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8ATTJI.DAY, ?lANl'AHY 3, 1803.
The Proclamation of Cmanripation.
My the Preeldrnt of tate Inllrel tUatee ef
A??? rim I I'reitaniniioa.
Whereas, on the t wvnty-second
day of September, in the year of
oui' Lord one thousand eight hun?
dred and sixty-two, a Prochmia
tion was Allied by the President
of the lrnited States, containing
among other thing the following,
to wit :
'? Thgt ou the First I >?iy of Juttaiy, in th?
Year of our LggdJ Oat) ThBBBBBn Ki u, lit Hun?
dred and Sitty-thte?', fil petoOM sMU hs Slaves
within nnt Slut*, at aHaie-saAtd part of a Mate,
the people whereof shall then Le In rebellion
r.gaiiist th*' Vatton Stuloi, shall be themel' r
ward ami roiil.iKIt J BEE, ami the laxeeiitive'
?.nvoriiini'iit ol Um l'n-ted State?, inelmiint:
tiie ?Militarj and Naval a'l'iio.iU thereof, Will
recogni/.e and maintain the freedom of such
peison?, and will tlo no not or act? to represa
?uch jiersotis, M any of them, in ony ellorts
they ma." make .or their actual freedom.
"That the i.xtvu'ive will, on the tint
diir of .Inn.ian aforesaid, by rroelaniation,
dcsi?.'!i?.k' li??? Statn Bad pan??1? Hutes, ii any,
in which the people tbeivoi r?>i?' etively tliull then
Iv?tti li.'ix'ilioii igainsi ti.?' United Btnteoj :md the
fact tnal on? Mnto, or the p?'?ipiu th.'r.joi, -.hull OB
?vji.il d;?v l>c in foal faith r> pr? Mnted iii the Con*
urt's? of the United Stat? bj Menant*, chosen
Iii?*!.'!?? nt elections wherein ;i umjinily ?n tho
?|ii:ilifi?'d vf.teri of snell State .?hall have partie*
puti'il. ?ililli, in Hie sjahtetiee of Mntig ??omitenBli?
mp. 'es1 ?immy, bo deoBoed oobsIbi?vo etideuee
thit snell State anti tin people tin r???l tra no4
thei In TtVl't'llioii argainal the United Btatee.*'
Now, therefore. J, Abraham
Lim <>i.n, President of the United
States, .?y virtu*, of the power in
mc vested as Commander-in-l hief
of the Army and Navy of the
United States, in time of actual
armed rebellion against the author?
ity and Government ot the United]
State*, and as a lit and necessary j
war me ?sure i'??i supprtNsing said
iiebillion, do, on this tirst day of
ni ann:-ry, in the year o? our Lord
one thousand eight hundred a i ? i
sixty ihiec, and in accordance with
my purpose so to do. publicly
proclaimed for the full period of
one hundred days from tho day
first above-mentioned, order and
designate as tlie States and parts
ol' States wherein tlie people
thereof, respectively, are this day
in rebellion against the United
State?, the folio1?? ?ng, to-wit : Ar
ibtnaas, Tex;'-, Louisiana, (exoept
Paridlos of St. Bernard, Plaqe
liiines, Jefferson, St. ?lohn, St.
Charles, St. James, Ascension, as?
sumption, Tern Bonne, Lafourche,
S\ Marita, St Marti!;, and Orleans,
including the City of New*
Orleans), Mi-?i->ippi, Alabama,
Florida, Oc-org?a, South Carolina,
Noith Carolina, and Virginia,(ex?
cept the forty-eight counties desig?
nated as West Virginia, and also
the ounties of Berkeley, a\c
oomac, Northampton, Elizabeth
City, York, Princess Ann and
Norfolk, includioi' th?- cities of
Norfolk and Tort-mouth.) and
which excepted part- are, for the
present, left* precisely as if this
Proclamation were not issued.
And by firtue of the power
and for the purpese aforesaid, I
do Older and decl?ie that ALI
? pjasons Jii.i.i? A? slavk-i within
said designated States and parts
of States, ai:k, \nd bbkokfok*
waihi sham, BK, KREEl and that
the Executive- Government of the
United States, including the Mili?
tary and Naval Authorities there?
of, will recognize and maintain the
ireedoin of said persons.
And I hereby enjoin upon the
people so declared to be free, to
abstain from all violence, unless in
necessary self-defense; and I re?
commend to them that in all cases,
when allowed, they labor faith
fully for reasonable wages.
And I further declare and make
JBMBfejtoi fUdl ?a-cous, of suit-,
able condition, will be received
into the aimed service of the
United States, to garrison forts,
positions, stations, and ? other
places, and to man vessels of all
sorts in said service.
And, upon this act, sincerely
believed to Le au act of justice,
warranted hy the Constitution,
upon military necessity, I invoke
th" considerate judgment of man?
kind and the gracious favor of
Almighty God.
In testimony whereof 1 have
hereunto set my hand and caused
the ?seal of the United Slates to
be affied.
DOBO Bl the City ed Winbin,.'!.,n, tins first ih?} o?
January, iii the Veer of Our laird One Tho'i
[t.. I.] sand Qgbt Hundred aiJ Sixty-three, and of
tlx? IndopcodCBCS of th?- United Statei of
A rin iii? i:;D''.tvspv?nth.
By tb? President-?William H. .Sr.vv.ini>.
heiretsry of Slate.
?We have brief dirjittthesfromOen. Baierrans's
Army to the t?fleet that a severe battb was fought at
Muil'rcvsberi? on New-Year?' day. As we close Ifcia
patjO ot oin paper v?e are exper.iug lull details froni
Mt si.tic.al forirspondcnt.
