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Trip of a Correspondent Up the
Cumberland to Nashville.
Bantiiricnts and Opinions of the
People oa the Route.
e-'^?toV?.n\b'.NilT.Ti".^?rt?.Frt r : H
All the wily u( to Cnrhivi la welbendevideneei
of tayahyanaagtoe ?rattered iwitfcncrantona?the
hank''- of ti?- iiv.r. Beyond iii?, fanwever,then
Banned bfce a dnided efaaaas ?be people were
jart as plenty, mid BBBfBrOed ant a- much curiosity
to Bec u?; I at, Insltad of vrai-ii.g faaUand faendker*
eliiets, t.-iev rturcd i:t ni in s illen tileiue. i'hey
?a-eined hennathed, MaaeRed Ht the change a?- ti o ian
?hey batdlv yet approbated the bal tn.t it wa? the
8lar? and' Sirii ? ?, im-'ead of the Stan and Lair-,
that hung from our Heg-?t?ff.
livf i ibe n? irro??-, u? i d'y so demonstrative, stood
Hke ihmy naiier? of Betoatahnent and stupidity,
and i r.ve iii? ?r supposed deliverer? BBVBI a ebner.
Omettl f.-ll.iw did. mdf.'d, get an a bttb eatbasi?
arm he was, however, a long nattanoi from ntiy
Route, ai d ot.lv vniured to sli^k? Ins batanad hal
#jr..rn I ehii.d the protO? ttafl of mort rti.ck.
The 01 lv oto i cae? ia which nnbja of welcome
ara? ?rend aaied, weall h* el a i letty Mi?s, of raine
aeveiit.-en or laatnaJboats, who h mod aver the hal?
cony o? an ariatrantfc boan faebw Nashvilta and
abo, k :i (!< li.a'.e a? h',;e a ? -run,! BOT it. Hy cm-l?
ot ne a-? tang a? we ron abed m light. ? bother abe
did it Iron patrioiiin, f? tan, or bacana ei ion.an?
tic nature waa inner?? d ?vuii toa .(ua.itities o( gold
lace that BO (leliiiinllv bcdetfaod OUTgaibnt ?Ihi ere.
ia ?on Ihm 1 can tell. I'"-! a lj h wag -in.ply mm
af noie ni.pi?lres h, which "gushing girlbtHM i?
hable, ai d ho: el ?rai no- io.nuil?' be ooenrued a? un
?vidente i f publi eratimeat ia th it neimhothood.
1? is in, re than pn ha' k It .t in a w<<k or ro theie
?will le a marked (h'Verei.,.'. IVveaveso kag
Reen lied t". and derril ed b) the polnical, r? lignan?,
and editorial iM.-uiidrt'ls of the South, (bur they
?head our nntof as they woild the? advert el a
rjeaiilen.e. The ixttbwtug ia a tpacianm al toe pah?
rlum upon which tr.* ri.Hr-.es tt the laato sre led.
It ii takeu ,,o.n Ins iV? it? to Banner c4 Pea^c
gttueren? |Lyaw)W. Ii. Ward.
" We ban felt too secure, wa have be<n bo Hind
to toa coii?e.i_uen?<? ?if l niou nanam If toe)
au' ceed, we (hall see. plunder, insiih b old and young,
?nae and l?male, mindel of ?.nocen?", tele.i-e id
slaves, und causing them to drive and insult their
anaster? hi d tins'.r.si-es in the most memul ?ci \ i, ? ?.
toe bad laid vi ..-te, in eera haime, bai k- and private
eorlers loi.i.ed, i ottoB and avery v..loable | then a wa*
??..fore oin . y,s, and a brutal, dimfcaaaefaltaiy tnraed
banapan bb. Whawaamn ree tide' I: yea to)
not t.thieve joQ will see 111 look ni Missouri.
As s?h?u as partroonehave oceapnd the ooantij
for a tew weck?, and by tlieir aetioB p.v, a the lie to
an,!, aaeeittaai na Ihi above, lha lateul Union BBUtl?
ment b this portion af theasab will develop ittejf
toan exteut tnat wflleverwfaebi ihntrniton inryoad
rei.ruij tiou.
?Sion ??fter paaatag Kort Zollico^et the a agi iicent
?State-11 ouse, atnatted Bpoa the highiet hill i f Nash
ville, came into view, with the glerio ?r old ring
waving proudly .rum a Staff BpOB toa ; inf. A lillie
t?;nher, and tLe letty piers oi the ruined bridue? l..
-Njie visible?a lew minuten later, and toa ? , nero? a
? ii fast at the whait M the not of one of th. BBBJa
wets of Nashville.
? 'p toSuiiday ?norning. Ibe MA in?t., the day
npou which Fort {jamison i-'.ii rende!ed, the impreg?
nen was prevalent in Naebvilb ti,at lha " \ i-.ikee*
raere being''cleni'id mu ' in the n? :al wi?>i??.i!e
tttriifchter, bancenbe Myla, i esbe an ii. toe oana 11
th gallant ana of chivalry, aatoroay a dispatch
? pul.1 ebe.J as follows:
mai bbtbbstibc l**-oLo?uooa ni .mu?oik
mt? ?.-i i.-Hio tan 11 i ? ?i 11. - maia
Mm"?* coarLBva n- roav.'
Gen. l'tllnAv als-, aart Bp u amjHtchi
** ON TI"! nOBOn oi a -oi li li. li I ilk: DAI I- ul|.-'!"
Oave .lohn-or? wk? hI??i ?ei/e,l ??iib tLe pntvaihnf
hoi<.-fiilties> and the datpateh mania, an?1 fr.-ii ''?
aafe dtataati? of (lark i ill?. rhcert-d toe njoiclni
apuit? of Nashvilta as fottowai
?? i'ho Iii:!.ling on Ae,t?-ro.i\ MBB mni'.ly hrtwea
two gaefaoab and the fort. ft'm> giea'K danaged
and ret in tt. i fane ent nf saw a in t!.i- river ne i>e
Beved lo be dfanhbi. Firing keri np all da] on ou
linen without los? on our ?ide. \\'?' bear Tiri r g agt.i
this morning. They have had fatrge ro-enforuemenU
Their whole fone ?upj-osed to be near MM bun. n i
thuiieaiid. Our otli cere feel loi.tilent of - '.?--, BM
nar troops oajaally ao, and cannot be natuaetntj. J
Virginia regiment, M, (auum, touk one as their bal
leurs - ??ht ?fore las', without any lo?*,. r, oar ;d,
Manor!? of the Matan ?,f Huseellville and Ktttoa i i
heliev-d. "Heir wholo lots, i? i? laoegfat, , .v.e j,
em: toaanendL Cav? ,i<-ii>-- .\.
M ?if coiiise the virtu.mi and Cfaftatbni1 tr../
mi Nashvilta vi .-te I ; - i > 1 y tfelighted ?:i K atlaj i. on.
Ing. to re'tive thenmcinraninganoiancee of th?
fhitfty piognaa ol rebellwn. They were miogliu^
tbtajpstt kuieUigeoea nvi'Ii lhaironvotiopg inonlg.
bar in rhaerfal nnticipattaaa al toe bton of Dixie,
wuiie they guNe i-i-iit to < Ho iii,' ii< , a,,,i otbei
Te Inane, athen nttMrnly Um d?Ut?bni antanc.1 ra
uni ,u m ?i iih.iii.i waaetiaagtatta aacivileaely a*
mum tlirottle* a I'Uir ol bin d pap| :? *. bj the Bttvent
of toe gallant hioyS who raaraaiBBad ne vaueaaril
of the re'rea' ben 1) .nel??.u.
Barril toibatl; cuneraeS bia Legiitatun, fcnt,
finding no pnritaiwntnry nnady agM?nst the a?
proacli ot Yani;. I ? vi-ii rtoeB anti anaored gi
they iVjo'ini.-d w ?thort t ailing tor the naya, a!!?Jt"ok
a special into for Mangata.
H.-f(,r?' i.igiit, ?nhaamt with fab irtrantng henta?
?,.,m ii twiing (ii.? o, ente ?i toe city, andTMines
M .igh, Sniih lor l?i.N?r. 'I'i.i* a?!d- ?I M the g1 nerei
I"-. ie, und when B rumor bo- me earrrnl thal tie
?'?a.!'"! ganhntttt bud tahm Claraville, and! wen
an-1 timing ap toa river, the arrhiinnil Rnwtoha
PoBsvatoetn bta in* writing, I bhe toa rr-ic.-,,!,.
ajn of ii..- m nant I ron aa i tia of J /.', t bli can
H i. ' ?, .??ii? d liii, .?.omina.
" Sucii h'"-) im: t-, and fi,, vas never kn?ii. I! -
for- uight?all, hiiadn?s uf t-hiiene, will, th.?r faiai
lia., -.cr..' aaahiag ita h w,.v. a- bert Ita -, ,. ,i,i. | ?
the ?-.a'h, in i.? ?? ? ,. , ..vi,,.,,, ?eba why ihet
nre-e ihn ie. BJmalp abanttonirig ,,,,?? rtabi? .?'., dm -'
ar Mben- Hut were a? iag, Aboai ? ighi ii .
Boin..-ed tort the : - .? .iv a iritiee - old throw
open the publi? store* to all w io n., , rj ,.,i,. ,1)H,?
