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WR?)*-i i.eivDon
-BBBBBtBtlBB BBBBI th* B***Bll af 1 bf Pl
MeBBBl B-lecilBB i?r FrMBfl" ??* -_
Mlea?WiRBl ibr laBitrr aay aad B-Var
H.i.iaa Ib KaglaaB BBd FrBBce-AB-.
tr,r Tbr FecBBtory Reaulia ?f Ike
?CMafedcrate Fair" Bt fairrrfl-Bal Ap
prapriatrd ky BBBlberB Brfiigraa-fllBl.
ler'e ?*B?f-*eaiaB and KxeiBliaa-tirlr
rarar.tlaBB la Iba PreflB-CriMlaml
g hbcb-Ab iMflradiBfl laitrrBry Ariiaa
?,.,.. On Fpeeial ("erreapoii.lt-.'
l.OMXS, NlT, lt, 1K4.
No new*, a? yet, of the BMBtt of your Fleflb
flential eleetion-and we air all looking "ut ao anxiurm
ly for it. Eleven da.e bare (_p?ed linte the evenf, bul
wemmt wait lo *ee what to-morrow will bring furth
before we cau dntw our brraih in BB?MaaaBBBMIkl
ritaJity of ?ur i-otmtry. 1 write Bfl -HH-BJ kut tl.-tt
afew keena-flj -uah toua ibe aitoma tafli-ffl-M,
Uf bow it B rrciived by all B_HH "' ? ? **. M whifh
1 line bubm IM ikal be tefe UluaHl taMjaeat
la Ra meantlme, * |?* aiahaiiraal aeMfl ?s to Iafl vre
aipect it.
Al! Amer:.#u. Jovaliat <>r i:.-Ki. Bad BBl i:r.,j-.-ana
really intereatcil in Aii.tri.-en *tTi'ii5, *eam t.i tliil.
ulk or write of tafl BBta aha, Hafl ef ttoa aflU_pfl_
.ReieBeeetoaef ?toa?aa Ltoesla MaHflafeaa aaa
elni.ou, thongb ocr fnenda ara Bfl laiipiine mi thoupb
aar aaaMtal hokl oot, like Yuiler, t* the tast Not tim.l
tkey ful tbo drop (rniTtbe Cbiiajro Plat-BMH-Bafl
from beueotb tbe r l'e.t will tbi) owu nf BBd t hoke
ilerent.r. They hope deeperatelr, at, mon'und peeple
aie apt to dc. You would have been amtiaed to hear the
faithfal a. bo aet up by them of the "DUBaanflto " howl
?whieh weleimed the aentenee of imj riaoriuier:'. IM H
paaeed on Ponobue and Kerry. tbe two clectioneerinr
aeenndrela oonTictrd of having IMfM BBfl?en. flflMi
l-y th* long. long tnn witb wlnb tb.-y recelrM tbe
btwi tbat "(Ien. lluiler hi-1 BRtval :n New York.
fliringriae toa fuppovti"u tl.il be Baafld BBBaMS the
cemmand dctinp tbo .U-.tiiu*.' IBMllU atoeeeeM
down thec'oni'fdi'iatet'otton laBBB two per t-ent. WIM
Rfrnre :t will rea.h wben bc hear ol'tt-' N?H*fltofllU
Abrahatn I.lni-olu, u.a. nupply u iinal thaptor to IVp.-'*
Jfeaty on Hatho*. or the Art of Sinkinjr.
The two miggeative iiem.- hai. ln,n ai-eiptrd l>y tbe
Hcbehjbere and th.-ir BJ?BB_?BH aa *n ladtoMtoa
that tl.e United States GatMBHeM kl r.-ally poiug U
aee the itrong h&nd M ?_. t irn.f frorfi br,i;,: gmrotcd?
to about to BBBertB, iii iPtne degree, ibe BBBBB
amount of abAurd ebn*e ai d t?tB?tt?a taftatod on it
by ite adrersarie!" at bon.e nnd abroed. l'orthe *ail ?d
reraahea know?no .me better?tbe fakity of thrir m-cu
saticjua audchnikle at tbeiniiiuity Mitb wluchthey have
been allowed to make their. Tkey drpirt ileecr*. I.in
ootfl. Siward and others a* ao many Kobeajuerrei aml
Maraia, wiihont auy apprebem-ion* ef rw-elung ft prac
Uca_.i_lnatrat.onof tbe fact; it ia " St. I.nwrei.c* on a
eold gridiron," the ifJgB of'eiror * ltiio'i! tb" ueeenity
ttt eerrying an umbrella. Jlut wbat if the trover.nuenI
*? going t? take a leaf BU of tbeir own took?M ' wh?l?
Then too a* they hare done all the howlii-g jeBB?to
aader tbe iTrcumaTaiioes. and earnrrrtl all tbe tyMpakl ?
aeeruingi'miii-h good uibt it d" th.-ni' ther are aat
afl from ontingent aot unrtipe*. Tbto ia what _BJ fear
Onr Rngliih fVJendi ate, a* I hare wntten befme,
aaere hopefu! of tbe reault of tbe 8BH?BB than nat.tvc
torn Ameri'-an*. ?Mf d.-aire aoch an oTcrwheiming
BaJoiitv M will prerent w hat n?me tbia* tmiinnent?a
BBDUter revolutiou iu the (Nortb. Tn tbi* aaaflBBH?HB
I think they differ from our Freneh aud Gerruau BflB*
Biahert, who ?*em to have graaUS faiih laflfl a law
abidisg people than do our ltiituth couKinr. A i-miple
mt dav* ag? I reeeived a letter from e 1 Teiieh Keutle
rnan, reaitlent oear tbe preat mat. .1 u-t'iritiK city of
Mulbouae. who took il for grauted ibut all wonid ke
aell and the KebeilioD rirtuaily at an end ihonld Mi.
Ltaeoln be N?BB?? He added al?o that buainen war
M abeyanee nntil tbe rernlt *houbl t>e known, ?.<? m??
ataeturer* wattinjr wilt, imparieiii-e fcrtl.e BBBB Mu.-h
tke MB0 anxiety i? ff-it here, in eonimercial cirolea
I w rote to yon, aorne few week? ago. ot a Confederate
Hair. at Llrerpool. got up by tiie K.be!* and th.'it
toiendi oiteniibly foi tbe beneflt ot" Soutbern pB?MU1
ln the N.nthern SUtea. I heurd yeiterday, on good
aatbority, that nearly the whole of the raoney tbtm ob
tained, flC.OOO, had been "nied.' "gobbiedup* and
eppropiiated by hardup C'onfr derato refugee* in tbia
aountrr headed by tbe ambible Maeon, and that tba
dodge watiitarted witb no other iutention. Alao that
Mere ie a probability of a " jolly row ' in ciin*ei,ueti( e,
wton tfce luoinee* .oinei. to be made public, tbe h. it
aaa engaged'in it ba. BBJ arted in good faitb and I- .rip
?iceedipglv dilgaated at tbe susjreeted rei-nlt.
Somuibfortte kngliah lideof Ameiiean tnattei*
aew to thlngi lu generel.
At laat the dreary MIRier trugedy ia oni. Tbe r?
Uef with whkh the BM6?Mfl. cafeAsion wua weicomed
eerred to ihow hotr very geiieral bu.1 been tbe unea.j.
Be?* ai to tbe rpieitton of hii gu'ilt ot inuoeen.-e. There
toitin aminority of uneon.erted belitreia in the latter.
