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Bfflcicnt Servio? by toe Ounboata.,|
Cton. Johnston's Body I ?ft on the Field.
Caiko. Weduooitx. Apri: fe i8*t
Ftirther a?Jria*?v frotn Pittahs'g Unding |rH ti??
tollcv/i_tr aboot the tatt I?-.
Tt?s enemy ?raD.tr.?*D<*d tbeir atta-k st 4 o'cloak on
Sands- -noi-int;. the batjattttS ?f Osan tomoMM and
"Prantiis benag fini engaged. The attatk was ia*?
e?rfiil and our entire" force was driven tttttt to the
liver, vrlkert tit* ad ?ande of the eu.niy waa check <*d
by tin* fire oi lia gnnlKXtts. Our force was then in?
treated hy tfee arrivai of Oatt. BlBBl with the troop?
froai .S-V-itaiab, ami tsBniritttl hy re-M-'s of the ar?
rival of two ?ii?'tuons of (len. Knell's anny. Our
kui ibis lay was heavy, and beside the killed and
8jnafl?B_. embri_C4:d car tiiinp eqi~page and 3*5 field
The r?e?t morning onr torr?*, new amounting to
M.t/MX, -sflumed the oft'entive, and hy 2 o'slock p. m.
bad retaken oar camp and l?iitteriefl, together with
??me forty of the enemy e ?jons and a number of
gnecsexs, and the ?yie-iy weis to full retreat, pur?
sued by our viru-nius fonee? Our cw-j-altitfes w<r?re
?uiTx-fiiu?, and include:
G?*-. Orant, wounded iri (be ankle, tligbtty.
Gen. W. II. Wallace, ?tilled.
Gan. Smith, se?rr?)ly wounded.
Coi. Hal), if't-h Illino??, killed.
Col. Logan, ?1?'d IHmon, wounded sevtrely,
Co). Davis, Mut Ulm?' s, wounded severely.
MiiJ?ir BSBMS, i-'d Illino'-?, killed.
CoL Pe-bod), '-...th Illiii-.i?. wounded teverely.
Our lulled, wounded, and mieiing art not ItBB-tsS
('mriO'i, VV?_n??idiy, April fe IS??*.
7**.* 7*i*7i<*.4's account of tbe battle ut Pittsburg
Issndiug on 8nn?'iiy ?ml Momliiy isyt that the enemy
Siir;irire?t (im. Prend*?!? lhi??tiAo. vi liii-L ?tus in th?
advance, five milet tieyon i Prtlsl-ir?-, uri Snndity
morning, taking two tvgiroenta prisoners, and cs?>
taring the Genera'. The tight eontinued th-- entire
gay, the enemy driv mg our forrea back to Pittsburg
arith fearful loan.
Gen. Buell, with O-n. N'?!*)n't ?liviaion, arriv??d
Bl i o'clock, and turned the til? of harrie. The en
ttoiy wst ??mtnanded by Gens. Polk and Tisanre
gsrd, ??ho Buipended ibe ?.it*--ii about I o ?-lock.
?on the morning of Monday, the tarage having
raetod on the field, and being l-seufor-ead by Cm.
"Nelaon's diviiion, lu'.poiicd hy the ginboats, drove
iba enemy batk sod ot-cuj>i?*d their former |?ofiition,
completely ro?iing the Re-Lel?, who ?vere imm?v
?iaiely fcllowed by se?er?xl IkttnBBtti cavalry, who
Bil lui account! ?vere some miles Ley.-rid Cm nub.
The Ti ti it ne plaSSS our lois at from IN to l.fliX)
killed, and 3,0'?0 to 4,'-?X? woturlel. The K?l>v?"l lore
ia taara thal number. Six of our bsueries were
tak.u and retnkeu ?ix liaras,
The Ttmei my* th?t ft?-n. Beanr?i>.?rd had gir.n
Brde-t not to deitroy any of lie camp e<|iiip.ig?? taken
Sunday, as be expected a BBBnalala victory the uoxt
AID F?)R Till" WiH'SDED.
< .. .....j VVoinridiy April 9, 1?....
The Board of Tiatle to-day BBiaiBnmtlj vot??d
Ml.OOOfor the henerit of the wounded ia the brittle oil
Sunday and Mondsy. 8u'.fCtipi:oiit<)f nearly mU\
as mu. h more were raised.
Quarten for 3,000 adicional priioners st Camp
Doiigla. v?ere orderen hy (jen. Halle? k this morning.
Cl*?< iVTixTi VV ?<lor??i?y, Ann', fe 1188,
A boat has Leen c ?j tu na mu i?* -i to take pby... mu.
Bi?n?a*s, and Hore* to the ?ceue of ?ie Teimeiin-e l.,at?
tle. A meet? g of the Chatnler of Cou.ni.-ree was
held to-d*y, and a Couiumtce al five appointed t.:.
?aoiicit ?iibwi-i'tiou? td ?.tirtliiiixrfe BSeeaBSriet for the
wounded. a..i a large au.ount \\_. is mi in n ?b rt
time. The Coiumiuet? appointed by tbe ( iiatnber of
(CoDimerce will go to OefaaoBaa to-night to urge the
Xrsgisluiure to make BSfrasrtationay rhailer other
boat?, and piocuie m-cer-? try supi'lie?. li n pro-a?
ble thal thiee or fuur ba .?? will leave here this w? e\
tor Ta-nneaiSfete. A la-g?.-nuruber of nurses have Uti,
tlere.l Uiuir servies.
MiLWxr ?.??, Wediirifelij-, Aprli 9, 106?
The Chamber of CsflI fuer?*e, ?jd the. Qararaor'a
?rfetcorriaieridiiti-'U, held a meefii.-f to-lay for the reliel
?of the wounded at Pitieburg LaSN?Bf, After sub
BCiibing liberally, the dt-ors ?vero thrown '.pin for
the rKeption uf l.OrpiUil BL.rei. IWralghl the ro.im
le well bib d, and an agent .f tbv QetSfBttr, a??x,;:i
psnied by the Btiii-'eon? ?viil leave to-in-?rmw IB
teuder all tho aid p?jw/i'.,le fur tie eattdtartsl t'-.e
LonifeiLL.. ?V...?.i?.ii?y Aj.rii 1, 1862.
A large meeting of toe ciU'-en., toe IfagBrpra*
aiding, wa? held here ttur evening, to make ar.auge
riren'? for Lukin?.'?rare of the wounded irotn CottBttt,
$1.'ot>0 ?vere toiitiiliuted, ?m.l aji? funliei amount de
aired offered.
The steamer GaaBBttMBfel )?ft f'?r the TSBBSSSM
Biter to-ninlit ?Aith rne.lica) and atattrSBBtt-? -. iTbl
at>an*r l)|ii.'rnt will leave IBBMSIVW B ;'?- l?irrit?
?niaagfliaa. Any am-.uni of hospital i
ttstiou?) in the ?v?v BN IB -iliered.
WsaarasBS, nrettsM-ty, AarBB, i*/.
The it? latrisg wan rtfeteiv'l a: il.?> \\',-- Depar ?
Brmrit lim eteiiiu'a:
(?J-n. A. Sy.lnry .lohnaton'?! holy w.w left on the
"batt.e-lieid, ?na in ia our BSSBBJ i -j, MtW llaat-t
?bodi-??>l a laiye tiun.i-r .?1 Btfest flliralaral l-lliaiB
Cxi ,?,, \? rtlt-i?iy. April '
Au officer who left FfaaUttg Leu ni Bg i : M
?evening raga.?? t').tt sanSMtaaaatasy Cori-tb,aad
tonto G?:u. JsksBSas * basVhssi baas i ? oa r'.?
Oeld. lie alaa ?'??iitn-nii tLe sagat? ihsn lUttBiagaiil
liad Lit urtu iinji "il.
i*.., ! raiaaaBna ?a? that Banasagarg ?ude i
?nasas la Ma troops "Menraaasttriag-tt lgkt,a
be " wouJl water hw bor?<* iii 'be J ? ai'?-???.'* Kivtr
ra at kail aa4 baal the gghl tasan tnaattaskall
unl.ss im (????fui.
kfcJolClNC OVER WM l'.NI'?N* VII T? ?II Ii.**.
in nu: ?in.
