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tuon 1i:a ??. tn.
turn. Oar Utru Conetp ?ui.if
Paan, rrli?y, Jaa? 11 IW?.
The Emperor*? letter of c?u framhiii n to General
Forey, on the lah lag id Puebla, will have reached
you before thf ru tip*, of t. is. 8-.'n.e peo?le have
tried hard lo bul m 1: ladhiallnaM of the Imperial
purpose to wiihtiraw ft'om the -Mexican burina? as ,
soon as poss hie. Government d 'is not come in sid
to their efforts by any clearer bint?, official or semi-1
Official. Tbe letter to Gan. Forey, the letter of tia
July, >S&!, the only anthontative programme, or
rather, adumbration of Napoleon's Mexican policy,
temains unquahfie?'.. The war lemaitu nntM-i.tilar
ai ever, aud the i r? m b are left us much in the daik
aa ever ai to i'e temporal and political ends. The
real baae of whatever confidence people place iu
their forced interpre'alien of one or two ambiguoui
seutemei la the letter cf l'?!tb June, li not in the
text, but ia tht ?clationi of the llexiran to the 1'olish
quo-lion, und to Hie late tlec'.biin.
The geuoral discontent with ths war was a eor.
siilcrable one smong the caus?i of the large Or i oil
Uea vote. The m- ia the nature of this vote ii
atudied, the mare noteworthy ii become!. Of tbe
trn deferred elections that came off last Sunday an I
Meaday, six have tooojted lavoiably to Opposition
Chi,ii..,i,:es. In the four oil.ti cudi s they,run very
alose1 y up to the Lanil\ -successful Government peti j
?at Pia dea al. lbs exam] le, wittda forty ballots of,
eucies?. All that prevented the triumph of the j
Oppoeuioii at Bordeaez, aa at several other l.tge
towns, was the Gerrymandering o? the circoiiscnp-1
tloni?a country district halag annexed 1 y Brat? j
trary Uaai of politiml g- ogtapby to the town dis?
tricts. The relu n? Show t.iat tile large town ? i , u
laiiotis, begluiiliig will It, t of 1' l.-. whit i has j
cow citoMtii its lui. rapreeeutaiion Iron, the Opposi?
tion, have desidetl'iv declared that they aro not ?on- !
teut, happy, or gi ate:.ii with, uni.r aud for tho
actual regime and Kb iran? meeting out of liberty.
Whan thu arithmetically [roved lad ia ion pared
With the fact of the superior lntelligeucs ft h retch
town over proviiitial [ i'ulsiKi ?, an 1 willi the no?
lees pertinent lad thai Ihe Govprnuient pressure?
poweriul aa It is eveiy where?is almost unn si i u Bad
L rural ul-iri-.tr, and considerably tempere i m
twiii where ila arbilrary a, t- are more asp ted to
eiamiiifitioii aud protest, Bad wl ore uuioa of ti, pa
s.tiuu gives strength, au i Something like o:>;a mai
le?al re-islanes is poi*!' !e?when t1 ii coi
Is made tba towns voto tales new SJfl.it.ranon
And when the iiitiuence of l'atis on the Waaia Boan
try and ol provine.ni ca; itals OB theil COBBII) aei-fl -
borhtX'tL?one u.igJit ali..*?: ia} their i;u.ra. j..;ia
diction??i? taken into view, the tapottanoi
oi Ibe new patent fact that ihe iu.ii.-u;aJr cities
have so largely laedl?td Napolton'i t:t' to got
(aa be baa thus fur ..oue) by the " grace of God ami
the wi! o? the peoj >," t'?kc? on n?w ? roportioae
F;om this point o? view the large Bul r.'.ieiofi
Quelected Opp.?sitioxi candidate! are to be looked at
as cuuiiilaliug part? and parcels of ti.e deiitute tri
nmph of thirt> -five or lix elected one?. There ia I
lutiie r?u.?i)n t I hope that tl.ii trun.; ti ii toi, ru a- :
tory luid uot, iu :be ordinary accepisti >n of the'
ma:.??.ti word, rt-voluliouary. Tba raoit al problem
it v, lOthes Napoleoa IBB reform wit!? SyiiSity aale- '
tt , the other piohlees is, can he resiit reform a .th?
om provokiug revolution? Whilo hie Majest i?
hctween vhe two Urn* of the dileuma, lh? lieges
are on the tenteiho"kiof douU. Ihe rumors lo the
effect that he ii prepared to n.ake largs concesrion?
?a praclital ret-poanoility of M'nuten to the Ceri?
L?gislatif au.oug ths ra?t?are eviuently, as yst, !
bat o'ijcctiie rumor?. They originate from ?; er".I?..,
live calculation! on the "logical fore? of things," I
frota the wishes ai.d pt? pholis vsbitns of men, util !
from any un'.heu'.ic word cf the mau, t.or s'iy au-'
thontative words ef I li subordinates, still less from
any reformatory act.
Ihe boj-as-? of ihe bellicose V- Hoy les the a-ixi
eties of the rt>eculatont al tint Houree, ihe exeiu.
nient of toe gravely watchful aud of t?? i.ily iu. :c'n>,
rarpecttng thel'oliiti quea'.'.n are co ti.e ne?. Ile
war dr.li gatbere momentum. Very lew are able
to discover?no one l? able io ibow lo the nat, the
Way out of the coin picul Ion. I be agreement nally
arrived at of partially ..,i..; h.mJ oi, k malle a- 'i ? hi
France, Austria au3 Eaglaud, inspir?e lillie coaa
dence in a i-eaoefui solution. You will notice the
persistence of The London Mt*raiot l\tt, Lord
Palmen'xiue'i reputed orgnn, in p<irsdtng iti In. ? ol
faith in the hearty acceptance by Kni?ia of the
tiiuiiO propoial*. At leuat it attrait? uiuch BOtioe
here, as d^os its mb-u in.itory war tom- lo?
ward Kinta. Mealtime the popular phllopelic
asntiiueot?the soundest base tor a vtaihku
suati-tiuasiai. policy?is constantly dee\*inl vu I
?mid-i.A i ?? u tHu.nL .n ?t. ihe ?tiockiug tari an
tiea of b-i miLlsry and mil offici.il??of Mou at if IT,
Governor of Li.Luai.ia? wh.lo ?rocking tie re
aiating ?tiengtb of derperati- n iu the Tolas at boee,
are raia: ng tip for tb?-tii lfgi^B? of ptssoriate we'l
wishers who would gladly lie their brother! ia ai:, s
throughout France. The bau und ni ri re ban of
civilization are riling agai"?t tbo?e BBVageriee, and
while i: eae ?Uu?a.an horror! aro routing the l.'-itila
indignation of all hntnune soul?, the r Maadi awe
tery of the Beeret Tolish Govexuu.ant, ia t ?sting
the sympathiea aud adu nation ol all aaaainative
O-iiis. " What shall we do with this ia?l I at h of
300 prisoners," saj? (i^u. lier? i r ti | Graini Daho
Constan urie, le Herr KuckIi, 'lo loeretary of State
of thellu?!iaiiGoverniii?nt Ht \Sarsaw. '? Sundttioee
who are cid to hibeiia, und Ineorporate the toutb ia
the 1C iMian am y, r.-a? tnle See:ettry Eooeb?Who
getting home tw"o h< ut-s later, lads a Ws?tea eeeo
Itiunit-Aticn from tba "National Committee" la
which h.? very words are quoted aud menacingly
?nflc.itel to his ?tersii.iul a.dress.
" How shall we <L?cover, general, this peetiatat
eonin.itie?, laid tht Liuke to ihe l!erg a few days
arter the arrival at Warcaw of the letter. " 1 ha- a
fotind them ont, your htpbieii." " Who ? ? M
? Kverv body in Waraaw but your hijhllSSI and
myseli I" Au eoiueut Itaadaa oh'i lal tbooght al
la-t ttiat he wi I, OS was thought to be - n Ihe trail
of the mjitcrioiii t-oii.mitUe. U' re?-eivaa a warn?
ing not to ft Low it. He immeuiately attached to
Ins {lerson two bo-rty-poljcetnen. j bere wa? a street
BbTBwI one day before hhlhoaaSb One of tbe }? die?
seo rushes lorva ard aud anuo? the i biaf distuiber of
the peace. Jual thoa au i:..; adoat MBBBiaSa
It gin? grindig a nations! air on his hand orgau.
A Ke'iileruh?:, bs be nirye into a canaga aaye to the
Bjalasaaaai "Wills you are struggling v?lia lhat I
tagaixmd, jil ara neglecting yon duty
?there ii ? t urder going on n the haaga. I
Ilia brawler and tba ragamufflii are let go ? |
the police age: ta f.r.d the amineut < fib lal
vtuh a dagger in hu heart and a paper on the
table containing the Beta of bia otieiisa end the
Committee's order for his execution. The genlle
t: ?n who r.",-e: into tie carriage waa the exe* u
tive "B! tal of the Minuter of Juitit* of the National
? ? r :. iJe" 'J he eminent Unwian official, with a
digger iii bil beurt, was ths eightb ci.i..:nal tried,
eoiidemnsd and executed, accord ng to the peual
eiatu'ee of tbii Na" r.sl Holy Vehme. Lasi stnk
ii -j- to the ii..ig;:.aluni, more significant to the
reason, is ils regularly-working adminiitnitivs
jt.wer in other kinds. Its iovisible agenta collsct
laaaa?Ila seaa-ofldal itobs pabliahea six newe
f?j>era?its Mioiitry of \Var Birecte the guerrilla
that distracts the armies and mocki the sdgtt of the
iarg??et, if not the greatest military aaii most tnili
turv of all Koro; eau i'owers. This Poksb i bhucsb
i? growing out of all conuuiona of di^louiatic con
ihe honest, old, utterly weli-meaning, disai'rons
e1 : ni ruler of Flaasia k'"e? on iih i'l.?ti:;, under
tbe misdirection afable, bad ad visen. To do the j>oor
i au justice, be does not dawdle, nor treat the ?ol
aiunest tl.eii.es of his ruling iiioN-rsion with allusive
and elusive vulgar pleasantry; he is straightforward
?rough, or rather straight-backward, una though he
l iiit-wiit'. blindly uc-u pis his Trime Minister Heir
li.suisrk i blind letniing, be ii, after all, Herr lim
c its'? mauler, and does not gc to tbe ditch agaiusl
4 ? frm will, or the dirutei of lurh common isna?
as baa been ludividuaiiy vouohsafed bim. The hop?
c1 lite l'niBsisns ai was a ia, that hi? Abrahamia faith
lu divine n.'jt to do wrong will be counterworked
ty Crown Friuce Isaac, who, taking the modern
Ti.-w of tin:,a-, ?e.eiiiB lo have uo notion of lalling
L ? ??? if * jr hu lii'.iiia throne be -sacrificed.
