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-?j> -.
torra vessels kiwing our blockade.
?jjtortant Motion in Hie House of Commons
(i ,!v ;.'(! Denionsinitions., gainst LtePope
goin-j !??)? to be Evacuated by the Freuch.
iipoin.vt iriEci n nan umwn.
? ?*>
lUilMi. Wadnnday, March I. Itlfil
Ita H '.ral Mail stt?? ihip Citiinda, fe m Mrtapoel
ajltaawMrasaa sf tit Mi, via tJ.iU'etife'own on the
??3d di . I nived at il.if. ?'..it BtltiMtbtessiBrariag,
?-?:!. h, -'he-anifei? for Ikeloi).
Tli* ?eamship Ci|y <??' Waihington, from New*
f"ik M bad I.ivtrj' '1 r.t ."..IO it. in., ate" the An?
il' ??*? I -, fr. m Pt'iiiii'.,'. m noon on IBB MM tilt.
Ti,* i'uut.la raawteino wentber on the pamego.
I'u iii, im. lat. 4", Ion. 41, pa??*??! lark Alejander
II.N'.l ,f I'hila Iflpivii. tountj weil; ?in the ?d,
j ?leed an Kngliah **>ip, I Band erie!, tnpi^ed the
(j/injn uf the Lakes.
I i bia Bararia, from New-York, airivrtl at
foE .i : ''ii BB lb? Bl, and the Afri-ii, from Xew
l*,ia, avive! ut ()iiOiti?i...tv | oa li I sume day.
Ihl lavarpool, New-York, and Philadelphia
| i Cou.? fin? Ititi., n Line nie bttildillg I
t?w - i "i -hip, to bo tullrd the CHy of I.orvl'.-n, lu
'-, ? , ?*.' .-i ?nperior to the City "I HewTi rli, wbttb
M l.v for BSirb e a' I it C'hri.-tn.u? next.
Tl. ?'??en?l"p C'.y al Manchester, mi'-r iiinety
BSfaia raaaiBBStbi A BBb?S, beinde other-??rv m,
bl??:-"* ("G'asgow bri n.-vv i'u'u? and'
, -?vi v her ?peed.
' ?Taltra Paitoa el lArorfooi hu besa sa?
I -i i ? 'I '?tiiiiiHiider i?! r' | rtcamihi, Oreitt Kiietiru.
i- ? Boast ?if ('.- v..' mi'he -""th it)??.. The
('i> " . -vi .. : et urn of r he Uriiiah Vei?
tritiefi vrfr nttsiarteil oearasiaaMaSirelj.thra
?.I-? ?'in .- let! in f ii.ill -, the Anie-i? a BwNBade,
rrft'iii- ? ! I i-:*h twMSJSeantarad
??I in siten?! :? t ? brea*! ihe bhukude, Bad
ariamel i s Bambra of British rc-etls that nara
NasBja, and atbei Cimookti porte with na*
? .'?, -i of wat ur.ti .-? : -1. . for lbs Ckariarierate
iutr?, ntni tint bite hen parjaitted tort fit and
lipr-l;. t>,.-i|.?elve?, ii! IbOM | BaaMe, io toni ra vent ion
eeti'i l'i?-? i.: i =i 'i,. ) -,-.'.?' 11 atraliiy, Ha
?treaglj -ei,enred Ibe (lorernuieut ter not'ti -..,
brira actira Eera te prarei i-.? i '? re of neutrality
ICtHlVt'l??! bj British eli;,?.
?I- l.vi, 1 ?ivl tit'! ii Wit :!d ??cari.ely be convs
i .' a aboelri enter late a .li? ve-ionot the
I - which tv ? ? .,n nure regulaily
v m waa a ral of It, of wbttb amma bad
??c ii.'.v. ! He int.-' ,,. Iin?*, therefore, t.. em ??? nt
r ? , *, In ihr iii st pi ne,
reearaal bad ? ve? ttot tit- Information
t ,' and i'i i' i >?? v ?1 ; i v. <-, ii it ?y lu.il, i
,. i. i bethell to li-: of a*nag?|
c . . Ihe ?sner- nlttire j
v . ; .. !" i '.io vi: ?he tal I'?
ll . . , i , "1 :ui.I a r-t it?
[ , ' ai SM li vt t.i v had I taken
li.r bl ? "vii t?:-: :?
l.,eu tae I'liurn,..:'. "ii weald rvtttiily the O Dun?.
lb* **o! ! 1 ' "' ti *" '? Ira)} reh?n- !
i , beO'De raid thal prit, tree*
d of war, baa at Ibsir ?tra I
, ?f tteteated timj MaMatrida the const-)
*,| i J the " 'ni re?x>'t o! i
. ,! gold ii. - v .- in British Col'ini! ir.
... i ibt '! ' isa*., li i Ei -I
lr?i':ev rapltriaed tbnt the ren?on why the U^r
t - appointed LeStri Clyde to tbe rnauaanri
? an nt t'.- : ppram Iriag I ? i-i day, ?it
1 , waa ti .?v. ? '.ilt.m?B uii?ii,.{ BBarag
t ? Bettie,
I ,: ? I'viiae c1 ' I'or.iu.'i'ii?, on the ri-tae evt nii ?/,
; i llj gan Bet! ? bteB?iari calhng the
,ol lbs Hi ara to lbs Mtjtedieacy tri e?thh
? .?une mi? roved BtMB) ? omaiui.: uliun le?
le.. >i rth Al erica ai 1 !'-e! ad
1/ir.i r li "i-id In re] Ij te Mr. Haul artoo, said
? ? ritb tbe Anrntteaa i3enranBjat
iriatite " ?':.? iel..? li ?San Jona wera earaeadsd fat
nreol lbs ? 1?i1 ???? i ?gemei .? were,
|.,W'-ri beimxsMBb t;: iban sboaldbi ?piov-i
skmal ?oin! "? eopation.
M . iikgBM ? i. of the Ikuse to
i in I ni -t:!.
v Uibert Peel, ia n ly, lefated bia aaeartkmi
k i ?narai ol bit n I - *
Bara v..,'- ; r.,,1 tri i aahasi s tri ? is ?? ?
tv I the i
rger of i s tritt .vi..?-:! u.
Ik'?ml was full o? Ai ? ? - ?- tryiagtol
If, and i wen
ttd ?? .? :?.. i/i v.,. i?, fe?* maoiaiii ?ral ? ?
bal tried i<> iariialetbaCitlihagauairiea bu ?
I . , bnl bad BB ' w I'll I. . reel ,.. at, ; ,
mati tri '.ej ,ihn't tni'i.ighiiUt ins ixiantryaa-1
? v BMapeeal ?? ?te '?? a,a?r?trby7 i-.. .,
It 1 JJ B MtSEE wet vtry ?litleiua fniw '
?,f lb? past.
1 ply lo :t i,"i S?? 'i '"I I >?. I..,i,:
**' ,- ?toa ni'l 11 beliered thrae waa a tti ?,
: retbi ? ?'? ltd I Ibe repliai of Italy, aadI
1.1 i (>i* ? leanyonl . rae ?
theil . . i a : ? v ht.vvi.vvi, i,,.?i tit ?-ii aol
e i x?>,????t> I of 0| in:.m Bl 'I ' i? iiv.li .' lion?
b le fir J.un?' Hs lena to ?nal
OlOli??," i e mi :. 3 aabjOCt Bl lorill.
Ita Interithal keaney Bttisastes wen likely
I" ?'?????? .1 i luill;?,u rfi-rii:,-.:'. tiiii-iiig;
i > ?-it (?!" the , . ? r r in In,ha.
\ i ?' Vie-| li ,. 1. ..,.'Li,I *-to be I.?? ni? ?I.
li . i ..re t'j ho re i M 1 !>>
li ii.
In I anada, the lem,...:? ate t<> he tri ibe tell
ti ? . f 1,0617.
a . al i: j the Coil
I ' ict" bad an inl \ , ??. -.- ., i . i\. a
tr- ? . i ? ?i 1.1 i- I ? .'i ? . i | ,
la? ? ' ' j .- I .- |. ? tv] for i :?
M ' ?( ? .. : . '.! ii -,!,tl'.
I ?? ' ii tal ibe li.i.ern
I ' . ' t the | ??-.? j,i,t ille
l:--- ? ? ? ? a. i . U
i- ?. ? \ . i - i it the Ins a !-?a iu
? |, ,'t i liri i ? . ' i?, i. h ., 11,.
ti.I !?:? ?i : t y . the Jin toa I?.' . . : .
'? Hit Intyoa yarnia, and lojtd loos to?ioths
mm? i/.? maiiiiftassliiii : s, bal tho tut .?.
I' , ",-i.i*e It) ii" I" nt ?Tine.
( v,1. .,v ivtoiia, in n | dm t?i iia a? plica! , > 1
lbs O tuiu??e ol the .vi tv, ,;.;.) I'rjjtd, ?en?
1-r?--tv, be.kI? iu i ?, : m tintad O ? ???
the lum-, oa the site of the tireal l-.nbi?
>. i-'d.
Mj i. Olass, Elliott di (Jo., la a Utter to ?Cjrraj
W. field, ?atq., say ti I luey wwlri not f"- aiuiag
t ? ? i . ? . ,i,
hi.d i in. , . t . ,. , ., i lot
k"-. * i . .
r 1 willing I .''.