Tkey aaaert that aa ?B wretoh'e faie waa covered. ai
to tpoke alrooat in tbe agony of laaflh, and aa the
Bflflrae, terrlble murmur of- the tiowd luuit haie rtn
drred hii toltering wordi indlitlnot, that lt ia hBflaaai*
kto th*t lir. Cappel abould be abiuluttlr certatu what
Me eiact word* were. _HU?I nia.i _?vo iaid ">;? j?t
(athan," (lt ii ftiiahed). inateid uf ' lafe hube n
g-than.'ildld it)?aimidy qootitif |*<fiptura. Inge
aion* hi.werer. a* tbe explanation ii oue due*n't think
H probable. The good German eleiByman aaMHatafl
na doobt on the mbjeet. More<,T?r, tbe ouly l.itional
anptauation of Mdllera coadnvt, from tb* eommiaiiou
af the murder tu the t.tt * of hii execation, reooneiiinx it
witb known fkcte, ii to euppoae hiui te haie bern a niau
af aingnlar acrra and re*f')otioa. lt !?> erident tbat '.o
tto laat to eheriaked a MBM that hl* life would b?
apan-d, rappoaing no abiolutely indiapatable pieof bbbM
toobuinedof bURuilt. Tbeiefore be maiotamed a
at-ost aeaertJoD of Ln inno. ence. ttlnkingl.at a Mfriere
Hight come, eren ut the laat momeat. Perbapi be
Brototke walediUtement left behind htm iu tke eon
rletlon Uiat, eontrary to ihe promiae of tbe jail ofHeiel*.
tt weuld to opened befor* hia deaih, and bia f r* . iu ?;,?
deelaratioai be credited. It ia, thao, natural e:io.igh
tkat he aheold hare kept bn.-k hu arowal iiil un the
gallowa platform to fell that Lia doom wai eei lam
J reooUect no murder, a'.tice ttuit of lturdei'. in .N?w
Tork City, that kM exilted auequal IflUB??. Th*
Trial lnterealed aU fiermaay ai UbBm Knglaol. Y.i
tra edltioa* ofthe cl ief (iermati paj.er* *f-e pibliahed.
with fnll report* of it, aad tbe Kmg of 1'ra.ii* htmielf
ia aaid to have telagraphrd fo (J'jeen Vic-iuri*. ur?.ua
aa Her Majeaty the expediency of grajitlnf a reptler*.
You kaow that liia aol>jec.i atfeeted to tenard tb" i.an .*
flgnBuBflBBUB ?i aa invidioui murder. in aeaeeeeeaee
BfBrltlak hatredto hi" nationah'y?ratbri ?|,.':rerie
Tto City Aldermrn, who Jiare not apprare.1 to ai
rauUga tkmugbout th* affair. aie anxioui to luppren
tto docamenti 1-ft by Mbller in ;,-1 u_i_y of tke
aberllb. Bnt it ia rery doubtful if tbey will ancceed io
tbia, eapecially a* tkey bare contiirrd to offead two
thirda ofthe London preai. by g.ring eiceptioflal ad
rantagea to partieular journala. Not only waa a re
flarter af 7*1* Tinee, alone among tbe morning ptpen,
admltted to Newgat*. bat alao Mr. Wood". who w: ot*
ttoauignlatij grapkio and powerfol deaoriplion of tl.e
Biecatioa ior tkat akeet. A reporter of Tkt filobe, t'jo.
aaterad tto Jail. togettor with a geatlemaa wbo reporti
aa?aary crltntna] vaaee tor tto wketo af tka Iaoadoo
Tm may imagine hew likely thla^partiality i* to
i tke eiolnded jouraals, vholore enaaut.tber
m naek M you da ia \__nu-it.. or lik* rirali iu bnii
aan ail tto worM orer. Acoerdlngly, tbe rorporatioa
BBtker:tie* hare been pltched into, direetly and i.idi
rectly. To add to th* aggraratien of th* eaa*. ona of
Me aldanoen, Blr Ib>b' rt Cardan, ii tnppoeed to be a
> akflrakoktor ia Tl* Tiaue nawipaper. Prea all
iof ttoexeontioii, the eoaduct of tb* nob waa
BraMIto tha Mtrema I kare talked with aararal
BBBspapH hm preaeat at it. and aot oae ot tbem bul
BBBdaBM lt, aad aeaerte lb* ntter laeb of aB deeent
fultot m: U i*; Klizt kmi _tt_B7 :?-; wsj.; u
eitedby Uie dtaaal i|4..tati?. 1 ??*? o*-M_aii Id ytm \
\,y Vewgafe tb*, ai-rbt before, and a BMfl lllfll-ifl
rfcta-i, flbflaaBa, " uai-ltlM?d rabhB I *bwm mi aa>
bMBd MfllBM- iu my Life. There is Bflfl one terui thal
will rt-nrtbe tlieir Br.peet-4.11r exprewive adjeoti**,
?Hodfoniaken.'' Ax for v.itnening a I...n(Jon ixeci
tior, I went to see one years ago, i?nd that su-i'fd to
iBtiafy iry iDJ-4'iity.
Xo hflfl iti'm our criminality to flflbflHi *e BB fflfll j
llltle about tbe atroeity of tbe l'laiatow niertvhe*. thett
KiAex marxhiri whicb all r.*id-rri of "fiieat Expoota
tiou.*" ta ill reiueruhf-r. I thiuk we bflM been more-J
iiiterested in the Gedneyoaae; uirelj a* BMBflBatofl
UfllMflllMhfl i-on.'civid; bii ill-uaod nile Mflflflflfll
thebiiihof flehildforno panvnlur MMUQMBafl tt
uiii-ht Ire tbe foilorn, BBMpMMMl hflfl of u inuiiii; tbe
afToction of a brute wbo had nonc to bestow\ ani
bdaf-Bf it up ai her own, t?> ll IIMBU "' a MMMfltlflB*>
BMI, and verdiet anainit tho p.itntive bcire.*. Tbe
M.f.iH ofthe Kflli lummod.p MlbMjIfl BfMfll bii
MflM-flMMJ, hnt the Jury dflflMfld -hrewdly that flM *a' t
oftbe alleired father N-BflaflM call tbe flaflMf Wba
waa iflxipoied to deliver bii wife, into tbe w;tueailm_,
: wae Bfl- to tbe tmth t.f lne statem-r.tt WB talk alavj
about tho ('-4_riii,'t*jn Diioico flflM Bfl Ba aa-tto-hn
I of wliieh see ihe iiewapajierii), BBM***1*-!. ?? Vl** l:'n',v
IBMbl-fl " pnnter ami paHJ-bM in Bflfl-MMJ M BM
-ffljafltj," ;? nidiicith iinp'.icateil M if- thnughnll BM
aoMaeotJBlBMflwllhtbfl Bfl] will Nfljflblfl Kood d.-al
'ofevidi-nc-e MMM-Mfl BflM tbat -h* lai been puiltv
hafaaythlflfllaiM Itoa iiiiliiirftinii. Wa ar- mbm
Mifl, f,r,_ Mflfl 1 think MM deserves a ipiw'.al
I parairnph:
I Waa tiie M-BMa fflaaMBaalf aad faraelflM
-flfirlnl CMBflbBBMM*4 ff tkt Tth$rtm\ BBabeae
! ihMCI f"r vi'tiia, there to ilexote Ml fme fM-UBfl t'i. tt I
i (aak of depirtin-' you a. JOO nr". BflfllfBl Ibfl lmiable
j flMwiMj flaifljl n ramfcl one to Mflfl a nu.n-*if flflfl
ItoBflflhflrplj a nati'.n of BflflilhllMj waHMMflhMB*!
MlthlBl. !??' war-juBt b-.-Hiniiie; n MMyM-fld**flJ-Bfl
LibMfl- MMfl flta Tm kaeei. ii'iib MftaB adflflM
'of 111 t fliUMlMflfli"W Ml raB flflrMMaoMffl, or ut
1 lfl-t p..bltah, Bi.y itory of wkktk Ihfly have not fll tamed
'tbeeiiiiro "flflfl*!," MflMBIM bafBfl MflrftoMd t' ' ?
I that BBttoM are liao the a bite man of MffM an" flMfl
?i.pliti o!,*nrtic" in tbeir libon*. ln thii flflM-fl.
