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V01* XXII... .1\?' 6,585.
Dccupfition of Norfolk.
C?sport Navy*Yard Burned by the Rebels.
? ?? e>
Waahihotoii^ Monday, Ms? li, ItBt
The follotriiig baa beeo rewived at the Wer De
' Fcr-s?!-? Mi.vRiil Mor.d?y. Mny it, IS
'?ike Hon. I M SrvKiav, Sacrelarv?J War
Ou ir,e !'ih n Muy, F.-i"ay aJternoou. I orranlaed
I lone to mar? h against Norfolk. Ou Sut urda?
guniii*', the KUh of Muy, lbs trooj* w?re bindea,
tjifJer ti e direction of Col. Cisne, at (Vean View,
ii?! nMBMBeed the aiurch lowiird Generals Mans
tjld ai.d Weber, who tt-atl preceded on the direct
..rie by tie way of Tanner? Creek bridge, but
?yiing ii on fire, they i-eturne?l to Ilia cross-roads,
i ? re I joined It,em, rUid took the dir??< 'lion of the
Im-rived by the old rottd and entend the intrench
?rTils in 11 ou t of .he city at 'JOrniiintrs before 5 p. ra.
sineoittt'ly proceed.?! tovtard Norlolk, BBMMBB?
af by the lli?n. la rvinsy Chase, and met a (select
*S miwte of the Comraou Council of Norfolk at the
jtltaol the city wli.u th. ? sin rendered the eil?,
. ni iy to the ;? tan set fi.'rih in the itaolBina ti
I O BUUOa Couiiul, ireneutrd by the Mator, \V.
< l?auil?, wl iili ann uccepled by lue so lar an re
Btntke?l?il r ghts ol' the atBMBB A oopy ot
j? ie?i ?iii ions have nlrvi.dy been furnii-hed you.
; .mraediattl} took i.'.es?-: m>n ol' the city and ap*
?BBted Hi iK'.-U'n. l?gbtrt I?. Viele Military tioveru
,-Ol Norllan, ??iib dirt-clion? lo see lli.tl the citi
???..? w?--e ,;,!<?< te?) iu all iketreitilrlaata? 8??on
?? tr, 1 B I MMMMB ?'? l?"*>| ort and l'orisinouth.
lue taking o? N oriol It tausrvJ the destruction of
i** ?rou-cLd steiiuier Mer. ?mac which ?vas blown
? I y ti.e Ktbi'la aiHi.it 5 o'clock on ne morning o!
?tilth ff Muy, winch was-xK'i) alter coiiiiiiiiiiicaied
i y?n aal toe naatonu ei the 1'mted ?jiates. Od
j? Hid 1 vieiteil tiie Navy-Y'irk uu?i lound all the
rarttoaSMi norelii.iir43e,a)id stkn I'Uitd ni/? in ming,
i tu g been set on tire by the ?tokofe. ??ho, at Ike
BSsr nu,?', parti.,11? blew np the Dry IHefk. I a'so
?ittrd (ai ey IstBBS, WBna I found ?.' guusol
.-j? caliber, ruo?! of which were spiked- also a
a-.?, uiiini. r of shot and shell, with about 5,000
.-id? of powder, all of which, with the buildiiigi,
ant io fan order. A? fur a? I have been able to
??r; "i. we hat?- Taken altout 'Ml cttniion, melad
Bahn) M MWaJTa joint butteries, v.iili a larg?
.ils11>: shut and shell, a. will as many other arti
.? ?>! valut?, ii:?-? a., .1 e: the Navy-Yard, Craney
j.i. StwHll s Nut. and other plvti-rs.
JOHN B, a . '1)L, Major (i-o.ral ('o?niB?(Hi>|.
aUltMBUt, Mocatsy. May 11, J.-?.J.
Tbe Old Peint Wt lius arrived, and briiiga the
NcsroiK, \a, May 1?, H?'??I o'clock p. ra.
tas Weal li?" Jaat rnlaiai the city, in empany
fb Mnor W. W. l.an.l) and a Committee of Ike
a G-'T- minen?. Tiie Inet of th* S?-!??! troops left
I Befaaaj, an?l Ike ehy ?vjs let*) in the ?are of tiie
toor ?w ile repn sen'a ive of the civil power. Ou
-?sp[r.4?h of our I mops, the Mayor went with a
. .? IBM M Ike >.:y limit??, and au arrangf-meut
r?s -n.n made betWMBlke Mayor und (.>n. Wool
j i.'.e city el i.uli? i?- gi veo Bf M the promise of
d. "A oui that BriUMI proper! ? should he resected.
