ordenara
Ds ann ni <.n ,.r bit ?e the9that kfanfa, other?
wi-?' ? .??>? ,-. HI I ? aeii id?
Tie Hu !>,-r?\-i uay* that tola BMHMM
?will i,. ' lied t Ito n i nell a by all ebra ?-.
j% ,- ? e? .. . iientiirti lo nye?
tarhna writi'^a va the wall, indkMtag thei i aiea
Ooit?;.i': '"?? a t* ?>t aa'i r, . AfltOBg toen Writing! are
the bj ' IN tag!
"ATTK.sriON: i .sion MIR " :
"Wini asa tv nt."
-THF. L.N.'JN FeKKVtR ? :
Ihm I? ? y 1 | !i.?v so."
? Ti!1.: li ?! I OF DI LIVRRARCI ALI i OACHKS " :
Ii v.ii- ti. -? ri-t.i'ii. t.ilinn tonei n arti lb : ram !
the atrert el* ?baa M birr Butta airt ?weaty oi.ei
I\ eii-pr.-'t d ? ?usera, t i\e)..lrb, chanonr, ano pindi tan,
I) auiiitoepnebnettanai knartbl aw.
, ' 'J'- ? ki BSaead /'. ?j rfrl Brgn ?nu.mary HSaaani
fur ?i?- ib ?. lbs ? ragten o? neeoea, and ntvoraAn
tin' ti; '!?? ,.i.'i,:i" ni n "i toa i 'ii? ?ii ui>,i*.
It na? li ? -.'? that Colonel? Coreornnaad Wfleaa
ennlttan* bnheMmkrattagoain ?imeral* Hu?k
n?-r na . i il rhanui; bol toa wai- u.eiily mu.or.
T .?' waa a gnat pani? at Blehnone, which waa
ri,i,-i.| : i t'e .'eil ni dtir.ii?. of 'i.e Uebele. The
badil..: : ..it- le exbilttted the gieitet-t lllipeiblltai
Atiesta, Frieny, Pata ->, 180.
'j' r Confederacy this BBoratag .au-* tont (Sen.
Jin-! hkI Jaharaa secaped linn lortIbnebea, and
?. , '..; Uniflanhno l?-t Sunday.
Boat j ??? m- have nenBJry h0an,nad As raedi
to ? . N .-v., ,. u.e gn ui!y damaged.
Ai ..i ?i ? Maret I IBM
A gentle nan, who hue pint naefaed basa, ?aye
tli?' Bay ?i.'ming. Cou?, lattanfl'l fleet en
g.i^e.i.. ? oi toe Untan !,a*'<! ? c bbm Bavaannh,and
l,?kt i waaBahilbdl Tee lent then ralirad.
BaxTiaean.WijaiaSaj Mai b?MBM
A tatou wen Italian Hsnioi pnbHihrd in STsi
Amarina of ti da city, nyi toni yeatarda* -A'-',
tarni Dmpatth brrbbbsm that toa Ht?..u.er Unto?
ville callie ouect fr> ra fibtttbaHptoa to iheNoi !i
Carolina c"i..-t. and B] proi I ?.??! tbe bk> Lading Vera .
with toa Cnioii t!..g riling. 11 e Naabville v ?m rfi?
reilly up under toa gana ol lb blockading veeael
Hanert wbhto hailing dirtaB e, aad then, | . alngfaer,
rainel 'lie ktehel ?lag, ,-nd ino.ed dbeetlytoward
Fort M ..con.
The n! ( kadbg \- ei ?.'nnu-diirely discovered toe
toaoption, ani atarted ta panait ol tin Mask '
fo'oniiig her until witob taageei'toegoaaof Fort
?nasa. Several c?ete wen-tired Bl the Naabville,
bnt aha repor | that noi.o.ly ivas hurt. She ebtaM
to ben brought into Wilmington a valuable Migo Bl
Leiik-i.oU- und primbg p.iper.
Mu in or rd Arrival of the Ifaafavitli Elec?
tion for OaHgeBaBBBBMB- .*4on-.%rH?o! of
Prctiu ?I r I, r i? I . rrti, in.dr?.t
BeataanRloeaaa OMRtartCaaans, Mat l I tt
A repon, racaived by fag to Man ?ave that toe
Rebel Manan Wsttbvllb nassslsd ?n t idb ? i i
Idix-kade ai.d entered one of the anntoani li
p??rt>, iJirti! i'oiu the BOM? <.f Liigland. Ti..- report
ton.?-? throu.h T<?-?iel anuoea, and ahouid. prohably,
be r ?(?ted with na e allowance,
flov. Piupoiit han oid'ie.) a HRB sbatbatofas
held m toil OaagnsBbeal Dtatriet on toe lath iuat.
It ia panam d tort tin- H? a. ?basph Bagni. >?? I a i..-,il
?hnatetonne wbbh lae tiraaort kTiipuaiiBiaiiiig
tabilv I,-, aMed irregular, will fas a ( ?? MtOagain,
Htnry z. Haytrai, asq ,<i SewTnk?! rmerlyof
Troy h.? been a, p,iiiit,r,( on (li :i. We ?I BB IT, ? .li
th? rank of M.,,,,r. I|,- ,vaa JadgB 0.'hail BWOtB
dur.?.? M. i?BniV8BannnliattaH.
The airaiiiei (; anhattan, n ter way to Hi wporl
JSeiv ? i.ttit ev eiiii i? ?a , i;,..i .
?-???i g, ?Aul Brett ai Baverai i ii
toe St-wall ? Punit itHtii.ro vi . . i
"* "Mtw-ry. M?, Wtt. ,?,? ?/?i,.? ,.,|
thOIie'l til? Ililli ?,,tll ext.loli.-rl , .... ? I I Ti
?** ?aaaaaee atm bei deeba. The
Bato .a 1 ave published th.li p,,u,y ht,ea,.(;r ?, aI)M,,
ena hnneeenMea ibi. ann a? ?.u,-,, kt m tdMn, Ii
?treahl nan (bat ihn am toaahl nan, t c.-reap, ?1
lngi.gih.nee,.n ont- part. TLe peat BeatTofto?
CnmilrtilH compelled her to pata vviihia a n.ile lu,d
a ball ol two ii' I ?I butteriejg.
The not,- ' ibrt ..I pitaaana frorn Hie iBntoaftM
saanasai aii?ifarina that thoy would tome by toa
J? "i..-i> li.N r roui?-, i* toeeBbjsst at eaanaaat, Al?
Ihou^t , ii? MnenBaan with notice from Ot-u. ?t,Jp ,
oar brat proceeded twi.e (o the appointed place np
Jamet Hiver, and each time re mai ned a day and i?
niirbt without being met, no es plan?t ion has hern
ollere.I for the BBtSBBBJ violation of faith. On Sat
ureiuy laet the steamer Express, S nile lying about
ten miles above Newport New?, waa ajiokeii by the ,
armed BsBMMt .lau'ertovvn, which came down from
bM ?union aU)ve for an explanation of the repeated
visite. While tho ready aniwer seemed to he tatis
laetory, the Kebel oilicer did not vouchsafe to tell,
even if he knew, why the appointment was not kept.
It is eafaBaaBad asa reason thnt a state of thing* al
pSSBSari preva.lt throughout Kebeldom, and at Kicli
moud in par iciilar. which they would not like to
have reported to u?. It is alto toggerttd that the
Retah, being ?borthanded aa to ?tourner*, have them
all employed in toner tit rating troope from the en?
campments ot. and near daine* Uiver, to meet tim
emerKeucy lu ?uglit on hy the movement of our troope
on tlie I'otoni.-tc. The .lameitown has two guna on
deck mu? an i. on nose, or rain, thal does not look
very toraridabla.
Tl.erep.iit in Tkt Hi raid, that Flag-OfucerGolde
borough had t b'ained paSBSBBMB of the Seaboard and
Roanoke Railroad, an?! hmkeii the connection by
iirai i ojian, bridge*, there i? lanaas to behove, i* not
Mr. II? in* havioK returned with a new supply of
cable, including a portion of the old Atlantic sable, a
iu corni attempt to BOBSBMl Old 1'oint with tlie Eaetein
Shore, and the real of tho world, will he made ?.s
?.o..n as the weather will permit.
The Rena?t in and aboutIs'oifolk are not at prirent
a happy family, lieu. Huge:, in particular, ia tlie
objet tot' ?overe BsasBBB with mont of tilt u. He ia
twanged with the reepouiibility of the ?astral of
Hoanoke and the det.ii net ion <?f the lit bel Janey, and
willi in ?lei ting to take proper BMBeafM lor the de
feiiee of Nirltilk. Although the Kebel? continue M
talk valoioiir-lv to keep Unir ipil its up, it i? well
known t! at the opinion pr? vaile gen?-::,lly that all i?
lotit. It ii- nni|ii? ei'.ni.ahly tins that hundred*?, il n< t
tlionsanilr. ii.N'Ttolk would welcome our foie?-? whh
(maa urn.*, anti raise the standard of the I'nion.