?Ki. hin-md BBpOM have disnatches finm Vieks
bnrgto the elTiH-l i lint on Sninray hist the I'nion
fnrvet attempted lo rapture ihe Kehel werkt Ht
? Vickll uri?, bal failed. On Sunday they a^pin tri??d
i it, btti failed. On Mo inlay lhere was n thin! ntl.nipt,
j and another htiltin and at lb? .'alo of the dispat? h
i lu? s lay i Iff! ling still (??li ?lined, with no imjsirtant
1 renlto. Oui Moepoon nM M have been mowed
I tl?>?vn li'ie grin-?-. yettheBcbel lo?? wa? just about
U0th.Bg at ella The Uni ? n'tio. ipi ! ave destreye,! a
?liiiii? l'oirit u of the ruilroud nutting west from
j '? n ?aehorg, towaiil Sim tejxirt, La., and biinn-.l the
rillage ol Itetbi. Alil.nii.'h bo?????! ol'the tapaial*
lel"d Tal n of th' ii soldier?, we do not sen any su'i?
fmlory cv.iieiic.-s ol i? vi '??iv on Ihl pott of the
!:? ', !-. We Vam from Coin thal (i?>i). BbotntMi I
rjeac nding exTie*litat*n bus gone np the Fatoo,
tl.ey were to march ereilend to Vie'isbtitg.
ritjtlilrnt Lincoln's pi? ?? hu. uti .n el Preedom lo
tannmBM ia 8amnaad pan? ef Stain ia rebellion
oo the Irt inst., B Iii '. ?ve ? rial in nt^'liei part --.t
?',;. ihoet, i 'bli ?? tlie territory in wbicli Slavery ia
still legitl t., ihn follow lag diiiiwaisioi l:
Rig t Statt* No. at ?1st?? taltai,
tola-rare. I " .
MarT'iiai. i. ' '
* ' ?.? - pt* i '.-?it. M,la
Ken kj."-'?'' n
'l'?i ? ?.??a..tt! I ?
Mil ori.llt''l
i....:.-.? . gi . ti i ;.- ?>.- s
Totti. r-.."-*
V.. .ei ...'?? r el ?live* ii. 1 . . .<::.'iiu
Nu Ml ? iii?li 'ree.i,l?l.,,..
?W? have aew*Orleene datn to the Sita of De?
i. ??. It'it 1er tad bil s'iili mt 0 pi
in ile ?,.?'. f bl li.-ieial ?nued ? sj e. ml ad
?irfr? to t'ie ; ? ' ? mi rearing tb? city, in which he
, rece ni'* the sim.i'i ii tad ?.!...t be had do ne, tad
oca ??? to lio- mott ?".'-ir..! and n innoble con
' .M'nibs of expfii' '.ee iilei oiis'o ?ul.on hale r?? ?'.
: ti e , on? i. ;1 I the i ??: ii I "I M.ivery ??in
comj alible a iii i ? ? a fi ,y eil .. i ,,i jretunlt ??* <>: of
ti,.-lui'n.' Gen. Banka bat ??med twoortbm
11''neral ord IB, wi lil b j/ive promise of a vigorOM
ndiiiiiiisiin ion iinil.r bitgoi inn -. The Rebel gnor*
rilln on ?.ii iioubleniM tleng ibe Minis ippl
datbing down now nud thoa lo Lie Bpons Mui
? ? .ii ii fen negro**.
! - An im; "Maut nMeting?if iLe < lumber of ('? m
| ninrc?. ???a boldyertotday? ot whloh the nl^tcl of
? the Al.ibii.i,, ? i Itnei * was nndn m ti lenll m? I
I v. ?is stiiied thai then m ?ant at le;.-.t tour :
, being baili lo Katfamd lol nn.ilhr mr vin. Tin
I whole lubjtel tv:.s nftttod lo B ("oinn.i'i--. Bpoti
wboee report fotun aMioe will bo iahen?
?IMoii'iin. (be fiuiioiis Kobe] gttenilm obief, it
being tonghi?, oatt] in Keotaeky. Down last al
la. Led Einr J?r : if -, , : ? ?? hu Intbkeal
am! Bnimunll i . ne, aad al ral 90 met i ti :
ti li iptnred. He ii tliUputtaed, aad may -teeni?]/
i bo und no before bi nnpi - into Twaoon e.
i ?Cm. Butler li now ia Woihiagton. Ile ' ans
! ?O lu?'.'- e"!i"i 'li I i'i "1 e Of the !'.',-t ?Vi,? >]y pt/p ;
i ? inS ...'ii, ?vliere ric will or*
gauira a. ? rpt of M c soldier!, wlteee daly it will
?'botfl | obi i certain .?..?".nant Han of eoejunnuca?
-?All ii qnlrt wi'h Hornside'i Army. The Bebeh
?I.,- ritleplti aio!,0 tat bunks of the liv.-r.
IStBBftl I ' ?'? -ih.?' !'?'??" re ios eil t',e Happntbaanotb,
BOB! W Bril ni' ?!?? *'io loftl'i c,.;ilnr d o'out I'l in
I lill of I. i r? iii. :,.
? (.lu. Wool, who hil.? just been ?mtds Com?
mai l?r oi ibe Batten iJejvu.ui-iit, will fix his
beailqaai ,-r, at Albany, where hu trill ardre
n iii, u ii lew da? ??
?The littiniitj'ii'ul on ? <.f the iblpa of the Banka
i.'..js'?,;n ?., nrryiag *'?r.? n.i .m nona, hei Inen
im ChciBj oana Bay, aad will isi-obablybe
a total I ? s.
'i i !':? ?'??'? ni !.a- riga? ?lihe bul fortlietdininitin
?1 Wert Virginia. In Tim Tam ii of Oec. i.i we
I Uli.lui I' - . . ?., ill .OU of lu j U' l?
- ? .
? Wv have from Cinrfnaatl nu ?vixoaal of the tar?
;neii Mid distinction ol a Beb I oampiol j ;
Louuiy, Temi., Blew datlaaate.
? A ??iter lrom NtavrtelkiUtn ibel 19 aegron wie
hung m ? ?illy in Cltgrlotton for *k iciii.g Mini--.
? IL? eeiouoain of ihe intugtinition of i!,,v.
ir, at Albany, paatod off with tttntttaal ???ai.
'I n* I ".?/I'Mig Coio?, witb iheii boadgonda
' .i.-.j Btmbi. of Got, Boj ?nur'i pin mai sad poUt?
cal iriindi a..m ..ni,, i -j. i'?, oi the Stale won pne
sn?. The Ash n.bly Chai ,ber was ihiongod. ted
aheM ta ?/i loci, ibu (iov.i ,,.i ainl fiioBlensal flin
eran eteet, with then arbem tbey tren to eui r?
se.le, took theil j.Iik-.-s m ibe Hpnlili*! Ilesk, when
?.he oath tf ?afleo ma idmlaltiiind by Bnretart :
ital].?]?l. Oov. MofftB then i?ft,le tt ja,w rt-uiMrkr? lo
GOT. S.-ymo'i!, to which th" lane, repl',, J, avowing ;
bis detcrniiuaiion lo npperl ihe rtaatilalilill Mill
luws of the State, and the nghu of Ihs peoji!?, ca'l
;ng npon (Jod to help him.
