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Se retire ?aa be taken or Anotaunou? f onunoniratlona
WbaiiW e Intei.Oetl for m.ert on mint ne a itben'icate 1
by IM fane ii'Uidi tes. o! He writer-no*. netel.a. ii y Bl
rnb?. atioB. lut sa aguai?'.!"* foi In? BMd BIM
?Ae(*i',.otuuC?rt?s?iortt..rnree,t*d ta,utmuuirat,on?.
AU bu..n-?. BUSH ?r na ?atea anjuld BS sddis.aed te
"l'BB Tal?is?." fiew iori.
Ta Adierileera.
Tin W?ek!T Ti mt Bl has the ?argea! c;rc??lation
ef try newspaper !n thl. r-n'.try, If not in the wor'.d. It i?
Uses by the enterpriaii g fa-me a. mechuil. a. ?oerrhanta. and
aienufaeturera throughout a tie loyal State? and business
Bien lu this city who deine to re :ch !bo?e c.jaae? can de so
quite ritetauBl by adrert.?u.g In '1 nu W BSBO t ?TUM ?>!<?
Price ?M s ?ine AdrettiaemenU for tUia t? ark a issue mast
b- br ded ii. tc-J.y
-Oom Frrinont tmOti Jad; ?on s rearguard on
?i , i*;- and drove the main body BUM! BVeiy BtiV
cull road toward l'ort Kepnbh. and Charlottevill?.
The Kebel? left MfOBS, biank?ts. c?.?..bing, and
e-j ?.puent? along the tuite. Ashby, the eoaniBiiiicr
of the famous Am.' y e Cavalry, w? ? lulled? The
hatti?! wa? renewed along Iii"-? road, and u ?It ?pt-rate
engagement resulted. ?Our dispatches, wliich Bf) ear
on ai.i'lh. I page, i.nivtd ut so late ;m hour that wc
eau tab itllude to then, in this columu.
?Commander l'renliei? on the -let nil. ??.led ihe
gunboat Albutrobs uy lue interior wa"ers of South
Caroln B a? far as QeWgeteWB, ana B] ihaWaav
MBB l.'i". tr hu mi Us bey ona the city. HSV-UJ BO
siui.iei.; foice, ?he did n<>t molest th? {?lace, lie bii??
tue ptaaMn hloug Lie rouie mai? : | otl' wiih all
speed, diiving tceir elaves before them. Eighty
t mtrab tata were hrt ugt.t to our lane.
?(?en. Harneide arrived at l'or;ress Monroo on
M ?ni? yon important bariBBMi There was very
Htta tewa BBn taa ItepertraBBt af Karta Ca? Baa.
'Ihe Mth .'las^atbureUB had ria men h.?c.l, und WV?
e.-i.I ???und. u, iu a scouting expedition t?oai Waa!;
?gi? .
-?lieu. Halleck reporta ?...it the ?BshsB have got
_?J uii'. ?? bote Coi m: h. Mid had loM, bj csbualt.ee,
prno..ta,, aad ,!. anta u. Iron. ?t,0M t" .!". IM men.
Beaangeed had git u? far ns 01?SOBB, ?..< adln
Boara u Corinth.
?Cn. 1-tlaWh lalegraphi to th* Wooten flsai1
tj'y C no -t:?.-.i ibu', i.?t mt.]? of the wenna sad
i .? ? of li. .e!? inn- (.'"liulh arc SCl ...Hy riSTV?
lag A--.c. : M Wlli leave ?St Li-i, to-day with
foxi ft r then nfltaara
???We priai thia Buuuiag our agerial oom
BtanM ,.:?!!i? i i-Wmtlag account ?.f the
aaptareri Fort Pilkw, the giialieal Iglil uf Mear
j. ila, ard iani?._T?.n ?..-ri thal ??ty.
?We pi-ut BB IBS Cud page an additional list ol
killed and MBBdad al ?be liatilo ot .nt Oa??.
?t* ION K. 1 ' A 1. TV 1?\V te.
? In Senate, yesterday, Mi. Wilson reponed back
'he bill to in. : ease ihe Al? ?iical Dej.artment of the
Volunte?! Army. The bill to give lands im eduea
?ional petpsSM was amended in several place?, and
dopte 1, B to 7. The 1'iesideul sent in tlie recent
-lave-Tiade Treaty with KugUnd, and the ? "rrc-*
??toudeuce oa the subject. Tne Civil Appropriation
hill wn amended by putting in salaries for represent -
?ives to ila-.ti and Liberia, and the bl! passed.
ist as the amendment* lo the Fugitive Slave ii?-a
were taken up, the Senate aujourued.
lu the House, Mr. Tiioiiiaa re;-.: ? \ a, bill lo
Suuish frsuduleut contractors. A resolution to ap
oint another Iuditin Agent ni New-Mexico wn
loptod. Bills were pasned to (?uiet land-titles in
\m1 'orn a. to make a (ierman Profesor?! ip a' Weat
Prn:.t. and to transfer ths *?\ est-m trull-boat "fleet
oin the War to the Navy Department.
?Al n meeting of the dealers in petroltuin oil yee
?lay cennequent on the action takeu by the City ot
cooklyn, practically foi bidding the butine?. Pro
?ssor Seeley gave a statement iu rela?on u> the
?i.'s'y of b-ndlin? it, and reroi Ml ens were passed
calling on the city SHtharilln ri Brooklyn and .Vew
York to .nverii.-kte the ins'tei behue banishing s>>
i BgartaM a business M other riii??. Three million
dollar? worth have Ih-i'D exported nine .January.
?The uiai's sent from tr.e Bari lor rhe Pacifie
Coast, eta BL Joseph and ItauHlMa, lr.ui the let
io tbe Ui of April; and the Mata ir?m the Paciflr
Mt tim Bael harinea ?be mth ri Mau b and tea Vii
of Apt i!. have ben destroyed oi ?:> i i-m?-.'. hythe
lii.i.aar Mails now leave BeW?T?0rh bj n.uuer
foar tin)??? a month.
? The obsequies of Co!. J. !.. Kik? ?: I e ...<l
New-York, and Col. Juni? s Mill- I ? -J?; ienn
eylvaaia, were < elebi?itedm lili? ? . \ yam na.; B h
?noictia-i tWrnrnt) nilOMBll? < oi. i.'lke. Wyr
l>ui,e?i ?i Biesatroo?*, Col. Mitlersbody trio i?e
taaen io l.astou, IV.
