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The Clearance of S?ppliea for the Allies.
The Corre sp ou?oiice on tLo Subject.
greta Ovr Owl Con tu in Jeal
tt leainertm, Drc. 2"? l R2
In on!'-' to iiaomtetend the piaein tituation of
aflkfri oni of wMrb UmKM the corie?j.ond-nr" at
preaent |? ?ing ou between Mr. Homero, the Mini 1er
of Mcx'i ? ! W, nnd Secretary Sewurd, a brief n Ho?
ne, t ii t< ? :.t o? i.ntt.ces rr,ny not I?? unpr >fit..bie.
T?.ere .ne r-roni.rii for the belt? I that t->e bota abetal
to be Itated W.?1 be ronftrmt 1 by i IRrlal dornments,
whn iba rnneipoaimne on the nbjntt treated of
ehtll be pi'lisle!. In tl.f absence of these docu
iiii'l''f '?'?'' wing rt.it?-:.,. f.t r.i.iy be t'-lic ! tip.m
t ibtttnl ally trae:
In Fell .:?. li?i, tie ifexk in Contal ti Kowe
^ <>rk informed Mr. )? mon ibal vemela were lea' og
thal city t irryiag previsi?; s nnd an,des contrabnutl
of war to Vero Cru for tho n I ol tbe Alli?e, wh n
lieeffe were then M iba' p? it. 'Ihe Mexican Mu .
i ir, w.i ?..? 11 delay, advlied ??eretarj? Seward of
thieef.ct . tai ?it the su;,,?* line pnt to bim the
qiicvtitn wiui'm the L'uitid St.itcs iii'puibd to be
n--Jtrsil m tho pending war. ?.rid made the inggee?
lion t: ti if l! it tv? :e tlieir ? lirj ? *?-, t1 . y ibouM pOl
a slop lo :be exportation from New-York then go
Tbo Hi'cr.'tury of Stute in bis answer t?? this coin
niiiiocaiiofi tooh ihe rroutd tbat tho I". S. ?'id not
rnt 4rui. ,? a tttal of war as existing betwoea Meza o
a.id the ?vlli d p'wir*, tbo lattn hatrltig leaded al
TeraC - i teatiblyu Wendi and being Mill en*
gaged In negotiatiou with II-?ice. The SnreUry
of Si.ile i Id ?i ?bat It was fm the inUrett of Mexico
unit tLi li,; < ti muk s rl outd tu'iethls pOiviti'-n, si-:rc
the wa? toon depend at opea tit lor supplie." than
the alii'- '.,> whom Europe wai ojcn, ard th t there?
fore ii vu? for bet advantage that we ohottld trent
both h? M '. the allier Oo frin i?', au 1 Mt] .-?t to each
what tv;.-; vv inted.
TothltMr. Bomen replied aVenptiBg Mr. Sow*
ard's p'i:.il;les sod pro] litloas, und ni ?Og thi 1 ! I
was perfectly willing thal the Allies should be
allowtd to ei p ti provis.? n?- aid tu tick s contraband
nf war, if the taino privilege ?vere extended tohi?
Government. Th:i.- the Btattei stood in.rl.July hut,
wlatn in Igent of t;.e ?Tii-r?/ (1. vi ii mi 11 1' .\ ii ?:?
hoon n| pi ieed of the nntaCtetandlog a it!? Secretary
foxino, came to ibis countr* t.? ptiroban ?mna
Be li.it eflbrt wat t.? boy ihem from tbe Govern* j
ment. Ile luted la thfat, bat ern told that altl
the GoTorotneat had none to sell, be eonld export
Ihn te Mexico if be eoaid ni-iinaie for t!.?irpur-1
(han f?.iu 11 it ..te titti'ies.
Afier somf iliff.?ulty,tlt ageol effect? d a j
of abo'it thirty?eix tbottnnd !o,000) Belgiinnnt?
I'ts, Llierei? to penasaBoa Inks, vii;!; Bfteeo mil
I'.'.n (15,1 [??,000] penomSon eapt sud ? f?-w ?hoonmi
?abe-i? 01 ! piMok. Ile I'luii'd a ve?i-"l ? ?th ti . i
tfUfitO, and appBed fora clenuiH'e to Matan orne,
that port beleg ibe onrj on? open m the time, hh
Tampico and Vera Cuv were lb, n In '.bo pos m - s j n,
of the pmidv. Collertn Barney, on tbe 21 l I
August, refueed lo grunt the olnnnco wltbont b
?rend pcruiil from Set. C1 I, J lending his :;i?.rue
lions to the ofleel ?bat surli j armit wn aeeeseary in
??ho ?nan of nil tri atl? detiring le gotoMatamom,
that port belog o eonvenienl thtrtpot tot the R?
Being ?i pi ?ted of th!? fieri, itiffienky. Mr. BomSr
laid t' o eon !?,r' re Beeret?ry S ward, who re? ned
bin to Bnntarj Chan, to wb m province the mat?
Mtproperlt belonged. Accordingly, on the -.'.?' >f
Antust, Mr. H n,-; ? caUci on 8 emtary Chan,
who wa* :.i li ret \\ iii,nv f? oolborlae tue export?t ,,?,
I iii afiei i-.-viiOp. tie net of ur'ules embraced in tbo
cargo, laid that ha did no1 f ?1 ni hlerlv to pet mil
such a Ihiv" ex por:... t ion, util re tbe Becretarke of
War and Ifavy niiiitoiized it. A metrmiendnm v.ns
taoronpoe diawa op, eompritiag a schedule of the
CB'gi, and tbe wggettion tbni the gnm being Bel*
giaanoahetaaltered to percussion loiks, worth but
$1 ??Ba?tn? raab, woeld be of do use to our s Mi.-f.
Aisi.-.li.nt Secretary Harrington tallied opoi ti ? -
re.arK* nut..ed -hove with tbie uiem:rnm!tir:.
Mr. V>*. 1 es sun Li ? bjecti ? f ? tlie prop ltd prt>
pr sreediag. Hu', iilr. rkanlon di ?lined i i lAni.n^ lo
" reltx ti oi?cr hrrtlofori loads pr? bil r;, g rii'L
Upon this Mr. Bo ero went to S?rret.try ('Laso
en 1 sail in eil?- : i).. ; tbe Bonetitin <f M tin
wine i had hat al i I 80,1 ? eight; thom i I stand?
of anns for timo hundred thousand flkiO.nOO) tol
di.-rs wrrc io prt-sing thal be W< u'd vveiie tbe ir
gi mini oa ? r.: at] le, if permii -ion eonld i?e granted
bim to teni; a ttmalln aamhti of ina than those
usmed in bi? inviie. II ? alto took occa-ion t<? ro
sahtdMr. C annatltmel-jninnattlie tatt inter*
view bud b. en not to allowing any bul to allowing
to nu.' y ara s lo go, at d ttrki ?I bim lo tix ? on ' 11
that be won!,I p mil to le exjor'.ed. To ibl- Sc?'
tetary (has. answered, ibat oa mbtttrs at present
ateed be could not cien a veeeal cartying a Biaglo
gun out o? ti vi c aal j, eli e the Secretary of War's
siisr against tarli aiporiaiion wn very clear, and
be baa aoclihod i<? routs ii in ihisc ???
It is BMawotthy il ut, in pievhaw in'. ,
Oiin.t. >-. cretary ( br. e nor Collei;or lim ney bad
referred, directly tr im,u-eily, to the existci. eui
?Le ailppOil t idtr, I i.t bad ?pok? n in a Btnnnei menu- '
i .,:. ii c .'..re of it, with tbeii knowledge of ita I
exister e.
Behttfli d in tLis way, bat receiving an laUtnatiOfl
thal Ibne ?ajgbl be no oiji-eiion to the ozp i iii? n
of a few t! otwand stein! of arms, if ii c?>t.ld be done
wrb'iut iie o.l..,?1 kaowlege oi thetjtorotnatent,
and i.ot under a ciearuueo to ii .Mesicm port with
w'uich France rciixht be disposed to quuri?!. the1
|B!.i?s tu?t had ooid Ihe aram to Mc. ?io made nr
raii nmentl r'?r a ro..i.?!:ib i.t poing? lot ['?n Col?
ite! e H n.?ey nfimd a lynami-1?. lYatinnu, ou tbe I
I ? id t1 ni t:?atii*'ions of wur miri. I then ????'
very li';? Iy to find tb?ir sr ? to the Iel p's Hu' he <
slotrid t s arms for Quebec, Canada, wbean ii1
wai inten led to send tbom toMatanmtn ?akhoagbl
before siuli ?ltSIBtfiS was gnatod,OBtbi
30th of Auguai, Bntetarj Ciitsc b?d laaui i a
ip' ? ...i < i j? i lo I lelli 11 i Um ..ey, loi bid.bil- Lim ;
lier tbe a-ule .u qnttioa oa any preteuto or u
, my r uic.
Under Collect'.r R.inej't clent;.uee (he urms pot
ts far n-, li'mes Point, where, oa Nor? 15, tlay
WtiTP a? i'?d by doleclivei oil Hie | li | t'iht I1.ey w'.-n
an their way lo the beb?is. BBtVti to pr< ,-ui? f., ir
.?elrose asea pi of thal they wen ;? -i.iKi foi M li?
tio proveil unavuilinir.
Mexico bein,- tims discomfited has nor sli.c.- n
gakea to sl.ip anns or other coiitr.iiH'nls of w?r Ir in
thi? ennntry, and have made BO oflieinl lettMeetrttm s
tgaioet the Rouse's Point seirnrtj or the brst u-lu- ul
lo clear the guns fir Mittiiroorot.
