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HltttJtNi BOl ,\F:?-ORLE.\\e.
?Ulli H' ?liil 'MEVMER S. ?. SPiriDl?li.
?ta -
Ail?ress c? (ienpral Banks to the People.
ft* Biller's Parting Words to the Peo?
ple of New-Orleatrs,
The Cuite?! St?'?:*? el?.um transport S. R. Spauld
?i i-, (JaBsa S. Howe*?, arrived at this pott on New
"?eai s Day from XewDrl-jans, w'-kh pott elie
?ailed 'rom DsBa -f. She brings aapr.seengeis Maj ?
?Um. ????tier rc*1 8'atl, ?*n?l a numl-tyr of officer? at'
ti- '?*? ! to G?kl riutlei a comuiand.
I? vVw-Orfaini on tbe *iM Gen. Bctler ittende?':
Iv lie ?taff r?*rceived bia frieude in tlie Mayor'i
j-art/.r. Colenol ami acting Mayor Deming received
the (T?*iHral ?ml his still and introduced them t?
tnricbere of the City Government. The militaij
?..ffieenj lately nmler the command of the Genera
called and paid their reipects. The citizen? als?.
??TW?9*i into the parlor for two boura, and such c
?baking aj? hands says The DtUo, "we never di<i
In Bat eveniag tie General attended the Varieties
arctiB-pauied by his ?tall". V hen the (ienerul en
?creJ lu? box he was most onihunaetit ally cheered.
The a'wit al tbe General io the theater .vas" in
api red ' by a threatening letter that if he appeared
in public le would be aetusitinated. He waa iinac
conipanitd by ?oldiers, bat hi? staff was heavily
atii'td. Mis. Butler waa attended l-y A.luilial Far
Col. J. S. Clark ha? been appointed Provogt-Mar.
ahal of Ceri. ltauka'a ]>??]iartnient. in place of Col.
J. Ha Fiench, who contiuue? as a Deputy Mi.rsl. J.
Gen. Hank* w a? industriously at wotk organising
aud arranging his command.
On the Ma. rumor* received through Rebel
sources wert-?u igggaj ation in New-Orleans, to the
general effect that the Cn ion army had been de?
fti.itti i:i Virginia. The reMls were in the highest
glee in cons?quence of these reports.
On Monday, Dec. 29, the ?teauier Empire Parish,
Cipt. l^.i.ihemao, arrived at Nevv-Oilean? from th?
Marengo Plantation, belonging to Mr. E. Trinidad,
four miles oclow Rayon Sara, right bauk of t'.<:
river. While taking in sugar at the Marengo Plan
A*.' : a party of guerrillas appeared about 19C
strong, under command of Capt. Talbot, and BtvtB.
mamied the surrender of the boat, which whs ?le
lliueii, when they commenced tiring, with the Cal?
lev lug result :
< hiiatopher MeOi;i. Ai.iitant Engineer, Mitad.
V. J. H?id. I.rdiy walu Jed.
Charle. ? lark, H1gl"iy w.iiiu.led.
John Otealt, tiightly wounded,
Itaac YY?.ou (estofes), tightly wounded.
AU helmi.?ed to tlie boat, with the exception ol
Mr. B?il !, who i- Le. agent.
li.e ?aine party carno down to Mr. Lindley'a
Ilaututiun. aiil rolled overboard about 80 hogshead?.
af engar, which were on the bank, ready for stiip
Tin: 1.? It 's a'?) ntptur?id three negroei, nine mule?.
and three ? tiru.
While the Empire Parish backed out from the
Marengo planta*ion, it is supposed fifty mora hnga
Beads of sugar were rolled into the rivr,
Aa the steamer L>ael.edoui, the guerrillascoutinned
?heir tire ou the lauieK cabin of the boat, but for?
te nu-civ did no damage.
Mr. Reid is a New-York merchant. He waa very
\ atrously injured.
J* Tnere was no ;h.e lo jidge of tho effect that the
address of ("en. Banks would have; but it wai
thought tlie hope of gradual emancipation, whicl.
It j i? ? ed, would be well received.
Tbe prese, however, were silent on th? address,
although all of them printed it on the morning of the
Up to the time of the sailing of the Spaulding not
a Wild had transpired a* to the intended movements
? ; Gan. Danks. It was known, however, that he
atad mm-h-d ?mt a campaign, and that he would make
.fJati'ii Rouge hie base of ojveretions.
X .tiling of moment had been heard from Vic ks
burj ?a I'ort 11 a.l.-i.ii.
Mnj.-i.eo. Banks ordered the MA ) 'sachusetti
Iv r\uieiit, Col. Fair, to do etveort dut, j the aaajb
I'm o' tai departure of Gan. Butler from his bead?
le m eis, tmt Gen. Butler declinad the luraar, The
follow mi; i.; a lift of the paBaaBgBBI brought by the
Saetas dea 0a Strong, A. A. Oeaeial and Chief of Staff;
C' '. N. Shatter, Chief U-iurteraiaiter; Col. Uti. Turnar.
Cbi-^ i ?o.'uui'iaary . Surgeon I han?. MeCuiu.ii k, Medical
Iii'-to?, ?.apt. (?eotga A. lleuiel, thief of Arllllery , Lieut
Col. J. B. K'nemsa. Aid do ('.rup ; Maint Jame? M. Hei .
CB*** V Has-sertl, R. B Da? ti. A. K. Pulfer ? Lieut?, li. 0.
l-.eiA. >!? J M-nlj Aidldti Camp.
.Alea? the t?>ll..wing ofii.-crs and other parsengers:
t (,. J. \V, McMillan, Hit RegiiiieBl IuJUna Volanta-eit,
Li?-- ( . BL Wadden, li.? Maia, Major. W. H. ( leineaca.
< hie: of Police. N. O.; ( ant H. L. ?Ingie, Captain ot iori
fi. O. , tapt. Ii ( tioate, .,1 Bssas.) Lieut, ti Pickmsn, Aia'l
Burgeon Vo inteen: J Coihliig, 31a? Met?. ? \V. VV. Hirrall
?Mr? !l. ?'. Seller, Mr?, (leo. C Strong sad child, Mri. VV. YV.
JJarrai!; W . li. Roveeil. \V. V, .Suntu, IVn, Tiowutidge,
mi ?J :.,i n 1. Jin?. Q-iarteri.iaater'a Uepartuioi.t, VV ?
Bastar, BeSeaBl B.Baetsr, Bbee Eln-hnii. tud c V WhaV
laev ( aa adeasij ? llei-arluient. K. C. Taylor Ja?. J. Mnn
je" h. '. Wasssal, P. w. ?lynn. MiioeCRelliy, ( <
aMa.ri.ec, I'etei lirubaih, i'.iuiio li. lirto'.loo, li. II. C.
M : (len. Bu'ler, on hi? arrival, took ?jiiHiterg at
the St. Ni? ''.olas Ho'e!, where he was visited by a
Biiilliiode of Hiende, hi? room having i.eeu erowttsd
thriiiigh'jut the day. He left for Washington on
>'ii.l iv n.-,?ri.i!ig hi C a ilock.
Tin r ? iMrliiie.ii I p ii,r .l|i??ia*i|ipi_Tli<
tie? itpatiou ni Baton Itoui-r l>. .. i -?p.
ii?.i' of the Pluer?Large Arn ?-ion? of
?.otitrabanUa Hilly Wilauu'. RrgiiiKHi
al Baton Jto???;?.
>i,in Oes ftaetal toire.pm.deat.
Os i na Mississippi, th.ity mil. ? ?i 0ve i
Naw-Oileani, i.?., Lee. 21. lasx 5
VVaaa I :^*nde?l this river, live dajg ago, ii waa
?er.ih eoitsi.leral.le expectation of witnensii g a lakl
at liad for tlie capital <>t louisiana. I retmn on baa
aeeae. wL.th hue almost exclusively leeu my home
liir IBU lut three we? ke?the North Star?having
thron... lee the peaceful occupation of the place I y
our tr....'i'. leaving I!?::, (.lover buajc.l about many
tilinga, but iiot aa yat belligerent. The pi? .->? nt as
|>i ct of what J leave behind me may warrant a biicf
? letfAsr.
s Baton h'-og. i?, ?a I have written before, all hut
j, aatireiy deeertatl hy its inbahitants. What few re*
' Bituu have little to do, leas to nil, and scan ? : t _ny
thiog to eat lue liounea remain ilosed; from most
-* tlie furniture ha? been remosed; all are under buk
atad key?in hh's [iirticular M'nipitlouelv re?pec'?-d
?by our sol-iitTf. The people ace civil enough, < on.?
aaoiily ?xuieeeiog a hope that testi? city will not
aga?" he, a? they think, ciijj>ele?e-ly a1.aiid(.n?vi, thus
luhjec'.ing those who bava the iioidma* to ue> l.u<
themselves loyal ci?zens of the Uiinved States lo ill
trntiiueut OB the part of tbe li^hels. leome who did
?this were forced into tbe ii-niy, slaves wiio gave in- (
a/criuitiao a? to tin iocalily of ? olton were toed for ;
i_ieir liles, ami litany minor outrages perpe'rated.
?fjpufideriiig tlirt Baton Rouge ba?i the reputatam of I
bekig a stiiii-1 ..? a J ji'nt?people say that it cast a ,
l? ajorify of i'tW voles againii S?-? < .??tin- I thfuk ii ]
"isa? pata! pt**tty dearly for na whistle. To be eura, j
whel patriOiJaju it liad? "a tulera'.Iy goyd egg" at,
bert? grew very muaty ind otijectiuuuble ou the j
withdrawal of oV troops by (len. Buller, even to]
aft '.'??. -i'.-g tlie U-H ?u our .tmle. U the j
opinion o* the Kss*? were taken on the snot,?*?*?
and she ?a very well ac'iuainteil with Uio river here
:ii. .m - ) gun a.i? ir-.l that ihe would like to " wipe
I out"' iAiuisis'ia's capital, not leaving ?' a grease
spot " to tuaik Hie locality.
\ *Tlia'would las n pity, certainly. Ihn city isa
j BOM one, not at all diniiy and? dilapidated, like most
Southern towns. Hnili ".-ntirvly of wood, iti hoii*ei
painted white, with tnui green blinds, it ia rather
New-Ettejaa?ahm thoa ottmrwiie, plot china tre-ps,
niagnoltas, and atrav aitraplei of tropical vtweiatlon,
and minns all bnsinese. It never can have had
i much of the latter, ami now tbe exceptional store*
haMfaff ?tamis at ti e dmr ol Ins empty shop and tells
I you, either in French or la English (wliirhuvtir you
j pr?ter), that he " ha? nothing." Perseverance may
pet uup? discover a ltitlu cheap tobacco, a few pre*
' pooh rons straw hats, a ?weet potato gio, or a jar of
?er-ript j-?M'bimuiomi, but liule else vendible. I
strolled into the market early one morning?a long,
cool, covered building, in au airy street?bat tbe
builder's block*, tlio Deurhei, the meat-hooks were
all unused am! preternatural!.?- free from gore or
gre?-.??, and tie only peiiou who lind anything to
nu waa O solitary aegro, who wanted u dollar for
thrn Btnall tillea lu the loregrouiid, with a per?
spective ol empty stalls on either side, he looked
1 ?lesolate; hi* soiitttle wa? that of Halt lui ha s. 'the
: last surviving Jlmi-li IustHPd upen Saliil'iiry phil),
1 or a do-lo in ii lone ?.'ami hiynt with Smtheru was,
? Were what I Oatntand him to, a* thonKliifiiliy I eu
t tere,i the niaeeul ginwthi of the tttpitoL
i The iMiilding M a haudsoiue one, aJmost stately,
Tudor iii ityle, and constructed of brick, with h
,| stone front anti luringa, the latter a lillie damaged
' by caution and grape-shot, the a'iraaioiis from which
| show markedly on tho light-colored male rial. It
: stands alott, iu a {.leusaiii ?.?uare, bud out ia BBMna?
