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.^^0 A ???| 3MitoWa
yoi?. XXn.?o. 0-Ci.?i. NEW-YORK, SATURDAY, JILY .3, 1862. PRICE TWO CENTS.
Ckeenng "Along the Whole Yan?
kee Line."
T&e Re hell Acknowledge a Loss of 8,000
in Oiie Division on Frida v.
Mi Ci ??j ?t> i Left I. ant Attacked on
Tu?e day.
No LrlgltJaag on Wednesday or Thursday.
w?n aeran. lanark^ July *. MA
TK> aft n ti Ex* imar of July 3 give? tie
fellow ?a,.: M 'a if c tim I .."'<? of Monday. It ?ayr:
On Solada*/ ?rnjnjajj G?a?. 111:1 mi aVafeaBBtraat,
wilta ttinr illlalina. 11 email lill (Jlnckahoniiny. bbbI
late ou M. inky R?teruoni attacked the enrny about
?ve mil.'? north nf JtarlaytowD au?! tit* Newmarket
atl<>takd. 1 l.e C'-iiS. I vrai le-1.Baa, and by half-pas: I
p bj. the enemy bail been dr ven back a mile and a
half. At la''-ra?.t 9, leing heavily reiuforced, tho
enerny nade aticiber stand. The len here in oi.r
tlie l?ete!; tii?e <*.ae ten.b.e. The lituation Uiug
oviiit i,.!y lo j.? lese ?ga;io?i ruh overwhelming forres
(foti. H.:l alv.tly retired. At tl.i? moment, tteiut;
ibnr advesa-y rev.-e, Ike nuoit vociferout ?tiieem
arose alou^ the v ' uV "V. feaaM li'it?. The la*Bl eudt ii
there fo: 'he nic1.*.
7 At* .Cannimr .?ti it thinks the division ??vbic.i
Ber.t km* '?-.e I ti J o? Fiiday fourteen aBBBBBBri
BBaaaf aaajll T-.lv ;v;c'riee|ix thon-and men Ct for
Inty cl laBBaTal/, und 'int the Km of life exceeds
Bafea ?if i BJ battle n ?*".:?? <>t battles yet fought.
Abca ??gbt a. m., o? Tuesday, The I..
Bays J*?- Kat-i; ? and Huger'a diviaion? ettarkrrf
Ilr('l>'l!ai: t It f: liant, cn the wert eiJ?; of the Chick
abotiotiv, ?ev antean n ?!"? /rom Klcbmoud. Lalor
In the day, JUagruJer ftil upon ka right lana.
Figlling wai going on Bp to ni:ie o'clo.-k laBBJaj
nigh'. Bearri rir'-ng froui the gunboats on ,lsti.e?
River was ht ard T-enLy mi-ntlng. A number oi
Fe?i.-riij ruaia.fKrf.? are In the river ti iib reinforce
ni- Bia, 11ipi otc J lo ? i from Uun-iide, but liicy Lave
Bet yet lui.Jed.
Tararrrrmtiairiafriffa j tE m ?. ralamm
?net-ii.y - bbJhbS, n tvli'h <-'<n. Mi riillan's ?!irj.ati-li
yett? ril?v tarni UN ?renty were badly beaten.
Advii ra ?ecived Bl UM Wai I?.-,aitn.ij:t ?Vow
that there wai mtjlghtimg ia lad *nainin .Ia <"i U'? I
asaMasa r> Ti rei*i, mp te ! "'?Op. m,
.'. . > -., Kriikv, .Iu!y 4 ir-S*,
A'cciiutsfrom Fred ri ksbnrg nprannl ,ie gas :
mt possible distren Bflaa*f the inhabit-inti?, mt
13th V.-Yii-.i KeLel > ,'.11.111!, raiae.i lu that tow,
BBS - 1 ? i, ?? M ; ? ' ??
tS?-tu?t'-'r WiDej af Virginia wa? the on-.tor at loe
aalBBBBBatl at /. !e..oiitlr a ii-ilay.
An n'X'VY ?Alo antead today rrj'trtille -? ' !
Col. Van Wyi ?, c ? New.York.
I rt?;?I MU? lia ??t MOMKJK.
Pfirn o ? -'j' b1 C --'?i' '? ? -.
ii UTK!-?? M,vn',a, Jnlr '. 1 fea.
The intelligence bf tit .Nelly Hakrr. fruin the
.leo?* I.' ver tirio moriiing, relieved tlie ?f.ft-i.ftil
bd>'< v Ml liy everybot'y cone?-mlBg UM siim.'ioii
n (.? i \\ ? | Dan and ali amy? iMesni feananw
Bl-j to ? BIB tberir;BataaaaBTM that jostly gave rue
So the aenae of extirne |>eril lo vvbirh all who
jjOfr'.'si? i tlie bert mean? of inforrniiiion wer?, maa?
pelled lor a time to yield. If it ia generalship to
rta? Hi: ar.uy frr.m siii-h a stiiiilion then OaamSj]
M<'<'lr.laTibae h bigiitlaim to the title.
Tlie i ni,faure af tbe m-ive by the Kski-r uti,?;
tue fight oi' '1 ueiday wa* i ery sa-vt-n-, tim a,oil ty., > I
any, BenJaaJ feaiful o?iiii. ??lill our biarn uoop?
drove be eueny before tbcia ti1.1ii 'Ik sinn of i.-enh
m'Tx. Wa o ajj'.ureil a larj-e number if ?. laawn ai 1
look ?4 veal gi;: s. a.,d ii cve.y laaBBI i ?na tho cn;,.
Gea. Mi? lell.iu, in couinieuce wi.h C'oiiiicuti.ii-r
R. je I '.'f tot Oalena, F!ai;-Ort^c-r of the Jan ??
Bi.fi li . ,'.\\-, laving sein t'?l B..rr;?vo:.'- Il?r as the
loea'ion of the new Oiioe, yac-enLy, the army c >r.i
Bif'i ? o' the very i?3icuh uu? !ertAio.u,g ol with-draw*
Irii; to timt *'?ilion.
The ?lay ?a- r.inint" and the weather was tlie?.
gleet, la. l'*y oi;Lt K.e entire army v.?.? in t;.e p-?
ai'.i'Hi ?'?' a anitty and >?Aivhnt?tge releried. Ab.-utaa
0**K. aaWC?Wlaa ni J, it will be able to hold BBBSBBl
al mc H any force for any 1? ai lb of lime. T! e a.'ua
tioii its i ne 'b it adinna <f the fullera eo-o; erati.in ol
It?? it ,i,'jnta. T'.e poaitii'U c-unn"t be fan?ed, by nn
n: I? r bow inper.si the lorie, while i . Iront M at
tacliiog force can a? pioi.il. w BaBat encoiuteiint' iLe
txtii: i I ie of ?Le imyy and navy.
I? -ij'j.liaa of all Lin'a and in abuud^ace had a.-ireil,
mmitim t*Mn nmj?nm cn tmetmt troiti.te lytni-,
aven nn?t: for a renewal of tit cmf.,ct.
The ,'o??!.'U arl ? re tim aimy it now encamped n
BBftrameafhl and ten ai.l?? beiowC'ity l'ou?t (on
tHopf?OB:te?idr*), an J about U7 milei from Iii km no.
mut* . ?etea??:?! diS'-kiiice U-tw?:i?n Baa Mm** and Kicii*
aaond on wnat it was before ii the mea?Jie of Ima
(reerjltiiii; f.um tiie week a ??.?Tere fighting.
From prlsotera it is gaihered that the l'?rs of the
Babels cannot ** much aL?,rt of 'KJ.fj?j?; while, fit::,
BBaajBaal k.lli-d, wi'iiiidcd, prisoner?, ajfej nMS-,!!?;?
etnr?, it ia believed, will not etreed 10,(k>0. The
stat r.pir.'irity ? f tie bbbmI inm ii e tai -' <|
and it BaaU not have bten murh if any Ima than
While tho ?.-???y exhibit* nothint* approaihing to
?lrmon.'.i-?t.t?i.-i, it baa onqnesiioruibly becoii.o ca*
eideratiy weakened, not m nni?bert alone, ami BBB?
Dot be tt|.?*i -5d to aieiiice ?.:.? oflenaive wiihnut r?r
eB?jreenitrila. It ia a ?hawieful fsct that hundreds
and thcuuril-'f ijiniftsiiafficeri! j,-?, loabngihroiigh
am ile re . fe*, oij ?te jitttjl cr aivother, or no
jarrtext at all, whilo their rrasence i? so muih
ii-e-led at their poll!.
The " loy of the Inn!" whi*re the army la now
encainned i? highly favorable, it bein<- a gradual:
m\oft f?r ?MBit* I mile do'.. .1 to the water's edge. On
tha exireme oloSBiiOB is what is known ?s the liai-1
? risen Mansion, Mid to be the birth-place of Ex-.