Bo much for tbe Moxicna ?ide of the qn*slioii.
Turning the leaf let us look at the French side.
The same necessities that were felt by the Allies
in Fobrunry, tia tams igntiance BOtwtheOOnaUj
tnd the disposition of the iuhabitaiits, tetat Ibe
'reneh in September when their re-enforceinpnl?
is'ided under Gcu. Forty, perceiving that he must
eefk ..ni- ele of the coonil y ?iipjlie? and transporta
V. n, O'" Ftrty (?ni Freiith oiric? rs to Iiuvuna,
fc * r 1> ??j?. kj4 >'? el'? ii- til of whom cAaue lo
the latter port?cha'ged with the duly of obtaining
what was ncclod, and esjvecially millee and wagous.
\ letter from the Mexican Consul at Havana ap?
pin? d the Mexn.iii Minister here ni what was gun.?*
OB, and on the 6tb of November be Bailad on S?cr??
tai y St waul to tell bnB tht facts, that being in pot1
Mriuanu of th' n. lie ratghl take a hat co'irse he aaw
lit. Ai out the cn ! .f Noveu.1. r, liftviiif? received
instructions from his G *r**rai Bal thal ho t-'onld ejah
M'.? V ii .ed Statte t ? r/tOp the ?j -p.. .cation of WlfJ ne
?Alni Baalee for ti e Fr. ort army of toeBBtaa, nu beeag
'. (itrary both to the treaty between lha two pewon
ladtotho law oi Dlltoni M l?iin? in laid thctn be
ftro Secretary Se ?v ard.
The (j neal ion was referred by Lim to SiiiGlnry
(li at, WBeat briol rtpinion, supported bj h-vuuI
muli a? fioni Amciirtii authoiiiiee, c1 itlly drawn
from the instruct ions of Mr. Winster in legard to
? 11 'iiktioiib in it ii i' while the war ?rae waging bet*) roo
Tesaa ead Mexico, tu the efleel tltat li? United
S.atca Ctvti-iin ?'?it could not iniinre wiihtlc
I'.ibtioii of ile I'r.i iii ?iii. i.. , ti.at if OUT cji'./er.s
cboBOto etll ?.Milt? (iiiiti'iibiti.d of wai lobellig*
?renle, they might do co, Mibj.i.'tmg iblBattltBI to
I the risk of the penn'-ies ptattt'ibod hy the law ol
Iaati na ?r. aaeh tatet, il caught by mott a-a.nrt
v I m their tipcrutiuL.? UTI ie directed.
Mr. Bomen? laawered ibia b. l< I oj Inioaal leiagtb,
reft rriag ta il - titsidard latlw?ti? i ? b uuerBataoaa
Law, to the Ireatj v.ith Mexiro, whieh eapr? ly
prohibit? tie in ?ormiicn of toiti.'ii'..i d of war to a
BBtioa 8t war with eiibcr of lb? panie.? to tin
i:eal\, tiiunii '. as out- of mc ititiiics contraband
, aareeei ami also aaiaag aiitniitu io the Uauaattian ;
in the mutter of UM iilicinj'ted Irani pori.ition ol j
i arms fur the n.-e ol' MoxiOO, i? i?ri. .1 to above,J
which, ?is ti,, i ? i ni kail n pfaiill lj atged, we?
; us aeeeaaary te Mi xiio hu waayjaa nu.I mules in lo
? : Fra th. an?! no niuie BOOoaaary. To this, Bee*
retary Seward resi ?? ndi-d that the ??.round.- BpOfl
wbii-ii ti?? prohibition ia tin .aft ?tfartBiavad tin
partasBjJOB in the tase of Other uiti- Ita c-?.-i.irulnuid
os*ajrari--ix.il, wix rawnttally dileieat, Bad that1
iba United Salts intended to obaerta the stii't-t
DeB'rality in ile wai betweea Kmneenud Mtxit ., I
The Covt rnni nt lad iaaaed a pmttti order ata?
hlbfliig t'-e ex.;. nation of nn I te any country
whether at j euee oj wnr with the l'iule I RtHtes for
?l.e na* ti li :it eba necdod all lae arms within bil
bordera lor tbe bob of her own ?oldkneaiBgedJ lol
down tie rebellion, and for the briber
n - n thal .h? waa ui.wiling t.. semi ?ay Brasa I
when? tiny Brlgbt hil Into the baed of the Bel el*.
But.'% regarda other co:?tr.ibr.ud of wur tbi* raaeoa
did ?t?t apply. Vi' goan, mile-, ruiliond tie-ami
Other ani.ba of Cat ??e'ciijti lia Bdgbt be litw'ully
? ii;, ci'i/ do of tbe United ?kelti lad purciaied ;
by foi eignert, ill pirtiee to tlw traatsaeUea raai
tbe htetitol la riski of li a 1 n*ii,esa.
To Ibia Mr. it ?me.os rrj ii-b-r to wbieh Mr.
Seward baa not yet replied, ia long lad eUbonue?
!!<? nil. s in diplor t.?;c phraeo a question Bl te titi
ex! i'-: oi the probibiiion order alleg d, and
groundi 1.1 (?o.i da I] < o the iguoriacc of iho St-, re*
.!? ii .-? y and of Colb loi Burney o( it*
? X isle tIC? b? foti St ? ret-ny Siant ii'- H'fi r. tie to it,
?ad the ipaareal igaoiaaea of Cofletrtor Birney
aflervTird, iii a lew:.-? willing to ..runt tbe clear?
in.te to (':.!.a'11. and IJN r; tht fact that ti.? ? le;.rai.ee
I r bar? 11 cn alare graul rd
Cpeatl fill er li rat, cb? flin <? .ti ?ion, hi- I "gBCttl 'li
il.e I mt? il H aUe inn npj log Ib? ea ate ground in ible '
ii ute:, wini h she q i rreledwitti Eng iad fortak?
ng l.e regarda beraelf, nu I ia rapport of tbli tiew,
eba qaotea froat the diafotaatk ripen ?oat Inued
froat th? Billa J"'ja. aseal a?rerai dieftat?
t AdatM iad I ? n ..'. Beward, io the effect,
that Kue'la'd wus not acal b1 ia oar dearaat <?
teel m ii at, elie permitted ibu ?tebeh t" export
i.r?' a, mi..munition, and money avanel t'i? > retDona?
traBCO of oin Govern aient.
Tins the asaltar ataUsda it tbia moment, nud we
lea.o ii e fat's na tbej ire, vi iii uni n da or? n ia as in t.
? hr.uibrr of 4 ?imit.irct.
A regn'ar n.e'-iitii? of Iba C1 aaabl i waa hell lit 1
p. nu. yeatoidaj. Mr. Pilxtiah Pian fat Iba Cbi r
[Tbe noa. F. A. Colimo wa? ttboaaa leora tary
| I" 1 li .
I'lKifi.? iiov 'io im*BM*AB <" Mall fti K? rill
I li II l.i C1 lill. Mill.I..
Tbe following luur fiomihe Biete.lent n Printe
I Secutan was rend:
\\a-.i ktox, Dee. 9, itaji.
M> Da AB Bia: Th Pieiideot dir. i in.e m sel ? w, at
?li.- PT. pt k1 rear letter of Ifeesmbsir 4 . ve? ne a e?t jr ef
ti .-. . letli ' ? >u 11' ii "i- lUaid ) bj ii e New??veik ( ?i.iu
bli Of Col ? I ' till UTTalit,
A. l . H. bara ? JOHN HAY
Tbc iollowirg let'.er waa read fruin ?Str. Lory
\\ tl.es in rtillatOB to t'-iese ni' j
.Saty ?i i tn...i, it, Ile- U. IRf j.
Bm; | bave iveetied ?? ? " .eit. r <,! th? m h li ?t i ir|..?ln* s
eripr i.f a re?- l.illun | ntiel al t. ?BOaSaBJ i1 ? ?
? , ( i. ii:? '.: h last . i ?a.uet un . H
* ti.?? O'e er u.o'?-riat ?1 a SB ?SIS be iln."alrlierl to
i in ie about ti..- eeoater. he ? I ?? nu- Wote? i i s Bl Aim I li aa
cm eree. Sud la rej i . I : . Ifolly Hate (Sa I'.-; tri
li:? it I.aa aiifaUT (ii pat. lu .1 arin.ti Te.telt in tliat IlieCtiu'i
ian. ... ?t lervBBl,
I III >,\ IVI I.Li I .'Ve ,f OH] V,- y
C'.mmunieutiona were nlr.. n i.-ived from ti.o Li\
erp -)! Cb saber of Comrnerea aa i iba Loi don Prirt
Council for Tri de. Tba 8 "? n\ of the lathi
Ii lind promirtil that the Draller would be baue?
diaeh laid before I er Majesty'? <. reran i ? it
Mr.' I?. M. \\ i t N nr oil. red the f. Howitt'? lesoln
ti m, wni. li wa- in'..] ledi
/'. . tit', "ii .1 t: i- ? BSa l.er h Mb] r< ' To: M il? Cr I r SS
? ,-..;?-.. ?? [e de
pail .? ol lu Ila Al .?lulu, i tlrfi tit., ft., re-,,. |j
? IBM He j.i-,. ? ? 'i ? leer ho I I ? lix
? ;ie,e. i ? ::.. idepti
/< . it'd, J ' it mi ? p .iicin?.in be a.i edited i
til? ?, t rt i '. ii I? l*tate e- ? lb? M i ?" ra of I
frees i)u?c.-y
in ie arion to the pirate Anbami, a lengthened
ti ii U. 1'iu loot: pli .??. Mr. P. A. < OMKMXU .-.i t |,?
bad tri Iwortby iut?lligr?nee thai ti ur noan
ii?. Confederate Biaies ure bedag baili al I., er
; liol, un I tba*. oil r r?stela ne la M g bnill on t ?
l li?mes. Ho felt aa Uaseisifo iel ion shoal?! be I
in the imiHer. ?Yo lIBSl ?iitier BBVI mr oonawrca
ii. en. \e i or grant letters ?f marque lo privett i ?.
