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-mt> .
Marlike Preparations ia France.
Polish Affairs Still Prosperous.
Russia Bullied by Palmcrston's Organ.
The Inman iteamer City of Washington, Captain
Moehouse, wbisb left Liverpool at 2 p. m. on the
24lh sud Qmt 'i?'owu on the 2Jtli ultimo, arrived
bore on Momluy morning, bringing four daye later
sows, and pcasengcrs.
The Canard ?crew tteamer Sidon arrived at L'v*
?wptxil, mid the Jura at Londonier?)', on the morn?
ing of the 23d J ; i.e. The Jura reeded Liverpool at
a a. ni. on the21ih.
I'renrh Tlet'.iatioii ?Bnmerc.
A Tan? letter siys: "Mr. Slidell, ile envoy?t
Pani of the Confederate States, had a vary long ci n
ference With the Linp?Tor on Thursday^ tho IM.
Ilia Mu icely sent tor him aasoou as he was up^kept
bim toa t tfi-t.le breakfast, sad dil not pail aga.
psny with him nntil the Coaneil of Ministers tv?re
?BBBWbl?*d. Tbii interview h ?a given si remit h to the
rumor that a rt-newei1 oiler of mi-diai.ou i* likely to
be the result of (he fall ot Puebla.''
The i'ans SMISSBCadcal of J he London Times
esyci " A rumor has got abroad and haa been
repeated in SA?me of ti t.? papers that the Fin-eror h >d
changed his views with respect to Amen* an alfaira.
The i.iu.or, 1 ?an arsute yo i, tia? uopoundaiioii. Kal
only I ,.s tie Es ) eior not thonged hi? v.evva, but
h? is i- ore ci tihruitv-d in f em hy the BVSatl which
Lave lately takoo place in Am-iicu. '!'??? sudji-cl
waa n h..ed in the Council ol >imisters h? id t-u ?li?
day at the Toillerit-e, and I I ave ?sou e iea?oti to bt
lieve that it li intended to make lre-b propositions
to the Fai'liah Government, the Kinperor isrioit
desirous to act with LuAtland iu tilts a. m all other
quest loui of Ural tate hi ; ?.?: t.u.ce, and I he'ieve he
would recognize tlie Conleueracy to-morro.v ii Lng*
tan-i joined !?im."
Parn oorreapoudiice iavs: " At the Cabinet
Council held on the 18th, g1 which the I.aiperor pr*
aided, it waa reiolved that a diepglgh should he mi
dressed the esme day to the BlSBeh EsihaaSa Ot ni
Loudon instructing bin to rei.ew the prepCOBBl oi.
the part ol tlie Emperor to the Kn_lish Cuvernmeut
tor a joint diplomatic action m America.
" lhe ui-iiitih was win ten und it is probaile IbM
by (hi?, or bet?re this,Biron (.roi wil have carried
out !? e instructions ii contained.
" Mr. Lindsay and .Mr. Boehaeh carne ever to Pa?
ris on Monday morning, ltiey proceelcd lort..with
to Fontaine?an.
"Mr. Ln.itii-ay ggksd for an aadieuce for himself
BB 1 Mr. Roebuck. It wa? insl-mily g.uii'? A, and
both getitleoien were receiv-d by tis Majesty
inxi gtacloutly. The conversa', ion lasted annie tittie,
and the l.tnpeior declared lu the most foin al maiiner
tLat he euiert;,ii.?al ?ne same viewa as before willi
?rtspect te tin livil war tai jtaesttsei I-??I he wa?
deeir.ais aiifiin to interposa bia good office*, and
equally desirous tia" F.nglsi d rhould j .in Lim; tia'
be believed the joint intervention ol' France and
Bag??id would be atttnued with g-cod rt-Bul i, and
thal in again promoting to Bhatasd lo act wita- biui
bo waa moved by no unlriendly feeling' toward the
North, quite the contrary, ilia only motive wat ?o
put a dip to the tii.ii ?. e carnage ia A mern-*, the
more so at it was producive ot no resal??, aud the
????re to be deplored as there wa? no chauoe ol
rsatoi?ig the Union,"
Greet Hinein.
In the House c1 Lord* ou the 22J, Lord Brougham
asked the Foreign fcicirtttiy ii be bad any injection
to lay on the table eenuin paper? connected with
the treatment of I.berated slavei in Brazil. He laid
tin? conduct of the (joverr?mtnt of Btazil, io tefer
ance to the abolition of Slavery, bed been admira?
ble, and entras ed invoiahly tauh (hal of Sp?u,
which had don? uottnug tJtcapt receive the compen?
Karl Rtisaell anid he had no objection to produ.e
the pap ra.
lu th* Houte of Couimoni, on the lame evening.
Sir (j. (?rev, in reply le Mr Parraad, sai 1 thai a re?
pon bad tecu received from I>?ed>< vvitii respect to
the proceeding! ol alleged Federal recriiiing in that
town. '1 he paper* wer-* uuder the BOaMdeiatka of
the law Bdviteri of the Iieasury, and could not ve"
be produced.
Lord K. Cecil asked if G 'vermxet-t had receiV'd
any int?. rmation that the Federal Prize Courts 1 ad
decided mat a vessel taught hy a ladera! erowal
Bud bound toa ueuiral j>o.*t, might t* seized ami
cicileiam-J if there wu-i giound to believe that it
waa intended BShaesaeotly to run the blacksde.
Mr. Luyard said that nie rispatchii received by
the last mail made nj men;ion ol thii ulluir.
Mr. l*iyard also announced ihaiatel. ?ram bad baal
rec-uved Irom the li'ittian Government denving the
report that orien hud boeu issued to tig 1'olisi.
Won en weering mounting. The House lettaad to
allow Mr. Heeaeaey to hnr.g forward ?tin re*oiu*.ion
relating to Folsad at tt * pieaeut juncture, aiUioiigit
the Ooiernment had given tis consent.
Lord Palmerston imde some explanations upon
the l'oliih question, and stated that ths lol owing
was the s'rirtai te of the disj._tcties to Balala ly
i. g1?, j, France a-..d Au-ttrin:
I. A general at,'! v lup.ete budnest y,
II. A liattio.-.al i'-pic.fiiitaiioii on lhe principle of
that est?hashed hy Ali-ander I., in virtue sud in
rxtcuticu ol the tieaty ol' Vienna, 'lhe Austrian
Government to* k a moli?ed view of this, bul
Li r Majesty'* Government waa of op.mon thal to
a?t.sly the juat ex't.t ta'ion? g1 the Pole?, the rep
re.-t-ii-.aii. ii aiiould be established on the footing oi
the ct arter ol Aiexai der L
HI. i he Pulo.? aloa! ??mu! 1 be appointed to public
office?, as I'lii.e alone were bkely to command cou
IV. Ihat peiftct liberty of conscience aball he
granted, and tbat due protect.on be acvoided to the
religion of the Polee.
\ . li at lbs 1'. I:-." I i-.ga.ge bo nsed in a'l public
transa- 'i. _i and in the uti. tainui of the people.
VI. That a i.guUr ?j :..iu of recruiuii. be estah
lished to prevent a recurrence of the proceedings
??hieb led to tue preseui insurrection.
Her Majesty's Uovernmeui recommended and
Ctr. ng'.y uigtd that there ahould bo a ceitaiion of
b'ks'.ilii'O*, bscuuae, iu their opinion, theis would be
?o useful uegotiatioLi u* long a* a aoofliMt of lade
kind wa* going vu between n.e ?u??iau troops and
lbs inturgent?. Auiiria diu not aciualty recou ?euc
all theos points, but tue urged the Emperor ot Kut?
ta.* aomewbat io ibu ettcci. Ila ihereiore tru?ted
that when be could lay the diapeitb ou the table,
th? Houae would be oi opinion ?hat her Majesty'r
Government Lad done all iu ita power, lu auch
". j- t. r? f.iey had to ? ?niaidar not what toey dstued,
Lut what waa attainable.
Mr Ditrmeli wi.he- to know bow the Bum?su
(. ?vat mant waa to ontain a ceaaadon of hoatiliue*.
"I... -e were two coursas, lhe unity of It???a, or th*
iuui-jT-i...ein-t O? Poiabu. Li mr of llieas would be
inteiUgil? e, bul S mero oip.oiatic lntcncrenvA;
v.n;?ai co nothing in '.he circumaiancce with which
G ?veriiment Lad to deal. In his opinion the polio
of U.e ii?.lull (.oven.iaeiii ess beiiner Lrm nor Bal*
ii.i.? ???ty, nor allowing much ooneideration for ths
|>??_ieo: Europe. Eves it ita propoaal* were ac
SSgted, tbar would u I v raia? a phauiom of l'obtnd.
'li??--, tv o ild lead t - h iccurisacc oi the prtaent evil?
on a more SXieasive bCilc, a k1 pr-duie a periidiual
?duiurbauce of the ws-^uilUiy Jj lue Continent.
The CHse of the ?eunre of the inspected gnub<?at
AllBaadn at Liver,".id wmi emii'neiiced in the
C arl 'if (?ne<' '? l!ei i'i Ht London on th* 8M .1'ise,
' Iii- Chad Boroo PolliN-k. aad woe still progreee
. . ... i. ti t! c t i y c; \\'?r ,:ij,ioi le'i l.iverpottl.
lit r? a. ?obree v. .?? of tig ni taltai on hotb
?Mci The bfonaatba eoate u? in B'196eoaeta
To the vu :t t.? ?lu: ?mile d. (eudants pleaded that
I : ey We e i ci gtiatf, and lui the r, thal the A exen
dlOW ,. Let intended lor ti ? pun o?e? 11 iTj-jcd, mid
i :t i.nt h itde to rnzaie and forfeiiaie. The
Judge lotiooued tbll th? wai the first lima tb?
