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firjore. The l*oa?t ha? been !ati<*hirg,y made in
ariitocratle quarter? in the latter city, within
the last week, that 'elT. P-vie would iood hare
possession of it. and the Ci-nfedeiate flag wave
from the Capitol iu Wallington; and as late
at G o'clock thin evening tho most dittnigu'tbed
of the Genernl? tam t^ie river ?aid he had his
attention called to signs that the enemy wero
(xiuoentrfttirig for nn a?iance.
PauJo Flight of the Rebel Troops.
j v, tty, thmi I ItSR
I oh Qearv has ta'.? i: 1 Baabaif, Mini di ?ven Gen.
lilli, with hit whole con maud, f oui the town mid
Burroundiug fort*. TI BtoM Bad Dulan now wave
une al. Gen. Hill e anny full Lack t award Middle
Irian nifcbt ColGearT left Iovel's-vil'ie with li?
v >it? (oniuiae.d, andannaad uranga Wananutai
a:,d Waitrfvrd, toning] ??ceraut b-th pls.ee?, and
| BnSj the Bcattored fore? of the afebat* to flight.
Shortly after BBSSBB he took BeeBMBUM of Foil
?!-.hai>iou, which waa ct,rir'f-r,ed t?y t!?c ?-'iicers Fon
Geary. He tbeu entered U.o tovcu, vaiib legs flying
Und bayonet? Used.
'1 be Rebel troc;-, aba bud tooa| I All one of
Vieii ttieategt strone,!-. Ida a Baa be du- cmv? through
i I leiroiitiri.-.
"minind tuok ;i:ii!.y priioi er? end o'.oiei, and
Ure i |.<i4MMi.in i-f the bank, Peet-Oilice, and public
t'i?.i n^s. Foi I l?t'-?nregard and I vans were al?--?
I*] ..-u.
? brilliant mc at. :',cnt, by a well-timed blow
Uni saiili'ui maiieuvri ia ol BUM UU*MftnaSSa Tue
botumai d La weil, a I .:. got -1 ?panie.
A lenaunnaul c' i <? li-t aliehig* n Cavalry did
- to Bal service und? i C 1. Gea | hi I
- - -'?r h i laat
Col. near?, alto , !. ? tannanl,
ne?: np. ed Leeiburg to-di?y, mid lb* ahaatt) : ed wuiki
Oi the enemy in the vicinity of fiat t n n.
No further particiihu* 1 ave yet be n t*eei*r< i here,
but it ii believed ihe enemy declined in thir toeUBMB,
Bs in meit other?, to ".we ?-attie.
Col.awaaasaattl -t tie 1st Michigan Ca-?nlr*- i?
Beting as Chief o? Cavalry in thia division of the
Al thi? moment artillery firing is heard in the di?
rection of W inches? <?r.
tHtkLSirmiM. li, Much 9?10 p. ra.
Ou Friday, Chit, dieu s Company ofMuryLnd
Cavalry, 40 in number, punned h pa.ty of Ashby's
Cavalry for two miles batanen bunker ii iii mid
Winchester, when he ?me BUUU 1?S) nf tba latter,
A ?kiimieh en?ued, BMttRn an heir iseUBjieg in the
hilling ofaix of Ashby* men, ami wound ng Ara,
Cipt. Call had ??me men wounde-l. A section ??!
ftlatti-w?'? battery emu?- np lo ("apt. Call's support,
?evl.ei. Adjutant Wilki::? ii (Jeu. M iili?me a aUifl' bad
Li? ann ?hot unjer ! iaa.
It ia believed aejanraJlf at Banhn Hi.! that the
forte at Winchester bas bien greatl* itilu.?d, leav?
ing aal over 3,oo? to 1,940 i ian d sea. O;?.,-:? ny
that <!en. Jackson? force bav BBBB atnuglbaaei by
the regiiuenti from Leeeborfr.
GR| t. Cole? scout? l?-t ni^ht reached a point only
four mile? from Winchester, bul ?-?countered no re
eistence, except from a ?ingle ra vi,li y picket.
I' i? stated that but four hundred ot the 1 'th Mis
a'siippi Regiment remained .it l/C*i! urg at tue ti mi
ot the evacuation. Then. ntfSBR i in the dii-stion
ef Mana-ea* Gap.
This monii-i-;, hntMaaion Kout? attacked Oen.
Baniiltor.'? pi, keti i < ar Sa iib'? M II killing cite aud
?wounding another p; run af Ibu '.'"th li.diana. Th-'y
Were pursued by the ?id Wi*?.->n?m, v?iio had not re?
turned at liie last n? connie?
TaantttMT, f"r tbe fust time ?ince our arrival
rx'U-i'iy carnage? BBm into town, and tur occunai.t?
hi id social BBtonaaiM alto our ml nn and molduro.
Bui'? of Secesbioa gi,?? HU a-rettunllf s-fong way U
Beni huea, and the li. '??? begisail g io fregj teal t! e
Sjneei cn anehan sad ; lan ?ie.
Hundreds of eentruhaattl are, arriving from the
ouutry. Tbe cimri? hl"'"l B lUBBBttl Inthaen M
I they liare been emp BVatJ BJ Se -anioa nutboriie?
? turn them ovor to ti e Uriah i Qeeiternantar, to
r. employed by the i ,-i? ,-al (I -veriinient, bulli
? ??ven otherwi?*, thev hie return-d f. tneir own
to La -, I . i. "toe! ?, Itaj
A asaanl di?|h!.b le ?" /'tmocrat ?an thal a
?-ni!.-man who letl Den. Pam h an nanni y*steitt*?f
BnttM nat l!ie JUb. Is at .V? w-.M.... i ?.av.- beiw.cn
O,?.-O) and n.O?i Bun, M d .'-us.' ..isa?uhored off
gie town, sjjbJ that it i.us h,?n aonpletelj I ami ad
ly oui inn--, s ..( toirnvntoing Ins eBana?gaarJ
dtv. m1 <vf Our njBB v..re i \'1>-,| by ?:.,i!rt ibioivi,
fron- the R. bel ?- ?i '-i,.i. ..'an ec carne wit'ii.
r - ? OarSSl cr tie (,,i.t,,Vi,i of e??v h.,?!. en?
ple'?^ victory, if tie %anbasll aftba a*ene s are diivm
It i? lejorted thnl ti s aaaen are fon.fyiiig .s?iviiii
aih on t..i- Tanaaaen iii ? r,
- af m? m b, l a? :, r* hfl at Conatoui I .n
bein apjiropiiated ; ,'t - bj atj .,;. aal el our
d' al c BS
is frof? ci..?;.-.?' n, Mi .,.-,v tia- eri ra
??.' imauj toin .- bj i I., J?,". n. ?? , -
Bid ,hi,! iba e oi lo ir ni Iba I kttM r ,- i, ?. g ?. gp| lr..,j
FltOM \\o\\ OIE ISI.'tN'l?.