1'he futlowiug i*raolotiOBa oflered by Mr. A. jl,
l..w,i and ettonled b> C. II. Maieb..ii, wen
. dOj '.-I:
ii ii, Ob Hi ll'tdtyefOtUel r tart a l'tirm??? emsa*
ii (a..'.::i Moats ef li.- .1 I BllUiaat, re.. oi t
i ..r..i r" ... bj ir* rai tala i ...'..?? n.e > ? ?i i ;, n . ,
WtS pled need li 'i ' ?o Slid S i-lie. r,f ri?
tt is iiiiaal iiiibsij trtuptid theeljeei r?f ahish teat te vs.-_
ile n "? liii'i of Or?.i ?.linn in s li.Ill sgatrtl Bl bei
eoaSf i-i-ii ilily'i r...i-|[ rontei'li'i i Mn.il,, ,?:,.
seta a? die tittil.? feit In parti ?a ?.rent Brltsls oi .u.
. . ? Hi 'n ? n a. d?. Iii ed lu x.luuJ? i tti.il tJe.ii t, j ,.-1
. oi iiie.e. mi tile I a *...!, anj
Hhtttiit l.i? < 1.-.0 l-l I l . lie ive tlii.lo'iier vei.fl. '
have tat'ed fin, pom fOrevt Biitstn. er areaheutl ? ?
t: e ei-t. ?a lurpoae if ?in'-ioyiiig Ame/i un ai.ipt la diaveul
peiti t ? s ? j, . i le sa snarei ? i t ii li ? ? I io ti ??.
. as? el of IBS .' llSI, ? o' I ii .ii.ti -i of ( "i Men I i. in re? u .
I I- leg i'?.Mgi-. to teil.?- Bil. I ?Bl i u.c. J b] I i i
eli is reedy ti vi or leiten aftas lista Istia t. ie.| -.
ile.ti , lion ij ? ? ..u- , rsl . i B i?Blf Alsb ..a, .1 i. i ..
;.-,.'?% etubaiked I laserlcee is-sali iad bernes by i hal
. ' Ear] ,; .,. ,>,. ,. ? ,., , ?.. |0 rs( ,|,,t |/ | ..
.i b .ni aisssel bslsafli g ion,? of tas i ?
inii.i I .n'j. el to all lue ri-?,? tel rsatii fseelsi of ?sr, se
?t?-,!.e Btur? ftbs i >i i? teeret ed. Tseeieeai .?
no li-.lilli |i.i.?).-rty t ? Belag i-i i'ltni.itii I ai wir, Se
K<dtNsl isaael, c?|i?ii'?Itiiti da?U?.ycd bj a?'uiifadan
Mt ..' <??t n v . I ,r . n a (eu.e er .le l*liav*> tiuml , . ,
ii ? '' lad '
H (Tatet, A?*Ues. on tbe part ef the LI iel peal Cb
0 mt see? so tai as ta st pressai leewn ha. Leen n.
ie; ?. use ol Ila |.iu- adn . . f Ibii ( beni ? i I > ii ? i ( ...
..i ai ii on He part el ike Lxrdtef the ( . i millie,,! p,, T T ?
.. '..r tittle,tu liri M-ier./a I. .ten .1.1 .a ?.t I irtli iii
' uioi i . i,, m, Taeaesn ami Mi 'J. in.
? e. -.r ti e-r LUI...'?LI? |,(?lie, ; ?l.j
I, h elf Sii ga t..e nun |, ,| , ,.t, ! ? (gat, it bat erne lo
- edie y ti iC uiibarll tlha Lssrsus, 'I I! W le.
O' I Btlt S a! i, ? i. . It. ni..| ; ,J ., d l-ur-ied by Hie Ala
bssas sad laei la Ik Irat-aarned s e ide/ahle peril i of tba
tal 6 '???< on Brill III ? o ?? i- . i.d crriilii-d lo be lueli, and
sasei tie bead m i tam -i a Btitish I o. io], a i
li Aereo?. J l.er.- i- io etiaie*. b?fela ttila CliAtl-r la
?li.? t?,it. in the abeBBOS ol a (? <-r.|?ni??d (|,v triment ol
1.1 i li i i ilnu?iid t- do i?, ila Bli!lal '.uteri,i... Bl I... i.-neil
< . re lets? saisi ? un ..!. ? rt i Kit sai li Mara >'.
.. '. ?i to lunn 0"?n ami le.'mt Ilia Alsbsma sa I sf
lei in ig ii.l tin; |.,o|eny sad I n i of l.re.t Britain, ei
areli asan ofl Jer Jtainn iheri^htia-id intere.t.uf h ,a
sad '
H'htrtMt. It li a'le.td that tbe Alahama I? iviiilli.B.llr a?>
?j iati Oom liront Bril In ?Uti c .1 a.i ; anunsei lea, bl um ai'.i
of wl Ich tba ii ei ?i.ir.I to coutiutie her pir.i.r.al g une
egaiiiil AOieiirii'ron.inerte, lb? Co .?-"(?in nee bel g lo tam
lha jiieuiiuui o' bnuiti.ee on ??VtUttlMfl vci?eli tud tbaii an
mei. aid te deprea* the nie* of freight la Amerlain ?hip?,
mil lo t.an.ftir nur ctriyiug fade ti? T.,e?el* el other BaUea*.
tUl? r'i,'nhcr I. !?d te the fnllowii.g coneluiloi?*:
piral; That ihruugb laeaetlvain.truiiieDUlity ef tbe sati
Ijeel? ol Hie.! !'..itllu??th? I?> eel M I ?ulederate State* ?r?
I ruraitliail with ?hip*, m?r,?rmi, and i m m aalt I on, willi which
to t- ?i neill, th- I ? i i ? i it? ? ? ,
tit-- i..' That ulit'in! lud' fore'?" sM. tbe 8t?tei In revolt
i agilkt' lbs irwveii'iiii-iii of li.? Urti,.I Stale? would Be power
i le?* t,i ?Uict in? ii jmy lo Aluericii coiun:e:ce on Ilia high
I ??*?? _, a
I Ttit'tl That Hil? wir upna Am?r1''?.n commerce, c-.rrirnl on
tv ?hip. (.?Ill ?,,d iiisnnerl ia Or. .1 ilrltiln. ii Bel rebuked by
lu-. British ere.a ?rriiT?llv ; ii ! o' ni ?niirn.ad by the public
1 i .ntl .?M <.t - eue? friendly nation. ,!el:i.ii.g to be interned
bvhighaad b-*aenble i.rm, iple?. aad ii Bel ?'? ?-.-It b4
?.,. o...rl.lv erre.lcii by the ?Uui.4 Btlii mid altoiigci ai? of the
. Billi' !i ? ?< Ten.nieit.
/,.'!', .Tint, a? a iel 11 It of lb? foregoing fact! r,',.'?,.>? 'i
? iiieri'hiuliof t!.e l'i.i!r,t Slt'ri ?re iR'jei'ed ii. I
? celt: I, lo aln I he 1 .il.tl.it ???.l|J. ii?.nus?iit?o: w.rwitll
1 llreet Hiit-iii.iDd?rec,?ni;H-ll.iti.. winni. Iii? cinj.ui Ix* !e
1 ,.: ?>.,ir 1 ni try Irai ?fcrred Uvtn Heir own t*?i?I? l> Lmi-l.
bell ma aadaraBlha ssaeder-i rtsi ?dvaatsaas el ?wsoeaad
\ :,rim li-, io Hie li'ter while the wurta c1 lUii urial penU
' t!i,r?!er,fi ? lodrfVl-Aeicn?*i NI I rr, ... the ocean, I* rl
lirili.h origin; now, Iherelure. ..,..?.,.
Hu ti*-'. TI..' I? i' lilli ??, f teni"! ipe. iBlS'Itntit? 1"to
eoawider Hi .i iii? I'.rs.oint. an ? lo r,'|>?>it at ? M??? iii Bi'StlOg
J to l.enilied for lha pu, i?, what Mil 11 it becoL.i thi. t t*m
her I? a.i..[.t In the premin.?
The liillowin? gentlemen weis BBfJCanted BtWet*
11.illce to i >i.filer liie in:.Her: A. A. l.ow, K.P.
Montura, C. II. Msrahnll BenningDmr. Ttcnai
? lile?', i, Joh" 0. Jones, \. Micrwith, W. li. A>-pln
wa'l, Mose? li. Grinoel), Stn ?Nye.
lb' meeting then odjoarneV
ten tit:it? lAt. VilflM
stnlr*. lit lite net? I? F \ eli mia??.Its. t,
I,. 1 . 1 ... II, eeapee, .'0, II, .1. Hit. ii II. H
ei luteteei. ? ' ?'?. ?i-. aw ? 't
.'?'.'.li."' 'I i.-mr* 1 ??' ? ...I'. I ??! ?I-;.
.'?',.. ?. I. ?. li, 1 yrareer. W -" ?1. !
