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FBOiTl #.E>. DI\ M 1B1IV.
Coniipci.dT?ce of Tb? N. T. Tribu?.!.
S-'trr 11. Va, Jan? .*?, 1B63.
Matten ?> this region partake of the tah and habile
?Bbich everywhere is now characteristic of the Amer?
itan army. Men may praise or blame Secretary
Stanton as they will, one thing ia certain?since
hissssaniing his oil.? ???1 station there bas been activ?
ity, ?adly wanting before, and a nena? which had
sot previously attended our arnifi. When the his?
torr tit MM war is written, and the full knowledge
cf tbe pot?iitioii of thine.? at this crista understood, Ins
bow detractors will cither be silent or loud in LU
j raise. Tbe secret ?f most of the hostility entertained
against bini to-day is that he rc?inire? activity in mili?
tary commandais, r?i.-d eonic* are Blow to appreciate
that; and he adds to this often??? another yet more
hein?m?-he is no respecter of human Slavery, nor
very bajial or B-B-Sas of preserving it mid the
Union likewise. The rebellion and Slavery an?
Siamese tiv.ns. ami it io a ?titli.-nlt problem, impost-i
lls probably in solu'ioD, how to deitroy " Chang,"
and "Ki'g" vet live.
I find ntniteri at Norfolk but little changed from
n-hst ti-> wari when 1 left it a few weeks since.
Secessioiiisiu ie more ((niet bal not less bitter. The
women, mi-immt d ladies, and disgracing woman?
hood Bee-*. ?-"I'inue to iii?iilt our soldierv, lelviiu.
cn the taat.ni.ity from pnnn-huieut their sex receiver?,
den. Battas"! ?der, lightly Interpreted, would de
,io barm here, and something of the kind m Rreailv
' reeded. Sometimes the soldi? rs show their Yankee
ahrt-ivdcc-s and wit in resenting these co4variilv
lemales iniults. A few ?lay. eine?, one inch woman
passiu.' tt tare iesttaiai?al-?ndbaat-rjbarrabai
close to her side to prevent Ter garment?/ being po\
In tod hy touching a soldier's coal. The soldier?
?topped,'SB?BBS Wdd loudly, ?' Ah, but a nice kimi
o?a wyn itn is 'I tit. dea t yo i see fl.e ha- got BBM
coDtn.-'K?oi d asee, ead ia afraid wa Daba aobhera
abill catch it trom her. ' Ihe Boeesh female looked
mad enou.'h at this interpretation of l.er folly,
?another M-ldier pan-it it on the BUBB all" WWI Billi
met hy ? si ni liar Se<esh won.an, who deli-eraiely
wsrebad isis the meet to avoid eootsel nithbhn.
"jtonwe wa Maa-w," ?aid ike Bat-tar, "(?ntl am
a Viuon soldier and not a Sett. | eeldtar, rael as you
bave been aaed te, Bad IO I BW BO! lousy."
Tbo fe:tiiiles are getting tired of their violent and
lilly SBBWBStfSlions, though tliey yet perrist in ti en-,
even sj it mg from their wisdowa on BSBW offli ere
who pan. I know how dithViilt it is t<. neal wit!.
inch Kelels wb a foi^et t!.?ir s?>., and with it forge!
deeaacytiaalf? but _ they faqgal thai ihevever
were ladies, can they complain if eeeaalossllp we
forget li likewise ? A Vision paper irai been started,
called Tat Norfmlh Union. It ta ialesselj l'r?
Slaven-. lVirFunou'h I lind more Sece-'i than at Ba
eeespstkn; at any rate more open in i'?- niainfe?ta
tion. WbSB h? rt^-efore I met non* but dcclurtd
I'nionist.t to-day ter eral Lave avovve?! ibe?aM-Nc;
in my hetinn?r io te F-aeoestioDis!-?. 0 that ive inigh
learnilbai in the Hebel ?lu ti.?nary '' ISWSJItalhw i?
a synonym for imbeiility, and that in.luli.ence ?s
translated as cowardiie ' The iron band ia the int-.'.
tbey will ki.?; the strong arm alone wcures their
isbmisiion. War n.eans fighting, and a eoaqsite
pso'i'le ar." nut the mat-ten. These seem truiims
bol they are but dimly discerned as yet.
In bo;li Norfolk and Tortiiiioiuh the currency is
atterly derail ./ed. The ?ebe!i will not Like bill?
from lo4al .?States, and we de? line their sbin-planters.
TTade ii theref.ue at a atund-still. while the gold
and iii4or spent by tbe i Idiers lor little trilles is
iiuickly ati.ut ? ?-d and hoarded by the population so
long deprived of it. Strawberriee and ehernes are
abundant to-day, at a shilling a u-iait, and tuch of
Bl aa can are luxuriuting accordingly. Hood oysters
ere abundant, but if the sellen thereof are as bitter
Secesiioni-ti as the man at the corner, in whore
?lace I bought some to-day, the trade ought not to
e very bri-k.
Suffolk is a di ad town?killed by the rebellion.
It bears evidentei ?1 lormer prosperity to a degree
nnnsnal at the Soutii, bul its inhabitants are far
from loyal to day. Com isg from Beales in Suffolk
Ccnnty, Maas., "where on-common w?is but yester?
day alive witU enthusiastic soldien flocking to their
country s detense, 1 lind the change to Suffolk, Va.,
where* patriotism and loyalty are almost dead,
except as they live ia the' heart? of onr soldiers, a
very marked and strong eontiast. ('apt. Uehaitieoe
of the 1*-t!i M.tisachubetts Regiment is 1'rovoit
Marshal here, and be is strict and unyielding, and
lhere is a aeusiblu improvement lince his advent.
Col. Wyman, Military commai?daut, believe? m en?
forcing ob?dience and rerpe, t to military rule, as
well among citizen! as soldiers, snd the effect la
very salutary.
1 have to-alay viiited Fortress Monroe, some fifty
inDea from here, and seen the ti k and wounded in
oarbeeplteta. Twelve bssdred wounded toldiers
weie tent ;rom Kichmond to tie Fortress vesterd.v,
many of wb-in are yet on board the Vanderbifi.
All here arc doing what they can la ?.llevit.t- abell
suffering??, I ut ]??: me asiuio the public that supplier
are yet ne? ded, and are very useful and welcome.
The Norfolk Naval Hospital I vicit.-d ^e-terday; it
bas been put into perfect f ?der, is admirably phinno i
and laeatiii'tilly Krfated. While I was there the lint
installment of'?.at.tuts was received, and tl.eir ?ont
fort attended to. None better di serve kindness, ai
ten?on, love, than these brave dear, WOBSded and
sick men, who so love their touutry as t<> he WJlHsg
to die for li r. i. ti, r.
? ? ?
tit*. Banu?'? Official Brpert of the I.'n
l,ii i,< nu m ?I It oin Bevel, .Tin) li. 1*6?!.
BB-ass-araas, Dsraataaa-i s ras sh??.?.???? ia ?
M ty 3i lbU 5
Him. Ed*:.? M. Si ant-n, hnrrtcpij Wm
Sin: Inj ir-uaii'-e S? Olden from the War De*
rartinent, ( ol. John Ii. Kenly, eeBBSSsd-ag let
Marvland Vol inteeis, was sei.i on the 16th WSJ el
May'from Strasburg to Ki.?it ?oval, with instruc?
tion! IS retain the troo; i -inler Mater TjBdsta, at?
tached On. Uearv's eoaBBaad, asd Is protect the
lown of Kiont Koyal and tie ranroa'i and bridger
between that town'and .Si.-ai-lrirg.
'Ihe forcea under hi? command consisted of his
own regiment .7*.. available men, t440 eoaapsstaa
iasitbaSM Pennsylvania Vel-slewe, Ltaot.*CoL
l'erham commanding; the I'ioneei corps, Cuptaiii
Ida | et, engaged in const ruc ting bridge, two coin
pan.es ol the .0; h New-York l.'aialiy, and S SB?taa
of Knappe baderv, I.ieat. Atwell eoSBBB-di&g.
lhere were three c'-mpaniei of infantry stationed on
the road Leai gtraabarg the id ILawssasaette. Cap',
liu-oell at the llridge. one company of the ?d Wi
roniin, (aft. Hubbard, and one eowpSBJsftbe Vlh
Indiana, about live miles from Strasburg.
