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V?L- XXII.IN0- 6,602.
They Come Down in Overwhelming Force,
Cernerais Heintzelrnan and Kearney
Como to the Rescue.
Bi-tipixk and Eicl-ardson Assist in
Driving the Hebels Back.
WonnsnacB? Jaaol, wa.
Tb<- I. iadwuj di?r?l'h waa re, <iv?-il it Bat V. ar Drpirt
.,?. I ii I? t'tti'ooD from
Fulo oi Bat-IB. Juno I, 12 __>, 180.
Wo have bit?! a iI?-sp??rato battle, in W?at1 t!.e
eorjiof Cta-anl.Baa_aer, Be?tai?na hdJ Kijm
_ave txiii eeanand again?! greatly eu.e.ior cuni*
\\ ?"??.'i?iy, at I, t!:e enemy, tal?lag a!vnnt*i'*e afa
?aarril-li ?...rm, whit li hud ilooded tl.e vallty of (lie
Chi. kali?.iniuy, attacked our trropa ?>n (lit? right
tank. Qet_ Caseys div-Lion, -winch waa in the fir-t
xioe, ??ave way iin_ccof,ntally and ?lit-imite-dlv.
Ph;s Cxined a tem]?ornry confnaion, during wl.i? h
Jie gue -.ia! baggage were lei"., but <i? r?f>. He-Bisel*
m..n ;.i.?I Kearney mort gallan'ly biaafbt Bp ?OCf
?wpi-, \t hieh t-hfi kal trie enemy.
At tl.e van date, honorer, we ia i ed 1 by great
?xerticn iu I.laying across Oer,n. Sail, ".vic',, g and
Bi. I ar.inon's divisions, who drove '.ack the enemv
st the ?>o"iit ni the bayonet, covering tim giui'rid with
nu. dead.
*?_?_M-B-Bf ti.?* tuen.y-'.ciaj.tcd to renew the
?r-tiil'ct. l.ut waseveiyv,???-re IO) uli-ii.
We haio tiiken ? mny priensen, aaeoni vvl.oni _rc
Peu. F. tiigrtw mid Col. 1/ Bf?
Our h*i is heavy, but ti?t ol' ?le en-my naet be
Wib i!.e aaaceeiea at Ger. Catey'? O-iIsioa, Ac
?sou behaved f}>1? ruiidly.
Several lino bcyontt llteifl,-? bave beea :?. . .
rho '.d Kvrelsior Regiment mode two to-doy.
GaKOKiji. B. McCXEI.LAN Mr.o- 'len. COaftj
Wasi?nct?i!?, ?Tune 1, l_*__
Duiing 'iie whole mt tim BHn? of Ula moriiing,
Bt. Lowe's aaaVoa Waa overl-xikini* the terrific
Kern-lrorn tri ?Iii" .de of _'? Bl MOO feet. T< !?
jrajh.c com ni unie? lion from the balloon to Gencrnl
MrClelhui. and in <!:r.-ct loii'iotti n wBk tr.?-mili
:mrj wir"?, was BOOM min] y niaintainid, Mr. Pur!?:
Spiii.g of I'hiLxtk-li.hia acting an operator.
liai r ",?? ? ..? of the eena? j *snee-T?oeB,and
Tiit_it.";y martel. Tliis i? be-torel lain?a?al
jn.e ?d sr?el?e baBoon reco__..i.?.ii.ie ata boee ; i ?
??, ? ? ? ti but le, and carla?ly ti.? !.;?:
_iiie in w-.iili a u!i.rni,h t-t .ion ha? been Ml li -
isbtd iii the iiir to rep?.it the moveuient
sneroy, and the piegn -s BfB Vu::!". The a
.0 Ceri. McClellan ui ?t-1 have been inin.tt.??*.
LoB?, Fi..r,k C. Du vi.* of AveiiU's -'!<l 1'. Bl I !
rania (.'av..ii'. waa? I .? ? I, on I .inlay !n.t, ?iib
a m'ti! ataaltoo-poB r.,n.iriui.i? at?a botan
land for? . ? ' "?it'' fit\ I' "
?.he Jar ,ee Kirer, and be BeeOBBB?Aal his -
a style M a-EiidiM/iae, and ?nnnonnied sack .li." - ,ii"ici?
in d??ir.g it, that ho ha? '"eu thanked by UM Cn -
"___nN_a, (*eiifial in a puL-h." or.ler. The Licit' nat I
mn rin mut tim (ialena, which he vi?i??al. is very
?in?li cut np by the enemy'? slot. ?"?Lc wi'l be
tmngad t.? ja iut-i '???.I beana tbe eau go han a? ana
mu a. T: e battery the was engaged willi mounted
?Lirty hrge guns. A lol of ?bel are e'jll ut!el.ing in
aer 1 alan .he waier line.
ll,c ?on. ?n_ B.iii-?,1'
Cicn O iBpnaal?Sntaapoaaaat
('ami ,*?riii fJivn-'? HILL, Jl
li Mi'., from Hlrli/iOiTl. Vi.. '
R.. It VV ?t.i o? tilt Army, Mof in. Y y, ?, )
I nu: ?BB) ired hy the unwonted luxury of a t?blc
(eut? r. j-.-ri.ed from piue ?takep, hewn from the a.
j?a 11 ' warida?, and ?bl planks, COOBBntoJ by (Le
innren,ou? soldiers of the d.'d Pennsylvania!, to ibe
p,odii?*!ion of u later to 'Jin. TUBVBB, I v.nte
andi-i t',i'r,p BBBtae, |_M BB ?t eartli bei.i.iili ii >*
feet, a dull, raw ni.1 t OOB-Ua, its anataV???de
illi.n. ri'x'ed by the li/'?t of inn urn? ral e taraj.-fire?,
tie reli?e"ion of which entiides tie w.holc hoii//.ti.
