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:?' Gem .trealih Bank, ti ?- ' ' ,?*??", -"- ^', "?',, " ' ,"'
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V non I S.t* 'K1. Coup..I?*! ??'Harlem Rsihosd. __ I
I'?DO I' S. 5? I*-"?. !" *?0 do. 15?
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V Ton An ?rican Gold.KM - do.
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50 ?J... Mi 50 do. 41
? "M | i. N. 1 it R.. M|j
Ti? ?dat, June 10, 181 I
The St.-ck market hi h re tie Hoard this morning
was firm, but the hMBBBB-MMMSIB ?mall. At the
llrst scesion the various looaM ti the G??- ?-ruinent
win firmly held, ami taon wa? but little daaeritloa
to nell ( s. ept at a ?SOBBldeiahll BdlBBCO over former
prices, a: d a small busau -i_ transpired. The rtockl
of the I'.oi-der State? w ?e in den and at u? tierally mi
advan?e over prevloaa '?uitaii SB The irsues of
the Northern States arc scane, and few aie offered
at any ?.rice. The market for railway bonds con-,
tinues very strong, anil tie (lfi_an.l for tavsotflMBl
iu this ela?? ofeeeiliit.es is much greater than the'
supply. The {?tibuc are fu??t conting to the conclu?-ion
that first mortgage bande of the leu?ling railroa?!?
art alK>ut as good an in ve vin, nt as can be inu.'.e.
The li?t of sjieculat.ve Kock?, bhowed not much
chango from the .[notations of yest?iday. and as a
whole were qiile steady, no kag! lots pressing for
sale, and the bears de?!i:.ing to offer their opti?.ns
with freedom, but the market dosed without m?ich
activity. Iletwetn the Hoards the market was dull,
with but little harSBOM doing, and prices as a general
thing were a shade easier. At the Second Hoard
there was a fair bnoincsis done, and prices were a
fraction off. Harlem acl Ilurlem Tiefen-cd are an
exception to the general market, and show an ad?
vance. The rintag prices were as f.How p: United
States I -. ls*>l. tajtaMli. ?Ml I m| I United .SlateB
fis, '?*<1, Coupons, H'6iul0'ij; Minouri State 6e, U)
Btt\ , Pa. itic Mail Steau.khip Company, 1 IT a UT?;
New-Vork Cen ral K. Ii., Ks*?)MM|| Krie Batanad,
?Vj?:?: Erie Preferred, 65" S65|; Iludicn Kiver I'..
K.. A7\al7\; Harlem Railroad, IO" ali; Harlem
l'r? ferred, '37?a'AH; Readin?.' 11. K., l>7? a'? *. Mab
i's-an Central Kr.ilrorad, t'?1 B641 _Beh%aS Southern
ead Mootana hdhanBatanad, 'SaSi-, Hiehigaa
?tn_hen and Northern ?Ibsbms ?QaBMBBSes, B8j a
6^', llhuois Central I?, li., 64] ?B?5| (Jalena ami
Chicag?!. ?n ia?. Clevehnd and Toledo K. It., 4??
aH', Chicago and Beta Island B. B?,
Chicago\Burlington, and ('uincy K. B?, ?"?'. ?>J;
Milwaukee and Prairie de Chan K. Ii., SB?J ? ?,'??;.
The opinion that the ] lice? of all etaplc s otk?, of
which the aggregate uue-uiil ie not and ? arnot be in
cressed. mu.-t continue to advance, generally pre?
vails. It is clearly the j-olicy at the (iovenmBal to
continue to add to the issue? of demand noter ??ust M
Tong as it shall require oddUioaal means for tl.e
prosecution of the war. ?te the laik-er the volume of
currency the nain will it be to di.???iseo? time bond.-.
Hence the long.-r the wai ?SOBttaaOO, un?l the ?gNSBM
the cost of carrying it on, the more abundant will
money become, the lower will he UM prevaflhg rate
of interest, and the high." mu-t be the laaiket for all
sound, dividend-pavii:'.' a M iiriiie?. A temporary u
verse of our amis has her? tofore ciused a temporary
chock or a Blight tam, ar a I Men lia? nearly always
produced a ?miden rise, but the general tendency of
prices has been upward aai onward, and must (on
tinue so long as the war ?Bad the innation of the cur?
rency continue. S >me large dealers are gov?
erned by this view of the subject in their op?
erations, and as the ?.encrai puldic come to
understand it a still further t<!vanee in prices
is expected to follow. L.l.e (uu?es produce like
effects upon the market price of gold and loreign
exchange, unless eOBSterbalBBOed by an increased
foreign demand for our cereal productions. Pur
?.b.c-e* ol gold and OSO?SUgO bi ing payable in tl.e
iuttated cuneiicy, b?-th the foi mer muet lite iu priet?
as the lalici is ia. IMBI d ia volume, it won!.i ??ewin,
therefoie if ihisvieu al the aabjocliaenieet, thal
even the defeat of ouruimy before ?BiehsM?d, BBB>
much aa it would pro!?.ag the wur aad increase its
cost, should enhance the puce ol all safe, dividend-,
paying stocks.
Kr.-igl.U are dull and rotes are low cr from the
fsct'that'veseela are moie plenty. To Liverpool the '
engagements aie ASJSM hush. Corn at 7|?8d la
bulk and bag?; 48,000 do. Wheat at %wB\}a\\ -MUO
?Io. Flour al Is. 10_d a Js. ; and \ ? r et? amer vQ bexes
Hacon at 00s. To Loudon, 'd,(W bb'.s. h ?our at la
ted. A Briti?h brig of *.',o00 bbls. ca?,aci;y wai?
ebartercd out to Kio and home on len. s not dis?
?.loted. * i
The business of the Su'r-Ti'-an'iry w.ie: Bonipte
tifitg,*m ?^7-for CariOOSS, $l?,tmt? Payments,
|l,18.l,rO 13; Bal?iite. fib Ill.KllJ 7i.
The umrket for Gold ana E-SBBBgS ib ?ess emile 1
nuB >ei?terday. G??ld is HU, a 11)1. ; Hills M Late
lou. 11-1? 110?. United Slates Noies, Custo?
il???j*e is?ue, are 101 _ a IQlj f cent.
Tlie Money market ?.hows i tie rea ?ing ease, but we
have no change to note. This cou'lhmn is repotted;
from all sections of thecountiy. The l'hilmlilj.hm
?std-rer nys:
Tl.a o'lSiill'Tof money M.ekins iDve.rn.ent Is th:a ol'? Is
S-Baalhais whe.ly U) precedenUd The ['nit.-d Stain HU?
?alf 4 ?Mean lo ca.h left sa depo.lt. ?vi It la didir-lt ti jil. ?
S..?.., Bl J \* cent With pri.tu psn-tea ob CBtt. The deiust.d
Bl -MMJMM I* toDiethln?; ettraordioary. ?id li ?o sre.tly in
a??*i<e* ef Me supply tust ?-anlas are now adveitl.ii,? foi
w.t.atn ?a farms aad country prope?, u> the adi'iTnln?
a? ... .e. Ia tranaactloua on elly property, lb? Undera ara lu
Ba -i .aia-e ?id. m.f te pay the ooiiiUii..iou. aid ?ii,. u.-?
B > baise by Hie borrower?, and I! rtnuet te? I. i,. befu?
*. ?? ?ten lau to r. t? cam. TMs ?>ne_?oaaf?_anj
mint id ?? i itlrrinlna lo ?1! le-ritlm.t? buaineit. and mnatpra-1
mote Ib* tery deiirtMe aubitltutloB ot ca?h for credit in boir
ne? iiantnrtiona. All ?alu?bl? ?acuritta?. ?ad e?perl?lly re?l
eitat? mnit feel the effect of the eiPtniion ef the currency,
?? ?1 the dailv lncre??ing confitan?-*- tint o-ir ?tniggle? witli Ma
.South i an have lint a?ue teriiiloatiun. Mar, on a large ?rale,
cm, l la.' mi*-? m-ntti? lerhap? n?.t many week?, and Hie I
nD!y qneatiou thut reumiii? ii howlong fiienill? WBrfara can
I,?- in?lnlitn?ai1 Bnl fishtin, of thi. ?ort IcBnnBa ii itrongly. j
.-? taara m mt Ma aafcappf country ?n wtncii it ii kept up .
a? iipi.ii the a- ??lied and it eventually degeti.-ratei into mere
- a- ?1 -.?n roibcrvof friend, and !.???, v? Inch the
inhabitant? them??-Ita? h??e tin?liy to aid in putting a ?t?P ??
Tin? foil'.um , table will show the net increase ot
the ??...na from the BBBMaBBBBB? of the publication
li the wcekl. re* i rts in 18S3:
DkeeeoB .BIbiiIm lanes?
\ug 5 io Der 11. lrT3.net. ?______" ...... j
Jan. ltnli?, W.l.M.net. ? j03,4'i?
Jan. 1 (?illii 31.1 'Sie?, . .
lan. It? Dei li, IMS, Bal. a*. .'iC'a'-?
Jati.ltol'ec.?iT,:',:,!.!. I0,bii..n
Jan I te Dan. II ISM Mi . i-VVoUt
l?ti liol)?-- ii. li-, net- . I,"****"*?
l.n. 1 toll...- ; . j--.- ?ict. ...... itJ?/oM
Jan lto.Mar. . i.lSl'Lnel. . ii.ial-.i
A|?i!'to.!.,.. '.".liVtnet. . t,?MRl?
....l-l ti, >.-,-'. W,IS?I.."?'. ?,",Vn,_
'"";'?:. ?U81V:.,^im:??s.,mi taxtm ::y..
]'":? ,.' ? r'V;........ic.'.''-i:.'d2 2---.T1 .
i__ ,"' uSl.IB.? 11.433 J,K(i,.,?:i .
j! ' ?._' an.IM,M7,Me :i,n\ixt .
?S. j i...?.IM.l7t.7n l,""\,tri .
b__ ii um. I? ?wo.:'.i? ?"'-H I .
Kb? UM.m .i"*., it? MBtB .
;..? ?? i .2.IMBMM 'J.i'i-i.'Ji .
Hatk I.UB.i:i:i,;i.tii ?i,r.b,::n .
Mnicb BIM.1.130.-_,14_ 4?il!.,.a!?) .
MuchJS, 18*1 .l30,SB,Tit 2.4il_ ,:.* .
Ma it..'. l'-i2.ItljSli, .b J,M7,!M .
Mareil'.-a, !,?.'. i J. .'.- i ,f DO t,M9.fel .
April i, Mt.l'.'4.1".l,4 i-14 lit? .
April 11, isa.?Mil. i.i 1H..II13 .
Aptil IS?, 1 ',-'.!.'il(i,l.,_<i3 MtrtM .
April ?. 1861.ISS.0N '? . I.0)S,MJ
M?t ii. I -I.LU?'0,411 . ?JIMMI
M?v lu. ISM.l.i-i.Mt,Jil . I.M1.TM
Mat 11 !?'. 1 -t ? _? ? i - . * . ?.342.MI
Mat M. MM.H.'..5u,l4ti . MS,M1
May ?H, ISM . Itt.l~.414 ia .it*? .
.lunn ., 1M.liJiHi.-.l 3:;i,.jj .
Net increaae.+44,1.' ,tnl
UM follow tag table will compare the present condi?
tion of ti-?' kaakl tri the City of New-York with that
a: the i-i i i,r ti.i- ooneepoadBg week lust year:
J'lDeli. 1361. June t. 1 ?MB
Diieeeata.pll7, ?? ? f. 143,311,381 Inc.*-iis-v?'
Bj I.-. -, '. ? 11, 'I '.? li?.'. .-,. I ' 13
Clrcnlattan. I H I ' -7 i.-rii.cu Der ..lull
firma Innmiti m ?..*.-v.:, 1_0.1M.14S Inc. M,686 4M)
Net i!. yu. it?.... ti '-."?' ?'?" I10.SM.MI Inc.. UL'Hu .'? 1
Capital. _?j ?_??.? <r. MiMLMI Do,-. MMN
ri,.* MeBntMBnTthi Philadelphia keakate the
la--! two weeki mb|bm a? foUewii
Jtme | June 9.