This Baree waa intended m a guard for lbs protee
,ioo of the t'iwn, aud parily against loe..! gu? nilla
(artie? that infested th it locality asd resawed two
aeaapentaf of talbaar- with cavalry and artillery
wbiii hi I o c'-iiied Ibe town for nome weeki, ucde; i
Mbj. -ladete, weh l'un aylTasta Volastsere, for the j
?am? j ur?fO?*!'. It bad Baeer baas eoBtewptaiod m
?r'.i -i... i gainai tiie twaddaed lone? of the esea y ta I
the Vail? y <?t \ irgmi-i.
lio..t Bajral is iu B-a-TewlsdsBB-Batapeeitlsa.
l?o mo .nui i valleys debossb Mnidenly n, '?;? Uw
town from the south, C0eaMB-?8| it by aWB M n ?
i. ss-bbi h.!!-, and is at the -awi tim? exposed to
?ank B-waasawi i?y elbsi awnaa-a valleys, eta
t^raibnrg on the weit and Cheater Gap on the
'IV. irtilv rraiti'atle de)>t;??e of this town wonl'i
I.e by a tari e safltata-tl*/ stroog to hold ti.eie mo;i;i
tiiin pa?*?-* toro? mil? s in udviii. >?. Such foTOW WBfl
aal at my dtapoaal, and aa Bseb eansctstieas were
fBtert mud friioi ibe slcinler coitiman?! of ? ol. Kei.ly.
It nu a gierrilla force, and not an organised gad
well-*pjii.iiiti*4i ,r? y t)Jht i.e vviii prepared to awet.
On tb?- MM of Mi.y| it WU| di?c?j4ered that the
whole fot cot the eaaaap 44bj id awsaaaBBt, dowe
ibe Valley ?I (be -beBSBSB-b, between tbe Mi.?
?aaattaa .Mountain "?nd the BIBB Bi-BB, anti in close
jK.xi.:.:" , lo the ISWB. The.r caalrv bad I B| t'tr?" I
B.oiiMdeiaM? number afear pidteU before Ibe
Bls.-m w..? ?iven. The liule bas. Wbtab wa?
cba-ged wi h the MOtaettaa of the railrua.l and
bridge?, found li li inataataseoBtl* eeatpallad to
bet wees an taatnedtaU n treat or a costea!
sal the ?-i?iny, ?.viiurt rrirsbeta-ngaaiabwe
Co!. Kei.iv wea no1 t.'.c ulan to avoid a eeSBHg, at
Bb:ile4ei- u
H? ??le ?? tatelrdrew up It? troepeta tiie anlw
be hal cootel 1 lu'?.-?! miase <?( an altad of leea
1 ?? j irtance. Tlie dispodtioo of hie foieea bad been
??ely 1. ed? t-. raetataforeeeqas] tohtaows, hml
the best, p-il t pH, ?h,,,t could have boen cj? \ ie?? 1 in
Ins more 1 ISBBBS . WWWBBBJ?
About lu.', -k p. ,,.,. ii,. aijt,m WM | IBB thai
'??.?n? mj wa advancing on Ihe town in lune, lue
>'#i.try <- , (?i,is? wi re drawn up in line ?2 I aub
about on.-bali ufa mile in the rear of the town.
Tv*gwfaaieeweaa datsitad is anal thoaitil
'??ry, wLn ti 441.1 plared on tbe < rest of a hill com
Bkiidiiig a n ??d',!? 0? ?ou;? tA'.nh'. over wbicl the
enemy mn?t pan to reach tbe bridge.?one company
guarding the regimental camp, nearer to the river,
on the right of the line.
Tbe companiei, three in nnmbsr, left to guard the
town were noon compelled to fall back upon the
main force. There were then four companies on the
nght ol the battery near the i amp under Lient.-foi.
Ilunshune, and live companies on the left under Col.
Kenly. The battery, Lieut. Atwell comma-xdina,
opened fire upon the enemy advancing from the hill
on the nght and left, well nupported bv the infantry,
doing much damage. A detachment of the 6th New
York Cavalry was ordered to advance npon the
road, Which whs attempted, but did not succeed.
They held thin poait?B for aa hour, when they
were comm-llpd to retreat across the river, wI i, h
wan done in faed order, .heir camp and ?tores hav?
ing been first destroyed.
On the opposite tide their line? were attain formed,
j and the battery, in pasMoa, opened its tire upon the
enemy while ioniinj- the river. They were again
?ordered to move, left in front, on the Winchester
I road, and 1, id pn?eeded about two milei when they
I were overtaken by the enemy's cavalrv, and a fear
ful lah! ensued, which Baaed in the"complete de?
struction of the command. Colonel Kenly, at the
I end of hi? coluiiiii, waa wounded in thiii action.
The train and one gun were ( :i| hired.
One gnn wag broii.'Pt within live milei of Win
eheeter, ead abandoned liv Lieutenant Atwell only
when his hetaes were broten down. The enemy .
loree is eat ?mated ut BABA, The lighting ares mon" Iy
done by the cavnlry ..n the ?ide M (he ?shele, with
nriive support from the infantry and artillery. Our
own force did not exceed M men. They held their
ground inunfnlly, yielding only to the irre?iatibk?
power of overt*, helming numbers. Prisoner? cap?
ture?! since the afl.iir raBS-fl-Btthal our troops fought
with great valor, and that the leeBH of the enemy
were In rge.
A pti.ouer captured near Miirtin.h:iri., who was
_B the Kr.itit Rejal anny, state? (hat Baa were
killed in the char? ontbe Huckton ?(ation. Six
(?(?mpnnie? of cavalrv charged upon our troops at
that placa. The killed and WOBaded numbered 41
- dd. Aiiioiiix* ihe killed were Capt. Shouts and Capt.
l'letcher. The BB-BB of the primmer is ?lohn Sever.
It is in pi, Kil'le at this tint I" give a detailed a? -
.'cunt of our IsSBBBa Keports from the otlicers of the
re:i!iii?iit re; r< seit that but ei?_!,t o miuiseioned ofli
eeseead ISobbbi Laxe reported. Of theseefleen
fve wen- in the -agBflenei_t,t*TO absent on detached
rxeiviie, ali?! one 00 lurlongh.
All the regimental otlicera were captured. Col.
Kenly, win. ?rea IBpraeeated le have been killed, ii?
now undeietooil ti? beheld a pi iaoner. He is severely
w.'ii.d.d. Lienta At will reports that of thirty,
eight men Bttachel to his lattery but twelve have
re|M,-ted. The ?uvuliy was more fortunate, and
BBS-bred coinpariidvi ly little lo.?. I'udoubtedly
large aenhm of the eeamnad will yet return, hut
it m Inpoasihle to ??ten?ate apea Ihs number.
1 have the honor t.) ask attention to the reports of
the leaielllllig (ifllteia of the M Maryland Kegi.nsnt
who participated in the engagement, giving their
ur, oint of the .nine, und that of Lieut. Atwell.
? oinmaridiug the batt? iy. ( 'ti cr reports will doabt
ie?s bo nade bj ..thiers having a more perfect
kuowh-Jge ol Iho utlair anl a more exe, t ?tatemeut
offne Iom??, but ate not at thi? (ime available.
I have the ki imr to !>e, with great reipect, your
obedient servaiit,
N I' HANKS Major Oerertl Commanding
A ?lili i iona! galen m the Killed and ffnundrd
Oar correspondents on the field of battle ?end us
the following additional lists of the killed and
wounded in the engagement? of June 1st and ?d.
They are as complete as it is peflBnlfl to make {hen
under the lir. uinsiance. in which they are obtained:
I (ilxTIF.TH N. Y. A V.
The following is a li?t of killed, wounded, and miss?
ing of the 40th N. Y. 8. V., Lieut.-Col. T. W? Kgan
i ' mp ?st ii.
K;i ian?Ctjtsin Jol.n Y . arrias, Bobi Barnett Timothy
Reardon Albeit C Ctr,,, Ueorge Kcbiinon.
Wo! .?ntl.?r.din,iiid tj. Andr?sv?, ii.don.en Napoleon T
Sbeehi. tbdoicen, Simon H. Ptvenport. sim, Kuoch S
Post, tn ger.
K ii Lan?Corporal (barlee BoTle.
Wtr..Min?_ ?or Ser.etnt lasMfb Conroy (il_,ee deadi
coarAMI a .
Wat BOMO ("si? Csipeiel VV| llaoa I'lirke. In ?er. Color
i i Klibird Pisii, finger, W i..i?u, li Kr??:u?n, l?n
f.iMltNV li.
Kn i aa Tillan lboo ?? Kane.
Woi Kona?Lion I faaa. II. 00000*, shoulder , Corp. Hen:.