IDM-MM, r.l.AiDi* on Mr. labMaBbbaflWi aflBfliMa
tii.UAiiesi--, lTaivt-d l'.flt pnflaM pMM?_M,Wilb?Wm
it be haflxirilt MflhfftMfli. WflfllM. Tto ??** me\
ca'.el* ivritlt-n, bflflflfl-M Bfl, B llflfllB f< r t!.i? rotn
paii IflflflgM -Mflflto BBflaflMfl? eiiived, il ia triic, but
hi fltaim.latari-1 with tbe bnrril'lrvt irr.-_u!ariiy. A
thiretitipr public f.-t a cbapfer M two. or Ibre*. or four.
| and then w..b lefl ?'(Jtiite Alonn" Kaajiin,.' flfl MN tor
'an aajaal aaMtofl ?'f w.-ikn. Bmm aabfla intert-si
! -liaflMi uin! p. .?*' d and p.neil.
| There BfflllMI-. Mfl no IflM flfl MM briiiplig IM
! flMfly t." a eflBfllaflMai like a imflfll BB-ka, it draKr"-'!
llM MflT Mflfllh allTflff. iiili-nnliiably. BflflM IfflB M
WflMflgBaat flBraifl, aad ? MflM moluion. qrflaflf
lafltaflflfoa. Mp.IMmmb v<>i Naabfldj t? flaMb ito
' n n 11 :n ain rtly ai posMbB ' Now, Mr. S.iln, ai ci ery
i hfltfj Iti.ons. BfltorMM hi> pli'tA willi tlie MBMMMM
! fiilneai, tioier *.i:tti_iK p. u to psper .the fine.t and
I thiekexf tl.ut * Jii M prixun-il ior MflM] l'kl' BM (iba.1
Iby tho BBflM <>f I.ady (ilxilo in 'Ibe IVomaii ln
! AVbite"imitilhehas IhfllfM "Ver BMrTtblaflaTMta
'? Ibo laat Bflaa, of wl.ii'b hB****ifllllaajfM FMflflffl " and
! "Seven Soti* of .Marnwon" aro mmrnifieeiit iilmtia
j tionf. Ht-nre we may hiiapii.e. hii fi cJini*x I Ile li r
jorted M he bo anpry, M iery aiigrr. ibat !,e bn*
thre.i:oni.- Mi-. DMftflM with un ai tion al Inw ' Ifl
fbere U a BflflflBflUty of MQBhM Aloi.o" MMflMfld in
eourt, in flflB r that the Hf-liffl may Bablfl Mtolhl
I rap*-etiTc lateri'Bt of tbo narratin-, ireniiine flflfl Mfl.
plementary, and tbe nnionr.t <if dama-f dme toMi.
Nala'a repulatinli aa on ititbor.
I I MflBttaaed i-my Ibhi IhalIflfca li:.i.bt ha.1 sottr- te
j B'flMfl, in conreiiut-nte of tbe illnex. of .me ..f hl ah-M
rcc, BBB*/Bf lix. 1 am aorry to mix tnat tl- ehfld
flMfl MM iflflb, flfl* BMflbB Bail. ? '? "?
The rrflni-fl.llflliflfl C'flflf f flXtofl ? l-flri
baM! flfl Ihr Anierlrmi QiiraliflN - Vrmr.
lia Turkiata liaanrn.
l>ror* Our Own lorreiponden!.
1 (0BBB - Nov. 14. Ifl 4.
The Fiatieo-Ilriliitn t'oiiveutiim is bateathl
Chflinber% tba*. B to ia*. only ita n.uiia. Ibi NMBVfll
of t).- rapital. ainre MflarflBfl tfl tiie tiinjor.ti of tbe
Oeputtei. thei.ntetitioii doaa uot toflflflflMflblMflBfl
teney MTfll-BMflflt. it remalna w:t!iii tbo ipbe:? of tle
r4>xal pflMflfl-Bri -OB, ail the .jve^beri wbi. hwi-re
made ontil BBI treated, tiiat. ?*.*? flMfl-MB Bf ihe BM
venfton. wiiie tto tranxVot-afioii of !he flfljBalWMM
!fl*vOi.dart in-.pi rtanee. Itixiatlier iMlaMMMflbfll
'exeriliKlyriTei u iliffe.-en' Mfllan.it.on to a iii?u-ri?rit
j which ix el-arlr wor.ltd ai.d ibf a not BMtflM BMMttol
1-i llnea. K-rran appioT-i of it a* a rafflflBMaarj
monanre. Lfl Marmor.i. lie-au*.- it il ??:.? m.-ntlr BM
lerxatire; DOnd.BBflflflM bflflBBMfl MMMtM tOpt
iand makex a eflM iliition BflflMbM batw.oa It.iiy au.i
pi.pary, wl.ile at tbe tajiie uaie tlie Jtiihopof RlflMM M
1'ranre, denoiir)re' tbeaame (re.i'y i. BBTtafl tflfl llM
| of tbe fenipord power Bf IM objeet. Moaolino, Ihe
' fjt_r.Nal.Iian CaaMai BMBbMBi tliititmnxi raniilt :n
I the "loaiifall flfl th* .-i*voy dynaily. ami liaioii (om
[pairui .leria.-.-i thi! it itren|-!rn ni ib? thror.eof Vi. tor
iBaaBaaaaL BBaMfl-flMBflNBaafl tne PreaabKa
' peror t'i t-onf.i.i:-1 I'aly ami J MBM?flM in I'arn, t-w
I everyboily faMflrpMB tt-e CflMMflflBfl M adifTerent wix
' ?he bn i-ompletely ?nceef'l?i!.
! ***??M1 lBaaMflij fall flMfl B B Mp tbfl *m*J] af*to
I ProKreixr*t?, ha* BflM mfo two BMMM ai Ma
iCriipi, Giili*_!di'a ex Miaiiter. o;>i?i#ei bot'n Ui* CM
v*nt;.ir. Md MMMflJ of the .apif.l iBh unlflit *iiil
maJB: Moi-iui. (ijtibaldl'*ex pBa-HMtototi bn no flfl.
V.-f >a '?' !'?" tiair ?)? b_...j oftbe fjapital, but be flfl
BMM ihe t.-*at.r. liavinf juit BMMiflBfll (lin.iMi, 1
ii. ut t~!l y n ibat havio| of'en tia-l IfeaflflfflriflMty of ier
ingbtm.aiil a(i<! r?oeirir:|rocc_.ioiiai:* MMflMflBB him,
' 1 t-oald noi b_t be greillx mrprixed a' l.'ev. Mtc IVar .1
j Hfer .n tlie Kiigiixh pap'-rt, whieh dHMMM Ihfl Bfll.
ieral aa uaxiBf avuipBtbiet aith tb- JuWailoiiixta. 1
Ibaveoftea B,>kea witb h na eiront flMMMM flolitict,
buf. IhaBCh M flflM d*-ii!ored tlifl' Ihe abotit.-.u afl
j Slaxeix limd aot be-i (he teivilrrt |.>I!i'i-*: ni.?arjr? tt
the I'leii'teui. aftar 1'iebeiCiniiiiigof lii* wai, b* BBtaf
meuiionedthel-'iiioniuAolhAiaia-ltiinai "f*vii-fri ,ndi "
ihiMtbfl BOflflflflMMflBWflM a'.wiyaf'ir bim Ihfl Mfl
aiei. Tli'-i* i* nu aiau M B-MM 4**1-' hat-a r.la*-ry
laore thtn!''. iie kuawi-r if '|V MfflfBaM ia Brif.:
' T1-* pn?i'l??t day in hii life, flflM he, once al hiadin-ie
jlable, waa aiiea, na a piixat**.', in lha a*rrie* ef
J WaBlBBflfl bBmuftoroiI BMaBtol atarer and fie?,|
! IT.'j ri-a;roi*<.
| IlnlnV. thi-ik il n.fi-ant.v io ait in eipliiiiBlion of
'llfl ltex. lir BmTm***I airanf** *.ate-ieu! flflM thi
'(iea-r*!; bnt Kirl UJind Ito ennaent I'.eimau pitnoi
j at I.otidon, did lt, aud, flfl MTflfl, h.i rep jr wa* ooniii
? t*nt vii'b bix *?> oftaa out.uoken anti Slaxerx isoti
tru-uu. (Ur.'.nidi iooki iio* with ?n*al?r an.i-'r to
itjAi Veaet.ui aoaatsin* tbia (o tbe dabflte* tn tba
ijlila. I'a.. Bx-nt, lur ih- la*t few day* wn jjut agaiu
b ne* sewi from (ladoir. 'Ihe ."iur*-iri'x liava go'-uti
? aorne adTBitag-i ia partial eontlicU witii the Auitriana.
tLepopalaion in the pliin is n *,,-**!, ex-i'.-na-i', (wo
aew baadi baxe appeared oa th? VeuBtian *>ope of th*
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?Baai tochange her bome polioy, and to re?pe"tit
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miniitera at Vienna Uai r-r J . erioui, are B-BMaM U
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Treae.Mte.7 S*lB Padflc Mail,
iin.iiiiiAi.tlli; 50.Bl*
3.60.1. II*. N. V. Centn '
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11,884 I.M8.484
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CBflBh-Ea. n5:0,5-11 ID.-P-.I'.. ito.iTi.fli ,
Cfl-riBaflBWaM endir. Not. 2*..?????!'*" &
|t|a_Ahfl.foT?ee.Xe,.d,..|L>e-. X. "5_HE ffl
tUlanc? for week eud.nf Not. atl.. 17,24-.61.4 l?