In botnr of tLe vicLmes ai Iba ?tmJM f ISB81
Pi tiburg and I-land No. 10, the flags on tie City
liai) and on every lag-alttf IbI-S .... ItSSS give.)
to lb?* traer* yesterdsy. Itp-udwriy was htfir? ?J a?
k f'.r ?t ??ala day, ti,,, whole in | ??f that UMtBttg-C r.
Magn?naiaaai art-biBa HaH lO a
Mai?? two fl?_s were Hy mi*, lae 1-t e .( h ? I -
Tin* M-w8 of the great vu'.ric- a' Pit ?rim ri- Und
tug VbBBSBSM, aud Irland atsk 10, wa* receivd
wi'h ti?s> graaaaat tsshsslaBsi By al aannBisfoaf
??it/? *. -tSSrj ?<*nip of intelligence ?n nkktiatl
tia-i-?to was svi'ight for ?? i?'i l'un gT.ata-rt avidity, and '
Uitt d'tait? were wrkeaied end ?he a?Vir -haassai ??
every pW-t* o? MJkrn retort. Ac.xog It .-? ?
C~- Al'Ml"? '? ' f
ml art- i 4 i.;.*..-. ..;:// '
I ni or
v ^?VTr*#pB
rraope- ^ V
a Ko-iu?
* IS*
- Osie
tljiUbi I
? fefOVTKRJCy.
?.?? 1
_ Bo-P?
Btsls Lias.
v.4fi i
''-?j?, ?as OS-aaaaras
\ '"^Ulg Hi 11 K1? D.
Bl? al*..tMll.I. ~
??_?J-_1'_& \
""(J ...,/?,
DiapoaiTioN ov tdk fob? cm.
Hu ii dut "loraina
JJ;' I'llfal.tir
x v.* I
?_. ??_, Keilli. \
^?v >Vl'aaa \\\
m \\*7a.,\
?"t.ndi.y Morning
' I
-ga. >lr ?Rtii
a.iBB?^4?n ?WnrsBn
Live ?**??, ^Bbea
.St..'- r ?' Jr.
Streeny, who irall.ntlv partioipate. ia the ba'tle,
wa? formerly a re? lent ?it Hrooklyc, uni ??well
1.1, o-a ii liena Fla,,*? were dupla? eil in Bean o? tl.e
event from [i-.l.lie b-iiltlin??? and privit? reiidence?.
The jul.ilant state of public feeling waa manifest?-1
everywhere and in a variety of way?, and nothiu_
e!?e wa? ?jmken of hut the glorious virtoriea.
The tiewi of the vidt.ry at Pittlhtirg ? mt-?.! Breit
excitement at the Navy-Yard.and air.? att'.en.i'utHr?
puais iu lue harbor. On (iuvemor'a laian.l both
othcers and men crowd-id round tie r?j*?w_:n of it
enly bar.*? to hearth* new? published in oar Ban?
ing edition.
(By Telefnph.)
I STSS Wednesday AprTl ? l8?
Oov. Anthea to-il.?y tabfranrael to asssltBarnn
?endeniig the ?ervires, aithrat m-nj-en-iti' :.. of i
anahw ti Maaatanwtb tansma, wha nr. ?- .\.
to ko We?t and nive hid to the wounded.
The r,ev?*H of the km-?1 vbteey ii Tennaaaas, i ih?
ii.'ied thta branoea, created a profuuiij raaastana.
The ssngnrabibni wer? radananl by ti ? rape**** ?>f
the greut tan of life which, it is h?.'?ed. the ottir.l'
reports will prove exiivgv rated.
IN Pul (.UKI M'sir.
I'm sasanma \Vedne?diy, A;.ril ?, IfJSJ.
All the beOaaftba city wore muft and ana -n
f'.reil. ainid great rajah ing, on account of the recent
VKt'ji n of onr tit?'ipi.
A iorre?i"nabal, ?Anting fnu? Jlotuphi? t?> Tt.t
Ciarn.ii, Mie?ia?i||.i, ra?,!:
On bran ?t ? ninth and el.ewlere are well h?- .
r,iii|j'd to take .-iiltitiitiik*e of a vi.-tray tv lu b v,e ?a
pc? t wail surely Otawn our SIlSlllSJB We ban
now an ?tra.y nan bvnhbb ?? in .ill rt -pe. ?a ibas j
any we bara y ? l h-nl. li?-?, i.?-urti, rien Ita
Weet, hlir le-?:i vi-iy lah- rim,' I y in.I a a , r ? gil*
__ejags_ in bringing nan* ant ?,f ?Ininde?, ami... ,r
a.-.f i.'ii of d-riiiav. Id* braissfgsiibsd tbe n?l '?
m :? v '-V tii?pi.u bn ?he all ?ntl I tra Bl u ?, '. ?'? lb
' t?. i ? it-.l tai f i .T'l *? i ,. I low ni
.'.?n..r i-i. li,-, with ?li ron,ina: Is, in I He ?.i.i
r age bra on), *. ?mull iiri.'ii.de. tiru, pea i bn bt ?..
r'iii'|".i of ?..i i-.iiiiiiiai.il, bin) in.ii.v . tin-.:? of the
lie e! HU | 1 Inli-l.t nu I: Uuli. He la-, air.. ? .
in-, i inerovjg rnraln ratbal be availsbi ?iii o]
i ?r i* i " t npmitiss, wbeie grawan? lb
-?ait :? I -?s. ?S'il'.a of ti. ? g NI ? -. i,
,: ? -t ;i eogiatSBtly banastas las xanbe? -
I lu ? a.. . > ,'n j? m tin ii nar. : ?. ?? .,
ua spies.
A CALL roi; A UNION ('?nvimiiN in
ANOTHER Mil UN?, ?ii lill. I III/ IN? ill JUIf
??iiN.H.I.I?A CALL nut I I Mn\ Mill.
? UN? )'N liliN.
Agreetl.lfe lo BSjOflTttttM .-t 'he rifi/em of Jail
Bad vi'ii'it.v D.etatlho Caart-MoBM ?? ' ?'?
I day, Um 'lu -' Maraa, u' IO a*cloeh ?. u..,(. i
il ia tie ?-'.air, O. I,. Keen?* gara my. ( t:i
i n..'ti.m, the foilowiag aaatleatea nara annotate! bj
l he ( huir lo prepare litn-'u.-ri ga lie i, n
artti .,',) !? \\. J', i"-, p r rasar. J, i Mil I
S. Kmerv and J. Kemington. radi ? .nil! ill.? ie
|M.rt??i tii. loiiowin-.', win. i, msaeessSad ai ii kdo*.
?r/i uiuiiiiiiiotirl*.
Whirtot. Yet li??? ??-nii'y ??>?? I j-'t-m ??' '?j* ? -o, '? ',
. ? i .o'ni? B m nesrylbs ti te)
.. I ? I . V ? - - i i,li.. ?Bl of lb '
'.uti -iii ti? i ni'.".i h'.. ?. ...?i .1 tfea bunt ti, ,., . .
?i ?'??! i ???. 1.1, tfea i ? ' .
i:r, i,... Thal i' i< ' sr Is fteOitals Ifei tatt ,- .
t. -.ni lutiil ii.-? ? ?- uti.n ol i:..? ,?????,- v. . i. ?j, i? ?
-1 ? f J ml ? ?. - i ? ? , .?. ?
Bl , m ?io -t a 'j-tiv' ruar? ? o
? ? ' ? ... r ? ?". i.-.
r*;,. Il | , I? ,'. iii- Ont! tut Bl US ?11.I iBSBIBSSti
li itaisi.