-ariui.' the nurt-1. n N'jr.'.ll? three rvgiineiital
y^-_? Map ?t-c (btstd desertad, apparently only
Jay or t?to ??T.(*e. (Jeu. Webt-r'p rrginiiut, the
i-.-iV? ?Bj*!? wM ?uivaiM'od on landing to leeou
r. uid rome a x BMS from 'he hem li at the half
anBt, M rails'!, i?nnd a pLe* wbirti bad been
tv??! ta itii cons"d(?rat)le care for a hat (le-field,
?ad BBBBM bad laen idled, and r.tie-pits
utiliarly in li.? BSHMbTSJ, uf wa? aaoeriaii.ed,
truna .? i - i . .-J iu poiitian. At thi? point
.-rcrjita ol tbe dist Virginia Hegiment were
Thev reported Rewitll's I'oiut abaodon^d
prtHedintf Light by four comf.anies which bad
rtoned ti.e place for som? weeks past. A aegro
vi?" cai *nred at ibis piare, who stated that it
tka iattntit.u of the en- BJ to de?tr?.y the bridge
Tanner's Creek, and tuen evacuate Norfolk.
Bal Mm \Vel???r a lUBJBBBB] was ptiahed for
: t a ?el to the bi I !(.?-, and tho enemy was
uti. n! t li.Kiii. posted on the opjy.s.te side oi
- -i- Creek, with three guns. The bride* l-ml
SB tel on fire and w?s -lill baBBBlg? At that BUM
i:.t ??a cr (iai'nt Fliot? ??eie i'.ied ??iihout efteot,
B i.ur ineii he,.ig ?eyt'iel Basket ninge, did liol
?Vi?. Tue citck U-i-ig alx al a ?loarier of a mile
Bj*IBM wta? \t.th.?:-awi!, uud ?i?.rf'.d on un
ur roiiu consi?ernhlv feaejBr, and reported to he
Jr? I? a a'. .:.a hu tery. Not tbe ?bghteit op
?h? male, however, to our advance, ano
a ion, v bick w? re a mue end a hall ban
I??'. I*, v.eu lound to Lave b? ?n evuciJAtod aJtfr
(???ii' aMgaaa. loeywere ei-truaive works and
l?t ) c n?iruti? d.
'.Ve jr,.\ei| ?.i Noifolk, afttir a tiretv.me tuarcl.. at
ataek, w.'.houi ?ring a tun. and lo-iud the wliole
i?'tl loree peas, tiie lavt leaving.' thi? morning.
Hayn LhiuI., vtib u Coa.mittue o? the Cilj
- ? ;.t BUtkeruUaJ for the Batt-fUSU, m?*t Gen.
atuj tai?.h a lliw of trnce, at tiiFVity limns, und after
i ;.?: BUBUaaUtiM the UBJ waa rurr? ndered to the
ettti Baatts suaaa?
*j. Wool lieu prtoeeded to the City Hall with
m Miyir, followed by a lsige irowd, ?abra b"
..ft- itoWBlBJ pi?>. biniution:
li usa?; au. ni Dnaarraan nViaonu,]
f, an, ia Msy it?, iH.' 5
Ci'y < t Norfolk laving ben Mia ud? red te
-*''?ote i n en* of the Usited Mat.?, iiu'uiy Mt
uftbt ruine ir taki 1, il: behalf Cd theN'a
?l !? M.i|or-(iei.eialJoli(. !.. Wool.
"?*' -.-?"..:.. 1 \ Ii].-i? up-* iiiteil Military (i??v
*'??? ' ? nhew n I.-iag. lie will see tin t all ?it
? " ?ui.-*..liy p?o*.-tel in till tln-ir righ's and
U i.. .?ni the i.?ni??rt rare to insert.
tf,esd b i?e ihm no mIsjImikantBiilindlu
r *.! e eilv, txnpl fi\ hie omer, or by lb<- v.rill. '
J" -1 '-i-i-j of i?,e r,A??; an,i?,,g oi1', j.? ,;f bli brigade
-M? ?-4 be tvill j.?., naaarili a ?
" ? ' ?he .hull tintusB uj-ou IherigbU
. Bl IM llUUUsaBBa,
DIS E. WOOl. M.j?.r(, :r a.
'?"?'? ' ?<'? ? Rater/ifBaauitMr.T.B.Dark
?. ? ? im?-.
" . ImaJtoBM who entered the city v, ? ??
