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V"- XXIV.N?- 7yi61.
The Reported Defeat ?r.nd
Capture of Early.
-? ??a?
Tbe Sm foBlinnfil by Rfbel Dfsrrtfis.
Wir Di r. no ?.-?. W v.muv.iov "M.ir. !?'., lia*,
To Maj.Gin. DCS: The l'olltiwiiig li.-j.atihi-s
Va relation tu the -vpc-ited vlilV.it anil c.iptnrcof l?en.
Jtaxly by Skeriiitin, and the capture of Chur??ttriville.
kave Iwrr, im I tval 1 y ? !.:? I.'ipHi tment. On. Sh.-ridan
nnd bia fcree vc^n-cncrd thrir movement la?.t Mm.,!.,;,
ejnlwvr*> at St..m ten ??hen last beriiil fruro. IftrJ.-(leu.
Hancock -wns p'noed in Btantga af tbe Middle Milit.iry
l)ivi?ion ilnriiig tbe absoiieeof I.en. SLeni.au. 1
Buar?-rr at W.Lit.t.-tt v.
V.. Ai. Sum?VA, Secieiary Ott War.
' i. i,v Pi int. Va.. March .V 11 b. m.
"iTo'i. E M. Sta.stox, ?e?w*tt??. <?/ ii.tr: Pamtlaii
lathis morning r<-pir' tlut Si.-.-iilun h:id routed E ?lly
and eaptur'il Churl.?tter-viLle. They trpoti (Ota reg:
xnenta having pore from here iRi.-'.ir.r mi ? to rr< r,:. rea
?*?nr)y. '.'. s. QiARI I L Oi ?V
"t'TTt I't int, Va.. Mneh 5??In. in.
? )l- Y. M. SliMOX. Se.ra.i- M | >t ttwAla
from every point of th;- < ?if v. \ ? lii.e em 1. I tka I kptnie
?f Char',,t{? stille ty tien. Sheridan. T..ti -; 1 .? eap
tnresl lin.. Eaily and t.?ii:lv bis ?i t ?tttogt
ot i.too men. Four aarlgnaVa wan i*?pnrt*tl ?s being
Bent to LyncVjijurp, to pet there kalbte filia IThnlflBB.
afffsfaaafalaj D. B. Cr.vvr, I.ir.i-.r.-C,en.
"Cm TiiNi. Va.. M .nb 5?4 p. m.
"Hon. P. M. SlA-VTi.V, Sir i Mr* '? Wttri IMur-er?
con firm th? statem?nt of ricterters u ;?? '.' i > ?.?'lie ol
Hem Ksrly and nearly Li? entire imoe. 'll.ry ?ay it
??oevk place on T!.-ir?d.'iy lift, bet ?a ?en Sfatiiiti'ii anil
Charlotte?, jh'e. ai.d :bat the ?JtlVni vra? total.
" l'. S. (?KAMT. I.iiUI. ill?:.."
non r m \i: viv of tiiii'OI on At
?totfka. Atan ? r tur ?v?.??: ?c, \
1 inlay, Mij-r!. ... 1. >
lSotbiDg of iiurortaEi'o pj ?OTMpillng ?u tlii?
heserti rh.
Deserters contii.ne to com? into our line? l'ilsr^e
?JBBtber?. V h.it in? urvivt'd to iluv. i.??rlv ?UMafing
tkeir gnna and ei;'ii] menta vrilh tb<-rn, Bay which they
?tre tu be pi.ld. Tbe number of urn ?l? la iec?.m. '???:?>
tteaerteja ??Lee ?'eb.-uary -."4, >e Iff?, all ??f tbem in got??!
i HUH : i OWLS.
In addition to tl.e niusl ?lorie? MM by tbe?e men
?key ?ay that ttro companie? from eucb rcg.a.rr.t u:
nevetal brigaib s Lf.ve been dttailfd fiom t:??- aimy
tlafending Petersburg, and cent to hunt np de?u;
?va, thousands of wirou aie said to be lentt? red tl
tkecsiimtry,endeavoring tariiii-1. tieii baaaas. J. > I?
?partirn'irlv tbe cane with li?e Xettk and Sonib Cartliuii
troup?, vr bo are all tick at.d tirctl ol tl.e tont? ?t and
?taxioii? to Join t.ieir familier, now vritbin oi;r li-At ?.
These men are pnnpiinvly ?eterun? of tr:ri-t and ?onr
?/ears service, and m??iy of tbem are those la'ely as?
?hanged. AUof them being refined luiloiig-ha ami aal
paid fo a long t.me, ? or any prospect Bt* ?ejttlng tttj
?mon. they took "French I?ave."
ACoiiPOEAL BCt Al:l>.
A few day? apo a urgrnnt \va3?eiit aal 11 el rg* afi
team and six ?ana to g?t wood.
The men were unarmed. The ?ergesut we? Brmei!
ttith a revolver and a ?word. After grttniK t*4M?a
tke linea, the iuu'e? apmirently ?an ?way, but the M
?X/stuit guarded them atraiirlit for mr linea, ?nd lii?
m bole party arrive?! lafely. They rae atril for the
mrnlea l'CX?, which wa? divided ei|?ielly.
laogrENCi. Aivi) wniHKv.
Tie cheering among the llilx-l? on Wadnaalaj l v I I -
tag was on sieoimt of thidr receivmf a l.ition of
?aTBi?-?y, which ??eri.g to be quite a raiity in Iktri ? ?>m
?alatary Department, ?en. Cook, commanding i brig?
ade in Oen. lieth'H diviaion, is aaid to Lave h?i.'ii.i;ut.l
?ala men on tbe occasion, while ?freutIy in'oxicat?-'!.
A)E8LRTi:K.s shot.
Anthony K.ivmond of l'oinpariy H, and NVivll l
Jtagle of Company H, of tbe Sixfy-fourtb New--Vrijk
VnJnnt'fer?, a-ro shot to-day for attempting tod":/-!?
to tbe <-u> :? y Ftve regiment a of the Fir?t Ditis'on of
?tke Second Corjm, to which UM criminals br-lonj-oi:,
vete ???eniblt.il to wltceas tbe etei-utifin, thf di-'ails of
*rht<-h were in charge of the Prareal -Mai-ln.l of the
Tbe Nir.etv tir -T. JS'ew Voik ValffmtaBffl, a tt/tetttM
?Ttavgixoenl, .'.itivciI at tbe front to-tl iy |n;id were assign? tl
tattbeTl.ird Uivir-ion of tLc C"ri:. 1 .n v wtmkmroi
?thout 6U0 man, uni ffSjaaBaaai a ?; l?-:it;iil appsarani'?-.
1'ito.n hii.thi<;to>.
aVtvcbxl Di.pati-b t? Tbe N. V. Tiibune.
\Va-iiisi.iiiv. M'.'.li .'.. - '
Your fiirre-pondc?t " E. S.," ll Wilin
WL C, ?end? th? following, ?lated I ? b -
EX< HAiNliK OK I'Rli-OM.Ks.
Kigbt hnndi'i-d l-'nion pri?on?'r? rame down tbe uve:
/esierday on boats. Utb?-;> n\M- It mai, L in -..lit,wing.
Cooked rall?n? ?nd ?auiiary ?nppliea ??.,.: tbem.
These are pii->U'';t? from battle?? n a.l paru of tin
?ountiv. aud come from all lb?- Bffaatp - ? - iu ibe
Illl IK I'ONDITK)-..
