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V0L- XXII.if* 6,78?.
i.f r i: i i or nib iiiiiibb .i?o?ii..i.t
Bin Precipit?is Flight, Losing Heavily
in Men and Material.
I.. I-IM'IIK Kg . l'.idl.T J|U. 3, 18*3.
Col. TTcirxini ol' the 1-th Kentucky Regiment,
mtumaudint? tlie I'niou forces at Lebanon, Ky.,
atiafl?e*I the iruerriila Mulgan south of the Coln m
) in Hoad yesterday, hilling aud wounding several,
and ?-sptiiring sixty ?.f his force, together with their
rsiss?*ns, ammunition, wagons, und provision!.
(V. Ilnllidny ??f the Bth tUmimkj ?asgUnaft,
Id??ut..Co!. Hoyle, *maNMM?mBg ;,'!l Kentucky Cav
tlry, with the 0th KfBtiuky Infantry, are in pursuit
M Morgan. The infantry are under Col. lloskius.
Morgan is retrva'ing ver? rapidly in ihe direction j
ft Colnnibia.
I...ii.th ? a, Th.?na?y. .Ha. 1. I"**. |
The guerrilla sangaa ?rossrd the Cimberlhiid
River au?l ng MT N.i-hville at SaritaOBbOfe*, und ap?
peared iu front ol' Munford-v?le on the -'Ttb of l>f
icuibt-r. Col. II, !>eon ol the 19th Knitueliy drove
yarto, his force, killing nine uud ?-iiptuiing si.xt?. n.
Morgan theu crossed Green Kiver above Mun
fortville, mid :n? W d in tht direclion Ht Kii/abeih
town, banaag 'be bridge nf Dntn Creek mid N<>- i
lin. He alco destroyed the tnMloweih at Mul-j
drtngli'e Hill, und moved for Kolliug Fmk. Col.
ilailan, ?oiuuiat.dui; the Jnih Ki ni ticky, overtook
Y m ti Kollinc Kork and attacktd bin, killing uud .
?aoviudiiitr a nuni'-er and cupturijg a cuptain and
eoiiiC j i iv ales.
The R. bel Ci I, Dal died of his wounds, as also
did one of our Lieut? naiita of artillery.
Col. lliirl.in cioreerl, puiiind and aia. led M Tgan
at Koli in it Fork and the Salt Rivei bridge. This ia
ihe tir?' taMaen I believe ol infantry, looting nnd
??'nek ii.g ?tvalry.
Morgan l< d before Ilmlan t?. l.ajditown, and
from there. ;i?ieiiii ud to escupe l,nv\eeu Labau"U
aud Camp Hellvilie. Col. Iloskius, of the 12th
K ntueky, foiumiindiug there, attacked bim this
bk ming, killing a number aad rupturing H o? his
men, and capturing nie cassions und ammunition
Morgan is flying precipitately,
(len. Reynold! inawutd lroiu GIa?gow yee.erday
foi (?reeieburg, and may inU'tcppt bim.
Col. Hols- v. ?I the bib Kentucky Cuvalrv, wat
Our casualties are not yet repotted.
Mo.gan has [-aid atari} f? r what be baa done.
(?er>. RoOOOnat OOI ujie* M ?tri re? iboro.
1 1 BO i LE. Brtg?di?r (le?era!
Lol mi't. Kinlay. Jin.?" I Ka.
Mai??r Foley, eommnmiiag Ho of th? H?th Ken?
tucky Cavalry, surprised ttm Rebels in ntatp at LI!.
hork, Cn mp bel! County, killing ?ni wounding 17,
npturing 81, biirmug nil tl.eir ? amp euuipage, cap?
turing ?o hones and a large amount of arma.
The r. port that 1 >.?s?i Rebele croaeod the l'nmbcr
htud last Mou.laj . and were moving toward Lonie
v'l>. ir '!.-? .'tdired ?' bead.|"?irte?s.
Mi cexebal iiiiuiiiE's .tim,
-? - ?g*. -
Muart Bat k Across the I?ajtjmliannotk.
He Jairbiuoiid Examiner linli:oauf Brraust
..in. fiiitler wah not MunJfrrd.
*W ??' luij.k'.iL to The N T. Tiit.i.ue.
?Veil M.i..*, fridiT Jan I MM
Y. .r ? r rreepoiident on the R.-ppaha.-uio? k et nile to
tt.s bureau the following:
Hi ii.? i?. Kiinimiiiirm, gi Ms j. Isa tjlOM
Kl.ipa of tiu-i- ?rr.se the liver daily U? ?--eeoif lam
il.ee fron) our lines into the enemy's, and vice versa.
Tia Kel ?;?. I.Hve ling nrw rifle pite Baatttg lb?* river
hank :u Fre.i. licksburg, to provide tgaiiist our eton*
lag again.
