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Coetlnor.1 fron Fira? Puae.
?iuremtr A ?eel leW-looking, r?e??.!ilv- h? ?-rj, ?
SS3w-sppe??H pSfM? W-Ses thfci ?*?*J '
EelMft- of ne tresta ?.5 ?f??'."' ;
ft-.ldtbat-. ru-, "1 titiii-Arilla beiwt""^ niai s ?j
UM " KfcB," t\ tarte. He h .nsunily snr.'OOJ 0j ?>
ly ?if BMBTwlVW*?, -M?t| *???* where Le hal cod?
freak what he Las and bul not seen, win.: lie BBS
Bi.d bu hot hean!, wlmt he doe* und dot" Be| Be?
lieve, and other ?peculations, ha ed aft* Beppo?'
ti..-ie eno-,h to nure a iBWJfS , .r u X'-r-u or
twenty time?, as new comer? ask anain the j.ni re
rented queries. A? o general nile, tho man la de?
tained Balli a fresh arrivai from the other sido,
M'en, In- -tv sir.clling of age, he ia allowed lo de?
lan. To-iiuv we have lui various minors from
to bevo-id the liver." ?eu. \V. ?. ?Su.ilh Bllljj
In repuli.ni, tho Hebel cavalry just beyond Carinia
vtsieidav. Cpou the evacuation by the Hebel?,
Qen. 8ao.ii ui.'vcd ou through til? town, Inking a
position on the other lile. Lee, with his cavalry )
returning lo targum! any fon? which uilaht b'lVe
entered IM towu, was inmseLi itirptised ki v t-etin^
them oat'ide. Ihe liiiht lasted some uw\ but (?nal?
ly the Rekala wkMiejWi Uue of ?ien. Bmith e
?ides, Capt. Dougherty of tbu pieos, waa captured.
A rumor ia prevalent that (..etty?Lurg waa burned
by the li. ' ? b tliitt :nrii.in,;. Information received
from Hanover nates that heavy ti: ,u? waa he?ird iu
the diretuon of Uetiysbuig ss early tut 3 o'eloek
S. ii.. Ii the Kebels have burned the plat ??. (len.
Meade ningi have met with disaster. Confirmation
?f these reports is let king. Private diij au hes re?
ceived to-day state thal there are indications that
the liebele are concentrating nour Dillsburgli,
at one of the Rajs. Tine undoubtedly ?eleiB to
the movemeuta of Bwall'S Corps, which
doe* no1 appear to Luve participated iu
the fi^hl of Unlnenduy. DUIsMIg ia only
It ailsa from thin pla?e. Letei adwu-s nceived
this i-vi-tiiiiK mty ilrnt Ml baaitaf tue liring thia
tnoiiilii-ij tliistoice ipeedily lett in the direction of
tim tiki'.u. Lp lo midnight no later inielhgence hut
tiecu raeeivea fron the tight ol to-day. A rumor
ti.ul Meade had eucceeih-.l ia driving the li"i ? ! ,
<?a? ? ii.i.iii'.v siaried to c< tinterait the one of to
burning ol i ,i i!\ ?buis- A f.i,;.nu from the loth l'a.
Cavaly ?raptuied at the fight of l'uesduy at Usaorer,
betwtcii Saliel's Cavalry, led by Cells, Kilpatrick
and Coaler, ami Stuart's Cavuiry, arritvi I.?re to?
day, having hean paroled by ihe rebels. He reports
tii<?t the division lutii. ht reaiarkahly nell, iustancing
Ihe 1st Virginia p.u icultrly. -Ho Was captured
?vtile ekaaSBg a party who tired upon Lieut.-Col.
tkintou, ol me iNh, wuo beim ved id the most i:ni
laiil manner, ile elates tina, the citizens of York
Couuty aciuiilly reiut-od to gito him so much aga
pit te of brr..til in eat, that their sympathies were
?rilli the Secesh end they abutted him uti a '' d d
?ankee." 'luis is lard to lu. luve in IVunsyIrania,
bul vouched 'or by tl.e Csptuin.
In clos.ng this letter, 1 wiall niost emphatically
lo deny the punted ilatewent o' another of your
torrerpoml? nts (Xewbouhij in regard to S.n . J ti
eavttjn. Krom his "ascription of their appearatue,
It ia pretty certaiu that he uever saw tuei.i. iii?
in-. re at their inefiit.iet.cy are disproved hy the harnt
c1 '1'uieday lu-et at 1 mu ?-. ???. IX .t.'.,o they were
lyiug around Washington under orders is no fault
Of tlieirs or their commander, who begged often to
be allowed to take ix* hehl, hut wu? overruled.
te i. l'leasaniou and dall und Gen. hiluuirick
Spoke in very eoinpiiineDiaiy terina of the Ayteui
Bnce and discipbue of ihe division; and (Jen. Kal
[?atrick feels that he has the finest cavalty division
u the servil'?-. I'-tii- etatemei.t ii bul an act of
tustiee toonewLo eeem? bound to be tuisrep. a rented
>y otheis.
Vo-'pcrht n.li'ni ? Ilorae-Mti tliuir ? ftu.Mtu
It,-parlare of the Kebcla.
Fr..?. Obi Sffciai Loneijioudeut.
Y?hk, Penn., July 2, liC3.
Of all the diriiiii-d essence of Copperhead inn in
I'eminylvaiiia tins now faiuou? town eau boast the
{lurest and strongest decoct ion. They bave B lodge
at the Knighli of the C"Men Circle here, end have
done everything in their power to play the traitor
??hieb their cowardly fear of W* n Lafayette did not
retiraiu them from.
If the Copj era have excelled il any one meanness
?nore ?ian auolher, it is, perhaps, in their effort! to
manufacture parihun capital to aid the enemies of
the Government. Ouly last Wiuter, the Copper
beaded Senator frum this tiii-tri.'t introduced along
preamble aud suudry resolution!, prefuced with
?' WUeretu, Yoik County baa been overrun with
fugitive negroes," &c,, und " Whereat, the labor of j
|be poor while man ii serions'y jeopardized there- j
by," A.c. It was a notoriouj lad ihnt a dozen j
"fugitive negroes'" had never been so ttupid as to'
torry iu these Copperhead legion?; yet the party \
?oee.led something to work upon, and this lame Ami
stilt stock in trace waa better ti.un nothing. And
bow, after having ti.cttt.l their " Southern bretb
reu'' to come and eee them, und even while these
Iambi were alar iff. even a distance of BSae milet,
lh?y eeut out their chief Iluigses to "lay
bold upton them" and citm-ei them to come
Into ioik, te.ideiing them iu advance " the fesadeSB
of the thy," snd tvie chief ol the Copi-erheads, ailing
Biesiorl ,i,?they must needs issue another pronuuii
Biniuto. For be it remembered, the Tunk tai
gie of the York Copjierheads, when they cou
leuted that ;he town otticer should go out and
Urge their friends to come iu, had no conception
of the nutnetical magnitude of the fumily they
bad mvileil, nor of the taking tony they ao an
reservtuly ei.ihited, and thereioie msetBiDg nine;
beads he done to anodyne these little nlioivi.crat tee;
BO, some time alter ihe Kebels had incoutineni !y do?
rar! ed, the Coi perhead organ here ?iiuts the follow
lug timely oidi-.r. 'Iloiely, I ray, because the local
etock of tee is eiliauitrd, and even ice itee ! M -:
liol have proved such a Cooler lu ihn excited and
Loured people.
TuIHli 11 m.m or York: I have abstained from hurnin?;
tee iailrca.1 b iii'iuja ai,d rar ?hi p? :n jo .1 ti.wii. beaaaae,
Sltei exauiiuaticu 1 am aatt.lie I Hi- ia.e(y t.l thu towt, wuiij
be endai.|e'ed ai.d ?ctluj in the ?pitil of linn.-ii.?tv, m,. ?!,
li?. ev?i ch???ct*?'xe t ii,j <iove uij.i-tit ?t d it? ini'itatv au
tlotiti. -, 1 a, 1..-. i'i.ire to iuvoi?? ti ? laanoaal i-i thaeaa.?
|?nLi?i.ai?Dt with th? tui.tv lua 1 ?ptdied the ttiu-h with
eut reisrd to tciiieijui .ices, t would tiavo pu:i .ed ? r.iurie
ths' wou'd nave be^u viLdie?i?,j aa su act ol jual retaliation
1er ttie wat J stith'.riiiji anil ol hailiutitv perietiiteJ bi
joui owu ?tu.y up,i, ear ?it. But we do not war upr,u
???Dien end C.'.i.d.'r: , si. I 1 tint '.lie tisattiient you i.xir met
Willi at ta? ham'! uf in?' aoiJier? Willi peu y mt evi-e 11 tim
iDouitt ai 1..1 in -v ol t.is war ?ajed bv jour Government
api/ii tlie i-eopi? of th? I 01. sSaaHa Stau??, e.-.d that jon wiil
tuale an et?.,rt to ?hake ifl the irvc ti;,j tji inj ULier which
It ii s^iii.ciit til ?1. jon ?re vu trie.re? ?roaniu?.
