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New-York daily tribune. [volume] (New-York [N.Y.]) 1842-1866, March 10, 1862, Image 4

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Tb* advert!?*? ti.cii ? baan irttorad to h?alth in a few ?
weckt t-yiecry Bnj - BU ?dy ?Tier bftaj ? iHer??J Meerai
ye-r?i?.iha?r?er . !.. Arc? Ti?.:?, and (! a? dread dix -aae,;
Co-namon-la a; neu to make knotin to bit fellow tuf
ferer? the meant of care. To ?li who cVilr? it. he will ?ard r.
Copy of the pr?t, rip'i.-n u?rd (free i.f chir ga) with direction
for pre? ?ringend i.?,- j ti ?tu. < ? biri-they ti ?V. find ? li ?ia
anMBainnawiiaa tnnaii Bnaairan? ki Ina? 7
object of th* aanMtan '? ?ei.illng the fimt ?pttor it to
bei-" tbe af?i-ti'-l ?ud h? hopst i.rj ?ii- er cull tr>
hit remedy, a* I? ntl Batt them Betta**, ?ud uny provr a
b.estlng. Partiel tvi?. og the pretr-iptMa Wal BbMBBwie ?
I 1 1 i nu.u r. A. Wnton,
: ibCTgh. King? c, L...T Bl w York. .
Gknti FMrs's Hats. Bt-SISS PaTTSBSR.??
R?an N... 4. Rasatseet ii.tiiet tbo altoatiaa of bat san .o*** i
aae abe Bael .-.. 1 ,.w tiy e. af Bata, adapted le the ia* j
?juira, -i.t. ..: . 1 - -. . .-. fkinlrrniVi my t aJ? PaiBeaJar
attention paid la ita wlthet u, thoe. who oobbbRItatoearn
leal?' iu (be ?alt Rea i : u Hit. ti BJ No. 49 Ni???i-?C |
iiiAijiit, rea eau batsaa SBatortof, alwi?.??;
toady and rellshle Ooi r- r?-t. e-iae?y ad??t*d to your hu,!;
lnd?tylso( wr.tia*. wui ht.nl da y -tri urnii.g ?atti? -he?p j
ar thia 8tee? P. -it. ?fio- euM i:, ?ce " Th? l'en It Mi|!?ti*r |
than th?- Swt.r.i." In ano!)?- roc ian_
"lim Yu \ Cun.ii'?Then n?e Jay.m.'s
I?C1?T-0K.4??T It ?ile. i ? di t? re?r.".
llave you Arbi. ? a PI W '? ' ! '* J**'?' BxeB. u
bim wiiic? i.-ilcv-, e the apaamodlo. .nt?actIon of tha
wir.d to???? aid eeii.e tharu to a cot ile r: ace. or mi t-i
whir iel tja 'ii? i ?! by an ra?) ?ni I ' ei'tCI a ?
?snioce i.i d il ..t.' ?I I milling .
Hut* yon U I: I ' - ? b1 I a* .1 ? -. ?'. Eil ?I TOBASTl
?tabeattaaattty ia tb* werid ?? lakevteailta diaeaat tnete
Itaa aaetaat aattcania? the rar-taa* aafely thro : it
U?ve you ? ic ip ." I 'es1 i-*.lt?">,i E-uVBOTOBA-n
fraely terord gtodlrecli n?, and you will ere tl.la (?i>rv?e
lu ? I, * (atout?? I Boa .
It.va yon Broi ? It, < oi.-on I ti, n. Chronl- Plcirlav
Splttin? of Kio--1 ai an) Mb? Pali i-? Il H bei
m? .' ?i?.?'? Esr ? ? in It li a re-Beey f at the ? en
dl?el?e. ?Iii. I. ir:..:.\ I - .:. i -eltboii
Band? ??iio ha?? he. I - rsti I?? it ?i,: t.?ti:y.
Sold by BaaBMAS i Co, New Votk, and be Drnggif.?
C IKI'I TB illili Oil -ll.Ol II?? for tb" ina ? bj
Al : IMS It LlCat Not. H3 Bud D5 (?th-iv , .Mr'.'opo'. ten A??d
Siuy building. j
Chappi-.u Hands, Face, Lisa, toe?Cfr?
mi 11 u? .tm> i*i.?tib1 nir Ha Basai ? ? Caernos
Ici. with Ol.vci.KiMt w? l kaepthf- -gin ?o'l li ??ia r..l i !
Baiiher. tso.d hyd , - - ,r stilly? Priest eenie *-?;.t
by mu? on rtitlpi of coati HauBaisACe
.N,... Iel, B*. Mia - ; ? Broadway.
.\t Ji.Fiki;*-'. 673 Broadway, Ladies' H -
Bnoiil Boot? nt 4-2 ti ??', *-' M a pair. ??? ?? '? -'. si Maatt 4? I "'-.
Chiidiaa'e B11) mil Bli. Noxscbt-i -? pt inferior.
All good? wanmtad ?t Jem?- ' adwiy.
Wo ltoi:'*. (.?vu ni ni? ?>i Cod Lives Oh
?m-Lisa.?Pel*.n. uno lue Leen toktogCO LlTBM Oil
wi bsptoaaaS to lean taat Di li - ibaai r 'ad from
drsctlon? of Meerai } ....
pare OR aatt Liena I ?... h s ?saner bat R ? , ? II
bat* ?u.I it? sir. t? it L-.i ; . on platal? are I
Ve ? n:?uy perte! I Wb* ? r-.t. War* Bgoa* i 'ed . ? I
sed ?lio hld lilian las c?,-ir Oil or ? i , .
marked efleU, hits ivan eniii.-ly cured by u-:i g ?i.U j B| . ?
tien Ile torr red gat the gei.uior, menofartured
Ai.ai terrai ti Wl bob, CbrBlel No IM I l ii B
in New-loik. hy .? Mltail v Boa, 0. ?. BiK.ii, k Cj . Re.
183 Broadway, ?ud ->', niarri'!.?, ii Co.
Ops Ni.vr Birmane far Ship is::n,?i will leave
B .',.t, per ?tana ?? Mto'i MeSBBIMV, Ma'fh IBS All
pi kiga? iu'en-'eii or :h, t-o-ipt at Ita! |!?r? ?ho i'.d b? Iel ?
