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V0L- XXII.N* 6,009.
nnosrc pursuit of jackson.
The Rebels Driven from their Position
Wakhi.noto?!. Monday, June 0, WI.
The folio wieg ilispst? h wa.? renived at tl.o War
I'e pur*, ment to-d?y hy telegraph from Front Royal :
Au.it IS un. I'?mi', llihK'-m k? ?
Saturdai, June?. 18C2. J
*T?tAe lion. Ba?n M. St?nto?i, .*>'??. it!,:-? v lier.
The -Tiny I cat lied this place at 2 o'?lodi yenter
iay, driving out the enemy's retir guard from the
town. SevereddraasBJBg contimudfixinithH't:':.e
till dark, the enemy's n-ar bein,; closely pnaB >1 bj*
eur_''lv._i. e. Al I o'clock the Is", New-Jeraey Cav?
alry, alter driving the ?-nemy tlir?ia?^>i the villa}*",
fell into an ambuscade in the w^oil?, to the eoutli
?east of the ton n in it hich Col. Wyndham of that
rento)? nt veas BBptared, and coi-iideraMe loss ins
niined. Col. Cbcseret, with hia brigade, aubnequeut
ly engaged the enemy in the tiniher, driving him
from Lie oo?tion, and taking his camp. At about S
a battalion of Toi. Kane s Pennsyfvauia Rcgujpiit
?siitcred the woods under the dircr'ion of Biig idler
Ornera) Bayard, and MStahB-ed for half an Bott fl
tiffttm i.:?*? k. ui ajfUA out- ildes tahmat ?aaata.
ly, dri*. ?tig the eucniy. The en.-inv atttnyted to
?hell cur troops, hal B lew ihetl tttm ? ne ol' out bat
lerie? n??.n ultu??d his guns. A_?r* d.trk tl:o emit.;.
?oL'tiiK. ?I hislataaaSi Pal pauttaalan ?till l?e foi?
wfc'.Ucd ty mail. .1. C4fB-MOBT,
M? ?i i '., ?ie-?l
Ttiti.e -ti.ee'.ted I',: ?.
M-...ii'-,in i' ??ii, : r; lay, .??...ef., W -?
Th?- ; .l\;iii. 1.1.-. ?, d of t)?-.i. Kiiiiui.'it m a inn Har
r vol irg cit. aft??rsooe st 9 o'doek. These ara*? bo
Bahuag Barias Ihs ??.i r? I. Jaeksoa essayed han
ia?t ii'.'iir, .ui i ie?t th.? awndaiaji a twain- han
win ecu* ?m a r.-i-..i?iii>i?'iiiiec' four mild I.?youd the
t"wn, which came aa .? larpe I;, | b1 farce of cavaliy
and ?iiii?itii .- iota ly Betted In the Weeda CI.
Wyndham, who had fBahed the reivnnoi?*?u ? e ?
Tuiles further than ordt-ied, nish y led foi wa,? |_S
1st New-ileivy Cata'?/, and Maa -rites lash bj in
iaii'ry in aiiihtsh. Col. WjaBBMB ia u prisu'i r, and
Capt*. Shcllinine i?nd Hanns hilled or severely
wounded ard pii?o.?iers. dipt. Charles is BBntef?
All the o??.ers bravely ai.J vaialy ende-niaim! to
rally tlieir men. Capt. .l-newav gal laut ly a'ten.pt? ii
a flank inovrmeat, wl.i-h eotered the retreat of the
li? Battalion. He is unhurt.
The re^nnent list thirti -lit e la k'lled, wounded,
ail?) roiesin;'. Geneial Baum!, with the IWktail
ov Kane lillie?, end l??t 1'eiii.f.ylvani.i Cavalry, sud
CMBBNl'a H:?L'ade of the tJOih Ohio ai.tl ><th Vir?
ginia, weie oidcred forward to the iup; ort, and
drove the body of the enemy from their peeBlos,
an?) ?ap'tire?! tli.-ir ''amp aDd .??ouie ??ores with lose.
The K iue L'illee. ntiuihe.in?- one hundred ami
twen'i-tivc nun, found them-eltea opntsed and
?uaike?! in the wood? by four reg?BeaM of inluntry
and cavalry, and bcf?>re they rould le. withdrawn
ar.i'n .c1 aseen ly. Lh '(tenant Colonel K..ne is seri
t-iuly wound?d, and a piisoner. Captain Taylor waa
also wound'-d and captured. Captain W. W,
lllanehard wuk tvm?ided severely. Lieutenant J. .1.
'S, wae [>rjl??hly kihi d. Atler n ra-?st gallant light
the ii i.'.?:,, won drina hack, ni. h al??* uf tft*f?fiva
hilled, wouii lei, and a i??iug. Iha Bshela braagbl
np Ihail ar ?iian, i??td asad it with eff?.< :. .Jackr-ia
J* ti ?.ii^lu !.. hate Mt to main toad, au?l has aBhn
hnl'eil the main coluiriii for bat'le.or gnat**' st length
ened his rear giuird, and yo ted his ti ?io?, arah 1. a*.c
in ?nafa?4M <>u the road.
The fe?ewiag i" to '???* m the "Bursts ii
Li? .. ( o?. Ka.i? ? ? :n.d-.l t-.d s prissaer.
K ni ..i - .tlt???. Kelly, ?Co o , tierutg* PMe, Ce. C? Jete
iJanoy, Cn. I .
Wo.\i,i i? Capt W, K Bitrrhaid, Co. I eeiere j-; l,> :
B. P.. Kn.e. ( <i. I..?:ht!y? be.geaui Kn.irli V.kiu.ir. Co. C,
eevenly; ti. 1; :.. ? a,Co I teaerelj (hi. Behblci ( o
1 lever, .i . p'?-.-.'i...'T ii Kilburn. ? u 1 ?l.'.hUt , i.?i?h! (/reen
Seta, ?Cb li, ?ev.-iti; . .-.*??,ue| ?tai. I o. H, ?igl.ui , J?i. .
g,ud>ng,ic i ? ..':'.. I nrere.y Bee
J. Ireiend Co ?"? ? -? i- hi ?em, ? -o. CmbBi?
l? , 11. I .?:)?-, ? ? i .?..:?.?, J?, ?...e. Lv I? >
u.'urd Hilve Co ?-i. da .y,t ?:t y loka SMahel, Co ?i
?lauf, .-vu?!? .---:r..t. I? C h'teeaaa Ce. i sssleai
Benaseed ?? .. alia?d Theem I Co, !' ?'
tarnt, P.-rv McKinaey Co. ?, .iigntly . J S. ? oneri. Co
I . -et>-..?, OeolfB ilcOonai (v ? ?e .?:? v ilu.ael.Jn
?sleshy, ?Ce C, sei - Ce. O. sernely H
t. hoi..?), ( u ? . i i ? ? ,, ?? A Kow? ,. ( u.
H, severely; Heir) Pnrhallow io. H, ?ntenly i Pian! li
Cr? i Kk.? (io I, sersre . t.'n. U Pieece, Co II ??nr ?,
LMtei Lacea, >o I ?;..!.:?, 'i!e?.'j'.ie MaJone, Co C,
, . i ? ?? ? -, i ,. ,. ? j h ti J ,.,. r, t b.
11, ?.-rVrel) las, ' . B- t*. ?:. vii. Ce. O, S-^?y ? totfi J.
T. Alni . ' " .. a-tliUy.
Mretcsu.?Capt i. P. T?v?o-, Co H, Ii?i? >" V. yee
D'K.naoiy l.:...-'!. .-t- i> Jo?.? t ? e. ! o. ( v ? orj. ?ode?, t
, .. ?. v .... c ,. I Utos ru','?..!, tv.,?
>Ivtgi?on. Co. <i . ' M. B K Lou-, ?Ce. O, .' Jo i r. (<, li.
i ?i i... ?. i lha Ui Mew ?'?.
Cul \\ ??.Jh??-: ! ' I ? -Pt ?'? H-Sl.vi? li?. I ???I
_idpioo...it k-lea to- A-l a, t Kiwi? B eU, n.i.-ii ?v
Isaslhaii luina, n Lah g Cbaa, li Peony, k1 ed, Jan,?? I*.
Ms ? a?nlug; 'wa iia-ner. ii.-.aiDg. Cnperal Philip
?a??. ui,t..i . in a? ? .-.'.?Ka..*..?, ml salas ? ?. Dante???