Tbe condition <.f tbi??e urrived h ?*aat BBti ?ratant
alesl, tick. Ktaivrd, naked, ibero are ?ol taanfk BV*?
|?11??? at IVilmingion to iclu-i. i, ? .:?. Ii.: i'ie?ii
aarg.'ts eure bnu.-ly Banasfftat?,
Kor tbe govcinni? nt o? tbe De;?: Il M .: lieu. Rtbofielij
b??i-? -.1
iit5i.it?i. Oi'Di- V". - I. I'i.'i-- ?lartkak , tkia
Denariiiienl will atlmlniatnT tbe oaib of BlleRianei to
etien peraona a? tunic ?hbta the pTttTlttoin of ihe
AmneMty priH-lutjiniion of tb.' Preaidenl of tbe i r:lt*il
l*K?vte?. jiiovid? d Iba* sre ?ali.ii.il tb il **Aek |ifi?o:i?
??lealre. iif iriM'd faith,'to aid in ie?toring Iba S?al
?4Hbi.ruv. .ni?! iiiat tke] tit'- Ike oattt ot allegiance
?A'tterfijilv aud voluniurily.
ni i Ra to ii ?tl?).
IT. T.i?"jyir-'j?. will be mad?' a?elil;. to ibe I'rov. ?t M?r
ffatajllruerul >tffi*js? tka linn?'- Hge and j.ln?. .,f ,,.?;.
?stiMiB of every jM?t?<iu vtl.o ibnll aafff ?nlrrn'rilied to t?ie
?bull af allegi;.nc?: al*". at* all 'Her adult white pe?
?611? r?n;<1:riir within tbe Jonsdicfion of ea'sli prtiiost I
?atar? 1. a I, trivet ber tfWt took inlorruatlrtn as ana baaa?
talced tour-ii.ng the jriiarscter tri i?t-!i indili*Jial.
,.tl. M-I.O: It.
III. I't'/?.,'..? of ?I..W4H ?Uet>yalty, stid ihoae tvho
????all b? t bar i j niii(/iiage o.v aaalmi maallaal i.ottiiitrv*,?? '
the fl'ueni?ont of the luited States, shall be sent BS
yond the linee of tbe army by ea orEer (Tom iiic P?e?
raat Menhal-Oeneral, or be bfooghl before a B?Htary
cointiii?mi. tar trial and piinibl_.inL aeeerdlag to the
B?tase -,f the aibaBB
IV OflVer? authorised by hxW to nppoint (lonertil
Cearta-Martial arc BBssaararsd u> appelai Military
Coma - ions, aadtecoanrMaad exsoete the kwnteaefi
of saeh Commitaloae, with the dsms limitations us in
the BBSS of I,oner?! i nuit- Mari il.
lOMV'I.IULU LMKU ? I'llhl'.
V. PisBBiBildal nut rt'.i.iist' withta the limits of thiF '
Dopartnienl w ll !?? auieiped aMtatty by Ibeleveot"
tl.e Catted ?Slates and the regataliOfM oi th" Treasury I
i Drp.utu.cii;, und vlll be limited to that vkkch Bay he
aseeeaary tu ?u;ply the wants of tin? loyal i?. ";>!'?
reaidisg whbta the Bum of aMBtary iweapetlon und
persons iu the BMphry id tin? Q?wefl n . nt. None Lit
pereaai of aadiMbtetl toyaMy assise ?i aharaeter ?ill
be pet i.i.'.t. d tu tr ide v itiuiu tlie limits of Hit? Depart?
VJ. Tiiter? tut: ?e l.oiM" n tiiv. i ? ?h ?spied by the army
and the siiiroun.il ip country, vtiijiiii i!... lines of mili?
tary oct-up itioti, \* ill ne peraitted. ander reputations, I
'tot'.?teWiahed by tl.e Pi*?Troet-Menhal-Ge?erel tti
the Besraose of aaahttag lha iabuiuiunts tosupply tbea>
aetvM wnb tbe ti a Mari?e of lite.
THI -AIL OS PALM THi'titilft.
VII The lot id people of die count r\, reaidlD** wittiin
IbsBaesM tbe anay, wUI bepersiBtsdto briaej freely
to nuirk.'t t: <? prodosti ? f their tamil ind to receive li
payment the onrresey of the t i ? ?;. <i State? They
a ?L also Le peiiiiittc?! tu p?rchese family rappli? - tr? m I
persons animaised te trade, apoe persuM ermtcii In !
Iba ir...! Prev?t Mai-' ..??
iivii BQAM i?n I?Ui HAI'"?.
Vill. BaUreadiaadtelegrai liaeearebbosi ipeeial
non ny pinli i t.on. .luv prr.-i n u ho ibsll lncak, in?
jure, m ?u any mbdbst intni' n- vlth. their mil.: iij m?'.
orahallIrainto iayraibyoadtreta,epavy reeeel nui
p.itirrrthe vetare et* tbta Depsrtinrat, aba! he pea
is... i?, ib death, or othmsies, at the UsoratlOB at u
L..!.;..:y oommiastoa?
.in ? i -Tr < nos or nu pi i TV
IX. 'Tl c deeti nt!' n i ; property pabBe or private, ,?<
s veste of the nstionel vealta, sad sliks Injartaai t??|
tl " j.e.ipi?? di id the (..'Vri ,.i .nt. It 1? therct. re to Is-;
avoided n -it ?There nUlttry operations read i it
a..i?, Tnel lebrel oommsnder pressai md if a.on.
Ito the podge of sseb Bsereshy.
?rBBBTABUM i?>i. IBS 11.ooPB.
\ The troops ?w.l be ttypBed wHA seek oftbeyrs<
dneti ef the c >si try, em?t*inllv vegi tal Isa n? ore i ???. i
ii.fv fer their I.Ill end eomfort, T'-is arart hedoae
bribe isxipep staftifBueis. eetlasj seder tbs aalen of.
tas tin .?ion ii.-.i 11 .einie easuaaadera,
? IK V .??L'N.:.
XX StrSfglinr, find Irrtyabt fiiinrrinsr by iu.Uvidu.iis
are prohibited, aad will be aevarely puatobed.
I.ATK It I III il. MiWA,
?t.r ??: !> .;;,! ! || Tl.e N V. M nr.
Wa-iitBOTOB, Manh .'. M
Klrliiii'iiid (MYperi of I'rul.iY, M.ti'.li '.'., an
received at the Washington office. Lui nru BBM barren
Bf BSWI ',!i.in BBBBL 11 BrB M no lute news from ?it! i r
Sharsaaasf Sheridan, exitj.t as.tLut le the former The'
Raleigh Qraavseti i hassssM apeoalstlaBa, flpBalre
to SL'Ti'. .fi's Op) . .'iid.S, Slid indulges ill the h<>|?- tli .!,
if the Jtobal plan? nre in t tl.-.iarti .1, t.'i.-.r iV.IIl'il OSS
? rals and bra ? e troop* in that gunner wiil b?satela
"bap" ?..in or ?"nil him I o?a line-f? tbe rear.
" It the n jM'rt lini-.iL'iit as by tt ilagraph thai tbe
small force left t.v ffhOTB BB nt ?'<''umhin bs? !>? | B ' ?
pel ed, be trae, Ineatbe rene toe Id B*am sheeM he lalbr
sack, wonid or b t'ithi nd. r l is ?ttnis desperaba la the
e\t: ?me. lint v. ?? w ill u<t nj.'. ulule lui Ihcr in regard t" !
ml ins which BMM soon e.a?e to be matter? f?.: BMK
l| ?< ul'ttltiu."
The ft'lliivsi .- u ftom The tUlmigh PNftBM
sftbsSJMh "Th Teakee prisoaersbevssB breaaaef
LVoaD the i ??up? u? r Ibil place ?<? t.'." Korth.Eaet
Bridge for iba perpoM of heisa exeksa?ir?L Msa
oibers from G o . ashore ??;?- und aalUbur) have ;iii?-?-.i
ti-1-..iiarn l.'-ri. tor ILe uni? ite.t mal |..n. All Ke.ler?l I
prisooera tve l.sie lu Kuril Carolina aro to i?- <-i
ehaogted al Kortl M.:r' Bridge, afea n .!?s frtsaWtl
milie;.,n. YVc | n lutr.e the SXebaBgl Will be con plat) .1
m u 'c? iLnir. '
<e? -
\utiil AittirL aa .?labiU l.txnl Pt'rvs Ex?