?red at our -rt:. * Ba?W Sisadwu prerioeito4B.il Trai
bit. the nth. Akuai BzrnsMCearist N T.
lol IM.?.
T),li popr'.if AW? ?i !? i-ow reedy.
Tnnii3re -, - i? bl Bli 100 eoptn? M. piittg?
p?:i ilyit|rr.? ?J," per loo. ( i?b urden ?oar-'t?d
It ? e.io ti, ;, i m ? .- i.i.-r? el th? 'liibnrr Amiree 1er
yesrt 1J49 1?. 1M6 li'- MM, ISM. IBM lattlMl. Prit-a 13
ess it rich pott pud- Acir?? Tin Taint ni. New York.
Ki PTt ni", aid Va i-ih.k..?-Dr. BtSOR'a 1n
B*ai ?MT? foi Ibets di? ..' '? ?Hen?? the trcercct cnticiin:.
If not iatltfir.1. ry. ?it, ? ??ty iii??' tiial, ?h?y m?y be ?x
changed. Be. f ReCtl-JcM. leW-Tetb.
Tsussr.?.?Maiisii \ Co.'a Radical Ci tie
T?r?g, No I V nay it All kind? oi liuiiet. Supportait
(Military fho.ilJrr lirii-e? nad AhOotninii BaSpattat* c-j.i?
blued T.ia?iic S,ockiu)t mud Multi., ti appliinrrt for Ile
feruitti?*. A Iruiale attrudt -.die?.
? ??>
to (tim, trosDCMTt
ti? attie* ria t? u?n. of Ai.oovn.out ( ome?aaira?i.Be
?Al?i?c?r i. li ?i ord f^r lu.rn cn muet oc ic'i.r -icr
tv tbe toase an* aSdMairt ?he writer- not not*.?i't,y it i
ii'biinalioB. tu: it kgu?-nity for i ii good fnin. I
a ? , .m.et unrrr ?,? to return r? rctea ( a rmuui at.oi-t
Ah e??iir.i lam Bl MM ia,? ob c? ihouid e* auaratae?! to
Tea In?; ?. ' Net?.l'or?:.
Jit AngtNntK?i. an Ag?nl lai C auond* s, Pa. for tbe
?al?? Taa t-aacaa
The ii? <? uetr o? laen, tremont.
F vii? copies of Tut Daily Ti.ilim,, eentahktng
the I)efen?f o? (?en. Kie'in-i.? i?. ill? the Letter? tttaii
other ?ociin,entary Tes'iuiony. C4tn be purcliaae,!
at our cx)untci-. Pria two cent?. If to i?o by um':!.
?ne cent tsiub ex.ra m-ist be BttnMl to prepay p.,st
ags. Deitle.? maaaai OB tbe uma! terni?.
Intere?tifii; ?civ? froni the late Kcljt-l ?tron?:
ho.'fJ. Columbiis, will bt' lound in our BSIlBSBBBni
eiieti oa tbe iii?.de Btfe, tim nmrni.-i*?.
The Grand Army ti the Potomac has been di?
vided Hilo file army BSSfa, underQeBB. McDnvvtil.
Ileiutzeliiiuii, Suiii.cr, Keyes, i d Baaka.
???B.I ?^???e??a??eaw
TMi: LATKBT Vi A It *l*vlVM.
Ike excit.iig htoali*naae which reached u?
jeaterday frooj V-w-urt N>wi in a ?pe i al di?
patCQ, Bad wi.R'h ?Alt* ftoaa to ti:. BubiiC ei?
eluaivelj io an l'Uni of Tin. '1 Rim ne, wa?
received with um?^' -1 leuiiLg?. The order io
which the reports reached u? naturally pro?
duced a tei.ij.orurj? ui.eae.iii.-?.?, nh.ch via?,
bvwoTer, iu louie uicii'iii- removed wheo the
upthot of the r?! ? ai?*. ??.<1'?ii,i,iii?-r.t of tim iron
batter j Mon it?.: wat made known in tl.e lal? ?t BaV
patcbei. Ai we |a*lanS from tho ipecial telegram,
and the geneia! report, it wai about noun ou
Saturday t..at the iron-clad l.rbel ?tt-auior
Merrimac, n. taaaSJaaj with two otli?-r gun?
boats was ?leu tnastobj li-wa.d .N'e'jurt *-t'?v?.
Their advauie having been asSJatM to the
Uoiou veiael? Mintiituta and Koanoko, b<itli
wore gut UuUrr way (the latter bt-?Lg d.aaLlf.l
iii nor BtRntotoBa** from cau?e? not eUted;, for
what jiuij.oec loes not w?hl appear, a? tbe
Rebel icnu-ru I boat and L?-r cofiiputiioii?, the
Yurktowo and Jaiit-?.<wu, made rgraiflti
for N'twpur: .New? willmut heeding tbe
two Union vc??,!?, i^ud engi:?t-d the
Cougre*? and t-.e < Hi.!.? : lan!, the li:?'- oi t;.c?e
beug taken in charge by Ihe imaiier Rebe?
bokie, and tiie Merriu,ao devoting herseif ex?
clu* ?ely to the Cumberland, with which ?be
ma-lb abort work, ?ii.ki/ig her ia bliout ha f an
hour, with nearly hall her crew of Liu men
on board. Thi? done, the Merrimac Beein?;
the Cong-IBM apparent!/ aground, made fal
an im?i?eUiab atlack in enjunctio? wi'.h
the other Ueb.l boab (the Jamettown and
Yorkhmn) aid the Natiohul v,t??el waa
?hortly compelled to aurrmder. lu all
this dua.troui work the Minne-ota M -I
the disabled l.oanoake bad the toglllliai po
tiou, tb* fint of being aground two mile? horn '
INewpoit New?, tha ?econd of being mo erip
?ned ia ker machiuery a? to glide helple??ii
backward-?another Union gunboat, the My?tic,
aliw loiking on helplessly from a di-Unc?!
Seine other uncertain moreuienb on the part
nf our national fleet are reported in tbe Hatur?