Hut in the mtxieru ?olidaii.'y ol uatiou?, the croia
L?fciii.?i of the obsUist? id] msn s att'mj t at ?m
r? ?i lie 0.1 ths l'olisii question?wtiu h ii theimm'
lion i huropeao quaiuou, and eomplicatos Msxican,
g,!.ned fetal??, aud b?j:hi other pressing intarroga
ti us thal men ask answer for from the coming lime
? -j . i/i-tata i r-gub'ii tularily and drive the diplo
<jr ? le man-rnfdwives to their wita' ends. Having
'.. -all that he could m the way of unconstitutional
a , rai'? anil repression ol I'russtan citizens'
r . lu provoke them io revolt, he retires from the
g; ./.tun, bubbling agitation to lbs hot springs ol
C -. .-.b.-d. Thee? hot watan are on Austrian torri
g,,. t. J hither, it ia reported, Austrian Frans Jo
?< n will, under ceremonial peUtnee, go to meet
I.. More or hiss aulhontea dinlouuilio agents,
?a ..out formal ?iiploii.aa, are flocking thither from
?Chef couria ttoiu? thmk tnai ihe aocideutal mee'.
ing of tl.es?' pretended aeekert of health at tbo hot
?pring! of ?'fn'ii'Hil will have the importaaoe ot a
chuchi coufereiKt?. I'erbapi. But thal U to little
Impertan?, A i mott, but "the fore leg of s mu?
rer," us I>id?bury surs.
To return for a pangrapb to Maaloo: A ?lay or
i t-o alter receipt of ths newe of the full of l'ueI la,
tia Coitttitutionnel new?pa[cr aaserted positively
that Government ?lid not mien.!, and never had iu
len.led, to tei.d to Mexico tbe large re-enforcsnient?
which sverybtiily believed (and Hill believe?! ten
c'a)* ago were on the eve of embarkation for Ver?
Ci ai. lbs tC'on*iUal?-snri'! staitn-eiil wat mada in
time to affect, if no1 for the pnrptis of affecting, the
voten at the deferred election! of last Monday The
tiuth of the ran tatmt to be thin The nearly
eomiilett-d preparations for the embarkation of
10,000 ti'o?a, more or lett, art limply arrested.
1 be ahina ars kept rsady in port, and the men randy
to march tilt her, awaiting fuller reporta from < ?tin
Foray [Marshal, Duke ol ruebls. or of Mexico, that
?hal! bel, which will not reach nero before the 1st
day of July. Meantime, I am told, the ?hip-of-war
I os I-Ai ia already at asa, bound to Ai_puku by the
way of Cape Horn. It carriee, io report ?ay?,
en .ugh u. di ai y passenger? and mateual to lake
postillion of that town, and a nipple.-' i.t of mining
aagriasara apt for the itudy and ?uploiiaiion of
adjacent Biiuiiig country.
1 heurd ibu morning an Inih gentleman (nee?! I
s-> unit he was intelligent I, espiren ic as bis ami
bia countrymen'? opinion, io far ai he bad Leard t.tiil
?ead, that iLnir eooatrys-UBCoaMsfsrt had for hi*
p?_t betrayed Mexnau right to French power. It
waa ntwa to me thal t omi ufort ii an lrtshn.an;
und the charg?? ot treachery waa equally novel. '1 ue
novel'st, I ah" l-l add, li ia cultivated irish ( Bl! oin
priest, and utterly iree ii oin , ujnunvn-u.-ip m the
sJfMMia i Mr tfraa l>i_iuest.
\Ye are anxioui enough, ni you mny suppose,
'i ni ?ti'Bi.l t t i'.ivyidlig SUti'S-s, althoilgU be is so
lar fiom Washington. O ir luleat nowa are your
lateat ol Gtb ?Juue, received yastarday. .for tba lire
prai'cding dayl unit ti wa? made of u repet? (hut lis<l
... ,.e a abort gataoeariae cm iiom Maa ea?aeal i amr*
u frcial hu:.te in "New-York" to the Loadoa ami
l'a'it tievt .i apeiS. IS the effect thal I .rant had raised
the ?legaol Vnkahnrg. Indirect ti a t, along tviiti
ot:,': appila c ?, wa?'" raise th* ?juotatli us of the
I'l'-i'iueikii l^tiu to wBbla one per c?nt al Bar.
Ile poa care to ki, w, oow-a-liyi, what the
Grundy of Em >pesa gablic epialea ?ay? about us /
li n a bopslal -i.ii ed developing ?elf-iespect, of Ibe
aabatitntion al pride tot vssily, that a Baispeaa
jouri uiit.'a ink nu laager alle? te Bl like ml of v i li ?? .1
on tl> raw. Wa ara getting a ekia. Ye:, let n? not
bato nelacentibly ps? avtlsratatess. Europesa <?; 11?
ioa i? worih beeaing alwaya, wbss it u opinion.
Intelligent iptits'ors ure. ?u certain enential ra*
?peet?, bettet flared ti-an eqaal y inlelligeat a. lora
t peat jadgweui oa Um play. fake a caee ia proel.
!>onot yon, Jiltiiton, being fiurty informad of tia
lacta, "-ei np jtiir ji.i. n.eni o: the tigniti??me el* tba
jus'? i'.ut Pana elect tone, a? qsite equal ia tssadaaat
?to say uti Bael of it?wii.? ttie )adge n t of Moa*
fleur liurai.d, baal ed, ha ti ve '?i.t is., r Bed tStSt in
the*_n?e i* 1 Bda?t, of << 'in..-, tt.it li I lau liigt M
Ab si.isii :? ?xt*| li nal lu his intelligence of foietgu
adair?. Bul Bill ?
l'i ?ttilai.i g that, am ogOtbsts, thggg ?NBC wne
cLiti endi ol our nvii war ,r..m t: ?? ( .?u- . 1:ni
lanaliy: iscovery, sr lalksr, ?balding, <?: uga geo*
tiaphit-al baaadaiy of the l/nitsd btatsa at 1-60.
Fen.m ??ii v. vii. li. ati m pt nat! - .'? aoveraignlp, ot
ratner, of th* very j r.nci| le of BBtieoa ity, o? riitl
?nce a* s nation. Morally reelrictios in the brit
iintaiiie, and abo-liOB IB t a hi.? run, g1 ?ii.tety.
Al mallar of fail, the Cr.', ami latead I svs I BBQ sei
lorward and BBHBsi, the third kgBStsd loimaily, hi.d
nar ina.,v i ?Jt ? Ud u* ) ar; ,?ed ?gala
l-iiroi.*aJi opi.mu at hrtt bl ah, rCgBldlag the
natensl iijeiinniy ot lue Bsrtk, r?gti !mg the
?uprsine rigi.t a* vvull, anJ lbs n oral j owct Ibal
g. si with ii, vi a Govi inir.e: t to i!? let-.il iitelf. rs
gar?ling wilta! thu gua: BaderMag f? t whi? ii at
tits i uti' t no ?'tit fail*-l to tee i r ?.i.ti'i.tirely te lsel
Ibal bouthani Blaver? Bad NortBera FPaedem wara
l .e elea rd.I. t f '. I a I tl'i.ty I ??! tv aril mr..g- .'
(lovsrum'oi? 1 aropesa opinka ?t firn : i
i.--, prono t iel ' aosrfai r ander the jWslold away
ot to.v.r.Ati thal we iver' ?in i.gBS-t, ai? i I
r nvrtion tust ws mm tight. II a OBI '?? '
Baropeeet .j .. t s. tkeee ceavietions bsvs paaaad
io u.B tiste if bepe, Boob!, aatiety ead I ..t , ,
Howl..;, lid ?o i ?.?I, and i,o?, li on. a It tv timid
?polo?'*.'?, ibe Bestbsrs radi. hu. t osa to I.??* beW
partiaaaa aad eloqaaal ?li ??.?? vnti..,ii ataabsr,
poa knew.
I.?- a _ n'll : g dslsyed, aabappily qaalifiadj '.el*.
aaties of Wap} las'-Ver laietpeeed iii? first rssck te
ibe advr ree curri : t. 1 he Wallu w lioness rl Ihe
bowl sboal boirore of Bt. 1? mingo al wed tbal
lbs aa?'?ekargsd bal bad Bra k esrEsropeeg goa
m.?a?ws I ml let, had em ..ifafeii tiiem to gr.i't to
be eneuiie??in ile alidrilf. [Tear ameetsaidein,
l?a;jily 1 ?? ?our i?..,< n, lui -tut leaked at hi?
-wa-cii; llkcca s_aales kstwsca now and mailing
listBj 1 ii?-'irat-rii biiiori? al aial logical eoncsts
astsd alplanatioa sad axegesu btiitne JaipnetiUr;
nhrnj t aatamsat, sa I tbal n : ..?? i 11 biiafast bad? ?
general??ali ?a rektd.j Esgopesa opinion, on the
wl ole 1,'jite oitleraiit in tha begisiiiag of Ibe ?
v.it- .if tbe war from wl al It na? ia tks fllgt jPtt.
it Bgaia ebaagtag. Ike territorial peetalate Ig gull
genaiallt ri|a< led at an BSlreOB improiiabiiiiy, the
vii.dKhtio:. oi political aovereignty r.sii aboal
w'ere it slwuAt i. j, on a primary j t ?:-1? i?* itiui
1 may be ? } l.-l *i?o soul of SLy geeeibM ta-dy you -, ,
ti.o lOoli.hlv, bhudly, WniSSSgaiiaB, tmsi ed np, tin
:.:.::*: ami unnai .eabls, deniei!, rejected mor ti
IB?lit** al tia war li al last cuii.ii.g to be,
iaapita el slow-gong, ho:,,:??. daBtasp, ni aaart,
jaunty I'll.tn ittteiy, St u.io'l, popular piajSdiee, the
reesgaiasd es.au'? of the ce'if ? f tt.e wai ti wugrd
for. Ibera are limiteront intlieellOBt that EsiS] rai.
opibio'i i? raia? 1 Ling io the i tohabiliiy svsa of a
rest? ? : I tiiou, gita isatisg ea iha iii?sa?blHtj of?/t
i ...ug ..'. et a ti.nly of fire soil. 1 an. foiiy ami
rbaarrl f-?e?i to ?ay ti.at ti.e Aateiaaaral nit our
Gove****?se tara?bMtoaa*rtbiagbalree*-eetf?il es?
teem by hiea .t god an? i b tol . ir toetli m :.?.
ibo e-l': ..J (hi.Ai leint!, t of the (j iVen.i.ieiit
I lleelf bis getting te be leint a: ? n elated, a? u
' gentlinien ?aid ?S B e Ike oilier iluy, " Why, M.m
. Jlteu, a l-rin h (ioverltineiil t oti'd no1 exul ibroogfa
the ??e. ?. with tura ..mir as yours ha* sadatsd Bad
even earned on a war with fur two ycart,"
I i 1er Hugo ??ermita var un 'J'en un de La V.e
lil pabfaabed at laai. lie two BOM antram ing
? Volume? Ibal have iBBSed Ii. in tke l'i??i.rh ? ?. .?