B. Il rferUwr Mm *J*mi titi ?' ?i.? ? !?? | y,?, r.?t?
al tin *"?'- t* ', b ?j-' (feint i i" i t.? mi-?.! ii tu ? j,:
,;. i, j, t i '.rill ? arr-ttofl
Sa it fatifear Mmmti. -fest the Csssitit et* Bl J. in Rea
??t.. i- -t- ?n., ('.'it-, ? jl'i?ii. Ut., .s , ?ml l'tr .?t.i b? tjH cmliy I
!? ?Ot ?' . , Hlilii T|?-a. '.n lu t '
gi i Tth?r ' i ni, rti-S nalia-Bil basbjn lifl.iani sf |
' ,. <? i it tin i ??ii??i .'Ulkt-*-? ?# Ula'-* tato? nw i?.
ur por?'?? ?"d Mfe?l ?r? ??-ir? from t>. 1nr?*ndt?ry ?t.?l
,...?.. nil tim w. tarlta tk6 BIiibi Bf lae BbBs la tatara
? thoii t'.l?,l.',c? t- II.? Ii tt?4 S-.in, t .d ?njoy tho ?>rot e
tion ootl iioof? win h or? n*?? ouro.
Bu ;.,_. That ? .-opy J ti.?.* ra.olutfon. b* dlitriPutOfei
Iii ughi i.? II.a f-tal? M ?iteriitTi !? u p?a'h-.?.
All ?f ?1.1 1. ?.?? boon ir.f'? i'i.' ? ? '-?i il-''- _
JO-NW, FBICS,Caafaaaa.
OB n.otlon at T. Wltam ?I.? fVliwIng wat r???!??-* ?ni!
tl..| l?d .intniiroj.ly. T! il 11- ettlSSBB 6f UM n-??. t BH
l??i m4 ii., .' i*!i ai!' ou M. oiii? Aiil ?. IM *la*ft 4?!
testai ia bbmsI Iks CsstsaSra is as belles at Jacn ? .?,
Arrll 10. liai
Oaa.utloa.fr Fr?trr, tey, , ?he n .- g .? .rn-1 .lo?
ai* < I. B0BIN8ON, ( hiinass
0 I. K??-.i Isessearr
J_6_ssasSfa Ha., Mani it. M fe
REI'lgtT or Till. roviMii in (?N Till AI 1 HU li
( I iilltlN?. I H Al li*-.
Hil?.I?' mi? Ar-..! ? 1. '-'
'iii. c"mn.itte? a?, p brtsd bj i be I ?anj-atal ira to le
ve?'ig?'e ?iii?..??! (rBB?a,taia f.? b.'ve heeaBsrao
trat.'l mon ?,nr ?,?!!.tit I? Mjlvaaia ?. di?r? by
hint* 88-88? II tL? ii,?!iir?. ii.rnt ??f ti??- f. ?. H ?, "? t -
ami ?3,000,000 leans, h...? M modi t?.?.r re-ort.
It i? ?igned I -, ? ??ty u.ri ,'. r of the -oaU-tti ? , ai.-.
? 'jinindi r as fi ...\ .
' Thot BBtta I? B6 ?ti4?-. r?l,irr. In ?ny w?T la?ol??? ?? y
i." r?--.: il.? i ... . | ?.
.?-..? of - .?? t
t?: -i ? ? ii!' :. i t? ? ? I ? -? -, . i?'
a ; ?' .-.. ?. ? | ?? ?
t ? ' ' r k .ow.r.l,'? ef lb? Lil ? | .....
ri ? - ? . "? '?-.- . ?? ???.; in j .- ? ? ? -
K?*r?,.1?? ai la i,"..?r t.. "ii vi ?C*. ??tt*_Bb ?.. ??? ?
lb. t. tu .-?.tit .!.? B*. Banal r Ma n.?.. lalfeaB?l8
?I .n ?! ? oil.a i *-? ? . ? .??'.,. t- ?? ,
j- ...il?- r?? n;.?- ?? ? ?? u ?,.-.t.?'. ? I ?i U - ??
( ?. >? i. .?? t C1 ?:?!. -tit? ?i ??ril?
li ?v II?,? l-l a II ? ' l i ?
|.:ril tSell f ? ?: / -'g tl?l I I tb6 'Hilo! I o , il.t-.l p?
..... i ' t
?r I Jai. y t | lal | ? ?? ? ? | ?S
.- 4 f.-. m ? .- ?' Iii. 1 'I I t- ? ' ?? ? ? ?'
I .rta t'.? i ?i ??. ' ti ? ? . [.H H I feria i '
till', I? ?lill ?n ? !.?.? <.... !?? u, u. di.|:..-.
TI i? h.V? nil lb? r'.,I,?J. r? r-. Iavitl.lv S*?*,-.fefe?*i
apea Got. Carlia ?n-i tte haag et Me sriliiat-y ds?
..?"'iirnto fessa <!i??i; klsd I? i? ?i"t .mly a .bar
an.I r.m.? tr'r fe it..tv Hil--i?, gol pu * fnrthrr, ?rd r? B
liera to th.in thal iutt u'r?-?l ut [?ruie. whii-h ihe-y
?u eu.inei.tly deer??, and wli.rli Ina io iiti-uitly
inet.tly ae
lil : . .i.
ben wii :?.!? .1"''..ile'j h..? (.?.-lia.
As Ai ru. m?,.m.? L*x?t Bight ?et in with-Bit
and lowering sisada Ihs Itlhl mata ai-1 ebilli?**
B-ttoeghare pettaadaag a ?t-nr. lan sfi?*r dark
the wind r(?ae, i: i-reiu* ? ? ia rioieattS -Bl- 9 o'clock,
absah ii? ?v aim--it a ?rai?. Tha triad nuaa Bb i
ii.? ff nilli Faet aad waa so paaiadbjnow, wl b
w'.ieA alni"?t a? f.i?. a* ? , s gre uni. >s
w;,? il,? gai?, u.j, Badastriass I;?'1
?I.'!..-.It? m '.rt-f!iih' tin ir feet; St.?!'- -
praasatad a ?laaolala apgearaaet VsaAenei swa?
laga wara lora fattoal baa i lan t ai lowo;
i> .t n j daaaoga -far iooi Balara i eanad ai ?.t
beard at
Wibi ? I c is, t - I all al Mit M
Barett l?tese), w10 taha pi..?- >ta-aightBilhsvi
Qardea. 111 p.? m -? lai tod < - Ue. tri M
s. ha? playad ta "ft? ii t" ta, Mai -.v'
ersa dariaglhapraseali gagera Bl i aa ra edi
?Jrsw rrowda Aa?d wali-eraesractad,
ri ia il diBiv-?, th. ( aa Et ??! Di.u?? , Jr., I
wontrd ?aslatsi ?-.
I'r- uti. e atjfa l" " . i '? . ? Hut k?
ra PiDaw, aad the eely Uiiuj .. aLid tfa
Bgfe-et n. da . Floyd, wl '?? l-iw.i b I
t thoa ? world ij ii
Iii ?. in Iii t?.. gi BSI r. BstWtt B U I
o'i lu? k lu?' i: -I.!, a ' . -.? ,. i ,,, t , , -,
.?- 'f No. t"' I?.'iti . t ... ... i i .
1*1 s .v l ??, di lan aad isa
?' ?fe b Wl ? 1. lit- ???'. , .
- I M..J? I.MM.TI i..-;.,- ... ? . , ,' I -,, ...
I . I ?. ..ii: utte . .,1 ?; n) t\ii ' I li
? bj < ?.. Brly. :' .. t. rit 4
; ? ? ? '?? : Batar,
Miali- Z.t''l??i-i?iil lu?a t. i..ii,u.
? . .. " ' ? . a
Hie I. . ' ...
Hall Ibis i
.iii | lb? I
..t the Stall i ? -. ty dele, .... ,
? ? . ?- , -,-, . ?,,.-,
'?? - ?? ', ?. ??'.,, . ivrnliou uii
? ? ad to ?? ' "ii . i v. Wealaesdai io J<
'I la.? I .?lill?-? li? III I.I?-? (?tau.
)?? its?H it, B - I?- Ami " , I
? ?ui- I | langi yeal
' ' ? ' -' ?.? UM* g I |
?i- li-BMWrStS. i M?)...'? .?? Bt?-Ia?bl81 It"?-,,ut,li-hua
, t<? 56 l)i un i irate, *. ii m, ? ti.?,., |. bear froaa, I
? va ? oi ti..- batata i? m- j i,,. len tba
j - .
