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IXm^xli Dmi? QgjDhntfi
TTT.SDAY, JULY 7, 1881
Ths SiaiWt?KLT Tkibi/si, ready this morn
leg eontalna fall ai punte of the three day?' fighting at Get
tytburg. with li.U of the Killed ?nd Wounded. Price Ave
Cent? la wr?;>, e a rea ly for mailing.
ti ? j Vak.
?From Ii-! -i paj.ars and fi oui Fortress Monroe
?'?-? atchei we ?et ?onie vague ides of tbe movement*
of mr troop* i? the vicinity of Richmond. The
Kebele isy tbnt " three regiment? of cavalry and
two howitsers lelt TnicadellB station on the even?
ing of the'?.'Gili, a; peered at Hanover Court-House,
a??! Iiiv 1 on a train on the Central Kailroad. They
lave pfi??e?fi iii of the ('. n ml Kailroad, and will
d-iublless proced to Ashland. The raiders reached
tbe South Anna bridge, where they were resisted by
too guard. The ti?1.1 ia processing. TLo proximity
oi the Yankee? to ibe eily occasions no alarm in
official circle*. A gunboat was at WMie Hoiiee on
the 26th. The Yankees killed six and wounded
fourteen at South Ann? Station, and captured Gen.
W. II. Lee, who was wounded at Urandy Station.
La'er information, deemed to be truitworthy, l.ai
been received at the War D?partirent, that a large
fut? of Yankees, estimated at 30,<MU, under General?
Dix and Keyes, wns moving ou the Putiiusula." In
addition to thii we have extract? from a letter dated
Bait,more Cross Koads, July 3, which sayi:
" Y??terd?y theie wa? a skirmish four mile?
this Bide of Bet-tea ? budge. Sergt. Buruet, Co. C,
5th IVunijlvatiis Cavairy, was killed. No other
cai-uBitie? on our side. Thi? afternoon, the Rebel?
?.] ?ned on our advance bri ?ade, Col. Weai'i., with
live places of artillery. A tight ensued. Our ad?
vance f-il buck until the reserves came op. There
may be a tight at any hour. The force of the enemy
it? variously estimated at from 5,000 to 20.000. Our
anny ii ia excellent health and spirits, and amjil)
able to cope with the enemy now in our front. Tbe
enemy are ru?hing forward re-enforcement? by rail
r ii.1. A ?light engagement took place last evening
No decisive result, lae 5th Pennsylvania cavalry
Ok, turid twenty-live prisoners."
?The steamer Cahawba, Capt. Baker, arrived st
For'.ren? Monroe on MoudBy morning, from New
Orleutii, Julv 1, freighted with cotton and ?ugar,
bound to New-York. She also brought 4S0 Bebe.'
?. i? nei?, whom ?he la: ,ded at the Fortress. She
:-.'(... i? tbe bombarding of Pori Hudson ti'>x?ti on
when ?bo left. Our ?teamer? were running up the
river regularly willi Geo. Banks? supplies. There
is no ti ut.'i iu the report of his ?upj lu-? bel?g cut oil.
Great coutideuce ii expressed tiwi Fort Hudson
will toon fall. Deterters are .?ailv coming into
G.n. Bunk? ? lines from tbe Relei army.
?Rather old Rebel dispatches from Yickilmrg PhJ
that "Our [Rebe!] lins? of defense extend about
?even mile? in a semi-circle around the city. Grant
has made approaches to within 50 yartla of out
works, lie hue from lOO.uOO to l'20,00? msn. Gen.
J.>:i.mum needs anti I hear will have ro?uforcements.
Hi? forcea arc between the Big Black and Canton,
and hut headquarter? are at Jackson. Gens. Dick
Taylor, Kirby Smith, Price, and Marmaduke ate all
along ths other ride of the H.g Muddy."
A apy i ?u .!??' Vu,. l:.i hm Jhoii, about 50 yeare
old, was hang st Frederick, Md.. on Monday morn?
ing. He waacapured at Oxtod, Md., but it ap?
pear? that be i..-.. ')?on previously oaptured, and lind
made hil escspte. It is reported La admit t.- : the
charge, and suid that be had been in the bu -nea a
lor.g time. It i? also said that important coumuiii.
canon? between Lee and ?1 well were found on hi?
? The Roi. mond Enquirer, of July 4, lays:
" The Yankees ara making a raid mlo Eastern
Tvtiaessee. A strong fore? was at Zequaicbie Vallev
on the Al Agti, There has been uo communication
willi Knoxville or Loudon bridge since. It is be?
lieved that important movements d! Bragg's bud
Ro*ecraus'i armio? are in progr?s?. No particular?
have been reoeived."
?About two week? ago sn unknown bark wa?
borued by bar crew ort" lWIutdoee. ?be is supposed
to have been a tender for the pirate Floiidu, tutu
had a cargo of coal for that craft. Having huuted
for her as far as ihe equator, tLe crew got tired and
destroyed the bark, lesi the coal should fall into the
hands of the Union cruisers.
?More captures are reported to tbe Navy De
pari:..ent. Ti.e D. S. bark Pursuit, ou the ktiu uli.,
captured off Indian Inlet, the sloop Kate, from Nita
aau, with audited cargo. The gunboat Tahooia, on
the l8ih, gol the schooner Harriet, and the same
day ran ashors and destroyed the English schooner
Mary Jans.
?The Knighti of the Golden Circle broke open
the di.-j.ot at Huntington, Ind., shout ii o'clock on
Monday morning. TUey opened two or three boses
of guns and ammunition and distributed it ainmg
??us enforcement of the draft in Massachusetts
is to proceed forthwith. Those whose name? are
drawn will be notified at once, and then allewed
tan days to appear, funi?h a substitute, or psy $300.
?The town of Suffolk, Va., seems U> be deserted;
6,000 contrabatid? recently left there, and alter waru
moat of ths non-contraband pale-faces went after the
?Official dispatches from Vicksburg are to the O'Uh
?It. At that time u.l was wall, aud the seige pro?
gresad finely.
By the at ii val ot ths City of Washington at ti. ia
city, and of the Hibernian ort Father Point, we have
news from Europa to Jane 26?live days later than
tbat received by the China.
The case of the Alsxaudra Las be-rn decided in
favor of the defendants. The Lord Chief Baron'?
charge to the jury was slrongly biased, and the ten
tenoe wai received with loud applause. The At
torney General tendered a bill of exceptions lo the
chief ruling, and the case is, therefore, not yet
finally eettled.
The new French project of intervention in the
Americas war is attracting a great deal of attention.
England has been invited to join France in the new
move. The Ttmtt, which has always been opposed
lo schemes of thii kind, ii bow veering around, and
thinks that the joint European intervention in behalf
?f Poland ie a precedent, amply j.uufyiagj* similar
etep ia behalf of the Confederate*.
Mr. M. D. Conway, in a letter to The London
Timm, gives soma explanations on the correspond?
ance between bin ?nd Mr. Mason, lie exonerate?
the Abolitionists ftom any reeponsib?ity for his
proposal?, and admits that the form of his proposi?
tion ia objectionable.