Stiart rec rot-ted the Rappabnoinvk, bt< i. i ?to the
Reliel iiu?s, near WtnaJoB, toa mile? wes' ol War
Momia, "n Wednesday night. Oir cavalry, under
atver;ll, which went out in pursuit of bim, didgiot
overtake his tuarn l>ody, but brought back Jj?) pris
SMIt, rwoetty stragglers from his ciimmaud.
Vi? e-1'rejudeiit Handiu uud the elx members of
Congres* who aOtOOatoajJod bim relume?! to Wash.
ii, g*' ii ve. 'en lu?. Their only n lisei ii wasto\iiit
friend? here. The Vice-rreiidciit has tW" sons io
Ibis army.
The pi? acts on our right were doubled last even?
ing, bul no lataBtOBBaWBkH were made against ut
amrtag the Bight?
Tin It i/(?icon f riiatiaei prononncee fieri. Rnt
kr 11 emg jicrmiued to leave No?v-Oi leans ulive a
etaiL appa the ?mtaTaatef of every man in that city
who bail' the strength to rai?*? a weapon.
liSAi.'.i Akiaa? As? n iBa Pot.>nac 1
.l,ui?<i?r, Jib. i. 1H6J. J
llic ?'a? has been nnmtiked by imy niovemetit of
iini'oriiiiiie. TWojBaOSH ?rf the various ttogot have
a?xthauged the courti-siep ol' the day.
There is uothing of bam i te ?Mt fr?m the front.
Intelligent*? bat r>e?-n reoeived that Stutrt lias no?
et-vied 11 retiring t?rou tbe Rajiiiiliannock n?ur
Vt aneiitiin.
IUaiiv.? A?iBk* or . ,'B .Ah?) or - ?r I' ????>* 'c t
J-.,, ?, 1MB 5
Ota. RiuiieiJe Mi'iiuel lioni Wa?>hinatoa this
afternoon, uud has biari visited by lus (irand Uivii
i'.n Counutudert.
9 ? rral loiitrabuuds came Into camp today, and
0 ? it . lied ii? in i-vidan< e with the proclamait ?on.
.- . ?" ea?aj B
ty i i: It I." I IM- Fit o ii xiiiroM?.
A ? r? al? umli i ?li.mid. r-lniidinK (iiiniil
.lubil?? bj 1,000 ??li??? ? ?mil uluinita ?
Ki-jeirlikga for J.iuautipuiieu lu n
Miare Ntotr.
geai Mo nea, Tbwooa * ian i, isti.
Id ?Vorf.H lust evenini.?, oaJhlg lo the m ii??"onsf ruc?
tion of an or'ler, issued for a di'lerent Bagpon, about
ISNi BOJTOSan were arreste?], while retmuiug from a
] tare of atiiusemeiil.
Considerable excitement was created in Norfolk
to-day by a n?'gro celebration. Thu contrabands
collected together, with I heir marshals, formed a
I? '-staion consulting of at least 4,000 negroes of all
kinds and st 'ora, headed by a band of music (druuia
and fifes) and paraded through the principal ttreett
of the etty. They carried seven.! Union flags, and
oheered loodly for the downful of African slavery.
It waa matmBaMai that th?y were celebrating the
Birth ?J*v of the I,ioanc?pal.oii 1'jc? luxation.
S VU 'KI ?AY, JAN. 3,^.^-4 A. M.
li Terrible Battle at Murfreesboro.
S?aiily, Rousseau and Palmer Wounded.
The Rebel Gen. Rains Killed Gen.
Cheetham a Prisoner.
- -*> ?_
? aga.-.
The Hebel Loss Reported Larger.
five nOmti rmnin captirid.
The a\dvantage with the Mels,
i Spaelt. Dta, itch te The N Y Tribune.
Na.htilib. Thundar. Jan. 1. ISfX
I have ?list arrived from a terriii? battle on Stoneg
River, in from of Murfreesboro, west side. It baa
raged with unremitting fury two days, und at last
, report waa not yet de? nled. It ii one of the in it
? fcrocioui b/ittles of modern time?, euitained by both
sid. s with splendid ?letermination.
Gen. itoeecraus man hed from Nashville last Fri
' day willi alniut l?.OOileffe. live uitn aud IDO pieces
' of artillery, and skirmished all the way to the battle
Held, the ?uemy resisting bitterly.
The whole of Tueeday wsa spent hy ?mr force*
The enoui) was found strongly poned with artil?
lery oa the bank of Htonre River, ?est ride, hi*
(lanka res'.iug <>n Marfreesboro, west side. '1 be
renter ?.'* had the advuutiv. on l.i.'i, gr<? io?l, with
a dense giow lb of cedar ina? . iv them completely.