J. A ?AKL? M... i-i,. aera] C S A.
Theftudnfioa?. falsity ol iheabote is most capitally
illusuatcd hy tue expelientes of
AN Hllimi rmmmmn KMcilT,
?rho thus ?isted h.-tv he camo to grn-t:
"31i-u-r-, he comes to me ami tr.vs ftvr von
toiler he vill maker me vin Kj??'IiUoI te Uoldcu
BiMia.ee; that tie Vii 1 glV'-u ? t? lill le ci-Ilh Atti grift,
Bo ash dal ven the 8oulhern mun comes h- shall not
tou' h any of my probcrty, but s.'nl! get all he vauis
iron? de lJlack Sepal lit ins. ?So 1 gives lum ile v n
toliar and he givea me da grips aim de sibiis, und
I?)? 1 si.all give ii?:.'! ven de Soi.'tlieu man he comes
be no st heal fr im ruo; vel ho come and MB i PEN
hoi?ea nght uvey; sol goo? out and rays, "Alyutn-ei,
I ith KiiiKi'ts Uohieii Circle; I give you is grip,
?ia t.gti? de 1 ass-words and evey tilge, so you leevei
mine horses, ' ven he say, " to li?ii with your
gripi," aLd takes u.ie horsei. Oh, I lab ru,... i
bau; I give? mine Collar for de grits ai.d ii is nix
f[oot, bul i? 10 belter as not bing al all, iorde;, BtheeJl
rons me voree at auybudy el??. O it i?h von
schwindle and I shall nave my toiler ba^k for u?
j-. , - ' Ace.
lioiisis Winm\a\VA IN r0U?
The following list 1 have beau al ?orne puins to
get, because ni? siippoeeilivemorace a n.a^ot.iy uf
these same Copper, ?aa friend? of t..e Kebels, and
the lill ia worthy beiug put ou record ui evidence of
tbecotwderat? attention paid by the Keb ?s t.i thesi
au-iable lneiiii. The li?t i? complete, i believe, of
the ptiaons ai.d nuu?ber ot boasas tukeu fron UM
Lwit? of York;
Blartlr Sinyut, 4: Jsrob Rthtntn, 3; fm?uuel ?'a. fir. an !
I I hess, 11 i'itn.ei I y:e-, l le, 4, ll.i.j f, , a_,
?este- BaH, ?. r . 1 ..-li, u.'-il, l . Adam oi?i?eer, J, Ce ,. 11 '?'-.'?
li A. Ji? UiUQ, 11 Ueo. J.-n.i-ii, 1, i .-ter St?-? v '? .. i'
Jo.u C Ht,., g, Ju?r t. il?.?. 41 Henrj U.k? g II. ?J
Bert, li John Ueas 4, Jin... Bases,? Michael ,-.,?'. -g '
It. -..ga. 1, fcataaaal Baijtk a. fatarMaal, I) j*,".
Billen?.<-, ?, I ?-.or Spreusla. J. Je.ae Oeoialei, I ? J-ir-i
tj?.e.-, I, I'slsr >ij?t?r. 1, .%i.?tiael I, ?It, 1, 'aV.gvle !
ltjiter.il, BbibbbITiela t| i'ets. .'tUiii, 3, !.. vi Lealaiei l-l
Vsismine liuiis 1? Henry .S aaih? .,, I Abraham Mon'
bsu| 4, Jaka i> te, 2, Ju'u II. I.sie 1. Yitue.nx Behnre?, i
3; dorre Kuijier, I, \t li.iaui SuUu?, J, i'et?r \V u.f |||
Jacoo lue.?,/ ft Uemy tough, i i ineah garth .*., j? i. .'
Kn.l| ii, Keu.en i,?j..e. I, Jea.e A|it,,sinan 1, Oeorye ;
/lake, J, Jeaee? Leih, l , Wailuiglvu i.-*e! ti Juin,
1/ one-half ii uus of ihe tlm/gei mude here I y the.
loyal '!tiy.?-no. Orrre ure not a few liste who deserve ,
_BOgi-g, One ?tat*3'neut is, (hat ht.?og entirel- ctr
Isla thai Iba ?hops ?mi rumo ? ot l'niou mon ant! the
TBllosa loci pt'iut? ai in??*re?t vvt-ire Mi g fully cx
?t.ained i" tit? l? ?Bell h-,- the CeeparlM ti?, lbs| da.
kmised tvvo aeoeae and ???n* laeet Kinooij earlaia
?espteted tj : petbfBan ta obtsla aforoMlioe, aben, |
?ii|-.o?ing th-in to be Rebele, st 1*1 JBliSBHtidil
d? sired wai tin st uaiortrvt-iily gires. lae Beast
o?v-ti! \tttt Uken to their bon??-* und feitid, (heir I
wives and dauia-otert, in many instsnees, ware seen '
walking? the street? wnh the reekiagj Un.-*?, and;
never has dkNB ?aeii tue ii m aei.ni^ ?oadyieiu ai
Vttta tu-re manifest ed.
al.,et pboaA dajbrt*>_ 01. Tu.-,..ay BBtralsg the,
ketiel. waked up Is- . nemiuft con-ciousnet? that !
loik. thoiiKb fi.VA wilh foj.^rheHils, -Biadreal
fiil mean pLi* J w i^, H)i (iD(j ? ,hty it,it ou a prsclf?
ltat? **t?-_r^ijig. of t!H jr a?M-i),iii'i.ii[s they h?d col
le,',*-'*i Wa to tbe time $'.'\0U?-$'..',(.(JO of Confederate
f-'uey ?ksiDgretu?edi *.,.-O? Ib?. ?Qkr.tr, ?3.,0?W lbs.
oecf, 1,200 lbs. ?sit, 2,000 pain booti and ?btvi,
1,000 hat!, 1,000 aocka, lOu bbla. Dour, and 3(W gal*,
It it tireiBrtied, however, that the Chief Hiirireii
will " keep open hil line of con,rauni<?tiou" with
them until sucb time al be canc-iiy out the b___ice
dus ou the asserstu? ni.
A Rebel uiouiiteil BB-MB waa riding rapidly nero?!
the public square, where at least a thoutand Hal
wai i uii-u e;.i,.d gapiug at him. Suddenly Laltiin?'
ins Lorat) he shouted out, " Well, why in the world
am'l all you men lu tie held defending your Suite 7 '
a rebuke so apparent and deserved aa to be irreiuti
hlo eveu to the (?ebel commander.
Thero are many true Union men In York, and
i.aHuv more already in the field, ready to yield
up tlteir lives for ti.e canie sf the country, while
these Copperhead miscreants rnniiiii belum! lo invite,
Ik<-ir murderers to the bornes they nave lett, (?oi
grunt that it may not ever be thus ! s.
Fret- the ?k'rtv-_ -?iL __?] KtRltncnt "Valloiml
The followiiiy,- letter to l'olire Juniie Dowling of
this city, will be read v?iih intere*t by the friends of
' the - .'u Regiment. Ii c_tne by private hand.
Caklulb. I'a.. July 3, 1663.
Di Art .Ti'Dfir: We have in??l two t?sales jvtth the
eremy, nnd we bave chased them to tins piuco. Af?
ter we arrived wo were ?urrounded and they ihelled
tbe city, ?;. ..n.; no damage to us, hut a good Baal to
? property, (Jen. Smith is in command. Wa have
j litfl soiue __IS?s__ej. and the Rebels retreated leav*
j m a: na in por session of the town. We have been on
1 the inarch fur three days and nights; hud roi hint.' to
j eat but hard tack dundg that time. WV tell you thai
we wete hungry and tired. We are all well und in j
?ood spirits.
W.M. J. Mao | RTH, Adiutsnt I'M Re.im.nt.
I.tata el' < esnelli?-a.
The following casualtiei among officers of different
regiments engaged in the baltloi of Tbnroday and
Friday at Gettysburg, have beca report??- to your
Clil. ?. aBst?M, knVJ. Lt. Biowu. C. wounded.
(apt Shim?!. Cb, f, tillea. O**?! R'' htrdaon, I?.?*', trnjed.
i'.,.t. O.J, Il?riiodeu.H k-ii'd.LL'.-blll?.a, E, wouuded.
?ip*. "".eeler, K ki.led. Lt Uolmei, O, killed.
Li l.twrenre, b. wounded. Li Owrn. H, wourdet.
(.tpt. J,li. iJiougb, E, tvoii'i. I.t. U"U -tai. Li, t?o..oiii L
Li Seimtt.a K, wotiU't?d.
Three b ii:died men killed, wounded an 1 n:lltln|.
The above it the nohle reword of ibe bravo regi?
meut kuowu hy their tiadute.i as " lliuper'i Watty
Cowards." Capt. Hrougl? ii severely wounded hut
still tiili.1 of iiutluv; but fighting and CAp?uiiu?
Col. O. U. Biddi- hre**_ Cil S li I? I ato I. II. rye.
A.ijt Ma< MB, ?undi Lt. lit,?.-? 1 h.i.d
? ' l? 1. lo...'?,..' J 1-. bind. Li Everett, R, i?,-.
Lt. i r...I. it. 1. /. Li. Msriey, f, i,,i?s!ot.
Tnu Fourteenth Urooklyi? und Ninetieth New- '
York too? more jrieoi.era than they hud men ? alto,
captured one piece of artillery.
one _B__B_a aud ?ir.r ?ivr.sTn Bgw-T?**??> !
