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V0L- XXIV.N?- 7,243.
]fcwt to Monday morning.
A Flag of Truce Rof-iscd.
... *> ?
f_a_" fraaa City *-oiai R? portr.l 11. mnn.l
far tbe Bu. rendir wl Hrtrr.burg ll I*
Bal* te bare b.rn Orntcd tmd thr
Totin Sbelle_~D)eiail af Operaiian*.
Jaoe?1 Diipatcb to The N. Y. Trihune.
Wabhi.soto . Tut iday. Jnne 01, IUI
Th. foUowinsr eitract? a;i- r.'i>ort3 are from
Iflle Southern authoritltw:
Tbe roall iteamer Kiyport, which l?ft City Point at
10 o'clock VouJay tnoruing. arrived here tbl* (Tues
|ay) morning. llcr pa*lenger* report heavy ot_nuoL
RtBng beard tbere at that boui from the direction aonth
pt Prtembnrg. Ot_cer* who eame tn from the front to
Citj Point ttdite that thf IU bti* bovlng fail-d to con,
ply witb ademand from C.en. Grant to *nrrender t..e
tewn. wo b-gnn to tbrow ?btil* luto ibe oity ou Botur
lay aftemoon.
On Friday evening aa the iteomer Winaci wa* pn**
b>r tT_8SB. Lamling, on the Jaro-* Ktver, ihe we*
Bred BBb t-y a Babal battery from the north ?lde of tbe
tirer, oue ahot pa-Hting entirely throngh the bont, BBB
itamdder. One of our gnnbout* ititlouod iu tho ti
tdv-ty returncd the fire, bat with what efft.ct ii not
Dr. Kpeey'i tatito, near City Point, li Oen. Orant'i
B_ead.iuartot>. 08 Siiturdaj eToulng, Gen. Eatlt-r ttf
lu-tl lien. tirant flt bia head^uaiteri and ipent ??ver_
boura in 8flBt8BBflBB-8 with bim.
8lx pieee* of cannou. whicb were eiptnretl from the
BJtabel* in the vicinity of Tetertburg, huve boen broncbt
Iowa to City Point. ihey muit haTe been defendd
Vlth deeperati-.n. for thry w.-re RbraRy eovered n itb
alond. A largo t'orce ef laborer* i* buil-iug wharv.a at
City Point
. Our wounded onntlnn* to come lr. flrom the front in
8euiderable BBBBBS8* -kfl ambulai ci-i brng in tbe
881?0* c**t_. while many otber* walk in.
To-day tbe ho_pi:al steumer Connecticut went to An
Baptilip witb a lon?l of wounded. (
The Rebel* have ad?pted a new plan of *urpri?iui_
8B? eapturing our ontpoata. They advance tf.w?r,l ,ur
trtrketi ?ith nrms at a trail. lndlcating a mrrender, bat
Rrhen wlthm a few ynrli of onr men mt* r ec-.ver armi
and tro. Ono d?y l**t week they practi.-eJ tkb BBM
Bad aue.eede'i in wonndirg and taptunng about ___t*
br?l. They g.-ncrnlly select North Caroluia B**88b
Elary thli tlodge, a* it i? weil known large uuuibi-r* >,i*
lorth Carollniant have come witblu oor Iin, i froto Bflflfl
b time u> glve thctu*elvtfl up. On the day Mb-feaj
tbeir Baaaaafl-l ottempt tbey again trled to play tbl*
gaato. but lt vv ould not work, o* onr tnN.pt . red upuu
BBrin, when they Imineillately tnrned and flt-d.
Tha hospital itcnm'-r VVi-n?.i.ah arrived here to-day
e% 11 o'clock, having on bonr.l 503 wout.d-d, eix of
flrhom were o-fli-eri. Bai wounded art- aBfBl 888*8
_taina>-iiy of tbeiu vkaikedin from tbe bottle-tield to
City Point.
Later Informatlon from the army li tbat all wna quiet
flB SuiiiIbt, wiih tbe exeeption of liring ot ictortal*
fla?u. the Ra* An attick wa* made on ouronnter.
t_bleb waa qtilckly repulied. The ReMt oocupy a
Btgb einliicuce near tht- town, and it wonld be a ntelee*
flaerifioeoflife to attempt ti> take the town, a* the
?tabe-, nnlefla dl__lge d, wonld be able to throw ahella
fcktbemiri.t of any force occupying tbe town. The
aoaition we bold U a very embarroaalng one to tbe
k*_>. .). ? aa they aflrt.lt.
Ho*pital BBBB have been 88888*1 at City Point for the
?aeominodntiou of onr 8-888-8, bnt they tre eorning in
ja such nniutars th-it it I* al_oo?t lmpf-aible to protlde
tbem ail with ihelter. The woundefl now being bronght
U from the front are more ?eriout ea?ee than any BBBB
tht beyiaiiinir y( __t.t. f?cu^ni_i_ TJtii 1* accnunted
i fiom the aai SS the Rebe_ aie -S_able<._ _9 UK
t_r artillery to a bei trr a-lvar.tage. Among tha
oaiidcil landed here latt erenlng are.
Ce- _ O. OttehttX 14. Oblo, Major VV. J. K*rihew,47 Wb .
Aip, b_n baa.
Bei fl C. Poi IT Ml, h . ann Mti r C. P. Larkia. 38 YVU.,
Ea B. BflaaMd.IB.il. inle _ . _,__.
r.r- Cipt. Nr'.-.nTr . k.y. MMi-h.
iw..t Col. J. N. McKlroy, 10 t tjf. J T. Hall, 2 V. T. Mi'd
Ubio. Hifi.-i.
lbat-ek 9. ii. Duty, 1TU N Ctpt. A. Ttylor. M M. Y. Ctv.
*T Bflok* Capt. C. Martin.24 B. Y.
Cat-i. |. _ ,i T. Hcbbi, 37 YVia. Ctv.
. Capt. vYin. S. Scbnyici, 150tb Xaw-York, Aid to Gen.
Ityier, died oti tbe n.ght of the '. th at Donglai Uot
bital, of b wonr.d rcceived on the W of Jntu; in frout of
Itioumond. wblic ruilying bl* mea. Ho lived iu Sar.i
logfl. Tb* 1-tii Iiidiana, 0*1 Dobb*. reached here thi*
B*OT_ing from the front. their tf rtn of lerTic.c having ex
?irr?. It imi.e ont wiih over .100 men. It r>
turn. with HR
Arrival of tt onndril All Qalet aa laa.
doy llrinltory ? annonadiuj*.
Bf*< ial Dl'l'Hcb to Tbe tt. Y. Tiihnrc
-tt*aiihdi(.TO?i, l*e.d*y, June 21, 1_>4.
T. 0. G. writo*:
Citt PoffT, Monday Morning. Jane 30. 1W54.
Aii of our woanded ln tbe late battlo* around IVter*
E5 were brought down here ti .tterdoy for tranipfirta.
to Waahington. Krerytbing along our front wa*
kaiet yeaterdiy 'Sunday), except occttfliocol i oncon
Iding until evening. when a rapid mtmketry fire opened
Rppoflite to Birney-a dlritton, eoLtinnitif/ for orer half j
88 boor. On inqtiiry at Gen. lt.'* headij'iarteri it was
fjooerutned that the hring wm oovaaion,ii by the relief
gt the pickeuof bl* ((.tn. Ulrney.) divition. and tial
B wa? ottended b> but trifling lo*? on onr ilde. When
by inforinoEt left tl.e front thia morning at eight
B/vIotk, nothink* of importance waa transpiiing. Oaa.