Foreign Balbtmal set tad been acted opon, al*
tim igh px??ed 45 year? ajio.
A ii.' 1 I .I Leen 00 il.e Upb b litn n Leal Lncun
sod <-ei. li:c.ibtrton, growing oil of n.ulter? relit
ing to the Crimean war, hut ahhoart ?Kith panie*
ure ?sid to have ?pairad to Pane fur tlie j nrpoie,
Iba arent did not-come oil.
Le ?new itean.ei Cetaloaha. trading between
Liverpool u'.d (Le Maillai I BIB BB, had hecn loft wiih
nil on board, exc.pt two leeman who erang toa
ibBBigad boat for three day* and thiee uifcht*, when
tin y were re-rned.
I n; ti. Bpeke i.nd Grant, the dircoverem of the
?oorce of the Nile, were heil r lionized bv tbo Geo
paphba] and other lean.ed toebtba iu Ixmdon, an?
bud Biara a detail til and iniercsiiug a ?.:ount of their
The Kev. Mononre P. Conway, whoae correspond?
ence in the name of tie AU'.'ion party with Mr.
Mason bra bara ?lually puMit-htd, expl.uti* his
position m the matter iu the following Lm-r lo The
Time* .
Tn ,'A? i.?ifcir tf TAI htoim Time*.
Sin: AbaaaCB from Laatfaa has p-evented my
iriving ?neb careful attention to the corre?pondeuce
between Mr. Mason and ti.i ?alf a? wa? iiece??tiry to
male the explanation which the public on both
eides of tbe ocean will naturally expect ol me.
lo the . orrei-i oii.it ?? a? ii ?tanas there are three
parties involved?-namely, the Abolitionist? of Amer?
ita, Oiyeelf, and Mr. M??on, with his Confederate?.
As to tie tint, it wa* to potiuce upou ti em and
compromise them with their Government that Mr.
MbbbB rusLed into priai ho ?cpeily that, though
only a little wur from 1, imbu?, I di'l not receive bia
luit letter until half a day alter I had ?een it in The
Tin,i ?. Dut I wonder that Mr. Mu-mi di<l not see,
what the Americana will certainly ree, that my fee
mid note to I im min it? that my aothoiily rat? nded
definitely only to the de? ! ?ration thst the Ab.tiii?.ii
i>.t? of Aaems were giving moral rapport to this
war ?imply and only in Hie interest of Km mciptition,
mid that when thai innis ceuci-.i fo be involved they
would no longer ?u-uin it; " hut that, with regard
tu the special oifer," I must write out and get a
-leiinl aathority. Thi? left it yet an open question
v, bettior the leading Anti-Slavery men were " pre
lar? d to negotiate with the Confederate ant hur?
tica" Ile ?prirgs hi* ?nure before tbev nraan it.
I'I ey are no, compromised Bt all. Tiny do, iwee.1,
?tand con milled to an unwilliiigneis lo prosecnt?
'.hit? teriihie war for any b? important aim th?n the
complete wiping out of their country'! crime and
?ham?, bul it bas ali alung been their avowed po?i
tion that they are, to 000? Woodall I'm lip?, " wil?
ling to accept ki.;.tim ,:, L'nion or Disunion, on the
BOM of Einant ?pinion."
I BBB. ol the Al.olitioDnt?, I alone am implicated
hy tin? ? tirresjonilercB. And here I um ready lo
eunices t hat my inexperience in diplomate ana po?
litical affilia ha? leti ire to make a proposition lha
loni of which b oh;t t'K.i,.'le. K-t. (tiii/.nK' Mr.
Muton only ita an iiiiolticiiil thoujrb representative
SoUihernor, ?kara rbwi w tin Id be a MM of the dis
position of the Robob ?>u Ike rabjoet of Slavery, and
rt'ixiotia to afford that tcet t ? c*ilain very eminent
blorary men in Eegbad, ?I o oekoowbdged that
the reply tu luch h piopcsitiou would decide their
leeli' g* with regard to lie ihgne, I infened Lnetily
aad bonroperly that tbo right to di clare the object
nf the Abolitionist* in the wur jimtitied me in send?
ing the pr?.pt.iition to Mr. M ??cn |.er*oiiully. A*
tbif, my f.rsl "coumj m eenie with the enemy,"
wa? undertaken oily in ihe intxre-t of my country,
and Vt ua virtually u den.and tor the kui rt rider of the
eiitm)'? cajitol, I abai) hope thal the apparent ui?
loyalty of it, ol whuh I uni unconvciuua, will bei
con 1 >?<-d bv the country I meant to serve.
Hu' Mr. Manon and hi* Cjutederatesareimj 'icnted I
in ttiii matter in a way to wi.ith 1 deeba to call the j
attention of lb? se gentlemen to *ati?!y whoae minda
I wrote the proposition, and of all others who think
tba*. the S'iuin i? li. hi ing for any worthier inde?
pendence than impunity in permanently robbing'
another race of it? indepandenc -.
In order to eoospreoaba the Aholitinni?t?, Mr.'
Mhrou concede? thal I bud it.ni .nt j to malte the ,
nffi r of independence for BlBBOBipanoa. Ile ac
k now led poa, on the strength ot Mr. G*rri?on'? letter !
of credit, that I i,:t I v.,al authorization to which, ,
wl en shown him, be hail promised a leply. So the j
1 >.. li-'i pa lie know now, with u cleftrn??? which I
my own tiluniit'img way of evoking ?inh a confe* I
?ion Old n"t moin, what the reply ?if the Suuih i? ti
a propmitiou ullaring her "freedom," as ?he cal.?
it, on ibe i um.i.ion of her according the ?arno to the
million? whom she oppreora*. Wb.tiier 1 hail a1
ii.1 l I" i. ;.i.e ti ? i'. .-? I ii.it, it i? Miii-wei?. I. The
1 eliever iu Iba g?dd? n nile Pu? only to r.-i hin.j -li
vt lint wmhl be lu* ii.'feet m the ?mc? a? oi the!
N.-i i.?.--i mu.? ii lu? own wife aodobiidrw ?an
to-day under tte lush on a Boothera phuiUiin.ii, now ,
i hal we bare Mr. Maaaa's asauiatico Ulai every
gateway exte[t that ol war i* ?losvd
1 ?in. I.e., .'? IOMi i at. ?. CONWAY. I
Auhrrp ll.uie, Nott B|v.ll, %t , J..'.. H
A !'?: itAtlt it !e?i. .:: ti:;'.? t at tbt Ki: ti of li- I ?
glum bi.d lett* to ihe M miller? of 1. .-'an 1 and
Brasil hi. de? ?e.ijii labrifa to the difficulty between
the two eoaalrbo, which wu? releired to ni? Mi., ?
tye arbitration, i ne decisi >n is bell red to be
n.ore r..v..r.ih.e to Brazil ih ... to England.
War i.? store* were it .mt embarked at Cherbourg
for the army in Mexico. The intention of tending
raaaforwaMBb ? triKips 1? adjnun ad?
The I'*n? c<irre?pnnii?n'. of Tut J) lily S'rwi ?ay?
rumor? ot war are more prevalent limn aver. It i* I
BBBOBlibh not to he strut k trigg tbe toneof tbe m-h i !
' ?rial mgaa*. 'Ihrv naal a* if ii were de-tired lo
; repare the pnhl.r minti lor a ciiiaatrophe.
'] ne Tari* correspondent of The Ijindon Herald I
?ya: "liieatni-w?. HaFretnhara prapariagCm
wur. 'Ihe officer* of the -guni<?jil aie *iiii willi ex
?itemeiit. Or.lerB wtie jeiteiuuy received at Hie
... .->? nu m \ .m eiii.r? io (ilu< e on the full war fool?
ing, aLd prepare li r taaabtbia tervue, three bat?
tu ie* of l? pounder?, li gun?, and l'-u artillery
wagara?th* W"poaooe? being ealy eandoyed a*
ttie r**ei ve of held Hitillery, ot cavalry und inUutry I
lii.'i-ti'ir?i. ?-., rilled 4-pouuuer?, three batterie? j
ot ibe leterve, ^.e; ?-rally liom ihe artillery ?uppori, I
a C'trpa ?I arn.e? of ihre* divi-ion?, ??y 4li,UIH) unm.
Ibi? new* i, no necret in inilnry circle?, hut it ha? '
not vel toaaapiiad among ti.e public, lheolliceri!
al Vi; in.-ii.e? lui.ik ti.al the war will hreaa out ?
-??fore the motilii ni July :? over, and boael that the '
l-rii..ii army will be ready for any emergency
htf.ire (hal lune."
lauter lett-1?, and the correspondence of other
journal*, t till'um no releieuce to itieue prt-paratiou?,
und .ti: '.u uo countenance to Hiern.
A bi..'..'?'11'..'? iu mi ?emi-oKicial Tupi that th*
lin.perur is nioie than ever oeit-imined lo u.ake the
1*.'I.?ti que?iiou one oi l.uropcau eelileuieut is cun
?ldered a? tantamount lo assart.ug thal France ha*
Ml .i. ' :.'i 'i. of thruwiug li?i"fif into war on behalf
of l'lilaini. In ?uv casa, the alanns which have
btolf tieeu tl.iainig about and generally ra^aided
BN loi the pro?.ni enluely groundiens.