Ra- afbrnoou's engagement; but we eau bardi/
understand what they amounted to, until the
redlining hour arrived, about midnight, vrhen
tie Krioiiuin ttearo-battery Moulter made
her appearance, and, under the command of
Lieut. J. L. Worden, engaged tb?) throe Uebfl
boatt Merrimac, Yorktown, and Jauiestown,
which were directing tlieir joint lire against
the grounded Union frigate Minnesota. The
Monitor and her brave Commander, on tLe
commeocement of the fiiiht M Sunda?, shortly
v,.?j.'lin! the two ?maller Betel boat* to Milk*
draw, and then flflfBfBi tho iron-clad Merr
mac, tingle-banded. The two plated resssll
literally clo-ed, part of the time actually t be h
irg ea'*h o'her, in which desperat'' porition;
(I ey fought from S o'clock in the morning
till noon. At that hour the Merrimac wa?
ft reed to retire, and?at a later ditpatch in?
form* ni?in a dinabltd condition, under the!
I? wagt of the Jaincntuwa end Yorktown. ;
With tlii* comet the pleasant additional tiding!
?".it the Monitor, after her deiperate encoun-,
ter, remaini uninjured, and ready to renew
Um work al ?oou ai the exigency ariseH, or;
ti s order ii given. The tafe ty of the Mitinesotu
i* alto reported, although she ha? been partially
'I he lall erlag of (len. Hanks'* I>iv ?i>ion i.
v'iving a sjtetaj account ol it?elf. The advance?
reported te-?ihy, in.'lude tl.e occupation of ! BBB?
hurp, CaL Gatty bbtbej l?i't LmiaiiUlaat Fri
iaj aranlngi raarsfcaril Muenjgk Wheatland and
Waterier?!, and being matter of the ti rt*?.
?uiroiiiK?iig the town before iunri?e on
Satarany, L?-?'sburg would appear to
have aeafl denuded by a largo Ratal
force?whatever may have been the policy ol,
r | ri.-!*- w th?,ut a fight. The po?i i? n gtmmi
ty Col. (?eary ii one of great ii ipoitiiice; and
we ina? now look fairly for a ??veep.ni' ad?
vance by General Itankt'i richi, in BSE*?
jun-iioii with the forcet un?ler General
Sbmlen, It d?'tervee to be apcrially recorded
that the icimriiig of the region leih'?,
to Lee'buig in due in very great part to the
i?t Michigan Cuvalry, under Col. liroadhead.
At to'the rumor* of heavy firing in the direc?
tion of WnethSSBBf we attach an value to tln-n,.
Hy a pood PM !, inch sa the mein lx iii al the
iii lisa wcild mole over fruin CLr.rlctowr),
Wini -Jester Brant he ?listant from the Fatty at
l.-n?t 40 i.i !-i
From the provoking Kehel potition at Cock?
pit 1'oint, on the I'otomar, BBBEM the BSJTtwE?
hie new* that the I'nion gunboat! BfMMaJ lia
on the latter at !! o'clock on yesterday aller*
ti ?.on. that the Hebel* having ?et tire Ifl the
greater portion of their niovt-ahle BfarSts, Bari
burned the piratical boal l'age, retired t<? BBBM
<?f tl.eir other hauntt in the inu-rior, and the
National flag ia restored to the ground io lung
held to the annoyance and BBBBBBEMBIE of the
Union traders in the mer. A reference t<> tbe
map will itiow that Cockpit l'mut it mtuared
about seven imle* below the junction of the
. Oecoquan Creek with the 1'ototuac.
Hy way of Chicago we have new* from
Cairo ti the eth intt., which nfiaanatl that
in their ha*ty exodus the l>.*l? at Coli.-mbui
wore compelled to lesve no less than 90 cannon
behind them, which will doubt!?*! bt> turned t?
account in tie National ?ervice.
New-Madrid, Muiouri, where the Kehel?
Lave made a itand with between 7,,<?m and
10,000 men, ?upported by four gunboat-, has
I'.'fii co'ipietely inrei?ed by our troops under
Gee. I'?-']?-. Some ikirmithing had take;,
piar", during which l?verai ol our men had
been kiMed by shells from the Krt??l gunboat?.
Our officer* were confident ?>t their ability to!
a"hieve an ea?y victory, provided the gun-j
boats wen- driten oil. New-Madrid ii a little!
ti wn of two thon-and inhabitant! BE the Mi?.
?tra ppi Liver, ju?t below Limul No. 10, HQ
milei itiuth-eait ?ii JaEtEEEB City.
The liebelt are .aid to be fortifying Savan
nub, on the Tenrenee Liver, to re*i*t tLe ad?
vance of our gunboat*. Savannah ia tituated
on the vat ? ?'?? of the Tennessee, about lu
iniie? south of Nimhrille, ami before the rebel?
lion ha?l a population of J,00'?, with a flour?
ishing trade in cotton and ncgroei.
A dispatch from Denver City itate? that a
deip.-rate battle had b??eu fought on the -jl.t
of I'ebmary, at Vulverde, If MT MailOB, on the
left bank of the Kio Grande, ten inileR Matt
of Part Craig, lasting tara taja, with greut
Ians on both inlet. The title to the tieterj
wa* difptited. A n-gliiictit ?f New-Mi-xicaui
under ( ol. Kanton arc laid to hate ran away.
( apt. MeKae, wh<> bad charlo ol our artillery,
?ind every one of hi* command, aro mid to
BETS been ullin, und hu bufteiy wa? tl.e | takeu
!>y the Beb?is, Kit Cants wa? within IS 1
i.iiie? of Pali Craig, and wa? ?iippcted t<> have
urr.wd at the tct-ne of Sitien toon af:?r (he
BbSasBafM ?eit, a* by the late?t report? firru^
was heard in that direct?.rr. The I'ii on for? et
were umler Col, Cal by, and the lit bel* Beriet
(..?i. Sibley, .ludf,'?* Watta, the DeaBJBtS (rom
N? v. M. tico, th.i.ki?, irom In- In!,.' tAtitOt,
that no actiou hud taken place, or at all
araata, that the report* aie g aatl) SEasjeratw?.
Proa Babel aearens ?v?- leam thal Gen. Bejb?