NttW*OBUtABE li.'la.?, fob.H, 1MB
it ?-1 ope?is?, that Oen. Canby trill Iobti f<n
Mobile to daj Bl is inu?t?-r of Ike ?Uuntlon, ami, .?.d
? repertl ?nay mxui la- < KfBBted fn>ui Llm.
'I h. ?eet is there, BBdM ONMOAbPI 1'nlinii. Luid at
, woik.
Y e-t'lday w,?; BBBWOi SB B holiday. Sev? ral thnu
j s.iinl ? ?don d lekosJ i '?..id: en, and u nun:l?er|of public
I ttM lioiuiiies, un Indiiiir Qm* . HaBB, participated in tin
j ?ci(.-monies.
('?itton bus a fail deinaiid, ranrrinp from ?rJc. to 7f?.-.
(inid, MstBIM, s.iiiiiir reaaeki a:- takiag flonr at
| New York BBS] BsStM f' r WBaBB. 1" 1'hl.
(ailo, I !.. Saturday. Mflivh I, laESt
NewaOrleiBi ilutes of the "?-"?th ihiMonj Uni
. the schoon.-r .Jane Lidio? rapoftod lostOOT tl.e inout.,
, at*tbe Kit. Ciunde, !,;,(! nii.ted t.ilcly.
, A luilriaail has been ?onstrui tud from the depot aftke
datk-ou road to the Mississippi Hirer for military pur
i poses, ?Ableli will (love of preat BsW??tags in the
i H.iiisiKirtation ul troops aud supplies.
I Gen liitiliy hat) rninmed lo iiewdrlenli? from a
' vi it ef ?SBOettoa to Mobile Bsj and the ailjai eni
. JioiutS.
Coriiriioi.oie TM'.,.,e;'s Ceet is in eouipli-te nuler, and
ready to eMBtaeaCS the aituck u?Kin Mobile at any
A pardon for tie ?-nil iv nl ???n ?if \ept-lnblei bo l??t |
eetabliabed at DM h peal m Oea. Cunby's Depnrtment.
Tbe health of IbO lluops at ihc v allons posts is gBSA
l.i ,-teaii.-) ip T.u.piie < By, ii-jsirte?! BrPBSBBS] otl
Carry l'uiut Beef, got oii und arrirstlal Bew-Oiieaaa
Cotisa raBgsd ?it Aew Orieoni Bwa H lellewta hi
nod 'iidin.iiv to stiii't niidilliiig. The business WM
?iitcd. owiaa te unfavorable weether. Middling
? Deal ranged Bom ?M te 'Si and ?4 ?ems for fuir to
prim?. Mollisses, 01 v.? toll bl BBffgallsa.
Tires i-i.-i/n- ? of -'.Km Bkd ii.i'ia.-.-. a ha?l mi.-id
f om Cuba at New-OilKuiit.
MIO U lUli HUiTII-M ll.HT.
n>- -
Ithul the It? bel Ferre?! i laiiaa le lliiv?
Anonapliahed -The Hiaaiaaippl Kising
I be Rt-bel Itnboil? n s I omniuntl.
t'An:??, i raiay, Man h :i, 1MB
Tbi Jickson (Mi?.?.) (Mtpen of the I6tb alt,
conti'in au BeVUsM oi the Rebel Oea. fststa to hi?
tri.'ip? n eountnii' the resnlt of in? apanktoas lartag
tbe pest year. Be aarra taray here IbAftM ii?t imitj?-?,
killed mid <H|il'iiTd Hirtl) of Ul'- MMMy, BBBialed 2 000
borst:! and ma?* 87 p?en- of artlllerv, ii iraasports
' TI luir -.'??- '?JO W(l|flHle, DO I -lil'ulmi?' -, l'l?stiiliilofurins,
14?block bouses, .i.-tioici 36 railnml bridges ^100
toil?'?<it i.iiii.,...i bioeoMotivee, and ksj ean?amount
tap. i.>si.?.<*ni.o?>'oi arepsrty.
I In at i oinplMiiii.* this he ailfni?? they were <K'(-;.?ioii
1 :illv iiisti'.tKil by other trouiis, hoi eaya, their regatar
i iiu'iiibei nrrer ex? ded-\000. ZXkX kadbeeahfllsa,or
' o,.n.it.. o sud ?.',"" I l.'kci. |iri?on?is.
, He teilt Ikem t" prepara toi iSBtrweo m lions nml
I veras them egreiert beiag allared by arrea seeffa ef
|M*aer, for t?elr can bu no pen.?' ?avc u|m?h their sepe
; raie iniie,"-!.'!'-:.! natiOBSBty,
! Tbs river li still rapidly rihine ln-re. Matrhofthe
: biwlantl betweSB Cairo, Mtiund Cftj ami portktfii ?.I lbs
II ifti-i place, an* submerge?!, intu?fcriiig- with operations
on ?hip.t ami -.m v coi!.
II. Hoil T ? ' oii.'tt. tsslsUnt Speri-.l Ai-.-nt of
the Transportation D?tpattl PBl ?t Memphis, 1 as bees
apee?tted Bepert ter endMpeeita Aasaf i??r the PBM
..?-penal AB'liiv. < oinpi isintr that pm t of the MtosiSSlppf
V.allev Ivtfif- vv'-st of the Alleirl.any M..'intuit s esst of
tint motl'lll of the lAABOBMBl, BBS] ettrmlltip ?mull? to
Mich parti ef Alali.'imn. Ooorgfaa, Noiib Caioliiii niiil
Virginiu iu? are o- shall be ocoopied by ILe Bstkaal
r..!,..- operatingl nun I be north.
lieu. Ji.ilnel.ii is in t ouiiiiiiiiil of all the Keb'-I mllitnrr
pi iHoiient in (?ttoipli-, Alnbiinii sin) MbetoelppL Oreat
aiaii'itv nl tin udaliiHs is sun! I? e.ial Roily s divi
?loo f'.'s brea bresking up dirtiHei lea so that ?run; bmv
I be procured by suffering fumili"? and ?o? lb r?. lA'li-ky
Ls t'-ir.iriled a? u Worte eiii-my Ihau lie \ anil BOB
I (tea. Wirt Alain ana o?d, r, .1 nil giaa ii.ii. ctt'.ou on
. tbe l?g lilac?. \\ittU to be i.moved.
Irinnrlnlion at \ashvilli-.
NaMIvIiXR, Tenu.. Satlinl BJ, March I, IMS,
Tlio henvy mills tor tl?1 ?>a-t ihre?? din l.ivr
r hi?, i! a paat rise in the ilvcr. which 1? over its bunk?.
The city- Is ei.tinly nur..untied by watu, and tho
lower part of it ia completely sub.nerged.
On tie; railioud runniiig ?outh Balk damage !i:ut been
done by tl.e WHrdiing an OJ) of lni.r-?-?.
The trestle bridge over Ston? Hiver, near Murfreca
boro.' bun bt en swept away; also the one at Franklin.
Tln-le It no interiupliou. ui? vet oil Un J.oiiiaV i'.lo and
Nashville Railroad.
Tho river rose ?even feet ytstcrday ?nd lart night,
and it in ?till rising.
M in I. damage has ltecn done to property in the vicin?
ity Bf the tloi.ll.
It i? believed ihiit the Hoi?; will tt? the greatest ever
Tun BtUtaraaf tbe ?ffiafk Indiana were d:o-.vned
y -t' 1?.IV, in Ildgilieli).
Citizen.Pri??*! re in HibrliUnt- Their
I ii j u ?l I rciitm. ni by Ihr l?ot i riimeni.
ft? The N. Y. Tribune.
