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v?i* xxn.n* 6,610.
Severe Initie with Jackson's Whole Army,
a Brilliant Victory for Fremont.
ID0I MU HIBlIM mu Less.
0?ter?l FlHMtl1! Official Report.
ti-e: rebel ashby killed.
O.r Am- Stop cn ihe Field ol' Battle.
j . Baan ? ' ? ?ita, ti ima -, leiaa. i
?'. tang, June I 1. .'. i
Il iii ta-stita ?yesterday hey ead the tetra tas
BeheJ mi i a it?taed le bara haaa *ee**j heavy?
Most-cf oar w aaded have han bnaght in. OeL
Kane .i ?a"Beeh?__lB" ia in the etemv'a MMtia.
The beta ef ?Gee*. Bahne al lhalal Hew Jnny
C?valo ha* ana tonn J. Capts. stilwell sad
('?a-Il ? : t'.c ? !">? -". I Mad MB l i ianier?, ami not
at? ii ad. *
Col. A-hhy. the fanions JM el cavalry leader, is
BB-tabtedly kuli d. This i? Baeartataal ?rom people
laauj mm the I eitle leid, aad ben ptieeaen ...ken.
Major (?re. n ? f Mt res.-i me nt rrae tate by Capt. Brod
raitaeftae ntw?Jneey ?Ceveh-y?
PB????!'? Baal'tlCARTFR?, BtTTIB VlSIl? )
Ki ?.vT .Uti as Baie? H.mii. ?ox ni ki) \a, "
June!., li'. )
Ot; . Frer.oiil Las sante?SB the enemy, of whon
BBBBeheea?_i panait f'i a we?k, forced him to
?'?ht. .i ?! !,; I'n.vcn 1 .ni fiom hu ?rbo.en poaitioa
aith heavy loss.
Ho ici: *i:,.iit>onl>iirg this morning at 6o'clo<l:,
and sdVMSn i in pun-nit .1" JaeksOB by the road lead
mg t?j Part ?'-'??pu' !.. OB the left of the turnpike to
.Stai.u.ou neveu nales beyond IlHiTisonhnrg, ?he ad?
vanced ^r.ard diecovered the enemy posted in the
woods to ti.'.? left und Inn!, appaiently in lone.
artillery was sent to the front, and commenced
aht'.lmg without ?.??.?.ring any reply. Jackson, at
bit h?*.'iig haaa fore??! to make a Hand, with b."
whole fcrmy, had completely masked his position in
woode and ruines. Ba-Va_BhsH and cavalry were
nut ft:ward.
The vi ole column caine rapidly np, and lue line of
eaU'iK.icg nearly two uiilee. was promptly formed
und? dire tion ot C<>1. Al'ht?, Cbi?f of the Slid'.
Befcre it wascfinjlete?!, Cien. Siohl, with the Gari?
baldi Guards, haeflBM em-aged with the enemy on
the cxinme right, and forced him to fall back.
At half-p;.bt twelve a yen-ral advance was or?
den.1, ?.id ti:?- whale line moved forward, Genei.il
M.i.t_\ had UM center, (itiicial Scheuck the right,
ami OsBBeal Steal, with nil hie Brigade except n.e
Oh.- I a'ali (Ja J, the front. General BhaltT't,
?General Ho'.,.lu s and Col. BtstawaaSBtet'l ii.-.gade?
iO-ipoee?! the IBSSfUa?
The line moved down tie llores of three hills iuio
tl.e valley and tin the oppc.-ite ascents, which at the
au in ii r j ?Bete covered with w<-ixl?, aii'I in tbc?
woods and in belts and in the Ita.y timber beyond,
tit? enemy were posted. (Jen. Stahl, on the left, MSB
Srst en_aLtd, (j? ne. Milroy and Scheue? ?xxiii a!?-1
/??nti.l the enemy, a_d the battle almost imu.e?ii iXt'.r
became gem-ntl.
Geu. Itehl, BUH Scl.rivenei s I.attery had shelled
the Kebel B?.* ii??n, BBVSBSMl the *th New-York an 1
?l^th New-?ork through the woods, into the 0[>?n
?field, on the Bihar aide eftvUta the enemy's right
wing w.'ie eeaeeabtd ia the Mootai
Xhatak ai\ai.?ii f,:tiiumly nndei R heavy fire,
but be.".ig io Ion? unsuptMiited by the. ?Uta, Bad
'argely ???'tnumbe.t 1, w?-re liually force! to ntln.
Col. Milch?'.1 was severely wounded, and t!.e who c
regiu ei.: badly cut ii]?, laahaj art le?*? ti.:?i? 3uo,
more BMB hail its slr-n?th.
The aaaatj, s ?niri.it was ahaefeed by artillery, ant
Gen. S .?'ii * ;.. ?? withdrew !?.* brigade to a stiBagot
? position, IBpaBBBJ S llauk movement, and bo.ding
hi? a 1 UK firmly. Geu. Alihov advaaead hil ceatei
rapidly, Ihe artQlen*) fire nsnpslHag the en? my io
give ground.
Gen. leheaek, on the righi turiaa drove haek the
Bebeis Bjhe attaasftella urn hi? poeition. Along
our whole iiiie our aitiUery, under Co!. Pilronas
diiectkn, was ?rved with fciea! ?rlgn SadgneialOB,
and the huai s"ic? ess was haig, ly due to its eilet-.
The enemy a'ill.-rcd sever? ly. One Rebel ??y
ment !o?t two-thirds of iii .Timbers in attempting lo
Uko Wcdritk s buttery, wui, K lui them topi .et
with canister at fifty pace?. Tl.e llehH banu--?
were repeatedly silenced, and forced M abandon th-ir
Col. Cluser't, with his weak bi'gude f?ok ani
held tlie center of toe enemy s poa:?.;on, and hi? en?
campment is there to-Dight. ?On fonts weie out
aumbeied at all ?-oiuts, but lia*, e aecapiad the ii? be
lines, and forced t!.e.n to retreat. Tie l>ss .? >_\y
on botli side?, the euemy s'irteiiug eaperially fi >.n
our artillery.
The Garibaldi Guards laaJ *?eaily Mt] the -'?iii
Ohio, bO. The total loss ia estimated at ?tom six la
e:gh*. Lundred, in killvd, w.) uni?-!, and ni.sein'?
Col. Von Giiia (Ue Kalb laghaBat)* < B] L Um ?,
8lh _?ew?york? (.'apt. ?BBan, 9th ?New-\o:?,
Capt. Ii_chtite, oJUi KaW*Tsak? ?Capt Gharles
Beeta, HA ?datai laquea CsMtwsIl, 82d Ohio, an
all wounded. IIauyoti.!.! otficers aie BOUBBSd i I
Tlie itebe!? Maghl w; al j aaalaree h w.,:e ? i
bbmss tessa fwasd teadvaaea ihiaagh opes
Tiie euea.y'e a '.an ages edpoeltiSB an J the numaeis
were ct'U?t? i -balanced and intmaXtati 1/ Den.
Fremont s s.j If ni __ndl 'og o-r ?'..? '-' "t">- Bad the
?nolnees ?n i u?*- n jiai on with win? i
^?otee-i. Ihe ligi.i was tai las tar Ban Man
SSrl ewiti?ued til] ntaiiy rklk.
Our ?r_y ,.eej * on the tie.?J ol bartle.
??BL 1 IllMOM- It I I'Oili
BsiasrairTBni Sitr** ?????? ?*?? ? /
tAM>- : aan i'u_T I! r :??;?. .?
.'...'.' ? ??? J
****m*m' ? bj Basans. In ira-| >j >? ???
The army left lafriaaahl ?g a' ?) tali ? ??! I
st bi wy advance engaged t ,e Hebe!? a >ul ice;.
Biiei ian ta? ptaaa, ne?u Dalafl Chanta.
TLe enemy wa? very a?taBBBjeaasl} '?"?"??I ?"
?the umber, bavin?/ ahaass i asna psaWea, i eauBg
a-uuillcrc.'cie tim our own, au,] willi in- ha -j
formed ?/i B I ??. ?? BBBBMI i BB llBtllfj ri -la? k?
UW'aeu'.irefo.ie. The hsttla ! egan with'beav; I;
ll?|at 11 o ci'-ck, and Justed with great obe'iua? J* Bad !