Tbr Purauil ol Prier.
I .. :r. Oti Uno Corre.taioilrn?.
i aal- aaaa i aeasaiu'i Bsaa, M ?-? ? ? ? \
leli. ?4 MM. '
Myi.it ?uei were dated from Lay tea ? Katu...
Oir ?Mangata* baps M meet ai baS the loi -, w ith a
force something Uki ti ?ire. hu? not leen fulfilled.?
We Iel: ?amp belore dryiiglt. BBpeetiaf io bata
Springfield at about IO a'sleet a.m. Live mile?
from tlie intended baritel gioiind ihe ilirheartening
bows inaebed an ibat th? aneay, wbo had Bsvei be?
Ion el,?ni I.K.Inri h .'orce lari;ei li BB OmO-tiliti O? li!?
ttWB, bad H?-!tiii baca true to hi* tawarrity] I
They bava mu away. It wa? a ?liiili?. not am?
ir. ?t. Erin hal ki'ivt-n t'a lie to all hi? BIB] ty boa ? ?
aad ibiwste?
On the neeabag ?' Ibe ISra, tbeStsteab i Bratsaead
tu j ;.ck, aid beton 3 a. ta, ?.n lbs Out, lbs la?-' lei i
hin! left to-vn. Etetylblag iu Ipriagwi Id previ '
vint their flight muet Luv?: boen ?; .Ile pt" ? ??
Their barnett wire iaady to rotwies ?ir. M M al
ihtir tun ?tin i wen burning v.-, -.id lbs IBM
aa "'nil "i i"i?i'e Ui; babied proead thal Ibej in; uri?
| e.l |a lu?.Ve Withoit' tim. li deluy. Th' Ulai!: ?li't i I ?I
[my tetter Brakes me bagot, however, le relate tba
n l:. mum m? ule!!'? nf .mr marah te Iraytea't farm,
mu? tbeara te Soriagfield. About !...!)" wa] between
" - - vu-..! LaytM s Parat, tba aeVatarad pirbeu
1 who proved] afterward M ba n ngaasc&i wUcb bad
; been a t.t oat ra thin isbrn), eomax n??-?! Iriaf :r..n.
' ti,? bra bal on our advanced guard, i tmsisring of two
eompmiies of Fraravai Batsan, umi a ballet] I
? ruo intara hew-.!/' r?.
Tba airing was kept tt| aUOwj aatil we anivad :
I ramp at Lnytsn's Cum, Jin- rntratotela bewitun
. i :.?l i:.!., iba bastan si ?: bees the earl ij, a ?lb th<- i
aatintaara of the tears basttari v.:,- nr ii.ey
?iiW',1 iheBMshras, The ban sa rar side sara ?aw
:::..ii ?.gttOOtlj v. 0 .?v.i ,1 ; on (!.t> "ll.tr rule (lie !
mimi'i-r i f killed ead woaadad ?v.o araaaceiraiaed
i: .i. ?r? le'-?u.tii'le?i'.le. hi.vvever. At BheMe o'clock
...' ?v. ?. .1._ BB .. r tc"'.'..ni' patty attmkrd our
I,. beta. Three ?hot*, ii unSiu'. i * tlep >uad how ii/?ra, '
dineted by !.?? ir.n'. ?.i eyi ?: Col, (jwterhaai
. r.-mteied ?abna?, bowe tra, m bbV I taOj inte ?hey did
!.? - t ob ti a v:y u as mat right,
DeLu liment* irt.m IbeBoBtOB and PnaraBtHaB
eil? iii:,, s./tii ooaaasad] wer? ia?t avaalngl
I tarawa ?.u* tram Spriit|ftteld te Little Trab, where:
they ware laeky ea?ngh to sal "th aigaMwagoaa!
I It atied -v.'b pru-. ievur. Tell Keb-I? were kille.l?af
: iv.'..!, led on? I have L?'t heard an;, ?'rung, the
1 " aknlla anri honra on inn ?rape of the Bentaa Hw?
tan dt-rignate, m qoartei gi*naratakea. 1 bellara
tl.cv Brill narnia true t? their motto. Speaking?.!
Ihh) regln ?n:. I will add that I n? ver ?aw a heifer
one. They Bre nunn.ni,,It i ?,y BB?. ? IS of li :'"? ??..I
i aarpei -nee, and-he ' Material i? exe lient- it i* ihe
aaaa ar?*r?d*ww i fltftf?anfaaeiaira owl of Iptiag*
!u Bj lu-' November willi l?e linn lindel Zii;; Ii-, .
S,i:in?/I:?ld leaks very .??e,,:,,?, u ?,,.,,,, ?| |?,r.
ra: !.?. Th?- part.?vis U mt Mly?fciil| dwalliag tMaara
and ?.'.hue !'..id.i.j.'.- ? latisatsadly wttl ibaaeeM <;
rjerraintioii aroai I,
w. ;.,.- eofamped ? i ' 'et-n j,ihr stteEkvanreM
" Id ? : . ?? te y ti the oi|,.-r two,
1 ?',. rand Davie), who ruar, bed hy a dil-i
'.? ram ii.a'i ia pumuil i f ?()? eu? my, ??? i'..n-v.liu.
I will tvr 'e n, m t< ?tatas rw.
The C lui?i after I'rin NI, irru?ala ni ftutrnr
Criik .?.tlti'i'ic lo ?t '?.,'o'?n Our Ral?
ti'ti? Coi lim ?1 li? ii ?etjel l'n??ii inn
S'ltti t'etillr tturnrd.
Cenrij.:? e ? i i ,. ', i i rkl .,.e
Oatt i m .. ? Irl Mm ?i m *a at M taaari i
BsaaSarj i-uu.?..?-.,. i, lu ti il m fta.ti , t \
(j'.r piiiieipil o.. ipaiJEonj r:me my in--! tetter has
I een running [not lanaba* away tin ugij, ami BO a
ri'iiiiiily both niiirvn/.' .mil Bghtiag. We *aari bivi tri '
mitra '. ae m.my boan lakiag iaaMt?*nMarivaa?iaaji
of ?he lii.u.1! tri tlie inj.li' io t'a.n on the tlrei,,g tiebel
;.r." v. 'J'hey proved,vlf? r all, l?.?i ligbi-fi-oieti hu tin.
Al Banjar Cruk, oar aritaaesd pjsEsri bad aahe a
hruih witli Um i? ar of lbs SBSBy, The Ri bal cut- !
iiiiy-infaii'iy, off rntbefl inoutifetl iiiimitry, SJB>
BmilBted Bad un'-d tier guna with good ?Ile. ton
trar cliargiBg ravalry, aad ?Ibea tvik M tbsirbssls,
?lea-.ing t uii.'.it'.iiii ia iho BOBbMBS of thr Rabal I
amy,ra we ii.aii.nl au?-!wail. Our Ism was 9
killed ami 11 woaaded aaoag tba brttsr tbiaa trii?
i i-ir . Tie K'helri e'.-.te lill ir 11? to he ' killed and :
i woaaded, but, doob?em (heir !o?? it at liaet
ta ice a- liirt/e Bl " >'f
I !hinaourcntnlry committed a blinder in this
??i? ?? 11 ? > rnabtd on a ihtn firty pa??-? ol lbs
aaaarj baJied,loaded, ntbtdaa agate, brad tn-ir
jlirtui* aii'l . mbii,". and thm wheeled. They
lelarged beaideB, in ebne eolamni ila Bata tteep al
' "?' I ?".I ?'? v ? ... I;-.- dtnrgs in loora I
"iln tau iii.? ?jrtth ?ii-iw-ii tabars, ia the only
Ibiagi Bttnhratai oriatoibi maha ..f Baaadiari?
pbnsd ?.n.-ii.v. and, dathiagai ii \ooaa, it i? leratteir?
'?'""?t"' ,J''- -!' | ; Ity. (Jen. ?JBgal, .Vin. WM,
?ii couve pnaera .;..,,,;. urii uiiair, bad atx the
BMaagtmeat, bbbbmiiw i ?riatoa waa thal day terst?
lag ibe advanced paani. rVbeanrill obi na ricaa
ratahy i?-?, u lUiW io ara I .?? e..i.., |
Braal! akirarisBra bet? .,.? aa^asarad pjaarlaad
v ? i inner. <,f Ibe?-. v '-.-...pt,,!, ,Nf. , ., j
? ' '.-.te,! n, am pratt traaralanar?Oteifegpni<ga,
??' MitSS?. Wi...' ifBsati 'ule, Jim:,'u'-..nllty.
tWamraearcaralri I ?, llaBBaMSantl camal
HtiHuan?, of (?en.Rig?!'? divirion) advanced yet-terdny
to f.ludioAvn, a little place BBOBl eight n.ilen eoiith of
Ab camp. One of our uolJiirti lllenton llii-a.tm)
wal elot by m tieiuherou? Lullet from the beabea
A Hebel picket who had bee" f'utioTicd there tic! a?
eoou us onr troop? were in ?iirht. A very end or? ur
rence hSBBMBBd bete, whhh ?how? odo more the
daetardly milliner in wbicli our enemy intend lo carry
on tin? war. Li'puor funii.iiicd to our men by the
physician of a Hebel hoeiit.il, which enjoyed the
piotcction of our ann?, proved to be poisoned.