Howard coeek and knee. I.me? Y. Mitt.tt, Hugh. John
M .-I,, T? rn. rifht ?nu Jene H, (?r? S 11 I ek ?i d ?h I io,
, .? I, ??. i thigh. Themas M Smith, ihou.dei , Pani
i?. Keiver lo. t.la,t in um. sheet, tnd neck
Misai ??.?J?-iei Du-,i. Mirhsel (iully Inn Sttseii?
i , SII.VT r.
Km kk-Seigeonl Hol ii II. Bu.ith, Corpoml .?-'omnel J
Ne - i.
W ? i *iiiiii?Sergeant I'??ld Orr, .el. ?honlder. Ber.e?r i
Oeorge t orpeuter. s ? p . ( ?up William BnhtMBtiQ, fases sod
'?? , Coil Sm. i? D l"s rut'it .?g ('?rp An !.. w H?.:ts
wood arm. Kobi rt Ket.v, ita A.onio Otaonir. htm.
l'hta. T. W ?'ion. ?alp. W hilan. iJiiffiti.i. bobs ( A eaaodal
Mr (iims. t. sl.o .bier sn-l lit Chti.es Cook ri|/l?t ?I S? il r
Wi .m/, Tewassad, ifaeelaoi ?nd bick, i'ttnck MsCyata.
OoaPABl 1.
K', t rr?f. lor Corp. Oli?er !*. l-ii-hirg.
W',.. -?_.i.ii ? r i.-tl hitut i.oiiii lit/gerild.
i ,, MI t n 1 , ?.
I. n i iii-- l'unie Pt:ri, k I.siklni
WoraOOD Cols? ( ? r?. liant (irel?ea, ?heu ,1er O. I?.
A lui lil '. T. Il (as-, ?ra, A d. Corbett U k
,,.,. a p . ..;., laser ! I D?osles shot?; W_? Ytme
i ?n ?',di,-, . t A. On j- h. r i, .i , li I, H .... . leg
V\ m II ? ..* *i-d ahou.der, Kdw d Wi,tinten
arm, B/aO. i.ums, la.'t arm
coa r a ai i.
Ki! i an-P loots Ollie? Abrann
VV ??.or.,.? Y u.I Bett Ad?,n (il-,inn. Corp loasl Val
?!?,., .?'i tbs d, r looa Barloa tw? Soger? i Patrick Col
lathuu, knee ?il >? Jim,.?? M ,.l??n?y. back P?s|d
M J.su.-l,. .-,. arleti HaUbioi HoMsOo] MOI t Urie? Tir
,ji,,t ... ,.i -J?: UoOrtS Ma.en kaes. Thomas I ?iri.il, leg
tnd aluiouien . IVui QleosM -liap, I ?tar litrr'ion ?n.t.
1 |, 11 ! : i I HI.,'..
Ki e) .Iii Wounded slightly.27
M lallywsBto.1*. llfa?o?|. n
Wounded seriously. li| ?
I'll rv-**r.vi s i ii NKW-voiiK.
W,,, Kiiitii?W. Theu.pioo, Jt?. Vin Ai_n.??, Pstilck
Win*?i,Bi>-?rder:y-Seige?iitMi!che?), Corpor.lR Y. fern,
John !'? ?s?:
?VoVMSne?Pttrich t ?noll.
. oBPABl r.
KiLi.tD-Co'ni Serg'iiit 0 J< S'twart
i ,, Mr A HT t,
W.-nnFi.?Coiportl John Loughran, Stanford, lu. II Duli,
AIoi._o ?"itric_n*r
( tiMPAN'Y I!.
W, rilli, Ki _iii?e.-ii.
, ..vil'tVT I.
W.ilMiKii-Kdwtrd More John Ke.gm
COB I s.! h.
Km ix-p-T),'.? It. Bid u.?
Wh, s?ao Sera fat B. Bnaa
Ililli! VI (H ??TH MlV-YORK.
Wiii -. aa I '?rpoial I) la ?er, J Waren.
gil i bo Dnoli I i ,'i'i sar. I hB__ra__f?
Wocanaii?Capt Bponabb Li?e? Tiesa, p. Clark. Corpo
ral Miifa-w Kennedy, Corp.-al Albert Crury. Jos (?'Hurley.
'. i '?i 'Je.rr Ja, h ('. i e ry, s A. Holtborf. John Stewart,
Joliu Van Kilon, W. Seo!". Usa be, 11. H. Smith, - boinia lor
r. .i
company r.
Kn i.wii ?Wllliarji White, W P. 1 l.inher, Htyden J. l?e
t..e J ,?r| h PoStOS.
V". o, Mian?W m A Warner, John Iitnle!, Peter Siieppud,
DsalslBoomomb, Saafli ?? Lovd
R ii i et,?_?M tu n Cnr'toi,
V\ m >.,?_?- J.iiut Johu ?, Scott, I.leut. W m. L Hil!, Jos.
Ress r, H ."? Ja'i'unir, Janos liiiion. Wu. B. Mtlii??!,
('.un. lin, Stewart, ileury Myeri, ?lil'.on Bremer, J'etei
C.III'IS? 1.
Kiiu-.n?lene Tu't Baajsnlo ttmtr.
W ai DOD?Sorgt den A. l'enhad?, Onernui Rullibone. I,
W Li .d, J- i. k. Bo. k, J. :., li. [??"hei Al?in ti. Alcoa i
Krank S.., o, K, -a Mi"? S Marabt!. il Kiankliu.
Hfl JOS, .-I J.-mirk. I . M. (ili-.-ii.
(, BPAB1 ?.
K. i i en?.lol n Myeri.
v. <u m,, n?oi.etiy S rgini' \^'m P. V<h Vslfaonbargh
| W m j l..wi? Join K_ e W ,? Oo?ey, Oeoige
Uobfay, (b-diy/, Philip V?',11, IHraM M iming, (bsdiy).
. , IIUSl I,.
Knnn?Acting I.l. ut Kulber A Hill, R. Il, Kirk, Barney
J inlhiia l-a? Y. Monia.
w",i -.j,?!.-Hoorj Aite!, Iiorlng K. Cud?, Edmund Kirby,
Oilboit I. Bostsooi '"?ll ?), lout vi U-rrdoo, (b?dl?). I.e-is
I,../lit, (bodljl, JoLu li. Mooie, (baily), Pan. ii. Vatitiourt,
W,u BBBB? ' SipeTel t Wait, Ceiynal U lb?rl Balleyitte
deorg? Mille..
ooaPafaBV t.
Kli I Mr-If Kell"?*.
VV . ,i ki. ( ?1't Wa. H Klug. Corporil A. C. Bruiidtge
(badly) Jx.... Ja '.b ... Ibtdly),CbotOO Attiuudxr, ibsdly >. 1(
II. Vi abai Solomeo II Clorfa, t'oil.-i
CoarAMl a.
Kii.xi. Ord.? . Sergeant A. O. Middlebrook, Corporal
John Wi ,i ,mi. Ni. bon. S. Tilley.
Woi m.ki, ?Moeood Lioot W. ft W.l-.on. Hobt. tLI-aMh
lia, ( linton Uinl-, Vi u, Ps k. Jei.e P. Vin Hagan, W lii.ti,,
( u.hout, Heim,. Kodier? W?n?u b. Ls-upblar, duo Vi
I'll:, 1-1-Tlx- I Uli J?.vh Jil ti.
foaraNT a.
Kit i bp?Thoms, Cnderhl.l
WecUBSB?B V. R linker, C. H. Dorst-B? J. T. Bnr
(??UPAvy B.
KiiLBl?Ja?e. (vu i re
Wot ?dei-J. II Kidd, Domini, k M ?owso, 0.0.0a
CdMPtlT C.
WinBBBB Si LleoL H. P. HtBley, Nicboltt Coi, Oterge
W. liaalam. H Moste.
Mi??iMj? IJalltiliam MrKenna, Ctiwell.
? coaraai i>.
KtiLBr?John Cthahtt.
Wot-Npsn-I.il ,t. B. (.ne. Berge-int? Mtd.len ?nd M?de,
D. (nilen. V. london. P Keirrey, Johu Downing. P Edner,
Irving Durham, Jtmet McF.dden, John Rodgtrt, Ed. Bulli
?au. I1. Waite
K it i sr>-Ihonti Ctntiison
Win ranKi.?Sergeant MeDontld. Stmuel Darla, II P?iB*.
Missix??K. Cooney.
r? SPABl F.
Kui so-Sergeant Oeorge Saillea.
Woi Nnsi?Seigeaut Nltke, H Litt crt, VslcLtiss Dorsn,
tv in. Rodgers, '-r.u.rt Madden.
Km so? Jam** J? kio...
We-raaB? BaassaalI laih,Cssfssaki (lor* t..i Corrortn.