MM. j.i^m Turn Pa?rdy.Ce. D :i.i** ng . ?**? r.-?nt T.. m,
t ? .".. v.-?... t. .?. Ai ...trung. Je!?i. (':?i! h, Co I
?ming Hsnbal ? ?? I H ?ry ... i< in, ssieat-Bj
ti. li. inderan :. 1... ? ; Ber-aseM B I . ty Co. K wounded
ai,?j ?_Maa : Jena i.? >?. na?.i .< Cafk t ?wk. t o o, a las
iiiii-. (oiporel lohn tin ' n. .- ? ? - PniU?. tnieail ? ?
WtrreiK H?i?th areaaealedi < trp Baaey Beeneoa,?Do B,
?at-n I ?i vi HoethU-Bf !..,<?in-- Jesaeh B I . m
u.?.- ? Kdward Meyer? <o J Brinlefl WMMeld Laine,
1o. K, BB-Uas Jc?"ph L Data, mil.) ...' itkk' llik.i?:..
? ii.h g Cbarln T l.i?.-rtii?iait '? ?? '.???-?. John
Urtae aro? b4? - ? fe*. I. B. Jl?ir?es I o II ?-?.i-ing. ?ni
pri.iishij killed: Sorgeeut Beherl K Id ana, l..h>Ii?. Dt?Iel
Bel iBy, Bi,s?_ig; Aa.on Coal, itltai!.", ! ?ac I?eeda. ?MMBB?
It MUUSBBB-la IB Man the Is'- this ti.'irair ? ot
the in(*t ol lliuoe rer?<"ied sdaaBBS*.
IKO'l HIMIII.vil.il.
?.ena. stija<l anil Bunk? al Vi'iii? liesirr
Hep... ia A oneeruiug Jo? I.?ei- Mridi<e
Kinl. linn Bulliuioie nail Oin?. Kail
hoati?. |...i*ih : site I v Man
tem iia.Tss, Monday, l,.ns*. lira.
au ia tj.iiet at Bhia ahn?, hut eveaythaaj weat? a
?^???ned ?o?A. (iei.s. Sigel and liaiiLh, with tin ii
'?M?f?<-i,T? ro.nmr.nda, aie lera. The loruiei i?
BaBBBftefH hold of JaaSSBB. who, it is reported,
baa tawmmti hil anny u every direction, lint those
**** taamMataaa a*.u,"i BfSMUlts aWtafaai
His inU-ntion is, probably, to re-enforce guiinlla
parr las I. obi tiiue to BUM. aad ?uddealy aad unex
pec'ediy aaaaaatejas them f?rhis own BBavanaasB
nyen valions |?oiii'"_ His whereaiKiiits IsaafcaeB-.
There are many -urmini nhkL. I do not thi.ik it
worth while to rej>eat.
Tbe Opequan, l'dlar, ami Hack Creek bridge?.,
which were hura'id by the Bebel?, and Hi|t; and
Little Gaastma, canard awwy bv the late fiesbet,
have been rep?_i"ed, and the IUli'.u,?r?j aud Ohio
BAtlrcad is now in, perieci running order, ailh the
taeeptioBof the hiidge at B-MBM s Fen-y. This,
however, is sup] lied tenipoiarily hy a pontoon
bridge. The Co?piiDy ia BBBBBBMJ to pul up a
trtsaeled bridge a?, tin ferry, which will be done ii?
?en days or sooner ii ti,? water tails. An iron bridge
u bii-g prepared m Baltimore, and will be raised
?poa tbe old : btitmeuu within two months.
The trains are now tunning over the road to
Wheehng and Pai keraburg in perfect safety. I have
JMI kurucl thal the four bridges on tbe Wiu? heater
Wanb (Uatroyed ty tbe kehela an nearly <oi_
f'ei-d |t y.a?. ?o,, j, ,an j um on Wednesday.
No IWnform.irii.s for Hie Rebels,
HlaaeOaaSBM laav M inn PoTontr, I
Monday June 9, IKiT J
A eontruban?!, who left Richmond tins morning,
arrived to-day. No ra.-iifuicements had b?-e?n re?
ceived, cor wer- there any ?igns of evacuation.
A captain, lieutenant, and two privates, belongine (o
j Gen. Hume's brigade, were killed yesterday, snd 15
, men wounded,while establishing nu advanced pit ket
j line. The new positioo was held.
(?en. Priw bud sim. OWipieel the ?l.-iy in reviewin_r
'tie reserve bst'eries ind (.on. Tortera division.
They also visited our Mapata, aud had u view <f the
'I I.?- ( Iii-1. -l.i? mi ?na lo Bore been lb"
Stat a Oat the l'i??on -The Ed-ln-l? Atiurli
an Or.-rpovt d-ling Number? I'i?"?)'? Ili
via>iou i lu- Hebel I-o?? (?ranter than
?mi o uti IIrii;(/eli,i:iii'- f mellion-,.1.1.
Cortn?pond?nc? of Ti.? N. Y. Tri!,urie.
??t-.KlK'? r*T.lTI(iN, Jim? 4, IP*!.'
The Chicahciiiiny is the di-ain at a swamp, lbs
MSOBM is d? op, Iboagb al a ?.'irish. Il.-neely limbi-ivd.
?mly Ian?! friones it on cither hunk. The Hebeln
had gaibssod ercimou? rer-ervoir? .f water by the
i nie-of (linne, a? a weapon <?f military ofTenee north
ef the Bkbanad aal York I'ivcr Huilrond Innige.
Wboa tbe ?aorfBl ruin? of last Wednesday sari Fu
(?mv had sM evt-iy fc?|iisie rod (if this part ol the IVnin
Buln te, w-oik lo contribute tie ele-nients of a Hood tu
tiie ('l.ifahominy, there wa? ile?- in Rub mond, oinl
mutual congratiilatioiis aiiioii.? military men. They
surely reckoned that BtBBB llrnlge would be a?lout,
atid that on the.* other nile of the melba ttream,
wherever MeClellan had made pasr-igc ways for his
troups ami his transportai n, his artillery would hs
moti mless, hub-deep in the water, snd hi? train? of
ammunition and of food immovable, and from W.9M
, lo 90,000 of th?. bett troops in the anny e'amiing
u.-ele_s uie?n the brink of a river, beyond Blkilt their
I.j-cti.erB in aran we-ie being embed in their ranks
by overwhelming mindier?, or driven at the point of
the bayonet B death by drownm-- bobSM iheir eye?.
On Fiiday night the ruervoire pi WmWmWBmtoi
wate-r on the l"pi?er C'hiikahouniiy were tut open.
On Saturday morning liottom ?ridg? was afl?.Kt.
, On Saturday noon, an hour occupied by soldia-ra in
cookitig and eating aud favoiabl.; to ara.k, be. aise
leaving little time to llie ascailed tu call tor and re?
ceive help, >tf_000 cf the c'idiid-it o! the Rebel troop?
i who fought at Ball linn, eire-l.-d our 1/d-ft Wing ti it li
a crescent of dauber within the woods ia front < !
?mr pickeis.
, New to the situation. Catey a division held the
advance. Couch'? wa? on the right. T?a 1'eck wa?
cotniuiited the erne of the left.
| This lift rested ?,u the While Oak Swamp. wiYch
i runs parallel to our line of nu, re li to Ri. hinom!. TI I
I Challa City rend B Richon id lies b?'_voud the
swamp. Numerous w? ?? n ways ?.mu this load
c:i?r-B the awain)', and come up to the WIIHanal wig
nirupikt-, on which our center retl.d, and ? u w?.i< h
?b? whait Left W n g had mar?bel uj'. Final y, a
new ruad, hsaaoblaf stT tiem the tanrpiho booi
Richmond, beyond Casey'a ?amy, wold deliver BBBB
PU L ? i'.-tt.k ii0,"O") troups un-4-en and nnheai?!.
1 bl key o? our peeRMB waa held by I'', k.
?li? r?-? iaaoiiariog opoa ni-? fltiik tim.ugh lbs
sa amp. und nil its tra ve. ree? to, and up and (J,...n.
t i rho tttj I. ??,?l luid hean eoastaot, mbmToI
Bad thorough, livery ?me of thane I ml drawn n Iii?
from tlie M ?n y. His aide*, Ca; i. M'uri?, badham
fiieii o i and (apt. 'Inns rejieaiedly shot at. as h, d
been St.iii:.'.-, iii-d 1 ?aale-r, lad KioM d. 'iLts tliii It
seMaaeeB Um bbmoj, eiltbiaagb this vaB biding
place, hal repeatedly be? U demonstrad-?!, l'e? k a
vigUooM feloNMd und miebad l*oiig?tteet. He
iboogbt we had nessedoav totem m the lett, ani
* ??net ?'ii]ire of un overwhelming think
attack, bud i?. en divined, He leeorted toetrategj
B ?-certain OOP Bieagtha A (?orman artillei lilian.
nhOM id?,thor lived ? i. the BOOJOM farm to I'e? h ?