..mi, ?o.Mil ice ?io.H]
.' I 11 it. I do.0.K1 .1
?. ', ' I". B. Dea r?. :.?. I?31 OS ?J.?. B
?lill ,1n.1 I lil <1o.b ?1 '?J?
Ml,? ? 1..?.ouri6?.t'? UM Darles? li.li . Mi
101 ? ?lo.SI JOH ia.klOBNJ
/O.??'.? ilo. Bl ??'Har. 11.11. ,1,1....! '" ?...
:,,n 1 ,'o..I tut io.imiii
'.?ll.ls"! do. ?';.') llo.III.']
,.i. ' ,|o.Lil) til li* do.L..''';
|A*Jhew-Yoik('?st I? ill kW dr.. Bug
li 1 Kile 3d Mort.,*M..ln 1 li? Altai 1. li Mat?!.. BN
r.,?i,n En* 4 ii Mort.Mt 3 ?) de. I i
? .(? I ric 5th ?.tort...... M .100 .In.Li' ?I
a,0?*i Ilailem HU. M mer. I"" Bn'Mu, n llraed.... W
ri iinerr.t. ?I I'll du. . I
],(- MleA in.t. Ri. eid.li. 1 tee Mick (>? mt.M]
3,'sv: Mich. .-'(.. 2d Ml.?.. '.*. Jill .:.?.OT
lieb S ?. ri ? m 1..I1 '.'i s ?i... M|
1...IHI. Ml k T. ti MM.P. SI II. li Mit!, r?. 1. N. la. Kit. 4L
l.lsU i,?C. ?V M. I., li... 30 IO?! ii. 4..'.
?.Oui'i'i-ic k H WAL? ',: I.? d. 4M
33,?? < hi. O N. vV.MHig 3-? ne do.Mi
SJ>?3To?. t Wa'u latMti1 lol 1 ?Mich. S. t N.liAO.S, ml
?.te??' 1 ??! f. VVaii.Id.Mlg 87 ItOIII. len. lill. Scrip., si,
S.lsOllrv kP.tltMel.d. M n0 ?lo. >*'
MHaioret Baak.ea?Mv. M li? ?11.t-3
lu '?? -? Air,-i 1 .:. (Jeld ....M . lin Clere, a lill?. K11., 'io
?.oro do.?tal mi iin..'..;
.?.,.1 1 do. li 1! ,. .'ii
6 H111? of no ??,?-.... "??.. KO .lo. M|
I Hil. a Had. Cai Ce. I IS] ano An. M
46 do.lil '."m I .' ?I
IIS Pea*. ?Teal Co.la? ;.d da. bJO
10 d.ISM IM Galena* Cid*, ?lit.. I I
J?) d,.!.'"i L ' ii. ci
-,t"i< 11-VJfee! Pref'd... M IM ?1.bl? SI
ISO ti. Ml m .i.
40 ti. Iel '" flr-T. ?l'iuir?uKlv.... 'I
:. 1 Mil. .-' I. ^ *"o ..I-1 ."D .1?;.bis?'.'i
'io ii . 1 ? i? d?. '.ii
.'.o <?-.?i?> 1 ? . .1 .. i" ::.
bil rio.IM .Ot d.'"'."I
WN. V ? - Kit. ?. J> ?' . It]
..mi d..IM, (let de. :-.
m J. .liri on d?..mwr]
f-e a?.Ht.i t| 0 -' .>?'' ti
IMOKH*Hallway. I .b4 R I I..;... 1
. m ,.? , ? ? ?i?. ?
??? do. . ' -? do. ... ??
'* do. de.t,,.. ,.
.?ot? d" . il? ta? i?o 4 ,. 1 j
too Ai. I li. RK.. II
m Erle Kalla el ? leo do.1 io ru
" to. " ? Mil. * Pi'nf heliRil fi>
Ml.T. ,?.| i. Clu.rt..i,; ?.0 ?0. 31
.1, Bl . ? 1,
3J.HOI >.. I? , 1. ! i. R .lw?T. i-i
*,? >?i I . .-" a .. ? : ; B ' '.- .;
tnec h tv?'.11 ?. - .. 1: .?!???? p ?t.. m
I : ?J.. ' i
*?? ? 1 H ' :-.... S II .-I IHT II It... - 11 .
lli.'AiO I li. Ii tuan?! M....I ?' .
leai.ois? ,:,. rt<.. - ??
i. . , Mallen li I. '.' 1
I t.iSKi t?..!" -1 1 " d>. j
C3 in, T?l ,.. .'? > ? ? 1 do. ?
?O'? ' .'.!i..ouii S. ??. " .
;..si d-. Ml I .
,-1 io.1 n. n Pu ? ? te
I is.or*!) d^. "I .'
? ? I do. ?5 ' ? : o I?. I
JO.CW ?J. 1 in p tv. I
do. it. Uti-Bl
.-? ' .' ti o..1 IV tal I .
? ? I gfl... !
..n." A .?.
i ? ?> t..HI ? . J .1
1 iiwO I.'ii .?r?. Slite I,.. 1?. " d?.
.'..i?.? i.... 'i 1. . ; ?; ?.t*
:.. 0 Mt 1. S. t. I... .'..I'?, ire th. b3
? ? ?1 < 1 .-. S.V. . A II?, te . ? I'lue. ....??
,?. '.'. ii M.. "i''' a.. "1
! .'. i 11 te M.iei me .
!?,,?*l d'. ' '
j ?n Dei. k lind Caaal O.III Mt IA tOeat lill ?
le...... I . 'I
I- i.vn'i ?! ? - Hal ?. . ? . B . n
.Mil .'.r. vi. .
I 5.000 i'. 1 ??.'. ? I .. -
:?. n ! i '. ?? d.. nil
... '. A .??"??;
I ,: . . ... -1 !
M.MI d-i. 1 .-eft* '
. .'.;.i. s ?. 1 do.,(
. ?.>?? d '. II cV. ?
I de. sall? Hil. ?U
i?.? do.1 '. mi ?!. ?!
ION I UU.I.. teal Pr.-r.. .1.'I
4SI do. ' ' ' ? 'ii
nea j-.. . ? ? , 11. ?.... ?'
jim lan'mi r, i ipn.y. 1 ,J- AN !> ?'. II. '.. I'l- !?? < \
.??' :.. Y. 1 ??:,u.i u. B....I . . 1... 1, :...
ISO ii. ?,':'.. .'. ? ;
!' da. '. ,' ? d'.
! SOM. AB. da Cid P d . 3:
?A! r? it 1 e 1 , 1 ? 11 IBB arl I' a.
17. Site I ?- ? 1300 Hulera gaOread. ?I'l
;io,.-oo 1,..- io.., :. . im ao. i:...
.1.1. . te. 3!?i
tnieileaaOeU.'?:? m do. 2. ?
de.1 lil /s? llirleia lill. I'irf. ^ 4
?' . ' . I? L 1 li.ilo.?I ... . .
; I'l Inl" MlMOUliiil. ? '? I .nil?, it it., b. |
:. ,,s- ?. ? ; 1 J .9.'t
b < ntl i'ief. rr. d. |.'| " . *;'i, h " .... 4J)
1 .. 1 L tiled ? n .. 1 u... ? .... .-i ;, ..'J.,
. 1 1 ? ? ... I' .1 ISO li . ' 1 ?' .III... Mi
ne Krie Railway. SI . ?? ?^. ,
S?0 i. '.. ???. ? I .1 a. I.li ... ?"?,
1.1". lt.II." I do. ?,
? ila !?? er p .1 ... ' | I u..'Ill
' VI l.u ? K |'r .1 1 , " '
i'?1 la .? ?. : 1 .1 1 ?. ... 1 . ni:.. -, ,
1 j do. 1 local*) mt. lil
??si ,1.blO tie ,?? . .
linOIL a 1 .de. HH. , da.bil 1 ?
1,11 ,lo. ...r HW d'i. ii. .
. " .:
IV TB 1 ' 1 . 1 ' 1 ?" ., ?' '? !'. M.
. . le K. U I'?.1 1. vi
v.eri ?a i.?,i. :.. , 1 ... n
,ln. Harlem ?t . . . ,i
li ' li., ?' do..' ri ii. I
1 .',11 " di. L-l ; '?? ' ' - it II .... tt
lO.nui r s lin. .1 t?. lieh.Sa ..... U.A. <??
I. I. " "I.'..I* ?I d? . ni
1.,.I ? : 1 r ,. <
... I 'J...... . .
...... 111, r? n. n. n. i
l,a . d. .:. 1 ;
J.I,.li '" .lo. ?? ' , ?.'
i Penn, t ?; Cm .Its it? ?I, ?. rilli li. it.. I* ,
... 1 i r.-f. I.. .:? 11.1.:. ii. 1. . 1
, r. . . ? ?. :. da.
IM ,1?,. . ( . ?. gal It g...? '??
. ' da. .ir."
3 ? no.?. .-? ! l*-d ii B...? ra
" 1 d',.! i-? .1 .?,
.'. 1 ?ia i: 11. . ?i; q ?? 1
. . ' : 1 . , Ii li.. 3.
.-?i>0 do. t. M II I. o .' 1
ii/vl dv,. ' ., ' I' ? ; li.. 1.1
Pt ID AT, .Inn. ~~ r. B,
Tbe Kto'It muriel 1 o, ?' n-es t., show gre?! ?ictivily
und li'ioyancy. The sdv.iin I on the ?WM ' ,' 1 M A
I. ' wedoeoday wn gaaoral, wah eety liirjc
ii.iir,a?iioi s. Not nbl s'?i!, uni,? Immeen sntoonu
ofoteekt tbiowa ett the oaarbet f??r nalixalioB, tbe
, 1',?,,! I i.ioveiieui wa? not am it? 1 in lite tlighUsi
degree, 'li.e oomalaeioa bayon have ney laqp
oideis, mid BOBliy oil cl-isaei of lb* | ubi ? BppO li t"
i e tmieling in s?\??' Ini the radag tita ol ? pa? bImI a.