Thlt loyal fitizi'iiM of tin? Norlli nnil South
l.iive !.. en or arc held lo any extent by tbe IM'Is,
trama t" be a i,. t ti which tka paMki aat] Btaa otiici.d?
la betb laettnai '?re sktttlmm, anal to aiMak tle-y mm
nil i'ltlilli-reiit. Nothing ?:ngi:lar in this, for tka num
i? i of Nortifin mu? Bnatk? rn ?'itt/i'i ? mm Maad m tu
as 1 have had BBS1 meant of Beat t.i.uing by twenty
months of a*am i oiil.ni;, t? t ia Scc-iIb, doe? nut ut
Bfftaaal ext ? ? d n fcra liundretls. Many oftb?'Hi Luve did,
Bal a f"W ?Li? b:ul nica s Lav b] t-inp'nymg i?tt?.rii?-ys.
or i ribii g o?l.. Inkv .?Ulf. edi d in obtaining Ikaii
li.r ?l.e ri'Ttiiiu.ilt r. bon ever. II .|c in no t.tp?* in ?|u!i
of wkat haa been promit? I la Ibeii babalf hi paitteaia
tntborit] fi?.m lime to time and ef a aemi-onVlal state
u.. ut iiiaiie ?ii. .j ., i t dn*i ibal ?n arrangement hud
baSB i'tmplil'tl l.r tlie:r il. I.UT.i?c..
Hi r.- 1"! u.e Like ... , asina to - y that the t- ?ii.-. ???
and ft ni. d? o? pdtaaaBB in the Suib, who paMB ?iv
. ei tul. me in ibe ili-pat. !.??? a-nl )? t :?-ra sent from
Waal ? .'f.n BTfl t!i,.ui/b t!,ey BSBffa frcinmen in r?jw. r
a:ul p..?ilioii, tnii-i l,e BbBffa largtly btaBBBtl a ilk faith
il ..n re matt. Again, ..id neun, .ful air iln l.i - the
story b? en ?,,ld, circi::.'? d and nel.ev ,1, t! at | g.-i MB?
exchange of ?...r |r, .Bj a ..'..Id BBM i>: made. From
M ?j a> ii-'.i, arksmtka ?m?*mj ?a? ?afc rr tftt?, t<> tb.'
pr,-ent, ?hi? statement ha-Leen p.! f.-rt!. u-uully jti?t
bBaatan draft, or when it ?is i ? ? ? r?.iiy tu ?title the
natural clamors of the j?eo? le. Ami l.i ?rrvr lliinirv
needful pun?*?., ???im? lu.-drcil?, and once or taita
?Bffja tboUi-Bl-t!?. :.'Uii.lv ?kB -I'i, aid ?iiiin'e'l. 1 .v
!.? en . x.T.ii.;.'. .1 Iy u .?? t l.i! nxTaii.'' i-.enL Hut ?mtktag
Hka n gi ii'-rul en-bang?? baa tmaa i?"i:?ii:. ?ml i i '
IB BffaJ, in inv J ilg:i:i I.t, Out ever i oi.t? ?j,,,;ali,? ??
.?lince n,y ? Hnpt 1 havr? matte atBaftsM in;nlry In mil
(tnayaa4elrili i I tke way ?ram KaaifflBa m
W n?' ii.i'ioii, wb?re. ?a t ?iiijuM-tiiiii vii'i u ? .i fr.-r?'
Mr. KicLnid????!. I ?[in* ri?-.?rt* a week rmli-aT. i;ng In
?tara wka wna n ptmalbto???t tt.. t i Ikati >
mivTtl 11, "U a: d ;.-??.':.-r?'.re in-itlii r excltattgetl BOT
r> liev ?si from ll,e b iili.rit: ? prut -t.. .-.1 .in.ii tb*ru by the
..... t.... I.v a |.i,.u fl ?ait vl...r..u. r.l.1,.,1..,, ,?,| ,,|
tka Informai i? -il 1 l,?\?- b?-n .tide t ? grith'r on tic ?u'i
e, t pi?? the di'itil?ul r?-*vv.r. ?? t tu 111 * itj-.ii Mr l.dn.n
M. stiinton, Sirctiirv af War,
?. f . irie tl.e l'.t lui? ?nd tl.cv si.,ne mo?t hfir tb?
odium juBtly in it??l ttitoju.hi.iit t'uiviorld ot uanllaf,
i !.. ,i i ipuvt ? witl. u:.|.re?u dented and n?e 1!. ?? rrm It w.
Tbut il 1 ty in tl.i now-r o? o.,r .lutlioiiUi? tu i -n-l..i!.g.
UM m, wlii'tber witn or witt.iviit ISSBB ?ut rilit.f
pr.u ?p!<-, k) an i-xeu-e t'-T tb.?'-i.?-n.y L. c uii:ot av cid
the iit>ue: l.e ?taiids eonv.ilid ni th? ?!i?rg? bv
oT.'i at.i-lniing ?- i- '?:..??, Bal Bffaffl aid nation? ?..
i oatti ma b?ni ?ritb n nnai i':.'iii? Tolce.
i Le .?i.e?tion l?, w: ri tl.e Ri-brls agr.?ed to BU !. IBft
n an for ii.au, lenving a large excea? of i aptire? in o.r
ba?il?, untl Um determination nf tanelndnatal? for fn
tine c.iiisld' ration, who fflfantad t? ?' ?rial nig.' ami
vv';, ' If tli'Te wt iv gond und ?ulf.i i i,t laaasffat Itaffa
? . ir. ti,rf? Baal flii'iibl not be made?a? I batkrtrl ?orne
of the fr.en.l-. of Mr. Slniit'.ii tl.iiin wiiy ?en< i.c?
latma laaaaal ^iven' Wbv ami Ike ennntv* kafi ?a
iiriioraii' e aben it luid the ru'il lo know I
1 .,| Hi?- lafmml t" BaHaaaXaff, Mini tor lb?' ilnrk'.e ? t' at
en?..ri'Utls the e;,(iie ,jt|. -Ibii of |';,e i ,, blBAT. We are
i.i Ikl I. ?-?I of my iurnnriiition, iinlel.bd lo tie bV oi.-tar;.
of War. It is, I have unit, is H Btj, I.is ?enb-d conviction
nntto etchanire ft all, tint we eaa far Leiter ?Ifoftl tn
do viitboat our priMiu? r? t!..nt tbe S>.ulhi-rii. r? can
wi-lo-.t theirs. Mi?l t'i.i! m.r le-?t ]'olicy i? to retain al
our captives and 1'f the fie rcLiiii all of hfcj until the
affsl of the viar.
ltitgarded ouUide of the liglt of h inianity, I think
ibis view ctirrect and sis?', hit vv I.t u the ??'ei-rctary
give?, as has beeu ulleged, a? on? of hi? reiia.iii? that tl.
tilim of Banff of our M.l.lici? l.eld in ti,. S?inth lu? ci
p:rcd, while tho?e u our Lund? ate i Baaft** for thu wnr.
there IllUrt be few who will not be ?hoik'-d ut the ffjttt
iiijii?tice done to our braTe tieft mler-, and ?it tb. rntln
n.id liliKuli du?-.-? of the mail |apabln of urriving at iucl>
a concltiKiou.
Il gn-.it Mtingi I? ??, in all national slTiira, Individ nil?
uie en r ?mile to yield to principle?, und war, tisi, i? ao
much and ?o n. ce laiily u barbarism, I hut, it may seem
???nt i mental In asa I to tvlk of our fret /mg and ?ulTerlng
bavnm v/ken baadretli tad iiiou.-jnii? ?tflkaB are iwiml
every month into the tomb bv the necc?.?ury accidents
if the Uilgl.ty conleit.