?K.-;.d ?iiarte-it?an ??:?( ?-edi* tay ?liri a ?i and ( .r i lag
nail ? wa? r? Dt he M in uniform, with a paM from li?
(?eD.-rul. Our pu-kel?. l4K?k bim as heeesM ? ?I hoik the
1 \i ?Mi? jiiti next lo his bon ?-. Ile wus lor warded t?i
MtChliHij. Tim Ma i in nfElilmnoil Ibrolsbedaohatp
i ad iiriveiitiiM'Uf tetlow i\ ? ? I? I r.vil puts 'brough Hie
Hebel iii.en, ami l/jn/zstieet BBraesed hba B tmv
? ia?? the ground that tam lulill? ryuiiw had been sent
to spy out. Peeka piike-tc jitktd Lim Up, wed he
oA lot i a*? ni ti lo anbe ie??ort. An aide of Jo.
?J oh ist on, sent on u sin ular t-riand, wa? pot in. ed on
the eve-ting htrfoM the fight, and ?eut B the re-ar M
IpriSBBB, 'lt.c los? ol ?MM ?pies BB-MBetatatd
liinBstirnt'sappsebeeaJeaael the Mteaatboi ivi-k ??
iitc-i m.(i, al'hoi gb he bad, eaflBuioaymppriag,
:,..., /,,-.'?< ;??'.' Wi.ii-O I. Steamy ?
I ?? hu .'< ?I te a.ts L Hud !??.ally ehungid bia j,'?ii
ol battle.
Ibis plan had bien, to drive in Ca-d*y'e |iickef?, lo
engage bin noderali iy in aetlsa with saB MfsnM
force Um help woola hi Mat B Bba, aal wboa au
leal Ion aai eeaeMBated ea ti?? front, to tail like,
Ugbtoiog OH l'eik on lbs left and on Couch on the j
1 ria-ht, an 1 niii.il.ihite then? on th?. *?oi, or start il.e.-u
< n a piii. roaBtotbel anaabooaan. nnaBUatvl
lion of tWB e-nlue Pa*Wy Wttft h?. i been cr.n lilli
I lani.cd.
Cit.". wns ut hit dinner Bblt when his pi?k?t?
' eame flwng in from li.? vtnodti? in Iront. AaiBSist?
a:..? minie hy them to the nkiimii-,!,? ra M they I uti,e
OatbS leap thioopili the timber was so ineffective
thai I/oagntfOM a a? iu Imb Baas Ciis' ;, 's MMMMd
tit a blow. (?eu. l'.?iley's artillery me-t U?u, run
down the road wilh *_rrs|?e Slid ?hot mfeking gapiutr ;
, wound? in their columns, but not sta)ing tlieir j
attack. Out of the wood! to tl?e left of the road, out i
ot the WOedl to tbe nght of the rottd and beyoud it,
tbe Bebele iwanoed lik?*be*e-, nMbad eeejn?MMasly
upon Casey'? hastily-formrd inj imciit?, firing as they
??i, a,.i e.i, and bringing with them the morale of a
bene thirat for the bdil'l?. and an assurance of vic
toi v. The mont ?onlhctiiig statein? nts are made of
t' n behavioi of the troops in Catey'a Division. The
MlfMI of hundred! aita bniidrcd? of them lie upon |
the (ToiiikI, mut? but iaipreneive witnesses of the
?orrage that eau die, if it cannot re?ii*t nnequal j
aanbeiB. Oa the oiher hand, ti e ? arly and almoet
in mediate nfii-in of the drilt ol akulLii.g Bad Brag?
' glitt* fioiii Casey s reximents ia a fact which cannot |
I be ilenied, and wliii h cannot he made to ?onsist willi |
I discipline and ?oldierly ?piiit. The ttitiidjescs to?
this eaily mid foraiidable and di?gra?eful flood B
| tbe rear ol unwound?! men art? tbonsands and thou-,
I saiids in number. Miij'jrs wandervl slone in w??<i<ls
[a mile from ibeir regiment a line of battle; lieu-1
?tenants, with pi ?vates, when etoj-jied, swore that |
! their b?xly badi besn e?ntirely cnt lo i.iecM and did
1 not exist, and edged sidewnys out of the question
laf une. out of the barred jatbwsy and re-.umed their
I iliaht from the abell? which screamed and burst in |
| the air above. Kytwosan4 threes, singly atid in'
i grouia, othoera and men?ion ""i?_r othcers. 1 do |
declare, they ret? fated ctintlnuously from the first i
live iniuules after the firing commenced, snd could
uot be stojiptd, save in numbers so lew thst, when
gathered by Col. Russell of Mast-Wbotette, they I
awi?!' i ho moil ruitieetijiawvi. rcgimciit evtf sa'??-1
poriited from ?he wreck of a fiel?! of battle. f??von
hundred did this tammi scoop off the highway with
?he help of the l'rovost (luard. lint the woods eu
either ?ide of the road were alive with them, steady
in their rearward walk, and .jniek and inginiuiis in
their exemes for it, from "attacks of eoli.," ahi(h
all at ou?? bent the aaBB-BSSd travelers (buhle, to
the "totally-cut-lo-piecrs" dodge, and the bein?/
" sent after ammunition." At 4 o'clock in the after?
noon I saw (Jen. Casey tiding about on the field
without a ? oranund.
1 buried a nephew yesterdav, an acting Captain
i in the New-York lOdth, whose body I renner.??!
| way ni front of the Imtioned fort, lieyond Casey's
hi-iii.it'u.iikri', where I hear a ruui?>r that his regi
, iiii'iit made a AaiM to xeytl the attu< k thrr li;*t
; ?MOM upon the Division in froul at Ibat wura. He
i was shot in the breast, and l&v in advance of nil the
dead upon the field. 1 bal perfectly willing to a> -
taft the solution of the ?li?jppear.i_cc o?" bia regi?
ment, thal it Wi.? overti bel. ed by the lire ol'i(T?
or three lietel regiments, and blown ri?-ht ol!" the
held, as wa* the case nat", ititi, all the r< pioiente in
'Caseys Diiiiion. Hut 1 will interrupt the narr.i
! live o? Uns great battle to ?ay, thai, if the same .-an?
bali been tasen of the regiment? in thin divieion,
whiehbadhsaa takou of (hu rnhaaBta la Coach.
Division aird IVtry s Hrufiul??if the sauii caie had \
hen lakaa to bin them into nldten wMah .ioi?n
I Cn BnM gave to making the C1 iisseurs i p> rfectly
or(.'ii!ii ?I Bufalina mai hine, an?: Col. l'on gave to
Making Um Ud >'i1hi_a?i as del i I ?ri: te au I inaiinge.
. al?le in hiii?le as ihey are on parmi,-, th.- li. Id ot the? '
lana t*ten would have ana as deadly totae Keb? le
as honorable to us. Cochrane, on the ei'r. u.c riflhl
t?i tv... L? en aad u half peand :?- atUI ante i e uto
tia enemy BSN ?? SB ? ?11 Wd? 0 delibetate that
?i. yoi.cof his BUM, il?'lient I?, eiders, c-ov n .1
bia u?i <l .-.<?'-ia'11v vii! '?"til ?igh??, botan ha
palled the trifusr?aad be litter?lv pflad the
[waaty*a beal iii'o a lii.e ti nafaea?ani,
??after : light ia tn?- weeds, which alwsya been
??skulking, ?.nil in the UIBIM ti wbi-h MMBMled
I artillery, Ma*??etr*]*, and a?*hanMal bayon.'?, h>
?ali? ?I um pegfatwatal roll, and then c?? a I ?i ?Maa
? m u '-r." lh( dead ami wounded were in.?tiered
tai- hy their .ore r?ales. What the dead Ml. they
lay n tiny till. Whaa the areeaded fell, lbay
beaded theil muskets and cartri.liies la thair eSB>
rad ?, ?m4 ermteit? am of mt rank?. X?. sneaking
and d ?leful procesi?n of from four to t) n ? owar?:*
ben ti t in backward. Ker sinln, the IA iteaaal
Caloasl i?I the nyia en!,an?i Hamlin, th? Majo1-, he?.
