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\r?L XXIV.N?- 7,183.
Pacage of the Fire Department Bill.
A Committee of Investigation Appointed.
Th* Vire ski-pur im? m Bill.
Pk.. * Pi?r?'ch to TV N. T. Tribune.
At ?ANT, 'I !mr????.;,'M .- Ii 3
Tbc r<j vra? gTrat cxHtmif ut .'it thn wurioM ttf
the Awwi.Ny this evcoinp in ?onscjnenco of charges
vt earruptlon mad? by opponent* of the Hre MIL
Tr.cy are undci>too?l t<> refer to oonio of the Demoesrat?
wbOYoled for it. Etory ojp?utunity tubs afforded by
tin- inejOTity lier foil ?L-? us^to? of these charge?, and
1 articolnrs ? err demanded. It turned oat in every ?a
?? -i re t?iit tho report? were based ?pon nothing but
??ir. or. A ?v>niraitte* of investigation was, however,
voted end tho House adjourned.
JPiviii Ou Pja? s! Corrrir1 udent.
Aihani, March 30, It*-""?.
The event ^ t the dt| i< Um paffjt.gc of the Mc
tr< | uliUu t ue Depm?tii.eat lllll iu the Assembly, by a
t"w?Jortry larg? r than the most sannuinc of it? supporter?
Viuturtd t?? 1-. pe for. It??* ?aw^aaal especially by a
lortion of tie N? w-York City delegation, inch by inch,
kj.il with a di-pl. y of |had temper nod rude manner?,
??haraeteristu- ..f many of those whom the Demoeracj
of the Metropolis *Pr'd here manually a? their repte
aoutativee. It ;will le seen, lowever, by the liet of
Joa? and Nay? which 2 subjoin, that the vote wo* cot
cast upon party grounds, no le?s than ten Democrat*
hating tLe good n nseand lad-'i? tulene? to vote for this
?treat roeaswre of refurin; one other, Mr. Daniel?, rated
tor it ru the Erst place, lot aiter the result was MM4
laiued changed his vote to a ne*ative one under the
1'icssure which vv bi. n^ht to heir ujmn him, and
other? who Toted in the negative would bare chough
their votes to the afLi??ativc l.uil it ?been necessary to
do so te carry the bill
There was an ?mux use amount of Lllibn?.terir?g, and
Ike oaltiBg of the yeas and nay? occupied, in cocse
ijmnof, more than an hour. The most extraordinary
and frirokm? ijncstioris of privilege v. ore raised by the
opposition for the purpose of making ?tuiup speeches
?gainst the bill. They were ?truck aghast when the
fact WH developed that ?o laige n number of their party
tr i.'li were supporting it, and after three or fourDetn
MMh bad rescinded "yea." Mr. Creamer, whose
r?od sens? aud gentlemanly hearing I have frequently
lad occasion to eoniii.ent. so fur forgot himself as to
?JM in his plaiej'ftnd i-burgo them with baring been
rarchaicd. The following is the vote?
VsAS? MtJMT? Andrus, Barkl.v. BbMlerom, Bei h?m.
Wmmmm, Bnu>dr?p?h, tir..?u. A. A., Itwwn, /. W_ Bmii
?on. Or.vnUr, Ceas. Ctalttta, Clsrk. X., Clo?e, Crsiidstl.
?.Towll, E<k?rt<n. EdVar?., yidr*lf, V\m?n, <i'..ltr.\.
??MS, Cr.ru, Ualitubcrk, Hs?broneli, llnlli?, H'.wur?,
Nn Hoairnirer H'.tiieifurtl, H. H., Ktl'..?, Kimb?:i hr
*.v?r. L?*. I.^wi?, Lord. McUall, MStUi, Htr^-teia .V. Ian
?J.i-ott. O.ivft. r?:.-! -r, r*ik?r, (?., l'?ikr?. J. \4, y,.rr, n,\.
*.-<!. t'i'tt, ftstt, Peat R.i.ktu, Redinjtoi.. R*?d, Rk:/?'idt<nj
h'-it/icap, Ruyri. toase, Kuoi, Baauorsl. SeT.-mrir^, ?nUlUrJi
f*k??-, Hbrpsrd, SberuiM, Sp??k<r. Shuln. 8osiu>, K. H.
Kp.?r, SufJ.pT.!, St?i.:r..l, Btcwgrt, St i* Iiiliu?h??t, To?