1 Be Tari? Hourbs on the ?Id closed at Oit. GOc. for
M. liiilault ha* been appointed Minister of State
iu | luce oi M. \V?lew?Li, whoee ie>igiation hat
??'-en accepted by the Lmperor. The decree nomi?
nating M. liiilault to Uii? po*l jiitni among hi?
, uni u i.? t."-e ex. .-. if ii I.y lue Minutera without
??oittolii). I'art ol the Inn? lion? appertaining to the
Miiiiitry ol aute are trauilerrod to toe Ministry ot
i. e l...i,e.ii ? li .'ir-'-M'l.i, anu ii.iutiier part lo the
y.iinMi? ot Edoratboi
i'uolic worahi]' is aasigned to the Minutry of Ju?
ibe direction of tbe Mttitinw will enter among
the iiuliei ot tha Minuter of the Interior.
The lollowiug are ihe remaiuiog appointment?
which have h. an BMdai M. Harocha, Minuter of
?u?uce; M. BeadaL the Iuterior; M. linroy, Minis
ier of BBaaaBbai M. Heliio, Minuter of Agriculture,
(luuiuiert? and i'uolic Work?; M. Houher, Minister
i'it?.tieut of ihe Coutitd of Sut?; M. de Moruy,
i'tesidaut of ti.a Corps L?gislatif.
The PeliaB Qaealloa.
Affairs in Poland had undergone uo change. Sev?
eral engagements, wita varying results.ar* recorded.
The Lu.?xior Alexander ? iiulrurtions lo Geo.
Monravittl are published, and show that lbs respon
?ihiiity ol the late exMiiuoi.i al \\llua sod elae
?hcra doe? not tail eunraly upon Ihe (ieueral, who
only obayad me instruction* from 8t. Peiereburg.
Leuera troui YVareew Btale that UU.UUO parson?
had lolloweti to the grava the body of the insurgeai
.?>iaiiiun?ki, xnUo tai hum ot lui wounds.
Iii" Eo|?li?ii m,j Keuch notes upon the Poliah
ciaesliou ariivtd at hi. i'otambarg ou the 'iii. The
Austrian note on the.ea?le ?ubject waa not eipected
UUtll the 2ti.li.
The l'arit I'atnt ?ay?: "If onr Information be
"oritct the t I'.mei el St. Pete?.lairg will accept
l e Aaatrl ia J ti pea '-, dw lislog, is ?ewe r? ? i 11 s.
. th'ttc ot grssca und Iii glut.d, in ordsr to deitruy lhe
? otiiliiuati m ol ?h? ihit'C Power?. "
The Lst i.'" Mornii.tr Post continnet to asinme
! a line't'etiicg tone toward K.is?u. lu ita lrvue of
the 34th it layi:
"It ia u: fair to l?uitia to allow her to tnppofp
that it will he impossible for her to loree Europe
into war tor (he take of Poland In Eu.land the
filial appeal mutt ever he to the public feeling of the
Steal uiutR ??! (he column. Hy, and there ii a point
beyond which the Government it powerleat, and ia
e.'iiqwlied to carry out the will of the people it rep
res nts."
T>t Pott warn? the Raisian Government that by
a policy of isv ago vengeance in Poland ii nisv ex
i ie public f-eling in England to a i uucoutro.lalla
i Kch, anti it depiera'e? lhe aiinotincement ociiiou,
ally made that any auch coutiugency sa war ia im*
A certain way of being dragged Into war ii to ?st
out wiih the declaration thai under no ciicomiiancee
! will it be undertaken.
4 Corfu dispatch unnooncei that the Lord Iii?h
Cm: Uai-ii nn'i of the Ionian Itlautls had inued a pro
c1 aniaiiou announcing the ann elation of the Llano*
to Greec*.
(Earl Iviissell and the Duke of Newcattle in the
House of Lordi, butti queetioutd the truth of lins
The death of Dott Mahomed Khan before Herat
ii reponed.
Cupe of Good Dei??.
The Cepe maili to Mry 2 are received, bu* the
inewi ii ?pille unimportant.
A moiton wai i e.aiuig in the Capo Parliament Bl*
leriing that the time has arrived when tbt introduc?
tion ni a rn; ouiible Government it exj-edieut and
Indie and < binn.
Tlie following telegram! are received via Sum
Bomhat, M.y UU.?Piece goodi dull.
Calcutta, May 30.?^Inrtiti^c improving. Ex
change, 2/). Kain wanted in indigo .lutrias.
CASTOS. May 13.?tSniriingt du.l. lea quiet. Ex?
change, -J . 1 ? ? aj.
SiiA.MiHAi, ?May 7.?Cray Sbirtlngt lower. Silk
quiet, hu tisi'K". ?/a_a
lan sin i.ad been ba.iegod and captnred. Iti pre
vioni surrender waa a snare, aud half the Imperial
force lent to lake peggBflalea were inutdered.
The Japaneie Govennneut had been granted lo
day? to reply to the English ultimatum.
Ter?/ I.ntret? Vi? Qurrnttovn.
London. June?.'?, ISA
The trial of the Alexandra case haa been decided
by a v?rd it for the d?fendant?. The Attoruay.
I General presented a bill of exception! to the Judge a
I ruling, wh.ch wa* decidedly iu favor of the deleud*
uni?. The ese, therefore, i? not liually sellled.
There i* nothing a id.ti dial aa to Na-* leant Dew
mediation prop siiioui for the letlleuient of the
American tiiliiciitiei. It it Hated tint if Em-laud
reinst? to join bim, he will invite Rpnin t<? do so.
i-.t?. ni i- i.? j: .-.',. ?
The steamihip Ldinhurgb froui ?New-loia arnvtd
. here yesterday.
Lesa-*?, inursdny, Jone 25.? The Timet (CPy
Article) ?ay?: All the Kock markeli opened will
battsaaed deprc.siou and with a manifeat renewal of
iii gern ena on the part of weak st, > , ni i'.ort to cl.'.e
their aoconntt. A atlntary pro e?i, the cotnt, lotion
of wlticb may be expected to operate advautageouily
on the future courte of legitimate buaiueis. lim
downward roane of the foreign market was again
considerable, and another fall of | lo | ter uni is
obaei vatile. The Lil*couul market is wiiuoul ali?ra?
Tk* I'ux'y iVrai (City Article) iayi tb* alacknen
if the Slot S t a . ?.g. eat more ?>! ?t-rvabl? ycsU-r
day than fir tome time parn, owing to the um er
itiinty whh rogar.I lo the Kunian ai.iwer aud t?.e
policy of Frame.
The (.!?_;? .'-d Men antila Hank of In la, I. 1.1.
ninl ( ti na declared a d.viden 1 o. ? per coot for cur
rem one half year.
'J/,e London ?tirald ?ay? Greek stork Waa rx
tren.ely dull yetterd .y, and li is t vnlcnt the late
sp?culation is bnakiig up. The o'-ei-atora have I
made roii.iderithla prout?, aud they ?. * a disjo
all on grail um . torture.
I hi /.'t?'', lunts luoki on the present | os,tion
of England iu Europe -vin. uneasiness. It l* true
we are neither plndaed to actual iiitorveuli a in l'o- !
land nor are we baii/id to au oil' naive anti dgfcecire '
a, i lance with iitin?, and yet we tOCW to < ....
sw erved s? iiiiwtl.l irotu the was? and popular paila y '
of keeping eataetveO MM ii*ii?led Irt m ih* count?-??
of other Males, au.I guiding ojrislvaa hy tue doe
trine A BBS tatlfVaWttOB? WO kaVB anteird upon a
career in wl tah it it qui.s impossible to ?top short,
Croat win. L ii may ?-ven he i" pi ?.i.lo ja recsssi ?
career w hicn. io long a* ii laMs, is nnfanaltaniwd
with dang.T, aud troiii \t i.icn *.,, aa**? 0od ii (_?B?
cult to extncais uuuclvea without geSM degree o'.
o i? i redit.
'?i, Li I i n Times a? Id*: We con fees to ?oma
of the uneasy and 'iueeltl?il fltHngt winja t ok p ?*
-e ?, ?it ot ll.e Hands of all n?e. ling men duui.-g the
lowering mid unsettled ye.ir WtUe** preceded the
Crime.n war. Our ant bur Bl lifted, and we are
drifting is a ssrrsat which aeeini leedlag ?-? toona
of two uiaagieeshla alieriiativ>s?w.tr if we ad?
vance, lois ol i nt.ai ter it ?te reinal.
