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Y01' XXU.N?- 6,608.
nwm mm of jackson.
?- ????
Brilliant Exploit of Fremont's Body*
fan? Oui Bpeiial ( ?.iir*-pci-i??i.L
Kro-.t Boyal, Jurs 4,IM
?j?\en_ont has driven Jackson to the ?tvall. Ye**
ter-iiiiy ni cuing Goto lUyerd with hie cavalry
liig.tii?- irom McDowell's colnr.n formad u junction
vtBb Fremont and Stranhnrg r.ud Bttat_M_. the rv?r
ef J s elson's retretiling oolntun. Six hundred frit
ooers hive l>d-?t:i tuken, at more hk constantly ar?
ming at Strasburg. At 10 o'clock this m?-:iiintr
Gen. BaytBti had followed Jaikion four milce te
yotid Weethaeeha
From all appeaniii-t-s, it was thought JaahaM
would iii&ke a t-taml ih. re. Two-thir?la of Ashby s
cavalry are reported taken. Poet. ?Stanton of the
lia )'. i ...? in.i,a cavalry waa taken pneouer and
then rtHtiptni-ed by Frrnicnt's Body (?nsrd, who in
the ??nie charge took six pieces of art ill? ty.
Tl?e railjvfel bridge acrurt the north branch of MR
8h?'Jian?!oah, cn? tuite this side of Strasburg, was car
ried away thii morning by ihe flood. The stream
?ai'ti'i be forded In several dava.
??Ji.err.1.4 parties have n.i.do their ?ppearame one
?ii? Ir.mi }-.( ?it Royal, und this morniog seven, 1
pickets were Maaaded while on du'.y.
The bri-ige scroea th? Shenandoah st Laura Gap
WM burned yetieioay by lue K.-brii.
TnojiT Roi?!. Va., Sat: rtK?, .Tun? ". I'*?.
Some excitement waa occasioned I oat evening by a
aviport that a li laving party were fired upon by
Kin I ? i.v. .;,*,, al?, .t si.--, mile! out ol iLia town. A
aeport also stated that MOM Kebel troops were en
caniped between two hills, eight cr nine miles dis?
tant. A body ol inuniry and ca?alry MON ?UirUid
this iiroruin-., to see if they could lind them, but nu
sago?, of the tiiemy wen- discovered.
Three nen were dmwned in attempting to croi-s
ile Shenandoah, iart nigtt, oat: cd .lohn I.rown
aergeant in Company A, I _Bh Masiadnsetta Keg:
an-ut, Serk-eaiit F,?.l?-r, Co. (', 13th M-uwuuhusetts
and ie utlvr. name -it-known, belonged to tiie '.'Mia
A boat, with fiftien mu, wai carried away, hu;
bat went MMMB aome two miles below?all saved.
KaoKT Ruai ,V? , Jut? 8, MR
X? u a.'rom Gen. Shields! divisiou -.tinea thal a
orouting party croised the river at Columbian
Bridge, and w? it to Xew-Market. Tbey found that
Ja. -ten had r Heated through tLeie thiee days agu.
Bia arr, y had leen reduced to about ?,000 men, the
leii-nr ?i* r ! a\ :,-* r? _ t< red through ihe moun'aine.
le a.ve hen h Ivis. Gen. Fremur.t s army had fol?
lowed tLem _i!l tim way, capturing wagons, ? ?ison
en, and supplies,
?.l"1. CVMl-N BETRKAT.
ato?. Bank?*? Olfltkal Rrparl mt liar "*Iar?r..
mt tfct? I lr?l .Dil iaion, FiMh Carpa de
Armer, from Nrraabar*., Va.? ta WI1
linn?.part. Jld . an iii? ?14?B and _|.1_h
Amy*, mt .?far, I Mi??.
11- MM ?.?> ?ni Akh Si.?-*..i" i -? Jan? ?, I ?? ?"
* Be Hun. Y tit ST-sro-a. H*~ttury _/ Mor
lai.ii.iib ??i'-' ?edaiihi evening ?! Mn
_3, Ulai the enemy in very large force hod descended
?l the guan? a*, i rout Royal, Col. Kenly, lit Marr
land ii,-, ?ii,?-:.t dotjiiUHbtUnb*, bunting the hud-?'?-!
tad driving our troops towaid .Strasburg with gteoi
lasa. Owing to what waa deemed an extravagant
OSteiutnt of the enemy a strength, there repor e
wtrc received with ?onie distrust: but a reginiruf st
infkiiirv with a streng detachment of civaliy, and a
SBf'.ion of ?iiliilny, were )iiiUK-(liat*.ly pttt to ro
enfone Co'.. K'.nly. Later m the evening, die
patches from fu,,:'ives who had ? ?caped to Win?
chester, informed us ?!?at Col. Kealy ?loreehad be**a
?dntroi?ed, with but mw exception?, and the enemy,
15.000 or 'JO. I'll' st long, were advancing by iaj-'J
nfercber on Winchester.
0 i ra were immediately given to hall the re
enfoi- ? lueits sent to Front li ?yal, which had m_*v. i
by din" not louiej, a_.d ?let?cliircuts ol troops nndet
ez peri en? ed oil ins weie sent in eveiy d.ic. ti-a M
exploie ile roads leading Irom Front -Royal to .v.ra
burg. ili-jilleiowu, New ?own snd V\ luchestnr, and
fesctitaio lie force, potui?>n and purpose ol this aud
?dan movement oi the euemy. It wu soon founci
ato? bia | ;ckets were in pinr*ssion of every road,
feed ruc aire fiom eva iy'_u__rter represented bim in
?K-VCUieii-, li. I?. .?I ? : .? j i ,. t?. ,. ) '? diriCtlOU of
eiir i?mp.
The ?jftraoriiinary force c.f the enemy ermld no
kiigt*' be t-oubted. It wai u? part?.t, ala?, that they
toe a inoiv ( t.t. ??d- ', purpose than the capture of the
bnve little band u' Fionl Royal.
It ?a purpoae could be BeBMRj !cbs than the lefeat
ef my oin u ? o.mi ?vi. !. or ita ) ?a. ?.h.e capture by MB
ciIJin>: ~ it? ht?i?r; Wail by this m?*veu_eui ?Ltcr
mutiny ?uj>[.lies or re-euloiceuHii.t?, toad cutting ri?
ail (?dissibiiiiy of retreat. It was also apparent horn
Re reports of fugitive?, prisoners, l.'i-_* j. men, and
?r ona rorou'.Kiiiteniig pttrtie?, n._.t all the thre*
?thitioiis of the MMMj'l troo|? kuowo to be it. li.?
wdley, ami SsahsaaRaj at I??tt _i.?,i)00 tmtm, were
lui? d and close upon ?ut, m tome enterprise mt yet
Ti?e anggestiun that, bad their ohjeet b?j?jri a sui -
?rias, they woulci have f_risea notiie of th?ir BBfOM i h
ty ___ ana? k on Front Royal, wa? aiiswered i y tbe
tot that on ti'? only .? ?- ?ii.ing peint of aitaak? tie
wUk8i*-r*u rwiid?? m Oiifoo??* ?Acre live nilen 'u. n?l
?**r_ee. ano dbily ree..Lma?s?i?iM)en ii-ade foi a (_jrU_..ce
el twelve n ii??'i -ward Wood?t.?rk.
Cndi'.-r ti i? latOfMwtatieaO? the ?Leuty's j 1 ?n?,
eui petti'iiti, demanded icetiuit dedsion and w ion.