.* ii,.;.".._??> ?-ii.-i5.90 foi... Bit
Loan*. 31,747,1171 3! JS1.71S Inc.. 2 4 tai
Bpndl_. ?">,.'? I.4M .'? '-.t? "7 Inc.. 4H, Jj
linn from other Bania .'..:,7_ 74H 5,3M,034 Dec. 17.714 ?
D .e t.? other Bauki. i ~.:,.\ii fe,lSl,SM Dec... 212.U4? '
Den au?. 13.384,644 2d.',,!ill Inc.. .'?!..:
CBenaOtaa. 4 .?.:.? ou 4 l.?4,.?*9 Inc.. li?,_76,
Out- IkeOBBBi bales of cotton were sold to-day on
i ;???. eminent aci-oiiiit. It consisted chictly of the
Bm ir-latnj efaaiaetar,?oaly abtrat one-third ?d' it|btii-.g
r-lioit sia? le. Tri?- Culf Cotton waa of uti infe;ior
grada, an I broogfet .1 <? -".v.
Wv h uve teen at the ofiic? vi Itivermote, Clews
?k Co., the new coupon Ml 4? cent bondi of diil'er
MddoBootinrtioai thi ant thut haveMjweredla 1
uni!I.st. They are neatly executed; one of tim
en.Jin bin im,'at the head aa eagraved rapiaeeala?
tion of the ooMba) kBwMi the MenieaB ead
Wi ?. 1 atti titioti 'otho followtag raeoratka ?how
tag the ] lOMpl action of nome of our Iii.urani-o Cum
Oin? ? Bk-km is Pim lm n (v?-| Ce., I
No. H M a. ?t., Be? York, Jin. IS, I'-.'. I
At a NfBlai mtatiog tftfca ??oaid ol Uiie-tora, Iie'.d'.i?
day, it ?at ii'iat.m.oi.? y
Ke.ohfd lim?, ihe d-hci? ney In ?he ea;i-?l ?to k of the
C ,iii|,?ii?. Caiia.-d bv the I BMI ?.'re*, fire at Troy, he forth?
with made B| t.i.i.SHA B. I Iii.?IIHIE, Ser'y.
We annex extracts from the regular circular of
Samuel Hallett A Co., M-feHowi
Tie?!???? in which the pre.ent ivir feat trvitl.lmay reaiit r.
?n lm; rt??ti en? of our ?r?at?ater line., a* In a Will work a
? ch?n?e in th- ciuiiuercial a ti ni:? of Ihe cot,!..-tit. ,,.???
?.Hiked a? tlioae wlii.li mut nea eiian'y tait? puce in ,t,
po',itic?l C' edition.
Bylhatraat] ??til (?re.t BrBMa MUnrtaf ('?iaitw?:
with that paw??, B wat tHaatau! that nnBfet patty tfetall
niaintiiia asaatba I -*oi Lnfem la time o! paw ? iklpnnf
. war c?rr}ii(; niore ll.in mi? tun Faek, The ?!j-?t ??? t-a
remo?? noitual caniei afdi?!iu?t. a? well ?itoavuH Ihe co?t
of great an. auient? upon tl.eae aat.r? Kui ?lue i!..? ne?-.v
wh? i- ?ide t! e Canada?, ?? ? part o! the Britlah umpire Banal
,a.-,a'r led cana!? put the Il( id? on the M I IBItaia a ii
ti,?- f .? f NUgara, I j i aai ? of whtah, ????e!. mt ? ?r aiay
a?, end InM ali the L?k?a bnl I ?'?ri .r, and . apt-i-e nr d??tr< >?
e??.v trun np-n (hem ?Itl.in tie territoiy of the l-nitrd
Sla'e?. a? Ibay t?r? ?ii ?r. u?:y I?' ? ?-leal eg.li.at ?tia a? ! y
wit-r ?a?|e laDt hy t ? t.?-?v ,?? i ., a of deatinclnn which
l.av? . ?en u:?,u,rlit Into u?e.
To BMM 11.1? i ie(?u .Ut}' of p' ?ilion in the only lund? p?a?i
feh H Ba?a atmpmtaitaW .liai-'? th? Kile Caaal ?n u.?
e??r ?i.d ?h? li in, i? Canai on (1 - ?I.t, and la iinpro?? the
I ?ii.??t|oii ol' the li.ii. a. Itiv'7 that an ( ?eruhe'ioi'.g (orce
?a? Hfl? on an? em? gem-y le p'?c.?d on t. ? !????
licilTntn tn, lludion it d the Ulai ? di !'i Inefa faeUillns I r
titi.-: ' rTtioo would rel.ei? U ?li ? I I i-ai?*?.. i f ? .? -,. .... ;
Inroad upon what i ? now an e ineiy e?p?,??td fiot.i.er a:.?l
w tie ? .ihtlrawal '?! '!,e i. e-mi ot it Batt ! r ? j ?i
?I,.-? in ? i, ? r <| inter' aa ?omi a? the dai.g?r ttr??i?n. ii a? aa
?v?rt?dor i? ,,v?d 'lue plan augge.ted li.. r???iT?d t! ?
_au '.Ti,.,..,, i a 'f th??''.;. m 'tee.a:-. Mi f .rv \1?|r? an
the j,ait of the ll'U*e of 1!? ;-???otative? ?t U ?tliington
whi li bia aiiai.in ? mil ..|r.ed Bp? n a report in .t. tiver, ?ith
every pr?*-i" ii lh?t it van! Mai ?Tina f?to.-?!*le ?e.p,?i.?e
?ion. Caa| - -
(in tlie ra?! the plan pinpa,.?a an eninr??:' ?-,? ,,f the Klie
'Canil to a',e;,-h of ?at?r o' IS faa! and trBh tanks IBM will
p??a ahipa ?,' v. a- h-t?dfor operati n? upon the !.??? ? "Iii
co?t of a-, ., ?, ???leiuMit ii en.i it?! all the wap b ?
03.500,0001? 07,000,00(1 1 bart ai?-1,0 e, _n ???rina
to be eii'i i.-ir i, Cr ne? w ,-k r?,< it?-l I?-- if. jj ,,f ti.?
i ban t'-r B? llbh Thar? it in abundai r? of w?t-1
ni, n ?.! ?? ro ,eof Iii? (?ii?! lan tbe el? irged pti?m On ti..
Wad ?al i . Bent B piipnul f*Ttht flHntrli Cm?!
ti, ,.w!i , ?iljr to the d?|itli of .e??ti f??t ?hi? h would e(,n?i ti.?
depth io md mi an ?ter?.-, in the Mi.?la,'j ; i .'?, ve Cairo
Ti? wrk li? re u.ig'it um .?? ? i!. a? pi?.[? ?aed ?benth?
pt?,-t.t a?-al K?. ? '?* :.'r?ict?.l, whereby a poitlon of the
?, -'li. a, .Vi .. ? .n coi , d !??? turned down the Ilinoia
Bad Mississippi An ncivitiou to n depth of . i.ly ?igJM l?.?
? l! w,,'..,l proiiiiily h? li,| ui, t
,.? Irai ? lund? oi ?le -.ii? the luipre.en.i r t i k1
? ?tween Lake Mi '.., i.n.J'.he li.i iola Jt.ier i.ngi.t
be fe,I ' ntl re-a.
I Although th- unpruv.-n.ei,'., pr, y?'i i ?re to !?? undertaken
?S military wurla, it la plain to ,ee tiut they v?
? ?I tatanbla la enannsrelal, ihm i . i... :
tai? re.n 1- ,,: con.i ,j i?-in?>. The I na ?Ml tan ni ali ,- ,iui.-.?r, e
in it,? ccunt!". laaananmj totha Itanapartaitanni -,>
. ?? i : t, tmii.'i win h ?i? attbei wltMn ?
i a.*;, .v (? || i,p..n tile w-i,t?. '.in loi. .n, Bnnatttaa, Upon
?n- -.- Batraelednertfe naen, the moat talunblaprmeme*
?inwn ana Sa_nit*il ?aly a iu?rop?Milli?la Bnnlalilinii
.,?:? i? ti.- ?a,n? o: ?ai h j,ii i ., -? ii eilen Bp in i-n?! oi tr?ua
I'Oila'.K.i Baa? I i'.'.),.ov? ?1 I: _;,iv?y. in?, a ii,.ie-.ary , on.ii
ti'in to any cou-nJ.-i lilli ? on.i.i? n ?. ? ill.ci .'or. i_n ?ai iK n, ??-..?
Indian con. wou!?l not bear c, .'. ?,f ti inipetllltaa i ?? ign .
..-., i nnrtfe roula nom lha aaatenl petali M the lakei ti? tide
?mini Inch coat ivould lery nea: y ??) al th?- ia u? o! when
?eg both |-odu lare gr,,?n .' to*i mile? itiloid ami aie l-n 1
down ii'.h i,i,.t.t. upon ti ?? d ,? .?, not only,! tin? ( li j, l,,,t
l.eai.y O'!? ' IdJ "I r.al'n,? I,. ? ?? in- al matt u.?i.-ni!ic.-i,t
?yaam of pnbll aork?. Th? r*?ubgur?l_on at lha country ii
n'.'ia! l'*voia??le t,, li?! ??na? . , ,i.B llnlll illina! Sf jIUI
so ? I ptaiat teniiet navigali'e la-aiiy ?.I the river? By which
they art-tv?'? le.) ?ni iviiiib in lan ?????!?? M ujoat Talu?! 'e
!?? i ir art,lu i ,,
'J lie Iii?! .nan bit i, ?' 'I I i,! .palin g ? tun
? '. ?? bania flora Butai? ia N?a York ? ny. Iran Bin
1) ti.? ordinary lngliwa>i, t? +J t?i. 'lue pTWaH ti thi?
luuv ?lou? i?iliji-ti, ii WM u gr*du, I uti* ii.? ? u.t at t!ie pre?eul
tim- ' ? Ina ? ni;, on? qaaitir ?i hut it wa? ?lien the Mi. ?I wa.
tir.t .;??:,ed. Thnrennctionhas only ii?;io?el the iic.-et*??.!
nipttftj li t'i? work 'lhere ?cr?- tim.poi'ej mer ii th?
ja?! ranrl OO.OMtnnt?! bmndsnffisQnhminni to .5,000,000
bnahali baartai ? val .>? oi O'?? 9M '?ai Pralnna en fen trau??
I ;-?d .r I tu? We.tern ?ho-? of I.?kel line and Baperlot
to N? / I i-rk foi BB ,' ('..?. 'I I i? work now allow, the prn
' (Tieai.tf. at ?piont anna eviiy portion ot ihe
ten. r> in the U'e?t jet occ l| lui hy BM Baa) !?? ai d ia tam
? f tue mum luipnrti.t mpeueJm? by wniefe th? Inna la
-t.? .-'ii ?i tli? country buf b?en ?u.taiuvd iu the pn.-ent
Lit cc.ple'.e m our puiilii ?(li? fe, we Itl.l Wiut lorne
tfeinf better. Thn ave*a?? i un.iier ol tun? ea h'iip, trana
por!,.,i hy i... i, -?'? navi?u'.. g 'lu- Krie I anal the | a?l ?e?i..,i, '
w-.l' ' i! ii a ir capicitv eould b? IneitBntl t?* Chhj or l.ii?.
(c i.? tin- ? .iii g in col'. Bill m ?(im tal inn wau id lui e.'ior inuui?
? ? iin. g i?, ii 1. ?aiuid iiiiii.* can!,y (?? the Inna lil <>f the pro*
dm ?-t Bad col,miner. The coiiin.eri lal value o! null au lm- ?
BtOTI lan li to el? u, lalntd ?I m Ile- countiy won,?I I.? nu ?ia nia?
ll? All woi ' I a!."k?' aliare lu It. It would draw ta 'be North-j
tn natta ti.?? vfei a ned i ?* "' IB tataator, ?nd n, aria mae?!