The arbitration ef the King of Belgium in the
gill colly between Brasil aad England ia behevad te
tia favorable te BrasiL
It is expected that Euasta will net accept the pie
poeiuou made by the Weetera Powers la behalf of
Poland. Preparations for war are being made by
both Kaasia and France.
?At a meeting of the Board of Supervisor? yes?
terday a communication waa received from lbs Com?
missioners of Taxes and Assewrnenta, showing tho
tot?1 valuation of real and personal estate in 180 to
bP$**\%*m-W*r*. In 1PC3, $-??04,151,543. Increase
this year, $*_1,4'J9,51S. Total valuation in the County,
fOi?t,I"?l.543; ditto Bouih of Fifty-aeventh atreet,
?f^?i-,bli4,jii{-t. A communication wa? rw-eired from
the Mayor and Controller naming The Dispatch and
Leader st County paptrs,
?-The Board of Councilmen met on Thursday
afternoon. By the Controller's statement it appears
that there waa a hal? n.-e in the Treasury on the
30th of June, of $1,608,719 38. The Mayor vetoed
the resolution allowing " The Anthracite Coal Gas
Lighting and Heating Company " to lay gat mains
in the streets and avenues of the city. The Sunday
Dispatch and The Leader were selected by the
Mayor and Controller at Corporation papen.
?The Democratic State Convention of California
meet? at Sacramento on the 8th instant. It will bo
coinpoaed of 1'eace and War Dem?crata. The can?
didate mont talked of for Governor it ex-Govsrnor
Downey. The moat promiueut candidate? for Con?
gress are ex-Senator Weller, Edward Stanley, and
Joseph McCorkle.
?Two wreck? arrived at Halifax on Monday.
The ural waa the wreck ol tha pirate bark Tacouy,
the other the wreck of the Copperhead faction of
laat Congress, in the port?n of Clement L. Vallan*
dighain, who caine passenger fruin Bermuda iu the
muil steamer.
?Mr. King'? balloou, the I Stur-Spangled Banner,
which left Boston Coiuinou ou the ?ifieruoou of the
4th with five gentlemen, descended safely at Farm*
?ngt'in, ?N. II., at 7 o'clock on Sunday night.
?The Pennsylvania Kailroad baa reiumed buti?
ne??.. All patteni'ir and height trama are running
.? usual. The road wat not injured st any point
by the Rebel?. . . ?.
?There were 3% destin in thii city tait week.
Of ibe deceased 100 were mon, 71 women, 11?! loy?,
and 110 girls.
?The telegraph ii complete] to the Glen House,
White Mountains, ?and ia open for bom,en.
?The Hock market wai irregular yeiterday. It
opaoad .ictdy and uiodaritely activ?, willi ? look of (usinai,
it tba Pint ??uti J. but tuttaiu tur .u.r of tho morning tauioi,
prioMoo n.oil of tit. railwiy thireifeii off. Oovarnroentttorki
were active sod ttrong it the i'i.-tt Hoard, Coupon 6., of ?l.i,
telling u bigh ti 107, ?nd I reuury 7 d lu at Hat?,. The nu kit
aloud Irregular, but gauerilly iteiJy. Knight* are very dun
eiiii natue asiier. .Men?- oonUaue* very et_y ti t al a>'
rout; only the Litter rat*. Th* niuket li Uti arti?* than
ii hu bein. Tba bswi from the uti of w?r c. ned gi**t .*?
i ite:..?i.t in the li 'Id market, and ths crowd tt lbs oonitr o'
AS tilia?i ttrael and Exchange pitta uiemblad at an airly hour
tod wit very tctivt in tti operttiom Tb* market opened it
Iii"., eg.-.ant: 114 on K.-iidag ; t?.m tallied to 139a ?d9,, and by
Oi o'clock beJ gat lauck l< I'M, ?t which price one bout, pur
'?lilted *r.u.isji'. At lhe iir.t Bond the .?.r. iuuiu.nl |lJti,
IS*, the rasge of pricai being I38? IM), cloaing ?t U'J At
?he .?>>??? le'l li .ard 1-:.J,'>.i wai .?old at i:iS|_lJ.??, .nd th.
iii-iiet rioted at it rae fig.irai. Farngn Eiohtoga fall io p.o
portion to tn. de??lue in gold. Moat of lhe iilii ia the moro
lug, which wne moderite, were miJe it if.?.
Late foreign ne#t ftppeari on the lecond
pago oi thit morning's paper. Un the third
page we give newt from Rotocrani't Army,
late Southern newt, a letter from Japan, and
local intelligence.
Tin: hi uni i r.
Gen. Meade'i headquarter! on Sunda; were '
at Creageritowu, Md., twenty miles south of
Gettysburg, and yeiterday were at Frederick. ,
W? infer that to-day they will reach Harper's
Ferry or Point of Rockt, tiniest it ibould prove
that the Potomac it really impayable at fe '
undi, and that all I.??.-'s poutoout have been
dettrnyed; in which event Geo. ?Meade may i
loree at onco, if Gen. French does not already ?
hold, tom?? one of the South Mountain paimi, '
and Wimpel the immediate surrender of;
the remnant of Geti. Lee't exhausted
loree?. It MM clear that the,
Hebel line of retreat wai not by way of Cash* '
town to Chanibenburg, but on the Fairfield
road, through Wavuesburg, direct to linger?- '
town, in expectation to crois at WitttMMsaggi
and the lord? and bridge? below. There ure ?
pout ons of great strength in the South Moun
fa.n raugei, Turner's, Fox's and Crampton'!
Gajn being probably the ?troiigest, but they
nero aucoetaively turned when occupied before'
by the ?lowly retreating and then victorioui'
anny of Lee. What chance hat he to hold,
ull o! them now with hit beaten and ihatt?-rt-d
forces7 Vet the lo?t of one ii fatal, if the
river bars hi? way.
If then the loyal Potomac baa men against
the Rebel retreat, Gen. Meade hat a plain ;
path, and will uw-ucitiouably cross the moun
taina at once. If not, there are two and p?-r
In'ij'i three roads on which he may advance to
victory. Before looking at either, the appa* ?
rent general purpose ot the present movement
needt to be ttated.