Their pos.Jon gave tbem 'he advantage ot a ?roar
(;, n. V< Cisik'r erpo rloael in on their left on Wil?
kerson s Pike; Negley, of I'honiiia a corps, Work?*!
..iih gnatt dillicnliy to the front ?if the R>l?e| center,
lt'iUBBenu'e ?lit nion being in r*e?*rve. Criti?n?leii s
'??..rp1 was is'tied in comparatively ?bar ground au
their let- Palmer's and Van Chvee divisions m
ft OBI ; Woud s in reserve.
A da'ile was exprctetl all ?Jay <m Ti.erday, bat
the aneri,y ineivly skiriiiiabed ami threw a few
lite 11s, one ?if which killed Ord? rly McDonald. Itti
I'. S. Cavalry, not toti feet trout (len. K ?*?, r-tii?
That afienioon the Andereou leruisylvaii ,t < a.airy,
..n MoCeok s f-.ilk?, wa? drawn Into an aiiibustade,
?i :'?!?' Majora, Koaegarttu aud Wind, tier,.
kiilfd- (HiU'ii.b n s anas lost i killed ead ti
wounded ti .it day, including A-'j. Kiliott of the S3 ii,
Ind.ana, *everely. atOCooh * loas waa alxint SO,
On the Haine duy the Keb? I cavaliy uni Je a dash
I Lu the rear, ou l.avargnr, burned a few ?agon*, mid
OBBtOJad 15 priaouers.
? ThatBsfhtdis|Kr*,'.;aiii were made toa'ta<k th>?
tit.'iny in il.o miroing. After ?birk the enemy nu.
1 rep'jrted mailing near HoOotfc, obviously f?> lum
our tight vi mr.
This ?-orreaponJeJ with ?he wnha? of Oeu. Kose
crtitis, who malmeted (Jeu. MoCook to hold bun in
check stubbornly, while tbe left wing sin ubi be
thrown into M'irfrpesboro bebind the em-my.
Alduybnak ou the but day of Ilecrubrr every?
thing gfpoBntl working well. The bettie bud
0 ?ned on toe right, and our le?', wing wai on
At 7 o'i'ock ormuoae sounds indicated that a Ure
was i.; p,.i.v> liii.p our left. Aid? were dispstched for
information, find found the forfeits full of lying
negroes and straggling toldiers, wb" nearie! whole
! regiments fulling back.
M'an', i me one of Mc.Cook s tuds litd announced
i ii ' ;? i, K ee.-ri.ii* that Gen. Johnston ha?l permitted
tbe thng battT'em ol his division to be captured by
' a sudden attack of (hu enemy, and tbut it had some
! what demoralized our troopa i' wai obvious.
' The brave (Jen. Sill, oue of our Ires! oilbers. was
killedi Oen Kirk wounded, and fien. Willich
killed or missing, beiide other rainal !? otfVeri
( wounded.
! (len. MoOooh >-ent word to hold the front ami he
! would help bim, that it would all work ri,h\
! Ile now galloped to the front of Crittenden'bloft
'with his stall to order the liue ol buttle, when the
i enemy opened u full battery, and emptied two sud
! die? of the escort.
Vin Cleves division wat Mut to the light, and
Col. Heatly e brigade in front.
The lire continued to approurh on the right with
alarming rapidity, extembng to the center, and it
' wus linn that the right was doal.lini/ upon the
left. The enemy bail > ?impelled ub to ontho a com?
plete ? hung?; of front on that wing, un<! were press?
ing the center.
i Geo. R""?." r.uie, with splendid daring, ?lashed int.
1 the furious .ire, and lendiug hie staff along the liue-,
? n i 'd Realty a brigade forward. Kotac six ?tatt -
ri>b opened, tnd sustaining a magnificent lie,
, tlir'.ii'ly u trcineiido is shout, was nMsod along th,
1 whole line, und the ?i.emy 1 ?-gun to fall back rapidly,
1 hoOeneiul hiiiitelf urged the troops forward. The
Rebels, terribly puniihed, were driven back fully a
I mile. The ?tim uplendnl bravery was displaced iu
1 the lines find they advanced, though the enemy ma?lo
formidable domooMrationi on our left, while (hey
prepared for r-jiotber ousltuglit on our right?
MnntllM. ord-re had been issued to move ?mr
left npou the enemy, bat before they had lim? to
execute th'-m they burst upon our center wilh awful
fury, and it begun to break. I.os'vrftns's division
WM carried into the breach mngmli? eut Iy by tbeir
glorious leader.
Tbe enemy nguiu retreated hastily into the dense
cedar thicken. Again they essayed our right, and
tgain we were driven back. By this time the num?
ber of o.ir straggler? was formidable, and the prn
leet wat dit-uraging; but there wai no jsnic.
We give this monirog I very full nap of thal p?'e*?