W tr?n.e?! then mt the ?ared diiies of I attie, that
it w. I Imposaible for them t?? weaken the regimen:
and weaken their BBt BJ dsBntiag " I ir i-inks or
ar.y | ratM M whiiteiir, or to waste anii_iii.i'ii?ii by
w iii! Iii nu,'(?r Maa .orl.-ait io ?rdci-.. *?<? i' t ?
willi Pees ?d Michi an. Out ,,u ). ?.? ityapan
a line foot atan lama, Ihey, ititi.m tb? ti .' -?. e
? I in o hean, na e n, ?oin-ed, sseatend at wy mai.
I?? his name, ma. had, ami r-iwirteil to (.-ti. Ile.!.'/?!
mu? on tie Held ol bat'le. Berri- led ?hem through
Hie Maaat IS ?? pOsBin a hi b tlalikid the ? wann- ?,1
B? I ? le in ? os e* ion "I Can y s ?.t? p and his h.?d
q ?nr;i is, iumI h1? bn Meed Int. 1 hen-1?..? tat1,t; ,:;
??I e--ti-relt-lrained Bud ? r.r?lfBHy?WBta*M I w ??di'ii eil
in ?'iiiie i ???n frith two athen m Bi ny'a legunenta,
u| e:..-.i a delil ? la'e lir? tpoli il.? el,?my. n fl?B?JIt
that they were attend out Si the omi. gpaaBS
at. iad tee Bal iwBft iron the apeen MStteoa the
b>oeanaad the tone weoeVi Uo- tw-rtttd wholly cit
of the oana, and when they i aiteivfUga late Um
. l.ipl.imnlf.l huil.Iinji*, the I .ii i? rent in niter then
di ove than out. ami ?wept Hu- wl ..le era..k1 al t1..
grease, it.?' ?'?. ii. ta?s, ?i asens, tasteteed ??
luiioi.s fin, icr the Bel al alta? k a>?s ? sai< te I ada
|.y i.?w?i.If. H .; when tin- loll was . ull ti at StSB?
ing, mt a irsu was " n.ieeiiig.' di .li-ud si .1
a i ?an dod, thin area the laerhaale lhB. Take,el*o,
thenn eftha UN l^asaey Waaia, iel. M i ?n? i
Sent ia seppelt Oaaov. leueodtetofa tihrn iheaUBoh
? li lulu W.,B lire I -, Uti? I oolong lily lIHlll.rU leal? < f
tpoenk aaasabnteaalj tanked ?altee tor >_asfapon
bj at Ml at.'ler ?i-i? i dialing? -I,??I f?r his real a? a
I vi. ti,?tiet pnaehar, imipbt lUiluaaay mt m ham
vu te (liiteu bscB from their j - ? ? i :?. but BOt
I lok,li- lialed at the itor.l of tom ino ?I I - ??I? -1.
w ,..'? d. ami tired- ret?? .'< ?I, halted, I .?.>.!, MM
..iu Bad ..-.ia., and caiiie <>'V ?.' e grotml in
perla t aedn.wBh theirtw?. ?. I .-,? il)i'.g,?ui?l pre*? nt
ing to nu-wh. le army a ?tnk.ng proot ti.at then -|
. i tt ' i t til ? ? u m ti,' liaetptm ? i tra /??, ?sad tin !
, .?..'??? ? i .
v,., ?tt.iitri.r.* und i . ? ? ? "/ th sir i?t an.
Un', lue till-in?- i? not it grate;i,l od.-, ami ii.y j. r
roiiiu b '?.. ti u- ii bi : .ii ? f pate. New, altea ? hub
?.?.?.?o ii, the a i ung ??t ti h IMtM, aad a ??? -ii ? i
|. ?!..ti'ii the fact? of ate nae M thsu^iabaan tena I
the scene ?>1 B ion ?.I Which I Ite^Mnd, ?arefully '
seted so aa te mrb i any anneal jadnasatli
Mat baie I?.line?! Ill Ide beut ?I t ?? l?l!t|<-, I aai
.. lily >.r the .??..i ?"i. thal the ?uddanne? with
v, i. h c-<v i ?iiiisi?.!! dbeaeaatad wlH ha a roaat
. i tor bj pnol that at least leo or twelve tLousaud
? it the ei.etilV, I'llrrtil .- ? i?. o! i :.e Wo ni?, swept Ila
aufafand mm Mwealj faastad paateMMM, wul. n
whBlwladti ln?aaAateal, Bah! ??ii thairteM?r..n|
round the iriirei.? Im <i i? pad oeeefted than la aa
i(?et..n'?killing the I,,' ||.ty I, '1Mb :* i:.y lV*!it
?mi aaiaaaj tea battarisa- an.I in twsnti niinirtn
takint'tall !fS?-ee;?Hi ol It?-n \ .!:? ? I p. el lou ot til?
lino a ..lint. It.ii 1 lill ae ?leurlv CB O' a LUI I lilli
iiii'ia-1 11 k.-'iii?: aad thorough pickei ug would han
averted tbe diaaaur, aad, Uni i>? *_? J?. * ? ?i. that ti ?
raab di?i ipili ? would huti andtspi tiiaeted flghl
? I b1 ??: v''an a BBBBMi rouf, Kt.sl wa, hi hu?, e I ? ! .?
bay the Bahai atalaaebe bmB ?Ceuehn Il.?.k?-r
? aid ? cue up with jt-i iifoi. te i Bia
1 ) K-eiin e Hu? iiBira'i.i.. 1' h ?' ?? ?1 N the f\
trei:,e lafl ti:.'ling an ai'a. I. li BM n loi? e which, we
lui1,.. 1? anred ?ia?-o lha battle, ya eonpoeed ef time
brigs dn \n mi aeon ra at loo Retrained ibu
a;t.,? k. .liri benn 4 a. a*? wari cum ?thal ?Do i?
mm fal ?Baagat of i?-ing ciu-hci, aad K>?.<? sedend
l'?ih lo bisich to his belo. Hi- brigaSo bad Im ? :i
rodared hy dote?B aad Mb? eaaan io ",.-u i ,.
Wnu ila M te ru... . i.r o; the i read 11 ? t? he h ?.
b? e?i in line af bal ;lc, u ai bed m ian ti a S| aa ?i ? ???
h .-.er.i hy tbo i n?-i.y ? i-i. II and " .i own ? ..
and mat late the woods to ihrnugh whieb I uri
ara batdalwnliwBI ihteei gin t??! alaMiery.
p, i a w ?li 11 in urn nddenly raited u, la front al
1'iik. Thoisu?eau f nwhirl h n hungeecrhil
leliithnatfl ing it all ii ?? ,1M hi.. l.<! mi Lily ... a. -
tei nuneli'-i.I wav round the Iront, and -'?i'.'hn;.,. i Ila
iikIM ti ?MM ?MBMr. Here Te. . mel ihe'.-.rav
uti, 1. he l.'i.l i,aid.id ?ii.co the birnie aSBBOd. A
?jiait'r ol au hour btlore I bud wni.hi-d
two s'rciim? of tete-BB |Ml g from left
to li^ht 111 the edge ol tin- Hoods bet.?lid
Carty s old po-?!i..|?, ami iblaMgb his ? .li. J,, lui? elds,
deal le ?jai? king. a ?UJ8M lateat ?af >M_M_iaC Oal of
?ipi r the iiery sn.l Ititi u1? s? ? n?' at hand drove theni
uni of mind, till the re ii t.l 1'e. k s linn bsSMS tbe
iaftraaBMMtefanmu ?. BMafeaMy ?vet beard aa
ii.is cotii iii? t.l aiiiiouii? ? d the simal of tli.it in.nu a-?
lOUii'iTinuri hing for. e to -mu.-h in our louh, und pi",
the wreck of the Lafl Wing in motion to the Chirku
hoiiuny. And ii ivas dono, too. almost. M.ulal m-n
t nulli not eland bet?re it. it war the tireol bnguiter !