Aller the victoriet at Gettytburg, and upon
the retreat of Gen. Lee, which bt-guu early
nu Saturday morning, the obvious and eaiy |
course of Gen. Meade wat to pursue the1
enemy. But what would have been the result ? I
?Suupoiing the Potomac passable, and that,
Lee't army hail not wholly abandoned its or* !
ganization, it wat posuble for that commander,
by obstinately fighting, and perhaps finally
sacrificing hit rear-guard, tn make good Ins'
reheat acron that river. Moreover, it Meade
threw bia whole force in pursuit, and tlie'
Potomac could be uatsed, Lee might have'
issued with hit army through the South ;
Mountain!, and marched itraight upon Harper'! |
Ferry, l\?int of Kock?, or the lower fords, (
croning at either, according to circumstance!,
tho ig h an abandonment ol' the Shenandoah line
would certainly be bit last retort. But in (
either way escape was pottible, and Gen. I
Meade doei not mean that the Hebel army
?hall ?cape. Ketiiting, therefore, the imputas
to puraue directly, the lagacious commander of j
the natioEal forcei hat marched for Frederick, ?
following a Une not widely divergent from that j
of l_ee'i retreat, but which imminently threat- j
em to cut oil that retreat, by reaching and
holding tome point in the Shenandoah iu ad?
vance of Lee't arriral. Gen. Meade may crott
the Potomac at Harper'e Ferry, and fling hit
arro? directly acron the pith U? Winchetter;
or be i??-J croea at Point of Kock?,
at even at Ldward't Ferry, moving
thence by way of Leeabnrg and either of
tba Blue Ridge gape, and bo entering
tha Shenandoah at some point eo far below aa
to make It certain that hit impatient eolumnt
thal! hare ou tit ripped the flight of the Rebel
forcei, and offer tbem the alternative of de*
itructiou or turrender. Meauwlule, the poiii?
bility of Lee's appearance east of the moun?
tain? is prevented by the movement on Fred?
erick, and the only remaining question seems
to be whether he shall bo brought to bay
north of the Potomac or in the Shenandoah
Thii well conceived and promptly executed
plan of G?*n. Meade is as satisfactory evidence
oi bil itategic, as the battle? of Gettyiburg
have been of hil tactical ability. It might be
?aid that the first advance upon Gettysburg,
which Las heretofore been pointed out as the key
of the Pennsylvania campaign, wai so obvioui as
to be inevitable, and therefore no particular in?
dication of great talents. But there are few
Generals who coull have reiisted the doiire to
pursue the retreating liebels on their own line.
To control that impulse, and to enter upon a
wholly new combination with the grand object
of capturing Lee'i army, were perhaps equally
difficult l'i?brti. Gen. Meade bat accomplished
both, and we have far more coi ft ience iu bil
complete and imm?diate success tbau if wo had
heard that his advance wai hourly engaged
with the enemy's rear.
The mobility of the Army of the Potomoc
under its new leader ii becoming more than
wonderful, and already turpaiiei tho mott
celebrated performance! of Stonewall Jackson's
corpi. Fighting two great battle? on Thunda;
and Friday, on ground which it had reached
by protracted and Continuous marche?, it has
no sooner won them than it is again on tin;
wing, And we bear of it two days
I atterwnrd thirty-five milei from tho battle?
ground and still in motion. Nothing but ge?
nius m iti commander could have discovered
such capacity of euduranco iu iti soldier!. It
would leeiii that in thii c/impaign nine days
inarching at lix mile? a day, and one day'i in?
decisive fighting, are not quite the limit of
human endurance !
That the more determined sympathizer! in
this vicinity with the Hlaveholdeu' KeMlion
have for monthi conspired and plotted to bring
about a revolution iu tbe North which ihould
place the whole tier of Free State? bordering
on the Slave region in alliance with and prac?
tical subordination to the Hebel Confederacy,
ii juit a? certain ai that we are involved iti
Civil War. Hud Meade been defeated at Get?
tysburg?as these Copperhead? baa no doubt
he would be?they would have been ready to
raine the flag of rebellion and proclaim Mc
Clelian the bead of a Provisional Government.
Here follow? ono of their mauifcstoei which
was extensively circulated through our city on
(be oigbt belore tbe 4th;
lii?UI, ?waKI !
i ?.. L.ki-:K Ait tattam ot mm.? NsMI ruse?
ti ?!? ?.-... Ttmxat.
" U l,o won, J b* frte, Inn ??if I i,.l mi* th. bl-rw."
1'i'it Th. i i y ?. 1 !i,.ii lin. i : ,! ... (<.??,.n.?ni ii t -
COtla.Bt of tb. (' ??in.?!. Im.? liiii-M,'.. ?ii.t f,.| li,. >-? .1.:
rf iba pavy.m. ?Ld out the penpl. 1 ./ ti,? lene til ...' gi. ?..
A |ti??r?fi .et wt.li b f.lit te protu.l. th. Inter??!? eui te
ra IB 'ha alf iteae cf il? y, y t dira .. I ioaort? lo 1.4
?hurpt :i'-lri ?re II.? Imtiii.tli? of Hi. Y tia?. felon
t 'i. m Iii* j, i. le m Wini em ?w pe etitel ?t t ti ., to
? 'b' . --t li ? ti'.. by "i..' li w? b??. s (iltr. .mor? th' ntl- a.
of ti.? r?nh
tu nd - The r-enjle of th? S'ti'li'ni Pt.'.*? h.T. efthrl
.?ii i .i l-l.! ??I?! l.h-J . ???;?? .le fueeruUl.Ut, . ii ? I - ! '
'.. t iiiOf 'i?u '*? jt.'iKi I. i. u.k.lil. tiu.nlmitT anti de
?? lion, miller 0 ii u.-i.?t?:ii a, of gloat difln-uliy end trie .
tv. tant?t SBBBBBsally wita mt itaBtl mm mi ear iirle
cl,ili-t d.iT t Ih.t j-?'? 1. ti,, ruh: n< ,.]? rtmenonaA, or op
i ase hy loree th. nut. in * of th? |o?,,-i.i.,?i.t ti,?y 1 ?.? Mt
up. if mm eioo'.t SSeejBBS th>^i I' th? ?it. end BNBS a.
preen, mu La?, i.? t..hi tu ? ,? ,1*1 lfm ?t ?li
1 e ; r.. af a " 1 n u. u " fey inic. I? ? . . > ? ? - ? pi*e?
of i'u. it.air.l 1 yporilay
7-toil Iii. g.ory of? ri.tlnn 11 T" .?'?'.it!. J.?ti-.
sait;, puer, maoeeomni -, io mau? .1. .tu tranquillity;
t i.;(.iii .1? tin. ?".?!.: w.lf.r?, I ? cn,? tb. i<lt>i,liiti el
iib.it? ?ni BivMaad n , ta cultiv?t, tb. bi.heet iuiiiiii.i oi
motel? ?1.1I mi? -u
T.ttiio-i.l io.?rwion? tnty dturxrl x ' .???t.-, w.tl'b
win ru*i?.l. u.'l it iiupt, avartae '.. vi., lew, ,<ii r.T.ng?,
UIU.I ti? B.r ?I... .'.i. ? . .. g- e , . .?.,; <|
Y mitti Whee tb. pr.e.ut Adrmnlatrtti.n wat ?1?et?d to
0II1 e. ?.ii'-nit ti th? BSUSa? of tb. .?iti. ti..r. ><?> ?. t on? I
futir iia.-iiif I 'ri ?'.etea ciIAii.tlr., imt cn. mor?!
1 r. ?[ c :o .? ?lui I ?r, j . not on? ivfetsh rui.f.n.l upetlur
iiieaainf.sa iiuliiihI. Ti.? pt yo aron preai ai lB.tr Orr. !