Bei un i :',,,'; ?.', (gan,
7?a-is.n.ner I.,' i. S. |'.-;,t arii,,-1 b, ,t- t..-:.,g',t,
dln't ben atoaatoa tn**u*1, briuj ng ittnenl ?n>
tec,.? ii..:, (;.- . ajaiaiMa,tocbnigeal ChntoeM.I
VnoVey. h!,- aba bas aa bean! ! > ninmlaf and!
na) ni tina tan aVeantoa, Baanrabngi nf Dr. a?
?ntt lhu.ii..?k of Mama i anana, ?tas.?-, ,| t,y Dg?,|
ila lo d m Patfe ali el wboiu an Bang well.
lie 1'trry an?Betoga toa iioiiitsof toi. De >i.i,
tail of tbe L? l".|-n.. u I /uuaves L'ji(?,iai gea Dall '
biiiU Bal I'm ale W. B. Hull., i.,y 01 th.- | -th
aaannunannanS Ur j?i:i,?-ijt, killi?! in tbe action at
I?i-4ioie ItJatid.
Vbe Ferry left Roeuoke at noon on Tlu.radi,v lut,
Wien a ponton af the iroopa w? re ein'ia, kin^ on an
s^,ed uou u. m Bnast "ii tl?s mun land uni will be
aekrtt tteju ui due u-a?.
Engagement willi the Rebel litt
fiad Boats.
Arrival of the Float in?; nattery Monitor,
She is Attacked hy the Merrimac
and a Fleet of ?riinboat??
The Merrimac Towed oil m a Siukiog
; SpnoitU Diarrlliri to Tli* N Y Tribu??
fi ?uri? M..-.tv ?, .?a-., r.laj. Mat h i. I Bl 1
ViallAi-tiNvita. Ma,.-li'... BJSt I
i About noon to-day. the Hebel sleaunliip
, Merrimao anti two gimbuata were sei'rt coining
iirt'iitid t'raney Jilaod, headed for New purl
Newe Hall ae hour after, the Natal look-out
boat in the Hoads signaled the fact to the
, Mtoneentt and Roanoke, the latter, (.'apt.
tlarstna, beug UM tlHg?ihip. The Mmneao'a
kari steam up; the Roanoke having laiu four
nriratbl with a broken iliaft, cieaiursi wero
?tabaa'to tow Lor. It wai tome time belora
lilley were under way, the Minnesota leading.
Tbe Roanoke, when near the Rip-Rapt, wat
ca.i?.lit by th? tide, and hall au hoir was tpent
! m get',mg her bead Tight again.
lue g'Biboat WUaEBtsl alio got under way.
Meanwhile, the M'-rrm.ur was making good
?.me tor Newport New?, where the sailing
ingate Congre*? uud the Cmuberlrud were the
only naval taBBBta, Ai ti.?? Minneiota panel
[?tibia range ot bewall's l'uint, that battery
?',.-!:??d on her. It* fire wai returned ?rigor?
ously. '1 he li;?tig being at long range, no
perceptible eflect wa? produced. In a little
un.re than one hour trout getting under wty,
the Men ?itiae wat within half a mile ot
Newport .Newt, when the firing coiumenced.
.-?iiiiultaneoualy with ticte movement*, the
Yorktown and Jatueitown (reb?l iteameri;
caine down .lau ei later, and joined ti.e.r tir?
' witt thal of tua Mci mac ti poa tile Cuugra**
' and the C'uiuberland.
The pr?cit? in<. i ,?.? ,,'.i thal foilowetl 1 am
| not at pr?tent tully advised til, at Ihs neue
waa witnessed l.. m the Fortreit, eight milei
jdnunt. Hi..- Mernniac at-emed to proceed pait
I.it- Congreia and engage tbe Ciiiuberlaiid,
MBJSb waa also under Uie Ore ot Ibe York
; town and Jaiuettowu (?ur battery at New?
port Newe opened vigorouily ou the iroii-cltd
enemy, lu aimut hall an hour, the iua?li ol
the ('uaiberleud, which were visible wer the
point <?f laud, were seen to ?,-t and finally go
over, proving tl.nt BBS had tunk. About tb.?
tillie, the Coi,gre?i, wilb laili *pr?*ad. wai SSSa
t? aaSJM ?town a sbaii diitauc?? and Hop nu Mt
i l'oint, sppanu'.ly aground.
, Soot? aller, the Merrima?" reeppeured an?
BEfBgael her ;tt Matt rangt) and, Bjftaf keaato|
!ip ttie Bnatasl Utoea or twenty um.utc*, the
willie Sag ot s ?ri entier waa *een t?) lloat over
tne Cengram's ooah. Matawbila, ai ii tin? day
wa* f.U'i to be oue ol' iiii-.ti'iiire diia-iUri li?
tan ?l.ipi, til?? MtonSBStB Bn4l grounded about
two mile! from .NYw't.-rt Newi, where ibe lay
Mabins, liUitiMt sii'l, .i.?r? to get clear. Tbs
lio.ivoko, by lb.? t.iuc had roacb'id Mitbin tiru
milli al her; bat, BSCiaf tl.e eui It lit?! BtBEtt,
li_r:.?-d back, i i.e gaobatt Myalie, Waitb laid
..?to gune up, betag iu a duabietl aeaditioa on
account of i -r b?.??.I giving out, alto turned
back, towed by a ti g,
Having acc-viiip!.*li?-d ti. ? much, Ho Merr.*
tiiuc and the two Babel g'ihb'a'? ci BUESEM ? ?1
?hilling our camp at Neajeertliorna, willi wh..t
attoet it it, ol courte, t^paaaiblo t? *n> now.
Fiat p. tn.? lit 4 'uiiiuei ?.xii'i had a BEBE Bl
about SOO nu n, BBBitij one halt ol wdom mag,
nhill when ?he went down. At )i-t, the ( uu
??ii?? ha* not been bearded, an 1 ii II BBppOSBd
Ibti ?-.'<?. Mamheld gfl thoio Bftfettl t.'ic
' liebelt Iroin don g it.
The Bnaaabn .? Blas aground hall way as
taten the 1 ortie?.* Bad NaWEtft Neivi.
'Hie Carabririga ?ia? ju*t bobm in, tow.ng lbs
.St. Lawrence, an?: both will go to the dull c1
(?so. V? ""i bat d.ipatched two regimcuts by
land to Newpi ii New*.
I ?alf patt Ti.?It ,* reported that the York?
town it ou lire up .)nive? River.
One ol Hi?- giiii ul tbs Merrimac win d.?.v
hied early in Um action. 1 ho Mernina?* and
Caabeiiaari w?-ie t..gaged at ?lois ?-tarin*
wht-ii In? la'tt'-r louiii.-uced unking.