Tht L'niioi i .,,,, ? i..\ f iii., i.rii sh Cabinet will
onie more ..ave |g Boreel "r reiuse an oIt-?r of joint
recognition, or hu ?>n a third cours?, ami if one can
besuggesltd, We certainly Bia calle 1 upon to do
what we cat. We know how much Hie I'nitel
Mate? ate still I ail t-f ourselves; we at? thou a
rig-t ta be beard It Aneri a, and humanity bass
lit-at ta plead lor tl.o cnhireii Baweaered m v,.i,
dei an ti.e, ano lt?r kli-Oly inline li M (e-irfiilly dis*.
t.11.... i, England I..- not te.ilated lo tend Bat la
?ia point! ol u hit? J B.ilit-iit ? haiarier. Ii is d.U. .'?
to ??e how Eum,? can tnn,. the analogy. It
i.ar. ; ?? may ask u separate coiiiinu'iuu lor ile one,
suicly it may BSh iinispsndeiitv fo; the other. Why
should not BtBClSSly tas linne ?oune be adopted
wita tho ?ijp'iious esbissi whish i? bow aa?
gaged in ths inn ?dal aUeuqilo reduce (o ?rcderal
ni.i y the Co. t ?I. rate StalaBel America. There ia
a euiguUr amount of re?e?blance betwetu the two
l-l Ttmet, after reading the charge of the I-ord
Chief Bogee to l id jury, is templed ki lirst gggBVil
al the line expend? 1 by eu.,iieut counsel ou so
simple a question. The dltlicnliy anti s ? nrlly o it ol
Ibe latest and partly oat o( in? language of lhe
Foreign Enlistment Act. It was inn. in euded to
prevent any speculation iu ships, or lo teller b. nu
hilo con.mi-i. e in any way. In a Word, ii wus not
intended lo give any aovoutage to a belligerent who
might be in want ol' uimt and ti,million., and in no
w.tiil ot BhipS, but to check practical spptoxtun.1 ug
to private wur ou ll.e pait of English .uhjocta. As
lhe Att.niiey.Gei. . al has tendered a lill ol excep?
tion to Hie elliot runng, we may hope that the im?
portant point will n? act al rest lor ever. The Tinos
docs not complain ol the activity displayed by the
Federal Government iu this limitan, ?nil it ruanui
ii.ink the testimony ol Mr. Clarence Kendiil Junge,
aa lo the mode ot o nunong informan.?u about her,
'materially itrengtheued. Tee Allom?y-Gsueral
??id lau, had ile. Foieigu Enlistment Act mentioned
rilh ?, gunpowder and ?hot or ?hell, instead of ships
ol wai, We may be sure Ibe Loulederu'cs would
hive spaied uo pains lo intercept the coti.iguineuts
ol liiriuiiig'.aui liar., wura.
The 2 Bael say? the Prussian! in l'a:is teeni to
be persuaded that war is all but cenan.. Latiera
iroin St. Petersburg stale that ii,bid is but lillie
probability ol the Ku?aian Government makin?.' nut
1 sa1 Mai :. i J con. esMo i on the Polish out s'lon. '1 la,,
opinion i? i mili ni.ed bv ibe formidable warlike pre?
parations wini u aie Lemg made throughout ihr
?'?Uoo.au empire.
louimtn Iel Inlslligeere.
LlTBSruuL, \.??1 ?.a.-. J,?n* 21, 1163.
Co ITnv.? 'I 'it. luaikrl ia ii reg.ila!, hut Itllbough
la lum* lu.'.ai...? im i?aaatw. i"' m ??? as?o*wa.,, w.u.
SB! SlkSBSI Ti.* ?*l*i o( Mund.? n.d lus.u?) t?. ? ?bom
1- , -t-0 titlet, Inctldlug 4.Mil foi ip.citl.tiuO Hid SSgWt
1ha1>a AT Misi Hi.?i i ii.--.Mme lava,i,in e new?
from Hoa.it v m.u.ri-d s iii|iitly b.'l.r t*oe t? the Man
rlt.itar ?n?ik*t, buk bu.iutii n i.iilj?J emly Lunn J, tit ti
law?! prli'?- b.ti lu ti* l.irit to ?drei lal?!.
lliitAiiMLrrs?Mesara. Haket.ehl. Naih ?_ Co.,
ltl_i.ua. Atb>? li Co , aud Ouitiaa. Hiuoa k to raport: Kluut
duli. Billi quiil.tioLi b.r.ly au; j.r>ft?,l. Ubaal qn.t, ?ni:
?d.liD? st Lil?! rmrnimr ?mir: C*ru Cull, and ?io. UtT.r,
Miieil, l, J?*-', f, *?? ulta. *>, 0 JO, I ? *eu Bj
I'sniViiioM.?Heel ami Pork qaiet and unchanged.
Hi .ni V.ijr ifW and pnr.i l,.,l., uiliittiiund ( B*W
?. su. tad ia loud i??i .nu. Hu ?ii?iiALet 1S*I? UvJ?.
Lau ii Ud 1 _.?"? ?JtAitt al if wat l*i.uti ?ti*!. I
PaOBT-TB dab? quiet and nominally nnchsntted.
fagit brui < ode? Maadi lite? Maattve B?'????!--? B
H. lluititf ?t " ?id tot ll?lfBI? ?1 1/ Ln???d O I ?K-idy,
-tfi I Batata* of mon s-1 tutop tit Beela at Bj Mia al Tut
^tittne. I'e-ii.'.-11'i_.*h .-.I ?-... ?t 1,11 .S.-t-.n.?te Cuni?
I 01 DON II ?It ti. I- - Hi ruiii.1 jil? firm, BOO !..rei.'!|
Wh??t |?r'?!'. I; dutrt. Mignr quia? mi m tin.? ???' I
i??.t. i . (I.? iin.i alratretaaia?ae T?? n?tat. liie-""?i
i-i.'. T?. ow muuttyi V. C titi. LiuieedOil. ti;, --pilli
of Tun>?B'ni?. 'o . ,
Lu>iiuK M">xt MutKfT.? The fund? we-e dull
ondor til? ifpr?lieim ni o1..H.-altls? atl-ini oil ?I iBOPoBM
qurit'.iii. Le??* a etona ?a ?a tji ?t ).,.mi?
lle li i. oui t ??all?I ?*?* r?:tift ???Ui-?hoie? Mila 'I per
cant, iitil i ti, r. .?.Lg mor? r?pldl; ist? iii? lnnl uudcr
?ii it ?U Hutu Aiiiiiii.1.
Cotton quiet and unchanged; aale* for the paat
two ii?}? i?.?oti bait?, ot ?hicii ?.WO w?r? Ui?u By ?pi-.i.i
tor? ?i,.| *>pnrt-t(.
1'. N.i* mt'-rr? Rtti '?
I'aoTltlO.t? dull.
I'koiit ii cuist sod ?'.??Hy.
Loitnos, Jos? 23-a ta.
Connu for moray IH-WIJ.
Ami?;iit laceairta? tub.
I Intnl. I ?ntl >i i'.air? ina ig dlieounl.
trUilitf-M t<.awl
Lim do? M'n i Vjcha.iob. luu? 15?Opsn'-f pile'?!
Cotitoii, rrnr.ty, 9II?9ll. Coi.toli. ?le.'nr.t. t?> J <zbj N?w
Tkfaaa, 9J|3Sil. '.'jp nt.ri.-i CaaaaB, mon?/, MfBOlii
Coaaol?, acovuiit, a.', x '?', N?* Thiess, ?i| tivl|.
coaniiBriAii mtiT?iii.
Oat-re at ibe Black f{tcBaoge....JuLT 6.
. t* ii v. ti. 6* R?| 1811...H>3j 8 Utidion RItsi HR....143
Mu?) do.HU Uli do.in
I?..**) to.loll' ino do.135
two V. S. i.? 1 "I coup .1" t * ?< do.I:. |
17.?-e do.lut! *,.?. do.i-r'
?,,t?t) io.I'M 100 do.13*11
ii.'-'i | do.uri [MB di.?lu IU|
4 "n; l' ti I* l I.irij .'ni ds.10.Uil
1,1? I' B 3- lill coup., tit I 30 do.iaJu.UJ
i,?BTra*a . I II t c. a. i"0 do.in
Ocl k Ay.I'- t ?'?" llsilsm ltiil-o?J. ,i,ln M
31 tv 0 U. ?. ??? 1 ) x.-cr.. 0-1,1-00 do.iM
.?'?I do.'.'., LO in.blO 93|
17,O0OTenn. Slits bt'to.. H ??no do.H10 tit
3.tW) do. M-) ..'-i du.91
MJM do. i. .1 do.bl" ?3
if."?) du.ti, i.ii") do. WJ
li i?ti Mi..- .i. '.. 71 iii" Rirltai KH. l'ref.D4
-io... o so. 73 ,i m IU? li- g Bit.in*
r,,nO0 io. .21 lOOO io.101
l.i'iiO Mich. Os. S. Pi....I? h'?) do...
in "ti O. ii. 1 M.i?. UK. C. 31 im? do...
?O.'-Oi da. V) 300 do...
9.0.10 Toi. ?f.! W.llllg. 'r?\ IDO du.1,1.'. I".!
I ?."?) Au.til, io ii?.J....i ? .600 d?.M
?..ino do.I 'tin ?o.|?B|
;3IKK) do.13 | -ii Mit-..- ., -LN.lnd.Kll... 7 '
lO.OH) do.13?} M do. IM
?73 no.1 ?', mu do. : 1
MlFWlle Mail S. Ce....Ml ino do. 7t
?') do.?30.110 I 30 do.?31! 7-1
ion CaeBaa Cmipmay _ 2<< '4110 di..Ma ?I
?50 ii . ' i 1 'i do.i. ?? " ?!
loo d?. 1 * tot ?o. i 181
MO do.... Mrt M do.lilli 7?J
lo do.mt. g i. -.-O lil. Cast. C?U0ill?d
ino do.bein B?ad Barip.if
1 a Cunil.siUiid t'ntl tim U 3 0 M., i.. I en. li. It.11
?lil do. H I'M do.-'io.I'M
l"0 do. IM inn.Mlrli S IN l.<t'd.k..lU|
li?) d?.ii"..? 1,1. I ~, . lill ?fp.iii.'.iij*
- i Uulr' -?.er Mio. lo, t> IM du.tOJi
.'00 Ainei p?o Co?! l'o..e 17 I IM do.103 j
UK) New-York I .... liii..l.i.| luO do.blC.lUiiJ
ii.? do.i-. Me Clava O Flu?.kh
7 0 do.II?! .?.) do. m;|
50 du.b.i.l.ilV.-l du. VI
gat do.Ha. I? AM do.?...i.?