. oc Bpied W loton, la foti??*, and lins mov?
ing nu Siiftolk. Winiou :? a village is Forsytb
( ounty, Nortti CaiaMaa, utiiuted on the ri^ht
liiiiik ?if i he (Loivi'ii liner, 115 m.l?iN.K. of
Bnteigf, S'ltlolk, the ui!tg?d ]?o.iit ?if attack, I*
at Ibl jin 'tii'ii ol the .S?-al??,i!.l and J'oanokc, and
lbs N? inilk, lVUt.eburg, and liicbmond Itailwuyi.
A ?In.i g Babel force in oniiceiitiating at ?SuCo!k
to check Jiu.'l.al!. * hiil ili.C?-. Vi'o publ hi. a m lp
of the aeens of ??j.eiat. .n*.
'I he Nttfoin Hay Hook announce! that the
Datai tr-Kip! iia>l tuk?i I'Vriiaudiua, FloriJa, i
without op, out., ii. A d.?rieriplioii BBtl H p are
giicii on another | : gi-,
?" I
'i he prolk-m of ca-.tig a fSJSBSI in iimt-proof,
armor, on which the Kur? pean nat;? ni have,
?pent to Much time and lubor EitBSBt arriving
al any dei u.te tolutiou, wat elucidated yeater?,
day, lu Hampton Kosdi, to a very co,.s der?
able cAtetit. The Kel?-! iron-clad sit tuner
Mer.uiii! ii covered with inclived rail mad
iron, which often a considerable^ greater
reintauoe to tfaot than tho vertical platei, ol,
about the same thiokueit, on the Warrior and
La Gloire. She wat armed with ten 100-poumler
Armttrciig guns, and th? se gun?,at the tlfBTilMls
at kboebiirjiieti Lavo shown, aro easily capable of,
' penctri-ting at a hundred ynrd? dintanc? inch
pla'ee m anttnB with which the English and Fmneh
Bjuvsasts ara BtoaaJL Hut although Hm firi'of
th?s?' len i um w ?1.4 directed upon the Monitor for
five boiir?y??ti'r(lnj,fttadistai.c <>fl,Uli?mon?thai'
100 led, ?lu? i? jaat a* r.'i.dj bj corttiiiuf* the
.-.flinn n? ?'," araBttoaagai it, and the only ii co'ivcni
BBM experienced by hi-r ? s,-w BJNMB Ban the jar?
itogaf <?' nu nt into 1 heir ?}. -, Theo lindfield form
of the towr in which her gum are placel, no
di-iibt, greatly increase? ii,? power of resistance,
but MS Uiuit not forget that ?hu it lighting a
fUBSal of four timei her size and wright. One
thing is aettled. that a bolt wlrch antSaS a bole
iu the armor of nny reaiel which BBS jut been:
built in Europe, produce? no efT.-ct on the
right Inches of mail of the Monitor. Whether
the much heavier and better bolt ol' the Moni-.
tor'? gun? has made any impression on the iron- !
roof of the Merrimac, w<* ?hall doub?ei? BBSS I
THK I'M.IIT' I.T llA.rtl'TO.T ROA?*?
In giving place to a'l ti;? details which have
yet reached u? af the Naval on bat in Hamp-;
ISB Hoads on Saturday and the following night,
which (though the Hebel asiailanU were ulti?
mately dr en back to thcr hiding-place*?the
MailillRMI. toell I? st ship, ?tppmei.tiy in a sink?
ing condition) will inevitably be regarded by.
lue impartial n? a National defeat mid dis
erace, it leem? our duty bt recall some ante
c?dent and nut very creditable facto.
Hie RaMa opened fire on Fort Stimter on
|ba l'Jth at April iiiit?nuil the fact wa? known
ttiri.ijghout the country forthwith. It wa? in?
tended and understood to be a challenge o: the
Nation by ***? Slain Tower to mortal combat.
Noiii.fk, ai 07 'ar the gr?-nte?t Naial anconi in
Hie Slate Stat h?'.erhapi in the c-iuntri ?wa?
of coorie in inimineu' danger. It wa? wii'?h
l?*a than n Bay's pan-age of WnabiagteR und
Battinerei not t?.. dan tram Philadelphia and
Ww?.oik. Oa the 17th (five day? aller lie
wa? opened BB Suanter) tbe Yumina Conv.n
tbfl pret?'iid??-.i to luke llieir Btnta ?mt of the
(Jaleai and, toaaaS tan aal wa? pasted tubject
to raiiticat.on bj a sasadar ians, Gar, 1.etc!.er
iiiiii.-Mitote** intaai a PiantoaatotoB af adherence
la the Southern ('? n'eiieracy. I >.i tim l'.)!b,
tba Virginia traiter? obatructed l?li/aln-tli
1,'iver b?iow Norfolk, so a? la prevent !he BBS*I
?RBS at the. National tea?,!? lu.iii the .Nail
Van! donn tote (lanpton J'..ad?, aid m out
to asa. ?"ti the 90ih (aigk earn alter tan
i-j-ein: g b4 ' re --ii -niiiii-i) the Nnfy-Tniw vu?
IkBatilj .li-iiiiiil'" d by our ? tlucr? in clnr,-,- o'
it, th? i um. irinS?] ?!i?o|?-(-f-war (muk l>> toe
l.'ci. ? 4 irt?t [tal inlay | ti.vtt-d out, wh.le !b>- l'< ni,
rylfBiib, Debwnrn, Cetanben, Mrrrmtat, Kari?
Ina, Cabnabto, QutbibbIbmb, I'lum-'th, Del?
ph.n, and li, ted -?t.ifee?all ?li t ?-o'-war ,.!
rarnBB a.ree, troni a three-deck?-r ?b??? u?iv err
't wa? reported i icuttled end b4 N I-f la
nmoa tl.ein li oin lain g taje the bundi o'
tin- i.vbsl?. \se do asl learn that an*
iilta.k wa? nifule by the Beb * (wbn ?ere'
certainly in very .Moderate torc ?. .?or that ant
?-: 1 "i i w BJ made to arm Ibu workmen in end
about the Navy Irvrd?who were naturally, ui
?ti'ii'liiely loyal?nor to appeal t?i ti,?" loyalty
of the vicinage. It ?i p?ipularly nu!.???'.?..I
tbat i'alinlerro, the Hebel chief, wai drunk, io
that be failed to attack, and let our Nary ofti
????ri hate tb.ng? very ii.,cb their own way.