?? lb? ojfit? m.'iii t "iit.inii'd tin ,i,.n Kqiiday ni h
amatMiitlj gniuingatiangto,?tidedbj tliedeetru, - ii
an trogua-lioateal toe ?vi..,ii v ,; , ?
osar. ...iis'i :.-io ., tego Lue .No i ?( ?; ?, ,,?, (.a , ,
MM Jsnra Waotteand Jamea Johi-sou, >,nvivi
?sma ?..' thal porp,... Then ??- armyrt?aa
?Irtii-ri i ?min.',n^J iis iiiui-.-b. encntoping hy reg?
Benn at eonventaat pointe outside I th, eily,
al -i lay ?a-riiuiKtbe.ii;,i a ?-/.-n. d ia the etty i?
bajjHdyuaiiug. 'I a ? ,: Ik store - ? ?
?'? - '? St leal . a ' .- -.? the p.- pt . n .' i), ?,? ,
? i,.*;- ela were making heavy ra tiiaiij r-, w.'n
gBMaUNj ?I ,,ii hi h'.u men i'-i f.-, ., toa, tai
BM ? ? ? ?-? i i 11 li t u, . em ,.. . , ,,'..,
' ' ' aiil-r bl : " i.. billa
a ?-1.. ...I.-I..I-a i ..i .south, t i ?:?? ? g.- ,,,.,)
.'.i:-t.. hi?. Hi?in, Cuioonnny from Keoinehy.
???? .ttohttaH left foi the Routh, piecing (.? n. floyd
' Hand, u akatatt by liena. I'llba . att ll.?nj...
lue ai ,',v .? ii?), ni <,? i,?. Mr? m,- ;,,, ,, ?, llj(. ,
ay La.mg i-.-ii i.?;ri i a,roiJf.,ii..,, lf wa? Beter* I
M hy (..a; lloyd thai toa di ? iraetioa ? ibe,
ia? npi*Mmtoie,BBttmereerwaaa it leinen I
wa? ikoorea. . nu a loree oetailed (?? col. ? t wbw
.. " , '?'".;'? , IhtawMdinnaelaradano.
"? bUI ?... rOSitdai tl.edlr',.', -,,.,.-,,, , ,f-?><tl
-. 'in, and iratiiuiirt witotautaor I???, rtnincinm
mr , .s eye of tbB mort j-iji(,0.,? , ?,.? ., ?u(.| '
?> *tey morning, roesrby Light the ?ii? btton
?Vr'-i1.-..! hiidg, acroea the Comberl.?,d ?1,1.
??"}tttt, io artta ..f to, n.ost en,not ana p rairtaat -
anton Uuamtot .,?,. laartiog dtttena. be ?Uli
gv.'.O.OOO, and waa one of the floret draw-bridgei in
the ?oiintiy.
' These? nenw1 ii h WWttSnSS ted during the follow*
hnttbeeepta Mon av antr.iog, hMto, lieggar de?
ili,!o. I'l.e 111,lull,- eui' r?v ol 'if M.l'T lo d
' ity anti oritlra, ?!,. iLr?. exhort ti i? ia'"de albir,
laded with b prneVnee, r?al. and d. voii >n b t'.< !
Irity, wl.iih ra, not bo loo highly commet.tied, WBB
im'ilnpiati'to ke?pd"Wo Hie ?r-lfirh and imprii'i
( led spirit of Muintii" ti, VN lii. ti run riot, pnaftog
fr? ni the montis and , a, ka of tiifletitig sid ans and
(?'pinn the t-oor patt Ban of mea? and elrthtoe I
which wss lefi >f^?m as iiidrmni'y fur morths at toil
with their nudes, and ?he ??? titi?? of hu bands,
s-t:?, and faiothnii in defennoi ti e ttantfaere Contad?
enoy. Till Baga i'"- tATorU of the Mavor, howev. r,
h ]la't w?s Hdopt?'d i o Stiiiiday, by wbwh mott if
net all at tons bom aid anpnsnetnl westbw ad
il.eCoAeiiuiient wire fully ?ecursd by iiuailermaa
' ter and ( HBitlMiy ?'."res.
| ? Here whu an entire Aieek of panta and ?orfmion,
dun, " abafa ti-illioi-s of dol?an worth of proptrty
iv.r? lost lo the Sonil ? rti ( onie I, rat v , and wai tonis
... ii.?j?d, all ?.i an! i, li mia'iit hi.\. bean quiet!* and
asbly r> u oved !i,d the pnnbmttahm fandenbeen
abb-?o B.aiabb tier eojaniatttj ia toa ?ueaat?
eairan and amnthentta ibhot tfaal Ihn moni wire
?mar af hand. C, mm?i,t upon BOrh BtflaageMset t*.
l rnneietriiri in tbnte. (ol'iuinr - it , an Le iieard loud
and ajwparlBg fitanerery month iri Iba brad."
Stn du?- mionttag a imall adranre of ( en. Hnell ?
? ??luinn arrieed aariteob poanaatoaal 1 ?leefield, h
Mimi! town oppviie Natbeillr* Nothini: wa? dune
Basil Monday erenii ?. when Gan? livtll arrind M
F.d.-i held, and WM .uuiiedinttdy tieited hy a comn ii?
Ive from Nashville, tended hy Minor Chf.ilh.Mui.
I he hour for h fui-inal intiiviev. ?vu? Intel a! Ila. ni.
iiie-i.iiy, bafon which time Gen, Nebea iirri?e?l|
a ih bil ' -?iliiti n ou trittupoi;-,, BO ompi.i.ied hythe'
gaaboat >'>'. I?ea?s.
At te HjP'inttd hoar the Mayor urti 10100 tro1
.?tiren- waned on (?en. Hi eil anti ?mr. inlerrd the
? iiy. ri i. ivi-.jj iitrnraiice? that the lil eity mid prop-'
, t-, .n ul! i iitasBi weald 'e ramarilj i*nasctad.
I lave tperaagood deal of time to Bay la wa*
' verrinE vvitn the i iti/en?, i?nd foaad hut little I atea
' lei time'.!. Mea aarartra that ibay weie not cittaaaa
if the i r,; ed girara did a I aram any ptana itsa
rtsiM the QotMBSBsnt, and in ?jaearal ?sans even re?
i*. -? ! t? rell niiv good? to th?' ?oldiere nr ollVer?.
Oae aran raid he wraaUaiea mam, bat aerar had
du'rii my i?" foi fear o! bein? Inn a; an-ilier ?kid IBS
'mit two trighie' steep he bad bad mwrakawen
iint'e iii?- ui-iv I tri tha National attuv. At.'.tht-i
. J aerated ara with s eery hangi,ty air, tbM
then- ?ere Be Union men in Xa.-h ville axtioi amoag
i.,i ;? arrin sad tetronrei no ?.en; let, en, be ?aid, ?v?r?*
anytl ?qk bal Se.i*.--.'.>:.iotr, or atabels, ii I hhed the
term any heiter.
(len. (?mut at"! itatT SBBM an here to-da?* fr? in
ClarktTilie, and iier.t riverai kean in I.?.,!?!"?
ara?ad the trity ta*eng a?ben wBem Ibes ? .'Iel
upon wa* Mi?. Pirik, t? e wi'iovv of .lana-e K. I'olk,
f,'i,i..:iv loi.i i,i of IBB trJ? ? I'ni'e?! Male*. 'Ihe
r eiile:ice of ?he nit ' of the late Pnfltdaal i* u hainl
rorri?' brick mai ?ion. M a Baa t-'reer, it d ?howe hy
bi r ?urioim'ii:x- thal theil a wonmn of ta-te. ?
Btrgaywri Inn beSWeeB IBB ?riel and the h. .til*.,
which is filled tv n1, cl.n .p. ,,f the trun bim! elegant
I cada**! stately mae^tritas, ?li Enea a* m Baaraar,
vvlil. 'u rt-lint tf'ere Hut! ?di!* ami of!.er atante ban
pt-hed forth ilieir IseTM md ilovvei? wirti a! ii*
i it hmas and taiaatj ol ?? Nor?'?n-, raidrammer. la
one ? orner, r:.rr..u!ided hy eniL!? UiHtii- everktreein- io
Btaatefel, eratly tomh, laaiieaib which tarap? Ine
once |?ow*r!'il. I ief of B united n*itior>.
Mn. Polk i? a w, ll-prcr-tved lady of BSrnapS fu?
ven? af a^-e. she lacehrrd her vieitcua eoarteoatlr,
tut With n pul,?ved ni da ?MS that in leafed iiitfj
ciet.ilv in wliiih die? ?ifri her sympathise ian - -lx?
vv.ir lim) ly r,.l.?e and ladvlikr in BB CBSB patriota.
Wlil. ?he ?JtBCieetlj ft.reli'.re to jrive Batanan IO
hny okpre,?eioti of ?vi ? pi.-.hv for the South ?'e as
rigidly a\-"ided Maying anvthi: g ti at aright ha BBB?
Eiawl into a ttiali fra tbe aaarrai el ti.? (?orrm
nieni. She ho) el, ?he ?aid. that th? leejjb <>f her
Inn-Land WOttld protect bat hotnelmlJ from ?n?iilt,
and h? r tti'ifrtv from pillage, farther than t! i? ?he
expeiied iwtbtag from the united Miif?, and ?le?
aned !.uti,iii):.