(ion of lennesatv which in? lades the BBBB of (len.
I'?i*a . raiis> great victory, nu-adun/ from Nashnlle
South as far ?va Tnllrth.-nia ??, which piar? it is said
the Ke'els ha-, e retreated. As ti ie > a .l.?tao> e of
li*, u.l. ? frota Murlr? e.lxiro , tbe \ i. Bfy ? Bal have
**a**?ti de- ieiw . TI.? fiimm along the lim * of th?
railroads denote the uumber of tuiles between the
stations. Klet'wbere we gue full deecri'lions oi
the nan h. uiatieuv? re, and biitie by which (Jen.
Itrsecrsne las Btraal ?Bat the tide of Hebsld?>ni in
Tennessee. At thai rate he will .eon reu? h t'ie linee
heble., hag K ibe bereb Mit.he!.
The llenera!, aBBBBBBa1 ?ii eieeeae, con'uni. ?? lo
vi'tt other psrts of the field, aud with IBB aid of
liens. ThoiiBr, Mi-Cook, Crittenden, ResaVaaB,
.Ki Xi. v, and W.r?d, the lido of wattie wat turned
?arl) io the day.
We weie aeimiiely *uil.arraiv?'d |.y \\,v enterprise
if lietel ?ava'ry, who nada SoUi? sei i ne d&ehe?
upou acme ol M'-<"?ok s ammunition and gabeBMaea
trains, i- .pt ir.iiK? innnber of wai; me, and artillery
amiimuitiou grew alarmingly BBBBBi
Al one lime it waa announced thal not a Bingle
wag,?:? load of it ? imbi be fo ind. S un? of ?mr batte?
ries were j'ii'-t on that sci.i'iiit. This misfortune
was ?anted bv the ? a- lure ot McCuok s treina.
About 'J o clot k the battle bad shifted sgain from
righi to left. The em my discovering the itapnssihility
of su? ecc'linu in tbsir insni rieeign, bad emblen ly
iiiaried tleir forres ou tbelcft, i rowiiiK the river,
or moving uuder aOVB of bluffa on the right, and for
about two hour? the tight raged Bath unremitting
fury, to the advaiVugo of th? enemy for a cousider
|b|g leagth "f time, when they were checked by
??ur murderous fire, of both musketry and artillery.
The MBB at this point was magnificent?y terrible.
The whole ' ?iii? waa in full view. The enemy de?
ploying right and left, bnuging up tbeir bstteries in
fine style, our own vomiting smoke and iron nii*?iles
up.ni them with awful fury, and our gallant fellows
moving to the frout with tia?liorh?ng courage und
lyiDg Hat upon their fares to escape the Hebel Ura
until the moment for uelion.
Kbell aud slut fell aionnl like hail. Gen. Roan.
crans was himself incessantly egpoeod. Ii is won?
derful that be escaped. His Chief of Staff, the noble
Lieut.-Col. (Jaresche, had hie head takeu off bye
r m,'i ?bot, und the liloo?! hrepattered the General
and soma ?if the Hiaff. Lieut. Lylau Kirk, ju?t be? j
lund bim, WBB lifted clear out of his saddle by a
'?tilivt which ebatter 1 his left arm.
Three orderlies and a gallaut Sergeant Itirhmoud,
of the Hh I'nited Stales Cavalry, were killed, not I
ten feet from bim, sn I five or six boree*, in the Matt",
eefort were struck.
Hetween livo nn?l six ? cltx k, the enemy, appn
r? in*ly eihan- ??-I by bia rapid aud iBBBBBl assaults,
t??ok up a position not assailiible without abiiinl.ti.t j
iirtillakty, und the fue on both sides slacken?], find |
tinally silenced at ?lark. Tbe battle having raged
eleven boin?, the loee of life on out aide being e,m
aaaetahat, and th" Britt? nature el the Ueld emparu
tively limit? d.
Dur casualty list that day, eit-lmling capture?, did
not exceed perliap? l,.iOl, of whom not more than
oue-lourth were killed. Tain is attributable M the
cure '.naen to nuko our men lie down. The enemy h
loss must hura ! ?cn more severe. Hut nuning onr
loests we mourn such nuble souls as (?suerai
Sill, General August Willicb, Colonel Garescbe.
Col. Miner Milliken, 1st Ohio Cavalry; Col. Huw
kiue, 13th Ohio; Col. McKee, U Kentucky; Col.
Kotui'in, l.'?lh Kentucky; Col. Kill and Vd Lieut.
Col. Shepherd, Htli Hegulars, Major Carpeuter,
luth ltsgiilarsi Cap!. Edgerton, 1st Ohio Mattery.
and bia two Lieutenants, ami many more. No other
Geueral? were killed.