Tint* eour-e? wen a.aj.tj t?, u* Iir ,t, n retre.it ik ross
Little Noith _kl '.i -au. IO the PotOBMC Knerdii tin
???el; bbc*ji_u, an Bttae? uj <?u las ?nemy s Hank cn
to? iron Itojrsl road; thud, a ia_*id bmommmi di?
re? t up n I?...('..?-!er, willi a view lo Miitici-'U'e his
?tee ij-Klioii of tlttUiwir hy .-u/t.'i^ it sa**Bsl?"M? thM
placing my c.,iuuii__ii m communication wr.ti ii?
?rif-mal ha? ol open;ions, iii It?. Ima ot i?-euioroe
?st..-- hy llij-rr? Ferry und Miutuiaiturg, and ?e*
ctirnig a aa:e ittreat mcaaa ni di? s er. ion main
M?_totsbai?t i as lo I? ?ainj..Ldc?l? lo o-evc. oi-r
lae utounUitaS wa.> to tiluudou o..r tiaiu at ti ? Bet?
?et, vid la au! ?eel my C4?n,t__a_.? la Raak stuck?
witliaj.it pohtthiliiy al succor, ?..i. u> attack, th? ci?o
?) toiiii.; m rii.b ????rwlii-lmiiig loro?, d,??uId only
?**?tjll in curtain wMtlM ti.*n. li was tlierelou? d? -
-'*"*nir_ed t?* euler Ir.e li?!? with lii^ enemy in a rut I
?J fetoMla- ?.s lie BiioalU clii>?j?d?--lot ihe |K>n?eMlon
?S WMMMln the ke_- ol the ?alley, and loi us the
I*?i'H*_io: sa.ety.
Till: M.\R( H.
At 3 o'rlork a. m., tin? Hist inst., the le-enlor??,
??ni-r--i_____|iiryi ariiiltriy aud d-avairy??ent to Col.
****I1,T> ?t? rcc..jic*j; ttinnlvaiittaginrd, C>l. Deo.
atily t brigurj?, wtre ordered Vi rt turn le Bl rall 01 ;;
J*itral l.ntdred Au' ii ?I? d ni? n, left in on 'd ? I , *?
tf Shiekl?'? division, MOM pul uj?oii the BMSOfS. nnj
?or wagoo train Mdssod lorwaid to Winch^tv? r,
ea?'?w ?t?i?_ort ??l < avnlrj- and iu??uj?ry. Cen. lian J?,
?uti M-arly ?,,r axh, le force ? f cavaliy tiiad bia
JP""* of ?artillery, wan <.mr,_,'-d the BSOtOStMMOl
Bl rear ot ibe MMM. and lbs iMUat?tOa ef anny ?
r-jynt which MfeOOPOHaltoa wai n??i piovidci, j
aub ___ttruct_(>__8 to remain in iront f_f ihe man ai
???_*? na, ^______,?ji?,t wa fofo iii_.eii.uiy io vbeek, our i
_entions ol .alack Urtog in thal direction. >\li '
?mm ?.mer? wire ?jtKuted will w-itibl?. llwt?tj, I
Ir.itd mxm after ? oVK_ the column waa on the
mareil?Col. Uonnelly in Iront, Col. tl-jrd-an in the '
j t?5nier, und Uen. Hatch in the rear.
The celunm hud puised Cedar Creek, about three
jTiilei from ?Stmibnrg, with the exception of the
j Tear ?. nur?!, Mill in freut of Strasburg, when iufori'ta
1 tion waa rec-ivtd from the front that tbe enemy had
?att-ubed the tr?in, um! wag in full B-BBMgglai of the
road hi Midf.letiwn. liiii n-|?oit anaeesarned by
the rellim of ?ni?iive?, nfsgen and WHgom, whim
i sane tumbling to ttie rear iu Bin lal confut-iun.
i It (-citi?- hi j ur'nt now ti at our imtrndiiiie dsng-r
wai in front, ?he troof-e were ordeied to ihe head
ol the Bataan and ii ? train to tbe leur; and, iu
view of o pcfiihle Letcfiiiv of our return lo.Sti.ie
'linri', Cai-ui- Ja?nee W. Abert, TopagT j hi al
Con, s?vvbo Bi?'H'Uit?d with him lb BaeiTn
Id'Afrtese, CSBtsia Colba?was ordered to pre??ai?
CsBBIvlBek Clerk Bridge lor ile ?gnea, M order
! ti. ) revtut a puriuit in lb*t dirie ion by the enein?.
In the execution of this order, CHi.t. Aben and ti.?
Zouave? were mt oil' from tbe c<ilumn, whi.h ihev
jon.cxi at Will-mioport. They bud at ?Sun? hu ig ii
vi-ry .?liaip OOS-ioi with ihe rnemy, iu which hi?
csTaLry es?hisd eararrly? An latoies-aa report ol
! tb_S adair will I?? louaii ?n tbe. reporta of t, a] t. Abe:*
and Cap?. Col li?.
The beat' of the wi.-,:_n?7?-d column, Col. Uon
re'ily. cominan-ling, eu?ounlertd the tnemv in force
ui Miidletowii, abiiit Ibirtses sana finn Winches?
ter. T? ree baserai troop? lind been iveeo in town,
Iut it loon a) ti*red thai larger lonti wer? in ihe
liaar. The bngade halt? d, and tbe 4li.li lVni.iylv?
nia, Col. Kaipa. wa- ordeeatl to eesetnae tbe woods
aalasrigbtaasdhlsdgo ne em-my ? Bbifnanera
Tliev were mt port? u by A se? lion ol Coibrau i New*
York Pattery. nea com j uniei of tie eiieiny a cav?
alry were dist overed in bu opt-n field in I ht rear of
tbe woods, at d our artillery, n_-iked at first by the
iiifi-titiy, OpBSed Hie niara tbem. They stood tire tor
Barb)?-, bel at leng'h r lrtu.Usd, pursued by our -_-?
1 T?e BBtb Kew -Yiant, I.i? nt.-Col. Brown, was now
brought up, ?i:,?! under a heavy lire of iudutry and
artillery, the enemy were driven backMBeStbaB two
:;.ile* fren tbe pike. Col. Donn?Hy, being infom ed
i?'th?t pt im hy a citizen in greaii aLim that -l.OOiJ
roen were in tue woojs teyond, tbe men were am
ioui to oontiLuc the tight; but me Mit wo??ld bave
dB-HBed our objftt by UM lo.-- of valuable time, with
tue exception ol a email .?.laid, they were ordered to
i leenme the inarch.
'1' i? albur o cine.! under roy own obiervation,
? and 1 have great 'lennie in vom ling for ile/.du ir
able conduit o! the ufen uud men. We loat one
mai. killed and homo wouuded.
j Thii eiiaode, willi tile ?hnnge of front, o-cupied
laoafty aa bssr( bal it caved our column. li?dlhe
eaany stgsreadf u;t. . 1 - u our Hain while at the
head al tbe column, it would bave beeu (brown into
pile I.? dire eesABSOS ne lo i,...ve made a surt-entul cot?
in,'titi -a of our --la-eh iiiif-OMible. Pending Hi.
coutte . lol. Brotlhead of the lil Michigan Cavaliy
was aie-BSd lo advume, aud; it po?eibie, to cm hi?
way throng!) uni BKBpy WlatbsMer. li whs the
re?-ur1 of this cm ;gr*.1 i (Ikc-i tC.it .-uve in lae biri
ai-iu?act' that our ? ure?- wit? yet clear, ami be oma
, (be iii*', of our iolnn.ii to enter the towu.