, lent taste, pr?tent nig a conepit nous landmark to
? pt?siiig voyagers. Its grounds were ortiamenled
' wnh u statue of Washington by Powers, but that,
' I am sony to sav, has be?:i reiuottal, and I am lol?!,
! lent North. Without being partit ulftidy sensitive,
and fully ind. rnfig the pnniMtf of leving uni eell
init embrto Hebel Bannon, lu tbe shape ol' tiell-tnetul,
! one may suggt?sl that (Lo stealing of works of Art,
j as of public libraries, is a iioi? leal !?? busii.t-se, per*
ips appropriate to Hie rapacious (?allic eagte of the
'. st N :|.ol'-- u, bul shametnl in ours.
\t ila? door of the Slate House I lind a aeutitiel
and a handful of soldiers, kesping g'iaid in one ot
, the rooms. And for the in xt hour I ramble through?
, out the building, pronouncing it to have been wor?
j thy of a proud, rich, muguiliceiit Mute. Senate
I Chamber, House of Kepresentativei, (lovernor'e
i room, Auditor't room, ottlnal apiir.iiienti of nil
I deiTTves?all are handsome and spat iout, bul ,! .?et ted
j and littered with their eoutei.ts. (?ne goes stum; ,ng
iu once heavv boots, from room to room, awaking
I unaccustomed echoe?, amid maps, surveys, rtpoits,
[?featnOB, tux-booki, registers, poll-books, plans,
i legal and i-flii'ial documenti of all lortH, in I reach
j ?aid English, dis-overing tluety safes (of Northern
I make'crammed with heavy r>lli of paper, desks
I empty and full, but invariably disordered iu til ihe
; mute confusion couseip-ietit on hbrupt disuse and mil
j itary occupation. In ?u, h a place, generally the
I i?crlectit'ti of order, the reverse ia at on?e suggestive
and melancholy, lleicend to the lower hud sod
you tli?11 trace the origin of it. (In a kind of mai Lie
altar in the mi.Lile of il? cciitsul roinnda, lies a poa
lierons, heavily-bound volume?the State Hecor.1 of
I-oiiiriii ?a. Hie latter j on ?on of its routent! tun
I een r?it',le?i>l> torn away, but in the early hulf you
u uy reinl the oidinanie ot BetnaaOB, willi a special
I preuiiille seitiug forth the parliisi'iir impo. lance und
! ptttitloB ot the ?lent suifur Slut -, as all?e;ed by the
i mi|-?-:iili!i%- Mi*agg?le.
room Ina tnaui it of the two tower* on the tu nip,
| a good view is oblaiued ot He su? rounding couutiv.
I BelOW lies Huton Kougu, its idle, s no? str?j?t? laid
o it in I'jHures, the foundation of a lingo abortive
| I'lmk on the ??'ii -kirts, and beyond, a lev? I tra?t o'
. country, dottid willi deserted houses, etniiug in ?lia
J taut woods. On the other etea, the ???si? m bank
,'t.f the river, a lonely ?hore, list country au-l trees. ;
Altogether, but for th?' bnght morning, Ihe st. hi.i
bohtg on the rl?er, the busy scenes on its l.u-ik* and
j the adjacent ? aiao?. a monotonous and deprusaiug
leedora pa The Euther of Watete, L? the v.*?, oc
<-ii|Dim a c-,ni ratted l>ed at this seasou o'f Hie gen; he
XNill extend ii Ly aotn thirty fit I oa either lije in a
. mouth or to. Son,ruines he aaceiids the sloping
?ailivity on wbi- h H .'ou Hoiige is situuled, ami
IWtnpi u sijuure or two i.f kontei.
1 leu??, tat Slate UnaOBI ?I s'roilto (?en. (Itove: ?
'be: -l.jiiir.-tei.-; a brauch bash of thut of the Btete ot
laOOittaaa? I lind the (veueral bury mtttnah bM
even bis nAmesake, C?tate val (\loii, ?-..ubi L ve
i found laoiti to do upon his hiitorieal c? nip..iiou ot
i San Salvador or Cat lslaud; for all the incidentals
to his and o?ir position are cDW?ling upon him. Let
! me eulin.?i ..I" willi ?'1 llit?: :
In the hrrt place any amount of contrabands keep
coming in, with more <>r less el dubiously indatimte
? iiaformatiou. Then, in OOt uslonnl laatonOaB, their ez
ovvm-rs ?,.m?J after therii. lesterday, a ''Soanh
lad? " i-o ?lercrile?! lo VOW correspondent), dro??'
tnwititlol 19 n.ilei to claim, ut the I arnls of our
ll'rOToM Marinai, two Ittterealing titiiia, who de
? cidedly declined to inttun willi h"r. U-ing uudet do
reitr i-.t te do to? which fu?t iro?ok?)<i vituperaiive
htngnnae horn ttod "Udy," a? she de, ant ?I, iieliK
1 mint; aud twinless, t<> her linea ved hiiLitalion. In
another case, au attempt at escape by oegroes re
snl'ed mon' tn.girully: ?me lad am ghoi dead iu au
open corii-tit-l?l, wtbiu three miks of onr camp, his
I comrade escaping to the woods, with a bullet in bia
shoulder. ID .une w, bleeding aud faint, al day
'. breitk, to tell the story.
Ile have beiwecn three anl four hnndred contra?
bands already. Ile welcome them, and give i hem
rations, and put the.n to woik. There is plenty for
them to do, iu unlading vessels, porterage, ami bibor
mg on iutreucbuiciit?. With a white man superin
! tending, they work capitally.
Ia the mean time, our pi?'k?.ti o? rationally fir? ajpon
oiiu another, give false alarms, ami t-apiure e>uivo
???1 fctragijl. r?. (?Vu. drover bas extem|K)iiaed a
small bo'iy ol' cavalry, by moULting infuniry on ar?
tillery Dorset and captured beasts, for tbe purpose
ti scourrng the country. I'hem?n might nie bel?
ter, of c/iurse, and they look rough euiuir.li, but do
all that is required, ?very tine morning you will
ana do/eu or so of Hiern riding into Huton Kotige, '
with perhaps a couple of tulleu, evil-looking twttth
farmers, caught prowling, rifle m baud, in the
bushes, inteDt ona littb? amateur murder. Often,
? too, they are accompameil by a gleeful negro, over-1
/?a'...:.? to tell more tbtu he know* to bis Hienda the
i Yankees.
There aro New-Yorkeri who will be interest?*?! iu
'learningBaal Col. Hilly Wilson's regiment arrived
at Huton Kotige yesterday inoriiinj., Iron. Carrolton,
i about ? ighl mile? above aS'evv-Oileaoa. Liku then
Colonel, tney hnh hale and sturuy, and boasseits
i lliey ?au do uiiythiDg in the athletic way, ter ve ai
liil?ry, swiiii, ney. run, llirht, or go without ration?.
They moetaf only -about t?JOuf ihe origma! corps.'
I'lilin nil?, the iiiliiev.)ineiiis of some members ol it
lend to jio.Uly its "hard' rej itiiion. lu coming tiji
the liver, a puny of ahn rushed phst the guards,
jumped into a canoe, upi-ri it, awain aahtre, stole a'
harrel ? I Wanky Irom a distillery, and broke, bur
film ioualy, into the bouse of a planter.' One of
?hen. uume.I Arken, the iiii/1-.a'li i, reaisted ami
s'rnck bis oft.-er, ?vi,??, in let?,in, allot bim dead on '
thes]s->r. Tlo-y Innied linn whi re he fell, anti the
tl.-uiiilio.it loiitii'.aed ila journey. Col. Wilton's'
BM n ure to Le .|ii?i tered, ruthi r n| ].iop.ii?tely, in the
Bat? a aWejjjB I'eniteuliary.
r Hine is a loolish story ulloftf, relating how a So?
il?nui arti?* wa? shot on the west bank of the
liver wini?- rketchiug oin gnuhoati und IransiMaits.
| I ?iii! trut-e ii to BO Bnthndli source, and bulieve
' BOthinf ol it We have no j tehoM oi toldiers ou that
?io? : tin- Miaaattii i i.
Ihe ?' Jong roll' I ??at at daybreuk th ia mo.Tiiug,
bul as no Uriug eiiruo?!, ?ve promuum-il it ?me of the
many hat alarma incidental to an embryo ?n-?,p.
lou v.diatahahiy hear fren nu by theoaan nul
that conveyr ibis, irom Ncw?(Jileaut. i. c. u.
: ?.m ri Hin? an the bank? ot tfc? 91?B?ieelppi -
i liai li ?n a Mteanboiit- Fatal It. ?uli?,
' froiii Our Hgiecial Corr??r>oud?i!t.
St. ii:.?in Bann Na* Oautatmi La, i
Dei 0,1MB J
The Empire I'arish.a Loiiialaaa river-boat, arrived j
at ii,is port this morning, having experienced -n ad-'
venture highly suggestive of the insci-uie stale oil
' the locality in which it occurred.
I ins was Kit?wary Laiuling, on tbe west bauk of
the Mir-issppi, -l2 miles below Dttoa Kouge. The.
?In nei lay tl.ue, her haudi being employt-.l in
loading her with sugar, when upwanl tf ?(MJ lietel] '
ucrrillas, beaded by the notorious Col. Tali ot, iu.1
eiily aji;>cu!''l, nu?1 rushing <Jo?vu the bank, made
OB attempt to de;/.o the VOOeeL With gieut preaeiice I
of mind, Ike oflleers of the steamer hacked her tiff
into the stieam, precipi'ating two of the Baaadaata
who bad t Pt Bally got ou Loam into it. Seeing tAiia,
iaiiii upi'i-1 ending ita nttgot, the It? bel* on allora ,
dis. barged a volley ol muiktrtry at the boat, persi?
sting u ni IM ililli rent placel, and completely rid
tiling the pilot-house. I'uhappily 1 have to chroui? le
RAfortuobto jeiu.it. Alt- C. ilttiiii, awuULi Logi-1
neer, wa? killed lm-taitly; Mr. W. O Reed, owner
of the hunt, and ageut for Spoffoid aud TUaaTeBB,
j New*York, received i dangerous wouod, being shot
thiv.iigli the back; Mr. W. Clark got badlv hit in the
I arm, and two deck hands were more or less injured.
The Uebel? were armed onlv willi guns ami knives.
I The Empire Parish bad Voit lihds. of sugar on board
? hi the time; she would therefore bave proved a valu
I able prize. Discomfite**!, tbe ???ai?nnts departed to
another river landing, where mon' sugiir was await?
ing shipment. The ?learner retunwd to Baton Roture,
to procure medical a?*istance, aad then iteamed for
Ne w-Oi leans.
?en. Butler's Adietan lo the People of
The following farewell addr-eia of Oen. Butler to
I the people of New-Orleans was, on the evening of
! the '--i.l ult., placed in the bauds of ('apt. Jobn Clark,
i with the loosest ihat it he issued in The Delta aller
' the departure of the .Spaulding. We are indebted to
: Col. E. M. Brown for auadvaueed copy of this last
' performance of the retirin?? Mn-or-Oe-iieral:
Citizens or Naw-Okikam: It may not lie inap
?Sepetata ?? '' ?? Dot Inoi'pottun? In rcrailon. Hut Iher?