! 1'rrsi.le-tt Harrison, with p. level country beyond.
! F,o;ii in ?u 3 oiloilt ?m Wednesday .Bight, the tky
in'lie diie. lion ol' BbjtfaOB*? waa illuminated fur
' several mile? jj* extent. An iilnojination of the city
j in honor of a victory waa the rxplauation BTBSl ?jen- j
erally accepted.
j s asay BatJU two gunboats went np the Ap*?>
mattox river tovvaid Petersburg, and t?th got'
BgTT*"lda The Island II. ile ?ti.-king abat, wa? aban
aaaai and hurnad, to eave b.-r from falliuij into the j
hands of the enemy, fcbe vvua ?>rc\ioi:?ly de
Monday, a force from the frunloati landed at!
City l'oint and burned iLe place, togethei B*Bh tie
Valu'i!' Bii-I adJaoOBt Wfirrhotiae, whith had been j
j used as shelter ly the Hebel SLajpshoote:? to ann-y :
boats in t? eir pati-', ? i , :'? e? river.
The James Uiver b lille.i with Tef?el/s and steam
! er?, BBBl of them upward bOBBd with BBTMI and
sup; Yes. Cpwanl of twen'y gun'-oata are in the'
viciii'ty of Ilarriri'ii's Lar.-liiihJ whan water arma
BBBl is probably 7<9 pjsji of th? heaviest description.
Gen. MeCbllaa'ohral baalaaM w ill ha t? in;i. aah
ml te t'is wort rapfHaa of tool? imve|
jBBM tew ried. TT;e mvY?'? i 1 be forwarded regu-!
,'urly. aid I1..1T?S ..irjl.arid.ng hencefiith take? its1
pim r nu ?erg BOted pla.ti*.
To-d iy t: e pteane r Joba Bnrahl ?ame d wn with
300 or 100 vv oad 1 t< baara, and olher hospital '
BbBBBi rs will foin w. The Nelly Kaker bro ight
Hm-, n t m- Kefcel aBTMSaatS, hard-lot Ling <???.?, who
are sect to the Kip Ka j s.
The ? amjaign of the Peninsula doses in r.L-.t
OaaaBl he aaBBratasd h'? thai; i. defeat of it? bier;.
' lo all ?!? principe! f ",it':r?s it has been ?ne of the
-? "-t re oatt .IV in wurla: e. It would be folly not'
lo hood thl lesM'iis it tea. hei. If herded, than BBJJ
baMtMlrity tot Ita ?u?ire. ?h'-iurh tor the javt, the
le..? tt ile t? hu extent that never w.11 be told,
\ there eau be no OOaBBaBM B.
Corr, tpond'er? of Ths N. Y. TrihviDO
?... .".la.A?,'?. Taeiday. li . 1 Uti.
TLe-grat army vv Iii u, I ni a bw dal? .-a?, was
h kodtO hy the loyal p. ?; ?e of the c?uiitry lo de?
in).\ to ii pi eat e-.'ent. 'he present ran? ikii-n, if not
?tasrar, byocc'i; ving and holding ni. 1-r r-ilitary
. v tha in: ?lal >f ie s.ci.'d ! ' .?.federate
State?, unt.l tht-re wn? a n turn to allegiance to the
I (li \ erur.iiat mt b'-r BOB]de. I.a* brea BOOB1
pellcd to yield their ptBStMB bef?re Kiclir.ni.il,
and -.-..i ti. eir Las? lme of vt >....?. '.r James
I'n 1er the circumstance?, there can le little
1 J-ubt that tliia will ; i?v, c'ra'.egetic?lly. ? hattM
?i ;n ?! | ?lie vat Bl I b lu i.t ?f li ? balad,
Mtn.d the Oak 8*van.] ?. t!. 1- -,?? gTonnds. and deadly
ni.-ia, that la? lil'rd and rendered undi f?i
savivueuiore ?o'dici? tuan Ins been bal lu the
Whether !Y.sha f e or i, f, pact ?rally it i? of lit?
tle imjw.r: rare ?t the t NOMBI I lae M Hil? frreat urmv
t?.v. i-r's ?jon th?- Janet. Kr. or. Kroia .?uite early
v ? - . lay lorei.o?!) ' t.r t?tig .'i an?' laloioit ribiiil'
:ed luliie'.i ?aiagatt Le BON wa-tiirir theme? I? es in ?.,.!
;? t.. r ' bimi vi? hue waters of I hie |tr??ni,
wh.le i:i the e'istir.cc bj be*H the booming of rar.
11. ?hjovtrBBg 'Lui ' e urn y in changing rta n a.'mo
. ? . o little I .-a-sa-u by au ein eat BassSter?
;?:;?!? J f?>e. 11 l el Bag*, b wevrr, is ?i.aid?. Iro-u all
th? ac-oi ntl rr i U a??-', in li ' bOBf ol OOBN*. About
.. o i .k ' ? e!*il?_T anerliO ?ti B fresh ' ?tra? of tuval
iy, Infaxntrj. aad ?troillery, lonii'.i- ir?m ?UebaBMad
'im lh-( ia )"P i ity read ??tucked ? u mai nari Mt
lYey m Bpiod thal :?-il wiih moat tar i al le- f.irr.
tteearal ?in..-io-js won i r-.i ha.ir by?9aa. Mc
Ctellaa to glVB thOBT sup;??:', and the I Mile?! Sale.
I atasen giratfjBii fj-lttuii Al raMeh*, al JaanhBoll
?atAXedap the liVU a'- ve . ir harcM. end threw a
i. .?: toi ibb toras ? ?'? Ha ?ii in Lag baot las ?assay
and BBsriing the aarat poiarat ftwrastaai to tha has
w og o' our wean, i i? ii.
Ino BOBVJ raOBJerrt 11 iteaen* to our center ?non I
rtr ,-? I aik ti.e en BV, iui i . urfcr. e? at this w ITtsBjJ
otvopy a ?"vsition wfai h will cofi.ruiir.'i the avenues
of IBM IBM ' . aim if our n i a arr n?t hw muth jaded.
oad '*,, n..)) ii fien. u. i.,? an osai tetbv?rath M
n-i M f. r? t-, wa ure c? r a.Ii. With II e ?i 1 o! I he gun
boat!? tha eneny wi'I not only lo repileei. but
1 (rivin b ??' L. 01 ?! OBT aVeetSM .i tv..al le. it'ii. Mi ?
I ClollaTBa 11 merral. I. WM ( ? tie Ink-out of the
I QsIobs daiiag the aWag of o>ir aiaahoata, srBh hhi
-ii.'-. 1-'tlicen?, giving orders ai.o neolebfl inltln
Igaseefrera too lie.if ?f i at::c. ahftortsaariag si
?ne fa .nie r.id Ma I. '.. ' Mr''Mian and ?tar! went '
? oo Lieud tha .irtioo Bal , aad iftoi a?:,or; ?ta?. vom
! on shore, i ? WS Oakdarotaad, t ? UM ir ?al m our Iii.'.
li?- 1'ni.ie de Jor'.ill?. II.'?.: i lie l'an?, tin! linke ?
de I hri-t.e? BBMabon ?' 'he lieneral's ?lo'!', arrived
to-r'ay, ?a ?he .j,-., o-, |,i II, at Mtefolh A ewd?_v?
will deirim:no reeili?, so far aa lb? tfvhaOBofoar
ai my i? i on.. ii "?i alni we iao bul ii.?*'earn-til a
i ? that, whatever thora ibobBbbbm ha, tatoooaa
1 trv ani IL vernriient ?vii arouse ?nd t'tx it MOOrS'
tsi hu.! .le'?rn?!ie.| as'Lu eioeiy of oin g.eat i.i.?:
glorious I mon alii I "Viiiitriit. Ofth* i aaii.iliiei ti
li i I a'i'e OB bat t iiiav, Bud of Ihe f ;. I e: /Iigg
t.'-utn ?ii. e. i ? i. , oraiblo al the ).. . f v !.. j
lo ?ivi? anv ?ietai s in l Iba nu??.' ?. ? billed a!
woiii-ded uiiiat hhve t>eei. very li.rge . ii L?j!k. ai'e?
Obi t: an ?pert.? are j .urang up Jan Hal er, lanyi.ii?
supplie* to the Biny. whua iu . .. Kimmo io Bte*
i^liy (ovi.-ed with the ii MX I f Ir? .por:?.
