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V01- XXII.N?- 6,611.
Gen? Shields at Jackson's Rear,
Oes. Si-ield-rti Advance Attacked by
Overwhelniing Numbers.
Tfce Advance Retires to the Main Body.
Wnassna-fl-, w??*????.??., ju,_e n, uo;.
Adrice? ?-eceived at the War Department state
that Jackson'? army attacked Geo. Sbields's advance
co Monday morning nour Port Republic. The con
Ulai ?said to bave leen maintained for four honre
by ?bout *,QM ?f ??*r tuen ?gain?! the main body of
Qem. Jack, on . army.
The enemy's force fjerame io oveiwhelmini* in
anmbcra that our advance was compelled to fall
beck, which it did in good order, until it met the
main body ed Gen. Shielde's commun 1 near Courut'a
?tort-. An soon as this was effected the enemy ia
turn re'ired. Tb?? lgbti-g is sai?! to bave been very
nvere. and the los? heavy on both s dei. No fuither
parti, ulait? have reached the Department.
A pri vat?! letter states that Gen. Shield? had j.r?
vwtiely succeeded, in dcrtroying ii large quantity
of sn'-plii.M baltaglsaj to the Rebe!?, found lit Wal
foi d an?) al Cour.it s timn.
The damage of the meut ruin?, includin. the em*
trying away of bridges over the south branch of the
Shenandoah River, materially interfered with the
Ccmmifsiriat arn?ngemenls and the mov-wents of
LratT, Ttw-??l?y. Juoe 10. ?ia Wathinston. _hnfl 11.
Col. Cam-ill, commanding tbo Otk brimde, con
fliotiiig of tiie 84th Pennsylvania, 11 tit Pennsylvania,
7th .adinna, and let Virginia, altogether about 1,600
otiong, reached Port Republic on Sunday, recotnoi
tcrrd, fonnd the enemy in town, end ?had askinnish.
He concluded to hold the biidge, c*. dei ed it not to
La burned, and put guns in position commanding it.
At 6 a. m., Monday, be waa opened on by B8SBB
twenty heavy gun? placed in petition during the
aight. Our Coree? tried to reach the bridge repeated?
ly to deatroy it, but were met by showers of bullet?,
and had to retire. A large cavalry force crtased
and attacked our troops, while their infantry fol?
Our men opposing them at every itep, often driv?
ing them bark with heavy low, but the numbers af?
ter Gen. Tyler? brigade arrived ?vere to much in
.?mor to ibe enemy?their being at least five to one
?that it was imponible to hold our position, and we
were coni*?elled to fall back, onr boy? fighting every
foot of the way.
After fallin/* back some three oi four mues, a body
of cavalry were lent to attack us, bnt they were re
?ived ia mch mannet ai to compel them to retire,
when the engagement ended, having lasted five
?boura. Oar Ion iu killed and wounded ii not
known, but it ii large, ai ia also that of the enemy.
We loot a large number of prioonen. Col. Curio:. s
horse fell, injuring the Colonel bailly.
Copt. Kelly of Gen. Shields ? ?tail wa? *>adly in?
jured in the head. Ile received praise from all who
?MW bim fighting. Osi Buckley ol the ?'nh Ohio,
wae badly wound-d. Hil men cbaiged three time?
to get his body, bat it wa* rained off by the enemy.
General Ashby of cavalry notoriety waa '***ii
iivcly killed during the tight at .'no bridge over Mid?
dle River.
Caj>?in Keogh charged with a body of cava!.?,
aad held the bi.dge aome urne during a terrible ?term
of grape.
This was one of Iks mo.t ho?!?-?.??tested engage
tnenti of the ?rkalt war, as indicated by the Ion
compared with the numbei enon^nd. The men
fought like Jeiiioa?
Jjater.? Two i.vic-enU fiom tho Pint Bi.ga_r
arrived in time to exist in covering the retreat.
The Pioneer Corpi also he!,-ed. Co!. Burkiey hat
?utived wounded.
ta_Baaaataa 3ii_:i?y faaat. i*-i
The Potomac an.l bbenandoah River? are higher
than for ten Mars previous, terardiug the tnove
rn.nli of the army ty>rp? (_ii?or Gin. II..;;.?. Tue
Ion of the bridge at Harper? Firry, and the ;rr. poa
aibili y of t BBBBBBJ with safety, cutotfo.tr em/ft)
train?, as well as a .onion of the troop?, and coin
relied (?aartenpasten to flupply the fcBSfS hy way
of Comberlaiid.
Te?lerduy, however, the ?apply trains of General '
William?'? Division succeeded m getting over at
William?]oit; ?'"i General Greenes linga?-- will
eros? to?j. Tuon ?i 03 rail transportation be?
tween here and Harper'? Ferry, the bridge over the
Opequ-n having '?en ?Jestroyed, and the eui bar? it?
ment at Shenandoah City wa_Led awiy. The tele?
graph alon? th? ?ame route has !>*>4?ri paniitlly de?
stroyed. Thai we are ja*? at pr.s.i_t sal jil Bnt
any regular conuu'iiucatioa with the !._???.
Oen. Fremont, at la?, t. ?>? iu? wa? al Hassal
Jackson, pursuing bjat Ifebel fore, up the valley.
Gan, Shiddj. after having ?-Mai ara, went up the
-any Va?ey mt far *? fclk Um ?vi Swift toa Gap,
bot failing tt. ?*?rta?.e 01 sal off the enemy TTI tlll^' 1
tj_eiKe of the bridge? having be?-n deitroycd, r?
treated toward Front Royal, lityoul doubt, .!_
eon baa neaped with little low. Reti.ni'-d pstsstfctn
ny his force is reduced almoit to the etarvuig pom'.
tot want of lood, ?'lU.ning on two cracker? j*er day.