Saaii. Topltf, Van Burm, \V,:vr \\ ilb-i \V?.d, W?rtfc?so.
Rat? PMSSSS. BoaK Ib-rrll. Hlaurrit. HurdUl, ?iw hi.
C^ytr, Cutting, C%U>maH, dark W. JV., Crtamtr, AsMSsfa
? ?iftjkj*. Msyass, A'"?1". /-?'??"?, l--rkv-*>4, l.-utui.
Mm?*, Mcloy. Vatthcici. M,C ...M M. ?tormiJ, Murray,
Kteirrtp*, P$\?fM. RuWrtf*. Salmim, S.imm<mi, St^arker,
tAsrtSSest .'niifA, / I... Ktatuird, Taiman, /?raer, ? it?tr
hard WfJirr, H'trf, HA(f?u?-39.
AjMtan O* .NOT 1 O-riXO? M.Mr?. A-,r-> Il?r.l..f Ponds,
t). M. HiiUctrfofS, lii?r?litni. Mottt. Hquirf?. Vandertse.
f>?'iiio.'r?tt In ?inlet? l'nlon men m Roi'.?.
Mr. Bemls i? tit only Tnion meml>er who voted
stgrnlntrt the ?ill. He made a short speech in wtucb he
?vttempted te explain|hi?|votc. Mr. Ange] askod to b<
exonsed, asulj was eaiuae<l acssiHingly. Air. JlnrJett
A4 if?. Vn-.;. ?re At hon c. tick. Mr. rVeboez
?lodged. Ha reasxin? why the other tfesMiHsl wrre not
lu their rea> uie uukuotvn.
TteRenate thi? mfirw?R? passed u bill 'in reftrcne* to
the water line of the ctty of New-Vork. of which a oopy
1? enl Joii.ed. If i? diflieuh to tell from the text of the
bill precisely what it' effect Is to be, and as It may be
of importance t? pnr;?n? later*ted, I send it cutir?-. It
ha? alreexly passed the |A??embly, where it wai Intro
duoed by Mr. Heed, and 'foe* immediately to the Oov
trnor for ?i^natiie.
A? Act to siueud t? Act > ntlisH "An Aet to Mtshiith s r. r
iruineut exu-ri'T -trext la tl.ctitv ui Now York, alot.s
ihr eMtert? shsm oT lb? Ni.rfti or Hnd?.r: River, *d?
foi oti.. r puruoiurt," pssw-J April 12, \t'jT,.
The J'roplt of the Statt -f Siu- i wk i\'> en/itt in fSstsSJS;
?tsssnaai L Thssthkd sectlosj of the Act ?aistlsd "A? Aet
to e>Ub 11)1 ? vm.v\t i,t ? xtfrior ?troit la the Cily of jtt-u
Kork, slotif the nsitrrly thor? el |h? North or Badsoa SUTOT,
?od lor olii>r p'jrp..-?-" puwd April IX, 1UJ7. it lirril.?
Mj.en-l.d ?o ?? te read u Ibtlews: Tti.- Majot, AlJi i- i ? ? 3
?'?muioiiKltv U the?. Itrof Now* York ?h-11 be. snd thry ?r<
h*?why y.?u-d ? LU all tlte nslil sud title of the peoplo of tin.
M?ti t" t?,, t. i- renrd with wstat alssiathe??jasseety shor?
?.f theN. rtu or Hudson liw.r betweea ll-inn. ??Vatraatand
< ?ushundred ?lid tlnrty.M>h?ireet, st.d ?-xtt-ijdiij* (rom the
wosierly ?id? sjf the Isssts sjaslsi ? ?t? r kswsasesM srasttadta
iIh' i.iJ Mk><i, AldersasM h:*i CoSBsaoasttT of the ( ity < l
Mew York, by li-tt.r? Mtssstj is MStasaBS? oi ?be A^t en?ltl<i1
'An A I relslive t.. iiu[>r?veioefiti in the City at Nvw Y'.fk,-'
passed Krb. i\ U<?6. aud ?U?o I.JF ietirrt pst"nt id pni?n?r,. ?