Baeatkeif aatker'gkaskaad ?, ?.i hu ?on u tue,
lo Ute pro f eher-t* o,* j.*? Mitera' Us Von can SOSSl
on ths lageig 'A one band all lh? J.terary bingrsplies
ti al itt* woildy lo <oma Into ??.. <;,; union wnh ii fur
b?wit iiitig ms?Meaeea, for value bbbb btBtsrisck*
l b)i holiag cal Badi i?t thsgrowinof a gr?ai iiilal
lecl. Ii i an lo saal of few of the ncita'.let ot ttia
world as truly mt of Ungo lUut the hoy wa* father
of the man. Keating tl.-jts volaiaaa you (oin* to
love the boy ia mm b ai you admire the man, and to
rupert both aa you rarely retj BBl?or alua I have
rea-oj to retpact in their itnr'lv perional, private
chatactar, the celebtmas of litaratuis. 1 had marked,
in my galop u... .gd ii. ? vrluius??brokau only by
gros? want of victual at yeilerday ? break* fail and
dinner lor ona cn? ? muikad, in passing, her* and
thara a paaiuga for Quotation in lo-day'i letter. Hie
marked ? **??g*s, I tea now, would CSCBpy in trana
lii'lou ?oa-'t two jtsgva ol your wont, basti '1 iiinu.??
piint. In fact, half ile first volume and in .ni, all
ti.?? ascend i? marked. Some kind toul, ?oin? genial
man, thould asiek trem?ale them both entire, for
the aoul'e Bead ol Aiiitiioan reader?; not merely of
dilettante lovais or more serious lovers of literatura,
nor yet merely for curioui tludeuti of intellectual
development ni S Singular BBBS of ph?u"ii cnal-iiilnl
leciuul davel'ipmeul, bul ol other ?laasei of readers,
and ei] ?Miall/ of voung bridas an lof child-gifted
n airoi.a. tor ihsir d? light, and ol mill'd.clavai young
torn-fool?, who whine t -at ganiui ii akin lo lolly,
and tl.nl Nuw*Yoik Bol.eiuiauiim--the mott de?
gradad foi in of a very low order of nonaense and
unreason?hat any iisceisitry conueetion with
sxtraoidinary talent. Victor Hugo, when he
bad already barely miased being the lauroale
ot the French Aoadetny, winn (l.auaubriitiid had
baptized i.mi .'en/nut lubume, when Ina fame waa
widdy grown, and when ha w.n yet uudar J'l yean
of uga, waa the beat, moil dutiful of arma, a moiher
woialuppei. ?Not then, nor altsrward, ?lid bia genius
need the proofs of odd dren, or unpaiS debit, or im?
pure lovel, or m.y other slightest m tillie of self
rsei?e<t. lin i.ti.er uud yet nobler qualin?? aa a
man, for ..ia maiilii.eaa seeine to have beru aa
prematuiely develsped aa Ina ainv lally literary
quality, disjluyad in bia boyhood, ia bia vanset
childhood?all thase you will find charmingly " re?
lats-" by that " wilueaa of hu life," who waa the
playmate of Ins boyhood long belora being lils wile,
wat? was, riiiioualy enough, ins alban, ad brida eveu
before the hirth of aither.
Commitiii um National ArrAim.?Alderman
Pt!ley ye.t.id.y iBl'-elv.d s ul.|.|trb Ii.lil ill* .-?uti < rataidl'e?
os hill a,a: Anuri italln| they had readied Hatrtibuii lu
letett, hut wate BBSBia to ruth B-b* front a? c?iin.ualua
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?Illa (Ita m.d.ililli | frein (ia*. Cartia. Tba Camalttae
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ni our Mew Yoi* oUiiut who wat* ?li? ia lb* Bggg ttoyt*
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Ualted State? aft 1 li. Hiaamar 1'atsihsS, har eargr, ko.
Tbii being the first .lay of the July Term, and the
rsapsotlva soubmI bsln| datfron? 'hat tbs rasa ?lioaltl b? ?a
t?ied?< bavin? eemmaoced to d?y, It was ?ecordlcgly ?nt?re?l
i.j lb? ('.inn di ai-ru. ?? of tht? du
lit. A Y. Smith, wh.. at ( far? fur the muter of 'b? ve,?s'
I iti-il.il ths point of want of Juriadiiitlna over the lutijtet
na t?i oftbe aollun bv titi. ?uart. daunia? that the ecait of
lasdlstilrl to which the vaiasl w?? fir.t t- \en I,..I ) i-i. M
nea, sad not the Court el ths dil ti iel te wldeh ti. a ne?
It will be remsmbsre? tb?t th? P?t?rhoffw?i t???u to Key
Wait oo ha? ??film?, ?al ?t ths request of the slain ant- i.'.w
ob;satln| to JuiWdlotlou?wu ??nt to th? p<>rt of N?w-Tork
th? pi is? ruin.? at Rry Wail beto| cloud st that tiu.?,?t.d 1 ?
Ind..? abaeol In W?ahin|lo?. 'li,- .lu talon an l?ala pulst w?.
raiorvsd bv tbseourt, ?nd ths rss ll!i| of ti? proof? taken I
ths ra.? in prooeedsd with, whleh ooouptssf lh? Coait Iii?
? iitlis d?/.
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a rmzi.
Unit?! State? Bit. selioon.-r Nymph, her tack!
and oat?.', OUtlmui Apiti II I" J by tbs I rltxd Biala?
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Mil? bed ? carao of cotke, lira, (unpaw.lar. dir ?ood?, k
frliealiwte?Sameol M. JeSeeea arilraS hseeaa Sunday I
i iistge of His wltiiKMs? sod pa] tri. 'Its Diit-iict-Atiorne.
Mad * Uli?- staunt tier to-day.
0. B. COSIMlSSKiM lib' OKKIf K-Jt Lt 7.?B?fo ?
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DBKIIAI I'lMI IHK ...?.?'??-.?>. | .
li t?d8.at?t a?t II. ,, }<>:, ,.,.1
Ihe defend.int vtas arrest.-d on the ci.arge of can?
|-i| or : '. .' 11 to h? fallait tit. '?' totgrncl. ai m intstfsltad
? |ii|if, i, ' ti? Barrees of reostvtaa ft ? the iiiiatnuirt.t
ti? sBui of (-l.Oiai, s'ii'a*S lo li? du? for ration?, ro t.. bli?
and ' i.ii g.
J i.r a. . ??J wa?, ., m nan.fnatlen M (tis rbaig,. adjoined.
ll?fora Ma ?hal Mmi.li.
lit.... Kslil Iii ni? ? t.
Al? ?antler MoCevj au, ti Ultim Sawyer, und Wa.
(laura war* limn,ht I ,<te s tha Hmhsl hiving I s?n rai ?
I !? i a:t?uii>tiuj lu tua li.? l. kalla llirj ?sis Bald i i
?la;.I a'.mil.
BDTBSMfl COOBT i n iBitKsa-JiLT : -He/or? J??ti..s
St i ii a 1.1 ? s n
lia? ISIOBS,
Charla! S. RaWletl Bgt? Abraham I>. Mever et m.
? M ti n for l?ST? to sir.ri.d s??t??r lil foi ramp a? w.
, :.i -.. :, ?If. .'?? I. ' ?i ??.. i g tua- ly day?, ?Ti pay niant t f
g1 . ?t.. * l' B m ?!:. art. il.Lmi.i !.. t<? r.trl ?
lu fit i r?s?psat Mil ?. Stallt H.-???8 Inii.j i.t.
1 aidli.auJ M. jar--A ij. u'n?,1 le A .rus? t?toi
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[a theBMUar ?Illaaaek 1 Mr ?i alaaatli Or4?i astil?.'
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I- .- ?i.ii ?t a ?c i-?ith I |i.;!M ?t al - \l lisa te Ml a?, it
? nrsadliig? d?t : .'???, It... I a ii al s|t I.
. ti. an ?'. a.. ? il?| .it cool, n.? I Ha ij A. K.d.t ?a
\ to|i?N?i Ile tig ." sal ?i l-tad. lu ?ti? Ils liai.
?rrs i. n pasy aj? j i.n Lan} ' ?t a. -Jatapmmt mooni
ii ?ila???a(t Maty lia;?, l.ri rsiir? el t?r?.l to tai?
I..? f? '. r Stall ?ii to II?? i i ?ii | a. 1 a, j ?n.g t it.
?vi:? a d i?, i 'I w.tli lu , . Mar a W li ?t ? ti
?<t. I hit'.M \v II u|L; u?rml and aacsad au.. i,.iui?i.ia a.
.?vid. th.rd .ii. ?'
.laib Wmt el a! aft. Saopn'd Ka lilli ?I al i William
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V I .j ? i. . PI .? i ?el I'.ill l.v.ilaiu, Ada
li.??d ??r >| .''.st > li . ... ? N|..'mna os-lad.
IL.iVa A. iii ima. al ... agi I i. . . . M I. y
( lal. tad
? lal ajL .s,.iai ?li --*'? n r a'- : t ?u.tsJ by Um Oaik.
ti.iKT or COMMON l'i r A.-i Oaaaaas Tb??-Jcl?
T- 11 efv te J I .... I ? li !.. t . . ?lu r^B.
\\"m. U. Arn. ni a.t J. tarill. Homans? A i lg
? ? ?r-.-i ed ti, : , ; t ?