Manna m J*l>,.ii<i? ipi,,!,.
I I : " f.' do* ? ? .m | rt vail? t,.a:i ut, and al
? , lana "t bn
m it? Irai ti.? i of EhNxsd and Ctnttaa aim t
Hu? lYtlliind I'linal.
?v .' * ? ' al i " Waansaatar?, a, ;
1 be Vi eusnd I .'?..al \v ill tre OBSD toi ...i- . . a
t e 1 ti. la .
From ?Mau I'riint lftt*o.
. . Ba?B? i--. 1 n,.-i'., tati I IBU. I
Ball d .ia,.,? i .. D -, pawl 'i,,?,,.,..,i, p___hBi.il?,
Mattel. To? teUnm Bg tilaali a? a rbaitaretl ard ?ure,I la,
iliiniia. la'.t,'I, ?at I .'?i.-, their, la P.Bglaad i BUrbb.wk, I
J ?i i'liii'iti?. .?dtba. I-lain i*UiiiaaVt,.Nii..?i_,BiiJ ? _}_L I
ayr items.
!_???? _B___J_B_I THIS EVENING.
?Ai'ii.i? T,Ki?Ka No ?I HroadTay, " H. .-reta Wurih
h aawbat. ?
Wiii ?K ?a* iutiBN - l-.?o?dway, " Cimi'la."
Lu ti? E.,,??'. Tiir.ATia-liro?a?.iy. " Tb? Macntii-, ?'
!??:' pt tny'
S a? ,,t QlBBBS BSbbIbBJ " KsBSJ "
Mint l'K.-TofT'i Te?tTfi-No. 4SI B-oaJ?ay. "Nell
BalSi'Mt A?. H . v? M -.?' ? -Proidw.y.Com. Nitt LIT
Ir. Hipp ;o-.-.-". Willis Ar., tey a* d light; " Tb?
?i, ? ?. , u r Dwarf altataaaa M I ?si tai
ii? A??, rai a. (??* Mrajesan Baisstiinil ? *???
,_BUUtlllBBI .?ad BSBSIS, Nlf??BBw| Elephant!.
Tli? Linn lame:?. 4 ? mr? e 1:111-? a dity.
CasanPa Hn sar m mina iiu.p-'?, No. ia Bto-j
Thi QllBl DnbglheWBI tims f.rthe opera
har- bera ? .ml i?'?'! BBBB a rt ii*ru*:e?i liarii.
There 1? l.-.W a HW| et-f. of ile. t-X'eii?iou. Util. Mu/io
bee wltnl fat the laaBahn, bbgbg with bin the
Havana troupe <>on)p<.?e.J -.f Mu h-nnetli, Si; Mia
Baaaaggio, Ihanna Mraaan, ?Kearn Trail rai, Kg< ?
Kerri, r-ii-ncr Autoniir-ci, HfBeB F.lii.i, ami ligan
Mi. WOlba Swtr s ?nntiiil ?-on?'ert will take plana
at I?v?dk ?Dall I -Tifeht, April 10. The proj-raDiiue
bstaabst s?..iiiti jbathorra,WWbnIrari Arina
China, Sradella, angnn t, RMelfi Jatnn.Cna
.--.ne, Mdll?*. Or'aMe (? 'ii.ien, Illustis'ion du Fro
p'n ?i, L?a i, \\ i .mu .???Jil", Ai.c.
The Fol\1ei-hn.i'AaaiA-iu?oi?'f tie A^.er?. an lu
stitute will di??.is* "Iron-cldl Ships" thb tv ???'",
at their rooms iii the Cooper Union Bettwlafi Bl7j
- ?a
HisiriT it Mvtiiija HkR"?.?Tiiii i.
pliiled actreii will take her farawell bsBBBa 'lie
evemnfr, at the Winter Harden. On Ki ??lay ? v
tin b.-uefit ft Mr. A. U. Davenport '?? announced.
The annual exhibition of tbe K'ree DlBWtag *" '''? '
of ?ie General Society 01"Me?haiii, i au!'1 r t'?. I an,
No. 47-' Hroidwsy, will Uki place to-.l-iy, fiom I to
6 o'clock in the afternoon and fruin 7| ta 9J o'eloeb
in the evening. TI e pup'1? v? ill le praaeat A ?nt-i
ber of d-awin^a ex? cut? ?i by them v? ii beszl
and ?everal addreaa?! wiil bo n.H?ie. TssBBSnban
of tha Society and the j ollie are invited to attend.
m ?
BiVriniH KioiB?NT Dim;?. The risjlit w?n*. of
tbs National Guard will aase jible for d ill ii
uniform cn Thursday nyht, and the left wing oa Fii
day ni^ht. The follow ?eg ele?tions have recently
i taken place to ful vh.ami's in t!?n repn.ei *
(lao M Ply. < aptain < ? ???., ?? T 0 ?ire Mo.ir?? decai'ad .
timk talk ?Mat-SB. laka I' bet p. lal I ie :trrn,t l o?p.iiT
O tica? "-h-ni-?bor? rtaiir.rd I II k 4 ?. Ai ni I dm ird Vf
i I*.,, li Li.uta:.B.il C'au-pa?ay O, tirai p.,y, yronioiad, Rir.l
j Iii, AprU. ^
Dook Titor Su ?..--The aenii-antitial book trade
.sale, at the room? of I-eavitt A: ('??., Mer.fr ?treet,
I was continued y?Merday. Theatten.ar.ee was about
! || - nna h. ..n the ley prvvioui, and the bhMbg was
iqnite spirited. The supply Bne. however, ?.jual t.?
1 i .'?den-ajid. Tb? publication! of the following horne?
1 are anhraasal b the antsbgne for t??-day
M*.?-**. Hr ??rt N'ewY-.k II VC M?n-Ui? 111 lill ill
fin !'-?".? - ?? d T 1 a col h Pi l.adalplala. Ja. Mlllal
. ?', Y Wanker Nsw-Tstrl T H P-eraaa k Brot . t rita] h
?' . , (ata Wa *.\ i.,,', ; I : o?J.'?.Via. I? ' mm I ?
. .. n. ... t.. .. : li li Di t ..I as? r?rl ? ? .
t ?. .a. p. ,. d. nadJiahi. Ii Perry. Agant. Pblia.'.?!
;??. S ________
The Leng Uland Hair?.ml Company will eoin
. ? B I Ihefa f-'iiiiiner arraniveii eut tu-i.ty. It-v
wall ran t?S*S trai.l -lally ihlBBgl '?' (ir?*e:i?<i-t, leav?
ing .!?n.e? g_a f?r ?iir-eriport at H a. a, and 3J p. m..
??a Sysnh I.'ii., aiii I? p. ij?.? io; II?? m?mead at
' I p. in.
Yeten! ?y (len. Z?*rn tuin, who served under C?>n.
FremoBl i. Hlnoeri, bsbe ta the ?in-, called ui?,u
" < ? nr. S. 8{?*n?er, mid with him -:?r?<l the
i '. tai tras a'..vvi. thrangh the ?ntaaabyafaaa
?' lu?!*.. TbsQssaeslbrai?entanth*Monn
i ?. ? ? aben be ?? agata b une _j_
liyanbr MaJnaQaa. KVennt. He fa
., ? ?,e aaaj.
Das? a ma Bkavb> Til? nn?xftbn of the oil., ei?
an.i anira -f tb? fi ^?ttea ?baant-innd hu I ? ..-i.-ie-i
al iba ?Un?any Bl M ian tina evening pgsnbH t? b?'
a Jafini. lot at ion. The ..ft; era mi lb* aeiniieii of botli j
lb* vetsel?, I* the tiuu.!?-r ti abnttt SOi, will bare
I ii? BiBohiye Ra?ry?TeH .?' '?< ?? da I? p. ra ??t .1 a irrh
i 'Vvn ti? li t Fulton Ferry, and up Kult.jn gtrsi ?'. ?ml
Biajtniaay ta lb irtese h ?ire?-t, tliem-e b the Aca.i
??*. y. Tbebsnti of ti.e :-?? ?*.\ ir:-.--e!. ?f North Cama
Ima, by |ei ii:mi ii of CsaBflnest* Fail'ian- will
1 e ,.| '.,- proeeaaioa. At tie Aesdaaij, t?.l.lreea?e?