?Soon aflat this l.er i'???o?i left, BallowSd thHt
Ephraim win joined to hit hi,!? an 1 mij/tit ra weil
Se " let h'one.' Ar the wuluw ii ol more then
? ? nary iatel?gence, ead owe? ?he ample lortun*
wl i. h ?nio?ihi ilie dei liviiv of lier <?ld hK?* to the
('oveir.inent, it ';? ?oiuevvhat -tr?nke ihat ?he thould
I.- at once *<< Mindly igaonnl ol the true character
' ,? ii. . : ! war, l'i-J ?o vi.jjr.teii:!.
l"he Batatos ?af Nashville- that n. the :ev. of then
wii.i have no ?iinrlv tor the war: araaribnTaa?
k-e-hauntcd portion? of I ?ni? - are, o! ctnirae, na full
of ui'ui, n a* ti ey an In eeeaaisaal c??e?of lanbV
ara. 1 baw i ti oaij two asawef ???men who ar?
luralj and h'.'b "f inen- an- BSMMSJ WBBl B ??fl.t he
railed tbe "lower walk?' of ?... ml hte. I ?ne of
?bera wai a ban ararad, Ibmi braded '., -..ile. t'j*t i*.
ned Iron, n tha ity ? a the I lull at we para S along
? ii-.?* treat ef tbe city, and eoaBawoeed mering ber
t:a:,d? -ait'llv ni iiulilw.!, ratheeamaItemiVrii ajj
M.ilei ! Iv nu bet toe?, l'We ?e-na devotee I.it.,ra the
attar ?waa Aste* ?net. Bhe erattetssd ibis deo.m
t BtretiTC bel Betataal v.-el I ?BM lill B ?BBBpta ot ollie:
s foi al?-? i-?",? u from the raraa shaaty, mtd foratbtj
i rain?d her ir-doo'?. It ami be rasp?ete?] that bat
IomI re.ov: !'.:on ?-| nag eather front w hi?kJ thau
| | :.tri -tie i. h i':-;'? '"ii that my own r dad i* not
altogetikttr ftee f irai, at I ban rarefally nile, ted
- npon ti -.* riagebti atad ititi,'??' Isolated i-a>i? of DBssb
r feeling.
B The vthei eera wai alta thal of :.n rah I .,'> . an.!
'? ?eeiiie'i n,?io ine teruit ?u Bsoiiins toyeJty than al
l -ti: ulaate. A?(!en. Gnat ead ?'a1 aren ridini?
d tbroiigbtheeby,awsann raebaioM Inmaheaas
v and taVowtag ap bar banns la the Myt adopted] bj
- ? ru-i paieats waen th-v ?av, ''Bteraroa, mt tant?
draa, ii tfteea real ii"Vi I-, ex? talaras, " fkaj hie??
t ?re, gtetleeseBJ Burceeego tririye! Ariah, t iu
i iii e,yi liui'-, ai"i ?lou t he beater?a' ita liteimte
aw ' ' Ti.?- le*! reu^rk, I in .;.? ?.- y. wai artrempm
? niel by a naotutdtag lap, aod w:?? aodrasssd to?
- driv-ii..- i '- ?n thal tiiniKt lu? Babel Bl Bead
beyond the di >rway, aad net, ra amy be nrmiaeri,
t. ihe llliiioisian hero. The konti: m-; aa oae te
.... .. "'.l. ?i. puen liar te ..ii..,....; ?area*
and, amid nchoras of -.'up , i?:? j*? -:i.*?- . aad tha
? ioareoi'ihe toflering intent, ibe Gaaenl ta?edn
? ? oiTiei and di ppeeied,
il A litt !?'.:! -r mil Ile it t v ? ?-,fii ?low Iv hy B
costly . :..'. ?,. ot ?me of wbara WBjritiWl WM
ti|-,-il?t the h'-eo ol ?in eieivKU! ! J di? ? Iid l-.-iv. She
tv:?? i' ? ? u ?.,- t oi:.-. ii.-i ? '. ihe l:v. ried darley
ibal bald :le ir!.'u- bra I" ?kfatg BB a* the parti
ratted, not ,:.uv/!v lifbl '.' lbs Ci i. ,-i nnifiirm*.
Vi ."i i. " hu mil t.? n tbe bad iWavltewed a load,
-i. spat toward tia froiuid, aad ai b a reataarata.
i n? a:..i ?".? r. ?eil ? v" imeea of diaanBl m ",i her feat
1 oree,dr?w la barbead, enrithna b?snBlf beek In
b< : earriaga. truite j?,*?.,.!? ?astb Bmnmaaie Bia
the var? biAttit ol Soutbere breedin| forAbraNeteb,
ii the land ol fankeei aad wooriaa ? lo? k?. a worr. n
who woi.l'i perpetiata an a-l of the i.i:?, , ?ulm
' limitai i'iic.i,i.?iari" ?, woaM be reg ?f?-.i .Mil. ia
UM B ??' i ? - .- ? :>' < ?? i ; -hi ? I ? Mat] ti, fc? ''???! ev
lei than i m ibouldbe'? .? -?> vel??!-. eleeel) akiata,
If noi the ki? iii T.I - ..'?? '.mu.me spot ia) ?( ia
Ki V'-i.lli. !,H.
iin ii-viiiit'ly I ree: othet *],? .lU.riii of N?ahvi'!e
L.u.i-. abo m mai;. ? a*e* nppraii ? etobeBeol'
.? .: "in the p"--<--?i".io, a Mue v i'?--.-.t. .i? ? ribed
'i?ui meeting awi ? ?e??iciiTle of avoidance, a? ag*
ing,aalbey oui ra, their abijadas! ?l?i?t?. ?jriili a
I cu 11,! :.Iii 11 i "u ? - ii the md u ia u . u
hin'uni VM..1-' i ? rtoatamiaatl.vr.tli ?ja ihe
? ,-!t at which ita Boera tri the uaaghty a!aifingi
.v- t ap, aad ti ?exit b1 io wal h ita rr Upai
tv. ? .lo-., n Wen -li' ?! lue le i? :? Ni rim p ,?lion of
li hv-i lu, . i . lii'.llt i:, Moa ?
. ?ii? i I.-, 'np of llir.e, :.u le'd* ilemoi
, XXX\ llii? CONGlCi? .
M li vf HE1I8I0K.
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r'MM.:t (Hep., Mai .) pratenteri ? |
'"?m u er. haul ? ol :.??<?-V-i? a bli ?? foi lueeaiirei
? ' ' ' won of M,- i ih :., Panama
M:. MU.li ?IAN (Rep.,Obi v ?,o-1 Hut ."
JJ I Allaire, lep. ried a bill mutating I pat
? , "?, i,t. u. , || x.?,,;,
'"i' ' ? ? u a" i <??...,. abad i ? i
Bra bill i lq r i .i]-,-.. ( ... . H, ,
ihi.i ibe hill ? m ii i ? pa ?? ,i. bul
I** 0 allow tteme will isa to id ir ihi,
Mr. IMVIfl I'-., Ky I lol ... iced a ; IK, ,
pay, j ? 'i- y toit .... ... i .. ,.
i ni iv .- . v.
'? ' i a bill i , i,
f the I ,i:
Ur. ? tTHAM (Dom., <',,?., - . i
lion i.i- i
ulm bran si.I) m ? t 11*| ? ' I !
O? I ? I" ,"" Ve'. I
t ? ' I *....,
? s. lot til ??! lb J ] . ....
io Panania had decided thev would no? carry the'
nails n?.r (>ov?mn,ci,t <!i?i atrb.-H. T i? was an
:,ii"Hk'e n|.<-;i ILr (love.Munn and II e eonimereuil |
i .munni'V. lhirivetv t oin| any ree. ii. at ten mil-!
li-.ne ft.au tl??> iloieiiin em, o?,' low tiny t ko ihr
! ;,. ifl! ?ty I" fone li tu? 11 i' '?'ra' I fr. m lie- ( loVr ril?
li . t S'iih vcrti-l? ..igt i r.t.t to be allowed t n rfani
In i. ir perta, or be a;l *w< d ile preti ? ,i m af em
hag ii they leluned to B?tard a- aSSBSMMSneSB to the
Tt ?? bill wes referred.
Oi moioo of Mr. FOOT |U-j?., Vi... the joint
re.t luir n ttiiii-feniiig tLe ?opervi-ion of the Capia? I
eBiaaabn, ?Vc, from tilt w?r Deanrinsal to ti?e
Oepurtiii. ni of ti e li '? lior wii- bhaa up.
Mr. FOOT sail ibis Bean abba waa ht ton lato
rior Iteparinifni till the aennfan of I'leiio and
Jeff. Davis, ead tv.? natttomd in the War Impart?
it.mt H0B1 Danta and Floyd, li wa? nilli. ieoi lo
say thut alter eight yean ( ! in litary i?up?rinten
ttei . i and ? .Np-ndiiiKe of mi linns, the Capitol Ex?
teasne raanned mflnbfaed? Tbii i rapoohtan to
tnnebr WMeanaed far no freli ganmrt the War
Ilepaiiiiu-ii'. lor the bend of tort l?e|iartiiient had
'he lull e, i,I. tarni o: lha country n.r his lovait'.
fide li y. and ability. Bol be (granton) bad no tom
io spme, i,n,l (Lien. Meigs, ti.e faiipetiatensent, fand
no I.mc to ?paie. Som. thing was tieiveiary b fas
,(h?ns to preserve tie building inuii the datnag' it
? hiiin-n? iroai > tan i
1'. bill wea di?c???sed till the expiration o' 1'ir
i,., ?rg bou,, w!?cn me Coull?? .titan bul MM
taken n -?