Kr.? I At BfrSwil d lYki I ? ? "
We are witbODt Ihe BTTtatTsBHOB WO es|a<cte(l loi
i jos?e?s aro' t?. import i? i jr ie?reis tha? iiiornsiig ol I
?lie OfaBntloBI viele- n.y i . Iront of ihi? city. The
'autb'irilie* ex?lude all retanrier? Iroia the lines ?f!
tbeiiriny arid atl?ni no ntelh/tn.? to the press,
i..o !??'.'? wa ia coiii'iiv i ?.in .??' breathless wiln
i til. ty lu know vvh.it ia traus| iritis", tl.-.i.gh a battle
1 st ' eeia -aviiiaj- B*BI?V all Bay wit bin ' a i in ;. '
W I only know l?tt tfe 're WBI ISMBBOaTaTaBna
dav on the other side of Ifao (.'tiidatoiainy, rn-iit
Mc-. aui. ?Ville, Bad that by BsjM th( eici.n had
BBBB driven southward dew! Hie Chb kahon my, a '
itbtaniri if thus or four atibar laairtag. waea?
BVartaTSJ ?t'iOil thtir ground, was Leaiy; but tin?
ajsasfalahj Baa aot !er i? ,? penni?. Their falling
i ?ck BraOtfM Hie inu?. [?it, ?rde'ly, ?ad thiysuc
teedod ia /t"iu>; ?tt most al their oftillaty, ?a* well '
its the greater psrt ul tiiri.- :-.. I ni el "wuiidej ,
.Some hui in ei^'hl [i.e. e? if BltllblJ w, 'e vv reste ! '
Baal the a, and fe ni iat aruom.t ol ??! ii larict, I
ki...,:-a ks, OVenOatO. A? , were f?nnd ?lr?Wi nlon; '
the lin? oi retient, 'it-;? avbraatly raab toBveid al
goueial ?iig'a^eijieut, wht her witn the Ih.j* o? re-1
OBI ?id me?!?, oi with ihev:eWol drav?iiig u? on to I
tin ir *tr(.;.?. ?t POBatteM, or l.'im aheei cowaitiic?, it '
i.? niipo j?ii.le to say.
Our forces aBOfOd yestenluv we"e d h iabM na
dei .-i mu??! .1 ?1 lanisiaill Jbitbbob. LoaratrM t,?n?l
U.e two Hill?, o ir maty la i mailoa d?>? bM tn
ahb tis to say wheil.i ; iii ? ?,n this eula of ihe j
Chi k, hominy wen? ei ,n ,??l yesterdnv. Tue,
oaaaalajbaan dm boHovea t<< b h?avy, ihoast quit* j
a laiiHiii'iot VOBJtOsd bael Leen br .ught to H.is.
laty. Te-daj ?*:. iiiilav; w.ll [i'haLly vvitnrtiai
IP n? r.:l and iieeiiiku battNt W* Lave no 1er oi the
le'?,, it.
I 111. PUS-UNIT!? t AMI KI B
The jnr?i.?-i? aapterad rasMttdsy il-ridar), and'
IbrOBg l te tbb ?'ity, were ?i Ij Hiiiiy in iiuuiaei, and j
rrpi.-aeril ?he following rrgimeuis: Tab Minne, (Uh
and IMtb Ma??.; jmh, Y'jib. una -Ltd K. Y,; ?th, Kb, i
ai d''Mu I', ni.., lut JVt.li. Blass, Island I'.h Muli.
Til* only otfi ?r in th* l?t ? ?a a barefa. ed. bare
iv.ttki ])'.!. ?. '.ni?*, i.jtji. JL, StkhalaSansj', v/iLt
M Penn., who wa? captured hy eome moana in the
vicinity of Seven 1'inei, yesterday morning.
We regrr-t to learn that John M. Daniel, eel.,
editor of The Rich-nonti Kiamvttr, who wa? a?a?Bg
as nid to Gen. A. P. Hill, hail hi?right armshalti-re?.
by a bell, in the buttle yeatrrJuy.
MajorMarmaduke.Tohn-on'abattery, and the Pnr
cell battery, both ti tlii? city, di.ilin'urniebed them
sailvea in the fiuht vesterdav. The former was lora
pbm?nted on the laid by Qan. Hill.
We doubt if any comr.mnity In ihe world ever
exhibited nmre BfeSjnaBBm mule:- similar extern**
?tanrei than was exhibited hythe people ?ii Ki-h
inonJ yi-k|ciiliij whin? tal batt lo wuj pmemnlag
near the i i(y, t*e leeult of which wiis to feawnajna
Wnt-ll.rr tln-y were fe hi?, a'rvr? or f.reuis?:. N > BS> j
citement w11? visible anywlirre. Men, wonirn, ?ml I
chililren, exi-ept thnre v. ho wrn? rciinstrriiiK to the 1
wou:;iie<J anlifirrs, weie cii^-aireU in their daily pur-j
?.nit? or promrnivled the f'reet? na u?ual. No le, ity
was obrt-rvrd, but ?*acti co nitrnance betokened a
calm 1 Hun re on the favor of God, the jruii. 0 of our
BBBaBi and tho van 1 of our truope. This it'iial
aaaasnmh] baeaatiaeaailatii of the Ki-bnond pea?
pie. whirh ha?- often beer rrparded by r-trang?.-?,;.? a .
?ort of fo<i-tary phenomenon. P eho ildbe - uliivaled ,
as a preventive of paiiim, to win. Ii all rnuimui.i?
ne? nr?- ?ni jt-. t who have ?aircred luetaiiielrek to Le
su', tod by sensational e Tellement?.
In IBS? afternoon nn-t^n v?i>r? roW^c't? at ?or *
of the lorni-isor luaiu rlieet?, mxiam le bear tl.i !
lutest reporls tt**t the buttle did, ami abjti*. the
Baa* 'al? arana tim *?**etmtM w. re bt"ea*ejbt li timm
were *Ba*ia*l .; t'iTii'iv. Ar.. | from ;*er" in I?
dents there waa tn)t?i.iig to mun nie tititi the "great j
battle" for the right of ??-lf-k/jverntiieiit v.ns pend?
ing i*, ii li ?u a hall I oui ? 1 J,' oftl.e ? i'y. 'J her? wa?
on? ?itl.??r rou Ki .1 from iho griieral aspee* o; tim
atrert? **,h:ib dr?ervei a, pa??iig rotor: it wa? tie
absence f 1 om the tile? ulk? el the lui-1 lied " otii
cr?'' au,! abt?".'era fiom r.iii.r?. The latter bid re?
turned to the poat af antj. wi'h the estnataa* par?
hap? of a few who, together v.-i'l. thu ?-obi bra.d
g'-iita, bud uri hided tabanmslem from 1 : ?.ivutiou Bp
remaining within di?re uniil darib The peo,!? mt
Kichniond urUil wri| y?it? rday, and aboiild?na we
doubt no1 ihey will-mau. ani tlinr phatanf?anM
loiKj ama?
Kio'i 1 ur Au.viv or nki: 1 ma.
? ?? a . ?
Justare IO ?.'ra. Rata? I Abuwef Hsrifl
I i.iiie? io the Arta?/.
l'r-? O-i Rp?-lal Csrraifead'Bt.
M IB ABAI, Jolp 1.1.fl.
in revi*-wirr* ?"?e ad ance of iba army <>' the lap
pabannodito th?. Ya!!.?? of the .?!.? tiaiidoali, a lew
weela ami e, your c<irr?t.?,o;iJent has beeu cbaraied
with bav i; | .lone ir.ji:?iice laemi or two G?i:r:al*
who commandt-d lui- in J broula, r?iri-'al!y to
(Jen. Bayard, who was the fin; t j jen (?en. 1 rem ?nt
a? Str.irburg. Gen. Bayard de? re. nie to mm thai
le may at mr?? h?ve feen r??h, bit prrrr in 11?
life, to h:a kinivvli- l;{e, l,,i? be 1-eci 1: mbi ..linate.
It ia Int de iD.,-?!.?'., ce to till tria youn.eii (le?.eral
in the I'ni-n aimy .bei:.g bul M ye.ra olvido tay
that your rorreap. ndent ha? ?lever tesrd lo? courage
doubted fra nutiieiit, by r thrr fffic? 1? or soldiers.
Tiie t.. ii. v ?? ..iJ iij-,'i bia \ <-.??? n ami ui u bia totara
furiiiah overwhelming e-. Hinno tint in evtiy an
gaiement : e ba? beru in li n tttWt ? : lia BBBBa and
ittrj vv'iii.d bernrived waa in the feOBl of ha
At Falmouth, it ia sa d ly 't? t? who were iii ?'ia
?at he wa* leii entirely aioue fey fc:*
bbbBj? w;:o, BaaaSBaa] fr?^?'. . -.,.?,
- . ga, ?? bu-lid .'aid fled, lal nar which row iii?
11 ns am ftm v. a? sam Ina I ia ?m lad ?:i I ?-bt apaa
IBB ?laiie? aram bul a :-.rrei 1? y ,n leed, therr i?
?u? an eaam m Mnman fat Uaaffe, w'obtsdii
1 layer! more of the qml. MafPan ?liich valuable
(iri.rra!? ?r? n.ade, than He-:. IUtrir ',.