I"" Erle Ksiiwsy._, Ml j HO do.?30.. ?? J
1"-) ii".__? 1 t'O d?. If,?
I'?? do.?WWj itiC'a . Cal. k CM R. 1< to I
uti ds.Ml : io ii?i. a Ciiic R K.-j'2
" : ? do. Ml
Jl'l do.BMIN m Clava, k Toi. K. R....1UJ
ino du. >....| m i sic. Bal a Q.in.R.lU?
IM do. Bl "00 PIM?,t\ty k Lill".It ti
I? do.bli iii'ij luii co.uii ?'"*
lOO do.?mi * | 1 io do. i."l
IM do.1MB UM do.bul 67j
I? Me Ballway Frai.'-j .'-o do.'ii
?o no.IM ? ' a -.. i. i it.. ? i. ;t
leo ia .Mi|ISM do. *M
30 Cblc. k11 I. li K.9.', too do. l-l
l'iO do. l-l lo do.bli 43
ItlO do.biiOK i im Ailsa k T. Huit? Fisf. 7.J
I'o d?.'.?'loti OB.Lio 7j
MtOMa ^-N. N'MtsiaK. 3. |
??colo BOaBM
4,f??u. tita Pt Isa.. .MM i ?' Mad hit. rr.?io ipi
MM V. ti H?.,*l,l.v.p..l't IOS do.13.160
t.ntv do.lL*i, 4"i H?rl?:n M?iit-?d.. H
'....Tie,, 7 3-10 Nols?, .'?' do. Mi
Hil k Ap'il.1?| lil* ds. Iii
3. COU .Mi..o.11 b.t'? bi... 7|| lo Cbt- k 11. I. It.Il. 9.}
ID-J-U) ds. 7ij'.'u0 du.b3?' '?i
-iii i? O Aoi'ilcsii tiiid-i M I3M BeeBteS Ra: tit'....Ali
l.fiO do.13'..| 7'? d"..MH
.'?'i uiib-'iind i o? 1 i? r.? i"0 du.?30 I' il
?iO do. t] |?O
l(niQulrk?i.?rr Ula I I I
m y.na it?..??? i'i?rj. i|r-'
lH) S. 1 ( ?m.-?! KB. : 't
41 d? .I .i
?.??lltsBsiliusd. M
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inn do.Bl ''5
Il liud Ki?-? Hil.it".
.-.". Mir li. tin RSA. Kolo ;*
lt>ii) da. 79
too io. Mt
t i .??. k Vin?. HR.... Iii
..-O do. Mi
-i'-O du. l'J
?t. do. It.
I o do.?10 He?
in u: k ( h<e KR. M1
VA) do.K' [t-tO li.? k lol K11.1U
? ?i ?? ?t m? BOOB? ti t .;? it I r. a.
5 - 7 3 ''S '...IO?? HO tissd.ni B. R.103 J
."00 d .I'? J I'll do.I0.J
MB I ia -'?'d. 33 .'00 d...3.:' |
MPiaiBrMaU.III "m M. 8 k N. Ii..ll?ua.b3. ...?{'
MM. t.C*aual.liliOtie do.H toi
ino do.Blu.liil lint do. t>\
MI KtM Ballara*.m MI ds.Mal ,
?i?. du.?3 M V? do.Hu. l*I
M ds.?I' -Ht I MB do. '?}
?o? do.b.'. J'? ?*". ("Isv k l'itt?. M
??o d> .um Klii-m to.13. h?
.m do. ?fil? Oalaai a tMaaaa.?.? M
IMKiteFiaC.i?.? |*o do.?J. 9i
M ds.AMI IU0T H. fc A to., l'tsf... 7'4
l-o llud?u? Kifsr.HM IM tbir?<o k Kocl I. I 1
I i> lUu.u. Ht| 30 do. .93)
JJ. SUAT, Jnlv G?P. B.
The ?:? ? m IDirLet wa* iffOfalM to-.l?y. It ,?. i,*.!
?teit'ly anti moileraUly active, wi'ha luok tiflrninei*
at Um Kirri Beard, hut toward lie rio?* of lue
inorniiig ?'??-. ?!., price? on moat of tha railway share?
tall t If. The moat activa ?hart* aere Un ???? -u Uiver,
Elis, Uich??in, h nil.io and Ileu'liog. Hud? >n
Uiver ?ii. ;i.i "1 on the call to 1 ?'???, J higlur than on
I nliiv, and atlvanced tiuriiig tha day, antil siihs
wera na'ia at 170 J. There wa* a larjre tinline?* in
Keailing at 104 ?oWI to VA, chsieg at 103J, B0B?BM
'J?it'j7?oo FriJav. Erin and MlaMfBB Mouthurn
?old lower than un Friday. Oovernaient ?'ock* wnre
active an.I ittong at the huit H'.ard, CoapaB '
ti 1*^1, idling u* hi^h ii? l'7, nnd Treuai.ry
7 a-10 at IHp, The market c!o?ed ii -.vnl.tr,
? ni geueiitlly ?Uki/ al tha followiog piteMI
U. S. h?, 'bl, <.'uii?.., ?iC^lOf.J; U. b. Tier,-, 'j
laBBBj 7 3-10, Ajnil and October, MI6|MlM|i
Abbbbmb QoU, UP|#19|i TsaaeaBM .Suts tin,
t'iiiii01; Missouri biala 6?, 71} ?71 i; Canton Com
puny, '271 h%ti\ Cuiiihttrluiil V<>n\, B#SS| IVctic
Mail 8teain?liip Company, U1?1S1|| Nhsv-Vmk
Central lUnruad, I19|9119|| line Kelway, Hog
'.?il; Kne Uailway, l'iel'erra.l, lOl|?108| Badeeo
Hiver Ual'road, KUJirK'J; Harlem lUilroad,tti^ti
?.'Vj; Keu'iin| i.'ailro?ii, I08| j II itj, HieUfBaCaatial
lUilroatl, lu-.-jj ti l'.i'J; MiaMfOB Boa?MIB anti Horth*
ern In inna iCtilrtiHtl, B0|M80j| MkBigBa loMllBIB
and Norttiern li.it a:.a Hailrouti, Unan, .te' I, 11 . .'
IU| Miui.i? Central Kii?nad, I04J I UMJ| CIrvi
l?nd and l'iitibni^h Bailioad, "'?[ ntii j? lialiMia m. I
Chicago Ititilroad, '.'??'J.'iJ; Cleveland and To'i-do
Uni.ru?!), llnj ,:lll? Chicago ami Kock Iilun.l
Hiiilr'.al, '.'.'i u.c. g-, l'itt?liir^h, Fort Wayne nul
CkJeafO Jlailroatl, lu ot.S; Alton and Terre liante
liailroad, 41'?-l?; Chicag?? and North-Weftern
Ra9na4t-N#99|| Chicago, ilutlinguni and (?uiucy,
U4 4ll.'i.
Freighta ure very d'ill and ratei ara esiier. To
Liverpool the MUJBfMMaM nre 41 ,('"? ' l.'i.-n. C'ern st
'-loi,',, iu hulk and bafB] H2,?tX) I n?h. Wheat at
1{ I. in hag?; 806 L tg< Horn Sorup? ii' 9QB?| at il per
iieuiiul ting, Ni IihIc? Coll?n al ?d.; 7,()Wh,4Kh. Corn
al li, iu ?..ilk, '.uni hill?. Flour at '2e.; an i ?>er meuni?
er, 11; OU hu?h. Corn at 8d. per GO Ih?. in hulk;
viU.OOti do. do. at rli. in hug?, and ll.liUUh.idi. Whent
at tt)i, Tu Kotteidiiin??I.lrtHl hhl?. Fh nr at la
The charter! are, a neutrul hark with vn.i-i.l) hnsh.
(?rain to Cmk for order? a*. 7s. Gd. per tiaarter.
The tiuiine?? of the hnh-Ti. itmirv wa?: Heceipt?,
{nttgSMrtlt tim, for CiuUiiii*, $lll,IR?)j Payiiieiite,
ib.il^'jl'l 85; Balance, $J4,4?7,M)l V!0.
lui) Willianuborgh City Firs Iniunince Com
pBBf will puy on demand a Hmi-annual dividend of
?j V cent.
The 1'itUhiirg Railroad Company ofl'ar to pay in
?ni vu lieu certain oerttticaie* and conpon* das in Sep.
lember and November next, chsrgiug 6 W cent in
tareel for prepayment:
Money contiuue? very sasy at d J7 f ?eut. Mo?tly
the lauer rate. The market ia lan ac'ivs than ii
na? been.