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t '?. ?a.?:? ?a . a.1 ...a .r? J., iga si.I tiXtianA
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A .t.-- tassaial.sgt '?'-'? liradtiu-i.-?JuJ?-..? laiT-iusd
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? on \ -if, ?.' ? i - iii st a. ? .'udjuisnt
?ft-'ii ol I 'in ? 1 t lu j,
llsniv .. i.i ? st l i'. :n I - ?- ? MS A ?I ?t ? ?^ III
t ladt 'ili'in.! ' . t III
ll-n.y I Y a set Mai -J i ?? .'. ?i a - i ???, ?i.i t-?
?a.? ?vcr.i at 'v? Ja.-.- ?? isa in?' al?ase!
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timm ia???sal ?Ma Bl ?'? ' i i ? bv I'? ? I
I.aa. It. ll.ii. ila'. . i. A ; J mag vit,I,teat.
witt, taata UN ? f Hal?. J
Hearse Kell .i a?t IA tillea Halar ? JuJjBj?i.t ?Sir ?l
. ,io I s Bj ? .?i?. J
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K? sit .'..ta p ji art. V. oi II Ira? .-. ! J I, ?-la'
fl.'iu? i I i lal .n t y 1'a.y. J.
:i'?l" i "Ii'h PUT! t . ? ? .' i - I ia
v?r au OS Bia? h. l'a . J
Na-.t.aai?. Ji.l.o.ai. ?g- tmttk Talla? .1 a?.'..'.
Iliraau ti? eeeas) l >| n. ar. b; |i?J. 1
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fiooi .Utru.ad w ib ?io.-.i. Of leekyBraS?
Laaia li Iii totals??? a?i ii? ii.?? i vi I .. ... -3?lg
u sal ?M i ?i ?i" ?
Lan U na., a?, lulay M I ,:, rv: ?' ?
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ree Mayat, i '- to, A mi ? isaasasi? ia ,
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trialatSaeeS, ? ?te I? ?bl??? ?el O] ? ?
hau? ?|t S?im 0 la? ?. .?*; - . .- ?.'..?
S ii aaaaj ", lal ' y mad? J
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lam. a??inad ? .i. ? I la Optai ? .?, t J
li. Al a. I.I a? ?I ?Vant, Ila.I imifumt ti
?.ui.ttii ?m -. .i. i i.? Bra Ij J
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lal i ?'. ?1?: - - S < ?
li?! aa ' Sit ?i a?' lot., M?i?.i '?' ti u far t?
a.a ia??BI k - I Bl ' ? - ?
1. Vu li. ida. ti, l Ja i lu? li I .?? ? . v - '?i ? ; ? ne I
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J. Vu li we ?,. I. ? n. it. JeSsaMM .???laad. w.th
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1 libel ti. t ??' M1 Altal.am (i odian-J. ?411 ?ni
alt. in tri. ?iib 1 ?la I ijlal ,0 t>, His ' ? J
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vtji.ian. Lau ??al a?t Jik. revaaeeaS J . .f ? ?ot
?d tii.-.i ? 1 1 '? , ? 1 J
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aval aad ?.It lull I1, . t| I nit J
Uni. Mi..11 a,'. J ka 1 .a? Ji.dtu.ai.t aC. : <-d, with
to.'.a 1 ii lalee bj III on J
, a .? Uafietrasl ?^ ? t Ina - Hitit a; r?a?J frsta rs
vai.al ?, . I. it? opt lea 1 y lii.tuo. J
Beal hi??! Iii' a a.t VS in V I .? OrSa? ap;>a?l*d fraas
is?..- . 1, wi't. Bl -;? ". ? by Mille? J
!? ra? j? I'.aii ?|l J B Bv? ; A. .' j , ?a. u,.u.ia??d ? ill.
? .' . -i? 0| at? ty Brady J
Jil ? la m? ?'a' aft It .1 I', .r -Jud<u.si I af
fl;:..?d witt, ?n niu U1.1...1 by Butty J
1. .. sa II 'i.lsi H' ''"? Mayal A nilli snaaiad
frai ?Miail will * I ?eau >,i lee by BraSy J
jan.?? Itttlll aj iSlLal Vi / .1 ?' - -I ii tit a- , - ?
'iu!i. .thru ?.I. ? it p. .1. 1 (i keb' li M a J
Iel lit J.. ? a.I Anil 1 ? 1 ? ' ii. : a, i , tie. Itou.
b1 i> ?I wi'.ii a> io.', "i.ii la? bl ii. ina J
i1. rii j ?,1 Aiii.i t l.t? lasara ? ' ? .. ,?yj ? J -J<
ii,sci sBtrinad, w..:, ii? Oyi a Wa by Daly, J,
t'Ji'BT OF i.l.NrliAI. if -?Hiu.sa-jfti 7-llaf?!?
Jnea Mi ? -?
This m'iri.iiiir a OnMM Jar* ed twei.ty.fonr WBS
? wom. tym A Ila; ? j ??, . bavtaf I -t.. a? actsd BBSaSei
man. J .d|? Mi 1 a , ? I ti ? J . ) B| mi ila ur imaiy
ItllBttTJ pin?.1.?ni an! ti.? J ui> lailiaj t? Ibeli luiiui tor
iiLi'KUlUR OCWIT BsaOISI l?k?-Juiy 7.-U?for?
Juii m M. 1. mmr
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Kmery E. Childi agt. Jlmry I>. St'.r.r -Uotioti
?1? .... i w '. . i ' lil lo .ali. da..i .1 i.i|.,? ,,. i.< ?lull
(in tri na.
Will Ward BotB?..? OBS si ! h.ra sees s more
o' an fui --on.1 ?ty ti an took tliatr wsv to tha hi!? lUlisad
I'spsl ystMidiy. la ela..? . f Mi II yiladjaa of ti.a I'bl.
drsa's Aid Seelsty of this elly lh? patty wat ti ? '? ap of
bstwtao ?0 and Vi ol.liJini. ?J. ef whom aeainad to la lookls|
forward with plsaalr.| autlclpalinn? to tlinlr n.w koi ?? In tua
v\ sal Ml. liiaoo. th? h?< isuiy of lb? Uoolaly. ?O' otupaalaa
lbs part.-Inland, og, ws balUvs, U lusts Bli ?atsuil?-d IsSJ ?f
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to tbs V\ ?at ii no? It? orf anttat ?i.
- -?.
Bfi.L'i Ilstii.?The niKirt of the Cotila market
this wa?! g vs? SSaaanasaMBl to (!i..?a?l.o b.?? ? an?d
otar ti,? a '.?i ? vf <?i(l. pit ai for uisat that lbs Imasioa of
tbelr poekalt It abonl tatt. Evsry kn.d of bulebsit' Biiluisls
al? luwst this 1,.siitl. tl.au .?it In ths wadiuiu sod lufsrlor
(ladas of i'eaf catii?, th? da .Ins I? ?tjual to two or Ihr??
1 ?ni? ?pound for th? in sat, an J ?boat half that ni on tait
?oils. 1 liar? Is alae a lai|? da- lina upoa ?beep aod lamb.
and a eeot ? pouud upoa lb? Uva w?l|ht of ?aal ealvaa Li.?
bo|? ara ? till!? low?r, bal nal ?Bough t? ?B??t ti.? ratall
ira.ls Yoi lam?, oiuttoa. lamb, ead vaal, batohar? will nu
douliltdly rsduns pii. ??- n t ?j iii? to tb? rita? a year ?g. but
?1 ?11 narliiiig t' al ?t.oiiaiJ We ha?? war, bat a? Ikuiloe.
l.st na lito h'.ps'? ?y.
[AiivsrtltsiaaDl I
H MIK" utii's KniKH'iAN Minmi hki..?j and
O?-mi a I'?.' l-a |Ivb til? t lulu ital.'s sntsrtBli.ii.si.ti tin?
a'tsrn ino ?ii<I STSiiiur st HaBBlM'? Mi ?RD? 'l'-'U i mi ?a
bl? btaiitiful and luvrlf Utils Wise, sort I ?iu. NcTT, ar? tv
Iib mpii day ?1 d >??? un ,? (ilile li praltivsiy tlir.r leal Wr?k), sa
are also a mullltude of oliint uorrltia? and Wondai?.
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'? Tur Hi'MAN Face 1'iiiNB."?Pre New
l'livii"?'i"ni j, " Nstf?." Tb? 1 ?n.psiaiiisnts, l'hvttniuf v
{'.ycbiiToiy. bool sod llody. aUhom ofj, A Nsw Variai Anglo,
Our Miirla.li-.Utl"!'?. t'uurl.I,.,., |,.,id Braugbani. Aaoa K
Dli klaseo, Hlouswsll Ja. k. .11 and Dr lilion with ?0 albai
.Hu. ttalion?. la lb? Juli lisubls-N?. I'liBBBiUKlitaL
Jiiniotii.. ile. by Him pest, or Bl Ml a you. Adiiou
y.iwi.aki g Wii.u J * Hi i.aJway, flaw-Vuik.
I Adraitiasmant.]
bbatbu 7| Oi Tai? sls|sallr .-aivsd Puitua no1 asad sis
inoiilha will I.? sold ?t ? greet bar,ali. for r.atb, er looullilv
uayaiauu New I'iavi. lo har al No. ill Bf?nla?y. li
Vv?T?ai Aguit
Anira Ol (Jf BlOtk I'*? linne???**s_t7?
?gjgg V. 8. *", 11 Bsf?..iat I W Psss? C*i (Ta.13*.
l.tU (j i '?. 'i ? ,'''.''( ?. h ? ??' Pre'. tt
-lil?*' i!... ?. ? Hail I:, .oa!.?-1
?ii.ljlO 'la.... I'll 1 I 4?.t-J.J?
i into V t. ??(?-* t C? i "ij:-fl .?t.. . .i
gg gla U. 8. Sa. _?yi tai' (i M i d*.a 10 91
l.ikW _o.1'? . i-.-," d.'."?I
14,IKS) (IO. f? l ? ' 'Rllu' 1 fill..11
B,WW T.i n ???:?"- *-.?-' ? d'.I< :?(
itfios d.. (M Mt c.his UM
do. ' ' ?'? <! I.I', u ?'
1,000 lo.U, ,4'<J ?.'???.