Jtmej l.tu.t?, Urtdy, bpiljn
( '?MI'ANY U.
^Vnnaaa Ba?ista Iraing. Serge?nt Umber?. OTUr*.
Coulta, ntapHM, liiiry, Js-kson, Hnrtrtin. IIWbbSS. T?y
K111 r n?Corporal Peter Whee
?*>??. .?n*n-1st Lieut. D.'wuict, Sergetnt Wa, Ilrown.
BeriesM M. Slotn, Cnrpnrtl M I.nbdiel, ( orpnrn! LeTo'd
Miers. John lirown, Bl ( Itik. T. Kelly, John (?ibion, John
BuaS-M-eWn Quake, D?,arl M ,rrsy, K. Hsnry.
? oarsni a.
Wanaaaa P. Kneelsnd. It. I.?y, W'm Smith.
? ? mi am ?.
Ki-i.kd?II. Annadoif.
<??mfany u.
*l\ ? c- ? na?He? r,-e Potter
conran r.
Kui SI>?Nlt-holaa Hanauer.
1 IllCl.MII MASB-CBl stirs,
couran c.
Km r.n?Frank Farnsworth.
W ? i M.SD?1 homa? lltau-h, A!ettnder I ? '?
coaraai b?
KlIIKP?Wlllllli. Blodgelt.
Wonmaa? n. Wak?, ii. House.
coarin a.
Kn i sn-Cor|or?l J. hu k1.nr?y, I. P Ti.rrey.
WeOXOsi.?Corporal P. Allen. Coiporji li. Alhee, II Bs.l
. oar-Si o.
Woi ?ti.i!?? A. L. Brown.
coassai b?
Wes_BBa CwbmbI h rutteala. W. Hanley, E. 0.
teniSBSe H Convene. Alpbe ia Renwick Jaa MtUuire,
I'd l.tl ?I |?.
0FFMSBI wau val..
Adjt. Lasdsa, badtei lista tkttmt, Co. I, Meut v*roo
mau, l o. C . l-l? at ilamilrn. Co. K , Lieut. Ingeracll. Co <?
0OBPAB1 t.
tel i M.rt??Donnelly Strong, M.-Millen, Collin*.
rnM!-?'?:r B.
?Vot-vr?*!??Corp. Felt. \V,I???.., Bernent Peak. Bur/el
Weite? Lawrence. Tryon. Marston. Jewstt, Senl, Lotnbeid.
couran o?
Kui BP?Storer. Fdwsid?, Todd.
Woi >psi>?Ordeny-Sergt. M? ('til. f orperali Dsaaer. Fore
u.?r. hu. kin. Barsfn, Fes. Smith, lill Bstn Warriug,
Welt,,,,, (liiibenry, Btetl . k. Situ| ?on O?.son.
( . Mr ?sr n.
Kit ian-Sargt. Corupan. (?reen
W . M1.SD?De Wolf, lliown, Putn tn. BrinBtn|?*lnu:.
( OMI ANT a.
Km . r? Felt
w ?a amaa?Otiaota, French. Beete Snath
. omi ?st r.
V\ ? i ?r m Hrrgt Ii***n li- Hio.li IVliinih, Milts.
( iiMPANT O.
WoVUSBB?Corp Otu. II tri ?n
couran a?
K ii I st>?f lenar.en? Sl,?w, Ri. g St?t*nn Dtrton.
Wai spsi.-lirder T "?e-gt.' Morion, Sergl. \ an Sirkha
('?rp. Foot. Siront. Wademaii, (J. Winton. K?tou, Tanuei,
V au V*i.inburgh, Flint.
11 MPtsy i.
WursDli'?Sergl Tiavi?. r-pei.-er
< "?irANr K.
K II t si?-haig. Whitman
Woraaaa Bnat Anton. i-e-gt Calen, f..rp Flrheny
j FerrUl, Forai.:?n. liasen. () li ||fal. Wolf. Pappen, jr.
KlfllAltU-oS's DIlISIllN. ?
lUMssa'i ? ??in ?.
The |sn In Ila. di I .alen w?. n.e.tly lu I! ??-.>.,,. ..
|?hirh ?'rod Ike bru I ? f ibe Imh-h f?ttie of !be enemy.
| ...... wa*:
K:!'?d. Woseded
llowaid's I ngnde.II I 1 ??
y Bl b'a hu.?de. I ! I
Mr.,!,, i. big.de. 4 17
Tau'. IM If'i
Total lan l> k1 led Bad ?oonded.
(len Howard -was lit In I S rig) 1 BB and ha* ?nSeied
?amputation. 111. I roiber *u Ska wounded
I M 1 I.SUHl HUM.IM | (.IN. II. C. BBCKI I '-. I
F I It-I I 11.1 M 111.
< ?Braal a.
V, ni \ ?MS P Krni? ??
. ears-i a.
Win M.SD- Sergt. C. S. L??n '?|l II II R-l.n.,
? Oil .-i 1
W. i insn-Patrlrk Degal?. M H.<i.i
? Braava*.
Kit i ?I>- <.e?-Ig? W". !.?, ni
W i Beni Hei jan ,n hatter
MlBSlVO?C F haled
? < Bl-tal !..
TTirsiBi Tlasl B B i.at'ord.IeheB. Daban
I ?H?t I.
Km I Bl? ??teat W m Hasb rk.
Vi m Bl so ?r-eigt. li ii i ar
? Briar i.
Woi BMB -J W?rd. J Duffy. F. Di.gLsrty.
. ..a.'iai a
W.a ?nan-A. Farr? M. M soi.
?i ' ? ? . I ?..IM? NT.
? | wit
K UBI -Join II? ''gr? BSe, I? ii Ua'l..h?r
w,. sea*.-??|t I" Balsa, Heij Pointy. Ri.hatd I'm
?Ide. Jonn Hoyne.
. "ire.t s.
Kn I?'? ?Wa MiTI. ;.
W.'.riv J baBend a, Bead Ipb Kaaalsr, late J?n.*a
Miahb-Wb Me_ban, Jn Ne.ton.|
."Sill! B.
W?i BSSa ? 1 orjoi?'. P, II? nigan.
? ?w ?SSI H.
W ? rVMB ? i'iarlea Be- k??ith, Jahn Bogart.
M.-i-.j Cetfesal T M 0nan
nana sa .
W?i si.BP -J?? Fuller.
Umbum?li Mian DmrU Hedey
? ?nil-? ?. ? a
W m -ii.sD ?Lieut. Th. a La .n?i
Hil I. DI 1111.1*41 . I.
< saraai *
?BToSaeae ?Timothy Ihn l?au
i BBS?St ?.
Woi ."Hill? ? ller.rj Conlon
? ?a.a?.) |<
Wot siiBi. ? Carpasal I'.nie. II. p?ik, T*rr*nc* Lyi ? I.
i obi-?'i r
Woi ?DSD? Charles M? hen/ e lie: r? Kin?.
< earaai a.
Ki! ian? (?eo Br?ddwell.
Woi IBBB -Feier Morrl?. Tfcoi W?l b, Vtro Bsstimont.
? "ti-ISt s.
Wot M>Bi> ?I haiiea (I ('. t.ner.
nil ii nu.i ?ii.s i.
?. aram *?
Wot yuro- Adam Tell. M bain Ilei'ea i.
eoarsBi <
Woi ?rntn.?Corporal Ja* Walla, e. Thorns* Paltanor
peanBi n.
Woi .vi?BD?Iienjainin (!..galen, Deni f. Ila*
.'i.i'i'.r B
Wocidbd -Crjoral ten. Catto, foniad W'yek .ff
?naraut r.
Wanam?, -mi i? .ei pao i
? aaraai ??
TTsuaaaa tlasl Kd Boeerd, Uoa B Heit, Monii Fal
iie, D* ? n Calmil, 8al?ader ( ? ? ./e,
coaraai a.
Woi vi.sn.-MairiB Ral!?, y. Ja?. Ilortotr.
? ?! lil 1.
W?a Mihi..- M m. An.ii nea nt.? i'.iun
naran ?
Kui ki? - W'r. . I'aslon
Woi aaaa ? v?. m B Um
1 Ililli l-l K.IITII g, V. B, V.
The following l? a list of killed, ?wounded, und
u being In tl.e ??-?tli Regiraent, N. Y. S. V.i
Lieut. I A. ll.'ker, l .. h. ?rrnn.-ly woun !ed ah'.alder.
(Jideriy lerasaM A. r Ph km Ce I ven-deds-fhll; Kel
C'iit.Msrtii. Buter, l, (j . killed . fortuna! Janie? M.Mo..