?(lov. Seymour bos caused chtrge? |g be prelVn?d
?oainMthe CotMaammaen of l'une? for dfreii??ion
Hi UUitJiiKgvBBtt-vtii/U ititu ?he amiaiwu lil ?i.? jliiuig-]
made caves, and the order to Superintendent Kennedy
in reference to watching at the polia tot .?ereoui who
might attempt to vote after having claitnod exoini?
tion from drafting ou the ground of beingaliens. The
irial is ia dei id to take plat* this da?/ at Alban/.
?Tbe Ablernten yoitenlar passed (orer the Marora
veto) the ffiO.lHW doiiation to the Kunian Catholic
Orphan AbvIuiu, ami aV> the ordinance to ?neue
tiree millions of (lullars ti tit J aliinplastere. The
per centage on tbe job is not state?!.
?TI.? Secietiu/of ihe Treaoaty has ileci.leil :o
pay iu coin the lonn ot I**-!.', Bmr-nrjiin?*-totf ifiO?fiftp,
due jesterdny. All bonds to be redeemed m nat be
transmitted to tie Secretary of ihe Treiir.iry, indorse?]
by the legal hnldur to the United S'ittis.
?A destructive fire OBI aired iu Fulton t-'reut in
this city ou Thursday ?vening. The chief loot wa?
I in the burning of the iKr?."? cracker bakery ?d .1. T.
I Wilson; ibe whole damage was about |16VjM6,
?Tbe llepubliruLConvention ot New-ll_i.ip?liiru,
| held ut Cone?.rd ou the let, nominated .lohu A. (lil
I atora bo theil- ciniilidu'e ?or Qotwraar. Patriot!?
. lesnliitioiie were adopted.
I ?Tbe Stock m:ukrt continues to show great ac.
t'.in sad I?, ?ysney. Tha edvane?- on the ,;i?telloui "f la.t
I Werf, eidiiy wa? geiiornl wiih ery UWat trim*, llom. No1
. wili.i'.j- din. liiniiei.ii' amo.iutt of ttick? thiottn on the mu
i ket fur realization, the upward luovm eut wa? no1 arre.led In
the .iiglileat d'ijiee. Tht- market opet ed in (e ??-nuienl?
i without njiich activity ei, rpt f,,r ?aO-yOat ?SttttSSlSS, tat
1 agate* ? ?ie aaa. in n?.'ioad liondi ibaaa ?a? ?Bah bbbbbaM
al . 1 pin-, i At 'he cue i'woik It id tl,r?rs wa? a
? arge huiiule?! at, iu ?ina ?BBSS, a fuither hiipii.Ten.etit
i Tuno ?m S lar.-e deuiaad for Bl k. it hat See. nd
Hoaid. and q.ir'ttiori wsre .troie-r. At the Third
' Hoard the tnukei wat a lit'Ie ine-alar, h it in neaily awy
in.t.ni th? ?tatas shew as adiaaea on the higbe.t fMlBttsa*
, of the worum | Mill on lu loreign bl'm there la uel lu ti. 1.
: d'dng t'Ut the market i? very tirni -inder th? td'inc? li. gold.
' -'erli'ig ii 111,-11.1. with not much to be had h?Iotv 14..
li ?iu. are a!.oui i "?. lraigi.lt are i?.ul very quiet and i.la.
ae ea.ter !. r imIh luid hetty g,-"id?, bat n.uier for Bew to
trlitl Li.'sio. _
am? ? mtm ib??b?-?ii ?? i i a? i i
It will lie seen bj a letter from WaaaasaJ?
toa, ou tht) second pug??, that the ^Bootine of
supplies to tho French army !n Mollee, in
j rorriai tbe qaeitioa of laarajiae of arme to the
Mevicuna tiieui?.-!ve?, i? in diar tualta I" tween
nur Government BbI the Menean Minister.
The letter ii siruplv a relation of the BOB*
troversy, u? lar ns it lia* gone, uud may be
relied upon as authentic
nu: i>iioii.t>iuio>.
At laut v.c hate tba lon^-? \peofeil tttctift
from tue l'?eeidotit of ib?? LTBtted Statei MCoaa*
iiiiiinl'-r-iii-l liiel' of tbe .Militan and ?Naval forces
of tbe Republic now ?"BgtUJOd in MVehlBg B
moot infuriate'! : ni f.-'inli.-ii I.ebOa?lo??, not uiiiy
against the integrity of our connu?, but ?gainst
Huuittnit.i aii'l Natural l.'i.'bt its well, that the
si?.?-? in lea sp.-ei;i?-J Itobel BUtea, with the
exception ofoertaia limite.I leciHtiee ia ?wo al
tbi-ii., na " m v m "ii i ii vM? i i.r.i.v r.u i ni i,'
*o far u? Bal authority ami jmjwit of the Pre**
ident can now or hert*lfler make tlieni so. 'I be
sliu?? to v.Ikhii this K*w-Y?aar'a Breueat af Lib*
rrrtj it Bati? are mon- nnui Three Million in
j.umbi r, rrhieh h i |ual :?? Ibo wboaa popula
tion ?ti th?? I'ni ted btat?-! wbea we OOBaBMaHll
our l'"ti?!tit:?niry stru.?,'.- ttitb Oreal Bi.l
lia nti-1 about f?.ur-fifth?ol'til???! i '* ;.<"palal ua.
Tbej are aebaeed bj Ufo-long ?er? itad*?, IgBot .n.t,
hod vvbollt in Hi? power4*4 ?Inn oppressor!; but
tlie) in? still human ami lote liberty| tbej
ha.e OTOO, tongues, anu?. nn?l 1er?, and will
oadejitet to ii'bievetlie lanatlanblo boara, Hi?
J'roilainat.oii biabe*. IbetB attire,uiitli piagea?
oaaiei ef Um **!n.cl:i ??l-i . .wbettiea, aad wo
truet will ?u l'ai lo lower it-? pr.'l?? Mid dimin?
ish it? power. We hail it as a gre it iludo to?
ward tin; restomliim of Hie I ti.mi.