Not without a certain ?peciousne??. tt thl? vb?W; hnt
the elili(.htei.i'il upiuii.n ot war i? that ti. re b-i no ui.
i.e.. ?? .rv ?ufTi iiiic, and that wl.al cannot ht-uiuided be
uiitifiiK'tl a? fur US poiMlble.
WIt*a??W????aBaa>fM of man for imn wa? junposed
tliiie vt m no rajil n ,i.?ou gin n why ll ?l.oiild not havi
Ix en iieceptcil. ami nt leant Jt?,U?<j lives thus Lave been
h.ll.dl . tl.e K? public.
V.'t.at we want, wliut the country thru md?. ?ml tbe
:, ?traaaa* fnendaof the I Inioii pi ??oner? will h??c,
is that the ?Jlieal ions ut iisil?. between the < ioverillliellt
und it,?' liclx Is 1m- fairly ?tnlt I, that, if t'ioie near and
dear to them ur?' to be held, the leu.suu of tbtir A b I
tmii In? giicu fuliy and c.iiidiuly.
Let u? bnve no more donhb -ilealing. cbieanerv and
fallt i'ii'Uiising. Let tho SecieLiryof War lell u? what
he iniei.d?, and wlmt he ff/ll do. and tka ien?uni, M far
u?pn.ilei,1, for Is ?vinrr-o of eomluct. Wt have hnd
far more than enough of triiki-ry und fffcl*fff|mm?
tTkirfatsnltB W| want fuel?, liguli? and opcu avow?
al ol motive?, whatever they may In-.
To return tu I he cili/'-n? who lure been held liuce
Ika infeiiiiption of tlio ?'artel, to usu the ab.-urd pl.raa?
ol the llicbinouil authorilie?, a? " general bo?tni;t'a for
the good conduct of the Uovrrnmciit." They bin I no
(iiosjh it of reinase cien in the event ?jf a general ex?
change, for they lire not mention,-d in the cartel: and
Ibeii ?.umber i? ?o small, und they ?o nniinjmrtiint, that
it i. not ,,rii'..utilc public m '.flkwl attention v. .11 bo di?
rected U? them.
Not the Hein I aiithorilies them?! Ives not even Com- l
inlatiioner Kolii-il Duld?w hoae f,d?ity ia e.|ual'd ouly
In turf i?? rlidy. hi? niifttruble pellifogging and hi* con?
temptible hyrjvi-riay?pretend to hum uuy iJiurge |
I against the Northern idttSBBB? the Soutlurn they ace:
of "dit-Ioynliy ' t., the Bo-calltd ''Confederacy." 1
H? bel? simply hold them os u meaiure of retaliuti
j for, ns tiny allege, la_MMl Southern cltiz-'tin
Nnrtliirn husti!???. They declare tin y will 1
I rel?ase the handful of civilian? in 1Mb BSBSBBM0 on
nil the Baetben citizen? arc liberated, end nil Ui
criifiif nt agries Bat to arrest uuy more.
I Here is a fair specimen of tlio assurance of our ft>
j They iro cntitcly aware that there aro no riti/ei
pr. i -rly i|*_iing. in t o insurgent district!, that th
I all l> long t.? some military organization, and that ?it,
t ikcu (bay t! refort? become legitimate jtrisonera
v.ir. The idea, too, of inducing thu OofOIBMBM
such .1 course,? mprsislnr It possible for a moment,?
holding a liuudred men without social position,
p..I.tii al or personal influence of any kind.
'1 he sole bsBO the eivilluu captives have is In the r
r -t .i.iil '?use <nntiiieni?nt of Southerners as hoMBf
for tli' m. I understand that ve do not bold any pi
fous ?ithoot charpei; but if <ac did. it would b?.' iiimc
nu offset for those the enemy retnius. If we have I
S BtbafB ?it:/-us of importance ?-tiougb to Compel t
Ki bMoad anthorities to give up our civiiiuns, let ns .'
rest them, us ara readily can do, since ours urn tho I
radlBg a: mi"s and the im-up Hits of their t> nltory.
As I have said, the civilian prisoaers h.-id in t
Sont!? are ?,oor atid unir.fii ential, but is thnt any reas.
th?-y slioiild not be poeteekDll It ?Anuid sein
frmn Iba im t that during my captivity not less than fi
or six hundred Bs*Bst cMlWBB, BBBBy of taWM of bi|
'social psottlea and mach politicnl distinction, VMS i
ISBBed aid si nt ?oiifli without any f?jui ?. il?i.t b"?
Bal ' | by the i,overiinn-t.t. This thing continues re
inri?. Brery wssk or two prominent Ssatfcerosn ?
lave '.r.ii ? i;turcl by some of our ?i?'ti.t.ds aro se
home unconditionally. And >et the |?mt fellows fr?.
tag m i tarriag at BaBebery- stost ?A them coaln.
th.-re. 1 Inlieie?are constantly t?dil by IBS Kein 1 a
ihoritiis tiny are held lie. aus? their Government r
f.r. s to re!e_.i! S?intherc<'r? against whom there aro i
Woi.l.l not this vex aiainti Is not this confinai
.ir?e SBBSgl to turn the most earnest pttnut from I
M] iRy '
; It mop be IbeagM the Qobmb?oM il.*? not kno
; tint its.'?.f"! g are inning nid dying in !.. ?til? prison
Bal .tibes know tBO fa?t, which DM b. :i again ai
Bg i-'i I r?'??ute.l to the l'reridi'?t. t!.?' IsBs. t.iry of YVn
theOSMBBhwHSMf of Kxehange, and other?; and tin
bsen kvgsd t? bell heatafM for th? ,-aptir.
civilians, andtl.t) bavo promised to do something, ai
1 haie done nothing.
1 The Berthen elttasM ataeeneaAiloroted loyalist
, and lbs Isnibem stflBaai deeea~e Mara ? n dB Bw Bm
I'tiot.ism ?i-n-e th.-y have ?uffered in-ich, and bran
! darper ai.,1 death for It. I'-tli are willing to er.du;
? tuai?, and make -a? r.lun for tu- i aOBBl Lut th'-y ?a
'not understand WhtJ thu tio\,'rnii:ent, tl.rmiph |M
.'' ' plfct, allows tin m to rema
in odious !? id Ige, :? Bl ''? Bs*JM BMBth, and MSOBB sit?
n. ?Ithout Mlia?g .ID effort for tl.eir reie.i-.', V'
h ??..old Baattaas t?' ntasBi leeSaara pu?" me I
' w! .tu they aould be . \. i.ange.l, a itl.i. .t tun uskin
SB <? ,itiialt nt.
?in? ,,f tie tirvt pongrBBBS that ni-1 my eve aft.
!,- hi. -r. f, |. : t! , wa? to ?!..? . f" t t! it He
Mr.-sud sei.-tul oilier prominent oMtaeWA, who Im
brvD arrested by ? leu. M.cridan la the Valley and c
! nn?d ID ato ?"'1 Capitol at W??hinpt..n, had be?
? ? ?1 mi.I s?::t boa.?'. Was any one git. n for then
| Was ir.y one a?k?'d for them' Of conree not. (h
' g?iier?' ? til.d :? agBBalSMMI l?o-.cn.nicnt il lnd.-p?>??
I !?? lea. j- ........,i-t? .i.- ,ii prisons Which si? pared.
a. ni fu t':o e r.r the Bontb. and so ?rrarionely ?rlv.
1 them t! :r freedom; but permit? devoted pntrut?. wl
; Would BBl I been <x, BOSgOtl (or t!.' libel at> d BSOSlSj I
! perish in loathsome dent.