?bo'.ild bs ?'1.'toiled lo you ?few wotdi at paittog, hy one
wbt-ie nu ie li to he heiealler li,i',iiisoluhly couoee ed with
j youl elly.
I ?'? apesk In BO i'ltert en. he-tui? I am >, I comrie ii of
a ling!? pnitousl auimoeity. Conuuai.dliig the Army of the
Ou!i', I found yoa captmud, hut not lurrendered; ronqiered.
hut not urderly i relieved from the preieute of an army, bal
t ??-.:.?e... tal il g CAN ??' youri. Ivei. So i ar fon. It, you
had railed upon a loreign ltglon to protect you from yoor
! lelvei. 1 reitored order, puriihed rriuie opened roiniuerce,
brought pruviiitiat le your ilnrvlng ptople, irformed yum
' currency, tud gave you qmet proteuliou, inch at yuu had not
euioyed for n luv yean.
V 1 ?le doing tina, my loldleit wne subjected to obloquy,
; repioarh tnd Intuit.
. And uow. ipetking to you. wbu know (be truia. 1 heis de
oltre, (hat whoetet ha? quietly renialnnl al.ui.t lill botlne.t
?Holding r,?il].t,r t'.J nor gSSBBBlt to the BBSSBSSS of the I ' ulled
.'?tri, lu? nev.t bi-eu iiiteriercil with by ihr .oldiert of the
i Ir,?te.I Stttti.
The men who had iiinmed to gorera you sid to defend
I iii city lu am.? hat.i g lied, ? - me uf your Women ihn.(rd st
I the pieienre of Ihr??- who ram? to protect ihm . By a
' ? ixij-la ordei (No. 2b>. 1 c.l'ed i yon eveiy aoldlei uf ti la nu.y
to treat tbe women of Neat-Oileaut at gtnlleuien theuid deal
with the aex with turb effect that 1 nu" call upon the Juit
. miuded ladiet of New-Orleant to >?y whelhei (hey have ever
ein red au c?mplete pi?te, lum and calm <|nt?t foi theiutalvc?
, and theil fainlliei, at ilocethe adrrnt of the lulled Statet
j :r.. l-l
1 The rr" in of Diy country, uBiepeotaol and Impltcahle,
, 1 hsvs tieated with merited ??verity. I hold thtt rebellion It
; treuoa, and tbtl treuon periiited in it dtalh, and any pun
i?hroent thort of tint lea s traitor glvee io nu,cb clear gain
to him from the clemency of the Uuverr,u.ent. L'pon ihii
i tbeilt have I almklateiedlbe t-.thoiiiy of the I'nita.1 ".tatet,
i t'ectuie uf whiih I am nutuntuBiciem of cninplalnt. I do nut
' .? ' ii?: I 1.? ? e . i: r i In loo h ..ci. heiabuen. lor that harah
I neu hu ive! hean eibil.ited to diiloytl ein B tti M i'i com
1 try and not IS loyal f.,?? di. To he ?'.re I muht hive regaled
' yuu v .i. tie ame ra of Bntlih eli li/atim., and yet boee
? : i ?.'.?? ? ? . end rule? of civillled f.r't.?. Yoe might
hive been tmoked to death la caverna, at w?re
the Covei.antrn f tattsaatl by lb* run.ion.J ef
s OsDtral of the Royal lion* of England i or
io?. . I like the ii.hahitantt ef Al. - a during the
1 1'rtnch raui;.iigr,, yuur wivri tnd da ighteri might heve been
riven over to the laviahtr ?i were the imf. linnet? daine? of
??pain in the Penluiu?ar wir or yu might htvt been ire'pv I
sod t*i .ahawked as Bil mother? ?ere at VV ? u ? .- ? ? U ??
?avago ailie? ?f (Heit Britaiu lu our uwu r?volution ; y,,ur
pre fal lp could hate been turned over to li.Ji?, tlu-ln?'.?
" lue. ' ?ike ! e j ?. .. r ,.f th? BaSfSSBl "tl'l.iaa, BBBBbS el
?rt wl.1i h adorned y :r hu.lJiogi ?ui.ht hat? been lent twty
like (he palnllngi ?fin? Vatican ? your luna might bave been
hint? ii from the moulin of rannen Iii? the Sepoy? et Pe] tal ;
and yrl all Ihi. we .1.1 hav-i bren v. :l n theiu.t. sfstlflised
.?Arfar., ?a practiced ty the um-l psaadsBl ?n I tbe u.o.t byi?.
critical natloiii of Kurupe. in, .,,.1, acta tli? irci.id.of ii,?
?hing, of ioma of the ii.'.a" liante of ).ur ily uwardth?
Irnndaof th? In.on. be for a tny conting, ?iii a luliclenl
1 t ? Ive and j"iti..ia'i.iD.
Hut 1 have net io rendu,'ed. On ti e contrary (le wini
jmi ..huent lillie!?? e,,e|ttor '-linit.ial arte iiu'.i.habl? by
rv ty ',11, hsi be*u l*uiihin*tit wllh tab** la ahitien Lau.',
als?? 1 ei.caru?i>ed my own ..Mi?-? bituie mar t.ieg here.
it U BtM I bave levied i?|? ii the ?rti.tir 11,,-la and ??Id out
aaaily half a million rf du! ar. to feed f '? I "f the itervlr.g
| p.?,. of ?ii eatleaa ?-.??.AI-a ....- ., . >- ... 1.; BVt? ?-???
I HW thtt ti.li Ii'bel li-n W11 a wn of the ail.lo.ran
aga ?'. the nilddi eg men, sf (le rih ?ga!,.?I ibe poor . a
I wei of the landownir agu ,?t tlie lalwer, tiiat li wai a ?(reg
gie fur tbe retention if i owei lu the i,?i-J? uf th? few ?,- .:...!
ti li 1,1, gad 1 fo. rd n0 Cull.lli.loii to It tave In Hie lulen
i gatton uf the few an 1 the dlteiithia.ir.enl u. the m?nj. I
llie-rfuin frit lo hr.Hatton in lull., th* I'll'?"?...-? of lb?
a?i?i.l,y. who had ..jied Ibe wai. to teed th* Innocent poor
who I.v 1 iuf)e:ei| )>j th.-war A ii J I ihall reiw leave yu i
with (I e proud ronich'iiii.iii that I oarry with me the b!e ?
in,...: th? humble ?ni tata! undar th? tuuf , f lbs rutUg?
?ud in tbe I ?bia ?f the llave, and BS am .| .It? content lo iicur
the BHBBI of the mi ? or the MfStM of the rich.
I fuitnil you trembling ?t Ibe terr?n of letv?e tninrr?rt". a.
All denser rf thli I have prevented hy te tiealuig lue a.a??
that he had i.e BBBBS to iel ?!
I found the dungeon, th* , Jtaln, and th? lath yeur STSlj
me.ui ?feul'.rclng ohe,ll"tu e in v'" ae'v.-tti 1 l.av? th?m
1 pen e.'ul, !?borloui>, roiili' .'ed hy the ?awi of kindnen aril
j 1 h.ve deuiomtteiel ibtt the pettl'ente ctn he kepi bom
yeei border?.
I have added * million ef del'ara tu your we?.Hi la tbe rana
j at now land from th? hatture of th? Miaiiiiippi.
1 have rleitnied and improved your ttriet?, ean.ii and I lb
lie aqueica. and upi-nefl . r i iitu, iel In uni ISOfase Usxt
I have given BOB BS**ss*SB of el.-, t! mt, gietter than yu
have ever enjoyed.
I have . ....?.: Jultlra la be adu.'.r.lt.red io in ; entally that
your own advocate? have Baenimuuily con.plln,ri,ted ile
Judge? ? f my ep|K,l.iti.,rrit
Ton bave m n. theiefoie, the i ?nefit uf the a? a ian,. I i I
of tbe ?JoverDii.iiit ..gan.?! winch yam hive rtbeilid.
Wliv, theo will you nut ?ii letLiu to ju'ii alleg'.ni. e lo
thai Ooverniueiit? not with llp-iervlce but with the beatl I
I conjure yon, If you gelira evei to ve? retiewi d protperlty,
giving I'Uiineu to ytut iii?, ti end vthirvet-if yuu hope!.,
lee your city bertine again the in.it ol the Wet? em Wurld,
fed hy III tiver? 1er Beag (ban three IbseiBad ? >-? d. llatag
the i. inuerue nf ? r'ninlry ****?gs> t!i*n the mind of men
l.tl.i iver conceived-titniii to jour ? le?i. ooe.
II you de.iie to leny? to your children "he tabeiUsaes you
re. at tal .fymii fath? ra^-a ital.le eon?tiaiti,,i,?l. .oiernuient
if you de.iie tim* ti BJ ihuuld ni the future hr ? puition ul the
ireiite.t einplte tl.e gee ?ivei ?h nie upon? ictuiu to ytur gita
Tli.. * ii hu' u r lleiig thal 'undi ti. te way.
tmara is tut otto IA, pCletef BVUAoai ?f.r..u, Itucrr., gas
ami the i,, if,.i, ,.i, s..; Baa ?? Bawsrv
Jhe in.Uti.tiru g|gge?t ?f l.od. whl h bil trien lit i-.l
refuge l.tr?, iii I ill prnudem ? wi'l ??? ? ?..ui.iai li.? tare?
frcin Ilia **l'-mt, ?Ithutigli Hie wheal Bl tom up wllh .1.
j bass givaaji i ..-h '.'.?ugiit t, ?bl? sebject
! c?ue ?mu:.g yu,i hy (?tching?, hy h.hit of mind, by pu
lllhal pu ii ion, by lu. I?! a?inily, tarWssl to au.?r.,n yeer du
ii ?alle lau., If hy pu-.ii,lilly they u.igiit be nilli MAU] lu ti e
Maeetl Bj n,?, irnre rind ,/ ?/,#' ?i/nfi /i ire ii. ed Iti,
twaakttm that the sshlsais / Main y ,? tn,.mpii,iu witt
tht t ifrly it/.rrrjy uritltet or of I'.r Cn m, A . ll.e ?yat. .n
b?> gradually gr .nu tu it? p.eanit I, ,ge diiuru.luii?, It we e
best!{ it rculd he g.adualiy remote.) ? bot it it hrtli-i. lal
helier, thit .( ?hould he lakaa nut ?t once than baal It ih.i-il.i
laBgat vitiate the lu, i .1, ?,.iiti-al and ?Ainily i- ?'i .na ?1 ? . - I
?Beatty. I tiu Hl?ll?g with uo pasaBUbaefat ? .... aa
legardi the al-te, hut almply ?I the elie.t ol RtalfSTf ou the
matter. Seo for yourielvei.
Louk a.o'j'id yeu and lay it hellier thla sa.ldaiilug, deaden
leg ?niluome, bat not ail tit deitroyrd the itry frtmcwuik ot
your auciely.
1 B" ?peaking tLe IbieWtl Wordt ot ena who ha* ?huwn hla
devullou to in. OwuiiWy, at the peril of bia lile and furtuue.
?. h . in ti., ea- t.ord? .au have ne.:,.er h?pe mr li.!, .?it ..ve
the iro.'d of lh??e h hum h? lid.-iis.'i, ?i I let lue h< n> repeat,
? '? ? 'in ?a . i'j ?! .'i appeal to Heaven to buat nie
?a .:,?... U,?t t .eh are Iho viewt fui.-td upon n.ebyei|?