A eo-oidertb e number ol pa-oled cou va! ??cent
piieont-T?, left here by Ja?*k?ju on h.s retr. ut, go to
Washlm-toa t?, ?ay whence (hey will be sent home
to await an exchange. Moil of tho-w rcuaining ia
the ho?pitai ar. doim* well, an J hu' \ery few deaiLas
bave occuned a?oug t_?nii Many ladie? of lUs
t-own ar? un'emut-n? m o..?.uti<*u to B? '
Mounded, ?ud Dr. A_t._ell, meJuil director, a ?ni>
fotigable in b.i labor?.
Tb.rea*? now m SBBBBBBeut here hi*:;. Ile')--'
prisoner?, under uLarge ot Oagt, Cogaw.-.l of the
'id Masoi-chu-ett? Regiment, an?! I? .tweeu JOO BBd '
?00 are now eu route hither from M.a-bv ;. 'llvw ,
willbe?erit to Haitimor? to-cioriow. lu order to
prevent .xiiy inrult to the prisons ra. o? wnll un any
"*,*?Moosiru'itin on the pa.t <>! tHc-*-?.?'. ?ym?.a'ii!/ei-*,
? st-ori-* patrol will -*-ic?.rt them Uiroi.gh th? town,
Who wn) ?irouuptly suppres? Bud punish ?ubi i .;,.
Gun. Bank? nos n.? head j:art?-is I BBS ul paasBart?
Capt. Jlertraii), of '.'A W u- ?aahl DapBty I'r 'V.*?t
Mavrt-bal, insin'a.ned exre.lent Briar, on-J is quietly
????thing the haaSflS ot noted Kece_a?-m?Hti loi aima,
?-Stieles contraband of war, and anny and sutler?'
supplies which were appropriated to private use.
Tb*? oflaij provost guard hat been augmented by the
?*taNew-yfr?, TI'* rutmjkgl .os (on-r-n',? ..? "??
to citizens are much more stringent than ever before.
Unleea applications are indorsed by some of the bes?
Union citizens they are refused, and a strie! watchie
kept on all the roads leading from that town.
It baa recently come to light that on the Friday
nioruiug previous to the attack on Col. Keuly, ?at
Front Royal, a large mail wa* received hore from
Jackson'? army, conveying intelligence that be wai
approaching with an overpowering force. The
female Secession circles were jubilant as well n de?
fiant. It is airo known that other mails had been
pre*, ioualy received from tiie unie point, bnt all
attempts to ferret oat the punies engitged baa ilma far
A gentleman, well known to ninny of our officers
who was concealed several days in town, overhnrd
conversations participated in by Hebel officers. One,
who appeared to be well informed in regard to Rebel
movements, said if Richmond was evacuated, the
whole force would be thrown into the valley, to
? maintain a guerrilla warfare to the last.
: Oen. Cooper's Brigade pfuwcd through town yee
j terday in excellent health and spirit?.
? Ii surprises observers ol' the hostility exhibited
I toward our army on its retreat, to m?et now with
t such ?BBS-ben of "good I'niou men'' here. The fe
I male leeeaaieaiata alone take pride in having their
rea! sent i mt nts haeWB to nu by words, geitures, and
: ii? ?als. Hneefter SBlward demonstrations of their
. ?ImBBBBB proclivities will le promptly suppressed bj
i the military authoriti? e.
Juckson did not hesitate to dolare that the niah>
, object of hi* ?? ?. ] t .'n' nui had failed, and he attributed
tbe failure to the non-arrivul of bis rear supports,
i under Louvain el and Smith. Ile ?said his whole
I tone readied nearly i"?0,000 men.
Gen. Sigel was i-ieier.R<led lau night at the Taylor
? House. Ile nude a few remarks in rrsponse.
Capt. Cothron of the 1st New-York Battery, has
rettuined his command here. The President reversed
: the finding of the court-martial dismissing him from
j the sert ice, and restored bin to bis balery. His
return was glitdly greeted l>y ollicers and men.
Wnoaseeaa, June a, uro.
Four hundred and five Rebel prisoners arrived
' here to-day from Strasburg, and have been quartered
i temporarily in the ba?< m? nts of tbe churches. Met
' of th?. m are Waled to have been straggler? overtuken
j by General Fremont s army during Lispunsuit of
i Jackson up the \ alley. ?
! Hetumed prisoners say that Ja? kson was attacked
. in force ut Woodstock by Fremont, lotiug one bat
| tery aiid a considerable number of killed, wounded,
and some prisoners.
Among the prisoners now hare ia Capt. Wm. Muu
aghen of the Cth Louisiana Volunteer?, acting Major
! oftbat Regiment. He waa captmed near Strasburg
; by the Delaware Cavalry.
j Oen. Coopera Brigade was reviewed and ?nipect-ad
, yesterday by Geu. bigel. Tim? is u large brigade,
recently formed at Harper'? Kerry, and iucludes the
1st Diane: of Columbia Regiment. The review
was a rerj creditable one.
The men now in hospitals heie are as follows:
At the Union Hospital, 163 ?Unionists; at tbe York
? Hospital, 17 Unionista and ?II Rebels ? at the A eade
inv Hospital, :i?i I ni? i ??'a ami GO Rebels; al Stras?
burg, til),
j A rumor waa circulating hare this morning that
; Jackson lind been largely roe-forced, and was ad
i vt,. ing d wn the valley again. It could not le
, ti ace.1 to any authentic souice.