Tha news from the seat of war osuaed great ex
uieiaeLi ia the Uold umkot this uuuiung, auu the
crowd at the corner of William stieet and Exchange
! place BSAteu.hieil at au early hour and wa* vet j ac
, uve in it* Bpsrstieesk Tbasavbal ot>*ne.i at 137}
? against lil on Frit'i.v; then r?l.i?*d to 1-Kl.13.ij, Bed
I \ 'J| o'clock bad et hi. k to El**,at which pfu?? one
louie parebaeed .$80,000. At ilc First lioard the
: ?l'es summed $ I ob COO, (ha rai'ge of prices bei ntl
I3-#s3>t, etaiiBjg at jJB|? At the Second Board
|98k000 wat mid at 1..'' _ li'oj, and the market
1 cloiad at these ligdrea this evening.
Foreign K_< luni e fell in proportion to the decline
in gold. Mast of the galee in the morning, which
were moderate, were made at 152, lui. th.ii evening
153 was asked and 16? ' bid.
The ?Dry Gooda trade, which wat active last
month, wat very ?luiet to-day, and it ii thought Hat
if the decline in gold ii maintained, the ?rices of some
kinds of goods will ?often a liitl?. Al it is, laver?
arc shy, aud holden wailing for fut! or develop?
aie na. Dry good* aro not affected to quickly at
ttocki cr gold.
The depo.iti at the 8nb-Treteorer'i office to-day
for con vernon into 5-20* amounted to $'J79,550, of
which 1078,200 were direct, and $401.350 by agente.
The receipts of the ?Long Island Kailroad for Jane
wire at foliowi:
Psu**!f*ri.g l.i, -Ja 97
lrici??.?i. ?.-ti it
Totti.B20,*!*J 13 BiO.?Jl *t
Urna.$11,449 0*
The earning! lines April 14 (two and a half mont lu :
the data of the change io management,
W.r?.i|-8'l,?*47 45
Sime tu..? 1 :52. i* ''el 40
Increia*.$34 948 05
The earnings of the Toledo and Wabash Kai I way
Company for the mouth of Jt.ue, were:
lSfl-i. 1S63.
Paasssgsa.*'J'..' '?ii ? ?? -?'"* --
in.,.-..??.-? ' I l-'iull Iii
Totil.ail3,a,7 66 g WIM bl
Ii.e?.?a*.*a?,"ti7 01
It?, ?li-.?, "-?.'i J ?an?/ li July I, ian.$700.115 II
Huei.ua Irum Jiuuti> to Julj 1, 1K.-?. -I-'J,jo H
Ii.jr.ii. .$.'1U,!TJ*I M
Details of the eaiimigi of the Galona and Chicago
Union Kailroad fir me week ending June 30:
in??. mu?.
Freight .?Ju'i. It pil. nil It go HI !>* D?c
i'l.i-ltjTr..... tl(H?j 6:1 10. 1.1! id LUI ',0 loo
Mala aa. i.imd lsuoo*? 1,4^3 ?vs d.c.
Totil.tm Hi ia piUU/ili ?> 4 : 74 Dec
' Tor ih? roan-h. IM.gtt-Btl 91
lui Um in (.util, t'-'J. li'i!.71 IT
Derret?a.$16 346 74
t'arrcilrd eurah ?a for the pr.vinu? uita-1,. *> li. .11J 00
'lhe earning! of the Chicago aud Alton Kailroad
for the lame week Were
l*?fl.l. INffat.
t'a.a . .?-..% h i n i; 07.111 te
ii. .It . ??1I5JM 11314 91
.v.uni?.. I -'...J l.i 1J
!" it?.. II' 3.
The lorthcom.ug anuual re"K?it d'the ?Su, enntcnd
ent of lue I'm ? -n and Michigan Kailroad will show
i ha following sxaibit of the operat.on-i of tLe road
during the patt year:
t- tr tim? ham aaaeaeswi.t'Vi.iwi st
r ?-? i ?. f ? ??. IratgM. 430,111 M
t-silair?;? inn;, mai., ?ad ?J? roi. 43 .113 M
Toltt.$rJ?3,705 Si
Ii s ?,.??. ii ?! -?p.i. ??, ?i-aiii?* ullala, for ths
.... - Lu ? ->?r.. 2.1 HIM
I.**vin,, rift ?union.$447 Mi 47
Shoeing thal the BXpe**?Mg of ojeiatihg and gM?B?
lainingtbe road ware SfeflOygg cent, of the grote
. earning?.
Ti.-- n?t rev.T.'i? of $117,.r?4). 17 ahould be reduced
hythe amount paid to the Clev.laiil ami Tole lo,
M ci.igau Boathsra, and Columhus, Piasaaad bib
una ra'lioiu'i, for ent of bri?hc''-s.
Psasta I 'ian t?t !-do?..d Piq?a.+ 9.1 M
i?.? uai BSttssal lit?..B CM 21
baaMsg aataal n?t rev-sun*.bsMM?i in
i The Michigan Soul!.ern Kailroad earned ile last'
week in June $?*J.2'.II, being an ail va nee of $20,40?) j
! cn the asme wuvk last y air. The earnings for June
are $"_?7,'.'*-'?', a*,sin?i |1 ??.','.'?? 3 lust year. During
?ho last four months the increUM over IMI ainounta i
lo 1890,010, a greater iani th?n is reiiuiied to pay
the whole )ear't interest on toe guaranteed stock. !
The r ad is low, therefore, earuiug a dividend on >
ita oominou nock.
The Chicago and Alton Kailroad Company earned !
for the fourth week in June, $1-1,444; last year,!
f-.*2,hail ? increase, |U,8P1, For the last six months
the earrings sre, $7?..i,7.'l; lait year, $^*?_,305?in
creaK?, $.?.'??. 485.
Tie Oataaa kailroad earned for the last week in
,Jiine,$ -,_08| in 1869, $i>5.215. For the month of
June. IB 3 |SDtV01| in 180, $2*J."',0BL
The steamship Northern Light arrived at this port
yeiler.lay from As, inwa'l ou the 2"th ult., with
$251 *J!7 21 in tr. a? ire.
i 1 ibi ? ?r IA? ?Artnt, Hpmexe, Circulation,, end Pepetttt if IA? '
ttarAri mt the C ty mf gem 1 or?, lor tht e-t.k ti J,na Satitr
Amy, July ?, 1*03, lo whveA u ajfltei Uti Ctpaai if ?t*A j
| Afrif? Averts* A?t?rw* Ann?. ,
Nimbi or Amount asio'i'l I amount amount i in.,ami
I ii.tit ..' I ?i;t It of ef Air i at
Capital. | DI?.o'U. Brw-I* l*?lon ??lotlU.
-PT" ? I ?
, n. ofS. V. j.ri.'pc?. ?,!:? i.irr 1,113 i
i .Mi.ih.iUn .' Ot Mt M.'M J.I',?7
I AUrahm .' 1 I-i, ?.?O ill'.' I ?lit .'?I
Meehi-4tf * Ml SB? 4 HJ7.1HI U7I .'? 4
i Inloo. l.isJfintlO 4. OBI. It 11 1714 is*
li I of Alii. JOHOUUU II' "?'..'J A",Ii?.17
1'ti.nU.... I S"Ui?X) 41M?I7 1.5.kH4-J
CliTf. 1 100.10
TraJcanTe. I,?l t? 1
1 ?...'.-. .... I t ?. ? ? ?.
.'h*.in._.. I uO'.'mi
i Dt,oao
1 MiOi??'
? I .44 75 SIMM 33
.4-ii .".'1 41
S.iilB.i.UO J.Ill li?
?1er ti
'?ti ?.? .
lal S Hr.
at te V ir
tin ?o wie li
a lim UV
I'., b N V
An Bl
A ?na?)
???J lira
M?) i?a)
?? a ?.i
1.1.J 7.-2
I.' A 14?!
11: i M4
I..?:,-. '1,148,?KI' 11 4.? ?ti 7 1 !' ,'t".i
braadway.l 1 0 0, 001 ?.iiiJ i T| IM, if I
I.issi."?!' ?.li3 W4
Mu.?suis' loco me 3 lii.ii?
...i'. ... in 7 n ii '4.1*1
I.'k ?( I"??|. ? i O.I sj t.OiO.174
, ? bttbatn . ' ? O.ou! I I *. a
la ;??... 4I?,-??1 I 0.1 ""?I
1 .?.um. Am. IU' IMSJ .' 7
Ila? .var.. 11 is? loo I 1171,111
.?n s... . M',"?'' : '. . li
' M*tr*i ??..m ? '* '"?'-' lo,*?? if?
I m.-.? ... ? 4"" ? "? .i ?; IM
| I?s.siu-|l,U0H.I-CO .'. ?, a
?4a.tat... l.s-i.rat I
??t i\it.-itt, ,:?'-is?, l> .'..?iti
n. b1 t.. - I?soo.a
; ? tun li... ionia.1
j ? ..lulu?'.. I ., ltt?,(S-I>|
' n.iiiw a. . " 0
? >ii?:ti?l..
AlUi.'lc ..
Iitip li 'Ar. 1 .?"?' I???
Fart. LiJOd "?J
Mm ii a
l?r ir.ri'..
N. Hl?*r
C. Irrer..
.'.lu :. M.
iiryl), ? .
H. Y. Ki..
Bj!?-. ;l j.
li I.00C i i.'a j;
jen is iii I,,, It,
?.?. l.^i
: u ??' io
na .n
4'C ' I:
tin, l.U
4'.'. I'.J
Totil CiplttJ.$
(."int nal .li c'i .$1*4 1 . ii'1 "?|?, la.