.11,1...-tit at d ..?'.1 It. II.ry w. nil not ha?. ?1 bal |?J it for '
?... (?fes? <>u ti" tem ..t tl.r I ?001 ikaj h .p. . io Irai,amil
iii ?a, . with .1 ?? 1 ?'.???. ladas, le r.n, .t..i manton u?
???Jill. Wilbla tb? i?.t Uti. ? -.I, '.?'??>-! .-i : :.??
at.fl?i.d. I'lnToua rlnni?, . mo?t dieailn ne and iiiiuill>aMog I
?i upa., li li.a bretni? . bilby li)l-rld ,. tn tul.r r >,.,i
with th. tiiiodj ?at-rihri. 1 f ita own chlliren, . dat.at.1,1.
roniji'iuiiil ?'. criui-a ?nd vice?, . d.epvtleiti t?bicli o.nnot
tivy be ?learnurti in domroua language " th? .uni of til ?II
lelBre,' I ? ti r ?iib . '.1 ?i.J . ruTciai.t ?lilli J.alb
1h? Adminiitratios la lfn.r.1 SBB ?ltr.1, tnd ?1 'ger. run
oiiii, iiniii'-fit, ?i <? i.ii?. r .1 u ni.?. Bassa, ?aaalaaiy tai
UOU ? ful of til a .ni.ty and til umcbief, ol ?li l.ypciuj
? ii dee-l' It i? w ii., ui truth or bon.at?, williout uuamm
or 1) ri-Dcy. li? .?arir. I? I iilitli ?, ita t-.iinpln.ii un
noun lid. lut gem it wi.i 10 anything bnmevet In fa min a f
prnai.e Uni 1. aelrlul, .nd doe? liol ?cm pi? tu lia. tar th.
mtit te mnmtry he prubi Iti?. buPy, a ? taggtrt. a- . . c.w
ard , it don.ln.er. br tenor Bfal aVSBBMSB|M ?bru.al fi.in
tiuin and di.tiight. ii dean iu pluipl .pi.?, .nd iit'.nn?!..
end f?.i? ?ii . ti?u.. la aval ? ebeduw \\ iii, band? of am,?J 11, ea
11 iltiit i ? u- n Iii? 1: .erl of tb. t Illa, n .1 til. drxd 1 night,
whee ks I. >Ui?rla?il eoiit.ry tod iIiIidmIhi , wage? wti on
worn.u tnd 1 'iui.| cliiidr.n.
It la ' ?!'>?;? n. mi ?tulon, <?. It <t?>o't'.i p.ac?fal tnd In
eff-inive i.ntli with flr. .?d tln-i, it sWifBjBwnBB Haas
?illtK?? ?id .i.liU!? d? ?.liiii?, it p.iii.iirti wb?t.?.r it? .uila
i?!li.|tuwl jMliujlnj ?li.l 1 muni lie lokae .?.?. 11 -J ?a
not .pare til. ?????! luuiiuiii-lil? of ail ?i.rii,i> and llt.it
tur. . rnprrti not Iii. gia?? . ha? uo pit/ fur the ?hil?ka.nd
<-i. i.t'l-? ??' I.?ip ? ?? ..1 I nil? ... I IL. luitrtiiiirnti of
it? critii?! at? m..j l.ta dx'.e.tatn. ll.an tb. Clima? tn.uiMlr.a,
tnd tb. rtinitbtla
In .??rjtbtii?, tnd in tb. ii it atup.tidoua prop?'luna, ia
thla Ailii.luliti.'.ii.n ?lii.ii.li ?tur, tb. .tm.rli Uesaal na??
K.wtril H.aT?n, a. Hie at?ueh ni Sodom .ni OeesaSHBt It
ia . ti a til al I? odu?.i at'.i whi??e*.i aijculd ilaalrv/ It would
euiil.i- ? hin,?m j un Ulan? m J
NlriA I 1 li? t-iiulliein paepl. ar* l.,i.ting fur our llh?rtl?a, a?
w, . ?. i.i th. .1 own. ,',.,,..iui nalauiit; could I.?, ? 1. tu
ua limn ib?lr overthrow ; th. dratimti-.n i.l tb. on., would
tyred,' r tim t .. nr.d by tb. ?ul-fi-ntion of th? 01 liri.
BBaialkl Si,mud the ( onlrilriaui anny e.piur? tv ail.lt,{toe
.nd ?itrinil ..te tbe bald of tbi.r.a, ii,, lum .nd Bat
tl.ioi.ta w n 1 :. 1 ului. tin ii-, dahl.1 g lb. tamp.? of ',.., )|n
?ilj, w. aliuuld i.f.id it .? e ip.ci-?l liilcrimalliuii of Ui?ln.
I'ruvid.tiC? in b.htlf of luitin? judgiii.t t. tul matey
KifMki Nu porliou of Hu? luluu I? ?iitliii-1 tu punili ?jin
path/ or .?aillent:? 01 prolteiun dom S.uillinm d?f.|j It.
In.taion, Mi long .? It 1 onto.um lu hr . parly tnthr ?.?cut
.f|te?a!Y. ?i', lhere c?uent be innot ?ul Bccoinpilt., in 1
1 rtiiii'? al w h.? li Ii<iii.ault; aland? a...>t
Stat.. " Ib.Uilitr pl-i'i-aofillyer "theprlceof liluod ?lid j
ti.? i.u.rtl lum, li liol .ni...ni tu piut.ii.KH. Let tin,m wini j
..??? ?i- wi fat "ii'.li. mill- !"t..'-? of tb. land di-fu.d tbrir
mu, p.uno.r. A|bl t Util*, atetl tnd ne.low lea?.
TenlA. he lou? e. the pie??iil war aeaUaaaBend .Imprtiem
pr? ?.nil, w. ?bul ii.?? 1. j 1) 1 ? pu? 11,-iu lu o,.pii.<- ? I 'iii.'iii.ii'i
anny ?I ?tin t uti our bolder? or in nui midd?reib.1 wuu d
wr nan Iii.ui M fii-nil? .nd d.li?.i.ra.
>l?inlA VSeaii.igu Abraliam l.lbcuin, l'ir?idt-nt of the
lilt, ii ,-t.t.i, an 1 tile mau ul iii? ruuni li, before Hie bar of
pulu e. otu...on end .National juillet, lur the fi 1.? ii g Liga
ciiii.ee. fern: HM ai 1 uilidcuiekiiu.ii
I'u? lb? nuut'T ti.ey lia?, iir-.iaje-l. for tb? ottba U,.j
b.?. ?loia'.rd , fur Iii* Conatltutlou ih?y lit?, titmpie. umlr t
liiOt.!ni IB. law. lb? j b??e p.r?.ited ui tiu.u.led, lui tbe
puw.i the y lia?. aiU.-J and u-iit j ?-I , fur 'he t uinn iV, ) h.ve
untiu..J , f?r IB? precios, bop?, th.7 here blett.ti, lui th.