In Hiiditi. 1 t'..?':iii'ge, lin. mung 1. tarai aim pee.
,.??? .?? Bl a!i'.? vi I.i. h BMaagMI alla h Un- ?obi. T- ?.t
i..j i5rik.it'??te bim Vririer, By, ahlfatragb bal hm
trtL ni 1 bi m :? long uiati-f. and ii.-iii.-i a ' ? an
laurel? I ?? k wafi ?i am. tata kwaa?an ian i Hi 1 ? 1
priailii. lb" (-t Paintylvai ???l.v.'iy ;.i??e..ltd l.im
vi eh? Baigi BSen! dark b.own hi r*e at>d naddlr
valued a'ti.'1'1' Ia*JS froi men, manJ ni trana
bi i len ibeir otra priasti hr>rti?, araa b
1 endid etan| lui tnt, aid niJgbl well,?- an .11.. 1 ra*?
,1 :| al br ?tro i,-:- bel ! Iba afle? ?. 1 ? ti bk tti , .
It ney no1 be 1 aim te ?'a?, while aoaaj y-ati.?
io (lea. Havan!. H...I fe ia not by ant means an
Abolitioe ' al btmgb bebm bmmb l??val bim kari
K.i.r'. lol B fa ..a'.?, d nul; all eiala oi BaBttal r..,. '..
and h?? bees l?Manaaa,Bj h? Bad ?mitanMo?
li ami BnlBi nu o'? ereamrw, 41? pretniaasj aj
al tbeni "1 hnra th?u rebel nastan t':au ain. ?t au?'
..ii. 1 eaaari ia ti" army, it?lining the sagre am
to lie a b n. b?l-r', li? tri lira'.? km* a- mi.-.i, fen I '
while le ?, 1 I Rt "lie moil Bl damn lu 1 lar Lbly tot I
h? indi le: 1 a m eamfenan??, 1 e ia*HI,ifaaea ti.
1 vc!, the Beal n-. m : be aam ?lividiig ali r. ??
vitb bin. And ai-o lads petang aad giilant lien. r;,i
while dall r i?.- li" raiaaaa ?nd ita pri.u|i-? i
neat? It? .??rrsjiii.i'i ni? ?sith lal gr,ate?t pol?n !
Baaa.aad irea nammtaaagmal aialm lo see Ike I
[..til. "'1 * - i' e- ir t "na-ta? ll.tr i,-..:. ,-M? y, | h ho-fli
[ovalfal rkaand I'm Tniaasaand ita npaaaanla?
i i?-? i? 11 io u.oie .-i^ghttiitii f>] inn ni aaanaraiop;!
theil mi??, n.
'Ihr ii.hr. b to li ? vulli-y ?)' taM BBS ia r'O: I. l.i'.el
a larae nanaar of hemm n well m nan. i"ii?ui?-u
han already baan aetieei, 1 lave beard ?? ii
aaid about Ina Bseaaa. .Nex? toa ? a ai * it- 1 fesjan
,,t Botbb - ?iIj? leaaagaad at>raa, na Barn
wi.o v '"?!. '?e: t a arenan ihonld be baagi I
^. 1 u, id be t .-r ? ?o?s*? j bene ah bm be aam.
j ",, Quart? ?: "?? ? Ib*| artma t ia WaaMngton
1 liai,ita! n .d ba lied 11 ? , m1 lad
..,,,. I 1 Inmal Bd, li b duly rumiig buno.-. I? al
bereaS) aal bj Hiaci e,iiee malarratlOB, fan
a-iii'i.'i. e :' t ? tim < irabry itsjbaaBfel t?lt olat-ket* '
? j:, h, the 1 ii'iiient His? nre ; re?.?? 1 | Bfl bv : ?
ami a aient iBTaKer irlibln w. rnbuemmaefe ?
pliitili, a:,d l'a a lew day? render the I ma? - ni t fbl
1 j..-; . nena aralrj in*;: UlaBmaanraora
?n. a 1 ci.-ly 4111 Ivreea with raw ai d ami rii g ba \
?rf"l air now sIti? *?t a toial losa to the Gnrt.nnitDt,
tt'V wbi' n Mill ralabl bam l?een a?all n tbee-rviia
iff 1er ' hu keti Im-1 l?eieii proviens,
t- ? -.I in en of If bid? to rbn ,'r upoii, Mut? r
pt aja, "' MclJovvell ? Body liii'ird, BM b?-e:i dash?
la -a eead tbe ceantrr, i-i *.i.e ?iin?. 'i?>-i i.i Bnll Ran
tal Claireville, in ?earth ol'1 ho s<ooadinll wh"
liKve bmafhl so much ttqam inio the irrm af I?'?-. '
Neiirly rverv I reared Wagen on the diflrunt pindi
Imdlagihrragb lartr hmeai alaeea w?e foci.-j to
cantala more or lee? of the vil'-at kino nf whi?ky.
Of courre,'pn'k work was mad?? willi it. Two or
iblWBBJSVll rupa up?n the I ead? of the caeks, nud
Iheir ?"i'eii'a w? re ?<*on runiiiiig dotvn iu rtrrau?,
io find tir aamaat le??l. Ymtjmi?j batt lal <>r
abai a ii ?ii el HnaaW were foond. arid 1 reaerve I
tor I eaBaawl pirpoa????-molt likely, hovrevei.loi li"?
P I.OOHt?.
lue iBKit'-d end mnre-abnf??d division of (len.
S'il? Id? I ave I "it 11?. It 1? le be hoped, for the k??oi
of the lu i-f??!?-, 1 h i?t Oil. (.V.ir'.ll will not be con 1
?,'?.??'! 1 ti'ii he lu.? |!i?ll-d *'?n e 04 ? lo huTeru? in<-ii
decently clotbed. 1 he ? rdm .'?? ' rrj asblbhad mt
rn.l dayaanno, trbea laatwwam ampaatnlb] I 1
Vam baBjawlaer, wiu k ?ii?;iai-e %o .. airUand 1 ?
tie . In e w? re witb" i'?li'?'? Boam warn bl ?mab* |
lii-awei?, man fmd ram lag 'o ibi ii paaBaatan, nan
v>.-it- la H tua* 1 yVi'b m ?but part ol Ihe hod}
tullidle?- ?' ii"l btJaor, Boam bad an beal indi -
r!,oei ??nie I ad, in li?? ti a***, "bl ml mrbl I ?
roi ni 'lit-ir b'ti'U.sud nearly nil ba-krcl warm du I
any Kef>el aoldiers J'?ur rorrmpond 1.1 has a?--n
rime he la- been with tbe army.
Gen. Pi pa now b?K eean Baal, Blinon.'fi no (n,r ?I
noli.* has yes Been rsn-ived, ami it i? to oe loped,
for the go?'i of tin-a:tny and tie uitioii, Ih ? ?_i -i- i
r,, " larward nanii ' trBlaaaB beL-si-d. Ii, an ba
ti'ld your lorrerponuerit aevenil eveniiita mutt alt
li?>ad'|iirtrtrr* are lo be upon Lu bon?, allarnanxiou?
to ki ? laaaw l."ii?e in mnt-ion.
J rim 'i":iy il-iii'jralii??? an army niai ft than marche*
end r"tr?aie. If Washington n. ist t>s metataai l?e
foi d ti ese va'enan trotea BBB march, lal He .'?11,000
n.en in 'he fan,?1 of Iiutruition ire to ii that no
Hebel toldieirevei- icai?bfi Wiillili a laafajl of her
The Anniversary of American Independence passed
off with leis noise than usual. There wia evidently
a fe? ung of blended hope and patri.tiem, ?haded by
the ead thought that thousand! of our heroic co latiy
men, braised and bleediu.f-, were ?offering in hospi?
tal?, or expoKd to the "tender men ?es'' of the
? u.ii.y, but the ennseioufl fact that our caura i* just,
and the BJbeTBB* of light that fashed upon us from
the te'sgraph tended to itretj^then the faith and
cheer the heart* of tie pep!?, who aro intensely in
rSa si-.l in li i? kirn^'gle for the rhjBt?
Pill killi Off TMK f'IKST DlklMdN ?. T. S. M.
TY??e regimen's of the lit Division remaining iu
the ii: y male a Cue a, j" ?run e yeaterd..y. Line
wn? formed on Fourteenth ?trrvasbatpt right resting
on ti roa. i way. at I a. m. PisSaadajT at >?} the column
cot mem ed to move, pining down Iiroedway in th*
. ? wini ?rder;
b.tl Cn ( ' .? ?Vi'i Ault 1 Major? ?H.eiaJ,
i tiled by Caaj Ott**? TrMp of Hone.
0*1 P..ile?. A-ilng hrl|?di?r Gat er?l, It? B ?ade.
'.I. lanar, Staats ii i.'??i ii?n? . H Hri^aii?