I I "li til? hum and muimnr of renny vorc? ?ur
BBB -ling rae, like the ebb-'ide of a gTeat o-*? an,
rt' rx-r every wave is a la_B? BB? ; it is tlie sol?
?i? r,- i livening. They talk cheerfully, dihI Ia-igh;
before I bare finit-hf-d (his let'er., the majorily will
te fit bi-leep mnli-r ine.-low hbelt'-r terit?; it mnv
bonna .ug,,l tno koean sonieoflbem will nevir
oee again; ior eveiy day BOW seoins to cunfii-rn our
lair: mint ei-xxlauou of a bloody battle tu-foie
Ki. I.iiiond.
o?rij aajta hean ano, I IUak Ike aeeal la??
pras-ton wa? that (he Keliel? rm.lit ?nat BO te OH*
ot'-er eva-'ia!ion. Hini?, tben tbo fiehng has
?anani. We h.ve beard of th.- defeat of Gea
-unk?, nwb. it i? stid, the lo?s of two ladnoats ' t
lrifsi.tiy and one ol cavalry; have reflecNd thal it i?
* **"? C '?nial mu foe? are ilefemlii|*>| that di* pent*
lion and hatred mny nerve them to nal? o "bal : 11 tig.
Kle lix the hoi?c of conserving tht-ir ensten?? as au
?nn.v, or snorting advantagtv-n? tenus of anrrooOer.
And ii ,-n, too, all our prtpaistiou? aro ominouslv
indicHUvsj of Agkt, Ern us I pea tim nalaara
mmm an order to tbo raptaeal with winch 1 um
t?*n,|,i,ru!i!y dotai, lied, bidding it nrej-ure two das *'
r-.ta -, ritie ?t 4 in the noriiilif. leave bsxBBBfe on I
aaajaai lu, and aludo the issue of the towing n*rnj*
I ari-i with (he tBi IVnnsyKani?, Morell'? brigail.-,
gea. Porter's division, (?eu. McClellan leli ble
??^?-d'i'ihiVrsnt Coal Harbor this aBHBBOOn, ar,d is
r/''W half n mile ahead of ns, lo our le.'t. Gen.
M-iriem-ui ?-?XGjjies "deehaiiicsville, Uve, nileeinea*
T^"' I pn.greitaed half wuy thithci ?ia n.oiumc,
"-t was ?ounrui?.) to retara in eeeneaaeaee of a re*
?nil intet ?_4ai-??i-g freu Uad .'itvl??, lvinlaing (
W< '.'ive* a ?iiupu? ti??-terrible I'Attie lief?>re Ki? li-1
ti omi in us miich iieiail HS p. ??iblo. Tim beeil of the
kheuh is iii? din ni inup of the Stu'e. ('., u. Mr
j('ie!lan gives no peehiow in hil di?p.iteh, bal we
baan Ban ti.?- letton of ew ronwpnsa?aal wita
ti?n. Keyes, ti.-ii Le w.ie on 11 .<-. toad bon Bat.
tom'? Bridge, bali way t? Rtahraond, wai lbs
ad iTiinci in ihi mil;., .tt a plan wind
; Seten l'ir.ee. The cciiitr*. between lliit place
j and the river ir de*?- riltj as afr??*tof firs, iv.tli OB.
? ?-.aiii.l ?.?.?r-.ii'r, niiist rf ?Uah aro vvh? n' tie!!?.
Ne.arBeviu I'm?? is ii large, o|?-?i j lum, ?iii la? la??
lar-,?) ?in |gh fer ii MW ienMs li.t't!? :i.'M. Vron,
IhieplkMS t!?o line of our ail vane-? extended alon*
? tl.i? ero?. r,ih?l to i!.e read annJWeW'BriBge le
Itiehntood, ?ben (!?n. .SKiit.mnn tSW *"et?a*J,
w!i?n.e the hallixn views of Professor Low?I
I.;-.ve t" en taken, and where he overlooked I
j t':ie moveinents of the enemy. Tlie right win?? of
i our aidvtun e, nn?ler (leu. Casey, e.\ten?lo?l of courno
in ti.? ?I rea''iou of 11 ?'.-?.?- Swamp, which ii not a
I ?wnmp, ai its num.? would indicate, but a creek.
, I te Cliiciiahoniiuv River is de^cri'ied as being from
Is1 t?) H Inl wide ?t New Hri'J{?e, anadea?
tag to thirty feet or io at Bottom'! Bridge.
In addition to Meadow Bridge, New Bridge, the
IU? I niau! Hridge and Bottom's liridge, Gen. KeClsl?
lan lias hud two or three additional tri-it le bridges
IhWwB aeroM, which, doubtle?, funlitated tue
croN-in/, of ?Sed.nick and Kicbardson'a division!.
ni ! ???? apopo! en isipeadwli t" go boyead tin n w
peril oi being seal bach la driluslidin. Aodtboogb
.:? itnighi teen of eil tbiagjs deelrable io ?ni '? .