Among our woum.ed are (ion. Kirk, Oeu. Van
(leve (so reported); Col. Moody, ? 1th Ohio, who
established a splendid repuution; Col. Lurruby,
|lfJlhOhio; King, 1 .'iib regulare; Majore Foot, 1 Kie?
ker, Slemmer, 11th regulare, Capta. Hell, Wise,
Harry, McDonnell, Power and York, and Lieut.
I McAllister, 1*hJj regulare; Major Tonnwn, ItW.
regulars; Capt. Long, 4th ragulare; Cavalry Lient.
McClsllan, M'llsr end JfotVar, 37tb Ohio. I
When tin? Nattle ?aOiai, ttat enemy occupied the
groaad which wa? oats in the morning, and ile mi
' V un "age Win the.re. TheirJ ob|ect in lila, king Ile
was to cut os tdf fi-'iu Nashville. They played thcit
?bl ginee, li MiC 3k r, forci h.id held tuor<-ti rnily
?,-?# Ibu le. to crps and ( bestimme division,
, when he laagat lloe?. i..ne, the plan of battle aoul.1
bate ma ee led.
1 At dark they ha.! n beaty ?area on our right, lend
j lag to the belief that they intended to pursue. Their
i cavalry, meantime, was rxceesively troublesome,
?? rttbtg de.pli iu'o our inline hehmd na, an?l we had
I not ce\alry enough B protect ourselves.
'Iho loiiiih K'g liars made one splendid dash at
I them, raptur.ng eixty-seieu und leloasing three
hundniii prisouere they bad taken fr nu na, recaptur?
ed nve hundred priaousrs of the enemy.
Ceo. Nor-, i finn dsterrniued to begin th? attack
t:.ie BOBBBBjJi and opsnsd furiously witu our left at
dawn. Tueenomy, however, would not retire from
our right, and the battle worked that way. At 11
o eetel matters were not Mattering on either tide.
At H our batteries received new supplies ol' am
munition, were mst*-d, and a terni,Is tin- wss
?peued. Tho euomy began to give wav, Hen.
Ttiomie pressing ou their center aud Crittenden ad
vancing on their left. The bettie was moie severe
! at that hour than it bud beta, sud the result waa yet
' doubtful.
Hoth s'.les were uneruy, bat det?rmiu?j<l. (Jen.
b.>., r.itie feels its bWBOlBBBIf fully. If he is de?
feated he will be defeated budly, because he will
fight as long as he hat ii brigade. If he is victorious
lbs enemy will be destroyed.
At 'his hour we are appreheusive. Some of our
troupe behaved b?vlly. hi,i most of them were he?
roes. I believe all but Walker's bngade, consisting
of the li th and dist Ohio, and two other regiments,
were not in Wednesdays battle, being cn guard,
but thoy were engaged to day.
The enemy seemed fully as num.er.ins as we.
They ?lid uot uro as lunch aitiliery. Cens. Joe
.1 .hnrt ti ?md liitigg were ju cominan.I. l'nuoueri
My they bel hugely. Gen. M.Cook was brave to
a fault, and stlt-possessed. He mtrrowly escaped
d. all. iiiiny tunes, li.? horse waa killed uudir bun,
and lie was ?evorcly hurt by bil horse fulling under
bim- < ? .__? ?- ?.
Ulla. ?i. ?'?.?No lat?r tidings of to .lay a battle.
The Kabele are destroying MB wagon train on Mnr
freesboro pike, 'l'ouight additional caeunli.es hare
bveu leceived, as follows:
Col. Hiern, 101't Ohio.
Lieut -Col. Mi Kee, 16th Wisconsin.
Col. Mm '"nie, '?.'1st HI.n ni.
Cul. Boh? rta, l'?!d illinois.
Col. Walke.-, 31st Ohio, cavalry brigade.
(,'ol. Hurnngion, Vat Illinois,
('apt. Johu Johnaon, 16th Wisconsin.
(. n-naeau, ?lightly.
Gen. Wood, severely.
Lieut.-Col. lOlit Ohio, bad'.y.
Curtin, li^th Iliiiioie, commanding brigade.
Capt.<'sear F. Maik, urtiug Iuspectoi-General of
Tnoiuae? statf, ?everely.
Capt. Douglas, l?tli Regulars.
To the A ne. lied rraa?
\V'AihiN?.i..> Frida;, lan. 2, 1 ' ?
The Secretary of War to-duy receited Ihe follow
in? ?dikee:
* CiBiBiAtiP Friday, Jsa. I. IO*?.
I "lb? Ml? wing bee ?mt been received by tele
graph from Cincinnati, dated Murfr.?etboro, Jan. I,
" ' A terrible battle wui fought yesterday. Tbe
?latest from the Held ii np to noon. The Rebel ceater
had been broktu, and things looked favorable. The
iomes aro reported to bo eiiormotii. Rtanly, Rout
cHi and Palmer are wounded, arti the Itebels,
Chntlian. mid Rains, aie killed.'"