SiKO Vliilnli Hl?te6t... ' ti Mir!.;,m ( ?n. Rh....l |*
10,000 N. ? ?i ?? Baals I*,.. Ml M d.I'' A
7 ii- Min-. irl -.i? " .. * I Pi III ("au. fa li ?? k.... t*
?0,00?. do. ?IfI M a?.I i
(-.?i Mo. a Mi.i. K Ctf. M It N r. Baal M/s?. I.B.... Bas)
? (?no do. BM ..v?. Ml tv S M. I*d. HK. O'
is,!?! do. III.taut e<.. HI
I.tssJN. 1'. C*nl. :.',<,.. li: :t>0 d..ale Itt
i.t-D*1 rtitith j?u i.d...i?s ?7't do.a? bl
? Is-?' Hi A I IV LI '',?.IV mi da. ... "i'-i
gja? liar. K. g. M ?tge II J M go.....?tusa",
I uOf. Mieh. H .. .?, Pa....HO lu? ?I. I"?
3,'OP III. Cse. H I M* III -'??. d . ?'.i
1 ono ao.Ilga uki ?io.Uli
1.1*00 A at? 'I II lal Bl'? II P | l.'O d'?. id I
li.cooa -i ii Me'ltVlN a?) ?io._ea_ .
It,tgl A - T II Io. Lt .. Pi l-O du.hm H'l| .
?.?mo ? hi. . H.W. 14 ute l ia.."".1. ?"" j
?launi.ti? ktt.it b*....11 i tit do. '
iO.Wku.Vlaa. 1 M I. i..... t , ' Mi. g '. N 1 (J, BU 116
10,(-*' 'i?l. k w it ? tje "'i loaili CaetialBM ?-? i I?
lit. tgA-Brttaa (J .... r ? .vi d".I'-'i
40.100 d*..i..! 1 ' do. i 1
4.*>t?i0 Ho.1 ? A i do.t".
li. II.til I;? ona en-e ...I' ? IS .'.
tt' l sidon ' ititi*, y. .. III. t'en?. ( al ii I
t*i'?cili.: MsliMu. CS..II ' ? '. . I ':....
SO de.?'!. . de. |l
SO it. ' " .Ia. ... ()
ill N. V. le. tin |(.|l ...... ii.,.
da.!.? i . ''Hal ii ?dil. K. li.?"{
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?."0 do._a-.i .ni?.hi it it laissai B H ? ??I
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PC .1. ? ?II. 4 1'. dil 1
m Brie a. a i*iai.)? ? t? rai. aw >. ... h i? . *?? ,
I I .I...I . ?. P., ii VV A t !, HIMI .
Hi Hudioo ili'BT ith. I.I. . It ' ' '1
.'.?I do.i i ?
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'.0 de..3 1 " aJlos S T-llBSta Pi
?I?) do.a I ,"
no ?a.?li III |M ga.
Ill do.,i ir., i M ga .. .71?
ii? ga.. . Ita l?ei ? tv n g..., :i>'
? do.?. IB . . ? _ I'.?!. I"
0.9 gt'll, B*i ? ' Rt ? ' ?
?T,.?' Ter.'i Hist? M ' I.. St I**) ?!.
ii?,oeo do. i,.i t ?' J?. t
i...?t ali...ni Sir. ?. . it i ? Kick .?'?:.: I
i. dm.t to T7 :-i la. i 'I
li a te. - ; .
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. ? do. .*.-.-.. lair*
li?.,WO d ?.1 u i o .
2/4" do. IB) ' " - .?
?'??ni..?J* - -i dm.
luv i on B*t ?? I ' ? ?.I .?'. k1? ?"* ?:.I -
?OTscltr Mall S fe..J .,'.-?
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lag j.. illa
J'?' N. T t ?niril i.R.Uti ..-" . i
J'?J d* .li ?,a?iM: I. B AH
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? -i Fal. Bil ir wed...?.
um do.?.
l O irl* hil ???? l"r?r,t It I
i.* Hud. ili'st I.H .IB
-O 1L.I:
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in it it th? rtltll it-na* it 4 r ??
'.hrtyi Ati.?r..?t ?. . , . | /'? 1 ?i . ' ....1
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1 ? ? *t. ?i i.d ?'?al..bit li | I.'tt Mick, g-* hi :....: I
111.*? ? I ?..(.'li.III l'A, d*. 1
>i i*.latta M Hi i ti. t ? r*. i ?
??J file Ballway..3 j ti de.I |
11*1? tS?. ... I? t 'U I .ev |?d IT.:.. Ml
>?i la. ' I ?) d?.|
.'? in... . .?It . ) fe an. ,
I? J-' ttttmtmi.1 i -??O it. ti
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ate Marlee? Balli**!. ?i '?l . I . t :.:... ti
UM li...?. | 1 li.tea*-'.A ||
T i ?.. ty, Ja!y 7-r. at.
Y\t ttt-ck market gpcaed Krong and BM
bj Tbeeacagftkc g et**** bbbkel u
lasge saraiaga sf tka gcomiaaalrailwaysam '.i
IsspilSB lpt1 slgjllg feeing, ai.d ti.a Baikal ad
rsaesd beyead ike al? ? ; ,, rates of yceterday. At'
a g f-feioii of li?- lio.rl tie i? .* '
. ..i: ?' ? :i r i ? . ?' t: *. ? ,' . at li I ?s.
liga. (? lemana? aad i una)
?karts weis <i.? dedly ! i ?..:.;. llidtsc K.vtr ton-1
..I . ? :.? Batta? 1 hfre wa* couei.I
rraha rat ilen <.d.l ?A 1 :i it w n? I .'le.! al (tia B ?aril. ,
li paat t" I**4. Bfjaia I 170" jrccieec?y, aod*- Iber
tana- tu..?. Bold for le', ta'l.r IS. .Mi.h.
?an ly.uih. rn wa* B_B Pet** a. live, over
t n (I -.?ti d i* aiee hug ?ol 1 at the I .
? | - .'j ?? Kraaca. !.. s Bag e ?*
t.. .y? ?: IO.Bil i .., a.i.si I j| J _?, Bad
BBcrward t? Id tor lui. A n.'di als Itint wa?
doas la Erie aad Hariea. Bsfoee Ike mat
?r ?ta- ..ml lt.aar.1 ..Ila lal rejuileuf the i a? lure of
Vi '.?I irg w i r-* let tivtd, i. ti lbs tSB
k?; 11.a,. i. i ile. i , ed (i"in 1 >*? to VA, mud
. t ti ?i i ? ia gold ti.tr? wat i n? lerabiede
-? . ?' . .., a: d Ike niai.'.ft wa. ' ?evy and '
I wer. ii . s ?. It vrr sold ?'. ???rn io lo'j, New-,
Yotk I'ciitrfil t" 1I7| ggBtaB I . ?"i tkt I
' . i, ??.;,.a ni? at . 1 B__C BUM ka, BeWCVCT, r.i.'ini. -.
Iib TaaBOileiBneedkaii.i mil f ' ?? ngprit-e?:
D I **, VI, Caap?, 109 I IBti Au. u ?; li,
l-T.'i u I IO, T.ni.ee..? Sl*"e t-, C- d ? ' , M -? .
?vat* ia, '. li B79| CbBton ( otBpaay, .'?* aBBi ( ita?
hsiland Coal, .1, a '? T. KbBS lpCeo>
paitv. Ill I 1181] If t a Tub ri-lial Raiirc ?!, l18
iiiiii. Ir? Bailtray, B9|BB4| Eric ia-MBf I
I'refetro! I01|?I0I|| llnd...i. Uiver BsBroad, 178
?17'.', Ilsileni ?I.i.load, IIJ ".'ii, Raa-tag Hail
road, 1 ?'?--. -i, Micblgaa CsaBal Balk ed, 108b
IO0?|; Michigan .>i .(?.am and Non! ern In nana
Ka d'.a 1, '? -; I ! "i, Mi I r I I d. ? I ai.d KcTtl era
ladiaaa Hailieed, OiBiaalitd. .ii..* nil, llliaoii
Cealta RsilrcaJ? Iflt^olli-I- Clsvclsa * ' ? ?
bsrgb ffailnad. l!!|t !|; ii. Baaadl [sags Bail?
,'ivl, 'i| i"?l.,('i ' sg" i'i.1 I.o*-k Island lim load,
.M o'j-''i, Ckieago gad Bertk^Wectara, 8B|B99|. ?
Frai.ht* are ??li ? iti.| <>. tmut Maaagl ni ia'?*?,
and the matketlat.i aalBB?lea? Tu l.ivi r| o? 1 ib?
Sligagemenla are 1,000 taae I."?w?s'l, at'.*''?., ami
?cr uautrtl flag U,008 Lii.ln Is \Vl e-1, si 7|?I. in j
ink ? i:i,i.'?i hn?i.ti? Gota, at 7'.1. in hdik ; an i,h'!.-.
Magas, st ...ii. li., sad per ilrtmer 7,('?J?l lastiiels'
Wiest, at Id. Te LLiadlBl 11,808 back. Wheal, at1
:jd. iu hulk and lagt; 1--U tuna Bag Oil Cake, at
'.".'?. (id., and | ?r neutral tl.g 1,008 I bl?. Flour, st
ila. 3.1. 'lo Antwerp: Uni 1,1,1?. | lour, a'. 3a. Va
Btterdam: I,(XK) bbla. 11 . ir, i.t Hi. 3.1. To Glas?
gow: I'd.vW bu?h. Wheat, at 7J.|.; lifii bbls. Flour,
at 3s. Gd., an?! 1"0 pki-a. I'r.atacBOB, at 3.'.?. The
charters sr? a N'orwigiun bark, to (otk and a mar*
kal, with I"" - 1'- Crain, at 7a. 'J I., aneutial
I ark, "ii the aaine voyage, willi 80,000 bulb. Cr* n,
al 7s. Bl.| a v.-?sei, to a direct lush pott, with
(iiaiu, at 7a, (id.; a vessel, w iib (ii si ii to Coi k and
and a market, with iho privilege of >.',? L'uiled
Kingdom, eui I'liiig th'- weet eeactef IiaUml, at bt.
? quarter, ami au Aumm-au vessel of '?.Ho tutu,
from lbs Brandy wins lo Haul* Crut, at fl ?' ii.
Ilia Im dies? of th* St.h-1 leaeury was: lieceipts,
tl.IH.lll mW Igg Ciiil-m-Houi*, $130,1-.; Fay*
manu, $4,'.''Ai,(J.'a3 :? , Baluuce, $'-'l,'l.?a,7e>J HO.
ins ?Sow-York l.tp-ntahle Instii am s (o. bal da*
clare?! a dividend of ID ?P cent, free from Uovein
mentlal, patah't? ou the 10th mat.
i he Merchants' lnturauce Co. a Mint-annual divi?
dend of 10 ? tont, | at ahle on deiuaud.