Mr. MORRILL (H , ..M... lb mc'Mue banst
nahm been chara leilsed bj thon who bara pie?
atti I me in eloquent nad tai gaant, and, Ii,'k1
am anti orited b nu. s itirtaal torn?, e* eau tari*
Bery, anc?n??itntlocal ?? I i n vpi '.- .?. v? roleen?
. ' , lu - ? one if toni ii don 11 '? bel og to the
dan of oroiuan leg! i allon, 1 eone.nlj rai to
I bee ira? granted hera ead rbewben Bal Bir,
n wen ta ibi I ai ita l h m uni aevei (?????n fawn wfcn
rliiinks l", -m t.,1.11 .- any tet\ - rail ii ly wl ra .. dh
I and bleedini ei nntry M | den i'. Aa t<? lha
,.at i conceive, ? " toni the Constitnttoa le to?
Btrai (tb and 1 til ... the nalba ta Ms hoar of
i., ii indi nil, and it rannrt b? n> eoaalrmd us to
I amper all bow a" ? i Icnvor for hi a? I ?
(?!....-? r from the lipa ef na Amerh an Benalir lo
?the i. al ?i aai enemy rt ita lb ?1 f-\ I? er* I':
to its nbatts, ana I any ny. ti,?' ii aa?
pedieutto be ?bee, wai b m rendered netneaary
; ordinary ct?ndi?ioa of ibe cotral ry. la
toll ipiiit I api roach tl.i Benoni I pica involved ia
Ibii debate. fin bill under i?>n?i,l? rmi, a, I fie? ly
toole ?, com -.npla'e? the axeittaa al toa ?i rara
au! ni. ol toe nalba An toe petneen rt ?alf?
allon, autt ii ibe cLratiaeaienl and ovn
I ? v , i |tg rJ a? 'i erantes. Theptiainryoom 1
'of ihn LOI, n? I i>..ii' Mid i'- rfrtnraJ m aand
! , t ig the enppret ion of n ta ui a. It i oeeed?
.?-j gjn li l\ upon '?a i.'snmpli- li li ?.! .m o.-une li ti
ii io? i'? diJ a re!e!l ? ua ii ti -li in I bl I BVC BUbB.
i. 1 !? r? of a ven i rap? i ion of the | roj ? rty and
atoran la then balee,am 'lut tli? preoertyaad
these staves consti its te incanive aodb ill ?
ml baraol lbs rebelii ... . ad i st, toerafora, b
I un lues 'lie ri..'it ni. ! lit?* J io' ' ' e BBtloB lo OB?
. - to . i ' 1.1 a ..".l'y. and to award lha penalti? ?
afee ttanuaJioe i estate and lortettare of eontiol
. ribo pen ne ii' aho nn the rappert af toa
i i.!.,-ii, Hid by ti.. '?? am.o BBthl Wal BBBfl i'i
Ibi'. Mt, ?n the ? Brj tbn ihold ? I ibu
?-, n?, Inde? ii, al ibe a iel*ew rj snarl sa
I toe peri i lha Mandi el ihe Ooeennnai to pal
,l.,iv.. rebelii n and refend il sgniart iba aierbiiia*
iioi,i. : . i , .t .'..t-, wem i , I ? ij. ? Rfa a I .t
taunt, ti all i??'? to nag u ni wal a ith? i ly.
The ?ni? Ion i? bvolved b lbs peril? af civil erar,
??.-iiiK ding lb ?>r..,.-<! et*all ii? powen,and ja\
?: i ; |,ii,lil';, .bli in tl.^l tll.ie e.Nl? h It mort
euh.ir..??n g contrariety c1 orttoioB in- t. tit?
, power >i C.-ta-r.?-. ead M b the
foi i i ; Li '..? -.ra '? nu di4. Coder Ibera .i:
, urna a .-, it i i BBBtMf ?.'lu I--1 r.i,| ..rtiiti, .
b mcnab what I eeutl ritjr in, and whan H ii
!.- ?gi I, and apoa wh m ii.pooeibidiy of iii e. -
? ??? i ? to mt. fhe powen and d ittaa m1 ii;; we
Bhall asaign to the (Joverbii nt wiU ?bfajajd I think,
i ball be rtoterniued to ka thenUtBal cou?
| ditton of the ni ?. nheilinr lb randiiioo la ?nat el
: i ""? I wai i linar] Bud .< ?? i i \ am rt <?'.
\ ?he 0? rema - ? ? h ? - c. rratitaii. d ate ni i faVa
i Lie I,, the nalmti ia n ?'*'. ? ! I en , , h.,,| j?t juel a?
?nil ibe Court I utan ..ii? plain powrie***?.
j liar tu toe nation m a abb 11 ?m. b toa Ball -. ta
that ? ? o i i-'ii which eevolvn opea ii toe exerrtaa
of that | - r manoa io aemeral ?: .te . f hostil?
iiyl i':-i'.'i ???.'!_. ?(.-,.Itii'ia*. toe ?.-?n al toa
' ?...v.-r'i i ?'? over ii 'io ?? i- completo,
'and to li ?? i ? ? ? '? ? ?, ? i ill? a .1 Ibe e?
' e,. ,?,. , ; t al pOWei I 'i .i'-- i ? ? ?? t
?o?- i!,? franela ? - ' ,:' bbiIob, for
,,,,., . . i ?- ?, and for ill
?>! a ? ? >? - m1 wai ' 1'
?he?? i a observed bat the Uo\< ? ?? reatta
a, ;,, ; ! 11 .> But it will not I
?i ueet lol nat bet wer I
' ? Le (i ?? ? in '? ? m i....l o i- .... -i i - |. pb with ni
i.l.v I rut .I. . 1?. ?I . o 1,11/ l..,,?ltil. I ii,,l ?
giiiiernl BtaAart heetiliij i U ne? i a i ? w be
rii.-'i-o, . ml a ill not be , ?? > toned; and n I? the
Bath A't Iba wai t'-r .-tii'-ii-i o g the ;-ni ?-.?>? ol
llie (') ' rnti-enl o\? r li, r. n i..id dolii'-r'l'' <
all truly kryal nea ara happily bow agreed. Bul
IbM ? ? not btrtuopti ?na! no the ? I ij
the (loveri ?i ? '. '? ' alten attva h ?- barn
pu m ni d ..i n' - n oi .. : ali and
Iprtrioti viinli aiton >.| -t? boner le tin tassie per?
brnancs ti ii? daine. In anny prn?? m tue
antat l Iii! i -.i lb? ?i-.'. ranon! mm
?et at deRnnee, Badiufmcti a? tended, ite property
?rta | the bsuiTBCtion Bnally be ka oui Into
open rebellion tbreal oin le destroy, ile Kepulic
gnjd ? ? ' ob it? rnfa s si, oligarchy bx -tut- lo Lita n ?
tai ii ii na! letheChitaltaa ag-. (o-ieiiiu.tut, a"?.
1. !? ii. oro. lui id It? |'np M if .ii!i,i:i. ?, un,I at!
line aeiioi Jaar wan, half a mill a Bien volunteered
iaeeaaaewei am bow, al ti?, aottofntawahoti
: ,?'..? d ia iel' ? ! ' lry?bviug,(.-?-.
. .i,-;.?in men, a auuxruoe, nantirai bert da?
?Batidlo ? impatieutl* tv fal toOWB I'eil.erny ol OBI
eonntryn? tener. I!.-1 til on, I t Lil ! M*yt?eaAv
iautui'd, ir ii ; H .te >.' a .?i, . im le-., i. l-rlie.in? war
ea '... par! of ita? m nies, It Bratten i l thal
bru fastwasBtwo ?.oin.'? ol t??: eountry civil
,wi,r i) j-vt ?." aj*acfa war u? thoogfa i?
H,re i-'.iM, n two of Ike gieatcM nattant
,,i i m i-i.n!. Lin rally, lae a bola i ? l
taara p aatt the nalba a i ana*. It i nal, earn?
tai Avar. Which bVBBM lha BBlfan At in, nil Hit higli
11Bi >i :? i - ? . g g aadforcee apon ? l??? (?? rrrn?
?mei,tile aserctaa ofextietn? Minority egabrtite
tnei !."i ?i i lo ' ei ii a ti.: '.. -i.i?t ? n toa
bows will ?nove total. rVa Bheald m httwer atahd
Ipi.ile hole ot cent .h.. W t, We ale billy eOM
Inkied to wai Mon nnady?n wur in nbichtbe
Balbi hu t. triumph in unconditional aatt absoluta
aapretnacy, oi ii will i '-d in tie ajtiloclion of all
i..., i? .i ii..-?' iioi, nn i it on iba Barth? Der son?
Id-uni ben '( iu| ti ii "i ? ivil Mer. 1 ihtol i' bmM
ii ,i,i gai ibii the nation ananan ?i! lha rights ni.tli
' | owe|. BMI -.lu ', i-e ?.-!! |.:< r?-r? lltl.'tl, ul.d I -l 'i' 'lb
?leg Witt ?M ?in m.?" , U ht li.?.ii.on lo null ii,? l.i
? t n. 'I be I - - . . ., p-.ii., ? n. a m, g
, i and n ?' I - -i L. -lui n i, beatie? non
land v. ? cn- al?.. CMttlHplrtld, nui in Bato B
torta ita !'???. .i U ? i .o?..?nilli, ni i.vci o? ni.
rniee ii unlinuied and unresti taed by thal lustra?
a.ani, and h rout roll? I only by tin tan of nat i -i-.