? No1 the slighint demonstra!iou wa? wade .m iii??
part ol the cilir.ens to-lay when the prisoners
entered the towu.
A proclamation has been issued, a ropy of which
' will be placed iu every house in town, otderiug the
inhabitants M return every article in their possession
, belonging lo the Government. It is Lu .?vu tint a
; large amount ol arm-, < lotbing, and provisions bave
:>wri taken aiid concealed by them. If ti.ia order is
; not obey ed, a sUict ?start- of ever suspected Louse
and ?eveie ? a i:r,? ii * of delinquent? will follow.
FRO~l UH. *-'BF*l0.1T"h ARItV.
Kim hu., ?ma liar riaan barg?The Bellen
?f the 6lh.
? m Ost SperuI I'one.pondsEt.
PBaB0B1*l Hiii.'i ii:i?, j
1 HaaaauBBeM, w June?. it?>2 I
The march from Newmarket yest-eniay was witi?
{out op(K>siliiin, until the ad vaneo guard readied Har
risonhurg. Rebel cavalry alowtd theuiselves occa?
sionally in ft nt, but not in large number?. They
i jvere drawn np iii line anne miles before Harrisoc
hniUL and, a? their number? were Lid by tbe woods,
a La.'* *A as made, und two regiments of cavalry tent
foryraiii tvough the fields in hope to capture the
Rebola hy a ?,'at? movement. Two gun? were placed '
on the Lill Bf tAtMWemtadvance, buf?te their po
?itioii wai ISBBBMiAf lhe flaking column, th? Rebel !
line whede.l inlo coi"U^. Mti rode off. A few ahells
were nut after them. nMch Lad no other ellect tLan '?
io scare a number of our tfWt mmtt, who weie tel
fat in adfaaaa n* to be directly ^det ure, and were
vei ? nearly Lit.
The entrance te Harrisouhurg wa? no* ^J?|Uted. A
r'aipauy of C'liuecticut cavalry, under C\Vt- Fiah,
lode th.?o'i-;b ?Aie main ?tr?*;t, and discovered two or j
tare*- hundred R*bel cavalry in line at the opposite
end of the town, who fired on them wilhout injury, j
Wiiau all the cavalry hail come np a loree, conaistiiig
ul \?ie 1st New-Jemv, let IVnnnylvunia, two com- j
paniei t?a BewToeC, Bud two c?mr?n'?? Con^*c?-1
cut cavalry?in all, about eight hundred-under
command of Col Windham of 1st New -Jersey legi
BMBBj waa arrana! lorwurd by Gen. Fremont, to i
take jKHt'srioa of the towu, and reconnoiter a short,
dii'.w.ce beyond. Before this column moved, a report
?rae BtnmflA l?v a scout that tbere were three hund
?ndBehel ca.alty within a mile ol the town, who
w?"*r anteated lu m ?ntnathn by th?; destruction ot
? br.ii./e a short dish:') ?? ii. alvlbce; and that tbey
were i-upidly ieb .ildiug lhe bi idge, and would len nb,s
to ad vi? ma in an hour. This information wa? com?
MSBkated t()Co\. Windham.
Abool 1J e'eleek, Col. \N milburn mored bia fore?,
ami weal through the long main street of the town
ti? a rapid trot. Arriving on tbe other side, the col?
umn turned te ibe lett ana al van ned through two or
three ii? Ids to tue summit of a Lill overlooking ?an
opon v.i'le*., tiom whl h roy. nuoiher Lill beyond,
i overe I w?ih wo.?d??. No enemy was in sight. The j
ntsliy w? i'- baited, and ahinan-sn?nt ahead ami
on the flank?. They a eie gone soiuo time, and i#-j
turned with no sal?ala? tory lepsrl? Neveitbele-, ;
CoL VVindliam, though he nad re?i( bol the point be- j
vond whleb ha was ?ndeeed not to push nancea?I
nu.??.?a. ??. du? ide?! io a'lvanee. Willi lull kuua ledge
that tne enemy ?as somewheie in iront of bim, j
whom be might have I?, charge at imy mon ent, be
uevetlhrlen limned on Li* lire?! horst-s, advancing
for more tliati two miles uf s n unbroken trot. Ihe I
en?,' v s cavaliy were suddenly dir. ..vered in front,
drawiiopa?i>?u?l iicroar) the r.>inl. and extending
into tbe woods ou either ?ide. It was imponible lo
delerr.iine their force, and there was no support
within three or four miln; but Col. \\ indliam de
lermined to attack, and without any attempt to dis?
cover by skirmishing the strength or position of Ins
enemv, or whether any infantry were opposed to
bin, ?SideralS ??barge, and ia?bl> ledhiaowuiegi
? !
<-_^g /i
The above tut ?how* the p< sition of the two fleet*
in the late bi.ttle before Mempbii, as explained in
our Correspondent s letter, published in yesterday ?
Tai at* na, and the following refrrencei:
A?I'ltc? o?b*r? Ui? 1.ot?.| ?u loci.
B Pliri whrr? UM l't.. ? ?.?..i tiber?,
f.'-i'lar? w_sr* Ose Lltlk* H.. ?1 ?rant ?abor?