This regiment ?uilered aeverely?-only 3 eea-BBB
and _.'? men are left, the r ti ate either killed, cap?
tured, or wounded, (len. Hotva-d aaya the regi-'
?iit-nt lehaved ?Aith great gallantry, and that Lieut.
I Col. Arrowtmith fell while yu,landy leadinj?* the
re^itneut. Many of the One lliiudred uud Fift ?, - '
Seventh are. Be dnnh?.. taken prleoaerg.
ClpL T Mr-'iiMin, O, ue I Lt? K A (isiland. A. left lurg
CtpL W. Kneen, B, ?eiiou?Iy L?. J?? Owen. K. ritti? in.,..
Lt. i ,*.... Kuller, C, lag ?~d Lt. Coatim, p, thi*n.
arm ??,,.-? *
The 'itt wont ict" artion on Thiirtday with 1U0
men, caine oui wita '.'?i. Capt. Keech, the hero of,
14 battle!, waa ?eriou?ly wotin.lsd in the neck, bul
is Join? well. Ile alni bravely Iel?I of goiu. buck
to hi? r*- ?; i iii* tit.
Oaal R. <>- Fuller. C killag. LL Oeo. CsneB. f, head
Li. J. .'ii'iiiiir, 1, wounded. L'.. J. Ilojard, li, wuuud ?(_.
Lt. Sottou. P-, wounded.
II',II i I 11.1 "Mt Il.t.l.NOlS.
Lt. Hine. 1 ?mi.
II?.HTV-r.l(.HTi? Bl vv-?t,n_.
Lt. C, M. Orang?:, t?, ?'nu'd Adjt. M ( .enan, millti,
gilli I'M?. I II Bl W-. .IK.
Cipi. Mtrooney. wa. I
gil11 ?-i linni MH-iuim,
lol. Uti ney. wea d:d.
roin?-ni(sr BRW-Toaa.
Mel Menrh?u.eu, .lishtly. L?. Waller, O. wound.
Lt. lligamti.n. A, wouuded. Lt. AA i.lrr, E, Moat .rd.
Lt. Saillie, O, wnuiiuard. Lt. BssSSl!, I wooiide?
n? i r-SlBTB BXW.POBK.
I.t -Col. M. A. Toman, IgU. BaWaata A. liled.
Mtu., wotiud.'d. Lt. I ,. tarni k I) a. o' '.-I.
I.t -I ol A I?. W ?a? wruuded.l.t. J. Kerni, K, wouuded
Mai t. in. a, a?se ML Lt. Waa. Blass, K, w.,UiideJ. '
L?,.t. li- C. Iloclge, II, both Li. Ad?m? I, wound-d
* -it ?? i L. i'..!i,ar, C, |
Le II. lieniisgn, ?', killed. wt,uii?.il.
i,. h a.? i cls??.i'.uj it Baiid, eaaSSStll Lle.iL II?call, !
BATTBBT i.. rn?T ggw?TOM Ainir.i.iiir,
Capta O.H,Pty? *, a rand*d.S* , Kosssy. aalMiag.
ioUllllilMH li" BLI g,
CagA PP. A. i'.ai!, wouodeti. IdrtiL M?tiii C. SSSSSsl.
??.,,". T. A. b...'i en.?v..t.-i.i tat 0,9 Elssek, aisBd L
IVVI'. IIL1U MVV-littlK.
Lt. Mer-i't, P.. eovi-rely. ? ?pt ? MSia, Y, kiit.l.
tapt. Heidwis, K iiaod. Li. Bra,Mac, E. i.,,,ed.
C?i't McMet.e.D leg.hotofl. l-t. IHlaray, I?, |?g
Li Van t. K la e, uni. I.? I ?? .,'. ? li? uumied.
Lt. Mui.i? ?? I?,; ? apt Coi aiashaaa. li. ?r|.
Lijt AIbsbbSBTi H. l?g. Lt Isessr, ii, .iv-iely.
lue K'?iuieul tn k.Ilcd, wouaied, ?ui mii.u?!, lou Iii
LL Rnuud?, bind. Lt. W i ,iii. arm.
(J? R.T'-ro, a?verely. Lt ?( til Mi, y, mud,
( ipi li C. Miaou, II, lee. tt. BlBIt, h, ?ilied.
I.:. Waiter, Adjt.. Wouuded. I ?p!. I's.t u, Ii, !,.?, 1.
i.t i R-ralA O, ?all Li lUhbardaA^, leltaim.
i.t. Pajiie. A, ?1 .??!. Lt K-idhai, g ?eg.
Oui,? IBIS! otlioei. mt staall n.eu ?i. ,^it lu mu re/imetit.
?li::l ill' Hl-AS.
Col. 1rs C. Abholt. Baa. Id J" a ?on. C.
I ( apt. 1?. v . Bra??Sa li..?ii. Li. I allen..n. K.
I Lt. A. H. M.i.itt. ?loiu. Lt. Mi Kuweit, o ki I'd.
. Li A. BL laS?l, kill ? .; '. Ltttia, I, ki eil
i Cast. HroWL, A, htud. l-t Monti, K. kiU-j?
j ? ?jil. >* .?r. i?. Cast, ?ttasts, Ia.
I Lt. MtLtan, i. ? ?, t. Manag, ?A.
ruuiTU main?:.
I Col. Waiker, wo Ci,t. liltshgaH, inU.log.
Majst Whllcaah, ?vouuded. Cage ?.? ?,, ?,,..n,g.
Lt. Ste,rii?. ktli.-d. Lt. Ratlin, m1m?p|.
L'.MrtoliO ?Hied. IA Hi ii? prftllBg
I.t Lui*, wooudetl i.'. A'.. ?S. t\ oo?uti, cheek
Lt. I?. ('. BlSlill, head.
BUI I I a .? I ii MAI -.i.
Cipt. Smith, I. kill Mt -?'..itt, I?, ti Igh.
1 ?,,i. an, otu. II troundrtL Lao! NaiB, P, leg.
( i-it. Stirarad, K. ildt*. Col P. E. lliaiu woundsd.
i.i st. Windei li, t.e:k. Ma}ar Walsh Bead,
Lieut. Koa?. A ne.? I..?ut. I!uc?i. *?.o, K, leg.
.?;\ i l-SBCOSO rtvssi i.va.ma.
( apt. ( Oi.Ler, ii, 1.faultier. Lieut Msttt* M, wou i?, L
M j. tas-ry, Ulla*?.
TStal laMtslsd. WBiiagag ted a. ?.I,,?, IM
BATTtal a, n.c in ii v. A ABTl-lBRP?
Lient A li. ? aa_sa t? MA Lisst.Csshy,hasd.
LieuL MeloU, 1.? K 1. Art.. trSBBtad.
itLtiMi Britt ONIM,
Csl Kilrr'ild. l..ft?..u_..|i. Li l .... hu 11 em. lu .'d*.
M j ... ib* a, I?", i.,-. i - i Uag . - ii ,.. . tag
Li l'IUry, ii. Stan Bail J.'. .-?i.o*sl:er. A , r. leg.
timai I'* tt, I?, leg. I.t Ja a... i ,, n, i?ot.
Lt. Lee, li, ?I? ;t> ? . ? Paras** V )??
i.t Mon....ii, u, Beth iejl. ' ....- ..,..
L . Htmapai, 'l ^.?? '-;- ?? "?''. '? n..?.,i g
l,i; t. -*;if n; , it, iliiu.
mu CLASSiriBD.
J. J. lite?, 1, ?" ?*V. Y. J. li an I' P?
Li r .-? ?'nike, :nB.Y.,w*A D i?t..i.., i. :?..?. !.. w_
I- - ..! al ...u.l."" '.o...! ,-',! E. Ela*. I. a. N. A . ? , ? !
J. W. t.c.01, I ?n S. I . w'ai. J In- i it.r, l.-.u N. Y., t'd. ,
Ms Oriiti.r, '.ti .**? Y . k'd. Wl Ina K. I airo., io. i), i
Bairj L. sit, Il M?'?. .'i Bat
i lie milo??, m?; 'ilieeis, ?saaBsB ii. the late I ittl??1
?it QsttpBbarg, bara report-d al Bala botsi nuny sf i
llisin liktvo ueeived fuiio'^li* cf tea uud t an ?.? *
Li. X. Iiihbtrd, 10 Mut. Cipt Jin.ei JenVltn, M? N Y. i
Li. ?V . ii. U-...U, i un. Li. W AU, AL ?'? t-iil, it ua.. ,
Capt Juin T.n-iV'-ir?. 1 Ps. O-Bft T. S. WsBssa ?1 Ohio,
t apt. 1. IV, i: m ni H N. V l.i I. M. Mun.- I. M?<?
l.t C. M Semi v lOiiu. An.,.: ii. V ,-..i. inieii.i.r 14 l'a.
(iapt. (i. Murpli?. Ki H Y. l.t. I). O Sullivan, Bl Ohio.
Iit.-C I Uumy.MU ... atagt-A 1'nai-e, li Ma?.
IV. C li. Stepbea?. IS Mas?. ('-?,? H. 1 0 ?.? -?. St Hi^
LI W.x S W.ii.lr.i! ! l.-ti.i -, ., tv. ?U|a-.il?-r, Alex
?? Lh id - ll.d \r\.. natLorf.
ti, I V ty. li?,.1. . ' ti. '.. L, I ,,? K I. icOtril, I K, I. j
leith nxii...t, m ?-inn. Belles?.