. i- .. ?.. ,i? ,1 nitii it? doetseti? i neu : ?
?i. .'i\ wa i ? ? i' i age n i to bienrtieml law? In
Civil Bill , ' ? ? ' ' ' .'I I. , ? \ ? I i ? I
?omn-tnto uanil d rbancler and detagated powers
? , ' A ,,, t >? ; e.i.-i i- , t ti, ? BMM fal "
ter; and ti i t tonaba war, ibu ,? .
' M . m ;. ? i i ? i ? ' ? . i It, and toa ?- w?i b
rebe araaiae, an expreny gina b the Deo ral
?ti?.'em?,? n?, and the rRatea an at <-i erily fur
j bind, ii to i.\'i.i-i- it, Mihi,.,, del.I I'll li Ir, In
! tot -?ii- ? -, toni t ' i alton di ? art poa
i ? i ? r ? I :?? It i r?-. n. The m c " !"? arunta
lol powe? ni' r iii Co iii?i','ti , ivei ina wbta
? ub .i i i o liliiiei. I -m au.ne thal ti-.??? an
? u ' na io n i. entune i poa?
? ' - " >eiln. Bul , IbOM Vila, ?i._,. !-.
liulU that into).1er ia not, in a ? m it uti n .i
?? ? u n 11 ii...' ii ? m. ion i t bil ? '
? i, .i n law, i ad i-, i. rfoi -. i. wa o' ibow
?elf?pr?servaiiou ibai lu? , . i , mtou pw?
? t of quaai Uovcrnn tul, and aa i
i idy left without the pow? r -?'. enfon lug
oin ? ? '<? t-, ,'d authority, la thal ingaageof the late
I favdeial J re. Ibe tuna oliv? bra no pu
coo lol i -? I Cooanna baa no ? uw< r i..
? ? . I thel ia li i 1.1 ?'? ., t-, ti - i -, .i
fl - ? '. i . re i a been boori ol j" ni and
ud trouble when Indio?, like dien an?
gala, only a littfa sr than iba fallen angel? of ina
" i -, " ' | t ' i nati m , bul no
i '?'!..? aa ii- '?? . i" . ?i
mi "?? roue apee? b. lim mir, In bob
" " 'S!"'' . .' Bat M a MUl ml t i
1 I ' - ' ? i i ? i ... I i . ,i all ?
and l
? '.i.i-', bi lum lean ta ?
iw lu I i an? be anil
1 " '' i ' ? ?.-'.. I ... ? : the 'i.i
tad -..u I. doty t?, uieii it, be*I
t poner of i ra ti .,,?,
ciiiliile, an t u'loi ling'.no ni eau a t-fi'ofcn*e. ljiis|
trbele mslter ewera ob hti ia? ? re*..rt m a. piti**
f?| e 'nu fugt: toa?.i.l the r?'|?.!v ' n.t.v, vvh-'ii the
?.if.--/ of''? -'<? ?''ii di n.it'i'ie I bran aad pi ?pi
larast..?. i'- '-' " ?teals 1 learned l?u?rc e '-'''".
M . , be weak iii I rabie, it n i cowa) II' ' '
,. ,, .,:' .I I ?'? M " i' B, a J of lit II I '???" I '? r*
ward ?I ?' ti ?' ikey drained to wot.de foi a
<;,,?.-,,,,,t-i.? to ??-ti-.e ?loiieric tranquillity w?
Man 1.1, l.iiv) vv.li poeer to prt?erve IMbIj Hud
ttniil the i?iea ol' .1 h a Covi n.uieiit ?halliake pot-?
amo ' I tim mia la ?if lbs ?>*BMrtaan i e?-trt-, '.her- 1 m
be no peera ir.>vidi<l for, bo iranaalllliyracerea,
! aad 1.0. iv il h erlj atti ? ed. Bat we ?vue ?old by
ie taw 1 to* trim \ir>iu, Mr. Carnie, the
lather ?lav, that son titntl > ..Hy ??peekiag, tbta
?am i,-, wau, Pray, Biri what le war, aad bow ?hull
.,. iel ?' u when .? m. ?ion bl si bj ai ' war,'
MTBMr.Jelti i?, " iJ B cnuliti)!! lu whk h puitiet
\ lo do en trihei all Hi? barn ibej mm. Tiled
b] thie t'.iill ii, Wl.iil M Id ?I-Cii 11 dcv?!i4 do,
which ?ehe Hi beti li .ve aot d?>ae und on oom <Vyfeg
. ,i . (g ordei ' 1 abnrt tbii '1 1 (nive iin.ni', um
ley it ta rtriaa I li ? v ban taken np arara and or*
gani/. 1 .1 Mima!) St |"H-ui and np to i'ui-> beal
ban ' ? 1-1, <:r? d the aetloo'i Capital. Dora sol
:. k1 :,. *-> vu-or *<? ia all thtt tbs grim Tirage aad
el. rn h?o!? OajSjjVJ ' Vl "' '''''? m *,ili''u' ",,W th,kt
-n tifjkaf''.'''""" "' ? ' ' '''I? I'OVVei'o!
m1 ?ji it-mi . MMr r--111 in port.mt to iiu'ui--?- in what
(re,-?r'm?"t Of the Covel lime!,t th.- 1 BWI I > U Iged.
li ippilv, ih.? i- uni nil open p., ?.?vu. Ive power
of iu.tU.lig -val, by the (.-'iisll'tl'lon, ii lodged
in the ? tngnm ot tim Called Btairai
Iba . whole power of wer, tbs Etapntttc
Conn arid in lbs ?'*?? "ii'? "?vu ago. tbs HbI?
i,d a .,:. , ia reatad in engrasa surely sil
I wUl sana then is no ?nell pawn la the Jnlicim-v,
lind the M.'.ci'ilivi- i? iiui|ly '.hti I'ointaaiideain
?"t,. ; m t.- traty. llpofl th ? prim ipfci "i pablis
law. v? hit' via MBM Ol tin- .lathi? of nation? ill -i ?tale
of war I I i I?-'.'li' ? :i? w?, I ave 1 light to ?leplivi- I if
saetas ii bli poteeestoee, whieh Brayw?*aken hi?
strength ano arenal bira frara arakfag war. War,
?iva inn suiu.-ne Ceai 1 filtra fall power to labt
flie per??!:? un,I | lop.-tt) o! ti- en? my v.l.?I M iBwMtB
it vvhi'iivr foniid. la ?v-'.'h.r Baa Hie tjoiirr held
t bal the piwti uf Congi isa aadai lbs pntiriaa to
bj ka ? ur, r das btm ?-,i Maka 1 a| ians ob vvaur ami
lui,'I BM , lo bs un inner'r.cie?! power. Tho?
'it Will bS i"CII thal COM K-e ? i iV.M'1 willi full
pitv.r to . ntVteata the propariyef an enemy, aad
baaexenlted teal pnwei I lel?roi . ( ?oafimelioa
latta 1 ita of H.e prapertj? "t Ibi belligi rat ami the
paualtj of wai. It ir ilwavr ju I | to Mai'.'!.-.
who try to deetrey theGonraraaal battiyttom
toort latan ieieiii.ui. Be pejrpesBBand naanattrie?
m .1 Bl that wi ?. ml? r iadgBBBal Bsmltatl BBcb Cou*
?po?: r?. Ihe po'tvi,OB Buri ?iid--liii.i'y of loyal
ii-i.eti? loi'.e,! It tii'ir pronorty desuno "hut 1.1
I ' vft iboold le eniuT-'l. Ii? BOfJalai ?eui
n 1 al "i the eoBBtry BJeansnaa It, ?jim t 1 fejjsrnl
judgment if the civilised woilri will affirm U. And
nrrmrai ly ...i.t,?-.- t??1 with ibis prtedpta 1? ibaltri
iba Rebele righi to ottatial btj Man. I bal 1 rae 1
ile .t pvlu y vvhi h wtiil'l ."lid ??te In? pr..p'iiy
Would ?et-ii'i tu .!.'?rivu i lui O? lo? rviil o.e ihe
?I re. If all VVuhh' tot.lne 1 1? I i"l 1 r", . why uot III?
?j ra ?! ?in. ? n'iv- and ... 11 "it 1 1 tbe ebelll n m I.
indei La Irbiathl a??- i- toe* 1 ?? h ?'? ButtnVe
i? .he .lilli' Bat) : tbil ?al le Ain an 1.1 the mille iii
fail t?> ex phil n, t'.e BOattoat up' n? ( W StitBi lou lan?
lo di tine, having the p.-rmn, with a ?oit oi JaJBtd B
-, to bs pio|"iiy. ?Waattsgras ne to the
rrrht of ralf-pnrarnri a, bat m coarten j nambi
01. tan m? ?i? ?' '?' "? ?''?"* Ira* ia a triara ??l praraan
lu 1?'ii'd el-.-wh'rv wi. , entert iv io muli al lbs
pinn tociiili cii'i', hil w bo rilli de, M BM all in?
inference wbh tue el.-.*., r?. li et Braal tally ratet
ii'iigiiiiy p?^*i i? i ?, ati.1 j-it li ive ?i,i|.'i'v high
u!i 1 a ail rights tri otbet pnperty, aad which ?read
ex?-tii? t ii fruin all era ahtee craaraa to all othei
I t'|er'v a? I ng' 'r. It I- I ., | OB 'I IO p? BJSM a BtWi
,,' . ii-ii u'.. a! i-i.u..,- ty abell) bbIb ?wa lo aad
n , ve nil o her i r?.|? r y. Tim l mm oral le Bena? or
tram Virginia (Mr. Carlile] ?'em* to thins that1
lbs tron!.e? new apea aa ?re da | able tv
t.. (Hat iy, tari te t'?? aawarraniabl agiiation
M Slavery, rheplaia ateanlag of all ti.ia Iel itbe
1.-, ni ,ir 1 a'iivii'.ii 1? ii.' 1 ? itably -v " 11 'i ap te lue
Cowtiiati u, and ih it the) maai Mnatf ra mil, aar?