? Mwann? eatnafeataUBa.
1 .- i M"-- ?Bfo*Mte>es-*s|
,A ' ; ? "?":,-'*^W?vi.,i,lll,;i.
' ??'"'! MM the CkyBBltBBBM t.
ftok tren lUynlatuab. Th. Mayn neend ?
?* 7Waka. I?e? .?I ins!-. .i.;,e,,ha, mhm
; ? riotic-k-nofpriviite rroteriy tad tk.
ul! private busier..
IB ':*. V^*Y-f^l'^'l.T(r,yv?,r,.
, J "?'-:, t-v?.l,'i ?M?.h-.?.l0.
"? b- als mid other v? e.*is ii, Klutek, ?i 1;, , r
*?* a hiiJI.iiut bpecl-i'lt, and cntaBMl all tem
an iu :? B ?te ?>f farota aj*rtdtt*anat, b d
' '.?r?,li,e tr ne ?,,??' | .-night. |; ?? b< .
I Ifl be MB Bal '? I. ?. d .',: Irvine in tin.
?ten ant ? ill d. u briers food b<? e.tahliehed.
LAI Lit.
,_. koFtuLB, Mundcy Morning.
"" ^HmI bbb lees tam%*w?|| IiHIIJIb.
"vet! ' r u iib a very large number ?f stoamluati au?
ntl or Te-sela. .
Numerou? Union flags arefljing M Porumontb.
The placo i? oc uj.ied bj the l?tb Ma*?aihtt?ett*
Regim? nt.
Otu. Viole lia? estalilisl ed LI? lioaal'-juartorr ia the
Cu?tx.iii-ILnisf, formet ly ?c, n? ?< J bj ?Son. Unger.
The Nati'.n.'il tag wa? rair?tt-tl lor tlio fir?t tillie ttiia
BMsnfclg at 10 o'di-tk. I: wa. saluted by the guard,
md ertliUBiaati' ally cheered.
The Monitor and Xmigatnck bare just anired.
A number of otlur tee*?.? of the fleet are alto
ooming up.
The night lia? pai?so? vrry quietly.
At 'insert every ?.bing is perf?*clly <|ni?t, and order (
is entirely rei-torel. All the publ?e proj-erty is o? - ;
( ii'iied.
The fiiat National flag la?eed at Norlulk was the 1
regimental tolui of tbe tilth Novx-York Itogiaicm. :
raised on the Cuator-j-IIou-ie tbn* murnini'. Tin
?egirnent hanjant aanur-nel for Kort Norfolk, which ii
vv ill raai nv.ii f'-r tbt j r? ?ont.
Ou. WfXil anti Com. C?oliUl/orougii haro ?nat er
iiv< <1 in the Ila! thoora.
Tno city is very '-nut.
Goo. Viele ti.tir.? la .in laaBMBBt unionnt of buri
ness. The j-r>liry of tie authorities here is Ui allow
every thing to goon witii a? little interruption ut
A general feeling nf i??i lldeue eeeui? to prtrml,
Bad ? Union e< .itiin? /,! b.-.ioa to slow itself.
The naval "rBBMb bore aie the Kufjnehanno.
I'lag, -bniaon, San Jut into, slo'uit Vernon, De>
Balah, Moi.it? r nntl X.?'.).'attiik.
The follov?.rr* ra*eenraUBBUfl wan ??sued iu Norfolk
on Sunday *at**rritg'
It-Sai \r? Saturday, May 1?, l??*77*
Tie ?xfiii.aniy of 11,0 Litio? ol Konwh and i'011?
rm nib i? bf tin /ii'ili lion ot the ?aiblic pro'asrtv at.'I
ilie maiutoiiHiice of ile 'millie law? ol' the laura
State?. I'nviiti: a?e*?>(-iiitir?ii? iiiitl ilouiiitii: ijtiiei will
i a be dbtarhod bM aioleihu? el ??i.ler no1 ??ne?
BpeOl t" the (?ovt-Miiiie-it will I m followed I)" tlie
11 ,n.e it? 01 re?t ot llie olK-nilm?. Tno?e who barta
bit ii o?r bonn m.dor the anti, ijiatioo ni aaj aeta of
v,.ii?i,,i,sm, may l*e as?,ned that tin- ?eBWBWBBBBt
iiiiivs? u<> m ?n ti e Banar el aaretea m ita m llli<.*^ a bo
fwwj ti" tim eatln efe ettimn in durr herging those of
.1 Boldbr, and 'hut no lodirtdi al 1 ??Iii? xvill be btt? -
1er. .1 vtiili. 'if. ?ali? ol' iijiior is prohibited The
lie el the lliliini v (?i.vei'ior and ol the 1'iovosl
Hi rnbal aie al tin I Bateo -li >?: e.