W eu it was fini re|?or**>d that the enemy bad
, pv.ibed between us bud Winchester, QgB. Hatch
.waHu.uer.d to ad4ance, with all bia available t?v
l'.iy, from Straaborg, lei?4iiir Col. DeKorreel to
cover lbe reitr and dea'roy nore? liol provided willi
l.'.'.nsiie?itiiii-. Majar Yotigbl, 6th New-York l'?i
i Iry, Im?! i ??en j r? vimnn? ottieie?! to r?*?rxi&lii>ller Ile i
Kiout Kepal tiB-d, to a?? train Ihe |?orili<iti of ihei
i-nimy, wbom he encountered in lone near Iii idli
towii, and wui coinpe:li<d to fall back imm?diat? 1>, :
iili.i.vp'l by the asean'B lavalry, iutmilry, ami
[StUUary. Ia thii aH.ir, ii??- oi oar n?en were
| kill-<i BJ al eevnti! wm-t n?' i TbB ? t erny * lue? i* net
After repeated attempls to force a peieaue through
i the line? oi tbe em my. no* uUviinied lo tbe- pike,
(len. Hatch, eatiiti.d tua*, tbie m mit could not be
?seeeanaabad sltbinl ni ?t i<?sa, und aasBaalag our
iannv Sa bav? MseSBBn bag a ?burl .Ii?'?nae, turned
t-. li.-? :,-!t, atti in?.?.- apea h I-m.. li' I load, made
-eevenil i:-etle-'ti)iil ?tie.'aptr t?. iffe. t a j-nntioii wita
.the maia c-iluii n. At lSt:?v'?aWii, bSMVfCF, ( efoiiu.i
( ol. Gordon I ol-iing tin- 'lumy in .;,c?k, and joiLtd
I ii brief??!?. Mhjoi Collin?, willi three tompai iciol
learsliy, B-Msbios;tbe jiomt Mban Iibbbbb lody oi
timtetVtmVj left ti.e r.a.l, daph?*?l U|?oii the eui my
? 'util it?aj.i?r_ b_? a biirri-.'-ee ol negSiB ai.d ile u-m
)<nt?i??uii fare ol'tbe ?.."?ii.uy and ar.ill-iy. Hu I?-?
n.nei bave l?een leverr.
hix companies of the 5th New York, Col. De
Koricet, and rig BOBBpSBBM of ti.e 1st Viruiout ( av
B-ry, liol lviiniikiiie, nfter rema**?! and deeptra'e
efli.rt? t?i efSrt a jin.? tion with the i-iaiii Uely?the
K-ad now b< ?a... i? i,-.i willi iulanttv, artillery nod
cavalry ? fell hack to BtBMbBfB, wLere ttiey lound
tiei! Zotuivie li A?rii|iie. Tas Kb New-York, fi-Jli. g
io eileit a juiKtiou ut Wim beitei, Hnd ela?) at Mai
ti'tib irg, Cuni?* in Bi Clear Spring -.nu a train ot 'd'
wagma and nea- s-aajgneab Iba lit Veiniott,
lol. lompkiiiH, joined u? al Wiif.heiter with lix
? iecei ? f artillery and p_iiicit-t?>d in t;.? fl?hi of t ?
next ann-taf? Hstbisg essU iBraaniba ceieiity
ami spiril willi wbl?h the valions aSBMBaSBl M
ta? airy executed their movtmenu?, or their iutie?.id
'?harg<-H upon ti.e eneoiy.
(?on. Haul. dev-, ti." pu-ml ? redit for tb? _unt.ii
?i va illili he diti bailed hin .lulle? u* Cli'f ol Cav
! nJi v in this part of our v nr. b, aa well ni at ihe fi_ht
at Winibfctvier, ?na) in <??.???!ii f* tbe rear of our to -
Ii mu to the river; but e?|-!-.ially for the ?pitit in?
i fi.iet-d into Iii? trvope during the brief BMBBi ot bis
11 oin'iiaiid, which, by gB-fag-Ua ol In.i'd and fo^,
I.vi been ? ?lal, it nor i'ij?:nor, lo the beat of tbe
et.emy > long MM-Md moauu-d trooj t.
?arran ibu? NBM BM MISS?SB "f the rear of tht
?oijinii de,vol?id ii|--ii 'l.e turlee under Cul. (?onion.
I The guard having I*? B eep-mt*!?, from the eolumn,
' and the rear of the train having t-eii urti., ki-1 by
an imreaaed for. e mar the brni|,?t bel ween New totv u
and KcruHowi?, CoL Cordon wit! dliaated toixiid
black lor the -Id Mu? achuiett?, l.ient -CoL Andrew?
, ? omuiaridiiig, ti I tittil IliiipiI^i, Col. Colgiovc, and
the'JUb MtsVi-Voik, I ii ni.?1'?il. lliowii, to letcne
: t b?-rear of the ti un ??nd hold tlir tn-imyi' ebesb
1 bey lound bim at .V? wtow ii with a urang lune ol,
I itrtantry, aitillery, a-id cavalry.
Tia ti MnwsnbBBietla wa? deployed io the field,
e.i; 1 orie'i b)Has IBB- N.w-.'ork -ml tin- -*71 ii J.'
?ii?I?, uno ?.tii-ted lo fiiitt- Ihe ei.eiSy li? in tie'
town; and the battery wa?, at tin? r?uie linn, to
? j batid al to ?ii.- ?.I! tiic gana of the t-nt-iu?.
Both iheita objecte ?vi-re ijuickly SSBBBBB-BSa?
'lint lou.id it Inpesribla ia isasb Mnantesni io iu
to enable the cavaiiy under Cuneial lia.ih to joli. '
tin: ?(.lu!:.!!, or to cover BBtUsly ?l-e nar oi tlie nun. i
?a!,?!- oo.iii i of the <'iien.y'e C-V-ul.y patsejd npuii our '
nirnt iai.d leli, anil tbe -Knand vigor ol' bi? move- ?
intiiiHdeansalMBal Iba iap. idium-eof t aania
body. A i-avalry cbai e iu.de upon our troop? mat
ri-n ived in BfBalBI OS (he right uini ou Ibi- r.itil, i.nil
in tbe BSB ol the tuft, wbnJi npgHed hi? a-.auli a.el
gui?en time to relorm the train, U> corei Bl re?r and ;
to bum ihe die? blr?l aWfMMb Ti-ie a fair SMSpied
l?verai baanH-tbe iss-bsum having bees sans?, is I
the i?:ar i-.i.o .i rix o'cloi;k and not roachiug ii ?-. ISWB
until aller twelve.
A lull i-'.oit by Col. Ocidon, who SBBBBBSded in
panas, a neleaed kerewnb. Tim priaeipsl lo ? oi
tlie ?<l Masts?hnaetiB oeesand Is thin ait,?in.
TilK rMBHT AT W1M.1H.SJ !.K.
The atreugih and purjo?? of tie enemy were te
ti. unknown wben we rein-bed Win? bc-eTer, exitpt
uj-tn ..iruiie and vague rumora lion? Kioiit Royal.
'J bott rumor? were eiienglhmtd by the vigor willi
w lui h Hie enemv had pri-eie'i our i lam lolumn, and
utlikit'I at ?tay potBt tbe eli.uuot ?lela? li men is to
eft' it a innen >n wita the mt-ii culum-i.