If what u ili'iirly impiicl in th?' PlBsMlBt'l
?Second rioclai'ia'ion of FreOOaBn were n tuet
?.i Ti ?... i a* Bad Ibl Lower portiaa ol' l.oui*
ittn.-i w. re to'li) le-tored lo loyalty and the
I iu.i.i?m sliii'ilij hail this man fe ?to witii a
b. ,iiln.'-ia of ?ij'pioiul und ?ati'lui-li. n that WO
iMti.'iot now iel. Hut, ?if.oiUiug to Ibo later?
iii.ition 'l.t'ly i pal ?-J from our ewa lorn?
pomli'tits ami Otberi, tho-o lWO Mates am tin?
?1,-iy m Bagraal rebellion?ba-.e ?won tbaa Oae
( Hundred 'lb"ii-dtid ?ti tlieir i-ili/ens Hi urina to
doetroj til?* r..i"u and Babrert tim Const.tu
ti'.n. A.d the i'reti'leiit tliJ, m lu? l'mclai"!?
ton ol abo '-Mi oi last !-epti-iiil..T, duh recited
( aii'l rciteral'-'l m Ibal of tbe l-t in-t., oiprBaa.
1) Mi|i"j!at?' und p.oiniif,
? ot. iii? Hr.t il.y oi January la ''..n t--.,f na.
'.n Usa il.-. ?' 1 ig.- Ilaadred aed *"?tj 'lir.e al
pt.bald ui Beer? wtit s sag >.'irr ?, MamaltiBart \)
? tule,M /.. ;?'? t*'?,/ tAavUtkm ta ta rtlej/aisepalttl
ihr VatleaV Sutes, stall u ntes, ?taere/srta ?sad peeatis
i. IB, ?i 1 li.? Exec:ili., ?; .?.-inn,, i.; of the UaUsd Mai?-,
li . .a tba Milttary sad NhaI suliWltlai ti.e.e f, will
reeegi w a ..' insiatsln lbs or. let of ia? 1. part au, a. d ? li.
do bo a t ?. seta to repisaaeashp iseas, w aaj ed ?bess, la
a y ??tort tie; r thrtt set ?si frseSani
" 'iitul lbs I i- ulive afit, on tha in ?I d.y of JaaBBBTf ???? ?
.?ii hy PirrlarneUre. ?kralgaels the Meta* sad i?.ri. al
8 a: ?, li iay, in \? liiel, ils ,??jp,A Utaeeta rsspisUretj shell
rita bum.; '.? ?b n u..io?t beUaltedBt?tas.M
?Tboao are the Proai*t?eaia conditions tua
iiiiiitat.ntis, tint otirt. lia Btod Umui prei-iael;
na he tuw tit, nuil proelaitBOr. tiiicon<litioiiallv
' that bl would, on Ibo lit in-it., Joi'lire l-'ri-?
ail BUtwl held' in Slat?-?, ot*?l.ltrictt whifb
ehoiilil then In- in rehel!i?iii?not Met, o? them
Iii be limul,I at tlie set Habt mo Bl to liberate.
We do ino it pri.i'ouudly regret Hut BO has n.t
beWBal up lu Ibl Ima chalked by kiaBBOtt Ami
liferil shoibl tlu'i.ci? resiilt. we j.ray that not
liio polny of i'.iniiuiipa'.ion, but the lame BOT?
fonnSSOO iituler that policy, b? ?n-M [WfBfl
It is a i-iirr.'.'jf alni plumiole objection t.,
I hat ?Otter that it only propose* to liberate
?lares that art? not within reach ol tbe liber
?Ve?if power. Now 'IVuuesso?? is the arena ol
a fearful ?onllict, wh.ch rolls trom si |.? to bstV
o\cr nearly ita eutiie inn. To pi-oiler lil>erl>
lo its elaiet is to prout.te souietlnng whicb
wo can iiiitaiilly perform. So with the hlarm
:u s0nlroird l.otiitiaiia, whi.h thu 1'rcsideiit b.i?
exempted. Ile might have stiickon the ?hacklos
.U. Ulivie li.'Ui Ulai luiibl l-l' fed??Vii UUU.ltnlg bl,
thousand? of slave?, tnd thereby giren to those
left in bondage? to Hebelt an earneit that oar
failure to reach au?l liberate them r.-mltoil
from want of power rathor than of will. The
lexemptiom will he seized upon by tho Hebel*
to make their ilnvitt believe that the Unionists
are trifling with and dtipiag them?seeking to
use thom in the contest, but not intending to
reward them with liberty. Tbil ?ill prove a
misfortune and a peril to the National cause '
unlest promptly and effectively counteracted.
I We hope?nay, wo heg?to hear that the
ilavoi of all person?, no matter where resid-1
iug, vtho ih?ll hereafter aid the l?ebelliou,
I whether by tongue or pen, i i tir? or purse, shuM
! thereby be entitled to their liberty. This would
?exert nn eicellont influence in seaboard Mary?
land and the (constructively) loyal portions of
old Virginia. It would prove a great help in
, Louisiana. Above all, it Would BBBI?BCB the
downtrodden caste generally that the Goran
? ment was acting toward them in si'.centy ami
!gO??l-\\ l',l.
Let it not bo said that we cavil at the Proc- :
lanmtion and seek to undervalue it. It iii
worth verv lunch, even though it tuigLt liitv??;
leen uiadc worth far morn. Wo itttat that i1
will pitt a great BBd beneficent part in resoi-1
iug our country Iron? anarchy omi devastation,
gad restoring it to uaity and peace.
Till. INATIO.tiH. llt.t.M lie.
Congress resume* iti labors on Monda}, w!i?m
ive trii?t tho I '?tiin.ittee of Ways ami lloBBI
will report to lb? Hume Secretary (.'bus?'*
gri'nt nos IB IB ol' finance, tuggOltlng mob
ainendmeiits ns mat seciu n?Uisai?V. A mi tli?-n
tag b?3g the llo'i-r? lo take up tim bill ami de?
bate it from 1 t?? '> p. i.i. and fruta 7 t?? 1"
until it shall hav?. b?-eii mat und and j?t ltd,
?nd thoa let the Si i.nte do iikBW.se, T!ii*
week ought cot to close v? .iboiit wilii-'ssing tin?
??onij'i't?; j.fts-iii"' nnd a, |>rova! <?l this great
ineniure. Again we pr.iy Coogron to evluce
tnrgf in messt og the dows ado of th?* erina.