Boaading haa ticce been heanl, howerer, lnthedlree
Booof Petertburg aod Ilermnda Hundred. Tta weatber
b very wario.
Wrewt Rmlrr* llradqnartrt. Itrlara af
(_ru. BitiiiB aad Part mt ttir Kiabteeath
l.r-M Butlrr aa Kxrbaage*.
BiflOk Onr rfp.ilal l ,,rrf?|?r._i-nt.
Hr_D.VAUTKB? Baa BltU-B, Jnne 18, IHfA.
Oen. Smith, with a portion ofthe 18th Coqw,
fatur. ed frum before Petertburg latt night to hia ?1,1
aoaition here. Gen. Ilitika. with bia oolored dii Ition.
palAg engaged in fighting. coold nut be tpured. bnt w i.l
Brobably ta b*ok to-morrow. The pri. mera taken
RJniig our line* itate that bnt two dirUion* of Long
ftreet'i ourp* hed ,r,_v- - tbe Jeme* Kn er. aod tbiwe,
Bumbering in oil ubuut 10,000 men, *re in our inr_ediate
front?-Gen. Piokett i? in oommond, tLat I-eaurrganl i?
? command at Petemburg. and ha* only i?l force tbere.
y 'A.,000 men.
i A imart atuu k waa made ob the right of onr pi, k-t
Cne to-day, etK>ul I p. in., bnt tbe eoetuy wtire driten
ick, -tui tbe line remaina unctanged.
Heavy firing frum tbo direction ot Petenburg Ull* uf
Bontintied fighting there. Tb* progret* in tbat direc
lu. in ha* boen unreaaouiibly *luw.
Gon. Butler ba* a wpv of itating tbe matter of ex*,
fltkangi- to I>bel piiaonflm whiob l* liegiiiiiiiig to re
Ete tbe aooia from their ey-i. ' I think you are i,
tty llkely, lubllig*nt young man, 8lr, and will tbere j
> tatl you Iba Jdon't Ihiti* toa *i_ ta fl*ot-*n.*d.* i
" Why not. Generiilt" " Ueoauive yonr anihorttiefl re
fuae to reoogci/o my eolored aoltliera a* aoidlrrB. 1
?hould ta perfectly wllllng to glte you tor ihe meane*t
eolored Boldier ttiey bave jrot, but Jeff. Pnti* think* the
nekiroeii of tnor* tonnenuenc* than you, and iefu?e* tf
exchange them."
Thit point generally bring* tho gentlemen to term*.
and they ate in favor .<f reeognidiii.g negroe* a* eol
tlii-r*. I benr from nll q,u .rtcrt u.iqu.tlilii _ commenda
tion of Uie oomlBot of lllukfl'* eolored dlTliion in the
flljht* before I'etershnrg. It ii evident that the prt-Ju
dii t- ngain*t tiiem i.t f ibt fuding away.
Fighting, Bnt >o ll.rl.ivr JBe.ult in
Front af 1'rtrr.burg CJcn. t.illiuorr??
Drparturr-?Our l.oasra, Ar.
Bf.rmi da HcNPiitD, .lunels), via BattBMflBRt Jnne 21
Than tvh.-. fightiag in front of Patfl-flaarg ap
to 2 o'clock yeiterday without any ileciilve re?ult. I.lI
onr tio.pi ha.e been cointantly gHining gioui.d up?i.
the lUi-iny.
Another piece of artillery wai otiptnred and bronght
ini.. Gen. Orant ? l,eti,l.|naitei* ye.teril.ty.
It il ui.tleratood tbat tiie advantape* irttiiied over the
Rebel* yeaterday will bo vi., iou?lj followed up to-day.
I)ec_ive re.ult. Bre cx| c, ted aoon.
Grn. Gillmore and *totl left bfl OM Tolnt on the
?teumer YYyoming at IJ o'clock liut mgl.L He i*
laBattd of tn. command.
Kverithing ii moting very iati?f?ctorily with tbf
rioRAUBROBB Tnerdni. Juue'Jl, l.M. )
Ye*>td.T.1iry (Suiiilay, the 11'ih) w__ tonipara
tivelv a qaiet day with BM arnit ab, .ut ivtertbtirg.
Thr aaaratbaB ofthe .luy aaaa ttttumi to taaaaaaa
?aiicea, slighl kk_ruii*li*?. ond _omc ?h.rt-hootlng BBBBJ
the linea, . bich uow exter.il n-.tne diiUnoe be.oi.d
Petenhuig. np tho Appomattox Kiver.
0*8* i.iai.t ai.d Hutler B?B up the J-.n.ei Klve;
yttteruBT, aud bad aa laarrba BBk Admiral La*
10| Ocfok ii. m.?Baaa ttttlaaaaaaaaaiBi
ha* been teard from f-. o'clock nntil the pte?e t time.
B8AB. akif.ih, Moii.li.y, Jur.t'Ji?i'> a. iu.
Yaatardaj ?_. a fatj qaiet iajr nbmv Ua
Une*, both ainiie* _BB_B. deiir-.u. of eujojing r*?t
after the ?eveie ?trui*i bfl of the two previ.u* U-i
Skiriiii-hlng and art.ll.-ry flrhiK occurred at iuterni-i
a> ,1 f... 5th Corpa loat probably BBl BBB >lni tn? tl..- 88]
;.,' r BBM kakBJ *o do** to the enemy tbat it wa* laa
geiout to 888*8 ?r lenve tLetn.
An Bttael wuinofle on the cfnler of the li-.f BBBBBl
io ot lot k i.i. t night, i ut wb. takRUp rai abfld.
Iu tne cl ur.-e n.u.le fl] ti e Ml < "t: ? on Prid.v eten
ii r-. thea,'. Hrigade.f I'raalord'i tliviii.'ti. C-i 0M II
Couimaniling. took the _B_ Mortb Carolina B*. 8*1
a* prin-nert, na_ol,eri:.g ubout 60 men, witb tbeir ofll
eer*. fiagfl. etc.
Tkb iVflaaa wii* ,,n the rt. ht ttt o- Inron w'., ?,?'
fl_B8*_fl?f to oil,- fl t'.nryr f.n 808*888* k_lB8T8
MiiptiH..'. aad aataBbtad M kalaa aa*_aad t-> ib_Rmi -i
OflB. C'rawford hiul two of hii aMfl wo'.ndfil. ttft
|_Bar and 'ik|t. ( he.t.-r. in tl.e light on that ei- ?'
Tl.e b... ofthe Mb C.rj.f. will BBBB. *lout UBI in tb.
ia-; Ba** dajBi
Tbo M ( .-rp? loat tl.e beuvio.1. being 4.V0O BBKM
A tlap of truce waa fiit to the enemy'* litnye.ter
tlay, fur Uie rurpoie ol t--.lt Bg lle dead an ! BUBBdflfl
i.<aaaa ti.e work* on aaofc aaaa, ba it wai laftaal
The negro who Bflfl tra-,! flon.,- flaf* 88j* f'.r u ? af
t_.rj.yt u, tomntit ? r.tpe up-.n a white wnmai. urur ( aM
Horbor. hfubeen urnt"rtgwi U> be liung Bl 9 o'clock
thi* morn.ng. At the time ii.aiigii.iU-J I r hii exc-u
tion be * ,<? found employed in the Q*_rbaaa8t*ii
Department. lle ho* acki.owie.lged thnt be bflbagad
to the l.t C'.lored Ilegiment, and thnt he *?**-*__
Th* __.Ai*?'ia' Enq-ttrtr t.t the 1 "th Ir.tt g.vci Ihfl
following di-paU-h from '.en. lleanregmd to Gen
Bragfr, deted Peteribnri_. .Inr.e lr", I 41) p. m.:
"tim-. The er.emy matlf twn attodki on mir line* t' n
afteinoon. Thev w-re rep.il.nl wiih b>.* wb .-..
itureil abont MR j.riioner*. iu, lu.linir 11 ci>Biii,iti:ui,e,_
o*."ari Tbe/ btfong to tta M I'.iigud* of llancock .
co)'p*. au it taa *i Ikb uiou.iLt."