?- I ? I .-!? by ilt?titift-u -I -<l ?; eab ra aii.1 it is . x
pe?-*ts4 tbat saa te ann ?i the ignara will gira a
BBBTBtiva i?! * ?
i ? 'uiiuril nafl if?*an.er China, ('apt. Auder?ra,
??? v?. snby br U-t-et-poel, with PI nransgen,!
? 'i - II- I lv. ? . Kirk, I'. 8. Iliiiii*
B 4 .' Ibes ntl n and W. 11. Kui
i I -Ia. I ?. The Btsaaan tike? out $''a!l,5?l ?Win
IalbobG "bbbbbbi c?/tt..s'. -Alir^e aaalba
nie of fl < , i i;, i .-I .*. ara aftb
wellki en fj i 1 ' nid ?rarbty, S/Ill Uke place to
i-- -. - of Wall and Vron ntranb. It lu?
y gil ,I ki.,1 ia in e.T.c?*llent condihon.
C ??' I?.,, ms. -At the meet?
? i. ??. t Fu?? ?. tira y?? ? raby,
- ..-? i- ? r .| f??r 'I,- week puai m
i" ?. asiign la ?uiv-ed alara the i-t ef
I ?. . o i .? - ina ti ? "i'.-'i s baba a of
*., I 100 ii. ball', t., .lite.
ii.?Tbs gani ' Iii hw . arrhr? t ?ti the
..'.? .1 >v :l be j -it mi aft o '.?
? ? taeaira orarltnalb l
. ' uri iii'-il. at bi Its I? ..
; ti : In Id . .' "? rthateb*? ?
? i ? rireen asi' Il i ali! ie?:.ile,i '
bl ?? ?:. I>?.
? i ?' Fort He-i'v i? .?ni. .??.! t,.
- ii trip I min} .
? ?' ?i Pits Jib 0*Bnn . i ., eba
? - -'1 ral. : ?ti Ji a ? ?? Drtaj , ?'..;.! re.
rona 1 ra b1 ad ab 'it two
?(tan. I.itii.ltr. a ?ii. nan ?
. ?'t '. M . i.'iu.i Qoai I An rj 11
? ? ? " ? ?? adin thb? rty ra Ti ? - by i. ? i
?ma, ?rae* ?wfaieh lina ?',?-. lav- bli In stat* In the
?????? ' I II... I ol i ?.!,., ? of t;?.- ,n,
?. (lull .t. 'I Lo i lui? ob the lid oI ti.ei',,,, , .
n. ? , 1. ii.
LIM 1 BITS I MCI i.i.i?l.N,
i'led SSSil 6 I 'B A.ei i. jaar..
I ,r, ?lin ?aii-. ov.itil with blseb , loth, ii.. 1 l,i, ,
the lui r??led ti.?-?vt ..ni ,?f t|? ,|,., mai, lbs awt-?i?J
' ii**? fr.'in ibeKebs] ?iii. .-r whs gave bim bli
ita ? ? ?a .niai, nu.I m ...?i be kill?.! in ?i ritnoli .11-, 1 .
tli-tlini-e ot if?,?hers, a l,eiiuiiful irreatfa of im?
1 "?i- ii? ?-, with h ran stt*? b ?l. ra n bl h w?t? writ?
ta. |.i".l ' 1 arawelll Ila Ibb llsron,1 ,,n ?
the i?Kiti.'Titnl tlrifr of the Nati- nul ? lu .ni
M.oiilv alni b4., l on.ii.ii? (., nillir ,.)u,iiiHii,|
? ?i dpi. Qee? W, i.i,, enti mi n n n, m, aag. form
tag s '..li. iv nnara ?abtrat lbs e-ng.ii aneovered
1 :.- burial ?a vi. e, Btntording to the ritraeftha I. ie
t-Saal ? bur.tb. mum mai by tie K?v. Hr. Weaion
? -m).I.in <>i ibe ragbrnat.nftnr abbh na in??.!? *
t-t ..... hkbtotliOi?.riiiT?'iig li suda jire-eiiU De
??said thit it might be expected of him to my s few
1 words, bul he iliougtit the marble li? ? of i tv <le
anaSBi BBSha moro eloquenlly tiran he coi Id, and
'th l sil-r.t ('.llln wai rn..r?j "im| f-inive tlian i'?
' WOrda be n ?,:ht olier. Tho ex iin;!.- of the d ?
was ? nohl?) "lie. Kvcrv nan, he Bald, ?? i .1 -rin .. B
blair ia the j*?-ii<iii k sesSaMttnsn hera, aad sv-ery
one wl o fill ?m th? battle gea, waea at.rtjr, to
whaat jo?ieiity Mt afl tiara would otra a deb?, and
whnaa aaatra wanld ever he Manead? Dr. Weston
raid a high tribuir al isegeetrathe daraaadv. aad, hi
con? 1-idiiig, -.? .i ii-ly eulogi/od the 8BUB1 ?u which he
lo t bil hi?.
The fiineiiil esttegt was linn r<.i? .? J, sud ni.jfeetl
ti i-vi?!! Kou.tti ?treet. and Ilr-iadway to the I?ttlh
Kirri-, watrara the r?-inain? were mn v<t?*?1 to (!i??en
??i.od 1.1.1 mt. im ?I in .i j.lot of gin uad l>? l')"gii-g toa
fi,ni..'i iii?,'.ni of ii.? dacearad. Company ?? [?ili-wad
ti.-I) ?d- ..? ?I?ir lati- comrade l8 ?'? last renting*
I lire, a lui fired a ia I ute over the grave.
Thara wara no relatives of the llegar*! present.
bal a ?eral of bli old BUBB] anions aii*n?ied WOO all
th? . aro ?I hr-.the.s to the final di-po?ition ol' hi? re
lin vi Bbabw?ThsBlaf CStlh BBsafcst,nlihi tah
oaotod a Httttt lower riva wtek tlmu th? pravioaa
'Oiic, appears to have atessi yene; A BJ in l"<?rly-fi ulfa
I a? mat, not ouiy without any falling "If, but rai ii?-.
bett, r than it opened, and encouraging to disvers,
i bo arsrstta anea <?f ?a?Brass appear? to im aqaii a?
, h al lo only I cent? Bil BBSS* for the 'reel of (ca.lv
' nod Bal rtaara. Bailable for any rcUtil liutcber'i ?rH?
in the city, while thara ai extra saaHtf sold at Bin
l'.'i.iiiHS |o,:nd ?ilh.-r? sinking ntisl. I-lSBBablra
I '?hei? togife. th?. '?aople excellent l>eet a'fe'ery
Ion ra'e?. Itlonlica m tetoti lo the ?apart el the
n.athel, of the propo?iti-ui lo ci.atige the priadpsl
' market 'lay to MotiOay. win" h ha? he-n brretiilure
:n .1 and ioun?i lo work badly on a. count ot the
I work Basaasan ?o be lass on guada]* to pregara foi
M r.in!n j? baamcaai Bnsrarnt amah tie ri ??..t-?
-i.\ 14X01 raodats cat?a hrakars, Ihn .?opie afina
ehr ara oppsaed toit, and lha ??ty ?oihorities ar?
called ni on t<> lix upon a ragaiar maiket duy thal
will tot lolatSSrS wirb the Cm.a?'.?an Babbttth?
(?i -ife'i i?? m BobbbtC. 0? '?inti-i'.?Thefuntral
?of the ?-tie Basar! C. Gosdhttl took pla?-e yestei.ia?
?lij.'inii.g frtm All Boah Church, ??.nier of io ..in
iiv-cime Bad Ah roe?-'. A large uiiu.ler of per
I ?r.iid, tu ,st!y mer. bsntl of this city, u-i'ed in pt.?.!)-.
lha last Ilibata ai impact to ti.? Bssaaaai Aft?
lha .?-?.?.1 ? laliau?ari'anst-tiranaarnani waipr**u<-h?<?
try the Bar. I>r. Efellows, whs? fat tfea sown si ii?
i i.Htht, paid a high tribale t" t;.< Braoyqaa ties
lol tha deceased both ia pablt udnirnishtt*. ta
?v mau "i baatnsai ii? ???i i Mr. I loodbae w.i iharao.