We ?1?? 'mt her?' Bttke air. Ki rjjestioni with
rfiturd to the lesinre* of this bill beyond
these?Wo boll?te tb" currency need not, and
wn trust it may not, bo farther dil it. I. W?
believe that One Iii,mind Million*. Begbl be
ohtaiaed direct!.? by th? nib? of 7.??. at tad
abeto par, ami that titi the One-Year Certifi?
cate! oatttaatliiig night be exchanged into
tin?,, iteenritin in idditioa. And wa beSero
thal One Bandied .Millions of $100 notes
drawn,.' L63 . ii fielt. I MM ?'?'Ul per d.iv o:i '
??-.eh .*|i'?i nota) and li,?is ?.?Tving ni one.' a.?
iiirieiny and Inrootmoot, ooald bo pad oat to
|:iibl:c i i ed i un s at pur, and would at once '??
absorbed and retired from cin-iilatoui. Bol
v do tal reioiiiiii.-nil tieis?- as Um ?Met form
of r.nsiiig r? venue. \\ bal MM BTgS is that tho
n gang be railed t??r puling ever? ?lolliT du"
to told.ei ? foi th?.?. iii,, and all I'tbti pgst-doe
i minis witnin two inonlhi, and that the cur
IWB4M be no further t mated.
nu: in i ah?)'. IN i i.vm:m-?ki:.
i-, n I'o-e.'ia'it has t.iken M uri re?, ?bon?, a
town on iii.? NaihriDe ami Cbaltaaoogt l.'.il-,
road, H Miks south-? astell? Loin Kaahrillo.
A dispatch treat Lo'ii??.!!?' lepreeenta thal ti.
1,'ein'i- iiiade bal little mittaaee, omi lune re?j
treated to I iillniioiiia. oi!.?sr atnounta, bowever,
iinlicat?- that tho piaee ?\i?s u.it eajilurtd Wltho .1
gi ob.'iii.ite r?>. tanog. That it ?eu* captarod
gtOBM unquestionable, ???! the sta!em??iit? of
our s.iecess in other leipeeta do not seem p?>r
l?c!lr clear. It the liebe!? have reaiiy (alien
bach I" I ii'ilaiii'ina, ti, ?,?? eau bo no doubt that
Len. BataBetBBI bBd ga.m-d a substantial tnd
lupnrtaat victory. It is the poatneien al Tea?
lie???'?' tor winch the two annies ara conteudiug,
n ,'1 J I!.n.oma i* kittls nora tl.au . f? t?y Buln
ii-,in the muthern batlgjdaf] of Alabama, While
Kaabrilo m a hund??',! and tweety. Bragg hu*
lieattored portioni of his arm) on gonrtlla ei?
jiitltioii?, lo. nkii.i? ip i'oiiit!iiii.;i'a!ii''? between
attsnernai and Groat, and mahing the Stat?
.generally a? uiicomtortable u.? possible
lor I'niouiiti both ;?? im J gad un.u mc I.
that his main force :s or wa* ia (?rent <>t
limen ans, tpparoBtli read) to diipnte ?? erj
inch of his advuuee. We hear of miren.li
iiie'.itt ut kUarfarenbor?/, tad all las disp ?
lof the liebelt show plaint* thal tbej nu-nu:
? to 6gbt at that jil.ii??, wlttle our ge-ounta
seem to llgr? | thal ti?.) di?! light lll.d V.e..
' beati'il.
(?en. Uotecraot' position ?t Nashville rVIU
leiiiarkublc. His direct line ol COIUUIU ieatioii
."?a*, over Ibe i.oiii.vdie sml NatbruM Kaiiroad.
Ill Iront ni him two roads Miaatrhed oat
lato the heart ol' tin* 1.? l..?l tnrritoryi the
l'eu rnatm iiml Alabama L'a lro,.J running I
1 soiitb-rte?Urli ; tin? Nashville and (baili
BOOfB. iniiiii'ig soutii-ensterl). I So. li mell
in Niieliiiile. Tba Bebo! liiiet eatrnded
from oat to other ami drew iBppliri from '.
loth. Po?.'.', . dolii ed ?, i b 114 m .'?. . ,\
thal it bagag I" bi feared that ?1 ncroM li
adnu,c.? wns itii|??i?4il?l<?. I'.nt Wilhin tim las I
fortaigbl Jaba llnrgao'i ?,|,?iaiioi,s mi tho I
I.nu (.ville und Nash'.ii!,< KaUroad bad be n ? .
eil..mive mid conij.iite thul the difficulty of ?v?
uiui.iiiig 1.1 N.?obfilio btroanmapparoutlj i-n ?.r
j than the j?eril ol mi athamo. The I'rboll urn
heUteen him and I ?Hint, whom their threaten?
nig iiioveim nts had I'm.I t? l.iU back ga
.Mi injinu. I hey wire betWOOB lum lind Lor
I ?die; they Wore in froal gf hlin; in lu,-I, thei
? seemed to iiirrouiul lum. lu such cir.'nm
slaiii'i-s the boidest Movement WBI pmba. I) the
i>e?l, nmi (?en. iioiecr.ui/. lilli'.iles his thara**
ici loi dee,sion und eonrtge by ranlatel* posh? 1
lag ton?aid.
Hie enemy's forces BBVe been eare?ull? ntl*
mated at .".n,neu men, a number which (?OB.
li'iic? nuia's turcos certainly ou^ht to atetad.
The Hebel |?>||, uuder Haidee, rcted on
I'liinklin, u stutmn 011 tin? TngJamBBM ami Al?i
baina Kailioml, twenty lue miles In,in Nash
ville. Tim right, under K11 by Smitli, wus at
Perry ville. '1 he center wat the corps ol llaj. (len.
l'olk, Bud occupied Mm Inc?belo'. || m plum
tliut Ibou^U than itug? gut v.dil j 1 a u nd? u.
? ... i a ira v, i? . a '
the Rebel strength was gathered at th?? renter,
only a brigade of caralry having been misted
jat Franklin, and either wing being epparentlt
' druwn out to covor as much ground iis pos-i
l.ie, while really expecting and preparing for
in attack on tho line of the Chat'nnoogn road.
iii'ii. ItVaecran? mm.ed fiona Nashville Deo.