?OBX! 1 !.. ?IKI.?:.
Pri-k-'i-r Ornerai ISA. e-,-1 M.litaiy 1 o?ri. ?r.
H.i natm?, .ii?id?>, Mai 12 MM
I V.t Noilulk Bat ?xti jig. Kverytliiig xx.i? -np?
I? 'l'y i|ili.-l.
Tilt Meiiiuiui" in 11 nainly ri'hlinyi'd, a? fiiei 1 ? ?if
na Majas ave bond leatajjj ubont.und avenaren
"i.derew wt-ut i., j, ,r.. )l. eariv SMJjh -lay B ? laing.
An ll.e l"??-ii?i? .1 ,.,.,K el L'lauev K.niid, .?icwall't?
?'?????. ?'?-??, a.o ?UniK :,etl.
On? tleel, kta] t,v ?.,. rfr,-Tir_-t? No.i?.lk
? ?'? '"-?y, un the HaugMaeksal uaadtoOal P.?
'?? -V?v)-Ni?d u*aoa-aaenaaB*uta annie ?al Tb?
1 ''"?' bt?mlmBh matu, ?mma, ltIjd ,*-? ,,?i,|1( BMahlbh
"""'-w' ?,,1,,i ?R i.May ?o.,-,,.,,,, ?,?l RJgai
A Strong Mob ?nanaf, ?a. ateown at 4 ori?u.?.-tu. |
Ia ?'oftun tbt ^la r%t? rjy^BjtjjaaJ aad nar?]
tlC.d 1 y llie abandonment of t!.?ii tr?'! ?. It was
geuei..' y Kiineded lb. !.. that li,? hn.oli'l would Le
takeu by onr army wiiboiil ?erioui wip.t.iioii, and
that V,r,;iuia is abandoned by 0 e Confederacy.
Tiudp, wi:h tie North is greatly ucxlulut Norfolk.
Cien. McClrllan ?las moruing is -sitian twenty
maf' lia 'a ' I.
Nothing drliuif i ! ad Leen Leiinl fmui the (lalenu
bM tito guakaate mi tke Jbmm Hum? thai oi tli?
latter was rerouted I.?-'.
The l'iesidiMit and Se. r.'iirie- CkBM and Stunt? a
returned to Washington 'a?t evening afiei viFiung
Oeiii-rul Wool reto.-ned lo Fori-wi Moiir-ie laM
K .'? ???. .U ?i ? Mn .In, lt?v '.-' -1 J' p ra.
There ia nothing novt I Bfl ? ???ti- M II Han? amy
to-d*>y. The telegraph to hi? ht-B'l pinners works
well. Bad i? h? jt cjiiF'aully employed wi'h (lov?
el muent b.is'm,-es.
Sun.. ol'the new ot the IfBTaMM nave BMMtssj
from PIlJ s I'oint and |u?t BMB iu ii: N> *p??ri New?.
? '
TDK CAl'Tl'Iti: Of WE cn/.
Kim I Our Own '?epnrler.
W ben lVanleu*. Lincoln arrive-l at Kort ten Kate*
MB, \?hi(h BBJ8BJ Tuesday ?Batt, Bato bring phowu
the < niioeiticp he contlud?<l "here wa? MBStkiag
iiinr? to tv B, and a?ked " W'hy don'l you tait? Nor?
folk ?'' ' Peek,*1 ?ays Gea. W'?->l, " you don't un?
dera and mili'ury oecrnuiy.' .lust after thi? little
BMSataUM t'lcri rain? in a H? evasion lag from Nor-1
folk tbe.Iolin II. While. This ing I?. I MaM 1 to Haf
fulo |*n :???, aiid when the witr broke out was en?
gaged iu toivirg into tim Albemarle ? ?nal, and waa1
?abeal hy ti e Oeeawawsatt 'internment.