Come, invn, to the i ii.-nu.li'ioii?! nipport of the iJnv.in
merit. Take Into your ou i. hand, y ,ur own lntlitutlo.ua ? re
i.udvl them ar.onnng to lim laVS uf natiom and ?f li d, ami
t'iii? tttaiu ii. .i peal piu-pri uy aiiured Ui yuu hy geogrt| hi
eil aeehttaa, stsif ? Berttoi of aMafe wn hen^-ure pana
Attdrea* of ??lea. Banka.
ii r ? i>vi> .?ki. DaVaataaat <>r dib One, {
Naw Oki.ba.ii, lire. 24. li"', j
To the Pkoi'JE or Loi'iiia.na : In order to cor?
rect pibllo ?', I ppn liei.ilnu and ii It.-e;-el? ula?, ii, for the
icitincthia ef the troope of tblt I'-i ntn.er.i. ?i.J Ibstafoimt
lina el tai atuMaa la iiaisrsti, ?Btalii |?bltaau?i li lattBUb I
mad? of the Proel.in.t.en by Ihe Pre.ldeat ef the Uatled
Slat?, rsl.Ung to the MbJbM of Etnanr Ipatlon In thee!
?luin.tiuU of Ihil docuin*nt it will be otWted :
I. Thit It li the declaration of a pii-os* f-frr*?. '"' ???
i-nUmiofwhit-hls e-nt'ngent ui?on an official ee.ige-t1on (.,
?,y the Ptealdi-nt, to ha mad? on the fir?', diy ol J? ?nary neut.
of the Stim* m J psiM if owtu?, if sa?, w^i, ?r-jioh*
?fleeted hy iti protiiion*.
II. Tlut the !?rt th?? n y Stile li represented lu good f.i'h
In tb* CongreM of the L'ml?d S.a'.n, I* con. luiivo ?vld?nc?,
In the ?I eence of itroug eooiitirvitllng teitiimuir, that ?Bj h
Stat?. anStlKi people thereof, aro not in rebel,lou ?ga.mt las
United Huts*: . ..
III. Thit the Stile of I.oiiIiIibi bat not yet been d??l?
net?.! by the Preiident ?? la r?bellion, nu? ?ny p*rt th?r?of,
*ndth*i It baa complied with ali Ibe conditioui ol tbe Prods
rnitlcn reipec Ing r*.pr?.?titati.in:
IV. That pecuniary tid to State? uM lu rebellion, whiiti
may hereafter provide for Immedla?? or gradual emanelpatinnj
the colnaUattoa of r,er?nn? of Alr1i-?u de.ieiit el?? t?h?r?, and
the eoiiipeuiatloB of all (iltir.an? who B?t? remained loyal
" tor ali i, ???? hy ?cti of the Patted Malas, Including *lav?s,
? re among the chi.'f recomin,.nd*lioii? of this linporteat
gth) I laelltel IhatIt? 'hantei iu?g??'r,l i! ?rain, s id whl.'h
imy hereafter be ?it?l,ll?hed, ?lo ?mt take ?ft.vt within tula
HUte on the lit ef Jauuiry pvoilmo. nor at ?ny pr?.-tr*> period
?vbirh cm now he cia?1.n?t?d, and I cill unm ali BBVaaaa, ol
.-. lu-.t?r e*t*to, ron nii.'ii, or deert?. tofdiert. cltlz.n*. or
? l?v?-. lo obterv? Hil? n,*l. ri*l *"d linportii-t f?ct. mid to g.v
.m iheuiielt?? Bccnriingly All unum?! publie deuiomtra
tl.me. of whatever character, will be fot the proseut ?Hi?
pead?.! Prov ,.t M?r?h?l*. ?lit, ?n, end midier? are enjoined
to pr?v?nt ony disturbance of the public peece. The ?l?ve*
?r?*d?ia?d'a len.ain upon their plautition* until their pnv.
tejm ai'it.l hive li?*n d?hnit?ly ? ?' il.liih.d. They may
mai iiured thit whatever hatietit tha O iveiuinent
intendi will be tecuted U th.in, bul no rain cm he
?Mowed, lu the prnent condition of ifalrt, ?o take the
law into hi. own bandi. If they *eek the pretee'.ion of tbe
llovertuiient. Ili?y ?I ould ??It ii? pl*??ure. Officer? inveit.-d
with sea initii will be vlglUnt lu Hi? di?,-h?rg? of th<!r
duller. L-arr of *bi?r.c? fron. c*u!p will not b? ptruillled.
?zcept in c???* of grt*t ?merg.ncy. geMhtt! enrr,|i?d In ihe
tegimeut? of Native Ou.rdi will uot he allowed for rho pr?t?
ent te ?i-lt the locillti?! of their enltatment*. nor will vitltor*
be tee?i??d uui ?? enarily lu tbcir uauipa. Tb??e regili'.loui,
?i.l >t rd with *l! tr.'i.i'i of the I'nlt?d State? In tbe te ?Uti?*
where Ihey ire enlutad, are bow imper?tiv*ly u*.-*??*ry.
i tem lr opi will be confined le 'h? duty ?ptt-ili-d lu Hiu?ral
I Inter*, and will nut bechsrge.1 willi ?|.? 1*1 authority II
ui?aiiig ??varch.*, ?enure? ni arreit* It ii my purpo?? to ?i
?cul? lailblully all th? order? of tbr (laTeinmenl, and I a*
auroa the t??? ii.i-?lllty of iii??? Inatrurtion* ?? couiiitvnt
therewith, ?ad meagre ! '"?lint and faithful eiecatiou tli.rn.l
Pili,- ??'?ntniii li '-?Its! lo the ?it ol Con.ni? cited lu
the Prnelamaiioii, which forbid? Ihe relurn of fugitlv** by
,-rti .-r? of tha army. N'o eucouragroient will be given to
lahnrer* to d**?it iheir etuphiy.r*, but no ?uthortty nut? lo
, in, ?I ti.?m lu return. It I? ?ngge.ted to glaatHI that ?nu.?
j an lie adopted hy ?t i, Li, au e?|iutable proportion of til? pro
?? e.l? of tit? . top? of tbe cm,, i,g yow, to be h?i?aftei me
Uiined upen tn? jndginent af honorahie me? j'.tily regieseat?
log ti,? ditlereiit ?ut????l? involttd, he let ipili lad r??. it. I
foi ?li? Seppelt and riiiip*n?atl,in of labor
II,? ???ria nut ?and by th? HeTerniueiit In t . over
throw of S!*t?iy. Ti,* 1' ?-. -..'. baw declared, ?ii H e ?-? n
trary, that it ia to reitor? th* "Comtttutlonal ralatioi.l be?
tween the I'altrd ttlte? end e?. h of th? Stat??' lu which
thal r. ?eil..!, |? or mi* be ?uipanded. The retolutlou* i?-..d
by ?'"'.ir-aa. n?f.,r? In? war, vtitb alum?! unanliuou? ,- .warn?.
t?. .,ii i?.-.i Ile-righi* . I the Met?* ia HU* regard. ?eiinoni
ha* rrrrntly r?;..?le.| th* itatu-ee inppoied to be lucm.n.tent
therewith. Meeta--h .??' ? I.m1 <i?n? ?-, b?.'?il?. S.?,,ry?i
laled hy coi ?? ni ?r.J I orditutioi.al gnarauty , vl?.?n ? ?a.i
war will iiiev'.l.hlt bro j 1' tn an end. it I? irnpoi?inla ti ?I
? ny military min, In li,? ? vent of c- ntlnii?! w*r, ?hnuld . oun
?el tlie ni???ivitioii ol ?1 .v* |... ? ..!_> la the li?... I attatee If
li I? to be preeerved, w?r ii.ml c***e, ead the lerm-r Cuniti
tallon*! relation* be ??'?'? r*t*L!iib?d
lb* hut gun al Suii.t?r rroclaiuied emani ipallou Tha
eominnuc* of the r.?s1??l th, i* ? omu ?m-ed will continu
m*te il.ai ?'d and the hlitory ot the age will Iteve bo ether
p?rmau?nt trace of the rebell?n It? lead* ? ?ol hastate
oompllihed what other man co ild no1 bav? done. TL? Lo li?
est Abo.ultu m li a ,irh?r when coioeered witta Ibe indrri
?f th? rebel Ion. tvh?t my?:?iy pervad?* the woik* of
Providence ! \? e ?nbinit I" it? deere??, botttatid sonfouuded
? i " ? twi ii . ian .?!.', i.? .: i'? wl.dem aud poaver I Tbe
peat prnhleni of the ige, ?pparenty environed with laby
III.-.iii.- lonipliciiiooi. ii bke!y tn b? ?iiddeuly lifted out of
h..i,.?n hand?. Wa may control th? Ini-iden?* at Hi? eont??t
bnt w? rannet eirrtnnvaiit or l-f??i th? end. It will be left
ua only to aiiuagelh? hoirnr? of lulemecn* conflict, and to
j-r-'-ra-'iiiate toe p.-c ?.?el of t??n.itiin I.ec?l ind national
iii'ri.iiiire ibertforeilile dtpeiad.'iit upoa the ? . ?.it??. :.
< . the iel alBefl
No p??uni?ry ??crlfl,-? can he too gr**t io *s|!ilei'rnt fur
BBatee? hut it .hould be perinioeat ; '? ? and ?nibrica lil lob
jtcliofdiacool.nl. It it written on the bl',? art h ?not? u. ,
ib? ae?an ?ateea el th? relate (te wav?i thit be?tour
?eau ti ? ?irl.'.oni that ?it it "Ui ia'',In and h.l the vicaat
pla,?? cf d'lolel? in! mo'irulug Breiilti, * I ey i '. thal thii
war u ?' t ?I I,a r. ??'. J b?i??lter.
Cent?*? in pub ir ?i In ?vc.?I lint, ?trei gthen* end cnnio'L
del?? hrotl,.!,, ?H. ,-tlo?. B -.??ed r r?u, ? Au?tile. italy ?
roarj land 'ern.? en,ugh to mai? a hillary, bM h*d II? de?o
ii ing civil wiri It I? a , ,. .? mil, iiilily that bal not
lanela Bs it.i.lh ?laliit 4 ,. I ? ?,, ... The meen
?ii .-al lu... -.. :? i..! .j.i th? d'??bt ?I a (-?topio. ead 1? foi
low?.! by > .... ... .", .i i ahmasMiea A divided
vo ntiv au I i? i< .-tua' wal mal? i<i?ee?a1t u a d? ,?1sn and Ile
a -?.'.li llv 'ih? trl.in.ph at i alto. ?I lioer-.'a ?tldan? th?
and I? ?'.la. ;. J ?. l?h p.? ??. p*oap?,r
. a ad | it I? eel 11 ?? ? h satin? ?hat trait ?nleas
?r* Born.
What hal .?? I ni. moil-? gaaa araaada*! N.w-Orleen?
I? a ?hr.i.? ?? .... ?d ?? l..,ta??r Hill Hu th? Aro ?(mik ltd
tha tn?i on ii,? ut . gi of VVublii|!oc, Jack? n. and Taylor
ai? Lr?*?! ? I wi'li ?a d. | i inno ?uiiiitl? Jalur? or tliu
M ..?laaij.,,! L.I u? fn.li I th? . ,.dinon? ?I lina ??I gita'
tilal. and ht ?me a ? allon ?a giiad nail. ?.??lln ?rL?e
ano'.in I-, g " ??m ? it-?,vei and ?i-gili ?nnu,li to Hand
I .1 .1 the ?olid l-Bltrd. NP BaBBB
M?; r Osaari Cn i indi. g.
Adilreaa io (ara. Bailer on bl* Departure.