?*?---?* ima i : ayiog
" ? ? t ?
and working. They state that tbtwr will make a
definite offer in a few dave, and w11] furnish a list
ol mpM milo? of ( ali.? already laid hy them, and
all woiking Bttc-.eavfally, exixjpt in thres small
Ii is i ??.-ned that Insurance? are being effected
daily in London on slip* and cirgoet for Soulbern
pon* at ten to Masa guineas premium.
Another frightful coal-pit act taoul han taken plitpe.
About .'-O minen were lulled by ?0 SEBlooten a'
Merthiy Tidvil.
| FKANX'i:.
Hie IVis corr?: ?pondent of Tatl^hman T it?
?Bysi '? 1 lanuot Htliim that Mr. Ulrh-U bBS, IM yet.
pee- the Km? eror, bit I I eliev* he hat tetn ?evn.l
H not all, of the Mititnters, trifeJBBIBS rioi ?-?Jicia1!/.
Ile douhilea?explained hi* view* of the plate of ti.?*
ttealh, bat he nnirt aadsntaad that the time i? no1
v?t SSSJB for deriah,n."
A ritenratea on the Aderen to lbs Emperor had
aeataraaeed in tbe Senate, but nothing iatportaal bad
!"-t ti ?lit ?ted. 'the'tMLiisrivn m the Arsemldy had
bata tixed for tie Nth,
The Ifotura hail baas ??riiattxl. and the flestaatiaas
vii ffie ahjEb were BBBrly 1 t tent, bul on tho Stet ii
vi.? ngniti tiirn und antmatr I. I'erit-i advance?! to
?"Of. ??"??., and 4| 9 cents to lOUf. Mt,
J'he l'uri* p.iper* pul bah t Kellin China BOWS, in
arias t ii rat aearly u'l the Pnr?tera bari arada
?i beriwBoa te Aria hal Btnrarri.
I>irect mail ?tttiie between Nantes and Vera
CM i? to ton me. I e April I, ieir largs ?teanei?
aie M he panbaaed la ?Xaajtsed for ihe s?t-, i. ?.
Jf)t Fr ont'fort Joorook pari Italy asaaite that tbe
i. ".viiK'nof thenUagdoM ef Italy by tie I'ru?
?i ?.i (.'tivei! iiit-tt bM bara in nuil h Je. ?ued BBOB.
Another aathority ?ny* ?but <*i ?. -..? a has mude
??vortiir?? to Raaria Ibr a staaaltawMoas nec-gnittea
by both r.-vM i?.
li .- BBtened thal ti e Pana! iioveinii.eut wa* en*.
i mi ii?'-liol?rag ' i r,-iii? ving h nu-:? tjuanfiiy of
mu to! itstiBMBBtS m the an hi' e? of ?A"iio.
UM betrothal of the Kiut? to the*i?terof the late
t,'u?e:i if i'ortngul i? announied a* having ukeu .
I bo Mai<)iiii De Soule baa been empowered to
form a new Ministry.
? ??
At ihe latent date?, the fortrc?* of Rs* plia was
?till bald hy tho insurgent!, who ?JSMBBah d a modifi- j
ration "t the I nniliiiition. The troop* Lad ueieaii-d
the InanrgSOtl SSritano of Nnuplia, and ihe iu?ur
roctinn wa? confined to that place.
Nun ertiii* arre?!* bad taken place, lutluding Sena,
toi?. (Ihcers, adieu:,tea and joun.uliMa.
Ins litte?! oflicial sraeaate wet? eii'-oitTitgtug to? '
the eaily suppre??ion ol the rebellion.
' ?.reek (.'I ambeie hail voted thtir devotion to
Ike dynasty, and fra ??if areas mea? ure? to sippre?*
the iuiurrcition.
TheJanuair nmili limn the Cape of Go?! H"ps
hav. been teeeived in Kurland.
Trade wa? rathei more active, the harveit wa?
feed, ..ml tlie vintage belter tuan ??-..?? expected
L VTEST- [Hy Telegraph to Que, BaJJwal
Parts, Feb. ?/!.?Tee M mteor publiihet a letter
tiotii Oeu. Montauban, ei.treaiin?T iLe llmieror to
withdraw the bill beran the H.m?e of Depatiet
BiantiiiK him (Moateni an au annual revenue, as it
?vu ild appear i?* if liiere ?vim MBM objet' in it.
The Emperor rentrai, refuning io withdraw tho
hill, Hil adiiing: " l.vervbodv nat liberty to view
iI'iiik,-? nfier their owi fit-liion; bal I arish the coun?
try ai d tabs a-my to kaow tint I en. ?gnJsan] fr po
IKtwl Bad military ?ertite?, and wi?b to honor tin
preeo'cuietl eifen-riie !>y a BBtioaal gift?"
j?.VIt iir>. Kt ?'.!'??!.?i he Spinieh ?,|iindrnn, tinder
(?? m:i awl of Admiral I'euron, ?tari? foi the I'liii'v m
the beginning of April. It i? to eSBwhjl of ihree
I'iikTHt.i. 4'2 guobni.ts and o'l.er tlipe of war. The
- i'iadic !? gee? !'? ret la Montevideo, uud tlien to other
I BB e? <'ii tie eua?! of America.
Ai i KABBBIA, Keb. 22.?-The Viferi.y of Kr/ypt ii
insti-ii. led to contract a loan with the l-anken of
li BIB, !>!?. J*..- N'otwirhi'audiug the Mii.ii'erial
?ii- ular, pianifeilationi loniiiiue in the prov.nctl
"W ne agahut tie temporal p<wer of the l'ope.
BxKi in, re - i.-:t?Tiie Lin-, ?? ?i ? -en here i.-??rr! that
he recoKt.iliiu of Italy hy I'ru??ia i? an act, in
lu-l" i fad, and tbut I'ruv-.u? has BOttEwl the Italian
lil! IBU j ? .... 1, recog?.itioi).
YirvNA, Keb. ?,'?.?ri.. taaflpAlBiions of the Aur
?lian lioveinu Ml lit I'tsotb tot Btaalu .?.-.,,? *, rCL.
mt ?Hatlou vvitb Uaagary have f;, m.
Tbl at.ivvet ni Aiikt'iii to the lint note of PMBbIs
i? beni in abeyeans? beeaara ibe iii?? wai saamai lit?
re.?*'! te the Iutiiifiii .Siate?, ?arl a hud remiiud m re
lui n U' te? te Ihe Anetriari (haiuln.
The I?e? mit* re.e.te.i a pramaal to evtabllih a'
laryfoi BeeraIttals*aattsi a jury wai al?o eitab
I '. ,"?(1 lu all other irial*.
I et fui. Ath. n- stats that the Greek iu*ur
?anti h:-" ? ??'? i 1 ' ?????' Tyriath.
In? ibaiahoblen in the Malioaal Baab at Yienuu
1. -o acrepted the praposali of the G-ivemmeni.
i he privilegra of the i: ah an te I o axtaaded for 29
yean, Jin tioveiiiment ublaiiu in return loans at j
two pat i en!.
I! , Fab '?'; tesstdiag te traatwattby lajnr?
a a i -ii ' i.*- r,-? ly of b r?nvo io the Praeaiaa j.it.po?al?
. i _? vi roaskane baa anlred base? Ibe esa? I
ili'ionol the'..?...it i? mid to he imminent.
Athens. Keb. it'..?Ihe King it expected at
C'ufiDth wheieall the trr-op? ar. lo 1"j (ontentr.it??l.
TheioinrgsntsBit ti.? <ii?ii,i??al o lbs minntiy and
?attes of a National Areembly to relorm
I . '
Athens is quiet, bal Maa] urre?*? han beaaanea.
i s. Fe?.. .'1-l'p to tie-present time no
etmtehai been reeeivefl from Austin ami
Pr arela. , I
Fbemtrdifi? Ion of the Conathuttea of Deaaavrh
bj ih< < ? "-.r.-.i teal ii. basa aatststl ta a fnt rsari?
tea in the .v 'i "lue ( vniicil.
Toolon, leb. - fh* ttvanaport ?Satan Msbasa
rderedto. ?hi for the Fnaeb atmy al
i , ,?? ?.ml will tail next week. Tbtt eidereonlra*
dicte tia .? ? ' ii ? i i tim evii'ua'.iou ?l Boraa by the
It: Fab. -' 'i i-'.--r lay, in (ho Rei-.a'e M
li a, ? b (Minitier witbont a ?jmrttell ? , replied ia the
ti agi n,?i the tewaaad tb* i.o.eiiin.i-nt by
I'riuceNai hton aleo defrailed tbe (Torcraatent.
ii,. iea?cT?be< thestnteof s?.titty trhaa ne Lnwt sa
.'. . i ana piemiilgsltd. sitri raid while I ittifand
ii ut a, I i li '.? ?' B4 ie?i,iiv lo give tbi ?
I , .- ia bal one j i?. ificatiofl for "I?
', j . ad thal biwhsa it bacomra
?, a; [ v- .it.o? i o' ti i piii., 111. ? i f i! ?>i" "I iii ?ii. 1 i,e
Pria '- then aBuded t"the la*rianati ta re i d i
ttoosaigw irKierdeai I (len.tieyoa, and aaidtnal
:, . i ? re ?w? iin.it !? ok i"r baited io the ajana al
S'apolcoa. aad for Iba aassa al J i.u,(e. 'Jo m iii
,. tia ,;', i the klviy "i Frai M BtVee ' tin
. it o ol tim tr.'at'iei "f l'io, wti'li are
I ,? .? the iii.ii.? ii the BBS ne? and re*
? "ni ??? ol' FjBBte, aud the uiriy of Itali?,
whom we bate ce? iritmteri lo boo. ?IthoBM the
?ti ' y of I nu - " i- ii? he jrir? i '.a'i'iii of mlrr by a
eomptetelyateaead nat Ubertira, im'tising the
lib? yo lim | , and aaliuiiad popouu itietila
lim, .-, i!n ,? eli ""ii ,;,.nv n : ve and Bristakee, ]
which would Impose ii na mara i" ita bl otrj
ef the ti.il'> :???.. IV Princs iminteio I that ita
? ? ?-?? i..r,,ii du! bi tbe al .",i'V '
, I.& Ui'.l.? ii ? nu? hu Wimbi he Bliiit.ver" wl ita letTM '
tobe IB| nu t.:: bl fort ian bay.i . li . v r in. h a
? ' ' - -.ij.: i v.,li not lutter have
I H:,r !? . ' 'I ?' le?.