Iii- beti of bornes iiiiii- lug over a tl.ouiund doil-.ie
per day In Conntl ?ina tlata, Tho mnbet opened
m iii,V? riiuiti.'s v. iib,-ut mneb aMirtiy ucept*
ing lor in yen frngJiVMn. ?tai (ghmg wen
lirttta The s? culiiiion in Mienni with ney
j, m -el, ??fee? put ibu m.1 ?el lip to ii.'),
a futtliei adrann of T> ? c?nt., und ?it ?tat?at?
I? 1 Wind bid. lu killin Mil It H.ds lb?'ie W.is a full
boshmni i.l full prices. Tlie ?noel buoyant of the
Bhono was Haden Biter, whleh advaaced to ki,
ah'iniirt 8') on Wedattday. Harlem wini up'-'J, ami
; Erie I) mid '.J i> ?-cut f?.r IbeeoimiKui und pnMrrt-d.
Al 'I" OBI o', lock llolild illili? va? ;i hugo bu?,r.v>BL
?Ht, in some coes, a lurtb. r iiupiovrii,,?nt. The
then .ml Terre Reata, raiiorted at tbo hirst Beejrd
Bl '''?'?''j, wn? Port Wajue. Then wa?
ia laryo dtiiviud for itoehl at Ihe SnaBd
Iloi.ni, and qtietatlon ?PITS ilmiiger. A,
?Iii? Third Heard the :. ? ' WM t little
irregular, bnt in nearly every instnnce the prices show
an advance du th? highest quotations of the morn*
ing sewion. The tloeing qoofations were: United
Statea 6e of 'SI, liegiatere?!, 97 Ja 'Mi, I'nited
RUte? 6?, '81, conpois, ?1HJB99' Uoited Sum?
we, of 74, ootipon?, Hr?Pl); I'nitod Statea Tnsst.r*
Note?, 7 3-10, l(r.'itT.103; Cnited Stotts 1-voar
Certificates, ia, foil?''???}; Denium! Not?e (old
issue), 129, alo'i; Tenues, ee S'ate Ce, ?30? ??f*0i
Mrs*oiiri State tlie, GI} 164 j Amei-ican Gold, I'M}
.ilolj; 1'utiiic Mail S oameliip C"i'i.uny, l'J(>i t
l?K|? New-Vik Ceatral Uallroad, I0??| B108J? Erle
Uiiilvvay, 'J7{V<r?i; Erie Ballway Preferred, }'C] 8
lb}, liaison b'n.-r Umln-i..l,8oj>H.U? Hurletn Wail
road, aR]tj?fj9? llur'em .{ailroad Pie foi lid, BBfw
.''>; Miclrgan Con'rnl Railroad, 91] B?Kfj MWiigin
Southern und fordern Indiana l'ailion'l, Id] a 16;
Michigan Bontherh r.nd Northern Indiana jflai'mnd,
Cnamntced, 8*4 ?87? llliuoi? Central l?a!lr?ta?l, *<3,
B88fj Cltv.iiind and Pit'-.burgh l?a1lro_d, ?8JB -"?J;
lialenaaud CliiniS? Kailioad, 81! iS-JJ; C e-.el.nid
lad Toledo Railroad, 7?? ?r T " ; Chic?/.?! and Kock
luthiid I.'ailroad, <;.',.'*<l; Chicago, Barliagtoi and
Qaiaey Bailroa-J, Btjfft' Miiwaal.ee nod Prairie
du Chien l:ai!ioid,3S..;.']; Pittatbtalgh, FortYVuyne
und ObieagO Uu'lioad, bl J ?'ii- Alum and Terre
linne Railroad, 'Mu K, Alt-.ii and Terra Haute
l.'uilroiid 1'refurn d, MWMJ,
In for? ??hi bill? then' ii no1 much ?loin;,?, bal the
market ie veiy linn und.T th?' advance in gold.
SU niiii? ia lfffS148, wttO not BUD li to Le had Inf?
low 1 M, Piaaaa mc about 3.7.1.
Mi--.;.?. Wiiiil & Braadt qoote foreign c?chung*j
BJ lolJOW?! London: BO days rfgbi ?V> ? fill i'-10P
cent- atidj M7|| do. 3 diyado. I4BJ. Pari*: 60 day.
?.?ghi ?? duli ?r, :*.80; ?1.. :i daya <l<>. 3.77,. AtaataF*
?tarni tin days sight. B" guilder, 96|. Raatbarg, 60
day?si?.-ht, 9 Maio J'an.n, 4'.'. Frankfort: 60 day?
i-if-ht, ?' Florin, ?tj. Bremen: 60 day? eight, ?"
lil dollar, IO?.
Fn ghts arc Hill very quiet, and latea are e.o-.ier
for grail lad heavy fpodt, bal Bnaet for finir to
fir? at 1'iifnin. To Liver}. ? I tho engfgeiii.'nt.? ure
V7.?M>0 bushels Wheat, at fit] I., in balk and bags; 100
let. Beef, at da>| loo hide. Shoe Page, ii '-'*.; 30o
I 'des Bapl, at ,?l., and pet neutral i! ig 900 boxes '
It',coi, at LiOs.; 1,080 box. h Qbesse, al 33a, Bd.;
ut' bega (lover S,.?!, at 30a. Gd., SO hhde. Tal w,
at '?ios., and i?r rteataawBQO boxes Che?->? arid 601
pbga. Batter, al 60b To L-m.1?mi, per Boatialflaj
3.JKI bids. Floor, at ::.., ??o bilga Clover Seed, at
?V; IGOljaleeH ,-.?.'. .1. ToGlvgoW,per taentaal
raatel: 30 bosci Batea, al '?'?'?? ti. To li., men.
? er inatral Bag: uiiO balee l?..|?e>. it Hi aWbbU.
Al .'iiii!, el :i';d.: H"i bbli Bboe Pegi at aa. -,'d.,
l?S0tBM S?i?_inv.I, at v.i.?., uud ISO bilde. Tallo.?,
at d'"s.
Tie bu uesotjftbe Lfeb-Trauury wia; B la
r'?.'?' ;;.'. 61 lut Cartcea?, *.'?<?'"?, Payi Bia,
|1,M7,?3I ii-*; H.liree, |lo,l.rA,,.,! > MX.
The Norwieh and ?V.r. stsr Ruad, foi the year
ei in ? :.i"l. November el mia n t aarnin ;?? of about
tlVl.GOt ,or ? I' ?.?nt oat ti... ? !.{?.:t.l al c1?. Tue (?ross
. linga i tra.'. ;
1 i;- .e. i iel iuieirit.
I ?, i |ti ?? bt ii $713,000 iad the raab ajei
di i na li | I ' a 11 a *' ron - loi lu lo j
ii. BaaaaboBl boutla iaobo item ead th? au ii '????'
e^ock in tl.e </!nr. lirlBaiad la theeaai - i|
. :i bli .1. . ,.i.l lo I ?'eil on tba al i,.
Tbe S.'-mil'- ol 'be Ciiii,i o ? NortbWestern
K llway ? iin? m j ira ittiaetiiig mach alo ? ion.
il? foti srirg i the eavaiaga al lb? road for abor
im nibs i ;??
. ? ? ?.BiBf.ri 'i
K ? ? r r.
Ill ... . . .1 '. . 1 i
* 13
r i iv... 'er ta I :?at leal aetli seed
fl'li i i
See e BsBS laSl pSBS.
I. aeeta f >'( ino- ti ? . i :? > J C1
At ibia ? ... i !
are equal to the payment of the ?ntereet oa ill m
l ? '.???" The : an igen of thi
' pen ?xpti tboBnehrei inthi ttroageat term-i
in recan? to tie filters ei.nii:y* of tba rod, ind
i - . wilbi? tie Boat lara nontba te pay ?df tbe
balance ? t iii."- bt,wbich ?lill?at
:r.e m ippty ti ?-ir ?arataga t?>tl,e peina nt ef the ht*
i .lull..n! indttaereb? ioaatbeiraaaaatod
liiet ii.n'1,11,,1 botuk ia r?oukraotedleteratt paying
?eeur ty.
'1 Le load and ita I q alejara al are now in very tine
?? li . I tba ' Ipili SB Ol Bl recent txteii-.o:.
to Hie. n Bay Bjteea tin in mother fine ebipp
on I^ike Mh biglO, i-ud will have the iff?, t to la";; :?
i;. laen mo tit ?arnlnya Boring tbe coarlag aeeeoa.
We .n.: ex ai ?! | mitre ?'>:<? m ?? t t f die latperta
of Forei i Dry G ida at the port of Now-Yit.? f. .
ti e week ? ndii;.; Jh?i. I. I
Ferittairstd IMBB, ISlll. |?*K.'??.
I.iiterrdr- || .|1, ?J I . . .1 |1, 43 ?
. li ?net. I.. I '? lil,,I III I '?:
K in. i at Hie nott...g1 I I #?',''.'. 1 ?'?li.'?-'
rarewB u ?arl I ... ? I I UO W,0U? :? o
??M ikt.u ro'i i oit. ?nut
Ifnae.'. aj Pilga Vaine Uarnu?, vi I ?<| VbIbs
V? ?a. 7' ' |7 ?? I? P'as ....?. .11 f .