.. 1 ti?, may i. ??? ttitru mi, , 1. r tb. riT.r? ul liluud ibrjt
lilli abed i tor tbe turn?? lb?; hi?? al.ii(lil?Ied . foi the u,tn
I' .Id, ?!? ??.It? and Wldeapn-td defitii'l.n,., ruin euri, , nu. ?
deiio?!, d.aniatlnii? waelr? tnd cru.lll.t tbrj Lav. pel
We arraiga thom far converting thla once grntt, ] toip rona,
fir? and baj p? land Into a lan.t of ducurd, atril* au,I d.apot
laiu?of ruin, in.ter? ?ad tliune
lue'ri'i 1 ina? patiilci'in ' rimliiaii we propoae to trj by
tolli-.iiiv ??! eli lb. law. tb.ir d..pi,turn baa 1 :t u?, by that
very law ol 1.?canty ?nd Mlf-preatrreiiou which tb.y m?
liciiiinly trtitorouily, ?nd lt.??iy h.T. lnruked, prun.ul??tetl,
?ul ?..lui. ??! Aud we ?hell tppeel foi juatice lo tlitl uulT.r
?ti aeiiiiiuii.t Wim h peate? Judgment ou ?li aucn 11 ur? ?lu?
nn?, to Hie Ii'imau ree?.
ihiriieiii',. r.i.ow ntlitii?, in lb? name of tb? Thirteen
Colonice, w. ?ey K? J?u?" ReiitUuoa to tyrtola la 01.eui.uce
io Ood '? BFltll'f UK I?.
AumrlAJulp, 1863.
Tht World tbui ondeaion to parry our
demonitration that the Kebeli are tba reipon
?ible initiator! of the violation! of the lswi of
War which have disgraced our atruggle, and
that the Democratio preta habitually conceal
the outragea perpetrated hy the traitor!, while
they magnify tb? retaliatory ?eta of the
I " It li e'iongh lo make nns'i blaod boil lo oontempltte th?M |
mua?., i?tii'.?? of tba w tad bad Atnilition ?heme of oourttrtlng
negro.? into ..?'lier. Thua it ia thlt braye aod iuooeeot I
tri, ia. men itilf-r tbtt the Abolition f.nitic. may try -ihiltu
| thropi? ?ir-etim.nl. t* gi?* a qui.i dlaaity to negraat. And |
| Tu i Tkiih ?? i ????? Democratio jouruUt to taak beetuta tbay j
do not jau in the \t" lui m tttn.g? when their etperiuient
pro liCT? ii. ubi.,ni Indi?.
"Hut what goiatl t?n be accompli.hed hy the funon. In
?et-l.T?. ?inn?' th. Rebeli farr not leO'gDiling uegio t . dmr?
ia entliled to th* pritilage* of wn I It w11 per:?' tly known
bsforehtnd thtt they would not 10 reeo*nlie th> ni, and It
w11 in the fice of ?nu knot.a ind bi?il ?io ten?jusllon of lb.
Kebrl. n. it the eil eiiu.eni w11 eatarad upun. The r?sate*
lion of tha Confederate (loyeramant on a nihject ? l.i-ii ?n
ii ti.1 ... 1 Boat Sa ra prejudicei i. uot likely to be ?bkteu by Ilia
i ??elive, of Northern new.[?pnrt to wtaitaosrer party be?
ll n-iug. A? ?be A lOi.ilo'il.i? hive producid the n.licli.ef hy
th.ir 1 et projet?? ol arruine tba uegroei, w* w11 b our hau.ii of ?
all r*rp"n?iblilty and leite the whola tu |e I wltn thuin end
wi'ii in? aVdinit.i.trsii.iii ?hlr.li Ifi'-y ?oniroi. At l?eino?*t?.t.
btv. in thi. millar mi l.i t mpou.ibiiity nor power, iii.y tee
BO r?t*.n why they ?lan.I i ibrow ?heimelte? into idle ?on
tortioiia lui the iii.uini.Biil of lb? Abolitioni.li."
The World hat thus contrived to dodge com?
pletely our proof that "the wretched tcbeme
of converting negroes into soldiers " was not of
Abolition origin but the device of Pro-Slavery
Rebels. We will therefore let Col. Bromlette,
the conservative Uuion candidate for (?over.
nor of Kentucky, bring our frisky neighbor up
to the bull*ring. Col. It., in bit tpeech at
Carlisle, Ky., ou the ?-.'?th uti., eaid :
" You olject to negro at.Ultra. Who begin thlt bullum*
Wlioiilred the fin ne.ro it,1. i.nt ' Dil Lincoln ' l?o n't
you know thn In tbe beginning o? ila? Uiife. In New-Oil**?..
th.y berilJail ?Lioad ILat i..?? h??J ?lr.idy organ??d two
t ?|io regtinerfi to fl.ht ti e Yin len with ? Do n't you know
iii 1 the lint act iu tbe Tennei.ee Rebel Iacgiiliture wmi to
authorite tht orgiulzttion of fraa negro regiment?! Do n't |
y.iu know ii to ne ? lint, furtharuore, tim ?hey bivi regi?
ment? ,,'? lialin . ia their leryici, to tuuiUnwk ind tealp our
?..Hirn tnd children ? And ye? not ona of you heret?i*mbl*d,
1 will vj.iiure le My, hat hesid theta cona'.itutlontl Union
gtutiemeu obj.ct to Ihur ottng negro regiment, to fight nt
with. Vau lister Uiilii.tul them ubje.i to enlisting Iba
ltidiini agi.n.t 01 N hy It it that you be?, grown so tarli
lay irpugiititt to n .ra .?d' You ir? willi; g 1?. ? ?... u i ti he
employe?! ayainitu. nat now ?hit it It b.lng ?n.ploy.d to
ht.p tai, you um tern...? dntarhed. Tb* raison mini Irr*
tit?: bl* thn then thty wert flyhtmg on tAi tide yo* wiri ant
tame at nlJ vu, 1 butti luou ?? ?ey ne employed ayaittt
11,11 tide, you object.
'.-i-Ppm. on* of you wir. unalt.d by robhirt, who
lhr**i*ued to burn your houi* md murder ?our family if jon
?lid b'i |i?e up gast man.y , that yoor netguboi ,-in.i ru.hiog
la ?our nil.tn.te, tod with him cue or two Uuut ocgion
with ciubt. ino net ?nd gum ; thal while you tt* eu?tg*d la
1 c tt? tun J-lo Land oontlict ?1111 me of th.m, you .hould >e*
U*l Iniw n y tegio I.?'., .og on. of ib.m down, would you ?iy :
' hold on, I ga n't want uiy aegro lo help mt. ltira, Mr
ilobt.er. I nu not going IS sacet?ti lu diitti g yon o li by any
?aeS ud 11 tb.t, you mty buru my bout* tnd take my prop
?rty.' la tt.la ?it?'?ey ."_0.11.au woald di ' But it ia jual In
till way n.it Southern lympatbuiari?CouatltaUonU Lilian
n. m ? uii 1 u-iy would bit? ut. beciuM In* fretidei.t do?tt
tad Basjsalassh arsssaet 1? tiny think propar, i.y. Hen,
)-r) I'.t. t.i. ?ii at 1.1?, md Uiy ui 11 luou al you
ple.ee. uot another min or ?no lier daltar C?t w? gi?? ?lil
1.1,un n .,u.i. lighting with ii; tie thing*' "
?Now, neighbor ! we could n't induce you to
tare our view of tim matter; suppose you try
to answer the "Democratic Union" candidate
for Governor of Slateho'diug Kentucky! Dont
be alraid to try!