?Pnh'shetn ?naahMfrnaaaBarahB? BWbIbb?aat's
was shot. Keyes'e was shot. S1a:l olli. i i i ?i? <l i ob,n. ia i
were everywhere dismoantei, and the sir hi?scd,
a ''?Miiied, and roared with iu_siles ?and our men
fell last and thick?but I tnnst say, that I felt in tmrnt
hell of aaoeeal stufe, the i .tliena ??? ot the eieinuiiiis *
st ingoing of Casey s men, as distinctly as I had au
hour belore felt it when I sat in n.y raddle behind n
no1?.i r. ??uncut tixiug bayoneU, with a vi-ible re
liiiia-ce, iiuijuietioiiiil ?y raiired by the s'ieain of]
ntieat l?oiviu?? righi iu front of them. It a-?mod ,
iu)posrib!e for tie outnuuiUrid men to stay? tl?al I
they must go. Not ?io thought the lighting Ileini /ol
iiiau. Mounted on the horr? ot one of lu* oiderlies, j
bellew everywhere aiuoi'g the retr? tting troops, |
bogged them, onlered Hem, thrrateued ihem, to j
stand; massed them toj-etheir, and l?-?l them again up ;
to the woixi win ure ?ama the tirs thal bad ?wept ne ,
mi ?it-, ami there stayed th? tide of tiefest which wa? !
rolling co lun ?n. i> on us.
lu the meantime Jume. <?n, ;,t the rifle pits (irrt this
side of Casey'e lort j)o?ition, fought deajierately
agaiust overwhelming oilds. The killing of lils honv
aiid the falling of the suimai upon the get eral's leg
and the impression thut he was killed prodmed by
his liiahiuiy te extricate bitutself and to rln, was me
signal to his men to quit a bbsBIBS which they could
not hold. Beyond bim, in lb? wood which Hank? d
the whole of Casey s last position, win the ?dmira
ble Herrv with as admirable troops as evsr breasted
death. How one of his regiments, Voe ? M Michigan,
WM Laod'ed I Lr ve told. Another killed from bO lo?
70 with the bayone?. IMore the three regiinenjj
Iffaw Rebel d.ad at aba conclusi?n of the fight.
Not a monnted officer lived fora moment within
range of their rifles. Every ..ne wss killed. Yet
they wer? not shooting at inanim?. _ targets, nor
play?f with firearm?. Twenty-five of Berry's
rharp-ehootin, experienced woodsmen, were killed
or wounded. The terrible punishment he gavo the
| Bel ?Is, however, on the very ground of their tint and
j greatest ?ucees?, untcrved their fight way to the rear,
? where Hriutzclman was restoring the battle with
bia gathered fragment? of tbe broken regiments
Their die slackened here, then died away, and the
echoe? of Couch's fierce light beyond the ral road a
tnile off, took ita place. This good soldier had ban
?eut to an ve Casey by a flunk movement. With
Null, and Kippey'a SSI I'enmylvuuin, and the Ulm
lVni.aylvaiiia, and Cochrane'? Chastenr?, hu pene
trated the weeda *o ?!o the work that it woald bave
I?na, at least, three brigades to do. Tho 7th and
, li.'d NeW'Terb were afterward BBB into support
hitn. N."?'l and UpMV. left in posit ion to check any
movement on the Hank S-Weeu 't? and the railroad,
wi-i-.' OfSfBeauaai hy tho. torrent of ?r?)oT,a thai *
have des.rii.ed as tomine over from the left,
and forming bl hug ana heavy ?oinnins across
the road way tin abeve Casey's old" ground, (.'ouch
v%?as t ut i,ir, ano in ?a iii of letal leatraetlea or cap?
ture. Mut he had Ins owu light forced right on him.
Sumner at this in.tatt came np, and hy virtue ot
fen raab toeb ceesanad? Fugm ana ?ere with a
eeitiou ol Ilia.ly ? I att? ry, WtUk be BBB lied to tie
u.ln.iratioii of i verylo.lv and Taylor willi a hu' er.
of Beeeleoa twe-ve^wanlna The brunt of the
batt!', hele w.ts borne hy Or brine's CbBBBBB_B_ d10
Rees Yoik -Hat?, Bad Sully ? Minnesota, und the
artillerymen of ti e_e pi?*-e?. It waa obstinate and
bloody in the cxtrim?-. Ih. label dead s're wtti tbe
anedaj ami wl.ere tbee sustain*"(I 01,r lire iu line,
th?;r eorpies were piled iii line. Ihe tight bein-, nut
atti 11, eaeqaal I ? re. ibey tveea peolt-velj Bblyped,
?nul IBS "peal at'.ii k on onr ligh*. was rolli-d kata m
the ??.mo 1?..ni..nt that it wa? disc a'.gej on o>ir
een'er. Hagradn eonanadod eaeeflbe to ('--n.h,
a? ?ngnsen namnsded opaoeRo to HaanaB nan
Tbe tin werit tit,wn u|i--ii the eneuiy i" full p BB ??
?iou mt ear saana aar a mile )..?. 1_ of the position.
I ae dava ?.?ted a tate the gtilUut ilookcr with iii
-j. !,li s brit/?<'e and the J?.csv-J.rs"y troops, hu?! :?;
tuvereil ibu Lii gi.,unit and piirl.t?! the mein, with
the hiivotiet two nil?? away fiotn the hlo.H?y field.
Muring all ltd? lice the Rebels were busy nasovfau
to Kich:..?nd their wounded, and in buryiug theil
? I'? ,i i|.,ii ih? ground w! ere they fell. Yet to nn
1:1 n 11? ea* tlutr dead, and io nany Were tin ii
wounded, ti.al BJ '?he mondng cf the third day they
were Ha k 011 every SBB8 of the sliari. eOBtOSt,
tii'iiheiii,-/ ?he way and frig1.toning my Born. Ill
ride wi:? .me of unxi?.ti? diitv, iiii'l I wa? roiu| ela.]
le vi.-it every ? .?fl B . and every moaning loiTii iii tbe
"It'ii tields. in u..* brush un?! iu ii.? limber, that I
aaald pnaibly se?- iri.m the naidia The evm nee .,1
the lirliel b'te wu? amazing to me on this third day
after ihey were iu posKssiou of tin- ground win re
tneir Ik? 11?-1 and wounded la). FtWM every BBS el
o'ir re, ii 1 ? "--?iigii?,-d tie r<-po''lB MB mnitirrrrii,
that onr Springfield mu?!.et? und our accura'e tire
killel mai r?.,le? Of the enemy.
Our own Bel i? hiavj- loo heavy?bal ttfefal "1 Ibe
etieiit) greatly earned? it. I f. :tr th:it ?B ottii lal re
jmim? oi mea Blind, bo ,i"i. ?i tatt ariaabn s.ill Baba
a dread totalol orerAfiOO. Tbe Ion a. tVeeaaan
is t<? vail o? to ?nute ti,.m wth ?li?, < 1:1..'ni, '.
1 l,?.v had I ?eu mole , oiiLdeni of boBlfag 11?. Jef
lrr?oti I *?x\ 1? shire ?? <| the triMiis th.il w.-l?* ?'deetetl
In ti is battle ba-fore they left Jin I ISOod, un.i protn
kndtban "naneeeaabeeAaeeeleaa ...Miei? ead
never re. eived if they proved ?u.cer-rful. Hu told
nan t'tat a vu-tury would establish the iud<-|?*ud
eu '? "t the South and en?l t!ie war.
I 1 ?iii w'...' -ii i.i. ' .. .-/? I. '., . ?'re.it .i ?li'.iiy ri
.?i!'*, lien,/, aai on Finias totagsaebaa.... Me*
? 'i- l'an 'li it 1,a eli! not consider ('..?.j? poaiiion .1
?tal.; one, itn.1 1.?? <l tn be permitted to ni.?ve np
K?uniev a division. II? was i- II to act upon hie
i.s.n -iil|_inei,t, ?in) Merry'? lr?M.p? were ordeetdtao**
wiriwttl.in reach, on ibe very short 1 all allowed
tis '.s !,?i: tin 'innt BBB so ?uddeiily ov.-rw beim, .1
n?eii 11 ,.vu...;y ?av.?! v.u.
?t- -
The ?.ierro ??nfli-ilag? o? Ihr ??nundi ri -
Ihur Treaimial fey Ihr I!? b? I? In?aOB
in K.itil? .-. f.?'gr-o Worrier Rri.rl D? -
fen**?. Hi Ihr .Shim? ? ?tirer.
1'r'itD t (. orreeptotHit of Th? N .. Tribotw.
B?i toa'? *4titiot. V ?, Julie ti, I.-'..'