?'! >??''? tal arid li at the Bri I i ??: ti t> i:., at roi
on ti ?? ita evolution a te ri .labli?!.
' ? " ? ? ' ? ' ' Iradi ion. In
'''?', my lhaEa . bad ibe a! I "t
religion, and Will not forget that religion li one ol
- ? of i ?? a .. Hi 'i.uiiilaiiii ! ; ? i
a i'-.tk-iy for the I [illation on thi ?-,. m ;,, ,-., ?
? tV ?rate '?o rejtl a.l sAxitement an I
? .'.rl ....! ?ii .? '
I. -, Fab. A-? Tbe eniiitfr-iirr of the hiilh
day - r IVaabii ^:"o wee eetel rated yeeJei lay at a
bnekJ '? al '. i<<-v.:, ?!. e Taren. 'Jhn
. . . . f Uh .'. i '-i '?'*, Bad twobnadn I batt ian I
I. . ": ???? re prara -.
J .? Uvi,. ( . J-. .?'Un.", IT. B. i'li'iisler, ?*, j,rr asa
ail ' J , t!. Mci orj f Wail i , ton '-' re
i . n- ;ui ?? ut i.ii-i? i'' America. ii,e Hahed
I i? i ariri,anaagagedinthsowiagoffthabiir.
<l? o ?.?; * Bssltja i Eir. .' ii ?? a Faden]
'? ? -.i rarrira wtuttanaggntrive ptiaci}.!
li m? Ired ?;.v a aJtawtxrig u i of a :.-??? .
! ?? konte loen t , iule on. .luir ftlhv.v?. >\ ,
?i t' tl'.'ifi'l-. leBituUlihonrfntidtaMDlal?Vbj?Iiui
aten j barard i' , I ?.'? tiara esst asBeavan
. ! ,;.-V', fiur", ? . "iCa-r, UlltJ pej U|S
, hu', let OS r? t: < ?. !" r tho tajJM whi-'i
Wi.rii'^r.Mi aodund, Lass >?raMttwriana?npaat?
" ? ... ifa - B ?? of i '.'?? i'vii i ni,?/ ti ga ' ,i"
.?f v ? ' .. tal d' i >v ?.
los Ulai > of Ohio m jj ... 1 '-1 i ha Ii
tfSSaa victoria," wbbb wue drunk wiih much en
lb r?a*i??m.
Mr.Mass, Ualled fita'ei Consul at London, pro
rr?jeed the next toait, which wai " The Union."
Mr. Cyrus W. Field prirjiosed Li.glaud and
i Anericii," and invoked the ?ynaalhy of Eokland.
wfabh would ulttftiaielv renov? from the United
' States tbe gre?l ca.n ausist had ?rfoditced the pre?
snl trc.hlni.
The pro'eedinus lasieil for unWArd of lire I our?,
and tei niioate 1 be vote of tomko to sbmi Bishop of
t ,, ,,?, Mm ii Mihi.' ? --? ? ? .? v an - i? I n
! tbaSlat were |RI higher, owing ? ?i ?.. ik ? . ;
: - - ". i ?,?,. .-???".! c - r. -i,i
i'i'i.'kal, 'eil '.?is rate? wn- l.i rh.??.ge i
M i A' BBSTBB lit if.?' liri on i. -The advicr? fr.-m
j kfoje In j, mi ?r? (?vnrd.le ti? ? '??l '.o: li.'odt Mai Var. ?
l *'m ?? ti ??at. weh ia BBtrai 11* Mt
Livnnrooi Baa An rcrri Mabktt.?The rosrhM
1 I? gfiera?t -, -y ii ,1. I''.-.?. ... tr.v..
t ... .- ?, m.. , and Seelieett >-d t? I bl r- led H ?d31 .
Wheal t?an tall, and declinad ? it, I Waitera
'" .# I .. lilli rOMlthrTI,, li BU Ad.) Waite VV,?,trrii.
Il,6d rrll N . VVbtteB itasra II >u i . Ceta unir?, a..d
dirl.crd Id. t? ni. , Musi, I', j 13? , . it* M ? "?
Luis Ml V ? til ... M-.n..?i - The Pr, rial I M* k't !?
aanenliy arria i late??.? it-rf ?tea I? PStt ha? a SeiHi
tagteadeery Ha- -, Heady et M -J- I id alert y it 41
-;ii I'., ii ? ; ?,, ,|,. i.. lagUedeaet. uo?ed?t4
Livani'ooi Baonica Mambbt?A?bra dan al
llir.- tie. >v. R ,i- .j ,-st and
B| ?m? if Ton? atlee u a-t ??
S .<?' fun ?r. CeaTte Ima.
need?, ; (Jemaaen i ? i,<? 11
.... in Lletert cu ateetty al ?I. Caal lui aabtt ?td
I .-1, r MiMKeei (Batta*.*).?Baeiran m M lara
duD at tttajfl I/. Corns Ira Rin ateady, Mia)'' hat
IB -iii??'?! l?nds:iry. in fru,. itn.,,* in . '
Seia.i? j mr-,! ..,,-., ,',??: : i, 4t4?\)i lum
it ^? o. Brasa On ?nut ?? i ? ?
L?anos MOMBl MiMKi.T -( r.iot. (,(,.r?oti F'IJ?t ?v?n
in? o? '? ', Bell f?r me- ?r TI.? Bulli- m !d th? tunk had de- '
rreeerd li.irl!.? ti,? week J?ltH i ,?J
AasaiOAMlarraiTia*aaebaaart atbwaaattt Rear-Tart
i"?utrai IIB?- in?:),., nuuoi. i?, mi beare? ??>? ithilien!
Oi ??um., Iltt.-MaC??l r*io,ti ilai.ti' rr/ri h???r aatt ,
I.? ' ? -r - I' ? (>i najban?
Livmi'.ii.r, lid.?Cotton* The anbaymBHttaw
(S?.uid*?) *<? bett -i "i'1.?in I latti. t ?'.'" h .ali-? Ij ajtM >',? |
l?ior. ?, d ??porter? ile n.irk -i ieu.?liii d arm i: i . :.. i ?.
Bh? a Hi;vrv-Ti anraaatt atoanikrt nlnwAwttnl
"NOVtiiei Tie Priitttaa aaarkM n Sewaaraitt, a?Bh ao
Leaeoa .s-mday.?CoDioiici.-.-d la-t ?wanan *t ?' 1MSM
foi lia u?y.
Ans?'i tv Bra? rt? -The h?"il ?ale? wa.??: Ji.L.ol? du
tr?i taara* 4> , .:? u,,r , Kin? ahaii i bj ? 11
I1..H* (?T, i M.Ht? -rie tale* ,.f C (ton ', r the
week loot up IS INNi bil??. Tin wallal I? hr?n ?rd ii.o??.il
? H fa ?h rtvanet >r r-r rrrif. tJrleea* Ire* Oreti ..,- i-:-? ? But,
IMC Thi ti ni ??.' k li, nari atneoati te Ki :?.?. ?.?I?,
fiai? Masar Mi???,, Ila-Vat titutm .....J firm at
"0: i',, ii .ru'. -
7? th? fdiw?../ tv? .% F TiRaaa
ism Permit me neenah paar sonnai io warn ,
the publie Bjgabst i uvate livitig-niai ?ure?, a Dad of
itiltitntiou iviti. which BOtaaty ii get knj lo be lunch
overaiocked. I do not know how else to i harnett!
i/e them. They ure institutions pal up under one
or another p t?tense ?d' bone mu me, which iu I'li-lf.
no i?ei-?on will di-appiove, but the.hief ptaetbal
benevolence of which BSBBBhl in thi feathering c1'
a comfortable nest for a .?w durent wi-e-p.llera. '
while au ostentat'otii dis? iny of " interett.iig cas?-?'
troau I inu to time fuiiii-he-'! I pr. '.. m for a per, el tul
BJ | ia! t.? the pia k.-lsoi li.c ihaiii, ihlj .!,-; -,-d. I. ..i.
tell better what I ineau by in BBBBbj bl -Mn. II. i-, >,
K<Kid son of anana, nhs has a pass aad nu*! '
l;'.ely ;? bl J tt.ii? i-f -, ("or I baafaaad. In the g-fe?
ral earernes? >f pBSpfa to be d dag aWMth?Bg for
the aoldiers who have " gone to toa Avars.' ahe ?ee*
a (hence 11 do more for Mr. in ! Mi?. II., so ehe
gntea tow ef hsr frisada together, aad atlbthM sa
' ass?.rietion," selecting S"i:io gand ttehwanl a? a '
prilix. It is u " Soldiers'Widi.us' Arso? lation," or
a '? S-.i.l na'Or[.'.ni-?'Association. ' or n ' .Soldiere'
(ihiaiicna' Bdaenttanal Daba,1 or anaanhharsIbb??