The BBBBB-k then l*y*:
"Commu ibsflMf *?u* interruptcd on the ruilro.id t
rillllbafl. tal aiV-r U-aritig un ? ail* m.'l * hni ... i
trnr-k anl palHaf de?a30B y*tu? ?f t. .egraph i tin, the
I'uloni.U were bo war). Iv tamtaei .*-*_??___?__^
aa at,.l r-trentefl froa f'.'rt *'..ltl.fJ JRI-tioB. LTtr
roakinK a ttubborn fight ui.til late ln the oieniiiir. 1 ki
piincipal flghtlt.g octuired l*vo mile* fiom Cbetter,
v. barawa rcpulted the cnetr.y ai.d look two 08*8 or UW.l
breuitwork*. W- i.lio ci,|,tnrt-d a few piifontr* aad
*?n.e ofthe enen,)'* dead aad waBBflfld fetl into '.ur
buud*. The enemy* troop* wi-n- cuiuruaudeil W tilll
more They ootnl.ted f)f about 'l.'AU, nll to:d OBf
for,- llBfllltf of Pickett't divnion. Our whole b.|*,?
were not veiy hcaiy.''
The following dL.putch ho* lieen receited from flfn.
IlfAlKJIARTlKA. Junf 17. IPffl
nit Krcellenrt. Jirr. DAvTBi At 11 o'clock !o*t nitrl.t
we UKik tbe baaMBBikl ?t HflT*btt*a Houae. Other
iH.rtloni. were alio tal.cn. Tbe battery ?t Dowbtl - ifl
f.fiuk' laeatabBatad. fltewaflb baa* taeu *__>??
ti.e rnaay in Trasfa Raaa*. Ten ttenmer* nre n Ital.
the 1?888, iiel'.nd th* moniU>r?. Some tajhthtt Bfl
rnrrfd near Peternburg thu roornlt.g without |, mlt. I
have ordt-retl the raiload nt l'ort \\ al'tal Jni.i f -n it
Btiwyad kj tbe enemy ycikrday, to ta repauvd nud
18-8*88? B" Jm ^'E,' ?
ATI AST4. Ofl . Jnne 1 . ?A felepram froir, l.en. ra*.
rrat Ui Capt. Adnlr, tlafed Tup,-lo. Jnne lb. BBjflt Tbrr*
are no G.-oiKiui. hu;t. lhe vlctury an* (MWiplete.
The kill'-d. ? ounded nnd enptur, d of lt* *ii>-my ?__*_?
tta tot-l et ay tr.Kit- aaaagaL I hnve aaad f.riii_r.:
1 300 priminen "ond there Wtn UOta yet fcabiad.
'l-HBrr; Mm* i_.-B Maiuitia. Jnne ifi.?There wa*
but ili'le tkii iiiiflhing by the eu-my vcitciday. St.Mr|
?book n aera going nll doy. Mi.J. _aa?f) of the '.'-'tl.
Mifl_.i_u.ip.il Kcplfnent wn* iillud.
Al io'ilo.k )..terd*T. Gen. Hooker'l 888*8 made .
eharge eaCbbaraar. diiimon. tbree luiofl det-p, an-l wn?
r*aa_*d attk gnal alaagkaar.
A f'-w Bt-BB*ffl wei i tuk.-n. who oonfirmed tbe alM.t.-.
Cbb?_B "div ition tiretl J15 tiim With ahot, *bfli *i,fi
, anl.t.r. Tk* eu.-uiy tui not oblc U. l.Mug bia eitillei,.
U) bear.
_ . JEayalrrraflyi:
?? A aaaBaaaaa who left I.ynel.liurg on Thurtflav
UTfl A 1'ai.ke.f. foroo l.r,,0t/0 ttronir, under (_?**
Iloiiter. Crook. ai.d Av.riD. ?,re ut Wetttt Daaa aa
the Virginia and 188-1*888 Kailroad. aome eik'ht or
ton mile* from Lywobbarf. Thaf bave fl_B*afl*?.
IbbIttwtmtwtMtaaralltaad, aaaaaa aat*8_**e_t?
yt. ted, but tc did not 1i.ni tlio p.-irticulnra of their
vandailim. __._____.____. .
? A trulu of ,-iri nrriv, _ from Ilcinvllle laat etftilug.
?he Vmikee fent bue Bot lereu accoiuplinhoii."
The fulloaiug-nam.H! men, wound.fl in tbe __M of
ita lflfh, beloniring to Ibt Rl Corpa, 888 te BBB ttI I'I
ition II ?[,,-,a!
LlrnL J. A. Oi-frry, 1 Ma U-B-l C. Carr. M V. Y -rn,
ll. A., baa* Mat m. n. iueu.ii, H Pa.,
Lif ?t. ll. N. 1*. Sk-fiiM-r, do , BM**_a
_,? Llfii". VV.ll. Ncwfliibani. IM. ,
I.iewt. H. K. P.rter. dn.. arm. r.orh fcbbb*
MiifirC.. Cio?.u.?j,, do, buk UmU, A. 1. HLton. dn . ttilrta.
S ?,?. lAoat A. ?.. Y.rtry. do. do
Adj. I. W. Clirk. do.. arm. IttimL A.P. r.aitu.an.do., I,..,d
Cat-t W .. tla/k. do, arm C*yl. J-k*ou. li.4Ui N. luik,
aud ?- lr kHled.
Gea. Baldy BBBBB-*e 4 ongralwlailea ta the
Kighireflktb Arnar Caro..
Tothb Ir-TH Abmy Cokp8: The 1. .'neralcom
inanding deiin-a to expro** to hi* command hiaapprecla
tion ofthe aoldlerly qualitlea which have beea dUplaynd
dirlng the camjalgn of tbe lut __ventetu day*.
Withln that time tbey have been conitantly called npon
to undergo nll the hard?Hpi of tb* floldleii llfr, and ta
eipoeed to oil of Iii* danger*.
Mereha nnder a hot aan Uri andad ia BWl tatU
and after tlie batile wa'i-hful night. lu the treuebee gal
lantly taken from tbe eueiuy.
Iint the eit.vk iiing polut of tho bonor they are entl
tled to haa been won flmce tbe rnunilhgiif th- 13th IflM.
wh,n * ttr itl of tartovorkr oa Mflfll cemmanduig pvtl
lua. ani of AyrtHmmwk ttrtn^uh All* IflM rttrrtud ni* aii
tA? gun* and muttrtaU ef a-nr uf tkt trumy, xnriuding
prltontrt and ttmwW, Tbe work. bflffl aii been bel'i,
ar.d the Bflflhiflfl leinain in our handi.