**** until lour in the B?Mli?lte
txtue ekiruii-iiiiig ;;.jid atlillery bring coiitii. .ed
i"??! that rime until dark. O-r Uooy* tgggfhi o? | s
?Otelly under tl.e BflM-HBaa h re d greatly supeiior
euuiW?, the hottest of the small-an.i hie being at
*U left win?7, whi. b was held by 6tahl's brigade,
???listing of live regiiueiita.
The bsyonet and famrt*i shot were used lreely,
at?! with great effect by our men. Tim Ion on both
****m M *VJ great, m is ?ery lieaiy auosg tte
j officers. A 1?1 repeat of tbeei who Asdega?M
themselves will he made without, partiality. ,
I desire to my that both S?BBS! and men behaved
with splendid gallantry, and that the lervicc of the
?nilli ty was eapeeiallp eenbebb*.
We are encatn|ied cn the ti? Id sf the hauls, which
may l-e reueweil at any m ?nient.
J." C. PKHMONT, Mejor General.
THE SKIRMISH ol? 1 111 HsIiAY.
Wt-iiiNOTii? Tuesday. June lu. lifii.
The Mearlapj wits raoolvod at the Wet llepart
j nient ?hie morning:
Il a mein ana? aaa? iaimbFinal
Htaai ..mi, m., .luoi.', lft.;-.'?9p. n.. J
" ti ' Bann ML bnurtoa, IBr?asi|o/ Har.
" i be ?ittui h it'ioii the eiii-niy's rear of yesterday
precipitated his letr.at. Their loss in killed and
| wounded was very severe.
"Their reireat is almost 1-y SB impnnalde rond,
ulong wiiii h iniiiy wtuon? were left in the wood?,
itinl vvngon buds sfbb?bste, clothing and other
eqoipnoan aio piled Bp in ?li directions.
" Dining the evening manytf IbeBsbsli were
kd-Qad by ?lulls frs.m a battery of (Jen. Stahls
" 1.4*11. Ashby, who cov.r. d the retreat with h.?
whole cav.xlty IbffM and tlirt*?- regiment., of infantry,
aiui who exoil 'ted BB?bable skill and audacity, wa?
i among the killed.
" lien. .Milroy made ii NeOBBsisSSBSS today about
? teven nOos cn tl.e l'ort Kt pul.lie road. nod ?beever?
led a eastlea of the eaaasy'e fiaron eneaaiped in lbs
?? J. c. Fitr.MuNT. Majn Anani Couurtnd.i.g."
Tt.i Min?, Irani Franklin- The ?bar-? of
the n.?<l--l.nurd Untrem, e into Mlraa
luirg Fur.nit of the It. b< .'? Jnrkaon'a
Prisoners ? Their Treatment ? It ill? ii
and \? au tided,
, Ktou. Uni Sp.iii. i orreipond? nt.
Kkbmosi's Hs-toaeaayoo?,
B . -T.'-, non, V.l., j me.. 1P45_! ,
When Gen. Fremont left Frnukliu to go to the
relief of Gen. I?.tt?k?> Deparinient, the success of
the movement .1 speaded on it? rapidity uni) secrecy.
Corresj-ondent* were therefore leaaSSBfel to send
Ti? ither dispatcher? n< r If t"- is nn:il the nnny had
crossed tbo Shenandoah. Th" enemy were li ret ep
countcred near Strasl rag, and from ?hut camp 1 tele
giapbed news of the advame and the skirmish, and
SabeSSjasally fuither account-, of the i rogress of the
pursuit. To-nij^lit, when 1 am lir.t able to sen?! a
let'er, I have to cuiden?? th* narrative often event?
ful days. It is not poFsib?e t., do them JasfeV f?, and I
1 eau only hope to state brieily, and a? ? lowly as the
woeriaen ol' i? long day in the ?addie tv ill j-eru it, a
Bunin ary of tbf-ir ftOgree?.
The story of (Jen. Hanks'? retreat and Gen. ?T.ick
' sons sncreasful advance ii well known. It plnced
at ?lie BBferej of the Beheb the. valley of tlieSiienau
'1 .iib. ead tbe Bal i Bote ead Ohio ballroed, opened
un eotraace int., ?erjlaai, aad B_Dei Waab?flea
i with a'arm. At tbe hist < lear perception of the real
1 hit oat ion, orders were sent to ?!,n. Fremont to
march iii'tu'.lly tetheiB?ef of ?he I?ej.atlu.-e|it of
lbs Bl ."iiiinaoah. When thos?*. orileie were received,
Gen. Fremont with hi? w hole available force lay at
Franklin waitfa ?al of aeppBn assdSMfeaae
of toaaepMlat-OM lo enable hfaa teadveaea. I have
Imatosne reto ? I loanaeol the dbbaWee Bfekh
were in the wuy <>f his . au.paign, kal kstSSBSBSh as
i they still exitie-i, eadttod ?l?-tiula. 1 hove no spa..
10 give ll.eru here. Iii' y may be ?un_u?ed ni? in the
?talements that his iieai?*at base of ni| | lies was ?u
nilee ?Beteat, aver t, nalele raade a?tool bapassa.
ble; that IfeaVS BBS ii"t one tlii .1 the number el
wairoa? and benn nec.*s?arv to 'rain.) ort ? roviriot,?,
mu?'?ml lol a v\?.k b.- anny v,._e ?Aithiu two ?1st|
u. atarvatiea. ?" aaVaaaa, tbesefeae. neaeeetna
ue.u m lion. ! e .;.<.?:.? inl no: ?-\i.-t lo suptIf hi?
Iraopo with feed oaatarirard inai.ii. It ana ml
pcieibto te Bribe *-? mt tim u,? ntl ina below r'rat.k
im and approach Hairiooaborg? Tbe only esaie?
o; til le hin? w.o t.. i.-l .ii |0 I'e.erslu.ig, i. .,\ ii g -.,
fat toward hisd??*ot of ?jj?lie?, and eseetbg ni ' s
al them ?ti the wmj, timm bv w..y of Ifoetafield ai,?:
Warrensville edvaaeeea btiasberg la ti s hope of
there plating bin-ell in Iba nu "! ?la? koon, ?ni
ion., clung hiui lo fight or nlrcat.
Adopting lb.*- plea, '.eu. I lea out left rr.inklni o:i
Mniday, -_a*f3-v li?1 Beeta were eshaaafesd ka
pgavioaa ioreed nasebaa le ran vo >? ban k un-i Hit*
rov. fiom vrJ.nh they ___.! not had tii.ie tu rei ruit,
and are eweal ban want o! food. 'ii.e __n" ses en
m.le.? mt reed ?pees mlj .mit m4 absolutely laa*
panible hywagoae. It wa? suth ?i io?d a- aaaaol be
?.??nid in the i.a-*., nor wheie nu ?rmy bas _iot paBBd?
Wounded and MB v.ete tatt at rrankliu, beean*?* ?n
aiton pt tocan, them we Id have killed thoa?, -\e\ei
theie-s, a-Bheultatraia of waaoBa, the a?nv nea h. .1
htteeii unlea th>- nut day. Ii.e next it rea? bed
I'lat-iil.urg, t i.rtv adlea troin r-raukliu, al noon, and
halted Vii Ian IbJ morning. Orden were then
Bi ed ?'mt kti-i?a k-, isate,eadbagpBgees*evsrv
daacrlplioB the! eotlld r.^-s.i.?y be ai?|>?">u-?ed with
.., e left belinda The k?apa.ik? were alore-d
i : i ?asee; Babeen ?rete sllewed ? ?ingle vaiim?.
I? ive da laBoaeol hard hreaii were i?-",it*d to the
tra?an _,'..) H 1... ??las the a: my* ad vu n ? ed to M.-nit
!nh?. It OBCB-Opod ii, a valley live time? bi.,?.l?r,
on I infinitelj n ? ? bee?ffl-, tt,?nthe vulloy of !? rank
In., tit, \\ t-uue-'iay the march was ?en mile?, the
load? aroa eg i Btfasoalli nora Ji?i. tilt, ?ud sale
lulling itoatii 1 j Col C-Bseeat, ? ui!i?_n.,.i:?_f th?
rear guud, brotigbl BphB BBBwith aiimirable ra
pidity haviu_; nmeieed In Fraaklia till Monday.
teached i'etei-1 ?:g at four o'.h'ik lues.lay, ano
tiarting agai:. a. u.idji.aht, hrou'-ht hil Itavpfl IO
Mo ? : eu bj toroa o cloeb.