lar, Mr. H. d-i?.u t help her at all?olino' II.
aesaa'l write nay setjapetttana for her, and bel
seasa t ktofashtod any BBetotopnlBngwlna,maBy|
euch tiring ' Bail aha get? out a | roBBBrtaB, B| ? -
lo some honorable and gUMiagiitabed geatthnnn,
member? of Congie??, en.in? nt ?I.i in. t, and ntofto, I'
to i] |*i,d their mit, rs to it, a. approving the ab
)e(t, and so bather Iii ket ruade M fu the ap- '
poiiitmcnt ef a collector. The c.din'.-r M I
ii her lu?'..and. He BTflM bbanaanf Watha sul>ecrip
tion Bann, ???? us arfghthe nea nff ihn dtgnlled
and lull uent ni m,'oreen or ii,. , i?n and.,?-?out
m a benevolent '? nnpaajB." Hi l t?ke a ??--n,.
m a dium, wliiib'-vcr yon c!i'?.se to g.i,-. li. ,,
take aeciiid-hand ?lethe?, b?rrela of loir, t,.?e-,:
le?, ream* of arnBMtag pop? r, eM n!'?t? m .1 letii
nct? RMtha wives uni I illina 1 a
t'es,.I' wine, tone of coal, akatee, l"'-'?a. m
limier ti.? ?tin. And so tie g ?a '' mu -pu.ii g
roie.d, hiiniing Bp the ibougbtlnai eharitnhle, wor*
rying the rich, who gre thi.r dollar to g?1 ri ! ,.f
him, and "' letting ' jon BET ti:- nu?' a ih Hie
?uialirst contribution he em whae*tb ni ort of.
Batt beside the BOOBTffantl -?: I he ge'? yin nnii.e
and then your neigh!?or ? name ...ii the itreDgtii of
yours, ai.d^i.ally a great estai- .'.<? ..f nan.?-?, al.ich
me BSBBod a Sagital to bim a? lo:.li s' - k?lue!
much kettof than thnt brdivid -r. ! ia then tin,?? of
Mrs. n. eena t ?i?.p toara, lbs winn? an oigan
not a streit OIBBM ?vi'I. a Sa MBBg Hank? f, bit' ? nttj
um. h Ike ?ame ihbg -"u buuuuufi M?gs/ii.e," in'
wfatah eba em advarttaa bn "m c*," tadanheherl
ii)-|?-als to Ibe ('.nilly at faaan. Bad writs ?liirini,
? (he H'i.'ers. and nftm? i 8 ? her net? ama/- ',
ingly on ?di "'!.-? Ha bathai I si Beatas i? the
editor of the i>ig..n. You ate not ?o simple as t.,
BBpaosa he aneae ? wet a i/.?o.i nuaiy an youl De?
. i .n i? the pi .'mry fanaaveben Bf the concern
ig to rompeoarts Mr. and kin. B.nrtoabeVvottaa
b toa cana of "? r tient' Thamib,
? , . - ,. . d fat m ihl fctog U great fa
ai. i " lo n 't sntttt "' I O''" good r-,i ail .? on!? r, ii is a
g|y profltabbaflbdr. lb iga, aad
r'h'dil g feely, luid o it lae hum
b'.ig. ui'-re m?o ?!ii|ed .ii IO 111 ihail pi I "-?
it r ? ubi ka mo i ?'? i" tha kanora! ?
?rai.,<-i?. ? targ] ra ii, and ? i i i , \- i ? a ti t
aaa n ta Mn. B. b hold than napmaifab tor karl
I,!,a-- ol theil . ledi'., b '' '! ' v I aTol",i
liiri paine? to the in | R ? ?BB, a.-I :'-?... I I ?
tii,-!y blau eira?.
The hues', oiguii./".! .?..,..?;? ?. afthis eton bl
win. li pnhlta Mbnifa b aeachi toi.? . died, i r I
hgrn fal i'.s mai:: shjettl UM BttH .' B
of Toiiiniiei> ? anrtbranchi ?? irtaalyi
for already by MM | Bl ?''?? B bo i -i tnitl ahnfafB
kinaTobal ''niBragt' at*Iba] raged b it ;
I i,uri, Ki, thal 3 ? aill A?, n toa ?.ho
iniy nu .i - i- i safa i na tattam and ?? .
aja! Mtss !' i ? lairs befaed sa b lb ? bb adrertia \
?n-'iiid s :;'-, i'?iig m?., aha,atti) Benltor'i tnhvry, I
and li ?hy i''!? "'-'H' ? (pan ??? of a pobllcallon oflloe,
, gnansn na ort wtn\ \*U, I ofon r. ?eui
Mag to the eduebttonof volonteen' children, the
.., ol I bli new m I omi aill :- rery diabuneit;
.-.. tib well known ihay bava m prirrte raphal ol
toab own b I.? n ap] bed. *? ?*??
Qon* Heger, who,h will bo nnnenaiea,igarad
, i ij,] .'., ,\ || ii- ? the i!. li, II . -' i'.' Bl '.<? 'he
, it, ,| April riot, i ho.g with ?'Trinbto, eontnand?
n, j- ' and otben, and who b h bia departan aeon
afterward with Hauy athen who woold bagbdto
be back in t;.?-ii old o,.i..?t. is ugsi'i .?.a- bom in a
pronduenl po libo at Norfolh np t.. lb ? prraonl to i .
The followtog paragraph ?1 pnbutoed aamm?
i ., : bon bb edi ?Vial in /'? ? " v' hegt ta ...
I , .o, mill ifaOWl bis plrs-!it position.
? ii. annan Ai m.t ?li I? i?i ??'? 'i ki ? u -i Oi II bjm
, ?i arrea? I will be tiled fur i ?. t ., .
indine i.,!?'.' f. '""'" ?? ' ' ''',"' B'"'' '."
Thoa one by o a, thora abo mva proved them
.. ,, -1, i to tonr hMnto and i aBtry,an ?
Ihsil rovvitrd.
Hniii'.t ..- lohaMePowell,neiellyhrtltted
for 'cr4er> !.. !. - ' ' '?.' I*? '"?'?' i I
? ?j ?i. 11? bhrtl >y ??'?'" '"* ?? '"-?? * ?'?
i .;??., .-?. : ?, rth ? i '
, -?.?''.- i
Mini. Ilambnrjer, the fatuous Wizard, announce?
an exhibition of wonderful ileij-ht-oMiand (ricka al
Ciiutoo Hall on Kuday evening.
j The elegant dwelling-hor.?*- .,? t!.t north-e.i?' r ???
n?r of Thirty f..tub itreet and Fifth avenue ba?
been pur. 1 k* .1 try A. T. Stewart, e?q., for |tt,iJw9.
Utiiv^-iiT ok Niw.Y.,?K.-The aur.ial Baa??
, BaSBEwSBOM .?f rho bswi al Department of the Pin.
v<r.ii>- will beheld ibis eveiiirc in the ch ipol of
th.: i uiviv- ty, tVaaWBgjtaa iqasn, Tanaddrewto
Ihe grMtl'idte? will be deliren.d by I'ml. VHn Jlt:ren.
Tu?-- I'ltki-?? ami Sv?! i -?i. Mi Bel ?.?I" i ii- mt 1
ataban besa Blraeb, bjetrier of th.- Com bar of
t "'uivc-ce. io present to the of!: >"? Bad mild.'?? ot
Kens Sun l-.r i'ul Pt kens- two tal ?a? h f'jrt. The
p. rtreit of MleBi.mer i* BEBB one ?"t, und t!iuA of An
?Jarssa BB 'he other. The *mu'!tr i'ickei.i nied.il.
vviiii'i ?r for ihe totdtetn, baa sa lbs n?jatos a vier
of iii? Knit, aad ih?- isnriler Saarior raessatanBag?
Lient of BM BBBwBwEBJl "ii ?vbi.li iv ad ?ir-r i* in Ibu
setef ptaentaf lbs hBaanaafl Bag? The larger r ???(!
..'? bars lbs BBBM portrait?. The revene of the
I'ii ?ena nu-,la! piesenu ths *o!id iiirt*oiiry of a forri
ICBaisB. pandad by a Crabssna They are illin
flue bronze, and are of BBBBBal BECaU MM as work?
,'f art. W? do BOl renirii'ltr ever to 5.ave ?ecu
anything M Bttteeaaayarato them BilJriB eaaatrr,
I", r ?liiirpue??* and delicacy of execution a* well ra
-implicit)- and id?ame*-? of design. Th*? artiit i?
Pi ??im i ? ii ?-?? or K'vor vi k?.?Mr?tiH. Itrin
ndu?rtou, m.inufa? I itere i f tirearms nt Dion, ?Viv
Vorl., recently preiented lt7 revolver?, worth about
l-Ci?, in member* of l'api. D. 11. While'* company
baths ?SIM Kegiinent BaW'Tera Tetaatwsn, The
M? r.-rt. RsMariagtea bava dene srask Is an;?t ta
rHieiug men f-r the war, and providing for their
S? iBB PeSSEBI Anna.?On the '.?.'.; h tilt., bj*, at
the Kighiy-firtr H'-ritutn?. N. Y. S. M., were itan
ini? for SinMi l-'iud frt.-jj the Pi?'< BEETE! BB, OBBt.
I?. II. While uf I vinpaiiy 1 wai (jnietly BIwMBted
l'y hi? corni any willi a ?word, ?ash, bolt, glove!, tV.e.