Tie .Mcriiinaf i.ow lisjfl hall a milo below
.Newpi'tt New*, and the bring between her,
and the .V.iiuciot-, at audit two mile?, n
k?-pt up biibkiy. 'Ihe ('ongl?es BBS not been'
>,i oil.,,I..? '.ix BaBSBEEttS of Ilnilan'a Cal
.iliy und the Menatod Killel hive been ?J,
pnit i?d tn mp;, ut (toe, Mai.-hel.l, ?hmild b<
b?* Btteeked bj tone. Tun hi. |*nsrmees hu?
gvuu into BttlEE, and ii '-i.gitK.ng th. J.xiin-a
toWEa In? M r. ii.ac does no1 lerl dupon-d ti
?"lue down lo '.be ,vliiu>e?i,ta, while the M nine.
tola iai.net go to tur. 'Ihn Roanoke hat re
t .rind to hrr Btottoa (ip?,ti?it'' the tortlEM.
s'irrit o'Hork. A Bagre, jeal to from Hew.
port ?Newt, ?til.? that th.- Merin.ne rai. SfBEin
bebb the Ceaatettoari, whicu toiMiriialtlj Maali
down. Ti.? negro Btatet that aoiue ol tbe
crew, who swam tuiioitt, said tue lora uu tbe
Cumberland wat about one bundled.
'lhere ii some doubt about the burning ol
the Yorktown.
The IratJ ia st;J kept up, tbe MatEtEMB
still lymg neir the ('ongrera, which appen?-* ?
not to have been boarded yet?
Eight o'clock.?Another person wh<? left Near
port Newi reporta that the Merrimac did not
fire till within 20?? yard? of the i'tiiiiberlai ?I,
when she fired uti?! ran mt?? her b,?w, cauimg
her to fink immediately. 8h? bad prerioutly
been net on fire. It ?s continued that about
trim-halt of all on Iionrd wen- lust.
Wbtfl my inlorinant left, t'i? ("ongrnss bad
been boarded by the Morriiiiat*. and ibe white
fltig wn? bataba! over her. Her gnu? tv, re. then
Turned on our camp.
At the present hour, the firing hat ceased.
When !a?t teen, the Merrimac and tho Rubel
gull..>alt icein to have drawn off toward
t'raney Iilaml, and it ia apprehended that *ha
may attempt to go mit tn BSE to-night. Prepi.
rat,oui bata boen made accordingly.
The Mi.,ne.nla i-t still aground.
The St. Lawrence and the Whitehall are
lying near here. It i* rBpreeSBte. that the
shells that ?truck the M?rhmac had no eflect
on h*r, but glanced of] like pwbblet.
?piciol liltftlcll IO 1 ti? K, Y Tri'in,,..
M toi BStea M?rrb I IBM
1 he telegraph ?me from 1 ?irtreii Mouroe
wai completed tnit nft?*rn?j??n at 4 o'clock.
The Irsl d'?pntch lent over it mt by the A
Kiitaut Sccrelhry mi tim Katy, a* follow*
" r,.K'K*?? M ?un, Mttoh 'J-t, 4i| m
(I Wn lu, St?. r?latj- "( ti,? Na?.?.
- Jne Moui'or at ?ned a! 10 p. m. lilt night, ind
trssl iuiii,?'iii,iti-lyio the ??antrauen at*tbs Htaans -tu,
Ir lag agraaad jest baton Newpsrt Now*. At 7 s.
in lo daj the Merrimac, arconipanicd by two wooden
ateainers mid l?verai ISfB. Meed out toward the llin
i ?Mel i sad oi Batt Ira? Tbs Meafara eral tbtw) ead
Opoati her t>r*. when all iii. enemy s vessels IB?
i tired e>.c?pt the Merrimac.
, The*, iwo ir,ii,-(!a,lrfMi.l? fo" (ht. part of the lime
teaching snot atbsr,frraata m?m>asea?wbseass
, Mi rriiuai retired. Whether al r? ia? inj'ie?! or not it
.n iinpooai! I. to say. UsBt? ?I. I?. Morden, who
?. ,,iii,iiHii<l'-d lbs Mviiitvr, handled her with great
r-k II. ar.d asrfsted hy Chief EegtoSM ?Stini?-ra. l.'fut.
Wirdi-n waa injured by the cement from the pilot
, lion?* teing driren into his eyes, but I tru.t nut ?...
' r.omly. Ihe Miiiiietots kept up a continuum lire.
and i? Leratilf *? u.? what ?np.red. Shs wit* moved
1 ?'?'DiiJerably t -day, and will probably bo otf tn
j night. Tiie Moiiimr ii uivjntci!, and re.?!y at ai.?
moment to re j al anothrr at lack.
O. V. KlX A?*I??autS*ci*taij.
; To lb! Atf ? I?:? i Fr?
ananan Baann hi id?- *'?' hi .-j
The dul't-ees of ( ? d Pani wai startle,) |o day by
1 the announcement that a inspiciooi looking vease!,
BaSaaanl to be tha Menin,ac, '...'..ng BUS a sub?
merged house wi(h tlie roof only above water, was
; moving down fnm Noif.dk, by ihi cbintiel in front
I afton Sewalli Poiut ballet.e*. >.?-i'.,l . i ? >v? rw
' alto find by the Cuuibeilaitd and CUBgnn U> notify
l!,e llii.iei'i'ii, St. Lawrence, ai. I Komi, 'n'.- of IBS
approach, ng BBBger, and k11 wiu exe lenient in and
atsiut Ki itresi Monroe.
Thire wa.? nothing |r. tru-lmg above ti.? vviKr I i:t
n tlrig-italf flying tie a>*bal Beag, and R ?ui-r? ?moke.
?tack. She n ot c1 BBBBg ?l-.wly, and t?jrn?ij ii,lo t?. e
ihaliuel InttBBg la ?VSMBert Nuit?, ?.le ... : :
lect fjr tie ii'j/K'e? I ?u.-,. l.? rlai d and Ceakgnn
wi.i. b tveie !) ins! it' ?lie it.,nth ol .liimci liner.
A? at- n ?.? IBB - am? ?i Rbin isman of |ba C 1 ? -
laic!, li e Uta r S* M ?'d I I to? B I ? bel I a?\ y trim?.