POMTAL t IIAViit'.*.
A very i in j? riant net regulating Mail Ser*
vice, Letter Delivery, Franking, Ratet of Poit
age, &Cm, Wat paued at the late Seision of
Congresi aud took effect on the ist mit. It
extends to forty-five sect mm, and would now
I.- reprinted in full but for the pressure of
War .Vetv?, Tbe following it s lummary of
iti mott important proviiio?t:
I. lhe pottage on each letter weighing half
n?. ounce or lett, if carried and delivered
wholly wiitin the I'tnted Stat-ei, is henceforth
three ceuti if paid in advance. [Hitherto, let?
ter! transmitted from the Atlantic to the Pa?
cific ??"tatet, or rue tersa, have Leen charge'!
im cetite, which it now reduced to thru, j
II. lavery letter dein ere. from the office at!
which it wat mailed, or dittributed theretrom i
by local earner, it henceforth to pay ftro cent?
poitage. [Heretofore the charge ??a.? one cent,
with an additional cent for delivery by carrier. ;
Hereufter, two centt inuit be paid on every '
" dmp letter " mailod, and there it to be no
charge for delivery.]
HI. The pnstuiuter-General it initruc-ted to
take meaaurea to extend the lyitem of I tee
I ?.livery 10 fast ?md io far us be may judge
expedieut. [We presume that, under this
clame, inch cities ai Troy, ?*--yrucu*e, L'tica, !
Il'idtoii, ?ko., With gnat village* like Pougb- .
keeptic, Newburgh, Ac, will moil be bleised j
with a i)t?teiu of Free Letter Del.very from,
once to twice per day. We heitere so im
?n. nie inrrease in bmineis and receipt*, ?tpe
ciuliy in the matter of "drop letteri," will |
reialt from tb.i reform. J
IV. There 11 to be no charge henceforth for >
the receipt of either Mail or Drop Letters at,
sub-post-oflicet, lottei -lillie?, station?, or what? j
ever they may be called?and their conveyance ;
thence to the central or city office. [The
charge of one cent hitherto made for this ter* j
vice nimmt uullibed the utility of these ttatiout.
1 in? ft nt wat of no couiei'ueuce- but the iu?,
convenience of paying it rendered it au un
?peakable nunauccj
V. Pottage on newpapen mutt inexorably be
paid in advance. Thoie casually aeut mutt be
paid tor at the mailing office; all others at the
office whence delivered, and fur uot lest than '
one quarter at a time.
VI. The poitage on each newspaper weigh?
ing len than lour ounces thus sent, ii?For a '
Weekly, MO cents p??r annum; Semi-Weekl)
4U* Tn-Weekly, 6"'; Daily, .**. 1 Ml), or (if la
sued on huinln). ??oj $1 10. No matter how
far couve)ed, ii va holly Witbiu the United
\ 11. NO package i* to be reo-ived tor mid
trtiiMii.tti'l by the Mails ?it a weight exceeding
four iiouii'ls.
VIII. I.'egistered letters are to pay a regi*.
trntiijii fi'o ot twenty ??enti. instead of the live '
now charged.
IX. For each uov\?paper or other periodical
ttai.?nutted by mail to one who is uot a regular
nbaggibar, Ihm must 1?* paid twu couti
vaheu mullet!, tor a weight not exceeding four
ounce*, and the tame for each four oiiticut ad?
X. All hooks tout by mail must pay four
Mutt lor any weight not exceeding four ounces;
one cent per ounce lor all additional weight.
XI. Magazines and other periodicals, issued
len Ireipn-iiily than once per week pay one
cent in advance for tho lint four ounces, and
the tame for each additional four ounces or
fraction of the tame.
XII. Publitheri of periodical? may luclose
billi to their lubicriberi iu or with their pa
pert, or write, print or ttamp on them a no?
tice when their term of tubtcription or pre?
payment expired or will expire without charge.
XIII. l'ottmattert are authorized to remove
the wrapperi from all periodicale or other
mailed matter which theil not bara paid letter
pottage, to ascertain whether there be ar be
not any writing on the incloture or matter
therein concealed which would juttify a higher
2UY. Franking U groatly teitrlcted by t_ii
act. Postmaster! can frank none bat letter!
on itrictly official business, under penalty of
X7. All Postmasters whose compensation
exceeds $1,000 per annum are to be appointed
by the President; the residue by the Postman
XVI. Each postmaster and every other person
employed in the collection, mailing, transporta?
tion, distribution aud delivery of letters, to
take an initial oath of fidelity to the duties
enjoined on bim by the law?, and to " abstain
from everything forbidden" thereby. If he
neglecli or evades this requirement, he ii to
be punished precisely as if be bad taken it.
XVII. Each postmaster must render his ac?
count quarterly, and pay over all dues. To
retain any on pretext of offset or claim against
the department ia a misdemeanor.
Such are the main provisions of this impor?
tant act, which ii calculated at one? to in
creaie the efficiency, the beneficence, and the
income, of the Post-Office Department. We
believe the public is largely indebted for its
provisions to the Hon. M. Blair, Postmaster
(?cuera!, and to the lion. Schuyler Colfox,
Chairman of the House Committee on Post?
Offices and Post Roads.
Only the other day we thought that Mr.
Ruchauan, if not actually dead, had at least
pasted into the limbo of hiitory, and that, doit
terni np in prayerful seclusion, ha bad ceased
to trouble a world not in the least disposed
to trouble him. Hut the fury of war denies
peace even to tho remaiuder bonee of the de?
parted. The invasion of Pennsylvania res
urrectionized even Mr, Buchanan, as the du- J
charge of great gum bring! submerged corpses i
to the surface of the waters. When hil own j
hen-roosts were in danger, the late President, in
apite of his senility, could ?till exhibit a miracu?
lous activity. He did, we are told, "all
in hil power for the deleiiie of the Stato "
which means, we luppose, that he is did all in
his power for the defeuso of his mug bouse,
his Wfli-filii-'l barns and his populous stock?
yard. His sympathy with the liebelt did not
go to the extent of supply ing thom with gratu?
itous beef. He did not lay away the tine old
wheat wbiiky?the bottled donations of distil?
lers eager for a certificate?he did not stock
his generous bins to quench the thint of Lee's
uncivil troopers. Be could not hang out a white
banner, to indicate that hil house was a sort ot
retreat for invalids; lor if he bad done so, his
neighbors might have lynched him, in spite of hil
fullness of years. Ile therefore reverted the
termi of a certain propoeition, and deter?
mined that valor wai the batter part of discre?
tion. He citiii'-t be expected, at hil time of
life, to lead a diviiion; neither were the birdi
who sat ed Home warrior?; but, if cackling
was salutiferous then, it may be of servie
dow; aud iu this depBrtuit'Ot of war, Mr. Bu?
chanan's cackle bu? been as rapid end ebstrep
erotii Bl that of more juvenile warblers.