?i ty tin troopa leonimdla eeasp, toomuih
exnaus'.-.i t?.v tin .r ? x1.1oi.iinaiy fatigan and treat'
of supplie? loronlii'ie tlit.li ?imich ou:,y fedveatBgl ?
lin ?h.h. wa? *.? e lesi'lt of a ciiicfiii insje lion ol
c.icii . n/a'i. ead regime! : bp (he start ot (?.-u. Ire
.i mi: ij proved bj the Me ls?1 Iiire. toi, l>r Ueevge
sacklev. Befreefeed by the halt, the aran sa hi
?a-, adraaeed o VN'iude__iville,twefltj mile? distant.
A lacean n .; bob m?-le Ibedej asiste h
Lieut.-? 'dot ??'! I'?'*..'. ". fas Sd ?Maryland Legi
:n i,".. i'.'.ai u ii'ti-'? Hiigude wlio, with-n.e eoin
:,a:iv of inuhiiia Caveliy, cxj.ioied beta laeda ead
u... . bun. ''u bio ?lora be waa halted kjaBebal
wiinin ininy lett, j ? I ebalteagad Ar he dicsv hit
j iitol t" ,t|ly. ,.' SOMni ruiwd hb , ui.'iic ?.ii
:.,,?) 'i a ball Brock ?.!.'? hone ..t t ,1. liowi.es.
and thee lairrd thningh hu ?oat at tiie n. ...
1 ?i? hoi?' feLI,and wubbba the I oloael, wiio ?.-.?
i m ,-,, bj b Kerb? Rei -neun i. 11 sbaigi I -n
, I Ol ni BB J- ?ud 'Hove :lif" m;/i tin; tow li :i
lena body o He *i lavaln whnh had peeled Ita II
to iiiterc-.'... hie paaeeae? ?Be oi the Bebeeiwen
killed, and nrand ?? waded. Bitbeal Ion ou om
K j^a. I'.,.. |) .:;?:?? wkO MB ; I B1 B isl.v been ?t;,
i.,,,..| ?. , ? ?. i mid ;iad dnpened tho gueiilla
.-??UU al Vin/ '? .it? lue, .I..* t' np 'innis d-".:iie-i
?io.11 hi? (-.:... i I bj ??>!?. 1* i en cul on lim j a?.an;
through Mo ? , p__M*ed ou hi? staff, and fen
?meebeca oo - ?utlj ?mttlovedea a't;?o aaddaa*
gili? nrr i e? Tliia Beiaiai maap liwieal wa. jiuid
to ?ii i,.lair waa holde ?i araeaal lank at . :, aad
baa the i m im sa, -?-il aa l gall mtrj ?t a aeteree ni*
Oder, v?.l . a:: bBbOB bo)lah modeaty ?mi g(acef'il
ne-i? ol bo,, mg.
on batar?ty, M?* SI, Iba ?al of the btterveaing
monntaia rang?e an craned, and the western bar*
ri'*r of the .Mheautisioali Vallay ?lone reiiiiined to be
tnveresda I-B -tXBpl pished ...?i twelve BBBM
tiiioughthe rein, nd halted ?I night where the
\, inci,e-,tei ? .?'"*. '? i "8 raadadivide. Ob the Bar?
low ndgts ah B| whn h Hie path wound in soaateal
Banal Keeeareeae b?bbb tai.le lenl In eena.
Hy the side ot (he road.the tired iKKijia dropped uud
slept under the partial shelter of ?'peu ?ore?t?, many j
of ?hem too wet and tiled even to build bree The
General and bis ?tall spent ?be night iu ? deserted
and roinoaa bouse at the angle ot the road?, and
?Lu. eo together Hie floor, wine, because fe IBU wa?
over it, wai a com?-it and a 1 urary. For the troop?, |
etjti lally, it wits ronuh prci arnti'-i. for the expei te 1 j
buttle OB the morion, kal trie ?? int of the nn-n MM
m.mt liiliiiirablc. It wai tw'tmtk in the evenim.
t?-i'ii'i tlu: main .olumn rame by the hou-?", lut they
passer] with elastic ?tip, whiibonly the depth ot the
n .id mud?: onafeady, and whole regfaMOBWOB by
finpii.ij .'is 'hei minlied, and sometime? Shoarlag hu
they posseel hriid'(iiirter?.
Next tn? ri.ii g t!ie ?nu rame onf. The advance
moved at t? o'tloik, and ty 8 the whole column MM
iii moti??n. An hour ami a hall nftei vvunl, wiiil?- the
< ?caen.I and hi? ?tall, tiding next iho MVOlty, MOM
aseeadiag one of tee ioag lil? whiek laywheie due
would be mouillait ?, stvidenlv MBM the ?uiii.d ol' a
gun 11 um the front. In a nointui a BBMBBB tt
oaieh lapesB followed and naoaaeed niwrriagly
ti at lol. C1 is.ra: s litigad?? w..a < ?.-.n.cd with the
enemy, (?cn. Kren.oiit rides rapidly foi ward, aid?
are ?eut to the front with onie-? io lull the Billilli
in i lie,',:, and 1? the ,,-mr lu lui-tcii t Le ..?i?. ance Ol
the hngwAm, ali?.uli ?a mi a? t aid, aacoptiog
151cm ker?, coming raj i Hy up. I? i? the f mit oi tim
troops cfiinpoemg what i> tRBod lu? dillon, ia
which Rtigadier-Geo. Stahl ? is not imluded, tbat
tiny will halt und wander and etrapgie on a mau ii
to ?m uitoh ra! le e.-.t? in. and t'e lar-i ihr?o days ot
rn\ A uioveiiieut and j u.suit have only luriii.-bcd re?
pented evidence of this seiioug fault.
Comiera conn- from Cluseret with report that hid
adiance was interrupted by the enemy ?tron?*?ly
posted, -with artillery, mi a hil of commanding
t ?lin ui. Oar batteries Bia ordered up lroni all the
? brigadra, the cavalry ate sent on, and when the foot
I ?Of the hill which overlook? the plain where the
! billie was e.\|H-i t?-d in reached, there is a momentary
hu!: aid consultation. Gea. BthtBKlh in ordered to
i take the road to the left, other disooctioiis are
J mpidlv mnde, and then Gen. tremont leaves the
Toad and rides up the hill, fill?,wed by ua many i f
I his Staff aa are not ? ?mying oidfrs elet-vihere. Col.
? fUeSB, Chiet ol Art ill- ry, ia? already ii, fr??nt to take
charge of the guns, windi on both ?ide? -ire firitn?
'with conaider.-ible rapidity. C??ete*) senda word
that he can land hi? Bositioo, hut bis batteries ne? I
Bli) port, snd the l>e KalblUgiment, Hat New-York,
('ni. lim (?ii?.i, i? Maand tonteiA Meanwhile,
the tleneral examine? the ground and anaafM the
! lorrniiiion of hit line, for Le and even one else kepM
I (hat ti.a? K? bel? will make a ?land.
Tie skhrraisk in advance in not ten- aeriou??.
(.T.iserei'a po-iuon it a MM. one for infantry, but
Colonel I'ilren ??-e? ?,t a i.!.?ii e that Ina urtillery ran
rn' t?e au\itntageo"e!y posted, li d in the kOM of in?
du, li. g the enemy to advance, I lu?ei<-i i? ordered to
withdraw slowly. PoareonpaaMa,tweof theijiith
Obi" and two ot the Nil Virginia. WSMthrOWfl cut
a. ?kirxiiarier.. and the contest was for awhile rather
segar. Au sourl ? f the ? anny to ?lank the position
waa ntnlaed with a loas of seven wounded tiv.- of
the Mh Virginia and two of the Bath Olio, whose
; name? arc giveu below will. other cat laliiea? ?ince
oecairad. the eaaaeendi mmmI ehoB 11 o'clock,
, a- (1 was not renewed. It was BR known thiat
i only tie rearguard or fluiiling colutnaaf JoekOM
h..d beea engaged, while hit main force pained hur?
riedly on over thoWteehfstM 100? Str.it-birg r?ad.