I that ?s! the don i lita I bato bow wdariog for the
I,?* Hire?- weekii j.BOB pri-ir g lni-f-er, ti.n.-I lyfatg
en of i ighti rro**houarodaaad n ?? li aegmlsibM a,? *
, men.in una v iu eodwTeiiag to bettet n.. ?. .i ??. ibew
BWticahwo), yet I waa! 'u ?ee thtabootoen. ila
far it? Rii Jliaoad, anti OB WWgaly WLXMW to um tie |
? asad of i', h?. I Ibbai, ara otiitrr
i I liiidjpre.tad iMWOWl tvi r l lie CMchol ?n.itiy by I
I ntl ol Bntlnn'a Jt.iigeou Kn-iuy lusi. Tin-re, rl ?i*, i
I nashi laBrnd nf stroan i? a mere aball? ? lisant of
? water. I l.-ve ihUw throughdeepergo hi
[a the toviaw oi the oaoorahle i sds. It had mr,?
jl-'idge? over ii two ?nat fiiiktbed by daw eagiaaera, J
nr.il roniah-liKihliig ?luagh, bat eii?l?ii.nt. Itatorn,
', t n th? rond, I li* ii ne l r??/im?-t*t??of ?.inburnt ? .I'iler
BBwhaatae, rtaotaii | fr?in. ih? lehro, with pit- a d
i ?li-ive.l-1 em their tbdja*dders,ror th?, put-row ??! ahaa?
, d'uiinp ihem fur the Kiit'ely MH familiar muik^t ?>r
ritte (iver ?he l?ri?lge, itt hI, ut m irle'? ?ii ?li-nee,
WW more Of theil B -i k. in tbe ?haj S "f S lOBg tren b '
r reta ini'," i??? BJ le U S n^lit and lett, di g in ?a?* the j
Bofaals iniglit veaton an niiui-l? on awn of oi?rnd
raoi ?-, hf'.' r i: bed en ned ?! eCl left ihoniaj, w I ? h. !
,l,wii, is te* lii'l .bl?-, hikI tbeiefore luikl.:
pstvTO a daogerou abai -!'-if ?? wddw rotron i.e.
earoo dtjnntoie. Bayoud, iii? Barron road grow
i anil ni? r? iii, nile th.ii? ever. 'ile sell,
ali ps o iTnted loto nod on the illgbteot worooa?
.-r'..,! .wed in e deuee foliage of the pioeo,
the dogwood, ti. l.oll}, miil u!i:?i ouk. WTO .'?'
poddle** vi.t'i lae 'v-elj.iurs' l.ail-?t"nu of
Ti,.?r.i_i. I nan fW le '.maglia, then, wbikla
?. l/'lfl.i.? u ?.ii >..lui ?ia; t'ltx led.
1 v iota to ? , : ?*i 'i S rkii-in". li iiui'.-i (Jen. N?i*-!ee.
(.??ir-i i,? ti ?' farooooo, ead wit day, aceowiog
to iiisirm-ti.??-, retraced ne. steps seross the CUeha?
bomioy, laffing ia my prospero aha brun. Qan*
i?, ?i ,t ,1-eu awurde.1 ball'lie pr;j?e
? ? ? i, i for his f.,.?!... el t* t batt! ol ?Vihiau ?
! buig), (im., li." . lad Qw Il-iiil/elni.'in, all on t! e
i ad ? ??ce, with well tnarwaaaa. A mile befand the
behiad ?? bonn wtroaBi enaided by th?
tWO !?,:-iii? m . W ??? their lie.i?l(jiurt< ra, ir
: h i sir ??-.?? i. tag ?ip roed hi ant lilla off t? the left.
Bad .- M?OS it-? Bicbraond and V ? ? i k River I.nil
I road, tam H u*" lor JI milis hayond the White
Hoorohyoar t**w*-n Fhat tmA?mettim nttread'l
t ma hither. I bopi beana a week ia over to
a letter lo I' I rai IORI fron- Ititi.mond.
'I . darfatg wbieveneal o! ii?e ?ih Mi.-l.igau on
tay hw put liii? (iivisiuii in great rpinui; all
'? .,( t!lU ti ?.'ii! ento Bil ll'.-tilO.ir. af l l:iuli.tlllg Jt.
j Moy they bow .???e afeeBpeetanit] I
< i-.i ,a Banwan? a ii h ii ?ton ic * nanaiaeaanati
, K.iila, li r Sa a.e ( ?,-re.i I Ii lei,I.
tofft-Omet Al (Jan. MoCLBtXAB*! IltiKiji ?i Tr.r? I
m i . M., ?r iLi a Ita i.ao.ti., Va, Miy ?*T?! p m. V
A' '2 a. n?. tbi? momini?, heavy artillery firii-g wa?
Le?.?I ban Otii adiaiii e W the right, tliMQ^li a Here? I
: iiiit! ( MtlaaOW MM m of raiu, which rot iu al butt-rot, [
und liiMed till 10 a. in.
| By C a. m. k11 of (Jen. Porter's division had moved
| ol,ward toward Kielli MB. They to?ik will, them
? : Ij their i iiniliirt?, au i Atta .pinntity of nuimiiiiitinii,
and ina ana**/ ratina?. It. wa? rej-oit^d that Qan?
M i l.n 11.in iiud pree-iaied than iu the night, with the
Loiet.ti'ii of milking u p?-i?<?i??<l reoonnoisann e.