Unfortunately, if we may credit tiwi cor?
respondent ti a certain rity newspaper, Mr.
Buchanan does not content to make an lnvul- ?
uable fun, without tiling a sort of caveat,
to the effect that he does cot approve " tha
miserable war pvlicy of tbe Adminittratioii.
He encourages citizen! to enlist?but he thinks!
that they will be employed in a miserable
business. He cries at the top ef his childish
treblei "To Arms'" but be is not the less
amorous of peace at any price. He tees no tort of
use in fighting, hut he ii prodigiously pugua
ciout. He ii a darling of consistency. He de- '
la.\ ed the re-enforcement of Fort Suinter until ?
reinforcement vm* impossible ; and he becomes
manelously military iu ipite of hu disapproval
of " the miserable war policy of tbe Admin?
iitration," only when there ii lorne danger
that the troopi of the Confederacy may be
quartered in his front parlor.
But we have not dragged thii unfortunate
gentleman into our columni, for the purpose
of stimulating either the pity or the laughter
ol' our readers. He happeut to be a reproien
tativo mau of a class which is not sweet in |
tho nostril? oi the patriotic and thoughtful, and j
whether he made the species or the species
made bim, it is unnecessary to inquire. There
Bra many querulous and impotsible-to-be- !
sati?tied folk, who like Mr. Buchanan '? do not;
itpprove the mnernble war-policy of the Admin?
istration.-' Tiny uro hvroet?in crii-,
cism! They are d?liant?in tpeecbei! Ihey
bleed and di???in tho obntract ' They le>
monitrato th.'ir pntnotn.ni?by groisliug
at the President ' Tbr;r sympathies are catho?
lic?and the Confederacy gets a moiety or
more of their good wishec, They batt? greut
1.11 til HI a eteiitl) Ulld Volulli? duiUHBtlJU tit the
Ab-.l.tionisti. Fernando Wood doet not see
why the Union may not be restored by a little
sbnrp, oily cain'iis-prnctice; (iov. Seymour be?
llet es that all would he well if his party cm.ti
bul get in, having got the other party fairly
out; Mr. Vallnndigham, musing in hit Southern
lctuiit, thinks tliitt eoticossiou is the veritable
policy, and not <-<>uibat?all three do ugree thal
Iii? " wur policy ol' tho Ailiuiuifttutiou" it.
" miserable," or at least they conical that it
mnkes them so. They think that they puller
a prodigious sacrifice of thoir favorito feelings
if, at long intervals, they utter lorne
ttung which by a g?nerous constru? ?
tion, may be regarded ai a war n peech,
in which, however, they alwayi take care to
say that we shall never again taste ot uatwoal
lelicity until wo have put down, tiret the
Abolitionist?, and then the Rebels. They are
never betrayed into a grand, generous, ipon
taneoui outburst of normal patriotism?uot
they! They never fail to let you kaow that
in their classification the President of the
United States and the President of tbe Confed?
eracy stand upon a basis of equal estimation
?Arcadei ambo?traitors both ! But theil
words against the Washington Government,
contending with countieu and cruel embarrass
ment, ara always bitterer than their wordi
against the Richmond Usurpation, which ia all
one concrete felony. They hare a little pa
triotiam but by no tneane enough to keej
them sweet. Their treason eau be smelt at i
wonderful diitftuco. ??wall school-buy* liad oui
their inconiiitency, and sneer at their limping
It may be properly inggested to tbi. Be.
cha?an Species which we hare been coniider
ing, that mere growling tuend? no broken bonea,
and that limpie fault-finding ia the ready r*e
?ource of polittoiain, but not of ttateimen.
President? are human, and it it human la err.
Nobody hat s right to expect perfection in ths
aatateit of Cabinets. We do not, therefors,
objsct to a healthy, well-founded, and honora,
ble oppoiition; but we demand defiuite and
intelligible criticiim, and not indiicriminata
curtet. Mr. Buchauan, for iualaocei ia opposed
to the war pol.cy of tba Government; but caa
he stammer and drivel out any other policy
which it has been possible for the Govern?
ment to purtue T The country it wearj
of this eternal prating, and this eter?
nal abience of living priuciple aud manly
thought. If the Buchanan Species are nurung
pet icbemea of reconttruction, why do they
not advertise them, that the people may ?.-?thor
?wallow them or apit them out 7 It ia pretty
hard to make Janue do duty with beth taces
at once. Ii Mr. Buchanan can no longer writs
legibly, why does he not employ an amanuenaig
to manufacture a manifesto telling tis what wa
should do, and what we tbould ?eave undone ?
Why doet he not do this T We antwer, be?
| came ho hat no plan, no policy, no scheme,
no reiource, no idea?nothing but an old and
retired ruler't natural hatred of hi* successor !
He think!, snd the whole Oppoiition thinks,
j that sharp abute of a Republican Adminittra*
tion will ?ave the country. Give these mas?
querade Quaken office to-morrow, and like
rata in a corner they would be forced ta
fight, or to die. If they with to retain tha
precious privilege of growling, let them pray
to be left iu a comfortable minority !
! Gil?. Kwi.iii. ?I.-ist week Gen. Ewing, the new
| Commander of Keniat, addressed a meeting of tha
I citizens of (?loathe and tbe surrounding country, ex?
ploiting hit determination to put ?town the inda
l pendent bandi who now prey upon property on both
! tidei of the bordar. Said be, there are very many
! men in Kansas who are tteaiiug tbeiutslvea rich ia
. tha name of Liberty. These men must And some
I other mode of giving ctfect to their patriot"* rea!.
I Al they want to kill Hebel?, let thamjiin any old
j regiment, or either of the new mies about being;
I raited. They can Und iu the service positions equal
to their energy, daring, and talent, and can adora
the acrvice and be honored in it. The Government
will welcome thom; it need? and hat a right to the
service of all men of enterpriae who are at largo,
and it will not too clotely ditcrmiiuate agninst suck
men because of in-cgularitie? in the past. Bat.
whether they enter the service or not, I now notify
them that they will be compelled to quit stealing,,
or get out of this District or get me out of it.
Tn?; MB N. G. HnoiMi?T.-Mr. Otwge W?tete,
I who baa heard from bilton, a metnber of this r-?;i
msnt, nates for the information of thoie baviag
! friend! in it, that the command wa?, on the evening
? of the M of July, in Carlisle; that they bed bees
. twice under Ure; had marched 25 milea on Wednes?
day. and were stationed within'-O') yarda of tha
Hebel I itteties ibu hil' the bo ni baid me nt of Cal
li?le, and could distinctly hear th*m ^ivetheircniers.
They were ?hisLied liom tin; He!.el view hy a higb
stone wall ar.ut.d a graveyard. The abell? flow
??Over ?heir heads from 6 p.m. till 4 a. m. but oona
were hurt. Tnoy were nuder marching orders for
Whippein/abiirg, on the evening of the 3d ?nit.