!?;i/?il bj an HttBgrtlJ ni ait Bttd ? irjOi-e ?
always reib.'- hasnrapoa sbmm's eass-Stsri bal
II waa in Lia ?S8M8?I reia'i?:? t'.at th? metal
loautv of hil character exhibit??! iiialt. <?u
a?', o.iiit of hi? anfarallj d.-i ?ii? assstitatisB
and t lo?. banittBaa relation?, be did not li. ??r
I .rgeiy m g? lierai HSist] ; and i' ?v_* wtthia lha
' Uti S (?cred World of home ti ni Le really loTSd. Dr,
Bellows sjK.ke in eloquent terms al the ever-abiding
Chrtslian faith of de <!ei-ea?<*d which ? (.Inily i"*-ix<n?-<J
I,im tu the fat.? fefel.ii h God had maiked out tor Lui).
Tlia lid of lha ."?-lilli wa. ?trr a n fe-iib wiea' ... ? '
flagrant fl iweri, an?J bore the luscriptinu:
j ' K bert C Oooiitiu?. ii??! 44 ??m S i,,.,..-.-.?-.a I ityi "
'I lina were no p-ll-ticieri. Alter the tttokm th?
raaraiaa weie conveyed to (Jieenwo-fed for i.tairnei.r.
ihedeies-ad hail lor,?/ luven in ill healb. but ii
wai only wubin the ?Rsl free months that Lis nek?
ne?s a-??ii!ne<i a ?erious form. A y?*r ago bit Both? r
and brother William died.
gCttOB. KtAMiNATion.?Much grstiftcaii?ju was
felt by th* par*ins of the pupiit reiidingio Yorkville
?tul i'ivi. ?mt? al the iu. ?-eieful results of the tint
htiiiual exi. iiiiiiit. >i. of (?raiiiinar i>.-i.a-ol No. 53, in
, Seventy.n nib ?trt-et, held by the City Su; er n.eu ?;
aataaa Monday and Tuerduy lait. Although lha
BBBBsl bs? N'?'ii only titi tu-'iitlii t.-al'lit ed, it ha?
1 .Irrmly taken ira fo? tion in rank wi:fi the fir?t--| Ml
.,. o<)L" m tin? i ny , a re?nli win, -, ?.--Nk? well l??r
?' r t ' ,-,| ? th e.? ? t fa .Nii.rir?!,t''i Ward awi the
i very etl?iieut ior|s of tea? bei> Belo ted bj thara
Tr.. gia?t? el ?> boiarahip i-i . ?- a ??-1.-.-.' t is i.i.-?.
, tal order pneeriaad bj tha Board el Fdmation for
gran.v ?r ??? Bain
Sill? or Ret?. KaiATr, April I, by A. J.
Hlo?ck?r, I ra ?. ( o ?i??ir al R..b*tt ilor ,!? a..? :
ii,...,v!i?i,,T!iaiMi.'tin( (i!.[,j.'< mum, St.M
li.,*.* ?x.J ?t ? v 4-1 ??. "j Ota* I ?t * -< B. j ' i"
II ?ia. ?ti'1 I. t ,?n K "??.y eeu Bl?ta16 II. BIS
Hoi!?* ?u4 lot titi Kii/it,. ii: at , r??? BlSBSBS.
1 ' t on ?fill, it BSSt uti,.??.. Malt?. |
I las a- lal i Hi " . I '." I
I . I. t X1.. .!- !J|. '.'JlKi . 1.? -'
1 lal Hij jmiui. Iii lo.. 1,'j? vi
A PbbSMIOVI ami PiB-ttTiivT TrriFr.?Yert-r
.!??. I.If?-*! (lold?!! of lha Ktitii Prr.-ii.it I jet ('-?Hit A.:..-?
Iljim L?v,-- lu.tit* C ?selly al ti.? Tom- ? l'.,ii a ( , . rt.n.
c1 a.|- if ?t??iui? ?ulm, ?ni, |*t iron, i't-bli? Sclo*l No. .'..
i.i I .ia ?tt??t ?nil ?tl.rr i,-h.?ol?, Iii* proprrly of i- ?ih BB o' ?ri
anrli-loli? Tin. 1, th- .ewe 11"? ,|,| w.io wa? ??.- ' ?'
I ,i ? ii, o ?f , I.? C?iit ( ?ii.fe.roi. ?r i!,^ Ki;nl.?'rtb l'r-e.,. !
uniirr ?lain?! , li-uiiiX?! .-?? ino li'ila ti(io*orr. ?lrn,>..t!
ot. I MS yean ol t|?, bsapesisdlMtBairiSBS vi? SStett ?ml
? ?i ?i'???? ??)i.pi?il Um |i6etb ? o' ??.m .hu .i titan, i.? lall
lui w6a, atvis% bar aaaia 66 fefetry I? y Baa -v...?4 tu ?
! "- ? nim *ti4 uki o' th? lia?Mtt pinn
atrl ii ?li? tio>i ?i?|ir.it.fej ti ? ?'<?!?_ ortii-lM Fitter
.lay |be l'".ic* I'Mft .?*ii??l Iii? I ?li? !?"<!? ito.e Tfes
l.rnrl? >??? r>ii?d up wuh coi?? ?. ti.rio, > ?h?J?li ape, I >? ,
tii.l m front ii? ,?i o legBM '?? l?*n-a ?nd ::d:?e mho ?1
o.a.. t i i?n I > .i ?u ama pngany '1 r?. ptbuam la eotg
ii!? |?rt. rjulrk'o ?i .???lint ?inritv ni lal ?eli tr?b ?io
?i-lu? ? oolaeit. aba ?it BSai?Nttsl :'or Ulai.
fAd?? Ti??" r--.t |
Con. Nott ia the drlighl of srsiy li-.d?*. h.
I< ?o dl'.iluuti.r. !hr mutti ?illili.p 01 1 iu?-il|i, ?".J ti* i]n|.,
? in ?? fee, ?ii-., ?o I'jf. ii. 'y a.?! io- taattaglj ri ?,ne c?ri
It?- p b?n | daii.lit? J No wonder ttr MsaSBBt 1? friaTtlel
"Tory di? and -?-o.! i
[A l??rti.?i ?' ' i
Yoi v?; Mi v ABOUT TO Cn? auk IN BCBIBESB '
Hld i.T.lloni l-l t*i?-t ? [Hiriuit lu wl.irb Ihry ,i? v... , ?
?. 1 lfe6.ll l61 .ir ? I'liiruoi ?; .?i t.?an. ?lion ?I l??*l_tt
A ??lill, No . : I ?,!?..y
| AH??rti??uiri t ?
Tin; Titiiii ni: Ai BUULAC
You 1M?J.
Thti papoltu" A-?ir?. 1? nj? r??dy.
FsiCS 13 .rim li r-p,?? lor ttll HU eey'e,. X1 pof.tfe
pill 1'? K.xpirii ?: prilni fjaib li I'li I it?J.
??.'II I ll'llHil ii'lul'a ill Vi- "'.I' ? ? A.U. !
?-?j? n.*:? lasn,tasa um una, ism iaat,aaiiwi i-i.-i.
IMBI SBBB, patt pafel, A.!iTfti '1m? i'v.a. ? ?, Nr ,t 'i o.'? ?
Ii? ii "im. laraorattaara, TI* retrtalof ih
??xti ii'ivr linn i braal spa 11 the Vew-Torh ?m?! Errie
?v.? lfetsy Coull imy bett Ptsti al '-- tia La ?g D?ocb
aad lha - ? b1 hains el a ??? .? ! aa I
.''ivi? aad ibeir families, has et ssdaas
? i .'feu inn??-, Bonhara ??f ?? i > s.
ii all diltJCtioBB. A neal I I,-.k .?I bailtliript
ii? bara c ratal lad ra-Hrnre r-raat, batwaaa
N t?stfa ??n i N'iTtii Sev.'i.'.b ttraets, Jsisi
' ?? .???? i?:- ? -i ? al ?tu-1 ?iii. ad mili i-'
iiii't ??. rade -ned and I lill bj Jabas Broa
.t?-?- of IL.!.,.!*.!!, for Mr. II..mer I'hui dell ol N. w
i I ara labs ipisd by eegl ?an ai i > ra
I '?? ret of tbi I' din i I ( !oa ; Bay. 1 : e?-. v ?'.', ? ? .- .
nbly be I ' i boa.araotad lathat|nttBl*tha
? i j dm . ?? , - --ni ?.-nr.