?The railroad botweoa Char e- aa ???" Bavaaaal
nae brohea at Pocoiaiigo, al.?... Midway helaren
the 1MB ? ?Bil ?, on IBU ni^-l.t ot tbe 2S?1 all.. ? y our
Me ?p? I ? 1er Col. Ciist. Whentboten h bm ande
tbe load pass?e on Baaaehtnrrii Ihnen! au iiui_?.n?e
? Ou-Washington flhgMteteS lumieb Ihsplthri
an mteit!?i?Lig eenaaaBBdean betWOSBths Hitiusb
Kaietar ead Mr? Seward wita reawaan to the aaa
loyneattatho Daniell Weet Iu.j?m laiendi of con
?band? and blacks MOOUed from siave-ships.
- The Missouri Convention has changed is mind
r ir the hetter, and yesterday voted, hy ?*J tot?, W
dUtaarhha liebe!?.
The BBBBSl belore the board was lirai wan but
Bina., lansactious. At the |M laSB-B, l?overn
ineiiis tveie held iur an advnine. Jloio-i Srate
ateelwnon ta0?-Maa, gaaan?|p ai oeu?i pn.es.
?Noitbei:? State stocss are Btene, lew beeag oJtaod
at any puce. 'Ibeliailvsay H.md BBU-M mhb stitutg.
with a. demand tar e_. ?-? ?Jing the supply. There
was a dull market hotWOOB BearSB, At the
>ecoiid Hoard a fair Im n? ,i at a fra?!lou oil.
"reights weie dull at lower heures. (?old aud ex.
Hange MHS steady; gold, lol, n lui,, bills on
london. JI?? ti 11 i ' Tne market foi low grades of
Vesteiu flour was steady, with limned demand,
ot.ioa lowered about ii i eli- Bl which a fail
bu?ness was done. Medium grades quin
H?id irregular; trade brands were steady;
? auadiau easier; Southern steady, with lim
A ?demand. Hye Flour steady with moderate
-riuest, Corn Meal ??uiet ami firm; Prime Wheat
*_i in good demand, and slightly improved ander
Ihd decline in freights, sales 17b,000 bosh. Barley
? ill, and pricn nominal; Oats in better supply, and
?wer, Kye not plenty, and lirmer; Coin opened
.rm, but dowd dull, tain l'?!4,000 bush. Poik dull
nid lower, bat more active beton the ch*e at a de- '
lins. Beef in good supply, aud languid, Beef j
Mama and Bacon dull; Cut Meats lower; I?ard,
?ready, with small demand;* Butter heavy, and
Cheese the HO?. The advance noticed yesterday
?u the price of beef cattle wn not well austaiued
tliiriug the closing day of the market. Au unei
y: t- a aid.nou to tut stock caused s decline ol ?v
1 ?P 1* net, and dull m)?ss. Sheep an! lambs also de- j
clmed. The market for live hog? is overstocked, and i
We publish thia morning two letters of
especial interest, one giving an account of th**
Br-BBUI and splendid march of Fremont over
j the mnuntaini af Virginia in pursuit of Jark- ;
?on; the other, a full report of the navtil lic-i
torlea on the Mi??is?ipp', the destruction of
[FeftP-tow, and the surrender of Mempbic
The letter Of our correspend-jiit, who was an
ll)S ?MaSSI of all he relate? on the MMriarifpl,
is illustrated by two maps, but tbey came too
late this norning to be engraved for to-day's
paper. Both letter? are very full relation? of
'event? of which only BMBfSt reporta bave
I hitherto been published from telegraphic die
pat elie?.
a i? jin h * tis: .vi.
There are those who ara antrim? that Con?
gre?? t-ht'iild ndi'iurn ?aacSBBS they feel that it
i?? daily rtrengthcniiig itscif and th?* priuciple?
which ?-I?, te.l the great bod*, of its members in
the confidence and love ?ii the People. They
reinin.t us strongly ol the culprit who ?stsSffUd
to tl.e j?d^e who wa? trying bim that his re
murks were personal and ollemive, and he
would thank bim to discontinue tht-iu or change
the s'ib'!?et.
Thia CsaglBM ha? made mutake-i and com
>B_ttad ?' rors. but it ia nobly redeeming them.
That .to members should be anxious to ad?
journ, we can realize; but the country cannot
?pare dun while Cue Rebellion still ?bows a
bold fron* at Ric!.mond or ?slsswhsfa. When
it? regular power i? broken by a signal ?lau ??!,
and it ?satan ?Spaa the threatened pha?e of
giiern?u warfare, the BMSBBBfl may pripeiiy
consult their own comfort and aivaatagS by
Bat at ?ill event? there can be- m adjourn?
ment till the Re ernie measure? are perfected,
including a readjustment of the Tan:! ta the
Tax-bill now nearly inatur??il. And it ?een.s
to u? imperative that the bill prSfOSad ly Mr.
C'olfax. puaiahi-g fra'jdulciit aoatraetara ami
i their accomplices in th? public service, asauld
become a law. 1 .'n' Miatal e? win. ?im<i.-j weu.th
by aupplyiug our brave ?o!J?cr? w.th gun? that
.ire niiie dui^erou? to these who Bsaa*le t
(tlian Is ?taesa ut wii'jui Hey are annul, wit'u
?hoddy iiiiif?iui -, ?horte hill blanket? aud pup. |
iheas, with totaled meat and murty fleur,Butt!
uot bo suffered to go IsagSS imwhipt of
IJBBtice. Giant that but one SSSSJBSt in a
hundred is thai ihaStef-U' lul.'i?ed, thal - '
one in a handled too inuny, and ??gata ?tai
i country a m Ilion dollars for evoty hund:d
I thousand made by lue swadling contract i.
;ile is a public ?Basas* who meriti? condign pun
iihtnrn*, and it is barely lena than kNMSSfl to
witahoid it. Let us have a law that wiil
insure that b.i coward BB ?hal! overbear ?kia
knavery. If Mr. ('ol?ais bill, aa reported
fSStarda] by Mr. 'I bomas nf Mi?., doe? not
attata the end it lucks, let us have a belter
one; but at ail trent? let us bavo no BSjeura?
arjent uni I fraud in the fulfillment 1,1 a Gat?
, ticiueiit contriu-t i? made as ?psaflMM to all
' SSBMStBSfl a-, ?t is essentially infamo'i?.