? tal toa Balbi ?ti a k and gbnead off, lav u.,; an tn-te
\ etr>-, I than pea? froni a n?p*gUU. II? r ??r'.e were ?ill
i c1 -ned, and aha in?,ved ? ti m aiiei.ee, bal with a full
bead of Basan. In 'be mean lime, na the Merrimac
wai appmacbin* the two frigatea on one ?ida, the
?abai iron c'.ad ahnnen Tnrhnwn aud JeeMunswa
caine down .lame? Uiver ami < .".gut, d o ir f. igatei on
toe stan rida In? bntnrin at Vewporl Rewi
algo eneaedeotbi F. kiewa and Jaam -eu, i.- 1
i! i ..ii m t! eir pama te asses tba Cnntoarnndand
('ingie??, al ah, lie.! g ?se tig ??-??!?. were allia
mercy of the eggBBBBBng ateaii.er?. I he KaaTaMM
in the anea tona ksjt Mt.-aiiiiy an b?r aaanan, and
i ?. i ej a reM Lad tie Ce abe i Into, abea ?he aud
tba Ceagnaa, at a dig ?:? ? 100 yard?, i?ained full
hro?. ?iJi? M lbs ?nu-elad iimu- e-, that t ? M
affect, "??naring ?-punid nae Iymg off, hann' vnly
tie effe t of I ba '..n.- ?M r pr .fires? I'.r a mou ent.
Af'?r neal?llig the llM bioa.'aide >.f the two
Mg .'*?, al-?- f u "ii I" I1.?' I BSabatTanaa, atlikii.g lier
about midshipa ai.d liinrnll) Injfakg ayan an aldea
.? n I.? n drew i ti ead lirud a Mnuttaani iui t;.e eat?
ahledabtot BattBgB?B daebed Bgafanl lier wah h*r
i -o. i u i ,a -,w, and, knocking ia bnaien, Iel) lan
? "... .1 ?ali i kttBgnSB, w( lou
la j a at aouarterof e a '. distnnl. I i-.- (.'? rigrs ?
'ni. mcn tin r, kapi apaahary angageeienl a ?to
. \ . ' i*n - 't -1 ?' ? .-? ? \ o ,-.. ? v.,., i ? bo n
i . -..I--,,?, ia* 'lie keeps ,'?
i - i' ? ? n ?i .1 ???., . hi ?t ouce ?tra. ?. 1er
i.l.r*. II, r ciev? 1...I 1 s, n ,! * : ar.-r.l ?everitl i.iv?
?ince, ami ti IB* MMpaBaM el the Naval Blisajgbi
lud !i?tn pul on board te,'.p-> ?ile, nulil ?he (?.ni.?
se ed bj toe Bt Lawsanss, abito ana I kava
geaa np --ii Moatte* io take k*i peaatiea na nae el
?I.- ' I-, ka-.' '?? ,, ?-e1. '-f i .e .le .. Uiver.
?in i * i mgnm n**tbng Bneelera,lne ?Iaa *?
Iowb ?i. -j. . sad i'-t? I.oin on'.....r i ??? ker all
?nea M ann, kui a1!.-we l toa wa ? i ?
? cb .- ,n I on' . Ta. renal, m ? ; t' i ? rtoart I. ans
..li>i ? J.' ?;?. ici ?ni toe M r: m i- ee ! ker ino
anioni opened with ehell ead ebel ee
the ?\'r.W|?.rt .N Mil Uer.-i. 'Ilieliiiiig waa briskly
i.-tar'el. S'ario is i BOftS hine b'-'li re. euri,
) .ii., .?.i Uj Horn frightened lUlMH cleik?. Sime ol
then nptneaal toni toa lurrlaue bad kaaa - iNapeiied
to rsl reef tona toe kath rim ti toa nooda Abm m
wai tin! toa tara analln Babel staunen kal been
, oinpellxl to i titi, at ?loin toaif .?I'll?.
In iii? in.-uii uno lbs steam tri] a?? Minnesota hit
lag p?n!y gel up H'e-iu.. was ! eui). leBJSd Bf te As
lelief af ti.e I.vo 1, i ate?, hut did not gol Bp until
it wal loo late lo aaiist I li?- iii She. was abo foil,,ive.I
Bp by ti.? .'.'?:.- SI I, ,-i . u, e. tt lia li WBI Uki ii III
tow by ?eirr.t! ot toeBflBBll liail,..r s-sau.ri?. It ti,
kawana*) rennend ton aaitonef toan venato hutt
pi] .la on !?.,K:,I Iii, lu, and utter u ii.ort eBBBtaBflMBl,
b*) li of tlic-1 ii ?ei Ml '! I" ?-i-, la li.J .ni? ii "I the j .lol*
mi tlii Peint, agruand.
The M iin?s-,la, either inten'iunallv or limn BBBM
uti, eiigii,??] the three atenuitri at ah .'it an
I ne, willi .,?i!y her I .vo boar gun?. Tar .-.l. Lew?
n ia.? nie? pouted ni shot li, in all liie |MM she BBBM
I rmn hi I,?...i, and ii was li.? niipiea*.on ? I ihr u .?I
BB] el cn. ed 1 aval oil..a i* on t. e i'< ml ill.ii bulli nu.I
I,-, n ?ona.ii-,..'. y .i n...r'> d. linn ??au-inri. ?, i,
muai he lorn,, in In.'ai, aie all kund BB "-I'"1 ci.I I
be act li l.y a ?.liri si h distiiti. e ol iir.tt ly e.g',1 lud' ?.
?'lid ?hw {i ii ' - 'iu ?.-li liol-nuil!,at nt.., who !!? i
lit alni' si lbs hist BUB ?rtnn Newpgnl .New?.
lu li ?. iiii-i- t um ila. km ?a BBSnM kwd, I1 SBgJ li :
Masa ?bone .?ni ki ighi I j. ead aatotog kal toa "<"??
si,,n.ii eatotoe ?i geaaaanld Banna, 'lue Men nu...
wtu. alto ?a.'"-i to b?- a.i"i.n.i, ai abe reuidin.-.u
?:,.. i..-aiy at a di. lain e ol a mill lion. Ile .Miiuieaola,
nukV tog na biitm|? u, ?. las k m Banana knr.
1 r.'v.oi a to ihe Sepulten of iii?? tonanss fcs Hal*
ii i.orr), no gans ha?! BBBB lind for half an hour, the
laai obi Bung lind li "in the Minuet?,In. S im BBs?
eau esenaad nat, banadnB paton ton ia?i/u
?vhilirfl,^ a detiae vol'iin? nf *lis?r teas eeeu lo ii??
f. ibe HV r. iiinic, ntttntng toaeapennnanTae
baliir. V\ bet ?ui Uiia U BO if Moi oiimirl be MiluWli,
but it w n the universal opinion that the Rebel own
iter was hard agronid.
Koora were of coarse entertained for the safety o
)^\c? ?*?,WS5p
C08P0KT i
scAce or miles
-J_? ?
'; e Minn-iota im) gt Lawrence io ? n.*h an oneqn 1
BSBJtoat, but if tb? Merrimac was really ashore ilia
?mild ?lo BBSastB damage. It wat the intention of
ibe IftoaMHB, wi'h her picked and gallant crew, ro
run into ti-?? |BflrlSn with the Merrimac, avoid h r
iron prow, and board har. Thii ths Merrimac werne?!"
not inclined to give her an opportunity to do.