(Utes. -1 7.' ' 3 llle?eUaf?w?i,4IS
?lu.??; t " : -
Total.?,. J ?'?I.I
? ITUI.BAV ?ii.
Bees/ -' rigi. ? ' * -.',o. .. tf pi,,,. v..,,, i
i\.. I.' ? . u . J i . ?
I o'.: ,u. iJ 4 . '.li.ie.ia'oj? .. ....
?ii. 6 l.'/l - -
T?.ia. . 1.0.413
Itkmwf.af rir? V.lne ?lose/. SI? I'll ???. \.
?V.e.l. 410 I ... I '. I 'ii ..' I ! ' i
.??:..?:.'..: 1.4
HU. K ii J.,
.:i ????: i i
Tlie Lillie Mi.i.ni Komi earned the ye*ir ending
:; v m.
Kr , , ?.l.aee -,r.. g11?
li . i.- : ' ?. . ? ", ? . ''J
ii ? ?nJ ii all. " ?' . '
Ki uir. .1.. . J:.,.' li"..
i. . a . ...... I
T..I ! Mri lap.?I lia? II
I I - .... . . T
1st r ? ...!?? lo. 1 .
?'. OH? it 31
Nil ?arning!. ?y . ,. I ,'J
Thefollaariogio u i tupa m ra ?'->"? ??ntoftbe
o; ? a" ion- of tbe road foi ibe i.iii ? l8.1 and 11 ? .
IStJt. I u.?
i... ? . . o.-?.|l, i.i ii.: t' ? i' ;j it
Tilalaapsiwet. B? i > u ....? ia
N?( eirnii't?. - r '
lu Ibe money market there is BO ibaBge I--' i -t.. .
I'!?' rat?' on edi is . ? | ii .ii. Jjj,
The lien, nil tii.-'ln ..lit nu I lb" Stu'esof Ohio,
MewYarb laJ Bliaeia, ara paying lui ?ntereet on,
ibeir ?b hu in i, ? 11.-. ladaWMt we ara
.1 , a in.i |.: y it?? in g II, I nt bj >!.'| ??
(..??cr. NotWatlettandlnti the largo aaaaltoj gold
lia -e |.ti' a.i iii? thivw ?ni lb? iiiuiit.t, u i j,.ennuin
a.- ,i d I | cr u.-ui.
(?old has beag bit")hi i lo**iiy, but at tli? 'ilose tia
fuliadvaaee vvi.b not auttalitad. Aftot .e-lbng al
135, ti,. 11 u...mil m ut ibu vi., ?? v ,u in; bid. Cue* '
tool-Hoi. m tavotea ?y ii'ii.ttl.t/e I .?. it!, nob!, aud run np '
lo I"*?. Tba aaaaranrea t'r,i!u Waauingloo, Ibal lhere '
isiniiutuiti.il lo al ?al ni ni ile uso of gold in tlie'
. f datiee, attrael >l i| i dattoa t-. ti ? g i
Bote?? Tbe Oin -Y ii Certlfleitee have bren ..
tpoAaeaiBtl ii WjBlHi^iad iba le^obi*TbirtUa
...lf.ili.el at the i lose to VK], Bid.
Hi. BitatoS ?ran buoyant inda Ih to-dny, with
n idvia I of ?" . t Ibl. <>u Floin, and le. V basil,
? i Vi'i al ainl Com.
Mi. w ?.. I?. I', b4, late rsaaahw ?jfUrtttnaeta,
Clews A Co., Is now n n ?m?e ref ibal BfBB.
T'ji liuno'. ?{ Kirj Ittiauauee Ooauaa*/ baa at
. land ft I m;v.'i i ul diviib-jd of t'lvo per cent, fra?,
nun (?..vi nu,? nt tit.r, pataMe on ilemsud. The
li v iutf laTb)| Hunk Inn <J,etlivre 1 ii dividen?! a.? tim
? rute of sit per cent per ?ni A '". payable on the 19tli
ifcst. The Ha; i tier*' Saving! %I?ank has declared a
d:t iiiend at the rate of lix per c?t *? WT annum, pay
able on the 'Jlst inst. The iut??N "* on the funded
loht of 01 io will be paid to-d?y at th ?:i ney of lb?
, .Stute, No. % Williiim btrce?. Mesa M. Winslow,
j Lanier A Co. arc pat/fag to-day the hi*, ?"?st due on
tie 4 P nut uinpon bondi of Allegheny /-'i'?, l'a., I
lereihe'd V cent ("tovcriimont tax. Messrs. P? M. j
Myers A Co., No. 6 IJroud stieet, on paythf th?- in
I tel-est ou the MioanotB S ?> cents to-day. The N'a- j
, lim.ni Firo laonronn Con.pany lins declared Boomi* |
| Minimi dividend ot ?? t* fut, payable, on the ?lb ?
' ibstaut.
The statements of the baulds of the tinte principal !
| fuie? of tho Union for the 1 ?st week compare with I
j the previotit one, ami ilie MrtBafnntlpg tim* ot 1" ? !. !
! as follotvi:
?.OIBI. Depoilll. Specie. Cirniln.
K.Y..D-S'. 27*17 , ii- "Bl ?? ' i-''': ?'" ' I
ii..t. Hoc. 29. m/su'? :.-iis?;,?i?4 7/.h4.i<w :. ne.40B|
The slflhtssaih animal lapotl I" the Htoekholdcii
ot the Providfuce ami Worcester Railroad has bel ? j
pul dished. The e-minga atna txpetten for the !
tvclve rnoiillis ending on the 30ih of Novemb?r
last, v?ere as follows:
gol :r ii.-i ,,r!?'i.,:i c1 ii..ii?.' ' i ? "''
'?. iSS
per triniportaHon of pin. iiger..$' ' ?
gar trj,..p..it?ii. ii of t. enlin.lil). ii
l'i,r trUMBI
Pot real?.
Pur ?pri.
Total lui ouie.? : ? '
Iii, :,of.-.n.i. '
1 .- i pal a of I .c.motlte?. I'. ?JJ
r >t fdORLt depaituieiit .
I or peaiing-r dej,?rtui?!,t..... ?I,i.i*l PI
Por malr.tei.aaee of wey. 41 ??'? JJ
r<u i-i< illmiim.
Total eiprnies.*-l? ' 181
Barrti *? trtei oadarMag aiper ?.-i.* "
II? lnct intr :e?t : aid oa D bill during tn?
year...r-' _ ' "
I.'.! iiitr.-riticii.lTcd nil dri,jiit?. II?!.'?
Nei le.one, fir til > eur..*'
tIarkete-1'Aerf.i.ii Biroaiii. ci IniN. r.Taiaeai
i llinAT. .1 ib '.'. I '.
ASI.1 -- The Kiiket li q dei ? ely at t< ?for Puts,
ana s>? I for P.
i/?l ;<>.'.'- I lu .? ian?! to-d?y hat beao fa>>. and |
a. ,i i, m-i. ?i, ?.ear if aaleloV ibbUl I, 0 b ??? ?t ?> . I r
Ml.ti I ?,? Senti ne ?potad ?I Mc.
I'! ... i. ' < ? ;' u vimn irte W M
bul ?. i -? . i. tVe Lava eely te o.,;. ?
?' bag! I ??. ?r? -.1 ' ?? U ' ?' '-ii
S ' I I S II ?NI. IAN. i, I
It lo. baa.I I'ey loo, bega. 73?
Vem-iibo. 1) I ?IS ,.j?|. if.13.?T?
I t. ?,r?. .-. Me
- I . . m lava. . i.m
?. M a???, ni?-. . 13,091
Jeuiilca. Ml
m ?A?.?, mm i. i ?a.
.i? 'I. Le a? a, igi . ... 1 Ml
J.Ja,?,-|t,..li ?J '?Vi.u?
. ? '.... a i . . I."-'
t*,n..c?. 4+ : Ceylon.3,000
1 -1 . 4,- ' li
. til hip.M.tW?
'i ..lui m ".??. ? '
r I . . . -, ? I i - r - . ? .. fat >'? raie , in l Mab)
PI...IT ia falrl- ?,? I?? ?rd ?:?? li? mil ,..ediuni ,r?iv. are
... ?active yet
be arruali are i?ir a ila?? **cf the A ??? ! Tha
-?'.??r*. 1" "0 Li??, at Bl - I ,r SapaibneS
Wre?eiPi *'? ?"?" -' ' ' ?? ?' Basis *? 'o" 4v'i ?" f r
| J . ht fb* ?I ? lu "ide- O' lYeetefa '
/??.ra; OS I r ??? f> r SaT?|p?B| tiiii..; t.?1*; f?l
, -? ;. . T'' mi -.t. Le . i ?'ri?. Cei dien
?? 1 , pi) a?d ii Ti, > ia ?? o: ?' ? hi,I ?? a?
rf Claie? of Asm. al
, ? ' :? filmer
le?; ',-.*> le*
?? ' + . . i r
I. ,r :a -.- ? U-.in??: ;
. .... .-..-?.', Maali
tiBSai 1, ?, ? .,| ..' ilil*. ?t ?a ?.?ti ?Id
, ? . ? I -' Prat v ? Bl ? r. ur ii ? IB .?
? IBS Hi
.... i? e.ir? lellv? iad :
? i ; :l I ? - i ?? i ?--- '.' r ? .:. I trot I
al .. the i,n|ir..vri .. v
; li ?-',?? ce
.lo:.- .li? ? ? ? ri? t at 0
re t label Bl ! I ? r de. M
ii ?nilli
?I, lal ?r I - ? : .i ,..? ne i Whit?