Ii h'i lind intended to ti.-ht, tim MraBgtk of Be n ?i
: lion taken by i;e:?< r..l Fremont, and t::e skillful di?
jKari*i,,ii of hi? fi,r,e? i-i.iler the directiou of CVlon 1
I Albert, Chi?f ol ?Mai mij-bt have < ksn.-ed Li*
| purjiose. But the wily Kel ?I :i.esiit i-> run
'not tiyht?? ead hal lurtteded in NBehiog
Stiatl-u'g jn.t 'ia acraon to pass lielween
. M.llowi li. n the on? ?ide und Fremont ?u the ? thcr.
I kii ?v. uo'.bina of the movements tit the f? rmer,
except that bia MrTMMS time-I IBBBMd .Strasburg
ne.\t n?.u uini', twelve hoon tilt i it kod i sea ? atesad
I hy Col. ( li.tJ-ii t, hu: it ii (ertam that n.* e'!??rta
iiould hnve ar? fclerat.il the i urd? ol tie lolurnu
mulei i,? h. IVmeat. CraeaiinthoM MeaoBBoB
??i(h clrcuin.tnn? en, ??'ciinplielriar nu ad vano of *
hundred .nil???, iii ?even dava ovei Hie vtomtof iroun
is, with lir dtlOOpa al- -t I. ? ? i; ???, Mad
li. ?-? ? li r..ili Blial ?tOI Iii?. 1? Bli aellleieti.iiit which
i military ii t will appirilate and ri/lilly Voloe.
lien. It? ti ,,nt lo ?I, din- on li ??..?it!? e?iur?a l<? r<- ?? ve
Beaks ma i ni,i not have i ,?-?ii on r bis road in ??
.',(,r*i r lune ?Mer li (?-Ipi ot ord-n? lo mai, ii, I li*.
lovel any he pernitted BetBe thal those sod is
ui.ive] n Kel ula. aight,aad kiaonayMertedM
i o i .o i, - ti .im moi in '. a
BB Gea? Jaehsaa Ino oat oseoeoe. Iii? army i?
. I ? sly I ' : ? 'i<id ?u?l I . lit en !,. ? l! v ni B ': I b Ol
The anneal it bonan svideai Uni be would m1
tigiit B or oom Btiaaba \. Llaseret otm eederad ea
Botan i BtiBshatg m las eos lag norehing i
et'irin ol ruin and ilnii-iei and lighiuing auch ?? ooly
ike no n'l.ii e koowa A raronaobnoci wa? iauoe?
diately Mat oat? Ike Bl ? advoaosd thrae >r f?,i,r
mili ? i et .iii?t Btrasboi .'.aii-l WMMopped at midnight,
la perfect darkneM by ?? ii tit ami a berrieede
Col. b'lgl ?line?! ol F len.Miit a ?ta't, whOWM ::. le
same wnB the raoalty, weat ikraaab the ??ne mB
over tin o'lur. ii?.! witboB MTMB injury to him? It
bv the fall of his lu fe. A? he fell hi? way ., ng
tbroogh li??* blinding itora, :ui?l over load?, wL?h
wen-livers <>t mire, a (?ink eholfeMfS ?an,?.-out of
t: ?? ?iaikneb?, ami was answered witn a den im! t- r
u,e raaatersMB. "If you ara Ashby's wvalry,"
n I ne' the Boho] leB'ler, '" il i* all ihm . ; SOU."
kUeogotstof Ashby's voies, CoL rigyelneel did
"BOOM on. ' an?! aniwered with liniant ?. 1er to
chaige. One ollicer anl lifid-en DM i followed bio,
and ?A,lh tin? lundi ii he i?,de Btlalghl BB t ?
tainoun liebel cavalry, Bad SSOtBied it tvith the
?hock. Ashby -;(ivc the oi ?i r I" i. tieat at the ti'-i
moment, yel iu the bnef (onteit three ?ir tour lieb?
el? were killed. Hal k as ii whs, C"l. Kigyi Ime.-i
pt:r-ni?! for some iii?!um S al ?? M l, anti only MS 11 I
bil !?'all?iit idvaBM w: en he to-;:i,| bina li I loan ?m
the Hebel si|'iadi?,ii, with two men fofloa lag. W'i S I
!,e relumed, Col. Cluseret, liiiT??ain (,t the saoet] ?
alraagth, hB koowtag that ho wa mm M head U
i-ons?der?ble ferr?e, wnhdraa Iii? Bro Io Um othei
el?!?- ?.f Slisehirg, ni.?I Iwi'ciJ lu davli^hl and
or l--e. His men were lunily worn (au vmn inu-r
sant rt lilli?' Kiid light, ng. and BO buger able B
lead llie ad vam? vi nu ii I hey hail hllherO hrai ely
mandu.n< '1
|t WM ?M| MSlMs in the ?1 arkiie?? lad ti?-iiieii?l'. a
Mom ol Hal lilK'ut to ?? lid ?oi ?A ted the li.?in ?-?iluniu.
(lea. Ficiiiont iheieioie saeenped i ia- traopi where
bia lima hod hean foamed, ai l B aia next aaoralag
an.IagaBapeoBtraabarg. A mik (roncawp
a ( "io i> r n.?.-' lum ?Aitii saan tina tho head M M ?
I kiwsll t loiiiiiii. wa? appOM liu;; ti'.- toWB tiom
tbe other eidoa Ihe O??nal BMoatly pal m n?'
bil i.in.e, and d:i-iniii_j OTM bel mI?m of frightful
rta a, poned ioBotry, artille y. tai , kvolry, ead,
With ?'..I? bl" .tall foi ! "li I Ifel I. ' i i''" d ti e in.on
a- .at of BtrasborgJostM <-en. payari, eoBmaad?
ing lue advance brigade (i MclHiweil, radi B.
.... II?, (-(?lilli Willi ililli if . I - li: ide to la -
Hi ve that Gea? Fraoaait'e troops bad ben laBtras?
i.mg ihe nielli hi die, (forming ? Inpossihk foi
I lie n to hive ?n io i ?Ila-:'<I SBCb a men ii, M dliVM
oat Be lear-t-'naiu oi the i muy, aith wai iBehod
i : i ?n | reviooalj ei - iged and I efon ?I..? :
. ? badi ill? n ta. k :?. wail foi ? ranj iron Mellow
(I!, lie hr( ken CalSBOO ni -..: id B 'd lullet lieyonu
ii..- to? n iy ( lue r.t tim nig ii u (ora, ead the dca.:
and woooded by the ?.d? oi tin road, naj ?aaw
i :. -, i , ed I IM.
'1 ?? Iel New-.li I ty ('?nally, Col. Hal-tcad, MM
ii-, iii sftorWOffd, anil willi ih's n .min.I nun
in? nat o? hi,-? foiM 'i'-n. Boymd wasoidond B
pren forward a? mpidlj a? postsbls m the tear M
ii? flying em luv. Btawart's InHaoe and ihe fltk
Ohio I iivulry. tin,1er c-I. _Segooyi,wba anisad sesj
MOO u'l.r. weie also sent on, and in a iew minute
Bui m i pj .I n hiitnci - battenee, ead the nB B the
light artillery, oooor Cot PIIbb? m BB M u etBd
I*.- brooabt to the flout, w. te berried abood el Ml
gallop. AiBf 11 ried stedsseaM wan traa. iiaiaii,
i ci, F i.uioiit iode on ?Ait.u hi? statt
lui n .?? inn g for OOM wat dear and beni-tilnl, and
the jiuiriiit bad every tdMM ' oi btiraMaadea*
(Ker. eut. 'Ihe troop?, oi dei ed forward, chui-' up m
quk nu i waina. lee, M we rae. ea,cevoby hB
?ying sriilierv ??'iiaiantly oi-eitook aid paMM BB,
teariag farioBily aloef the road ta tun mm norn
to nark ile boat ta limo for the oxpecBd flgot.
Vert BR raine the sound of gutia lapniy ?eried,
and" we kaew that the en.-my had hulled will.
bia MM guard, in hope of making a staid, long
enough to delny the pursuit, feroiu u bill at
the sid? of the road we saw tim smoke ol
the guns and exploding ."hell?, and then the cavalry,
lormiiig just below the I rest ol a kill a mile bevond
tai in lue Mideavir to charge tbe batteiy in flank,
rodt ?itt the auuju.il, bul were ato].p?d by the
timber, and muid not reach the guns. As Col.