H.-.t I'ear.e-t DngMM Coi PltSO
I bird Bora eut Banar?, Cast/ Burke. lette* Colonel.
?I : ia iie,i eel ? tat, Lru- ...
Pc-rtli P.-.- r en? Lien? <n! Teller, Ac'inr Colo: eL
Bitth Begin rut. Lie it Cal. Dodge. A ting 1 ;on. :.
?Ici e -ali??, ?ob I au.e. A T?b?r
a'< tea ? ii Ir**B*f aSth legaBBMl. '"?pt (iou'.e?, comd'g
u : rea bhaj laa ( Lty Hall I'aik, Omi. v?i??io?k
Li-1 i-.iiou n. .ti Mayor Opdvke, Gen. Cuyler Hamil?
ton, lol. Hi. kel, and I'?1. ILirger, in li on*, of the
CHy Hall, where the tronp? wrre hy them reviewed.
The prores.i"ii paased through the west gate ned up
Lretd-vav, vvh?-re the? wer? diamis-ed.
lb? M. ? ,'. H..1 (?ruys I..-?! .. u".v regimen!, OBBM
pi s?d entire!? of boys too young lo be liai le tu
uiilitaiy ?inly. They are utiil"rm?d similarly M Ihe
. lb lCr/m.ei,t, atid 1? tilt) [.Blade of veitidny f. : taed
BM 'oi .ne chief features.
lill. < INTHA1. 1 ARK.
The i'ential I'm* waa one aftta priuripal romees
of at!iii' lion yesterday. Ya?' BBaahaSI of p?- ??? n-.
?vaili*?! thimselTeg ?f the opportunity afforded hy
the b iidiiy to wiiurs* Iba beauty of tina luagriii.- M
pleasure ground. A band provided hy liie (Y mniis
linneis n:?ve.l ?:. h.mts iii >:t the lake, ?J si 1 itriig
? ? ?rt i-iuti. to 'he ? iMStSS, g v.-g ?1 an air ?f " eu?
ch li'i'd eee'irry."
lhi|Jf?tk b the lung! of the city, and Ibe great
multi'tldd that vlsil it when a fur opj-fl?tinity i?
pi - titt-il ?how 1 hoi i's aSaatyaad i's advantages
am appreciated. Ii is there the l.itanist, the geolo
. ', the ljver ol .Nature, can hud "tongue* in
liera, ??in ?.-ii? ?n ?tonet:, uud good i-i evrrytl.ini'."
?rnir g until erening, grea- numbera of per
leoaaoa toot, oa batBBaaah, aad in ??mug??, lined
in* i re. ?? abarSMBJ to tie I'ark.
uti: nutt-iiuk??.
j AttheC.:? Hu. 1, ?BaSaafeto*eSBBS| C nnell'i Kami
t. ok ii? abl ? on the sta;.- treitel for that BBbTBBW, iu
fruni of tue Ha'l. and ccivamenced tie exhibition ? 1
the arming by j erforu.iug the 'Star Sraugled Bai.
1 ?1 ' and ?ti,er mr( .1111? au?.
Ihe prrotet-iiiju-B?. .nsisu-d of the lYu-sion Flowei ;
fatal ! inilei ei. ,, .1. , IJiiaeu o? iIm: .Mu.!; Mhi/1
???r with five al, a'lfe?; Knlle?? Saxon Cluain; Kay
oniiMatlSuUi Mau n ian a (in le; Ameiitaj.Coat.il
Arms, .1'.?aila, r Mirjicanta, wi.ii motto "C'outtiiu
?i- u. * .*- roll; ?Jil.-.;.; ? . I ? 1 ???' l?'r?.!i--; blight ol
B - 1 PBiaaBMj ht bid ol OarUaionj Triple
V ro..: at tTlal'a, M m im m of J'haraoh, lliun.i'.?te ,
l.?e, Naval Mi ft gem nt,-Uouitoi v?. Mtrri
'?va.i limpie of I Ara ty?
' i.e MBJBBSraoal MtWOBB UM Monitor and the
Me 1 rin.ae rere ved g'ent applsiue from lb? uinlti
tide gulbert-d lo SJatsBM IU mliibiliou. 'li)?? eloriui.'
L't? ?, lLa> leBBple 01 1.1 eiiy, wit!. I.ei.e.al Vu (hi
,, ior the 1 ?utral .'..?ire, waa lutrdly up to the B-iimI
ebawaoter ottha ?Mt ab MtetraattBTtaraCbj Hull,
ji L ;gh a veiy ? rat J n inluiation of ?olor?.
Til? KATTfltT.
A' the Hsttery, ti I piece? presen'ed w*r*- Fairiei'
I n i , Mar of Ameii'11, Saiuin am* Satellite?, gtBI
of ladopoadosw, Chiaera bowra, h?iei?toe'<.|re.
(ros? ?I Malla, rJtoBBM p, Vew Iree. OBMBBB,
Ra ?ii pitra ?,.,, 1 ud Wa neheaker's Band frovided
1 ?? ? ?n is- ?ol'?nr.
.\t r-mt.Ur. sMrei .-.r ,1 W |??' Hr iidway. the re
pterao a' ' ? were: .'?.:>..: e-.; (?lory, Irnln? I'nl
.: . I 1. S. ??II Oaad ?I-, Sar of Amen.a, 1.? >-? " .
.1 'li" ft rl i of OBI Li.ion, lew
lie?, ti ? its to Cona, Mi mi fasr, CtaeaBS, Boab
Pore? 1 tv n 11. Pyra tad, ooddraarildaralyt>Biaa?i
ki. ii. lial'e-v .
iikxvii.-i.ir ami Bovrroa ?tbbstb
In tim s j na if ! ni DatbeJBa ii ti 1 i Ua'iimersley
lad BOBBOB BtTirtB. thO W igin.i Hind .iscoaro-?l
music, ?ni the following |vi?t?.hni' display waa
ri?d?: l?Hle'lree. Ionian I'-.I.netto, t'en ian Hose
Mai ' T Ara*rira. Castada, ?OW iree, IrnuU? t?
Ceres, l.:ii<ir rvrauii'l. .lapaueui Olory, S? r?!l
?j '??.i'y Eanb Ponrvia. 1'. Ik? I?, u a ar.?l Cobred
lai.tt'-iy, Shield font li an.
1 I ? . ? | ? KI.
Bsssa'o ii.-.i dbaasnad tae ?a*?* tf i'rwrjkini
Bafirran aad tira dbpby of I ??(?ka m lad l tia
' llOB Og |l".es- I KB ?' I f. .?, S':ir of
.' m ?.. ?. Mi," Star, Pairie? ProB I l'alnu,?
:? ? ? ?lured Haley. Paratea 'e' vi , I Lue...
J.'..-ei. Data Im-, T.-av'!.. . .v-? nrni ?j v
I. ?? i l' ita, Grand len: . u i \v ,.
:, 'hr ai h will -.ra-, V ...,i li? ..
? ? uti ti ? i ian . ? ra r-THian nwAtt,
''. . I ??? M rtol Y aven io and Tueii v illili
- - i . " d ? : 1 ?as ? u bewi r, fairit ' . ? lit?
s'ur e..?c: de. yaw tree, kiilf.do
i aad '?I.vei Battery, Chiaen
t,... ? . ;v - riiMi. ?tar ofInihpwnhioia, tarariesa
. ? >:.?.. BtkMJbr'ohoadaraotaBttooadaaao?
BAB1I0I ItjtfJJ '.
At Ve.llHon Spare Um f.'liv.mr iii?; Y | > ?
Bardo: Caecade, Calaeao bower, attabraa ci a Caab
ponvhk tratara a d hia MtelliusJpyee tree, ? r
polk i d-iii e aad .ol-'ied bsttea-y. lar
in-i i ?e kal.-.':?-, tot i : .?'i oIm paaakra letvar,
ii eit ? au'i j'-ti o, stsr of AJBavrba, laapb of Bb
ei i), gtBI i Ml ?ia i.r.l'.er-.
IACB80I 'J' ii,
The Ja,, kim I i^'iir? ?li?play drew atogftboi i. lsrs-??
eotraoaras ?i .ii'iii?. O ..?isied of Jopenras
Olory, tadbfl IT lu., ii?, / in? Hi nivia, ksrabn
1 - . i 1 , .. , ? i dit.??.-, Miiln-ie Cr?ate, T.-ia
i ., i-i'i'.? t? Coreo. lYisei.-ii Plowsr, Knoll
lo, Esgb aid Cot. el Battory. AiMiieaa
l ?it of Tur?. W'.iliB'-e'e Hand providad too I Baba
iii* d ??i l?y? at liberty atsqi ia I ?btl?ftrarth Bnot
ni i .',.. i .? ,.? N'.ii.i aroa i ?, Daba s?,..re,
r/estl ivoans aad BingabrtaSgo Hoad. Mari .u arid
ring, and aVl.iulia: lanv ille, were all Bdmlnbls,
I lugb not ?o evteii-iv* as at the C'itv BsIL The
ei.;. i .?in, waa tsarcelj as gmt as OfOB lurmer BO
kiiiKANi Of um aval ?.r Iw1y'.