Te Vi i IJTIOl IB JSSSBI I " .. I ? ,' ??.
v .1- i.? y (' ?
? ' ?? ' ?ity ti. !.. t. 'I :
? I II : . i
li ipoblicat-i ? 1? i'i-.l '"ve Aidera
I wlllatand Wife
'1 be i?. ?. . ; ...? (ha i ..-?..i ? ?
1 .:??.I
B. I r. t.
? ??'li. IV.. y
I - ? ' at 8. jewel
? I I - ' '?
?>. ., ?ort. M ' '
?. y ra* \?. . -, : .
?...I i . ? K . r l ' J. Ill
... -,. : i , lioi S i., it -
life ????., W? li .,:.?. MH?W ? lil Mb LtaBMiltfe
?? ? ii ..??..I.? ?fe ?. i, .?.I.., K, ... , ? .li ???J, ' o:a Ha
i ,- . a I ??-" ? '* - i-"*! W ???'. A. J
l8 Ward I. m?.!..?, v. 'i v.i i'."?'? o. .'.i.. ..i,
?ik WsnL CbartM H osr.?, nk ?'.?nJ, fauteb l.ai.ry.
Ufe vvai.i, i. rieb d.h.
Tin Ki?, nos IB HoBOBSB. ii.e ?-,'.?. :i.m lo
Mumu in BshSBSB ia Hill ia dottht, ttwittg t.? the
f.ict thal 'ii t asst bj ni.;' I 0M raarai in nt iho
t'irtl Wurd, nitor bsviug SBBSSSBSi l-l v<"ci, I '
jounied to last evening, laarlag 1250 te be ??ajiv-gge,?
Mr. llogait, the regular Deni.* rataio candjibie r,
ceive.l avery liyrlil vote, ?uni BBBMfBSBjb1 the our
bet be ebra ?ne between the pri-sen* in-nn-ber-*
.lohn It. J o '.? ?ton. and Lot's llmt-t?u, Reput li _,
li'.tu i-a:: n la I cn nab al of neran Ia to ?baa
Wnnl Mr. H?iu?mHU hie'ii u ?.-irityaiid __ ibeTui
Ward Mt. Johnston has II r.i.j. rity.mdof M?ieh
cast in the First Ward the litter haa 11 Toteg ah?*
n-akurg so tar "1 votes over Mr. Iloagman, _?
Kepublirniia buve elected D ?vid Fahl in the Seeotj
and F r?,,,. ? IViIiing in U.<* Thini Ward, aa Oa__e
H' i -.?i Cur.- The resnlt of the ele.-_oa
Bsataea t'ty aasll not be il?ftnl-?ly a?.-?r*?io?d, a? tb?ri
?ii? bid not beta completed lut ?veiling l'b.r. la a. Boab
??'iw.ver I,. that 0.i.--tD. Van Rtlpan (bam.) It ai>_.
Ml- or by a lair luiyi-.i,
Mr. Collins, the Irish Comedian, ?aiii give out,?
bfa populiir iaanatb ?n.i araabel p?trior eut?**__i_.
mentat. this evening at the Iliooklyn .\then-t re
Tii? Horn iri.n mai. 8n i?tt.~- The Atantl
Spring Exhibition of this So<iety will ukeplaeen
the Aanwn yof M-ieir on tbei?7th inst. Tbe J ?pig.
it it ?eau. ipited, will be a tatra tine one.
Orri? tRs op the Youno Min's Cuamu?
j A.'soriATiov.?-The following gentlenieB have heat
H/r?e<i .ifx.it by _bnWenibnnng0*__b_IMm___?______*
of the Tenng M? ni Cbrieiian Aasociatioo for ?he es
ming year, commencine Jone ! :
Traaldetit 0 Vi ont < ? It I ' trt Pre?lde_'t iimcrmt.
Plt.CD. Prea? ?tttui.. W K II?, trr Mr-hoaiitt ?ahirlaa P_
il:(T-r. ( o ,? if j ,., ] JoBo J Kvle. PluJIIBlll 1 IB*
'.,.d It.t rata* Patch, tusar! Biabe. Bapti??. r.-i?
ol'? / ??wre-try, P.. T) ti ,r .T R_a_M*_ag 9.rr?t?-v <;b_?.
A. K. [litar. 1-ta-aas ST, J. D. W. Drady. Libr-xla-i ' Henry
V. u..e .Muna??,. ThouiM H M?at.-u?er K. pin-opal H I
?'?", Mat?.. <1:.t, I.!?,.,. 111(1,.. Preabytart-Ur. R. o
H..r.li.g. Ii p'l.t. Nor. Ma-**, Ila-?rm?d D-??a_h? J. IV Maa
?S-asBtt, ? >a\_i?*Bltaaat ,
Hi ? t\v At--Yeirerdny aftt-rnoon B horae. g_
babedtss vaMela aninaan Joh-i and Tbon.a. Quig,??
barun?fHirbleSaalaal ??n a?--? I lo.? Rn??J at ?'? apaad
i n In? in u*. ti i? i h an asatisetlna tb? ?agon ?a. >_.aib??
.-..I iii aeSBfSStl ii..,?-? eui wltb great -?loiertaa But!
wtre ?t.-lo if.v iiijnied
Th? It? it-it op CoBTBS? T?.- At B tiieetiug ot
tat Hoard. 'i.i.J y?ai?rdi?. t f?w ?tippli?! w?r? g-tn'e ? to tb?
Ij? nirtrrer.ti. MMll o? pip??, rt ?h-rh ih?r? la a i-rat?? ?id?}
Banl B rear,', ii ? ???a? pari to al ? rrtia. for pic puttie for r?
It . ; rr? 1 ia?: the F.r? Dep.irr.atit. Tbe util n-atko,.
of 'b? iinifd ?lu b? bs dor? Kilda.-.
dt'PERIOH CTf'RT .fates! J:?tl,-e Wa f*
Tbe Cha'h.ra tal ?/? IT? '?-r ? ? h h-.ti ard ?._,??_
Ttem a? ti ?ii . .a brought by tLe Hunk to . ot?
? b . p-nn ia- "j ??te n ??'? by ? ? 'e'. .Uni. lie't? for ti, SO,
ti tndo ,-l -y bia .o-letei.dl.itl. ti-?.. . defended Tit? Mm*,
i. rndii.t? .ag.rral d. hall The rl.fena? waa, ?nil ?.-? Hi. ?
I ?'. not own the not-, but thal )- dafen-taat ?tinoel B
Potter wa. tt.? 11 ? p?r?T In lL:?r.i: i li. proof ia -ii;-,
v.?, in .nii.n.e thit Betta, tr ..... g -o i te ?..-..-_ ,._
h-. ? ???. and (.va It '.? act? A II. l'b- M a. la ir- r. Ill
OBA'iatr Bl . favor for Belt, tint f:- l, li ippliad to Oat
d.ft .Iii t Poller n d?. na t :h? 1,,-e ?T.. h ka ri.'itrd u E
but fir.iiiy c aan.t.J to indi.-:?? .'. u.d (et ... J .?_:..j ___
I'll* be ("? lail'f I auk it ?.tli ? t ?LT BoU-e o: ?Bj ua.rioa?
?. ???-? ?ni The v. o'- t ratataa a hy f- '.far in -la 1-|-?_rli
wai li port cant per month. \ erd ? I f?r pltin?S f?f *1 ?X ?
I) ii. Poltet, foi p ?i ;.*f, li. ?a A w irr?:, for d.'a n_a_4
Brav til Tub?April 9--Befor* Ju?U-? Mo?x.ata?.
dim taluna.