At S orl ,ck, when tfM Baltimore boat left, s flea'
of ?tt-arii digi were being ?.-,,t Up to the relief of thi
Miunes'itaandthe St. Lawrance and an endetroi
wai Is he ruade to draw them off tbe bar, on which
they had ?/rounded. In the mean tims, Ins firing bad
tuspemled, whether from mutual consent or neceteity
could not he aicertainrd.
The hebel battery at I'ig Point wa* also enable,'
to jo.n in the combined ?tink on the Mtoue-ota, an I*
?tev.ral gum ware firsd st her froni Sewal?'? Point
at abo went up. None of them itnick h.r. but one
M tv? o of them passed over her.
Tbs Ilaliiiimr. boit left Old l'oint at 8 o clock last
night. In about ka!f an Bent after she left the
B barf (lie iron-i lad l-l ric ?on iteamer Monitor paired
her, g.nng m, towed by a largs steamer. Tbe Moni?
tor niidciihtedly reached K.i-treti Monroe by 0
o'clock, and may have immediately gone into ler
vir*. if not, the *ould be ready to take a hand early
<?n Sunday morning.
PeETBBM bteBaea, March '?, iBwVa,
The Mvtvtor arrived at 10 p. m. veil? r?lay, and
weut iiiiiii.'iiit-eiy to the prote? .ion ol the Minnetoia, '
lying agTour.d iu*t below Nt?wpr>it Newt,
j At ? a. tn. to-day the Merrimac, arciniranied by
: tt?,, nnedSE ?la-uiei? the Y-rkiown und Junteilown,
aad BBfsanl t-u'?, atrad sel tewraa1 the HtonBaata,
1 and sanees! Ira? The llsaiMt met them at sees,
lasritseaaerilie, when the er.emy't vene's retired, ?
! aateBBttog Ibt Herr.mac. The two ii-.n-i 'ad ve??eli,
(ought, pa?! of tkr time Maettagaart o<*er, jrom\
8 a. n.. till nooo. when the Merrimac retreated.
Whether BBS i? aajarei M not it ii im,* laible to lay.
Lie ,t. ?!. Ia Wstrisn, who BSBBBMadsd the M"U?
Mr, kaadtod ker with gnatabJil, aitntid by ("tiiof*
BegBBSOT Stun.i?. Tb? M:ni?*"tn kept up a con
j tiuuou* lira, and !? tonsM te: ewhi.t ii,j Mad, Sie
? WBi moved n r-iidiTahly to-day, and w.ll prohatdy
I l?e ? 1.i ? :. f
The Monitor ii uninjured, and ready at any rao
i Oi.nl to rete! BBStl er atia.li.
U ian hoto? MoTi-h 9, l?*fl.
Ths following vrai Meetoad to-night by tfajsr?
Iden. HeClaltafl Baal MM"? \1" ? - ? I. dated Fordell
Keans at I erasst thi? sesnlngi
'? Two bout? aft? r my lato|inabll diipa'ch for the
; Secretary I f War, lift ereniig, 'he tloirtor arrired.
, She imm?diat? ly yent to th. ai*i]tan<-e of the Mtn
i ? ?? ' t. ?lu, h t*. ii? a/roiind and continued io until a
? lew moments since. 1 ti ly this morning she wat !
MtM ?<d bj 'i.? MsrriiEac, .latueitowu, and York?
town. Afi. r a !iv ?-hours' contrit, they wsre driven |
: otf, lbs Merrimac la a MSktog fond?n,in. hhe mi
'lowed hy the .I?u.e?town, Yorktown, and ?everal
BDialler beal?, towan! N rfv'k. no doubt, if p?'??tb!e,
IB iret her ;n ihr ,'ry dock Ml t a ?'?tri?. TI ? Minne*
e "a i? hiviit and t,?-iii|* tetrad toward Kort KaBBBe?'
Ti a M.-rnmac ii BBatorsBMri t I ba?e bein under
th.-m unui'd of (onimiiii ier Huilianan, lats of the
nu. \ KW L8 EXOAQIDk
The iloo?*i fear Cn ti. Lei land wat Mm? at the
?... eal ia n N ity?Ys I vi*!-'. S e i* 1,710 tuu?
and brasa BnaaaMBtef M ganas! heavy
Har "it,,?-i? ara:
? . . i v? i , laalaaaol a?J Bli liri
b. I ? ? . . ?" -l r.O. .**. ! ii. Ia. - u
-. ,. ...I.. ,,'-.. VV W. I ???lil Piy
i ., ?i i i . I (.?n'uri. J'i ?t I I? ii.nint i?f
. ?' H.??**? Botttwaria i I? I!.., i,,,,,r.O
.Mut CbijbsIb?, "E m i.'utiiun, enrasase, D Brasa
Jill I !N.N. ni \.
I M M i-ni?vi!* .* a screw propeder
t? the lir?i r'htit. Bes carr e? 10 gum, ii II.'JOO (uni
i * v .? ? baili m lbs H it y-Y? ?I at rVasbiagtee
n i?1 '. l"? ? M n la wat ia tba engagsseBt ai
Haltons, and r (' nieodoia BtringbeM, ead iub*t
.Btly i .???ni' '? lae prieeasn takea a? thai po'ni, m
I NsW'Tark, a ?top ra twe after tn? baitle. lu* foi
lo witta, ia a ii?: tri BSI BBMSSBI
? . i i ?i -.t. A !.. ,1'. e Con let I lee
(?nan' li Uriiii.n J.?g "4.ii?? 11?? It ll??t..,l.
. ,i. '. . r . .?.-.., , ., ., -d
I ..... ,, t M -.. . -i i , Wi -,-.
... .i-... i .' ? ? . I .:i v ? K .i. ?. ? 1,
. . , . -:, - ' - - , Mi* i ?, n .s
? , ? ,t I'uiai it.v., Paull r ,a-i .? ,i/.. u i't.. i ird
i, Uta . .
v? \v li. ,.n ii?"t,?- IVtialil (r*.r*a H -. ...i. , ?, .1
.,,,., I T| ?Ott, I- - l?ui I J. VVIiiiiaaM, I?
lill II. MM'hu.
The ?team frigate BbbBBBJ carrtnt It? ?mu*, and ?
,,f 1,1!, t,ni( bind? ii. She wa* built m It...'., al li,.