The CupUiti aaSJBBBSi hi? heartlsli graiitude M hi?
SSenj my fat tbah manifestation of 'nut ami lagEtd,
JI? hoped to carry it worthily, ami never allow it to
nut tu itsscabbhid while a ?iuk!" trni'.'-n?i* foe re-1
BEBES upon our soil, (.'apt. White is ouo of the '
many Waa) h.tve left ?he lacied dt-ik for the crimp "f
twS BSt?Sr. Kor ?t-vtrit! yrr?r* paM he hat been a
BMSnbet of the Biruk ItlVer Coniclelit e, und fur one
yeui and a half pastor of the 31. ''".Church a! Ilion.
Silk BS (, v. i i ?? m i. Curio-..?Ye'teid.iv 171
lair? af Sea Irland SStewJ vven- ?I at wtTflBtia
I? ?'.- ; '. vi- viiii?. Tho ia!e could ri"'.
have ban goaonll] kiuvvc, for only t'm-e or four
a*awaVwB were pit**?, nt, while th? pria? offered, BEBE
I"* j t., ii i en:? jar ?o md. were far below the aver?
ie- vi th? ?e pa d at lbs prt;vi"i8 ?ule. The proceeds
ima ina d to f ?3,909 ii,
t'HiviiK vi? Comma* ?.?The monthly uier'ni''
A ihe (.'bamber of Commet-, e will be held to-day at
I \. in., a, tin- i-vine "U the ceci of Ct!..r arid
\\ .Lb um, ict-ts.
-? -*- ?
BoEl ?p li, iii-, n Ki *ttr r PaiSOEl it?.?The
?numil report of the BSEM for I'eieaeed Keinale
I'ritui.t r? ir'? fvriai ?! '( n.auy of the perimi? i? MB
BMSrind ?> ?i'vitti. i * in the country, and ?onie in the
i'y, have given gieaf mliafaetion, and don* mu. h t?,
(.r .vo ile val ie of that ici'itiV'-' n. vne i :i*e is
? ?! ? I faJrsjM fa ra BM ?'! IBS in?:itiiiiou. ''who ha?
tarilaaprstal - BJ a married worran,'
ni i.'ivr lupl.ei *o ii " io. n vea un '" uasiat her in
' -ii bar ebildna. Dariag ihe year 1 *~>??I
litre ail- I' '< ? ' v. t re ?eut to leiti.-e, 4
araneaat la the boeaitel, ti bril te lind place?, in
**? ? j '- ted and ' ' bow remata. The Bambra
-..old be graatly m. re??.,. u ...,.,. ? ,, v |Jinj,ed
?nana at Ihe dlsj al of the temitaltea.
An ap| uti i ? to be Binde, or peraape tan) bess
i!it- tlv mau?*, I BOO ( ' 1. OB l'?'ba!i ?I
Li ?? ii ui'l-etret' HiMaeepe hi- Drifjeasary, fot ti.-- av
ppropi i-.oti granted to ?morpo
. . i . ?? . Iwt H>i.d-?tie*i 1>i?| ?-n.-vHry wa?
'... ? rpotnted sa lb M h ? i Fehl lary, and ha? aew
i!.e ?ame claim* apea iba < : J Tnotmtj ae ii.,?, ia
?tlier patte Of the . y. '1 i,r I ?iie.-ure i f t!.. fa -? .
lutioti are A. (inkey Hall,'lohn I*. If ne. AJag, H 1
land, B ftmF. Aodrewi, Bbepherd Knapp, end Dr,
ii?',. Fallgnat rho halaarjhaostlariHitjBBiiST.
bob) btipBtsaaal sierttens ri bra bees .i ucipeiiy
?astatasd np to the tans tri i-* saeMBafal taeorpera*
lion, It' ? Vim foi the annual apptiipria'ion nt $1,<900
i rtnuot rnssa ihiy sr eqekably bs daaied; .md it i?
to he banad loEri Dr. Fui. grail wii be obliged to
iiBkks BB 1 irtiu r ?a. ritic ? on M "'int ni lbs l>i?p?n
lury una h!? BEwlSBl iu :'? BTOpM B lii.iiiia'ia?,OB
i? 11 Btanlly brassai bun to milk?-.
Dixil IIEbOSISSE?? Mi. A. W. Ml f "t ('! a i
?jateaB C"'iu'y BM l': iantaad lbs i ?peJss air -f
? l?ix ?, sad ? ian a rjn:?-d aong lo lbs I
of R, All the tesa ? batt! of obi btatery ne
iii?j"?Iu? >??!, sad the asag wiU be saag bj th? ad*
, , r WBg I" ivre, li tv iii lie foi ?nie .. | .
i; ? ?
Hi ii? linn.?" The ring ?' that vvn forme?!
tbit vtiek l ? U'1 Bl i . lbs I ri e of bi-ef alni'it a con? ;?
I -.Mi. was badi broltea Bp ysstartn\r tanmrd ths
. !... af lbs BMiksi rho ?i.h ' Ih-'nui? tri thara apee? I
ni?t vi ajan tasad s| >n a owfepfj ?,t aiv it-.,,.'?,,|?
? i \'.?. v?? '?? . i i. |?<?:' of the market will j
.'i.w bos .1 m1j they wen able te ralralate. it'
m. t'lt eaer for tha nnertar te eataatata thal bat? I
l ?l? i,,1.1 osar the otara tri lan BauhM at ???? tofiu.
a heed le? linn iba BBBM SOli ?r'?'l st the OpSBJBg. |
n, brrs who ara ia the bnbh "' raaaiag ap la tim
v iiiilon .'?'?? ?'?"'-?v. ' ' lo"k for baii/tin?, and h.,?-'.,11
ihe market, protaihly paid li?t Meedar fall a coal
I .?,,,,. i. :. ti ,n Iba n n?'. ?'ile vs.ni.I have ?o'd
foi Tnssday sllssnaaa and Wednaaday.
l?i i 111 a i ms os Coi ans r?> rai Nt-?? i ? ? ?? ? ? v -
Rtaiast . Phs "1 RaEjhBSEl Bew?Torh Yomn?
teeiri, Cvi. IsBSxh laafcrd, ivan Brssaaasd yeslMday
BbWEBBB vv!ih a MBgaiwSSal ?ul. ','.'.' und |
ssbanti ii-' fM o# Ja-tga Hsnry I. Imtmi of lbs
Com: "f Ap| BJaw, 'Hi- p.e-en!a*i >n t*MS pin?'?' in
the C.:y II ti', w lit-.? Hal llgfEMBl Were
diawa np ?n wESk
.lud?,'? Dar?as said It baa bm l??? ptaanhEj ?l.?'y M
,,. . ;. . , m litdlsn af ! ia satin raonty,
-. i airare, ass! "? raises, lim bad bril theil
',,.'., riul homet and ? cnpi tiona to assist in | - i
!,,,. ,, ima unh Iv ii-'? Ilion; 'I I re ollectlon or I ?
?, ,,| ones lefl I boiae ihtHild BOire thom te BEtt t,
Bad du te o? ?ul ?r. ,. . ,
, , . ? ,..;.' ii, rood til v Ol 01 i ?' v
. v ;ir .',- .'. with thal ?if hut s tea m< ntbepi I
- rowewei I pj "'?'? r""-.' '"'"' V^'"!- ."'.
? aid a hiEh uibau ? i"- ?fnthleBl ol the I ?taral
gutta wh" w..* lbs right maa In the right place
? .....i thal tbe South had ne ?naeforttaa
a?;ci ..j , -ii. .o, . id that the trus *i.?.ri..- Lu-I been
concealed fioin the bsssm i tha praple.
i ? ' o of Hie tucccH? new attending ??
, ! ', , ?..:,...,..,ii.u"!?d ihecOlOMlOthl '
,,f the .':.!. i" ii I oral lei.u'itii ih-y would v ,
?erved nn?lillie?! , . , .
Col S, .!'" deni I: 1 iiinadvi ed ti al r< '?'r J
-l area ?-. four public life and i ?
,, ,,,? , ., areli kao ?i, Bl I t!" ref ra n.id on
,,..., ? ' bar. in i'-.' ! ' ?
? ? || I. - ? ??? i ' , ty, ti"'
v ,- bri I, ni"! 'I?- i?.-?i.'. I '?-, ? m thi
w'uii ii ? I V
thal I pledire my ?alf before my Maker that I arts
preta* and preserve them unsullied, even with ra*
life, J he Muie for our departure hat now arriitjd
(uni I will ny no more. '
Col. Sun lord was mount? 1 on a magrdflcent dspple
gray stallion, and, though hu .-'?need in yean, look?, 1
Arnim ai tus CberoM?llovsa -Thefanhwefajj
IsppsantobaBbaadrnaBvab ware aatos MTntnlty
hy Collector Harney:
hrai ? tri o.oc'-l'.ird/ M ?Vi!;.-??, Jona Mann
I L??-:'i? V. Ilopkli ..
fa ; ?.'..?? Hcn.r<'~Wm. D.-Peu'er ile'.rv Fl. rt?blne*n
W B Breva
" "' f*rt AppnimUi Jiiiah S Hiriitb. vi, e V Gray.