?-.i?. VV Oatie 1 ' Ma a- Lt. f. w. 8?lv. 4 U fl Art.
t ? . J. Rannav a II. V. I apt. H. Oood'elliiw, 2? P?
I.L A. Atmin. IHiN Y. l.t 1- M Uaajbeatfji J.
I ?pt li. A. fool. TI P?. ( ap?. Tno?. Wo-.J. 69 Pa*
Lu J. Malleeae, bj 1'?. Lt. A Y. Daua, H lil. Cm
Caai li. c ;ja.ou. M tigm. toi. o. ii Hiddi?, m s. x.
Cape H Ceaaer, al fa C?it J. H M.irraj. ni p?.
'?it M M Kelk- ,'ii I's. L' Thai I). Me.Le?u. ?-11'?.
1 ? S B ?'V.. ?a.iii, i? M?. Lt. ?dv,,j, M. Bii-? li Me.
Lt Iseee Veeea IS! ft. C?pl I. P. \\.ed, Adj.. (Jen.,
hi. Lee SehtaUt, 41 H. Y. 2d Div.. 2d O.rpa
L?. LmnaU .U,r, ?1 N. X, Cpl. Win. A H.H. U N. X.
l.t Albert lltiner, 19 Me l.t. Y. II. FeSS, lr Me.
CMS, l??aC V>. SUilird, ID Lt lh?. N.O ar-ti t-, Vi N.T.
ii.- Capt ?VJleid Ktich 81 N. Y.
i Biiii'- Tho?. O. Morriten, 61 Li. J. TI. Johnion, lia P*.
NY. Lt. J. J 'leigtil, ta l'a.
Lt. (leo. forran, ltl P?. 1,1 K II Marmoo. ?9 l'a
L'.. ?v m A. la.iie.on, I Wie. Majir Jas. li tittie. bl) P?
Lt. M. Herolii.|. 72 l'a. Lt. M. |ieu.t..e?, M M I.'h.
lol C Walser, 11 Ms. (a; t. Hugh Bovie, 69 P?.
Lt A. O. Hrai.dt, 7.% P?. Lt II H Merehaut. ? Wli.
Lt. Jacob .M?usor (or Maa?er\C. A tautinon, s*-' ti X.
Il l'a. ' Lt. Wui I '"di! v, 24 Mich.
Lt il Merritt, 8 Mlr.h. Lt Jam?? Flsrnmlog, 20 N. T.
tant. I). C. Bradi.h, I Mich. Lt Oma H Meeck?. 20 S. T.
Col Ira C. Abbott, 1 Mich. Lt. Jno. M. Yonng, M N. Y.
The following is an aiditioual list ol casualties in
the li and i'.'th Corps:
l.t. D.W.Miller.A D.? .to Oan. Cspt II. Urlilian, slightlj.
llaaiioek, woundsd twice.
m lu o.
Col. It. P. Robert?, ItOth P. V. I spt. Atkln?oo, lltth P. V.
Cspt MefslUter. UOth P. V. Lt. Varee. ? ;ht!y.
Msj. Hogor?. prill. ItOtbP.V. Col Morrii.A A..N.T ,?H|htlr.
i spt. M. i ni!., u'ti. ?-verelj. Col llrowu. li.:n P V.. ?l?lly.
Lt Pastea, weaaBaS ?nd lils Te Tal Fihtaaaba^ M<1 *v *?
Lt She .n-t.heiger.weveioij. ?lt?hilj.
Lt J. Vaneo, ?????rslj. Mi.) \ ?unite, i?d S. Y. kUleiL
TWBxrra corps.
t.-ii li lried a..d wounded. 7ji. wouoJed, 212; 17 killed,
il wounded.
.Mil Mud?e, 2d Ma.i., kil ed. Col. Dime. IrtJ N. Y., wonndeil
I ?pt. K..1.1..-ou. ?everelj. Lt. I ol. Kendell. It -m nuuii.
Cspt Crownin.hield. ' ?; i u -ni., wuuuded.
Cap!. (ir?Kg, 137ih N. Y.,kil>:l.
| The following wounded officers reported at llalli
j m .re aeeteetle* sAbimsmi
Capt. U. II. ilejLold?, l-i ?S.Lt J. L. Pell?, sith N. Y
Y. Aitlilerv. Lt J?? Ait in. li Maijiand.
[?S.W. iVaJsworth.'tfthN Y. Lt. Devitee, UP s X.
i.t. Col. Mlivalli. lull! Muai Lt. C. F li we:., HU N. J.
Cap.. W. I IsaiiT.HiB Miss 11 fal B 1' Baatby, 63? tt.T.
Lt. J. A. ii?.u., tiiit N. Y Cae?, it. M an ?a? j. ttok N.Y.
I Lt. C. II. Zeilman, M h N. Y. i m. t. A. Y taon M l'a.
Casi, o I li irrew?. U.S. A. Caat, A.C. iiiih.id?. ima Me.
I M W Miller Hi Ohio. M. 1,. II.? m;.. Ti l'i
t apt. h. K. i rowiej, m S X Lt II. Taekar, <i V. S. Car.
Capt. IV, t. Pierce, H Ohio. U. 3. K.-rn?, 19 M.n?.
Maj K. B. Wr.itu il Mi. h. I., U ,? >.,?... l.i.M???
Lt. J. VViiiiaui.iu. 120 I?. ?. C.pt J. I.. I iladje, ii Mess.
i a; t. li. R Wal Sa all, 13.1 A.
IVta-l 1 I -BVKSl It t H>\,1? 1 ill'T.
Li.-Col. Msrwiu. kti.ed. Capt Bran ej I, treat ,'ei,
Lt. i hs,in?ii. weaaaaa. Cast * J l'u'iou?, U, wou-id.
?un ?.'m? paasevtvaaia.
Lt. Cn). R.ijb? d?, wi.iiiii-d l.t. li.-t.- K wound serioa?.
C ?tit Tutiitons, H w-,un led. Lt. Kenton. I, wmindi'4, leg
Msj WlaatoW, ii, wnuuded. Lt limit ii. wout.ded, hip.
Capt Yoiiij, li. wouiid. d. t pt G ?: Leant, D tilled.
I sp'- K?iniai, K. wnuuded. IA. Andr.? |t|. k. D killed.
Lt. Folter, A, wounded,arm. Lu Hejmild., 1., xl.iei
Li. v\. Baler, t, UlM
ria-", mu iii'iam ntnir,
Wl'.llam M lleailit. ?.mi.J-I.
Col. tieoi|e 11 BlJdle, ?m.iidel ami Bapiail I in Wednee?
da? bj tlie iteheli, wai r?-c ?;>"..?e.l. anl aitBd .., -etiuiiij
wounded, hai r^?oii?d ii." ?ioi?'?. eui I* .u charge of bli ?wn,
iit-n- ? iiid-Ji?.
?niiiTn onto.
?"apt. R??de, woonil-d. t?pi. i'ieree, wonr-drd
I .pt Mi le(, woi.iiJed lr;-. Ntae-t'ii. i.e'':.d?S.
Lt Farnham wnu i? i. l.t. Tloroourj. w .iiiided,
Li. MeKiaaiu, wounded. l.t T.evis WaaB B I
Lt. M?? i.an, waasalaB. U 1 hat *e. wounded? -???
Lt. Huid- k11 ' I.
OBS h'jr.dnel mil two v.el* we.? ?i.'ej, WoDuJ?d. ?nil
titi c
B li II M - . .'. .???! I A. Bia ? '. H It'??., te?.
A. hundl-e, c2 Ps . .n-jhilv. J. Ht. mtt. 'I P?, arm.
A. L 1'utt.r, .1 l'a. Rea , I'ni L. M Ml a* Va . atu,
?L i'aiillpa, US. x, heaetS.f. wUUaai vi Va wrtst |
?. I srji. J. Tboiriioo, U ?S. Y? chu?! '
IL t, Otattm, ii.N Y .brsast. taklaeak.
L. Wrrkrraii SI l'a leg. 8 K. I ?.-i.afhar. 41 ??, tMl
J. V. ils.?-1 .' M?.?, lu li ... iii ii Maia., ?ua.
Ol'. It a?d. ?Ml I. I... .'? L Vi U. VterB, Maa. Sa., B!U?
i. li Wini ? : '. ? .li J. T llaxeil I-f Maa?, aim
W tjfiuem ett, j M. i. ..i-ti. ti W Beta? . Han,, tilly.
ti. V. Hen. m I ? . .. , ?. ' it B ?aSSaa . I-i M?m ,. llj.
W. Y.. Ray '.i Va. t ?a.xy- I' ' tot ? ,,. x1 M?s ,s,s.
A. i-t: iuJ. ol Va . rlis.l A lia -.ki... '1 Maia.. tai|li.
\l r .i ttfa.aeae < ?rp A. ii la??i. ft Mi h.j?.
.-?ui'l.iliil?>, U ti. X ,.il|l.ili i.l -i st : . ...i I ii Mas?.
Aai u Eeskoad, ?S. . . sim gvtl 9 I a I m J SI l'a. Lead.
leehaels] eSra.aree? w? Liaiaai? ml'? I?g.