N.al Mi i'"..? kip., Ii? 31,1862.
Oat whole line suffered terribly thio m??tnintr,
Fou-rp'-iioents of Regulan lost half their men end
all their commanding officers.
Gen. Anderson's troojs- -nfferrnl teverely.
Major-? Re-ongarten and Ward are killed.
Cens. Stiinley, Hous-etu aud Palmer, are
Tu o o'rhtrli. />.?/,.?Gen. Thomas has just broken
the Rebol center nnd diiv??n the enemy n milo.
We are Rdviir.cinc our whole lia*
f?en. Ron eran? m rtem'iially superintending the
mneinentr. One shot k.lltvl two of h s sbiff-oflicers.
The loth Wisconsin Regiment his lott sevon
C ipi iiis.
Gea? Xeglev's Artillery is sill mowing the Rebels
in the center.
C? ii. Cmieiiden'e left wing has taken the in'reuch
Dientl nt Mu? freest oro'.
The Rebel (?euera'-s ( heathani and Kains are
Hiantll i I? I rii'iv, Jan. 3, l?S3.
The 1'moniat* eucouiueiui the Rebele on tbo H?>th
tilt, near Stewart a Cieek. Alter heat v skitmishing
'ii- ?ttbohl were driven buck. We ?aptured IM
pi'soiien?, and killed and wounded u large number
of Rebels. Our loss w :is 1U killed ami wounded.
At daybreak on the .'lit th?, tigLi wa? reuewe?!
?yifh great fury. MtCook't GtsTfg was opposed to
Hanlee. After desfrute lighting with heavy lots
on both sides, McCook n-treated two milet back.
At night be wai four mile? this side of the g ron jd
iKcupied in tho n orniiig. The light continued unib
IO o'clock p. m.. at whuh time we had maintained
?mr pobiti ni.
The Daba losses were heavy. Tht lollowing is
a partial list of our casualties:
K11.1 ii?.
Iliig.-Geu. Sill.
I.ieut.-Col. GiireKhe, Chief of Oen. mmM??&?'S
Hrig.-Oen. Willi, k of Indiana.
Col. Kill. Id Ohio.
Col. Shailer, Acting liiigadier-OcneraJ.
Col. Karmar, loth Kent icky.
I Col. Jones, Bath Ohio.
Uott Col. Cotton, Bah Kentucky.
I.lent.-J.ne?, t'tli Indiana.
Major Carpenter' 19th Regulars.
Mejor Koeeugartea ol' Pbiladelphit.
Capt. Gairett, 19th Illinois.
Col. Caiptnter, ISth Wisconsin,
Lieut.-Col. McKee, loth W'umoniin.
tv <n sin i?.
Hry.-Ufii. P. M. Kirk of Illiuuie.
Hri^'.-Gen. Wood o? Indian-).
Hii.'.-Oi'-.i. Van Cbve of Minneiott.
Col. Cnssole of ohio.
afoJoiiflSB lioiiraeuii e\{ Kentucky.
Lieiit.-Col. Ilerry, ?tb Kentucky.
Major Slemmer, lan Reculara.
Mijoi Ki'ig, l'?tb Reculan; and many other?.
The Slot, V'th, aud Mth Iltiuois lost two-thirJs,
und li e lotii uud IWth Ohio one-half their number.
The lol si Otiio lost UM tuen, the MU Indiana about
the aame unrulier.
I'ln total killed and wounded is estimated at '.',.?00.
The Rebel loee ? icceds o?irs.
(???a. J. R, Rainci was killed. Gem Cheetham
?m- wounded and taken prisoner.
We have ? upturesi .'ssi prit.men.
Th>* light wa* reutwe?! at ii a. ? on .Inn. 1, and
the caniiouu'ling wes heard at Nssl.ville. At li)
h. m. Wooui and Van Cleves divisions were in
Miirtieosboro driving the enemy, who were in full
Three hundred piiaonnri reached Nashville at
i? p. ni., aa Jan. I, including the following commis?
sioned ? tficers: .Major J. J. Fiaoklm, milli Ark.;
(apt. W. K. Johnson, V.'?! Ark.; ('apt. J. P. liagle,
mi Ark.; Capt. 8. C. Stone, lit Tenn. Cavalry.
Many buildingi have been uken for hoepitul pnr
I'l'i-"". Great numbers ol' ?voiiu?led ore being
brought in n ?v.
Tho river bn falle IS ?nebea ou ihe shotlt.
Lui. min. liijriilaj, Jan. 1, lw,j.