That, w:th nmie poivtb-r on hand tbtn ten**
kin w how even to deitroy, they might Lair
blown every tt<**el to atuma In tbr?vt boura, ia
at leaat a very atron?; |?re*iiniptii.n. the Vir
rtm,i,?winch mtlii'tfd ao atmguig a biow on ui
last Saturday?tf'i? cn? of lamt r>?,?'..
Of courie, we do not know thin thoa,- N.nj
officer? who have not yet openly a fill ?ted w.tli
the traitor?, did not here do their brit. Wa
, only know that tomelmdy ought to have l?erii
i pu? on trial fur th?-ir ?hnmeful, di?a?lrou? i u?
! carriage?by wb??-h the Nation Io?t and the '
Heheilion gamed twenty-live bundled BSBBSB
and more miJitary and na ni materiel tbnn
could be bought for lea Million? of Datan.
We do nnt know that any one yet hut ln-ep,
tliougb ?marly eieien month? hair elapsed
?ince? the dita?ler, and the tiru c<.minni,ilai,t
at the lard atdl wear? the uuiloriu and pock?
et! (Se piy it a I' S. oflici r. That tim ii ai
it mould not be i- our very tat ded o|>ui on.
I Le Merrimac, H waa ?coo annoi.iiCr-d, wa?
rats-d by the Hebel?, and wa? being Irua?
|?.ite-l nl.d oll.i-rwi??: titled lor the destn.cl h.ii
?I" rotne ol our lawMjas iu the Hoad?. Mo hu?
i.e. u ?i. tt'ng ever ?ince, alni.mt withiu ??glit '
o! .mr iii mi. Sereral time? ?!,.? hat been
suwBBBfSa n* on tie tie oi enning oat. Oats
or twice it wa? given out by the Hi bel? that
she wn? ii failure; and, a? a Weitem man
bSS well tail, they "would rather lie on a
" twelve-mouth? note than tell the truth hi
" ?-a?!,," tbi? ?liould hato lucited to greatoi
i? j . n.ce. If we had not the proper teasel? on
hnitd to renit her, thry ?hould have been
burrunj up at lea?t BJ month? ago. Yet when
, ?he doe? at last tee fit to put in an
b|.| i aiaiice, lo ( one of our pi.tcipal
war ?'(iiiiiiBhi?? ha? been lying in the Hoad?
?li ?ab!, ii for f'.i. 'iionthi and cannot get near
' lit*r, while tlie only other ahip tit to engage hu-r
g.-ti agro'ind?in watrr that her ofTn-eri ?hould
know a? thoroughly a? tln-ir own cabin??nrul
cannot be brought mU? action while two of our
? ni hie frigate? are torn to pieo ?, one of them
I ?link, tim other captured and burn?-?] and ?nine,
' two or three hundred of our brave tari killed, .
drowned, or capture.I
?-We do not attempt to fix the Mamo ol
these ditAitrrs. I'nsiibly, there ,? ,?, ,,.,? to
blame; but tba people will not In-Imve it in
advance of a thernngb ?crut.riy. \V> r-spe.-t
tully call u?'?.ii tim (,'ouimaiider-iii-Chief of the
Anny and Navy to have th.i whoi* bu?:n n
? it? d to the bottom.
Had the telegraph hnr? to Kortreii Monroe
not been completed yesterday alternoou, the
win le country would to-day be deprrisrd BJ
the weight of a great disaster, and bete to]
New-York we ?hould be r-pecling ?oon t<> ?eo
a terrible engine of deetruction against which
we. instit ha.n f..und ourselrni entirely power
Ins. lot if the .'inch ?hot and abell of otu
f, gites rebounded irom the Merrimac "|ike?o|
ma / pea? lr?ui a pup-gun," a? wo are told, I
could we reaaonably expect that au/ guns'
which are woanted in oar forti would have
j prevented her entrance into our harbor,
when tbe city would have been entirely
at the mercy of her IW-pound Armstrong
gum. It wai by a mont wonderful com I
???idince, to say nothiug more of it, the
' telegraph wita finished during the la*t two
liotirs of working time in the day, and to that
fact we owe it that the city is not now panic
?tricl.-n, bit rejoicing rather over a great
victory of Amoriean geniut ai well at Ameri?
can arms. Hut if the completion of the tele?
graph !he, to which we owe our knowledge of
our safety, may bo cille?! a coincidence, we
certainly piiiit call the arrival of the Monitor
at lortre?! Monroe, to which we owe our
?a.? ty i'-?eIf, something providential.
A U'.IliltO ?a O I.T BROADWAY.
We print on another page a most able and
fore hie argument lately addrened by Mr. I.
Ti William* of this city to the Kailroad Com
untteo of the Attembly, in behalf of thoie own?
en of l?roadway property who oppoee the con
??rin-tii'i? of a Kailroad in that great thorough*
tmta, 01?if one BNMl be?propote to construct i
it theuirelvet, on teruii mina favorable to the
public than thora protTcred by the rival appli?
cants for a charter. Th.t *pe?>cn will be found
to catt much li??ht pot merely on City Rail?
roads, eipecially in crowded street*, but on
f'anchiici and legislation general!?, and c*pe- '
emily ?n the legrtlation by which penounl in?
terests aie tought to be promoted. We com?
mend it to earnett attention.
(*n the numil qneition, howeior, wo mint bo
uiiileritood a* not agreeing with Mr. Wilhaun. |
W.? blieve tt.at a railroad in BreariWB) it io-!
evitable?that it it useliBE to fight against the
palpable convenience ao?) erorn my of such a
ruin] to the far greater number of the pt" sont'
uit?r?i?ti'<!?and that the practical ?'iiestiou 1?
how to charter and ?'onitrii'-t ?rich mad in,
the Bbtaaat asasi advantageous t?? the many
nbOs rieing UM leant p?<.-?ible harm to the lew.
Lai t" Hit .-ml, wt? throw out the following
1. Let a charter for a Hroadway Kailroad
BS framed in utter independence? ol all Bppli?
cants and oppotem, ?vitli a iii.?lo eye to the
??reatcst g?n d of the greate*t n'liuber. If it,
l,e BBeeaaerj t<> widen Hroadway at certain
prints' where it i? narrowest, let it be to
widi'i ed at the coat of the Kalroad.