'?,'?>, Gen Thomna's (?rand Division havyig tho
right, (.len. McCook ndvoncing in the ?? mitre
du thr* Nolinsville pike, and (?'en. Crittenden
nushing furn ti rd directly upon Muilicenboro.
The Beboh held their a<h .tnct-u outposts .?tub
boral)', und it n.a. be noticed here us in
in.uiv other iii*tanci ? Ihnt bcmj ?'driven
la" dot? not coinpriee the whole of (?MrI
theory of picket duty. They ingiige.l our nd
viiiicing column? willi ?kiruiishers, falling slowly
back ti vurJ th'-ir main pomtion, hut not with?
out light.iig bj the way. I'nil particular? of
tht'gc movomeut? have airead) been gita? in,
our columns, and need not he repeated.
Boooeraat went ?tendily hut not impetuously
on, omi iititiily crotiued Stewart'* Creek, V'U
mil??? from MunYi't-boro'1 where a battle had
BOOB anticipate?!, w.thout ?n-rioue oppoflb
tion. 'J hit was on lfoudajr, Dawcwber
?."?th. On Tu? ??da.' uioruim;, uc-oriliii:? to a
Louisville d..pat-h, bo captured Uurfrersboro
aud occtjpi'jd it, ami tit?. Keb?-!? retrea'cd to
lui.ahorna, a station un the Ch.itUiiooga l.oad,
lort) miles below Murlro-elini'o. l'ut u tel?.'*
141am baot tim scene ol nctinn to the Secetni)
Of War ?lates ihe battle I??". SI, which is
more probably HgbX
Hy a. later diHpntch from ?mr ?ptvial cor-,
?I'tpon.b-iit, we ure inoro tully informed about
tbe o.itiio iti'.lf. Prerlou? uccotiuts of little
Maia.aaeo ami Kchel ivtreat aie ii.tunlcstl)
mistaken und pracuatare. It wai a terrifie
battle, i aging lor two dire, and at the late
ol' our di patch, Jan. 1, waa not y?t de
ci'led. ' Wv jmlgt* tout tim liebelt have fnllt'ii :
I,a, i?. togrmd Miirt'ree.boro, stubborn!) ri
Gea, Ko-c.'iaiio't ud.aiti-i'. Tbe radteratad
statements frota nil source? that Mm In eabor?.
is ii. ?mr BtsastwaateB c?a iurdlj bo untbuotiod.
'ihe haiHf wa- (aagbt OB HtoBa'o Biter, ami
m fioul ol tbe tm.n, it? filing unabated for
two da)?, and lb? lido ol' success MTging
H IU,'?full) to either sid?. The cvui)' a*
tempted bis farolito Btiaeurro offliokiogi hat
has linied. Our troopo ?aoaa io hat' fought
throughout with great i*e*aa?aiM'j and cotirag?',
ti?m? u ol'? ii lorel) pr.'--l. Lan. J?, ii.sion is
charged willi th-? l?.e? ol' terre, l.ntreri.?* ft ."ti
.mr ?.ile Qoa. sil! ?at killed, Gob. V..' -i
killi d or i!i"-?iiig, and den. Kirk WOBBaVtl.
(.cn. l.'o-c ram fougbl th?? battle iu pertvO,
and -itii: lo han" carried li,? ?io. p. t
'o t -i.' (trott ?l?'.'i?i\r? euc??.'?* hy iii* uiv n ? \
??it. .n-.
ruc: 4-iniMiua t.\ KaV.aBTa.,4'aB.V.
i l.e movement? ol' tue Hebel ?lion.'id Mol?
ga'! are imt the easiest to tra.'c, u .r -ir?' ti."
account? of bia exploit! alwey? Intelligible;
but from pre.ions aaapatcbaa, mut from tin
bulletin of Brig.-Geo. Boyle, wbieb will lu
(on ud ia this BBOCBiBg'l BOWI i-olniiios, wc
lather th I Morgan bat I'oi.cJ bimaelf oblige?]
tu full ?.u.-li before Ibo eotteaatrafiag nuil ad*
; l'inoti ?orct-t, ud jo retreatlag in a
nonti.-?-litter!) ??neitiou from the liue tit th?'
laOuiariUo mid Naehville BaUr?**ad. <? o.
Bojle'i di?pateb confirmt the report reeeited
ob VVedacedi' ?rora L?iuiotdio Iba! Mor in
hill I.'eil iit'.ncki-'l Bl If'iilmg l'ork bj Col.
liitrlan ot' ti.?? lOtfe Koiituck). Il s iccounl
Iwfiai v.-.fh i!u? r"Toetiag of Uu. Canitortand
l>; Morgan al Gili '?boro', iod pla**ei Lim
in li oin oi Miiotortl?vi U?, I lae, -.<, wb. ?re i ok
Ifobaon "i ti.?* l.'.th Kenturkf achieved i
au?'?-.-!-? orer pac? of Ibo Bobel foroaBa Mora.. ?
Doue the I""* paroBed bli arran i, im rb ? i if J
!j, ami buraiog l.riliii'* ii-, be went, tow:.r?l
Blirabotbtawa, ?watrlj balftraj r a Mantnr.!
'.il!.> t" LrOUisTille, I."' striking o.'l in nu t ?I
aaiij dire ?tiotj to Bulliog Fork. Gob. Boy Io
?peeble. Coi. Rortaat iafaatrr ??routing*1
tba Babel oaralry, bul Ibera ii Bothing to
thnt Ibe i'iii,"ii'?'iiient ?vat gi'neinl. Morgan
??unid Beeilt, keep a.? 1er a? l.e ci.?.??? m frool
m infantry, Iciriag a i*ear gaai 1 to obi
dVlay c u ait.
K i? lairt'i ' r? I lied Uni Idol m Bed bal.
Hartan te H .i!.-fnwn, Iw-t-atj ml.? Bartb*?'tal
from lu it . -ii, nw n, lud i!,i!.,c attempted t.?
eeeapr I. ? **n LebaaoB ami Caatp BeUtille.
Uni ii M pa ?.'n' fleeing befara tia? Union
iori'?'*, ti *o *?.ii.? i>. h<? no raesoB Whi he
?I.oui I i... ? gone t.. Bardetowa, nn.l thence re?
tn.ti?'1 t?. I.'lia.?n, whither li?? mi a- 'it kate
io.ii?. ?lir?."') frota Koiliiiu Fork. Oar fereei
were all approaching fruui tbe west ?mi south.