PROVflEI II.**> A Ml ?'RORA1II.4.I I It?.
'* Atu? ?ricas ?gSatlSBBBO ia Louden have, here
, toforc, whan tavited to gn* a taote al theil
quality at Guildhall and other civ C bal .
?I been ia the hahM al uttering a ??..?.?.', ?ti
II ?the folio wini; formula: ??lieivr <>!d MotheT Cn
I gland?iriiii:i.?ge at ghshsefeare aad M ill . -
iMagM Cb.-.rta?Atn-r.ca lue child o! Hr | |
I?]? Baa, faed will, fruWm/ation Meter !"
Tuen ?a.!..? (beer? a* ?heart* ai <?. 1 Partiealsr
i by the laDea ?ssald Maka theaa: a id ?nally,
one Weald ?.ave thou.ht Cat turi'?- ?u. i part?
wiiic had n.-iiri rd the ?ftaca <>? ti.e ?metaphor
i.-a! ir !k and honey of ihr n.,1. ??n/rim. Wheu
i our Great Rebellion broke out, Aanrieaa ni..
tl'*n:' u. BBthaaiariie resrlrn ef Milton m.u
Bhal peare, rspaetad ?that, at mam ..
Maald ?synpsthise witt ?san Qevorn?_Mnt, eos?
'??? I ?j Bot m Ij aga I t.-.-.-. ..., ?hal tg I I
?trastos ?ia behalf oi Heans ?Sun ..
bsve b ("i ot.di cr ?red, 'ii,?j ),a.?'
i <"? 'i t- gltt ?thal ? 'b Ei glaad i .??
luea- ira ol BUC "?8 in tim BMBBBrs of ii
*y. V. , tatty in ti. i ?saatoat, which i? sou
??. appreaebini a ?taff] ead hoaarahle
? . all ?. u ?.i ?? nea w< ra forced te ?he?
BS hail Doll.iiii" to hope foi iroin
. yiipu'.!} or lorn araaca ?sad thal or?
riga (?!.!:?.?. ai nutt bo ?iiaanned botan .t
would bec??i.,e kiiidh. W? MBSftl??! the ? ..
. ? . bich a frigid diplbmatii faUej i ipau i
jj*?i.ii u ; Me have at niggled a.one ?through
?saoj ii.eiM", and ?have ?ftavai ita graund?
i-sHi.i-? ,,i ?nan*? apprabeasnaai a.?d wv Law
ov. in :. ! ri.c.i ty to lliunk .air iiritirh ?le? I
tracton lor leaving n? to ?rely ?ttrueghall ujt?n
mr awn ?en?rgica und tata aal lesearse a. Ufa
?uvu ?roatractod m entangling alliaBcei in this
v . ?lal V.f shall cine g<* flSSB it in d"!)t
noy t<? uunri?rSB. I If moral * U'-ct of air*h
a tin.-iph i? woit'h all th?* coat ti tin* wa?.
With v.? Iori e.eiy where Dtoatrattag our ban
Mfs, v ?? eaa aflerd good-naturedly t.* bag!
it j.iii...:ini-Tiiary alaiini?'! and dogmat: al
MMlfBfSH. With all other experiences,
I AU have found out the Jupiter ?Bete
pla Ilia GlBSt Thunderer of tlie F.u-|
ropean journals; and h?realter, theagh he
u ay beat bia beat geUf ?BCVW te Miuorously, BM
?nail only laugh, and any; "Well thunder?'.1 '
Very weil thundered indeed'" It ii an tata]
for a lion to go about in un iia-.'a skin, &s for
John Deahj la put on the leonine h.do, aud
the man who is in a passion every day of Ita
life, rarely succeeds in affrighting anybody.
The London newspaper? told ui that we could'
not put down the l?cbel?on; but that did not
deter us Irom goit.g bravely to work. They1
now tell m that wo bave put down the Rebel?
lion. GaallS reader, pray don't let the adnu?- j
sion disturb your equanimity, for a singh*
I'mon leverae would aot them all to croaking
at us again. Tbe pruiae and the blame are o?
???ual value. There never were such fellows as
these for foretelling what hu? already come to
pass. Having pretty well put down the Re?
bellion, it u c"rta"?!) hiod in Ha Itatea to
admit that we thall probably put it down.
Great reputation? for sagacity have been
made -before in the aame easy way.
But we trust that 010 shall not painfully dia
hcart.ii holder? of Government ?jeciiritiei when
?ah tell them that in the opinion of The lleteS,
though we run oninli the revolt, we cannot p_g
our debts; because ujg ure, heartily assured thal
when we have paid them, the same, far lighted
writers a ill invent a bran-new kagBBBft At
present, Bull will hiiTo it that __k_i<>ui;_i victori?
ous we are insolvent. Keallyv we do not ia*
member an)thing cooler than thin. With an
immense cominero., with an BBBBjaaled ngri
(?ulttiral productiou, with -mull foreign liabilities,
with a monopoly of two great ?tapie?, sod the
abundant production of a third, with a people
eminently skilled, by th?? confi.ai.on of their
rival?, in the art of a"c?iniii!ating wealth, with
a territory capable of liniitW? production,
w ith great lishi rie_ mid gr,?at mines, our public
paaflS", i!" ?e may beliefe Ihr Tunes, mprescnti
nothing und will soon ho good for nothing.
Kew, in priviit." commercial circles,
th.) man who studiously uudermin.es hi*
ueighbor'? credit, ii usually regarded sa n
.eotindrel; but perhnp? it is more honorable to
gratify a jealous ?pie. n by pn*dii tii.g the in?
solvency of a nation. Tor thi?, as for other
luiiiiii.i? exhibition? of >__W___aeesaBBaeaB- we
must li*? prepared. A IsM (?rented for tin* de?
fense ol' the Constitution, in the Sfialea >'t
every intelligent citizen, is h debt created f?>r
' hi? own benefit, relief, and \>u ?penty, and
, t' oae who have freely oilered their live? la
that great behalf, will hardly turn cuippira.tirii
nnd traitors te avoid IfllBtieB Out of He
annie reverence lor law which the. have al?
ready so abiiiid.'-iitiy flaaalM?ted, they will fulfil
the pecuniary ..l.ligatuin? winch the law iin
p<>?!c?. Whit righi has th'- ?lip-shod (peeeJBtBf
te whom wo ha.e Leca lol rriii;; lo take it
for grunted that the san.o greet \". est which
bas M generous!) and BnidBOBfllj OugJARti '"
he, suppression of oin' variety <f tria*.i.:i, will
its.-lf p'tulutitiy Bagage in ain.li.ci I ii it manly,
t? it geiitleiiianh, is it even old-won anly?th.?
persistence in las aheeresl geeeiy of iatfaa?
tum '?Uii? depreciation agam.-t wbieh, if >t
were but a? stfeetiTfl a? it i? uiul.eiou-, the
credit at no nation could stead tit a year'
And i* it for Kn_lati?l to h-*ert an-l BBS nth".