Forty-three men of the Henton and Fremont Hii?*ar*(
and three otbeere were taken aevcrely ?irk ; nio.it m
them have ?ince, however, recovered. We deplore
the di alii ol' Capt. I ?Helfen?, nn BBansphnbai Am
trian cavalry Santer, who had a leave ef two yean
from hb (loiernment to participate in tho American
i war. Hie ?tomacli h:.a bean pre?? rved, and a? ma
an there i? an opportunity for amilycii?, the nature
' ol the [loiion will be determined. The doctore thinl?
it vi o- belladonna.
I Jm?t now a menu? nrer flselVBS from r ay? neville.
' Tiie Reln-la have buii.rd all etor?-?, pr.'ViMoti?, Baa?,
[ etc., in onler lo keep li.um out of oin bandi, and
, have retreated further into the interior part of the
State, lo the Horton mouutaini, where they are an d
118 muk?- ft ?'.nid. 'J ueir lorne are w?i<i to amount lo
abort li.,ou-' iiii.ii.
We will likely remain here for louie time before
we airain ronnie the <-flemive.
ltl.'AVL g] (OM) PiWA HliOI.MIi.VT.
I fien. Hamilton having been (ensuieJ tor iaisuing
the order ron,.'ming the gd Iowa Regiii;?-nt, (?in.
? Unlit? k aent the lollowiug letter to the (?overnor ol
lou a, in which bo tak?? the re?pou?:bihty of tho
, lBMie of Ihn order upon himr. li.
llmi neun *h? l??itiii vas- or Tu? Minoru, 1
St l.ii i? Me , reb-tt, Ir?Sl. I
Hi. KuMttsmtf) R J. Rourarttoa, (.'??-'nor of hua. Dm
m ir. -..
(?nuiii,,.:: Your farttsrff 1*TT ITth in?t., in reli
D al Brb> i"'' "?i Baasf? orjer rerun BMJ lb* J?i low?
ii-, ? el" Infantry, lajaal reeetvrt li trag ?teilt keseinea
n, ,. to pu ...li a r?.i...iit foi it* ?-ti of in latnvbtBSl
mel .- tii.er. ti? raabwaM RaeB ? ?*? SM mi? up MB
gui.tj i ...ii.-? Maeaaaieaaan kaaritartnara lae iaaartat,
m.- ,-,r ?..?,? fe ?Jrtaajrve ttajM art ?ti? ?. i ?? TI.? .ie
.tr.., lieu ui lb* ?|.-.-!i! Al. t ulcal .''I Alliera!. ?I J Ml
?enan el MeDewetreCalarga ???? chili* r.1?, ted |.y anna
Itf-r. of the ii Iohi. fir' ?.?I l'.-*i. ?r-reiellj . Lar?. . i in
Bl i raeereetiea, ?;.,i Nattai ?? of that ragbaaM *??.- mm iii a
?: ? v.. ?i-i it toe eattraee .walrt i??d b?rn itui?!; '
?InnSl. mi ?St iSrtiri Bal ttr directed t?i t?k? |>?rti. ..'?r
r ?tu ,,i ii, ?. p .ni., ai ii aaily I ha rr?n? aet u??tr *??. lhere
1 .,- ,-ii.r,- ,'i. i it.' L'-iil?cf it? Bien.bet? until It ai|"i?dd
tbegaUt] 1'irtie? It waa not mi etttbaary art mt pUhkga Bal,
c i,, .?.I Milli li.? r>?r|.? nu? drMI'irtiou of tv j?.'?!? wi? li*
robbery ad ...- ?i ralaaMe lanaabasasrt agMart ?l!?i-r o ??
i., i, Uaaiittea'aatttat mot ibaaartisrtwtrartiarti but -t.
j. in?., I,. i ue) weelMartej n-r ?? an etieaa I ??in ?
ii??'-; i. ri. ni iii It la aay lataatJra I ,'u. o', .- baa
a. ??..i ii '.<> tearert anattl I amata?! tk? -'d leva M
.*,!.. i. i.. ..in ... ?ad I t^ok It* ?a leal ??Hv.rtunil?/ t.
Beka ? edge 1 ? i reva ? al fun I' aeieoa, A? ?j ?. ?? I ara
Ji?. ?.-. rea aaesl ti? isbyaantaelet penttbeeat, I will
mo?, u > ?. :..-c .- .?..-<? It aaeeevsi the aalhn h?. o'ia*
.-??.. M Well .? toe i Mi -re ol tt.i' Bebb? i?..n.ei I, tv p-rke it
Mlheaai nilted liai eiMirai ubini t a
? . . .. r, that a afljS knewleage mt aB the
? ? ... v?... vf, . vu ??? 1 Lu? | ..r?'.. J.
Very reap. eily, y tun ebetleal ?.-rv?!'..
i!. \". . ilAl.l.r.t iv i ... (i-u?.i'l*Mi.mu.?iii.g
APPEAL lu' lill ltKMXtli--HLKM-KS
I'-.s-.hi, M i - ? ii I'. ? ??? Fe?. ?I-'. 1 '.I
T- "./ ,?'.--?. .- Illa? -.ti .,-..' I. ?,?...-?.?.,? '-'?I.
l-iiiii',i('i,i/:i- Ue. the nnderaigned
I , -ii I ?I -rt.-i.l |0 ??? ?bat.
by r ll'.tarj cau.i i .. n, we 14 beg leave le r.n j, ,r
?f.-ii h telba I -.. "... langa ? i (??Betel UalleeA'i
.? i '?...? r v ?i art ;o ir-,-. ? re '?,??? yeer ? n
-, .. ?lion ? i! r . .- !?-. ? . in-m t,-- . led li-" ' ' '
i Jena I !??? pitt*. Wa J lerabej leba lv n In .
IV. baili -.- .ii i. ii ?a. Rkeaaitt li
... bl . '? . .- ' r -:, -. i-i. - ! :
deatB,are previ?! illy a diode** laaatsattfa in
. ?. a ,?. ? ? v.i... i ' ?;. ,-l ?; .*? Meta Milray tal
r .? t : telegrapa . :.-? a-..? ibasttataetaseraaMStyiM ,?
t ?? eiampda* ?be -i. al etaleaee nattait Hartam
..iid late ait
le: i, ?n.iri -J it! -taaSart ?? ? - -'??> tr?fl. ici
?.'.... Ibl . k1 ? -. . : i .1 Cr.. H*V?U| !.. ? | * rd
- . ? ,? yen Iba ip .. a ! i b Baan* lb? derail * I
?. , ... . r? ? .- " ?i i -I. ? . ? raeae ??(" Hat -ni 4i
. ,??.?..-, ? ,. ;:???.; ?,-i, ?l lae d??t m.ti ,?, M
,ii id praparty ta ih* ? 11 54 ?? i I Tbe reetaaaelblU
ii?i . ii..,'t-t ii.,.?- <. atiene being laeejaal to 'he I Ireana?
it o .1 , ul.ii'. ?ii - , -.??'.,?? i? -It ? ?
11 ?-.le nailer b - a? ' a > eaa eel" t ?mm lb*
? *ee - .'? ?. !? ? ? Mi -..??.??
r-i-?l.,l| I . I. bell,-|Ul*4*VI t r rd I. -'I
, i .?.- ...- ..' t. .? .11. ? ??. waa attarSJ -
r?oi ( ' ?. ? ti.. el . i ii '? ? i ? ? w. ?. .i.iii. wtj Italy
?ad tin ??? ?? .? i--. ?
T M Barra,
li I. .... K V. I ???i.?,.r,
(i II. t . v r. lit (??..? B t-' ? !" i ' it?.
', . ? s ? ???
M.g.. Mr,.'..r : h'r III.?? tri .- : i . '. I. |-:.?. I I" te t.' !l
IHK VA.MiAI.ISM Of Till IM ?ll.s Al
A ci'i/en ?I N'rwp.,i1,Kv , l-a* i- '?"'?!> 'tiiin faed the
f tawing fangar, written fay MnkifrtandtoBowliBg
?li? ?ii Ky., for pul li. ct...ii. It lathe 'leare?t an !
!,e?1 ur?'. BBS ?'f fab I.? '-. i i? IBOtioB Htid ? n..i .e'l-.n
ot lha' place thitt we hi,ie ?eer.:
H..wi m. iittr? Ki . ??" H I- .'