Sjls t a A inoiU'ly w?.ui,d. J.luipi rsl Kr?sn I il" S viren.
Ce, ?, wounded nrloealTj I orpoi.l John li. V?iie ief. Ce I
w. saded .?.'i.i.t. Peta? M? intn.h. io. it. wr..,iid*.l*:i|htiv
jol.il ral.-?, Cali, weaaded a-gbtiri li?i?ry F ...er, Ca D,
??. u. dul ieiiou-1? j Wa li:ene, I o. I, ?..in.iied set:? i- y .
leans MeCebe. Ce F. weet |.,t tefteeelyi Jete (FHairia,
I?. F, v, landed thgltly Iii.,? Doi ohne. ! ?> P, wound?-1 Sa
rlou.ly ; .Samuel i ( .nike. 1 o H, w? aided - Igl.lly; Jac.ea
.1, ... re?, Ca. II, Weaaded aeriou?l) i Jama. Hay.. Co. K.
nu. ln| Ah.?m Kelly, ( o. I lul-ai.g, Alb.-it I'eike!, f o I,
u.it... |
Tllllll? HAOn volt Minis.
The Mewtag i? S talsi?aaSBBltMa in the 3d Maim
Vetaatean, auditional to what we have alieady
?V'Ing Ms or M II. I.ukrusi? wo nd.-1 ?I. lilly.
CoS->-Bt A-?l. Mon?, killed, it V\ al.lou. wounded se
rlou.ly ; P 'I FlBBI I?, wounded .ern.u.ly , foip J? W. Bau
bom, wo'liahl le. o?." y
CoBTFaat H?Frank White, wounded aeri.-ualy; 1. L
Until I. ailBBJ??i aeii'.'iily. I. Moni?, wounded ?rlion.ly .
A. H.Cruin, wounded ?liblly
(o :,tM ( ->,t;. II < .-?. iib, wounded lerlo'iily.
Conrurt li t ?pi- ?'? Stow, wounded ?ligluiy, B. r.
Brooking?, wounded ?li ?|'l|y- , , , _ ?
Comi ?si I -II. Hsniium, wounded illghtlr: ? ?
Pawla wound-d aii.d.il) ? E MsBtaney, woonded sUgblly ?
JrsnkUw.n. wounded ..?I'llT, A !.?ire. wounded slifbtl?/
Coar-ni I?tata J. Its..?..!, .i.l..i..g, Serg A. J. M '"J
lal. wounded a. rlou.ly ; ?Corp M J?.ne? mhiii.g ; J ???
LewU li ,e.l W m. I!r< ?an. wi.ui.ded ?agl.tly , W. I ""I er
wu.idrd ilirhtly i O Fellow? wounded .lightly , B BraMb
w. uuded silglitly ; J- Wilson wonuded s*ii?.u?ly , *E. ? .r|'''.T
weaaded ?lifbtly.
(oBPtsT K?Corp. J F. OBUM wennd?d nriiut J
B-lid, * i wond?<l, a, n4nU.li MMMj ??
The following is s list of killed snd wounded in
the 4th Regiment Miine Volunteers:
Daniel Kuowle?. Co I, killed; iieorj? Tt-.m, it Co. C.
waur.ded; Simcui Hi?im. Co. II, wounded; .*?*??..??rd Colion,
lo I, wounded, 8eth M. Youi-|, Co. K wounded; Corp
Nathar.iel IV,?. to. K. mi-., ,: l ?uitu, Paiker. Co. II.
killed; (leora;? U. ftaata, Co 11, wounded. Till *|[tlir.
to II, wounded. I.ieut J?_. Fowler. Co. I, wo.i ded , John
lurrier. Co. K. wounded.
Killed, 2; wounded. 8; n*_i-ln|. 1-total, 11.
?ow JA? St. /.obi? Itrp-ilti.iiH.
A new ?emotion has been produced by intelligence
received by (?en. Munt, c unnianding the Depart?
ment of Kan?as, to the ellect that l-.Jjt'O Rebels, in?
cluding Indians, are now marching northward from
Arkansas. It is stated that this army has been
loruied by combining the remnants of Mcculloch a
and M( lutosh'a old force, andaby new enlis'tuenta
ami i-ons, riptions, the whole being got together hy
(?ov. Rector. Ruins, Schauwait, and Colley are the
(.< lierai? reported to b?- in charge of thcee colnmns,
and it it further said that the expedition i? provided
with S3 piecei of artillery. Ceh. iilunt's informa?
tion i? thut it whs th.- dcsigu of the Rebels to len
iler.vou? at Kort Smith on the SOU) of May, und from
thence enter MIsMOrl in M? Donald Couuty, which
is 7.? miles from Fort Smith.
It ?eetn? to bo the undi-rstanding of the Secession?
ist! Of our Stute, especially since the evacuation of
I orii,tl.,that iinoihtretiort is to ho made by Rebel aold
iery thi? Siiiiitner to gain a foot-hold in Mi??ouri, and
for ta o or thi' I days past rumors have Leen in ?ir
? ulati? n MBOBg thal cluss, <?f an aaivauce on Spring
ti'l'l, bv Hains mid Albert 1'ike.
We an-not disposed to treat the information re
? eited by (?en. ltlimt as fellogothl r without tounda
Hoii, thoutfh we ure by no noMM worke?! into any
Mate of ?.lurm Iroin it. 'Hie up| carat.? e at present
ii that the late anny aasen.Ile! af Corinth has bien
disrii|'t?.-d and icatteied. and it would not be ?urprir
i'.g il B ri n ui I ? int fugitives bud MMOtd oier into
A riama*, thoogk great iiiuiic-niint.* wuuld probably
Lavo to he ottered before they could be prevailed on
to loiitiniie in the militu.v ?ervi.e. Whatever
oi>:Biii/?.I for, e ( lea. l'n. 11 sold MOBBS would per
La,? rttiiin to the obi couti??! rather than he trune
terred t<? dietunt held?, citiur South or Eat-?. So we
may ?onsder that the leports ?ouiing from Aikan
sas. whether true in all respe? t?, or not, have at
le??,', some ni (?em unce of plauaibili'y.
It is not likely that any such numbers as tn elie
thousan?! armed Rebel? ha? been ni ready concentrated
at Fort Smith, er that any formidable ?uvu.inu of
tbii State could be mad?- bet?re di<|a??ition* night It*
SflbsBd to iu?set it lucctsaluily. Tue only dam ?t tit
thi? lind would gmw|oiit_of thedupersionof Ileanre
giud's army, and the tnmsfer of a lnr//e portion of
his force to Arkansas. It .at this would certainly in?
volve the por.?c-?i.,n hy ti.?- Eui?.nit's of the Mis
sie?ipi, Arkansas and White River?, without which
ihe enemy could do abtolutelv nothing. No army
?ii'ild be sustained by bim if deprived of these faril
ities of transportation, while uith the streams
named op? u to our gunboats and transports, and With
ample railroad MOOnimslatioiis in Missouii, it takes
no iiiilitary eje to MSOSM what muet be the tate of
the d- ?j ernte ad?enme npou whifh the Rebels are
Said to have decided.
Nor is there, in any rase, in any possible contin?
gency, whe'her wa have the Arkansas rivers or not,
a chance for more than h temporary occupation M
any purf ??! Missouri by the M erny. We sie not near
so iletetiseles? as the Ral el? MBBOOB, for there are at
this moment troops enough in this State and Kansas,
to say nothing ot the lor?-.- under (?en?. Cortil and
Steele in Aik msi't. to meet twico 1 '.IMKI, disciplined
and equipped as I im. Rectoi's contingent? muet be.
A le'ter from Hilton lle.nl to h gentleman in this
? ity tayi : " A movement of magnitude baa at List
? ?-ii.men? ed against CL?r!e?ton, and I hope it will be
onri not lung after this letter readies you. The
Ma? ?(? hiiKtls Cavalry, with the exception of tWO
? on.j mi?*?, are within ten or twelve nulea of that
Sullivan s Islnnd, ii C1 arlestoii Harbor, which
Las Leen ?tiritad by the Union gunboat-*, a? reported
hy Bl telegraph, ,s ibOB thn? MUM in Istigthi
Kort Monltne it situ?t? ?1 OOOO the end lie. re?'the'
( ty, and is ?l out four miles distant. Iii? fort
| laved a ioli?pi? BOM purl ililli? p du-lion of I-ort
hr.ii.iir, atul will niiiay? Meapy a prominent place
in Iks bittory of the reh? llioti.