T!,< ?'??rai ol Tueoday iiighi BBS waa one ?I '! ?
un**t?tv<re that ha? been known for manv yeais,
causing a 1 "IK1..1 r1 ml. The railioad was dann,.e,I la
a roi,?id. ?able et eut, and 1',. ? caused I tit ? pag? 0
tl.e isn.f in .xily .5 I HUB, BOOOtaBtiil Je!..s iii^; il B
leuiuval of wounded ?oki.eni to White I, ... |,_
evtning a (...in ot mia load? i wiib ibewoaaded
wa? rent rtwav, und llnie ytt i- BMh_M BlOBg ih? I.i.'
aatwesa Ikses sad fsaaaaaaVse? T'u? gieatM ;??
tint, .1 li ?ni have MBB upon the ground ??me latBt*
d.is i.a?! Snnilny. '1 ! S list of wonii lad M tar ?.?. 1
l.tH'O. Th.???'tli.it tell Into the 'l?ii.lsol |be cn, _,v |
id t_M'.urday and wit?- abandoned hy tiietuoa the fol
luwini' dav, s':,!,- that the_\ wero tu-ated kindly.I
Un li kel weejaded that i.ii _ateoar_?ada,B ?
h..d boee taagbl le !" lies 1 Ikal ibey woald le tie;.t
t.i w.'' ? .u" . ai-, agreeefely dinppo?otod, ead
. aal ?Hag tint they are Bested Wita the fa;:'?
kinduro? as OUT OWB BBB, nj?ii,t* lha' they BBTC
io o .1 feaads
T li-- Nil, Aiat inn (a i >?? regii 1 ni I lui ? beert n??at
|v 1 t. ii'.iiii.te!. Ou ""-iiJ:?y tie? were driven from
m. in'.d b3 nu-.?iii ann l:Ii Now-Jeree* ragimenti
,.1 in?- )..,i.t ?a ' <? beyoeat. 'i _a>-11 Colon
kill ,1. end l'A born Is bob la _.,-?..... .. CoL
_ ? 1 of ' '?? ? '1 New.!??? By?
lie l"-. ia. BegBaeat. ci. M? K: ..'l't. weal
Be tbe ia ?1 ?a eeaapn les, at ni erini
,i,,J m, . _.a : leet, l'l k-iled, i'l? BOBBdSd, L-Oj
i.'.f-ii p. v. makins a total at 17a. A Bagro, ? 1
, ih\? bet-aged te the Rebel, Floyd, fol?
lowed tben in? n* mt. Bri lea, ead ?? saan ae fee
, ? ild o' i ?m ? BBekB. jeiaed in Ibe battle, ii, 11
hiitvely 111.til il e elooa.
a Babel iBigooa Bain tbei a fortifleatioa el rall*
road ead rbae Ina ha? asea asasBreeesA sear tbe
oi,.ti m tkna aeren tbe Jeasn River, ead eenssead?
mg an ailsui.l__-ti?ii? position down the 1 ?vee, li
w.!? lo have bien complet'.' I .?n Fii.h.y 11 ght las'.
and t!ie ItafeeB feel eoaAdt Bl that tliey ian ?ne. ne*
1 ill) n; "I tl-o aitaik hy our gmihi?ats.
K11 11 n- In lbs Kaitle of Fair Oak-, heiore
Kii-ti?iood.l Jfaataa Ciit.Moi-f io:?,).ii!, Co. It, M
N. Y. S. M. I d Van nt' <r?.
Thttt the e_.?ni?ile ol th?? luav? nu?! ?nu? *-old??\
id the llep'ihlie may in.? he last, I desire to ha?-*
recorded a hr.ef state mont of the ?er.-.ces jim t-r
miunted hy a gio. idhi death.
Amoug the litat to le.jn.iil io iii? t ? i ,: Us SBBB*
ti v, he enlisted 1.1 t.io lint thi?-e-ye.,i ngiatSBt tkal
left our city for the sent of war, und in n!' tim boa
itr!)le history of ilmt rei.'iiBi-ut BSSfBrBtad bat felt,
so aa to merit and obtain ihe connia ndaiioa 01 hu
At Mull Baa he wa.? dietlagaiefeed !?u eeeba n arad
gail..at ty, and with a few eaSBBBSBI waa mainly m
?tnimen.iil in preveiiting the i olor? ot tho aBJ?- Bl
lioui tailing into the hands of the en- my.
At Mall a Miuii be issetipetd tho daBgBtaas peel ?
pi. ket-ginird, ond was need b^, the udioit : o\e
neal BJ *?-B_b ?BJ were withdravn, aller o'ir
! ?ere had bren slaughtered in limt lunn.t roo? ?I! ..1.
In nil the deties of o soldier, w!.ether ni .?mp ui
01 the uianh, hu? ftiielitr and ?k.ll eroii tar l.i.n tbe
naaeel and Mil em of alf w ho 1 ?me in cm,tuet willi
bim. Cuiisi ieutioiii-ly temperate in all the leSBaSS
0! camp hie, bo avoided sliictly (ho BBS both ol
tiamat un?i loeeeeo, and by taiel*?y atteaa-Bg te tbe
Law? c1 health was able io pssflKSI his duties abb*
out the Io?s of an hour.
A? FairOaka the official report shows that his
regiment, together with ibe 3!tb New York, re?
ceived the furious charge ol tbe flower 0/ tin; Rebel
urmy, ?lushed with vi? tory over Casey'? division,
and, without giving an inch, turned back the tide,
and seul the truilors to their lair, broken and dis
coiulited. Tbia was a putee for a pa'rmt soldier to
die, and there, witb bis face to (be for, died .lutr".
Tbe Ba?l- of Fair Oak?.
We have been permitted to make the following
extracts from a private letter, written fry Col. liar
low of the tilgt Kegimcnt, in rogart! to the battle of
At abont I a. ra. on ?lune 1, we were riai-exi, and
I was ordered by (?en. Howard to form mr regi?
ment on what is called " cloie colnmn " of division.
It wss dark and raining. My orders were to take a
certain fuabswtk, and be reidy to form in line when .
ordered, or when ti? line in front of us should
bleak? retreat, or when, from any cause, I should -
think it best. After having forn.id line, I was to
adrance ur>on the enemy. My regiment, in colii.cn,
jBBfl oa the right of the second Hue; next on our?
left was the New-York filth, and on their left was
tha 81st l'enii.ylvaiiia. The New-Hampshire Slh
WM in sotne other part of the field, lu our front, in i
the wood!, in ?ame formation as ourselves, wan
French's bridado of our division, ard diria-tlv iu
our rear was Jlesgher g brigade?only Insn hi.?
retnmentg being pi-ewut. We s?oo?l iu thii lo-iti? n
nome two hours, he-ring o nivnil linug imuikttiv '
on o-ir le't.
Tho rain itonped and the men were allowed to
mike a fire ana cook con.e coffee, mid I to ?k Borne.
We had bei-un to think there would be se fight.
Abo'i' 7 a. m., we heard a tremendous rollo of
BUMhsM] burnt out of the woods on our left. We.
we erne at ouce l'sced hythe iintik, aa it in called
(m tose ranks formation), and n.arched i.itu the
wood., in doiiblo quick, mine l'ollv?win_ the o?fI?
BaatoBSt, ->a our way the Irhg continue!, Bad
w?' aw.-ever-.il u.en of other ngbtt-ts croschlng
aadsr beabea I ipekBleesveral aadsshodtl i-w why
they did n?t go on; they naid they bal IsMtbeBr
gana I astated thin out "to my n eii es emin: li?, i,
what a toward ii. TheMSSgBraeBtbish BK ii-i
urowth of o?ik, ln'.ereperied with -tnie taller IraaBlH
Altor mai? bing some '.-(Hl yunis, we esme oui on the
railroud, when we forme'i iu line of bottle, g ?th the
Ou!, on our left. The ilrin,' ?vue lioinir on in the
vvoad*, on the other ?nie of the rnilroiii. towar-i
willah we were lb-fag, but none of the abeto pFrn.li
n? ai- up. I tbeu ordi-ie-l our iaSB to tap t,n-ir p?ete-,
tiley hiiviuK hetn previo?_!y leaded? lu a f'tw
minut?e a volley was tire?! in the anna?, ead Iba
balls binacd ? lose over u?. My regiment tii^x! linn
i.!..l ib.! . li thie ti:?.?, Ule -'-til Ncw-Iii.uij)3:.ire and
BIM l'ei.rsylvui-iii were M rome other pee?I oil the
riiilroa-l, no? in right.