PUen brought ii|, more guns, i' soon bec ime t..?. hot
br ?tal Me?la, and they b*?-lily abandoned their
?.-?aition and retiea?ed. A second sinnd wai at
lenpted kerne miles taltMM on, hu?, with no
better success. Cul. PUeOa'O ej.cellent judgment
in |'!a. lag his battarite, and the riipility and
accuracy with which they were ?erved, again com
[elled the eu my to fly, ?b.sely BBtSBOd eeshtina
ly ti ei Stat jMMy Cavalry, which daring the whole
?h.y were in ihe a'lvitnce. A third UnS,UOB? Kwell,
B i o was m . oaii.iind of the Rebel rear gaaid, hiilted
and lamed he guns on his puis.iere. It was bit?
elrongest puniiii.n, and I.?- dOBnlSM hoped that heie
li la ?: a lew boars n.i?rbt be tataed hrtSS BBB_
body. So elasewsa "iir p'irsuit, and to sear the
boallia hesse, that Cul. I'il-i-n, a bil? reeoBBoiteriag
Bte -?round in oi.br te ?i-'-t his ardil. *ry BM ?I clh-?t
it.Iv plant, d, aaddealy found hfaunlf wlthia thirty
I .'ice? ol' a bod?, ol' lietel cavalry, i'bey l.i't-?!, I:
li?..bl; Was s'a?t uu?l.-r liiui, and horte ai i ii ??t v.? at
Batea logeiher. The C-lonel's ann was badly
?T i ' ? ?I. I - .?' 11? wn? utL.rK.ise unhurt, tumigli two
bellell panai inr->agh h,s booie. "A e%?-nroa ??t
eavaliy en ortaae|j eppeariag, the Rebel ? iMnslod,
lad Col. l'ila-n WM ree. ?I?-! SB 1 ? .'uri- ?1 lo an ambu?
lance. Ills wemd, though painful, w:.s not eenuin,
lind m ipno ol it he was next morning on horseback,
h ?i apta in (tauge el the artillery.
li ii lad been ??oe-it.I?? to bring up infautry, one or
two of the Kel el batteries might nrtettly have l.een
taken, bul they were every time placed in the woods,
or on tue road between, protected in Hank both by
timber and fences, through or over which uo cavalry
co.ild rile. Their batteries Were last btatioued on
the summit of a loirg and steep bill m a mu row road,
eieiy im h ol win a wa? -wc| t I y tljt-ir ion?entialed
lire. It is said that Bena oliaer ?with a u.admrs
gKSter thaa that of iuthtklav.t, ordered a c-tV.ilry
ihar^e on the fr< nt of this battery, B lach could only
have been malo in minmu, tiu.i .v. ula have ann?ii
lated tr?e force that atteespted it Cspc J miwsi
of the lit Kewtleney Cavalry, who wa? in ad?
vance, willi gaari ?i...in?i? and judgment, tooh bia
mea round on the dank of the t?attcry, Bepteg t.?
( i-i.ctral?' in that direction, but the tim k woods aud
half a dozen \ irginia fentes made a ohBIBS ?mpoesi
b.e. Afterward, wlen the lire flout Ml betteftel
grew too hrt tor the Rebels, and trey limb, r.nl Bp
MT retreat, the cavaly ?uirsiDil i! ibu ran.e bill, but
tilt ir hornes were so OShSBteOS hy the day's work
that they broke utterly down in the ar.i-uipt, and
only Capt. ?laneway, a Sergeant and live men
reached the summit." Thea?unipt whs a satli? ieut
Illustration of vi hal would have I ten the reetilt of a
> Large under tiie.
All along tno load and in th.? wood* on eit! er niiin
\w-rc strewn rl.e rens wi.i.h a "tugi'.ive army had
b ft in ii? trail. Arm?, rlo'.hing, atom ol nil Blade,
Maia seataeely eeattanda A niana of oan which
bad br?.ken Jown and b?-en left by Cluceret on his
ri-counoisssiice the night before, IB pSBBOd wi'bui
three or lour n.ih-sof Mrashiirg. l)ead, woind-.d,
Bad exhausted soldier?, lay bv the -ile ol the i ad.
Ifanetoae prieousn wen toKeu, Bud they gave
thSBBelvnapMteawith evident wilBnenen. In
OM group were meu from ihe 4-d Virginia, ?h
AJahana, aad a !.? ak-UtenaljaeBt? Obs Captain
was tikeu in Btltehufg. Ile had riid n lack for
his isber, whi? Ii 11 earrie ! la ?Le Men. un war, :. :..l
value?! ii?-? "i li: glv. It ?oai him bis lib? r*y. All
?orts of rc|??rts ti Ja? ki-, ii s s'.ri Bgtfa and IBS coudi
ti?,ii . ( li.e ..ritiy <BOM In?ni lh0 P?i>' MTB, I Bl it U)*/
be K'atl.ereil trom theil) ihst he has ah it 95.01 '< ti ?n,
Ami ia gnat?r ia want at nhoh-MMO Bad suppli?e.
in tie r?-ar is the tai .one Ashby n Ca\alry, titu-eii
hundred ainag? i'eople in the villages ihlBBgh
whi? h we | a*-e.l told ntteB the am y wa? hurrying
ou .u ?ame. plaadariag lO b'.is^s of pro\i.iiiiU?, and
niai.v of eloifUliag al??-, aud thal the men w?ie io
sthanoted tLa( the etaeen van?driving them aa
r?it!i their sword?.
\\. his I ? - aechad sa Meedsy ahtat. Lieut.
Cal DoWBOy, who rna?a was ?eut forward t?? recon
Ii'ller ti'? town, fr.il <l the l?'?-h-?l J.h kef? oil tho 0p
|?'?il?- aide. hikI w.ie twice tired on, but er. ?pe.1
wo!..vt injury. A ncirro aatesa tali bin IBM the
Babel? beuna le | i ? ni ?a ?jh taa ??.wn at marita,
i t ihsl ii<Ir m -r e iii'i had jeal gaaa on. In other
?v .r?l?. Jacka I ha- !*?"! than a us;, e g ni : Hnd if
hi? bli ?e'?'-' 'Turi?; d?e? not ea\?' l.lru. I. net I.? ! ?r? ed
I? ?Va ?1 ai"f ti. 'o'. W? I ear |] :,? > eldo h .? un.ved
?i?.w i. ban y ?lit Royal te irrer.?;? bia a* \?-w
m?:k? | ??r wh?:? vrr MM BO na I >--t CfOM th.- MOUU*
taise, aad then ia ?roafldoat boee le ?teaap thal the
l.'i | I i? lia] , t-.I ti' I?-', liar wat, I tr.,i. ? came np
alter ?i: rk, ?sadtanasaad wagew went ini nan
at heal tai y nala, it i? antDoM ia a!?i thai it ruiue?i
ia (orients. It always rum?, lhere was BBBB a?
i omi...-da? mi. in the vii! i^? bouse?, I at he ad i)asrten
?reera a nile feen H, i .?? two or three Lareie teeta
br?.tight along far official basteen an sol pitched.
Ronge tn i "i?-? -1- stau -? hapooriklo to be had. I
pBUl half a dollar in a A Bl of '"-"ii. All
brought by the tr..iu.? w?? Isai tkam naoaned. The
BBfllSM an loaded ??'? w11- WWdM and bread.
t ,i tie an bought aad taken uraessvet faaaa, aad
the Bohiiers ure in this way partly BtpplMd ?With
nu at. Thayote-d hardahipa aad (atigaa woaderfally?
Saar', MMBB, want of le? . bini.-.l uni iaeaOBBBl
u ar? I BO, rsiii and nunl, and i-n-ry ?I.-, .?mlort and
j ri vation have tailed te ashanal their ttnagta or
lueak their ?|iri's I do-iht whet!.er any of tin in
have been dry for a week, by night M ?lav. Th? v
i mar? h in l!.?' rain si.?I ?I? n ni UM mad, un i aie only
an tuna leM then Bay bo n?. Ighi What other
ISBBM w-(?al?l tlicy ha\e f? Uowe-1 as they follow l-'re
mont !
j in tlie raddle agns ai 9 b*i lo? k. on Thosday Mena*
\ iii/.'. 'I be tro? ? s '.a\ I I ?'en M ti I n ar. !i !, r boin?.