Bl . '.. t; ? '.' i*:- i ' e ur main ? i.?ine of S uithi rri liaihoia. '
it would cany th? bafeltafeta Hal ' I aw t?nitory Imndredi of
nil .ra:!... : we. - til t la, ii ?Ol.ld give I ? On, in?. I m, I vi, ni
to pi?,de,St bnalti I? oi Batta we?t oi iii? aa?aa e limita fr? m
?i.i i th?y ?...i ana baal aaaafartattaa, Wa, ol cour?.-. In
iii ?!? In Um p!?i ?.' lu-r-i i*\ a-ii* ni the anOf***aaaM of the II i
nui- Canal ?, I hat every ve??, I n, w navigating ihe .Miaai.aljpi,
oi ley ol ii? li?- ? !i??. n.i.M di?, harge theil ? argo?? upon tn?
marni ra ?I. i-? -,i laka trim.
I .?-?'. ?tot iii?- ii.ipii-va-in.nt paayttai aaalt I?? t?. in
araaM many ttinea ihe vilne of (he advantage? we n,*? tajmy
and which kata e, ?h!? J iii? coiindy to diaplay a ?tiengtli '
?hi 'i hat i ii ned th" aurpiiae. nut to ny the 1,'dmi BUM ot
Binn ! Hut the wilka we have, in then pie?* ni BBOdl
tiuii. baie ?nan na (he tied?-of on y a pirli.iii of th? 11 i.ti
neut. H itu the ?tiiwaid riiotemeiit of the great tide of MBa>
i.niitiupply the nieani tn gue ?attie to thelflnd.il
trial?<*r lather we inuat SBSMaS|a luclionwud inoieini-nt
fey ? .j ?ilj.,1,.- ta ?dal.,-- ?ucb mein? M am.'lui',na Aa yet
lily one of tli? grind iiydrngri.plac I,a.ina of the interior hi,
L'.eu oc, Bftad- 'l.oie of tbe St i-?wrei,i? and Mi?i?aippi '
.????' y belonging io a naansnan tyttem. Another a.-, nat
?1 .. v la-rge 1. ?till a d??,t t, i of whicb Laie VMnoepeg ;
Ulfe?mata!, and watend by the ited Itiier ol Ihe Batta ,
-?taut, -. ? ?in,md oth?r litert lu t fetv yean nu in tbe'
tide of eu.igialinii Kill How Into Ibu, if ?e (?ii by new md I
improved wolli ter ir? i market foi th? ptodudi of ill ?gil
u.t i. e Sa li a in-iilt v.-juld he etlerted by tlin.e pi,,p,,<? I
and hy io otberi. If they are rendeied neceiairy lu a u.U. ,
tai) point ot view, we baie tbe aatiafaction ti kootting thal I
they will lu a ?cry ?hnrt time diarbsrge their seal lu |h?
i?di ? ii charge for ttan-portattioi. winch Ibey will eSert. IV?
naa tina mike a military prec?ution*ry uiec.ur? ??-rv?, liotb '
?? t Banna? ni ptnlntllaa, an! ? I rommerciil awgr?a?li.eii,, m |
o an tkl'.-itt iai Itetoiid that tre' ?tii.r'rd n?ea io ? eui uti y j
who.? proiren bs? b**. almo*t tna|lr?i, bat willoh al
istneiimei* but Ib-? B*e?>**?ry ?squenr?. of the ?netty
?nterorite of our people in the comtru-tion of worki, though
on a imtller acllr, tlnnlar te thoa? BSW propoiei
? ir -ii? Wim Km.i-.ii IT huit, Jib? 10. 1861.
According to the repnitt fruin the several nurl it platts in
ths city, tittie hu?? been teceived Ibu ueek
Meepsi -1
Ileeve?. Cows Veals Lambs ?wine. Total.
.4? Allerton"* 44th-.t...:i."!8 U 41H 189 .
AtBrnwtiine'?,?'th-t.. ?0 24 ..? 2,4Ftt .
AtO'lttien'* fith it.... Fit 2H ti 1/67 .
At Chkiuberliii't. K it. 42 3G I? 1016 .
:,ent dirert to hu.eherl 125 .
Sold to Bulcher? ind
Ptiunpick. 106
Toll!.HIS HU IU UM I flit? BUM
Total pr?vint?! week....! F..! Uti 111 R.'!47 10.1(71 11,427
Av. No. V wk. but 4r..t,2Hi 110 fi:r2 t.HSi 1U.7W iS,tSH
A. M. Alierto-i I ?... proprietor? of th? Wsthmito? Dmr?
V ard?, loity-fuiirlb ?tieet, tepuil tbi Caltl? i-uiir.et from
lbs tutlowin, Sttteti
New York.2t9 Illii.rit.3, non
I enmyiraliit. 4' Ki nturkj. 189 i
Ohio. . .. I....?. ?li
Julian?. 4- M. !.. m. I."
uses i.t e. m mu?,, Bia
They ilio lapait Reeve* Hid olhar Hock received by rail- I
roadi, ?Vc , M lOilowi: M.eip and
Bsevaa Ceas Veil?. LsaW?. 8win? !
P\ the Trie Railroad.I.I J . till)
llallis? BItii Billilli I HI . 2,.'<iv,
Hallen, iltnlr.ad. M .!
( kunieii *tid Anil.uv i( .. HI . 324
By BaS-BB Riler Heat*. 2 0..
('n loft. Id .
;,..- ..??i. ( ...t .. .?;: (li . I. go.
Tin Ni-w-\<?rk tal l"-i-- BaBrsal nuke? tie foilowln, re- j
1. rl ol tmiiiportutu ii c1 *tui k far the w...k eiailn, lia? day: I
lie v.t. I.W01 Beim ?'J Malas '"*' t>i.?-?p ?nd Lunht, :
1.4UU, ?iltilie, 3,'ti ?.
.1 I y y CATTLr*.
Number reported lui thti market at For!? fuurtli ttr??l,
3.? IN.
Tis uric.t lo dav at.uuot.,1 iifallown
lirai luaUlT.Bl?tS .Ordinary. 8*W ,
.Medium. udna}'
.??onie eitrn , ?nd Heevet may be quoted ?1 over 9?
The genera. ivers,, el the aaikel at xjc
'I he moil uf lin- ?aie. rana? lunn lil ". to 9e
1'rirei per beid al.d pel ptoat, W dilleteut weijhti, will
be (uond in le.-?.ii ti of lalet of iini.lry drove*.
Tata) number ul K.*4ei reienad ni the eity tbl* week, j
Tilla li olil lend nore tlianlt't wef-k ?ni 14) li.ld muir
ti. ?i ibe avenue ol ll.t 4eit. Tbe mci?.-? rn.iiiber ?t en h
VV eiliai.lt? i ..ri., -t I?, t I eil wat "' '. I,? ii. while the nuui
bar t.. di, i .a .? -. . asaw? Ml haag asase Bate aba asnags I
Hal F.* I he?, mere ti an tin? day vee?.
11 e foi-owiii. duir? ate t* mai rt iii. week'.
Pat Batas, (?.lit J 11. Winiam?, III. IT
?tam. Bfaasatar, N. ?.li? o white iii.:s
Baav Bbeaeter, Ill.?j ,-i BhllB in. lu.Ill
Dooley k LavMaa, N V... II liakariag bCs 0. 16
TbaaCsaaar, m.BM Laegaana, O.ti;
S -aatarbaeksr, lil. M J ImT Aiei?nder, ill....121
Morrit I Wat.ill, III.I.V- (leor|?> VV . ,1,.,-d 111.141. ;
Mile Dabee, U. Ill O.was-rag, lil.4h
Pal Keair.t. N I. ?1 t M Aileron. I? C?., O... '.?0
Beach k Camay, III.110 Jerry (buch 111.1"5 |
Phil. McCiHry, 1.1.1?!J. I O Dalby. Ill.1W I
Phil. Mc? etiry Mi. b.W ?lillelts liTutfev. Ind.? I
M Kow.e? B.t. 14 DC Coney. Ill. ?J
H li Smith 111 . I a J. Hudloug 111. Ml
Daniel Baruei. I). M Ben. Weilheimer. Ill.186
IV m II. Be.diut III.611?.reenviile ?V VV iluu, 111... ?7
U_Uaaia.ll].li- A. t Hadger. Ill. 43
??henani Y Val. Ky. Fl K White. Ill. 8?,
T. J ?.Ot?, Kv. 4F? I) 1. Bra!,!;. Ill. l8
lleu-y VV'etth.iniir 111....IS it. (??Higher. Ill. 16 .
lle.y k dow, HI.14? |).,nn.Ty li Mr nil, III.II
J I! Vii.Tarni, Kv.ill SirjlS?oree. Va. 46'
J. li. IV ni.nut, 0. 4a Ni .ion .4 Hugh*!, Ill.33 j
orF.MMJ D4T Ol Till Mll'Kll,
Monday, June lb?Provan uro happy to-day; the
butchers arc not. 1 hey say they BB-BBl atttnil the
adlBBIS Cattle brokers rej ly : " Vo . intu?; there
ure not ovor 3,1(10 head of bt.llocU on sale, and not
.?ver '?".HI more to conn in to-monow, so yon inu-t piiy
BBf price Is ?tey." Asd we ??ty that pre I in BSaBTB.
lent to half a ?eut ad vainc upuii the .?imtatioui of
ear iu?t repart, hi?) that, tee, upon cuttle eel seen
aging ui g'-od qaaUt?. Ifotbtag eeltabelan eii<T.i
?entdu i-oiind mt, and lui very few at that, while
lhere are a great ninny S llii-g li nine cents, and,
?ii ubtluris, ibe hutchet? will hnd nome of their pur
. l.iisei. ti extra food badeebe will eoet 9| coate for
tvtry poood of aaest, lew Ibe 4,il m of the oflbL The
gran ball >.f lbs ?*!?-?k will -eil at>-{ .?''unis a
j illind, asd tbe nbok will even.?;.1 ov? r t\ ttttt, ii
ii., trade eoBtbasM :?-- good to Isa den aaBepsaa
i.i-iliv, Bud we think it n ill: fir a lara-.- .bur?- of tbe
rtu-k 41 iii i.e aoldtedaj.sad a ptttmmtj 'over?
will wuit till t. -li.urriiw i-i hoi -1 "i neetiog eeeiai
laraw. The alby ol* Ibe atoeh is werbet te dsj la
rated good bir? loi peaieet qoaUtj le eowpoaei el
.liilillery-liil Mwi?, ii.-ily from 111.I ?ns. litre
BIB euiiie veiy good Hine:? gtaase, bW BBSSIIB
.it 41?. Bean lew al Kastaebp Darhsaw wfllaril
tia- I If,?at, an.) 1.01 It" iiTii a j -, . arrla,, <??
par B et the weeAhm le foolj II wai 1 |l m i'.i.
??.?..? ts imk? a VV ii ?. r ?i-- a? r rial 1 lit. ra
... . t "he ? I.e.?- .,?? I .-. b?n ?' d Hie? weie In n.a.-i?!
es.ly, tag s? ii" ?? tebaj 1 ngeemtelly ?a?r_?agis t??y ?I ?
ad vane ?, and li. d I a- I. 1 I.? I - ?a; I t it ih it ti ? y a i. I ...
t.. ii.ti.it We shall le <h.?|| !.. ?-?1 If t ?
not .tie veil sid ptav? on the ?lim li. I? I oF li,.
Til? I l???B I?! TUB HUIT
7'ii?n'a>. J re I 4'.. a li ? slgl u .1 II ??
a- I lr| . ti lli.l tim- . ? m lal with lb? I ?ile
l_Btl ??I? T.ITT* hi ? - I :? u?? n. in.u,
There ai? ? ? .? ?
?iie.-i ?arl*, t.?-.-- rtharirai ?i. 1 ..." n u,hi hy i
,- 41I.SU> ?l.J .?lit d.t.el 1. ti ? 1 yelki I a.
?..?r.n.i raia, Ths leattsria, auls I? i .-.
?).. Wi b Brui ? I n - ? ?ti?.t .t?' im Bwha up ih? :
lu?l 1 lit. Im iiii ???> li ?.a.l .?: Ina ?In. I. ?ral li.? ut :
??:.... aw last aparatan rs? J ti, ra as I ithstap
a i ..f ti., h.. ? Na ii. i. m ? ?ii t? i wier. M ! .'.d at IL?