We biive hoard bw?*y tiring, la-.tii of artillery and ,
rntitketry, k11 day, ?riving ii?e lo ;he wildert ruin, i?. j
j It is sin?! thal (Jen. ?Mata is lighting furiously tothe
!ri_?ht, not having nee? led ni < Helling a juc'mu
'aitli our troops. TI? gwen! b""*4Bt?OB ia, thi.t
Qwa Btoew w 1. d baw BBtaeked by a lmga force
ol Behana wbilo lu? men were ?MBaadla t-aaiing
! up the nuls of the Ki.ni. riclubofg Ka*lra.-al.
Than ?nant awry probahility ol a great biiitle
Lowe i balloon ivis np this afternoon. Tlia
lero'iunt ?w a gita? ?moko ansiin; fioui or near
Iii lu.und.
BM.giAaa, 04 II..M.U.I' l*ltlsoNi;j:s.
il?i TiniiB?, Jui a I, |M
Mai T-fJcn. I?ix left hero tina evening, in the Old
Mat boat, for FortU'ris .Mo'irnf, to tako ??iniiii.-nnl 11
l!e IJ( partmeot of Virginiu, Mknwhnj Gou. Wool.
?ho i. ??ort ?ave ornes here.
?ti e aliiaaiture of flin. Dix iiom Baltfanen will bl
gi? ?ally ifgretted l?y lacy May of our i Wat aa Bt
and his Mff'-oflcan huvo rnh'ie m-jiy very warm
lr>--i'!? in Bultiiiiore. A parting hu li ite of lil gunn
witts li red froiii the fort on Federal Hill, as the
st i-i? ne I loft.
Min. 0iwahiin Mi.? Hwe(bec ah?aghtn), Sim.
Boxley, and Mi?. Moirin, four feiniilo truit"iri \vl.o
I Ble hern impriboiii ?] in Wa.liington for nome tuno,
weie rrlt*iii??ed ur.d sent to Ballimore last evenir/
under a guard, ??..id hit in this afiernoon'a boat f.?r
Old l'oint, lo bo s? nt fv?ni!i. The oiliier having
charge of tli'-ao women took thom to the (Junior.
House, wiiLi-e, ?tn.iige bo ray, tliey were |>a) luitUMi
t<? hoiil a regulur levee, and to-dsy they received
.pi.te un o vu t ion from ila?- iSccssion women of Balti?
more, um, h io ...e diigiirt of tie Union people of
the etty,
Ula mun cf rRiiriRu nrriRiD.
? m>
150 rr.iao3?r_-&s tak-cn.
m> -??
(.Ginini Kfu.y Fuunil Wounded it Winfhc*ltr.
tal ?numil mu? ?eocitpied.
tgoMA Diipttrh ta Tb. N. V. Tr-oiiai.
II tu. ... i I ?lui June !, i .'
It it all quiet 'aie. Tlio Iii-!?- i have eiacuate?!
Karttaeham ai <I (.'lBrle4.tr.wn. The ?lama?-. done hy
them to the Ii t!li?nore and Ohio Kuilnad it tnflinp.
I.i- road can be put in Operation to ibe Oliio K?4 it
within two dayl.
The 1,'nii.ri catalry, on Satin.lay afternoon, BBBBffed
Matt:.,pt- na' and aeve-ral milei heveMB?
Kif'ieees in l;.r?;e numl era are rtloiniiig to their
Ta the .'..I?,ate 1 riv*?.
t\ i.niv.iTOv flitirdiy. Mag ti. IfcHJ.
A di-patch rcieiii-d at the Wur Department ?fatel
that a 1 r?a-Hile of our tp?"pe, precz-dcd by four MB
BBBBM of the Kho<!? lelaud Cavalry, under Major
N'elbon, entend Frout Kuy al 4e.tcril.iy morn?
ing ut ii o'clock, an 1 drore out the
enemy, coi.?i-'?ni* of tie 8th I.otiiiiana,
four c< mpanicH of the lAh Georgia and e ho?ly of
cavalry. Our 1"M ii eight killed, live wounded, and
?me minint*, all frota the Khode lil..mt Cavalry.
Wo captured I'. officers and IM privates.
Au.?-mr the olli.-en are Cipt. Ile. kwith Weet of
the 4r*T_ Virginia, 1st Li-nf. f.emraell of th-* 8tli
laouii-iana, and Lieut?. J. K. Dickson aiad Waker
man of the 1 lit h i?tonria.
We rees?, tnred IK of our own trooj,, taken hy the
enemy at Front Beyal a week ago, anmug 4rli<-!ii
were Major W'm. F. Collin?, lit Vermont Cavalry;
George II. Griffin, Adjutant ?ifh New-York Cavalry,
Lieut. Duryea, Mk iNew-Y'ik Cuvaliy, and Fit!.
Farr, Adjutant Maryhiiul Iufintry.
We n.pt ired a large mu ?tint pt BMBBBBrtad ?.'>, in
eluding two cngii.es an?! devon railroad cant. Our
gdlggea was io rapid that tin- enemy was BBrgfind,
and wa. therefore not enabled lo binn ikshridfn
u< a -? Mt BkiaaaBBm.
A diapuK'b from the As* ?iated I'mi reiioitert?
givei tie names of our killed as follows:
l I- : ? M ?M) eiVM.HT.
Ctrl Win P. Ali iv??-'tb, (yruiA I,- ri.it
( , tpcral .1. K. Ita-i . I ( ?vu, I naliiil.il
I ,un .ral lc.hu C BabeeOB, I'.rpj num l.aatn.r?,
_'wini K- liirnard, C. ti. Al.en.