I FroM Woedotec?, whick ie ruti.r aaloaaaatvfl?
! lagO, ?alitl lue all the hamlet ? ot thie va?ey. | ii tur
lasoa?sly planted a??..??.g the hill?, lo l-i.iinl>urg, the
i advaan wa? witiio.n Em klont. A Military bridge,
enatreeted by Hank., ?eroniag ateay Creak?a
swift, wile stn inn? ii half burnt by the flyin?
Rshnoi bal taej are now welosely pinaaadthM
I thsy bave bo Une lode theieagkly svoBthetmk
rss?nliiil t.? Cn ir ?H?cy. lu half ali hour it if s j nu
. rc(air.-l that the inlaiitry CNUB. I_B i ivul.y Inn.?
already p.i-rci through a foul above, which is so
despeo i??!..' nScieudy anplonaaal br artillery.
AUfbe Biiiaiuinti.u is tak? u oin, and carried ana
the lan Ig? hylvii'l, thru tia- ?jaloneo :.n?l ?;ui?a?..
through wiU ? ait ?li-a.-t? r, allied in their psOHgO I I
rh.it ?"\trtto!'li[i:.iy i rofonon ?I ?,.itl;-. wblefa it.
? :? it.? I .?m ni..ii lo such el! rtS. hour BUBB beyond, I
ti,- gal ? h i an agate !n?l-e.i with artillery, a.id n :
oui g-?!?? i ?.V I??? i. d?laye I M taeeriag, the cavalry
ran only wa.' tor their arrival?
A" luna!?tacha athen ?e known le be a loagl
bridge over the hheeendoah, a rlvn loo swift ead I
deep te ke fewded. If the) mean t.? ii bl aa thiel
?>..!?? tbej m ii either 1 ?e then ??uue, or leave ti.e .
.! ;?? a.e.l, an'I if the] do the Ia!l. r th. u (ur?
ti., i rotn i i-? imi I'-ibb-. hi- their i? ni ?g nai d will be
.m tu pinn bbIom oapanted? Jachan i? t??o
lood a geo01 al te aenpt ?auaar aheraaUva, His ar?
liilery nmained in position osl long enoo h todo?
?v lio a.Ivan, i? (l Gell, llayurd's cavalr), Ila!.
ir.ies-<l the bridge befenoerguso ?..ubi beonteght
sp,aad burnt u ni ihe t..i tasnvslrj which
(?les. Bayard permitted to rssaUa ipeetei m<satae
lull. When ?IBB sin?.ki- MM 000B tl.e? w? t?-?n'l? rr?!
brarard tari arrived leo late te eave it. imieriir??
ham th.- oppooite n?ic, the lol Pean^ltraals Cavalry
lot ??in- niau kalla I.
An ??Mill as Col. l'iben could biiiiK up I'M gun?,
thev wem saUnhend on otthn ?ido oi Ihe rand,
:,'.,( ujiiad ?in ti.?- Rebel batteries. Beyoadt?a
river stiet.hes a bi?>?<l plata, Ihe fuither end ol
a tut li slijesgraduiilly tit. iutoac irregular SMBMBOB,
aloeg v.hut. the nany had |laoed lu* srtillory? Ob
li? Luther al le, BBd m Ihe ia ighhotlug wo.xls. his
IrnpO were (|?uetly ? ii? BMBOd out oi range, and
?with the Shooeadooli Rivarn ti ?ii rear, wererate
tmt ll.e s|ghl, un they IBpfSOOd, ami at any rate |M
tin I to go rim li timber. It was kxui lound that
the ?li?!..!" e \\ ns loo peel for our guns. Col. Albert,
?bief ?.i ?.?", wai? in Bdvaaae, aadneeaBeaterfag
tl.e ??-.'.i u ai'h a loldin'a eye, *bw tli.it t!ie river
boen H idei.ly hull a n ile heyond the lrid_e, ami
sen! S. I lriiici ? ??Miteiy lo a hill on this ?ide, which
Hanked the Rebel camp, and at once toned iii? ?.. to
witbdnw to a non nowa posiiiou. Nothing more
could be d'.i.e till the bridge Wa? rebuilt, and lim
army wa*, li.? it-fore, halt. .1 l.r the night.
Tweuty prinaen taken by Ja?kron at Front
Koyal ee.ii|.'l to-day, aii.l met our iroo?? at ll.ev
ad\.ttii'<-d on the road. They aro all ot the 1st
ilaiyland regim-ii?, iai?l to have been cut to pieces
ii* the anciiiiBj fight at Front Hojal, und ?reforl \ra\
not more than ferty of their regiment were killed,
and thut all 'he net were captured. Jaigawa tatt
with him two ihoniaiid prieoiii-rs takeu at ?li?rent
tiUtCH frew Ceu. ii.i.k- ? command. They liavu been
triatid with great ?severity, Lalf-itarve.i, and loree?!
ti follow the retreated bw art.iy, whether ta? kor
well. Otu. ers fell l-y the r)Hd ride from exhaustion
and illness, aud 44crc foritil "ii at the point of tho
ti yniie!. iiiey wen- nut allowed to stop ou th? road '
even for a BWaflOW "i the water w billi it WOMBI ?.
freinent atlBBBW. Th? men loofcgd htigganl und
weak uii.l tueir fine? vvere evidence enough of the
'? nil Ii uf their report?. Many of tbeui a?ricei in sa) -
ing iliat lime yt?te.day morning they had Iu.d ouly j
ore snail aaggg ti bread, and it wu? three in the
alien o"ii when I met them. No doubt Jackson u ,
bailly oRtot pi'ori'iona, ar.d so far lia? BBBBBBee. Hi?
mea Bia|da-Mfaltaed| BBBattag iu number?, and ?
; ui.willin. either to tight or retreat. With uu
soldier!? and Bswsslp I ?i?-i arity, and aaataal all ?
rule- ui . iviii??? i w.i'.'lliii Hebel chief, lii,<lit:g bini?
nu hotly panssi, BW pla? ? <1 all the prisoners in
Inn len. i.n.l gadei lire of our artillery. Vet in the
ii.iv, ecu reccr-id of He "iel cruelty, this in only a
minor in? ia?-n\
I mu?t omit frew this hurried sketch r.urneroua in?
cidents vvhi-.h, vi iib, more ipa,e ?lid ti.ne, otiL.t to '?
he u.. 'nidi ?1. Long before? tIii?? rasebaa New-York, !
the pursuit may have ci.lmiuated in t. battle. Wei
shall hear from :?bielde in a day or two, tut with or
without hil aid, if 11.?-..!; t.oopt eau only ho tad? I
Juckinu must be overtaken and forced to figbt. '
. Gen. Ki? mont ii 1,0 miles trom bil depot of sup) lies, i
' yet the troop? under (Jen. Bayard who left ruilroud ,
I OWHIIBshllBW ami ample .?tures only three dayi '
ago, have 'o be fed frew the limited resource? of tt.ia
roinmlBBBliat Nothing but'be (Union energy ami
lafiaiiFv in tbe ?v?.lurl< TUltti-ter'? DegSltBMat Could
ba4c anppbed tbe deficieniies of tran-.t,K>rtdtioii. and
tiff to tbia time have fed thin BSBWIBBI column ot
iaj idly ttdvain ?iij,' trooin. Ii is taapBaalbla ?o prai-e
tu.j highly or tjive too largo ailian- of. redit lo Capta
GoahCog. the Ci.ief Qaa-BMSmiter in the field,
wbeea afbrti against ?II ebetaeleeead daaVtaatfaB
and di- cn igeii.e:iti< have alone euaclud ibu army
te advanee. With an incompetent ((iiarterniat?ter,
und tbe totally inadequate suj [lien ol the War De? !
piirtiiient, the lisent would limply have starved,
lhere are lew BWIWWB ?>n recoiii whii h bave been
it.ade in the -W8 oi such dilticultie? hu huio retarded
tut could nut prevent this.
I aiiiie\ an incompleto list of casualties. In the
1 ti?te and coufuiion of stn li B day as ibtalww gH
in? iBportefrew wedksl er..ther etseasabatl believe
ti.ere aie aoae killed and BBBB beiinuely wounded
except (bl se so stated below:
44 ?ii Mil- IV lill, i I.CIT) SET'S IBIS-OB, IT -KIR?