?fan Art retan*? toll MOTesfteul? latheCrteof llrw-Tork,
l??.?d Aj./ir?. M'C.to a,- ???????i!y ?He ef tho ?aid Thirteenth
avaatsa, sud I ? ... d ..U?r? iwtnut thill h? c uttrm-d ?oen'o
srmut to t!:<????"? Mayor, tlaatassa ?.ni t'uuiu:un?liy ei the
?uv ?'. New-York aadltnitf ?weeesest'i ftwwrer, ihe ml? land?
iii.<?er uator eu?t>riy of f l >? w?s>teiH line of the ?aMThirteenth
avenue. K..t iiu.hiiii in tnis Ai-t ?hail be coaitrui-d to m?k*
<?? authcri/e my forthel ei TOafhtnrnt oi Inn,? in ??! the clisn
?>?!< ! t!. river thsa sir? miy null.' rt/. d by le?!tlutivc sus.
rUC. t. 'iM? Ait ?..ail tssselT'^t iaini'duwely.
>??-\a>rk I.? BjIslatniM .
>-f:NATK....ALa\xr, March 30, w,\
Mr. Kin.us thked thelndttlgentseof the Bettatte
tv * || that norsely regretted ? ON than ho the accident
?>f Isst ? vei ir.c fur tto?t t>reaeh of dei^irnm. He adfcrM
the n;ost ewn:c-t .pwici-v. Ths) alfht fierlOM he hi.d
i/?.i ?|i pt sny, urut, |hererore\ dmrnaj tha ?eaitaa lact
??Tenii.r he u rktontalrj fell asleep, wnd ir wns eoo?tita
Ii?.i.a! w ?th birr. ?Jalhl sb'cpii.g. to lili-.ithe hard und
h"ii.. It was ui< r?-ly aoc4dental. aad Lc intended no
?flt?rct.p-et to the Scu'in? or the Senator who occupied
the Hoi i at the timo.
1 lU.il i O 111'.
Authorising the Nrw-Wrk J'nsOw Association to
lr.?p?<t ijnaln reforinutoiy in - lit ui ionn.
iiK-.irpuratlni; the Tonk' is Watei VTortl f'omjiaii}.
A iiK'ii.Jing the charter ot tlte Pl<>o>ii?nflalo S.ivin?'?
Jno?iTi/>ratliisjtli? Soldiers' Mess.-ngei f*or|H?.
Iiieorporatiiif tho Noith American ;.n?l lt.illaJ) Stratu
slip Oni.nanv.
Incarporaiiaff the ?.'c? York 1'ier and Warehousicr
? a i?n.y.
Ine<irj'>ors<lii?x the Sub.A??ueoiis md Metallic f.tHk
SUid Warehouni?ig t'ornnany.
loJii.te to rutea ot' wharfage along the Hudson
'i'e ?happre fhe name of the M utnal Life and Ttuaeler?'
J?i'i^. anoe ?tmipur.
){?? n?no to tlie i.'t. <? of Recover of Taxe? ot New
Mr. TyiiMBKKrt reported oti the propoKjtlon tn remove
the Capitol tint, if it v.. re lo Im- rejDOt ad, Nc? Vork I?
tl e irumt tHflM? nit? for it; but it Is apparent that the
laopl? Jo not laior its rcinovul. aiol ?ae)?0a??wl|?M
?wsjommea?! tha fjmtMMptl m Ml for the ereurion of a
aew CaastoJ in Albany. AnientM to raqaira the city
to taralafe the grounds and buiUiiurr8 tor an I ?t rnflve
bill? iyr.wr?ccF:>.
Iaeo;poratlnrj the .National Avoc.uion of Dt!*e Hull
Jlajei?. ui?l aim ?,.;ii.L' the charter of the >'roneh I
J-eu-toleat tloeiety of New Yo. k.
IfsUUM OaVfOaf.
laceipuratinga peitaMaWM Com.'nltfee on Faceiga |
Mis>ioiiH<rf i!,c <;?-U? rni Assemhh of !!.<? I'reabyti riun I
Gaam h.
Iiioirporatiug the ?iladiduir DouevoleVt AsaociatiOn
?I N.w York.
J?. orporuting Mnsonio Hull, Prookhn.
In? ?irporatiiig Uto Kricud Jienevolent ?Soi i?My of >TCW
1 lkr> nKAI)IN(J-<,KM.R'L ?'ItDih*.