J .me. 1.1.in.I, wln-re the Ij,.(m 1? n ?,< rt an SBgOfe?
ti ?i ? lo Lm ( ?? . ?rrcd. le MBBIBBMi from the main
lan?), ( u wi n h CliHilenioii i? ?minted, by the A ?ti lev
1'ivei. 'i'lie mer .- ai-? M L li t? in iii- ?*? nie. The
r?-p .l-e irferreil lu l?v the Rabsls may have MM
mer.lt a rea-<inniii???tiiie by the Iniim fon es.
! tamtam iic,
Yrrm I/,, Vic /a I, rn I ?,t?
Tin- Is' Cutilicclu ni Bott? > , vi ith a I'etmsy Iv.im.i
?mu h Han .. besstts iagBnat,oad?i c?-l.i Irtat, aterrad
flou, D -iiif.ut. S ('., on the tighl oi the -J-t'i tilt..
and Biaeaeeaa lo rotateBgo woora tboj Mm rojee
the railroad hetw? eu Savannah and I liarle,ton, ultei
driving oil a thousand Rebels w!.?? guarded if. Tin-)
UBtnektOed ami tue wounded,oat renBead n
[ailie? 1?ui of th? road f, r tW" ?'?ia. wh>*n the lie' -
ela viere stiongly K-enfoned, and our troop?? re?
turned |0 Ile.? ?lol', baV'Uk cn?-, ?c-tully in hleved the
purj>o?*e of (heir vieil.
? ?
liri i i-ii Ki si i (Tin iv. -A la?y in I'!?!?!
Cn i ty, S. Y-, wiilc?: '? We have just received tie
horrid new? of ?s?or .Tan.es W.-bstet s death, 11?
oivned a faim in Virginia, wa? a M?-thodist minister,
and a ?piicl li,on mun. The If, Iel? Bel lim u bile
ll.resh.iig m his barn, without allowing him en I a
i -hange of ?loll.ni)., du.ve bim three dty? will.out
?utiiijf, M that lu* UK'd. Ho nu? my nephew.
Su i, im. W u mi n Sol mi it.?The I'er.tiBvl
vania n ? n (omiUin u ith ;.?? ?ni r? Ml Bl their d??
lit-, : I ? ie. ?luslic lo Ihe United Stute? anthon
?ii s nuil the gent'emen who hsve cluiri ?? of the I'a.k
llospi'.il an?! tie Nevt-Em-l-tliil Relitt Roon..?, coin
je'.s u? t<? ??i_v '1 .i'the fault ia not to 11 attiib.it?d to
li.ei.i. Hu S,,iniiiy rixty New Vork men were ?.-lit
to tin ir In n? s tioiii ile l'?iK llosj.titi, and ye?ter
?lav aeveiiti mnie followed suit. ('? I. Howe and
I'??I. Aliuy have s?-nt lo New-England ali the MOB
ifioin the Val ierbflt) wini wi n: al le ??? a"', und n.i!.
pr< p.-r management ti ?? aame n .y\A have bet n done
for tin- lYi:iisy!\aii:ans. Major-liun tal AaaBKM
vi?.ted tl.e 1'ark llospitnl yr t? r?I?n , uiui w a? ?-iilhu
iiaethiiHv welcomed by (lie brave men, who. like
himself, haie m nie theil ? ?isoiis cur bulwark ? I ?I?
MBMk The pal.ant (i. neral MOoh band? a idtally
w iib all lo M bom be wn? pi? sente-il, and his words
ol Itihdl.? s? were li1 e di"'-e . 1 iuliu to the wi ,.i.,i. ??!
Lieut.-Col. l?ii ,1 nni. of lbs 64th New York, who
waa wonmldd at. the battle of Eair Oaks, readied
l'lnladelphia on bonid tin- Spiiuldini' and arrived
l.eie tins morning. He is now und? r the lu -st surgi- j
cal troMui'-iit at St. Laki s Hospital. CoL I?ugliam
naysth.it the report that Captain Woodworth was
badly wounded is untrue. He was ?truck twice by '
spent hillls, but lik" the EatwA shell Bl which the
Western linut-.r l :i ?wore io roundly, they had not
power to harm him.
?The fiieud? of BBMRBRn ?lamch A. Taber of the
? J?l R ginent N. V. .*-. If., will be pletised to learn |
that le I:, a eo far recovered fiom his injin it a M B
he able to return home, by the udvico of the Sur-j
_?*?.n, for the jurpos. of rei-ruiiing bia health. It
will bo recoil? ? ted that le was nseaulted in Haiti- '
more fon Monday last, at the corner of Saratoga and
Eu'ittv atti -'tit, by three n:?n, and a? vcrcly bundled.
The ruth mi e.-capid, though not before one of them
bud n civcd au i - -y wound from a ?word iu the
hand? ol the N i g? : .nt.
??Com. John li. Miuitgouiciv, BB ling oflicer ti
lha Pi.'.iic Sv.uadron, who baa bein oiden-.l to the
command I f the Ciiailcstoivii Navy-Yard, when in
(oiiitn.aid ol the Portsmouth (sloop-of-war), June ti,
l8 It'., hoisted lb. A mci ?ian flag on the public a.ptare
i f ?San Eraiicisco, and took |io_seasioii of the North?
ern dt-pattiiK-nl of California in the miine of the
D_Ba States.
? Saiond Lieut. Rekelt Cray of Company D, 2d '
l.agiment, N. Y. S. M., it-ported killed at the battle j
of the Seven Pine?, has arrived in the city. He wm !
wcuctled ia tbe Lead, tut imtsined no Knout injury, j
[Important Busincsi with the GoverDiuent.
Deathi of Soldiers at Fortress Monroe.
Foam??? Mesaew J""? _ \
via Baltimore, June 10, MB '
Major-(.en. Burnside and stall arrived here at an
i ea?ly hour this morning, having come through the
Albemarle and Chciapeuke (i.iutl iu the miall gun?
boat Port If nyul, leaving Newbern on Saturday.
I The Port ?oyal came through both cuts of the
canal. Tbe lower one, connectinti Currituck and
Albemarle S< linds, han been ol strut-ted hy pile? and
sunken vessels, and prev 1011*1 annals bv the inlaud
route have avoided this cut by traversing ihe whela
laagtb of Curiitiick Sound. The pngien of the
Puit I.'04ni wa? emifeiderably delayed by ti e obetlW ?
lions, but Gen. I ?Hillside succeeded in hluwilig theil
up and o| ening the canal. Xnrfulk wa* reached at
midnight last night, und sficr couimunii atiou with
!>n. Viele, and procuring a pilot, the Port Rejal
proeeedadte this place. The object of the visit of
(len. liurmi.le was to have important cotmntiuica?
don with the Government. Ilaviug sent hit dia
j gtabai to Washington and obtained Hp-BB, be will
There is little orno news in the Depnitinent of
North Carnlin.T.
The FJIth Massaihusctti I'cgimeiit, at Waslil'iirt ti,
V.O., was attacked fruin tin ambush by a North
Carolina regiment on Thursday last, while ou a
! ?conting expedition. They lost six men killed aud a
number wounded?three of the latter BahaT-'ijuciilly
! died.
I Several skirmishes have lately taken place in the
rk iiity of Washington, io one of which one mau on
our sid.- was wounded, ami two taken prisoners. In
another, fifteen of our cavalry, h iving only one man
wounded, put to flight a Kel el force o! cavalry aud
infautry ten tune? th. ir strength.
The gunboat Albany arrived fioni Hatteras last
night, but brought no news.
Th? following arc the deaths iu the General Hygeiu
Hospital from 1st of June to this time:
I i. ..I. Jin.ti Lung 8th Ntw-Je.iev R-jiuiSat, died on tbe
.1)1 baa
Daniel K.rimir,.r, 104th Penrijlraula ?e|itnent, Co. I!
dl?d on tl.e'tn lot.
JuliuM? Vesj, ?FJd VeuDivlvauia Re|iuietit, died uti tho Hth
I .lame? M Mongli, t.-'.li New Vori Re|imnn!, died on the
Util .Mt
tiiurje Hover, lO?th I?e: ii.ylvatiii Kejim.nt died on the
Sth in.:.
Miba?l Burner. 5tb Mi. bijtti R?.i.-i.ei.t died ob the 9th
john Hantou, 'tit Peer tylv ni? R? giment. ii: i on the 'ii
Elijah Hinckley Mtb New York Re|lin?t.t, died on the 4tb
4 l.arle? Ma ti Id M.rlil|jii R.;|a ect, i!>J on the 6th init
J. M Haien, li lit Pennij? ?vault Ko,lnt it. died on the 4?b
ii ??itt
(ieor,?IIroadwel., 73d New York l!.,i n.i.l. died cn the 3d
ti.at at.