Ka,hu. VlB41 viv Rkuibbvt ? Katiti Buyer, Co. A,
iligtr.iy; Peter t4 ?id, Co H, ilifiitly. t?eor?e Ve. l)ou,l*t,
I ?'... B ?li, .Hy, Thontu Skeltou. Co. li, Ona VV. Cud, l'o.
' L ?everely
I g?marB Paie.?C Becrnintton, Co. A. *ii,htly . Stipnea
l'an ? Co li. tafht y
ji ne ii, in rsaaaiT.
I First Ni*-lr.iag? ? ?vslbi.? ( ?uporal Cbit'ei (i. Mor
.?y hi. i i|h ty , deor,e J unit, Co. I), ?eveiely , ?iergeiut Ueu.
' II. rawlst ( . Y Killed
KiK,r 1'?>.??4LMMA Cavalrt ?Oectje Te|ii'eir,Co. T,
kg rd.
The steam trsnij ort liastem State, wi'h I.T re*
lei.ieil Union pr:ioner? from SaliabsiJ, North Caro?
lina, left Ncwbern on Friday, the (itli inst. Sbe 1.: i
h.ii b. ?4y wes?(wa, (?cn. Banabta aaaa on hoard
and ip.-ke wortli ol cheer to tlie men. He w?s ex
peeted to leave immediately for ioma i-oint not
known too'ir informaut. Og?. Stanly wai in bad
...lor among ?be people, sud many ind ilgtd tie bojx*
tin. be \4 ? iid be iss?BbA .v- ? ??
lhe Cnicn ttbjgggm, ?>?are taken to O vernon
Uland, save a few who managed to reach (be I tif.
O?or,? M Couti. Ilth Wilier MrC itiihia, ?th.
Jame. Jl.ii.eiui. 11th. An.lrew Mc'tiltli, tith.
, Janie? P. gagan, 1Kb. Dslh-I Money id.
.Is.iietl! .Murray. Ilth- Daniel I'.ir? . ti.
I? u -?i. ? 1.1 , i.,i. nth OsarasB . das ?!?
I biri.? A. Pasta, tilt. l hitlet li.tun in, Tth
J. 44 U ilj|, ::.??i. lioiiirey Ro.i.r.- Tib
Kobrr! I ?rut, : "!i Otor?e lio.rnb-'i. Ink.
San.- TatterifB, 14th. A VV Pepper. I .
Joli M.r?. 14th. Oaerp*Vuiact, 13th
Joaap* J?aikag lath. Willam Pitcutt, lath.
Cmci M Nli IS-, "mil Mam-bar, 41k
Wsiien ti Baaar, Mth. Blupbette timm Mb
l ha...? Rab ill, 14th. John BSTBBll?, .'d.
liragi, li. ,rr? Will. Ju.rp.l VeJ.rJ-th.
tv i. lam s .? .v it.i. Joba M*ss*r, ??th
Tb "" Mc.tii'h. 1. 1'iWth. Janet 44 . IJiUander j:til.
The,i,?a M? t*;?nii .ry . t. iib Jerry K. Reading .''.th.
Barusrl QuIbb, ( ?tb. OnifB Beaba-e, Mab
lime. MeU ratb Kb ?'? hu li Ma'uii I- lb.
John Nut? ot, ''Jib llirift gill merni, Juill
I,....ia Mil'er _.B. Cav. I hai.et li Putt. illh.
JoboO'liiie , Lin. Car. J, ba Mrtei, i.%:.
J Im M. ijn a ii.
?ga-STtaTABU BBB-lggTa
John W. K.vn. Id.. lath. tata, t, lUi.li. 15th.
J?..?e\\ Mai?-, .'til. Wu. S Pala? 15th.
14 m. Ru...h. U th. (aeu. I Muore, Bilei'i Cr.
MA.-?4. IIL'.4f.lTS BBSWI M b
(?ro J. Moore, IM. John Uui.-nbv ??Hb.
M?bm- WbtUaa.il->. Vab-ttaaBsUbH i'-.d
John II lut heit IF-h. Alhert Klee 21 th
John II Mall?. I.?ih. John li. li-bli. /Ott)
>:dwi.i A. Hice, 15th. Y. I'.upeit. 2tth.
A. A. Peltun I5lh. l!eiu.?u Uaah. .'"Jh
li. O Har?an, .'th. Kot-oeO. Ntnil, 1Kb.
Jin es K ne'., '.e.'.
i. v.'). ii? i t BieiBISTIa
l bi?. W. l'.ui a N ?'?? It..:.t. 34.
Mu.. Y Ila ?, 2d. Henry Pii,e. lFth
Di.id it' .etipjah. .'d. U. C. Hiten. 7t.i
Hill? IS lil.AND KEiilMF.NT!.
1st M Po'lird, I.t. Jane-? Mi-C?!'. .??.
i ia? Itodudi. 2d. John MsCsba, 'Jd.
..mo a?WOttl i S
Bj. BlBIIB, Hb. (lenr/e IF.'.-r ?th
kltt Tarier, "th. Wu. Jerr-i-i'. It'..
??.I. H?n?oit. Hb Ti? ti y H var.. ? ?i
Iliat. Ka h. ,th. Ti.,- Mir-'lisll. lib.
I hill IJ'iii.n. "lh. Johtt Oyit.iLni.'iib
.lum ? It ti.!.!., "Fih. Y. MeDe-iM 'Ib
Ruht, l'util. Bb H r aaa Pro. t r, li'
J hu l'a.uiai.tun. "Fib. J ti.. KLtterty, 'th.
Krsttia? l'a ti ..?o, :th.] Thti Ked.ui'ud gti.
OsorfBUowalBB.lib (lea Kubin...n, ?th,
I lui?. Ktingrr. "lb. Alien ()?'.iii: n, Tib.
Jv.eph 11,11.. 'i, Irvin, llobi'ie. 'til.
Joi E ll.a?.? .tit. tin*. Miller, M.
rird Prell.-. 4th. Iilvar.il l!o?v Tth
J IBM m 'in.. I?, 4th. 1'. Mii.er, JJ.
KBBTS1 Ki BSOIBI ?. i s.
Marta VI,.! I| ?ii, I.t. BbBMBI MeAbf, IB /
i li b,i ?i Kenn r, lit. M.. Intel Mo I ?mi?. ?!, li: '
Win i'siiitia. lal. ! hariet Uo.i. lit ,
Marita Mslalr, lil. B??ry Milu? .J. i
f BrlrgTi'M mmumWtuthty .
MUN- 1(E< IMBSt-t
.t .,'. Mal-nry (th. ? Iltur! I. twi
tv u i. ?i s Bab_nsn.ua Y Iwta McTsMsrt, id
M.tt..-?) Hu.i Ml Charla? 1 Merrit li,
i a?,.- Ii Patch, 'th. i bl I) P. ; n M
.1. he I I v? h. T'hoii.l. I) III .? M
llirr ? I'ritt. 5th. Thou a* H. l'a Bl?: -I
M m. ??irhatu.mi. Mb. Ossraa Bavhaatd Bb.
U a H (.i. 5tii. Lafayette K i haid? I
i.eoi|.- Pi.i.hury. '. I W. ii I'siktt: 1th
? Kobi.-??/!. 4th
Bl tv-ii IBPSB1BI I.H.IMIM ?.
el.? iii... Jd Cbat.Blaky.il
C ?I- I'eiti. 2d. L. Pirkei .1
.4 .rr. Hun.i,um LV. bu.i hsin IC.tial I a
Henry Pei -e, 2d.
44 i? OBSIS Bil IMBI I -.
Hen v (". Parker. 2d. Leiter J. Perre .1
Juba 1'. ?I. 2d )re.|"t ia ia a- It
l.i.. b... 'ii mt, li. Eil Mar? o t?
Henty Rhode., itd.
BIBSBBOl t liloiMi M ??.
im) 1 '' Iter, i.t. Kdmird l(. , ? , ? l,
J?a II Ilc.N?!ly, lit. L.-nten J iii. i
V4 m. Putt. r. 1st. Oro. iTBtr, i?-.
ti, A. Rowley lit.
m 44-itit.?rr BaoiBaiTTs?