A dividend ot 6 IK cent ia paid today on the Mad?
ison and Iml.aniipolii Hailroud atock.
The Money market continuel very eaay Badge tie
large piiym-riita on accouiA of dividend! and interest
and other disbursements.
Cold opened this un-runig at 138, with rather lorn
excitement than yeiterduy, and advanced al tim
Board to 1-.?-.? i:---??, willi aalet of over |.'Uij,C00,
i-li-iiig at I-'.*?. Abolit 1 o'clock the market took a
downward turu on official reporta of the aurrandei
of Vu kulang, and the excitement in the ilreet
greatly increased. At the Heoond Board Cold ??Id
for Hi'?.'i .11 -?.-*_. and closed lL-aveniiig at lH.'j J IX>.
Foreign F?xohang? nuotiulsd with (?old, hut was
dull al! ths day through. After opening at I'?'-*', it
sold down to 14n, and closed al 146 o 147.
The Dry Good? market baa been vary quiet in all
ileperlnieutc. and lbs mrrander of Vickahnrg will
undoubtedly cauae a declius in prices, though there
are bo dsoidedly lower quelaUona at yet.
w I
At Un? meeting of stockholders in the Clevi^and
mid Pftteharg Balhaad Oaaasaaj, it was decided not
I" t>.HW any moro ti th? bonds to be converted
Into Iii ck, aud ?nth decided opinions n^at-uit a lease
ol'li ? ninl k18 %> cent 4>> atiiinm to the ?toi kholdci?
wire e>, n sued that the parties applying for the
???i,-..? did not press tho p< irt.
'lh" ti'st National Bar.k of New-York has com?I
pistad lia orgaahaatlaa, vtith a capital of $.00,000,
Bad las depasitad its saaaritiss with tbo Comptroller!
of the Currency at Wnihingttni. This inititn?on I
?m1) ? pea Tor LiuiDrfS al ile new oflhe in Wall street, |
Biri*/ MU week. The officer? of the lank eWted
mc lamnel C. Thompson, Pr?sident, and Jatnei
I>.:rj ! ey, Cashier.
The filltywing are the price? and salei of Stocki at
tie Mimo? Stock lloarl, New York, July 7, IfQi
Offsr'S. Aak'd ' Oflsi'.l. Aak'd
r- WES Cinty. i| 1] MtnhfttUo. 4 ' I
.? I i V ?ie ?rd.? ?
r.-pIttV?. 4 7 'Vlnrweeta. M 100 1
? ???.la.. 11 H Nilli oal..tv
ti"i? .t':',g,c r-n:?..-t, ? i.. i. , a
.i' a,. 41 ii ".t i ?goo i.V.?. y'-i) If 3|
! t .' as. , J Oglma . 2} 3
yietgitru lilt iff .... 7 I PrwaM?.? ?- |
? lu.- -'??Illiver .... I l| VeUt'i'ifgti).tu I
!?!?.,. lu .'O ? ?fontiee......8 ti
li?...- i ,?.lt. 2 21 ?,?.?.?. 1 ]I
Li aad Pot tags.23 - I I'iar^ntli Hay. li I?
J ., .BV aj'qu.nrv . ti M
llaoililoa. Ii 2 triait? Hill OaM....IM m
tinto*.1?| ISllRoekleaS.l.-J 2? 4
?M.11 II Be-part?.'a '.\
I?., ia. 3 ? 3.|,t.awSa'tt?I uil.U M
I,.?li'.)_ I II Vrru.ont. 24 4
Bee? sa.6f s |WlaBhaaa. I -
?ai ka
?or- I.a??l. 1 leeNervrteb. 3J
IM U.i.n-tlliil.Hil, ttCautral.?f
The afgngata aaasaai af Exaaraii sedativa <t
?i .-t ;*, from New-York le foraiga port?, for tha we? k
eadiag July 7th, wes o'. H 1,999.
The i'?-; ????te fir ?*! '-'O'? to-iUy at the Sul-Trcasur
Si's ibIk,emeITITI. I st pBti,Sou direct; |St?2,000
. "lltit. '
Jina Tt. July 3
Hi..-oti.,ti...Bi: ?n i.'i |i:o,i,nn Ds,..$i 3-1.101
Kpscl?- ??71,201 ii- , .., ? JLr .. 12 1?
?'on . ..'- 4,1T7 h If Ut II--... I) *: ?
Uri 1 ' gime..n::u:i iU.ll7.caO I ? -.. 1,441,010
. . ?- t..- ,lie,S3a,30S IM.MS i'l li.'... P ' PI
'1 his statement el.ows a itoady movemsot, with
f .- eiraptloa 1 f the dis.cunt liu??, in which the ia?
.'.'.?".?'? i? nearly fonrtecu bun.led theaSBBd delsMl
1 ? I.rai t r e :u i. any v. neks ti.? re i- uti iTiiT. use
.rt uia'ii ii. Dum ?th? Meek tajwSjtyHww ad
? ' a ka in? reused their louti?, an \ tfiir'y ti eir t-? v
'1 m tania pi speaks faaartad to eiitalatiea and
?iej-esita o, oaVSa, ?* rout BgafaaM 83.93 i' c?nt by the
prerieaa lapert, ihewiaf Bfalaef&lOO'ef I 9 tent
.u ii 1? rsUtite Mreagta of the ?|**<ie iu,e.
Th-? fol!o-.t 1 na< talilo will show the i;el incrntse of
ti S i"Hn? Iron, ihe ?-turnan? eyaent of the pin h at:, u
1 f the weah-h raposts ia 1833;
DiSS???ta lt?-i ? "' n. li -isa??
\ 1 ? iori??.u :n asi .... gi.. .111
Jss.IUDsSaSi.lS94.aai .... 8.J. I ?.J
lO. dB. ? a ISt. .... .... t 1
Do. do. IMS,eel .... .... . , /
1. d? i?'Jt i.st .... in.csi no .. .
lo du. I ? ..t .... .... 28ill?,J>J
Do de. ISN ort. .... 1 2i3 Hi
Do. d* Isis aat .... .... : .
Do da. 1 SI n?t _ .... 2? ti It '
Da 'te 1 ?:. net .... .... m. 1 x1
Jau I to Mar 31, '.Ui, oat. MAIM
Ajrll t, V").ai"1"T0H STj.tKI
April II la'?. 1" Ml BO 2 ' ?' : S
Anilin. I*-.1' ' I - '.-I i"i; t?il
At -i. ?. if '.;:.. ' ? H .... i
May I. lau..177 M4 MS .... I . I
Mar I. 1"*1.lS.lU.aiJ .... i.
Way lo. I-J. i.110 711 d7?
'i.y .3. I? I.DI I I ii .... <??* TI i
Mu IS, IM.II ti*?M .... Nalia?
Jsi? t., I? 1..lii.*45""> .... lit ?14
Ibu? IJ. U'iJ.lie i l.??,?7
Jsis.'O ls?3.1?"jMO - tlllu
J uti.. I '.a..?V.r,.'ili I.lilt o"i
Jaiy 4,1a?..Pti-t *? I . tn.iol
Nst i? lass?. .BTILtlTlfH
1 :,t f.'m.wing table tvilli-otnpare the prisent c?ndi
uon of the I ai.it! of the CitJ of New-York with that
al ;. ? Mess ni the sorreepeediag nash hist vtw:
I ?li'' Jii.r J I-iii.
MsaeaeBi.ai?M?U.7li ai74,m,i?e lar..pu6.4vu
Nja^ls. il "?.M? J? Ji.i.6i% Ino.. S.S?.1S7
ti .. ati.is. Arti n g. i. 14 |.sc. 3.J:-?'.-i09
OteasHbb.hi'.?.. :?'.?? .- 111,117nM lue 4,171.731
Wal Set osa?.... l.'Ttiail'yt 1 .i r la?. 31,??3joI
CaaMa. sii.'ssso at,U8jM lue. j mp
1 he s'S'sa ry,L i t ihe PI Dads!] h:a backs for tht- ;
a?l iwu weeks coGij ?re as bUoerai
Ju'.i : ' JalT?
t aalul BteeB. Bll.aj; i?an.i !
??an.. 3.'. '""J S3.83H.su P??. .1,3:", 8M I
i--. 13SB.M3 4.JSS.7U !r.. . .".?.?
i .. -i ? i. ? th.r I ?nX* I.BSe.SBI I M -I? lur . Ml.'It.
!' e t? .i??i ha?.??. Ml? '1 4, ? ?. Dec.. ?'? I
? y .11.. 31ti?.'-t : 104,144 De?.. S.SM ?M
. . giailea.. 2.: ?? ..j :.'a , n (a T.1SB
li.? f. li"\?iiig i? a ?taten.ei.t of Coal IMS itsd
tu the Dalawaia ?ul Hada s Ceaal
Ko- ths areas
s.d..? J ||| 4.
I a awi-? ?r.. :i ?dsor. ("si.si ("u. 1
1 ea:i- ra..u C Bl Ce.
1oU. If.?.
y, r the ?'itn" |?-rii.il hut year i
I'.'l?. ?a ' | '. ' ... 0 . Ill M
I.1I..I.T. .B . OBi Co. 1.? JJ?
Totaltun?. KiJU
The Itali'?- i ih,!.'!. for July i< i.uins > sam
n sty .if tv of the ]'roduc1 of ^i bl aad silver in all
ihe I uiiirirsol the earth at tins time, ccrc?:irej
?a,ih the ?aanl-Bev IS47, baaMa California |(oid wai
n,.. \e Li. wn. LThs general lasallS of the in?f?:.k-a
ti..tt are as f 'I! rSTS I
K'tiii '-'BStwarti v data i' arr"a'? that th? pSedeeMM 't
(ni alni .'l?jr ti r^ojft. nt in? ?sr ii '.?a I iaSlB| i?d ?inr? it?
ltd ?Um rarj ?.j?I i Calif?cale (IMS I rae p? ductien
a nu?ll? la in? ?i ??? i" i ? i? rta iiedat #SI,M ? ? j
wi.-.-h Kuri ?i-i Mel >?>???? -? I - o ii ?. Nea
II , , r ?d rl ii ?.tiii.atr 1 al I ??? * U ti.? amoBiit jro
Mehi omi; j li. llis s.ilnt ni (>eiivtla brlo-i ??tluia.sd
tal ?i;
l'sar Ut? Yea' "?ni
i .gmt ta. pyn.vtino
Otitiufaaimmmtlb? L'ni.?d States Bl.S00.OSS Itionei-ea
llrlit.ii t iiluB.t la. sN-i??