ChssiBilaa. iisBiil4iii.t_.it.....
( i war ino ?ar waa* in, i ti i I . U-. .7.$
ClMrlaail |nr W**l ?,,?1L? .1,,.. 4....
balanaat fat wMt uata? .lune-7.
BaUaiMa (ot w*?a *u?o* Jui. 4....
.. . . *? i JO? H?
. 1*4 (?ti.825
J61aU<J8.Vi 25
2o7 "Sf,77J 1,4
14,407,070 9
l.t,J,j ill) lu
nirkrli Ciiirii.ii a?roavauron Taa N I. Thibttbk
M '.mut Jut; I?, ian,
ASH K8 ara it?*.!; val to g*o<t tti,.mai ot 60 bul., at
$S It.r Pata, f-.l +.| sj| nu P..rl.
( i'lvli?.N?ii,, i.siii.ntl iaVMf !l|bt anil th. mirkit li dal ,
v. I-..?? in .?sid un, uni sail ata taUalotl ?t about ob.
Wa. lo. Mniiiiiuii.
( UH-1'.i - li.? .iitrk.t Is niodenta!? actu. mi prleei tra, '
wt'.bom n, ttt . ,i cbn gi j ititi of Jon bi|t Mtrtcaibs st JJn. ?
SuO na,i Kio, aud M h.gi Java, aa privat, trune.
?-i.til.il AMI MS AL-lu? mt!tel lut IA iittuu tod Stats
Kioui ii duli and i.w.r, t?rlii?ui?d b| the npid daoan.
io im.ti ?t, i k.acn?i |? taa nniiTiiiii... newi no.a Kun-p?
?ml hli.ia. otl.in.g. i'La tisivine.i li moat tiotic?ajia ou In*
lowgiadel. whlrB sr* luailV. ? bil l.w.r. ?fin? tneolitu.
ueKilplloui ?re 5#r?c. ? ohi. ea.i.r 1?. .? r( ar? b 71X1
nil. , at S ? Mair St ?At tor .ui*iiii.? ijtii? , ?".5 5u*4?.? *' loi
?tut do., ?it Mi-stb na tot wee* Aa,. si ?"<** t ?? -?' '? ?? -b*
u? sr.ii?. ar VV .... n, .tus, ?t-u?* ?St. ":. toi st. ipi'i' 4 "ni ?.
*?!' I ffl 10 til ti.?. 1 ia in!., ?ud +i.?J>:< ?'?.' I?r 31 !.. ni?
du , ur .ttirui. m?, ou y '.tit ?Btlctaat-fi? < ?'.sd*i
gloat u ? ?i t ii nu BL-.j loo i b b.- io ?? ?. talot ?I Uti 0 vi ?. ti
I OS 63ff?H *? Aw thslow (tTsdsjof?tlr?, ?ad 0??0T It tot
taaeVead f? . ii? br?st?. tmatkue Ylvti i? ?i.., ??ry ?u:?4,
> ?? o it?in? a adas?r? ii'o ?' Obi I var,?ni ??? iin.?-t um
' el ??*. bubs ? ?' 170 liti?. ?i til l ?tri foi mli>* ts ?tod Si.pes?
I ? ? i eaair? 'm?ii.I. ?i-l et It ??ir'j?t, i i 11.1, b ?io?, itta
I I-'mu I. ?f ?.'?- ?ml In fair rrqi?-t, ?.'??? o? l '7 f.t.l?. .t B3 40
o + 3 .'S. Cara tieti ti aery duii ?i... ' oaiy, but not o,uo?alny
li. wer m it.?- ? ?.ii a of nlra.
t.l.A'N--- Tee W fc at uerket I? better ?inf?ed (?'thoura
toanonmantu I? hy mo mm ?braal, tai pnon any IBM.-?
b-nii. lower lni1u?i,cr.l i.y th? Ma**? Baallaa ?f i xc .langa
?ml lioiJ, ?di! ? inuteJ Inquiry ? Ib. li.i'll't ii .. II ,i.i.?i,
sal i -, ?.?t s, ll.KN bob ijalregn I?alaf al s-1 ?i'<?*l 331
<***? ,? Mi.w.?k?? c.ub?t a;-/6-i?.M'Ji 13M0ee.Aaa
Rn Spt.oK?t * ,,u *l43i 14/0" do lind ?V? lilla Bl #1 il
?Bl 41. aaBrU? ta-, *n i-erdo. ?'. +1 17 ti Bl 4L'. Um ey
?td H?rl?y M?lt r?in?in |uirt, ?. d pu trOmoatlmi "i ?
ote.ttidt, g.M in __m I4l,. ,,,,,?? ., ~?,r.ti^ f ii t'a-ulian,
71 a. le. tmyWotmn, ?i,.i 7. di ,7o. fuf i t'.f lt%ri?qnio-L
l'Ot 'II? ?up Jly 1, !,?>,., ?ld pp, ? ,m ? ?, ? ^ J , J, f? rtu.-b
MIB .1 -nure ?bundill!, ?nil i? 3c. ty um., lower, owing t?
msrspiddsc'lua in Cid sod Ki ..hangs but . mod irais da?
Binnu I? ?..tic.s'iU st tbit toorea.0"; ..le? of 62.il"" hii.liela
i'i?'v t 1*^*5 M'"J' ?"'17 l*' ? ior.liliij.ini do
MAY uni roid r..Vj*.t. but ?Ka kaaaaatlOM ara 1?.ex
tan?1 va, owing t, th. iri.-lameney ,f th. wsstusri tai? at
130 baissai * Oi'.c Hp 10?. to.
iii 11 ? s.e lus. lira and ?oinswhst hsavy ; saioi of M bala*
?t It, a'I le lor or-Inary to ariuts quality.
MoLA&iY.n?Nothing of inomsoi ti?? boen doo? to-day,
yet pnce? remain ?'-out tbe hu,, ?? |Mt qiotsd.
NAVAL BTOKBB Commua to ?ell lu y?ry ?niall quanta
tie? ?? wtnud bj lb? trads m full former tats?.
i M I.'ti -TI.s anriet for moat dump.! mi la loirti?. ?al
prie?? liiicLi? ;?.!. if wo eaoept l'sttuleotu, wuicb lia? a
ii ,w, w.id laude ey iii.!-? tiio Usbsl ?-n.y Sa* bein riutod
from Vernit 1 ?allia.
TKtj\ l.-ilO.i ^-Tbs Pork Msxast li I-?? ?eli?? t .d 1? Wwse
and uiic-ttlsdi ?aln?of 'in> bbl?. at OH 73r*ll h:-a tot iMi
Mu*. BMMBait?|farBa? do., a ??.*!. -j?ii eli M fj?
l'r BM liff I? ia inoilsisto d-ni-ii.ti. stn 1. ?; *.lrj
?S Sl of 3*1 bbi?. ti Ot .'.'.' til foi 1'laiu I'.rt. ?lid pii .vi
lint I. r ?m? Ms??. Titree lisef I? v?iy dud and iisary
li. ef lisios sts n.itt ?t ii niii.tnsl St Pi. tor U-turn.
( at Ms-its ?rs ?\ >net yet ?tsuly . sales of Vu pit? st ti engf,
tot bti'ioid rs. and I lo. tor llaiu?. li?, a coniluue? luaiMiea
and p'lo*? ara uniuiii?! Lard ti yery dull nil lu ivy owing
I to ibs daclius iu ti dd tad Rxcliai.ge; *olu ol bu) no.*, at
I *gn I"t? fur 'i r to i riuir.
Kn Y. I* In miiiin dsmand ?nd steady? ?al??of 100big*
Rangoon, la b -i.d, al otc.
.lUitK-U-iiiik if".- b)th Raw and lUfined hai I sa
?i-i-tiiit |ly ') net ?lu a our I j?', sed we I. .t? only to not* 8
sal? of I io hbd?. iNew Urieaui on pi?i'e tarin?.
tiY.tMt?ont? tieti* grntrtlly ti* insaliva bot th? top?
pl> li not Urje ?nd pt)?-?? ?re tiru) at *? 4 evil I) tot Won
t".n i. jii.-ii >l?i, Ptitipi io tr buali. lor limotby anJ "IB
'.{ . lor t'lnvei -el
lAl.LOW u dull snd th? mirkst is lnwar. In ?ympithy
wi.ii ii....1 iiiill.i n?i ,-. ?a '.oi Id,0o0 IB st IlfiiiJ:. Co?
Lily aiiii H L:. .or We?-?in.
WHISKY I? in beiu-r . ipply, ?od th* iii ir??t I? dull Mi
?ouiswli?! aeav; ; ?aia? of 3?Ai obi?. Wealsro st t*>
Kreeipu Of Produce.
Jeir 6 -?8.60O bbi?. Floor. 4fm bbi?. Torn Meal, ?.IU
bbl?. Wijinky, 288.10>i buih. Whe.t. 3fcJ 19? buia. Cara,
2 ,i'l built. Oat?. 3,300 i -t,? Proyiilnu?. 7)0 piji. Laid,
M do. Allia?. MM do. Oll-l ak?, l.lon du. Bu.tor,
LAW l.>"I KlililtlK.MU.