I an iree again ' om. amita Mann I ot ripea
i. ?.t ..v. r as. I ivr i rag, wanej a onto? have I - it
t?-ri-d in prtnasaoet, art d uit ?? t.> k-ite . tranai.- n
'.I ? t ..111.'- BSniaM llivlietil. I'llt rlill ll:ey i,?.v?-r
(???ubi exima"! ?h toa Bean thal bai ndthara ani to?
d it it burna ttr,.t?i/e-. In.i.rr, k:,'1 BMB holy than it
??id twelve t i ntl' - u ? .
1- ne nu.nth? age lo-day It-1 kner, \aitb fab bon i t I
r"Lhers r>?'? ? t? lh?B ,-l.u ?', Ul.ii W lill I O' ,l..i-'ic I '. . ltd
efallhnnnwM lo h nlxeiMvilbb I?-?? tom a
week. ('in. ii.iia'i am lo be Winter ?411 iei-. l!oi'.
tar they edvaaced, or boa i i Ihey | iformeti their
threats, you iii?1 a ?Matan .
I :.'i perforned nae or two thing wbtahwerenrt
dawa "ti RtaBnajnnaN m nu? ck pratjbaMaliea? I;.
It be ?lehn?'! ha ? ..o i ,r\-r pr?tai imeftfaepa
pla, Bad the girt Mep >,i arl toward keeping I
pbdgn waa fe rai ant pf?ndet tin etttteut, N?'vt,
lo imprison avery ana ti.a: hod anything lo i>?
alrippedof, who eat patik ic enottghtovete ir.<*
I ni-.n 'i, I -1. 1?.Ibwett all lite h -, and 1.1?;
ll'taving and rascally villain} rtikh Ilnckneri
other na ?la wed rot er or bri sod eua Id perform I.)
M?'..hh oi in lue ?billi. Bat ?in uitli of tie wottblcas
I ....
it i : n old nynn", and li ?? tort ti,? ?luik rt
lour enan beam nia brigl rat day and lae mj
Li? dawaed M laet. Ian mw? .? /..iii. off, r *
dal . aad toaeaatoni lha Iraiior, liteagb joy le
?lu- i , i> h inen - boalla. Ki ?i tan Ibe nowa >.l
ihntnhingnf Kort Henry; and bra of all, Bowling
(ireea, tint Qibrakai or mvaetopol ii..-- talked ?<?
i"?ti? I? ?>i, i? ink? o bj Lootata'a batttoryrt Parral
i- ur, litiei eigfal m.ne!? ii..ii, tot ? gane >???, uk? a
nitb? it losing a man, or om systtnR a teraieb or
ano.mi. Ian way toa Beheb pal ont ot bera waa a
nalbra. Oavalry, inlnatry, pratt al a battery,
ba|rgbga wngnna, ami ?orai oa leam- toni ii \
BsaBBBB into the luni.AABi a-ni.e, .di janbled
?ofrthn,aacfa tri?nag i?. gat Ant, tai the <b til
tike the l.iii.liuort. I hay ,,.,i?,,1 no n nil nia,ii. to
Iba Alomen and children, ii ho Ibetlghl the . ,id i,; i|,r
w?iild enamna, tanrad ai toa bveYaahara f-.r
Mon anmat their hraonra mind?, thej believed the
k..-,i,l!?,l ??tcawardli Vaakera we.e nevereominu
bat wa? m. lew .ti.li. ?j?? btt aft? ti,.- .,.,?, rM?;
Kebels. they wnhnand np i? the eonvirijon ti, ?
i h? le Sum had eena t.? h...k atter ti ?? ? bidna
. Wl," K'"; ?j.> ?'- '"k.M., ...- ?irri rfaJafa,
J-.lii.bton and llattke bsnna lo teal a Uttb weah
ahmt the kue?-?, am Ita ? leaagi t and v ieely to.,
tort tone n,iiihi ha ancfa a toi gaagettiaa ttantad'
iimi i ? iha?e cm .i, fron auppli i and i.-n.... i n rj
toe aottan took toan Ihm Ihej fand b ti fortift
between fa re and Nashville and ?.'linketill?, b'orl
thal | urporv' th.-, ram Major Ililiner, the traitoi who
hit his p..?' at t al If. una. and ebie! raginerr (?I u?
rentrai oivhnonol rebel (i?.nn-r-., t,. MnanntenttiNoiiie '
ii,i r,- i.icik-v and taho! 11 ;. adii ires,a il?, ,?-.i i ,,
i,.,I torn,! i". 1 lot.i a. ii Hue!.',, ral.o'.,. 1 witii
ita :i-1 rigad? ? loworl III tk -, itte ad pick awl lie
.??? tin? I'.: ci ne i!'?- new? ol the I akin ?
u? iii?- Comb? ti indand Irriuei sa aad Ibeii appear
anea at 11 renie. I h ii ii wai d ?? ue I a Ina bin to
getonte Bowlingtlreena aiNnupoaaibk Itind?
m u. and Hr> ? kiniittgi v .? orearad le tall liaek, mi J
they got te Bowlii .- Oreen ?eel two dar? belora tv
I i i,mi t... "Bul then bj bangs a tata.
I'la night t!? Iii : ? l brigades reached hera toa
Mark ol .!?"? .?mi ion and raia roon . no1. They
roi liie 11 a l tien m i- l i." ha om ni benaeand
? I ii- io ; lioin ineie . lu I'.n.i.-? ripr?-..d until the*
awalbwed savrn M toe ptinripnl boo n m thal toto
-.t toi rj-iire: aim, Buna aflkns? and a targa Urary
?uLie They tom itrtulgnd b non of their mom
mi?",n plir.ii? i weya ot t'.' nug I ann und eve ? i : lug
i I 'Ley i-i.tibl hu ! Mid. on. Tha brajl ? .?rk Inn ?e
kttongbg t" M . Qulgleyoi L-. tavUta waa ah? ne?
? lyed, toa Hon. Wan r Unoarwaee?! bama and
eotira en.binara, Mr. (ir.l?iid har?, aad ??ti. r
?i..ii?'i .hieli.gr. Pratt] fail lor on? night, goa
i ??dering they taMBgU Mt y bad a few more nigbte to
tarry on ihe'ir v?ltiny. ..._
Next dav they burned con.-cribs. c\c. al*., a saw
aad ?list-mill, mid batter?.! ?lowu the nnlmadbrnlte,
for. ii?i'Wi.h-iii."iing th y bml it uur.t?lira Bra of
Bil WC kr. He ch.in?y iel low who net ihe I mm, or
I Mart, nut be.Bg ?o expert Bl blowing upbl UM'a*
tbe fellow Wbedid the tttaas Liver job, why the
thiugwra a teilen, and they tari to bunt? ???"?
th.vvn mid p.a. nea In. on the middle pier. Well,
|8ir they lired five ihor*, und then only ?Juiced ii,
.ami I believe BtVff about fouiieen shots tbnw it
i now n. Seven! v vants was the dlttSBM Mark the
SBMrl ?hooting! VoM day the turnpike bridge waa
late on lire lil being well groaned with ten b?rrelo ol
eil)atdaylight; then anotlitr prabbeana. Atiera
i hula time the I iiioui?t* eiime in eight, and to gitwt
ihm) the Hebel* set tire to the railioud depot, round
boiie?, tltlghl boara, a "urge fniiiieeoraii.ieeiry ?lepot
mat they lud just got!iiii-bed,and filled with l;Ai,tM
iHj'indHof Kid id pork, beef, BIMS, tente, baggnge,
Ac then the lari,e hotel, and two or threo oilier
good brick lion?**. Then they burned the tair
triotind, and iiji on the BtMJBM about 4D0 horrels of
. hei ?!'. Tue vvboh- drama vvotuid up ne it always <lo<-a
wnere tbey ure whlsptd out, leaving their evil mark
'of BwStrintawa and ruin after them.
I A pt?rt of tin-is.h <?i,io, ICth Indiana, and toura
i nth? r lotnpaniei min?? u wuy to i roes the river at
Bight, ami took pseMSBMB it the town the nexr
mviiiiiig. IbarijaMffM oil the bed, where I had
thrown myrelr at? hour or two previous, tired and
jriQjted lroin wutching, to prevent tlie bonne from
beJag bred. (I ?ii.l not sleep for three night?? and
Bay*.) When 1 saw our deliverers man h np ibe
?ii".*. 111 idled my children and rnade ttierii throw
tbei- tina* te the breeze, and give a ?bout for " Tne
I nioii forever.
i 1 ti II you Mr*. 0. war? tired that night from cook?
Now, Sir, the worri is, " Forward to Nailivi'de."
' Airan, 1 rappOM you have not forgotten ciy favorite
i " tBn who i. lb? cowmd who fra** I compict ?o ?troD|,
Or lill th.. t r.!?r?il I ntoii will ?ever "
No more. I w .11 tell a li'tle more in my next. I
have got a few volume?, aad 1 moat tako time to ii.
y ouri, (MON.
serosa of keleased lnion prwom
A number of lta*nawJbaaaBn ?"'dieri, who were I
reienlly released Irom the Kichinoud j rie-mi, pBBBSd
through thir city on Monday, on a abort furlough to i
tubal tl-i-ir frii'titii.