The V teran?, to the number of ni, aut-eml h-d at
li a. in., ve*!eid*y, at I'm ?BaSSS! BOBBB, iind.?r
?ssasaasl >'. Btig, Orar, B. aBaynoaa. Itr^aaMod
down Bnadway, to tha lait aPraneas, ?raen they
i be. r.d ti r i ? li .in I vv.mi lo I II lu it. A. Ttiey then
.i ?el a ,?i ehoerad the rarbaaBoatatsTforo?srao,
i. t, aIliaST th?> ?..i-to.'k of dinner iu Chatham
i ... (ta
?'.I.ITI H.
a\ J tafhnient (roui li.?? First Hr (.ade tired the
cnsionary uioiuing salute on the Battery, at ?onrice,
and * Na' ?sr!ardatoaras given MtBOoaaraaueo,
at asea, hy a astsebracM Ben tb. BoootrdE .
Ittl d I PBaEATtOB Al "lill. HU. I IMC INM II I I I .
On I., .hi stieet, v\a? a uovel and plissant all'aii.
'l?b!es were ??ri'i.d ui.k.-a tent uu ile-prei .;???(,
and w hi n |ho ?-luth w.i* n:n iini, ?'?I. Kabeu?. ei
B.BOaaaal ihe OWnaaB,nada a?a)ort ?Tattiaar,
introductorv ptMraatTBSBfian iheBeV.aMr. l'.oiij
s?n, l>r. O Ia?.. Or. 1. 1er, J'rof. Sixer, Mr Tun,
Mr. ?aatter, and ofb*.-s. A ['*eiu wus also read by
Mr*. Mar'ha M ill r J mr?. Prof. IhoBBBBBI and
lady entertained the ?u lieu r hy discoursing sweet
A TKIIAT ion Titi'. MIK 4\'ll kk(,|. NDtU AT
To ibe iauiuttei <:t the ?raaBjtoJ vb UfJIct'i Ii?rm?,
a rare treat waa given yetterday, under the direction
of Mrs. D. Buck and daughter, and the Miasea Wool?
ley and Mr?. Caleb. The steam tug McCIellln took
a ptity to the Island; Mr. 8. Lanar and friends
tirranged tome tinging?both Patriotin and aaered?
for the wounded and nick soldiers; Mri. Clara E.
BrinckerhotT, the celebrate?) vocalist, sang sich
?Dtigs as "Home, Sweet Home," "'Tisthe Last
Iiose of Summer," Ac; a bountiful repast was
spread in one of the tents, at which it? cream, cake,
milk, tea, rolls and fretth but'er were most lioeraJJr
di?pem>ed. There are not many soldiers now on the
Iiland, althouk-h preparations are bein?* made for At
least 1,000 disabled ones. Ihe surgecu ol' the hospi*
Bfel is Dr. J. Ca Darken, i:nd, lately the Kev. Dr. j
Troadiit, of Kulgera College, New Brnumvick, has
been appointed its chaplain. The toidiers enjoyed >
the leart prepared very much, though it ree,mi the
BBJgbBJ waa ii-ii-i, d moat.
.lu*? or ji uoi: daly.
TI.e Old Wigwam was vocal with joyous bran i
and brilliant with fiaga and transparencies. It waa ?
den, ely crowded, anJ?a thin,-; rare in Tan inany?a
nati.br r of ladies w ero pr??ent. Among the Sachems
on the platform whs James Brock*. At 1 o'clock,
Gisnd Sachem Watifbckt took ?be ?hair, ?"d,
in tLe courbe i fa I rief ?peech, vigorotuly dencinccil
Secretary Siatjilou. He ?puke of ti.?? machiuati jui
of IBS man w!-o. piet?ndiag to b? a Deni?j'rat, waa
honored by a posi'ion by President Line-In in which
he had betrayed that party, it? young ai:d gallant
("eneial, and al! who (?raafeed bim. ?divin M. Stac
ton had ?bown thai tie worst foe wai s rent
gade. Mr. Wateibuiy BBstnJ apafl the men of
the country to rt-.'ly around the flag, and give
s ;c-i r to t l.r? i... ti who were nobly lighting for it. ?
P-ra..]. ?al Lim ?lu lud dono w11, and if h? could
sucaeed in put'ing Iba heel of power upon tlie nek
of Ab? ?tiot], a: d beep it under his foot, the thank?
of the na'.io? an rali be bis due. Our loldieri could
light uaaiiibrirriuiHed, and victory would aoon perch '
BJ "n the nain aal baener. He concluded by exhort-,
ing h11 to 1b all in their power tor the country. Mr. j
Whtorbiuy wu? loudly applauded.
Three tbeers for rhe Union wera ?ailed for from1
the b<dy of the ball, and given with a will.
The hymn, " My Country, 'tia of thee," wm ?nug
by Prof. Cmri' i s and a ?born? of twe.ity.four boyi
bam the Public Si-iiools, w.th piano i?ccompanini?nf.
The Declaration af Inde| aaaSBJ ?? wa? read by
Bmbm Geo. W. Mi I.? an, and after the "Red,
White and Blue,' by the Boya
II ,/i a I!. P. hKiNs, e?q., read sn origina! po?ni
"to Waihi:-fuL, WaVieb w.?? 1st dly rhiered.
I. ?-' aiSBIl KaVBAI tb?u aaiik; a new tong, by
her tuner, .John Maban. e|.j., entitled "Jb ?.uni:' r m
my benu,' the Imy? hcici.pauying in the i-.n:?.
She rang very awri-tly, und was encored.
Afi?r HcotKrr eon", au oriuinel pasta entitled
"Taaaaamp nad the Ualiw,** ?rm tkbrared by Mr,
- Mi'Hi "Kii, e?q. It arm fell taf attrrfagaDaairmi le
0..r. hi :ory nt ide- country during the year ?.a?!, and
the lar'viri?-? of the hoi: . ki tim 'J teat feaawl, lie?
f!'Rn;e .3 Bl 'land I a**?iie-n,tbefl m'tor, the BBJ*. I I
na?*ilbyMt.<'!e!'.iin,rhe Nek io, tua* Warn -A *,lr ,'
'the base flack Aboliiiomm?. A.., A . TL'i.-m I
Brim 'l "Down with the aila ! koIks'i, ' .-ind eu
Ibaaiaatic aannaSimdaasoi a?, laaaa, ti, aeral Dix
vi Kb I ia n. iler to " ?ho >t Lim down npoa Iba mal,*1
and the n.aityrdom of Veal th KaWBedfp were |
noti.'rd. Ba inveighed agala Baaanaad ?leas-ear, I
?Wei?-, e StaBBa*?BBaf pmBO . ai:n it. tbit thil -trugg'a
mut: i M be,
T? jj.: dji.n :Le whi:a ii i-'ite-y, v.hie It a?:, ihe cegro
Hater-n ftfetan Mi rola, thit tint far Ma loira 5? true.
| i l.rMr eh?era.l
D lag I ihaWatl .'?? ?liais all aa fe?asB anaeae**,
II, ear i- k1? ?v.? a *??- n I aa At- :.ti a tat ?
Hiajii la hats (ho (...th..- io i,.o??> I. ,a, lu IiocSiaittj/'a
to lallaei --.
Long ago bein tod the I. laon, th?? t! ?y li m it lena at
Tbi thaBU feCfel ??.-, P l'f? t.- | ?di jr'rr.imtof ti e gt'
Thai I'.rpubi ii ?t pfert ?? Ira?*, ? al non ? rop? ?I rood,
XtaB Paa?atiae| BBS -lo bim. it ha ?nib i~> tata tlia lan?!.
And *o fifth uii'-il Le welcomed ti C ? rra.Jont into '
the D?Di' n rat ii iai..-. Mci'Iel iii?'*, ?it le waa ii eered
hut itiodenifelv, Ibeagb th? who's Democratic piu'y .
wai? int ne,! to lean on hi? strong ann. An allusion '
lu the "v.chk Firinciit, wi.s u.uch reliiied. A
d r.'.-u'oa of unconditional devotion to tlie MfeM
concluded the peera.
VMikBB 0 Doawki ...esq., nngan omrinal peen in
favor i-f
" TI.? t iili-n ia it wa?,
A-d the Coi.aliiiit-.an M It li,"
arl ' h were th? nari prouvnent verve? of din perm.
Tie lo,lowing Hvinii, ly Grand Stiohtai Water*
buiy, wa? then ?ung:
Ood Me?? our BBS dear land;
?IS ?cu? t ?- -I . i ?and.