O I'.'? mhera ?ha Jet. 1 L?o,;??-'i bl?? up
K !' a-? ?f Is *-?,:. isi'a i'.'n| tali.-rs
K - 1'.t--? if li,? Mrtfr'i g?,t| i?hi :<*
il-T.ttatf?m B?t_r?fir..i_o_ic|.
viss, gg^g ^A-x *
tf _. ____
% <
?s2_0LA -
"*v ?v^-w ^?. ?N^?x__r^^2^-:*
-> CRAIGHEAD PO?NT-s>) "<*?T
j ?*??____- .--- as"\"
. :0 (?muspRixMHs
- *a> V?V
ment, the lit New-Jersey Cavalrv, ?traight up the
On the left of the r.-udwo? nothing bnt wood?.
Ou the right, for some dn-Cuiee before the Hebel line
wai rea? li.nl, was a laid of wheul. lu titi? tit-Id wa?
(ximealed a ?Irong body -not leM than u regiment?
of Rebel iufantry. 'They were not completely
?i-reenc-d from view by ino tall grain, but were
visible at least to the officers and non of the second
squadron. Utterly uo?Uh|.ici_n? of ?u- li a foroo on
his flank,Col. Windham Sarjad at ?????e<l np tbehill.
When the fi?-t Sijiuvlmn was fairly withiu the line
ot flanking fire (he Rel>el_ jKiire.1 in a volley, which,
coming so elo*-t> at hand, and on the fl;?nk, threw the
whole trijuadrvn into confusion. Col. VNiudhaui's
horse wa? shot under bim,and he wi-stiiken prisoner.
Captain (.bellmere, Co. A, liruvely stnviixK to rill}
Ins men wits killi d by a rifle ??hot. All (lit* oflbers
bravely but vainly endeavore-d ti) rally their men,
and after one or Iwo feeble e?oils to hold their ground
(he 1st battaliou was driven dowo tl.o bill. Ci.pt.
Jatieway, Co. I?, who was leading the M ammmern
perceiving, as he advaurednp the hill, that the wheat?
field ouveied a loree of infantry, as soon as the first
squadron was thrown into disordei bv Ino unex*
[Kicted fire on the (tank, endeavored lo load his men
thioogh the wood? SB the tin of the rosd, in ?snler
both to shelter tbem from the iufantry fire oud lo
flank the cavalry on ?he hill. The movement was
skillfully planned, but before i( eoul?! I??? wholly
t.ui.d Mil of t.'.e ?is'iadivB Wi.1 tiri
wn uito von .
?-_, i
fusion by the retreat of the advan-e, which came
down the hill in disorderly flight, and nothing ws?
left bat to retire. The threatened attack on Hie
flank prevented the Keb.!? front pursuing, and the
wtiole force fell back. Capt, Haine?, Co. M, waa
either killed or severely wounded and takeu pris?
oner. Capt. ?laneway em npe-l unhurt. The regi?
ment lost .'-ti killed and wounded.
For the account given Ibu? far I ara indebted to
an officer who was engaged in the fight, no part of
which I saw. When (Le reconnoissauce wa? ?ont
forward, I rode thiough the town with the cavalry,
and tnein n lo the held where the first halt was
made, and beyond which Col. Windham wa?
ordered not to advance. No enemy being In Bight
[flapaasslaa BrrthlB advan.e wau intended, and
returned to the cuuipou this sid?- of the town.
A? ?oon as news of the it>j>ul?e wa? received at
headquarter?, (?en. Bayard, with the Bncata.l
Rifle?, lour companies, and the 1st Pennsylvania
Cavalry, and Col. Cluserot. with his Biigud??, com
pi isiug the 60tb Ohio, and 8th Virginia I. luntiy,
were ordered forward to hold the further eui of Ino
town, and the appruurhe? on tbat ?ide. Col. Clu
seret advanced, ana drove one body of the enemy
from their position, pursuing thom for m consider?
able diitance, capturing their ?unp and _.>_.? ?ap?
plies, without lots on hie side. The other wing was
ins fortunate. The Bucktail, or Kane Rifles, num?
bering l-'O men, found ihemselvoo op??>?ed by four
retime?!? ?I infantry, ?ii^vrlnd bv oavalrr and
artillery in position. Before they could be with
dawu Uiey Buffered most severely, losing nearly oue
. half lin ?r whole number, killed, wounded and miss
?og. Office? and men fought most gallantly. Lieut..
Col. Kane, who commanded them, wm aeverely
wounded, and retiming to allow hi? men to carry
lum off the field, waa left bebind, and is undoubt?
edly a pritou? r. C'apt. Taylor, a brother of Bayard
Taylor, was wounded runt captured. The Acting
Adjutant of the regiment, Lieut. J, ?J. Swaine, ii
probably killed.
The enemy bul artillery, and used it with sflhel,
continuing their fire aft?r our troon? were with?
drawn, und after dark, wbil* not. :? solitary g?m
conld lie brought np on our ?tide. Ia the confusion
and haste of last night, only the most l'raguentary
secounti could be obtained. The inbatsnce of Binn
M could be collected and aesnied most trust worthy I
put into a dispatch, to be forwarded to the nearest
telegraph 6tatlon. This morning I write without
other information, and momently expecting the mail
to close. With the rapid advance of the army, mail
Utilities become more and morn uncertain ?n? irreg?
ular, but I hope to-morrow to be able to forward
lists of killed and wounded. Whether today is to
see a march or a battle, or whether we move at all,
is still uncertain.