Beat II. Fiaacb -luMie.,, . bri. AU? I M cn. arm.
M liariin i .... M? ..i li'lder.Wia Mo.au 12 '.S Y loo?.
F.4??iii M H? lu Malee les Free! St , ?t M Y . Baud.
( alvin S FWS.SI .'im., .i .?.i'uer ii ..awUi.itA Y ,font
J?.e, Wrlabt.tSMaM.Meaatlleerv/B ?t.sSN i , ?.i?n'.lv.
I. rilhBBBB.tT Malar ?rr J- Vu Le ?eil. ?I ti X. etta
Helo. Ti...lut?.", a? N, r?ea Ti eesasea Barr* ? ??.NY .?mi
C li. lleaiilj. BBaa. kaeeJ ka Biseler. M N. Y.,jali?nti>.
a. M.m.v, .:..i???. ...?..?/ ?? i' cn ?arise. K W.T. ettiau
it ii. Baasa?, v* Pm, ?Vv ..a,t. KI I), i.?rue?, pi Me., arm.
Y Bess*. SS Fa. bia Y A. Brava, SS ?... ?BaBtlj.
A. Ce-aerea, I* Mi I, ana. Uavtd Breera, SI I"., foot.
J. Mi-Kit.!s). Se Va., thigh J I'et-s I Mira . lBi|b.
( a, t 0 VV. A li.in?. ;o Ho , H. I'rt.y I Mica., arm.
t ngti. J y titi, :, I Mira , .ip.
L sut Win. C.iii.iy, IT li.'.. 1. - ?'. It. Iii.iuiBi, ti S. T..
I,?ad a t .lum..
O... A I'lero?, 3/Man., hai.d.l?, t. li. Maire,, || N. T .
II V i r ... .. I .S \ ari .. .
A BtSle?. I Mi-h . ? i|l.' ?I ''I -i r..-i;,3.'M??a.,thlth.
A ltarri(et, li.' I',.. ii.?tild?t l.t llii-k . an, ?S .N Y , aide.
M. C. tlotiam, ti l'a . at . . i'. i.a. e, -..' Fa, a .. .e.
??atl-BW tinth.i. .-J Fa, .'Liu J?:... --. . ii .ij, 11 Va., lag.
J.? sullivan I Ait., ?ej. A M'haelaa,Silteh,lag.
ty ty) .-n .tii.ll N i ?: i let I. M i.i' y to '-w , h-iud.
li. \t. UehStti '? N, Y,, leg 3 t an. ., I i,a.i,, (?ce.
.1 l?i ee II lelaaUT, Ulsh. O. Lersbler i Mich., lea
li i ni... i Mlaa i at li. Aiiin.ii.v, m t*v, mago.
J II Ma ' *. A Ms? ula . SI F? , BOML
11?al t 11 TTilhir. 1 "'fit. a w??i Bl Fa. a?sJa
?tin. < T. I'-iry, IS Ml. li., ?? n.
J leut 0. S- ila'.elt, I Ulah , l.'.e ;t. O. ,.,-k. ti Maa., hip
leg. lota Itii.-i. :.'Ma.i b-^thibiani
K.-. it e.t?l'.?, it-l.M^ll , Bl.kie' .|t J 111.,wn. VI I'? , loee
.nd bip? J. li?-'.:.ei M .'. i .
Isaiah kagal, 4 Mich, ana J. tv Baehaaaa, ti Ma?..,
Lit .' W . . limen,? ililli.. I g
I.oth mtei. J. II? ter, 11 Mass., ciotith ?ad
Omi A li I. H Maaa. bael ana,
l.-o B. Men.ti Moi. A SertrassS, S 0.1? In.'antrj.
T, Mojir. ft Va , i.i|n.iy
I . ?. .,-, ... I'. . i. el-.!'. -l ?ti, I. S. i , . Ig: '.1.
W.M l.?i .lu ?I Ps . lulu I. li. Iel ?.. lit. ? I'? , . |1|
V. ii. i.,?.. 14 ni.tt'i), Basa. J 'ni? i ??.'.io Batter/, ana
t , abbett 1 M --ii . tup a:n- ?
I... ii U.S? ?it 1 .? . -.-.I ?;. \: I' -.i V M Mirh. s'ii-M.
I,. Bunk -, U Fe Baa. n .. li I?? ? 1'. . . i ,. . , .
li Bead.StM??a?araaal >v T. ti'uudsim, li Um.
A. H" nins, li? Ml , . ?i ?h ij .: j..i,
B, Hill't.s'iu Caft t. i 't tier, Bl l'a. ?'m.
tit. K. Jessen, LU .? ,.,elli..?.n?e:i f taAOO, ii I ???.. ?light
I util., li.' I'*, ti,, it?..
L. ty n'...? II li.L.l rent I.. '.'. I ..v.. ? Mun , th..-I,.
I li.-.-, ti,?. A. '.'.'. Lfl ..h. J-' Mat?., bioait.
Sar*. J. ?. Kahiaeaa.1 ??:?..., I? n-;;..... ol', leigh.
litiga J I tin- j us.-.i, 11 Mi.? ?houl
Un.l ?li.li'-.' ii-' ..-I
i ?,.t. ii uni, '.i .'?., .liihtlj. I'i , || .-n.i ii. II Maa., ih?Bid.
i ?. Bglass. S->I?ss . . ?. i.-iv. v\ ,?. B. I ...(?lu.
v. | , n. tteniaaSea M Mass., i apt St
il,l-t ... '?.ad.
iapt. J Muiraj, C1 Va, wri-t.A .'., I ...J.
i ual DSL t .'? * i ii.
.-.?Tu.. Beeataar, B, ni... Uaah. U, sMsMrf.
t.ni.Ileiiiii i K??'j, il.woun i-d.li ;t iiiiar, I, tp,inter from
0 o lin n.n it, aeaae? A.
i-,.,. luit no, ii wni'iiiiii. tin. i balleeger, I, In b?ud.
),'. Juill, i. li?i.l, ?lifcliil.. _ Wiig.it I ii, aiui.
Bgt l-iiijd, U ?lightly. ? Uei.ty, 1, i.and,
toiji. ?lcin'.jie, O, v. nun h d. -- ..l wee, 1 ha.ij.
? I?. 1 ..... 1, la ,v
Kiiii.ii ami ITOOMDBO ?\ FRIDAY*! liATlT.i:.
Ai?J ir llavi?, 1*J .?. .., badi! w ni,4eil la j iw?.
I.. Weinet, Ce B, SS|?. Y t baaaaan itip,
, .t.. J L lark, Ce. U. S? N. Y. CU?? ,ia. killed.
l.leit Lsliue, Pli N Y ti, ti,', i,.
t'oip. Cou -o J'a?kiii, I.e. li ../ N Y., lung
(.. Lathrea, I i" M.?., bead I MI ...... u 121 N Y. rye
1 K,*7' K' *?, H.t3? l,c'-. c : L tlmtuuunt, 1 li.,, ? kt
t. .1 rieic?. t., i.'SN.Y ,?ide lag
t .-.. dt-:?, il. HIS I , aiie l.t.m. T. Y.. tPmmmfgammv U
ai u tus I. I uun fri-,.1
Ja.. Wieknam, K, 122 S. Y., I.i? ut. | B.Bejatear.MCeaa
killed. .y
Pat'B Faaalag, 0, US M. T., li.,' n.it itc?n? ,r,?
??' '*d' ' et i-i'ii., IM N i. wouuSed
Uti, UlDSabraad, M N. Y., Li a,.,,..i ..? ,'t
. u*'""" l ?i-t FeUaaaa, t, ,th |,'? ,n9!
LtBchMSer, i DeL.alIgbUr. .?*>, ...j .,? r,l ?
< ?pi Bcbiuier, i ii. . . i. Li I -t...; *,u , , .,? , '
1-' ' ?" i .n - y N.Y..? n k ? ... ., , - N y tl|lfJ<J
I.i l.vai.. li ?.. .N. t., !.. . -.i. kitaeer, F, Iel N. t it.ir..'
U M ' U- aa I, i'-Jli i .? .int. Meeker, F, li? *.Y '?,?,?'
Lt Du i,.?, IWM. T., aligauj. Bwefer. F. I... M.l wouc
Iii Biet?, lee s. . , ?. ?u ?, h i - F, iwi i. v ?? ., ?
- ? an .... ISSN ?. W. \M .?... a, I II- '; ,'*
? Mcv'itv, I in u laeesl r reii. 1 UsL.'aev'rv.'I
lol.i ??i. F. o*,tiuour, il, ir.. rrj i, A. I i?.; .,'.., ?|j
llel., Mitad. J. Ki ..?. i. I il..'. Uti .
Cup. I u. eil. H, ?Nfhtlr. ?uo-.-.a K.-arj, ?, 1 il?'
I ,t... K ii' nn A. e.lli-d.
S. Lenk. K. 1 Uri i .. t? li. 1 Dgt khled.
llviai-j, li, Ullad Nil m . . 1) 1 lie,.
Ofsaa, u i .
MiJ.-lieu. li .i.L-3. -., ?... y. LJ a n.ul llir. ??n hj It he.
I Dit . Sa, Secund
rerelj. m ?aeelder,
i I. i iota .,>.'. - ; -.i
IllV ?.?'?!, l-,i. ' , ? 'Ij.