; ?-n b, together, s.r m ihta ve v .n t 1
? ibjt pt. los be m. i.'.hi.- a, .?!-, " Uberty aa 1 1 1 toe,.
anaaariinrapanble,aawattd 1 rater, anea ? :.
i.i/ tern-. I ?? raadariag ri mia ban len,
".-?lavirv and Cn li "ne Bad iaW| ' I?-. BOW
I ! : ever. 1 BS no' cue at 'hu lim?'
io a'teiuj t ? refatattea of ti ?* areeriad ?- '
of.-r.iehi'd herrar, m to lake i-*- ??"" ;' tmuator
e- to ?betta r pi.' ""' ?eel el pn
r_ ? , i me i:? ' < Ili"ii. rut', teni thal ii is the oslen*
utile ?reara, end the ... ed bjr ihe i tarent hlei?
iheeaa It?-?. 1 aariaiata the righi, abeat v. ? fit i *,?
i. iik?'. a ir OB ''?' .le
to pit ?ei ? e ,, r- . , ' ni t|. |, g hu, t,, :
the ?level I I'.t'l-,:.- i tv i.e-.ev. ? an 1 I >? ?
lea? ?tatI ii ! et w.. a gb ? ary aad ila 1
>?' *-'?? n;, m,) I- .'-?) i ."ti ; u ut, tin formal
i'.. t.< ihe ??tell, io I i.inn i ? i ten iii.? ,-.,rvi ;
?' ?? lalti r. An) I m..i.,'.,.m t!..t ?li tin. "m.?v I- ?'.
m ile muli.' avl u I Swell : A merl an ? , til n i mal
ii. l.'t utera who ii.ke ti- iword abide bj
Um aten arbltnninl of ita it id tot t; v.,i!.
am lu.? mu u mu ?i bo wai upoo bUvrory. bat late
rei-e.i th* |rral bl "I. -i,? m n-? ri'.'.liui ai 1
ir b cot ? te l wiib Ma In ? ..t- iug liltj
? - as i ipp ? ? ad I-' i. : :.v -i h ?., areli i s
? from ih- ? a be wai '? Ij dr m ibt te o i
age] ?i Hu* li :. oi ti i? pj loo, mi | ,.
r,e,i i? ..! .-.?vc. i. ? u'-' {jj Iii? ft". '.,, in .,;
utn 11 ai the de li m ? n f :. i G ??
?m1 n? cry lo he ha atone, while runiioiiadina
(temter, m a aten ir?*?:t?' com c?'.iv iii i ?i
|i.il?ir,?. Ile latea I1'.? tttat in.iiifii'l, ii i*
i- - ai ' ile ii? m the Coneti ation, I d ?. a I
iii?- ei.ii bt lil of inv !? tag, It i? the groat delneioii
of the Hue?: snd i." |?walli f.ill.i' . tv | ..?, , ,. -
aartt d tima t. i? a'ie opt to ima the iiuliiiu
lix < astil itea h lies d ii,I? logelbi , and lo en*
graft toa foramr Bj?ee the Ivt.-r ant , ih Slaver?
[1 .? aa ai '.???!?. of lha Bel Inn . i , ..:,
ii,, lasthattea baa bo I? Kal tabriawbrnera . audit?
a-1 nilli m? foi iiai.uiiiti recogtriii u aari protection
an "* lar fi'ini lu.; j in. ii las Bl d patpt i ? ol I ...
? H I oat futiera tiiid.-i toe I ? ?lelit'iii.iu :
ii? w?hl 1? the re- g1 i i m ol the tyttcn t. B| -
p . ii'v.-hipor anv'!''i penly local syetsM ?raod
.,, i,' d l? a aid be '? " te le ul aari ? nty -
a* it itera tbe urah i aa barm aad thie tenei ..??. l
lilli ;..imit u-n^'hi t-. be bri vi ne h? ii, pesioo,
Bad i ?ii'linuiy |ow?r 'f CliBfitli.a, I ' \v I . .. ?t
rebele, aad bringa ob war and pohll dirartter, ai 1
Bwaaraa the lifs tri l ? in.' vi it then lubtecti Iteelf
to ihe n i?i "t arm ?ni to the p. anil ??? i vv.u al ?i
i.ii,d- al lbs Peden] Uotarni i-. Hit bs
,r .hti '.- m an; an -" I ' h rn -'." ? ..;
raaer as of erbet Um anttty of the I I i demands.
Han na ibalIsgreSalbal ttbntenr fac? moriniii
? .its , raiasi rta ,r agmi it th? fl v. rum? t : mi ? v
t1 >? pi Baily ' i Iii Uamrity by balag itatl
li ?? w.i. \\ berefon tbi reta li' n I Let the hist 117
ot .ttnen,mi | "l.'i 1 l"r li <? la?' tbl tj m I e ni -vwr.
ilu- ilatabo dar baa takaa up arm?, aari teat forced
boob lha Ooranmeat the altetaaiiva of war 01 ?? ?
u Uri v. A 1 v. ..vi m 1, dit 1 ti 1 .0 im : li 1 the
errrtbnej st itee ?/?tennent, 1,vi ?nar ha
neterasad hy the atiten, and to prtraite thiel
Qurannraali lal: n udiii n of.nMa ban > ?shed
to urn?. Hut BOW, v Iii. al 1 *' tv.- m.
foi? ad i" Brake au arirai ? ?? tate lae bw ij ii oanti ?
? ?n fu.,t mlicilud.tins to be hw we tan bast
.hi tu tri ii ii... tarni i" rai 'I injury to the n?-, aad
i bather tail < d li hi oran utioual to mlvan ?? y all,
ii v, .' 1*1 tia i ? . ? ..? i of slavery tata ta < a*
dang? ?.'. li,?- BotmtoB of the Uorenii 11 l-i ? . ,
righ'S of perron or i ? -1 ? ? * >' whl b -h io re u tiu
I. ?- i ii? 1 o ii litio ulMiinu ni i.? iii-uii. [be 4,'K .'
uecci in e the?, haveforaed apao Mjualifj ibe wng*
tbein rtbi ?? ai d the < o Icmin.*
i i, ..i their i it pert?. But, I ara, i rat 'y at i -, li
i anal pt fou u i- n -t iaroli i I
rigBi IO lonti'd tho ?hive, Hie eansS and ?'
..t tbs rabcUioa? Mr, biabm re? insiniliiiei
?v.r. nevi r im? na d OB any nat i m than
ai" n -'.v devolve I ? o ins Anmrican ?
.? ' all Hu," vwr i . uni. li li ,?.?,! ii, ,?
ISIUgtelsHil --Ive, , j?, , u-,u.t ,,, f,,,, i. ,.,.,.,,,
and U ? ,.| , ..) ot i?i., t, i*, .fu, biua? ii. \ ?n
i ? .i ans? i iu.y ..t latigih iteeki ti lupolml I'? ?
? - - "? J f. Ira it ' lo u li., .?n v . [ra wl bl
I ' ita. and tratiU lobs tal 11 >m Al? aemlei II.
htepb ua ia laying broad the nun Uiiotu ,-t at.
? |- , - v ? ; i v. .v | .. to be ,: ?? ra uer-eli -,
? ' : I ' ht al a. Ibu ? atteinpti ig
tobn I i| !'?? U 'v "vu m1 r? [uire to l 1.1 kUour.
Bl ?v. i,".',i,u ? i? i... udingad - ii n lha b. art "i
i ?? !>? v.,.,in ,. i , , tu be let at as? Iba sae?
? ? i ?i- ? run ?-iii ?-v. 11 ??.. i,- an biridiu
liigh ? an i-, i nu,11, ,\, dou'i j i ?.' wi- ara ih . i \
I" ' '? -i I ?? o Hilo- fe? iviiies by our lo.ul.n i. We
in i.'.vi-i'ii by all mai ma talbatw? area danger
? ? ? ai ? .i. v n c1 an ? ter hy i. teeing i. ' be
? uutii a i m i? ' arta?:? ni . ad luhs
Bran ii tait age, and li i liliaiioa ia
? ml ti ii? : B Im i ? ' ' . I-"- . I, I, Bud
I hal ubi lit?) to t . ?.-,'!