Ha tiovi'l doctrine I hut u greal r:,tunal debt is
tantamount to a great nat.? nal baakraatej -
for Eegtead, v.ii!i a ?l-bt ?t bar sera a? seer*
asea Iy large ii it aa ana bat seer propasad
auy ?chctas Km aayiag it w Heat bal ? ? ra
i nu ed iii.itl | It if hardly in auch a |BBTter
ti at PS ?hall teak euler lor sdries cr esaat*
pie. Tis An'i.'on pcoplb, ?>? ful'-, ii:.' talks
.uii of leint-ffi a? Hej arl ^'"?**r? ?'? ?*? '"'
aasslty, will hardly hug their debt fg a bless?
ing to be, s'icre.?y pr. -ned for gerie*i?'"-";'
alter gei ?Tut u:i. Once, altead?., they hare
Hotted out the last trace ot pul?],? iedflfctad*
aan with an bapatieaes araiel aoH?g hut
?(.Iv.iiC) could satisfy; and Ib'-y have a right t?,
he judg.-d, not bj Hs ipee?atl as el aahjaaiaal
caMiiit, bit by their own rneord a? ii 1? made
up in histor;. It is hard to vvriti upon thu
lepis without BBSatiag to i,oa?ti but, certainly,
if a tuition ii te be Has gratnitei !> din
credited, it huso ritriit te plead pearlee? ??".'I
?huraittr. lhere baa baaa BB0IB tain mad?*
ahn .ni ni..,ft Aawlias I?>-padialior, tlaa th.?
facts, "HflgiBtefel a? th.) arara, nan anted j
bal the rredit ol the I ni ?ed .stat??? nf Am?rica
har, al wat a l.-.n a? feed, >? M g'od tn-iiay,
ntiil will bein the future .ii gi?>d i.? li," .r.-dit
of Eagtaad? ni ?I ne ti i-k thut U ii??"
the sase very nil?y?'.?hill* it i? Lt t
neal better ?aa i*.** cr?. .' >.?" nara tiinn oae
Earepeea ?oner, t;,e mmmn h aa*
b.aly in I., ij it?- . I''iii!, t ". f?*ra, ve loiiii,,'.
au .ni of iue.'hi-i.i"). v.<- o | ,.?? liga irriten
t?) when ive owe iii.th.ii.', I?, pi'.--. ?? their
si,ni? in pease? "rVe are eel attarl) driciooi
in prudeu ?? and economy, <>i \no .,*(-..?'. ,.|
wl.n h we ar?i even ?BJ ni iii di ??; a 1 be who
vrritea tis down feel befi re vm?!...?? pi... leai
?m...in|ii ?>?!,, ",, ia liu .-If included in In? own
;.' ,?'...? i. '1 bei i i j .biding .
lion m ?i!? ear treablee. ? ?? ? ? ? ead
.? an I li.r.'ii.ii .!ii;iu a.,.I .1 -li. '?'.,i in *,..?
i.-.-. Hain through eaeoarsgtag -<>? -i f? . .
vm- ure BfaBBi-hJ let oaiB-lt M au BBtiqUll] : i
a history*?we i re eoaeolida? ?a a Batioaaliij -
ne -ire -t?-?-i i: ey ? rerhaii Iradii i a? ? ?? ai r, la
Um i ... ii ??i iv sr, baeei liag wortbj al Iii
11---I. ..- if peace. 'I boee who bi Iii te tit
?ii.- Li no1 liag (or mt !>>.* a raleo? ead
.mn ?i1 b1 le di ..in' "i. Baal l?e rlaau-fullj
Ignorent er eontei ptiblj b ?..:???.I bj salaee
and prejudice. No .?..-ttioii eeald be _ao_i
gutoliil I.* an ?mr*., not l<>r ?.reign ann? t.ik..i
ap m ear behalf, bat far foreign eynpethy;
yet if it cuiiii't be our?, wltleal u ?ser,lui- , i
principle or boner, eeitaial] Users ii r.r, aalioa
Ila! c..a better faflor? to de v. ilout .t
?Ol.OSt >?>ltTII .1?, V NO1 i rr.
It seems to b?' a lar.lin; I f.Mit'jn? ol' Aiiht.
caii j "Ii?') I?, c-.il,"?h) coinpiil ion if ncce-sary
? eoeahlerable par! of our laheriag pepalatioa.
\\ ?? Whili? Iga ?o f"iid of hard, rVBgl, ;"
puni vvi.il-, th.'.t we arc aft?- the lllack? wi'l
get it all away limn u? ii ?.vc lit them ?t__y
innot.g u*. We deal want tj he nl?.r.holder,
doctors, lawy.T?, prafiBSBSfB, iii.?rfli:int?i, ?'vi.,
bat I (irticrs, beal Hauls and weed aawiais} ami
we fear that Sainho, if ?ui.ersd to rciuaiii leva,
w .11 aisaapelias tie reeatiaaa we cov.t. Thm
be sint-'.U sdwaaiael]?Hal ia. if free?for noa?
of u? aro IBBjeDed by h m odor so long as hi*
rea?Jaea blav?. Our Beatlasa aurMaanay aad
elhra iy are iiuracd on Black beSSSBB und dan?
dled in Black arina?1.jack? aro tho playmatin
of their ;nfane,, and the couipanioiiH of their
voutii; it ia o?) frieden that mukes tiieiii M dia
gii-tit,^' tliitt M I.ken them ti, repulsive riptil-s.
And it won't do meir*ly to Bend them a thousand
mile? oil la live and labor hy themselves?Hay
must be thrust out of our country or we cannot
rest ?afis'jrd.
It i? fortunate that thia hatc',-1 ?pint?
which i_ loudly commended as a Caucasian ?n
:-t.net, felt by tho eii'.iro White race??i no
known lu?) o.id our own border?. 1 lay ti hua
for two year? been taking hundred? of these
people from our shop?., paying their passage
out and giving thom su months' subsistence;
but her people, being Begiaee, know no bc.t.T.