MuhIIi?. Hi??. P. II Mint: lu the name ami
?i.a I . I the Cloon Aa??rl?t.uii? of Nan lliliui ?nu ar?
driiioui n! givi. g le you ?oma ? l|!.I toke ?>( I a,r re.part
and e?t?etr. tor the l??l Bad sBtlea I ..... h.f? ,lu; ?_v-.l la
in? | erfuimaii. ? of your dull?? ?? Mi liai y I wu.u.aLder ol ti.li
!'-;?r!m?ol for li.? prom j I aid shslBBBBB? llt.l' til o!
i a|-.,.ri uni '.??.!.?? InSi.ll ?la m1 ?, tor ??veril y?*r? i ?ii
!i?t? inU.I lia? ,-ity ny ?,',.?!-? ?I'd nliodthed. for tbe good
Older tv*?vwb?rr tniinUT- .1. lu I Ihr prol-clloa given In life
? nd p'op?rty . theielot? ne it
M'< ted, Tint w? vl-w alih retret ti it the Beceail'v ai
IBM for your reaiovil hy th? Adnlnlitritn i fr, m tl.l* I?, taart
iia?nl. whn? yoi 1 ??. i? l.i.J ?u.-li Mlaahta arrtn-?. to
your cnuniry and to th? , l'li?n? of New I '!.??:.? ?nd t1cn,Uy.
Lri .ni. That li I? wan fealln.? ??< the ino.l | rvfo :ii.|
g:?ti? ?de ll.*t a? r*?*Bll vnur m.ny uobl? ?,t? l?r Ihe in., lil
?ndirllcfuf the*?fl> ring |??ero. thl* eily, that ne! inly Ile
'?nuilri of . v ?. rltiiem hu' thoi* if tralirri and 'nrelgn inh
-ect?. hav? ?. li ii.? iindi.tai lad r.egnaiuii. 'j ..I the Ceiled
.i!?i?? ?utlmrliy.
He, ,tea. That we e-iu?ider tie courte von hive pur?ued.
wini?, in your lele uilllleiv command a? ..i ? ii. ...... .
?ttstataa by tte aaeiawi lu palaaa m ? atat??ui??i and , ?? .. t
OaaaiTI re..
' ?? Thttri t. ta -, Ho? -r. TAdt / li ..rut
Y. \v.,,.,, p Hi i,.i ins.. H. Bellata
i. i. EiBBiar, 0. p IL.I..MI0S, j i?, i,?iv,
P..1. 11koi??i. i. B. Loralai bo J Hot lou??a.
Appoiiitnt?ut mt a I'm??i.t Judge.
Stub na be* mm Kuri rita Ubi'ibturst 1
Ni . ? ?ki ?ii-, Dee li, I ?i2. J
Ok-?iii i Oota No. 89.?-The ll?,n. Charle? A
I'ta'.,dv I? li.iehy ?pn-,!it,.,| |r?T :?t Judg? of tli? city o,'
New-Clriaaa?, ai .1 will te ? '.?)*.l *nd i??p?, 1.-.1 ?. tordiugly.
llyoidarol Hu, Uara. U V SIIKPLI V,
.Mi ii.iy li.v.inor "I I..u...n ?.
laaasg, Mum, LA Oeaatml,
Heii,?it 1 si tai Dr.i-ikT.r.vT or tun Hi 1 r, I
Natv Uai.sia? II??-, vt, l*,i. ]
(.. ?iii Oboii ? N,.. 113.?Col. .lohn S. Clark,
C1 1 I 1 .; '" tin t ,, nuuinliiig ',ai eral, la proiialoB* I? ap
patatai Provmt M?r.ii..l Ueaeralel the Bssattiasatat me
?>u,f. All ?pp 1 .li .? ,.1 1 ?iiiiiaaion t? tr?H? 01 lnvrl. with
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saaetr. '? ? i ?. .u ? ? i ? g..- .. > i?.- ? m travel st trade
bayoud the i un.
He Mas ?ill te ?l,t..'S?d r?c?l,.d or p?ld, '?r th? Lau? af
I?,mi'* ?lth*r for tr.?-. or Bade, and no Bl? mai,? Brivitege?
,r un.uopoilea will be i?c .,,i-d 'I em on-??-ed It I? th,
il??ii? ol ti,? tun. mull! , ?in,?:?l to r? ??' tlill.h lb* privl
Irgri ol' ii.tareour.e ?nd .oniuirrci- t? chin the Hu, ? apon the
1, "it .lln 1*1 u.?t* ioti?i?t?nt With Iho lut?.-r.tl of tia? Hovell.
11?! I.
Sa h r?g lattem ?? ?re 1 ^c?..?r? to u, luUii, m tig.'.t? .1
the l.'ov-rnu?iit, ?'id Li r< l'o? ?. I li-)????,I ami In? al |i?opl?,
vii ?,? pr- m. ibaeed in ?'?n?r?i tiidr? lad snitled upon
leah Bania as ?bali h? i??u?-,l OeatlbeeS a ni t,,? I'rovo.t
ttaratei Oaaaial et hi? ?Mpatla*. All eu S regaiatleae, eatab
i?el-?r?l f.'l the pgalBCtlIB of th? l>oveiuiu*Lt, ?lill lie en.inord
?.lui relam?? SS uiuitary iior. Any |?:aou ??ho ... la ant
?.,. i-.? ti,., favor of th? llavsraaiBB?, aad thea tietlavtaa ibe
!?iiu *M. a 1 ?? baa pied ?d. wi.i ' ? ad idead g ty of ? C.gi
-..'?. I '?,,,.' d wit.loot ipp-al ni mel* >?.
hy c.jnn.iBiidof Major,..1 HANK'S
id IIA.ii K. lK?i?i, Ll'ut. Cal Aaalttint A ,1... 1 i.|i.r?l.
Hi i.,??'?bisk? Dnriarttaai or rea Hi r, J
Ni ? ? ' ,1 K .-.? Ila- I. i I,'. .
Hi vi iii (li.1,1.11 No, 111. l11L.1110.tHin ha bnt
r?. r .r.L: 1 bate H?a.t<pi irtera.th?t piliil. al..,n?. Injuriou* loi
liir ?,???,!?! fa..Idiar a ol Ibe I 1111 rd --'at. ? . re airca st. -.1 ,,,
tn? ?lie?-.?, ?lad mai B!,,,u)ii.u,ia .mi un at'-imig l-'.l.-r? am
?aal to at ?-ra . oiiii?-tr 1 ??ah tn? pim 1 ,-.% ... Sid, p,M
u.. ?r? radaeaai, aBaailia lad erin,mil *nd mmat te ?up
pr??.,?l llie t!-j?.i,.ol Hil? l-|,?it bh i' BIB 'Mir' -lad to ob !
?are? ? r?.i wfal eepotUaan ta all parseas ?nd the ??aie de !
tatt sea ?um atan a daw all parase? iu tlmn futur.
Any stawaat ?u ti.? nari ?r ?u, \ anaa eh a ?wag Ly oti.-n j
?It? pmssBal ?ou.i.ict to?i. i-.e paateaa, s? winch leetetaaer
?aaei ailBiealiea o? aaaUevei ? ead the ?tttttirteaca el tte
pil.l?. r?.|ice ??lil he aaailtes willi the ah.rp, at ?rtetilj
?nu? 11 In lllr lil I ?It ,,*
In? I um ,,?11,11 , g i,i 11?.al rr,ui?t? that Miy vnlalLin oil
I 1 Bl I. . n.uy be lep'.rted to tin ??? 11re.l.,,,?rv. ir ?11 t" Hu
Prevaet M?r*u?l ?irieiai.
Bj oumiiiaiid of M.joi-ii.i.a.-ai BANK?1.
h . bibb H laaia,
hi. ut- n.ut 1 siam 1. A??i?Uul ?.!..?! ?I, trial
Miuelieii t'gre.? Ilonig in ? l.i.? 1. aleu -
Tbe .V'groea Neiriliiig Arma.
A N'orlolk letter contains the f'illowiiig; " A
Hllti-.li subji-t't who ?ailie here li,an (hurlesloii,
.'nilli Caiunna, within a few days, bringa the in
ioruiiuio.i t:.at muetteti nagjnn wenh?nlathe
?tntnjatt prior t" his ?lepaihir??. Ibis ocuired m
.?one.-tpit-iu't: of a ?lise ?. i-y muh 111 u ra!l..-r aiugulur
iniiini.'i. The ?vhit.s tin-re for some lime puat have
been cloftly watching the inovoineiiie of the blacks,
ami thiiikiug ti ey obs. ived au unusual number ol
luiicruls among Ihem, a while mundUgil.?ed himself,
und, following in one of the pi occasions, ?(U arnv.ng
u-, ibe buryiiig-groiind he discovered that the collin
coulained arms, which were taken ami bi.iicd iu a
?ault iu which a number Imdulicady besudepoiited.
Iba cotitequen?? of il.is diacoiury wai the CAecutlon
1 ? tiajieteeo ot km) isi<*et iiitclligtjit ?f dM?jggaaiitv
r*r. a. IBs Rirhmmd Wliig Dae. 29.
The groveling and cold-blooded selfishness of the
liri- ,?i Mlniatry toward the Cootel' rate State? I? taU ?ngcri
1 dering toward that country s hilterneii uf ?i-e.ii . In tLia that
i-amiul fall lo tell up.iii the future relui M ol the two (>uv
rn, i,, r.ta, and lilli mort. niAt. rielly opou tho basBSeSS Inter
I rourae of their people. If we credit tpp' irar.-vi, nlae tenth?
nt the Uriuah people are *i'u na ard fur ui, so equal or
greater r ? Jbbt ? ! t. di' the Pre?i, awl a I"',- minority, if nut s
ii.ijur.lt, of the Mlnl-liy. Yet, ao ptnilv it their tyiiipathy,
thai they permit, alinn.t without remomtrance, tboee two obi
painted m ..nulle., li .? eli and Ptimer.toe, to place the Bli'.?
i-hi.aiiuo in au attitude toward ne herrtleealy and cruelly
uiijiilt flirrt Me bl no .'"?".I that thule mh dirt, I >ht policy
ti J- njattd metella rafatat in IA? /act that tht tatt I nrted
Slater ai? arra ytd ii ijaiait tu h ther ia b'tttr ilrtft literally
i BtaaaBaadBSJ tht rumplttt annrhitatinn af tnchothtr, lau? re
J..I ima htr uj ii piweijut rimi, ti whom tht lirtd lu cmtmoal
! dread.
i At I'kt Mi",in'/./...ia levi they deitre the reitnration of
? the I'ni'-a len (hanauy other event, and feeiiug that that ie
ault la imp?.ait*)!?, limy do not with to ?*H> the independence
of tbe Confederate Htatea eitabliihed ?util the people bot).
North and S-.n't. are prottrt'ed in alreugth, bankrupted ia
! flinn,e, and dugrared at * free people. VV l'b t hypocritical
' prolVi.ieii ui tuiiety thal 'he war ni ty I eaie they have pur
tned (he very co'-ras .-?hnltted ro I,.".ne and prolong the
routed ii.'.) ha.a pitted the S'uu'.iieriirr on tie ihoubler,
??? mg "Bravo! my gail.ni yo jug i.d, we admire your
courage," ? ?al-! ... y fr eo time to time *l. uiir?gl,ig our
' people to |?*riev?re, aul recognition would MSB finnie. At
! tlie ?eui? tltue they keep ehua.i upon the Nurth, Iseeltag her
1 with har luabi.'ity te whip the southern gamecock, only tor
' the purpone -' ?nuperalliit that i?ctiou. They beve.cte<I
: the part ef s brutal bytteuder, lotiug no opportunity t? iu
I t. nat. y the hot conlett raging between twu alienated bruthen.