Ja- kson's progresa is undoubtedly delayed by the
exhaustion of his troop? and bieaking down of
traina, othsrwise ho would not have strengthened
and halted hu rearguard lu.-: night. Ki.I'm y ?ill day
la advance, I h? ard, We every hoiiM along the mad,
tliut his main column MBBri early ThejNRJ morn?
ing, and in? ictarguard some hours later. " Only a
small body of cavalry, nut BMM than a hundred in
number, kept near our advance, thowfatg th? in??Ive?
occaiionally in line in favorable punitions. Thurs?
day night ibe Hebels i.ii?*,fd near llariisonbiirg.
Friday Jarinoa aeemt to have abandoned the ma uti
leas, and, turning to the lett, endeavour! to reaci.
either a point on the river where it could be. Ia dod, I
or ?Miller a bridge, U mile? on tho toad to the le'?'?.
J he people ot llarrisonburg agiee in stating that he
did not exjiect Hen. Fremont to reach the town un?
til to-night, and it is probable that when MTOfiserl
by th? appearance of the advance guard, he deter?
mined to milkman effort lo sheck it? further ptogTes?.
Ihs only other explanation is that he has arrived at
the pimtrwhere lie i? old.gcd to make a lina' eland.
l'ol. \\ iiniham's rssli advance beyoud the MHt
where he wan ordered, and hi? attack in buco cir?
cumstances, still more rash than the adlune?-, gi li?
llie enemy un opportunity which they improved,
and cania near bringing on a general engagement a
the end of a ling an?l exhausting dov*l man li.
I.atrr.?As the nrildOOMtbe official MMrtS liegiii
to come in, hurried a:?d fingneoBrr. <ien. Ilay
osd'ireport ?ei-nelv esaaam ?al Wind iau?, of 1st
Wow Jmbs*. Oavony, for nahaaM and un?killf?ii
conduit iu ?diane? and ?Hack. Ihs ?barge was
mad?; after a bariuf-ing ti arch wbe.i the hoieei wer?
?taggeiim in tho rankt from exhan-ti? n, and the
men had usen without ?>thsr raiiotn thaa l?m-f for
three dina?. The leptilM li wholly attributable to
('??I. Windham'? bad conduct, uud neglect ur dit?
oUnlieiiie ot order?.
When the Kane riflet?the bucktaila?weie aent
into th? woods a large fore of the enemy was al?
most immediately unmasked, and orders wer? at
once seot to the Hiflee to withdraw. Belore this
iould be effected under the terrible fire to which
they were expoaed, (hey i js?. la killed, wouuded and
missing, fifty-five men. The regiment exhau-tcd it*
ammunition, and the *>fh Virginia, ordered up to
tup port them, had also exhausted tee in.
1 setad you a MBOStori liei ol t'ns kui 1 n '
st-? a i ? n , m sa ai nm
Kii.Ltn?Mii'lu K?llv Co. (i ??e* * . ?e, C* C J?*!,
Da. ?,. 6? C
Wann ?na Liant ? -ii- Kana, ttauaBI aal piiaaaar ? Cap?.
\V T. Ii!.?, hird. lo. I. .everoly, i.i?*ot. 11 li Ki. e, Co I,
?lljhtir ; t rr|[. Bsotb Bum.ni. Ce, ('. aeverei.. . Baa
Bintullia. I ? I. .eeare.'y, c.aiiea Rabbins,Cn .' ????- ?
_ I -,..1111111*1 Kilburn, Cn. I ? l|;!.t.v, F.iwlri OrtaalaM
? ? i li ft wait i laaiaal H ?. (' It. I'it'-tlv. Juan Pea
J1 ?lit.?. 4'o. C, aerare!) . J, M ti nod (o. I, -overa!; Hen.,.
Ir?lat?! Co ('? levere y Ittttt ?? '.ui'O, QSt C, nietaty j
Hi .--c-T'i II ,*;ri.y,. Jam ? >.-.,- C.? !! i-i
Wi1l*.-d lilt?? C? 0 MBftNdlBy 'oil S/ir'ie, ? j. O.
!? ft l> 1 riee.-i-r? ' > ?-..--:?.. H .'. .?-'?' -, ?. I
I. aii|ht'?,Tli,. ( t.c.phiil Cl C i-?v.-?|y P-, ? *?! Binnet,
Co (, ?ugLliy t ?. Cn?*-. Co ( ?ev-ria y. C,.? U't
liai-in, Co. C, ?eirr-iv; Ri M.-i. 1 i-j.eihy Co C, ?cvei.,.?
John ftlnehait, .'?. (), a-e-.iv 1! ? llai'ev, Cn O,?nanni.
nutated, i ait r. A. l'.?i??i , i .? H .- ???t -I? . Mer,i. Pen
naP.ow.Co.H aeve??iy I*r-nai'i - natal!. Cm I.?? etrl-, .
Wir. I. Pierce. Co (' i-??-?'- I.ithe* l.?C?r?. to 0
..ililli).. Theo, ?dal?? i?. Co. C, ti ? ?.:.? Anfittil I iib. I a
C, -?,?Tely I- W 'i*?t, r, ? II, ?-., ?< I-.- . J al.
l\ .. in ( ,, O - ,,;??<'.' ?*???<? I '( Ai'.. Ce I . I
Mittun - l ll-t ? ? Taylor (bioth -r a* Pav? | Tavkeri ('.