Pkadnkfe Wiltnm. 2d Mu yl ? t.d ii?-, mm:, died on the t'.h
I ?'ant.
Janies VVT.U.r, 7.-.I N.w York Ke,im?r?t dieri ob the 4th irat.
Lieut iT.eodui* Liu ranee, .lit Beer-Tie. Re,uii*Bt, died
sa Um aa ni.
T !.. -i ?. It ...?? I, Ttli Matvtacluiiet'.i Regimant, drummer
di., on the 4-.ii mit
H.i u.?u Swit'i. id New-lliuiptiiiie Re,liu-Bt, died ou tia
i Til. but
! Edwird K Ptrktr Hit Muitchnaettl Re,?!.....!, died on
the Mit ln?t.
I'ltrirk Mnileu, tilt Peantylvuils R. d?nent ; |died on the
?ih ii tt
l.i-ut W g I,:?k. of the id New York I?foment, bs*
been sppoiiiteil I'rovott Mar.hal a: thu p.a?-, by den Dix.
TI ii??.?, ii rl Wtule I onicntioii.
I .'?ei.K-i -aCirr. Me.. ?ta'.u.-iU.T. Jiu.eT. PCS.
In iba Cosveattaa to-day Mr. BraeeaBridge tatro*
.lin. I a bili lui gisdasl emain ipation, of whn 1. the
t .lluiViug I? li I' HO| list
To BSD?iit to the r*?r'e eertata amendment? to
the Cooatitotioe ead a aehewe of giadssl email, ii n
tion. Baettas I isp?ale the leetrietive danae ia ibe
CoSstitStiOBa Bed 9 declare! that all llave, boin
?iF'er.lan. 1, 1 BIS, are to be slaves till ?.'."i yearn ef
BOB, ti en to BB pnid for and sent ?mt of ibe S-a<e by
?I.e aid of ?he (?overumetil, under a rea'luti??u#of
Congress Bee. 3. All ?hive, bom after Jan. 1,1
186-, to be regtatend. ?Sec. 4. No slaves to be j
brooghl tate ti s State after tide ordnance tehee ci?
te? t. Iae.dk ihe whole ardtasBOB to bs asbarittag
(u a 4.?te a: ti e legulur el.-ctiou lu IS' 1, and to take
? i'. ? ? .?.ly if ii irctnts a niujoiity of the popular
Mr. BreeUeridge argued the me-it? of ata 1 i'l ut
b t-glh, chile.?tig tual ii wa* the only BWBBBie a' all
??ki ly to ?jtiie; 'ne agit.iti n now rnpi.ilv growtaf in ;
mir State. All were BfJIBSi that Slavery wa?
doomed ni the Slate?that iBBBBBtaa lad riined it,
hu.! it unlv lett trued tor in to det?i mine wbetticr, a*
wise, iisetul aud conservative n.en, we will t:ike
luid ul ti e su' ja ti as a political ipucsliou, orleuve
ii t.? be dealt 4vit'i hy radical?. Pass ibis ordtaasee,
;.n?l there will 1 ?? BOtbtag lift lo build tij> ratlical,
men and measures. The whole subject io to be acted !
on bv the j em U after t4vo j. ?in of calm rcll-.etion,
with ie:...-. |unt and pros;?.ii'.y onie more ieitore.1
to tie . uuiitry.
At Ibseesd sion of .Mi. Ilreckinndgi-'s remuik??, ;
?c4, in! aaanbtn aaataa?easd lo niataeasor, Mr,I
! iel,.',. ? - .ti among the number. Mr. Hall of Kati
dolpb, lu?44evci, 4\as ici-'gni/eil, and moved to lay
the bill eethe labia Btawaaappeatadtebj Mr.
Ul : [e .--?ii lo withdraw the motion, iii order tliat he
lieBderees) nicht wabaafbw ?.-marks bb the sub?
ject. Aii. Hail asnal le withdrew for Haaws
Hin h and I., ag, WBO .ieiired t<> make exi lauition, ;
I. || Mi. Iltiiili-r.-on raited a point >xf order, that the '
gaattaaaea b.i.i no right t?i nitUww in behalf of
uni body. Mr. Hall then insi?tcd on hil nuttion.
Ile Pieaidasl sai?l Mi. Ilendeison and himself
intended to leave for WsB-taftea to-nioiTOW,
unit le boptd the Coiiventiou wnild extend the
privllegs t. Mr. Headerses ot making a lew ie
narfca. ile. (Mr. Witaoa) nigbl ibsaa?istsesp
?i ?thingos thessbjeeta Finding it taipessibta lol
ii:.!i;.e ibe ii.?4er te willi !iii44 his nottaa to lay Ms
bli e.. the tsbl ?, lbs "leu ben ?tatises oi apea-iag
.ni t ii- BBBJa F nins.ni?.I that tbe v<>te siioiild Be
taken gp.r motion. TU?- vea- i til nays wer?.- lb? ti
tailed, and lite not.mi lu lu the hill BB the table
nee carried ?.'ag.ti.isi 19. Mr. Hall this wosadto
ra om-ider the motion te lay on th' table, ami to lay
thal motion on the tubb . Ti.it* WM Bgnad Its, and
this tin- irri'ilitil cluan i|iition S btttt in iIie?ouri
wea '?ef.- wad.
Mr. lui- li ri ?i- to a privileged qseetiss, and rend
avrritteaetateaaad ef the fa teeeaaectei 44 ..b biH
lute arrest.
Ihe tom mit tee on ?lections then reported buck
the bill detiiiing the qBSlificStiose of voters. The
re. iii?I bill leavea ont entirely the dfaflBBehbament
ef ottttma 44 b? havo bein aagagad la the KebaUtae ;
also, the bill to repeal tbe sevcntii lection of the oi
liiuunce to abollen eertata tm\omt nda-tag wlertaa,
?Vc, and the bill to lepeal the orlin-.iiue isbsiltting
the action ol the Convention to a vote of the people. '
..milln i- ?iiir-i?- I'ln* In ?.{nebro
Over 100 IBou**??? l>estro*c?-tl.
Qi ktuKc Turtday, Jua? li), li.,.'.
Another large bro broke out iii tbis city early tliii
morning. Over 1?0 housei, piimipally of wood, the
property of ibe workmen in the ship-yaule, hare
been destroyed.
'I'll** StctiiiiNhip -tin-Hi Antt-rivan?
'lilt- L.'.lM-t-iih-11 iii im ntl Hound.
? ... ..i s me le. last
'lue Weeanbip Voith Aataricas,nsw Ideerpaal
witb ?nu steei.i.e ut.? j ii.biu BasaaBnate, pSBsed
laiber 1'.nu at II o'clock last night. Sha -sports
1 a?*ing 4 BBtnda) ila ou" ii.itbip llibeniiau, bound to
UM S(? iiiii-.Ii ii> Itn ?'!??- M
gamtoa Tamowt. ifa M WB
Th? ateamship Euiopu, lor Liverpool, vu Hali?
fax, will sail about lu o c1 ali t?-morrow i,Ueduet
day) morning. Her mail? tb'se at 7 a. m.
-In St, Louis, owners who rent pioperty to
Irotbcl keepera are arreited and tried for lbs oflenie.
There waa, on Monday night, en extraordinary
a ti! ne m-e of novel tiea at tbe theatres, for the Soin
mer season; four, besides the benefit at Wallack>,
make an immense draught on the capabilities of tbe
public, supposed Jo be weakened hythe loagattacki f
Winter amusements. Added to this, the Academy
of Music will open on Wednesday, with opera*. If
New-York can sustain liberally all these in the
warm weather, it shows solidity of no ordinary bind
in the rcnident population, and indicates the pretence
of a crowd of truvelert at the hotel?, not leewned by
the war.
We ehull not attempt to day to di?poee of the the
?iti leal crush for the season, beyond noticing the en?
tertainment of Mr. Anderson, at the Winter Garden,
which was first in the field in ihe matter of an?
nouncements?myalie outgiving? in Lngluh and
(?reek having preceded the regular blaze of capitals.