Tl.li vletory is a'.l the Bflflfl Iflflfl rtant to ni flfl tho
Bflflflfl hiiTs neicr bflfll regulirly orgaiiUod ln oampa
wlere tiire ha* bieo givoi. ttflfll o learn t: e dmciplinn
n_ve__inry to a aeil orguiii.e'l flflffl farmit, bot thcy
kflflfl bflflfl haitll. flflflflflflflrfltfld aml B?B?flfl?] BflflflMflfld
totakepart m tl.e trylng earupalgu Mflflf oiuutry'i
being. Sneb bonor os tbey have won wiil roinain lm
To tht eolvred troopa compriting tht dirition ef Otn.
B_flflflj the Oeurr.il lommandintj icou'.d eoll tht atttntion of
ttt eommand. H'tth tht rtterant of l\t Iflfll Otlft they
Wm ttormtd tht tturkt tf Ihe enemy and rarrud ihrm
taking gun* and jtrteuhtr*, aud Ifl .k* v ?> ajatr thry
hart ditj.Liyed nii tkt qunltiiet ?fgwti tu'dt rt.
fly 04.mu.and of VV. P. BMI1II, A1..J flO.flflflM
VI M. ltrn-KlL Jr . iMflfltflflI AAM Bflfl.
OMflMll SOLON A. Cai.ILK. OflflflM and A. A. A. O.
ilrillia.it Ho.cet* mt Mflflfli lluru.iiir I'i
trr.burg flooa le br nt oar llmtde.
IUliimiiu., i ?.***i?y, /??? _B, iam.
77ie _4m.rir.iB <il llli.-* C_tJ liaa thfl Inllowuig
epctial il: i' ii h.
' AKMi'OUi. Jnne 2'.?The tea.ner CflflflflflflMfll hm
Ju.t iin-iii-il uerc with ovcr BB wouiirte,! Bflfl iiieltidin^
MflMeflff*. Tb.y-ue | iln, i|'iii. BflM tkfllttflfld ifll
Army Oflfffflk Ikflj flflffl fl afl* flfld ou tLe tttt flfll
Iflfll ln?iai.t?, whiie cbar^-ing tbo BflM work* ttwmt A
1'ite.abuig. Tkflfflflflflra ibe ue..* IhM Oflfl. Ban
m.!e ga.n.d a de. n'.e.l udmnt y* flfl S.kl_ir..ay. BBfl tbrt
ratflfflbfllfl WflflM loon kfl n flfll Bflflflfl,
" Iir. Van.lorki.ft flfld tte Bfll flfla? at flM Naval
Sibo.il aro d'.ing aill-i t'c.r fflflflfl f-r ttfllflflMMUfl
wi flflflflfl,
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Informatioa reeeired ati night fltatet thflt tbe eaemy
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There are contingenciei which may ecrve era long to
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un Ib ith. a foioe of :raj aaa u.l- aatarwed an.l f.-r t,
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abo* and ikirmiihing bIohmI entitlBBolly, d-iy nml
pjttk*. ou tin- Mb tln- iniiin tad* l'-ft ri iba and tuovid i
tbi..ugh kUaby baaooti.-we?t dirociiou. aaaiaiaa t.r
tl.t niiibi ub-iut eight tuile. irt.io tka bra tt O.-l 'l o? n ',
t.oek 'lm uayolry, umler Griorioli, Whicb iv it* BBT'I
eral milo* iu advance ?l tue muin laaly, 8t**_*d OUI
lown i r.i'k on lhe u,ornliiK of Iriibiy, tl.t nith, an.l
_ .in nfifi ward becurae engaa'-d w ith a imall 8.8*8 at
IU bil caialry. wbo feil bitck nfter flrinn a roll-y. __M ?
Iy pnr-.ui.tl by tbe Vd Nea . ertev. tbe rtruiaiiid.i of tta ;
ravulry dirliion keeplug a.'ll up wiih tl.eui. Tbe _ail
ol tbe niiMinU-d force being tbul atceleiated, tbe br
fauirv ??? touii left ut?rly hrr niilea in the reur tm\
ptir.nit *v?i tioiiiinu'-d foi about twu iui le*. wliot. liticr i
?un luddeuly found hiuuilt .mnfroiiied hy a*tr<>ng Une |
of battie, weil uo*ted Bfl a* to t-ou.li?nd tbe ro ,1 frBB
tn.;fi tidei. Tb'fl enemy'a Iihb M-t-ma Ui hate been In the ?
thape of u crcM-ciil, Bill. tba potntfl t? Ui* fi?ul. bi* !
MB tar btiiig tht; far*r*d porlk- tt lbe Ro* aad araral
| hundred yardi to tbo rear. Tbe dupoaition.if hi* men
i was iiieh a* BBflNflflflal from *i|,bt the advahoed i.tua
tion of bl. tl inks. and al tbe saiu.: tune deceive >n ns t<>
| his imii.i t i.-al itreni-ih by haviug only his veuter iu
' liflfl. TI1t-ru1nw1.a1uoe4-_.t11l. Comp.eteir muli-d aa
ta Ihfl flflflaflf- flflflflM paflfl?M andivtliirengtli.tjnerrton
, iliiniouuted*a portion of biseouiiuaml. Bfld then, moviug
forward with tiiiei.tne diTteion, made a ipiritcd and
ywH'i al tiniet. Thr rtwintance met with aoon BBflflflflM
i M .'onclusiro flftflflflflfl tl.at we uero enconutertnK a au
peri'ti hflfl*, flflfl Ikfl iig"i? Wttt wiic.'i the eneuy en
flflflflfl ua threw our line into aome lonfualou. tli.'i.gh
uut BBOflflk ta ?fll a retroat bad lt not b-O.i-u- Bfllflfl*
Me th.t i! o i.n liy w.xil.l Inive t<> fall ba.'). aml a??'
tkfl -Mfliflfl Bf M il.e lataatrf Ivfor- bi yttnng .-imld be
' etf.-ct.-I. A rt'tr.al VM tbereforo ordered.
' In the ui :i , time, iluiing tbe aiu.k Um flflflflflf- two
idiBfltifld flan..* were grafl-flaflf ilraiui flflflMfl Mgatt*i.
Itkreetmiflfl to oncir. .e our ihtire tor.e. Ti ita untve
! tnt'iit wu* not di-tccted a moment too aaoa to NVfeafl i'*
ini aaaafBl rl*l Bl >,". nor uutii a guiiiup fire was ope-.,1
i upon ue tttm both fid.B. A rapnl ntre.it Bflfl Ik t- Hflfl
an IflipalMllfl Bflfleaaity, for tbe riauafllA by the enemy
j of hia Brflfl-fltB ?a? oouviueiiig thut bfl Wflfl nol ouiy
! three tfi one etronger thaa Ihfl lon-e with w.'.icb we uuil
I iK-en flflfl aa Iflfl bim, but lar flfltufliBb*f*d our entiie
, uiiny. lirii r-on. ikfllWBflfl detenninrU to fall back to a
' bfltfler faaMa* and wait for the infantry. from wh.cb Iie
j wu* Mfflralflfl by Oid Fflflfl Creek, a rtretyn thni co>ild
' ln- MWBfd at but one piace. Tkfl great flflflffle* flflfl
' w,.? tbat tlie pnrrtiinrenemj inlglrt pmaoflr retr.'-ting
i',, uiin .o ol.,re!v as to i-iitr*. a rnrh at thli atflflfltfljr,
j Bliii.-h eient BflflMwflf resoU ln tbe alm-?t ennre BflM*
, bllitlou i.l afll Civaiiy. Ii?iiigiiiiiiicuiub.'re.l, liowever.