?rai.b I ??".ill tit? Baa 1" 4 r-i.i.d hl.i ca.. n,.,, .l-l
they ti. far?, ptrt of tlu-m tie her? ii m I Mi,..
au,, e B?I llml'ta?. Ill 111,. ma J.'eu au h .?111?.?
i, ..1 bl I? r ' a .an 'u ! ii 'm le- ?:? t teert, (?: Hie
pt., i br it?-* tnu.t !i? full ..I it alt-r ?t a,a l I , .lay. ?. , t! r
. a?. f..r f.ed atiJ w.ti r le li ,-r .1 ti i..i? Ir..- ? r' .!? ii
Pi-liti?T.Tallis distillery. l'ocr .c. ?i..,-? li r a ? Batts*]
satbaeaaMtheoatsassips -it e.t . I i,i, u.na.i ii.
?al? ot.? half a cut a |i lad Bel t.? ?I.in Batt "t.,
if thsbrehan ?ay aa u>.i^|. ot ?? . ? beal '-?? ?Baa 'h.>
tmmkt hare tait yamariay, ami ?.nil bee? - d If la? had
h el an. i l'-a tiiat am- . la .a.I.te I w<mld have u-.n ina I. la
.. ili.ii tin t ?'. m'l i..ii. ? .J Iori., mm ia:il?:i
what a ?ty niay hrin| forth ia thii BMikrt M?*e ????.?i,n. ?
. til i aitl arril Wt tea] ba mlit???a bat if i .
. i-? i? ia-. w? u .:.. nu r.nd?tabea vv?kuow. . ? ?'
i-i;isiii? ?t r? .? i.? g ?i-.teidty thal tlie ii.eik.' ?, the i. ti,
? i, smi i ? Jet ty al yea eaa Bs?mbI sassa
latacB hunl.'d ?tt ... i i ..mi i. ,T,di i?i
i tiki I '.d l.ei'.'l-r Ila- I.:??- lal , BS Up "
Main a bars toimmei Horn is day, .? . a?.
Irt-t, ?l.J. "lue laalk' l i? ia t M JiiaJ it .1,1 iii?. sd
liuii'l I ,y till ?nu btn u. ??!? al.u.t .? VV ait (or Tin Tai I. ;
..?? layiti Von e?a rely aa tint" Vitgrrtili h.ie ?ou
i.ive It. VV. give ths fact* is i may BM'ly the Isfersiicet I
W e 1 iT.?,r it,.i all li??? ?t??!* ?? ? Mil t ? lay, If till uti ?r. i
wUlacea**! t.?.! ? . .ut i | onml I.... then H..J arara aSarad ,
y..ti ?da?, ...J '.?.at Um h. ; ban ? .ii I?, m : ill* ni abad thal
they Will i t e t? a* ?liaip I..it B i Taj a. tli.y did y. ?t.,r '
? ? ? ?.lev wars h.t gsniiiBBBi, I . th.t
aa?twet If?rat wllibs ' BniwbanywtMb."
la i hu j??.? 12 ihsraaera ?..'-' ballacisatAgattsa's,
m Iii- .rib?w?ek Tb? price* wari ji/v f.u i,.-it .
fer m?dium, 61 Tata?Mi] -ic far saui??r*ra|aIle.,
ai.d Beat the cluain, day
1 li ??? i: r ii MB.
1 ),.? Iii ra.il ia ?;-a n Bail i ?v One traiu ia? u m ?uuthi-r
?to?ford Or? ?County ?:..l ?-., .a-,,.-dil., .in,... ?i,,i?
teveral disren i -r., bllilagaa? . ud bruit?i| bum , tal bv
JlUlB, ti.!.<liiei-r
limn brass iessi frum t!?e . ...'.ii. ?u,i raagswal
lt?l?ssaM ?bIIbm brtoraBeeaM ? Samad I II.assaa
?r be "a- a? ii'-. All II.?- II .t th- . OB ! ' I r i', ti lill J, v ere
qalstly ????}.,. U am? lal h?gale ?-.n? It in.? eely
a? i" .d nick" that ?li ih. i title?i taiitrala wara ii-', k11 ? I
Du .li? i f'ttiplajii l.ai.1 ?lean Iii. pra.'ue nu Hat rn..i .|
> lttla| iii ve? ,i,t .f, ,.|01 Illili Bil!, au that ti.? ?toi'l It-u.t.r
?ailie.I lank after ti .lu (lea iii i .1 ?iy. I.. ,i,|.. L.r Uli.
, au..- ii. 'it Dor- tra?na. Jaba T Alaxai S ? . iI.ot. at amee
ar? ??? illudeil pa it ef lbs ti? ? iii wa tara I ?ina and part of ,
the lune upon thins, ?-nell (Inn,, esr tery pioiuklti, lu lh.
I? i aatai? tt itotrn aalferwhleh ti..ijeaaasl ??? tari
u ?.? l.at.te . II'UI?. T be lilli-. ?? i ii.I.t?, u. . i.a,I.tal l.y (ri ?? '
I . |llf-ul e ul .entine:. ...ep) ,i el tia ii psB li Bl I let nutt,
Will injure ibe road.
Ihe eouvei ?. uis of uni? s.liiijt ttock from Ihe Hnl.ni car. I
.',.?..1} .uto t ia ?al.- pe. - du. -.. ti that road a full .In? ,.|
th., lia.?l.r?. fian, Aii"iii. It sad the Hall IB g1?? Ititi
bllag all the ita.k iiuw nu Ihe h iiiday iiigl.t Hain? fruin
BBOB_-UP lAL-g ok lil I.Loi h?
!'.? si-.. iiflu? ?ian.i'l ?.I ti i ?alt. IO .haw Lui? sll i-!a.|.?
ID .'.;?, i?t vi ?li st tin. |eiieisl u.tlu?to of wei?lit* of uiotl
of the driif?.
Di.? '?f (he lie.t duvet BS IS fr??m Ke.,tu, ty, iiy(l,,H
hi ?bl hy VV ni. II. lisrnt, ?t Albany, ?t gll| et ?.linn batt
ut 'ii. i? Ii) ti.-I. andover sa an eiliuuite ut l? cwt esrh.
I ?? Iii bang told i< i .|,? -,,| o n,.iiil.r. i,? vviehai A
Stilwell, a! an Hverai;? tt ghi, Bll__aBa| theiii st 7, iwt
.7. rase, ??> I, ?/ p p if?
J. II. VVili.sm. I.aue'.tit AJhagf, 15 Obi?. Il.irbtii.i uid
old ttylm mud I titeen that will tell st Hj./'c |' Ih-une
! It fat 1) irhim .?.H? at about la.
I ?, V4.iu.in II h T.ri.tler, i?!d !R gund fair Il.lr.t ia Siren
fur L J r-in.a. aieti,'r h? i ut. ?t HJ ./in
llarmr V MiT.r auld at li.igen M lilias!? Bimi U Ila ><
!'. un ' | ? .? t , ? hit b ti ??> li"ii,l t uf J. Ciel.ti.e.
li It. Ba itli ?Y ! ?. bsd I I ? od lilli Bil Meer, of th?ir own
fea-d e?lin Sted to Sleis;? li e.t Sume 411 a..|,i ut.iIIii ni,,,
ut ihout FK-. ?? fh in.T Ibe other, here ijeueri'l? st Hi n i, sal
. Ver 1-r Ihe I.e.i
C bV. Caaarr ?old WeftbsUI BllassaHBbIiiihsaa?l af
PblL titi a'lri bj Alb-tloii. Murd 1 Con,er, and ...? ethel lill
ian? ?(Millan it la li iversg. about h i ?i
T ('. I iilui.u A lim hive 12? al J I.I, Dilhy'i drav? tt
?t'??.d illiuoi. .Stter?, ?atiti.ited to ?Te."?,- II cwt. aiidMc
9 tis,
leny I'huicb beegbl at Cimpvllle, of Clarb 1 I.ind.ey Id".
? -nd. fair Illina?!? ?leer?, ?vera.e "| c? t. and tell ?I KJc. I? lh
Mi L. HT? will averts? U cwt
Heiiiy tV ?atliettu.r Untight at Alhany, of 0 VV bite, li I hrtt
ra? l.llnoit Steert ?t tVml, cu?tiug here a,:i So, end ?ellan ?t
,''n'?i ni, ont n.*le ruiiiiiiii'-Hill 112 llllunl? htter? b?u|l.i
k1 liuSalo. nt Hu?.ei k Co it +t^'. co.( liere tJ-1,.4. Bbd *..! lot
+ .1.1, iver?,. 7J cwt.. ti ?king the BSaaslMlaa nut ol puck?!
?.' Jllior.l. Ulme, boni-ht it lluttib, ?t Bo.,1 ud aveitg? 1
rwt cutt be.? Si'i-l, ?nd ?etl lo m?ke rotiiuiiiilon
I lery ind Cruw hive I4U ,aod I'.Iiioh Hteert on tale hy
Hliu in I Tery. who e?tmate? tbeui ?I 7, i wt , ?ad it that
ii..uki lh?) vi 111 ?vera,. l|ft
A M Allerton ?...it?. ,.?od, fat low? Hte.ri ?vent? TI
r?l , ?I H\o B |?> m a
Vi'*iiiii? k MiriB . ? 1 ?' ti - K* it? k. |i ,;.,an boight
st Albany, la ssmptoy with 3 H. Wallum, ?jf War? li Mor.
",, sstfa-Sfd at " cwt. a? . aod SoMafl ?t RJ .Mo, Aba.[ ?
for M. I>ongbm?n, go d Ohio Darb-ntt, ??. 71 c?*t-, and sell at
Shepard It Vail k Dotf hs?e?l |ood Kmi-cky Dwfc4~a.
bought tt Albon? of Judal I? UoaS.tolHoi at \\Btt. mi
W81X,?.:"1ni*,.,i?D^-...,i>l-. a? 1?| rat. .1 Dunkirk,
are .ailii.g at pries? JxJx.? iy to a?, hu-, on I?n ne! weight lor B
W. Allerton k Co. ?____?_? *s
Onie? li Toffey ?old Til of the Pilby drive, etttn.ited at Hi
rai , asosj. f?ir llii.i'1? Steer?, t,?d ?ill -isersge t| ?s?t I' to
Also, k6 good, ftir Illili li anon, ?sei.-ijaaTl cat , ?o.d wlrnle
?i.-- it aa? , __,
Murri, ii IVelitU hsd 242 IliinM. dlstl'len. fd JJ cotr.e
Oteo rr'.iri CklgMfOI nu? lot, I?' ugbt st S.?| eri.ioi) ?ridgee.
Hunt, 53 11 inmi Meen. t?*ri_en(i ?st . s?l i.-l, ...Id ?t Albany
tt *>-4, % bought it the ?ridge ol Win. Smith 4. Co., tsertse
T| cut coit .ii, ?ml ?I m'd it Alban* ?t * 148. tverage I ?ist)
Jb. The other b4 sold her* at 8Jc. on :j rwt., and IB I-IdoIs
diitlllery fed Steels, tve.s_liig 7 cot., ???Id ?t ?:i'--? atr.U|, by
Ben Waltham.*'
JoliuT. Aleitnder lit? on nie 1?5 held good, fair Iiiinoii
Steer?, H.ot tl.eni. In Monday, ?re ??lim ..el at 7J cwt. I.y
Join. Merritt, ?ndaeli ?t?!??,?*. ?,? lb. The tail ? Id tt B-'l a
h?td, which wt? user |g |> Iii. on Monday mid tt si-& * 1 uet
.1 .s, isy about Hr , i> it luit io .'..ad ?quality.