The following isa MBteBMJBt by two of ihe m
Thomas.I. l'ourlnm], I-i rat S, rgciint of Company II,
-'nth Jlasrtachuriett?, ami Thouin* U* ttOSS, Corporal (
of Cor ip.'iny A, L'?th .Maesa? !.u?ett? RsgiflMati
Wo vir? in th. batt!e of Mall ? Ll'.H'on the'?'let
of Octobe- ?awi. Ead wer.* taken pii-..::?i? ni I bal
time. Almut ?I'M "f ra BMrebed t?i Laeebargb that I
Bight, and fmrn there to BaBSEESBE, B StetaBBS o!
i.lout tl.ii ty -ti ve mil??, during w hit hw ?? re.eivei'.
., r a niara of i ira hn .el seen, abras Ibe ii.-?- "t a
rinn? lia:.?i. which waa lbs tir-t axant] wa bad ia?
Misad for the pravaSBS thirty-is lion*?.
At .V?Hl...r-ae lley t.x'k h li*! ol' the BBBBSB, and
M.iil ws wira Id hat?- gf??i u'itiiei?. (hey than
n ar' bed u? into -ox. ?.mi* iu. e ?rd by b ?ord fracs
about in te-1 m iiieflit, with i.iveiiug boaealh ii?
bread i aa pj af ti,? i ?av? u?, Bad I mb w-e Erip! "i.
I ha lariat. WM ground, With I nt even a blanket fin:
. Herin?', ?u a hre ?m WHUi'!.. and the aiip;*?*r pro-'
Vileil eo?rirle.l ?d raw BBSS. I ?U li:? Ii'lluai'K
rr. .rt ina hirstfaet mm Birred Bp, Mb u,a!i rcuiv
,.i(/ In/If o' n hiviiII leaf Of bread, al;, t which wl
v.,re l"ra,ed iti I'.utvie af ?tO catii alni pSBBaaBwri to
I.!??! by carr.
Al every plait- vv?- pum-'.l, I.? ii, WOBMB ?md ? hild
nn rrow'li?i anead te rci .i vi?wol th?r ?' liBakara,"
*<nile of them expecting to ?re ?onie horrible etea?
?un tj and i lie old won an, iii Bttel SAtOB rim ent, on
lill.ling t'i.il laiik-vr vary ,i.n, li n r vi.: li .I n'ei
whim BJoitale, SBctsimarii "Why, 1 tboagfatTea?
bess bad boras I" Upan arrivbag M Biehmeud, wa
were taken to lluyu I I obrara boni?', a building
,i!?i'..t .!?? fe.'?. I.v 30. and tbn-e it,nie? in l.i^l.t.
? ? .u ti.o ni p Um teribbag, awtwaanl Wurtz, he
I ?: ?'in?: te ?? I risiaaa t<-?"- roi, aim red tba bbsb m ;
tall m. S"in? of ti.i- n.? ii niglii'iiig to nie? the '
or'er ?i'li ?ultu ici.t ula.ritv to -uit the BewSeff, he
ascbrimed m btaaaa EbesMb, " Pall >??, you d d
Tankraa; if Itpeaktnyea ?gals I witt ?nank with
itf.in'r'. A OOOpIs St 'lav* e.fter t."ii? one of the i
i ri*?i-e * ?t*? ;?e<i u?. t<? the prated ariadew? eJbenl
ihe aaatiael Brari a; i.i-n, ti?- batt grantag bia ant
Bari lodging m th.? wail Sabas?]Beady aaelber of
tr? atara who vv.u? paariag '-.vwn Main te tba I
var.) bapasaad lo sol el'?** in the wtnriew, whee a
ti.li i ed hi a raauael below mara whi//.iug pa?t
bit baa I.
Par a Bamber of dnyt tba Maa wats com|?il*.l ia
?I. ? p '? p n ti.* I art Boar, w i ti,"iii any cov? riag, and
Ibera being BO recapU I?- ter ilie love?, n. eat, and
'?'lur *-?.?*, it ?a? aaerararily piled Bp in on*
? orner, Bad I?.Bing putrid w-mld cattM au iiit'-'.er
abtesteacb. Atiera v. rob this evil wa* re toadied;
-'i?? MattiaMBS were proaarari, and the prieseata
Wan enable,I t . k-ep theil IBBm o'.?te mat. In tin*
Boera,?Wht IO leer, wara naBnea 15 of Uralfaaaa.
? baratte ?iiih, !" of th? tfaaaaiihuii tt? loth, 39 of lbs
? a ifornia reghasat, and S3 of lbs Tainmanv ir^-i
men' BBakbtg u ?' tal of 109. rVs IwSSifBd ivvo meal?
a e.iv, teaaattsara breed ami beef, BMahed
t trtiif ? ?uni brent], bia? I? beena and bread, rice
Bad limad, none af whi h wa? *eu>oued
BBcant ataaatriatrilj walba Imie asR) no oeara .?
ii i waa eval allawari, Pw linaar en troto t r
?i r ii tem tl.tui m j im of aoB| aaribalf af a ?nu.li
toafafbraari, l waea| wraaatM freaaaatlj) arada
ii" ii 'i.iii.- Barri aad imtiid mest, aad oa the lap
o- it win Id le teano ii.'iei.i'' t?normoo? maggots
vin it af t'.vti ilitii.,1 that Iba dinner .h,.e.ld
he ?. rv.-d ll.r .lui* in order that livir ap
|*titi ? ibi i."' i?- w!i ,liv i. | tired by ti ? -<? aa*
wrlem.: ht?, ii. beefrarriri apwaa ?naenlli
??m'., eui abeftever ir wa? Irari, ward b-rian
aal to (?apt. w.?-:,*-, i. .',?... - ,? .??i m ,?
be exchanged. The rapt ai ii waa inviniul lv
v.:v Blad.Bad uni ?II bj bb power hu the aelfan
... Ih pi..- "in :>. Iho prrisr?era w.-r? oritercd ro
? v... [i aad I -Hu the (laard-B. ara, bal they nfitrari,
aa : t ti -1 'twain ?if ti.?-m wen put m uaaa, bra
aitlwui i '"?'. Tbey dralanri that the? waatriauf.
t.-i i-utii i,i ?ore thi--, woaUbeenmc the dradgra ol
in? ht'-- Ci'ii!'il'-rnli -?l'ilni-. Attei 'lie -,v BEI v.
?reta teal te our ?'Hi. ? m i* asilan load ai OwWann,
aad artnr thal :?'"i well, a? l e otlcen wen al?
! wed lo parclrara whaiever huariet llirj rbnaa
I lu- !"ll ia ii '* w ve iba | r?ret prad l * toara o? ?he
ill '.-? pithuuetl fur li tj!.Mi, is: Kaw .oller f ?:,,
*i r|l i -.;-... u lea, pi V Ii., butter, 50a Mb*. I'
m? iweetaad Irish trat-ilora .*'<. V peck, onion?.
own. P ?|?imt riinp.fl 301 Al v.. I' iall'11.
Jue oaVera Iraiard a ?....tycalled the '? Rttrb?
ii.viiil I'n.ui Atao i .lii.n, ol wl.i h ( ' . ?.-i-. |?!? aa
Mi ?vue li,- I'i.nt, OwlBg te the hut that a
virvdi ."ii?i-le little ii,-.., t fiaqueatly fuatvl ita
arny ?nts ibaii qtrarten tttaa the room aboro, tbej
adopted th- iv'tt'i ? bite aad b?- d it," aariaaiga
wggrativi ?ii ni- operalioa tri taiisbiag it batwosa
Ibe ilniinh i,ml..
The following waa earp potjnlnr with i',.- mem
h.-r? of !he BBSOI iation:
th? nwoti}ifs potfg
:W:."e, MB? ?.? I.?: tin lil lui tv.,! |*t|aBB ABaBwEaBB bj
CtOi l?U' lUli i.iiii-.ue Wal,?.!, \ (J r of J t, l.i'. e ?
Cam* btaibe? ?ii. . e-. j,a ii ti.a bbbjj,
Oui itiy i lui.,,u v. i.i na' l,e l.uit
t'ktl i II? V .m, ...I uri, ,?e.? o.mi,enli rou on
Bed wt tea ree? arla asna* brate?? ?o hon.?
Our Meadl *t '.oin? hive i.atle tien. . |
To li-, ? ie? n r.i ti ' petn t VanA
Ki.,1,.11 tun..,., sa
Oi r ' .?veriui.ei.i ia |. ,>. J (,, ohe?.
I-or li? ni the |e,,,l,. | ?j ?H lliea u?.
Ball ..i r-.il an. kr
f M e..- v. Tit I. I.r.t 01. ''e l;,t
Au* he u .,?? b* i,.., ?,, thaaiato aran
'u Lui, 1.11 nu. i,-.
v i |t?s i? ii. i.u ? lae wiie.t ,?
i i.i
Ai 4 aeraeSJill tell . ? tta 'e,,,., ,: i ,.?,?,,.