.egaii, lil N.l Mt II s.V
i.ie.t ii ??-. m .s ', . !
? . -li ...... V Y., ?ili?.-u.
ttC?- Act'g Adj li, - . ? I ... . , i le.
k. i : i.i? tMi Wut mu?? IS li: . ."nil M\---\
i ni -, l i-^.
The ioili.viii^ ii u L. i- ni ' :: ti a
Uiiii TA-utiii It '1 ti jrini,' Um at- imi 'A ihc i|d KB-d-H
Jt j i??.. .u th?. Miiaearlina in Kkbi
aspease sibib ?si itasi
i ci l'su! J. 1,-i.ne. i..?u ,-cei lino. N Mass
A.lj W.lii.m 11. it ..ier.
I ..H.'?M A?Bli I.?Il
. -.1 ..J ... -til ? -ti.ti.1. . t.tit .......... '. I
I Pirti Bergt ?.o. P ?? TI.eMMK.Uy.
li-?. ..i _ C'iMPi.vr a?wousnsn.
1 "P r '*? OrentL St.rh*n H S'swarL
I ma\ J .?r.us It?..le Jimel Hnee_.ll.
I-Srg Jt.n ? S a naii. ?1st"''. R Haii.l ton.
| J?tern K Morr... Dtut*l Murphy.
, Thmiiai C. Tieri:?? Mich-e'. H.rtv
1 Osara B W? ! OllverS. Un.!.
I L-l.nu F. Ti.lou. Levi Lut,tin.
itioiiTLl worauin.
Britlfoid W. Be?, Le.....ni iiarilnftoa.
Mart.n Koon,
coartar n ? bii.i.bd.
"j.igt. Oto ta Y*i_ei. ..
?sessja, i*
Id Lieut. -SSttag E. IIib_?:_J, |in Dtppoft.
Carp. Jio-jb l'ielfl.r. l'eu,?m W.?tenter?
Chrlttlso wagsaa
C'S.'l?? C?ki li.K3.
Lout. Kraft.
Plr.t fl'iit. Jt-et Ooal.iii.-g. Angntt nittlng.
Barga. P-.(rick II ii"? Krsui Huhn.
Cuip. Jacob hc.i.uci-r. Ada pn kamberger.
iuiri.il n?aii.t.BD.
Altitude? Alklru Juuu Luterinf.
"S01 ?DID.
Ctpt. H. L. Pttte- Pitrick Mtnniag.
."??tit John P?oc?or. Jobo ?- Murphy.
Hutt. Cuir.it ( urtU. Jsba Nary.
Jalo Brown. Alb?rt Slettoa.
llinm B. Howard. JaoieiO. W arras.
Edward Kulin. Mirr.it Long.
Otorga Laut*.
Dvvll Denr.inghtm. Wlllltm Being,
Willitm l?o?
Cr.VllMI S?BllalSO
Corp. Jaaet Sont-orvili*. Thom?! Down?a
John P. Luna*.
Plrtt ?"?rit. Ws, H. CatroIL Cbirlei P. CtnjMatar.
Ce-TASI P-Kili.bb.-P. Oiiiavsn, Pariel Keefs, Patrick
Qulalau .'illili Lau*.
( iiMiu-ir r?Wocanao ?Id Lient. John Kslllhar, Corp.
A ; ihiir Hughe?, Corp. I ti?, ,1 Leonard, Corp. Ka ?.?ne Mo Laugh
Ho, Corp. Joba I'oweri, Joba Mc. ( iirinie. Tu-iuea Wood?
alla lhomit A King, PaiU Riley, Pariah Pas, Tim.
Buck'ey. Ed 11.tilth.
Co-ipasi IT?Kii.i.sn.?Klrbtal Klntrk.
( oar?.? i li ?V ornum ?Cipt. H. C. Muon, Itt Ser?. E
Wilton. Hugh Blane, D. Foley, 8. Loo-fellow, Tint. W liey,
T. Dotiovan.
CaaoraaS 1-Kilibd -IL L P?y, Waa. P. Hill, Banes P.
CoBri.tr I?Wortnan?8erg|. B. P Praia, Sergt. P
, I-inagin, Carp W. li. Low, Corp. E M. ?mlth, J. Birry. H.
J in*i, g. Chri.tlin, D. McAiHm?. W. B. Ptrker, A. Rivin,
D. ( bli*?, P. Williar-i, W. W. H?.-r ??'..
CeaSA-l K?Kn.Lau.?1 mt I.?*u'.. 11. Ropit, 0. Sawtells,
C 11 war. a r
Coa.itt K-Wortnitn ?IMHergt J Ptrkar, Corp. V.
White, Can, Hun?. J. C. Mil.?, Ld. Murphy, C. Leon?. J,
B. J.nel. T. Hr ...na . a
' a?? .?.?.?. K?.Minino.?P. Kernm.
Ol lil all.-Ti?2 kills-, S wouuded, 3 remtlntng. Of 231
?neu?21 ?Uti, t? ' wann, ed. 8 ml.ling, ill lemtlnlug.
W. i'.O PT, (sp:. Couii'iaiiding .eta Vol?.,
Wounded Soldier? ei the Way.
I The wounded hero? s who participated in the late
I f?Kht at tt?etty?burk' are being reniovet! at rapidly as
j the nature of their wounda and their situation will
. inii.?it of. Co!. T. ****. Joliiiri'in, the Government
1 A k'i'iit. rer.ived :. dispatch lust evening stating that
j the ho.p.tsl cars will arrive at J. reey City this
murnini; with 100 patienta.
Wounded soldiere will be tranaferred to this city
j hy lum! and water; those who come in cars will
! reach tho dep't in about IS hour! from the time of
itnrtinfr; those who como hy water will be from M
I to ??'? hours on the way. They will he accompanied
hy m;'?.?*?? n? and nursei, and on their arrival here
Dr. Mi 1? ingall, the .Medical Director, and his assist?
ant!, will take charge of them. 'Hie bos* ital
I steamer Thoiuaa P. Way ii held in conitant rendi
, ne*i f?>r their reception. To this irrlendid vewel the
I wuiinded men are carefully taken from thecais cr
I traniports. Those who aro able to walk sr??
gently led to comfortable teati; tttioie who
csnnot walk are tenderly moved on stretcher?.
?On bourd ?f the Thomas P. Way, the
patient! are tupplied with clean bede, and toft bair
pillow?; (he sheet* are nevar naed twice withon
being waahed. Kaili mau hat a wash-bowl and
towel, and every convenience that reirurd far bit
we fare can suggeit. Tooee who are able to take a
seat at the table are furn shed with mi' li fool al
their apr-?tite crave?, provided it dosa not come in
rolliaiou with the laws of health. Those who re?
main on their beds ara supplied with what they need
1 by faithful attendants. Dra. MrDoagsIr* Sloan, and
i Dalton will watch kindly for their welfare, and ex
: perienred ntiraes will he ?tt hand to aid the doctora
it. th?? performance, nf their duties. Wo havs been
' tiltia? particular because the fnenda and relatives of
the wounded men are exceedingly anxions to know
bow their gallant fathers, husbands, and aon* aro
I The writer hu >?*?*n miny thousand? of wonnde?!
? I'l.eri ' -a?* ,l,r.. igh tha hnndi of the h .:: .?:.?? and
j patriotic laen who have charge of their transporta?
tion aud treatment, and h? knows thal they are
' handle. 1 with the utmost lemleniesa, and treated
I with that kindneat which brother iliovv* to brother.
Beaerolant men and woinon arc responding gen
' erottsly to the ap'-eal ma ie for delirarit-a for ou;
I wouudsd midien, ami we hope ?vin to be able ti
ni.mamre a liberal contribution for t.-.eir hcnefl?.
| Mt time should ho lost by those who aro wil'ini"
, to ?.?otho tin" ?ufl.'rint.'s and ni' ?>ly the ncrcssifii-s of
t' i leave bmb ttkt m the t?eekef battle Bead u?> u
. trail of d'f-nae between na and our aarailituts.
, Thom who give will he ciownet! tviib the hleiaii'g
ot those who were ready to penah, (lifts from uny
part of the city or country c iii le sent to Captain
KMiworth, of the Thomas 1'. W'uy, foot of Castle
(?iinien, or to tlo oilit-e of Col. T. W. Johnson, C1
Harelay Bias*?? PiseealBel fruit, \a?i?h, brandy,
i- .net- jell:?-?, or money to | ure! nae them, will he
moil scrtipulotisly BBBd fir (!,e soliu-rs' benefit.
Por lia Tribun*.
t ,,'?.I p'redrrliL l-t ?lor.
(Oettyaburg Jul? J il?68 J
?Many the w.?y? that leud I.? ?h.ath, but f*?w
(?minti"-, mi J one alone is ('lory's unto.
K-hii'Iiiii; wherever trie min dure ttieir fute,
I Iletermiiird, il thou wt-it, to .li??or do!
li,.? tnou hast puel, youn_r Buhner, ?tonnum; ihfBBgh
1 ka liery tliiritttrs? luiinl it?ii ii (? B Int.?
To know tho iiiVBilets heaieu irom thy ibiate?
Ah, why lae soon to rout tlmin, nw' pnreuo ?