tt? ntr.-.t w?e cohduc'"d lap.dly, but with great
' aii-.iilii.i ?*, nrni t'e enrire eomniantl wa? witb.lia-n lu
ttfl H'-iit fl;tle of OM Tflflfl Creek ond jpain tirown in
I p_mlliOU, lo aii Uit the :i|ip? KaflflB M tkfl BalflU on one
'ri....- aml tbe arr i rai of lafuntiy r?L-nfiiriieiueuts ob tb*
I i rtd Town Creek. to the bank* of which tbe floene of
] haitle wn n<>w ttifUfl, rnu* at tbe foot af an elevaled
. diatiict af country to ln- contour of vibieli it li'iga witb
luuvarun^ pr-'eiaion. Ikfl b.mk Bfl tbo Bfld ?ide i*.
i IMI?tfl*. tttm ten U> tuenty feet hl, bflfl tLan th?t on
- tka w, rt. lt tim ou tta flflfl flide thut Bltflflflofl formed
aml B all afl for ti.e enemy, tbe mtorvening me im ni
surnig imii lhat Im uei-tl not faar tai be iigun over
. wh' ln.e.1. Tkfl foaattflfl waa ib?t f.r good. l.ut aa ihe
?flflflfll ?M -':"< ii i"" ? tl to i'.r ii il lartrousiy 'Itfl-iii
raaMgwufla on* in flt-Mr resp-vta
To BflflelBfBfld the relutlve pmtion of t' I Iflfl fircoe.
i li t tbe raaflflfl flflflfl Mffllfll pu-ac* bm k ',. M taoeond
?MT? win.iow afll obeerTe toine pertou on theitieet
briiiw. He aiil t Bfl diicover that he om ao pbice
binrrelf. bv Bppniart.ing >>r mith.lr??in^ from the
?iflflflfl ri.it. wr.iie the wbola tigute of Mfl peraoti iu
tka ell't't .',.n be leeu by hun. nn own BefflBflBflM
-ip.-. r! I*li.w ihe ..y.ri?ji tr.liiiir fai t m ll_?.lf. Bfll of
I ?: ,.., -,i i un ? ttb.-n men ara Bflklflg taigein of eueh
Orlfllflafl had no tiir.e to play ln gettirig hii men in
Uttt, I t the enemy wna in po>ition on the i-nstem ?ii!?
iu ti.e .tr" nn .iii urt as aem n* hu was on thr went. and
Iiii* a. tion at iioce becanie general. Having tt>e ad
laBtaata ka i.-uu.beia and poa'tmn. lbe enemy e_*it*Bti*d
h:itI'-H' wil : attemptinfl t?. Cb** ii*. to reir at before bii
I he 1j i re, tiefr-- flsMflfl fl*} flflMl to croia over. The
Inne aftba pr.ii*u.e aaflagamani uear Uflfltflflrabflfl
:. i.r ml bl tlie autin bir.lt, and ihe luf.nuy was ,it
loncfl tn u**! fn war.l. ur.il ul lu i itau* tt tne lietlie
_! M. !. .'. I rifi ti arrivfld, brmed, aml wmt gallai.tjf
in ?! tta b_-.ii. I iie full flHtHafj tti.-iii'ih Mh-fla
?u..rt i.e novi l,rou(.-lit lu plitt, aud ihe flfld b.ittii.
aiks BBBfflk** I-r ii.. ft ih -n afl boflT. n?'W br.-akiug out
, T.-y craabM fnr a bfl athMMB, un*i tlen uylng
Bwaa li.to ii bfl ta'utt.rii:-* ib'-ta. ta bfl ftllowi-ti l.y
. . ,.!i asd an.'ti.t-r Iml ih rflfltrly ? thfl ataa
_, , rarerfd ?boatthfl Mfl. i..eir um nocbimce
'? i r 11.- .si. :i I r iu.ti iMi.-ri:v Tba < fliteadlflf ai idM
were i ? t t? roi fnmtfld. Tbfl flflflMf oounl c-it.i.n.y not
. ? .i.lu.ii-1tflfl p"* tiofl, wi il- *?.!
I... lUtu-e oi'-r Lbo BflfcflB by flkflflflMflj flflfl
l.ut ll t.H'ii beci-Sfl ?'. i'le.t that n-hlle th > lire of the
, . - ? .-,;i,i.v U.lUi.iliig >.ur liuit*, > Ui oiru Ilio,
lj ua it mii .lt ln-:.-1. *??***-_ fl*MO*
t rp-in lbe t .emt. fitite li-d tte lila uiin were
Ur?lj bi tii* uuiur.i. adTaotafl* af th.-ir y *i
? i.o i. Ii wa.-'p.*-Li thal no Boi-iiiiii-"' *M to l*e gained
? r ? Uag on tl.at ci.......I. (mr dead aBil
?,,?,., weru ?? B-flBMUflflk tl.ut onr line of hnttic
' mlrfi t '.. n beea u.aikcl by tbeui aloi a aficr tbosv yet
. i witbdrawB. And tie uumi.er wo*
, nal nf Tba Bflbfll i*! arp4_,u.,te:a bad
i aaiadapt. tka *dg*of lh*fclflh fcaak aa**(laflafl be
! ? i.-n 0B8 uf th.-ir *b<>t-i t.u.k ? M.'et. T_.ere
waa a;., a funaibilitj tlmt the eaaaaf BlflM detaeh a
: ji.iii af t:.i "..k' rl*r fo,ce aml attni'k our r.ur.
[e tMw *Tfheaf taataH flfl* fleleiaUo*! lo teire-ii.
Ti... l.'u..: "fii-a:l. Jui) wugru* uat i ?! abont and
? bo, UUiaa -u-m at iti.jr ?.-re well ou tie
?in. pa -> ra riii'blly -it..'lru8u in.*I -tuit-.l on
t,,.>r-ii . ..tirtl tka Uttla t"'?u of Htflef. lmmc '
,ii.,i. ) t .e ... .-my Bartad Ifl p.i'auit, huu a conui.uai;
iali ,,.?: *_ukept aptor ri**iijW_____e?, wtt* tbe re-j
, ,i ib *a_u* aflOfl tl'.* ffl.. I'-io'is flflfljofl train'
..-? BtBflaai-dB aMaru to yen turejigb tbe:
iw iuv !l;ro-ru ahicb me lomi nnc o-ta*! ?
AtthispOlUtentBfld a t-c-i.e of eB-.lu-.lou teltlotu if
iv. r e,i;i Ini un: nien flflflfl i|.-nin ni.'U^nt iu Lne tor '
i ?puip.tM *.f iiol'i n v tbe Keheai la B-fleb u til the'
i-:iu... oould Iie gufl out ol' tbe way. Bul ti.e torra.ktion
.tnp'eMd b-Moie n teiritk- waaBflflbt flfflfl
ytu hotil BBd ???tt' iBflkl nwept oul llue aw.iy Bimoet !