Cierta .Ifpo.ni.?t-Rol>e.-t I'. 1). i ,-.,i W. r>. Ii?.- . , . :
a ltd 'leset.
ciar*? RiManrt Ja? c M?Cnn?II Ott, Oertts 0 ^_
Mbstibb or nu Oobwissiobsbi ef timt
ri..\._The '.-?nal weekly BMBtbg ol' toa Commis
j Btamn of aWgntobnwn hold ya tatton e?9mneoa
at Castle Har?:ia, the President, Mi. Cu'im, C. Par?
p'an?k in ?he ehn;,-. Thi BBhaaanf rinnlttll fur the
insahaj year wera ann., m-fd. n felbwi
" Mt^'MmJ.l1m ?U?"Q"",' * r'-'n' ' """' ?"''
t!,r::;i":,,;"a/-M*"r'*???? *-**%. cnm .......
V ia?*ngwkj???ri. Purdy. Co titi, ., d Caabaing
gnjnatted a the weekly itotaronnti
Niiuio?.-orenil|r?n?aariiv?.l te Rafa, tn int,j .? t?4
.Sun. - ol e.i. j .ni.?,, in 1 tin.?, >o Mwoh t, 1>A.'. ".".'.' (j
1 '.!?: late lu Ittl. | m\
. a . . , 1?6*?. 1800. 1SBI, JMn.
.oin,bri ol !iilu?l?a iii ln.i.
lullen WaraVa Uland.ITS 1,3*1 87'j I ,,-fi
Balaaee ta t irk, .laieiery I, IMT. 0? rta M
A '?r?'i?'r rrseipi? -r, irh It, I ?ed_* 1 ',|i?2 M
li. .-int. ?in.-e, lo M? -li I, Uti, tut
com", Httt IS p?i.?.,ger?, le: . Z'l 'i-$.li,~l V>'
. T.??l.?IH.va)i;4
Ill.llu.el n-ri??, M p?,r |ll'-?l 111 If
sanaa), tefet * .1 bj.?eli .;,5 J4
CaaHrtaeaaaanffefa i1? aud2i,, tam 4,444,'.-lt?,??w 3?? '
BahaaeH Hack..,.? '."?'
AaBBICAM Ai'.it-'ui).--The following ure the I
naniei of Am?:'erina registered at Gua A- 0B?'b|
Ameiiaii Ag'-ncy anil Reading-Room .V??. Ki Strand,
London, England, from 1st to ISA February, '
IRgg, |
It. ? ?dwell, l h?rl?eton. S. C . F. J narrli n ?l,<'i-i?'pli!i,
AV II IL,., .,. l'hi;?4r.;i'?i?. U 'A' Bt,-.,n, IV, ria, III.;VV.
J. 1< m,isnd. Naw-Vo k . K t lliiD,pl,r?v, Al"i?ny, N V ,
Coi. riiuith. vi,,ini? Chu Smith, ViriiaU: J M Wall
eemb, Huttalo N. T.iCbaa, Deeieoe, Weaterly, R. Li Oto.
r. m...iii I'.- i ?it. ;? . ?. Cha? H ii?..t a. K. i. o ! Ve.
N. li VV'olfs.jr, New V?rk. Cdl VI ( ?,? . lioo.L. ?, M?
retir? L.jiiloo Ht IV.?r.l?,ir?ri ; Thomu ?Iii? Plil:?.|?I
it.ii.K M. Woodward, i'bi.?-Isl|-Ida, W. P ? uuiit. lilt?
him Phi ?Vm Binon, Nev, Vork, J. A. B?ante, Nsw.
Voit ; Mr. ind Mr? Iranda Bew-Trtl Mu. C ii i'o ??;-.?
California ? r-a-i.ptoo, Neu 1 ork, Mr. ? 1 Mr? Byrne,
N?w Oilseii?
Tri Ifaw-Tona lavanra mais n the Piblb.
? Mm h has been said hy the dit m tors of ?Le Tth
Regiment N. V. Mate Militia or National Board,
because of Uieir return fioii the seat of war, withoot
haling a brush anii!i the ene.iiv. 'Ihoso wLothus 1
nun i'.iiiigly iii.iligni'il tob "ir.uk regiment were
unmet in ihuir coiidcmriatioti. It ia? no want of | '
military rourij/e. nor anv teere' lyropi.rhv wbbfa ?
they had for tri? Sseeiciouiat?. They nobly'fulfilled
their ,-: .'ig'-i ., i. willi :.,?? lioverumei.t; ay, and ]
more too, lor the? lid not minni until the Beanbri
of War porilivefy BBBIttd their roaBBMBBBI that eil
<lang?'r of capturing Washington waa ?rone, and that -
tin-:?- was no I mt lia?- uee<l io detain the membera, all i
of whom were eugsged in bu?ines?, fruui their Baan]
avaeatJons. We kara antoeeitj lor aiating thaC,
C"l. Le Ile rta 'it? i'-u oui' -?Hi apprised una the
sen 1, <s of his ? t-i-iliiiitiil Mill !e u, ' >?, led, aid t,,.-.
wiihiu h week or H the regiment will be nuder ,
u..iriih.ut? ord?>iB. [New-York Sun.
CoiiONiR's Ci?k?.?Yesierdny, Corouer Collin j
l ??d an in.) ?( at No. Ml Weal 1 Irtyeeeert ?irset. oa t!.a '
betty of lea? , i (? Brien, ? ,i,ild l I ? Batta c J, vtl.o w.i
.-.Mr.' te d..ti. ?-?o- .r'7'i"? ?[?? ' ? i' i i?v.i". n
lu .Him, veeafaai ' Axid.uui Saan.
VV'ilJey h-!d a'i luqut.i at Br'tevn? Hotiilutl an
t..? ? -iv ni Jasa i??'" ' ?, ? .?ii?". t < raaaa, so yean or ig?
. te te Mer Seeth hy beleg beittrt awln* to bar clot! .
ral 1- kg Are, al bei ir t r.-tui? ..-,. No lit I?ivUlon ?treet. i
V'e.dl.-l: '? Accid.atal dea'b''
a Onennaair Hobbs Pauaeaa Ur..v. ? On1
i i*i,U? BbjBt, at a Ute h,?or C?pt. Mount, ol the fiord i'rr
m n ., ,1 i (.oit* ot ?iii u.?o, p.id ii aseBSHted au.l univei- !
mm lall la kal ho-.t? of V\ ? I'., v, ? lal Sa li ?'? i
Uni Broadway, reputed to b? a ilairnwlr heeee. Pith?
art lh? *'il? B ? ? ?ir??(rd laid l??.u l-?f,rr .liittlre Hreiu j-..
?, u>? uo'-i !' 1: ? I'o.-t. ?.t'er.i??. Reata wn h?ld to
i. i .u t-? . au i t-"' it.?uri. ?ii lh? ?nui w.ie BBS?
murd ia Ort? ?I? or +.......-?.? -i- ii..- , ' -
Tay BbW Hir.i. Hins. ? Vest? rdav, John Hacker
??.? ui?.i.j ... ?? ..?.? b?f< i. June? Br??i??ii, it the Tomhi
felice Lourl cnargea *i,? i,u,i?, .i,.in,,(ra to i,??. ? +.?. I
? : i al lb? n. :? Hiti Bank ef I?"- "-.ter til.,, "mu vi lUUro i 1
li. Ml ..'it. ? .It . r. ii C hal Inn. ?t.eel. it ippeai? ?,ti I
?he *,.-ned |.i-.r< lied le hare .. i n.oi. y bal thi? bill Bl del
lie pr?tent? 1 In p??ii.et ' I. r iin.r s.-i i? ?i eletbiaf, hill
thal a hat ?? ?.?:-.-,?d tbd ?-in. if ?lilt wit iuai.i on hu
uerton. k1? ?a? r,,.i?:..iir?d fui ?un.i net I .a.
AaoTnan Coi rranrnrr.?t-ntrkh Meehao, an
lii.li ?-? j. It reatl ol a|?, and John L. Henry, wr-e iTo.'.d
>r*i*iiUy ?',-.-i?J ?.;,. aaattag (Blu',u?, vurpouiog to t?v?
. - -i .?? ii By lae Muan Tirana Punt if Paelaa. Maw ~1M
?..-a ,???.? e ii iri>i'.e bu-.h o. th? BSSaert v r.. c?uia..i
t.ii ?oi > aaattaaBti
(Adrertieri ,?'t |
Wti' i Co niiioitoie Ni "IT hr?t opened hi? hat-1
battaaMBAaa ?'? M ??, ? Um bu a i araataanean b'.' i: ?
... aaart eatll thal ritt Matfta al* weeaata li tee ? - to
Ja'* l wi. na e.|- I- no iv tilt t!i* new Oil ?:
?nial p.?r a?? r'>"*d >o ?!tr?.--i?? ? .,{? kaattaa)
| Al?. '1.,-i.r'it |
Vici'oitv LvLiti wiint?: Mi-r Mvki: BCSI?
n?. . BaiaS, rad r?rr) n-??> nat of si..ate] n ' t ?h-'ti! I leatu '
wart ha , ?u ?io beal ead hereafter follei ? p.ir.ilt.
\ ??! reaelegital eiM .Mattel ?? r..?i mm t Vi ki i .'.. r?o. ?to
Brartwey, wiileM araty ..i ? a. iu? rtjb into
I A .trrt ?tari*.,! |
I'm TrjRI n) Almanac
Pea IN?J.
: . . . n.??ii it n?i? k?I?.
I', -. .- :. II BefiM for bl; ICI r ? '??? Bl :
Bj ?i|r??.. B1 per i'?1 ? ? liclled.
, - ? bl, k i ubera sf tht ?" ' -.- Ain?? io lot
, ? - l ? ?. ?, .1 1 . '
nan ink, f ni ibTt" ttllim tae Taiaeaa, Riw-Tath
Mr.C Jarean Bananaa i?,ni ahenl ed i
naattnl chinty eeneirl b akirt Lnanatra gtanttay
Bahttrtb .it Plymouth ?'hunh, mTeSBBBJ amning
waa a passnl Bl BBISS, ?'ni Worthy "I re ??jin lu.