Th-y bate a | urpoae to gain in ti... ?avago ami partie io.
! policy, and the wi. kedueet of the Bl ttbsCB peopialu waging
I eo .ni.o.y wai upon the iibertiei of li.o Beetfe cal ?ei ifeen lo
i ?ny It out.
1 ne (oiifederaia Htatea needed no encouragement to ?tltmi
late tli-m lo the ai? ii. and the maintenance of their ria .ta.
I hey acted ?lone up .u their owu judgmeut ?nd cou.i lion,
of duty i lint we eaiiuet help i?vu!ting t the ln.iuD.au demon.
iii.:, i.? uf tbe i u-.e . '...-M ?t Euglaud. We have heel, mi
dectiv.,1 lu regard to it. VV o judge the Kng'i-!. MlcU'ry
rightly now | and, ueit te the abuuiiuable Nu, m. we bave a
right tubal? (beni more tuan toy othei (luveiuiueut upon
Serti? if H r tri r ttr'iit Ural tht d4 l.'nited Muir? rouid ?? ]
rtt'irtd?an txtnl f r,ttr h-yvnd tht patt of ?n,mbtlu\ ? '? "
! illina) I,' < " nment i. At fini a i iJn?.,.i and lerVii?
?bataad /?? them both um. oma eVaaa, vatak wa? ouiy
: ?q laled by that which th?U hrutaiily iu.plied lu tua nr-??u ,
, ul our ,i? !!?....-!..
1 Tue lacl li remarkable, thai Napoleon, to wbote people ?ve I
I aie Dut conneettd by the tlea of a comii'in language end ki'.
died, and wbeae Internat lu the eeeeati' u ul hoatillliet In
Amer,ca li nut ? ..? thud at greet aa that of the ?oglilb,
' iliuulj offer teruit uf medlatiun in the ipiilt uf bomanlty, ti.?
ubjovl of which was to sain an trmi.'.i.?, io order that the
etJi'iou ot blood might oe a ta j ed, aid the pallin in ihr .tule
1 Diigiit lettie honorably their dittlcuitie?. a .A thai the buciaiie
"tier thould be colily rejected by Kngiaiid, whom we have
called ubi molber. um ituxla, from whoa, we bad no
' right to eipect anything, and who had nothing to gala, rou'd
not trtal with tudilerenca au uSer which con.raso humanity
Ve KroDgly r.-cu?.mended. The failure ef the mediation
aehein?, If, indeed. It turne eut to be e failuro, i? ?(tabulai!?
satire y tu the heartleii telflihneu an? bate .ear? and ihort
i gi,- ?.i' p. .ley of Kugliud, our mother.
iii? i o.feJeide ritaioe will lernen.ber Putland in the
Mute, ih.re wat a time uti-a ?he could hare made faat,
lr.?nd?sfu?. hot that tim?, we believe, it goint by iutever. .
We leefe irpon herpreeent OoTernnient et iilt.e le?? oorrupt ,
than that Sa the Nuttli. Th? -oudikt ol bel Miniilert lu out
Batatal hal been Biara 'eri/ed hy lordid li t ano baie fear.. A
llresl from S.w.rd will illencn Kuri Rufieli more e&actually '
llian the ?all? of the ?uflerlug pour of hi? country. Teearhery
being thepieJuuiiuAiii .-.lerecten-tic ui gath thu Vaukee aa?
the F.n.ll.b 1'iawler?. we ?re not aurpti?e 1 Hal lhere le a mu?
tual buali'ity to the ?louth, aal perhApe a tacit undemanding
?.j .le.,...ii BS o' the pralucU of ont cuuntry. Sew-.rd u by fet
the ?brewder knave of th? two, and nil voice trail., ro be aa
poieut wiih Kail KiKAwllae HU in the I ?bluet at Waabing
ten. Certain It i. Ila! beba? dictated, ia moil luperclUou?
teni., the 1-ot.ia. wtnob he wi.hud ri.-aiei lo punue i!"ce ,
the t,itai.i,.hu,e it ' f the btaeaatta en 1 me re-- guidon of the
Couiederate. ia b*iiiger?nti. L'p Io ihe .-uuiiimui&tion of lae
alter ?veut (he 'tiiy )?uke? fox ha.l uut put hi? thumb npoa I
Ihe ill fesltaa 1'ren.irr. bince then, however the conduct ?
of Luiland ha? teen di. lated by Ht . !
from /ie Ki. Ve, al Wkag, lire. 29
hmjRhi: bUBOBBB'B advk i to tih: NoitTUi;:tN
I IIN*.|.KVAT1V|;*1.
(i?or|ra Sanders bus written u l??iter to hi* ?.Id no
?ties si .m?, HorsttoBsysiaar, Baa? Blnbsi??* J?4ke Viel
Beean < i ..i?. ').?....., i?m?n,l, VV uod ard othet?, In
?h! li, ,fter enngratutallng ibim on ih-lr ? i ,-ei, In ihe No
veiuber elrr'nm tnd | icl'.rlsg the luiauui cun.c.p-ieneet st
Aliei.tieii iway. he , a.l. upon them to "reflret hy re?olute
?-1 de,l?i?o i-' on, t!.e Indication ? gn.ied by the people at
th- ?i.,t ti iu?i Baaadva at. 1 ssessaefsJ elton, vv es1 Is nr.t
? rr. ? niiiend? ia the I imitation of lbs BSOta j.
dmI h hi h LIB .Is bal ftreal Sf m tb?m by hi. Lerle.? war
. ii the leeta. li. te.,, ti,am
V ... ibeeld al out? nr I .in. to the w. rl I that n t a Jo'.
Its ol II* benda ?K?d?ral, Stat? and irun|.-';'il li SB al by the
Podara! u.urpen fm the pioierutlou sf ttii? unholy war. ih.ll
ever be poid lew lUangera have ... n male? iu toe dei
pelta laset ai.d stale j ni blow ?ti fall aimuat sealastvely
. ;...|i (he ui.rptli. There li ueed hal hlilury .hal', be marked
by the Btt?T aouibl allon of lim debt erealed hy th? contpira
? ? > ??:? ?i th? tight, ?ud lu ?Hie? of Aio.ri. ?u g il/?n, ?nd
*it?(e?. Th* Beaastaaa duller ihuuld now r, c.lve iiici a letrl
butlve leix.o tint a tar ibu- . 1 be rilled for all time egalnat
Ita being had on 11.1? continent for th? i.?urp?ttoii ef tin itgbtt '
?i.l libeilln of toverelgu a ? - ? sud -Ute?.
" Not on!v do yi-iuweit lo youtaelve? to repudiate every
dullai or (lie uncoiiatltultoBal debt, but you ow? It ?finally lo
yum pmt.iity (?? pay the ha: U not ali Ihe debt, ihiithe ,
pasas of ?b? South Lev? had '. I turui lu maintain the rlgiit? ,
ul ssatreaa ?, -1 ol -"?te. lu the .?(ah.lahiueut of Ire-, trade." i
The letter, for the whola? of ?hid, w. h?t? not iptve, ii
clAra!rin?o of ihe writer. ?\t Siibrta Htgrutr. In which
we be,lev? it Brit ippearid mpp 'mm lhere i? no other mau
will,m or witiio.t the boiiudittea uf the two belligerent pew
ei. who w i .Id have con eve.i io i, : | and origiml an I.lea aa
that w n h be pi.'potet lu hit oid j nili.-al g unie, of New
Vork To repudiate the I.In o n wai d-htand leave the ta
i.titci and'Bpi'.ailKi, who have ?upple I the itaewg of (bia
gig ?ni- war,I? i'u.d (ho empty beg. ii t propoaidou which
tbey will nu di,obi regard a? not ?llugetlier di?agi?eahle,
a'.iii.'.igh piulty bold, hut they will, at Uni b.uab, leefe upcu
lb. oil.tr prupudlluti, of theiu.eWe. BBSBBlbaj (he Cn... ,1?.
tete debt ?? abioluiely suda. lou?. Hu? the?? atea ?ni kaes?
and luv? ? g.eal i.ap.cl lol neurge'i .oi.g iiead. .ml will not ;
fail io Masas U e tBsjBSSttoe, bessaas "f it? aaaa? uy.
W? ii'! e ?I least) in?! Ml. .S.nd?r?'. lettai BrUI he'p to c .re
iliem c1 the lee.u.tru (lou illunon, which SSSSN lu held theui
in It? ipe I "-?teni. ' we tey, tie, au.e u,. .re pertu.ded
Hal it ii only leen lui with them. It caanut be -u? aaga- '
. mo?, eii?il-uced ud gtSBtlsel a en like.-J. y muir. Rj hmoad
Ja Co , rn'.?rtalu ?ny hope uf bri'lglng over Ila ?;uif of Blood
and mon niag ?li'ctt ihe l'uii(?oi ?i.ve dug :,e'.t?....a tho two
pe pie.
Tntie are re taon? lo hellere to (he contrary, BUB they do
nut regard ie. , uiti i rttaa ii p- ..'.!,?? or, a ter ?h.i ha?
paa.ed. ?Veil drl l.bl? How t-an -hey eip-e: ?ny niau, ullh
a dr.-p uf Beelbee? b >od le hi? isla*, or ?i ?"sajtasra iaallag
ie , ia i eni, rial ti rouaeiil to cal ?' Brute Bal ar ' bn lae* '
?nd rouiit-yui?ii J How 11.0,10 unity and peace t> Itu -i.,?ii
vino h.te tije-i ti., !r li? .1? lu the bet l..,.,i olour luid, ?....?e
ueai.y ?aery dwehlug a hou.e ,,| BlSnialag ur the br?ve '
yun'ti win.?- ll?*t ha?? teeB aeer.tict,1, wlio BBIS binned out
uoii.r. dee. :. lad ? .1 tield?, in.uiiad our women, and put arma ,
iiitnllie I.R-.eiof our uoU??tn? I The. know h ii man nature,
an.I in.? ku .? Beal bara natuie bett er. And lu, i feel what '.
t?. A SOW ? 'liai whee S .U'.lu- u II.eli c.-.l. li. V. 1 , n.eut to uVO ,
inlet lue ??ne l.overiiu.eiit ?iib ihefau?'! ? r.|-.h.,ri uf mell I
aaibaiU) Ciev iheutaeHi ? ?Till hu I it iinp.ia.itile to dwell In '
p.-, O and ... ? l> >? Uli lb-m ?t ti.. .Nurtli VV e iuUk upoi t ?.
a feet ears te be realised, teal efier Ilia pr?tent ,i?u Wal Is I
.eltied in f?Vor if ( uu!edcr?te ImlependiSMS, ?uu'.her more
1.1 ii ii IJ sed SSSIS d??etaUog I? to bel igut a-, th. .S. rm be '
tit.en Tiritan iiiiol.-raii'-e ??'?I ambition, ?ud the f?lenla of
. iv.l llheriy Atid ruintitotl.tial g .vei:im?iit. It tt,li no moil. |
? ia' .o "u-ly '.hen tbe pr.wi.i w.i, l(,-.uu,?, It m,\\ |?
eaaeotlall) ? til .t ?i. the Ueialse,.nti ii.ing ?4tieBM ol the
I lie ( un1' 1. i.fe uni gag 0.-IIII ?ocllelioi?a wat
. I. | , ? ted -:?!-? ..gun-' uth.r peupU. and .-?taiei
. nij i .lourt.ii r.ngl.ih I iiriieu ateet li?? nut d-geuer- i
?t>d belisifeeibeessss luteuBibed iu ?uUsMesAaaaessef
Balaie, hy ?i. two baaliel ?nd aity ye.i?' issUases m Nea -
Lu,.?i..t. li hi? ?autvii in the pie..-.,! war lu sarisai ilaar,
i-a u- ,.1't i u tu leran.??, It? r.ckleaadi.ieguid of eil toeebetaclae
sf baaaaaUl, light, mdlibnty la ih? pata af Its hale ?, am- !