? .... flOflld b- otl.-l-.l. Iflfl elnlil the
ilu**!, i-i ainir, thedisoharga of inueletiy, tt*ab*flMBofl
alaata, aad tb<- loud cumii afld iBffMJtiflaa
.., tl..- paniO-ltrWkrfl Uaiueiera nbo aeie vjitny ea
,.,..,..,,. ... ,. i .-ir temii* tbiouiib tbc mire. the
.1 All irTflaalMtwa iM _-_.rgOtMfl.Ba
i.- . ibe two ucgro r*g oienl* .- exeepteii, akdMthrii
. redil b> U Mad tbej beld lb. i. >_:iu'.i,.a aud bniflbt lUa
ti -..,?*. :::i:n ..i-r n ) purtbcii uion_r by IM ani|:.:ot tht
t.,.w i..i:i-. t :_dieiiiuiin.iiei) BUiafl flafla, fflfflflfld aud
li va* i "W i..*o?.l i_o*M tliat tn* uuiu mutt
fflil Into tta <i..'iiii'. li..uda uuieita daaflMfflfl, *nd order*
*tXi '. r-?? ,1 to >';.t lb'' auiuuiit I'r*.s4! uii'l buru tta
- Notwit?lUtndiafl*e w.ro Bo?..ie.y pieimra.
t: [? ord* r n t? t-\'-4-utt.-,i. unu tbc coaseqiici Oa'cumula
t. ia e| d Itrifl ??* Ifl d luituei purttM fut at un.cb as an
kflflF. - . _. i i '
A_ntt tbfl IflBtB-Bta M flflfl col-E-n were starte.l Bl
retreui ,*uvi:.i,- beblad b?tflflfl Mflflflfll flfciekflflflfl
. |. i afld ..b .:.?:..:..-.!. aj.'iit l.uii p. taufleta. flflfl M
;, .1- i iad anwadafl. >.nii wu* npidiy ou?lafl
,,, uut uai aln auy%?T*rt**k*d mea dar.-;i i._t i op un
Ul ik. > Itad flMtb i. pv.n.1 ltt bUm Bbm t;o n.ld fll tte
..m ii...,: Bflht, aad l.i-re. Ihi-fltafl ttflBidflflfl u^.n tbe ,
lM.! i... ?, ,? _sd n.ii-f iii,m Iha k-Uflaalp* Bf th* flay
.ii ne-p. tbaac-l daf tbaf trntf flflkMfl-fl wnu by
Uieltibels in.-, i.i'ii.L'iij"? Bfafll groumln th.* en.-tuyj
?4,^. ka duoiurli ri-pU4.ii, but - itbo.it uny ooieiueiublc
loss on cithrr aiiH". Atur ti.i* BKbiaiflmiOflllflflj*' :
l? - a:: IN f.t.-.oii.il aBSBBflflfl ol utotl bfltVBBB our feur |
. unui our arrival al i...il.errlile ?
uBtb. IJlB p_Md M bflfflflfl furtloT MOOflMH?BUflCfl. |
\...ta.r.;..) .*ii*i l**d-y *o,mm* ttatn-flflfflifl aflfl flflfl.
tm * an n iBg. -lUU ll m tauu^hi tbut our Mfl ol men
: ... :., r. 11 V.ooo.
I uMMtkflflfl rtruiy* nr.il unacoonntable
; ??!- war w! ira iii-cnsitin .by ttaiflfl ttfl natiou.
Ba-tau mui? oa B-flQBl M tkfl duMlM ta ?ur araa flfl
, ,'. . ? ,__,. ailb f_*b ib") Ua.-ii up b-taiv ua. ui.d
I..,- f;urt i.-ai M M iiuie *uA flflflfl tbey alfl ei.tir.-iy flfl.
b.-oked l.T. . . .
A Bafl oi e.nn-Juei wiil reatb you by telograph.
1. u u.
NTORV OF A l-I.A-K Illil 1 ?.-_?..
r<.rre*pr,idr:--r of Ihe ti. V. Mfcflflflk
I'tAil-uBi. S. C, Juue. lWt.
(in Ihfl IM nf tlio pfflflflBl uionih there c iiiii*
im.i inir MflM ?*? Ibviafort, S. ('.. a il.ort. stout, tbiek
M-t I..-gr* ????? ??-. bbfl k M night, with _ot ii drop of wbite I
i.i.-U.I i:i i ;? v. ;:?-. bal with anmi.tak.ible ii,flfllUflflflflfltt '
eveii Ikatai* > flofliil?flflflfl ifl?flflfli *Bfc abM flflflfllfl, j
,i,,l ?:.*??? ..tii. m, J flkflflflVflB-Bfl ond remiu-k? would!
? ?, ....... . i- ,iii Ifl ti.e _MflflM oftb*' be-i opecimeu of:
,. BIflflfl. I.f iuii.lid from apriiuitivi. boat, flflfl !
bu.ru-,,.-." lut tTtm flflflflflM kiudof grrnta? '
a M il had fii-,t tx-eu tfl i?te?l L.io a r*.p? ol 14 inehes in I
i To ket-p Ihifl iflpa ti-gi-itii r, it wua flflflflflI
niri'u1. i'i-. ua Ibe lurlore nould Urm it. teretd, with
" "*? . !_ .4
MA u nt p!n?.*<'i tofreinKr na I flflflfl aeen dovr
mati beginnlng i-i tb" ecnter ar.d bflBdtBg Bfll to funn
, iiiKtiull nr ll,?.r llien up lo f..rm the tiiles. lt
,. ..... i- .?! f-ur incbei Inlength, thiee f-'etfdbr m.bee
lauflj, :,-. ufla iiait m.4 '.iicbi-4 iu d.-|-n flMeaflftafl
top t: biilwurkr- of i'i.- Ixirt. (>n ttfl iMittum, or
? ! |? t or to kfl** it imt'i eoilai-iinir. tnero were tbree
p'.. CM of ; !Qt- BoOd. 1 bflflfl no* flfl oid fl?Ittfll tiu tbo
iint.lil*-, or i.tule: u.lllll. ou n lll, I: tii.t Imi.iI WiW l'n'tiiC-|.
inaiue ai.d otiisiile it wai piteb-Hi. to ke- f lt wa:.-r
iMhl, The man Bflflfl Mfl name n* .laek Krower*. stat
lag tbfll *? ?_? flflflfl Mfl .iuv.' of Dr. Henry Fuller oi
[WBBfoit, S C. now of Haltimote?a man who waa
?BWflfl thfl Ibf-flflflfll Ifl tak*. Bflfltfc CarflMna out of tbe
I'nloii, Imt ubo niuitoii abrend ur taiirirthtiig elaa'i to
coutiuue ?iiii :-h.i-i-.sii'u. ir by *o duiug he lutffct P*B
ln* " poefl.-eflloin. bf he waa very rtflfc." ll a<>uU be
bflflfl M .-o.iTln.ve Jack thnt hia msster i* not o tk .*e*
aionmt tliii. or his hfteeu breiin .-n Iflfll to Kbier Holley
tor then Tiettialt and cbithee " ttll the war ta orer."
Jack ?priil ra..*t of bta life on one or the otber of tbe
I>oct<ir'_ plmitati'wa near lleaufort, alwaya worklng a*
n field band. li? doei aot know hifl age, Imt I -huuUi
Jndfe i .m lo bo Ci. 1 he noble fellua ? vflld out fflaka
hii aga afl ??_*? for not ftirktlair for *th*nIWduaa.