I What ahull we aay, however, to the formal
'offer of Denmark to take these deapiaed "eon*
! trabands" off our banda and remove them to
her island of St. Croix at her own cost ? The
Dane? are at lea?t ui white bi we ure?they
, are not ignorant of negroei, having had tbem
on her hands, both slave and fret;, for genera?
foil-.. She ha? many of them in HU Croix
now, aud, like Oliver Twiit, "wants eorue
more." Bhe ia wilim;? to tike all we hilve to
natta And if her narrow island should thus
b- overpeopled, other I.uropean Towera that
have WM India or other troph-il colonies will
gladly lake what ah? does not need. ?So it
sel-ir?a that nci-ro-liftt?*, io far from heir?' a
uiiivorial Caucasian instinct, is scarcely known
out of lb.-j country. And if Slavery argea stone
dend to-day, tbo expatriation of our Blacka
' would no more he urged than that of our red
haired men and women. It is aheer truckling
to the ilaw-hohler that raises the clamor for
negro expatriation. When ht? ii told that the
Warks must bo exiled if -befaM, he drug?
hi? consfioiiCe with the narcotic that it ia bet?
ter to keep tbem in bondage than to drive
tbem into exile.
Ko witii the popular horror of having Placks
in our armie?. Jeff. Davi? hat had Black, in
Ai.? Military ?ervici the.??' six months at lons!,
.?md lie has jur-t decreed a new and sweeping
'conscription by which he siinunons all Mulatto
ai well ?u Wtiile niiile? between the) age ol' M
and that of ."..'? to enter the Conled-rato mili?
tary service at once. Of courin, it is ligtitiug,
nut digging, tbat he waats of these Mulatto??!;
ethsrwtaa, be would call in Negrota ai well a?
M.,!?.Kims. 11 ?s mt u tight l-eiido Negroe, and
Mulatto?-!: ours, it i? aaid, w.ll not. Ii io,
;!.. i ure not marly so much m earnost a, the
Bbgfl FH.t t' M thing! be talia to heart "
noiiKMTKAua fob Hoi.inunN
IoM?>?!.' raf ?Li \. V. Triture.
Sir I Betid in ?oui- daily ti the 6th j"tir an?\Ncr
la s ' n .(.?.?liuui fu u. LpSSB on ihe ilt.uiatteid bill. Th?
ai m n i? ?ali u l bb?Sa! Obi ggagltelhn I
ton d like ti baw? y?? ei;.:?i ( H a wAMw ths? baa I ;
. y*\ {, . two ?r three ?esr? U taft C >? bsttlti .f tilt count!*)
e .,!oy a BBS IB I ? .le l'iJ oer?py fa- him a qiartir lection
o. i.iaat ia ??it 'in Bs safSaUsa?f hB saBaBBanleada
ia., ? In pet.? i. I J. ! AMP.
? li , J ia. !, ! I..'.
l.'-.rfr. ?It tb.' ullin r h?, a vvif.-, 44e pnB-BM
? IB b ? .te Bad BS-ka lu r botno on it ?juurf-T
. h r ' ? sue'. I" lp t?> baud u cabin nuil pi '
?n ? I...,d :n i- |-!'.,;.., 1 ;..? .he naj rei|iiire, Bad
?lie chu retah! ih a prri mptinn in her bssbsi d'i
..:,;,:i- 1 i .-?>..r ' l 1 ?- BbBBBSB ta tt"' ft'hl; but B
Btsrried nan'i legal nebiaaee ii with lu? imn.lv.
Au BMiiarrii"! WBBBnSl WS?I I.M bia ??nlistinen? 1?
?ut: for Oui Isa -as?n bb aas. th.ng as settle
neal bj ?abetitute.
I' ra 11 no hurry abo-, t abtl ntng tagia BBeVf
. ? ? It- ? Bl im BBBNa 'Jin- i.<?..-rum-nt gi Bl
mgoi i tai eoosgh te ?<?..? ?Y.v Il__taei ?>f Bedien
? att?rter-nctiss sash. Bad then w?ii not !??? m?
1u.11.> ?. rat:n;' under the lloinest-ad A?"t th???.
tur.e w.ni. Tbi re ?ill bs a fair chnnee for :ili.
?,,.??1 ???? t..??.?
tuf. T'.r.iri'.
? T? tki Ammm ?f Tht ,v . Timm?
Sin: 'Ihe lor,: .lb : ee ? f ink I III I *? k B! to the
r - ...1 ?ifi ! i.ntr u ti ' ti ? peagen -?i bb r??i?i:? t-i.
.,, , . ? i-. 1 u . t'. teSaai oin .ten.. a t.? i ti mt
m ist ..ity'tani? fa fera r??j?l.r.
B mat ha j ?heve i aa a a n*?rt Batt Baas ?i. i
Ca? to h"t the feelliift rl ?.ia r?:' el .lo- Hu! Ki.tut?- Bal
I'lUlCb flleiJa, b} i'.C.'???!"-? tbe dill; 1 pOI " 'Itali. I? I ? . ,
?I ?ra-, le.
". . I , ? !?? l.r? -? k t ?I ? I '..r t? J 1? : ? ?
' ; ? . ? ? 1 - ?ly 1 -lia?- ?r
- ?? .. . .? . ? 1 . I ? i .?lini.i le u
r by rou'illi?, tl.e ?l>. ?, ?pi til ?1 m ? h IBSsaaS
, I ? n ? at it ni?? 1 ..'
1 . 1 .-? ? - Wy tri
I.. .--r ky ? ' ? . - , . ? ii- : m1 ' 1 1
th?..?. ' ? ?
? a peverill WBnpsNs bel I haga B
kaiastari mitti ihsMta T??. TB bvbb
?\v.- han 1.0 tu i?- gar ?pace to wagga, m
?inestiooa thal !'.ik" 1','ti? ni th? lu-'oh.-?. Tbe
tarif faeettaa now nana ta ba omi <>i tb? ???
I ..mr. nan in p. f Ugbai dattai in grdarai
n - ?' reatta, and Iban ti uo f.ar th;it
/ 1 Liqssn will ?a:l to "catch it" ?h ?
1 ? i. it ?? t<? o?" tin??.I abeat 100 i cr ees!.
Our opinioai bb the laril question reonia "?