BflflM- f*t w**k -r.dinf D*e. 3. flflMA"
Kreights aredull. The cugaj-ementa to Livfr
;>ool aro, 1,200 bbl.-. Klour, at fd. 76 tuns Ba aa,
10?. al.-. 6d. UB bbdfl. Tallow, Ufl. 5bb *<?
Ileef, -b. :w.; mid por ntran.er, 1,000 pkpe. BottM
nnd rhee_e, 45s. To London, ?00 Ihl**. (lil Cake.
1.. (id. To Kristol, -0 tuna Tallow, Stej Ifld l"
BflMB-B, '^00 hbda. Totjaceo, fl*B 6d.
The bunneM of tho Siib.Treasnry was: BMfllflli
13,431,981,1., f.,r eu-tom-, $1-I'>,000 -, piiyrfi'in^,
$_,473,%8,35i. ou nrtount lnrrn, |Bfl,t8fl: hflMflflfl
V.'.ltll '.r:_,4H.
The flfldy Dry (J-iotlb tcle t?>-th.y ?"? BM ?'
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ilav. 'I Im OfllfllflfM i uuij.nM il lotsnt' l>rer-s (,'ootis,
Bofltory, fTaaaa Ctothfl aud Kid QtofM. _.e.
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i;,t. iv toaa i-xtiihited. tho BBUflfl babaj _ctive,__d
tbo BlieM flMa-Bfll ?howin._ an jilvaneeof 10?1'
percent. Men'ail'iiih glfllM Mid fr'' ly at oS-B
;oa.-e. ami flBWBfd, M ftdffl a> $1 07. W'oolen
BflWaaaddiawaMrflflffldM t'<'ii*'?,': the idfaaci
in flh.iii not bt-intr"-.** inarL.il: PBiflM-lfld, $1 92\\
searlH, $1 fl.'*fi$l X>; i l-mih-l. |l 77|. ribbi-il,
t-i 181; Bflalfl ihUfl Uierino, $1 lfl; an.l BflglMb
Mt-lti.ni. M|bi nuliiaa and s_iitui|* Bflffl Mai tMMVJ,
tho r-i: nu r ut $1 i.w$i JB, Bitb-apli-atM, aadtha
i.i,-: ;,t B|BdS|B-T|fl. Iha mB ofhid h_B?M
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BbiaPiilfl, Jaala aaha, *n, ?ad n**"rt"i <i".
|]? -.',,. DrMflfoodfl, ibi rto, toad-arabiefb, aer.,
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I.o.-. Iil-nd. MUM? BMJJ '?"-_'
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iii*' Mirlngiiii (i-ntral flflflBfldl
I rtnu.lune 1 to Det. 1. irtil....*?"_'___
BMM l i,.e in IM).. l.u.r-,44)
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1,.- Oiaafl Tnink- Kon.l .-i.r:.eii Iba wMk r.ndiBf
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lifiii'ifi-ila'. ,'<> he pald ifl floldl N"4-- WW,6Be, llfl,
i ti,:..;, :??'.. M-, roi. llfl, <-", '-"?". 9L9, 99, 90,
tili. |H,nfl, ''I-'*, I.'i". BJ,! t*. I'ii, Bfl. i:i;'-'. tt\9n\
Tha fcOowiafl ifll ^l..<'* the wcilflfli "t mbbI
toOa af Miiifhi.. trom the .-j. iiii.tr "f !...'.IgMBmto
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ir.iMi.t (l.i- ( alla rm *? .'tl.'e in It.iiivl.rif N(
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Tha foalowiBflcoMparatlTfl fabli> irnniB rln- ?aaa
ment. ol' brf". il.n.fi- if (.'hieago from JflBBBI] 1 to
KflVfMbM 'it. ii: lt-.ilui?l ltStii:
IflBflk' " I Nfll7 " IMfl! ' "l -*4-4.
Mi.tir. bbM. I U-*'.'.4'. l.ia-T.0.1 t.i.L '-- t ,ia..-,.4'*
V4'l.e,tl ln ali ..ni.-'-.'.-l 'iii-A.,i?..i u.i/,i..4li ll'.4.-4,'H-*.*
Corn .??-.',-.'.J. IV "I.I, M4 H.?'.Xfl-6 11,117,97.
nu.. I.MflSM 1_.MJ.M_ *kM7.9M t_,0H._M
Rye. '.-: 1-4 MI.MB MS,B3fl 'i'T.I-l
IUr!fi 1.1014*17 71'_eli flM,Mfl :1i:.Y.?
ThflflflflazadflflfliM ehow th*. neMpfll of fl?'*ir
ainl icriiin at Hnftiili., fn.in Jir:'iari 11. |)**cniil* * 1
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inil. Ifflfl iai;;. .h'a.
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Oat*. J,.-'4.47'. '.',.._ r^i "..'.i ,!>_ -, '.40.V4'.'
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iiv. . taeijut ci'i.cet *4.v.K?) ;.'iv..i47
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hti.tr* hv <*::'lr..iii IM-Ul, to HMMBflM I IbM
Fl.iiu I I18743S Dif", Lcal..U.MfljflM
Uh.at, bu*- ...16,lai*.t-B Hi.ritT. I'.T.MO
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lll Ihfl flb'MBMIfll ih.iii hy MaflingttMBBfly |e
HMMflB M MBBflflfld .mall or l-flffl, we eoflrr thfl
!..'!i.wii_ _MM I I; I'., i a Koit /i'juilr': "The
>"i r.taxi .-I lbfl*Ix*lflflai**i ?ill i.nw. iftM ruiikiup a
'.'if-iuiilion l.iiiu *>n tbe _--.'ii bflBflfl, ri-ly fnr a flMBtb
or two ui. MflVflg th>' ne* _BBfl >'i 7 ti'-H) 'l.'t.niry
notM. a B""'i flMflj dflflcflipBaafl ot UMm mbm
have bflM priv.-ri, bnt from thfl Nfflfltfld .n-|u r.<l il
iniat'ii'1 bl fi.eii.. BB flM 1 Lt: i it ir |MfMtoMpflM
-MtaflMMMMfli 'Ih" n?'W 7 i lo I r.-an.ry BMM
a'e ali datr.l Aeg. 18, 18(1 TbflJ 1 ovo il.riw- ie*'a
r<> run from tliat .late. amtftMO la flflBMBlBalioM
,.f $r0, $11*0, l-Vklaiiil $1,<*bJ. K:?|, IflB bM fllfl
ijpBBOfli aad tba a ith balf-jaar*BIbImiMB pejo
hle with tha MflflBflfllf on Mfl ISflhof Aflfaflt,
IBt;,. A i-nup*)!! it pirahle evi-rv lil fltofllbfl,
tu ait, n-i tbe j.vh ot Fflbroflfa MdAifuitla
M_bjraar, 'iina int?-i*i*at jb tau flflflflfl ]t-r I'iii on
BTM) |M bmI i* iu currenr'.-. linne il*v are
MBMtiflMfl caRfld Cerreoeof y flflfl tkwtoo, Wbaa
tlu i uiature, r lie* bflUMflflfl t*ke the Mflfl IJ". aji be
, an (..Lieif thcm mfothe .'i-'JO Bl MfflMltfflld*
ii't.-rni bflfl dl. ln revAjlutioiiary and BB-artaifl
linieA like thflflfl, this Bflflkfl (<> tole tbfl. flM My ifl
flagaB, l-fla", M lo fako Hk.' Ml Uiiidf. ia a pn*.