Aad ebra *r ,., ? n, n,. u,?| of th. f?
li.ej wi.i m,,,, aal aalsM .? ... ,?v, .'.?
it' I'm ii.ii.,,, Be.
s?,! ?.I?, t., ralbi . araabartlj .tM,d.
VV. I, i..,e,r ,mr ?.??? " m,,. k,?? , , 0jurd.,
BeUae ieflea,ae.
, .Oatk* l-l'"-! l.hii.u-v.lh.?',,,,,, ;-:trv *,,',',..]
Mh.-.,.....1..v.ii?,!.T|,i,?, liirt binnie ,??U? ,',!,,?,?,?,
?? VV eil. hot?. 1,'iruii.i.r nioinlin' I ,? L, ,,,,. ,.,|
youulltt, Ahiuhari, e boaom. - this aln.,?,-:,,,,(
wat h.i.l.'l vv.ih .len?,.ri,(i.?,ee.. |oy? aad ob tba
,t. Iloainj morning '?'.,.! u?, tank atriTOte (..,.1 ,,,,,
'il?? iii'uti- ou n ti... af?rate hont n, u ,, ,! , ,|. ,i,
withinuboul ir.Bilaaof .v.'w,...t Kew*, where wa
i ree nit.-u nil night, in ixiBaeoQeuci ?t a di nae fofl
Undi??, ivoriiin;- ..| me -i?!h th.? L. s. h. :ti Exprre?
i-iai.e up. When ive h.iile.l tier willi tin.?? he...u
iii.?i?. .m, rmltini oa board angantbna , i bim
f. ? the ('? uteri? int,- batt, ai d titree i on 1.1 i i ni
1 L. .Mini, who wa? mi linitnl tin* Keb, 1 hout. We
pr.e-rede.l te lorireei M.'inoi-, m d niter u r-l.ort etu
t ok the Ailolaule and went la l'.?ltiivoit!, tv'i, te ? ,
wen .mi.......-t..alto nreived ?sad lurniswcd witt
1 refjeshta anal lbs tjMJEsttlaB Hall, vo-r Btrisktte
Wallington, abont '.'50 of na loft laat Saturday night.
BIlblBf at Philadelphia at ?. a. m. on Sunday, au id
the Looming of cannon, the dircharge of breworks,
the cheer? and ihoiita ol thousand? of people.
Tlie most of Ui? men mun lied to theOxiper Volun
t?-er Hefreehment Saloon, were they were provided
willi an sarahana) brenktnet, andafterward separated
to return to iheir friends for a ?hort visit. The boyi?
are all anxious to a^nin paae through Iiwsburg and
Ki?dimond, bat if they do it will probably be under
far ditlerent circumntnnces.
United State? Government Treamry Notes com?
mand a premium of -.'.'j per cent in Richmond, and
ipecie from .'lo to 40 per cent.
T? tht mw%uf ?/ TA? IV. V. Tri?in*.
Sut: " Gork," the Washington correspondent of
The N. Y. Time?, give? a detii'lod statement of tbo
origin of the late strategical operationa of the Na?
tional forrea in tim Weit, aud awards the thare
which the several commanders may juaily claim of
the glory in the achievement! that have retailed in
nu. h important conquest? in Kentucky and Tennen*
nee, concluding a? follow?:
I "Thep'in ?u liu-ll'?. It waa part of Otn. Mr.CleUan'a
circle of it.kiilt, the hearty co operitiori wai HllJeck'*! Mid
' tt>e irnperi.l'.all? blood bought ??iiy of battl? ia Orint'i.
I Tie r? i? honor ami fame Ntajk in ti.ii great arlitevement to
tatitlj tie utuioat auibittoti ol all the (??-uer.il dividing it."
- It would ?ci in iluii in thin constellation of ad
i mini.?trutive merit there i? one ?tar left out. How ii
I it that no mention is made of the gunboat?, or of the '
j wi-uoiu that originated, planned, and prepared them !
for this apecial object of opeuiug the Miri.?i??ippi, the I
great end aimed at by nil, ?eeing that they bore no j
?ecoudaty part toward the uccompltahmcnt of thete !
I proeSBttbgn. Perhaps (hil may be accounted for;
I ?imply on the principle (bat " an tia', in out of tight ia
out of mind.' Hut it could hardly be eape? ted that ;
?o jtidi? 'oui a mimi ai Cork ? would invent any
latan amount of land ?lion in e<? poor a speculation as
toe, at present, depreciated prospect* of John C. Fre?
mont would a.-eui lo present.
" ir aaaraaM iu?k? lara to ti.? liri that'? ?far,
\A'e lad tiritar mu? love Im kbe (tri ti.K li near."
Nevi'tthelen, in common jiisiice, due credit ought ]
to lie flvm somewhere, if it waa ouly to tbo ship
earpsetter, or the foundery man that lubricated the
eii'inei, or tho ?heet-ir<m worker that made toe
Miioke i I'tea. Tbtn tim ?erliiinlv ?oino way of met-:
ing ?ut -..me BROW of pistire Avitl.out ?oinmK'in?' the
del lornhb/istu /' '?< ot giving honor lo a ?-rest-inllen
Miiii?ter, however |il?tl) it u..?v have been hi? due. j
ff'aMHjMa?. fit iT.MMSBl IBM nafnaea
l-'ROM I"?Id Hi lVAL.
lae liricee .n arrivtd from Port Loyal, S. C., on j
TTi biiidaj
Or rhti;?<i'iv. Keb. V, Commodore Dupout and I
hti Bart Iel: for the loath.
A paSBBngjSr fren SsiantiAh reports thal there are
iiO iKK) tn??.p4 w.tliin a t?'W nules of theie.
The gunboat Weettiell :.rnved at Port Royal, Feb.
38, all v "I!.
Tlie Cahnwfaa hud tro? ?je on hoard, reiidi* for railing
Tho stehiiirhip Kri. raon had a gale of wind from
fat, IB N. W. on th< Id and Bth Bat? She made the
llightanto at I a. m. of March li, and m pil?name on I
I rd:.? %n. m.
T: ? : i?r C-.-uiioioliian an i ved at 1'ort Royal :
?.n Keb. ?to, Nvith tlie i.ih Connecticut giaJMOnl on :
board, rich willi ?ii ip ?ever.
(apt. Carver <>f lha Charter Oak wbhn t? be re- ,
?orted a' Port R va! on M,:, h I. j.
LtsrovPataaaaaat Mi and Mr?.Brant *. K I Btaahsje?|l
i ?pt ' i.? :?? Caes )a?i*r Daat L A. WerbeM O. W,
Bair. ( ?pt fii- k. vv,,,. ni,,,,, Mr Bill? n, Mr. Bryant, K. aa .
i ??!. , J C FStaet, li. K lo. k-i,?cn Mr l?e:?l?iie. Mi?i !
Hri.rt? Mfae Rea. Mb* Bleak.. U. V? Tepitaaa J 11. Hand, '
lan,.-? I*?* ?i. oJ?. ...t r?.rre ?"riini wre.-??al e.*lin?ii ?. V\ i,,.
ii?,ri fruit., t II Pavittira B. t. Le?!.. Rev. W M Wadla-1
i,?vi ii. i Ski tanas, .ud ' ? in ra uni , ?*? ?ud ? :?:.- uni:
The KlbBBBB al-'t bbnj I I !?alea of BBtoMtj a lot ,
of empty barretr, tu!!"W, and fatanttL
i ? ni IHt Ila.Um rr .imcric/t?.
When Ihn hiclit of day in tnlrly Iel ?u upon the un- '
fortunate locelitiea where the Hci.eN have had t.-m
jxirnry mwkv?au? h. for instance, as Kaet tennessee,
Soutti, rn Kentucky, Mi-sunn, and Arkansas, plana '
vv!.. n the Rebel supremacy ha? !><-?-n U input ?<1 by
Hie people having Baton sympathie??we look for a
i !in? ter of beeron or rat! era volnme of them, such
as will appall the . ii Ubsd world, which, deceived
by kbhel prOatanbaa, has presumed to sympathize
wttothBBB. Arnon,'the laiest BCBBUtl "that have
come to light in regard to the?e are the foil iwing?
th.- birt of wLii h relaten to tlie late condition ot
thing? in linst TttBBaaaBBj n:.d ii related by ii mon.
ker ni the I'.'th In,li om Hegiment, now at Cumber?
land Ford, to which plan M tetunc louie three linn- '
toad bye! Bart IVnanmamni nenttly f.?und their,1
way to enlist among the National troops arriving
there. Here ii tl,c ?tory they bring of Rebel bar-:
ban: lea:
" One man, siilv-tive yinni old, attacked hy a
Innre n.rce, ret ired t<? surrender, and ?ifter being
BaortaUj wenneed?saving im ?lain toar of hisnr
r.iihttit-?*U4 i-ropped up on the roadeide, and aixtv
lull? t.if.I lilt., lu? batty. An ill.er wus hanged
arti taral trial, and iii1- -.m eoaapalbd t<? ?it i menin. :
toe gallows and wfctaan toa manas rt hi* aybajl
luther. Iah? ntoen BnobuaMre, gebt <-itu*ne?.
ama natbd ut midnight fron their b. da, and. in the '
ahnnmat* thato wives and children, brutally ibotl
<! i? i-, ami, lot loateii'i am'li tins Niiluiny, their
Beean were M ripped ot everything l.veu toa
weerina" apparat m laknn trata tln-ir wHaa and
lauta ama aadtbaj tumut naiv,vi bw (ne .treet.