H ?j i Ted ?i. i !?i.?? Bat. i-..-.- J J Swala? c? H .???.*
Ad?a'?u-of I??!'? ion. ptubiuly k,u?-t. SwQt
Co i. , Caranta! i-.-a-der. ?. llobnea; V illia? ? '??' I ?? M
(?m Fur. Cn !. liri, MntMMB ' j .1 ' .???*'. It Y
I?? i?er < o ?i A'i'Jiphn? t ooi Co II
'l.iis lift wa? obtninedi from the hntpital .?iel M
MMpMtS erith the 0.1 kept ii in o? eixu.en M B?gBI)
wi.un.led that ti.? \ have no1 been ta?en fmiu ?ii
ui al ?Xu jiiiig. alto, the -mating o' ( . ' n
, p> rted. Ti eir M_MM will he I ?r-.vu . i I
Iel 1er.
mi r Miv jri'-.'.i atti
I leT ??I? all. ?1. ???> ,??,? ,?.. a,,.
I Col. \\ vndhitii. pri.un. r.
I t'??r.ii A -? a('-. J H. Khiai'.a..!-? a?!??! ?_? kri'*
I wo wd?'J ami p oo ,'ilv a '.rd , I ,.?i>ti ? li io Sea una?
lBfi f?Bithi Juiir?, n.ix.i... < harle, II Pa a -4 J?.
i 11. Willoi., UilMlllf. V\ ilium 1 ??a'- .....,,
? ni im L.-t'. rp .ii P..:..ii Kit ia t .,,
fui?? i koBpha
( mat ? C ?Net in the :iibt
Cuartal H -S?r<??m lnuiuti K B-?lv MsBa] Ser
g??..- i h?i- II. Nutt, ii.,?,:,.- li ii.i,.i \lti.itr.i, I I'riioi.er.
I ,,?!, 1M I.. ?Jo' l, (i. L'iti. tUllalU^ M.K?ll . lte?,e,,
n.laa.ul, il??iy ilcidnin. inlatlBfi WiRlaai ii Audertoa,
Utiaaia? _
I( ,??ei>r K- --'erieiiit Cirr?'. Cut?. * t MaJ ?? ! miii'ni,
Ju' . Mattia, i,. ?. ina
Cowriti d-?'?p? Clark, mti.ii ??; Corporal lob? Sn iib,
i,i,.am?; P ,?..? Irai-ail. ui:,,.!.?. Hail* C llerib,
C-uiM It? Corpori. Henry Werne- n.ntia| Dintel'
ll..? i- i.. Iiilllibf , Jitieph ti. An*,- . m.m 114
CuBI-ttT I -Pdvurd Myer? n,lilli.1
CoariM K?Whuh-ld l.irue liimmj; Joiepb L. Doty,
minium; Iitac MaBssaa ssbanf
Cuhi-i.it L?Cba.let T . .?i?...ii'iit? SSBaMgl J-i.-i
( o--/ .11. wourdei
CuK.-iNT .M-t'-ipt. 1 W. Hi.nei. m!a<-j pi,-bib';
iii , ? !. 'ei.-eii.t ituiiei? K Aditua. miitii:,-; Dat.e! -jhuiri
maa "j, A?ron Cool, unaa.u?, I???--*r-eJ?, m-u.or ^ :
This UM I ohtnined lrom (le SOpBUM and aurviv- ,
ing oilirers of conipaniet :hi-, morning. It is
rompiste, but the fate of mott of ilioee reported
miseiiiK lise not jet been as? crtaiae J. Tw 0 ti i.i.mo
inieiing, accoidiug lo the otlnial lepoii saul Li at
flrat, have lince < ??ini in.
Piton GEN. ?tlrt'f.KlilaAVa AltUY.
m ?
The RaBrlB A? knawledgn tbe I)? nth mt Cal. '
Ashby?Itara? Per Outage ni Rabal
LttaaM at Fair Oatt? lina* U eather.
Huoidi'AXTiat. \\ rdieiia?, Juna II, MB
The Killin, md papen of Monday hav. an ?toco,?ni
of a ?Lim na n>ar HarrLaonburg, in whl_? Oria '
Ashby, of the Hebel Cava'.iy, was hilled. C??l.,
Wyndham, of the lit N'aw-Jertey Cavalry, wa?
taken p:iaori?si.
On Saturday Gen. ?JRslMB wat al Port mmymhEa,
Rockingham County, it?ru which he would : et real
? *ieo ptirsiiud by the l-'nion troops. Tho ?mime paper
pub yithen the name! of the kills i and wounded in
leven ?Bahai Beg_BBaj making a total of o A.
?-flte ?, weather itill continuel uufjvoRible lor mil:-,
tory opei vtiona. It hut raino?! every other day for
the pMt ti*0 wtx-ks. Tue waters M the C'uika
hominy haviN not isc.did, and the roaii are ia a ter?
rible condition B
VVtaaixCi.is, N. C , Krilay, June fl , 1
Vi? laMBMMR ti ednt.day, Jual li, Ubi. I
A iharp but briet*?sugagement uecum.?i -.oeierday,
eight tiiih-J DOB hen, on ti*, l'a-.toius road, between
the ?'lila M?ttach.uaetta and a !' IA reg'iaeul in
aub?uh. Tte lottM was driven from com with j
gr?4t loaa. Our killed are as folio wa:
Company A-8er|??nt 0?orge 8. LitcbSeld. l??roy DolMd.
Cooipwiy l-Hoorte h?x_T, Central Maibaurus tBaasaa. ?
Conn * y I?Orriile Broik.
The fnUowing sre the wounded:
Compwy A?C?pt Ri*din|--tli|bily, in thawrtii. Lieat
Jartii?Mriomly, iu (he ltd ?nile.
Company H?Janie? A. Beale?alifhtly.
Company K?Jo.epb A. ColUni??ll|tilly. I
Couipan? F-John V?iiihin-_???r?ly. I? the bip
Ciu-iicj I-Btc? it! 1/?ili? - ?nu!/, l? i_t ty,
mon nBntrmiB.