... ?,.i.? ?i ?M ..'. li. ? ? ii in i rr d and I? q la
' ... : - r .i. I 01 ?d
i-i i.'i i. i - -ii-.. i .. ? ? lah I
dei ead el ' ? ? ?
? . , ? ... '?'. a?t?r.. i ,.d hi ale, ea
. ?' , ? , ? . , , ?ty, it Bid
? t..? I ,- I. mel and in gi >.! d- li ?? .1 . ?el ? ?I
? . ?t 7 i ; . I ? :. i V, a,o :, , . ii ; j ?
loi -?? :i I Al. , i ead aila Tot do ii ? ?
II i? _ 11.? uiirkrt i? quiet, U'lt hi nu r??..l cf 4'SJ'jilri at
i i
'...??-'- Ph* '-,:??. far v ???:.'? -.? ii ni.?,l*ri?a *l
la ly g ' ?,.??? o;.. i ... at ain. ten,gi. ?mi* ma liait
? .d
110? i. .'AM AkY I. I "I.
ii',,!.. Dall.
? i Mo rido.-.' ; .
Cubai : ?..I. 71 ?
N... o ..i,.. . :.,ii?
1' i Eli ).. . 7'l -
?T ,,
t , ba Ma?c ??'! ?...
? m.a.
' .
. I"'l
?v. ?al :
. I
1 I-.
I 1
i ..tai i ,
i Port m?! ?th linnhe
?'?.util?.f mollien', pneu ..? ?vi i. ?it ? .
? ? * lineally ' .. riathau tait meath,
? ? on -? La .?r , -.L? aarr. ?
? io:. e,g |? ? fe? . . - ... ??ie7.'o bbll. St 01? 171
lor Mr?? *ad Oil i>2?eli t-tfor Priai? He-i . ntl eile
., ,,..-..i.?, aal wiib Bale ?)" i
? . .. i, , ?.? un i .at";, ai.?, ?,,'.,,. ? . ? ??i.ij.j . i
i ? ' ?- pi 11,413 ( . Bgkin?' '
iii is.: m, aih. ?ad M.en bbla, lae aeiaa ila.? ia-t
.,,.'.' . : . I . l ,al , %!.- -,
? , ?,lf: I'l'i? 'I " i . I ? -' : . M
|,tl I ure UI.-'iMlS-'l Kee! 11.lill ?.. .r?t ai.d
-?. i i at OH . I? 73 I
P I'll? In' '?!???? tr>. ?: ,ist ?i I moi- pii"') , ? ?.
I... ?i 7.,- fei PI . , li? ..-. ii .1 ' fui S ut ? : ?li?h l iii
.1 ........ i I* liri , in , .' II ulla . . nu >. J . .?'... el
.v .em ? ii abeil lad Cal, te an
loivjnt.l li.,, J BudU* t ? lor .??,. iM l ear. l>rr.a ,1 II ??
...? o W'r.iarn Bed ' i'v ii
i ? . ? :..?'?.?:? i !? ' >ieu..v , ?ale? ?i ? I bil*, m Ita? i.i
|.f? al li'fr ?a. I '.7 k .'. .-.?, -. \ Butler la
'ii I ?' 11 ? .' ,- f r ??'. a ,ru and -tato in tab* ??,.1 in lulu.?, I
|. ..i. I i nil'iil. r loci..Le
, '>.,!?
- I li- J. .i.?ii<l I? uieJur?'.. ?lil w* lute liv) ?ile? to i
? Bl* , d. -i tLe ki iJi.. ?a i i Ku
'i' .-.,.( . ?? -.- nt tha Week ef Hie? ea head
lae. I IIUil.li ulta ead 17? bbli garni MAll hifi I.*'i
ii, ?in ? "i. iii . .I ie .1? nu,. v >i ?,l it,., igiian I
? i rall i 7.- ?. 'i*v? ????',?J. ai.' 4 IS I ba.? un ?
? nu.- Illira I V? ?. ...
I?d lae ii.q.'i/ fa It?.? Iimnderate, birt borden I
n^ai1. ,,?:'. i.,n .in,, r vi?*- rn.i ,:? i miali eil. '
? r I *ud ' i ' '? r. foi new
i ? . ? ...ile???
ni..? a ia Srv j.u.a. Hi. 1, IS ?.
'?. !? ' I,tia llniq .". ?
I'ortolli ?.butti . TW'Total Iii. 1..2'.i,?U'i
?.and?, ni,J.... '.Hi.Me.iido, boaaa. i:'i
' ia.I '.?>! " latani boi a .b ' *U
.? -| lit-.i.a b ,<...ii.
. >. : sw ? ,.?K, Jan 1,181
.It, it*
i. Im ,i? .
V a. I. t.--.I", ;,it
" 'li' .-. 'Ill
I? id*; i ni'. l
Ci ..?.?.I.
Pim '? i.i' ? I....I? ....
Stiel ed lot i . .-. Herd ?? l'|r
? ? i I i i iui ?lavad?;, at 01 '?'? S i
b?i . I ? .. i. i- t ?? ? i .? . mo. laang!*, ead ia I , . ?.
(?ibu pi ?li , '
I Vl.l.llVV - I,. I qotry la light lint the ?iiBi?..'t ii ?te.t.lj '
el ?' . ?' li,o ' ;r, good \\ *?t*i . ?i stir., ?,.,l lo IM ;', i ,t. ?, I
,, ..
WHISKY I? .j?.--? -i u: ?I... !oar?at..ti,ui. . . io. .?o'. .: *
? ... Lila II : I ' iii
Munni ol' . um? limen.
'11..' t'.. li Inn u hld ? ?lau on I riu?y.
I te a ssaettallse
.?-??? . ?tai Ike ?alary el the luoeiuing
? ? , l ' . ' ' vail Ii '? li? lill ?ii, Hal I.
(?riedle U.C.,,, i'.,- i.D a." i ead l'haiil W,
-,.'?? ? the B tent el Aldi no.. deu??hig al.
"?'? ?' i.... '. i'i i. -, A? v i. ? Bli ? ja i i ,? il, ii Mi. A !vl,-11 ?tn
lavlisUoa, addtesi ii gibe Hi ?rd lu ;>e??*u ?u iii., n,
? li U'l'lll.
Heard adopted leiolutlebi U -.ti i ti ? t'.vrpoiailou ,
' ? ' ? . . ? e.il?vJi).t iv ?vatl: Athiub teiiioaJ mi, |
r?Taf theptaaBy (of aumd laeMWiUioal ii?wa*ai ????. di
?. .-? ? < ..,.? i ? i '.. iel .?-. Hie tr.ja.? and
?winitalie1 ihu ?in?, i?iii,jttii. ??;.ii u have .> s laid ??iiiioia
... rit
I bl ti .Minion t. rr.?o m ? portr.lt of (len. Mci'lellan I i
t...... uno?! am waa UM eve i, bar lag been n.; i?, ma
... rattrual vate.
IA?D tii!,rd to .satultiAj al lu o'clock ? ai,
liiii t>> Di i, h Hu.i..- AU:.t IO u\Wi on
CbttnOea) l.oiniiig, u liri: ncuinl n. ptylgu U,il
hnwana Thiia|<eiBth und h'oni'ia aiiuet.?, ia ?
;.,iiiiu:ug belOBfl}B| U) lri'.il^el UtBOJ, wnW'i tft*
?h.?t'ovid, togeitier willi ibo iti'.iat.irv, Au. l,o?e
tit out 4.1.,'?. Ni i in., urn: ?tv.
A II vi its Nr-vv VatK's?OiiThursJav AniiMi,.
...,,., ?nil bet ii.imt iii.,d. w?? 1 mid la thesT i-e*. ha iki
pellnM the Nln'ii Prestaet, .ml..,,,., ???,, ? ?m ?JJ-.
I ff??*i?* bhewaita.,.. ,1 tueSialuo. llv,u.o, whole ?be clu ii
I (g1 mt Bin ?sty? elA? iicd ahoitlg tftti trrfrlag th?.ft
ci tv tri-: ta-t.
Nrw-Tr.AR*8 I>at im "??rw-YoRi CiTr.?Met*
|artaaWat*aaaj the dull and irtreatenlig aapeel of th. Bsbbbs,
t ?eil, on lim BMfSSBf of 'J hur.day. aWil breakftet tmw ^
? -nu ?baa? 0?it In ab it. -t?ry. ?ni Bjat triumphantly ihro.iA
j the rmtTtnt rttirii ?the leiiistiider of (be day ? BBUasjai th
| i*B I ni.?Inn b? of vi?lt'irt a rare opporln it j. te aUS-Ua_B
cafli. 'J hey dlJ i.oi fail to baprei ' lbs tim... Ji,]??i| *,.-,
| it" ii .-ill BaaeVsC Sf?Stl*SBja?tt 'heitre,.t .Ter/ li*..rv ata?ia,
in 'ii? cl'y aunt b?? g tie- i - ijitied, a-iil ?n-ry private ra.
veyaBSB broaglit loto ri-ij LliinB All day lang, ??d evta
uEtil late al night, Ibe ??sates st* saBaw a ?io ,, ,u eja__,
?Hoot?on horieba. ?.??iwlio r inia?.-, u ju,:|..', ? io.Ureet
ofticeptlon Ibe holiday i ??ed r s a..- joy.,'-. l(el. ?