Icievei ii.ii fcirrei,
Frosi Baan unto '.?an.
lan It- tal, as ? i- .1 u.
Our bop? and a.e datotlon.
Hod ia 'a-? rays ir.-.iy ?*b.
Koretei ?ud Batten
Sod Mass o'ir I u im -htin,
I al. ?. ? , Uni retan,
Patera -.na toi?*/?:;
With eil er .iii. . itecJ it
I., t aeaaan ? ?-.?i teu l it,
?icnj ?trrt fl - .Ir'ellJ la.
Oeil t rta li,? I ,u ?te?.
1 Sioen aui torettr
i Ir-d bleat rnr banner hH|?"t.
' r .?ita' ilar.l ? tint H ? >
PalOtB aui footer.
Ka: .ii; e.aiUCon.tel'At; a,
? ?.. I *i-:tk' ?uci addition.
TLa i,.or? . f ? r ?.?'ion
i. -a bieat tin-. K'tj feaiem
i-, .?ver ami IvreTer.
Ocl ble?? Ihe h-.-ie? we 1 -r.
Ano gilirri tliaui 'r 'in abo??,
Parata ami io:???..
TI ? aniel i?ia nii:. h ytty '.bara,
TI.e litt o or., . ? h i {lay ibete,
T.ir aaiilv her.rt?t'iai ???? tb.tt??
ii-, ble?? iLrt'i all foiet/ei,
Porrtai an?i .oieti-r.
Tie Hon. Ctt?MlMt I?. Dai T, First Judge of ths
C^nrt of Comiii-ii I'lettr, wai thsn innoditced. He
?aid that it wn? just thies hiiniicd yean linca the'
tiitt ae?llement in tie Cuited Siatt-a waa made 1 y |
the Hu;neaot? iu laatb Carolina vii nomo of the
???j'ulr, in w bald by BBf treapB. He tiaced the pro?
gressif the BBl ion from that day to thia, and de-!
Hand Iba eba-acier.?lija mt tit* people ami their in- '
ant .nore. S">iety, he a..id, munt bo Bl*aa*eamtk in ,
iLe .->. nu,, und ibis wu? a i.e.enriiy of ihe relaiicu i
..; ?,. : tor and ?erf, a rola'ion winch couM only be
, bal t;ed with ve-y g'?od result by the peo'de of that
an ti ,u the naeln'r. I ney rlalmrd dininguisbi J ia?
atStBta Jadas Dslj de?, 'ibid the Huguenots, who !
tattled the Beotb in Um moat approvad (,'uthoiic
?lyle. TI?>?>? bedail with piracy, i.? he proved by
Barara] o bM>?*?sbi bon Btat***ry. A rapatiitoa < f
Juinfliiiiih'iijasiiipilaiiitftlialnl Naatn of Yi
ajBaa.IbaIwaatadmraUan,did a ein.ihr work for
?no uiicer.'ert of the Oil Dominion. It was frein
iu h iatm**?4***i that the present pi'pulation of Vbgiala
and South Cnj-iiliua cltimed d ?? ? t. Judge, Daly
paid his laajnetl to Im.,*I xd, Old and New ; fie
i, , '.e-n A'.. Sioi.iaf'i, I v a.ud. who-were ready to
lire the dvvell'ni* ol the tlavr .cidernnd give hi? wif.?
and children to the flamea, were the d'??<enduiits of
i..',?) who had bunied the witchei mid ??iuaker?.
lliey ?.vere met by the ei'na'ly stern Purit*ui?ra of
the de-cendau ri ci the Huguenoti. Agniuit these con?
tending desctndanti of Pin itimLriiii,the Demo: at? had
interposed a barrier uiiiil detn-rted by ihe South. But
the sago Mr. ii reel, v dei lured that roe South Waa so
de; i na -ui '.pou the North, tlat it ccaM Ml It
?kieke-! out of the union; sod oven wbea avery
?arsenal in the Sooth had been ?vized, Uro Gov
?runient leemed mora intent opon a diviaicn
of officei than upon re&ublisbing '-g power. A
year of the rebellion hud paseed, and no Mne Baan
i-onld declare that the heart of the rebellion bad
been touched. The necessity of tbe levy of .WO,?*?
men waa appareat to all, both for th* rabeUiou and
to repel the danger of foreign a^grestion. And
j what waa Congress doing- 7 Making a tariff wbicb
i wooli operate is ajCbineao wall for the benefit of
manu/acturer*?a pobcr to which the Demo? rat* bad
li way* been opposed. Vbey were devising m*e*uiso
for ihe eonfiacation of property and the etnancipatioa
of negroes of which wo bad no po*?e*?ion. Tha
war wa? carried on by political men for political par*
pose*. Representative* of the people ?teetered that
they would eui tarran the Oui eminent, unie?? it
.arow and act r.pm the policy of making this a
war for the immediate emancipation of the tiare?.
[ Ab the time waa approaehiig when the Democratic
parfv c uM give expression to ita snn'imente. it
i would le for them to demand that the war ahouM be
[carried on, not as a political ?peculation, bat isa
'great national work. De Tooiueville had aaid,
j what had now proved lamentably true, thi?' oar
treateit danger wa? the tendency i raj p?! '??al
j machinery to elevate to the important pieces ?f pub
j lie trust men with little or uo qualification for the
plates they undertook to bli. fty mo th: I v. e mi .-e
not yet tafln iently alive to the faci the' th?- I <*** a
cerrain cultivation which could aavsr ha ?haral by
the ma??*-?, hot which w?s eeeentiil f?r the culera of
a State. We bad a melancholy proof of 'lio
in L.auy of the men who now exercised an in?
tiiieuie upon our national aiT-air? al Washington,
now dictating with all the con?dec ? of
ignorance in a crisis like this, what shociai
orshonld not he done, even in the BBBBBaaBI of
armies, li we would preserve tau Gova-rnment,
our standard of liibiic men must bo a higher one,
and it lay with lue Democratic party, m the bett
con?ervator of the best interrats of the na'?on, to
look to it. Th* principle* of republican (?overa*
ment were on trial in this great contest. Upon oa
had fallen the responsibility of preserving ?'., ami it
MJfl a ned to be seen WtrathaB we were or were not
e.jrjal t? the emergen? y Other great nation? had
parried through tim ordeal of civil war and i ?ne out
ot ii more ?tr?nirly cemented than befon. S ...li had
he.n ih>' ran a i.uglau.l, in France, and iu Spain,
bul in no similar ?nstame Lad two great pa.-te of a
country been array ed against ead: o?her a? in this.
The oraatjba mii?bt be ii?k>'d, Wi.y not ia? 'hen
g?i i.e answer wu, that it waa togi-.e in ibe
most important j art ?,f our country, geographically?
the mouths of our commun.?n,g rivers, oir raturai
outleti, and nearly tbe wh<de of our i-ea-i-ua-t lee?.
iog ob bul alraguTit ol the territory of c :r once
gr?a*t Republic, so loosely louueiied geographically,
and with intorestc BO contlicing, that too diemen.
bt-rment *?:??' ?BBeBaBfl up of what would be ?eft to
'.? vv cid be the inevitable conaefjuence. We meat
he ?vi.i.' w>- hid hr-en, or we were nothing. 'J'rito
as it was. 0:1 watchword must be, "Tal Db?BB,
now and tSMSsT, one aid inseparable." ; I ?in ap?
plause, j
Alter brilliant rariations ou the piano, by 1 beti?
D. Sul ivan, the Hon. Dam?i. E. D?r ?:v?-r, < bair
man of the Committee of Arratiganie-nt?, offered th*
bBowIog re??li-.tion?:
Basse***, TBat tbe Tammany Society, and l!? 'ri?i .?? ?????,
?IM ber? t? ii?y, pre?-? .' -.: -ir u ?ra* .lucie tliauk? tu tba Hot?,
Cha* P. i al? for hi ?bi? ard ; a n ti. oration ; also M la?, y
Muitoril. ?tq for tba very L?; ; v orlgtsnl poem delivered >a
the r, BMShtB . ?1*0 to I-.. BY fe.kim. ?au . for M oiigjnal ade
to kVa.l.i grj>--, re Had by bim, alat to Mi?. Annie Mahen
er 'bar bevnliloi and patriot;.- ?ung .una "y ' " ???" to ' ' kV.
McLean, e.q , 'or ritltlng ?be Dr. :?r??:en ol' Indep?ndete?!
alto te Pro'???? r Col urn, and tbe thirty-four boy? a??t?(1ng
him (or tbi lr line patriot ,o ?unga ?na byan.: i- ?> tu I ?fee
?or? ha?. K Orbe* tor .. .-,;,. -,,,:. ?m n tne pl&.o : alea
M thal Battas lia? Ha .d lui tie beanillul Birnie p ayaai by
iieiii, ?ia to Krank B. Oi loe nell. ?*g . ''?' ni. origin.! palri
otic ?or.g. co-iT^??d b? himself and ??mg on tha a<c?.lou,
al.o M Bran !' ?BjIBVm for tbe far.ia.I? and ??liatloii?
played by him oo .1 a j laao ?I?, ti ?aaaara. Ligbtaod Biaa
O'iiya fer tbe loan o. tbe a.ah-fi -..: j .?n u fuit? uied ou til?