Tim lota o? the enemy ii not y?t aa-eituine-l, Inn
is mid to he lurive, as our cavalry t ut in BBWag them
in splendid itvle.
A .li-pal? li fr0? ('>*"- Kinka t-j the Secretary of
War lUtei that the .'.th New-Yoik Cavalry, CM.
De Forreit conimandinj', entered Marti nil iir,* this
murr iiiK, and pan.-1 several milea beyond, where
they in I'juntered the enemy? cavalry, captured MS?
err.l arieonm, s wapon, muskets, ammunition aud
mi American "??'? Oal De PmaM report? that OoL
Kenly ki ?l Winchester wound???,.
ram iti-iNK'i? i tliiNT Off BAHU VU fflBfff
K1 l-l.I.SI", Off ffJM ADVAM'IS? RIIIHI.-??
, AI'IlllF, OK t-OO Ol' AfeUIIV'ti TAI.lilli
BOBBBB?. ....
Corxetp... 1?. c of?. U a W-to ^ ? ^
It Is with ]Tei4>iiralile emotion? 1 ibr-ui? le a lew
of the events m th? biitory of the let Kegimcnt ol
ihe Dittriit o. Columbia. An our li.ei.d? abeaily
know we left our camp at Ilelt.ville on Saturday
lait at ?! I. m., for Uarper's Ferry. The rsKim.-nt
arrived on bundar Berataf, and immediate], pro
ce??!*>don Uiward ...iicheeler to rt-onlorce Kuuki,
who, it was then known, was hard presnd by the
enemy. No event worth nirrating ivcuiTed, until
Ui'v w.'ui ikit-e iiiu_ivwj had uixivvJ lo wUioa
' Bka ut Ihm miles of Win? bester, when it W.u? dii
r...vered tl_'at Hank?'? forces were in retreat. '1 be
'?..n.id train 8?opi?j?il, B?d tbe men le.i?-*.l from
tbt mrs. At Ibis tin.? a laitf* number of the re
tn-atin'- forres wert; lut'.ii.??' for their lives, Ibe
cm m v s ?bril falling in elora i.r.'Xi'uity, and a ?BBS
eral | ani?* appeared to pervade the fugitives. The
liret tr.iin liad no ollie?! on board of rank above fits'.
BUaaat. However, he na? attenuate to tbe occa
a??!), aal ?lal Ibbm?bbI Ceew ?f ?Oaatpaay I. unii.lall
Hie mullianna of tbe motneiit, formed the in?-u in Iii??',
and j?:... eiied lo call the roll a.? deliberately ?(? if n,
camp at tattoo. There was no hustle arnon,?- tie
, c .n, eu. li f.illiiiK into his | !.ii ?? in ? erie, t order.
i At ihm j.tniture the ?aecoi.d trum arrived wilh tbe
ofll en? anii more men. It was BOW apparent that t<?
I-? cn ?toa " ?'ii.? s?, and the only courue ibai pr ?
j ?J?... e r .lil?! ?iirlite It ?Vi ti) pick Up the filftl! i ? >-? liUU
re'uni to Harpers retrtj. About SMI were pi? Red
up and bioujthi in, loueUxr with the rolling stock on
the road, tad 40 barna loor, etc. Ia the i-o_L_>io_ !
of plckiag up the fujriiii ra. Serg-sant L'n?w aud tv? |
y iv..:e?, who were recounoiu-ring, were left ?behind. I
I A ??bib the Serteaat showed bis qualitWations. for!
j ab- ti! sundi? w n h? rame into Han ei '? Kerry willi a |
large crowd ?uf fugitives in Rood otilar, having I
! ?inl- at be had lound ejong (he roc?], and u;.< n it
. i?jhi sick anti wounded soldior?, that he bad picke?! {
up on tbe way,
The officer? and men are well and m g ?""i ?pirita, '
and if a light comes oil, the 1st li. 0? Volunteers
! will |if| their friends no taute to blush for thru .
On Wednesday a reconnoisaaote was mad? tal
( liarlntown. The 111th Pennsylvania lieyiiiiiiit, !
v. i'b a -<??non of Keynold s llalteiy, ?.aeteu tuMtigli !
?tba town, and li.i.ii'i the enemy io ?Uong to.ee o'...? ?.
till*; y at, ii cavalry Nino ?"ti? were m inted. A'
?harp ekiimish was had, when our forces withdrew
in K?-? .?I ir.br. The enemy f.llow ed tor some foil.
iiihes wilh cat airy, hut another ?? lu -, ? ' tLe bill?
ie ry had been di-ip?t.h'd to ti.I M ??lance of tba
first, which ivan suflicient to hell ibe encniv m
check. A large nuiu!.<.tr of the runny were ki lod
Bud wounded, and aeietai prisouer* were reporten
taken. A largo number ol Borget i ?.HJ| weie btooabl
iu, with sabre?, pistols, and mu?, k?t?, Its. Du ti.ti
rpiturn of the expedition, the whole fon1? was | luce?! j
ni ].?riti."j on Uolivar lin-hta, a itrong one hy na?
ture, and n?>w sato u+?.ia?t a hu ?-o army. Our eu
ii.-e strength we Luoiv, und that is e:,..u b. We
foul safe, aud only want ?Bt-B? t?) try ti?. As we
fell (pile sure ot an attack, ii nae interestinn to tee
bow coolly the officer?? and mea weat ?about thrir
la..-: night wau quitt, au 1 to-day we fe. 1 quite
?ure that to got a light we shall have t?< i ?? after
S.-? .-ali. lilli.