','. L'un oi.it car every half mu.tit?' during the
Baan ?>t grcati-at travel, and every n, n ti- or
two minite* at other hour?, ai experience
?i .iii iiiui? t?i be raqaarite, frsas MboVbsb Bfastia
?Jeera Btna?traj ta the City Hail Kirk. Piab*
,i!'!y elie aver} lue minutes from midnight to
t o'eleek arenal aasireT.
3, PrtEfl the l'ark, let the tint car run dovvu
1 i,lina to We-l-atieet throili'? Welt t?> Court
laudt, thence up Courtlsndt to Broerisray, au?!
?. back (o Ma.I i"ii PsjEBfE Let the Bats one
run di.vtn Hroadway to tbe Mouth Kerry and
b.-tck. Let the third ruo down to 1'ulton uivl
through Paitoa t" ska Fulton Kerry, pjBjnrnEnj
to the l'nrk thtougli BnattBEB itrcet. Let the
neil Hop at the l'ark and take tbe back
truck; and, if it n fourni heit to ban? each al?
ternate car itop al the l'ark, io be it
4. I."t the f*re m the.e car? be three cents
per ride, ami let each be attended by a jN.rter
??!.'?"? duty it ihall be to load trinkt ?>?eriicad
??viitly at th-' Perries ami unload them at the
lu.tell and r?i? irrm, charging Hire?' cent?
extra (or ?-v I, hnndrci weight of baggugr,
?Hitler le?i p.vii.tj?. fr?*S.
... Lal every ullin.?"i* be rfgorouily excluded
?mai H'oadway, and *et to cairymg paeiengert
to and In-ni (he cart on the lateral and up?
town ?Irret* lare IblEB State. If tot? oinui
l"ii line. Hitler by ?he . hung?, let them be
vi.ii; comj-euiaUd bj the C?uii[,niiy. Mut they
anad n'lt lo.ir.
tv Coiiipf! the Company to pro. nie ipaciom
and coiulorial'le wai!ng-roo,in at each ferry,
ut the l'ark, rtvl st Ma?li?oii BqaBlEi for lad le*
mi? altea at >o?e to Bira t tiie? Bjasctesl coin
" g of a father, husband or brother, at their
|i!t,ce of leatuig the ?ait. The) BkEJ alio have
to wait fur the right oinnibut.
7. When you bato fixed < verylli ug juit rix.ht
ht the public, without regard to the itnporti.
i.itn-d of Beiaffl am! itriken, pi.t the iram iu?c
BB at aui'tiou and kno<-k it down to lbs bu.ici
who will giro mott for it, lEpulttt'iig n forfeit?
ure of bi? rights by any serioua bre.tch pt tat
?Such a railroad would ininieutrly relieve
lirtvidway, rendering itt Btligattafl far m,?ie
piratant and ?nie t'.uu it lia? been th? -se twenty
yean, red'jciiig the coit of transportation, ?end?
ing ten* of tbo'iiaudi of traveler! to and Irotn
the ?erry boan for iit|iem-e wLo mutt now pay
a Lu ii can,ni dollar, 'often more,) and pre?
venting an ??norn.mi* de*truutioo ot fabric* and
.'lothitig by the tu!.tie, pern-t rating Suit daily
erin,ml (Vom the l?roadway pav?'tncnl* by the
innuuieral.le oinnibui-vvhet'l? which infest that'
great artery.
ho much for what ouoht to be. What tctll
be, we du uot care to gue???probably, tor tho
pr?tent, nothiug. I lt.maU !y, howmer, 1'read
way will be travemd by the rightSSft of rail?
road; and then every one will marvel how we
got on without it io long.
The? l'elrgruiiti I,lui? io 1'ortreaB
EfssatBaara Mtmhi, mi.
ide tslstfraph line to fatEM Monroe au built
EyorJerof the BBBSStarj of \\ mi, initier tbe direr
tnni of the a" ueral BMMBJM ?>f tnilitiry telegraph
liiiai. Ike ex'-mioii of the (ioviruinctit lin. fioul
Hantogtaa, 0? '*. lo Cap?- thai le*, waa couatrucied
III I tai-i.tr-lliiee day*.
1 Li ? tv ?nile* of ii..-mt i; aii'.e cable wir laid for
il.t . baai ? i ? rea lea ia tv,? mj du?? fnaa the dals "f
tin? older, by N C. Ililli ip ot New-V.uk City. The
ristsaa arilea thal tras Eu-i i.e'or. tb. ie.rnt? gal.j
wa* leiovrrcil in Koo?! ?oi ilitiuii. 'lb. ciil.lt? tv ir*
plan lbs | ?TM ?Il h ?at 'ill l up?; llrury vvui lilli,!,,?ii
by Ml. Ill-li- |, in Ita day?.
'I've ?lv.roend wa.? Inn'!*?] at Cane Charle* at I
..'ilotk tin (?tandaj Botonase, Vv .Mr. w. li.
IE i-?, AmmMBI Mun i?-?' of the ('overniiieul Iel,.
I lll| li?, V. 1,1, I,?? lind IIB l!.l!lil llluttl l lull I'll lil (I.,
.? v. li? com; !?'ii? n at t * ia* BBportBM n.i...ieiit
I rlagtes ihaaawa of ttoantoariti rMeryo?lhe Mool?I
tor, BBS li " .JlaM?>lliig ot lb. M ?-ruin'.,-, ha* saved lb? '
country Irom great anxiety anal rapante.
1 lio d? It? in BOMI !??.!.!?? the caEle BSaaBStloa lnu?
bren owing eulirely to the , ? utinued boittoroui
Not Uah. - 'Tie Hartford Timm *in,aT?*.?te thai
the " i vital " IE ?l imiL v,.,*,! d ivvu the Miaeir? , pi \.
Bril U'lvKi li? MSBSal i.i?'i I, mm.
Maison Mil SlideiTs Propositions.
Desperation of ffce Rebel Commissioners.
They are Falling Bork from the Putomnr.
B-eSantt Dlapa-n to Th* N. T. Trff.-io-.
WiiHitor.?!? Merck ?. iHKl.
mash* and RelnSU.*! ritomciiioNS ron
The Slavery ?|uestion ha? new intereit from
the letter? received last night from Kurnpe.