A tUeamaaieeaate Bena the Rl*r?sr?Arreee
afa Ufsreasioaiiat-BHrnlag at Cette?.
From Our Sped?- forreapand. ?A.
V. 8. F-to-sair Bs-.ru?, Orr Hauy Bil, 1
Fuday, June"/, l?3???p.m. I
The gunboat St. Louis haa gone down the river ob
a recounoissance. She ia not expected to proceed far
below. It ia ?andentood that then ara fortiAeadone
twenty miles above Vickaburg, ao formidable that if
Commodore Fan-strut's lleet remains below that city,
j several of our boat? will go there together, whenever
! there ia any attempt to opeo ?-ommnnieetionwith bim.
The great Memphia lauding, quita bare of the im
, mt as?- quantities of cotton which formerly covered
j it, and indeed of any description of merchandise,
wean a very dcMrtcd and Sahbath-like appearance.
A few c.ti/etis and ladies are to be ?seen, bat nearly
all places of burines* are closed, and llomphis, to a
spectator fr.,ni the river, looks like an abandoned city.
1 Col. Fitch, commander of our land fore??, has hie
j quarters on board the steamer Von Phal, and no
troop? are on shore, except four < r live companies,
ni 1er command of the Provost-Marshal.
j The stars and stripes wave above the Post-Office?
the only flag of any ?lescription floating over tbe city.
A prominent Rebel eiL?ea named Mark R. Cheek
, was arreuted this morning on the Rebel steamer
? bearing bia name, and is now a prisoner on the Ben
tou. He was one of the most bitter and bloodthirsty
' Sects ??mists ia the city, and is charged with being
: one of the ringleaders in a mob which hung a pea-e?
' able Union mau last Summer.
At several of the plantations on the river above
here the cotton ia being burned, and tbeembenaud
?Bats around th?; gins give evidence that large qui>n?
titits hate been destroyed.
O.ir correspondent senda ne MempLis papen of
June- 7, Horn which wu make thofollowing extracts,
show lag with what bad grace these boastful Rebela
s :bmit to the power of the National Government:
I'n-m tilt Acato ?eh*, Jan* 1.
mr: BBMMtara ik uemphi-?.
The fui'.-a.it* 1st? reached and now poise?. Memphis.
.??it isSteets, ?ii ia.at excellent proof, frown upon It, and fron.
j ita 1" jet Ollie now float! the Union flag, sympolie of tbeir
pie?euc' ?nd prestnt power.
'i'he ' "?iliiji ol Commodore Davis, the Bert"... liea dark
??.I ttiiealeuing within nu ? Tarda of the ahore, Bud in elote
MBB?BEy ?oata her five sesree len powerful and dettraetlve
: ro-npanion* Mortar boats are on the Arkauia* aide, with
'.heil I .at.ie engine? of de.(ruction . Ibe "Dickey," tbeir
' ?oiii.! (nary beat, snd tbe Platte Valley, s tianipoit. are
ri (?H at our wh.rf, and ennlala two Ulinoia regiments, tbe
liad end Wth under the command of CoL Fitch, while, af?
oil i .?[?..... li.? " t?. Ik and ? i i ?r " tau* of CoL til? L
A? jil outbreak, or prorocailoa to anger, by ear people, of
' iin-h a foi? e as th.s, were but wanton irritation te destructire
> anger, or, ne ?onie will have it, would be a plaoalb'e excun l j?
1 It, w? trust, indeed we little doubt, tbst our cttimie will be
, wary, oaln> and carsfn), alton??,ng to tbeir citric avo:att??na, If.
I they chooee to ilium? thom, In tv;li wty *. neither to provoka
' harab messum* or psinful hauteoie.
. Tiie imm?diate con.msnd of the city l'a-lf w11!, we judge,
ds.olve ?non Cn!. Ki'.rh. now tctiug at Brigadier lianeral. Ha
is repo.ted s brave snd efficient toldier to the Oovennneat ha
' serre?. La? bren, in the /ours patte, a itroog Breckin.ridge
Damoi-ra!. and in p ii aie life, bears the reputation of a man ef
high and naaitive honor.
In ihe eichaiige of ob? military rule for another, hewevn
di?sretit the merit* of Iks respective centra! <ovenim.?nte
which the ?th.. era aerve, the mnrkipsl affaira of the etty will
be li.tie ill cted. snd the individual eil??an meat in ear? euee
?be pn.dent to te w lae, and in thia juncture be la meet truly
; ralore'i? ?bo ia moat diacreat, " neither quick to give eor te
take c Jrnte."
BTtes -.?? are as?late- the oi ?! i king are the foment to
I he lr*>, to it* continuance, to iii reat.on, and '.he ar-.u) of
i ; ?. ?? ?ill aver be upp.-r?_o?t The Mayer and the
|.ieia.it military comiuaadar of the elly will, we tra*, *ee te
theiapid ??t?i..i-li.ii?iit of a ?nUii-ieat and nllsble poli.?,
?ho..? ?at bl.ilnenmay he needed to prereat ?II onl?** and
i-i'igi rona rhvaiion. of leelnia, sa mc?'b lo be deprecated by
fin? t?ti':an? >''?Inmphii a? ? y ti ?is who sr? now Its poll??.
' a?ri.
wu?) ? ivu M MK.irHia f
Ti.? fastttea --iii. h forma ?be espiion of oar srticle were
iiiireeciiT su.warril Hit were ia the negali??? wl.e doo?
i. S Bee :n Menu lila I
Many ol ilia atronteat adrocatn of tb? Confederacy have
.- ... i- .?.-? ili*_ ore :rii*t?r.cn -j, e.e iuch n te permit theil
??jvIdj llu.idieji haie lait Meiupbii ?or iuv*e aoutharn lo?