uiliui.. VV ball ?>? r .- ..- mu lie ....I ul ibeni. a cannot be ,le
tiled that Mai ulu, Nwsid k Co. sr? ihn buljnat tal mott un
lissUsUsg ilUalas ?lal h.?e aisi Balertalee te naru,ia npoa '
liberty. Tuey bel*, wilbor. a lieallnug pa IBS, ? ? vpi ?way I
??ery sbeUeeUoe ui CoaattteU a, law, .,i..itr, Hgfei er
d. -.-i., y ibst ?l"od betweea l .?m sud thtir geai si Suuiiieia
Bstaiailaaitoe '?ni iaeb neu ?i.id i., iieai beraeitari '
eneniea, Ue Norlhtiu ll?i:;uii...-v f Tliey daie uol. J-the.
a ?i? liuti'l eu.'iigli to pi.-l... it. 1 he awoid i> drat? u between
li.em and ibeie inuat lu a lit?- and , Ita. li MTUggta for tis
unitary. i lie chiiil.en ol the regn ido? will lafclBlle iu
Aaasitaa lae it?.?m ?iv.i ivai iig.ivd i.y Hall pareaula
(he ..lu , ii.iil, y. 'Ibe pa..lri?lngii,g Hooper ?lil vel n,i? a
?nu-k at the ?uiitriVBtliuiol Ibo Nurth, ?ml iw.,rd In hand I
?u.i.-itvui lu liiiini le dut?u every jnu.-iple o| rot.mu eut that '
conflu?? with I at -higher law" wblcll lind, na u.uiu and ?
Hi .au -li u iu the blain, and heart! >,f lanalioinu.
The ... ?ti beluegi le the Samt, of (he Uid, ?ud ta e ?ia th.
.-...-.,.?. .?' ?i: .- m tbe Paitases uf t.uglaud ..ml it i
MS leas I li ..gadupl.diy their ) alike?- pin., ny |u Kiigl?r.d
1 bel* Will be n BBS e at til? Bettfe unlil lint tine.oii. breed
ui lbs Btayftawsi '*-"nr^ ? Trtmiilastnl
lill. IIAT'll I. Ol' I'Ki.HI.IUChMll u?- ? Itr lill. A? .
?m M- ?n a ri.Ati m- mit ii i'uom ui;n !
? ?rrtissadsai sel i be I ya bbejaj \ .rginiau.
Al lt'i.'.lut'K I waa Hilliup wltfe lieu. Kodes when I
i. niau wat leen ad vail? I ng lion, Una .,,..?,? w?.. , ,!_?.!
BSBlbBl. bia lill to a au, k. The Oene.al .,?t mo ,o,w. | ,
IS .Ul pi, |.-t .me I., ?eely. li. 11,. h.?re, ,,| S. las W
tree, tauestaoel alrasell MslUstaaaat, a al by ebttaaiW
?araaral, ..k1, g lea?, lo em?, ami ?utas tel Um piir',.? **t .
Undina io tl.e.r vaound.d, who ,., betw?m uu, ?,., |,?e _,,d '
. .--P. .rt.l,,g..-.t?umt,... .ndKbote erlSS H,-,e n 'nu. I
1?...-um_.uai-.il.., ali?.le?, ft, , ,? mmZllauaUrt '
lu?e the deuiaud, bul willi ?ultioiiiy io Baal II it __. ? ,, i
gei.eialtim.and Cue In d?e furn, 1.^?, lV,i, .m"''uv,*
with hil , .,.1,1 AUdlllg ?tllcei. ?'mwanuiw
i. _^a. ?a?. . . kiaid that'the ii ?ommJ
In w.iting. Watta I r..Uru?d. the Yank?? office,
pre?et.t.d the v. r.tt?n autlmriiy re-pilr-d. md w, MS
??ranging the muter etea one ol'the .,???,. , b.Pe.1,,, a tow
hundred yird? ni, op?u< d ou o?r lina. H.reup.n I Woke #
the I i?;,.,-.. v?t? ahmplly, ?nd r-fu.ed to ?tlotj : ..],,,
bring wit. ?topped and i aultible apoluty readtred Ti.?
WH. ?? VU, .. ior .not wa. th s Muk of mt iate-.^uu.,
.eeniedinuchniartlfiedbythoaccidect, and "toon Mtamaa.
making the reuairvd apology. ??????!??,
I allowed hil imbu?an, e rorpt to advance to or.r pirkri
lln?, when oor men n,.t ?h-m bealing ibeir dead and
waui'.l.d, I paru ma the latter a? th?) paeeed. [ ^ jj
peaaaat coutri.ation wl'.h the Vauk.e officer*. n.?nv of
whom ?titan, ed to th* front. Oar men ernie forward la
?rowd. and mingled with the ?uemy. It waa euron? te te?
the ditterence l?tw??n th?m. Th? Vmle?? were ?II ni .;<
dr?i??d. but hid i c wed leeka Tn.y ??etnad ?Il ubini?d te
look our lueu iu the face ??heir?? our p?.r i iy fal io we
went tthen Um.i : ? >" . tvtttl uplift?d and d?liant tarka.
'?> ? ??. they took leave, cur mea cz^reiied the hop? thit they
mis!.! "meat le-iuono?f in bettie,'' at which ti e Yank***
**vee ghaitly ?...ii? and but f?iiitly echoed the ??iitlment
They all without <-ice? lion, n.-c and 'dli..-er?. p.-oie??.,! them
?eitel utterly ?ick of tbe w.r. i.dd clared tiielr desir? to eee
1: ?nd In any way. 1 gave Hiern my view? very plainly, and
they ??ere obliged to arko ia io ig? I waa right.
I uever wa? lu iu,-" ii-irit? fir a ligbt in uiy life e? during
tbe three day? wa fa ? 1 Ihe eaeoiv. bulng iii I wai m .,g? t 0f
my native houae. The *t?, pie of ^t. IJ?or??'* ( horeb waa
?lainiy in view. I h?.d n.iuy newipip n given ino by the
'sates orri-ei?, leTP'-iil of ".Iori , "nd to e?,li?Bg* Bardi,
nitl. ?ti ich 1 wi? fcit:ir.af?ly rrovid?! I hate rir.'yu.eta
alora plesiant fellow thai im Viukee M.j ..- with whom
i i ?gi .??el I hadagco 1 de.! of converuati o? vn?h alni ead
the ubiquitous ceneep-i.de-.' i* tbe A**ocli.-i..| I'r.e? who
wa* oftbe party Th?? ?ii o '?ree to tend me papan contiin
I inn in avec?mt ,',i the Matte, i be Vinkee M?|or ?ras a great
I friend of M?,.'ien. Stunt, srha tooa carne down to ??e bim.
; and bailed bim very . ad.ai./ as " Boo," tbe other in tura
ctilmg him " Jah."
i O?r nine wa? new out. and boll) lidei withdrew: the mea
I coned their trmling ?a I " sa? to tlieir poitei ?vin, au' I, left
them with the Major, tuck L.',.to with the sal.?tag?. u of au
The .huktun ABttitiifpimm, of the -.'1st, anuounc
hig the arrivai there of Jet. I'mis *ud Han. Johnston, ?ay*:
Hi ? . :???? ? ? ? ' ? Pi??..i nt in excellent health aad
?plrit?. Hi* pr?sence in the S ate ?hieb ha? beeored ?nd
lovel him M long u' thii critic ii jui...-tare vrill he worth ii
m >?? *. ni? cb k* " *n army with banner?" fcTarybody
??ou.ed %? na r I ?V>r?'ed ar.d t?'fei.;'?i ??O, ?vhe.i It waa
-. ? ' .ei!- i La 1'rel lent hal arrived. Wa auger maoa
grrd In ti ? eau? t , trott nut ni hi? viat'iug ?lil en. -> ingti.g
U ? toi ?.i, and overlocking penonally our vari ,ni defences.
With hil keen aid quick -?? Ji-.lv te I he can tell et l glance
Bl -t ii i.??d. d to mtb pi :r in the deviitalioa ot ihe North
e n vi'.d-l? : ind we doubt not that Boa tit and vigor sad a
more I ?roi,: aid datermlned ?pirit wl!l muk the conduct of
the ?nidlrr* ?vherever b? g .< ?.
A I '.U.UaitteeOt thi- IL.U-? ol' ileprrl-iiilLvr? ?lilted tha
Preild?iit thl? n.ornlDg t" invite blui to ? idi?-? ti.? I.eg'ila
ture. HI? reply ?va*, thit he had come to work, not io ?peak i
mil that ha would do lo M<??i>?ipl'i what !..,...,I no1 an>
v.--?ia . a? Ile would ?..ii ! lu la??'?ia'.'are eilLer publicly
ur ptiv.telv, advl?e with the tretula?..? in ar?r?t ?? -ion, or
,1? cr . ,.! ? ? ?? l ; the Hall to the people. He leittoraa
mil i." ...t poii.t yeiterday ?veoiug, bul will .?urn in ? day os
two, when li? will ooiup.y ?iib tbe invitation at the Legisle
tiir? and the onlvrri?; willi of the people.
" 11 e recepiluu of th? P. - J snt among hil old friends and
i,?'.-l bor, waa,at .?ur.?, u. ii cordaal. and noivtltli-landing
the ?i?' reaps) lini'itj. ?I.nu would walga b??vily upon aoy
otb> r mm, ?et h? u,?t h.? I: ?nd? v.u.. tb?: ?am? pieeaeut
warn.t h eui eourteoa?, ?? ai.ing ctr.do, "I loruae. and lei?
evehtfi.l time*.
lu bia recent spec? li betoro the L.gislat m of Ala?
rum?, tt lilian. I?. laaaej i.?de nae of the iolloitiug laaguaga
i ral ?nea t.'tbe Ncrtl.?ra I?aii)ocr?'y:
let ?on.? ver ti .? tolo, 1? to til? .Nor'bern l'eu o-recy fat
deliveraii.-el Surely, they i.;*t ha few??he timid, waver?
ing?i i?la?h few. There 1?, io my opinion, a? m uah hope te
the Northern Abelitionlit? a? lu tbe Northern D.tnocrtey.
If !.:?. n ?ter? to -...-'... ?w hi* i': ? ai-.?'.)?? ? of J n. ??? la?
t?an to-morrow, and pro?, aim that he would ?phild Slavery
a? he Undi it in ii. . Ms-.a?. til* Noribern Dei.iocrery ?a,J
ia: .. ?round hil itiodird. ar.d wax upon ni to ?nior.ie a ' 'iden
., ? t. .? i?- i?W'.Le tia- Abolition Congru? would at
oi.re In my oi L.ion put a ?top te the war and muk? peace.
There err? a iVw who have n?-ia beguiled by the piom.?*? of
the Democracy to hold eut ter.i.? of peace ?-bil? they marok
upou ut in bit'le array. W hat ara tboee term* a? pic, ?aimed
by Mr V au H uren and Mr. iiigier I Tbey aie iheee:
Proclai.-Ti an arrafitl.-e if ?be .-?outh ?ill agre? during the
ar-'. am-? te elect member? of t "ngreaa, who .i,?.i gu to
vv ?shlngMe. Bate th? Bath la ?agaml Ihe i onit.iution of the
United Stat** '?I- iheir ???'* :n C'uii.raai. and ??? ?u,??.