Flight of ihe Bfbtl (?ovrnior and Lf|i*lulnr?*.
Cuictoo, May 31, I'-?'. ?.
A -?peiisl dispatch from Cairo says: An A^kali?a3
rfl^.'-l'?c anivcil from the fleet ti>-?lay. He says that
L. ti.- ?Ink i? fully -?otu* ?rd by the Union army, aud
hat what ?as-Btaa remain are decidedly loyal.
t The Arkansas Stale I ?eg.ila; mc had traiter, d, and
tbe II .vrruor (led the Statt. Ho is now at Ja?kam,
(ill'KKlLLAS IO Bl HOT IN jgLtfO?lL
Hi. Lot ti. .-??tarcUy, M?y HO. 1MB
Ilrig-tilirr-Genrial Schofield, iomr_an ling the Mia?
renn .Si;??'1 A" : !ii i?, lia? issued a )<? neral order "luting
ti al ht-ruuilrr all guerrffloa and maraudera in this
State when ran-lit in arms, enj/a-ed ia their unlaw?
ful warfare, will be shot down on rho spot, and that
all citizens who give shelter and protection to these
outlaw?, or who will not give till the assistance in
tl.eir |>ower to tlio military mitluiritic? in dtte?*tiiii*
and bunging them to punishment, will he regarded
a,.! Ireattd at aiders and abettors of the ciiiuiuals.
8t. Louis, June 1, lHi.-.?.
Judge Birth, who haa leen ttnmping tho Slate as
.,'iii'li'lj't- for Governor for some time past, was or
racttilat billa on Friday, hy order of Col. lloyd,
r??i l?iai.'l n?; that post, lor uttering disloyal seuti
incuts while making a speech, which ii evidently
?b-i-iied to procure Secessian votes.
Quite a number of noisy Secessionist? of this city
have Leen arrested with m a few days; and it ?-ein?
?to be tho d?termination of the Provost Marsbal-Qeue
ral to promptly suppress disloyalty iu whatever form
it luiuttfctti iUe.ll.
The Evacuation Going on a Fortnight.
Reported EiaeuatioB of ...?hmoiidi
Many Prisoners Captured at Corinth.
Pl-F.i 11 >1TATE F-JOHTs
Offirial i.rpoit of Gent Ifallecko
I Ati|-..?.-a b- -, .. '?'?: u ? 8 ?patTiaor ]
?| triol :>?-i?stfl? io Th? ? Y. Trlbona.
CoaiMo, a-stsaley. Mar ni, Mi?. 1
Vu -Aioo, Jim? 1, ii'.'. )
V? ?mmmy Bterannj ctr leeeare lirienae wen
broiia'ht op, aud our entire front moved l.-rward,
the men having two days' rulitins in their haver
sark?. During the day we kept Bp a tremei.dous
in: boob!?a, aaefltag the woods Ba?nady. The
Hebels hardly allowed themoelves, but replied feebly
wit!i a few i-hots.
le*".*t nigat we tliii*w' up Lit.?.works llana tan
entire livnt, and -I?-|,t OB our arum within 1,000
Val-!.- .'.'" t '?t* euCluy'e li i-?t-tiv,.rks. At ti o't i.K _ ti,U
morning (.en. 1'ope entered Crinh wi'liout t!ie
slij.'1't.-Ht reiiistxuce, and leek jct?_t>-.on.
At the ?ame t-in- tho Mayor, who hal come out
ou a iii.,, .-ut road, met Gen. .Nelsonaudetuieuierci
the t.iwu to him.
Then- wct-o no ___el*B-_BB1 remaining except wo
men, children, ant! old men, the Uebels su?, ? -?I, ._?
in carrying away absolutely everything except a I
few pruriaioni?, which, with t1 e warehouse? aiiJ I
railroad l?ppt, weic burn, d le?N we arrived.
They took, every in rali J from the liuspital, Bti-1
every letter fro.ii the Post-Oflic?*. They did not
I, ?ti. a h.ngle gun, aud bail been moving away
troop? more than aix days, and ?tore? two weeks.
l_e most of Ike troop? have gone toward Urond
Junction. Tbo i'ebcl rear gu?rd, under Bragg,
10,000 Krong, marelied ?ontl.ward at midnight.
Citizen? uncrt jiositivtly Hut licaiiugai-i? was there
in peraon, ??nd left with it.
All concur a?? never more than 60,'X)0 troops
were there at nut, aud usu-Ily much leti?.
The Hebel BBB?BBBBBI wero live mile? long, from
the Memphis and Charl??ston to the Mobile and Ohio
Hoad; but tirey wera mach weaker than we eu*>
posed. They could havo been carried by storm uuy
(itne. The few priaoncra we have urn deserters
from the Hebel rearguard. There ii great mort i ti?
cation in our army.
I have these del-vile fioni one who wu* there in
Tu Iii? Auocla'.ed Pioaa.
OaaaB-B, khji?, m?? r_> is.".?.
It ia now n?cei'.,iin?d that the ?vucuaiiou (MB*
meuc.,1 nicht belora last, the cunny ret renting
ijoutbsvardly until they reached the railroad brkh**e
butued by a detachment of oar force?, whence they
went to (?rand ?lunction, and thenre southwardly
(on the Jackton Hailroad). (Some ladies aud several
citizens i> u..tin here.
Ike li'iai-ii? inform tis tliat Hichmon-1 baa been
evacuated, and that Memphis is almost wholly de?
ne ried, ?li the store? being closed with the exception
of a few groceries.