MflBBOi tobfllflBtflfljhl Ot TLiie i.fftBpri'diiie
in tiie three years thej- baTe M ru_, $-.'1 !fl). ifl flflf.
reui f, on ?'fery $100. j4 i-4..' bond j,rodu< ei $1H ir.
p.Id. ThflB tbe imeeiiuin ijiu-ltion B?hflWbiflb
i*il! ?'nid raiiK"' <>r flfflfflfflflflVfa| the tl ree yeara
IfgdklafflflflflMflflfl,? $!???**_? tioi.il Bflflfl, in n r
reiii-r, $..('>, nr $11 18 MMfl tbflfl a * I lDiiote, Inil
IfflBldBBI flfMflfll 099J Ui l?r 'he lhr>e j.'nrfl,
flii-n B.Vjflbonil will yield in eiineucy Ofllj $.'? 10
iii'.ie tbflfl tbal B-iOiiote. Thereffire, the 'Ten.iua
nn ii Mt Lniid MUSt b" BfltiflflBfld B-flOrdiag to tbfl
i at.it)utr-tl pneeof fllM Bmi flfli to A_k'- *t. i*,;:.
t-V.-re we fn erpn>A nn ii'iifjion .? to hua
niueb a _-'.ti h'/iid ii wurth iimre flan a * --10
note, wt.-hni.lil flflj*lt fM MBt. Thia n-bhn Ihe
bond a lutle lesa Ibflfl I p*T Mflfl preirium. for, in
bflring It, the pureh-MI Ime thfl heuefit nf the ar
crued liiterrnt .fmin Rflf. I; ,while the purchMer
pai* ib.. Imi 1. int*ie*t nn the 7 .t-10 rct.'B. lt ib
true that tha purchaser ef these uotei geta a rehate
Bl | 4uiiiniiBBi..n. Alter uakmg *U theie allow
autea, aeatill *>ay thflfl the _-J0 boiidi at 110, and
the 7 :M0 noUfl ut QftTfllflflMfll I'"*-* 'I'4** BB^BV
tereBt lfM i MMMiflBflfl), aa etiually ridii_.tajri
IflfllfllMtflMflB Phoflld the 1'rendeot il bB nie.
ttagr, aad the Ra retary at th^ Tn-aaur*; m bir-rf
p*,rt, fortil.adiiw the liiiA-ontii.uaLee ot ic'M i:.Ur
?MhflBdfl, ax ii is eunlider-iiy BMMtfld Mlhafldfl
?ei: ?j n Uf wi -qrirti. ad iy wa; ?'?*,.'i y*u.
>e tnh' u ?t .bB rate of Rur _ two ,? tw0 aud a balf!
iiilliciin per day. Ifno r _1bn p? bearing bonda!
trt iBtiiod, 7--r0f in cifrre ^Cy wjjj ^ ,n demaud tel
in. !?< at eaeeee-Bg R ^ w*nt8 of the Dcpartmont.
Thc antbracitc BU j tunnage keeps np rcmurkaljly
well. The BmWmf j_ f?r the rear now MflebM 9).r.97,
08 tun*, cgaiiit- A tjtttjtn tune to ibe fame ditto \
mn}mM' ~lt>r'* aa Iai laaaa af 503,4.3 tane. Th?|
-.?ft8ouir)i''rtrjn(:its t^tm$t___\ tho BflUBfld fl?I
h?r(t f'.r.jj t? tbe ofeiiflf of navigation bo vory
?eeb .onfinedto inch MU?ttttM M may Bb MffRed
ly t>je goae?, Tbe aaaeta are eketag ?p bt thc
*>a-oTi. Hut ft-w boata rituriiirig will veutuifl on,
another trip, unleia the weather ehonlil niod'T-to j
BMghfB an- unusually bi^b M t?I V.ubl; $1-0:
from PMtadalphia to Beetea, aml $. 40 from New-1
Yurk, aud but l'tw VB**Ub are ?UUb| t" bed --*?
at tln'Bo rati?. Adtl the lreight iroiu Mount (ar
bon to Prrt RiabUOfld, f:i, and it ni.ikcs freiglit
from Port RMbflBBB? to itoatoc, |7 83 '-ii a
tCDOfcitl. _
N_Tt(,.\.vb CUBBBBOl BABK,
!>._.* eitiot rriy w.ii *rer[alij i" BaaUBBBM HHi.-.-ea,
7 _i ,0 r.uta-i, 5 Hfl K'40a, and _?_*a of IMI. MHBBB, ???1*, io,
ni; sute ii aaty. tatonfl ?BibM on aen rta bj *p*t ;*i
__!.*? _.....'. Y. O. Avtut, hailtoM
) >. orinij. CMMh.
JAiltf '*?? iu. ? -.)
I'.ik FOI BTB National Uank ,-r TBB CITI
)Ti.amtai. AeBfll or r.n. I'tfitTD iiju.,-,
Boa --'7 at.-d H l'me-at.. H. Y.
Thia Ikank lia* i eedj i?n *ule (nllow inu thc eflBBtfa
I,. n 'i, parvtoMH) l'- 6. . _-M Bona wbi. b at matnrity
are convertibta iato a ali p-r eaal gald Martag loan,
t-a.it.a-t-A wurifii.t*. eertileatea, wflanagj loaaa aml
.ii.i.T*. aad alicB-to to aB Inaaclal toalMH with Gorera
inrut. Partk * wiakiagto arfld tho detoy an.1 toooa
>?-i..ii.(.i uf direal in.-r"?i>on?!rn,'.' aitk tbe Depeft
niri.tt nra- innted to nptdv fl Ulfl Hnnk.
m'.jkkisKe:, ih ?i. Pin?aal.
1> W. v..i ..HAv. Caahtor.
llorkela I iKirri.t i ItEroitTrtj roa": nr. I V. IBMBflU
UoM av Dea -*j. IIM.
I A8HES- ire nerkil .* fatat*ead pgieMeieaeefll*
I ?B.
(K)yyKK?Rto Baa toeaaatot to laar. but i* ntreni.
ty tirin. ai.d kaklit* if nrrufiy lanaaatag fclgtor rate*.
I LaH on Stitiii'Itiy rtrnttiir iotne l.l.iKX) Impa uf Bto were
laoMto tto trade aa pairaM terma. Ofl tor kladakaea
| Mra m fatr rcnnafl. aud nre lirrr.it aale* <>f 4i ll bafl
LagaayraM (.'a?. auR ?-_ U-o bag* st. DautafB m
baad ai tte. ,
(XlTTtJK?Tto taatairy toa toea rary moderate to
(Ibt an.l pn. r* ara beary, UH-Bf at alotit 61 '-'7 for
Mla1.l1lll.-f. ._ _
I I.clT. _VM> IUEAL?TTM market for AVeitTn an.l
State I itmr Ifl IriaatTive, and ander Urge arnn.!* atnl
tbe bfa. ir.' as ta .-i.Ti.il,Ce, pr.eel am 106 15c. p< r bl*..
HVrr <?. tV-lowiuul n.editim Kratlei: Trade aint K.tn
lr> taaadt aaiIail, but uuihanged; tbe aale* aie:,'^1"
1 hki at |9 3O66t*30 f'-r Boperflae Stata-: ?'-' T.'.rrBl'J
f?r Kltra >U'o, |10 636110 IS for Vwatty Iflate; lio.r
|!U 40 f.r Ito lew e-.fti'.i-a tf V. eatrrn lixtra: 610 tjo.i
6H 10tor Hhipptag (>!ii?: *H I6U811 f.-r Trado and
Kan.ily bren.!*, findlli_*'.4 -.'5 for St I-oul* Eitra*,
.ii. lid'ed in tto Bbora aal-'* are 1,11)0 bbla. Kxtra ht.ite.