;h' re were men who inede ibssassBSBI rl.i .-alom by eieeatlva
iliinklnr. end e few? beran?? ?o ol.?I re; ere iii ?hey w|r_
iori I l.el Uith IO?lgii..?lri ii.? ?tation-iiOU.e?, ?f crrtTtt t^_
win.ni Bfl Bfc? le nive Iheir bate ? . .?d, ,.(?_, log^
rslls of yaitenliya'. thyr raw qiarlen, (?deer" t*. Udlsg
would no1 be able to recogoi/r them I' tbej mid, inch a
call, prevised they bad r-<tiii,< but ehotoer.,, ii ts
patas these, f?r ssess selon eba bal bia. eye? ia
?La n or'i s h.d bis k ">e. at m.1,1. Yr,?n. asa aaaBJ
sad ?'..ere who ibdtl dite... Be i -\ ..??. ?),T, ,w,. mmmm
!,er li al wewin ?. fir more iitloii.-iljug and d.ar.i tnaa why.
?r.d tLeot! p-? Ter htr in Deitotbs lei ptlngl ilJ?.;?iikil.ig es
berbo pt) l,!?h,aril Tbeelbs] net will ?? i;i.|, t.. peaaal
atlee* of pitit?n correrev fat one er? u ot sf ?li.?) ?,>,,^
their porlnitt, to th.-lr Mendt, and a baa ti.?- atlei,.,,. t,?,?,
nu ihr backt of Iheir boi ?i.'he/win iiiei uol tJi.ui.ilveesa
li.eir on ?, bick?, lb- Bseeeaisttaa o' ttir.e ted oilier intox?,
"?tie; d.r k? to .??ini'.'u.cn c ??Vn ou Kew-Year*! l'a. ii aa?
?o '?.iii i.i.hle a? formerly, uai j la. a pr-fern g io dve
heir g e?M cofT'e ami Me. li Usad of dttrika llu? I??? a
deebtfalretpeltltsa. A asataVesBB ?he di.cte, the day u
Bad ii *?(.? at eoaeyftsei he vi.l?.. mual have
0 oie ileuia-h baal tirtlui if lie ia no' intoili-e'od hefor*
Bight, Bad l.ai hont ., the i.'ij r.rtnoKir? of e ia?iy to drisb
u ine B ill be eeaSaBaSed mole ditcrtet than ga ' tat i \ceft
1 | Ibotidiacr.'miia ? i.ii.i; fron, tait e'lt'on. ,iu- ?Iaj ?ess
li .lead a hippy one. Maur psa?asas Basse bl from I li.-coe?
ir-, to (?raiifj iii.- r lou of lbs BtAWTslSBI milga n ilh ?hear
Cily flisadl lo ?..HVariou? platel of BOM -en , nt. TI"- Mb
le'iui, the Mili erie, the tl.eat e? ?ere II rented wi h vie
Kora day find i bj*at. Kroi'ltvay w.n elive ?vin, momeas*
.len, ant everybody lee.ned to have a liol id?? exp.pt Ubi
?"tor r.n.nihill l.i rr?, who har- pienty of work and Utile
ST nnfiiiie foi ra>iistioJ. Take it |U ia all, hov ,-ier, are
i.ii.i Nsl -Vork never ei.ojeda Lap,der IfsW'Yi ii'? Day
ne pasple teen-d to b-o?t:.e, Biert . I .' ''ian badese, ee
Ibesfb a lond bad b"n Bfl J li ?n lb bbearii f r ttaey
expert to ?t-3 petce, union and ftssdns follow the nh .litloaaP
Mi-;.?.r Ir:-vf?.?M,.iid.iy, Jan, 5, Academy of
Mnilc?Min i'.t-.l-.Jf in ' i' ii ." Kin K oh. ?iii go le
i: .rope. BeesaVsrMasaatit T'ie-'ty. J?? t^OaassitaCant
Serl li Inrti .; Hal : Mf B '.vard Molleaban?!'? Mo-.cal Sate
Inga to ii'- l oT'Vir, IJrlde See adrurtile:..? '. VV>dne?.iay,
ijr * it I ling Hall, concert ef .Mauler ?V. 1'ape. 8?e ed
v ..tie ..lent. At the sBeesh ?erase of Piftb sesos? tal
1 v n.ij h.-it itr-et, ibsrell spfS "'. I te ile gfSad org_~. (be
asa i. enea itop? t'ito humana, "iu'lof sBrprlataf llu. ena"
nke the human, 'ti- aai.l. At Ihe ho Bl tam I t'o divtss
I u't. men? core, Bred to it hi. hall ether? are "if the eartb
i-irthy." ge .'le at.iiieuri, hie tollie . luire'., and hear ile aw>
haul i! In.iti'.ioni. Mr. U. C. Iiuitsp !i the orKeniit.
? bBbbi <?r Miau ?Mr? Obab*? lf*tr .?)>*?>?>?.
- (in M.eday eTeiiing L-.it Mr. tlnu it " rsesea "he Acad
...? i , .\; .-i. , v. mi a cn ?iii > .'.r*t;?'iietied hy the minee el
Mi.t !.. Um ?ed etisus ass lasls?sd te the tronpo t-t th.-b_s
?'. T.'ie flrii ope.? p?iror.n"d wi I he ' Po??Jl?,"la
Bril I. Kiss Keiiojg. Mciara. Iirliuei an? Aniodio will ?es.
Irin (heprineipal rftlei. Herertl eolift?r now wotk? ne sa
1 -i lu preparuliin.
Mb. Ma.-o? .Tom? OB I'akirum.? Mr. Jon??
lectarca ?t lbs Brooklyn Acsdestj gbU ?rtulne on Out
lae ii.i.jeit in other hand, would not hnva tks
-o..e Inleit..!; lor Mr. Jon?, not SB .? ?, >??*- el toe Itailte
pall l?l aa i -. ?I iret, Iniuoua wl-.e went ?i-.i. lum (raes
: inly lo >.?ple.|, who ?hired hi? d?u4e/a aud ^alti l<.st?*r?t is
, i. tr' in :
v i ..-, sjaoi ???A -nee'iii? la 1 c1 alf of Sal??
b lb I ?ii will be hei.l "li I iLoih ereninj, t...- Hil lo*.,
? e . o,?eseaas i'.e.hyieiini ( ?: nob, ?ssBOi sfijaaa
< ? ? ', al "?j o'elt <?_. "luu ipei.tt'i. aniiu ? i .1 tr- tis
Bei. B W '- Usa?, Ike Bar. VV. li. Tiaas a..J Suposa
? S, ail w. Il knot? . liKii'il.. t'a ^ bhllb l>t?S?l
I Kal?. Mr. ( lud iw t. i ! I, e-.? p-, i ?;. iljy o.. (Se
.i.t'er-eo roly re! ^i u. ii.at..; ?lo.--, at ha BBS sssB B ??????
li'. ?'...1 an Bag i!n ..id.er. io Hie h.ipa.l. <i lbs Writ ead
Watt, i. i er* l.. las bess Isbntaglb asttjsw.
I iii ."ti ty?.a ? Mi ill tot.-- Isst aeasaal nioi'.-.ire el
Mai. r (li I)ke will not I o d.li.ered nt.ti neil Mon.lay. a
, ? i,, sea Uoeid of Au. ?.neu ? be aasyasbaat iw
Tar Ki'irn? Dtr vin mlkt. ? Mbior-fleneral
J be B ttreal who baa boee app i ? d le toe ? ? ?nd el
i ? -. lieparttnet.t, lu the p.no - ' M i Obi I D.
l'orge, ri.lgnod, ?rill make bia h. .d.|uart>-. at A ...ay. al
. . be i? eipeeted tj a .i?. ? s * tUm sen ?eel.
Bi Men.-Ii is eai I Cat Hil?.-'?*i . BoWBB, now
?'.. leant ef (Ve Board sf Po'ije t'e-rn lulu.en, wi.i leave
for Nrat-i Ulci'il in s few ,!iyi, tit.-a c ?? a.i.ned if the
lisa Bilged? uudei Cru Biuki.
Fill IN ClIthlH *TI(IKI.?Al "lit ??! O'C'OC?
iii 'i iiQi-.luv light, a ?Ir?' took plttee h ne b lAetnem
oi the tenement house >'o. In*. ( bavreb street,
owaed bj Bolirt ?.lcCiudy. Dama?'? ?it"d.
1! iiBB OB Ai.tiKiiMtN.? This Hoard i, et yetlerdsy
morinng a'. 1 (rai,?? ted a Nige .mount if rt.uiiiw bn?iiiaaa.
H S re?o.utleii donatlnj e*?**>tlOtStbs BMI .--. o' t - It o maa
Cb? bo Us Orpboa A.j lum, I ir thecot StlSatllSS ef a '.ew 1 ulla
leg ?li lik'r np tnd |? .ed ST1T t ? 1*1 1st?? Mr.
i ?i .. || ii h- wi? tatU ? tie ii'j would
beaelt ItasBet n..ich by lue piytueui si tbta ntsaey to abo
aa ii I by es pi is? * ?!? Ubi a aseM lo
?it ether BBseeee Tha mil eneaea onUaaaee, ? ..ich p?e
vine, f i (I.. Is. ??of ?3,000(1? woitlioi ?In pi ??lera ol tbe
,.-., n,?'???: ?!? ?'... ti'. i.V ???.". .'.I Meeate, wi at- . up lu ?be
,- ,ti .... rbailBSBa Mr K. le rtr. .. :-.-??'.? s ... ?>
tnd ?tain s a.ii.-ng e hal IS weu'.i
tal <>i ?i ..ed t,. ..i dn mee oa
stllsBS li..a time Ihe 1..110 uf ai.iaii i.ol.-- ..a. ua
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