Ii ? .' I? ' ? r.' ,| . .1 , ... ,.,, -, ,|
i en cruel u uri ati ina, rin, wtvi l i
'?in g and ml u ? only ita Mi
o ?!'?. triai for j wer and Bririiege, wbiob hu* ?t
often ?cnvul-ed the world, repeating Itself in our
history. Tu those who have incited this nhellfaw I
all tho pemltln of ti--u- p?.a? ntan tomld bel
Bwatxbd. T? toa ps?pfa ?1?*? l?ied ?.mi ntabd, apoa
t ?.tu n to nllegiiiiv.e, i woald lim aeanrnms at
in irty sad pieatrtnn. bb? li tos privil p?sol
free iBe?trtboa,frmecnmbaadI ??? da,aviBT
:.n i. .1 |ortl M, ? ? n.1,1 ? ty of poiiti.al ri.hte. pr?A?Ie,k'(s
'hat tuno da und ?dev.?"te th.- na.-?c- into ib.? diynuy !
?of a aoven i^n people, tai givra] to ti papo*
Tar Qnieraanal a seenr! npportt It weald
I bo a lif.il upon hnn.un listare ?o tappan
j tlint the greut body of tho people of tito Sou'h a ter
' with al., li'y i ato iii- pat] ?-? of toa atovsb leVrs
t.? attanpl t.? overthrow th. popobrOovarBknant.
'I wo.ild, IbrtlifiMTB. H ? ? pin bato in favor of the
peopta find would Bi'k to aauhHih in toe Store
st f. teoaMMM illi* with privileges ead ianaanlil s
I W'liicli muk - ? 11 ..pie linly rover, ig'i, in tho pfabM
? Of an odio is BlattUCIMJ. wLo uro BO 1 n,.i r cmiitod
.to the pntertbo of mir dover' : merit. Thb i-4 a
tint ?uni ploiius w-uk, r- vi in itiis contest the
I pe. pie of England, inn? whtMJ Wr> ? re ?J. -a? ended,
jaie A'i'.h us, tiioigti ih': QurernMSnt may not he.
ilhepe-i|lo ai?: ilntermiui.-d that ihi* contest euall
i eeeeee, Badi that baa govern ?r.?nt shall be
|i".--'.!. This ?'cut i i . i .11 is in harmony
! wuii thj MpinttoM Of oil ngi'?, und wirb thal
trash and (Betka wboee reign ia atanial
I Mr. DIXON ii?'.,' Conn.) ofenda ?oint reaoin
? ii ,11 authorizing ilio hen?! ivy oi'?o. Navy to BHBB
e.piii .'d ? BBttWfl .lit with than w!io ?ire Badil
?tonally for failing to eonstrnct rrmehiiiory by the
any faxed ta toa rmSraet.
Referred b the Naval CobmbI to?.
Onui .'i-?,! ot'.Mr. (?linilio ii., | ., Io-.- | AB bill
io provide l?r the codiflcntloa and revi-t? n of the
Lavs in the l)i?trict of C-ini-.l -ii, wt,s lake-i Bp Bad
' pille.. I.
ih.- b|U to di-iiue the |uv Badsantna ab of am
I tain ogiceinof the ann* me lahm an, and n d
??ii.i.ii,. it-nit an ei.'Unen s adopt ,| On toe aanatt?
ment relative to chaplain? tur boepital*u dboueeio-i
! ? ?I ? eil.
Mi. WILSON' (Mo) said there were lut a few
I not] i'.al. buptaiaa, and anny cfan* tabs wars limited
lorn to each rtgianat Ile ant ml far! re we bad
..v.r.'? o.is o n , n in the ii. !d. ti ?n rh ?' i l lyrnaetei
reparta Tah ngtonau. ?tofinmti wen authorised
i in u very loore u.ani.er. Lien i. Bnrit ia the Wai
I DepertH -nt. who noir oeeoptaa a hwoignpoaltbn,
. m a ,,i'!. leed t,, r i-- re? Ibu i f?.
Mr. NESMIT!] (Cn., O-u'o ' thottgfal we hud
bett? r radn i tos i man of ? ..?.; laira it m gnnnebl
I resource. W?- wen p vii g for chaplains now
Al u farther d ? a the pa] of ?.I! ehapbios
mm ti? d at $1,980 p"i year, aod the bill pe
. '.ii io-1... raw.
Ur. m1! KM IN (Rep., Ofato) Badea np .
?' ? < ? rnitiM a Conference on th? ?< oluiions for
toe | a? in- I . I uva..: : the I li n on Claim
?a -te Wert, ni ttooortnant. aaL .h ?v. -???r.,d le.
>? u.. e w.nt ?nto !..ki'i'?."0 hnMRrt. .1 i;onrt.e.l.
Mr. DUELL (Ren., N. T.) introd ? I a bill to la* I
enan ibe oaail eritfi adeti at i eMiliti . .?- adeny? '
hir. ( ?ill I'LNDi N Cn., Ka. . i a " ? ma?
?nil te?- <i For l.-i Affairs, i< , <?? el I bill making BB
appropriation of *?? ?*,"'- ?:*. tha proj ribo ftheUoi'.ed
la des, u dm ? md ? ??? pe rath n lo the King "i
Uaaover for tua ?actl?cee incurred ia Lie abolition
? ?i me *ir?ti" Dan, la BceorBaawe with I a teran rt
the tra ?ty.
, The ? li was t a H L
the flou ?? loi k np ti '? faV " '? minti? -i
upi>ropri:<inig $1,000for letnovingtl inmyl
fro?n iba Cn .t -I bulbi ii .
Mt. m \IN K? ?., Mi * i sail ti ? the ( -
Bl a ( r Bl ?''; b1 Ii o ' ! ;. I I ??? I r] b r ti ? i -
pena? lie ga? titi.' -t . ?' a fren I ? a ? i ..t
onlyannoyii ?totnamb ?, but very iojuriooa lo toe
I. ore; j of Coi gi ?? t.
M . Lu ?I du! Be].. 1 1. i im.e.i ? i ahalb r t'.i
., i \ ?al on a ? not to give Bo*ne**ody a goo '
Mr. NIXON i:. p., N. J r--. lia ? ?? li.
aboat thai, hu; bad Manlj s'.aiit the i.i tab the
cn n.o'.i.ii of Mr. BLAKE {Roi .".'he raso?
! il 'i mm I ibll ! by ?? ?' ibu I ?'.
Mi. Ol': 1.1., t- i-: Iba (' Dnittee on Rev la?
? .?..mi. Penaba reportada bill fo be ttinooiiao?
anea ra the penal n b the ttoifabanoi offiean and
- ??! Ibe re?. ;
.\ I. ???, fron the v- retasr*' *** tatarieewna
,,..,,),,,,. ? : i- boaata ?a. ?lunns ara not juMified
orti..- a.no1 lira appl ants,ead wan nrtara?
raoted hy thora wl i laervfen ??vu'.: ?, ta ai ?? i
t.. 'in ii .it ; tun? it; and Iori
ar? k,.neriilly urg, .1 ihroogh ?peculsting ,:?>:
;-k'"l te.
I n? fail] was pa? I.
I that no ebie - - :
? the w Mo f Re
sty * ! lera* ?11 ' ?? I \ ?v,d wfa IB than ici tai! ii,
'???-, I tah au ? lain,
Mr. KO WA It Di Ila , N. II.', iron the Croaaak?
isa "i. 1' it ii t., .-..- reported a joint raoul ?
'???;., ? in ! .. i . ??? i, autiboi..- ? g
A\ ur io inn-., nil upoit tornjehett aa army annpliee
now .m band, and ana liable toi asea t M sold for
the len- lit ?>? the I cited H ?.te*.
M?. HI. M!; Rep., Mo?),fren i , < railton on I <
Mill .. i V '..i,- r, j , i, -j | i ;i| ,,, ,i. ? ? . ;-. -?,
: ?'? ?? ..in.? m n, f . re of ton anny; abo at.ill
to provide corni enaation t. fanal rii -
??m ih iroyi i b i reveal lae . I ' .
i??jl bj t'm ,
i .i ?ilersii i - ; be billi am poatp ind.
Mr. ??! NN (Rep., Ind.) fron I - "? s n
Ni Albir?, reported a bill, which wa? .
pi ?i i u j tot iii appa ,: tan al ? ": ;. ?<
l !.. !l ira theo acted on ! ? .. . entaol
iei le to ibe I.-..? -'.r ',??, Judicial, and l?jxecutive
Ipi in .ii-'ii bil]
An . ? i bon .-'. in -.! lal.thal the wea?
pon? ,'. t, by law ?ball n H te i
mon '?. . i ?.. nil ,. . . ?>-.,. Congreet
,n i m I bet . ppro| ?,..'! .?'??'
! rt'-- ,o',-r-i -i ?i, t n., I'! il.i-hljhi.? i'.-'.'iMi ?>
- A id.
lVEWYORK legislature
BENATE... ti BABVj Mi.-i., I .'.
mt.i ? i-t^irn.
Te I BO" id foi toe . ? ?: ..; ?> ? lirr- tlbt?
a.- ' .
lo ?|,roi ;i de ?1 e p oe ? ?.r .'_" .-- Reba b
ii, ? ;.?:; p .? i of -cb"' I?.
Mi. CONN! ) LI 1 i ?oved that the Ni . 1
?on ?u, nnc Lill he Bored torwurd toWroporbd
. I.
Moi n I? M.
Mr. ANOEL introduced a bill to ami ?d the rail?
rial l?>? u. It pi-.vi lea tha in eu lailrottd freed
are lade lo grantrae, bim! two?thl ? ol I e numbai
.!. e to form an association ti 1er the g?nai I li
.n ,l one or n.,ir oi thegroi e? re e,eonntati a?
anna? be u?, toted toappini? ra i m '.lie*
fra " 'ii i o ... d ii? ti ii.* ? . m ,11'",
, i' . .'lil to lib l i of I ? i An! i l, . t-, t'lti.
bien -' iu i!n ai ?>- ?lion.
tSSEMRl \.