I leitoi '"..ptii'i. Iafl haHof Jaaaaiy, at 6-'J to. ('anadiaii
I K!oi r la dall and 16a. iower. the deflian.1 ia maniU f,>r
I the iow gn-H Mtl'-aof -J-io bbi*. ot _'.) ?6?|10 .... tor
! tt,.- toa gtadMof l.ura. aud 116 tSflllfltor Trade an.
I Hiriiiv Ki-.ib.. S.i.'h.ni llonr it alflo dull, toaryaM
i IBr. !''_ier. BBbB -I MB lfbl*. at eiO.'-JfiBli 90 HJ
I Bi?-I tu ?"ia-d >:iti.-rl,nt. I ountry I'.aitirco'.e, Ic, and
Ifllv Hi_ii.:. f"i Tra.aeaiid -amihf braada. Hye Floui
I .* duil aml biwer n.lea of 136 bbll at *> W" i-\I j.
('om MeoliadillMui Mary, at 67 50a?. 7.*>f?r.I>'r**y,
I and fle K'for Hran.lywine.
IliltAiN-dur Whrat i-.arVef iabotter MgfBld, aM
u;dcr tl.e eoatlaaed lailaiitoM ta gold Mtoaa ar?
i.. .i> aad :,,w.-r. tbe daflaadtoaatatof culliQg. th.
BBtoearB*a266bM-a In.'ltiiling H-06 I'bi.aro Sprin)
att' K-6-I1M. H.fllOABtor Clabet625-*kl_-t an.
I 1.000 Auib.-r VVeatrrn at 6'.' 4.".a6- 4~. -fcvtaj i? BBM
buttrin, ?t.it* of ^.mti t,i:a.'.. crime Mat* at ll.-'.. Bai
l.-i Ma,t'!a Srui bul qmef. (>ata *r<> HHB **-tiTe aui
are bettct Ito mlea *)?? 160 000 bwh., ii.i!ndiii,r .'tir.a
di.m at ' .'.(i'.-.v., We*tern at glOlall,. afli-at, am
BtaM at Ma afl:- Ky* it qalet au.l Uaafltoi aale* a
'.'.tti b--.t. WT-ati ra at 61 ..V afloat. Crn ia extremeli
dull cM ia tosry and Ne* lower; tne *alei are amall
W.-airrii Vlur.l at 61 Bl in itore, and cuw ..rop Jrriei
at fl '?'._ |1 " tbe latter more plet.ty.
(il BKlEfl arr aatol and pnce?are aon-inai tt Ma
for (T..(t. and .'.'io .)*'??. fur Bag*.
HAV ? I Im in.iuirT .untinue* fair, ai.d the c.arke
firt. . .ryr- of :i.?, l.aira at Bl 4" tf-61 .4) per Ua) Jt.?
1111)1;*-.?llobUraof all deeeilption* an- tirm iu then
ii.*.. Ufl the baflaen 1* only riioderatc: we qnote
K.< Uraade an.l I'-u.-tio* Arrei at tl a-.-x-.; Orinoco. 31
633i iv rto CabaB_al8w6-a.j Malenaaaa, S4B2Sc.
Mara.ailx,. -.-.i'i'.*H| vera ClBR 2. ??><?., Sarajulla
iH#63e Drv VVe.tem,'.'.rfJCo.; Green S*Ited, Cofla
tr-. vv ni.rt. ..i.d i .iv at . .j a 14... aud (alcuttl Ilnf
toto, BOa.
Ilnl'S ar?- ir. fa.r reciieai for home nie, and ihe mar
l*t rn'.. * t.rro, laleeerM balea at ?..-:*<?. fori'om
ninn Ui iTiine aad r.'o'o'A-. tor KairtoCboiee new.
HULAJt-Hflt?He aatoa >.f *ny e<)nae<juence are re
! ported I" daj, I -i.t l>- .1 nr, -:./t:ii .teeil.f.
HAYA L BTOHKB bib datt aad aaeaaagad j Begaoti
I Spini* Tiirpeninie ut 6v lOURBBBj Bniaa, BB3aU(
f..r i'<lauaaa Btraiaad and No. 8 and 6.T.'<r40 for Na. l
I VV kitl an.l 1'ile. Tar. icvrle for l'on-eitic, andllinf
nll> araajatoi bM pric. bareatea.lv at ll 40 fur 1-in
??*.', tl 90IM Crude Wbale, 6--6?-o.'> BH do. Spertn,
i__.al fll ".',al_ for I.ardOil.
PBTBULKBM ia qatot, bul withont nartitular
. haifge ia l,7iiee, we ijuole Crude at 4-'e : Refin'd, ir
ta.nd, t-rat'.'r.. and do. free, att*-<J-9c. wtfhimall*?let
al the iuaide prii e.
PHOVIRKjHB?Tha 1'ork market i? fairly actire. bul
pr.o* i.re ndi ii.niewbil irr*galar and nnaeitle.l, opi'ii
IBRI *.< v.i ai.d ti-.l ut our toaaaS flgurea. Imt BajBBSflaBwIj
Inpaoree, and . .,?<?. itr..1 at ot.rexlren-.ee. Vi r f.-.turt
id'littiv we hear of i.iit-a ..f ;V00 bbi*. Me*i (lr_j:_-4>,
bnrrr ail tho ir,.,n(ti, ,t f ,4. l.ooo bbla. do. (1666>S),
*i_.r Janttory, at fl3".; "x-0 bbli. do. buycr do., 6:17 .vj;
1 tam hbl?. ('..., 6--. ar.d .'OO bbla. da, buyer Tel.ru
bia nt 6_6-6 ll.r ?*l.i. iiih and regular way ar*
.'.-ii bb!i. at 133* ? -4 '.'-? for Heaa (IrttM), and fl.?._i
t'M 'Jf, f.i l'rime .Me.*. Bve/ l* dall, heavy aud lowvr,
tla.nub pri.e* are withoct ijuolable variatiou, tbe ra
leiptaui* tafflBj ?alr* nf'.'.VI bbll., ln lr_, Bl *-*'-)
Hfl ft.r ITam M.-aa; 6_aa*6-4 for Kxtra do. Tieroe
ll'cf fl n.ifUfraielr aattVBj Mlea of VOO bbla. at 6J- lor
I'r. .e Mta*. and t}H Bt lr.Tia Mei. Bfl f Hums are
tirm BBfl ifl fair rri,ueat, ralei of 400 bbi*. at 6?1 for
tWflflrra. ('ut Ment* are nioderalajiy aetive. aaleiol
liOpkgB I i.-tled llatna at .fo. BotM lednll. and iu
;h?- at*-1 n.-> of a*lee prtt-e. are nnminal. I>rei>*d Kng*
aredafl and aaekui we quute at ItifllSM. for city.
I.a:tl ib BtBfltf aud :u m.rderate dernand 1 aalea . ' l.-tij
Wktm and laa at 164*61.--. for No. 1, 'Mi.*i'*~ikc. for fair
V,j.r.me Steam, and V-'i iridt: for Keltle.
1.1CI--Tka itij.i.rj ii moderate at about former
I Btn *?*!?'? <>f 100 tti. l;..nc'*.n aad Pataaat 13}_ 14c
bKEDS 'J ba lappb ?f ( lov ar r*eed ia lighf. and the
niarki-' ta J.rm at Cl ar Me. Timothy ia lalablo at 6"> tiO-j
ff. m t both. Kough ilax 1* ln limiled di mand at |-; .-j
'?t ' tt) per bcah.
BVtkJkttk? Ib. reha* been a fatr demand for Raw
j Sfiirnr* fri.B-. retltier* and the trade at toll prariouajratee,
the luarlet 1..- i.g rtei.ii we qtiote Bale* of '>?' hhda.
Cubaat iej?'.TJr. priui-ipaliy '.ht j'.'J-.t.. and IU hhdi.