'Hie Captain oi the vrsaul had I?? u tnint; for,
??a. ? it a.? ' ' get au i?. uuJ at loot succeeded in j
bringing BbpwsbsMJBM that Noifnlk wa? so m srly i
??a'-naUtl thal nothing could lie easi i than BJ take '
it. Upon this the l'reridfiit, takiu- Secretary
Chive s revenue . utier, IBS Mitin , ?ti..i the Seen?
taiy l.iniFK'lf accompanying. th<-y weul ofT and made
laMMBBMBBMBl all bIscM ?vi.ere tro?'* could be
landed, lu this sesirh lb?) I'residwnt found one spot
ib.'iisit-'i ll.e pul ??oso, B' "0(?-iiu View," a place
wi.riethe BatMjS ol ?Norfolk former!? .I;.?-, .-of au
allenioon, rer-emblii.g, in r?itne nppoit?, Mt Corny
IsIhuiI. Ii is ?i ? ?mtori ni? at t? n miles ii.an Norfolk.
Th. ?ii?-,si B wise iiume linlely placed uudei ann h
ii.i; i r BM B&M the??) i? i m .-.o?..-? n. cb had be?'ii made
w'iii'i was on Knda? ut'i iiiodii--au.l BIM BB>
buked on a rniiiil.er of small tugs bul u?vii g lo th.
bm a uni i "? Ike M.'iiiinii' tkej EA tai st.?ii. The
i.of moi Dili-;, after remuinii bj M (?on .1 all nigbt,
? ,.-?? ?v-ie iiiairlied butk to Clnae Hiimli? ii, and
I'.a F une e??-iiiii, avtiu en.laiktd on ItaBBBBtta.
Dnting tin? night li'?)' weie taken to " OrMBB
View,' anil on Saturday morning a? ?a. Lia,!??',
Iknj all Lnili.il, ('apt. D.nir,? eeBBMBJ bl nBJ th.*
Inri !.. lo on ?hore.
Th?- 1 wtuiii'fh K?-ini(iit, uial-r M1 Btad of
I,. >.' ('?!. Wr,??., ??, ra t kaa bj Ck a, M ? ?Veta,
and at tam IBaassta foi ???rd lo li BSBMBbIM Half?!
V*1 VV'?ii'.iuis, wkj?ji, bj tit? nejusn ned toi
' Nor?.'lk, ia .i?t?uit only ti ? ? mut. from the city. At
I Hi? | la?e un- ltd rl? had nial" pre? aratinns in every
way | -r? I e to make it a latlle-tield, and it wai
well n lu; 'i ?! far (hil pitrpot--,
About'.* -'timk in the morning, Gen. Wool, BO?
. ron paiied by Genera's Kma-Old am1 Vn-le and See
I retary Cha?e, dmr np willi the Sixteouth Masauubu
I aatta, ead tbey wen at on,? manbed iowa to the
I Imdge arn.i? Tai nrr e doab, ile bridge ?huh the
? 1.? t>t is i .11 i.i beana ni sa tin-.
| da o ?m ?ii party ti lbs Mb Regfaeeal <anie near
i In ii, the bridge being all io 111 i. lie-, i' t Kelt I?
leeaogdggaa them with a HRgfl Leid battery from
.Cu oi?>o.!ts aide of the creek. Our forree being
I with,.ut art.llert, und it being -BpoaahVle IB BOOM I
i wiihiii ritlr rimifk-, ?hey fell I ? 1? to the Ciose It >a '.,
about four mile*, where, ?tit?a a ?h?rt consultation,
j it ?as de? ?del that Gen. Munniiei.1 feboald I MM '1 t"
' hortrce? Alnnii furn i ?uuniiutliou ir:ili the Prodi
! dint ami S?-?-ietary Manton.
1 rt Gen. Vule has new pla->h1 i.i ?ouimand of tl.o
?('ii. N? 44 York Iii ,.'.. en I Col. P.eudiv.ai.d the I'-tl.
Ma**?, hosft?a, a port.on of (I'D. Mux We he i a
brigade. With tim co in nu mi Gen. Viele took the
?deaaae? The roada in aran bIbbm wera earned.
I m?ly bud, and in many ?>la??-i WON ob-ttuctml by
I tire?.
When within a mile and s half sf tV lniiu-ries,
the column w_a I ali'kd m a miall cot ra, the Sfth
( l.e?riuiei.t iirlered forward, Major Dodge'? t'avalr)
' taking the lead, mid upon a neat rci-ouu,>i?i*iaiice of
li.e ? ..eiiiy'< 4Voiks, (hey w.re found tobo vacated.
Major Dodge theo MOM iut" ihem Wilb bil i ?wiry,
full..wed i ?..????ly by Guns. W...1, Vi. le, Msx Weber
and ISBBBt-Sy I'ha-**.
Iii three ?A.nkl vere left the ?"til li?Kinicot Union
Coaat l.unrd, Gol. Wix-drutT- the .V-th Pennsylvania
Regineot, und tl.o I It h New-York, Col. Ile ?lix.