Oasnnrt Nntp^Tasd. Bee bee bara to attira aeretM
?lara I s uiLt-m p.'it? ?t'-r* I ' -',?'.'ed. It will as
Ilaiiillaalai Ibe) aba tras ? tf* CfaarleMoe trttsalbs
! Kehtl ?!? utiier N.nhrille ti.ad? h.-i e>, a, ,.- in IBS Hr*l
' [ai -?i ra. "?*' ? Brara ?r>
? ,,,t.i? jraaMaaateai Lli.t?.?.?*, hnot. gai l?*?*"tl?? '
liHnri Itnrlim i V . I.B.ia B B. ?ill? n iwi Iv
w . , , . ?i |), .j, : ,.? .- ?, I I ? I. II Lillian,;
,'.,' , Ha?, H II ?. ??? ? ? '?'I ' - -" . .,?"?' ,
*., -l ll?',.-t,'.?sr, I" 1! t'saakla. ? SB*.Ur. M W ,
.,, , . . v. .-' ;. .? , n , ?. i ?.i-,'.'ii ii .' HS?
',.',. J i ,'..: ,i ( i,.-- r n . -, ' ? .- i "t. '.i ant ?
. . I. . . '? '"I '"I- ?Bl I ' .' - ? ?
' I , I 1 I l I'. . .1 v.-,?.? .1 E., ? I? ti. J.
,. Vi li " ?' ?? * '???. * HtaaSttakl
i .,, li IE Bl II B.
I I,,- M. I...?"'i"? '? i l! ?-,? '?* '" 50 gane? is 1,75?.
I,,, regto , aad irai bulli ??t EaMpsri ia Itt7.
t?? i,,.., *.i.g li ibe li?t ? I bet i tjetrai
i ,j, ?, it. Y. I ?iii.ii.?. in Uaatsesat as4 Esasallr.
.. ; tv , V'..-: Su,.- 'i K l\o.,l*,t!i t'ayma.lrr |
, ', . iit.i*Ai t. -'" ? v ".,, , ? ii i W v.? , l.v Ma* .,??:',
... j ,, ? II ? ., in i M..IIT, II r I ., Ill .. v?*, !??? ;
t i - ? ?, ?.,;.. Mi it ra, 1. .v i I ?'.. J -
,, . . IW. ti. Hn.l'ti I ?I (tui'a ( Lit I- ti
,' , ,,,...., . ? ...a?- ?'? ? :?? k. vv p. Bl?|i??r*j rajevti ?. .
.vi.,". J I. ??" * *,. Ill ? M.,'..-, f. ? ... K, '. In r. T
v j?im ? ' rt-1' !ratl. ? i. tu,'A . juiiit, J. ?i.iia?, ii.a
i iib ? OBOEnrw.
Ths Coii??re?s ii a tug ut ?.i .'h' fsnt, is IibW tant
Mgiitsr, aim waa huit al Kaery, lu Hil.
lill-. Willi J-li 4.1.1..
Ilegui.biat \V Im? hall, foiiueily h?loii?mg to the
1,'iiinu Kitriy i"i.in| xiiy, win Bene! aanl bp II. Qae?
. rnaaMt, ?nd UlV4.-r MtosrgotagWaM r?*?|U.*il?i altrr*
i n ? au? I ?it, Into fi iiinii-iivu at the llrooklyu Navy
I ? j ,.ii ita Ita tri<?.--"b-r. Hoi. BraetMwseiei
4 ... | M a. 1*1 la ?Jim.ii.ai. t\ f. I', kilto, ?taoitaid Staltt**? '
TbbIbibi .. . . ..ii fuTirttari. <i ?? lla-asnel
? lui a. M. loim.i.u, oii.tei'i kltu? T Marien R Berry mil
1.0. IJ..1.
Under the art of CongrsM pissed lut Summer sp
ptopriating $l,.'?O0,0ii) for iron-clad vessels for the
Navy, C?ptala J. Ericnon, the world-renowned in?
rantn af the caloric engine, preiinted proposal? for
a bain ry, to le launched within oue hundred work?
ing dayl from the date of the contract, the iuiprtg
uability of which ihould be teited before the hraci
est -?UBS of the enemy, and at the ?hortest range.
The contract was signed in October, and on the BBS*
bundied-and-tlrst working day thereafter the Monitor
was launched fiom the Continental Iron Work? at
QfBBBf mt, where ihe was cons!rncted ly C. 8.
H ?.-hi eil St, Co., uinlcr ths iiipeiinteudenca of
Ti oma? F. Howland of JJrooklyu.
F.iternally she present? to the fire of the snemy'?
4:11.1 a lu.II ria.g but about ligbteeu incliei above
tl.e witer. sml a sort of Martello tower, twenty feet
in diiineter, and ten feet higb. The ?moke-tttck
d-iting a? lion it lowered into the hold, it being made
j with telsicopic ii de?. Tua bull ii ?harp si both
? mmm% ti e bow projecting and coming to a p not at an
j mik-'u of ?igiiiy degree? to iha vertical line. It ia
I ?!at-!>oii?rue?l, 1.1 and a half feet ni depth, one bun
, -tred ead twenty-four feet ling, thirty-funr feet wide
at || 1' 'op, and ia built ot light three-eighth iuch iron.
Ano;! er, or upper bull, reste on thii with perpendic?
ular ?ide? and ?hirp end?, I ve fiel high, f.rty feet
four in.hei wide, ouo hundred end eeventy-'our feet
long, eateudmg over ibu ?,d>-i of the lower bull three
feet ?oven inchei, and over each end twenty -five
feet, thai lervir.g as a protst'.it-n to ihe pro) ellar,
ramier, and anchor. The ?. le? of the upper hull are
composed of au fnuer ,:.iard of iron, a wall of white
oak ihirty inchei thick, covered with iron ar?oi six
nu'he? thick.
"A h> n in re.t'iii.eea for scion, the lower hull ia to?
tally immeried, ind the upper one i? i-.nk li feet 6
. rn e?. leaving ouly l8 incbe? above water. The
intei lor 11 open to the bottom like a ?lo?. -, tbe deck,
! wlucu 11 bomb-proof, coming t1 i-.li with the top of
I the upper hull. No railing or bulwark of any kind
j appeau above the deck, and the only thing? expoted
j are the turret cr citadel, tha wheel-house, and the
1 box crowinug the an.nkf-alack. The uuiiiatiou of
j the lower bull it ?ucb that a hall to ?ti,ke it m any
i art umbi paw through at least -?'? fret af water, and
'.lien strike an iudiued iron surf ni- at an angle it
ajout M aagl?nS? la the ?vent of the euemy board?
illa the battery they can do no i..?r:n, li the only en?
trance is at toa trop of the turret or citadel, wlmh
! iMinio*. e-slly te ?i-uled, aud even then oalv oue man
! at a **"*?? tau anntosl tato llie hu,1>
This turret is a levolving, bomb-pro??/ fort, and
niouni? two 11-mch g;un?. It is 11.noted by eight
I toiebaeeanef bato 1 on. overlapping 10 thai ?1 no
ana -pot iatl.aie cn.io than on? nu li th.csueae of
J nut. A siiiil pnnTuntlUBB, of perfi rat.j I pine iron,
1 j lea I on forged beau?, inserted lix iiiCi.es dowu
! ihe c? hilder, cover? tie top. Tie eliding hatch 1.1
I ibu cover 11 perforated logivr light, aud foi musketry
? ?ira in .a?? the bittery 11 boarded. A tpur-whee',
cj inches iii dum? tri, meed by a BBBBN cylinder
eni; me. lu ma the tun el, guns and all, a rid BSnaSSBn
, with the ranatog gear af tos engine aaaMtog the
gunner te central tie um. Tin gum move iu
-'ig.-'-.ru slate? mam the turret, the carr age?