Dini'l BagaSB lil. W m Morr.? '?I
Jsnie- Murphy, '"h ILraiii It. Pan? . i
J. ?jli BsgKS l-'ih. ? i, a Notih 2!
Uri Heuiiuld- Uth.
au BISAS a talawa
Oeor,e BoJer. lal. Martin lion, ii
riBBIBIi ltioiM? s i .. i
Oranvi! ? P- ?lurk. Thot Ron,
I i. a. Purter, Win. Paw ?II
1..4I Piyurn, ? Adiun,
Kotiert K. Neil, Chirle. Peyte?
?Utuiifl PeJd.tl. Roi. IVtt.ru.??
Uriah Paya?, tamal Pibas
Win. lUyLe. Oeut|e MUe, detd.
Nor CLAinPiao.
RiihtrdQui n. ?th I". 8. I. Ileflry Tiice, lit Mm
Pit.i,-l Kiley. Jd I'. B. I. Ji.hli Heliman, ltd ? I
V\ m 0 Ki. e, ? Ky. Anioi Robli ton -d Vi.
Rai . en Huey, fth Ky. ? Milton. Id Vt,
H. Ri. t.trdaoi , lit 4i,un (leo. MitCabe, 2d Ohio. . ,
.Mi.lnri Nrj'ti. 2d U.B. I. Sauiutl Picne,9tb Ky. j.
Mi. i ? iu,?, Mb Maa {
Full Particular of Important Etf tofo
Seven of the Rebel Vessels Destroyed
or Captured.
200 of the Enemy Killed and Wounded.
The Great Majority of the People It yal.
Facts About the Destruction of
Cotton and Sugar.
lMIlii? Ol' THE POP? I.-T??i*4J.
Fror? Oor Special Coiieapendent.
Finir l'ii.ii.w. Within t'i* Fortifu-stiacs, 1
laSiitltiiltle CO., Te-.n., '*> mil'-? abo??* Mai lol li
i'tiurada? i, on, J uti* '?', 1,11. ?
Pillow h ? fallen at ?a?*.
Atti-: a mott tedious, monotonous, and ir.'.ny
iiouiiual sieg.? of lifty-i".vo flow-p-vcin,., wary, Tire?
some ?lay?, the last ,1 :.-n?_ of tin- Uebe!s on lut?
MissisEippi hu? yielded to ti. o nie* i?; iii le pow?i ot
the Union.
Over the famous f.it, the National colore ?r??
waving in the Suiuuier bicc/.c, and it? late balte < ?m
defend?is have departed from it forever.
The euemy'i works look desolate und mc'ant lu if*
enough. Kverywher*. are i*r ?p.il.le th?! rage and
malignity of a ladled foo, of one who dele, mined lo
destroy what be could no longer defend. On alf
?id.? is ?bown tbe apirit of in.one wrath and *..i
cidal re\en..-. Yet the pn ?_> mee of the liaunet i-f
the C'ouuti) dei lares that all ia changed ; that Oi*derr
Law, and Justie?; are restored, and that the glory oS
the Future will compinia.? for ihe infamy Sf the
lu my !aet letter, bearing the .terec typed dire otar
Kort Pillow, I mentioned that we were hourly ex?
peeing the evacuation of the enemy. Ik; re - > n
, day had p___i-<.d on which the letter was written, 'ha
evueiiation occtnred.
A little after 6 o'clock last evening, we not ii ed
from tliotloti?auheavy volume, f?moke iit.ngu.'i'va
the arawee Cnigh?d Point, and knew tim r. w_a
|00 float IB proceed fiom the hOBtUe guuboa-e. Wa
1 lusptcted the cause, but closely watched ihe tu?' ? t,
whii h iuereased rapidly, uotil we knew the Re-(Vie
were burning their work?.
As the etea?g atsaaaal) and the e.i.d.w?. feil
tit e, ,.r, ?se o?,ul I perceive the flame? flashing up '.lia
hoi non, and spreading sreudil", down theri***er, show
|_MJ tiiat the entire fortification., so far as they wera
coii.'.'isiible, had been given to the torch. S_!l, wa
BBaad-Otentl) t'.irongh poweiful gl___.es at thed.u
Tenner.?;? shore, aid a number of time? we cb
BBrfi d m vast lifting of the flame, and a dull*
heavy t-oiiud, that seeuied like? distant thunder. Ti k1
sound wa? in eiv-plosion. but whether from the blow
in, eg of the work?, (he bur-ting of gnns , or the
destruction of mnchine?, we conld not determine.
The nporta were not loud nor penetrating, and
night catii? have been mistaken for the counties? .n
? '..pilcal ,]?_noi->-B t!.:it luid greeted our ears from tha
?..ine \ icimty, for weeks i revioum. Hut, taken a ' b
Iks peculiar action ol' the lire, we ..old gire only
one tolution of the mystery.
??Ki I'TicAi. omem*
Bam Bl tlie i ?_ eis were very skeptical about ilia
lieiief that the liebe!? were il.-troying ihe.v ?SS?h
iLinkinw; the lire wa. it ruse to induce u? so posa
Croigbead l'oint with two or three of our giinbout?,
and then attack and overpower u? with superior
The lust ttccouiK-i received direct from Pillow ! ?J
been through a i lisoner, John Kalston, mate of tha
(?in. Heauiegaid, who had expressed no li(t!e legreB
ut his connection with the war, aud had thed teara
when bl law himself treated w.th every kiudnese in
the llagship by ?everal office .-a thu had known b-.qy
intimately in other daya. '_t"J_
. The nut* tta'-ed that the leading Secession ^ -jH(j
ansured him they wo.'ld not abaudoa Pillo # v,Tihout
givim* the Yau'sees anothe. fight, aud ? jmtngyg a dee*
'perate eiloit for v.ctoiy. Jo_. Th. ^^o. had dt?
ilttied he womd do or die; that ( tfj wouy nol g.va
up tho last ?tronghold of the m}kmAuRm\ without a
!.er"ie t*tni_rg!e. Com. Da\ ^ a,..e(i thu niau.( ?^he,
look f.i ihe enemy's tjamg anv ?Aj? ^-j nee(? j,0$.
eaaeel an evacuation ?mil aSiCT't, ge^nd _.?tt!?. f
lue iii.tiuted?i*^c__s who are acquainted w11? -?,g
id.osynndcies tj (_,, Seie.s'.on character?were fully
no?.nu wita' cty "do or die ' moan? in Kebeldom, tha?
?t i? a ir'tgfiient ol aheap ?hetoric indulged in hy tha
I ?? ? hivalry ' aa a pealado to running away.
!? That ibis ?Dst-tuct? wa? no exception, the ??_?-. el
The liebelt neither did nor died.
J?:?t before 7 o'clock, Capt. W. L. Phelp?, of ihe
Henton, went down the river in a tug to riconnoiter,
Bada?aaeseai that the enemy had quitted Pillow,
bevng pnrionaljr eat lire to the cotton-bale? they
bad used for lieu-two.!;?, the burracks aud gun?
. .?iriit^e'i-, and ?i.oh ait;c en and ?ores as they could
en ive. It ara? lee lela at that hour to maka
luther iibniVBtiuaB, aud the* Captain relurned to
the lapida.
A Ittlle eerHei a reconnoinnee wu made doona
? I Arhaaanahne, aud the Rebel fleer, coitiigtinf
Si teven or eight ram. uml gunboat?, waa seen lytog
at the little village ol Fulton. From this it wa? la?
I ?red th.y would attempt to di?pute the passage of
the river with in on the uiorraw, and, if they wtia
BflBaeflseB-Bi, thel i*ey would ssaaaai then- bosta
and burn them,
Kvery one ws* BBCk?a? (or the morning??ince na
had all g.uiia wearied to death of the protracted
?mi ti unless siege, and were burning with a d? i..n
to do something or eee something done.
An order was gisen to the gunboat! to be ?cady to
moio before ?tiuiise, and long before that hour the
, iew? of the flotilla we re setiii turning out of their
BBS?nohs and turning anxious look? toward Craig
hcad Point, which hid io long and ao vexaiiously
shut out liom their view the vision of Fort Pillow.
At ."> o'clock the gnnboati, bro in namber, the
Beuton ( apt. W. L.Phelps? Ht. Loan, Copi. Wil?
son .McGuncegle; Cairo, Capt. Bryant; Carondelet,
(apt. Henry ?.alke* and Loumville, Cant. B. m!
Hove, the flagship in the van, turned their nowa
down ti ream, and were ?oon below the Point. Tha
6,- -*i?tili fagan '

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