It i? bow understood that Mason and Slid<>ll
have made proposition? ?ii London and Paris
calculated to eui ?t the aympatbie* of religion?
people and of lib?rala? lhey offer as the con?
dition of recognition:
/-.,?< The protection of the murringa relation
ula .uti ?hiV'-r.
Sr uni The retuovulof all -tatutory imix) lit;.?-:. ?
T'nrd ; 1*Vbrj ective emancipation.
Of course free trade ii thrown in bj boot.
It is fortunate thnt the emancipation pr??po
?itinn of our sagacioua I'reiideut ha? antici?
pated the indefatigable and crafty Commifsiou
ers. 1 nun other some? ? it appear? that the
Slavery ?jiieation is engrossing attention in
r.urope. It ?? felt there in the highe*t <iuar-'
ter?, that Ibis war cannot be ended until wo
.?rapide face tu nBS with Slavery; and thii
? (.litest ought not to be p^stpon.-?!. The riiult
if eiuefiil c.int ailing of the House af Commoui,
?liter a fortnight's BBtnaSB, i? found in tivoco-i
atontonS by one of it? ablest member*. Kir?t,
that the North is light in the present conteat
Second, that the North cannot lucceed in bring?
ing back the Baale to the I "until. Tia propo?
sition? of the I ???bel Commissioner? ?how that
SU.ery i? tottering. Our bandi can topple it
down at any moment.
t OIlllflTlilN.
No greater itjistico wa? ever dor.? a pt.bli ?
man than the recent attempt by the tSnjBRBB ol
lien. Wade in Ohio, to ?l.thotioraoly , oanect
bim ni the Chairman of the CominttU'e on the
Conduct of the War, with an uct of BaRBBuSnal
aleasen] to be corrupt, whereby a luioeuded
r.i ... ad euterpnee in T?iine*B?e wai to
Le completed at the expense of the
I . -i,-i al 1'rcfi-iury. If any dispatch in
1 UK TitniM. hsi been uied to BBS? I
tain a charge aga>nnt Mr. Wade? integrity or
ndelity, we repudiate every word of it. Our
opinion tt bun ?hould by tin? time be well
known, that he ii one o( the truest aud
?'am.chest tuen thnt ever had a seat in the
Untad State? "-eaatc. We know that there i?
no ?ingle lunn iu tin? nation to whom the ?u?
, e.tf.il n-,1.?? of i',-i wai, through Ihe erin? it
is just emerging troui, will l?e ti,?,re doe than
to Men. Wane. We know that he is honored
?Kid coiifuled in by et ery de -artnieut ol' the
i ???*?? ii iiiii-iit. and we know that wherever Iii).
TSIBUBR i? ri'ad, t!ie BBBM of lieu. Wade it
iii?? \i!,i.i))ni at huie'ti, courage, and Iot??
ni freedom
I HE r?Ulnil \( ARM'.
Ihe I'reaideiit ha? d<-;t-rii.iiit*?J to perfect the
organ.iut mu of the Army of the PatBRM BJ I
uiviui'ig it into lue corps d' ann?e, commanded
by tin- senior (?eneral? af dm*.on, tamely
Majar flss Hunks, l!ri,,,.il er-iu-nei'a!? in the
Uataltt Army?Siniiiiei- and Mci ?.well; Ilng.
Ui'i.i'ralsof Voluuteers?lle-iit/eliiina mid keye?,
'Ihe two laet-n.iimd outrank ali th?> oller
Brigndnr-OnBarnls af Vunaansre. Next la
theiu ou tho Army register, ?'.mid the names of
Guaerab* Andrew aud litz Jaka l'o'tor, aud
beloiv th? ni. again, tho??' of lieu, ula J-'ranhliu,
M?-Call, Hooker and lllenker. Gem Scot?, who
w.,? aiivny? anne to what he ?-??led " new?
fangled uotioui," and who bad never BBBt
1.1.1,.?'.ed nu anny ?utlici? ntly lurgo to admit of
a divitioii into ISvaTSl bodie?, thirty or forty
thomutid itrong, opposed the (irgitm/aticn ol'
toi ps d' arui?ts while he wa? (ieiieral-iii-Cliicf.
I ana hu ret i re mc r.t it waa BSBfuaaa that (len.
Met'le I., i, who, up to that time, had been
?trougly m favor of au organization, the value
of winch he bad obaervod nliroad, anani at
ouet? comtituto them, and at one ti me h.i did,
according to common repoit, indicie the (jen
erais wh.-iii he desired to put in coiiiiiiand af
tin? ?overal corp? which he wa? about to con*
?tttuto. Ouly oue or two of llioio thoo named
ate among the five ?el-cted by the I'lVaident.
TbS divii'on wa? not then made, however, aid
lurthor postponement? have tukeu place from
t'me to tuno OB turioui pro'cxt?, mid for
narnu? pa?! finding out, or which it weuld not
be wiie to name until tho l're-niloiit, knowing
fiat every oue of his Central?, lecouded by tho
Joint Committee on the Couduct of the War,
.le?in-d tu? orgiiuunliou of tim anny to bo per?
I? dod, did it himst'll, cou?ultiUg no one except!
Secretary Stanton, and not aumiuuciig Ina de*
te roi ?nation to Cou. McClollan uutil the
iev,.ral commanders bad been deaignated. '
tanja oue of the object! that could be ef? '
? ? W11 -r - m ?
feoted by thu ?livition ia aocoaijilitbed by tin
tuiignment of Cent. Banks, Heiutee.JJian, g^
ner, McDowell, and Keyes to the corps, WhJt
the separate corps will be mott ably ftimmatfai
tbe cnn-'luion of the war will get neither wron
nor dishonor f. oin politic! learned at the fag
of Breckinridge and religion lucked from Ti,
.Yew-Kor/t- Observer.
The Clothing Impection Board airead y fgaaa
up $1,^0,000 worth of clothing on hand whiok
ii wholly worthiest. They have condemned It
! It came principally from Philadelphia. Coi.