AU the Coarta exe pt the United S'n'e? Diatriol
Co irt and Saprem? Court Ususrsl T?nu. have adj-iurnad na?
il Soplen bsr. lu the l.'uifil Slatss Dutrlct Court soma
prit? suits munn, to !?? diipoMd of. ?o i lbs tin re.ua Court
Usoeral Term will rendar ?am? drci.ionton Saturday nell
?n?', ?lijiuin for lb* ?umtnrr vacation. DBBBBJ tba mouth al
July th* Soprani? Court I'himbor? will be h?ld by Juitio?
lint t.i rd, ti .? ti-iynr.- i t.'i uil C li? ii ben for tba lint fortnifbl
by J' ?!lce UmOttmt, and ths la.an.:* of lbs inontb by J .?tiO?
iUii?i'i ti. Ths Con.uion Pisa* Chimbor? will b? Oeid bj
Judge Brady.
jt. ige ne.. t
United State? ?vet. 'f-ie Suaiuer Peterhoff. This
cats to long Lfi.-te His pnnlic wa? brcucat up fot |?"?I brailn|
Hil? moir it.(. V. Dnaheld Si.,itl', Na. i.'nitn.l ti'*\ut Dis
trict Attorr?--y, ii. earn g fsr rho l*eople,Kr?u? a I;pinn f T th?
ciptor?; A iguitu? Y. ?iuith for BtepOflO lfii.tu the piloelr
j ul c -i ???'. ?nd Mr. ?berviiod, for minor cal i) ?na.
1'.. ni- ?.. fct'ieJ 00 ths 23th of t <-. t.-ar; mt, el
, the I? ?id of tit. Ti ima? by the Vai dsihilt. and fruta thsne?
tal ti to Key Weat, fioai which latter platt? sn? waa biougBI
to New-Xoil.
| 1 ii? veitsl itlled fiom London ?aod, ?ccordlng to th? fe
fit on board, fur " ett ihs It o Oraija " tba ei gi to tM
takm hit Ibe bar m II;!.ten, ?mi bad a n'f) tiilmod to b*
i. ? . i.rj of war, tu . ?rtil err Bray boot?, a d Maahs?
loco i..| ?.. i ce of to* lud?.p'.I i n I J iu, ? ?-tt-. tun cas?
wa? uisrriy o^.ei.?d, and lbs tain g of I? iiott? laid ovsr.
l.efure Oauiii.ii.. i...-!',-. -.
Dr. Jaini'? B. MeCollj arre?teil ou the warrant ot
i Camnmaiamm .Stilwell ior laBsalBa t0 gi?? bis name tot?
BaralUas OMear, has baeo dtseassB? kj tut t saaaaafaasfl
bi-fore whom tes ?laiiiiiatio.i ?a? coi.duc ed, 'ne i BSBBBM
I ?inn-r htnoiug '.I.at rattusii g to gi?o hi? name to au R?l?llia|
Inlicef wiiru .bat oltici?l vee mt? io pic lorn u? ci.-ieaOklt
f I? LSI reaiaiaacs within th* ui-eauit g of the act.
bei ? Martbal Mt iiBat.
m..it kau? Boassaa
Officers Iiwire, Loring, im.l .11 luv, brough!
'? r . r.- ti!? Maralial 43 of th? C'ew and pi-.-ii.-il of tOl
?tenner iirilauuu. captured elf Cii-irnaton. '1'asy wan
i.aii io ths House of Uscrtion
bl'1'E?I?R OCURT-Sraci.tt Traa-Jiily l.-B?fd**
jume? tteaeaaa
Henry P. Fessenden, K-Heiv*r, See., ?gt. S<unad
S Helfen et al.?Onie jT.i;t?d.
1 ' i.iii ii.ii.ni-i'. Edward Tags?Order denying molla?
with +7 coat?.
I dmmi 1 B Rowland ??I. .Samuel B. Gunin. Re.? 3odgmmU
tot i ? :. !i by reason of uitoiuu? ?..awer.
l.ouia I'laner, kc, agi. Loiouao ?J-djuiout for plaiLt.Bfs?
return of ftiptny.
The Hu hinoiid Diapaick an Ihe Ohjrei ?
dien, hu' Un ut Kspeclatioaa? The j
Move Ma Idea that lhere waa le be o
l'un la h nu ni far liimtliug the >*rtO?
The Fototnnc Army lo ha UaggeB.
I l.i... t is K.. Lu. nd ilitpatc .1. Ju > 1.
Oi.S. ImUYt OBfB-t IS.
We Lad thon^tit that The Sea--Turk T<m?i sol
Tribi'm au?l ThtPhtltiofmhia Inquirer, ba?i aia
?;iii.--.; 1 all the tiiiiil try tultntot' the pre*?, li i? tio|
so, hovreviT, a* will he eeeu hy the editoriiil which
wa repuh irh in:? iii.irniiig troin The Sew- Yori
Worin. 'Ihe?? BBMaaarai uei andaeartBtalj kuovi
a great tie.ii ti.ure than itic Uenerul* in the lielj, and
ira I'lti.iiui i ; ajti io vni_v l.n. oin ih.t? not oiatiiiaB
11 tu ker utiii | ul une of tnem a' lue head ol bin a' 1117,
(.lue thitij,', however, The World Ira gues^d, ?
we -i.-.j 'ii. luhily iu thi- pi ?rent taataBBB It ia,
that Cien. LOO 11.tends NUiieiliing ti. .1. more ?erioui
thnn a int-ir ni.1,reii.ii into k'ent rylvatiia. l'he ,.iiv?
erlul force ha ha? wi'h Lim, the ?kill wit'i whick he
uianeuvertii to Jti-eive Ilnoker and croea the i'oto?
mac iviiiii.'it molt-Ktaiiiiu; the in :i ei.ee Me re? whick
re ha? alr?-mly colleiied, or 1? ?till collt-cting, ali ia?
t!-i'ii'e an enterpriee ol' a serious ciiaracler.
What it muy h?, we Lave no more m en ni o?
ascettHiiiiug tli.in Tht W'vrli itielf, and should we
we ?et into jmaBBBB ii ?e that piper pe-i.ip? we
?tioald mi-? iii uiiti? ti* far as it hit-* ; ro utily d ne.
Weeunuut, in the tiiiamiine, BOoU ?miling wheo
ws read U.e lu.UBined toiitinkeinice, iu wLicb
li. 1 a. rn ur gat ina belter of Lee, a-d, parliapa,
" hu>{ hi? itrmy." We can onlj ?My. if ?loikcr coo
hag Lee he it welcome lo li nu ; Lut we ?hould not
he mi. i .u >ii lo i ?ii.- thal lue t.ad '.i...: Hooker.
Ihroiijihuiit ihe whole Conledci. ?y the li^fbeoB
drtftee 01 coi t'nience i? t?Il in lien. Ltte. Ice yeo
pi?- 1 iel confident that ha is tent upon tom? enter?
priae wini h will lava a utoet inifortuut beittiog
.; . ' " . ai.t . 1 ' lif nu '. Iii.-;. Ict-I atsured ttial
he, who Lai BOratoCen proved I iin.-.U ?o prudent.
*o saotiooa, raaaBjaaaaaj *o aaiafBlel me Kowai
hi? Hirn, will nut undertake any enterprise of great
uiugnitiide iii which be MOB not ern u very bright
jrt.eie.t o? meier*. TLey. thereto.e await to*
i.<?ue of this expedition in a cslui ana ho: e'nl ?pint.
cuiiUdent thal if no great tmult he accomplis had, si
leail no gre? hann will be done.
In the iueautiu.6 the e; tciaile which is presenting
ileelf on ihe oilier ?ide M the l'ot?>uibe ?honld t' 1 in?
the eoul? oi all eionker? with ?hame. Tua wbd?
11'pul.?iiuu i* in au BBeaj ot terror, dying before
i.iir I >?,!....??, or ?uhiiiittin^ a* t: ey advuuee Already
ti.ey he^iu lo ItackoB up their ?.un?lo rciueuiher lbs
nu kill-: ruin* of ihe tovru* iLeir ?n.-ji. rx liav bu/nl
inthe.Soalh?to cell lo mind th? numberlei? fami?
lle? n ou. fi lo beggary by u.e lnliiii.iaii harbuntie*
of their BMH?aM ?overument. They begin te
think on the?e thing?, aud the thought Crivea then
tu ile?pair. "I? thrre to be retnliau .",'' they ask?
"lor all tLeseeutirmuic? I It then is, then area?
loet forever.''
How iU?er?;nt wui it two yean ago, when tbo
?vl.olo North was pouring turill ita IsBMBBiMt the
?ubjiigatiou of the loatB. when all Hie ciif? of
Maryland aud l'euneylvsuia were filiad with trooM
ragibg tor me ipoili of Kictiiuoud, wnou to doubt
that (.ucees* wa? certain waa to incur tha penalty ol
tre??oit I Now th?-?e very Kebala whom they were
tent to extermin?t?, aller baviug b??leii mein ia
luuumeralla bailies upon the .southern ?oil, tiara
1 urned the lablt* upon maia, and are noting lu tba
unbounded abundance of the l'ouu?y 1 varna Valley.
Ihe S.nith i?. for a lime at lea*!, relieved, and loo
N'iiii i? bearing the whole burden ol the war.
\V ho would huve dreamed of suoti o change tara
y sar? ago ?
t ompl? liun mt a rrlrgrapB Mae.
lil at lilli ?B, WlllTB hoilKTAl!??. Ju'.v t. 1?3.
Tho telegraph u complciea to the Ulva LI o use.
White Mituutauts, oui ia ?pea (or bullaraa

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