?MMoM, ?Bad further
Hep Mad TY?? the who!? proceeilng? of thi? ce eba.?Ion M
I ? labad m pa?.phl?t fenn, io be lii-t.-ibated to n.eu.h.r? ed
in.? N.ce'J' anil ut ti,end..
(on. Wui? ,t then mrain'ed the platfr:ui
. r.id nnjjlause. He ?steed the fallowing NOOMtSoaB
1 ne r*.e'Ua? ,ai intenupl?d ty luud bernie <f
..? -plause:
I! >ft. The l'oited St.-?a are ei (aged In a pi MtSll a a
???-led ind ti'an-e. a I'ei* it a, agAir.t ?be iii?egrl?T of ?ne
a nsiBlll un ?'' a tb? ?'??_ .ey of Ir.? I'oion. and li a? .a?
c):,iiLu?vl li i' .ii .,? rea?li u? ni f'iei?n inte:lett.cn the
Drill a?,. t.B city ead : ly 01 Neva-York, ?nut lu
g thi? I 'JiTereary of the birth of eui Bal I I mi
?liataac. i canir-ioctly dea-alare:
, a ."..?t li ?... ever oeentbe policy of ?he peri.? ?ia?
OowtaBM '<i ti?(i,tej State? to iel'Bin from any ml? -
I MB ? ? He internal Cvartio-.. ? i brets* p wer?, Baa ltd?
palie" trl'.nr'i.: ra:ed tylk a,hi g oc. conceived ? i w ir
end ataad'a? n:ai' t? ,?d ! ? ?.aiiw nu and ?uund p..icy baa
MM ed toe t???iit ?ud beelu? ia? deciri. e of U? wa???
Amer .et-, p?-?. -le.
?te ... . r.ti || cruttict arBh ti.!? wide ana henen.-ett
Betley My ii ier??n?cn In the J uu?-tlc troab.ee ol tbe
Cnited 'tales be m?dit?'. i by ?ny of 'be Plurapeea. foi??*?,
, .?. ni uct ;!.? ( tt of w.t willi ? ?pirlted end iude
pel ga?* r '?? i'", w.tb ? uY.iioia ci' men. already cal ?<? tia '..?
r.. id a ,1 ??? '.?i. .-treat In ibo ?a-, . a. d juil'v r. .??'..a ?
thf? the can e iii" re J. a biran r<pr??e.',ta'-.e? (a.." eiu. ,e, I, u?
>vel |eu ?nul ..tr?t??d la our iui-.lutiuLS. hu oeen or
Bated htul, -." atoti b?i-m ?***f**B
ln.ru bat th* ?aaaaaesartat < '? tb'a MMevMBtoa, 'n m
lOtborfa ?-.??? a". i le*. -.. H. . ?a M? ?be Siilb?ra
??ittoiio! I .1 be*,'"p era ?ri'h ?h? ' Sic i drainn'i '?Mi.
tnd, in due tin.? wtli i .: 11 i-i. ii. Ifaf ?f ?rued tuen.
Qa*B, k? vi Mt. .ii ?m?o? al OOM year a^-oh* a?
i minc. a. :i?m lull [ laituim tie i.eeeasity of raisiac
. ? v. ii? Son. It Wilsden MMMd nat '?!.??'.u ? t ?
Mexico w ?li speeuily le not i iug else than a Eq-o
pean lake. Aliiady iaa.uiauy ?u vit>>ti''u>c<iand
they v.eie- eadtjBVor;jg to mr ?? iijon this ?enntry ti
oUt'ious ol itie ?\tearaa din une, a doctrine ?mi?niall
t? lbs BatSty ear the lountiy. lie desired ih?>?e rtrM
1 iii r.s to ie subn.itted to -*r, vvl.eth*r the n*?ao* ei
the- ?ouiaii v wojIu no' O?bbBmM their action i-dni.
It B ar inuat cume. ho de?'mu it shouid be tor? e?i n, ?s
us fiom aeiots '.Le wa'.er, aud then we would ?? [i*Y
to the coarage and u-ie^niy ol every uuui on ahb
con!?n?ut. ?Loud cheers.)
The recolutioua wore uiiuiiimously pawed, lfaira
cheers were given for (jen. Walhridg* and rii/e* to?
ti e resolutions.
Al cr mi -?'..- - -o- ?? and addi'iicntl music, the afra
bled brave? adjoarned to the big spring ni th* los ? -
HON. ?VAM w tuiiuin.i:.
Tue aSrahnTtba of fats 'lay hf '.?.e Coh.?ol C'. ? r
c.l in the Cooper In*t.ti:te wa? aianeun? ed io icn?.
mer.ee at 10 o'clock ;?. m. A' 10: ?ia. ni BbSM '00
recple had gB'I.ereii la *rtBBl in fats va^t h..'l ? !a-|*
portion of them i n the plaf?ra.
1 he i ice'il g wa* nliel to Older by Ah!. Mirth
i:i., who inirodaeej the Hon.Cto. Ort).n, Mum.?
cf '.Le city, u pre? i alf ofiicer.
Mr. Oi 1T..I ?t.d Lilli; ?< ABBGSflTUBBJ %?
have met lo celebrate, uuder the auspices of fl ? m.
r. cipal au'iLoririei of this city, the ?iib am riBMaB**/
of our tational In:Iependen?e. Thi? auL.vcte? ry,
like it* immediate prciceator, come* to us ne: ?a..'i
ita wonted pea? e and prosperity and happ:n-te i .1
? lou Iel ?n gloom and arrived in mourning. An cr
[ro\>?led rebellion I.i? dun. lied our c. -.i | ??. la
blood, and ?ti uck at I? v.-ry vil.iis of iivil '.le--?
itself; for it ia M len (BBB an ell?rt to set ?aside and
mellum tha ?.gally BaVpgBMOd, vvi 1 oi the ma,o,' .j
by the minority, and you all know that the tey
louudaiion ptmeipl?: 0? a free (?overument .est? on
the [ rtncipl?: labal the BMTjsJttty ?hall rat*. 'Ihe .-ae**
ti?n yet ret?a n? lu be liec'.md wlineLei* ihi? BBflhajs
ona e'lort ?Yali prove a saice-s. The- vut . ? ??<????
of the loyal Sin'.ea and tie a.aubood ot iheir attaSB ?,
1 teel t .re in raving, will pt\rao?nee au eui?h?'i*
No. [Cheerr.J *l'he lovat 1 carts throughoit aU :h*
Staffs', width e.?bruce a va-?t majority of thecti
zeus, I ?ia ?ure, of all the Sute?, with their ?rep
lev?rent'?- for our LYiion aud our C'oiifriuti n jnlte
?i p?. uiiuiciiig aa ?rraphada Be? [Ap;.l4use.? lb*
loyal pe?,.l<-ot thi? co'i'.i'.ry : ive raaaived 'hut come
v.'i'.?.t may?the uatioi ? L-ui .? ?l iu ami* ?gainsl us, \\
may bo??hall not be ?tv m1 .1 iu ovtr'haow.ng oui
cLtrielied butitBti : s and ?he great principle? ?,. c
litied in that Poebnlloa arara ha? rcude:ed 't*
atiniversar?- vv-. BOW eobl rats iiamortal. Bal ucde?
the i-ircui.ntai.cs.it will M ?MBBff for us lo lay
i??:dt mum ?f oui' nat i ua! aamii-.iiiou on lins OvC!*
sion, and let oar adadl re.crt to a rarious \ ?jw ot
oui ['bit Iii? ?.:?>-. aid le' ci consider whe'lerwo
have beeu tr M t tha principle? ei.uaciated i'l tha
I'ecUmtion of I..depeiuiiure, aud ii we have not,
reaolve to Le true io them ia tne ttiture. Im* rrao
lution, and the co.ilic.uv e...oiuns of hopo and
I laxtoty, will be aaaaaaael hy one of our fellow*
! i iti/enf, ??ml 1 feel ju?tin>?i in saying that bo will o*
it willi his imual ubiliiy aid elojueuoe. iCheor?.]
j Afitr priver by tne l'ev. Wm. li. Boole, ano a
I tong by the barba) Glee OaaB, the Declaiation of Jir
. dependence waa read by George II. Moore, e??j.,
i Secretary of the ll.ttoriial Society.
j A poem waa then dei.vered by A. J. D- Pogac??*?
trac Bsynra. t'Mi?

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