Geu. W?mj1 ?us informed at ti.i place that tbe ReU
B__ bad entiiily evaented Nortilk. Alter a short
? tanii; uti'in of the works, whii li be found to be of
itnuii'tiM .tivitigth, though i,i.t mounting it? whole
armament, he took up hi. hie of mareil for Nor-1
folk, Maj. Dedpa'a c?tv:.lry ? ill fortning IBBadvam-t-,
and the '..''Uli I.'-gimriit coming along behind bun.
Ujoo iieuiinir the city, a white flag waa i-berrved
to bl 14.14 .ni- ever a ?mall .banty. An ord> rly was ?
.I,-] n'cli, d lo iu4c-lij,;ite, mid it wa? lound lo bo a.
tina uf tiare fiom the Mayer and Coininon Coi un i I
m ib? city?Gen. Bagae h.itiug aBioariaeed the .in
bale the bradaef the n?:i aatbee-tkn but a few j
bean pa noaa, ned Mt m bal b.isie, Bridag ali in.
? ii ?,i-i? with lii'u. The KayraaadCeaMBra t'numil ;
bad wa..taggewbgi kr_? Gin. Wael would
lunkc with tbetu.
A!ler a short Iggggftat-M! the IMBI were con*
-??I .?J .Htirfactory, and the ..-nei.il wa?. iu?it<-dto
ii, ? Ai rJty, A?coiiii.it..i ii by Beo-Bt-ty. Chan
:< I Qoa. Vule, with o aaatll man? only of ggraJty,
(lea. Wool aeomeaari Bid-the KgyraBod OBBMBml
Council lo the riiy. Upon inariug the Citj llalli
i.', tia? fiui'id ti,at lb.? ngartaN had trune in bgftal I
theil., -nu wrre airead) st,l_niug abont tho eily for j
luBtolhi-i te tVB Bf, re|ntv-iig Uta whole A-U_rail
a God-send. Gen. Wool and i?arty sUended by the
i Mayor and a few meuibem of the Common
Council went np into the City Hall, where
the term! of surrender wera duly sirreed
uj - ii, lien. Viele beiu^ ??ia -d in connutind a?
oiiliury (lorernor. And a cooler or niora latBBad
ii in, or one in uny war bttttr fitted foi the position
i-nuil not be iociid. It will le r. ?-"tiicttil that he i?
n \\ .?'. Point man, and oei ve! in Mexico. At ti?
| I?*- aAtaaj out of tho rebellion lie took the first load ol
troops t' Washing*????troops which he bad raited
in 'ii hours.
The sit?eles biivirg been ?Irawti np letween the
city autliontiet and ttie military, the 51?;.? r ?tun a
i ?Itrit ? tl.o keys and all ?yiuhol? tt power into the
ham!? .f OOB. Vide, (leu. Wool and stafT. with la?
li-etoiyCban nttned tt Ctd Pont, to curry knob
licence io the President of (he lurreiiili r ol the city,
and arrive?! there about midnight, ?aiy'.c?! and vroni
um iri'h ihe lut-ors of the day.
The Msyor then went down stairs and upjaeared on
the ?top?, of the City Hall, where be addr?*aoed the
multitude sraciubled in the ?>?; Tire- lad t hltiiik>; the
wmdows in the viinity. He naaTaBlbatti the
I* pie on the terms of the surrender, ?a\ hu? that he
had duli? better than he expected. 11" i.|?itti. d a*,
mu? li as any ou? conld the -a render, but he baal no
Hliernativ?. He bud leen mo*; anxious for the
??afety of the women and c1 ildr-en?I e hal got ttiat
| laro of safety. If the people would behave them- I
selves he bad ajaurauces liut the ??Idler? would not
diaitirb the ?i.
The Mayor's s|x-ecli was ?-?cita brief, l-ut was re?
ceived with great ?leinonttiiitbn? of i.pplim?e, the
crowd thrnwioir up their lattBad Sneering lustily.
S-ame yotiiiKrters?too am .1! to plan Bal ir eot.duc! in
the cat? gory ol insolence -piped out clieors for
Jeff. Davis, which was tho only bunna' le incidem
that occurred.
(!? ?nei.il Viela now had paanjaajaja? of the city, and
e-tiib.,1,? ?I his h.-iul'- larteri at the Cuetom-liou-ae,
rec? ti? oerapied for tho name purpose by the lteb?l
Gen? nil Ilni.er. Ov.r ii waxed lix? colors of tlie
10th NexvYork Kc?,'iment.