* ?. ban ?v. ?? basa, but ta.- Rsaslltaa Baa
? :'-'l the tariff >:???t'oii for ths aatl i-.rty
BBTB. V, ? i.e. .1 b.riiw nu trni.bia un ih.it
..re | A. .
THE 'im .11 Li . .
? I'll " - 1 II! V1 g| ?T ill. MV?! X.
H Opera W daher, th igb leag sgs eesrpeesd,
is saw te hal ard bara IfsseepevianBedtallew
Yoi? it I,ti. ii? .t ' ni far agr?ai *??*. i. 11 ? -. The wen
wheal p?tate of ii.? Preseh FdhtaB en reeewieil
ti. Bl is tu ?. iy lae ? rim >] al vuuk ii . um entra'cd ft-,
V - Ra !iit.,'- uni I.e t'lu-r i ,ata. "er-, ?ait? (be
ebonw, *t.-,ik. Min Riehtaga wn reta
????I.?! -lia- BBW t ??'-"li tl?lt the uildltois allum Hu
i l ihe recall .. liten ate, haeidaa,Boan
at l I em j la exeei.-iitii, otberi ?itli nil ihelluweii
44...? wbtab in ?ib? aapahB-dn "f ti..- Psr-taa
? dssss Mis* RMdag.1 hat annand he?
r? psteth I !> tbi., eil ,rt. 'I ha ' t ,,r i Im f pailh WSn
rar] well deas by Mr. Richings, when Isles! le ..
iie.'i n ?-?i Mi. i.. i, Dsnapert, wbaalwaji
den 44.il, ;.i.i Maa Maaaar, who, iheagh aaaa>
br.iteil arti.-,!, ,.i Id?,?u ?p-^i.r. Au NWlltaBl Badi?
? a 14v.ia in attasa. na
LAI It V KI I Ms I II g V| It I"..
Tbe Theatre of .Miss Keene has 1... ti taken foi a
Summer ?ei_uu hy Min M. Mitchell, h opened
with a diawa, in nhtah that laaaf lady basas
formed elsewhere freely, tag ia a noveliy m Kew?
Vi rk. Its till, ii Fun, hut , and ii adv.-rti?ed t,. I.,?
ItSBBBBted fruin the llermun. The ubnolute orii/,iu
, of it, h..ws4er, i, ftsash QlWgl ?BB?. Tie p! t
in eiinply-un orphan girl live? with her gran.I
itiother-a 44 0IIIUU Wbapaajaea the credulity of the
| I CHBBiitry of the couu'.ry, aud drives a brink trad, at
? a vviteli or fortine-tirllBr. Kanchon n a boyd, i, a
lomiioy-hiit on lot-nig to j,ung wwawBbaad dits
playa appropriate moral and leiuitnne trails, und
from being gene/ally a'.iunned and ridiculed, ii
? united by one in particular and mad? happy. The
play is rather dida. tie thiiu dramatic, but ia ex
leeUeal for its moral tone. The bunlen of the
a. ting fell ?,u Min? Mitchell, who di-playcd very con
bidcrable tal.-nt. Always giviug evidence of an
eain.it nature ia the delineation of her scene?, she
j.oiieUntly gives little bin of dialogue -aingle
phrneei that could not be improved upon for their
i u?tuiuluei?-Bud delight die audience therefor. Wc
I would luggeat that other portion? of the declama
j non aro pitched too high, and do not make the heit
j elle. t. The fhatt ii i^tiefull) put upon tim Hage,
! mid WM ic? uUibly acted tbroiujhout.
Interesting Reports from the South,
Fuimlimfnt of Fraud ?n Prorcrin? Coiitrafts.
WsMtBarse* Taaatay mmM, IBi
We are informed by two persoub?one recen ly
from Charleeton, the other from a city in the interior
1 ?.f a iSouth-Weeteni State?that the Robe!? are still
, entirely cheerful, and confident of ultimate victory.
! The lou of New-Orleao. they regard but as tem
? porsry.
? They expwet to loee Cliar.est'ii und Mobile, and
perbap? ali the seaboard, I ut they d i hire that they
! will retire ?oto the iuteilor, t?. ?n- li ey can mvei In?
: subdued. Every re? cr?*? se<?t.i but lo nerve (bein to
' fresh vigor, and they are to-day as heartily Rebel? as
ti ey ?Vic six months ago?
DI ?otu-?? tb're is M-flbriagi and pnvation, and
i couiphiiiit. Hut the men a*h I give the tone lo pub
, lie opinion, and are the t-u? khOM of the iiMurrei tton,
, show no signs of jit ?ding. The charact'-r of our in
; formai.!?, and tueir IffM tm idea ti obacrvatioii, are
' Hi. Ila? "'io I. ?til !?.
One of them pa?ed thron?*!? the R.*!.e? hue. at
' Richmond within a week, and save that ti.ey are
very strong. Information from Rebe' "iiiiet o' en
. unus-ially trustworthy charaiter indicates tLat H??.tu
IBfBt. __BB*ra_B? IBB at Connth lu: wai at ?l.c
I mer.-*/ of Osn. Ilallerk, w)_<_ could m;?'. | I- *n Ifbtj
1 or delay a battle at h;e plt-MBM.
j fwBy )H.!?'iillled of I iri tint, ?.-. I b? !.???--I. J. UM I
defe.it wits inevitable, he r.ti.at,']. On lb? otlitr
hand, however, the Kibe'? praise Ml PBtMBl *.- ? B
t? rlv.
Till; KM HAM.K. OK 'IHK. Sllll.i.H HUgOMU.