Mr. Anderson is io thoroughly well known for his
?leif-bt-of.haiid jugglery, or " msgic "?or aay other
train*cendi'nuil term, we aie not particular if it ba?
nnt too long?that bis name ia a good advertisement
of ?tue-If. His appearance oriiziually at the Winter
G?lden gave great satisfaction. Wiehing to alford
: novelty, he has, with tin* assistance of Mr. Guylor.
| who wrote the piece, produced a burlesque ou
I Shakespeare.? Tapent. BwhSfBH defy uualyai*
always, anil so we ahull n<?t attempt one.
j Sufficient to say that all the action work? np ?o a
tu.p.-rior anille of ?Magic, by which Mr. Anderson
can display hi? black art in a manner that would
probably have ant?>iii?hed the " Great Williams" i
ulivo to behold the Wizard. The ineffable Caliban
?ii represented by a colored per. on, " a contraband
?enan politics are not quite clear?though be is
tolii to enjoy lilnertv.
The Inn ?.?...no in'gro luwi-vsr advan.'ea in fi??*
proportion timidly on the I?ffa. Up to this one ia
.?articular, he ha? u'.waj? m? ?. ly played into the
hands of loSSflBBM and outraged humanity. The
vnlne of |hs Uuiou and Liberty is handsomely cer?
tified to at the close of this Burli-nque, when a divis?
ion of young girl??perhaps aome boys?appear; ou?
of them ??ni;? lo the popular libcntti'jn air a double*
encore song, and then the full-fledged Amazons, ii?
white, red and blue, deploy their forces.
There wa? a good bonne prc-cent. Wc shall take
occaision to notice the other entertainment?.
N'ai now E-C4PK rRoM Dr.ovvsi.vo.?As Nehe
miali Kni?ht, es?]., a member of the _\'ew-I.Dg!___d
fon.mitfee, was about boarding the steamer Vsn
derbilt on Sunday morning, the small boat in whii!.
he win? stated was suddenly cupsized. The boatmen
easily swam to the vessel, hut Mr. Knight clung
to the bottom of the boat, and hy great exertion lue
? ceded in keeping his hold until rescued hy a tug
with Quartermaster Johnion on hoard, who bud for
?uiiately _? en the disaster, bur not until Mr. Knight bed
iioite.l nearly a mile and a _________ Several of the Now
l-.n_.Un-_ Committee, including Col?. Howe aod Almy.
weie on board the Vanderbilt, and were horrified at
witnessing the accident, and hi? ericape from drown?
ing ?ee.ued almost a miracle, as the strong tide and
wind at that rime created a rug), * a. Mr. Knight
is well known in this city and Ilrooklyn en the bati
n< ?-_ partner "1 Go v. Spragiie of Rhoda Island, ia one
of the forcuioet in all benevolent and philanthropic
deed?, and his providential escape from death while
on an errand of benevolence toward returning
wounded soldiers, is a subject of congratulation for
his numerous friend?, and of thankfulness to Him
1 who bold* the lives of u? all in His banda
Tn Paka.va.? We are inibrmed that the state?
ment relative to the ship " farana, ' Capt. Lungstcu,
published June 5, under new? from Buenos Ayre?, ii
incorrect. That vessel ia not sailing nnder tbe
Argentine Mag for fear cf privateers a? atated, but
beeeaseehe i? now owned in Hueno? Ayre?, and i?
sailing tinder the flag of her Nationality.
? ?
1-, isviiid Card, the crazy soldier who was taken to
the T.?mb? on Friday, r-tarted homeward on Tuesday
morning, in the care of an officer from Koxbnry,
M ? -?. Ho was ?ne of the brave souls who sprang
t.? arms at the late call from Gov. Andrew for volun?
<)i> ii.Av?,' noMi and Asrr.iM or the Proth
taxt Episcopal Chir? ii im N-.v-York.?The
Light Bee. Bishop Potter baa issued the following
notice to the DioBSSBI
in .^li tbo Mannas of the friend? of the orphan in thia
city, a ?na. bus ?nd connu?'_!om lloiii* bit been erected io
.o.'v ninth ..:??' tnd hu now been occupied for ixioiotboa
o ?ear. A: r - the Minuten were ?'onter.t lo la Mi the l.-illd
!? o It-1. sxs? iie.e.itr? f..r limneditte ate. Rut they
u id ti inn??!,?? now con.trtlued, both lor the preienrition of
the edifice tliJ for the* pr?,|?er ciie of the huoO-M to proceed
lo a Curlier ex?, nditure of ti)0-it ?.H.iWll, which lum wil
plaei th?- building in very complete order
in thi? main nelly an atip.al in behalf of (he orphan haa
mair ?OSO u..ni? In ??in, sn.i now in a criiii when the cloimi
of ihe fitherle.? ? t: i,?i but tis* jo before out thoughts, the
Mii-i.er? be.iesetl.it the friendi ofrhls noble charily (and
who Is not a friend lo it 1) will ereerfu'ly bestow upon them
'..i* i,e,-e?. ?:t u,?ic? for giving couuplelene.. to their work.
Mut etrneitly do I eou.inen. tli? object to the Imm?diat? at?
tention a: 'be clergy and buy of Ihn city. 1". needt but s
viait to the tii.'itution. and a btiefg.ai.ee tt the MB chil?
dren, la ?sxit-ii ? luiiug iotereit In e?ery Christian heart.
'? Korain.-ir!i ?? you l,?v? ?one it unto one of the leut ef
-','-, wy brethren, ye have done it unto Me I"
I' ? ?i I (">d to ti?e you Ilii blcltig
I ?ni. ?fTectionately, joun, HlaK VTIO Pi.TTr.Ft,
June 4. li<?32 lli.bop of New York.
' -na ". i . moy be sent !" the Treasurer. Min M !..
Rie?,'er N... '.'J Weit i> ?tilth ?reel ; to the Secretary
Hits M Jones, No. 3! ilrevoort place, er to my of th?
F?>tt Port Roi ii ft will be seen by advertise?
ment that the ateanier Loci.et Point of H. B.
Cromwell e line ?ail?, lor l'ortl.oyal, from this port,
on Thursday, the __N- in?t.
?The l'.iriri papen announce that the King of
PlBSflla hur? conferred BB ii Madame Kistoii the or?
der and g"ld nodal of ui-.it for "Art and Science.''
This is the leal instance on tommri of this order being
enfened on a wonuin. The King handed it
I i-ii-.li to the great tragedienne at a private audi?
ence at the Beyal palace, ac< BBBBBbM with the di
p'onia beautifully e nrrnved on parchment, and a in
?xt!) gold bracelet, to be an ni with the medal at?
lathee? Al the name audience, the Queen prcaented
'.er with a mugniticent album, and wrote with her
own roya! hand, " Album, otf'.'rt ? Adelaid? Kietori,
Marquise (M Grillo, par la reim? de Prune. '
?Sir Willi.un Don, the well-known comedian
ili.-tl Bale nly at Hobart Town on the Mt li of April.
Hu was M ve?is of age, and had not been supposed
to be .?erioue!y ill. He played three night? before hie
death. Sir William Dni wa? at one time a man of
ample weaitli, but having be.utoo prodigal in hi?
early career, lie wit? compelled to se II hie estate?, and
take to the theatrical profession for a liveliiiood. By
bin exertions on the stage he rid himself of all bia
debts, which lad been enormous, lie had frequent?
ly appeared in this country.
?The ({rand Duke Constantine ?f Ruisia intends
to spend tie Summer at the Iale of Wight.
?Geoige Augu-tuB Sala in about to give public
readiuga lrom hin own works.
A Stuamiioai DBrntOTBD nr K11:?.? At a little
pt?, 1 ?Vl.ai on Tu- idty morning t hie waa di?.... ?red on
hoard the i'.iinisr Flt?, lylo? ?t the loot of Noith l'eutb
?lint Brosklyo, E. D. The whole upper put o. iii? ??.??1
am* B >'i veloped in looses, tnd the nott lying ,0 !tr from
the ni liu Und thst the .-Dgh.r? ouid di nothing to link the
agi mut "f the bre. Korra.natmy, police bont No. 1 ?rri?ed.
and ?ucceded in i??lng the ite?u.er ft.nu ti t?l deitruction. and
p.eTi-ntei the hie li oin communicating w'.'h other ?e?*ela Iy
ii g tloiigiid?. the adjoining whtrvet. It ii believed that bat lor
the tiiiiel)' arrival of the police bott tin- t't wonid hive been
terribly deitruct.ve. The whole upper nan of the Hean.boat
ws? destroyed, and her in.tchii.ery cuuslderobly ii?j,ir*?l. T?0
.01? ii eitimtteii it *2,U?J?J. whicn I? fuily coveied hy the
?.laurance. The Klag wt? f rmerly run on the llerleni Kirei
is ? ferry bott sod wtt owned by Mr De???- (t ii iopcose.1
thatt the ve... I wa? set on ?re. sa lhere waa r.o o-se on board
at the thee, nor had ??*y lire b?*o .?ed ea beard luice S.ad?}

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