K1 : "-.M. II -l v.
The Ar , . 1 li , ., . k. Bud
con nie ilion ol 'li.- ' i I lot t ? , ni
Ai,.r a bun" ajtec h bj Mr. K1 D1SOTON.
i . ;' voi ol 'ii? '-'ii. and uki ?li
againat l.-igl.-.i,
di rah i ii v\ mdM) t ob ? loor and i
ibloi.? u, j i g two ' ' in, in "
He bill. Ila tlaborutel) revlewt?d ibe poli ? ol
Iii i Uti in and the I -, I geuerellyol
Hie li tv? ...u- m, ta o? tar lo bow t!...t no inmedi?
ato dan.' u ? . a loreign wai i al U I, i alii . foi an
lunn ; ?..,' ? I I foi?the public th I nie, 1
rae of hie sneecb Ur. Knyi 111 , .,d ,
I : i - ..ti ? ',, v.i. b v .. terni 'ii? -i -,
? '.?u!..:..I li t.. igbool i. o pi . ? tra .. ?
bil i to be rank la: i . ??? ii ? : an a <?! Um
d - ?. Hu epv ?i wa? I i ..,! ?with i he gre it- -
?i-i bj .? , ??? '. , I. ... . ii ' K .'.?. ii? , uud Le
, B iii nui ipled I ,. , . ,
in, .iU v .m Limit? ?in .??,,?i eitbr for le/?
li u.i l->u.iy.
?'. .i. Obi i?i, Ce tu ? ?
? , ? .. v, nfj, M<* k1
Ililli . ! 1 .
. 'ihe h II u] pt. : natta ibi ? ? ill ? for I
(iona md two milli ia I amis wm the apeci?d
, ill ihr. A. BUlbl) I'M lair leg, lind tit? ii.-L.i ?! WHO I
opened by Mr. Rowe of Oise- ?, inaveryabl
ii'.-ni n ?in '. lae bill. Otta pro and ooa. .a;
ri ? ? t- ? i:' i'i'- .
IntheSanato toa I ??? '? Col <? BUlwMdta/l
?roi ? ri, n u ii b i'? ta i , ? ?
0 itii mm ino m. ? ? ? i . , -
01 i ni: U IBMBL1 ?im KAI , u? | .; - v , .
tr toa,
!?? I.
ula ??" i ?'?
... . ,
Li >.-, i I, ??II
? ?, but rt .til ? ia
? liier*
'J be I '-? '-.? , " i' -.- .?'Jini-., he-.tii ? l? o ? t? ti bj
?*wBtarB?t? BdatmiWwMl luid* belnn|fri| ?0 th* Otai
til? 1-..I,, al ,,?eru? *,,?., or to tb? .Sene.-* NationXfli'*?
for t ii'*?*. Bead? ?le., ,'ihllc won l,i, ?. Wl hoo'rl i?*
Iv ive? remeterle,, poor ho i.e., hou.e. for iSSi?*
.1 -. da**, ."d me real Z d p. r.??%, *" ?t?'? ?. f
.1..-..1; tb* prap* t? -t every p , ,lt* lu,.1,,, : ,o? ?Vt,,^??
' itheS'ole. nrnl btaiy and rhatliaj B lUilamiB*. w3*!l
MreeaiM*I.E i .-"? ?loiialh, ts ?tieaa^BlaS
? m" ...Iii' I* ? IUa t,, tj, ii .j u, "'??ii
L.k.:Oj'.*.?olt.ilroadCoi,.r.,,:,.t u'???'n Ul??,?J
tura ti.
I""...).. 1, I 'ti.I*, ihkt every pera u ?hall bl
tl.i town or vt?rd v. li.uo his ?3*ui rsaide, fjr til k.5"",*l|
'.. I,.,, ' ' ?" nad? iroal
Land M : o' -1 by a panon rot ?lil ov^,,
to ti." ?n? :. r o',, cipin?. or ?. non '*,:j.?, i.? i ?""?"'??M
pi JU,, t o.i J by v par?,. iAWK
? ?raid wbe.e tb* in dtutted .-e to L? Wriid?U.VT'*
! re I. jt.," fid ?.i-aeed M ii. ?!, VVh. nerrr te. I? ?US
te.u f.?o t..*,??..- wa:,!, ,S* i ?rBTTW-'ffS
: lara, if . .pi* 1, ?mil he a*, .-el ?, i t xtiUiZl^ ""
;v.ard v." ??ThT?-p,?. Htlf C^aKP-^
? ' ? ... .n ? ? traen -ml I uti m A ' 'm M*
1 1 ,"?pet*i -hill Sr a?....?d ?'. 11? plac? ?f r*?u__ ,
?li paris ale-tit.'. tu. b1 i ?J ps ?aaa] pri par)* ,,, u J*
?.?.a.in.aiii*,,t.i,u.u.?i ,M U?. ?I Cater WMMBxwal?
I-.'I piopir-.y held under el;>,er of tl.-lr trillasl*allBjotil'
? i if*i .1 .i?y ?,?ie, pa*-? , li cn* any Boaaa ?2E
-' ''.?? :i- I LratteyavtoeBrcaJeaSa1
m ?a.'.,i.i. ,e ?da, teihalII ihikl ?%bbbw*3
?,- led tot.? v.heio bl? jj ludpkl bi? ???? a LL/aS
' pro;.r:> tixed in other otu'-? ?bill cot U .^..UtTL. ?
miman 1111' ...?...-?y-.- w*"""eW*BJ
Heil aatat* bel Betas t- [iii ?rp nilli I tttmmmm kal.
taxed a? -., ??? ,t i... -, ?, t? IndiT'd?**!?*?. ZJiJi
pre BtrUmbeiaeMtseebare Um prlocjpsl I iiio?? 0f St
.i| M1J I. ?l'ii'lr-d. *"s
' All rallrDS?! f. n nie?. t*-?r d du-'in.' frorn tb* ?biotI
! ol theil aaa i ?1 .'?p".i.i li* ?^?,???("'1? uno . t of he ? ? ^3
oui,?. r**J ?st?! a*B stall 1 re base ?i?, .tad bjBBtajaed
I*wa*and c tia* al ?ra I i? -.. m-.J ?. iii tooan to ia,
; M???? tttol ih? tittil o- ti-.y wh?ie :he r.ir?jjaj , ?J^ ?J
I ?iioateS, a Bat ?a ?ebeSals, v tv d h? ?ffidtrlt, of ?ii tw,
pare tal pr. p iiy, at <??. rj i aa?* or k ..j. it,ty ?Aal ?i??
n ?n-u ii to tbe (.'.i.',r,|..,. en or (mer* ?'. e ?it day of ten.
lautbar I ? . .. - snl t 11 i li wa ?????.? ?ia?*
ti.w.i . ? ? i.v u. matt.->y rinn j? ii'.iiie* -,
I* ..li I.? ii ..-duty ot i,i ? a ??...ia lo ?.-?al to ?r?ry huIthI
lUtof . Mi' elive b'I .reen th* toaiijai
'? i lia] ?? l ' ?l va' ?a ->( -lie :. a' ora* vita?
t-i i? any ?? ,-.,?_? nj ? ! H ?"? : e, .if P r-ocil p-.-pe.-ty
whlel n. ?? ?. ?-..-: Hu: c iri'-ir .'In. T ia? iba!r
I.a- - nu ar I,.-!.!.? ti,e t,. t d?yof .'?-p'.e^.te, jnaaefijav
i ' '' ' ht?!* n ? j rireat of |?i?
- ?? ,i- t ? ' ? ' ? ? i ? i -iv I* aasMl hin,'I*
I " ' I "'" ""-'?I to?ei md cp,? .?
wirleb tr-. read "??tata <*d tb* eorporatioa n.*y t.? ,vllJ'
tii.-.r -,.- |i Hi na'* n. :.', al?i, of n* ?,,?i,i, /?ion?'
[,.- l" t-. ""
(lit ?? l.t't M y vf'?eli yeartlie " '. r ,? j ?.f
i f rai i r ? Bal n* -? I ? da - of i,roi?<riy tad ,,., ; iruAL?l
'tech i i? Clark coona t - ..ia,,? fete Baa?
bar af Bii| I ?,. - - ? . i :. .-. i li Mateesaai
In-tr" - - * ri>* U*U ?o rer.tafn sparop late J n*nm foi
? en luierat . z all kn.lac' P'r.-rr. Il? t ? k tb? : J?,.??, ?*
? ' . - - irlne ?? t - ? v , h A? * a ir,
'I'. v..#. .^r? laird rid? ? 1 i- :. raeirl ? towri et
??? ??! lo ri?-v ir i i.. .' ' t. t di ?v .tiii-r i,,-? J,.,
? *r ti e v, | , : May tl.e? al ?. i ? n : . , ?al,, t.V.r nju^a.
li.c.i ? rb town, w? i . ?-,,, i J ?- lo', iii ..nLiiT
? ? ? ?? , f v, f. , i. ,e- v. v ., rr t? b;.??
r.tleica?fi xp?vo.i d-a.rvu? to iMBacatoe BbBbwEM
Kv?r t -.i*' '?? r-'' ? 'Ii*''''?'? i r h t lill or?.*V?Jrle on?a
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