A Mammoth Pic Nie.?If proof waa desired nt
tb* estent to which N*w-Yon en:?rpri?e ctr.iei out Hi pur
poiai, the witoMM* ol * pio-uia sicur.ioa oi ?ne employaaa
of lirai!.ey'? hoop-.knt fieluiii? ea Friday Ia?! to Dudley's
I'iot*. a lew nine, uove Yonk*n, on the *itt hink of ibe
?: id? m . 11 .tin'',-. -y j.-..: n,? r.iiu. Near y I.j gilla,
and 30" yat,og tuen, til a?playad ni tlie eitib.'thmeti', ths
one with their lovers and the others with their ?wa.'hetrt?,
numbering neu,y ?.iSJt pertont To otrry ?hit erowJ, netly
ali young *ud tali at fun ? .J frolic, l. roe of the
largett i i pi In our hsiuor wate reqnitsd, a?4
two ilriiiidi wire needed to do tbe io ? fg.
By 9 o'cl ti the wbo'.e p ,rty hld msi.ed at tbe foot of-?pring
.treat. N a-tli Huer, ind amid the playing of *.V,ll?.?**i Bmud.
! liUmberiug thiity piece., uti th? actlte n. .Tra.,- ?? di.pi.jag
In li" qua.tri Is .ei., tba bargai twung out "*??? ?ti? ?tressa
sod i.. ?ed up th* North hiv.r. At : __ -* ? I? :k tue boals
reached Dud1*?*, ?irova, where party mai preveudet wors
Undid, and. accordingly ai p.?..?.mal ?*?'-??? a?i..tam, o? ?e a
Uooihlp dicUltd, the imt-enie ero*"! divid-d Was litt!, eil?
ci.i af from half a doten to ? ?care or two eich, makin?
about J00 knott of petpU teatt*r*d over ?bout S?
torn of lind ambrtiy?! I" tfa" trova. Ttble-ctoths
wara qatekly tpread. eatablaa wera dbtpliyed ool*
to rapidly vtinib, --?? um *???. talki, ^ti!.-. i-,
Wlltiea, pain?, leu*?? ?''d rice?, and th* usual t.lmlty ol
jlc-ulci followed The band divided ltaeif Into ?brea?ens
fur each dins?*1! platform, and tba dancing continued without
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mut-h '?*? BSeebBI plcuie lu it? g*n*ral chirtctatittici This
bo??ver, wai rennthibl* from it? huje prop..iiioui, aid Hi?
.aaitlhat l,*00 of ?hoi? wbo |?iuo.pat*Jin it Were til-eui
l,l.i.??iu; on* ludu.litt! e?t.b.i?hu."?ut. tau 1.*"" if thoi?
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ii ce, andetrh une enjoying t!.e?ili?l?c.lonof ? maUr.al inde?
pendence by iu??i?i af ?n houwitoia pui.uit, and aac? ooa. t?S
I may sdd asegh I?_ ?? B"t ?t -1 te_irk_ble lo lb?** daye
' ate. ii:.?.t ('oi i? ia not lob* piatuated tb?t they uni.* boog
?kim withoua waa?Ig tL?in). and iiiyol"*r?ble eicept to the
! Ilgbt ?.lill-i* o: la?e. ?ud *.l b-nt ou h??atg ?jolly g*e_
Hutt- tai M im ?ort lad Mr. Brt-l.y til? proprietor*
a*c .tapsni.i tu.pi.ly. They forgo! their mefct-ln* dlgnli?/
??id ?I. ?ed it.? g? letil litimlj ul thstr employ*** At ball
1 p?.t ?ii in? put/ ?si.u wini on bond of tu.* aStga ->d
, nain t ig wt. re..iu.*d uutll duk, wh n .ni?ing b* tai? the oc?
d-r of tie e?*Btng, which w?t continued un'il tis bsr|*S
itailiiJ th? dock it in o'clock. Out raportar(bit mod**!
pem-ll hi nl.ia aa ha iaci.it d. lb. fict) attempted, by in ir?is
' mell, ii calcula'i'-B, mind you, to get ?t lhe auiouH of
e.iiuotiti. thlt w.t coi ..lied under the drapery of that
tuiui.iiie crowd of gnllih giyaty. Al tba cult of ha
u aii'iiU.liaii be hat com. lo tha concluilon that if all the
c.inolii.. on ' hst < ii-u .tun w.re put in a contiaaau. wire, it
t? ni I make a n.e of nearly fotty mil*! in l.a.th. Th. ni?
a: Biidi.v'. ak.it f.clory It rvmirlubte. Everyoody know?
lb.? iboul nilli y..n ago when Mr?, l.oui? Smytmoi, li m.
pirt. rev.i..i'ed hoop anita liter tiley hld been iu diiut* ? ?
tliire-H'.t:t'i? ol. ceatury, lhe fouine wotld ?a letted witlj
? n ftltpiatilbll di.ir? to ba cooper*- Tanaaa gauiui aal
lltelftowort to ii..?e improvement?, md iaeteated deni?i4
lol.ow.Jla.piot.uieiit.iu'luinty *sd iucr.*t*d ??Ol.ltlaeof
meiiufaoluis. BridLy'i ftotory wti bega*? '-? '"** ??**?? *?*-?*
?mp.uy**a, ?,naat I.SUO m* .niployad. ?su tboueaod mt lite
I Bia dally mauji-ctuiwi. in whtcii 1W n?il***f ?teal wir* aft?
utrd-md ni mit beoa-ie as ampi*-, (or partooal riaaoaa,
I tuok I? into her h?*d that ona -?-?tticoat. if it could ha matts IS)
j |iva aa much tpre*?\ trat bolter tt_o a l.tlf dot*n.
Our Honorid Dud.?The Joint Committee on.
' Nttioaal Adiln tf lb* Coia-en Council held a siea?vg yss
! tirdiy, Aid. katWy Is tb* ?btlr. Altai the tran**ctia? af
?oma r*uttn* builnat?, Alder mm Lotg. Mnchail, tnd OtU
w.ll. with Cooaellmts Blandon, WattUr, aad Ui?idl-a_.
w.ie.ppeintid ? t ommlitee to pnioaad to th* taat of war.
tnd obuin the botllaa af Bittaglsi-Osasral Zosk asd tt-sr
New-Yotk otAettt wb* ?rsrs tlaia ta tha rsessl batlm as4
bring ?h*m t* thlt Mty tm luUiawat. The -??tmlttss wae
alas -r*ct-d 1* aatssd wbaaarat aid they ssaid ts sar
wouadad toidi*-- Th. C*ai_liie? 4*p_t*U sa liuir mittioa
lut ?v*n?g. _
. S'
Mr. 8. Hotailiag, rscently retomad from Kaw*
OiUaat. will ?teUvar a lac-Ur* at sama glass t* ks n-ass*.
gows laws. Is ths eosrts ?( th* wsaB.
- . a> ? ? " *
It will be eaen by advertisement tbet tbe PetUIr?
ijlriuli Ctattt! tttlii-?- li h psiteot ?tim.

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