Ii ii doubtful vibot'i.-r the tni-??i?(jii A Ma;?,,- ?Stooe,
ColoBOl Miller, and ('?plain QfBg| w! IB arrival
hore from Selma, Alahauia, we noticed yev.er lay,
?a. li be since? ful. Tb? sas o'? ,..?? I- le the oawaV
, litij_iK'B? of the auihontu i to gi e up OoBOBal Hack
!i?.. witbeat .?'.???'-? tc'.euse the Bsbols nfBe (?*
?Lui" i?:i_i ?BOM OSCkoBgM. K-ni.i? i ?Bui i.'-i?- ,;i
???t Unit I.? shell he held ai li the ezpiiatioB of the
wa:-, and it is .i.ihiiilt BIM ? W I 11 M t ut ni y con
aiders ions ?*f the gi m ni u i tit ' i prevail otee a
natural ??-sir?- I.? ?i.mg a Bel el : irtii lar y oh-.oxioiil
t.* tboiii. It is umlersti .,J ti.a'. tr.iii MfBMBMMkate
? .n\ lined ??m,e ineii.l,.-rti if (?? Coblool 'hat tiie
; r.ght ll.ing to do is to tend thMO ollucni, who tfwl
i ou behalf o? sil Um bbbbbbi ia tba B nlk, badi t,j
; A'a' ,,ii.a v.-i-h theil iniasVi tinfillflllod Oil er C_.b
t'ic'. Miiii'cr- beweveti Beef adifereai ?j aloa,
' ali 1 the i|ll's:?. 1. , - tiO MM lill la
taara <?k mou m.manu tmab?ii bote*
lin- pr.'bali'ilie? are *h..t tin- CoaurfU. S o' W ij ,
and Mttana will roronnneiid the i, .(?-,. g1.*>().< ii
l nan Denian,! Treas :ry N ?te?. |'_5.000,000 ia bills of
H ?loin? intuition le?- than 4 >? WBO I? MM ?*./ ' .1
I De-nuLil N"te? ?re already m n MMlBf fat MB pre
i u.ium ahers Beak UUa, a.-.J they arc argeB f??r th-.*
MbM-tatioa el a Oeseraneat i ????. IB tntwith
? '.. titi y up- OOM leoOOBa
.Illlll'llltV ?Hill "a I I Mv'-, i BltTHB
IN ? III S l\ ? ?I.IO li !..
:.uy \l .-ll.-s ha? Meinnad the followi .
?er to (?i ?.i.' Sanaa eoatmaadi _? - a flotilla
?i the North Cm !,'?;?? Rooods, abo hal ? .
BMBtto n-d m o OneaMb thol be eBfanat of s fuir
I?TS Mark had besa psmHted tr gtr ft Bitas . I
.a : n - ii. i ' .. j. ,i::i ' ? -.i. '....'*
v,ai ?.vi,ling lo go:
Baw Bar taran? i H'tiam ? - *
I i : ?a. r r)i-i?at ti at BeITifceB. ? ' - ? ? niel ?
i ii wi'iS Mr lir. oki. it V ?-,! -i, ?? ?
t " e I li ? ?1- t? lu ?tiliin a f?v . - ?er?? * - i;pi?,e I u ? ?
. - . ? A. aitjti'ir ? |?ii('*ti.( a !i?> '.?? p- 1'?
i.- | ?Je. i; la p.-?.;?r ro i.-miiid > au ti ?I pera a-, wtii lia?? eri
...,?? aavt ? ? ila i.atj-l m'1 o?' im
Tir Ii ,.| a-?; ,.-ut, a i tbit no oin ahou'.d b? " |i??ai
! Up" kf.kii.'t b. Mi ?a
Ir.i- leap- ( |] 0-1DEOB "\ I LEI
CaftaJ ? It ova a ?, ( Te,-ni ? ?lu I a? t- I I tal I?
li mik i t?.Iii...
i ni ti ;a ii \ ?i .if ntl BATMNfai ivi ' I?
(?i **.. ia'e ?m' .t?.
T .? bOowfag an- Ike Vea? m I N ? t IB -11 ;
.? ? ' Mr. Il in ii .-i ? ? ;? m - ? ' ling '?i f
ti -.,,?' /,. '? ?',.. t?.?. :
ii- Mam a ? a i .., mm ti M a. -,
Bakai. Batman, Lia.r iii* Bal .'??? - .<? ?ti Ht
? lil,pt ? titi, i ? I '. I K ?
! ,! - ? V ! ? '. ! ? | i . . .i . ? , .. ?
I . ? H i lillian. h?ll?|
a , ? ?, ;4 ? K ?, " l ?- i | I
. .- - ,,? . Vc h .T ?? ? iturr:..
.' ? ? , .., t,,',. ; ? -, i , i
I'. Ruilkat (B. I . ? uikt, I
*** a. ?' ? !..
Ita lan Hera, I . . ? v i. U a.'.i
i -.-,.? ,i
k4 A VU- Mr ar ' i ? . T
i -. ? ? . ? ' l .??? i i . ? ? i la ?? .
? i,.il?; Hi'? li. ling, I . ria ? ?i ?tain. Kei
- ? ??. Unynnrd H ? ? -
-..I -| t. M?, P i ?, Iii aiMia,.', K eliaiJ.,- Me i
.IN I '. . lea M l I.Jr, .,. ..Ma ?
l b?i .???".* I . i ?In. I li.i.. ,< i. ?? i ,. ' '
1 ? - i'l- II?! illr) U, Mel U!j?!c>, Ml.i'.- i i
\i Lu? .ein,. M'IeUiin, m4 t *. I
I U.lil! It*4 IBin I.? lill l-l M1 ! MIAKV.
* isj the ?aoi.i.ers iinpi?-...I1I -i ia the Peoit . ni
1- ? u. ' BBaBBB ot loiirti-i'iar'ia', ?4 a privatr?
loerliraaei B thme yeeat kardls_karlar''sBs *
MWspapM." T,-hw.-s' instit.i.ne,.t ol' ?in-un-, u, ?
'he t,,'i.iivitii:. ic-.ter ,-( i f.r , ?.-.?-each, ?il! of T..!': |
N.vv-i.ik litiien: Chas. |, W lli.ini*?, Je
It !,?l, Silu- lp?,u. William Maxwell, and ?John
ThOBBM. The?- n,i?'i ??re tried be get ?-m1 .-?inrt
Martial, at Camp vYBBeU Brett, ne?- Forktewa,
Vu., Ma> .', IS?.-*?Lient.?Col. Duryea be?B| l're-u
Amp ti the Ci uri ninl mu i?- (.il .-,Lu ?iiuiini,'
\\ m. Neawell ii ike a?i> <>t Ba^aeagBBi m n ia
Maxwell ? t Bledia, V. T. aadtheaephonof Alex?
m le? D.\eti. tu preicut iiietii'?e: ni I ngrer??.
AiConii'ig to the BBOBMBtl ??t BOM MM and t1.ut
of tim Adjatatt wini aesoa?aBBied them to ti: ? bBm
of coiiiiueui? nt, iheirwhole eon| say (31 io a inlnr),
whoa iiihn tour iiii'ei of rerktowa ralaaal *.?? m
joey further ivi?.nui ???iin? I iud of uruis | o ann-.
haoBg keeafBta_shad than ?mea tkelr mmmbbssm.