Ms'ic. i? - a- ? ? j taaeo,oea
Be -iti AaisiiCB. I ?? 'V 1 ? ??
T. UlNurth and Sooth Arn.r.a ti U0.MS lu ... ,.
Ita.?ia.,. li.iwoaea j2(ii?ii??i
OiBel parts mt Karopa. m?,i??i S.HtV.t.iu
tita as.i Atrina. 4 oo ,SSS l,77S,BtM
Aonr.lla.? . TS.UOSOOl)
-.et. /.??Ist d ?ud Hritl.h Colon.ca . IS.aiS.0ns
Allulhei couitiK?. ?.'?? t,
g ita'a, li? ?nd 1*?3.gSMlMS gtli,I.'5 00o
Th? editor add?.
Ttis viat s.-O'itt a.atlrp? sf god of ths is?' ' i" yaars
ai>.i.a laigaly lu Iha liri ?fi? ot tba di ? i *??? ? ? s d J ?a.
b : nain, li/ gluing ali lu.r lia to rcmiii-i a foi I mai nfao
im?? Baa? ?I? aal Isa? ?n laditaatli be??SteS, be te st ?
r ins? cf trad? I? a -fti lLat guli Bril I', .w is tloar . iu ittt>i
a hsrs ;?o- i :. -Br?i ..t au 1 whara '.be iiiaisu foi cot on
tu? u o.: la'i'.il Ol fa I.? .i.a iaiga.t !???! It li.? li lu J
.tan ostliitsd to lh? fast, that nolivttkit.m! ug lb? ad li tu al
Beavan ann ? ett,? |iraciou? saisis wtUiialaev??i (e-artesa
mu iii.tui'iii u??i ona il ii.ajii.i m., la ? ef Sellan
Unte to really bel Bttl? mors i<n luud in ibu t'tutsd Htsis.
a ii I i XV ? .l-ili K.i!S|lS tbau in ' ttA?l li I I u ' ? i rai IB ii,
tbe Beak ?a* Bnaaa h?id 4M r..t... ? r fteaee ba stlv? a :
ij t- illili? In g..|d i wlir sa? low, simr a pt rlud of twslvs
)esi?. it hollis nu ni ii" '? ot 1'uth at?tala
la lae yeal ISM, tba Ra. a uf i-.igau.l h?M C0.MS.SSSla
bul.n. i ? I i-i> u. wi ,i >i w>?. lu fsi i. foi ihe ssaagii st baap
?tbsjs. t ?tuca bauki. fteamp nain, ?aS nmi. i'liu.ii
uialula. tng hut an ali ., a. Is isasivra. 'lilla yssr ?Jw Bu..l"n
arid rotn ?f tilt. Bal k of y ng'.ai.i <-,? ? I'?ni l?| tu III inn
limas ?tailing,ao d lia Bl "Ich ?ud in?! ii.na. ki 1 0,..?' !r in
v? u lob ?il.ii.i. i s .o.ie? lu? i- m -fat stive tablai
leal nos Y??r inii3
I!auk of Kanlaiid.?110,1*<',.?.-?' B:\,?o n-o
li vi 1'rai.i-i-. lUteSaVSN Ht'.Ut-ii.ia-tl
i.a'.ta I? I uitsd stali-t. ??? li" i i-o,i> ?i
1 .,'.?'?.* ?? . l?< ,""o pii.,.iv> non
We laka tha Mlawfasj fiom 1'kt M.iicxd.ct ii'u
iVllill I
UM M iwlnjlt a Hit of offlsra and p ,. -j-, cf '.tie
n.wly oi.aiua -al II.Ina ita? and Si I'aio Ita..way t on.i any
r-aaidsut. I> M. Uaabeei Vin riatlSaal. Uaa w li ?.
.siina. Vanagsr. p.. Ii O..odi.,u. MapetlaiaaSaal, B I
Maru::, ii.i?. i..ra- !?. M. li...;..?, liso. SaiM>. lit?! Ssj
ii., ii?. Y. V 3ou.ee, lli.ais.i .-?aga. ?N. A. towdicy. 11. U.lisu,
of Nsw Vot'? lisa ty. K.g?i?. ?. Mit. Ibu. a Noynu, A
i m. ii. .->. t k.iiiisilsiii, Alnwauke?, Wat uould. A.bsay
H, ..
1 li? nsw Trrtldcnt, Mr Hugbss, la * gsnilen.kD sv?-iy wsi
? 1'ia iliii.i fir hu jiiiiilitia. and lill ntui Will l<? of girat ?A
ga?sf theCsiapaay. Maflaaskaahada bibbeapaneaca
In i.lined luanagsiiisat, havtsg ht-?ii tor tuno yssrt a l>l
ttoroi ths .New.ork t sutral UoaJ. With II?. ?eaalrb b
..ni I u.i.??? i ou.m n.iiy i a,a '.'ran fai:.: i.t for year, lit
b?s bar? Mu|ieilnt?ad?tit or ths ?Id losd ni y ?si?, and baa
mu a lilgli leuulatlou foi the ability i i lu? tuauagxiurut.
Mr .v S, M?rrill, tbs nsw ,?,,ijir-mt?ndi>iil. Has b??B for
aavsral yaars K?iieiliitsi.tl?at of His Vt ..?tam Hoad au j ..a.
base wt.isiy iui.su fot in? saetean ?-.? "? ^?^?tisiuiici
to tb? dillina uf hta yotiliou
ii? tb- wboi?, we tb.-ik thal tha nsw nioa?g?iuent of l!ts
MiiwBukrssiidhl. IVtl Hoad will b?, suilii?utiy tue. oi.ful
and popular.
RaMwiitt? at PredMce.
JtiT 7-I?3WI bin?. KUui ??.-.libl?. Ossa Meei. *W tima*
io liil I.I.I? Wblaky, ?IJ.?OO t?iab. \V heal, llt.UOU btuB
i oin M LW buch. ??t?. I.??1? Pk|?. 1'iHTlsioa?, 175 -pag?
Lud, 71 d?. Aahaa I MU) do. lidit?|.
?? _?.- -. _
Kerna fresa Perte Biro ead Annie Bernie?
to- I linas of a Rlorkittlt*. (tunnir Ar.
ri m I of III bel It ... I. iroui 1 n, lund.
We j,ave dates from Porto Ri-o lo the 17tb. I
glean no iU'tns. An invention for the formation ol
artificial ice ia creating some m' .um, a uiat.iifa?
inry bus been established in tie capital by one I). N.
Kr- m .?-.nto Domingo we have papers to the Slat
Nothing nain..mi- hu transpired ilute our last dates,
eave, ? *rb. ;s, the circulation of counterfeit par???
money of the ?irnr-tninntios of $r?0. The Covert?.
itient ha?, thercfore, ordained the immed'ute cotiver.
?mi of all paper money. Iks luw prohibiting the
carrying of arms ii being itrictly ?tfurfe'i.
lou?iii-ir.hably have recsive?! ere this rencb-es
you tiding? 0f the tempest the (?ov?inor of New
Providence ii trying to raise in regard to the nll'all
of the blockade mnner, the ?learner Margaret and
The I-hode Iilund chatted her for lorne time, firing
at her and ei deavnring t0 crt her olT. Finding ?hat
they r< ni i not eecape, the cat tain beBSkad her. Sh*
wa? finally ft t oil', in id arrived lu Naesau on (hs
M. The pHpers. with their ? * - - _ -_ l verumy, s Alt
tint the BaBgg Island flr?d into har aftor sho waa
IgroBBd, aitd even go so far sa to ?tate that one ?liol
t Biased a fit lieni-.itn'a bet end killed -?ne man. The
(1 .vernor Ins sent on protests atvl ???rial-ci-oimts
of the innis tenor and at ruin to Kin/iand, hot I?ord
!: --eil knows lum und bow much of what he mya
is to be believed?f'.r it is fal.e, as ai y cue whs
know, (,'ai t. Ticuchard will he propared to sUts.
II m official report ha? been r eetved here by Com
i'. ".ti Wilkes. Of course I a.-n not st iiih-rty te
gire you trssseriptc of them, but I have it from the
Airy bee! a-.thorny that tin* liiiod?* 1-hnd, uftar
c ai??g and tinnff at the Maii/i.-?! and Jessie til. aha
wa witii-i fru? r m i lea ?if tin*, lund, eBBStd firing,
ni d 'I ni t it a tin ?ile ?hot wa? fired afbor her react? -
mg that distance off the land.
From Marleston via Nassa i, we have dates te
t' ? M. A letter received here, ttatee that J?ha
??mi bed attacked OraMaad been repnlic-d with lona.
11 is ?:*_ besa gee. iiewstotdo fai'btul, wbo cou.
t nully trust the Kagl" will bring n? the newt of
the t .tire issdilioa 01 Vi. kshn-g and Port Iludioa,
tbsegbtbc Heh.lt aay ?Sen. Beaks baa raise?! tim
iiaga ji the tatter place.
fieveral Conletlerate ftffii-er? arrived here in lbs
Corsea, wh?. ps BSACB to Fngland to join a iteamer
which ii beiagfBed oat for mern; they are very*
>oti; g, iiiite'ly lieardler.s, ami el??B to rank as Waa**
ibipaaOa 'I tie ?teamnrs Chariest?.o and Iiivn:?, sr*
rivsc o-i the 17th and i'-th at Nassau. 'Ihe I'uiistiee,
!? //le gad Funny, arrived mi ile ??Ith?all fro?
VI ila t_gtoa. V.fai. dig'.im left Wilmington on Hie
night of the l*?th, for Bermuda, thence he goea to
? i,ada to U? j n;ed by hi? laonlv. I ne ite-nvmeia
Kiora ?nd Calypso have b?-en captured, as also, tbe
ir n-< la>i Atilinta ? r I .n.i.... I i.i. ?.t ter carne oat U
BltBCk tim L'liion tleet, but after the inten hangn'ol
a few ?i ds .'irreudered In Waraaw Smud. The
s'ea'i.er? Iiarien from Liverr^*,., and Heise from
I.- i ila :. arrived on the Ititb and 17iii a: .Nassau and
will teca Hart for a pert ?a the Sou.hern (,'<?.
We have da'e? from Jsckton asd Vera Crtn only
to (be l.'ih. Commodore Uilkesand lyx.iets.ry,
.Mr, Stewart, arrive, here tn me Ala! ama, whioa
?siled't.e next day?BOgCCSkeCBCbl the Roanoke,
( orrui<vl->re. Lardner having arrived at St. 1 '.. .mat
in tn? TicBadetsga?