He has enliited ln wbat waa formerlr tbe Iat 8. C. Col
..rod Itegimcnt (i^oL Hifglasoa.. aow known si tbe Md
0 I I'T I glT* Jai-k'snirratirein kia own worda,
a* written down by Mr. Judd. omittiug . .ob paaaagM
a* woaM implicate Jack'i aaiiatnnta: ^^
?? Two year* ago now. the p..c.<>r ?ent m* and nxMefl
other* to tha Viliageof Aikin, IX uulee back. whiflfl
ttfl conntry ie all bniken ap into killa aud ralleya, wbar*
we were to work for Melti-fo lloilur, who flaa to keea
na. the Doctor told oa. ttll the war wm orer?be (Holj
ler) fiTln* ua rioMala aad olothee Aboat tta lMh ?f
May* 1?-kC I atarted off one dark night to flet to BeaB
Ml took only a blaaket and poir uf panta. aad trer
eled u bard m I *.iald till almost mernlag, aafl
then bid io the awamp. I wna dlsturbcd aad
frtghtencd by the ory of bloodhoaadi oow ing
ou my traek. To get away. I bad to eroM tbe gwunj
aud donble on them. going tow?rd Angn*t*. Bnt tl.el
k?pt the icent and cbased me all day, though I wenj
a.-ioei bn-oka and awampa erer ao miti.y time*. So fl
! was Ifl 0 ..... k at nitfbt wbau I got to tbe bridge tt
I Augtiaia, thoush difllaui but 16 milea from Aikea. Al
the far end of the bridge la a gate where tbe gaard
atiind* poat; and wben I came to bim he asked me wber*
: I w?s froui, and I told him from (iai.le. r'? Cornora
1 when he eaid he thoughl I WM lylug, and if he kuew 1
i washo woold aurely kili me. for no niager ahould tm
1 away to the d-d Yankoca lf be conld beip rt. AftM
'tr-it he t.Htk me M jaiL and word wu M_t to Ux
Kullor, who flent aud told BeBflf I waa in Jail al
i AugiiBtu. und lieh.d be?t take me ont, anddoluetei
> he eaoac to do witb me. on.y be muit ke?p ma aiiTe tlll
ait- r tl.e War.
i " There were M bloodhounds and 12 maa after me, M
Ifnundont when I got back to Aikon. aud theyoalT
' loat mytiack at 10 o'eloek. .last ua aoon aa Mflflflfl
: llolly ?rot me bome. kt tel tkt dog* io aorry ond bilt mn,
0*4 Oli tcoit un my lettt and arm* are teiat tktf itd Kttt
ihttr teitk. Afier be g..t tued . f that fun, ha took uie ta
a bLickimitb who put a ring arouun mv nnk'.tt, bmding
the Wrntt in rhtn it tta* red Aot." (A I *rgv a *T it all
8> .itii'd lbe ankle ihowlng the mark from tbe born oi
tii.- bot '."h.) "nnd ibeu a heavy liaibur ehain WM
w.,und twiee around my ?aiai. aud looked. Tha
chain wei^hwd a- mucb a* 30 pouudt. a.id waa put next
- to my r ki ii. and I wore both tueee darbim fuur r ei-ka,
aud pot a baril (logrlng eiery day beeide. Vlaatel
lloily iiimaelf wbipped me. eayiug be had got me nufl
wbere he wanted me, aud wb?re he wouid bare fafl
; li.tufaction.
j " Wben he took off tbe fetten, T w e toolaroeand ato*
\ to *lo ..nt (Li.'ig. and he lauirbed at me, teliing me I bflfl
, bflflflflfl 'txy-K_in to go to tbe il-u _'aiike_*.' ->i_-M
; iu. n Hol.in has kept - gnaid on aui hia fliflfltr*. ao UiM
, ?*<-. could not get ii? ay. wau-bing ub aa ch.ee and treat
! ing me ao badly lhat I got cuiupieiely ouwed, aad gsrj
lt up till the last dtry of Men h in thi* year, when he aei
' me a new taak. to go to the wocuds un.i cot aad *plll ISfl
! i.n!*, feeding and watetiug th* oattie. __? head. tbtm)
i nui.-a a dav. beside doing the honaewoiuan't cborefl
I foi a day'a work. Wben I came up at noua, tbe Brafl
Any. to get tometbing to eat, tbe buiuMWaoiau told bm
! Mr. Hofly woiml gire me flOO laebes _x-o_ir*a I bad mat
' eut aome fliewood before 1 went away in tbe moruin&
II aaid. ' 1 can't do no bwj e den 1 oaa. Ue'* BiaaltM
i an'I *lave, aad I can't biudar him.' So after dium-r 1
jweutdowu iu a little buab, where I could ae* whaa
MJMM Uolly ooine bome. and wben be did oume thfl
btrnsewomaii told bim w...u tbr itiid abe would. and hfl
| went off rery uaick toward where I bad boea workluai
' but of courie ba did nut Ilnd mo tlier*; aud ao by iN
by 1 taw him come back and go into the houee.
< "Iu a bttle wliile he BflflM out witb bn gun, aad fl
twoid buUded aiouud him, aud wbntled for kit tM
. biooiltionnd dogfl, wbo went aftor him. Aa Mon M I
! iaw tbat, I jumped up and tan like ligbtning tha othafl
. *uy. When tho bounda fuiily got u_ mytrailaudl
ii. iu d tbem. I wai two milea olf, aud by eioesing iii t_8
? twujip* 1 put them oul tlll an hour bolur* rui?iuw_s
? win'.i I came t*. a p*nul and rouni toe tlie rt*.gt Bot ? tt
: thaa 3-0 yards behiud ma I tuinhled right la aad
! waded oot till 1 could juat luoch BJ t ?? uud kcep ml
. no.f above water to brcathe, and tbe dogi lo?t na
j entin-ly.
" When Eolly and the otber men came dowa to (M
pond they rode aii sruoiid n, und I beard them mt.
- ' He cant get away uo how, for ?e * an come in hl
I Boruiug. aud the doga wiil bihe his tc*ut nad flnd bia.'
i After ti ey hadgone fgutoot, and wrui.goot aiy eloti.ea,
i tii.U nai t'-d by the road liirvct. and i an aud waik d afl
' nljcbt, tlll I knew I waa gone Uarly-flvv anies frofl
Aiien. tinrl tben at daydawn I goi to a puad. and weafl
om ou a log tbat nar iticiiing in tbe ?aieT, and hrakfl
lon u K>me rual.aa aud busiita flflMfljfc uj iie uu?n ofl
aud eover me up, aud tbere 1 alepi uli day. for I wm
nr, iuliul tired, aud tumt -tari.-a, too. Wben nlgM
' iuiui- I wm ao weak from bflflflflfl ti.at I coaul ai-m.-.-lfl
U aiong: t>ut 1 leit l eiUr ?r. .. 1 barked und c nblil
. bflfll uo doga I tiu I oaiue ou nnd _,-.t a bslf mlie. u baa
11 iw a ..I '_i>- houso Junl baek from ti." io.ul, aml tbougbt
it Wns a liik-'grf liouae, aini Wei.t ub ng Up to tbe tioor,
' when a wlntt womuu caiueoiita'idsiun.i medreudfuliy.
: She a_ti ed ue wlul 1 wutiteii, and I .??* I wna in fur a
?lu- Bfllkflfla So I t .iii. ? ls iu-?t4T M hi.roe f and Iflflfl
: enou/h be enme rlgi t out f. bflfl M aeked me wber*
1 MflM fj-iiii I ta.i.i liim PflBBtaliflfl. ..n.i b. fme ba could
,,-k uny n.ore 1 luiil, ' W_ flatflflflfl nfty Vaaikrei fflfl.
' tt-rday down tl.eie, md uia-tei w0* M uckled lhat be
1.-I ire yt. up lo i'l.n nu eli'r to ece iny famny.' Tben 1
. :. 1 bad aot ed" tl.e traek aud waa Liiugiy, and would
not heiell me ...mtthing toe-t. i .*-? flflflMfl ureakad
II ight into tlie houso aud brougbt me pM a p eoe fll
bre.td aa.1 a bone ? itb a iit'. lr u.. i.t o . it and s'*.d tle*
i ebouid uot ni au.ui.iUK fr. iu a good faltinu. -iyg*t.