Saturday ni?*,lit the city w;w exceedingly quiet,
i.nd nu? | itrolletl hy tlie 10th New-York. li" id?
wert; posted through the city, nud vidutes thrown
out beyond.
The Hill Mnsraebuu tts was sent to take < oew-s
rtiou of l'orteino'.ith and the Navy-Yard. Tho UcImI?,
?ban atti '"?'? banad all tlie reeeet?, HO iu Bv.iubci, I
c<aii?-i?tinif of stcamerf, ?loops, ate.
The i xt inoniin'? (Sunday) the M??nitor and the '
V?BBjataek nana np tt Norfolk, ita* Monitoi tyiogr
??Mttaw rp afamaJto the ho?f iiul, just where tlio Mer?
rimac Ban! to li<*.
About the middle of the forenoon the ?tcanier Bal?
li nore, m la Pttttaaat hiucoln ead Secretary Stin?
ton, tin- S. Uihiob, Sun .?nclito, Dakot.i, the Sum'ii
luuimt, mid tho Monnt Vernon caine up, the latter re
?BjBBnj hut a ?hort Batt, ami tbe Moiiiiorand Nan
ar.-tn? k rttUi-iiiii?'t?j Fortress Monroe in a couple "f
I..mrs. '
??al r.ii np his blue pennant on the Sua-pi? hanna.
The Preside ni, did not land, hot stopping only a srvori
I me PBtBrBBi to ihe Kcr;re?s. S?-. -cary S'U'.ton ra
, ?indued Bad I ad a MUntUBtaM ???th Oen. '?V'??)l.
j Ihe Uiieriei uu i Varey I-au I whs immense,
.iclosing about f.fiy acres, win. lifty or sixty gOM
I uiounieii, ?oma of them iii car- males. Tee nag wa*
j i.auled down by Capt. Cuse of the Minnesota. Th*
batteriee at the bospiia' and along the batiks wen
?lso of a ?ery formidable cbaraeter. Thon al 8ew
tEft Point showed plainly the effect of our shot fren
Bat gunbouts a fsw days previous.
The .charred bulk of the Merrimac lay at some dto
ittnce from Crane? ItUnd. Early in the nwraiaf
?he was otsnrved by our picket- boa?! to be on fin,
pnnnting a acene of great grandeur, and M ?
o'clock abe blew up with a terrible explosion. It is
now nrtain that tbe abota from the Cumberland did
penetrate below the monitor's water-line, nndanj
the iii vers io every direction. Bat no vision of ten
huge sea-dragon will trouble the imagination? of sjn?
body any more. The work of destruction waa ?-A-tu?
p?ete, ?tito her otEcers, as tht negro Mid, ''the*
hare done run away."
mi ?ii. mum ?win,
Two a so a Mais M:i.b? MB KbitH. I? i
('r-tiiraiASn. \a , laaalea M.ir.,lrg Ma? 11.1 '?.J
A company ol the M < ??vail? pasr? d on lae? night
) White House, lice miles from here on the Pa
niiiikey Uiver, BBBsaf known a? the Cudi?.
>wucd by a son of (?en. Hubert ?.. Lere. Tue n
any reen.ed 7,0*M! hu?h..|s of wln-u*. and 4,0011 he
li ft com. The fatrntk inid lurut the railrt
.ridge and town, and l?>rn up the roed for
1 iistanee toward Ric1 B ti, The aaatJB fnM
' 'iVbili- Monee lo Iii?- mol i if 'Jo ii ,:<??.
Tke aaiihnta si i i?od b re Ikla morning, aad an
.ow on theil- way B S* bile Honet-. The K-lel? bid
. I. alaUatal ?be rivi tWB BUSB BbIbW ben by ?inkltaJJ
? ????I?, bul tiny ???.re h?i*\?n up wiihoui ii.itek
I rouble.
Tie BB i.'uard of ?he BBBBf i? at Taninl ? I *'??*,
ve n.ii- ? 'i .m W'n'e II ..is?'.
A c. i. te.ii.iod WBB I?f- Kiel mond 01. Kiidayiat?
, '.rta tie ? ay lull c! ink rs.Idlers, and liai ihe ?*B**>
/en? are I'.ak.in.' in ?rou ihe ?ni lotiuding country.
; L\N s .\ UM Y.
liai..?i I -. K -, l~l MBBBIPM , *?'?..?