Here we have little of importance?the bent Bet
! ?? n taeaaitse and 'inusual, though I am happy U
state has not bl yet i aaa d an y .i, kne?*?our L?-b<
and city beVS never a' thit ?e?a*r?n i-eeu so free froa
vii!.iw lever. 11 ?re li not a iiiij? c.?e of de ?rig
St?aed voirnto. We su.I suiler le?"fally tros
?ypli.?ria, Bfclck is carrying el u-any victiut?.
lhere ha* not been a ungle Confeder?is arrival W
depsrlure rep. i.e.! sim? my lint. ?
Very I.ni'?? per ihr City mt Wea-ift(t?a.
Oaacea, Jua. 24. imi.
1 ii*' t I... ?!-e i and lixtr-nine .*:,',*:.....t are oeo
flred ni trifonera in the F'rtrsti *f|Dur.*bBr_.
hil h .udred ^rioii?. partly public fiinclioiiarlet
and partir \ rivale ge .'lernen, are shut np in toe bar?
rai kt at Slo'oilew, willie ladis* aud age?! men hare
I bren I ro .ghi hound into the city.
Ma Kr/ywieki, the Foil?!?. Aliuilter of Public Wov
thip, ha* sent in hi* resignation.
Vixi!?t,Jrine2?l, IttSl.
Hie drsfla of the addreitsea of both llouae? oi the
I?. : i.srvh have been ptiblidhetL
Beck bddrr*?es siv -h*-? a pol'ey of initi?e far
Iii express the i.t*--ieiiy for (i'erman I 'deni
reform, and warmly desire the succeaa of the task of
?-itabiiahiiig the Cou?titutn>n in Auitria.
1..? 1 ', ;?*r ii ??" ? .t,. ? t? e Bd?Mgg accord?og te
the draft of the Con-n-iUee.
-, ..y ?..???-,' ?? Sue*. I
?-?Leny?, S.i a .?y. M?y JO. IMI.
.?-?.i.-ingi improving. Maie Twist, _ - ? /111 ?J. The
.Sglgl dlttl.'t. Wtut r.lU. topper Bl 1.11 .?J Still????
tin. i but id 1. d. io|. Lii.teeti. ..Ituer |?ricae de a. m lo?
tie lu:, ?e on Litudou, I. ) '. PraigkB du T
BoaaiT. BSterdsg, Msy J". . ? V
?'-.".?a l'ho era tiiii rup***. BSSSB yeend y;r,e ti ..li diaX.
'?1-, g1 ragsas, Et bangs se L?alas. I I|j PtaaBadS
The outward oiiii uri?. Jet ?ou.eiy ou toe 14?h o' Miy.
t ?st a ?Mi? 11
Orty g?tltl ?- (", ii??y dull Water Tari.? .i-it?tt
1 i|h?r itali..?-., r. tai f_itoiu to dmlm 11,'?je UOe B le*
cu.iite i. Lasa 'i ? I jj.
Psitosia. MivT.
(?riv ""??*-?tlBfi hive dec ina-3 mie* .-?i.??loin No. I
Tiit'.e 41a to 4Jo bett ei..euli lu IBS fortsigU l.Cgg bil?*.
Ilesk gat Bales Ki- -.ut :???.' ...--. ? a..... ?a
I .. i ??..:?,. f Iff sesga o . ttidi? ..-i . .ymem.
itlihtiirn -tt'otice*.
n??D4ri?TBkl I'BOT'ltr All' ?Hil, 1
6 ITH HllT-IHT O? Na? l.K? Na. i?Jlalb-BV. I
ib-- Narlonst Corps of lleaor.
PaMtfBl BSioBtt of a- <il eb.rs.-ler o,i,o fiout waned?*?
that vlfla.l- des m4 ?if a ? ll,c?pai!l"*_fal (or Mtiv? *?? .1 lair.
Bill sell o* ii Siva? ii. numil .'or ih... y.?i uoleaa
. It CM BSrgsi Pat ?nd .'loaai cet time ?iib the Uuital
Matet laftutry el-?pt thtt ue pr.a ni?. ?r bminiy for f?%
. i_?. i t?i.. be . lowed J h. . < ?..i? t., ,. eisest tara*
tilit? any | si laout or beauliet nhic? oiay be du* f r *K**t
ou. ttarvi.e.
Te '..i:..e, w11! he eki.fly te iel ai Prevott (Au tri? f*t
I liotpilali io* thar publio boitliai*. Bud ai C'.erhi. t'rdeiliaaa
io ii Bsaaaap tu*y aBI um a...i??d io k?atssaaa
Th. ?pr,i'?'?? m mt ?Stall? lb* leriilical* *f ?h* Board W
Fa, u ei l t f hi. ?? ?:m*. ? * '.'??? i :.
t ? .i ti? .ji-i...ni 1. unlit foi Hivtc* ia th* flalil.
2 Tfcai le i. H (St I o ? ?Ula. or leu e of la- a. mdicatag
3. Thtt. If oct nott in (be tervioe, b. wa* houorwhly ila
4. I. ?t : ? .. i. eil?, ii'ti. *ndd?i*fv:?n
fal lb. ot.v.uieit.o of ?ervi.-*. IBS BBB wl'l be a* 1*et*g
for (hrne |r??'.ea ? f liiitv. Thoa. wbo at. un?! .?hr-eol Bag
.:,?! ?.?1,11,1 l-il-l?. ?-I 'I't n.| uu?ld OU. T. rl ?Ate.
will b. a-in.d wi.L s. ?a-la aa J aailfu.J lo O'lui lol.? ot tim
Kn.? Hi'taUoo Tli-iie o! Um rail a.|r?a ? f ?iflcter.ey. la?
en ji. . '.ii ..? ? ha asea I ??< ? l.aud or au aiiu, lud the !*a*t
I aOtctiVS t fill ' 4 imam who hive lo?? a ?oat or le?, ?otk*
rompu tw t ihaaaaaad ??? luud BaMaBaaiBag eMka
Biutetl wita It. ordi
tu f rat?Sky K,... with Daik Bin* Tdm-laa
Pwi Plf'ltlBmt* or li ?lier lof tuitlou my, j to
JABEI W. KAftR. > Boarg
JAMKn IrV. l'??V\ KJ-L, } of
CllAlthtli A. LAilijNT, )Kiiii??m*?sa
llarvee'a /?oasves. ? i*.*?uiii ?...?I for th* tab
Keliuieul I S. luls'.f? Volo ,'e*r?. to. CLBTB1???
VA I N.Si.UVV i,?? i?ai|tuUi.. in tin. , li?
Pito .. ,i.i? p...i io .??? la-ealitt n. frota aoy returaal
rerl'i ?? t
BIB boundy paid to ia? recruit*. B? , 'eui ?ia pili cu?<*
, the raer I' >>?oi Dto.t.ied hats i.?e Mivtae
!le|<ii.?iit now lu MBtS ou Htatea lana 1
Ballal li k? .a fati.iaiied 11 the ftailtiet of tsildlir%
1 RatloBI aud J. l .::al t.i. '.ib*J
i s,-.... Os ?**. sat R O.
M.rcer Henee, c ? BflltJl Beg B* er ?a
Hba?s?*bt??a Psaraar B isis*?. j
Sit-ia l?..iKiiTo??N?*??oaa, No IB Its SB I
Knrolltneul -Any per.on -?atril I of ?''?? ? " ? .,**??**
Iks axe. .?' lo tad ti ii.tl.l*do*3iIt.ry.l.i?j raBBsgB
'hil, tn? VTth i oiu-e... n.t l>ii?rlot. eSSSB BBM h. hi. rea?
.ou lo BSHSVS li UBI e. ro-.ed .? th.. I thee, ii llff-Slll U>?
rttellyor IssteSSUy niora. IBS >/rovo.t*M?i-a., ?bat lh*f
' may I* BSt* la !, ?r-J IM. j*l*_? ?__* -__. of ___* f*_
.aathatt Al! r-rton? bunn ,lveu falw ri.iiie. will m
\ ,u.d,.l?.i? nati.v tit. I*"?. it-Maribai, tl.U tim ?A. Ai:i?u. iittaa
BU ? ,.,..-d Um Amt um t. j??? io diafl ?tiii'e. I USB .ni ABB
i ai-and m '. ?or tua? ...ume.t. w'.leb ni n.an? ????*?
L_? b?^f r^rtiieed, JAMKS ?T. ?ARK.
tty: SaM i !",u,?..?-M.i.),?l. \ Ith l?..lre? .N.w V.rk.
I" Daryee'? /.suuve?. Ua.?r .ila w_.te?i tor 'li. *_|
' II ?al"..'? New \..rk lat-ttry Vol'inl.e.? foi. A .ev.l*U
! va a.iiow. i.,i.. rserfse-lBC ?a ?lu. city PISO tit ont? o-i ?*
uaai ree:- -in. I?"- ?I'T ??'Uttietl te.l eil? ei*Sb'"?|
padto or? rf.iui'i ?.' l-r- nu ?? paid upon ?Se I*?*?:*~'
I hal I m ut?.ed lut.? ?ho ?e:?Ioe Kag mest Bow in .tmy m
S .len i. ti Hellet lieleii fuinial.ed to 'h* finnie? a as?
diera llitlon. end uuUoruii futui.u?d. W11 ? --\ *_g
? i ?rtela A oa.p.uj II. wid B. O.. City Hall .'elk. a??"* ?*?
Ol'POlile I lll.el (?il.1? ^_
I Hendqsartera Loyal Brisa?-? si tkt NttrtB
I No. Il* Ittoauway. waaia ai ea_u.a_aati.ei :',U'V,^**__
i d re ?sed t.. lol ?...I ?m s BL1B-. ttasaSag tas atmama
I BNHOLUMO OPPICBB No. tsi -ts*-w|g,.egetBB> *_{
i ty Util, No tteiilto-il .?piw.ll* t oatreU*. i ___**?
I No. ta i ou.t ti, Hroaklyu. i-| po?k?* CUj Hall ?
r .?ii MMt-.it tivJtt Hi-*>-*K^K-J1wl?1d_Mae
HoUlOl. Krylog, ?W??lu*. ai**pui?. Wl_? *--*? ?***"
ijiit? til* room
AJ.pt.d lo K*rtt?eu? ItUiif, or Oas j.j h,
Haut! foi UiuaiaMd ***}&"" tT?l ?**?.
mt -tu iii w ?**.? g^*^y_-V-a.

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