'iona to Bineiid the Cou?; lu'iau. Theee po.posi iaagg meit
ha paaeed by two-tald* of all tbn u.?n. ?.'. at eacB
lieu.e. T.ey thcu beat te be ?ubmitted ti lae I i/uvety
tlea of the Statt*)?, and If ihr. a-iourtb* agiee. they i,.-.'-,u.? a
part of the Conariiutioo. li l.-y .'in to oh' .n thre? fouilhl
wbere Would you be if you looa tbii courte I '.vu ? III ntoea
?eriiy bat? ao , .'ue-1 lu* goverunieut of the Confederate
dial??, and have gone beek into the old I Mon without a ?n gie
< i vi?i ?... ?at? ?,.-,!' ...? ,: a party thal ht? ;,?..--?.on ol
ouly one of the ihn?? iiriBc."..-? of tbe Oov inu.ant and a
hat? Bi.oi'} tu. v ol tilt one bil eli !
lib I what s naine iu hUlory would our* be L inch *n event
could happen by e.ir t-oiiieat: What a p." .loi or belpleea
J?g * 1 t'laii wou'd our* be in that gove:n ueot ol Al olitlou
i?t?: ?Vial i ern ?h ef the pro?td ?pirii end L >i??e of thl* r)??*>
pl? ! No I thor? u ne h.pe e?en oi an unti ..i.t.J ueuduit of
t'.e ear ..oin tli? H-.iocncy. I'l.cy have no power until De
Samte? ?.rio, and what my nt mpp?u witlnu 'hit period !
tVbOa they go into power a* a Hou*e oi K?pre?eutativ*i,
!.,.-. I tte lura ?techn? AtehBtel oi?*. .??-the Senate
?ud i-.a*citite being 11 tbe hand? ot tbe radit?iperty. They
i-ve? ol cirry * ?tugl* u.?*i. re iuio riecutlon. But they na
pi?dg?d to aid l.; .io.u iu aviforoai, con?li;ulional proeauu.
t:o ol the ? ?r
We haveiom ?hing to hope, however, from IMS ditldonef
the com. 1.? o' our eu<-u.ie??from th ir tierce pa-tv ?Tlf* ibd
j.-?i,.i.'?u?. l.piii. ibu li..p? let ut bui.doi.ro?., onay ?upjn
i - i- ,. i... ?ti 1. ia? b o.d ? .r own baiuioay? ip.,n thete
nattung! oi pa y lute:- ta i-t u. blud -.o.e'ier our ota
1 i:i.u: ,- aaestiee? upon lh?li ?? I: hnea* end olly let ui ha*e
* prater t" liai th?t He wo ild ?ubi? ni to ex) i'ii In behalf
o: our beioved ,-.,uutiy, a iel! .?.ntc.ug atalaSB, both la
?pluion and ic.lou, in ali maltor* apie.it,' .ng tu oui ?ta
tv iib lurh a unity?m,'!: wliJem?inch faith lu ?*.-!: other,
aud lu each department of the I..-*?.n.,,?? t ? th.ul be pia
I ?:cd to nudergu u ore o. lil.! and uaU.orl :n?, and to ima?
tue hu ti victoij ol our iiidep.ade.ii-e froui a ???ried and
bankrupt foe?and no : t ? i what of privation or of luf
lviiug lite Blay have iu itara ?or in, thci? ia h t ouc duty fora
li?e and brava people?erhi.-h uo tirciimiUnce? na ever atar.
?Larne 1 ire tn ?Valtau tuen.
About 8J o'cli?ck on Thursday eveuing .t Ure broke
out in li.e etcher bakery oi J. T. U'ilsou. No. TI Kulton
atiaet, the fltuiei eil? .din. to Cold ?tree!, nul hy the rear
through to Breni.i'i itreet. The o-igin of the tire li on
known. The tl*:u?i wert lint i?*u in the third itor?. The
.??ni, nutialitrlt?! twerty. ?era in the callan, and no bio had
boan meda in the otrni cor \V ?dneidav uiglit, ,tnd wheo
tb? watchman weit tl.ro gb th? prciii'??? oa Tlnirtdiy at e
o'cla-kp in. everytulug ? m ??fe It i? t'ippo??d however.
that tte nu. .der i.? I eat ef ll.soTeni liny hu? fviuB ,ni ataB
I h? heal lo the it .or?, ??lieh weie tt-ry dry. Tie f'.euiee
?prcad very rapidly, bailliug ill th? ?nerrie* of the firrme?,
who were promptly i u the ?p?>t. Th?, ouly g?M . known te
be about the bM.diug ?? M a t* "ted young i su ian i.iarly
known tit " (lo. ' who 1* ?upp- *?d to have b*?-u .o*L
The in *?? ?r?t dltataveted in tte Hold ?ir??t ?nd of the
I ui.iing. No. is. wnicti put!.on o: Hie preraite? eao'ult ha B
..?:-.-?.-. g the pecttaa M< ".kui a ?tr??i which aiaa
?lieu!. IMfim? 'row the Lout, lue tawm eiteudedj? the
other building? 1u.ine.liat?; y ?iljsc?nt.
lu? loi* un Mr. Vtil??m'? inkey nuouuled to ? Ila JJ*?P , BJ
i na hinoi-j and lix! :rae ed ?-ti'iSiu on ?t ? k . niaiire?! foi
gtim "The ! uildiug. ?lieh w ? ?utlreiy i.?'!njed ?m
o? i??.d by 31r. \Vi.?on.and -.-.a* ?ii.ud ?t tJo, M|Maataimt
last uae? it ii. Vttrt m ?It/I .nupanlaa.
I B iti in o' til? imllrtu I No. n Kull.ti ?tree! wa? ??-.???pied
by I'.looi . it South, printoi., loM e.i,'S?U? ina-ired or ? (.(SV
la be Tia-i??'i.?ii'i lu? tram ? < eeapaiy.
lh? upper flour of He?TJgaheasiitM ?a? sa .; ?
f? . iIt BBined ? ?m?:on, l!? n Bil BIS ot Batet, .'?laped ?IB
their it.-?, tem BO furnltnru ti"1?1. lu?i.r?d.
ihn bt?t Ih'or of N?. "1 1".aou ?irret waa o c pied ii e
Coll?e and ?I'ioe ?tore by A. -VlTi.d, it hue iota i? ??J ?WO
laeBTeA The ?nqi-r portion o! th? bul? ling waa SOBBI i?d I y
Mr W il.on ti ? p.oprla'orol the bakery. The buUdlug waa
val u?d i! ?>...' ?>i iu?uied.
The '.ni',.! ? i No M Lu ton atreet occupied by O. I!. Hood
tin the tu et d?,r, Ina. gMUi bo tn?ui.u e. J. A i ?: e.-n,
enak.rof ?B.-gicai initrumei.t* ; I?** ? v -e. tumred.
l-oloii? i A.l.iecht de? ?r? in i-br-uoiuetria, damaged
OL ?ssj? ii.? red. J. VV . I i.l?, note broker. I at t IM Tia.
loai on tb. in d'lig ?ti.., h ???? .'?i.ed hy Mr. Dodd. M
g-1,tOl)? tn?uted.
lleoul?, I'v.-r ?V. Co'? ?pi?* n ill*. No. it Kui! n ?treal,
?. ? .lan d,.-',l by w.ler.. <? I ti "V. huaisd far BM,OM,
No. 7., 1 u.t- u sli??t luiiuediatcl? Itijoiuing the hakety, wai
eu'.irely l??tt y?d The in?l lion? aud bai.uieot ?vate oc. ii
p.. .1 ? li, ? r.I a. Manari llalaBB trial tl.-.tier? ? lua* ?LXs-.
in.ure.I. Th? lo?? on the h.oldiug It 4-1 ? Do, iu.ni? i
N? TI ImiUou ?treat ?ia? o ci..led by i lette: ty ?.M. li i.l.
te-haValsiSj ?..--. I. ?ur.-.i for ?>? s-u. i Ni -... ri
!.?..! i oipied ?ne oi the iii>i?.t ?tunee a? a ?o .uibc ? ?i, j,.
loss ?>H.S?; in.urrl. latMS on tin- building S-t, i??t. . a,, oro
No. ":? tuiiou ?tieet. cn,?roi Utda, a?geiaviaa ttetetevy,
Be. M OoM sir set, was tata j aaattagai, Th? LvattaBaM am
occupied by i-ii'l'.i Ply. dilhM Li oaua* aud raitaai lo*?
ti... IS', lu? i?-,l lor ti?',""". JoLiiC lily, paper dealer, ee
ciipnd Hit-lir.t t?oor, lou t-?.i,i.s>. |,??r^j (?r i?:,.?*.,. |j,
I?, ?ni ii d thiid lluoii ? ?re oc-upied hy l.eouaid Bs ott k Co.,
Bi?g*sine putalatetai lo-? ai.uo, iu?ui?d for 0 ..'ss'. Th*
upi'tr li,ir wn , ,. uplel bv W, llaillhtaer. paper boa
maki i , lam ?? -.'.
i iinl.l.i... No ."I ?lolil -t.rel. ?hi hwo? partially loured.
w,i.,,- ... ? d ?>y kl g ti hfeUeaa, Bteaat-p?paaaeteeai la?
?v I isu. in..ir?d fur Ob.'".??. The building I? ?v.i.ed by J. \V.
1'olott) damage - I ' in?ur.-d.
Lonu m w a i su.
A. Dtrne, No. S? luden i.nei, optuinu. l.?1T-.se n?|
A. M.sonl. No. iel I'ultun ?i.eet, ?lencl! eiguter Dam.
?g,... ?ni ahjajOj li ann m Katebaagat emgwy.
II. hi?h, No. tn? I ...lion ?tiret, guu.mlil,. l.oa* tai, fai .
lu.urad. ' "*
u w. I....? Mee.tosed ~.i hulton nu.t, olotbiL* Lea?
?bout ei.tssl? Hilly ii.i.r? I. 9
W Pot!., Noa. V.'and .4 lultoii ilreet, liuw??a Hain.a*?
about 0*4*1 rally in? ned. "
C. u '\*?'??e.No.. ii and 74 lulloa meet, btokbiudar
laCII Bhuut TI"?, iniiiimi
i .omi i> anaaaa antai r.
B?v!or. polaiiey k. A.Un... .No. ti: ?eekmaii itreet, glee
Damage* bj ?*i?rm hasauieui ihghi
liud.cv k. Stailt.rd. No. n P.. ?kunu Uns?, drug*, lo?,
iheat m latan?, hilly tunned. "
P'i?lTi "ft N" :i " ?kj ?" *?*?*? e^* lo*? ?"?'?I
J. l'o>l?. No. .1 lteoki.i3u ?tteet, l.n.uura. I ... d.vo,
Lill illau.el.
W. II. It ,1,? di, No. a Beekuiaiutre?!, g1.?? Loti gt Jw?
iu.ly I?.?mad. ~" '
Mi. P?idh?ui. No. 73 Beakatea ?trtet, futnllure aud clota?
I . , ii'i.ider.bl..
.\l. Ilormauie, No 74 lle*ktniu ?Ireet, bonding houee.
I-'?* vert Uige, li:?urinc? ?llibl.
li. M. ?Voujwiid, Ni .: rlei-iiiuiu Urcef. puuipi Laie
?bool -jij,).??!?, lu.ured ni ktb.tvo.
tan Neil A ILylm No. 71 lleekuiaa it.erl, ndvUei?.
I o.? about ei.lHa-J by wi'e:, In.ureA
It I* i it'll Willi.*', s .1 St ?-,. ,Jtu. lui.iiiic? g?,. *Q0

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