Pi. kering k P.i'lle? ioIiI at Hergeu. .li III. Steer?, bought
of It ClMOM. ?-ti ?ted ?I 7 cwt.. tn,l ?nid it to. ?* J? Alio,
?old hei? 11 Obfaa Stein, ?v. 7| cwt . st li'c., whk-b Uley
bought of J. Cortar of Cnioa Count?, ())i(o. who wat killed
un suiidiT. st (Ilford. Oitngo County. N. V., by tn enilne
tbtt ran iii' - the caboose where lie wa? with aasei?! others
(Jeo. V. Bool ?O MS he? of ?rod I.I BlW and a few
(lien, estimated al 7J rwt. e?et?ge, which will ?eil to tvert.o
ojc , by 1'h.inm Wheeler ,xi,d ( I,?? O Te? d.
Sam Shuealer reprti lil. hrilih tine thii week, (hat Alba?
ny air ii ei, el oat, und Alban.'?Is Leiter He bought ihiTe
of Mortii k Wieiall ii III. diatilirra a?. 71 cwt., w Iii 1, ?Id
for I ?nong. Al.o. Ill of Co.,ii It lloibury, a?. 7, cwt
S ate dlitliler?, mid tt nie. , D2 ditto of Y While it Bro. ??
7| . ? I . and ?old st .'?_., li otbei III. distiller?, not goon qual?
ity, ?old tt ne 1' l*v
!"it Kum? boa lil Olili Htetr?, bongin at T-uSVo of Miller.
windi told tt ?I ii it I.Jt' *? lb, ?Tarage, l8 of theui at ? l.,.i? s.e
?t ?. til.
A. li Mead lu.ugl t ti.? tbove in bead, tud let.il-al them ?I
8j.- i? IT upon "1 i-w!.. just ii.ik.t'g Blair couiiui-tiou. He
? lan bought nf W ni I), ileiding. iu ton.biny wi'bT Uluma, i
.ill gi od li owl. llliuoli ?torn at *>?7. whi.-h retailed out al?i
Murry k ( llo??r lold ie?era! loti, on th'lr own accoun', of
I.? good lllinni? Steer?, ??er.ge (J cwl. | ?eil it tfaj._.c (Hie of
1.1 do , touglit tieie ?I I le , at ? lu?a lo Ihe ?ellet, ?ml on.-ol
ii lia] ?r? tiyiig to moke ?verigii 8j_ , but find it very
i ii J to du I'' ill 1 iiemliy ?ile.
\\ ni 1,ingle k I Is ?id I?. !.-??! , f Illinoli diithl.Ti ?I l|c
on T| c?t , ??en,-?, ? a h lb*/ SBOSJBI of A, d (?ille.pie.
4li..- x1 the ser) BSe. ditiTt-ain marie., owned by ' i a .. | a
llal-iii .i ?nd a ii iiini ( ?f Mangln.on (.ant? llllooit)
wlieie tl.ey ?ern ted ?;] nti.lr tttui. ?J i ?I i "t _rii?e lu tim?
la laka th? cream > t tbe market. It was deiaiued f>r s??i I f
tn ei.rn.e ?t Allenlown. ?lal ??..rou. '1<?3 -doi k ?n tin- !. -at
(roo. r Hsofaatfal ut. ?a lill li did um irrite ii the y.id? (iii the
n.i.t. t Iba buyers of luchetti!* had gol thulr auptly. The
dro?e, lui bead, ia e?tianted at I cwt a? by Joaeph II Wii
liuiia. il.e at.e.tuBii ?i.d ?x oulil hire ?aid i n Munday uioiniiig
?I '?? I' I*, I i tlniillgh 1' lui ivert-i--'J.- te day
COtVB AM) CALVES?iMN ia the .nae ?OMOtOaOOS I
?I'?- of ibu gi tint hu lung ei'itid In the MIMI COB mtrk.-t.
Urdu.it? ( w.con'u.ue to hu I pur. hi??-r? t( t) e rile if ,"- to
12') t week, at fa m to ali a Jeld, with or ?ithout the I'tlf I
is liny he agreed 1 be whole bui?iei. n a sii.ti. retail trida,,
tin*, would be gutted by BO euri irrlTtl of tifty hi . I Su, u I
( iw? as we noiioad list ?eek will tlwt.i ii..d purchueri tt !
a*?, tj gmt e?t h
Tbeie Is ?Setter detniad for ?eil Ct!?ei l'erhiui few, li ?
au?, ?all tt osei i.e. t paiiud, live wiglit but nitre hive iii '
at tint during the weat tbtn Hit pievio ia ?roofa late y Tbo I
tr?t|e itAletun'e to day (Tue><I?y) ii quicker ?t It.l wei-k'i '
pri, e? tn J (be loss er tilde? of qudity ?oil up los? ard rir?t
MOMttOM belter tlien f,i ae?er?i week- ?-? me Inn . ?A ?'
li tilt would I.ti.? la, ?ii J,.I m le f-ur w, eki igo and ?11
r?te pri,?a belter than la a?.eral week- .Some b??e ?old ?t i
It tilt wuul
?slid out tt .: ?
Receipt! Hill week 7 'J' ?S.
Yeaterdiy (Minta?) * ?? the n-.oit eiciting time we h?Tt
leen in tha Hl.eep market in n my months. We reached
S iib meet ib,,ut '.. u'cli-ck. an J h.und (hat IJM bead of
Sheep bid il'et .y arrived, ?nd tl.tt not t li ntired of then, re
milne,! un.e.d. ?nd (hit s I. ii lo J or tWS of L um ? ex| e -, ,|
Hum Jene? ss-i re erg.je.1 In ul??i ce .,f tbolgaRifal ?nd
both ?ll?ej, ?nd I.OIiii?. ?t ? de lOld nd??I ,-e Of .) Iboooon
lion? of i nr Iori r? | ?It, ??y 2. to ?'" cent? i hetj \\ e l.e?id
? ' : 'i ? p ui.d ?,? WS-gkt, ,.ll?i. J aad iel,ued for Lan.I,i,
?i,| i.e ?M* ni a lot i f * i - p lu Id by tLe owner it i. I.
?lilli o hut. I.-r ? :?i,.-l lo boy, ?'-J oaked lbs p- ?.and s?is
ootwssodbribeoo sr,"Way,li ppo?. you s? aUa'l|i*o
li hi i .?:.' ", ,. i .j ii?, nul ' li? replied ?id aft ?fasal.
Ii. hail an hoar be lelun.ej. .ad sti?, ' 1 will tike U tt lol tt
Io ir dollt-s.*'
Ofa sir? the r?uD?r. I w?a ,.i iy jj'ti... I wo,ii 'n't li.Ink
r-r ..I 1'gtliell ?I I?., th.n 41"' ?l,d ?i I! w?. Aid, ...l
h? ' li I liai hold them bu h ,ur lung*!, 1 ?Bally I.-I.-te
thal les d Ins? get ?, " rVahavoao Seofatof U, foi Me
lite never HOa lbs hojOII al ?r| er a, I ThoOOOM '-? ?? ?a
i.ieil?,'., ' iei ?id (or Multen at tiie wbolsoals Boadsla
H?, i ?'(io .M?ttet. s?b'ia it ws? ?r , I'I*,, ai.,1
, . x . ? a . Ininti rata Mall st au i??rs_? I
?? which apport io bo auilo as staffa go Ibsy on wotto -.1
1 : ? v v. 1 . 1 ? t ??? rs_* a. i? ti ?1 I, ". ! ?? ?1,1 ? ..?
s ? Pata linke c .1 1? ti e here BoB is nut w. rill
,.,-' -..,?] 1 ?!???,I. ?I ?!, at.'? euh.
1 loy thate li a ? bing* li. lb? lune cf the st.e*p brokera
li?. J. not , haige ? i_i?n f r in? pris. ??? , J .. a.lug oTer
? , ? ? ? en tin Iii.i."r? ? ",l ?t no very glad to bl. ??"
I .yen lu ?. ?? -I si ?>,. J ne g ?I l<, lit.,1 ii., ?,., wil.u.g t.,
psj nr'O id.} , p. 1 ? ? i I ? s tt? 1, t We dei t lind ?tis
, I th, ni wi.it ,? t.- J?, to pa? i BseSs ? p ? 1.1 u? waight li I
. , 1 ? 1?-;. 1 r),.i.|ii| ,ii d lar lu li? ihe gboOf ii??ik?t.
ss well ss the beer oat'..? 1 ?iSet, ho? ?le n-e-l A I -,
?/ - ne wei?hi. tmtimOg, ?1.1 -I l' lb for .tailn is Ihe
ali? gib of Die 1 a k-1
linn Meran st oouooioo ?
InmOhl, Mi., .el .-eldiiei li. K A I., s ?id. I.', I'
it Momob ?"'?. J'?dal i-. )d. s? 1 1.?.;. i,__ri.
l*.uii. New l?r??T-re!?r \ li.o mi. I., Hda.rrl ||,ir.- 2<l.
\i.lrew Rafa in ."I I. Balik. LS.,1 vM.l. I Pater B? ,.
i* tv _u II BeUit .'-' II A ? i??|... I. ? teha ( urueii
Bl ..Jil. .. M .l.:i... *?,l;ui 1. "T ratal ".J
l-ioix. .V.W iork~A. Hall I.J..N li tai t ?' It.
Y,. l'a-cn.'l.tal? * ** Blfn fa TI
IMMMf ki a |K sr e SOIMM*!
M Usai ??' ?'"?? tosh, m il A Ittmml
) s ' ?, ? 1 ta ??? '???? fert ? -.?ti. tal 1 ti it,.ii?. ?
:..?'? r, li . -:. -1 iel bidha? Ohio, B.
i.ead OMs : ' I' AbofcTo Ses. Je...? 1. I S Attain
Nes.-Jel.e_ t J , 1 h- I. t? l ? len I N ? s? Jrl.?. i
?II?, I? . ? ? x lill
\| I ?it li g a--a belt II. Hau.*, aud '?at deep ?I ?u
?,-rr_?o! ?
it . In ?a ?? Il ."I il ta i??,?- . 4 t ' S
Hit! Hil, h t o ? Il : < tt ?ti BTIi aga l+, .a,.
At Ulli, n? ?tu .? M. i.r.s. ... .1 i ,. .i ..?.p .nd lamb?,
?I III ?T?l?|?of -i ' ? ' '?., lot? ? i Ifl.'.-, I ?I.? ? ? ?a l?l
I *la? -loi, lait II m ti e? h
ll.nii.iui reports io k sohl b? ki.? k MePbertoa
J . I I V I .1 .,', .li, A V . i. V\ ?r! t ,1 J la. ht.? W I..I,.,,
I Cb. ?in ?'J -?? ela m, l??i, ...... ,. - - . g1 , ,
I) tv ii ii t ? lo. si es SI Ide. at ? ?. 1 ile. at B4 SO
ando.ote*?a i o ... *.? i.? p? ,i. -i+?'.--,. r ,i?
? '" .1,1 ?t T- I '" !.. ?I ? , .'
lu. 1.7 U I. I.tn.i ? ?i t . :? . 11 .i i nt a ? B3 ?W. el
a? t? i s d'? ?' ?m ?,. i : ?t.. ?t +? ."? ... do ?t e i,? i
? |4| .'i Io ?i + ' '"', il? d ' ?? ? i ; ,; j ?;
m i ??, j do ?t e ' "? 11 -' ?? al B3 I I ? 1 soi
lilli HOU MAKKK1'.
| [?I I),'. W,,t II 'W
l'eiij |, Oltnl * , - iolooSool ?J ti.? Martel rep rt. ,
?. ti IA O? a p ' ss". lise weight, (?t ia u. I, ' I : o.
a I t I ! *J-*l H I" iel I ' ili-ta -:t I, J
1. ? s?e?tber lui ? d?) r IWO MOI OSO| Uti a!?r y ft?nr?ljl?
f.,r tlte tun? _l je.r aoofaHoo buti-lier? H Ss ? gre ,t leal ?I
lew, ? ??ill,eui lae ?id vt tie c,,o nig [umi VV i h tint,
I ? ik U bo killed ad < i?.I iu lit* I .t rat weall.er Jost SO
areli ?? 'a Wlaiai Ban we Bad tin mnrtit ofor*stoekod,
| II, es low Isle? duli 111 J . .' ?I lllisoM
i.e. VV D.uinu gi?., the ?...osriug ti the pi Ice o' lingi ,
til? week.