I.? n,; nada to 'it them accum'i jj?,
TI"?? l ns net fit i.iatied willi MM) wio'Jg'.t-iroo
. titi ie N irehj W -ri??, eacb bau aeighlna, 181
IpOUbdsBadi rtiaf $ .'. i'ue balli wen Madab)
I 1 rglBg BOJ ia-e bio- ks ol inm, which were afl-r'waid
.,,?:..,. atoa. Cant Ina toni maali tree'? j
j .i?,.. u?' n '? ? icsaal anton ?nat-iina. -nd ihmt bum |
I ?ere Cargi 1 i.t lae c?,.. 1.1 purpanef anatoiagl
ibroui ?- bar tide*, Liial Werona toi ?udoi., le cut
toe M..nu.?1 did an eaan eat, te go into Ve-wu
har!?'' and lay hu vt. at-l a!i.i.r-deof be r lhere.
? , ka* ?av? I bim iha Beul In
The ?."n cn? o' the Merni- r arti a* fo'lovri:
' ;. ?r,?..'- . - riit.i.ii../. io?:u S 11 .-rd?. Maataaaiteari
... na .1 Illa ,*?>.. 1 Hug Ba*t? . L - ?
..-.,, - 1 u u .' bei ?? i ? ? -? ? t i', ' ?? ' - u ? y
. . , . \ -i.g ....l.laul ->?rj?> u li I LegueI litt 1....1
', .
(?un |? 1 aird *??i?i?oi K iv . *.,.jt ?,,a u f. Baaattaa
-, . 4 v?.,. ? Bi ? (>???? r.?i I ? 1
, I.I vu RRIMAI .
The Monism wa? rigiually oae of tos ; v -.?? ?
?.-m, ? a. ti?.1...i to ha eoBatrfl led bp Congre?
daring the seaton al l;':->. Way man ia ha Ant
, -, . iga ?,--.i| ? - I Bar, and v.e.e I? lill :.b 1
l'a.- Ui ; i'i-? at t'naj-Btetown; ITabaab, 1 ? n, Du?
??.i.t'? 1!. g-s 11, a hi- ?1 ,:i 1 a a n ??.,.?1 nrvin at Peri
ti ... ?j PbibuielplilBi ti e attnaseata at Waabtog?
io* to* Beeaebe ?t Nat^ett, and toa Miagara a.
It? oklpa. Tin* Minn, iola aid the BbBBBBS wore
lying uHaaBptoaRaaas? These fice, ranura? wrrr
eesal IB lap s'e.?in war vrs-e!? in the wold, ex.-.-. t
iroii-c ad veiet-l?. The ijardeck ef BBS Merrina,
.?>.?.. I >,-i long 1,11 ! j' feet bioad iu her erigin?!
c nthtum, and ihe drew 'Jil feet of water. ?she ra. ?I
.ti 0,1 1 Iga tuna burden. Her frame wai 01 live
1 iik, 111sd iu no1 d, und caulked 14 leel oui from RM
kalna. Foi ward the ihip bad 10 live oak brean
links fa?.coed through and throe.g? willi dp-er
an., 1 IBS niter aiid Ina above. :?(. ?ho had ?eviii
M* Bl-' cok?.
lae SagBM MSB of WH) h .ree-power, wilh a "J
lad? J ,"..|.le-r 1! 1-?1 in diimeier, n I tied at la
Ira immi ttAmtdesk aud !??*?.?ii to ,.* bttaiuiiig
al pleasure, enabling the vessel to be tjssri
with or without her steam power. ?%e ra'eri
as a 40-gun frigate, but could carry ra mt-et
metal ra a '0 /uri ship of the old Kyis. Shs carried
1 it D-inch sbsll tuns and II H-inch stell ?uni, ?with t
irot gum of 6 tuns, est h throwing lOO-potuid sholls,
m untad fore and aft.
j Tbs Mern nute wua firsl of lae five te be com* le'tri,
i being launched ia 18??U She wat tot? after pat in
j o-vtnmi'eion and continued in the service until Ararll,
l5?'l, when she wm lying at the Norfolk Navy?
Yard, in need of ?on ? ihght repaint. Hut mt ibe
imbecility of tho*e ia charge, ibe might have been
removed before the rebellion aclually broke oui to
I Norfolk. Under the management of Com. Macank*y,
j uowever, shs and ths ihip-of-the-liua Peunay Irani.
were scuttled and sunk, while si tbe nine nuis (ta
I .?-'aey-Yard and ila 2,000 cannon wtna ahanloLi'd te
! t ,e Hebels.
S ties twSB tbe Merrimac has been raised, placed
upon the dry dock, and covert d with an entire tlaat
Baj ro it < f railroad iron. Thi* nddii.nal weigbl
nearly broke her down upon the dry dock, end that
fotind almost ai much difficulty in launching her Bl
was found in laaatblag the (jrcat Lastern. Ovviog
to a mistake in calculation, on being launched tbe
wai found to sink four feet deeper tuan befirs,
M as io toke in water. So ?be wa? BgBEl Ukta out*.
being hogged in the operation and otherwise ra
?trained that the Southern newspaper* prououneed
BBS i failure, ami it ii nore than probable that witt
no np position the would never dare go to ?as? She
ii probably a very g?*od movable floating batterp.
Above the water's edge ibe ii ?aid to prxe-ot nothing
nut tier roof of railroad iron, with a smoke alack
rMMg o ten feet above it. From the at connia whieb
we Lave of the tight, bar rate of ipeed is very tnod?
erate. ?She mounted 10 lQO-pouud Armstroog guns*
which are reported to bave maahed through iroa niall
a. thick as that of the Warrior and Mack Pi moe,
hut which do not appear to have mads any impies?
?ion on ths Monitor.
The Yorktown, called by the Rebels the Patriot
Henry, ii a steamer of 1,-ltH) tuui, which was bait
by M'tlliutn Ii. Wsbb for the line between Neta?
1 o.-k and lin! moud, m J**.,'. 8 ne has i r? o decks,
and i* built of oak, wiih copper and iron fastenings?