At nlasbeetar, however, all ru.pdon wa. re
let-? ou MM! lubjext. All -b-BOB?BBBBBkS-Ble,I
i tiioni-ti, rsfajedlLIbgltivee, sad pneesees--aqpng
thai the tbttnyo lone at nseer rVba-beeler es
? ?m wlielii.ing, laugn.i* liom B5,llOUto oO.UMi. Hebel
Oihcer?, who ?a-ue MB our OBSp wiih entire un.? n
.jip, ?opposing thut ih-irown troopi otkoj led ihe
tonn a, a maller of muii-c, and weis captured, con
Inoed theae ttaieu.ei.ti, and added that au attack
would be made ujou us at daybreak. 1 de ermined
to ti at ibe Bubiuuce and itrength of the enemy by
a? tuuj (olliaion, and meaeurea wen promplly taken
to preijitri our troojn lo meet ?ieg- Ibejbad tsbea
np their po.itione on entering the town after dark
' without expectation? of a buttle, and were at a dis?
advantage as compared with the ene my.
I The milling of nmiketry waa heard during the
? Litter part of the night, and before the break iii day
a sli-rp engagement o-corred at the outivosir,. Boon
i after 4 o'(lock the artillery opened ile tire, which
was continued without .?Nation till the close of the
I etgagemen!.
j The t vht of cor line wa? ?oir?po?ed of the Third
Biigade, Col George II. Gordon commanding. The
I regiments were strongly posted, and near tbe renter
1 eos ered by stone wall? from the Are of the enemy.
Their infantry opened on tbe right, and soou bo Ji
j line* were under heavy fire.
The leli wai occupied by the Third Hrigad-i, Col
Dudley Donnelly, < ?mini-Tiding.
Tiie line was wn_k compared wi'h (hat of the
enemy, but the ?root.? were ported, and patiently
aw tit ed, a? ?hey nobly improved, their coming op
I por-iUMty. The earliest morrment? of the enemy
! were on our lef?, two reg__BeBB_ being ?em to move
I a? with the puri-ote of occupy lag a j?of ition in th.ulx
j or rear. (len. Hatch sent a letaebnBB of cavalry
lo intercept t is movement, when it was Hpparei.tfv
I ixl. .inlyi ed. The enemy auliered verv teriuus lu?
finn, lit fire of onr infantry on the left. One rtgi
j ment its represented by peno s preoent during tre
I action, and alter the tiela wa? evarusted, as nearly
l ue-trov ed.
Hie main holy of the enemy wa? hidden darini?
, the early part of the action by the crest o? the hill
j and the woods In the rear.
Their inna *w_? messed apparently upon our right,
j and their maneuvers iudieaiod a ? "n pose to tun. ua
u i on ibe Harry ville road, where, ii appeared BBBBa?
.'uently, they had plated a BSfaW?etabie lo-ce, with
a view of pr? venting re-ruforoeinei.ts fiom IIar'-*r't
Ferrv. Bu? tbe ?teady lire of our line? luid them la
! check ni. til a smsll po.tion of the t toop? ou the righi
ol our lino maie a moven,mt to the rear. It is Lui
i jurt to ?dd that Uiis was none under the erroneous
, un pre?* ion tha' on oider to withdraw bad been
K'V'-n. No USB was tin? obseived by the enemy
Ullin his rej-imrnls swarmed upon the i rest of li,?*
lill, aovaixiug from the wooOe upon our light,
; winch, ?till coiiti?iung ila bra ate_lily, withdrew
! tovvttrd the town.
The overwI elmina force of the enemy now lud?
| den'y ?bowing it-self, making Ibitfcei resii'.nce nn
! wise, (ttderri weie sent lo the left by Cap!. De
j Homeville to will draw, wh ?h was ?I--ii?* reluit
i antlv, but in order, the enemy having -_,rnt|y , ul
I fered in that wing. A portion of tbe tr?*oi? paired
? (brough (le town in sum? conluiion, but ti.e Bataan
wa? BOOB reformed and continued its mar? h in order.
This ciigMgcmeiit held t.'.e enemy in chick for five
The forces engaged were greatly nne.pal. Indis
p.-i-'i to accept tb? cady rumors cincerninir the
Saeny'l strength, I repor.ed io the depuituieni '?hal
ii was h! out ki,(?N't). It is now con lmively ?Iii wn
ib-it not leis? than li"',li '? men wurr in potinon, and
? ?-onld have bet u brought into artioo. (lu the n,:iit
and lelt, Heir great fu*x*notity of naml?er? wen
plainly ii It and tren, and the signal oftieer?, from
elevated position?, were enable J io count the rtgt
n entai standard?, mci sting a t'.iei g lie>-u_l to thal
I buve ?tutod.
I My owu ?vmniand t-,i?.-t<*d of two br?uedes of
lea? tbnn I,(HU) men, all (old, v? ?th '.UO earixl/y, len
1'arrolt gum, and one battery of (?pounders, s-iootti
bore CMimoii. To line should be added the Kith
Marne lieg .ment of infantry, and five rompantes of
j M ii5 land cavalry, ?tation?d al Winches ?r, wt.it 1,
were engaged in the acth u. 1-ve len <>f <bo enemy
w.i? I re ble that ol our? in kil'.il and wounded, lu
I priaotiero ours greatly exc?-ed?-d ti., u?.
Oifioers whose word I cannot d< iib?, have ?tatet
si- the result of their own observation, thal our in?n
were lu. .1 ', j n f i "in private dwelling? in noaein-'
through Wiucb-etor; but 1 an credibly informe I,
and gtedly believe, that tl.e ?in? ?in-? ?utid to l?*e
l*ren p*'-..e?rated np?>u "?? w?,*inle-J u hez a b? Iba
Mt'-el-, ,.r?-grtrMily ? l?fB-*roUd ... ?l.'ir*? j, anti.
I Our ir.iirrli was tinned in t???i direciinn H Mar ino?
rar..*, bopiog there to m?*?-l with le-ei.loneu.eiit?
ihe t .kji ? in is ,t g in ibiee {?malle) a 1'inm?, ?ai-h
' pr. te? ted b? un etfuient reur piianl. I*nrruit by the
eni my w:?? prau.pl kii.1 vigorous, bul o?r moveuiriii?
, w? re rapid hid without li??.
A ew mile? from Wim hester the sound of the
j el?a i-whinle, heard in the direction,.flinn ktbatgj
?tren-Ttbeted ibe h.,i*e of re en fore? menta, iu.-I ? im d
ti. ? !??? d -1 11,?- men like a trump?.1 Soou after
. t ah ?, ?mil.ti? ??I cavalry eena dashing down the
i road, with wild burrah?. ?TBej were li.ought le be
t. ? adeaae? of ?be anticipated ?upport, anl re? ?ived
wilt. >:> af? i.iiiK ?beers.
llveiy mau I. li like turning back nponthe rncmy.
It i roved t-o be the Pint .Maryland cavalry, I.-., ut.
t'lil \N?t-t?v, sent out in the morning as a traiu
1 gua.i.l. BeaB? c >be gnn?, they bad returned topar
I tniptxte in ti o fight. Advantage wa* taken of this
! s'.ii-iiig iuc.dent io reorganise our column, aiid the
muli li Wa. ? ul'I ?titled With renewed || ii ii air) ririior.