I.l.e Weight I.,! ',\,. ghg
1 ir?t,| iilltr ?ore led )st|e?i'..) t.. 1 ' I ,
Sec.ii,i!.|u?lii?i ?in fel .J I?U.U?e 4? . <
lit.t flOOBty, MBB I nx. a lil ltd
prime, (?.ri?.?,, hulcboia... tiltia.
I.?t|??..e ,'i led, l-l ..ii -elite. 3,,.le
ISS ad u ? .'jr "i I. fed.J .i..|, _,??,
41 a ran a -t tain ni li ?roe. t? roa IiitH. 1 1 ?ians?
'I ?-i-xii ? i
ASHES aro steady 1 t ti.? d?,.. md i? inuiioi.ie ?t *?'? tot
I'e.i... iad Bl :.,/ ? . Ill for I', t.
i ol TON? 'J'l.e _mi t |.,t? j ?x,i i??t. ?n,,il,. r , Sa arhl I, l?
?, : .,,' ed .',,.? I , ia. .i IW le. t|, .,?_ . | ,-; .,?;., .,|. |.., ? j |.
iiiiu? I pi.ad. w.? u?. j ii, .? st h bli li iii? i?.i .,:,., ?I in ., It
t: ,e w?le mule, bul i| , ?? .1 a, , ?t | .? ?. ,.. titelt li..tu
: ni 'J 1, , , ? ? Us? st l. s? t II it-e, ,'ed ?lilli,, a,.I
illili! 'l'ail? ??'lill' I. ? J ii .1 i.f li .- lula ware L_i-li (sT , Hy
' ? ???? ? ' I ,., . .*ei I. ?ad ?t
Bl? ...li", e.. ;a:.a. ?t .',,.-, j, ,.??':,,r. Al.o 3?,)
bul?. iiiiU. n Jen i ... , It; .-.'.iii. , ill cash A portion
ol Hie 1? I.f s. ?| tami billie MOOl er \ ?i.drn lit. !.. | i,,,..,?[
i ??: BOM u "ij ?I , cn bei .?le eipeditluu lo 11 ?n pi__,
(i,: IK F RI, Im, ',... n. ??iel ..,| (he (glas ?leuiilii.po,.
tool l-l . ?. ?ll'.in t ,,?? dO) . I.tse fa .en pg ki-lllewlml hut
lo d.y OMI : i| ?Mad -t.-i-l) In oilier d-? ti| tim.? s?.. he.r
i.f ?? a? oi -'S ni.? I ?anira el .', ? aod lo H ?at so ioeomo
betel,., ixjui .J .".?o I,a?? Is,.- ?nd K Hu . W b?ga M vi?
g .? .-,. |,:.,'e(el,,?.
?LOI It VMi .VU H. Tl.en.r.et for (be low .?ride, m?
VV,.i.-.i. ?ml .?I >.- I .. ,r t,.n.i.ed .t.sdy, hut with u,,-, ? lu,,.
ne.l In-i-.iry j.ri.., yielded shoal fag f ubi. ?t win, n a (?ii
lui.me.? li?, been dune. I be ix.eJi, m grml.-, me ,., iel ?i.d li
reiular. Tlsd? bil ?I. in? .te? Iy n ,1 in i,,i,|ei?te ?e.i ,e.l
Tbo .?lea include 17.*? hi. a. al t>i.?,i.i ,:. fur s,.p,,,.,.
BtoMOOd VV,?,!?,., , B4 SOO 4-4 .'if. , the |,w ,tmA, a o! VV,,t
emitir?, ?-I i*' 1*4 Wifo, Kilt? Bute, * l I, .?/,-.? ".. f,?
Itin-yd-i , +1. n:.. '+'? ?>t r ?I ippmg brand? of round li, , D
Km? ub,o ?lal ... ? ,, *.hlui?,i,.ae l,,,?|,jo. Cauodiio
H ?i i. i|u,.l.L.I.'islei, atlee of . a) bl, t ?t s>4_?,,/ .? .?
|,? spring VVbe.t I ta BaMofl brandi, and *4 Tau ?*ii Iii
f..r ?ade branda. S,?II,ern Hw, I. iie?,|y ?id io limited
ilill.tlid. ,-ape. iil.y ill n? ?,,,.?,, ,?,.., ,.[ |(|-;,i (,(,;, ?i
aSO SS ' . '"' nixed to good ?up, tune ll-iuiinore, fcg .., .v
iestfafs? tra_ofainos, aid ei?t?*>a?n fog pinin ?i,d
, I, les ,?iMlilie. ni S ?inily ...Irt?. Hi? . I?ur i. ?t. , |V ?,.,|
i J na, I, i.t?, r,,|ue?t. ??!?? o? lUT I, ? I?. ?I *_ Tun *! 'lorn
M..1 It ,, jet bal ?lead, i atlee , f Kt hbn. ?t *_ 9u foi Jer
?e>. ?ml *J l-'ll * I .',, lu H,.i. Ivs? ne
OB M"? Vi beti lila go.d demand for .falpment. ??padilly
ort-aoqoaBtiao, b ii lbs mtrket is i,u, weUsupplied, tud i,,,.t
lind. tr. b- l.er ui.J,, ?he i, Jlnen,* el . ?...h.'deiline ?, ,. .
isle. Of ore.,, fie,,!,!,. U |,?. i. ,?_,,. ,? | mm ,.J ,., ,,?,
Ung. the ?ale. lon.pii.e l.?.l.i?l b'i.b . ?ml cnn.lit ol M WS
I,??li ( In. x^iiSi,iii?, ?i ??,. ,/*l ii|, l,i i,i?j,|. |t?|?e Sum?,?
ti'f.c emim-,mtjahia N.xtl, Wcieiut ,?i, ?i a io. ?t c.?i
.io Miiwsik.e ii,,, ?t wv .1*1 ni; uAee do. amaoi
\\ |.i .main .nd lois?, ,1 *| otc +1 n:, ham do A,nb?.
Oreen lt?y,?t ? 1 IM, ?I B? tot WtStOTO. at Bl QUA j IS
tun I-..id? rite fur vers 'nul, 11,4141 do. (nundi I lull it MT? A
Bl Mi MS? to good While Mi.hlg.ii. al *l 2b. sadlnto
,?haiee ..hie Wlocootlo, 00 leimi sx s ?re requeued not lu
pul ll?h. li?-ley 1. KUI Ln_Oli ?nd louiewli.t noii.lntl ?t
Mlu 7Hc loi St?ie linley M.lt |. quiet ?I >., ,- ,/ fl | ,,, f,?
Stau, ?ud i m,.,lux, estro. Dod or? in better iunn|T
tud a.? .?met o- d lower ; leles o? (antdliu and We.'
tern, ti J2'li:. ,.,j _?,,, ,i i:n?n,.. g?, j, ,
plnnly. and i. a ?hide ?riuer, willi ? uioder.t- lutiuir?
? dei of UM bud, Hlmte, ?I 71c. Com opened IrgMg
m lib ?good demand fir aiport, inlluaiced by i-uier fiei?bl.
but BUB*MO?BUj Hie demand abated tud lbs market olo.ei
dull) aalosof l?l.OlO bu.h. ?I 44U4.V foi d?uia_?..i ?Uia?c
lu uew miied . :..aMil,. far old do . lu,-.tiding ?oma lu nor?
at juc . aud MB tot n estera Ydlow, and file for W e.la.u
1IUPH ore a'eadr and ni limited request, sal-)l *( 11 ht'-,<
Stn U HAttt , ?bel-tt.iiBtel.iilwia? ??''?os??
HEMP?M ?m!.a la la moderate reqneat bet st lowsr rstet ?
?vira of 1.000 b*!?a st about 7c. , other kind* are quiel el tot
mer rat??
HAY?Th? nitrket le dull tod beary, the demind for ship?
ping very limited, a.les of 600 bales st S??teOc ??> 100 It, sad
to the city trade st TO-Me . the latter fir sitrs.
MOLA-ar-K.??A moderste bmltieia ia doini to aoppl? the
Immadialewantsof tlietradsa: fornn-r tites Sales of m hhds.
Mu*.-OTado st MB, 50 ia Porto Rico M 3l-Ue., sod SO do.
SL Crois st 'Mc. Baan st suctlou cf 120 ?MUB Porto Rico,
prime to rb-l.e at MBB Je, rath
NAVAli STtJBX9 are eitiena-ly inlet owina to very
inen.er ?upply offering and tin- eitreme prlre, a?ked. There
i-i-i.n.ilereble coutrahsud Ro.ln and HpiriW howe-rer held by
lim (lo?ei! meut, vvhl.-li no douh; v? ii be offered f..r ?Cb ere
hn*. but the propersnthoritle? ?bon J guaid ?;aln?t oderlng
all the s?odi ?? the ?am? ?)me. The better way U to diapoee
nf them in nindera'e M it'titlea.
OH.Ssre lu liiimedrB.iiiest, hut priera ?re without eit-n
?:?! rhante.
PIIO. IslON??Pork continue* to anive quite freely, and
with s rspl.lly sccuinulstliig s'.n. k, the sante! oj.? ned dull
and lower, hut closed i>i?re actively at the de? Uns. Ihe aulas
sr* LIM bate, al * 11 ?T *> 11 25 IM Me*?, chielly ?t UM teWM
rate, SU titi +11 for Clesr. sud ?*!></$9 25 for Prim*. 1 h?
bulk of the sales are composed of Men, st SU. Beef I* In
land enpnly. and i* anile languid, sa'ei of 75 l>b'?.. at
Sll iiJJ ii ? 13 fur Plata Me**: Bud tl.'l 2-*> a * 14 50 for U?
I 1'iime Me-s Be-f and B?ef Usais continue very quiet, and in
' the shae-.ee ?I aales, p.'ice* ?re narelv noniiiisl. Barou i*
1 b!*o dull Bad noiniusl. ?I lillie, fut Meats are iii t?)?'d t?^
ply tud ire lower, ard freely < B reJ Bein of M h., ti. and
les at IIB Ort. fur bhmiMrr?, and 4$1*.'-c. for Ham?. i.ar.I U
atesily hut ia liuiited demand | .?l-a ?.f M bbl? . Bl "i ?' ? '" i
ihr U'ter r.te f .r f noire, butter li in limited r.-|ne?t. Bl ?i l*
beaty. Wl BBStS. Otri to Cholee Stale, St I?; ?ITS. j rall
do , at I ii He., "?"?ettern lieber-.,- Oble, ht IM Ife . aid t mr
to Unod Jo., at iraile. (he.ae In .?y. Bl '. u'ic. for OhSB
btate; and 0ii7r. for Oblo l.ood to I huice.
RICE?CslB-BB ia ?till ver? ??iilet. lUngnon baa be.-n in
go I ?ieii.ai.d. and vae heir ol a? e. of LMB bag? at 4|o.
SUGARS? Baa? baa hs?>n a tntle lea? active today, bot
prk*, are ?till ?I? ady ; we hear o! ??le? of I,i ??? hh?l? .it. j '
7Jo f.r Ciha. Mate, lor Porto Ki o. and 117 big? Bl. Doming >
Btiii?. Reused are q ii.t hut ?lead).
.Si. EOS?Oran iS-ed? are <i lilt and prices nominal. Flax
I Seed i. iu deina: d at +.''1*2 Ml Calrutr* Lloned 1? in fuir
|deti:aud, aalt-a of 600 bag. ?t ti V'.'ikt 20 |? buah. tal
I Ih'ton.