The storiling r, rti which reached hereabout
midnight, and tai.se?! considerable conimotiou
iiirotigbout ihe city, of the approach of Forreet, from
the ,l.i?v? ti. n of Salt Uiver, with a large body of
cavalry, are entirely lulu?.
I MIMI ?gi*. l*KA.M"s* Alltli.
Hilarla Miirprlerit al Ulk furl?, Trata.?30
KI II?.I. 17 Wuuii.it'it. iiikI .II ? Hplure.l
?tar Loee Mon? % nulli? r Surpriee ia
rowrlltoiii.lt, Kr- A ?.'iirrrilln Bun?]
I? rola, t n I p lu |.iu re ul u Large ?Jj u nu?
lli? al "loira.
VVa?hinoto.v, Kilda?, Jib. '??, lrl?53.
The following wai received at the hetdipuurters of
the nrniy this afiernoon:
ftoimiaTttai,ffitnaniti Jin a\MB
htatj rlrtll 11*1 LSI B. '?til?..!/-!.!??"*!?.''i
Major-lien, (?ranger repoits th;it he has receive?! !
a ,iii),sich from Major Foley, commanding au expo*
?Iiimu sent by him to Klk Fork, Campbell Connty,
Tenu?, compond of '.V-O men of the bih and ldth
Kentucky Cavalry, si iting that on Snudiiy morning
I art be surprised n . amp of Rtbels 3.>0 strong at that
[.In.e, killing .'IO, wounding 17, and captuiiug 51,
wiihout the los* of a man. Al! of tbeir camp
e,pi pug? was burned, aud ISO horses aud a large
aluount of ?irms captured.
li II W i: li.ll e Mi >ir Oe- erali'eitmiaii.IIng ?
ii i ? ova i ?i.. 'iv t isi-ii.TATi. Ki May, Jao. 1, law.
.tin; r lim HaiiBi'B, tlentralin-Chit/.
I have just learned from Major-Gen. Granger tbat '
Major Stevens of the llth Kentucky Cavalry, with
lot) men, who were ordered by bim on a scout to '
ascertain the whereabout of a large baud of goer- '
rillu in the entern part of Powell County, Ky., oa .
the ?.Olli ult., alter traveling ull night over obscure
and dangerous bridle-paths, came upon their camps.
I boy were preparing to move. Maj. Stevens daihtd
up?.a them, captariug their leader, a not.-,I guerrilla, ?
uud It men. The rest, though outnumbering Maj. ,
Stevens'? force, were utterly routed, und etcaped ,
into the dense woodi, brush and moontain gorges. -
Twenty-live horses ami a large amount of clothing, t
blankets, guns, pistols, Ac, that were being traus- i
porte?! to Humphrey Marshall's camp, were ulso ;
captured. II. (I. Wkiuiit, Maj.-Gen. Com'dg. i
The Kum ric ??mian Prorlansailew ia i
IBoiTort, Krlvlay, I?n. 1, lir>3
Got. Andrew hat ordered a ulute of 100 gnnt on
Huston Common to-morrow noon commemorative of
the Proclamation of Freedom to the ?laves. 1
Four Attempts to Force the MM Lines.
One Rebel Regiment Repulsed Three
Regiments of Yankees.
?aggregate Lobb to the Rebels, 9 Killed
and IO Wounded
Destruction of an Importan* Railway
r-peelal Dl.patrh te The K. V. Tribune.
V.'t.HivoToN, 1 .Ma;, Jan. I, i*?J
The Ilicbnioud pft|iers ti Woilneeilay contain the
lol li wing:
Vi. a.iii an, T ?day. Deo. 'i", 1 -Ot
On Saturday the enemy made four desperate at
i temple IO turee oin lima ?u the < "iii.l.aa.iw BlnSit,
' with heavy loee. The 17 ib Louisiana greatly distin
; guiabed ireelf, repulsing, unaided, the AWinli of
three full regiments of Yankees.
1 Ou Sunday morning the enemy again adran? ? d
i on our lines, i.nd were repulsed with li.-..vy i..ae
AM the troops behaved gnllantly, but special men?
ti' ii is made of the -'Sth uiid 17th Louisiane Segi
11.. nu, the former regiment maintaining the ground
all day against supei io; forces. Our losa on Suudiy
was one killed uud two wounded; Nth Tennessee,
four killed and a;x wounded, Cap?. C. A. Gently*
among (Le killed, 17th Tennessee, tv,o killed and
two wuiiudeil; Mai T? nneesce, one killed, noue
wounded. Gue of Gen. Lew. eoniiera bud hi? leg
shot oil'. WolT.irds Ariillety loaf ono fteigeinf'
killed. No [articulara ol the casualties i? "?l.e*?