Tai Hiiii'HAN Coi ii ? ('..-rill. : ?-.?lae
gepatillnnflanaiai Qnnnlllii fahiang ?
bgmTaaMMyaight, fair. Wm t'"it b toe eba ?
lie Sj<, b1 Oontaittes aa Cieaaatbta pgraenu .
:i..-ir rapoti ' i? ?"i-i- nd Beats, ead toronna.
i ... I n?t Ward, nported b favor rtbolttngen
. -. ?im loth unit., ti? Bil ona ?raniney, whioh ?
wii? i?.Idpte i U toe Fink v. ard cm aCoHmio
tee ici'it'd m t A"r ol :-! littlag John loantay.I
vim. Bowen, John Um, Oeot-ge Edwarde, aad
va m I . live:.*, and ta regard t.. ino Elevai lh ?? ard,
the na? ? of tue foil -'.vit., get tinmen wen aubniiul
t. i foi admiral a: C. II. Kimball, C. L. Burnett,
A. K. Engtand, Wh. M. Macha ore, and u. Potter.
Iba ,. , ai toa C " ia lar? i b hath atan a\ -
,,!,.; ?.id aftei a K""1 deal el WkWBgtohg, whm toa
uwting nu;' -iu ni i'??r la ? aenhe.
Tas Pi ita Si aooi u?Thai ? ? ato leiq ? -? M
?jjuapobl rtoa na sing yan '* I1 '?' ''?
?.i, aijpertbBeal m toabwei 1er beeta a'aalarba,
||35,l , - ., - ,\, - . let t foal,
t ... ?? printing, |S b is-'"->- mV
U , ?!,-.l">, ??i'lS.i. i' ""'?
?w ?
pt Boabo ot I t"".'- sons. Hi.' Board met
.,., -, .-i ? h ','. s v?r. le ii al
a.t . ,i r. ? a ? - baatfa i aa i
v ntiiaiiiig Hin n?vv Cool ?Honra, when, after a
,, a?, ' v ??' -.-i' t ? h i'"' o' ,1"> Co '
-i ,,,-". . i. .. altad ??' Oohl, Vi-'.ey k Co? tor
fl'jjw, wa? h.'opud hi a vote, i i?. v.-.s t-.? mya
; . ,r -.11.1 be apponted totaqolreinbtho n an
nor rcllet wa s u'imiiiiHiore.1 totha i oor by the Soper.
'., reportad, esbow rating then -
.,,,,., , ?, t>m ?t iie-1 ibal so do bstauce
' ,,t . mm l,ia Aiiiieh therenderiogof nltal ? :??
v. i gnd i ? i ion i-'i'"...iiii i d boho ?.it- n
, , |u the pnraal Bwde.ao thal ihepooi e a
,i i, mxt in pur. ?ha leeert
. .i of the Vi.!.'.-t?"-r i:.-: '
? ?,'.?? ..?..'?' ? .?
? uoooyi ihandbbsl MB i '
! . '. . ? ? ' ' ?
i?, ,. . *,R*crrra in pui/k rBocaaeteaa?
H' *** s*<" ?* ?tj*"2 SES,,,!* mi
^-.lu?AllAr11,. S S?%?Ml.ajssWgte
j ?.tioi'ed'ioKui? .ldT ;;;, "?: ."';'-',- ?ft?
mtl.- ?re?.,,j ' , * " *J earing, li? *i?a sbjeetae to Ma
0 'lo, fr ,*.' r"" ? lh* '*J""? thev.iel,?.. "???
?her n,0, f , . ,,!,', ,;"',*rr"" *"t '? *?? c^teurjea (hat no for
tt th. ?i,;,*,.?A ' ? "n IkeSra ***** and?, Bte rule.
? be ".?o? ,k. S?* """ I' <? '"?'ion could n*|
i*-"?t *(??', ftJSSlS **SM heeamnaitw
??roi bri ... ' lt,, ,"',I :'"';,,,,,i7: farther. tb?t ?he
?e?/iieeaotltiM e. tb. c?e Jl V*,,ftt? mema ttammO
???irr i ?... ?VT,.? tlrt't?, ?..? .S" ?,hul" tia d-?f rea)
?? ? .?4 '? ,',., ,; , i,. ," f':hl',* 22? leal ?a..a
..? i?,.. ?,,? i,).... i?. m.u ffi,?; ?lasUrtra?
v. Bf.?mrts,TJ ."?. A.ri.tactni.tilc?. Attorn.? ?ni a r
??J ' 'f ' " 'K- * ? ?"! ? bada, BamBaZ-BalaaS
M i'Bi:ilKC0LllT-Ca?.-?r-ll4ata - TlEll J^Hla.
i.vi?. ???????
iiaUoai ?-"I'ltr- oi raorsarr bbiii vikdrt
lera J. ? >n ?art. Jtii.ei t. w H e't.
Ii f'.ie f*!i?e, Heine i?porte?l, the Jury rendered a
raidli ? t" t 'le . >aii ''If Cor *?!.?'?*
i mnt-t?.-?Ukihj.?BesamJuni?.-*Beaanam ,
liecn e K. Clia-ie agt. (Jiytavui F. Schoeller et al.
?Not ? : riera, let-ai*.
SI.PEHIOJl COI ET-**.-*, ni. TaitB-iUa?;? ?.-Before
lassies Motin.
llaunah Davis Birt. Henry Darte.?Defenilanl
.'""l,l"n .?"?' assllra to pontiff ? suorneyi of ?r?- ?uid la
iv i isiatia + , j .r ?reek ttooi ci)oitu?iic?io?t.t tu 4 darin* iba
pantin . y ol tl.i? actlou.
.-, ,, I ?f li? Jll-'.lc? ?IRROCB
I.?. ll.ippo.-k egt. Qejotga If. UerieJl el tri.-^)rdee
" ... - to K?b.rt ti. I.i.|7g,ton, ,,., -vnser
-c. ,?'Ar,,'.nr ?M?.L^^w"? R411"?** cou*p?r
?-?.- ?attie?, IM km tetas Clerk', office.
OgejBf or oknehaT ?J^Ni_MABC? ^.^
a i a. * Jud'9 M< ''"?.??
S mud Merritt convn ted of man?larjghter in the
-.ul. ?i ? a?, lu hatlu*. ,.?u.oJ th, dirath of Joui, Kaki a ?T
?JJ*"* *9 -'??'JOtii'A ?i. Mt.teoo.dto State Prl?oo for two
Pet? t <.'a??y, wa? oonvlotod of patll l?rc*t*r, tad ttwuiAtA
roriro'er.'e. ^" ' ??.?e
laa M Beeabla Hritbtmm Ko!*y, wer? coarloted ol' ti?.
-r:y ,i-:*i U.? .?f.oi'.li, ?teauiigmuney from the po. kel ot
eurah Mdmy. lot f'rtod. tie? sod Biotdwtj omnibrj, B*.
niinded 'or ?et.lincr
' na.. ? ( ?meron, who ?el foi?h thit he 1. * I.letiier.in? la ?
Minc, ni leritneiit, under th* ,ui,-uu?i of Oin. Bimi wa*
??,.?: 'ed of pa it BarawM iii tteabwe ? tiuak aid other ar?
ti, ii. ile we? ien,auri*J lo await trial on .oin* othet -birra*
? -*?
Si i i'r vii Cm ur? QBBBBA1 TxiiK?Eu ?lajera teal.
-No. IM ti 12'?. BE, 130. Ul, 132, 13.1, 1J4. jju, IJ? jj^ ia*
111 .4. 141 lo lin.
S ),:iv?k ( oi nr?Circlit.?Part I.?Nos. 3179,
j.l | ni", i.?no. iv;*.. 15:6, i:6.v, im, ion 019 ?j.?
ii .. list, ism. i?a, ISM, iJ-).v noa isw
bt'PRtMx Cot nr?Sriit t?i. T?:km.?Deratrrer.
to. sr?, tejara of L*?, t, -No? 19.) 2?fi. lir 3?3. jra,
?'i 'I??, if* J It I, CK. :n3l. *??. 39C. MT, 3!? .It*?. 37? MO JW.
BornnioB Coe rt?Part 1.?No*. i?5!?3, JW7, ?4:1,
. :."". i-,J7 127J. 1283. I2M. 1287, 12??. Itti, 12?
?aft 11.--Noa ??"it, D50. MM, 2352, art. UM). 261, 274, MS, :tK
?j l< I fin. SE I, IBM l'art III.?Noa. 100?', 2013. D?l, 294I-,
.'Ti 'I , ?BTJ I."T, UM, 13'?I, 1303 1105, 1311, 1313, HIS, 13IT.
?arl iv ?Bes, Ub", i:-.- II?, ill?, liri?, Uno, iiv, .i>*. 12,0,
i.*, li.v. Hil, lEN), 1222, ?22I.
CoaaoB PLaaa.?Part I.?N'oa. 572, Ci*?, 4.19,
ri. -.bu. i?., i. r ?j tes, an hh, tra, mi, ti a ter, me p?uii.
-.-.', ?. mt, j ? iv. i m W, isjO, aei, Wi, ?x3. ?Jot. ?is. *?i),
-, Ml ' ?.
Hi.?i tv Cirr C'oritT? Noa. 4, 5, 1, 11, 17J, !?g,
4. .'J 19, JJ. ?i, M,?ti 44, ti, 4T, 49. 54?, ii, 5).