TKAS?The Inquiry ii moderate, but priesa ?.enerally are
qii.ti- ?tetdv. An a ii ion .a . to? k place this u.orning whi li !
dr-wt g..therevery good attendance, though no tu-.it spirit
was ?bunn. TI.* BouC-ong? were ottered in baa 1 a? a teat. '
lint pri.et not prosing iel!.far...ry were BMBtly w|-|i 1 tw.i
Tia other gradea Bold to a I ?Ir eit-nt at about luling in ?rket
mea > ?in: ' lljson. 7icBfl OH . iIy?on Me. , Uuupowder, ,
lllcBBI e*tl imperial. Ota.] Hysea Twaabsy, ninVJc.^'
'I*?nk?y.51r. ; (Joh ng. .'.'?J m ????., SB 1 Souclioi g in bun! 1 V
TALLOW- Tlie I .i?-ti*fi ii., tia ilen.aid isfiir. thea.l
rt.irs in sestean ?ed teariaen la freight? ?wini ?e'l?.-? t?:e
??ivautj^e, tates st* *?_0M B WeUna st 1? ,??-. aad ItMt
!? ( tv talc RoBfb ral Is stan/ ta ?ta .-*?o
Will-I? V )? Is t. ?!? rate J- vai.? I tad prlci are wlthnut
rt.ei.tial. bants . ta-e? ol (.30 tels, .?t Hg -J Opt ?or ?tata, and
?lo Hie. tot ohio.
ReceiplB ?f Vrodnce.
.Uin 10 -"?< !..'?'? bl. ? PI ar M I bl* ( -.ru Me?! M I ig?
,11 1,1 I bbla Whisky, '?' M Bask, tv lett. ''".'J'?! b.?h.
i vu taKtm I .tah. Dal?. 3.IK) hu.h. M?lt. 7 .'.?.? pkg?. I'ru
vl?i??ue, 7i ;kg? A.b.-s. H Spkg. hard 2?'" k'_? Laid.
A meeting of Receivers and Dealers in Crude '
Petroleum and its products wns held tcsterday after- '?
noon iu tho Produce Kit bange, No. 31 Pine etrct.
Mr. A. C. BbSBM wa? called to the chair, aud Mr.
Wale? was appointed Secretary. The PBKHBBBt j
stated that it wa? now lets than live yeara since tim
fast petroleum was brought into this city. It was
?.I.tam? ?I at Tannum, on the Allegany, from an
artesian well, and waa sold f r ?uppo-ed MSdh inal
v irtties. It.? illuminaling pioportin were soon fonud
out. and ?ii.cc 185" the bneUMn ha?! been w?i:ider
fally .:.veb>? ??J. Ihe oil belt rea-h'-d from ?CaUBSS
t'i iii?- li alf, through the Suites to K-ntti'-ky. Ten
iieseei-, Alabunui and Honda. Another oil belt cx
I. n.i.-.l j!??'!! J assethreesB Kansas le the Mississippi
Bin r, it had h wide raille nuning Ihroaarh Keane
t?? the Pocky Mount..in?. Aluo npon the PattB?
Const then wits u teit bntautag shoal baa DrigO)
uni ?o ?iii hy Los Angora? te I'pper C.ili'onna.
It sa eo cheepi] ;i dnced Um large an?ente wen
sent to Europe, Au tnli s.iitb Ineriea, AAiea,
Bl I in t.f I Ihn a I a-1?' ?"r! I ree::;? .1 to Im? 1 tohfog to
ii-f..i liul.t. The bulk of the tri,!.-centered lore,
a? a matter of ...iltur. Over a million <?! dollin?
win- inve-;? 1 iu and ?around this city, and the cap?
ital iuveoted othorwin sssouatsd to bo>bm milli sa
more. Ile raw a BMB in-rc- who had told Un thal
ha was iatetnted ia Ia7 all walls In Pennaylvania.
It wa?, unpntent, tasrefon, t.? have right action
riik'-n m the nniter. Baa] < nan bad .mer-n is re
i{anl t.. this product, and oat at then grear eatas***
rar-in^r ac'i'.n OB the p'.rt .?! the In-uiaiice ('"itipa
i.iei? uiid City lioveiiitntti!? Ihid cana- B|NB a
I r? x1 na-1. too, upon whi. h I ?meriitm nt relied to t.'ie
SXteat of taxlag II up te half its value aid the oil
I'll-, woi.ll not c'?ii?Iaiii of UM IBS if the nionev
BOBS M put down the Beballton? [('neus.) He
ra?Mied npedall) te the aatka lahea bj u.?: Cobb
mou ('out.all ?ri llnohlye, which be i?ui?i naahl
; ri.bahlv le lolloW ??I ill lill.-? ? ?ty. Phihttielphu Waa
very liberally iu the ? mica-tor io i??i,i. utrate
i! ? ha -.I.?-? there.
I . Si ?ii m > reed the ea_ea ?ri ?tasBn Uya
Cm m??u ( uii.il, iacloding tin- ordiaaaei ?prohibit?
ing ita atenga
ihe pasan im asid thal tbioordiaaanwa
t.| ? u u a eliliie fil? Ig] eh. Boin ol the | rOpOttlM "I
i e ! iiini -o aeon avisai at arado sub, ead thej
had the atteadsBceel a prtenaioaaleho-det, who
wi? .id atete Um mall ni hi* e\|K-nments.
1'i.r. mu?! ni ihe ii? da,ti ?CoUageeaid that,
however roch eil migbl be 1? t-i lated against, yet ti o
I enple hail laeraed t. ai it m.?? aai m Una ?jaa, und
I hey would have it. Niine ? ??,.) le lad nn iuea that
i; imezploaive, '?ut van ????l?! ealealaeigam
m.ti? h !.. ?I ? ping ii late it. Hut than ?*_? a ?jin-i
??.. ? I Biienees ubi.ut it. Ir ni this SB Beeidete lad
happened by esnlnoaoM ia Jsney t itv, and he
would am lilaiue loghlelnrn for ?pnna?ing Uni
negleel? Ibis petroleUM was the MOM ;ui
I'utaut taw iivierial ?intraBBBBJ to the ser?
vi, e at mun daring the la?) ?.-ii!ni>. and tlev
\\??nid ha?.?- it, theagh it ?wen n? daagoeew ..u | na
pOWdn. Hut li w.is not. I h-re was in i! a \ ?:? ?J
? ii.all ?|iianlit> , never mor.- tli.in .? pea . eut ??I a v??ry
voiatilo sabotean, eui!-.I bl chei i-1- lo ronlo ne.
but usually ? ailed naphtha. So roLitilo wntl I
it psBBtnted the bemh, and minn "'g erith *'i<- ah
?.!. ian ?x.ar ??!.??, prodnind an axptorivo compound.
Hut time aueveiy littlsefiti rho aspease ot is
anvil | it ?oiihl u?.t be ven mu. h, ami C wulJ ant
be ?lili? nil to itiftke tho bartels tight ???> U Bl . ! I
n t anape. Ihe enta obj?eetion te ntl ?j] s? .- irP
emell, bM ilseimli BUS growing l?"ts Uli| I? ?rat.t, bo
? atlee we u.irl ? ? i ji si t ?^ m ciieitiu.? 1 li. it. lulen
????uri? n?.body would ahyn '? lo i', ami i: would put
BBSad to ,'i.--wuk? MWWUOOi lett? til in ?.IXH) in?
Mr. W11 1 r( it??l that since the 1st ol Jaiiii'iry
*j,Nii,o?iii galloae bad been exported, i<> ny nothing
.1 the hone ...usutii, Mon, and the doBBUMl Bl i Ix rue
no proponi .u to tb>* pn>>!itcii'?!i. Coobo iwatly the
; i??- h i?i Mina te sad below ...st in many iaotaacee.
Thai.I'liiiniiv were beiie?ciarm in regard toit.
.Nothlii?- BOM hi,..*. 11 e.? .1 I r.'i'la. .? it. Ho tbounht
aobodj I :??! a righi to ategla ote pMroteanfron
iiiiriiing-iliii.l, naiphone, apirits tarMotiae, ami
o-!.er naval stor?'S, mid alan 1' tal?>nw-i?i? el g itipow
der. li an h\Jnringtae baaiaesa with thelnrar?
.Hire ( 1 Jill mi'-s iiml the e iriuii^' Irradi.
Tief..-?? ? 1 it atetad that be found th itU i i.liei ?wai
a'?' , ?u? ml thal uta oil . mid I"- i-i ited ' v . ? ?ml
??. lire ..r u ?a ik; bat it ?oui.I not. 11,. tir.- in
Broehlya nuls not, Umbi fan , have been eesarioaod
i>.. ibeflBahiagel apipe,_ai aad baea .-ail. Ii re
((uiied li IBM to ignite it. I ? s: ? . tai:. NU O In'.'l-ti 11
this ?-ii wns no1 subject, M.t.li im?? ed oil and oottea
dipped in Oil were thus lia! le. He knew (,l lu, ym\m
ale?en with winch Beta oil eoold I- Mingled Mhb b
would 1 rodna a arixture liable to apontaneow com?
luriioti. liaaeed oil sad alcohol could be mingled
willi mans BBhateBBMBUd produce euch a mixture.
Than had I ern ? g?,o?i deal ri -Bange fro u bnreing
ot the oil, but it wasdauuujste the ewaen of tim
?iialone, ii?? iheaghl thal mmy ann accidents
bad mulled ban lbs u??-of I aruhu fluid.
Mi. Wahi stuted the tan that, in the
WUliameburgh tue, the boors lay togotanaithey
I? II I ? ? ?in UM barrels. Id?- oil also made B ttf* l?>?al
lue, ii buined wln.-re r was, and nothing'n.oie;
there were no spurks or . n de?s.
Mr. Wu-i um? related metalices of tires whiih
evideiiad teal ne arti, la could he haiaad with eo
little nek t.? tho Mciuity sa this oil.
Ibu iollowing resolutions wen- then uii.iuimou-lv
adopted: ?
!?*? .?..' I ? *t la?..llni, ?I theliiinm, u f?,?,|: ?f r.rook
ly?, seated Jeael, IMS lu r. ?trd tu ii.? ,t..it^, ?? .1 ?snut'so
n ie ?f aeUeleuneU waMatkateUy'itlnU?, we ti ink wn
u,.)?witiiaitp, |?-, i?,,,,.,- ?, rrgtrdlaUM heaei ltu.ie.is
Hf.oiteil. Thtt the demand lot the crude oil ami iti produ? 'a
liaritigbe.-. ineauiutlrr o! ii.,?ir> ?nd demand lioui all |?ait.
ol Hie .-i.th.-ed world, and being ausillcle ?f larse ?ip.'ll U
mail m hoi.ie u?e, ue think the nonaiabla B?>erd of AlJermen (
?l.oulJgive tollu? ti ?da eveij pin liege , Bllstsal ??.'h H.?
?alely ul adj..iniu^ lotei-.i, ?:.J.aurd ?, ,?, |, ruetlltlae aa tbla
linpoiUnt ai it grui, ing lu,le r-.^nii?.?
A?.iir?J, Thal a ( ou.uiKtee of lite he app.lBla.ibyll.il,
...retm, le ?? tit ?pon iba Committee appoint. J bj that bon
?table bud) for ,?iifeien,-r lu trgard to Ibe.e t.itet.-ita.
The Committee wn? constitrnj-d as follows:
J U iVIIIlan,,, B () Kel. hum. K. U. Steams. J P. Ituat,
M J rnsbis, A. C Kstrtt
The iiieeiiuK then adjourned, aubjoct lo the. call of
the Commute?.
-Thalberg ia playing iu Loudon
SENATE.... Waibi-ibtob. Jaoe IO, IR?.
Mr. "WILSON (Kop.. Man.) from the Military
Committee, reported lack the bill providing for art
increase in the Medical Department of Voluuteen
Mr. MORRILL (Rep?. Vi.) offered a reaolutioo
askin? the Secretary of War to inform the Kennte
whether any claims have been made by citizena of
the I'nited State for the destruction of property hy
, the Cn ion army, and whether any measure? have
been taken to ascertain the actual damages in such
case.-*, and if so. what. Adopted.
Mr. WILSON introduced a bill to parchara the
1 ?r??pital known B3 the DoadM Kotptlfel. Ref.t-t?-**,.
The bill donating lands tor the beuetit of Agrien!.
tnral College! wai taken np.
An amendment wa? offered by Mr. LANE (kep.,
Kansas), whit h waa .,dopte.i, limiting the number of
! acres to be taken from any one Mate to 1,1X10,000.
' The bill ?Ans diweusse?! ?it some length by Messrs.
! WTLKLVSON, POMEK. >Y, HOWE, and other?.