^iniii.? lap i ., M.y 11 .tV.2 (
; There hue been ii I moveui? ni "1 tro?| a lo-day, M
llieiierul McClellhii nae ?'. Stnn "i obe-'r? IbBJ IBB
' '!?y, and ,:iviHK bal I a ..*? Opf* r?..i.ity B r?-**.
j The r? port? to-day bmugbt in by iMMaSfl t??*t?ae
' ant to Chickahomiuy on th? l*?fi a dirUinr?' ?.- thir?
'eell mil.?. aaatsaTB lb" lUBBMJJ ol' loth Jo ??BBd
he - biidk??? BSroai lLat river. Tka entasy
1 na? seen in roiisid.-iabj. I.,,- on th?. op? .?site rtatta.
Tn.'ie is nothing new from ihe mau to Km nu."iid BJ?
Way of BSUfl Itridgi' on li I li 'h' hand or matt
.?ia?'!, r?>H?l he.ling !....-: Ni v -Ka-ut ('our -llon-e.,
We le?rn fr m a BOUtnl ..iel ???oiia-inir to (?euaral
Lee, who left Ktchmond yesiet?lay. toe* 1 a '.oops
: ?v h ich retreat?-?] by that road are Ba*SMB] ed ni the
I ?oil-gate some eight or ten nibs this side ni Bat city.
> He mel but few troop? between here ?nu tin.i ,?iaal?
I le was dri? ing a four-burse team contaminar a trotts,
?nid some private property Munging to Oeaerai
11?ee. The Oeiieral's wife had let": the White Mooes,
and is stopping with a physician a few miles m em
A strong picket of the enemy made ?to appear.
about two mues from the White House to-dey.
They were not interfered w ith, until becoming toe
bold, a gunboat, which arrived about 1 o't-Joek,
?belled them oat. The noise must ha?e been 1
at Kkhmond, as it ia only twenty milea off.
FRO? THE Ml a\T.ll.\ DEP.UTHR.
The Wheeling Legislature Going to Kirhnrond.
Pa. Beanr??,, V?.. -'aurday. May HI, in,?, I
V 1? lr. .ITiMOUF M?y li J
The two -uernllari nat hung at Chester on tka
'Hb, iu Matt ot de won?, rat ions to prevent a.
The grvati'st activity prevails all over the Stale
among guerrillas. :.u?l ihe lack of troupe is painfully
apptrent. Skill'tinirt rep ace force.
*-?-..?a.. '. and Milroy uro ?till sale. Sharp work is
ut haml in the Valley.
The news of the surrender of Norfolk was reed to?
day to the troop? amid great rejoicing.
Matanana, Monday. May li, ?se?
A member of Congress, who hat j .let returned from
Wheeling, ttaJ.es that the loyal Legislature of Vir?
ginia, MB in ?? -.-inn in that city, ia geuing ready to
move to li.c1,'iimni.
The capture of the State ?apital ia regarded as cer?
tain, aud the l.?v ela: ure proposes to take time by tke
torc! h k aud BBBBBt the Stat? House as the legitimate
r?'pr?r?entM!ive bedy ?f the Slate.
Kaihaalaetle Bec*|Hi*a *f the Newa -The
?U orr rill eta Nilli Arti re.
Nbvtmabkst, Va Ma day. May II, ??H
The news of our successes? at Norfolk and Ports*
mouth, and the destruction of the .M.-rriiiuw, was re
?????ed with iuteuse en'hu.-.asm among our troops?
'1 h- army bands pla? c1 the National ein, and tbe
loud and prolonged cheering awoke the mountain
e? boes, and win? heard 1. r miles along tail beautiful
val!.'?-. The..lily regi\lie.\prei*ed wen that eaeh
? .nicer and soldier was not present to participate ia
:i?-coiii;'l,ching si.cb. glorious remits.
Two 11.raitt oi the Vermont Cavahy wen cap
tuit-d ?eeierdiiy by guerrillas, near the ?pot when
itoiiie of 'be Ira Harris Guards were ?bot.
The latjjasWjawl clt'k if tho -d Maewcliiisetla
Kog.u.ciit was mortally shot yeeierday, from the
w ..ode. near Mount Jackrun.
It is believe?! thiit muuy of the countrymen who
.?.?me into camp to settle accounts with the Qruutet**
lnii-a-i? are giving inf.-rniaiicu to tbe Rebels, if not
in active ?arvioe themselves.
Sevrai s rrests have Ix-en made to-day ot *vm*'
ckroa pcreoni, among others a jasak ?u inaptob

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