Crossman who mads the contracts, tof-ther
with the Inspectora, Lui been tummotietl te
the Board, to give information that ekell
j lead the roguiih contractor! to j-:itice. It m
j laid that tbit it only one of many frightfa)
! swindlei perpetrated on tbe Govern-jenl by
I'hiladelpLia contractor?. They will np tor
Tho Treasury certiCcttei will not be ready
before the close of tbo week. The new notes
will hardly bei-su?d fort?*n dayl.
It it doubtful whether the 8enate will atetl
the provisions of the House bdl, passed on ?ri?
day, which makei 'Jin old i^uee of Trennry
notet a legal tender. Leading members of the
Finance Committee coasider tush legiilation try
necessary, ionsmuch i* the notes without it ar?.
now above par.
Intercepted letton frxrn Mouth Carolina si)?]
Georgia *p?'ak of a general movement of troops
ihence to Manassaa. The traint are bringing
north large bodies of men, mostly, however, raw
levies, insufficiently armed and equipped. 1 to
Hebel anny behind the batteriet on the lower J'o?
lomac hat boen rc?-ently much strengthened.
Og I'rday, the M New-Hampahire R*g merit,
io llookert'i Division, voted for Governor, li
take the political tentiment of the reg,meat, U
vi?w of the approaching ?State election. M men
ami non-retidents were not allowed to veto,
and two companies on duty could not ??ote.
The result stood, for Berry 41(7; for Stark 65t,
for Wheeler ?50.
At '-J o'clock tbls morning a tire occurred on.
King street in Alexandria City, resulting ia
the total destruction of tour large brick build?
mg?, and involving a lost of about $!W,000, at
HbBBBE Cole! ?Sr. ?.atr?**-, gi-tvoer*. lost $10,OC0|
Maaata? Oritflu. Arkin ,V Itr? VTii, Hitler* RtxitM,
*.','"': .Me??r?. .Merwin A llr..?, fireni ml, t^?CO,
il. ( ..ok ?V Co., on ?Ua k ol drugi aad buildibg,
|M).(00? 1-a.i.' l.lc'Utrrit, clo'.liler?, g:t,?.?i>). ?Stewart
?v. (Joras, ou biiilliug and itork drv goods. tJV.'ajv);
Mr. Taylor, on building, $10,000; Lea of o-hor occBe
paat* -.1.1 ?.? ri-k' ? p?.*i* lu neigh '.or hood, $1u,i?j0. A
New-"i ?irk couierl aelooa on the aetot.il tljorfill
? "i-i- tue ruin.s
.i tra?ai if un -1? ooftaj
On Saturday a ti'iind from Company t?,
t'lth liegiuicnt N*. Y. V., scouting between
Darks Sutton and Fairfax, surprised sims
btobfll icoiite. Private K. Hodge, ibot I-?-??*.?*.
Uilion of the M,a?i?i ppi Cavalry through the
head killing hilo initantly. Dillon had a prat
in hit pocket tgned by Beau regard, to go any?
where about the country, al... a letter fruin hil
wife in Misais? ppi, entreating him to coma
home. He wes buried iu hi* uniform.
Col. Btobatw C. l-'nrignt ha* t?een re?
exam ned .m.1 been rettored to the command tri
BBS li.!<1 New-York.
The comforting belief gaina ground here teal
the 1'reitdent will loon take actual comma?!
?f the army acron the Potomac. He ia bow
daily controlling its principal moramente.
The uumber of vesselt clearing from Havana
u .J other Weit Indian ports baa greatly
increased sines the Allies invaded Mexico. The
-ei/ure by our iquadron in the Gulf of a coe
?,deruble number on the well-grounded ?uspicioe
tiiat ihey wi-re actually bouud for Hebel ports,
and l??a?led with cargoet for Rebel consumptioa,
will probably give rise, if iudeed it bai not
already done io, to corretpoudence belwtwo oat
Mat? Department and foreign Govermnetts.
The Lev. Mr. Channing laid today that the
?'?al of God wa* upon the President'! wordi
" initiate emancipation." Though our armiea
be defeated, ami our public bui'dingi destroyed,
those wurdi will stand, said he.
Tbanki to information received ir.ui four tri
the rejected and despised s'a*"*, the military
anthoritivt havu learned to-day what lo white
man could tell them, that the Hebel* han
lullen back from all their pontiont on the
i'ot.mac ?me. (?ctiry chiicd out of Leeiburg
what remained of their foroei, aad ?xx-upied
the three fort! there y eater Jay.
To-day one of the tuo?t formidable of the
' Hebe! batt?, riei on bat Lower Potomac, tbat at
Cockpit Po.iit, SffesJto tbe headijuarteri of
! Hooker'! PI I Bowal, wai ?tucked by gunboats
| of our flotilla, and alter a trerp M i.fl.ct was
iilonc-d, the gunuen, together with the Kebe]
' r.-gim. i.ts encamped behiud the battery, taking
to the.r beelu. ?Subte?-urntly a fore? wal
j landed and the Stan and Stiipei plauted ou
jil,.? Bebll t'roiigh'.ld. Cockpit battery has
[bnSE the greatest .'?-....>> aues to our ihippmg
'dm.ni* i he BaWtxtaSt oi '.ho l'otoiuic, having
'fhtow.i ticaily r.'.Oi-O ?hellt at pas*u?g ?ewell,
BBi at UM M..s-aehiisetts, New-HampiLire auJ
Naw-Jaieaj ttttfO <>n tba Maryland thors.
On Full.) toat lien, Hocker placed the two
Whitworth taas, MEt from KogIei?d hy *??*
cam, on a binti oppoeit-e Bat Cockpit Battery,
Sari ?l.iecting the pieces bituM-!., threw a num
ter of alit-ta into tba Hebel battery, sill lato
ii- ? camp* behind it. Tbt range of these guns
| BJ ?aid to bo leven n.ilei. Our PETE* after
alaattai theSla-t an-l Stripes oier this battery,
BMSto latMMB Manaras up tal down the river
unt I they disiovt'red, at a telegraph from Gea?
Ilo.iker ai.uounce< to-night, that the KebeU
had erucuated all their batteries and ipiksri
all their gunt.
Per contra: The unexpected appearance ei
the Merrimac, and har dettructive efficiroef,
gue rg'.ifK-auoe to the very tnauifett exbiUra'
tiou of the Seta-Mion feeing tors and ia Bail?

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