. i . .*? in adis . ?? n.' .he ?pproscli of the I'nisa fleet; among
: .ete wain many, ?tho, though ludiUsteut U political revul?
San ?-??ed tl.er-iruii.? power. sBdsuiongtheee wen many
at tbe i*? ?nd 'no*t Batt?I ritl/ec* of Meciphli.
Au ? -vi? n ?:.?. 't or ibe Coi_e?_ra!e annie?ha*0 eft
?Cr | |
A ? i .a tai an.? .a?! .j'.vu,, with Pie.ijeit*. Teller?, Caah
ken, ??d ? < nolauta, luve lett ?demphl?, with ? ?er, few ?a
.- | ?..
?ur ? t? | der the romintnder of the pott, Col. Ro??ta,
aft n ?- -* I? ao mora affable, gsstlamsaily. able
a!< d ' ?t ?? .1 elSrn, has left Mamph-.a. CoL MeKlaaick.
r la.a I'.otu?! *'..?, ?bo diachu'gsd tbe onoreu* and
?? ?a -ung aulle* iaipoced ?au bim with M ardent a
I- ? da -Ijiil ' ?? to hare earned for himself the hearty
???miaeaJatiou* of a large majority of ?loie ever bavUg
(<? Jo" with h i ?ii ?ia. l?ft Memphis.
IhBltttpBeh ?peiatora. with' .?:? -vipultr ?.rhisf, Col Cole
Bn have al! lett Meiupu.?. The PoMuaater hn left Mern?
Many of lhe beat pbytniaaa of the city, of Its meat able.
uiotl ???> i ed men aad women, have left Memphis.
The j ' U":io!heihiMeu:).tiiii" I'? civilisas. VV's ins tb?
word in oontiidis?lnc'.ion to politician aa to *oldi*r. The mea
with whom the il'i'.ln and inilination? ?if domestieity ha*?
randarcd b .-lueti, bonia, and purauit? of lileratore or art,
pan: . cr. to tLe more boiaterou* attraction of military die?
tlnctlon?men. cirilisn In taate st lu occapaticn, font bow tb?
popalttlon of .Veoipi.la.
Not oniy ia Memphis extra civiiaa la I't pop altiion now,
a it b1?? ia its p'???r.s iu?t. AU a.-a.t, t'.i munitiou of war,
Ib* ?MS linuwt oi war (the banka), all down to the Ia?! pcuad
o. ? ?ruuiiaai.:? bacon, and the Uat pint of commlsaary flour,
h.ire bsen rv..ned, snd tbe leaviuga in rivJisa ?posjetaions
nwlvn us ?io of t'as meegereat.
The italantn? has a long, detailed account of tLe
Naval engagement, and the sar.ender of the city,
bit a iii?, b contains BO new matter. Incidentally,
howe*, cr, it ?- .ufe?-??? to tLe s'.ia.ii preteusiont of tLe
so- .ailed Confederacy of having a navy that could
cope willi and overcome that ?"ii! against it by the
National (?ovetuinent. It says:
The ('oufedsrs'o tleet ?ti really ?ti no addition to encona
tat ? ? n t formUlaule opposition. At bra they were only
rum, winch had s'rssdy mo good ?errie?. The infantry,
? a?:p.hootei? ? ?J sitU'erynieu, wbo htd teted n well wh. a
in the formar engagement, bad ali been taken off and sent t?
out 'i. ?) belov?, sod '.be botta tr.d fun* were left to be maa?
aged liy steamboat uieu, ?he knew bat little about sb?>o lag
. ?i j : All the rill** had been taken away, and the eenie
I '?.. ' wss that o ir men, In ?xposed pla?ai, laborad und*/
ditadvai Sagn
Ki.t nolw1th?t?ndlnr ?11 this, Com. Mo. tgomsry prefer??!
to ti?-!:?, end die g' )ilo:n!y rather tbta bli flea ibould play Ibe
??uobi? part enacted l>y Tati.aJi w?'ti. the Virginia. Hit ?le?
landI .lion againrt the gre?t oJ.it tg*in*t him mty be deemed
rub, It not luolhtidy, bat lhere are u.?ay wbo fnl better to
day ?or the efloit he to genarouiia made to de-.omtiate tbe
gmt fact ?hat war meant lifhtn.g?? proposition which mauy
leaden, higher in conuntnd than tb? heroic Montgomery
wo ?'.J do wsll to pr.itit by.
We coiicltnle o?ir ol>*er?aitone on the day with the siapla
rsmaik, that lbs better clan of our eiliseos deaseeaed tuem
te'.vn with the ntmost propriety, end that If then wn say
demonttralion othn than of oppnitton te the la?/sders, we
I did not hsai of it.
A fa ribs s-rlv?l of the Unionists yntsrSsy ineming, thora
waa quite s stampede from Memphis. The regt-U sod tkrea
eatrs trala? left for lirenada. Lung ?way perhap? a ihoum it
of our eitlnaa There wera many painful aeparatlont el
man and wife, frienda snd relativn. st the Mississippi depot
ysaterday. We loara that a large n?auber left the day pie
Tions. Many of them aspect the aepaiation to he ef ealy
Borros, Wedaesday, Jane 11, 1M1
Tbe aloop-of-war Marion, from Pesatcoln ana
ey We?t. it bow below.

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