It is asterUined that Van Dom had a band of In?
dians under bim.
Col. Jackson report? finding the road for ?ereral
mile? strewn with kiupeacks, havereacks, arm., and
canteen?, showing great demorali-a?on.
The woods ara full of itragglcr?, who ara being j
I?, ought ia ni -let ta peaaiLle? Jt*jrvU?bljr -etwee? i
two and three thousand, including almost the entirg
13th laoo-iana, ara in our linn now.
Many of them ara deeerten, and the ggjgggg hsvS
been captared since the evacuation.
A United States military telegraph line was com?
pleted to this point to-night.
Cairo, May 31,186..
A Memphis refugee, who left there a fortnight ago
Tuesday, arrived to-day. Ha says the Rebels havs
1,500 artillerists gBirisoning the forte, and mya thal
in consequence of a scarcity of coal, most of ths
Rebel gunboats bave been abandoned and their guns
taken to Fulton and Fort Randolph.
A Arong pontoon bridge hu been eoniti_?ded by
the Rebels in the rear of Fort Wright, over which a
retreat when necessary ena be made.
ff/SBBBBBeS, Salarilay, May?. 1MX
Tka following ?apetck wie IBBSaalM the WarDaparUBeal
th!? mor... ,:
11 ? lim' iBTcai. Ciar a_ta Coanrra, 1
m _ . F>H?J. M?y 3D. lata. )
flor- ti M. Bvastaa, amwttarptf War.
Sir: The enemy's position aud worki In front of
Corinth were exceedingly strong. Ile cannot oocnpy
a itronger po-i'ion iu his flight. This morning ha
destroyed an immense amount of public and private
property, stures, provisions, wagons, tents, &?e.
For miles out of the town the roads are filled with
arm?, kami -aeki, Ac, thrown away by hil lieemg
troop?. A lari?e number of prisoner? and deserten
have Ireeu captured, estimated by Gen. Pope at
X?.?OO. Gen. Heaurcguni evidently distrust, hi*
army, or he would hate defended so strong a posi?
tion. Iii? troops aie generally much d?K'oai_g*>d and
demoralized. In all the engagements for the lsaS
few days, their resistance lins been slight
11. W. ii.Vl.Lr.CK, Mi; -i;?b. Cammandin,.
?JRAl'IIIC L)i:S4'Kll'T10N Off THE tttmrmmmfe*
lou nu: roggawM of bamb?, house.
ii !li''4: v, BRI I'.KI It DirBlW AKMTf.PTHBllB.rr.41B, I
Ciar HKifiiK? CoBlNiM. May lu, IBU. J
Copt. O10 E. Flint, Am*W**l Au.ittant-titneral, C'Aetf igt
fien. Thimat'i kta?.
i Si at 1 have the honor to report that, in compli?
ant?- 4-.it!i the purpose of Major-General Halleck, sa
' e-.; la:tcd at trie interview of the 11th instant, <>en.
: 1 bomas beeag present, I made ?ill potsible inquiry m
to the tr ?>u, -?.phv of the gn. it .1 in my trout, wild ita
waSmcesiBee, mide, sss nada? ess on the I7tis
made uiipositiom to drive t-he enemy from bis posi
t.on at RaaaalTi houie.
1 !? -.;'i.ete<l G.n. Duri' at to [at in motion tws
> regiment, and a battery of artillery, at 3 o'clock p.
m., on the ro_i| wi.ieti passes the front of his lins
sad runs to Rnssell'i house. I ordered Gen. Denver
ti. tule ?1 rig-bi-hand road with two regimenra of bia
britr-vie and ono battery of li.i.t artillery, viz.: the
i (?th and ?.' Ohio, and Karrett ? battery, and gavs
lum a ii tide ia to conduct his ma.-ch as to arrive on
tin lan of the enemy's p-.-itiou by ths time be was
engaged in front ; and I ordered Gen. Morgan L.
.Smith'-: brigade, with Kenton'? battery, to follow
the mai'i road, drive biak a fesmda ot the enemy's
for.ei thal beid C.e pohiiiiiu at ..uinll'i, with their
skirmish rs ?.nd pickets, down to the mBBBWBB aud
bini^e smmSSBBfl stream about eight hundred
yaru, this lid? of Kuisell's bo um, supposed to be B
branch of Bridge Creek.
All the'e forces were put in motional 3 p. m..
Gen. Denver'! forcei taking the right-!.and road?
and Qaa. Smith's the direct main read. On reach
I inar the causeway, Gen. Smith deployed his ikir
Imiabeis hiBHld, and leut out his ??itance guard.
I The column advanced, and the akirmishers became
'engaged atome. The firing waa very brisk, bug
i tue enemy'1 pickets were driven steadily back till
1 they reuched the po-iliou of their brigade Ok
iKuBtell'? House, where their resistance waa
I obstinate.
The ground was unfavorable to artillery till ths
j skiruDilicrs had cleared the hill beyond thecaase
way, when Mnjor Taylor, Chief ol' Artillery, ad
vuneed tint one of Kout an s guns, and very tooa
alter the remaning three guns of the battery.
1 T.'i-p., upon reaching the hill top, commenced thing
I at Kiuveil's house and out-house., in which the ena?