On Monday uftenioou S(i>im) of the enemy advanced
opon our regiment? on the righi wing of the Chicki
saw Bayou, to storm the works, hut were uiowec?
doWB in large nucbere, und upward of luO p.isoueird
taken, with live attestai >f i o'ore. The enemy we ef
driven buck to their l?ate, and afterwards ee ,t in ai
tlag ol' truce fur ??ennisnioii to bury their .lea?!, under
which ?line of the prironeis ?acuped. Fighting still
continues, willi n?. important rc.ults. Th? ii"hiiijg
ol' our troops was splendid. Tlu? Twenty -eighth?
l.ouisikiiu again imnmrtali/ed ire.-It' for the gallant
mauuer in w iii. h ir acted during the battle. The
Yankee jrieonar* say t'.at Morgan is their Gsnerttl
Severe lighting ?egoing on n ?w. The tsmmj hate
destroyed the Vicksburg, ShrcTejort and Ti ia?
Ri.ilioud as far as Ile'.hi, a distance of thiriy-thiee'
miks. They are ilro said to Levo burne?! the town,
of Delhi, which ?n rejtirted tu be tot- ily dcatruyed
Our casualties in yerteni;?) > fight weic .autJi.
This morning tiring is 1 earl in the same ??iiectiou.
uud it is supposed the enemy ?ti. again advtun -log to
storm our works. The eoldiirs are eager le meet
the enemy, und an? determined to comjaer or ?lie.
Ksoxti 11 a, M outlay, Dee ft, lue ?.
The Commissioner's Court is trying fortrcee..u,
Muller, a member of the Legielarure, and ... 1?.
Sniiili. Great feeling is manifested.
iUobii ?., Tueaata?, Dee. Mi \Uit
l'n'sidci.t Du vi? and eel f ai rived here at .- o ??'trata
this afternoon.
CHtiTA-otoUA, Moe lay. Dec. W, 1??.'
No lighting at Murfivcsborj np HBOBB te sstja]
Moth armies are in line of battle wi'.biu hall a mile
of each other. A battle is momentarily expe. ted.
Our troops are confident of victory.
PRI??(?M;I<n IN liunv I'RISOt.
Tilt Iiichmon<l Ihfjxitc'i states there ii ? ..'rf>
Cnion prieoners in the Libby Prison.
- -e>
Severe Engagement with a Hebe! Batten.
Tbe Gunboat Benton Struck 10 Time??.
The Troops to March Upon Vickiburg.
Cana, Fitaeji Jan. i i??^
A steamer fi oui lilow lapaatl that (he gunb??'?
m.oil,?im ung Gen. ShtTiiisn's Kxpcdi'ion heve^
irtuie up the Yaroo Hiver. Al DltBBBsBBrB Bluff,
tweufy miles above the mouth, a Rebel hu."er*p waa
discovered. A severe cunnonade followe-l, during
which Hie gunboat Beuton wes ?truck sixteen ?imee,
the shots penetrating.
Geu. StiiTiUHU's force will debark up th? Tla-o?,
and march at near Vickabnrg.
A traiu with siij ??liee w -uld lean- Memphis yes'ei
?loy for Ho'Iy Springs.
When Island No. 10 wa? evacuated lavle, tixty.
niue cinuou w?rc spiked uud lO.IMW r*>unds uf am.
munition thrown into the river.
JelVerson Davie addreetcd the Mississippi Legisla*?
lure, at Jackson, ou the ??nth tilt.
?ara. toriorau al BuBelk?Gea. Pech ??'
?be Aleve.
Bil hw,.iib i .itiiy Jaa. 2, IM3
Tht American'i rorreapAindent at Suffolk au?>
nonnces the arrival there of (len. Corcoran with hit
?ntire brigade. He Is to take command there.
Gen. Peck'i command it moving In another direc?
Skiiiiiishing with the Rebel? chu ?nues to be el
laily occurrence, and they Lave been routed on
?very occaiion.
Preeidcat Liar ?I n'a Prwelaasaiiaa lm
H.uro*, Dri-UT. Jaa. ?, lab.
Tho Prnidenl '? Kniaiicii?aiion Fi*oi*temalioa wn
read in Tremont Temple last night, where a meeting
jf the Uuiou Progressive Assoiiation, compiled of
:olored fititent, waa beiug bali The doe umect won)
welcomed with unbounded entkiuiaim. Previous to
ihe reading of the Proclamation tbe meeting ha*i
>een addressed by the lier. Dr. Kirk, William Wella
Brown, Fred. Douglass, tho Rev. Janies Fieemau
L'lark, and others. The Temple waa crowded day
?nd evening. At Mmic Hall lhere wn aln a jubileo
wwmtmorative of the Proclamation.
Preta Albaay.
Ai-list, Fiitlaj, Jinut-ry t. IMS
One hnndred gun? were are?! to-nigbt, ig benn el
he Eomncipatiou Proclamation.

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