A nun.her ?*f amendment? w**e adopted, and the
bill pauiedl? Vena, Mt| Nays, 7.
A menage from the Presided wm received, trsoi
' milting tie treaty in reference to the si ive-trade
'with (ireat liriiain, and u copy of the correspond
(??n- on that sabje.t. Referred to the Committee oa
Foreign Relation".
| The VICE-PRESIDENT present, d a nu-momd
from the citi/cus ot Utah, a lin.g adniistion na a
State under the title of the Slate of Deseret.
j Mr. LATHAM (Den., CaL) moved to print the
memorial, and also that the two MMBImbm here,
(?bininu.' to be Senators from lhat ?Slate, be fedmiltal
to the lioor of the Senate.
On motion of Mr. LANE (Rep., Kansas) the
tn?'i.oi ial was reieiTa-jaJ to the OmbBbBB on Terri?
Mr. TRtMBl'LL (Rep., III.) offered a resolutioo
imtructinn the Committe. on Forcijrn Relations to
i.ejuire whether any turtber legislation i? tied-enakry
for the proper conti ol of the contingent exj-ouse of
tb. ?Sta-e IJepartnient. Ile sai?l Le otFeri-d such a
resolution from using i'ei.,8 in the lill, from the
House, like? the foliowini?: " I'utd to Dudley A.
Mai.'i, frdiponintic service to Switzerland, $I,5U0?,"
matkra OOO, " paid Win. Cueemore, an special agent.
15,900, and a_?ain $1,7"?,' makin? $7,000 for special
MJMMM% and to Wm. I'reston, Minister to Spain for
extract(iiiniry expenses, lolloniug tho i? !?**?n to
'1'hdj resolatiou was adopted.
On Motion of Mr. FE88ENDEN Rep-, Me.), the
bill n.. l.i:i!? further appropri?t! ?in for sundry civil
ext ensa-s for lKt?.' and 1 Mill waa tabtsn up.
Mr. SIMNER (Rep, Man.) offered! an amend?
ment appro|.iLiting $7,LU yd for i Coiniui* jouer and
Consul-General to ILtyti, and -.?,?<?.') for like officers
to Lilieria. Adottted. Y? us, at*
N ?\'i Me.ara Carlita, Davit, R .?with, Powell, Stulibury,
Math- ?).
The bill then t assed.
Mr. KESSENDEN from the Commit*.?}, on Fi?
nance, reported back the Naval Appropriation bill
With I,nil'!.du,eui?.
Mr. WILSON (Rep., Masa.) moved to take op
the bill making amendments to the Km itiv? -tit-tve
bill. Agreed to?Yeas, |g| Naya, 10. Adjourned.
Mr. THOMAS (Rep-, Mass.) reported from the
Jod?etalJ Committee s bill to punish fraudulent con?
tractors furnishing supplies to the GovaronraBB.
Tbfe bill for tim ap]K)iutment of another Indian
Ai<eiit tor New-Mexico was paaaed. Tnere are six
Agenta already ia that territory.
The I ill to ,'iuiet land titles in California waa de
i.'i'f. ; und laid on the table.
The bill establishing a (.erman Professorship at
the W'e.-t l'oint A ead?, -ny was MMMa
The bill transferring ttie Western gunboat fleet
trom th?- ?War to the Navy Department wa.- also
T?ie Sen ate bill defining the pay and niiioluments
of i ertuin ollicers of il e army wa? anu-nded.
The HoOM refused to strike out the section pro
vii|in_r f, r retiring army and maria?- corpu ollicers
ark se names have been on the register forty years,
or who are over tiJ years of ave; the J'liaideot,
kew? vi r, iisy a??.-i.-ii any nek ??-Seers to service.
i'?:.._-?;.?.? c?.iit:il?Tuti au of the bill, the lijase
adjourned. _
(otBTor common naif TbiiiTbbo TsiiB
Before Judge li.i.Ti?>.
"I li loll???r THI ( ITT.
Wm. Ku-sel! agt. Hie Mayor, &<?-.?Th. p'sintiff
?i.inie.l t? ra ,.er 11 .'- ?' d MBBf. ?? ?or I., .rie? audatned by
t?. tag ? iilo ? hole in th?' ?ideat ?k la I matt ; iel. a o!' talleh,
ii.? a I?;?,I ' .at fen wii corni ed t?i hu t??.l |.,r ?ever?! weela,
??ii wstataal p.- bmmM IbJbij ia hu I ??i-n ?o ?? io ii terfem
wittit! - pro??-, u'.^a ,f hu ti,.in?.a that of hu .e-p?iotia|
'Iii? tn?.oi theii.e ?rciijn-J two day?. 1 h . ?fit- moon tua
? 1?.*? I ? v?-dict lor the | an,tin fo? + -,
-?_... ni i K li?:i?r for i'aiui?tT, ITenry H.
And-i?uu ior (i_rpor?tion.
?a?- -
UBRKB ?T.itks ;,:si:.ict COCTRT-Jen B-Mtal
J die Biri..
n? i km.? ?ni? rani casas.
< m the ra Bia of process tni? u..'ruiu_., Assistant
I'i-tr.ct AMaaany Alien moved f?r d-f-ee? of cj>i.Jeiiini_i?B
i ..' ? i ? i-i ! he ? lie? of til? foi teal S'l'e. ??a mat one pactlg?
? laana trom t..? pattaa at T. Braes, * t ???en<er on
li.,? I " it, n.a r',1.1 l'ai .' , r_. and the ?au.e ?j n n at ore ,i?rk?t?
el .??ve ry. ??teil fron, tb? ; ?ta I o; Mr. Caiel a pa.ae- _er oa
Ile ( ity of \\ aihii-irton. No one appeirii.? t.. ciaiui the gooda,
tia ('? ort ?, mied ti? luutiuua.
? ? ?ae of ?,i.e pa-kef -t witche? marked ("Cutt fe
( ?> , .Mr Al.?ti ?li,? moved * miniar ,1?, .?,-. .titine lhat tb?
. ;-ant? h?d ohtal.ed I1? day? to u.ak? and ?eue a cale, and
th ii t..- Una haJe?| i .,! a?itliaautt!-.eii ,|<,in? lo.
i ia u,,-.on waa abra ?rintel
I'r ??. a ?t?l D'?? ?I in tim 1 ri/ecneiof the a. 1,, Ai.lint?,
felfenti Malta and un.? wa? %i\?., to p.tin an*
A.aa'al !.:-::?:,-t I'.tntriey Woodford Mid that in tbe oin
? '.-,. ,ri Han, dm? billow, the v?.?.?l u aa libel?! under -.ha
? li. 1 '( I. ? ,d tnue bad t?e?-?i ?il?ud??l by courte?!
?:?.' ??.?iii.. ! t i *i,?v.ar. which th?y bid not don?.
Ile therefore moved th? ?-eiideninatii.il ol th? aliare, owned
it tha ?tanti ??id t dtanua.ti o: ti.e lihel ?, ta the ?barns
c?! ??! ?1 iii? Bettb Mon ?n gianted
1 I? ??>? ol'ti.e ?lemier Atina. Mr Woodior?l ?? tin? under
t -it.i t.'-i.a Ir m me li? ??-ii,?nant, itted au a. | lUiuuienl foi
?ti? -inb, wlc li waa ? ,. !.? !
Mi Wan ' l et ! it!-itvit? ?ettltig forth t.iat the cirgo ?f
(he ahlp den l' I Inn ?nei w?a le i?l. iii/, eil I colton ant
ilka vatsat taafctaa aa4Bifeaa tar tM asanl ?i lan t ?r .ppr.l.?
ii -?.'. an ! ..i", under di.e li,n oi tbe k'ttSl t otunii<?iuii?r?.
?, anted.
Altai t.* ? dil| ? kim kB] feaafe ???. Judf?
BaOtl r?ii ?J, and J udfe dniailey iuiuu.ri.ed the trtai ola
? ca?e.
lu the rate? of th.' ?;!. enen O.I?e and Kiaih. Mr. Wood
Trd motel a h ?run and the ?aaala| oi the te.uoiouy taken
fey th? Plias Cou, na. a?, v, I,, I, vtaa y. tilled.
In kB Ban of tbe Mun Tt-re.a, Lino i<> a-uvet *u II
t?i Jid.
I S. CoMMISSl'iMllS' ill.'ICK-Jc-iB 10.-Bef.d-?
? Bariaataaai Oaaaaaa,
cocBTBaramai *_bbbstbo?cobfsbbbim ma?
eeairai ia rasia iomimmb.
( lem.'iit Ustriag and Barbara Herriag. biiwif?,
??? ? hllBtfel I- e kit. (i .'in,. ! ,i pnanfelg ??? it?r'eii
(1'aailer?. When urre!-?,! M h xg . . ?purteri w?re found ??
a i.eir p?r?<-n?. i'lie ja-?ii. ? ?a'?rc!i? d Itu-ir i??i 1?-.,-? a d (omi!
n llth _r?,?Iii,- Mon? ,-id let pru.'iu|l oiUed?'?te J-'JJ not?M
with a tinantl? ?I lot Oattat ala? aaaan loi makii? Baut
on \ irgnii* ?i d North C n".nu Baaka
Mr Dab ...e .-.?.... ?urd tue iccned for tua!.
BUTERIOR l Ot ItT fru? niTum-JtM ll-Btfirt
Jmtice .\I?m BIM
N. A. CewdMf* agt. Jaoeh Caipeuter.?Cain ??t
t ?J and lad in i lara*! ? Maa.
Hef.il-> Ju-iia? Wm- i ?
Junie.? C. Loved ?iKt. ( i urie? K. Wat??.- DfefSBd
aa ? BBSta (?? it?- rrtaisd , r n lj ?it. ! ti the? .-r'a Nac.-Kif
? I I e?. te eithei paity. 0| lull B with Clerk ?1 S ?. ??? MMfe
?li! ?IT ( Al.KNI?AK-r?t?D?t.
geraiai Coobt?Cibcoit??rt __?*"?''-??
n net, mb, mis, nu, %"?J,Y E
. - ish, ...i mu, lau, if" .J",lri,??
:? | ..? ?- ,4 a n T -?? c -'??*-' -'-*" Utto,Koi,ltm\
.:? ,ti:i',iy,i,::ti.ti'.t'.iiu,Mi)!.ii*u.
> i i ii .(.._i.i--SrkcuLTKKM.->oe. .1.1, 1st.
na. (o ??'T _
H , MM CoiKr.-l'H.t t-Kas. 17.'.7.?y?!
?,,l *in\ ?i- ?!*. -ni MM -? ??? --?'?? I ?nil.?No? '*??
. '-ii:... ??., i''?: m u:o, in.?, m tt?, in-.
'V,,r. r or CBRRaa I'i.iA?.-Part I.-Not. HW,
' ? ?J 160' MT, IIB Ua!., li?, int. IIB IIB
' ; tat H N"?- 114?, MS, :4o, HIT, IIB ?B ?,-?
t_W.?4??M. UM. I? ? ?? ?? 'J,7' vM 70 H
Ki*,.,.-? Cooirri Cut. t ir C?'i'nT.-Noi. m. t,
14 t M,BBM>M*.B,IMk lit. lil. ll>. US. li- MM, tat,
i.j, "iii. ' BaanvM ( saaoo??fe i J, *?
? -The u.uulerof Johu A. Carter, fet Spiiogl-t'd
M.tas., was a most roiuarkabla ciiine. An unknowB
man lf|HIHlhll bim from behind, ead <!???'' ioaftiki
blow, and an the victim fell, looked at 1 im and efe
.l.i.uied, "Mv 0?jd! Ive made a w'-take-**? a t.at
? roi.? man !'' Mr. Carter died on Sunday, loa.i?g
n wile and three children.
-Lord Cremorne bat becom? the Prettdeut of IB
liddon 81. George-e Chen Club, the poa-lion hfevtag
been mad. vacant by th. dwth of ____"?"__
II. has introduced a plea tot ? chen toonnmeot in
t?sen Iaoudon and Faiis plsyen, to be repenti f
nledrtrio talegnph. Mr. Psulaoo isB Uki portas
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