' mv hud t..ken .helier, when their while force re
treated, .1111 tnll po-tessiou ivas obtained of Kuweil'e
house Bad the ground for three hnndred yard? in ad.
vmae, where the rot?di meet. This was the Ktnit to
; which 1 hid ordered the brigada to go, and there it
was bailed. T'l. In-.-td ol'(?en. Denrer'i i-olnino
I reachea ra position ia toe soeajr vu beginning te
i retreat.
I i.eiiei.l Morgan L. Smith conducted the advancS
1 of bia brigade hiind? o.-,-,. ly, and the chief work and
ins fell upon his two leading ng-Baaa*, the Hta
?Vii?,?..!.!! and .Vmli Illinois. 1 Lave to him the full
credit of cenducting the advance, ar.d of carrying
the posit jen at KusseTl'i. He heit! the ground till
about duyli-ht next morning, wLsn, by my order,
he ie.t a ?? raiii/ picket there, and i'laced liis linjrade
buck a abort distame iu easy support, where it re?
uiiihi?d until re-li-.'ve-l hy tn'other brigade.
In. j BsneB'a we c?>ul?l h*?r dietiaetly the druma
b?..'i:?w- in Corinth, 'lue boir-u is neiirly two miles
fiom 11.', an?I ai? nt one him a limiter miles from
tie eiemys outer fetnaek?Mats, aad fe it_tioti,
tbougl; iaiportant. is too e.\- sel l'or ?1 rii.gle hri^
ade, with oui Lue i!i!?i-08"i ;,i at mnim. Ceo*
Bunba! has two eotnpaoin 11 l?u.?p*irs and twe*
? alma the eo_B ot a field wfafek lie. to lbs
t-a?t of Bl nella he mt, li is bo tne is now the ad?
?ame pieket alatim m em iront, sad I have a chain
of aasdasfe eessd by the ? ? ?t fe s peml on the
l'ii-<!.v and Corinth road, wbtre it jobn on to ths
picket? 0! lien. M.-CIernaod.
laen maa ? ton aaaaumd hy Gen. Hurlbut or
Dtu.'i's eaanaaada in ttieir flank movemeuti oa
BsnoTTai kal the an fe Qea. Jl r-an 17 Smiths
briga'ie ara pre'.ty heavy?10 kiileil and 31 wound*
ed, a UM ?>f s h m will a. eonmsj this report. Toa
Coa/edet In lett IB ?feed m taagmaai? whom wa
biii'.L'!. They removed t!.- ir wounded, of whiill
mai-y traces WSfB on the fteeataad in the house?
Anning theil di a ! wa one a ?plain and two lieuten*?
asta. He to k only one prisoner, whom 1 aent to
the I'rov.at-ai.ir-lial.
1 bate toe 1,1.,'ui to bit yonr obelient?errant
U T. aiif.RMAN.
I? I.-.'lier-iFietiaral Coauiauilin, Dlvi.toB.
Uradg . rim Vstmei ?.? klmmeppi, 0***} CutBM Ji.?*?>,
afuma ] ,ii. klay ti. Util.
Kimi? CiTT. M?y 31, ISO.
The Santa Vc mail, with ?lates to the Kith in?_
has ai?iv??i, lut it brings no ne.ts of importance.
Ailviees from Kort Crang are to lie I'dib. All wag
quiet in the Territory.
The pri/.e BU'amihip l'atr.ie, of London, Acting
Mister (i. D, Cplmin, from Charleston Har, May27,
nrrii'cd '..?re yeslriday. She was captured on ths
night of May %, twenty-two mile? S. W. by weat of
(hariet'on Kar, by the United State, gunboat Kien?
ville, Citinmiiader Mullaney, while attempting tt>
raa avtS CkgrleaMM. She is built of iron, one year
old, of diet tuns burden, and a protieller of UsJ boree
power. Ii?!r cargo conmits ol' 1,400 ke^i powder, 51*
e.ise? ritks, HI bag? cottee, ai?! a large humility of
??ninia*. tShe took in a part of b?-r cargo in London
and the remainder in Havana. There were no lie
pens on board ?howing her SMfeSBBay or port of
ilestinatiai. ('apt. Elliot, her former commander,
mid the tint assis ant-engineer and one Bailor, are oa
board; the nsBBBSST of her crew, nineteen in num?
ber, are on boar?! the United ?ate? gunboat Jume-B
Adger. Tt-e vee-el and c.-irco are val .?-?I at *; (?JO,000.
She now lies at the Navy Yard, Urooklyn.
HUki tkmmmmBt
The I'li/e Commiiibiouira ha?-? taken possesaion of
th.- gtfel schooner Agnes H. Ward, cap.ared by ths
CllltllBBI iteai?cr IBB-Sn Li ?'it. This venel had
a Coufe.lurole elearauee and Irelouged lo John ?.
Ciiiidwiik (who was actini* as her Captain), and
bailed from Wilminirton, N. C. 8ho wai laden witl|
u.t?al sines and a lew balee of colton.
KiLTiaoaa, May? list.
1'iiere is well-authenticated in oi-mation in the
ci'y that the Kobe-la lost, in the bite battle al
Hanover QgaBt UeSBB. LO?-J k?letl, 3,0l?O wounded,
und l.'-tJO taken prisoner?. [i'hiU. Inq.
A call has bam nuide npou the Governor of Maia?
acbnsetta by the President of the United 8tatn fo?
thirty compauie? o! infantrr, to nrve for three yean
or until tbe end of the war, and one company el
light artillery, to serve for sir mouths. Uovsrnor
Audrew has taken the proper atepe to comply witt)
the ?nuintivu of the ?CrtiideBb

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