ItanUtowu, baa er er, beiag a railroad tfatioo,
Morgan mijr mon? Bt*obal*.i hare gtwe tbitbet
ni pm ?u ; ol' bil own .!>',. .t-, iad Wl
?b.ubti t? bear thal I." ratreal was m?t gobur*
n?d th it lo- co it.l liol Inn U ii iiit.1?,.' Or tWO
l?i tbe win.
Nor ?I?.? < Ibl e< ' "io:i ut I phlOOB seeai to
hue n-tau,. ilii-i?i??'?i ol tilt- iiiiiotiiiiii'oln Bebet.
II?? ba? " a iniiiil.-r" killed, m .et. raptured,
mu? certain caiasona fall a pre;, t?? our furcca,
bal be sti!l i? pJj*e t<< ?? fij precipitately.'
I li. n- i? u |leaui of iMoiiort in tbe itot**iiiPt,t
t!i.ii um, Boruolila Im? innr. l-l froat Glaagow
t?. (.r....n-: nrg ami ??ma* iatereept hiiu," bul
nnbappili it apeear? bj tbe tuap tbat Green??
burg i? t'niit) ?ir i??rtv miles HHitbweeterl)
iroin l.i'haiioTi. wbi'ii Morgen bid b1 ready k-fr,
f. tl.t: mi-, Goa. BeyioUi i- raaairlvubli
lightl'troted Mairgan'a dtoger li. thal quartei
.I...? not BOOB, ?inn,inn.t. \\ .? ino uni) r. i\
that liiiTM is tot no ei'itniii im.| af |,i<
in..ii oaeapo or Ibo cxteal oi ins or our own
H lili illt(JI>l%.
Wo ciei^iaiiilut.' not on!) lha Pooplaaaociallj
iiiteri'elt'.l, hut tboOB ni tho whole fountn, on
law I'ratideuta approval of the n.t win.h
makca Wet V'liginia a btnte m tho Cnioii.
The \\?et \ iigiiii.ni? bate long eaoagb iis!,.'?i
miller Um BaVgaaial aWthBOfl of last "Obi
Dtiiiiiuinii." ll.-r topography, bat ritcre.-tt,
her ?-oiiimeii-f, nie nil ?ti-ltri. t front tho g ot
hlnvi'-brcediiiK VUgauttBa ?Sin' hal Ion,: vmsbod
tor ilclneraiii?'. and the BobollbBJ ?t last gave
Bfl tin? Batatas, oajpsjs*?aaitt, l?u?t??ru Virginia
plunged Madly into treeaont W estera clung
? losely und oicnvl.eliuiiigl) to tho Inion.
iii? lui al cuuukp-'?-uui i_tjj?< at tho \w.t,
Inclusively, but of the whole Stat*?-?,., op ,
i net?' Stato Government in subordination lo tag
ji:.mpa.*,,-v with that of tho Li.ion. ]ty tim
(?ot. iiiii, "?t?u?'t ol' West Virginia bj aaga,
i but of loy a.' Vifffaia entirt?consent wai for.
mally ami I?.'"y fbsa* to tho creation of ?.g*
Dew r^tat?'; und ?t hw ?tecordiogli been or?r*,?.
izai, cnmpiihing alaout n 1'iird of the territory
nnd a li ft li of Um poejoLttna of the old .Sate.
The measure has beei d.t*per.it?jiy bight m
and out ff Congress, but BBliiod by hea-/
votes; uud now tiie l'reaideut, alter dil berate
ami careful ii.ve?tiu;.r?i,i*, tad taki.-.g im*
writ ten opinion theieou of ?-act; member of
bi-i Cabinet, hu? given it his signalera. Aft
bail the ucw ami loyal Stat? u[ Wt.-?T
\ 11 ? i. i n i \ :
nu: <;ovj:i:\o?: ami tiii: roi.its
It is u?it our province to lind fouit tritt the
lav.full?-?'? iistiMited autljorit.it for b? mjr 10
ii?ste in tanti iltiag. Provided the dnisg be
?i-i!, the more hast?- there is aha ?water? li,i
rather in evil a"ts than in pud that l>->oie
erith' adiniiiis-trutioin Irav? hitherto dii'.in*
g'li'lied thein.selves, and we ph mid he
rather dtepond to i-??ne.r;if''i!.it*" than blsrrie
the n?'*- Goveraar of this State thai
he recogeitn pranptnns of ??iii al tcHoa
as uiui'i'.' hit o'hei ?iutn**. If, tiirrt*
iore. belie? ni.' the J'??I 00 C.'omi!i,?>?ion
??n of this citj have been der. ?ici ia ?duty, b?
can in a 1?" ?I Manage, and before th* proper
legal anlliorit;.?*, convict tb-mi of such d-n I.e.
(ion, WO Ihonld have n?> foult to find with bim
for immediiit.'f. totitg BpOB that purpose.
o ? ot the goaatg of ?he iii?l.?timnt i?
brings BgBB.nl th? io, ho.vever, strikes ii? aa a
little remarkable, und ai BO. calaalatol to in
ajiirc e.iliiv conlid. me in til? sjiint whierj
morn it? ihia proa?*! Bftj?n?*nJioa of the (,'oni?
miatatonertta Tho elim?* i* of duval conduct
tgtiaal the 8 iperitttonoVrnl ot Police It i??uiug
t e fo lowii , <?ofi< ral Ord? i:
l) ICal. ,'BBIM BN1?.,V1 ?In, l.,,!l-??f l',,l I. a, I
, :.-',<? tfei l I I ,
ii Obi i-i-, Be, 14, Cirt. ? Pi ? ?? r M> ? la
?tie '.'?. Itef rtaeeat ? ?. te ae'? \ ui 1. .Ming te
a ?r?'? a l :--ir.ona ah? bv
f? ?. i-'. teeei '.ti 11 i.'.-.> ."? i..; ' 11 -? . I?".? draft, ?oi will
?l?x>taeei ;? t?ot aoH radym i io r eecli elt?*Uaa Jun i
? . a t? ra .' Ita f* i
. . - - oj.i o., oms ?m*.
ngtberoet ? Il ei. t' asteeae gad ? ??i? p?r?oe
i vtsteeti . ?...i ??? I a s - ? ? ?pr?eer*
i -li hy
i ?' i . i . . | 111 illili cl ,, .i r. ? ian ,
. . ; ? v? ?? UM? ' s ?. I. :,.,
,! . ,.,,.? i ta lite M??i..ii-.l-.u ?? th?f? ii ga i?.