At .'da.'^mshurg ?ne column halted mo at.-I a hell
I ouii iho r?ar guard remnii.ir.g nutil " in lim ?ven?
ing in tear of the town?and airiveo at Ihr nrera'
Miir.ow n, I* horns alter the Ihm ii? w? of lb? al tack
; on Flint Royal. It was a ii arch of -,.i miles, 3.? ol
wl'i? b ine BSS-Bf-BSd in one day.
The ??cue hi the river when ?he rear gnard ar?
ti ?ed was of the most ?nimming and esntfag sh>
sciiption. a ibeaaaal .-.imp tire? wet? Imalag on
the hilbid'*; u thi.'ii-ii d . auitt?'? of every deo-, rip*
t o.i were crowded ui on ?be bank?, and the I ?road
ri?er helwetui the oxboualed troop? uiA their ?ovei
ed rest.
Ino fold was too deep for the teatna to rroo? in
re.alni riiuinK'ii. Only the strongest ??oibo?, after
u tnt r_.|,eii:..?. n't, were aJkitVcd the j ass?gc of the
riv?r Ixilorr morning.
Tbe ?ii g1? ferrv wn? occupied ty ibe ammunition
traiui. the fold !>v the wagon?.
I h. n.valiy was secure in it? form of crossing.
fl e ir?*?j ? only had r,o transportation, lor una'ely,
Ibe train we lied so ?nid.i!on?ly guard,* I served us m
turn. Siveral boals heloiigirig to ?be p?ntoon train
wv 1.it li we IukI brought Horn Strasburg, were
lauii hed and devoted exclusively to their Bania |
It n eel MB ?hui a liver cr-.stairs;' of rich MSBgsdtede
|l achieved with greater SBSSBBa Then never
w.re more gieteliii heurt? in ilie same number ol
mt), than when, at nu.1 ii?;, on the Mlb, we stooxi
on the .?j aocbe ?t'ore.
Mv t oiniiiitiiil hud no1 saaartdaa nl?hik nui! rou',
bul nu? ii.i li?i<ed a iirm,-ilitiiied march ot tirar r.
Billea. le ihe late of tne enemy, defeating hi. plant
aad i'ivaiig him I,;.ric wh? ie .cr be was *oiiii<l.
Our !.-?? i? ?'uteil in dettoil, with tiie Bt-BBB of the
ki))? ?I, *a. iiim hd i.nd iiiiNsiiig, in tie full nant el
IJiiL-ujier (ienersl A. 8. Wiliiemi?, coi n.andiug d.
?ni ni, to whuh leiertuce ia mad?-.
J Le whole number of kille?! ii AA; w.iiuded, l.Vi;
mi wag, 711. Total 1 ?ss, ixw.
I' ii udiJoii atedly inn" that niany of the niissitig
will )tt return, eaa ?h? entue Ina may be ..?i um .1
hu imt eateeadiaa IIB Itieans probable Mut the
BBBibeff ol kil ed and wounde?1 may I?, larger tlriii
ti,?i above Baled, but t_,e aggn-gtiiu'luss will not be
t in..ige,i ikerefey?
All our i/nns were ?itrcd.
Our wagon-.rain com?ist"?1 of nearly ?r*00 waror?.
(i! i, ,. nu:,!, r .?.'. w. ie lost. 1 bey were BB, with
tmt lev exceptions, atiardoned to ibe enemy, bul
nota feaned apea ne mail Heatly all ed ear sea?
j lie? were ti,us saved. Tie BetSS at I rout Koynl.
? 1 svl i? h I hail no knowledge BStfil my vieil to thai
?o-itioi, on th.* '.'let iiist., and tbtieo at VV miheeter.
ol which acoiieid.rul.l?, was.leulnye?! by our tloopa.
are liol emhiiiteo in thL? tiuumeut.
Ihe miiiil'cr of ?irk nieu in the keaallal at Htia?
bmg kalaagbaj to Oeau Williams'? diruion wat If*'.?
l.ool ?*. Loin r.i-ie lett in hospiuil at W uichrsler,
limier ?binge ol' rvurgeon Lincoln li. 8lone, '.'d Maa
Wk I nette 1 i'A werelell in kceellal at .'?tratbuig, in?
cluding uttencuiit*, under charge ol Surgeoti l.ihi?
tie, 7th Indiana, and Aihi-ilnnt Surgeon Porter,
I'l.i,.,: Nilli? Ani,j,
i.i-. it ut the ?'i. I'-iiue of tliie division voluntarily
aarrauderad tbeeaaeltes to the enemy ._ ih? tioaiiu!?
and on ile ht Id tor the cai e o? the ti k and w .mad ..'
plan d Baan thtir eliarge. 1 hey include, in iiddiMoii
U? ti.MS above lu-xi eil, llri^ade burgeou I'ernl?), at
Wiiichemer; Surgeon ?Mitchell, Fi.si Maryland, at
Ftnt, Royal; ISurgcon Al.-lpb i?, Beet'l battsry,
Uiiilr.1 Mates Army; Surgeon .loh.?oi\ Sixteeuih
I diui.a, und hoigeou Krands Lehmd, hacsuid .Mana
chnieil?, on the Held.
Ii is Mldom ti at men ate called n|ioii to make a
gr-Kt-1-ejr aaa-tW? at eaaUtiri, hudih, ead iiUitjr Iel
the benifit of those entrnsted to their charge. Ser?
vices and ??entices like these on? hi to entitle them
to some more important re. ogtii'aou of thsir devotion
to public duty than the mere historical record of the
fact. The itpoit of the medi? i.l director, Surgeon
W. 8. King, exhibite tbe disposition of neirly 1,000
lick aud disabled men left at Strasburg of Shield's
division, upon its removal to the R-ppahannock
My warn,eil thank? are du? to the officers and
men of my command for their nnflinchii.g courage
and unyklding spirit exhibited on tbe march and us
attendaut combats, especially to Bng.-Gcn. A. N.
Wi hams, ron maud.n;; th* divin! in ; 0? n. George 8.
Greene, and Oen. L. W. Crawford, who had re
|ioiiid to.- dt:ty, but were yet oi.assigued to separate
commands. They accompanied the column through- ?
ont the march, mid rendered me most valuable as?
My thsoks are also doe to the gentlemen of my
stuft?Mujor 1). 1). Perkins, Ct.iel of Stall; Capt.
?iBBMfl W. Albert of the Topogrepliical Euginncs,
('a:?t. William Sheffler, Ca|)t. Frederick llunthur,
and ('apt. Frtdeink De ilauteuville?for their ar?
duous la!,on.
It uites me ileaiure also to commend the conduct
pt Col. Donnelly and Col. (?onion, commanding the
tau brigades. 1 would also ie?, e?-itully ask the
alM-ntiou of the Department to the reports of the
se vet al officers eommsding dete? baient? separate
furn the main column, and to the offi?eis named in
Hie iel ort of (len. Williams, as worthy of commen
dation tor meritorious conduct,
lhe Signal Corps, Lieut. W. W. Howley com
in.iinJii.g, rendered moet valoable service on the
held and in the march. There should be tome pro?
vision tori he prompt promotion of officers and men
so brave and useful as tb?.i.<: composing this astas?
1 he safety of the supplies and train u in a great
de?ree due lo the discretion, experience and un,ail?
ing energy of (a, t. ,S. H. li. Hot-bird and Capt.
L. (i. Be? fcwi-i, I'uired States Arniy.
I bass the honor lo te. wita great r?ap?ct. yeor obeJIent
Ben?,.I, N t V. t?aKS, Mann lu ?. Coii?i.ac?.ng
- ? m
Wa-HIM.io?.', June 8, 1S??V.