Ma v | hally lu Mai nut .m i s uro iel .t.-d by h..ne-t,
randal mm, anora inrtlnony Barn would dankt.I
su, ii ure iba aafl?riasji ,.t' ?i peopfa when only erina I
is it iel'.?al to be. M i lialllWB
'I .n other is Inn. u leiier found in (?en. Pri?e ? i
camp, and i? datad Itoear, Pope Ueaaty, Aihanaaa,
I'.i. ii, i*" I. um! -: raed JaaanT. Ad.iui?, it t-11? ,
toa whola awrj of iii b? I trtentioe recently keaatadl
ot lu t' e " ?ti, lu'Unil .-' Jrti iron Oiitis:
" ( ?i.r ?u, n over toa Boetm .Moni-I u;i /mi BOtfl
ga? an thetnannta i I <,- - koopp n So ,(".<??? i itrni
thai tam beanpSB. end in n.e BarrowvPlejail
T!, in the Clfatoa Jm'I 25, Bad have ??-nt '.'7 to Little
K> k. We took up teen a? bw ?iowa m Denar?
Il c /,?.'/,... ? | art, t-. r-i '? even one la eo m ait
h-?-.? I bope yen will non gc' ben enough leefang
out the hist (.ne in yeal Mu:?-. It you know them
?''-.'. , us lha oller tliey grow the
more stubborn (bet | ??'. '
The anjanai Onsfahs, fa?. P.Las saananaaar, n>|
t?rmd i n \v, snaadny Banrahaj from ? trial nip.
BM h ? fat. n SOO nu', s iro:n Sandy Hook, ami her ?
lune! ineiy lAorki very mt, -Jf*,? l.u ily .
The new gul,boat Octorara ntinued on Wednes-1
(hu atieri, .on tu.m u trial tiip. She ia a ?.de-wheel,
sharp at both Bebb, and BBhSflBHS ?irl?.'?^d?
MOVEMENTS OF TK.vnsi'okts.
The Uiiited Slates BaWB tlBnspottS l'ai thean, Cur?
lew, Cfaarln Osgnna, ?Baatar, W. P. Clyde, Bal I
Shett.cki't. lyteg ni Tier* hToB. 9 an I M North River,
an? all loud.ne nfae?ataam anna and ananaitini for.
Li i-i I'wint.
??lill) li Off (?HA . AM.LI VI .
Tiie foBawbg Oeaeral Ord i wa? prennl Mad
fnun Head , I trt.-iv oo S it iii. lav :
, ..s va m, t ti ? ii .?rM???ici.i.?ri?, I '
Hsu m mi a?, B< min Mm i. I, 1MB i '
i.? m uti ?? ikb, No. '? lb* ('.iiistider-in
( i.-,.' ina A!,., i... ihr t'-.i ' itaaaallh baa i...-n ,lti-'
i. l ? Karia : <t Mm ?rr....-ti. A laeteer* Li. ..t ' ?>!
.'. ii ? ?I,,-., ,-. , ii .t.r, it tl.< ol llr ? ?! .'.-I..I.
Buiee" . .pi. >?a bj t. ? reglraeat ratbe rattonbl la Ibegal-I
leal ..-i i,,', i , chara* ..a bj Crt M?,^i at ii-Ki.o.e '
laJandoa the bfaSaj , h ?bruer?
?i-... i uti -'u!. I ;? ?eui Col Tbeinii
'J' Si? rea* a..-. , . ,: ,? , . ! . ira of tbe Mb
Beglawai ... N. ,.| i , . .,, a ? State Irwoi .." ? r bi dered a?
""' ? ' " ' ' . , ,,. ,. ,. ,,?-,. i . , ? , | v, ?. ? i ?- .. ? Iii-.. '
ra wl , ib i .,.,., o-i, , the fortune! and mai? rt
ii..- ,i ,..
\ IL-1,?.?i,r,r,rri.,,1.-,.,:.,i? | i bj . am Bjjssa? v.?I?ataras, !
, > ?>? .Liiii. I,,,, , .inniai.dibg tbe regtmenl l ,ol?r? >.t in I
I ???? 'i ''?'"?? ' .- . '? rea i tin '-i i imsBeltt,
rbewwottl top*ititt i-o! Midi. ?' aarbaaettela
. i iriamra aa?rljbaagbt, iBai le hetihati
I ophl .
' ?'? ? kell be prat ??i i,, hwH cf their MitRatte, tato?
i.''- ?Hy i..i i ., . ? ,.,-,, .,,.,,,
A?'lil, ',11,,. ... Ii?l,l :l,. ,,,. tti? <?)?? ol l!,. ir , ..iiii'r-.in. li
?ball,., ? i., n ?.... .b. ,n | lb? L.'ii.h..... ti r .b1
! I i em?, ??ni in? i ?????? i.) win. a ih?, wara wea ibittrAaarral
alvall be ?un .ii..-....,i tatty lae ?eatttaa. awaa um ??f th??.
, In i..?.i. .ii,,, , , ... |, n'.i. I , -I. i. a In the T.-iJ
IBM -,? i. cn ii. i-, ' -i ii i lb? U-i' ii He
I iii? i mu. ma. i In ( >?t. .a roi ,r?iiii ing md thaaliug in
tb? neme of tbe peep!? ef Maaeaehaeette the Hal, the ?d ?ra
and he Mth Voluuteer?, Jetad with three r*gtWt,T?
rasalheaer, th.a^etnraara? dby foi. LdwInVoti?,'J
tbe Z7lb, f nminanded by Co). Borer* C. Lee, * ' ?*?
Sharing ?lia? the li?rd.bi| . end tbe forton*, of Um_
ment, adof thr.e noble reKl?,ieBt. partielpated faih?7 ***
of ?he victory, eid by con.t.nt endnVaucepVorap?0^.!?
a?d urninrbing fortitude, under the h,.at ti. ??*dleBaa,
hlbiU-d the be.? ?.?.ti.!,, of eitlzan . iljlV? ?"?* ?
llie?e li???, with ?be MMaatt of the Uoaorabla H.?...*
I aprr,eot.tive.) will be oiinpicuon.ly dlipUvesiTnTk. n J
cf the Hon.?. .nd w11! there tem,la la tbe el? of m5
Qiiarterruifter OeLeral nuil fi.,liter crdere. ???
The AdjuiMit Ornerai will rauie a copy of tala order ana*
'trae?ml.t.d.?tbe cammuidrn of each of the re Manna.7e3
lune iel of ?rtiiipry now at the aeet of war fron. ih?cSz
mouweai?). By order of Ma E jrrl.eecy. ?-"?*??.ta>
Oovenior and Couirnaniar-in ChiM
Wa. ScHOCtaa, AttJiUnt-Oenerrt ??m?
Recent events to Kentucky and Tennetee?. haag
put upon the tace of The LiaimitTt Journal wan?,
thing more than a broad grin, as the ninwhrniatjaa
from ono inoe, testifies:
I Orb. Pillow made a prodlral display of tbe white fralbar a
Fort UoaeltoB. Tbare ?eeinv to hive been a a'rllV bMwaja
bim and Floyd to ?ee which could make the be?t u?e it'ab
'?g?- .,,,..,- , , [Albauv Eraning JourruJ
If l? loyd u half as light-'ooted a? he is light-to?
gered, poor Pillow mutt nave been dlituuced in tee
?Oen. Binknerprate? r,f "chivalry." He baan
idea of chivalry bsyond destroying bridget, hlowiag
up locks and dams, dennHafalag railroads, steaUag
horse?, cattle, and wigons, poir-oning lo un tenu of
water with carrion, and?surrendering when R
comes to a tight.
?Au ugly old maid hu? written nae letter, abasing
us for w hat wc have i-aid of Huckner. We tira t
know how wo can mollify the anVtangnr of the oki
girl, un!, ?s we can persuade some member of toa
Him .'.ne Society to murry her.
? Cen. Humphrey Marshall, al the bit date?,
was pououiii?! uway at Pound (lap. and CerroQejS
William? was Bounding his own trumpet at Sounding
than? So these two heroes bax e gol the gap, ans
we guess tiiey will roon pet the gap?'?.