The thal six namei nein '-ikcn ttagp the lu; ?MBit?
nun i ..i'i'iI, and na-1 temed at al i\,-.
The following .Slaveholder's ??etition is fro-n B
j I'lesbytenun inn. ?i??r of Mary laud. It was rei'.-rr "j
to tin Judie uri Comiuittee of tin? HoaoO, Wkfak baa
iiistriuted Mr. Wilaoti of low? t?> report it back wii'i
j a recommendation that it lie upon the table.
j ft?Mitha ?.?'/* .*.a>?,?.'r.??,.( Mtatt / BaBaaaaaSaeBa ti ?**
( il'r , >.,?(.-a 1,1 ( ,J, r? tiaaca. .. a
OlBl 1 mi s : I the Mbortibw, a resident of the
, Stat? ??i MarylaM Baotaml aBaaa ?IUa 1 aBMBtatai n,???
?iillerla? tin- l,,*u of mp pi?,pert y b j k1 ?? i, ?* k1 Bttel Cea
|(?<, makin; 'l,-i Hi.lil, t ui i um, tua uri atti ?I an ?j lie?;
lur all Hie ?l?ie prupertj of Martini?!
Mt ilare (icrge (iii,.. | a?iti|* itail-il hiin.e'.i'e' (lie put?-.
dun mi a atl.nJe I te |, _uti?a and e??-?|i??l li n Ula -etvi *
! I? 11 na I,?,?? ami ju.tl, e liounil la r?u Jer, ,t? lirti lir a? my
I (Idhi tad nita all BM leafaet, pe-.illon pim ti mc ral? I ? botj
1 ellie?! t ? r-?' ill l* (,, ?elite? III? al,J ,-a,Tie,I unn (i?ir<? (li ?>,
j nr p?) li? ma (lia ?ubi 1 I one ('? -.? (Mini (lullara tia lui? e?t ?.It
lu ,(??, 1 ?alua uf Iii? ??ni'.-? ol ?lid r , 1 .- I .-rvint 1er -.'? ?
I p?nod ba wa? bunn! to .er?!?? lilli*. l.O'K
, H-i.i-.ji.il (to , Mai Ma-, I , i li'
'IHK I.MIslMKNT l>4 HUH, ?J I A tv?
About a Mt Bight 1?; ? bs '?? " ? ? , ' "? l.
Clad with the 8eerrtery of War, by one who saw
pood and severe fighting thirty yean aso in Polaa?
t" the Secretary of War ~
TI.s current oi ?rent* may render U aeeessarr for tte Ad
mfniatratioo to cal! te aim* and to foroi reammieU Urti
Aoisiicsn? of African deven?, ShuniJ tot* ho dons, I rsipvT
fmlyaak tbe favor of s roaoi Isilon sa Colonel of tuck tari'
oi'?! The little oiilltary knowledge or esp?rtenos po
bv tue. sre uo better, lint p-rhaps no worse, than tatt of mtar
?heady la aoUfo ?.-.'vice ___ ___ T
The General Land O'liee bus p-epared patenta for
the following private land claims in California
Stn Autonit c?)i.'?in:(. 3 lll-lOO tem
San Kraoclaco Solsno, -oi'- .uri \. 11 "Hit? ter?.
Hm Knrnsndo co. Uiuio|.76 94 100 term*
Hsu Diego coBtalnins.22 11-100 acrst
Hantalnet contaiiilu*.17 ii-10? terse
.San Uti ?n ure" -j-s. oouUii.in?_M -RIM sores
then claim? ure for property of Roman Cathou?
j Church, known ah Missions, au! embraoe charca
j edifice?, beam for the use of the clergy, orchards,
gardens, vmeyirds, e'.-., belonging to the nraral
, Mission .Stati<? ii.
I The claimi were finally confirm^ under Actot
?Matta 3, 1151, te Arch i ?taof Alemary, m truitt, ni
?are patented accordingly.
Tho Seward-Lyons treaty for the suppression of
? the African blare-trade is 1.? day o'!, -ially promu 1
?s ?? I. It is to remain in full force for the term oi
ten year?. Inatraotiom, for the ?'?ipsof the Um.ed
State? an 1 i'ritisli navin?, e_d re^ulatio.is for the
| rai-oa courts of Justice, -.company the publication
Tua President has sent a messa-jre to Coogn-se,
i-tying Unit it ia desirable that ?icL legislation u
? u..ty bo nec?saary to carry the treaty into effort
?bail be enacted as soon as may com po rt with (be
I convenience of Congres?.
riKiii i. ?MUBOUBB.
On ? BBB-8B? und tifly-niue Rebel priiooers, prin?
cipally of the (?e<ir?gia Tigers, ead l?th Virginia
re?,?01*111, captured recently at Front Royal, were
I besaget hen? to-day aid tr.irnfe-r.-.l to the Provwt
1 li ?ard. by whom t!i*y were eicoricd to _M 011
Cap?' > Military Pri.-aoa
'? ' i. ?AariataBt4taBfBaB Tiioma* Welch m b^a
ordered to t'?e bark Fernandm?.
H? -jiy C. R-.-.dei bat ben appointed Acting Finit
? Assistant Kngin?ier, ar.d tri" ?te* to the gunboat
?fleaaaah-l ItohMMath, N. ii. Janea L> DeesM
?Las been a}>po:i?|sl Ar'.in?* Assiiitant Eu(rin?or, an)
? ord-ire I io '.he ?nae pv*t of ilaty
?CAUTOBB-I >M_I_I r.'.-IT.
liifvri.iu'. >" im- been received at tuo Contract
offne ol the l'oi'-O?Iice DspBrtBMBt Whita i !" i V.
rf tal a: ?. ( Kapi ' ? ! a. I ,o East
; ? ?. ? I'.icitie oast by tie ?Overisul rouu- via St
Jssaph a?id 1'lacerv.lle between the !.?' an ?I--Til it
A: ril tari have been Iori or doiair.e" by ?e V-irsv
dal:):)? .o-r. c.'it ??: bj th I UtdhuMM aome j cat ess!
o. IsJl La'ie City ?sad that the mai a seal fro'ii tin
Perili ? ty> \i ? Knsr !>y th? rame root.- be'weeu Mirth
B and Apr,t V. have hi- ? ; . " .vita a like retention,
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