A Mottest li?ir, the arler wie given te n.ovtiioi- -
ward, and we ann tie tilth moved iu li tt ol batt?t
int?? tbe 4?.hkI?. A laNBSaattB laing wis g ling on
t! erein, but we c.uld tee no oue 'Iii? ash the ! :i\?' ,
t. ..null the balls lum.? BtaBfi ti? very ?birk. At tengtb
we i-Hiii?? on th?- -?.t?l Heiiiiiyltutiia BeshBast, one ol
Kri in h i lui.-ade. Thtv wire Brigg bii.k'y apeathe
aaenj in them Best. I w??b riditig I etea the r?-gi
BMBt,SSd de not know whether we hail In | m ? oaa
BSte that time 1 ask"d the Colorie! of ibi- SSd
It BBBJ t\ .tula to Bteg tiling B?Oe I wastes iu ao?
vante of bim. His mer. were tiling all Broached
down. lie itopped, and 4vc went (.4ci linn in geod
oider. WebegiBsnagaa tve wealla? w.u maid
platal] sei- the vi.? my in the wo ?da in front of Bl:
ive were clcie to them, ??nd they iii ??T rigorsaaty. I
order?-?! t y ii en to retire? lirin-r, which, nuichto theil
? re-ii?, they ui?l, aud we went steadily ou tu..ii v,?
| -t to a kind of cb ?iiii^? on V e atti of a bil),when
LBCM 4?m? n coi r?. The enemv wen firing and fa.II
Ing ba?'k befen ni all the iin:e. When 44e j-o? to the
?f'- iii- bill, I hailed the line, git it in order, aud
tbe mu? violent tiiiu-- bena BBseebaatoe. lb cling?
ing .I lbs b??ala waa a v. tul. I?, ..'-a,.- ; .? -? ..?mil-?
ana inn drisgsad gnastag, sad rasning ebon
with tur?;? st'ot und arma fhot. It wa! an at.'iii
pi 'tit.
li ..'all li il'lll-li. I'llpt. li.-i. li. (' ?. We WSI ititi
oc-d : al ? CapC iienoi, Co. I), niau i.ittut.
j .vi? Im? r -, i-oetu-Bodlog Co. C: Lient. n?tii),
em... :"t iding Cn. D. Bl I I .?eui -ttgBB, CBBBBBBS*
?iig !'". K, were BOOB wounded BBS b;,d to leave
the fl-ld, leasfsg theeoeneatte without aay ? Bears.
Il.irnt. l'oui'ii of Cn. ( wa, :tVn v, oundell ar. ( left
I tbe field, ka*?iag bli eenpaa* witina
' 1 l?o Liest? Muvr. i'o. A. B_l weaaded a .d - grried
I ..tr.
I rode in.iii va m t? oft be iiue ni:'ii we gul 11.
?iii.?i.. Sly bo- t> wen? on In-'uTiifnlly aud calmly
?uni waa ant at all ftigbtessd. a I iiid .
ile nmed wbellj -nfoaniwad. Aun veo
pot into our i>06itiju 1 finad 1 ??olid loi
move lead,!?- Bbsst ia tLt weeds ee hoi
H.d i?. Mm ??? -."it'.-'i. Whaa an bad beea iir
big anea Brlnwln cen. Howsid ?-?ai??e ihroipi
(mrbrlade os lort with Me ana Its- tip. Robad
tod ihaMtb, aad bsm waesshtawsy-l lbs field.
Bia bene hai beea abet aad bli btv brakea ia twe
pi 1 . It waa ?titpit -f-.l h..?'? evcoinc. Ile p.-?
bee ? iii.i'.i?. ii ann Reward, in* toMbersnd aid,
- v c!? "v." ?u-ide-1 in the thigh. Mile, 1, ,
ev ept a ?-at gm? "? the beeL
A'.lei abol'.l len lu UUlCg i 1' '.i'.'.rff. f'l?- BSM f Ml
?o k, ind we tooti an tim i I -
tbe :i.':? ?'. lind rent Col. MasSBM back to ask loi ?Up
BBrtaM lhere vv.re no ng-BBSM BB S-htt i I
The 93d Passa] i-, i ia cana np, esaeed ta -ml -i?'
n-, ??ml a rlgoroui Bring agiin bagas. I don'.
I?:.owwhether tbeseaw lbs asenTsrsot. They
- .?n f? II bsc? behiuu ??ir meu. and I ate| pud ..
?ait pce-nii the rneuiy. Ve; nea Word -.-. as tit in a bl
tau a iv^miei'l of the em-iiy hal gut r..... J be
tween n ??t d the ri-ilr, il h sar rear, aad I wal
bach to ees B bala wat is, an?! eke '? aetlf-etii
??eiij la M our parities. ?? bieh wm m adesBia of say
ess ae Mt tt ws ?-ililli MSi H-ik gmt, fit! Hmi
tet' wai slut -.Vi.?!, through the IxaiJ. Wc luve1
? 1 '..im. Bl d BBWSed hi? -.live. Al thii?iu:.- ?ve
?vere la a very ti? kl'.sh p<>?i',i.<;I--?ve ?ad the S3d
I'? miall-.?iiiiH. VNe weie iir B-trsBeod, and ana
had t.?;i killed ai.J wo'.nded. lue.? wa.? mi one
lapporting our Basha, aad it wai blghlj probable
(bal tbe ci. my anea tn onr rear. It wai so i-e
ported '" sa BJ thaaa when I hat eeai baeb is mu
c. i-. Uswai 1 had ?iii-.-i-J bm net t ? re:.*?- with?
-, ? erden, sad I iboold no1 batra dared a' Bar]
rite '?? tet ..;. BM IBB WBedl we:? ti.n-li, ami I
Mt .ii :i<-.t mp e d:v.m\ te lire, lett we ihesld fin Qj i
m-, uiv.. a.eu. I ?ni ibu i .?ti inieted ead .il??- tit tu
Ua I .-. n.an-I ?cut oae o.iiier ulier anoi?er te nntity :
i lan, I.i bsr.l-oii oi our tit nailon. I- indioR it nece?- i
is-v- to ?.Fiante our j?o.-it'.ou B?gh?J, I wa? Bttviag '
t it* ui? ; . 4-.!.eu we gol .i tre'.ut-ndoui volley from our
: ir \t nether ftoni on ow u nun m the eiii'inr 1 '
don't knew. 1 ??1 arj mbb Ueaakklj dow_t_sd
tie bullet? {?-?el senas IfwsssdbeeaMaBMU-g,
BSsbsaM sata lafibnd teniMy. At baglh bj
BBttSSgl ' ?? ' ? .. wi;h o? len to niarcli o-it hy a
Ciict.ioiii i-- ile. ihe oii.er iiLimeu:- had beea n<)
tiiinioi our eomiii?r, ami eessrd Briaga IVaeaaM
i.tit in bi'.iu'.iiiil - .der. aod weie tne ia?: rei.iu.eul
nut ?d the tVttitt We feasd tbe rest ol the division
draws B| oatheiallnsd ann ia ib.- apea field i ? I
lan- boen waiting eve. ??ti?, bitaglng i?, en
WOUIll'* l.
We liiiv-e beeu exi-eciiu-.* h:i Bttaek, bat t,,;* iin:u- ;
tim l ?iitik tue asen? bare ntreated, a? I ..cuni
lie tu m?vil .? 1.,' night. It t-eerii we wire O] ?sod
to the M Atabal a nsg-sest, ?STn WfiMnag? W?
di vi- ti. - tu i. i..!. :e?y out eg right? The?.ai
had di ?i,.;.i ?i i" ?'.tal? tui-? par? oi isa ewm\j, bal had
beta isaalaed eu .?!' aides 3ly n?en bel i.^t-d nully '
admiiablj. Boan, 'i cosne, wsald hate bjckuii,
i ::t. : al v,?- drov." iii? .11 all lil). (?i"0. HoVVti-d hat
Bald thal be San Bel believe (hen* aie hi-tirnien
in the World thit.i lilli Uc;,iu.i'iil, aiid thai WSStSogl
.ii li.iv ali-l 1-- ghi like ?eteiaus. I give U| uW?.
woij? ?or what tacva-.e Barth. T.eana w neeol !
ai d ebe?-ssl lo ne?saaad ui?! art benkslsIL]
Seveial ums? tli- Rae VBSHld and tell back a lew
ian ii, bal BM always biBBShI thStt np. We weie
ibe asl* -egtanatel the Brigada wai-h ?rid eel
brash ai mu el atom liant itr irthar Col. Miller,
of tbe KIM I'- ?' ?? I- ??? .m. v a? shot lu the lind ?t
the beginning of tile fight. Col. Cross u wosaM.
(?M lots 11 foar coniiniii.iiii".! i.ttieir.v li'I" ?lout-i
uri t aud lour woaaasi? Of the wmnidtd mea, oue.
(Coull.- w II probably lose his leg. Hain, his lace '
completely toiuplettly sliot Oil, will be aw tully di?- ;
tiuQicd, ii" he sliould live. Of eulmted men our lot* '
II Si u.011 killed outright, 7.1 wouuded, and 8 miwiug
- tot ti 103 euliiu-d men. We weat into action with
417 men, and the?etore lost ons ?jnarter o? our number.