?i to ? ? .?r I i M I ? st, tu?
n , i ?.. a; , I i?p ,rt io thi? '?lu ?. I -rr??<l M
lila earl ? mt a mi*.
lOillN at ' ' .''Nr "V. iTlflimiBBthn
Dann i. ? ? i - si ,.n.. .,:? .? r
In neara pnritj of eleettea ha* b.tborte
lieau considere I th?.' duly ol the ogaeeri of toe
Law, a? ii irertainl) i? the int.-tii ;?? i of tue law
?tooti, ihe object oi' Mr. iv iindy ia i-umg
the order in qttntna v?a? tinply t.. pn vena it*
legal '"ii'ii. It ??a? ? foet of publie ....onei?;
lb?' lire? "'is to I ho ia'? ile iinn niau.? JeTsO'll
militar] nrviee be cann ojf ntiaj-cilitonebia. It wat
to ;..,,, : the drnfl ha?! rnlonterily, be or.. the pro.
per authoritii . declared thonnlvneezevptft*?ni
; low u that io.my su.li per-oiia ?lil ii?'i??rtue
len uiui'i t?. chin the righi la vate which be*
tongi t?. ci.,/, .i only. !.. ber th?.. wera eui
SOBB, or they were not. If teWy BBW aid
?,?e-, aamtewn entitled u? voto, tb? J ??ire sub?
jet. t" dr.tit. It they ih'.? not liable to mili*
tar] nrviee ??eoaun ?hoy were ant ctt?xta*,
t?o'u twrtaialy the? won oat eatittod to rote,
and ia Btl iptii | t?? do so I'onimittetl a Mate
?i-' sCtaao. If a paltas Uttm Is go ?d for
ali)Iiiiiii!, it tteeM veil ileiu thal I.vic wa? t
rial?' Iii tUv'ta ?U IVIlCi ?I?.') WiTB Ciltlod
upon to e\ reise Ihab rttaetioaa. Ii Mm Pol?n
t oii.i!.:--io.i.'i* or tlio Superiu eed?mt ti Pidna
ara to be pnoishod tor previ utiag ill? gal vataag
a .?I - |m?ii'irj, w" banlly ne tho i.??>???? ai:y of
iv.ndesivmliu.' to an) particular cbarget ?d
...i;i",i. Whj not bri.;g again?. IheM t
geaeral eharge, withnat paatetoatar ?bbm>?b*b?*
tmiis ni ha mg. ia attenpting t" do au ?v?
inowletlged duty, itotid lo the way of i'ulLug
[JVinocratic rutee! Tb re li i fand m'knowl?
I'dgntcnt on ibu ji.it <?! (???. Seyanetr, ia
.i- it stan is. thal lue nea
it ho committed ?n.e gol of perjnrf it
tvoidiog the draft, or who propond ta ?muv
mit a ??.oi' ? i ' i-ii-lmu en illegal ot?-,
. re al o. ? ? ?- ri?. Ara wo t?? .?.-o. j>t tn
eorollar) thal the trne and of (?overunieiit ii
to pul in?' l'-? m ?? ratio party m?o paarar, and
ii.a' wli.?i??r n ;. iieie- frith thal eua it to r?
... .? , ..ml gn pnniehtnenl ' ii liiat is to be
the J' i .?'ij'l?* ol (.i?v. S.ntii.ur's Adiu .:?-' istoa.
wo tra al ?iLib'i' gtaal ?.bliaaiion to '. oi or
.. . . ing it s.? franki* at the ?? * Mt.
l'lllt. titi Ililli -?I F AU Ht? II'?).
We beai v th ??artj -? ieCaotion thal irran?;?*
!iie?ifg !*a?e becn Blade fur itatting iruiu i'h.it
tlelphia ? line i*; ?.? It omi itouni itoti .shipi M
I...in.1 a'?I ROOther to Lahlon.ia?b??th te
be pat in operation wiibia the cexrant ?ear,
ami porhnpe ia tho Spring. ?\ v a.e inlnwed
t'i.ai ?i... 1'enntylvauia h'silmad f'enpaay. w.t?
riurtcterittk libei lily, has sub ?bed ?>,.<?(i,i.?.
toward tho cater?r?ee, t?? whira lu? v??i ?v r*.
iii.il a fen otberi ia tho Califeri?B trade ban
ililli?-?? .??ii",? i), while Karupena capital hat
clim ioi'wiii'd in g?-neroli? rivalrj with ;m
effort! Of tin- l'I. lade IJ I. itliS. t'.J't. II. li.10^
dull, late oi l tlifornia and loag ni eoiut.iand i'
iteaiuthipi na tho Pacific i ?>a-i, has been i
.'. j.lei ?i the und?-linking, und s
i" t ik,' :i leadiug part in it-? iiianageiii.nl,
'. I..: ?i l'.ioii'i ou of the Pciiiis>l?ar*
!.' i Irotd is warnili intcrnl? ?I m mid glvaa (he ait
,.? ?.i- pertttnial ind tem s and buiiaen expBinBM
1 n? i?- aie ullin n:?'l? to bo b??1 itetnshiaihi
the California and Rrar in the BttfnpsBB littaj
and certain receatlj patoatod in.pro\eiiieiit* n
the applieatloa af itaaat an to be ado|tel
'.\h?'rcby the vatgjsg liiuu l'li-ludeiphia to !?>
lope 1? (it i> hoped) to be rl.niteiicd to iii M
M'icii da; s. i?;d s. .i-dt'n? will shake their beaaa
?i: tins, but nil i. .ty li.mor the attempt el
i'.h'.'h i U the cost ami i i?k an? asiiiiucd by I ?I
eeeipnny, abils ihe advantages ?d' u? i,. m
??ill bo libel ally sbar?'?l by the whole pubiiA
Wo believe liijii. Laminilla uiniscll ihe ?BBBBJBB
ami paient? g ni mine of tlie??- imprtiteiuenii?.
mid . ?>l course l li.i- BBngBJBO faith ?u Hit*
utility. 7
We gnat I -aitily cotigiatiilato tho Phill..?,.'
phiaus nu the inijietiis which this euU'rpn?!
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