Hat mm>? n.la-t Uli ne thou hu?t lullt n, s dite
lt.elne.lll to li.'i.f, lind fill! lill ilii'-r lia) :
And sotin- go dovvu in ?.eace lo their long
If 'twere not now, it wo'ihl he ftill to come;
And whether now, or wheu thy hairs gregg
Wara titi, a for thee fl? dsl 111 sotri i" it
aVtio-l ?..*, J jij :.. I K. li. r.T ?i'.'ti i
iitoti < iiAtiiai hi??*, iiAUUor:.
A Furiiiidiilile IC? ???I Ilnllcry 11ait-i.I? ol
I'url ?Auiiiit r -'?Tiree 11 nu-l'lai. ii 1..? -...?
? Ai-li?ily In liar llurbor-A 'ninini
l.?i'ii|n- lor ?lu- irt.ionl'? Ila It Iciliiiilr
(at,, |.ia ,cf Ti - B Y T i1
liitnmf ii'u , SA, Cur. li T- ... I
Orr l iiiiiLi.T.t.v, June IT. Hit I
A | ' a km!r i diiUei is suld lo Luve rim in tn^lit bs*
1 lil lu* t. Ti :? is Bat! tv:!., f r l.l'.eteen (f OBI
*. - t it.i: in iiijlit of otidi other hy ihiv ii'-lit. The
ni.'ht wni tia ik, ami ut io ??d.ia? a ^un traatha
Unsdills sroaeed all bess, le qssrtets. Wn a tbit
?-.at- fu .1.' ttitiii;"! ra kata ??.i ? i ap fr...n Rebel ?i..
BSIllBl i-il.n.' rd.tra. N.di.m); n.ore was aesa
?. l no-, m.-n i", ibu Uoat-Us'i PaptalaispetUd
?hil- n r- IB .-i tri. .1 to r, iii ?.ni, I, ni waa uri ven I a ' ,
wl.il?' the I .i, t...n ol'ti.i Ifsrblshse?, who .veut ..?,. ?
lo e. e Ca, '.mi Tsyl ?r ot the I ind?.ti ?tie, tCJeirts tit. ?
ii ?iriuni r ilitl mu ni. Tin? i.it'rtuna a ball? r_t, mm ?
tit be esr,* fe.ibis, n..* ? oma out...;. ;
l't n .-' toi t t uni ni,. ? . nu ;. I
? taree naas, aboal ti" ???e of tag-baa?^
; Latstl erst lib. Ira leg. Thal ate boej
'. The/have n -> ... -? ?.11>- rssaiog at
j iiiieh'ii-fi', bsttpsaa bous ?j,i.,,in
ami ii .iiitt.t*. Toip??..,-. rsaa ead hallerlig aHI
.... p Dhabi' ? ii"-, t nta.'.t ig tuet tin _leaitoni as4
li ?i.'i.li'H. 'J'lie ruma ii i..ii peee?blj BOUM gal r. me
ni', lit uiii.tvi.ien, ami lai-- -h .iiii'Ui'ii Itofore a
gil,, mi ?i itr.ii ami BeaBBatnu! ii al taree bhnll drira
tneiu L i.t m.
June lo.- A small ?loop ol c.eU or niau ton?, '
with four bales of cotton, wai captured by tbe Mar
blebead hist night. It will be fortunate if oar boats,
in the ezcitenii'ut and coufusion of lorne genera]
alr.Tin, in a dark tii^ht, do oot fire into one another.
June 19.?Uessrters tay that the Iromides, ia
the attack upon Fort Sumter, wat directly on the top
of a torpedo, and that the Kebels iu the fort tried lo
ezp'ode it with ?heir wir*?, bat could not make them
work. Tbis may perhaps account for the withdrawal
of the M .niton, the Irontddes not steering, getting
tangled up, etc Some say they have torpedoes with
15,000 pounds of powder, bat this is incredible. The
steamer that ran in the other night passed close to
the liaron?waa hailed : " What steamer ia that!"
and replied, tho " Keyitone Slate." " Why, then,
do jon not ahow the proper lignai light t" She then
hoisted a red lantern, and the Huron tired after her.
This ibowi the necessity of changing lignait every
night, for with good glasees the Bebeis can see the
lights used by our vessels nights in spproaehing eaeh
other. If blockade monars have our signala, rama
and hat le ries can nae the same. The case above is
one that hsa been too often exemplified in this war?
of the enemy gaining their point over onr officers.
Even if she had abown the proper light, why not du?
lulu her, and tend a boat aboard 7
Hew the Bla-rUmle ia Plrmdei Rome-times.
Coiie?potjdence of Tbe N X. Tribune
OtaaoAT Cuirrawa (Commander Harri?), >
Orr Luauvmoi, lum? l8. 1*3. J
Another blockade-runuer went in lu.*: night.
Thia makea three in the three weelu we have been
here?two in and one out?and tbey hare all pasaed
through in the same place. Tho Uuudilla having
left a day or two ?nie?-, left an open ipace of two
mihi between us and the Canandaig'ia. It was
dark and cloudy, about 3 o'clock in the morning,
wiitin a rocket trim tbe ('unan.lui?,.m howard the
shore, and four gun?, with the shells whistling ahead
und across our how, informed us that a vessel was
ru .ling iu. All bunill were called to quarters, aud
our 11-inch gun ready, when the outiiuei of a
steamer were d.itinctly aeen not far off, between ui
and the light ol Fort Sumter. Our gun whs leveled
und trailed ho a? to bear on 1 er, but one ol the crew
I aaid it might be tho Canundi.-guai basing iiu runner
, in, though this wai ini|oesible, lrocn ihe direction
! and distune? of tue Cuiiaudaigna. Co ..iii.uder
Karns, who hud b-.t-n call d up iu Lint;-, Be ii 1 'iot
I (SI to/ht of her, BO thin rxcelhut chain? lot- tiirow
i tug a 11-inch ?arl i at oi iale her Vi ah lout. In the
two run ne i a '.hut lave pur: eil iu sight of us, I have
? regretted two things?(?rat, that we had not ?i.rtuiiitly
j sl:| ped cubic, li-ii'i-.-'l her o.l, aud at the samo time
Is ed lbs |BI i m lim-, m '1 last night, that wo did
i Bel tire the 11-inch gun. I ki, o ve t\a_ in i.. ? hurry,
' confmi-vii aud excitement al such ti.nen, in.it ant dia
: reriiuieiit and pSNBftiea of ptc-tisaly wim ouglii to
: he .i i.t- is u ruru iuculty, j. men nat i by lew. li ?a
' nut re.lain, nor vtay ptammatt, that our sMI would
j have fink STtaaUmai the steamer, bul it would
i huvo becu -o u-- batmtuctiou, tai aeared the outlaw!
matt? I .11 no1 itiij.iile buy unworthy motives to
t Ulcers; J bt-lie-ve ? ? y ure p.tri tie tttul do the bert
' they BBSs, but that ii.urn i? u In ?. ti ?tli? u'ney I am
?fully convinced, Wtoi so, I th;.ik, ihe (?..vernnietit,
iititl , tililif will be after tim luciun o. the last three
I weeks is be!, n- ti i m.
The ileliciicies of the isflMMS thealiical eeason,
, which in>u.a \y tama ti tom?, the earliest gr?-c-n veg
! ?table?, and wh eli, likewise, present thetnee'ves at
high prices and e.iiLotit any particular tlavor,
lave th? year awaiied a peri-.d al uiwturer
. gtuwth and of promise iii'.re teiuj'.n.g to
! di?malie apatite. The experience of the part
ir it *ew .til has brought thu Suinn.ar dain?
ties of the Binge into au.ii il.i?:.?.-: .Ui U. :e; n'a
i that nothing but the soundest ?'ni it.- it trustworthy
! iiiiincs wouitl now btani the i.igi.te?t cban. e of wiu
uiug public faith in auy oder Dyl of the eaii.e chur.ic
, ter. Last year whi proba-1.'y ti.?- nin#t ? a'.-uijitous of
I all that New-York has AMmmTgatoP* laMBM seaanns
were iutro?lucod with ; rema; ire /.cal, ui:d 'wre
' cruelly pt"loogtd to m terni toward which tbeir Iiv.k
hail never heloro beeu known to Hager. So; ,>
of these were pro;: ptly ritliciled ni'ooi ?m ii within
forty-eight hourn alter their hir-h. Some lai.guiihed
, through a week or MSB al U?patioiiUt-d ue;oiiy. ?So
i.'.auy deapetuto enterprises Were Uiver before at
Kui pled in to short a time, (lue theater alone Ana?
Hihsod n m'.y a set re otBttamtl cou ? Linus, mi
t'tre'.l by as niany liill-rvnt manager?. Neath
tWHiity S'ltiimer BSBBBM at a single ti.t..ter, all of
wi'ii'.i liuli-tl, itii'i itll.f .vim h ih-si'ived tol'ailI The
paiuiul error under wh.eh all aeuuied to labor wa?