'I be itatf ot our Hug is shot airar, and it tuts six bul?
let hole? through it. The New-Hauipsbiru Mannst
wbkh went iu some ii'?') itrong, lost l(?o kille.1,
wouiideil.and mining. The BIM und frith Io?t mm h
It??. Our ktois bwvietl in vroit-jrtioiJ, uud u? Me
ears far exceeds alb The regimen?, ia praieedea all
aidee. The Lte?i nena ia that the enemy ia retreat??.
mi* On .??alurday afternoon we beard heavy firing,
fend murehed at once without tent?, fend st 7 n. ra.
rea. h sd ti Is oban, which is on tb? railroad fi-om West
l'oint, Mme 7 miles from Richmond, on tbe weM sid?
i of the^Chi?kali?triay, i'be pliite i? ?ailed the Fair
Oaks Station. I and mv hors* are wholly unhurt.
11 was in the thickest ol'it at the bead of my regi
I rient. The oro cheered me daring the fight, and
when we carne out the 64th broke to piece?, and I
took two of their compauM into the eua of my regi?
Col. Biook, ofthe iM Pennsylvania, did well.
S -mi- lil of our mea will ceruitily die, tQ that oar
killed will be over ?W.
I doubt if we go into letica again .inlet! we are
j absolutely a rese?e. We have only 'J company offl
j ce j?, 1, ft, one of whom (T_Aivrvi.ee) I hove to ino as o
! il1,1"1 "".c, aud bave bad lo nat tbe regiment into
i ??j companies.
l'iiiiiliiii,.. Land and .Naval Demonstration.
1'iroi!Alllti: (IPTIHE OF THE CITY.
Pim inn run, Monday, J nu? J, l.,?-j
The mllowing diepatchea are taken lioui Southern
pupti? reei i ved in Ballimore :
0,'iiuKiTOY, TueiJay, Jim? 3, 186?
Iii- I' non gunboats are moving np m if to engage
ear Batteries. The greatest, excitement prevails, ao
the- ? rnbeett are in tight at times. Kve? y eonlidenee
is . iii?, ?ed in Oeu. Cist's ability to drive thein
v. ?1? M off.
GaSatOBlOa, We?jD?-,la?, Jim? 4??. n>
The enemy landed this morai.!**-, 2,1)00 strong, st
?'?i.?.- I-i.ktid. opposite the city. A battle took place.
The enemy were repulsed and twenty men token
prieontirs hy the forces of Ge-n. Gist. The prisoners
w.ll he- SHU to Selma, Ala?, imnn-diatcly. There is
?.till l.i.'iii- iiiin" in the direction of ?Tarnee Island,
and it is nimored that a hundred more Yankees have
been mt oft' and captured.
Chaki km,a> W.d!???hy. Juu? 4, li.'uJ? p. aa.
QsB. (i'.t'.'t last di.ip.ilch my a:
"The pi ?MMBI ta!.? n this mo ning report that the
rae ? y loaded l,TM ttraaf sa Bsttseo Ma-wl and
John I lin?'. The eti.-m) is now in front of me ia
I umlt rover of his gunboats. An advance
is imminent."
Nuts ? Timei Uland ii formed b j St.no K Wer a? tlu-.ao.-tl,
I. ?p.-.j I':. ek?a the ??it, Cliarla-.tun iiaibor on Um north,
??iii i a \y Hirer ?...I ?everii i.i.njto.eda-iii'ka ou the ???at, which
. ? ? ? . ... ?. Mci:.- Ia aiiJ. Ii? noiii..ni al le folly IBM.
nu J. tiie ( ity of ''..a l?r tun, Ka it. Jackaua and tiuniUr. bjj4
(-'??tie 1'iuckuejr. CLtrlttttou, at in Demil point, ii law? tb?a
BM ?i ? e Jit'.li.l. [ti.. T Kirtl-NK.
The lu ion Flirt Pan? ihr I*owt*r Batierica
and Aiiath. l'art .tlargan.
T'ie Piteiiitirst (Va.) Exprett of the 4th inat.
?tates that a dispatch from Idohile iufoi-uia i hem that
li.? I MM fleet had attacked Fort Morgan, having
pi" ?? -I th? lower btutc-riee.
i rto.Tt .ni-:ni?nia.
The Cil. Quiet?Capiarr of m Baasway
H< fe? I aia-ain? r.
Manran. Saturday, Jon? 7,1MJ.
Bane the BMraal surrender of the city yesterday,
BBdtbeoeMiBg ti pickets throughout the city, the
e\iit"ii;erir ol' tin? peefll l.as ?nbiijed. All wae
? .?.ii ?a' n_-*ht, and the only event of the morning
waa the i a; ture of the Rebel steamer Check, which
lladed oar ft' ct ve-trrday above tho city hy running
Bp a BOOgi out ol ?iKhu She was brought dowa
ii. a. .rum/. Nuil.iiig has yet been heard of the
??(?st Van I>o; ;, willi n is ihe only boat of the Rebel
licol t',?. c??, pod yi-.'ei-.iay.
4 oniiiiKcal Ada attcr mt Oar Irmy fttupi
lion mt ?*?? um! K'-ba-I Towiin '?0,000
ol BeaiirfKaral'a Arm? Di-ai rt. d OtBer
Partien? ('lt>?rly l-iinrdad -Tia.- P?r?nple
Itcbbrd all nlaaa iBt? Lina- mt Ka (rt-at
IB? Wealtbtant Vaaailk-s Btftrvinf-.
I. .-vi.i.z Ky, Monday, Jane'1, tM2.
ii ir ' ?i?? no*A Ottayy Baldwin, (iuutown, .lack
OM sad l?tlivar.
1* ilroad repair, are progre oinii rapidly.
Th" enemy pfee-ed Guntoivn last night, retreating
.oathward li-om baldwin, li is eteuiiia.cd tiia. '.U.O?O
ban i i, ii ??me tiley left Coiiuth, mostly fiona
Kent ? TtnaaBM. and Arkansas regiments.
Ali t.ie rc.-'ir-ients i'rom tboie Stale? piiss-.d down
rlmeij ..aided on loth sides by Mi-wippiana and
A la ??.iiians.
It ia bell? led by country people that Ileaaregartl
?am? i cti'er Columbus with half the troops ho
beeaejbt Wttwy nom Corinth. The whole eoontry
north und ?-aai ol' llaldwin ia full ol' armed toidi?is
returning to Teniio*sd;e uni K-utncky.
Gen. taft :e!i*ii?_- hs from the advance that the
pi noon who tir?t ?aaaal to be exchanged, now
?Ai/ to take the oath.
The enemy drove fend carried off everything for
a lits around.
I'i e w.'ahliii-'t fnn.iliea are dnatitiiteand starving.
W s ..?n and children aro crying for food, and all ihe
? ice loree?! into the army.
T..<* ? neiiiv i? lepre.euted a- greatly auffeiing for
from the sourn.
C.tiito, June 8, 18<j0.
7 ? r ktsan f Pfkig ->f wB 4th says thatti.o
la.oitist? hare lauded 6,000 troo,-a st Baton Rouge.
The M'inplnt Avalanche of the Oth taja that the
l.xomoiivca recently run off by the railroad em?
la ?j? ces ?nive been recoveied. The same panter saye
: ?. ?i.i the tirai?.-?s between li, a.pin? and iluia
iiolu; boee lu ?-ii ?act roved.
L- Li.viLLB, ivy,, M n.ttty. Janal, loitZ.
TI e Jj .. , 1 lu-day, has the following:
Kaii.tKtiLi.a, Janal, ?MJ.
Tu the J.ixion .-/ TA. J* iiii?WI, J otnai.
( i ' m i.i ?: u : In I Jeu. Ruell'a report, m naWisbed
ia T% Jam ?../, of the HOtb nil., f?en. Boyle's name
(lies not appear. 'Una ia a mitt?te. It should bo
mentioned wita the names ol the other Genarala, io?
j-'l-ti.iry on I'-.o field.
IK KB Y, Colonel and Cblsf of Stat
Major-llea. Buell alao tclcgrsplis to Geo. Boyle to
tim ?ame i ?Vee!.
ripen?! ?diafta'-cli to T! e Ktawini Pott.
BMaaMMB, Mnnday, Jin? 9.1M1.
Calsasl Polk of Tennessee declares that Beaore
i-vnl aud the flower of bia at?iv are to-day ia Rich
mo ?i. hsviutr probably nade their wey tlatbsr from
( ??in a by way of Mobile.
BtiTixoaa, Monday, Job? 9, IK?.
The boat from Old Point arrived here at 7 o'clock
thii morning.
The Britieh war ?-earner Jaton arrived at Old
Point yesterday.
Lieut. W. E. Blake of tbe 3J >.!W-York Volan?
te.ii lu. leeu BpBaBrJ a..?-..-.i-up te Ueo. Oia.

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