Ii not this ?!:?_>. ful and !>eyiin.l all palliation I Ii
MSB?Ms, to?', it ha? n?'t beppSBOtl BBSS or tans li
Imbb| tin,.??is psrlsdaV t'.'.? rspaatsli vkflsthSBBBS.
tasste civilisas si tbs .Salisbury Pealtrntlan ate t"l
?by CoMMtoataeer OoM, with tasalerable hypocrisy
Cat he ISty mm l. ri'prct? holding t!.em, but tu.it tli
barbarity of our Got ?ruinent rotnj? Is bau to do s?.
'The barbarity Of "iir <?"tcriiiii. it," truly ?honpri
but not a? on!.1 has applied the phr i? n Its Lnrh irit
tosMsifeeted BettevstdtheBebeto uln? 4aser*rssaa
kind tr.atint'ut at Its hands, but toward its u'.rn lovi
If tbl Se. retarv if War is determined hoi to ask eve
for the few Northern civilians in Rabal baud?, he c.
tainly eSgti to make sum.? demand for (he Soith. r
Colon men. Tl.ey have I orne up ii|{iiiii?t the torrent ?
BSSSaaBaaSBMBBM the iHgiun.np; they have bren psi
lecuted and thr?*ateDed; have lost propeity, and ei
ilureil nnlold sufTnliigon aci-uiiut of their atlui Innen
to tie- old log) aiid really dctervo a la tt'-r fat?' than t
rot in ISBtaSSMS ?lena when their NBMM nlijl t best
ciind by vi ry iiitlc iroublo and tho obscri atiou of uoui
nu n juitieo.
The rip? riment of holding hostages for Sot.t!:.*n
unionists bas been tried with succesi. Although Ouli
h m slwsys sworn he would not release any "Confi'der
ule " <il:/e|;?; that the (Joieniltieut l.iltl M ri?l.t to de
j maud tbcui; that the'Coufedercy" ?Aoiiltl not be die
tatrd to in iispe. t to lit own people, and all that ?ras
colluding raAbtoh for si, rh the Kiln-Is, itinl their Com
:,.:-!..m : cs|s cially, ai e notorious?the ai r>\' t of a few
| l"lni:ielll ?Ml ? |i:.i-t? ttlthill or ne.ir ..UT l.n.'l. BSd
j tb?ir cl???e confinement, has had thu effect of bringing
j L un tu ti i un vi r? speedily.
| My f. ilmps haie been deeply Interested in, and my
lyiij'ut'iiei largely e.Tiit.?l |u behalf of the Berthen
mid .Southern eitunu prisoners, whosecsptivity 1 shared
in Castle ThuiidiT and the S.ilisbuiy lVnltctiti.iry
TTiey are, us I hsve mentioned, mostly poor tiieu, with
large familles dt-petideut ou them. They bave been
treat?-?! ?ometiui'-s ?ith barbarous cruelty, as in the
Libby prison, ?here they were not permitted to pur?
chase an) thing, uud v, ere so neuily started that tbey
often could Lot stand up lonp enough for roll-call. Many
of them hnve ?lied, leaving their families dependent
upou tin'cold chat iti'-s of the world, ami th.y will all
dn-, unless they ant released at an curly diy, fir their
siDi.ilion eoiistaiilly grows son,?-, mid their capacity to
endure diininiil.iH.
'1 hat an nr BMgOBBBBl hml been mn.li> fortbeei.l.anpe
of elvilian us v? .1 as Other, prisoner?, I reaal only a few
days up,, m the public j.urnals. I ri-ud it, ami n.y
cheek burned with indignation that another of tlio.e
base attempts to deceive the people should bo made. I
Lave no faith in the MBSttSfaBSStj und u.-.tcwi I do
not imaKiiii'for a uiotin ?it that Secretary rUatiton, or ?
I're.-i.lent Lincoln, or lien. 11 ule. k, or (?en. tirant, or
whoever caused it to be madu public, believed the state?
A pnrtlal exchaiipe nay be made, just enough t? BSSA
?Aiiik the peoplf, but umre will die in (ho p.cit month,
in my opinion, than w ill be released. Tho draft ?i ?'<nn
ing otT?sttm'thii g must be done to remove from the'
public mind the horror. VMM than death, it hsmf hope
le?? cnj.liiitj and slow toilurfjiui.d ho the old lie of a
general exchunpe is put off upou tint miiel. al un-.i coun
Is tills honorable; 1? it honest; is Ig decentt
Wh? ii a pr? at BsfSI ninent like ntat mottoi it nece?
sary to cajole the MBSBs, to cram them with ?al>?' prom
MM, t" insult their judgu.i nt with, oft iep?a|eil fal.e- ?
hood?, there must tie some ueuk and sicked nun man- ,
aping its affair?.
The loyal peopll of the SbbbMM are not chiliren uor j
fiKil?. They eaa b?as* M as hlafy AsbB sritbi th?>ycon
eu?pu ?i"i.d _at tei ? ni MB?I ix?t Luna as well as some of,
the members of the Cabine?; ami they certainly have no
nlNh to be blinded and bullied by an incompetent Be? ?
rctury, aa others high in aaaaa arc said to be, into meas?
ures that ore neither apt nor edvai.tagc.ms.
Let u? havo no more shuffling on the subject of tho
eiehungi?. Let It bo titdcrstood who ia icsponsible for
tie thoiisum'.e of deaths of our prisoner?. Let Secre?
tary IStanton discbarge hisdiitie? fitly, or let him resign.
I'pon him much ?idiuin ha? fulbn, and more will fall
If ho were ua perspicacious as he deema himself, Lo j
would, I believe, have surrendered long since an office
Iks publie du not deem bun competent to till. He would
have understood Hie opinion of tho pcoplo to be, that
the re?.?-nation of Edwin M. Stanton would be of more j
value to the cauto than a glorlon* victory to the I'nlon ?
aims. Jim's IIemu Ubownk. j
jVtt-. For?, Friday, F:b. 10, lt-t?.
Since writing the above, Col. Mu'.ford ha? iidrl?ed
persons in Iba North to ?.end no moro supplies or letter? !
to relatives and friends in Southern prison?, aa they will
all soon bo released. Tho counsel ia good, for there ia
little prospect of the poor captives receiving anything
forwarded tbem, oil ?it I must ?ti.l he permitted tu t
doubt that any coii.tih te or geneial exchange, partie- ?
Blatt? of the ?farlkma or Boni Ian i'nion citizen?, will I
be made. No one w.il l:t? moro rejoiced than 1 if the '
iixeh.mgo dor? tuka place, and no one, at the sume j
time, ?ill be moro delightfully di-nj'pointed.
Tho authorities at Wushinirtou steadily go on from '
bed to worse, pcisistcntly refusing to hold the partie?!
whom tka Ki'i'S Bant deaire, and by their relttse '
, sd ntly Indorsing tL* oitragio.a conduct of tho enemy
toward the o iptivca in his hand?.
Tho relea?.? on ?.aro'.e if koger A Pryor is the latest
example of tlio Justice done at Washington to the
i thousand? of starving, freezing, prriahing aufferera In;
tho pri?..n bella of the South. Pryor waa fot yeara
before Iba war ma af the most virulent and violent
ex|<inents of the doctrine of Sttto Kight?, ?mi perhaps
the greatest braggurt und molt Insolent bully that
dir'grni-ed tl.e national cnpitiil by his presence, whs the
? If .'.ict. d r?| r"?eiitativi) of the Young South?mean?
ing everything odioua therein?and did more t'uin any
other mm of his capacity iu the Slave Slutci to develop
aal aatakHab let ."?ion.