II rtn li. 1. at '.4-i. lU-fiuetl'are qeiet and iteady at
9?c. 'er Hartta.
1 AI.I.OVV?Tbe niarket ia more actire, and 1* beUex:
Ikaaataeeia??06B6.M l7|WH|e, for Weiteni, and
r,,b''e,e fori ily.
WHIBKT?Tto market U fairly a. tlre and belter;
Mta* ei l,_8B l .-'? at 61 '(<r fll <M fot Weitaro.
Wool -I-mi.-i:;, Oeeeee are In moderate dernand.
lu.t tuer* ia no *??< ntial change in pr_ee: we qn?t* a*
f.-llowr Halile and .- Mer-o at 61-4) 05; i ani i do..,
._'.. o|<o: 1 ull lilood Mii-iuo at HO..'.ali ... and
SaioiiT Kieerea. MaWfll IC Pnlled, ntttto, tor No. 1,,
andl?j?6llor Super and Pulled; CaWornla '-';"'tttSe.1
bVBaaaaaa unwuaiied, and frOi**-jc. forBM do. Korelgn
d*B< ripti.tia r. main qulet. and ia aome iB*t*nce* Bome
holdeiBellirbflyredtii-eil thnr nnotatlon* toeflrrl eaire,
we. uofa f-mrrnB at Mfl 4.V. forniiWMhe-1 aod .*v_iV70c.
'..r veabedi A'frican .tmrJov. for unwa*he<J and _0?75<.
:?r wiiihed; Fuat Iudia Xftt'.tOo. for WMhed, and .South
Arner.ia ai MW60B. lor common waabed; boOCJo, for
r B BaabadaalMB?to.beeawu_eBeBBa_
t. TaTcH-HoCBB iKgPECTiox.?Mr. Nathan
SirgtDt. tbe Commlulonar of CBBBUBi toa retarned
frem a trip along Iho Canada btxea, wkere to kaa beea
to put Into .ffti't a tyitrm tepretent tbe larg* aaount
ei iBitiggling wM.-h bM been reeMtly rarried oa
totwren Canada and tbe t'nited Stetea. Tboeyitem
(HjBiiita .11 haviuir all '**?? loadad nadar the *n
perrwion of an eibrer. and tben tto eara are aealed
ap witk b it-?.l*a aeal. for breaklng wbk-h, Ceagrfwa
enaeted a lereie peoally. Ue al*o took a trip along
our uirthn.it i-oaat, aicompanying Collector Prapa-t,
to jut )n foree a ryatem U prcvent cout amoggliag.
Bi.abd of St pkrv ishbb.?The Board of 8u
pem nor* met jraterday altf raoon at tkrM o'cloek?Mr.
Twed. Preaidenlof the lloard. in tto ckalr. A com
a. ur.u ktiou wm rftdied from h.a Honor the Mayor.
bii i liti. i-i: Ike ni.j/rol.n, of Hr tieorg* Klliof ef hia
_'trl.L Ul _*.?--? V.' liv gft ir.IU.Ct, Iii fiU_-*U-6
I.eopold Itindrkonf tofiU tha rat-aiuy to tuai Thi
Board aoeepted tne realpaBoa of Br. KUtot aafleaa
firmed the Dominattm af LeopoM Rindikopf. TM
Board then prucccded tOMMider tbe **-ai4*-anoMMi1
in of inspectori and i-antaaaart of eleetion i_ tbe Taneiu
dlstricts, and to IIII by otber airjmiiitmenu th* vac uri*,
n>nlting the-nfrom. A lUtenient wm recerred fraa
the (todlroUar of the appropriationi and txptDditarxt
on county ivconnt (inol-ding Btate taxea and xnppli-t
of Mntropoiitan I'oiice;, to Nor. 30. iw-i. Th* auh
are a* foliowi:
1 nexpendf-d balanfjca, flflfl 31, IBO. ?>(..-_ 11
A|'|irupriarioni for 1864. t VA.Wfl I
Kii-n.liture. toNov. 30,18C4. ?4.P8H12SJ |
P.in.eunexpeflded, Nov. 30, IM4. 1 "BS Bl 11
Toia!. B*,4M,TB 11
?frriiL *roor*TI
inJiiuiii... De.-. .11, la.... fll.I'lrMN
Ret'Aip'i, Iiii. _!____* *?
PfiTTnenti to Nor. 30. Iwo*.fl 10,t3__.S?_ 01
Credfl flataaxa. Nov. 3<), 1864. l.i%.3i* 91
A BflflBfl to pavtlie salaiiei of tto iuterpretertoftte
ftapertorCoflrM wns loMafladrrialoa, and mbtr iiu-itit
r<-eoiiaidetTil und laid orer to tto ncxt meeiinjrofth*
lioanl. The lioard rheu adjouni'-d. snbjcct totbaall
of tlie Preudent, on t lie recomme-datiou of tbt Ci*_,
Uiiaiionri' of .V 1.11*11! i'ax-A.
Mkmoki.it. ok AatrnBisiicp Htonra?Tbi*
? xplemlid work of nit, of whii-b a detailed noUe a ibcrl
timo ?ini*e app-arrd ln our oolumna, prepared bj ordxi
I of the ("orporation of thii city, Iha bevu. plaeed ob ?x
j l.ibition. fr-e M the pnbiio, at the l'i_no Warero-Mx ..t
JuliuiBam-r Ic (J.i.. Na. .44 lim-dway, where it afl
1 -11.nin until tbe -.-tb inat. Tho boura of*exbit)itioi ut
Liiween 9 a.m. and _ p. a.
? A
Tflfl KEARSARflETmiMoN'rAL F.NP. ? (.'aji
tain ( 1 -li'l'-fJ II. .larhiiaU, tlie BflflflMM of theCbunbei
of <MflMMM (.'oiumlttea on th. ?? Kearsarge VMflflM
nial,'' liaa rcu-ircd about tweuty-Uie thouiauri doltart
lorthefund. .-tomeof the xub ciiptioniaren-ite i*rr*,
Iba followa: Atlautic Muiual li.suranca CMMBfly,
14,000; Col.mbia Innurance CoonmaJ, Great'Wixtcr-,
I BBd BBB, aaab, flflflMl PiicihY Mutu-I, |730; I'Dion,
I Ntw-Vork, .iT.fi BflBMMflfl -lutuiil Comfianiet, tach,
, I.'"'; I'arili. Mail M-.uiihl.iu 1 ..:..|.any. OUX A. A.
I l.nw A iti"!., ??*.*'). There uie MMM lubfl-ripiioni ol
MflMM i-ompitiiies and MMMMita tirn... r.tuy.uytTun,
| fll.iO to 9'iM, aud a few of I'-na ar... ui.t. Any wbo i.xre
, not yet aubm-ri-ed to the fund n.i are _ji_.nu* todo io
! nre .:. -. it-il to mi .I their contrib'.-ttons to Capma Bir*
aball _ flfl-M No. _. 15_r.ing.lip.
AflfllfBBUflTf OP TTIB ST. NlC*.<-I.A*i i**0
ciitt.?DM St. IBMBfl Society of the city or N*w
York will celebrate iti aniiiver_.iry this eveninr it
| Delmonieo'i, iu Fntirteentb-at. ilm. offlcers el*>-t wil!
b*' instulled at half paet Lvco'clo... Tbe BflflM flfl
ba MfTfld lt isix .y iofk. ,
Profkssor Ooldwin SBiTn.*?Pn!i:?$or
I Goldwin Smitb baa arrived int- an. Ue is tbe pi.au
? of Mr. Kancroft, a_d will remain here tmtil bta depart
I nre fir Korope on tbe 11th inxt. He ii to reid-a ptpir
ut tho montlily meeting of Ihfl BtatorMfll So. - ty 10
I m-irrow eveiifng, on "The lliitory ef tbe UaheriKyifl
1! Oxford." ulfur th. meeting flM u._:i! *o4,i_l F'thtritg
I will take p!?.c.