Jamee ?interagt. Wm. A V. Davenport, (?re?
in? s ?I. he-.ek ?rt Ch.r'.ai Rrowr., lena H if par M al aft
Ita -? Mi I as < >*d?ra grant?!.
? .r: ._t li?, i at igt Joat-pb Votriion?Motion ?w^attd. ?Ill
V .... to | .,:???
? ? ria'a?.i,far 'i .ui-.t? igt John Vi___te?C?aient t-i-d artel
?-. , l
.??? a ? E t?t?.rg?. .gt. Char ?? *?rr.r4??_Rafarre* to 'ba Hot.
Ii??u B. \\ t-utir ?rT, ?o ban ind rip iii W..1, opinion.
Waa? Hart a_L J?e?b Ruibiciilid?Eorm of .?.-?aa??
HU ed.
1 er ? a??.?-' igt ( tu- aa ? ii ir:,? J-.dgmact :or j alibi
and lea . ia ? " ? r t.d ??.?
Bl PB?ME (H!:JT-l.Hi?Paai-AraiL 9-Bafore J-ta-va
Beera Wi??:ni? n girt. D.O.Oaliaai E. Crotuwell
?? . ? Iii i.a-I H-i-i t H li?i??ragt Rleh'dJ Clark.
P?t?r I. 'w ii? Ia-.l.i)-ot Ki.-nert' BM tituttWWt tink
! Ui Daa'l '' Ill al Min:..".?:,:? Bl.,? < i)a.i.
ID *?i e- a! M-.r. p.'i a?. Uari? ?al- L Topliti. BL.
I Mili. if!. R t. liond.r..?'!?'. It.*: A ei Edward uV H. L
, w? -, i . ,||-.d ill Batta >| W. H. W_atani
'?\ i Haggarly ???al tgt .'.?i? (?r-.a. Benj B.faaaaiaa
; Ui, 'e '?- iba-a. at a . B *?'. t -> a ?t al agt B Bid,? pt?.
I latas A l..i??e al agt H *-i:.-ak ?t al : ettwait ti, I urta
lar !'? H. lle-'t Ir. I Join: K M.Ter? a? ?1. agt IT?!??
I W.a-irg \? : & Uatch et il a_t. liasial V Ni??:Bta.?
.'?:? . asa ira toa]
j Jibnll Wataa? ?at Lps?nW.Caa L?tl P. Stan., t^
?r?. Adni.u Batthi 1 ?a.- I et firlaaai ?i ai. agu tasni ??
I Foo:, rt . ?M ?'( ? ? teat? ? arl .: * .tt
I Wm OaiShslesa agt Join . ilt.n .1 a!.?Motion rtata.
W lliO'lt ? .
H. U. li :i.kea..-t ? t* iUai'r? .1 al?Motioe _nate?l
All->?inra to D.ii.i-irf *l/?
lu r? An Ir?? ?., .1 __t. 8t?pla?E P. Ranvell,kf.-bukuta
. - :-.t? an.y ??lowed
C:m-t iT-AratL 3
?oi id m rii k ina.
There -tvill be no dav gg_hn?bs; <<f ahort rail?*?
piad?-.p-n 1Mb Cb rt sstll Msssa. Ap-i) ti, ?a wbi-b ?*-?
?li? i 'it.-e . , n. lu ? ' ?,. r* -?-it. t ? ijvining n parla I ?.)?
?.la?-, ? uni? u-d ?*o!?:lii'.?d-mil d.ap.>_?_eg
COIRT OP COMMON PIP \--- ?i Taa?.-Ar? la?
K-- ,e J.d.r li . s
?.t?. ?..? vv ,v, isa s.,? iMi mu.., -,
T'oe Mi agt. I. n* llrnal l*bbllf aaai a
? ???.r *'i' or ?r,? | a|| t o'J i jB?p?>r'it! a? i'.,--aakl
?f ?.u? bi li '.-, o- . * ?? i * :"? r*:
thrr.on. Plata, ti ??. ':*?-' o' II- thlp Oolden K - : t
? rts'tes ?saasl lu? atti ?I atiag .,-?n. ? ? ? l
raeeipt a i - - ' ? '.:?rk? i ? ? ? ?
. ?fat .?-a_. 11. f.-1 lin.? mt op **i?l ?-*
t*d- it? ?if lb ? ??? a ? n |il ?ii? ??.?I?.
.. r i g., I - g .1, ?? ? . .r '
. ? . ? '- . ?? . do? B ? ., t * ;.. I'.'ilt I??
-' y tSI ? ? . i an -a'.ta
' S LaBWS -,I.J I-, :, H.i'Dli fur pUii.1'- Lttl
l?rown for do ?.
ti ? sol i? B I *? ? op LrA?r.
Gben*Stein a,". Henty Ntlls.?l'laintit! ?v.?
?ratet rd '-?? ? f ? ??aw - f r?i'?. - f-atv
??M lu Ht ill on ?i-??-t i?ld pre-..?*e? biting 1-?. katta
lo pi?.--i:: 'a ht? years al t-- ' ? yir t otu M?>
I until ? - tatuali? -* baas d'indu.'?.?.
?'??i It t. . .?, ka ?i .. I : ' nu. a ?pt ol il liaatrw????}
1 , ?-ti ibe ii-atrcn. I ?
- i m .... t? i?ti,?r f>?r?.e? ia . on?, ?jaeaetof ?ri-'k
.a? I t "?' .ituilg-i. Uai'iiu
. -.i :? i. .i-. ?... t.- r,,,. _ piatatikT. asi ra ntan
?iiu.ji?- an * ?..-, Id ba Umita?) io Uto aasen if Ita
., ii . - a ? ?
UaaaVai ?. t. for | ? ? ? ? I ???ten foi ?* ??-ian?
SOVICI I a I it?, ti vi?.
I'l.<-. .1 ', ol , n. u i for ti i.? tai
.-' ..... ? ? .at '- un'
o by ii ?? '
: . 'ti?'.; .- ? ? ?
*..?, *'? ICI '
.1 ..." t.lt "T?.
? I Al ? L-l : ., ' ?? l ' ' * ?' ' " ' ' ' ?
UieUel CbtartnoDts ami \ drew I ra.?iu ?w ?
? ti ? li j I ?
. , it?, al J til?
...... .. leant)
. _ , , . ... ? ?ti* -.I? I?? t .t
i '?""? antatesn m
, . ...? IMS.
. . ? ?? il?An I b ? ? ?
Jobo K-al'.v. .*?????? i ? , --) i.r .? ? ? tea -
? B_a ? '-'
?. fal :-,ur B???"????. au.
? ?' ''*' .a.
, , I Istsssyi san w sa.
? ' ' t-tia
?.'Baila? liana?.? I ??' li.teiiy. ?aul ? **
? r . |- b.
. . - a. ? ? |lt It 4'1'ld al ??-'
? Stall ti] ?
....??? rw
I r t
.... 1 . .1 ,'.? '??? - ? '
, .MtltadHid. ? as
?wit >h? drawn.? t i
l r. -
ii.? .1 ? -1 ? t .e . . a ..' ??I. ? l-l"'"
??a tai tin. ?bei ..?bw>
? li IT i v BDAB-Ta I tai .
Rc.Ksni i ? Turi I s'*
. . , ' . - lil li?NO1
Si rut II < .I . KB. V*. I "t '
te .. . i.a. ?i, 4*4, aa 43,
'??.??' ? ta
Miiu'.ii Coe ST.?Part I.?No*. ??'?
: !l, lill. I ? . ' '
II II Pa ? II ".
... ?
( Ol lil >.'r ?, 'H' ? ?'
.n.,.-. - ? um, ion i
Ibll lui ? .-' . Patt li Bita.
ti.il, t?j, i , len, i"i
mt, tod tf
.- l'an l.-aSos? ?
10, ;v": i ??_?:_.
.?.i i/.i >?*. titi a* n
, k1
Hi ? K'Yv Cnv C?.itit C?'t"?r??K. i' ir?***?
larii u ?? - - a i> a? t% st ab ?
io, ii, n, a *? --'. i-. a

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