Diipatelm received at the War Department state
lili! all ia quiet iu front of Rnhmond, except an orca
sional (i_.-K.iu.. ung at oor fort-?? ?m.jl?. y? ?1 in biidge
o;? ral.ons, but which does not retard their progress.
RaiBBITIBIiaa. June 8, 1863.
Th? Kcl?elsoj?iird with Brtiilery yesterday al tri
noon ?m th? pickets of (?en. Runnier, tbey having
B'lisLred to a new powit.on. No harm was (l.?u?-,
and the Dring soon ceased.
A ItirhmvL'd paper of Pride?, bas t>een received.
Ii ?gives do details of the h.ie battle. They claim,
as usual, a ?brilliant victory. It aUt?? that the
r.i.outs ?vere ?lnveo ino the CU_te_atefeM ?aad
Whiu Oak swarnpa; that (len. MrClellan had sent
flags of irtire uskingperoiifeion to bury Iii? dead, both
of wiiie'i were fal??-.
It give? ti.? loas in ons regimetit at 110 killed ami
wounded, evidently ?cowing that tbey consider it lo
their iii'e;e.i to di?? |i..?t> the news of their driest to
the | ullin by degree?; thus preventing a pani?-.
Gen. Prim and stall, of Spain, arrived to-day and
paid their respex ts lo I .Vu. MrClellan.
Three desert? is, who arrived lo-day from Rich?
mond, Bist** thal tlere was green excitement in that
city for fear that the James Uiver uiver would ri?e
mina ?emly to allow our gunboau to pass over the
obstructions. The txoteroent viss so great that
many of the citi/ens were leaving. They confirm
the wounding of Oen. Johnson.
I las being Salida1,. everything is ?piict.
WsMiiKGTo?i, June 8, IML
The following statement of the Iom in the battle of
FairOaks has been received al the War Department ;
Hon. T.. ti. BiiV?of. iiftttury if War.
Suiutii.rt of the killed, wounded, and missing ol'
May 'II and June 1, in fruut of Richmond:
I , ,1 Hll'.'d 11.ill!.led Minlog.
(.ei. !-.?.l,ill).l|. 113 I'M 111
U?. .tji inainisj). ?a ?no IM
Keys? lili).?48 1.1M ?1
Tala! .. ?.'O S.<27 1,13
The gi and to"_I of killed, wonnded. and m_sing is
,7,1*.'. A nominal In t will be ?flMBBBBd as soou as
the du?* du be received?
O. li. McM.KM.AN Maj?rO?sn. (rua,landing.
ricket ?lilrmlihiBt ll?*l>*l Farr? an Baal?
urdui ?O.OOO - Tkrte I???** ia Mille?.
mid te ?tundes 1U.OOO.
Fror i s Corr?.|^nd?u: ot Tha N. V. Tr.bBna.
Ultana"* t-rarios' V*? Thursday Banka May 4 MBB !
I bsvf just returned from the outer pickets on the i
lim? ?af the r.i'.l.oiid. At that poi?t our lor.es o< ? npy j
uboul the same petition u they did on Saturday I
morning last, lhere has been coniidersble picket,
lirii'g to-'ky, and t*veral penons were killed on both ?
eidea. Two contrabands arrived at Gen. SumnerV
head?;uarters tn-doy, direct from Richmond. They
sta'e the repi -te?l los? of the Rebela in killed, ;
tv..uri led and tuning M 10,000. and that the force I
brought against us under Geii. Johnston wa? ahsal]
,0,000, with whom he expected to captan ull th?
Lnioti fores soi.th ? f the C1??.kalioniniy. The ne-;
I gioee u ) ??rt that dining all Suturday night ami Sun?
day ?very vehicle in Richmond, aa well ne the ctr*,
en-re engaged in remot mg the enemy's wounded.
Our \tee of Saturday and Sunday ?annot tall roiub
short of ?fJNl ,
Wa?oDR, linuiiinitiiiG, sod tappUH faptorni. |
M ??i?.?>.ros Baterday, Juna 1. 1MB
Disjatchea have been it. civ?;?! at the Win Dep.irt
intnt from Gen. Mil. he), dattd at IlunUi?le, Ala., j
.lune ii, staling that au exj-edi'ion, under tonu-and
? it Gen. Nagley, bad driven ti.o enemy, MBBBBaaSd
by Gen. ytdaius, from W n<'jeitei, thtoi'di Jasper, j
back U> ('hat?ano?.ga, und ntterly defeated and >nBMd j
iln-iu at that point. ,
Baggage.wagona. smmQuiuu, snd ?rpplin have i
fallen into our hank. [
Still more important reso'tr ?nay U eij ected io
?ellvW ??* lUaJTtJfit-t.
Fbii.adbi.psu, ftt'jrdty, Job*7, Ifct
The U. ?**. gunboat Ilieuviile an iced kit night
with three ?teamen in tow, which were captured oft'
C'harlcitou in attempting to run the blockade. Their
names are the Providence, La? roi lia, and Rebecca,
all from Ss'iau,
?She left Port Royal ob Monday but. Tbe Presi?
dent's revocal of Gen. Hunter's proclamation was
well received at Port Royal.
i Gen. Hunter liad organized a brigade of BB?BB*
? band?, aod was about t-o n-eign them to btu'ding in
: treuchmentti and fortifieutions.
A sharp d?gagement had occurred with the Rebel
batteries at Siono.
The Union foroei wen virtaaJly inveatin;; Charlea
A Rebel steamer wm run ?ashore on Williams'?
Uland while being chased by the blockading vessels.
I and is still ?ground.
j The schooner Cora, prize to the Keystone State, is
| below.
The Hienvilk sailed from thk port aome two
months ego with amtnutiitica, A**., fut the blocl.ao
l iug siiiiodiou, also supplyin?* tlie gunboats It M< t
quiio Inlet, lince which time ?he bu been on the
! Um k ade off Charleston. Dining har stay there she
leapt?.red the two Kuglish screw steamers Btttii
! und Pairas, also three valuable schooners, while en?
deavoring to run the blockade. The et-amers were
sent io New-York ; the echoonere ?he towed to this
port. The aggregfte ?estimated value of then
prizes is aUiut $400,000.
I The Stettin is loaded with 1,090 l.?xcs tea, -1)0
cases of champagne, 40 tuns of brandy, and a large
cargo of aaeorted st?ret, vu luid in all at between
$* 0,000 and $390,000.
Tb?- Punas is loaded with arms and ammunition,
ralee, liquors, Ace, Among the former are 00 case?
! of arms and ? ?*> tuns of p*>w?ier.
She brings to this port over MOpa-?enger???.hietly
crews of prix?-? captured.
The following is a list of her officen:
Ceiaiuand?? J. R. M. Mulla-ey: Lee..tenant sad Exert-flse
OT er. A I K. Benham ; Ac'at Master?. Frsak6nil.li,
JoliU A. ?odgers JuliB A. Ban-la), and Kinari H HaalfieJd
.*-? '?'? n. I mr Tv ??(es . F-??.?su,r Wau ti alia, e i.uo?!
tri?, ?ngit?e?ri-(_i?r. Wai. f Wilght, W Aiil.taat, Heury
Hill. 3d de , Jarrd Day, .lamea Ki, ?. t..lu. sod lleruatil Ker
tey: (Jutiuei, Joseph BMte| faraSSlM'l Clerk. Hide, u P.
-until. ??rliBg Mattet'? .*?i?t??, Willi tia \1. liianl a,id I raak
ItL ?' a.-.