Sbe La* two matine beam engines, of 'dot) borra
power, and four water-tight compartments. Hw
diuensintii are, length ?>I feet, breadth M foti,
depth H feet. She is described by a reporter waa
went up on tbe Expre?s, under a Hag of truce, an
Thursday hat, a* mountinia* lix rifled gum, one of
which ii an Armitrong gun, and ra heirn/ much mears
formidable than her consort, the Jamestown.
The .fameitowu waa former!;, the ooo*ort of tbe
Yorktown in the Richmond line. She wat built ia
Itwtbf J. A. Weitsrvelt, and her dinieniions are
slightly ?maller than t mae of the Yorktown. She
draws but eia-hl feet of water, three f.et less thae
the Yorktown. She hat a vertical beam engine, ol
".'-1 ho,-.e ? ?iw ir. The same reporter aaw her alw
last Thursday, and rays that she waa worked witt
doubla engines, and bad a ?harp iron prow at beg
bow projecting some three feet at the water line?
intended to run down wooden vt-?.-?!t and that tan
ranm two 32-pound rifled cinnvn, Parrot!Kyle, fore
and aft, the gum being tin mined with telsscopla
tight*. The ve-niel looked trim, sud the officers wow
a profusion of gold lace, while tbe raarinra and salloeJ
w ore imart and active in appearance. A
C?pt* i formerly Lieut.) John P. M'ordea, of the x
C. B Navy, the Ant priioner taken by the BsbeM
after the outbreak of tbe war, is a re?i?lsnt of Dutch*
eie County, in this State, and mu stsrvsd 28 years ia
the Navy. On the 7ih of April last be ww teal
from M'anhiogtoB ra be?n-r of dispalebss
to (.'apt. Adams, of lbs Sabine, ia ooinmand
of the fleet art Fort Pickaos. The Oral
bad prevv- ..ly been sent to Fort Picken*, with tire
MSB] Balts of artillery, for the purpose of re-enfrrcing
the fort when to orderrd, and the ditpatchra cejrrisd
by Mr. Worden conveyed order, to that effeel?
Lient. Wordea arrived al Pensscois by way of Risk
r.-.ond and Montgomery on tbe Ulb, having cota?
i tnitted th? ditpatcbes lo memory, and torn them up
for fear of arreit and search, owing to the excited
state of the country. At Penitcola be obtained an
interview with (len. llrtwg, the Rebel commander,
und obtumed a pas* to vieil Capt. Adnu,*, itating ia
reply to au in'enoi/atory that ba had a verbal ram?
municatit'u from Secretary Cameron to the eaptaia?
?'???!!.- to a gale which w ? blowing al th. time,
I.??-;?. W orden did not viait Capt. Adame until the
, following d,?, when he delivered hil orders and ra?
I. .-.v?d a wii'.teu r?-; ?y iu return, acknowledging t}jg
j receipt of the diinatib?*, and n?; iog ti,at t!,*y ihoukl
' '? -*r 0 ; i : o ?i, eOgtnmt nan oiner veioai iii,<orrna''?Ml
! BBJ tlis Qnverniuent. Ths fort wai re-enforced bp
Capt Vegeto thal nicht, Lieut. M'ordea took the
, n- ? al N ?v m. on the l'.'th on his return, and on the
BMiatagef tia 13th, when within about five ailes of
Montgomery, five ?ftrer? of th. Keb?*l army came In
and arreited bim, taking him to ths tittie, of lbs Ad?
jatant-t?eneral at Montgomery. Subsequently he
learned that Bragg bad collected a force of 1,1)00
MSB tn attack Fort Picken., bad made all arrangtr?
n en-.* to endeavor to seizs the fort the very uight
that it was ie-enforCtd, and lhal in order to cover his
Dunder in permitting M'onien lo go out to Capt?
Ad .'ii*. 1 ad charged him wiih violatiug bil word of
I east? This chargs the lieutenant mott pcsirivsljr
denied. Ilra?-g also alleg?*d that an arrangement had
?sen mad. between bim and Capt. Adams, tbat ne
BatBBMl I > re*sn!?rce or tek? th. (ort should be made
without previous notics to ihe oilier party?a moat
m, i?ely ?i?ry. Although the excitement agaiuM
I,ieir. Worthn was inieiine. he mid le was weil
|. r? ,'.''1 Ja i-1 ii? i apriaeawMat, and Caet Ingra'j.ta
tai Mm ti ?? r? wi MB bl bad kn itv:i in the ?ervine,
t atari] MM m pr.*<n, and endeavoied, though
r, .n'y, t" Mssct lit BBMBBS on paioie. Ile w?. al?
'?wail acresito n?-wspaper*, and Haled lhal up to me
vi.,, uri Port Royal, in. It ?I,eis were confident and
Bltsgaat, but wl.sn that fell, the journals denounced
ii?- Betel (?overnuieiii for not making a helier da?
ttoalS, li'.Janng there was m la'ety to lb? eiu.i ou
? e bmj , Mad toni n?? aspea laaas whatever sstjtd be
? t u. . i, tbe foi lui.ti oin. A tous of deaoair
??*, ?? ad '? I ' ratall, and lbs peupla were loud in theil
lan i. . ? n? tri a (J'vt'iun.t-ut whicn gave them ne
security. u r in:. I! ? ??;.??) ot ih. actutJ coiidition of
t. ? ..il M ? lesaka of ?ipetwtioos. Oa the I dib ot*
.Noven, at he Bat mf?<imei! that he had been released
?ti ?' to'., to ,?? '^i Ki, mond lo carry oula prupcei?
?v for au BBtbaaga? l-l-ut. Moi don left Moni?
y ta t.i lit!., laving givsn hu parole not te
Ivulgs anvt'iig which bs arigbt l?*srn whils ia
tiaaslt t > th? BwaaJsnatasjaef ibe It?bei Uovernu.nE
Thi* .' ii, le hat been of no ilisadvatitagi to u?, li ira
? he tail t'jat be *aw uothitg. He arrived al Riot?
.n,md au Sunday evening, Nov. 17, baviug been de?
'aiied one day by failure to couneit, and obtained
BB interview wi h the Adjutant-lit nerel and Ailing.
tot .etaiy of Wai Benjamin, and left early ou Moa*
?Ivy rnoirii'ig for Norfolk, and ths followiug dap
went on board the frigate Minnesota.
He is now eaptain in command of the Krlcaraa'l
floating battery Monitor.
Boston, March 9, 18?
The brig Marine, from Cieufuegoe, tail io with, on
lbs 46th nu , tbe ship Niagara, trow Philadelphia
? n'Utatpest, m s ?mkiug atrasa ion, and took oft
the capUiu ana view tau hroeghl ma-u le Iku goth,

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