BCLL'S IfKAD, Monday, Dt*'. **.?Witl Mfl/
; tfkm head of bullocki in mark-t, MMMfl lookeU .'<>? an Mr
[ 1 ..r.cc upon rutei curn-nt laat Monday. Owng to a
MflBflRFfl-a*BB>flMM stock, it MflflflflJthattmtehf ripud
1 a liiade bighcr eaily in the morning. Witb that cxc*p
iion, there waa not any adviiuo.-, and npon a!lcU-a?! br
' tuw the lirst owners bad to rnibu-it io a pA-roeptlbleileelin*.
I and b*rfore ni^'ht good. fair, mediuui quslity rteeri tould
? be had at IflflTflflflM a ponnd I'-sm tban at the saiae tia.i
[?fl dav li.it Monday, u.l RflflRflfl would not i*a_ie a
' MiM priee per po"niid, they bbm - nior upoa bujert in
II the ffctimatioii of weiahts. WbaMflaM botcbert wtrt
1, Mfl aharp to-day. Their trade '.aet week ta reportad
' v ry liiiiii. ItoaflMtoftofl tn-ea "itivky," flM tle
[Icit*erowdfld aitb?bfl_p pouitry, wbich bu lea-enf-l
' tbe" demand fnr Ix ef nearty or .,i:i(e !?'- per eeat,
' aad that ib wby IM liiflit MBpi? todap i* more (Lan af*
| ? tivient for tbe di rnarid. onf" w hy - j. a nnu muat bn toa.tt
upon pnrchai-r*, or elie fail to Mfl their sto-k. Th*
geuvral flrerflffl ..u.lny of flflttM iu mukct tediy
li alrout a* it haa been for tte laat fhre?
inonlbl: the Weatern iteera have tha appeai.e* o(
hai ing eati-n *eri little cm^, ru d riany of thea ir*
iii.lv in.* v.ari olil. IbflM flaflal i('dl4e. 4P ff. net.
rkaMOlM anda flne qnahty flfl Htoera ifll at i.aiut.
tloiiil fat Stei-ra are ?eaice, and BQCth leatlSo. (.'hrixt
maa bflflf-CBt-fl teirlii to flflMfl in. (*ne pair to-day ia
j beld at over-.*xr. 4/ tt)., aiidl'*-' foi th- pair wm rt
' 1 fuaed. liovermnent regnirCB Bfl* ct head '_0 tbia ar-al,
1 tobeahipv-*.! ' to thenei|thl>oilifAd ot'-iavaan*h.' Tto
r weather .. soft?.'iear in the BMBb g, with a leok aid
Ifvelofinow toward nigiit. and tofltflflflfl eloiex with*
j few more left for to BBIHI, a: '1 more coming. 1 Ler*
ia nothing eaiouraglng (hi* Iflflb to Ihoa *Lo ar*
' boldiug iKH-k f.ir a riie.'
1 lie Sh-ep market ta not as eroaded as if wai Int
Monday. and priee* are a xhade better. Sbeep a.erxr
liigrle-'llX) 10a. iniii at 'ic. 4? tr... a:?l xomeealt'd ai'-t
gi..d at r*e. I-amb*. r.?"v. 4j? rh.. and extra, flflt.
'ibo Swine u.-rket is u?l <|iiii- ..a strong aa ia*i weal.
' The weather ia warm. aud buyill ratear flhy. flM
i,-. in ri.lli, llal.ie. aP B.. li?c weight.
?teimer CMMM wii detained for a brief period yeit^
day morning when in tuo aet ol 1-aving for Nanu.
Tl.e itoppago wnmade by ofliccrsdepnted by Kurveyor
IVaken-ati, aud aome flMflflttlM flflM Martbil M_nx*'i
oflii >-, who proeeeded to ei mine tbe paxiengen ia
order to .... rrtaiu If any Soui b-: :.-**, iruplleate.! ii tl*
rrceiit lirea. or anxloua to rai-ape from the mililtry
BurveilUnro now eiercisealover.iii aurpeoted perxoMli
I tbe city. Weia on !> mi'd. One of t: em while MUDB-_f.
j a* ataled. to i-icaue irom tbe veisel in ? boai to tta
New-York xide. waa protnptly taptured, the oBctrt
l br.ngiBK him 111 tLe boat to thi- city. Ue tu uktit*
I Max-JialMurray a oflice preparatory to belng Otti b>
t fi.re Gen. Dil.
It wm 1 u'-'.ri'il about th* ('anarl dorks Ibat a wi tf
(ien. Iv4.aiir-in.il wxa on tionr.1 the OMMMt and bto
eaoaped. TM atnauu-r, baviug been dalai-ed a. out u
bour, tt.en depart**d.
The So-itheiuei urexted ii aaid to hare b<t- ? - p>
Board 01 ALDi__iB*4.--*-The Board of AJiler
men rret xeiterday afternoon, but no c,eor.ni be:i|
pretent, adjonrn-d witboat iran**i ilng any beri flfl
l'ROF. Howb's Rbadikgs.? Tha Wrtllld tt
]'if. J. W. .**. IluiAi 1 popolar ooune of ?ei.m-i tii
be giren tbii (Tueiday) ereniug. at (ilnten Hai. IB
ueieiiioni will b* from the I'oete and Ibe wrtiafx *f
CbMBfl Dickciis. A large attendaai-e u eiptett-d.
RiCRriTixG.?Tho bu-iness of rf-eruiiing h*?
?omewbat itaikened, wiihin the tait few daya, p:ob_Mx
on acconnt of Ibe aptii-achiiTg elecUon. Oaly tkirty
were enllsted ou Satorday, and tbe namber to-dxy BB
falr to be atifl imaller. The numbera daily e-lixted tr*
Bfll about e I'lally ^ividert between tbe i-bxiitutea .*
the voluBteera. The eirroliment of tbe city, ucdxr
Superviaor lttunt, ix be'utg rapivfly poxhed fefxard. x:
tho floe rooma Nu.. 71 and 73 li.une-iL. there beiaf ii
ready a large f-n-e of copyiits rngaged; Md proBM.'
befoie tbe cloio of thii week. the lU-raogeaeDta wii: b*
i-ompletr, when it i* thought, a thomand men wlli ta
itcadily employed at tbe Uata.
AS8AUI.TKD AT4D Robbkd.?Early* on MoBdiy
morning, Mr. Hiram Tibl*eUB, reaiding M >'a ?*'?
West Twenty-seveu! b-it., weat into the laloon of Itab
f rt Jnhnaou, iu Seventh-ave., near Twenty ri, Lil *'.
and called for a drink. While there he waa ael i.)*" ?!
the propnetor. Jobn CaiuiiMi, 1'eter Itooaey. ttXt
BoGuire uid Jolu Dar. 1 ud healen and r**bt>d tt bn
fold 1* atch aud chain. Bia criej brooght to h_ 1 :d tk? I
'wenty-ninth Precinct pollee. wboaiTeeleJ fh* rif
-am. and they were commlttid by Juitic* Ladwid,. 1"
detoultof 11.000 eacb.
|A_T*rtlta-nielil.| .
PiAjVO and Tablb Covhitn,
N?w Stylei, n
Kairrx, Ne. J ?!* Broadway
WlNDOW fHAI'lut,
0*11, lUllan., Ac.i bxw xtyle* *baie PtxtnTei, ?? NdMM
_rii-_. li. lo. k i. B. KOutO,
* No. as ir?xd?-?;
?. ? - ?
Stot Tettian Style. 1 .1 re, *lt*rf.
u L.LJ, B. JCblxt, Me. ut. Br-1.? ?.'
| AdwerUaaxnent. j
PbthiooItO-IY; or 4,The?fluBian FaceDiriDe."
At B*w Syiteni. lljot, Eart, No*e, IflM BaMb, kktol,
Hur, llauda, Feat, Skia, C*axpl*Bi*B, Witfc *H " ?-?***? ?
OhMMflM4* aad " How lo R**d Th.ai,'' |rx*D iu fbe Plaa
MBMBMa J-r_*i__f*t IMi, Bor.tt.ly |2aT.ir Avifl'***
-.i.u.. letkkn l W flua, fla. *WBlaMvMk B< h*

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