Tie following i? a list of her passugen:
J W. King. Ct.iel Euglne?r f-gBhip Wabash ; Victor i !
( I):- ei, f ?eel B?, gun, Maim tJaughiy, U. d. Marina. J
H. II I. A? Hog .? Mid U B. Nary (oa tick leave) i K. S
l.?.ii?. A.-ing Mssiei'? Matsi; I.lent. Pratt, U. ? A Ma.
Oia?. I'.rtai, H-r?. ?iit. Wiu. 1 era Iii, Sergeant, D Sul?raa
Cetpeeal -otu ear?, ti a., i.r, m?., :-?? -??rd Mr? C*t?-r.-y
C...i. -I..-.I Kldi.dge J M F.yte. Mr fedgiric-, 1m?? Adao.?
j Im uni.? 'I sou.iL Carp*? ter. fruin I". 8. *t?ar..*_ip Alaba?ia
i Dall?! Mara?. Jr. m D **- ?t??n ?r Flambeau: lim. I.ii.o.?
I said, i.eui If. 8. *l?*iiier Janie* Alijar. Maeliiuisu from
? l'eit Hayal?IJ. L?o. Jiiaei Uni and l'a'..I k Coanor.
Thirty-one of tbe crew, discharge, of United
?kates ?ship Vandalia. Also, officers and crew of Ure
?follow iug prises i Ste_ni?-r Stit"n, 1": ?steamer Pa
Waa, ?et; steamer Kte-Ulb, 7, ?.homier Co.a, I. ,
? aod 17 of the crews of the thice schooners.
Wj.?ui?hitu.\, f'atiirilay, Jim?* lHnJ.
Commander lfnl)sny,of the United Mau-? steamer
, Ilienviile, iff Port Royal, reporta to the Navy De?
part ment, uuder date of May "0, that he captured
i three Bcboousrs, showing liiitit.li colors, ilmni %>
miles ?outlicai-t of Cbvleston bar. He fayi ia l.i.?
I report, "When Cr?t discovered, two of the vers?is
| were at an? bor with their nils furled, ?and the third
I it as under nil. Immediately afterward all the v?s
. nels made sail aud attempted to escape. The ?ret
vessel >a.[.lured was called tbe Providence of RaBMB,
N. I*. Hie cleared M that port for Baltimore. Bid.,
and Lad a cargo of ?salt and cigars. Commander
Mullany believes the register to be spurious, as it hud
no offi? ?al Mai, which, coupled with her being en?
tirely out of lier course if bound north, and her al
tempteil erc.tpe, led bim to capture her.
The second vessel captured wa? ?ulled the Rebecca,
of Nr.wa.tn. N. P. She cleared for Bl. John, N. II.,
aud lui?! a cargo of nit in a-ti-ba. Her register is be?
lieved to be ?i niious for the same reasons a? that of
the l*rot idence.
The third vessel captured tu colled the I ?a? mille. !
of Raaasa, R? P. Hho akand from that port for St.
John, and has un ass-irted cargo of groceries, ?Ice,
1 su? has ?o-ap oil, lard, and matches. Hor register, ]
like those of the two others ia doubtless spurious. ,
; The ? ivws of all these vessels freely admitted that
! tl.ey were bound to Charleston.
TLe bapaUBBBJB of the Lacroilla informel ?'om
maii.-r Mullany they ?anne out of Charleston on th a
ui?*lu of the >th April, and that c-y had been ivait
. iug for I wo or ibu*? days for an o| portuuily to run in
airain, when we tell in with her. Ac iug Master
Frank Smith mude a thorough report of the nteae,
which WKM forwarded by I'on,irander Mulluny, in
which ii is said Ute muster ol' the Providence state
in the ? reuen? e of the boat's crew he Lad tried foi
iwo uigLiB to get iiito Ciiiiriis-?ii, but ?being nnsac
eew-f:il he had di ternine.l to make for Rai I i more; and
i if!..-r, he knew his re'inte i would Candemn hin?.
The second n es*I, the Rebecca, is au American ves?
sel. BB?I M Charleston, 8. ('., in the yam IBM.
Ti.e thii'l capii'ie is a tine yacht schooner, bulli in ?
one c1 the Hsrtk ni Kt-tei in 1197, and MM named
the Noin. She nulled from Xa.-sau at tin* BM B?M
niin the ?tanate nienti.iued vessels, under the BB
sa mt d nums of ?LbBMMBs Her supeicargo aud
swan, A n U.i.io b.ilccdo, of Havana, ndi.utu-d th.'/
had tried Li p. t into(,'Ikulet?i"u, and he lind uig< dt-B
?BUIkl to either go inor endeavor to go away, ??they
BtaM euieiy be captured.
Mini.Mt: vi'?? ?'K 8BB. Wool?I NSI O0B-BBVL '
DdO-B HY KI ?l-l. FlUiONlRS?1\OlM?i:ii
?111 111 toil KIHI AIJKI rill.A.
Ben BBM K, ?>????.?., ?***?? ;???y. -'on? ", l!*t.
Gen. Wool I? li to-iight. The whole garrison
pura?i d in the Fi.rtreM and estorted him and BUM,
tu.? il.?r si'li Hen. Dix and st:iff, to the wharf.
Nine ti the -Southern wouu?lc<l ?ii hoard the SuSe
of HaBM ? '?'-?"?'! tbemselvn oil 11 Union men whin '
inierroga'-ed by the singeons. Their deception wu
?SBBBVaaad Ihk morning. All the wounded pnaoners j
on leard huve hecn put ushore.
1 lu. S. R. BfBah-Bf haa sailed with wounded for I
I'i.iliidelphia. The list has alretdy be*n tele-1
i.'is[ ned.
Ka TI??!:*, JuB*?, 1?*W.
IJ.-n. Wael ai.d staff arrived this muniir.g. The
Gmi'iul has hi! heatl(|u_r:era al the Kutaw House.
A !? legrapli line, connecting his ntabhshment with
tl.o telegraph ?Iii? e, has Imn put np, for the com e
"ni^n.eif tAaateSJ tbeamiy ard navy who ?.niirter
?liere. '
Severe Fighting on the Mississippi
The Blockade of the Great Bim Be mo ved
-'p. ?ii ?DliptJch to Th? B. T Tribnna.
Manyan, Kiidiy, J un? 6, tit Caib?, Jana t, ISM
| We have bad a glorious gun h mt vktory this
' morning oil' Memphis. Five Union gunVais ead
j three run,? destroyed aud captured MTrn of the Me?
my'e gunboots and rams under Montgomery. Otto
j Relael boat escaped. One Union ram only wa in
ijured. One hundred ef the enemy were killed end
j wounded, and one hundred captured. No Uniouiste
I were hurt.
j Mcnpbis WM quietly occupied. There wes no
j demonstration. T ,e people seemed ?tillie!. Th-re
; are two Unioniste lo one Seconionist here. The
I Rebel flag on the hi.iff wu cut down with spplause.
The ?tur* feud tlripee have been ratied over the Pot
, Office.
The slorM ere eil cloeed. Only 500 bales of eut?
i ton snd but little sugar were destroyed, large
quantities are yet conc*ealeda
' The citixens ore despondent of the Rebel cause.
Heat-regard declared at Colombu?, Mi??., that there
! would be no more regular fighting, but that a goer
< lila warfare, would be a aged.
' 1-1 ?J/-I ?iticer Farragut is below Viektburg.