?A Nashville correspondent of Ia? Mrmpkis .ita.
lanche gaye that tbe Baba ?oldie?!? lu?ve the wrjnt
looking ban he ever saw in his lile. We guest ka
will never be able to see bow their bin ka look.
? Tie Richmond Examiner enmaten that CaL
T. H. H. Cobb is ai.'boii/.ed to rniae .?,i?00 men aad
enhen? te the Tanmnra tana. i?et bim hewart hal
be get enftuigb-d in a K?iitii?-ky line.
li, leanutowafato FloydeecH|ediVom Ko?tDob*
elson duli? l beling to I ni. .?nd Iii? brigada, hut Aveie
toa SBSBSMH prop- rty of iLa whole Confederen
army. Floyd ?, X? them.
? A Cotil(??ien?tc papat tavs that f.Vn. Price isa t
whipp? d- t.jtt he is " merely folline back." Well,
often i j ma? u ui?ui ahoi tbivigh the heart meraiy
?' bib ka k."
? I he great subterriitiean phenomenon in tUanS?V
?on Cou.it j, Ky., tue giving up of CbriHvilb, nd
the surrender of Naaiiville, arc tiuee mammolk
?\\> Lope the L'. S. troops w:il closely ri-rntinae
every ataajM apparent paaaiogthroogk 'heir lines, M
?re ti t fas l.-n t Floyd or Pilton in ?llegaba
? Ht-aurenard ii euHern.g at MortoseoBon from g
sore throat. Ile isn't tie? only lehel lha? it hegta?
niu>-1?? feel bad about (Le neck.
?Humphrey M anbali*! brad .na.-tera, that vag
u.-ar n much about, are a great deal the ?un., ?t
gnaiten he ha? got.
? Hie C'l.l'denite ar::.y south of u? has bren to
tetly ?battered, and it will not le nay to "tar?: al
piece-. ' '
-->' ? .??. of the Fort Doneleou riana n ? "i.lined M
Ind na| 'li? aro raitt to give the most ?tari ling as?
, i ?..ii o th'ir mighty a?htaveiuente i.. ti e h?.tita
Si!?r??tn i.i'd the .law ot na en iu peefora?aa, Rh
hate,hal ? hey wag that anaam ia telling 'i.eirs.
Une o II MB eu)s tbal attei tataoBsbg weary and es?
l?an, ti ?with langhteiim Eanheaohasteppedsaan
am' abpt na the ajraenl !?'??-i a tontee, at the red
uf wl i '?'? lins he fou d bar o' Iva d-ad men Hiag
a.I anead ? im. V. ?? piren ina he hu-', t.. doubt uni
he Ulled iheui in bin sleep.
? We an loid that '/' . .Vi/i/.e,..'?-/'{<?' inayGrtm>
M-i /'t.?.-;. tr i-'. ,i ,. I' ..Turill been ino wed
aaa teal --j thasbem be whseaed lr-m to?n. te
lown a- ?a-i a.? t!.e I i lee bren aevtinic. Its whctR
bad beUM fan kept well gnus d.
? Keut.'kv was very recently ?onr-idered the treat
knitagrnam of t.-.?- Manta? at, " We ?.ii i ihiaktonj
toannem b hkely b be antol of a bi.ttle-grouBd
keraaanr. Baan a aeon ? nfaajklliiy 01 tier b-iuga
?The Hebel lenders bave be?-.u prvehiiming tar
mont'it-1! M t!.?- war ahould not be iu the "ioullnsa
Coufedetacy bot upon th - bunk.? ef the Ohio. Win
do tiiey Ba?aran u? bb k h up u is way I
?V? .? 'lie " l'rovisioo.il ?ioverua.? Bt ' ot hemos?
ky a reality, or only a Vastan, :.n apparhnan, a gluet,
specter T
-?We enabsntnad that a M-arch warr tu har ben
issued to toa nerida and eenrtebSMMthe so:th?n
part ot Kftitu.'ky t<? had toe Pravfetoaal ?lovera?
meut. TlH-y are diligently hunting toi it'Aithh.uaa
and lanterns.
IJea. Huckner expected, in his ?ot es;ondean
with den. (.runt, to exact and Oh'.aiu kjgk condi?
tfaras, but he lound hfaaaalf, lise a valgar f.~?v'iaa,
re MM d to the bwart tern.?.
?Twetonanaad barrets of near AA?re :?,.it)d a
Fort 1? ttit-Uon. >o wecitpturcd not only the ?oew
jf the Soiitheru Ci.iifeder..-y, but Iba lio ir. la?
first we'll leed, Ihn fa?M MB ?! ra:.
? The Wes'.em solde*? aie terrible in attach. BTg
woud? ? wb.it they M mid be ii. re'r-.-.!?, i, u we MBH
lol.av--bu' Ibtfa ih.ii.iafoi tier Iindng ,-ut.
? One ol' tho Alirss-.i'I l .-, p?.:,..ea ,.i I ueneaei?
icni'a.ii'le.l by {'..,-. I'tiiilip Cocha. 'At- p-e?*t*e
he is a galla t P. ( < i k*.
?Boara Hanson ewen Floyd'? rligh: ??disieeor
able, linear nye ka ai ?i i'..ir a.ain irrart Ua
i:.a,N:m, ' ll'.ii.-r au.o;-.- ti k v.
?Howell Co'.!' r n | afaltabed a tallar, in wtark
be torna ray?, "i sjnen. Ho la old eoongh roos
so, one w.''.lid ti ink.
?T';e I'io..-io: al ti ?VM .n ni 1 na left Ken'.iakf.
Uki .g ii? | kia talana, i: :' had au?, ?-a uti R?
? I .m t Huckner send hi.? coal back t.. ?eme ?n di
his Hebel friends to tight iu I
Pl.r-.NTAIIOM To AN Olli li i?? THl IRA
IIauiii- C?valo?.?Major Durne, comiuandingike
i!d IIbUbI?bb. eompond of the la and Id mibbjjbsI
of the In? llama Cavalry, hu banu , i-.?inialb/
toe oiiicer? aad ana rt r. id ? ji ipanii ? b iib u?ttStoM
rai>er, nash, and belt,and aspl? udid p ? i revtttnM?
Major I ?lillie Nvai a in i -n otl.arr . ;. iinatc (d th?
school of St. Cyr, m Paria, atkd Bil dial . g tort
tunnel! in Alma, in the Crmei. and in b'y
Hu) gilts referred to an in token of bia ??jerSjRn
eflortain instructing the olticere and men of tbhB
and '.'d i on. i. au ii ? iu tword drill.
The famnty and ofieieuey of th? Rebel rlB|?
rai?ing Tolanteers ia ibadowett forth m th o.l.siiig
from Ja? Riekmund Uni .' i "R?ti all thenn
tor recruita in our advett?MOR foloAnns, and ajMH
tnrili Uike your i line in one of ".Le many ?cuipaam
which Bead you, beloro jon Arc bread 14 Mara?al
Bowal esa bo?"
The Roof of n lluililitit. I i-ii elie* la
by rtnoiii
TWd PERSONS K11 I K11 kNli rilRH INJI ttO?
Baa tan. Wsalra if, Itatthl m
Ihn roof of a lar.'e building ia 1'ituiield an
??rue-ed through yeeHrday by t!ie snow, hillitisr %]*"
my Wr.ghtand Miss Polly Haines, and als?? Mdly
injuring B.W. Huhburd, Win. ??ids, tuid Miiilntk
Tua 1er. Considerable damage was aleo linH M
oilier property hv the BMW, iuclm'..ng Th lintel**
t'iiiuty kutf/e neweidiperittliee.
tt'biirter I'.lot'tioua.
A, wai H V Wea..--!?? Majahl iSB
Thoabe win Ihm city yesterday resulted istia
loeona oi tieurge llumpbej?, M^tL
Mayor, bl am. orilj ol ..vi' Its'. Il- K?publBara
r tai ted Bil theil ranttittatn on the .i-> inlet. W?
loparvbtws, und (bree oui of tue bar Al. t?*^
(.. i N \ , VV , Jli -,!?? N ' '?*?
A? the charter etac?i iyeeterdy,Pani l??5
,?, . ?llUll, ?.s el. .d Mayor, ira t- -*J
t ??,! i? ?li RoiMibl .m. ImDeaannmalBjBB
MM M, ei i isor inn! M ' ?tan? er 01 'He I MS.
T?4? IWanraira Ooiwiird Hound.
v " - ? t mamAjfk
Tee ?te.ri.rhip ;. ?W rt n^'gS
wul, ?? pasren r? llaHtos, -?nd S for ?mar
H Mildil..I ^OWlBajana.
lira* Ht t ItMI'lund.
Oi mu?-?, vi ejLi.-..i?y. Maebfa j**
newitts Moah was burned last night- }?'/7r
an-: Manning* Brite, ,.,.. lum rta; Wheeler*}^
w.,?. i drawer totory? Carv A Co., atoawam
Morfaeni bb I others Loss, $1".'-?,0W.

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