51A RBI li ?.
OKNri.l.K-VV I.sWALL.-On Tu?.day, Mticb 4 by ?A?.
li?. A.vau W .???I, lb* Bar. asma*! J. Coron.? le M'j?
I.V-Ji.4 \. VVi.tMll
i ,,s ,Rti-'.V tsfOTT-On Mouday Merrti J, by th?
He? t ?'. er l.iijiit. Ain ?.J G i*uard ol fana, to Hi?? i.
I). \\ en ? ti ol c ,,, ?.i?,, ti. C.
ii UKI F.- ?Moil'JAN?On VVedne?day. M?rcli 5 by t'i* R**/
, I, ?;' e, Mr. lloioce Diirrte to Mi?. AiuauAa Mirfaa.
I.?,th of r!, , . i?-.
HECKril ilr.f-V.UIl'Nr-.Y?At Trfulty t'hipel. or? Tia*
iiay, M? li. 1 I y the Bar, Mor?an 'n' i Lieut Juba U.
Heel ' rr ISA lo Conella I. , .1? ..Mer of th? las*
HenlT VV bil I?
HAH'-HBIrKirH-On Mondtr Mtrcb J by rh? R*r t
I SilleiB. Iikaa 11. ii rt to ?iii Mary A UtlEib. sU af
ii letrj a
e ? iola rap*?* b4**** aaej
I'.'lI.vJK-rilil^llJ'.-Ob Turada* T-b. 25. hy ?fc? Rar Wa?
(Jatn ii?', John I?. Prima ot New-Yoil, to Mi?. Iieuiila V
i*it-: . of Jon*/ ?City_
SEtTOE?El *?t*m'ord. Conn.on T.?.day, M*rch ? Ser*/!
i.e.Ta-e VV . Brae* of th? .?eve^ta Piecinct Brooklyn Metro?
politan I'olic?. ?|?d ?Mi year*.
iii'. ? .. I i. !.. Brooklro. on Wedn*?d?y ni u-io,' Mari-b
? C.L? ei 11 Bra.u.'rd, a*ed 47 jear..
If. rea ?ii ? v?! ! ! I Uaeu to lludiltoi. Conn.
..?RI.ll.K.-Sitd'lenly. on VVXinetdty mornlnt Ma?':h \ ot
tillea?* or Iii.? i.raat Mn Mtri?, wife of the lal? A I ?vBr
lile, ,, ? J '? I year? and 4 daya.
'..? ti i.e. and InebJ? of ti e family arid al?o ?li* meniber*
of *4i .lag meet Pfeitiytediu I burch, aro raipei-tiuuy la
?rite! lu a.o?i. J tiie funera! ou KtiJa? u. i ? ii , '-iar ' " at
iOo'h k from I.. late r.-?i lea. e. "No. 110 Kin* itrait.
Tue reu ? .. will na taken to New Bnu.a ick N J., fot in
I M . It m. VV? : ??.lav March I 1 ??.?, Almar* ii, 1 wlfb
of Mau.u?! Waldo Cutlet, SajatM Je?:?. 5 month? tali it
ilie friend? of ?he family ar* re.r*ctf i'.ly tnriled to aU*?tA
tb* lui,?ral from h*r late r**ld,uoe. No 33 Midi.., .t:**t,
ni, rbaiaSaj alJo'ilockt v. ia? tiuiaiaav.il be Uk*a
toC'iiiie teuirlerj, l)ul. heaa Couoly N. Y?
IAJ^EELIEJWb V -t?i County. E. J., on Friday. Yeo ii.
Mr. Pauli:. CaiVeilu.e in ti ? Sid ?ear ol' her **o. ,
Esw?1 'kdi.ieC.nl ula BM St L iul? piper? ?ilaaae crapy.
DAVEY? h Brooklyn oi T'ieid??. Mait-b 4 U? r<? l'i?*y.
?|0d M ?e.?
DAI lUsoN?luilli hy.oTiTre.d?? Mirch4 Mr? Cai-irlu*
III ,J? v, .(.ti .1 je.rl, II iii): till Hld 4 lija
IBU HN - In tl.i? city, on Tneidiy. Mtrcb 4. .lolianoa.
y iii-seat Jai ?Liar ? : I'-in.? lud ADlgiii Driliiu, ?|*d T
II V V t'? -Du Tueidny *t?i)lr.|, M?rcH 4 M?f|le C . wif* ?t
A. L, lljs.t sud 'tii;l.ter of C1 (a fl.!*a,'li sf Portlaaat
Me. ??rl.i tea:?. 5 inoi.th* ?nd .4 day*.
i .? ,ie: ..'i ti.? '?.i . y ??? lulled to atteid the funeral
?day, It 1 a'eloekm. m fio-u har let* r*aldenc? Ne.
M VV e?t 1 emly tliinl ?irt-?t.
I ? '.'e papau p!*i*ecopy. a
.-Nt BEE- te B Wallila, ra VV*dnl?d?y M*r,b ? of BBBfoS
f.. : I .... te . Milda, ) v g ?-. c.il'l of Ki? all lad
r ' i,, ' aen
311 i-.t OX?Al Albany .ti i-aturdir. Mirth 1. Chtri?? B.
Iii.? *,,- tlaB ?ou vi Ii.il il..?v.o?. ia lil. 4Hb yali ot
i'i. *^e.
I,?li, IBD ,u H?c.t..,it. I ?ter ('ninty N Y , on Prlday.
-e ? .. A i k . -ih wife oi' Thoa, f, BBwtBjja, ? ?ka
lilt >eit c1 l.i r ?<e.
LYBAOHT?lal h ?? ? n T: ?ida?. Mareh I Keary Jo.ipk
Ly.'.li- I n ' !'''?* li? ? h ram lloiiori Lje?a?lit,, afral *
Vea,? il i o' ? it a:..I ? J??a
?I-1 ' . ;t li, tluar.tr. f" Tucidiy. M?n:b 4. < l*idfa*
.' ? e.i i nof Cli'idi-. 1. ?Bild A I-? Miller a|ra
i ?? ."HI dm ,
t ,. , T ..-..'.v Kal H? .I..M?.!iO-Ilti*o
?MB ' I ? I, ? i U-idga? O'Bneu, lead 1 year )
m i, I .ai,d i-' day?.
l'H U'PS? la Hi ?-kivit . nw ?Ina.d.v. Man-h V Th.-nia? U.
l-..lni.? i noftt*l*i*Th ? " i 'Urn ??saS -'" r??r?.
, . ,,.i "f bl? ?em, ii- I rose* ti*
. . ho *dt*SttaedBl..?ni fron ?_?? .e.l.l*...-*
., m in tie, ?Ulli bo?l**ft!>Bl riauk
lii., ? a i r, l*y i" .?.v.? ?i '" o ' ' ?- ?',t'?*'t J.r""'1 ?<" ''?
PI,,. ,In. ?ill bi't-ieu lo (.it.I.?'.."!'-'. 'Tier,?eui
" ??rehl M,? M-trrta a I tas. .ard
-., i.e. ,u.|ii?*rot lae late Ale??.iderKeaa'.r titi. w.
. ira. IBS fries*. I BkS :.i,..yii.a r.-ipe.-ful.) I.
., .1 .,.1 i.e. r-isr? I Uti. day. at I o'? eck p m .a
,:... ;;.,. u .' : roi r. i laati t itat,
Uti ?vean* wltbout ?"urthetii'tiie
HilkilMA .-I" ilavloi. C?ltai*n|iJ?l*iu.t> N* 1 .?SB Sat*
' ?id v .'a h I al di ii Lena. Mary Plels riten da-i*h?*i
,, ii .nu md Auiiivl? Bht-ruiau, ?iril I ? ?en-?. I n. i.tbe
, li,.,. Shi filed happy lu tbe Lord, ?xi r' -. < u' ..
reen? niei.J. to mee. bm m ii*????' BBe Bra aras M
i:.?.Hito "in wlteb? twite itara to atento! h?i bweara
i,>ui*i ?i i li em m f?*ttewsi
J, - H ii')' a,l tv ii' a?-v i ? ."? ?
* i I] ey ?*yl. I,? it I? Jr.u?.
He wh.i: . I til ii i B4 !'?'" ' " I-.
Ail tu? -?.v lout u i? Jesse,
l.it?. Jriua ni! th' .vtiy lou?
i r I'?-, rlr&.e ttVf.
,\ ?li-u.i MeafUy. M?tch 3
? ul (' uit> B. i VViUini
it.,n ?ear m bia???. m
. , I , , . : , Ore*? e i out? >? >
OUI lu? ??ay "".'a " a? ?.??-.
lim. Jr?u? BiltL' .viy lo.i?i. k.?*ua
e-.??un ??? r per? ayton eera. .. , ^
M i.u.ivi.t ?li-On Moap>r. M??!) 3 !-?'?'? ?V RJ?'.,',J}
I te, it ?t .ltd C uil) E. i WJ?.m Botue..? .J '? m
. , T? ?'".?'?'V'?,",- tie'l.thfi. '
, , ater?,ra liur.JiT, Mi -hu.
ulu " ? I'', 'u . . ,...,,, ,, \U:ch 4, 'u tue J5th f Mi
, ? , ,w , , roi r*V. ?i ' -.nlthe f-u.4 ?'?
- '' f ''" '?*, ?pur.dBV ?ita lib Ui'... foui !?? Hi
Se 11?'tree? eltr.aa TOBieej oaaratag KioiC*? 4.
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