Washington, June 8, lt)tft.
\ Advices have been received from Coinnodoro
Davis, at Memphis, at.iiouueiiig a battle between bil
ti-?-, aided by Col. Eil? te ram flotilla, snd the liebet
, tlivei of eight gonbuats and rams.
Ths eogsgeftieut commenced at S ?30 ou the -Dom?
ing of the fith ?Pat., and ended at 7 in a ninning fight,
the end of which was the captara or sinking of seven
, of the l.elael fleet. One eeeaped by superior speed.
? Col. KUet, who ie seri.uHiy but not dangerously
', wounded, ii highly complimented for his gallaotry
and skill.
Memphis surrendered immediately after ths eu
! gsgemeot, sod was placed under military authority.
WisniSilTon. J'ir.e 3, IMS
I The following dispatch han bet u received st tbe
j Navy Department:
V. 6. Stbabbb Beuton, orr Maare?, ;
Yrtdty. .titi ?ii, i.?4. I
, To Um. ?Iidio-* IVmai, Seeritmry of th* Naay.
i Sir: I fetrived here lui evening at 9 o 'chick, ae~
1 companied by the mortar fleet under Capt. Mayoa?
di? t. the ordnance steamers, storeships, Ac, sod
i anchored a mile sod a half above the city.
I This morning 1 diaeovered the Rebel Heat, wb'cb
j had been retinfureed, and now consisted of eight
i rema and gnnboou, lying ?t the levee.
! The engagement, which com?n need at b-.'AQ fe. n-,
: and ended at 7, tarin mated io a running fight.
I waa ably support? d by the mm fleet, under com
i-itunl ol' Col. El lett, who WM conapid-noua for hie
gallantry, sod ii seriously hurt, but not dan^ei-oof-ly
The roeult of the action wu the captare or da
*: ruction of seven veewJe of the Rebel fleet, m fol?
The Qene.al Heu ..regard, bloom sp and burned.
j The Gen. 8terlinjr Price, one wheel carried away.
I The Jefl'. Thompaon set oo fire by a shell and
j burned, and magazina blown up.
| Tim Nimier badly cul up by shot, but will be re
The Little Rebel, boiler exploded by shot, fend
othmwiae injured, but will be repuired.
Beside tins, one of the Rebel boats waa tunk ia
the beginning of the action; her name is not known.
A boat, luppoted to be the Van Dorn, ?seeped
fr-ni the flotilla by her superior speed. Two rams
are iu pursuit.
The officers and crew? of the Rebel boats endeav?
ored to tuko to thethorc; mauy of taeir womeai
and ; -i isoner? are now in our hands.
Um Mayor turrendered the city to me sfier tbe
Cul. Fitch came down at 11 o'clock, and has tokto
military poatesaion.
0. U. DAVIS. Hiilifficar Com'g pr? turn
WAiiiiBUTo-d, ?friJay, Jane ? IKS.
The following mr "-?ve in ml?, ion io the aciion of
the ram? in the nuval eug.ig-.meni oil Meui?his, WM
rtcci?I'd at the War De,an..?eut:
(Cop? ?f a, .!. hl'etl'i ln?_ja'ih ]
Deeeena Krapan tmitg, Jurat, i
TuCnu.,, "jilt. 8 UK-,. I
Te li - linw.iin M. l-TitTon. Sf.iftary ?/ M-'.rr.
The Rebel gun-out? in -?<!<? a stand early t-.is morn?
ing, opposite Memphis, and .ipened a vipiroui ure
.-.?on our gunboat!, which wu returned with equal
1 ordered the Queen, my tlfeg-ahip, to paas between
the ___.li* i oats fei.a lu.i down anenu of them upou the
two rou.? of the enemy, which first boldly stood
theirgr? 'ind. C?l. l-.liel ,in ti.e Motiartb, of whieb
(,'.i,.t. Doy den ia Fir?l Hasler, followed gallantly.
Tue U( l-cl rams endeavored lo bact down sirvan.
und then to turu and run, bul the movement wai
fatal to them.
Tbe Queen struck one of them fairly, end for fe
lea- minutes waa MM lolhe wreck. Altei ??-jiaruting.
the Rebel steamer tunk. My ?t -a.u?.r, ti e Queen,
was then herself itruck by ano her Rebel r.?mer,
and ...-ithlcd, but thud).h (lamu^ed esn be saved. A
pi, toi shot wounded me in tlic leg, depriving me of
the power lo wii.ii.?athe leuiamder of tiie iig;-l.
IBs -M- in.rcu ul.-o piiase?! ahead of our gun! oats,
ana went most galbally in'?? action. She first struck
tbe Rebel boat ?ha* Mratkssf i'.Hg-thip, aud tnak
t :.c lia l-cl. .ihe waa il,eu tiruca by one of the Rebel
rn.n?, I in no1 icjured. S e then piuhed ou, fend
?troca the BeoarogarO. nod hasM in lier sails.
Biaiuiiacncnutly the Hiaurepard was itruck in the
bolles hy ?i ? t.ot ban o <<* ol' our gnu boals. Tne Moa?
ai. h t hi i. pu?! ed at the gunboat l-l'.'le Uriel, the
lietel riug-abip, an., having but little be&dwfey.
, . i l.cr id ?re her, ihe Rebel Commodore end
eton e-. a? ing. The Monarch then tiudiug the
1 ?- .-,-?? uni liukii.g, to?, k her iu tow until the aook
iu ?aiioal water.
i neu in couiplian-e with the request of Col.
Davis, laieut.-Col. Ell.-t di???atch_dtue Aiouarchand
llie Sii'.t/.i-rl.iiid io pur.iut ? I ide one remaimng gun?
host aid some MrMMfn is wui, h had cscai-ed the gan*
bo-it-, und two ot ii.?. i-;iu.s lune ?one below.
1 ? t-.ni'ot, loo mat li pi ?ire Uto coUtiutt of t lie pilots
it ii ?''uiiiejis ama t.i luiy gumd ot the Monarch
und aQueen; the In.vu oMMMt of Capt. Dryden.
or the heroic MMJBM of Lieut.-CoL Ellet. I will
nail.? all pintie? ol SfeSfeal rtqiort.
1 am myseli the only ptrs?.u in my ship wu WM
?i.-ei'led. Ci.AitLls ti.;.it, jr.,
Coluncl Coi* tiirvdiij Barn Y 1**1
The second dispat*. li ii .?ni t. ol. Ellet wm mceived
at the War Department this evening!
UeruaiTB ?Ma? .-HU, Kilda?, Jar.? ?, if ?I, I
llal'.ln Juill. )
Ih l\r It n. F.l.W!.*. M. ,1i ?NTO.v. 8*ei*utry j A mr
li ia ii oi-. i und due to toe brave men on tin
Que. u tnd Mon ai di to say to yon briefly that two of
like it? bel sieauieis were sunk out righi tun! immedi?
ately by the sois'k of my two rams. One with O
lu: yu uuiituiit ot colton ou board was di*ati\md by M
accidental ollisiva with ih?j Qu?.en fend Becuna by
her crew.
Af.er I w ? \ eriomdly <li_w?bled, another vmm!,
whiiUwia nil? hit by a shot from tbe ganbeaUj
waa snub by the Mona cb, and towed into ehofe?
water by ti*at boat. Bull auether, alio injured be
the lira of our gunboat!, wMpusoeil inio shore, sad
isinred hy the Mouurch. Ol the gunboatt, I cai|
Rae RiiiB faae.

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