! that of ind.lii.-rui:? i lo '.? :ai;,y and j r .f un'i reliance
' upon quantity. Jli'.l Im ri? ;..?ut ?i four boura in length
, vu.'., ai.ioiig the Ufhl >?ii' i. :.i frealt! I '.hut ?'rai gi
eventful ten? ni. Be t-hol aud swj lull tru^'i dies
weio among the joyousolTeriuge of July. A dozen
or it ore of mt-..mi t-tent BMHMfMS were justly ruined,
iiinl r night uiitnerite'i relief iu eomptiiiientary beti
! ?lits. CuTiplini' uti f.ir their bud tasi.j und biued
...r .-i.deavoriug to baBahasals ti e pubii.-. Is it was
l! at Suuitm-r theatrical MBeOBS begun to be regarded
iii tho lit-jht of iniisn'ice? eveu by this ? iiiieut aud
lotig-f irb?acing ci'initi'itiity; and so it Imp pens that
greater caution wtVsyear Amtmtypi ia veir.ur.ug
i??< ti ground so ii, abtfal ami pceeai ?ma, '
Miss Kmily Thoras iitid Mr. Mark Stiuth tt o': the I
lirrteiei ?ait t v. n.iig, at tim Whiter li.irdcu. Their ,
p.cparutiotis la\o been eaicl'iilly luade, ami ihe com.
j p.iiiiit ii oi their cou piitiy is ?tu i un I? ju-'ily b .pel
. r bettet iii:.? lhaa sa* laddeal?, <-. eajporiasd
t: uipe tvI'll I atfir.l. Their epeaiag bill mi
o! three f.un.liar pie? ?, " K?M i'-i.ula ef '!. ? I. itv,"
"Wanted, 1,000 Milliners," sad "Sketohei m
I India," in wiiie'.i th. priaaipal ehaiacieii en esae? ;
iti.iiin! by Mi-a Kii.i.y Tfcacae, Mia. Mark Baaah,
Ms,Ssiiaell,tai the lara b.-otii-is, Muk and Soli
Sin,ih, with very gr?*t ipiru un 1 bMSBSSi i;.*ir
' perfomaaaN wet? aifjiljf *.ul insthila sompU<
i uiii.t. d bj ti? sadieace, um the i.,. .liena
I altogether, trbmb ^tv,- etrtdinee al aiiiaaw mu
. tain ' I ..'iii tanti- lu pi.'pit1 u ? i, wt N rt-ct iwd willi
u,,!: nally ce-i'.'iil i.ki-iib ot appMeiaiioa. Orealat
'..n than illili t,',? i. ,Lt i .?r..,!!!.:[ it'-.nu
BBSS 'l "Nino Poll..? oi l.ut?" fre-uted is nul
'.iiu-n sfitaeaaaiia any pkea al pabtte aaaai ?? ?
? ui m. TLeeaaH bill will ba repeated avec j trtm
,: | ii ia '?? i., .?t ? : S '? i t i.i" va.. J s SI . .1 I t
j lain ulin.'Util ot mtfOat} Hill bo intr?? in* ? it. ilia
aad ..-.in...1 thal a b .?? i , i has been euc? cdnpoa
' ?' Leah 1 Um I o -. i.ei? ?aa Bebievemeal \%: ah ?vo|
hardly bava baUered asaaihb?aad u.uin|
: wil n- prod wed ne.*' Hi p at, wl n di i ??*. nd t..
I iial dr illeriei .t Um orig u I.
,. .\ :ii[?i a, Mr. ti leailej eoatii lae lb?
" 1 . I .? 1 i.' io," v* bit 'i bava k el
nothing' ia et mat tit atifaeriveneaB alae the apea.
1 m-; ni,ni-.
v i. Jai 1 ;; ..liri. Iber least i f Laasa
Iv-.-ii-'e 1 :.e-..ire, .ii..! mi ii'.iii.i-. .. ?i ?? 1 ,? A'ivas
'?' , d every ?. ?. ali.-,- ; * Ihe
I i . 1. ? A I to Mrs. , .1? beea i''o- ?
. ... . s pi n .
? . ?j c i.ii.e, athen -? m. . I m ?
<-- a II sinu .L.. 11!, and ommf eirtete will
u?-if! win 1 h. i: ?t., yi. antwaiadal thieesla lish
n.- m.
U is 1 o itiv. i;. mu .,-..,,, : thu.' B?tai
?.'.u! u? t,aftas i iii c... a. coalsia I sa ?? ? ? lararA
Bad ? 1 i . .,'iip.ni..,iie. i\ 1 aha srisii 11 a thsaaia
daaired io aetsaasl] hapssai IhsBpslaas ariih this
1 iie llssi ? ptieoii remains lite B-ifh?J ItlBSBliBI Al
li'..?? Hail.
floatet.?*? etonwci) \ml?S?f*
- ? -,-.a_r*-' +
Q O 8 T I TT IB ' *
-_katarsofHs.tr-. '? But Low I'? ?*?_*??
Wsasiwar, 'tit an ?a?tai?
.UtmgthtB tim Stobaob. and matais
fht NaaTsa, tes aamata af tbe biais,
The Liras Imp la ma tv? pUy
Aal rigmlati tram ?lay U day.
Bath organ aid, aa Nala.t*i glas.
Exact mi tetretti ths ib-bs sas,
And Iii? a w?tcb that'? kept In ?hi-s
Bp ?ontt*at ears, with railroad tims,
Tbs ?yiUm'i toss and ttraagth rte?w.
And tbtrtby eh?er th* rpiriu. Is*.
"How," youioqalr?, " ctn this tie don* .
Th!? Victory o'm DU**** bs mern f
" H?itbttbr'i Bittbbi," wa rtply.
Ia HatLTa't Bora?as Pbotbctio?*?rail
?ti imita?of -ageaenting th* dttorder*d and ?nf**bl*.
ay item, r?|alatln* ?vary fonction of the lalsmal ergan?, ra?
viv?8 the d*pr*M*d ipiriM, Invigaiatlng ta* ??niiitatio-?
and prolonging life, no stadiales! praparMlen, atther of ths ps
or ths prttmt tim?, baa baan ?o compUtely and a-tvert?i
tuceetafal u
A|tlntt tba vapor? foul prepare.
That fev*r-:?iiit th* h**vy *ir.
Drinh not unmlit*. th* wttai found
Ia pnlrlet. woodi, or mirthy grournL
It tedenlary toil yon ply,
tiotttri you nail attrill ? it di*-?
Por when ?-barred '.tom txereit*
Por ariitl-:,.?: auf til* criet.
Me?clne'i g-tnd porp cm ?ud Utest
It tbr??t?D?d ?vii t? prtteit:
?tnd If you'd be relieved or i- aret?
ProM lill I?it cruih the unprepared. Pt
Hottelter-t Bitten at*?for nota
T try ara th* te ?BIT utidots.
To Mt at dtfttne* th* rr.litmi.of anhealthy tollt ibt gtttis
of _iwholMoin* water, th* afflavlt of crowded werk-raom*
ind faetoriei, ind tba biutfui in flaeace of tedenlary ??ploy
mend, li li only ntcettuy to be fire*; ?ned with
Dytpaptta'i pint?, that rack and ti?4
Tba body, and depreM the mind,
Agiiet, that M they go and atme,
Make life a contient ni?i t/rdoot,
Calle? ?sd dytsnteric paint,
'Nettii which the t'.ror- in_.'i vigoi wtina* j
Blliout oom plaint*, thota la?au* lu,
Ni'ir conquerid y it by Iraitie plus ?
L'riid 'ilinhet thal cmnc t be
Cored by dtttructiv? mercury ;
glow coBititutiooa? docs y
IbM bringt De*ih aetrtr, day by dey,
N'.'rvoai prottrttion, ruent? g.ooru ?
{tirald* of i. i.'.Ltu or th? tomb,
for these?though miner ii nottr ami f_i?
aUnniof reiiefitl**it w* bail,
HotTSTTta'i Birraai?medielni mi?,
Not to prttent, ?Ion?, but ran.
In Dy iperita, Feve and ia"-.*. liliouiCoit piala ti, Coaiti*
titiontl and Ntivou* DaHIBgi Couttjution, Se?.lckn*M,
?jjSB?a tnd In til Compiaiott o.' Man or Womto j-riK??die?
BlM f?t i?l or inherent Wettnett at th* Body, th? ena
ii., ii ?-tmtdy and Reatoiativu I?
To wtndtrtn on te? 01 l?nd,
Piom Polir thor? to Tropic iirmd,
To houatholdi ?on?, bl region? new,
And dwei'.en tn glen eitle., too ,
To loidiari to ciuip, (ort ind fitld,
Who need tgtlnil diaeite t ihle.d ;
To mlueii, Cialoiuii bound.
And ?t..?r. of wet, tnartby giound,
To (?obi* Wive* of lrs.i ? m tri,
To younj, ?ud mldJla-M?-*. -"- old'
To thoio in _.t_th. -ho woold scjej
To iii th* ?irru???**?'?. BB? ?*-i P~e.
1A'b. droop, yet know not w bat th?y all,
rioiTtttta't Hirraai w? prtieut
Ai BtBB_*l -i?': i -???"'- element.
If thor* ii ?ny Value in rsb io opi tlon, or ?ny weight ti
teil il tettltii-ny, th* very bolt ?ud ttfett Tctlc, Corrective
., I .'.i. r.tive uow before tue world ti
H O S T E T T E H ? a
S id bl reipec?iijit Diuigliti lu ?I! part? of the world.
PlTTSBl'K-, F<__?
H?w??.ik Ogle?, Ho. ?i**. 13E?ADWAY.

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