Yet this fellow I'ryor !? entirely free to walk the
?tr??. ta of W,is!.i?..r*oTi, is the guest of Col. Forney, calls
on tl,?' President, i? the lion of the day, while our noble,
brave, devoted soldiers, any 'vrelve or ts'enty of whom
tka IV!" Is would most gladly give in exchange for the
traitorous swaggerer, aro being ayatematica'.ly and
cold bl'atdedly mardi-red by the class of which I'ryor ia
it member, and which ho ! aa !.?l?ored all his hits to
I have no disposition to denounce any one ?t'Wnsh
ll gtt.n. Th-re is no need of a word. The people can?
not fad to seo bow entirely their self-sacrificing relative?
anil friend? are treated, ami to demand ere long, in a
voice that cannot be silenced or misted, the removal
af tho mi,, ...is who tbua insult their patriotism and
disgrace tbe nation. J. Ii. B.
Imparlaal I rein Vtrxiro.
AdfafitM rcifiviil in thk city through private
| ?oiircea from Mexico state that the war in the Cnited
State? ? i attracting the special attention of the imperial
?ioverument. The p?ilicti are directed |B ajTe*l all who
? tpr??s their ?ympatl.y with the l.'nion cause, and one
man, named Vulder?, has been sentenced toa year'? im
|irl?.i ::,ent for ?p'-aklng favorably airout the United
.Stute? and pre?llctin?t the ?pcetiy end of the Rebellion.
The Imperial Treasury 1* eoi:?tantlv getting lower.
1.'..? V. ?tility of tLo church party to the Luipvror Max
iniiliaii la un Hi* un r?-a*?-.
The friend? of the JoarI?t cnn?e here refuse to give
credence to the reported de?tut of Porfirio Dio/ at
Caiiio. Saturday, March 4, l,f".
The Xtu-Orltant Tttntt of the 3Clh ult.,
sa) s :
Tka rep?., ted tipulsion af the American Cot-,ol from
M.itnmor.u appears to be louhrmcd by his arrival at the
boiitli-Wesi l'?s?
Tka l.it?-i am ''rom Muta:-.iras is. that tbe Ameri
r in tlag boa be? n hauled down, ly tome unknown
MW-OBLr'.AN'ft, Feb. ?... ,>
viaCtUUu, Stilurduy, March 4, IMS? i
Tir Time.ot tii-diiT la informed that the as?;gi;ed
reason? of the Finp-ror Maximilian for delivering the
pius?K?rt to the American Consul at Matamoros ia the
eon recognition i f ?he French-Atndrian ?uth.nitlca in
Jexico by the (Joverinient of the Cnited States.
The Tirtet also tny? that it t? reported that l?en?. Car
aval and ? ?tfaaaatA Bfft marching on Matamoros, where
(???it. Mijrii, with t.OOOtroop?, BWaitl their att ick.
lieu. Hurl has ordert d that no permit? fur vessel?
or merchandue !"? granted for Mutamoro? until tnitber
.?Iiiriiir Dianslrra.
Fini ami i un. March b, Itatk
Hal h.irk l'liinix, flron I.iver()i?i>I for Phila?
delphia, went ashore on the :i?l inst., smith of Cape
11 ta lop? n. She ha? II feet of matar in the hold.
PoiilLAM). Me. MarchO. ?MS,
The hriu' Halt it? S. Kunry, from Cardenas,
arrived ti day. While c?iininir up through White
lle.nl pass ?tre, she struck a -unken ledge, but came oil.
?e iking ?.'?"! ?ti, kt ? per hour.
Hrjoiriii.a Hi Albiinv.
A LB AN l. S.ituiilay, March 4. MAX
A salute of 100 gnus was linil Lore to-day in
honor of Iks recent victories over the enemy, and in the
?veiling IBB i ..si ?lllice. the (?tl;,>e ol tlio Assistant
I'lov ? ?t-Mar. luil-liemral. and BtkBff puldic building?,
aa well aa tniuy Blleita residence?, were? illuminated.
AT I'llt'ViliKNCK.
Phot i ni Nik. March*., l-i'?.
Notwithstanding the heavy rain, noteworthy demon
itrntbtii? weie iiniile bere yesterday. Fl.gs wi?vt? dis
Bland, Nntio:i d ?alute? were tired, ?nil the First Light
In tuntry paraded and had a festival, l?en. l'unie?
N'cuutl Hr g'itle also made a fine parade, with inlautry,
cavalry undlight artillery.
Fir? la ?lark ?"ouoiy, .Tin.
St. I.onn, Friday, March 1 l?oj.
Tho ?taw itl CTaVli Coiintv, Mo., on Monday,
entirely destroyed tka 1'i.rk lioiiso and contents?liini ?
llisi.UHO. The dry goods house of Jenkins, Terence A i
Co., at Mary?villc. Nodaway County, s as consumed by '
lire on S.iturd or bjtt?lote lAOOO. Nu insuraiicc.
i:xicn?i\e i,i-e|'iira'.ion? are being Basla to cell brate
to .morrow In accordance^ with the plan adopted by
f iixiuux cities North and East,
(ibs. Marstov? The following joint r.'solu
tion baa been pu??od by the Neiv-ilaiupsbil?) Legis?
Hetrlitit, Tint tb? rrxlefnl thanks of tbe Stale ?if N*w
H ..mi ?liire Bra beleb V presea tedio llr1?.-Oeii. (?ilui?ii Mir.'on
fur ibe ('.iiiiuiii' 'lev. ti. n and roinjikuoaa ?alUniry by which
he ha? w. n lor btfltastf i ','" rl.ii t:,.,- lam?., ?UJ r*il-c'.-J h*tvm
aaaa lbs r?tate of l.i. nativity.
jUotdtoi, That the Serrstary of State be directed to ferward
I IHtJ if lke*S tt-'.l liuii. ?., Brig, lieu. Mar.tun, ?nd a like
rap? to the tea n.li.diu^ crllr?.- of ,.a,'h rrciincnt of New
lla'tipablre Wiiiiitr.-r* in tb? belli, to be re??f ?t the I.. . t ul
tlietr r*?p?'rt?T?.. ..uniniid?.
Approved, June .... leb!,
? *>
Tue PATiir.NT of BorNiiEs M IlicBriTs.?A
reaeateeaef ?f tbe Bttas A.ij?i .m4M nerai ree^rtaa ib?t ?n
beaatarabe pud t.. ran all t?i 11 irt ? Itassl bmiH ? .tl, ire??
dUtavST. !i i? c ritru li-j by ib.n?. umiiiai with tbe ? ?bie. t
that If the hil?TalitS un: not pall at the Pruvuit Ma.'.b.l ?
ot . e ?? heretel.tr?', 'hat It wi.f bave th* effvi-l "f 1*1 iiding
ittr bii'ln*?* ?>l retrintinrif B"t ?teitit ?lt?>ir? ther. Atam???-t
id? ?f tb* Khij? I uuuty lit?..id of Siip.'rviaor?, tx^-ntly held,
tl.i? ?'ihject Win broii|ilit up, ?nd? rmtilutiou w?? adoitrdl?
ll.,? t-fle.-t that the btumiv ( oninutt?*, or I ne ol it? number,
be street?* bt pt?eaal m Aib?nv io coii'BiuBlc?te tvitbtba
aiiti...tub-? la r?ter*aoa ta tke "tier forbulJuu tkaaas/meal
f m. nt-y? to d.afi. ,1 u .:, rn.pt ?t the ?pe. Ued rvMWvau
Ihet ,'ii.i.iittee ?ill nr?e th? IJt*te ?utbiirilie? to witlnlraw
j,.oite. u of lb? otvler.
Thf Inwf?iTtl Addi-euet of 1861 and 181)5.
From Our Speekd Cerre?pondrnt.
WMMMBTOttj D. C. M ich 4, IMF,
Amid the Jin, hurry and -mbAmB-? of ?ho
closiug days of Congress were carried on the preys
rations for the inauguration of the President and Yi.