I Tbe man **id tbe aem waa grai.d. mm ti.ei. bu tv.U me
, to go np the rery road I had Juit cimo down, and J
i tturte.1. but uuly wcal un tdi 1 saw lu.n gn Into thfl
: Lo flfl an.l Uleu turned aud weul .oftiy tin- ntber *af,
I . -.1 riflf ?t i weiit alonir. ai.d flflflfl to oe thaaklul lo taa
I mun for bia good intentioiifl. IflM about ihe ltt ot
, Muy I begen to go Bbout at uinht to try te flnd where
lbe *??-.. -i. ji ,-it-it weie, ?o tm to w.itcb for a chune M
get ou to Part K.y .1. in.n ui. i.t I , ai.,. down tm Purt
i.uitl. 1-r-iry m.d bid myflCit in a ditcb?I U-d acfl
kflflfl it was a ritcpli?elore to the caoMva*.
1 ..nl ..ot been t-.ere uiore thau two minuloa l^.nfl
two picket* eauie and aai doun aitblu bve feet of ay*.
tt n.'ai triat I -flimi h.ar eviry w.*rd tfc.y eaid. Theu |
luiiiiglit my "i.i.. hud come. Hui tucy went to i1o?*
aftfll two lioti:?. u a 1 crarvled uivay, and wiu gettlnfl
?e.,.,1 ro go in l<*r atwim to ti.e -'aukeea. AJiat oncai
piikit itarti'd up from tlie bulkb. -d and toug oai
' Wbo got a du.-.-1 I aniweret;, ' A frie. d. aafl
turued uud raa. He did not fire. bat shot.te?: to taa
..tner pioket to *top me, bnt, bemre they were awar* CB
it, I iiits il.;. n i.oue. Sn, 1 loui d t waa of av bbm M
tn to get over th.t way. aud o?uo uded totry aa
otlier. I got un ax and k..lb-?no m ticr how?ond 1
cui a Iol of rmbei, aud weut to work in the wo.xi anfl
ku.nle Uo* boat. lt look me iwo duyt to ?eare it aftal
the rturf wui all reudy. 'l'h<- pitcn I got by c-itting laM
a ti.e aud , aie'.ir-.g tne gum
- l be oid s.'.uttcr caded on to tbe bottom of my hoflfl
flflflM from Dr, l-i-Iei'fl bflflflfl. lt wm three mi.ee U
ihu v. tier. and 1 eturied Uie basket aioue ou my b. ao ifl
tm' dark night for fe.ir ol jiicketa. It wns ao lato in tbe
BBfhl when I got ull ready to tturt ?n tbe creek tbat 1
did uot iret do?u to the Cooea ttll daybreak, and ao ]
ii .!? J ou a litle l.iiiutiu- k Oiuee by Uie moulh ol the
ciei k. md hid tbe bont und miaelf for another day.
' Uut bfliflfl '?' o'eloek next uigbt I put out and uaidtlled
. *. i-i lo i'oit Koiai, too giod to get away. Tbe Vankea
piekrt was m>t u.leep, but chaiTenged me before I go)
Bf-flfl near tbe ibon-, and I told him right ofl I waa a
-ia,-.u. -iy nigger cov.ing itt.ui i f n Cmtilum ' Tbe -Mflflflfl
i Bflfl. iit-a. d me. and aftM i got op Um bauk he bailai
BMBflflM ' V .'ikfl. u lo vi u kivi <: Veuk.t.yi 'tyneye**
fe.lowi.' 'Whatyou golag to do witb him t 'Don*!
kuow; what you ti.itik beat?' 'Cut him np lor flah
k*it| be U good for aothing elae.'"
Jack wiil pio.e bim alaiae propheL I would aak tf
Juek li-ouersia art as flwfltkf flfl BflflB m aa bia formei
owner, i'r. 1. ut.e.?are, u aay otber hiunau being oa
ti'.t! ? i.iriu'i f.irth. He haa shoun ti.e pinck, tke grrh
ol au A U|<i" Saiou?tbe prreeveranue aud heruiain of a
true, gmuiue, aad uoble maa.
Arciplaucr af the T weniy-eighlh Rcgiaaefll
FeaiiBylTauilfl VaiflMtcer*.
rnn.ADEl.iHit, Tueaday. .luue 21, 1864.
Tke Eeening ielrgratk nay. : Thifl morning
(nl. Wm. li. ihomaa receircd a telegrtun from tb*
War Dep.irtiueut. unnounciug tbe aeeeptiuaoe of lii*
Mfltaflfll tMA rei.n_.ylTai.ii Volnnteer.) f?r*l?rm_
oue hundred day*. for duty in fortificataona,orwbereT_r
ti. ir Ml -vloea muy be re.juired, within or wllbout lb*
SiiP. Hei: un ing for tbe reg.meut wili be commcnce_
iMBMfllflt*!/, the fllling of ?bub muat Im ovopleted
wilbiu filteeii da. ? from tbe WU i_.it.
BvacBaliea flf lallilr WaahlagMm, lf. C*
lt htw bflflB UUMmmmnf chgr^wl that when our
force* cTacnated the Town of Little Waahington, N.O.,
ttflf set lire to t..c plai'e, and theu bfteely abandonej
tin Union pr-.'.le to tl.e tender aiereie. of the Kebeb.
Tk* .Vfif_.r* Timu ot tl * lith laat-mt effectuslly ex
plodi-fl tbi* flflflM Mflflflfl?fl. of th* enemy. It My? thal
the Rebol* cxpected to be re45eiTed witb open anni, aad
??I* Mflflflflflflflfl to Uud the place almoat dcaerted:
" Ina almrttiuie tlie fact wua Mplnlned by tbe few
j who remained, that the great maaeol the iahahitaaM
p.-.'fe:n'd to havo with tl.e Uuion foroe*. Tbey had
Ifnrmcri.T be*n flubji-cted to tli* ' truder roen-i<*' of
Kel-el mllil-.ry *ivui, and they u.-rt' ahocked at tb*
i i laa af a repetitlu* of iueb experienc*. Kather
, thaa r*B -in behlad and again come under tha
.oiiirol ol ih* uiiBt.alih. dMB-t-Mof Lavia, they pr*
Ibmd t.i gtt* their long i-i.ciiili-d and comlbrtabl*
dweUlap totbetlamee aud i--U:e under tbe Btara and
.f-l-t. It tbia it uot geuuiue n?ti i.iti.ia we do mii
i.iiou flb-M* i: oa_iibaflflUtd. >*oiiberal had be?n tb*
i ri:le nuder Union r.uthoi.ty, that tb; people determtned
1 to a.lbeie to lt, Bfl though lt weru matter of life or
m..niiineut. ereuted by tbe olti-teai of llancor, iu bonor
S ifl the iii.morv of the uoble floue af Maine Wha haVfl
. Mai in prcarrvc tl.e unlty of thelr belored c.mniry wafl
iuau-uratcd in that oity on Friday, Juue 17. Thfl
I monuinent couaiii* of a baudsoan; giuuit* plaifona aafl
| piii tb, tbe total aliitade being orer 31 f*et Tb* namafl
iof t1 eaoldiera an* to ba iuaciilied Uiereon. ThflHoa.
I Chailes Stenon wn the prMiding otiieer. The ct-ret
moniefl, wilh ineluded a military paradet were rerr
luureating and aporopriaM, aad wRneaaed. b*f fl-ffl-V
i lar?fl flflMmbtac* ? "

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