President elei't of tlio United States. ThnCommitUc SB
the part of the Senate early prepnied and issm-d rules am!
regulations fur iho admiision of persons to the fio' r ai.u
galleries of the N-nate ( lumber, and entrnsted tie , -..?
cutioiiof the ordiTs to O. T. Ilrovtn, Sergennt-atArnis
of the United States Senate. Tickets were printed, and
for two days the office of tho Sergeuat-at-Arras' looms
were crowded with nppiieunta f> r adn ission to the pai'
lory. Meanwhile the luborers ?.bout the public ground?
were employed to clean the ipaee on tl.o east Iroiit ?.{
tiir Capitol Li erect platform and eim'iiig and make a!,
the neceasary out door urrangementa for tho accommo?
dation of tl.o paiiiiipuuUin and spectators ui I nc iaau"
punition ceremonies.
TJTK Er.?Tt OP ?/I81TOS8.
Chief Marshal flood!os matured anil pnMtosrd the
pr?gramme for the day, end in ranged nu order of a
grand procession as an easBTt t? the I'te-idei t elect,
i'ully a week before tin: baagMBtiou Day viaHors be?
gan to throng the hotels In Washington, and BWBry
svailable room, bed. BOOB, and comer were occupied or
engaged in advauec. lly the m.diik' of the week tie'
overflow had reached Baltimore, and ail the hotel?
were rapidly filled by persons en route for tho Capital
Thu fortunate circuiustance of an oil night ies?.on of
Ixith Houses of Congresi alTonlcd (?raiuitous hxi?-;iim t.?
a largv n'tnib'-r of stranger?, who stretched AEBMotTM
ou the cushioned benches end slept ?ouudly a. "?? ? ?. ItM
headi of tLeir noisy repr?sent?t ivs.
Two days of almost leOBMBBM r.iu bad covered th?
street? with mud. and th? heavy sl?.nu at. daylignt ;hit
morning made all f?ar that the inclemency o? tho
weather would greatly mar the ceremonies of ilo it.?\.
j On I'rid iy evening tho Philadelphia firemen arrived
' at tho Warhlngton IspM of the Baltimore uid On?
1'nilroad. The delegation consisted af member-- . f th
j ii.K?d will, Paeeereseswa. nn?i fnesBa Fire I :. -n
i companies. Tho Perseverance n: d Qeed YY'lll vara lbs
Ifueitsof the United HbMB tttim Bra brigade, and the
i Franklin of the Washington city 1'ire Dapartinent.
They were all dressed in the New-York city Mjrll ??'
i equipment, black lire Lut?, coats and pants, and red
' The Good Will had thrir steam fire engine, 1: M M
I riage, and I .OX) feet Of hose, accompanied by hj men
' the P? i-everance, their hose carriape, ?a itli l.OAO feel ??<
' h"se, and ?iO men; and the Franklin, their steaim r ?uni
? hose carriage, ?ame as the Good Wil', and with 11 nie..
j Alter an informal greeting at the depot, the BSB>
t panics proceeded, escorted by tho delegation wb.ch vos
i there to meet them, under the direction of Mr. WMOBB.
j DicksoD. chief engineer of the United State! steam lira
j brigade, and Mr. Sessford, chief engineer of the city
Fire Department, in torch light procession, to tk-e Hiber.
nia engine house, and were recciied with a fine display
'of tin'-works, after which they were entert?ard u.?>*t
? hospitably. The Persevero..ce boys lodged at the
i Kirkvotsd. an 1 the Good Will end 1'ianklin at lbs
i The Hood Will was accompanied by tho Ijheity Cor
'net Band of Philsdelpbln, the Perseverance by Doug
?lass's Hand, and the I'lanklia BoM Compon? ?'} '?"-'
| Fr inkford National Bend.
The Philadelphia firemen vero welcomed at the ?Vepot
by Mayor Wallach. Tbey then poBBSeM up tbe
srenae, stopping at the Prvsideai's tu-ise, wbere tbey
were welcomed by his Excellency tbe Presiiieut.
The following was the programnio published by JJsr
si.. 11 Gi-i'lii'-.
Aids. The .Maisnol in-i'hief. Aid?.
The Military Kseort.
The Pissideal of the Unite?, States and bis 1'iiteie
Secretary, with the Marshal of the Distiici
of Col a Ui oil aud his DeptatieS
on right and left.
The Y'ici'-Preiideatand Vice-President ele t
The Cabinet.
The Corps Diplomatique.
Tbe Judiciary.
Senators and Ketiresentalives.
F.x-Senators and Representatives.
He,ids ef 1',,;' ."tus and Assistants.
Officcra and Soldiers ?>f the Revolution, ami of the War
of 181s.
The National I'nion College Rand.
The National lTni"n Kxecntive Committee.
The Nati'-n.il Kxeoutivo Committoo of the Loyal
I.i ii'ue?.
S(ate and City Authoritiei.
The Lincoln and Johnson flubs, with Car, Ac.
Slate Organisations.
Fast Washington Lincoln und Johnson Clou, uith
M.'intor, Ac
Tbe Fire OrgasM itions.
Tbe Washington Pre?s.
Offlcers of the Army, Nu?, y Marine Corps and Militia.
Detachment of the I'uite.l Mate* Marine OSrpi
Detachment of the First Krigade ot Vumtermas- Vol?
Other Military OttTanisatlon*).
(flesbere c a vale-ule.
Turner A ?soelatioiis of Washington and QO0s*KeSDWB,
(Kid Fellows and other Denev?ieut AssooIuIkius.
The en. .i,,' aad hose companies from l'hi!a?le!ph.a
and Washington vero provided vith horses to draw
their engines and carriagei in tho procesiioa.
At an carlv hour, notsithatanding the itorm au?! r.i.ti
of the Liornlng. unbroken lines of people wore moi?ug
toa ai <ls the cap?tol, and but for the presence an J pi ompt
action of tbe Marshal's forces, the balls, "falletie?,
und passage ways of the building would Lute '? ?> .
ciowded iu ai?vaut-e of tbe arrivai of any ot' tie poMie
After hating been in session during the whole Bight
the ?lou-??.. of Congress took a re?-.-is of Cvo boms, froui
7 o'clock till 9. Tbe Senate was well through with tl.o
impoitant business before It, and awaited tho acton of
the House on tbe un-i.-.lui.eou? uppropnution bill. Rut
in th" IIouio it was ?vident that there was a dot? MEM
tion and an organized plan on the Democratic s.de <>f
the floor to defeat the bill by the cousunip-tiou al IBBS
In looliih inotiom and calling the yeas aud nayi.
At 10o'clock midday, the MAM ia Iho Senate vas
trj.iii brilliant suid imposing. All around the sou sas
galleries eteiy seat WM filled, und every place 'n which
men could itaud or on which they ... ii.1 I, mg was BBSS
pled. The seats i?f Co giillcvies hid been set apart as,
iliuively for ladiei, und they early dcmouit; at? ?1 Mel
Ibla ample provision tat their grati'.'uv.on via? ? .il tal
short of meeting the dctnauds.
The President btiug at IbS Capit?'! sigr.iug bill?.
Senators Harlan and Anthony were appointed a Co?
mittee U eicort M?E LhMele. whs WSB "?'.pt?Md
by Mis. tirimsly, to the Sonate ?ham! ST. S??.u
after M o'clock tLey appeared ia ths piptoasatle
nailery. Senator Anthony vas called to lake tl.e oat Ii
of otlice and left the ladies in charge of Seuj?ei- Hai
Ion, who, with groat dillliculty. escorted them tl.iou: h
the crow tied pSBBBffl ways to the raser*, cd scab on lbs
platform, but where they arrived too 1st-? to witne.-s Ce
luangnral ceremonies.
On tbe floor of the Senate Vice-President Ifsmli?
occupie?! ibe chair, and the officers of tbo Semite ?' <?
in their places. Mr. Johnson, tho Vico l*re?dent elevt.
sat at the clerk'sd.sk in front of Mr. Hamlla. U. tie
Sec Flaliih Pf?ae.

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