"/? "K itafj tho ?to,iii;e id petiuli uo? or rovk ?>)' in
To rr-.eorporata the New-York Tier and 'WajtiM
Mr. Hinm Ji?l m.t think the Senate could ?erio
?MM?atatO tii? puaniige of nticli n bill an tbia w)
PWM to ?ell lu it MUH] public luiidir.gs along
?an boat of New-York or Brooklja, the mn
thereafter to Iwto nerearre aoe aad ooatrol over
?aiiiiv Tlii? Wat u novel and luoet extraordinary
Air. l.AMBKKR also 0SpMH04ktl ?urpvUe at tkoJ
fMoM ni lli') lull miller i?. Inch the Con,tuist>ioncnj ut
Maklag l nuil oi Now>York may otO to this Cotnp
eery plot bolo?fft*J tu the iit>;.
Mr. Amii?arroedthai Laetoad <>f baing inimical
tt ? Mon ? t of Ken York, it would ei oft r ?aoaloah
aflTontoartu on oonriioo by aocaring to tbo ptodi
h. might t I lta v, .arve.1 speedy transfer ?roui ?,e?ecL>
a.ife and cheap ?torage,
V* MtMt itoirfl that tho Comptroller a-aa in fa
Of Bjlowiag the i ?,? ni.n 1.1 two or three of thes?j ]
jected Warehouse? fur experiment.
Tbc bill aaa ill. u made the order for Tuciilay 01
?Ailjoni ned.
The fniMfion eoadagu on aprcoiug ti>i
repott ot tli? Grinding Committee.
Mr. Weed moved to recommit tie bill OMvUIni
I two additional riurroguto? In the City of Xtn ? Vi
rib? bill prono-cJ a radical change in that Court, i
ho was oOBnOAjOd tbat the people, of tbat City a
] omojoo4 to it,
| Mr. Stkwaiit ?aid tbo bill wan loked for by promin
Ilaann la K*a>w York? oa tbo ejrooad that it voaae,
: m:i y to QtaoiHlO aatlaotl liefore tbat (cult, which *
now grrntlv delayed.
Mr. i.ii I.V-? ralead objections that tho Conntitut
; provided thai Surrogates akeaai he elected and i
apiiomicd a? proviltd bv tbti> bfflL
leaeata, BUMOITt, CBim and MrCo.wiHB t?
airxii'iir cr.' id ia f?Tor o| um ominini.ci.t.
Hi'. JufiQBWA] (?Tored tbo bill for tal reunoiltl
canos beJor?. tiie Sunogi.te'a Court were (MaoOjO
three ycai? NehitiJ. The ?III wtl tiuccninrj to e>j|
tiite beelaee? before the Cmrt.
Mr. J. I- PakkKU mid New York we.? except? d fri
the conntitut ion.i] pro*i-ion with refc.-encc to Sdr
Tbc re)>ort of the Committee trae ugrc-d to.
Tbc Boldler'? Y.?ting bill ana pasee.l to ? thin! rn
ii.iT, and in.id? the n? ml order I? r to-morrow, lBiO
diatcly utter th*s reading of the iouraal.
Ml I.S TAKf.lt.
'In laiPfaOIOH the ?eheaOOtadj Water ComptTir.
'in laeWMNta the \ lilnge tiajlaight Company."
To ?airan the darter oTBafaloi
In relation tutho Mailnc Court In tLe City of Ne?
Mr Onr>iRj:Y moved totiikotttc Buffalo Police B
from the In lilt?. Loot
Tho Ncw-Yoik Paid Fire I>epnrtm*rjt hill wm a
Mr. I'i h?v m'--, .il tho pn'-vioD? OMOfJoa. The to,
and nny? wer?- ordered. VS lion Mr. J. I.. ParSoi
I uame w?a called, he oik'-d to bOOMOaod. He did n
[?Win the aroTioaj <iaention for lao tooooa taatll
1 S.dinon of Mov-1 oik had hoi??tofiine lioen ojatal in
fii!-e po.-itioii oil thlh hill, ?ml be had !>? li pii.iii.mil .
opportaattj to explain. WaBa be aaaaao ?ato fur ti
lull, he ?BOOM ftTO eiery uniriUr an ?faottoadt? lo d
in.i- UoaoMtotaa, a aataot n Dmoetat or lUimbUeau.
Mr. Wo.id 'inked to he naBBMl for ?Imilar r?-??? nn.
\m .1 ?jtOOl ooafunion Mr. J. L. bMiTH ?aid be bopi
lobbying would he *to|iped.
Mr. MrKBAY cubed fi>r the enforcement of th? R
MjTi Pfliini TI U time the lunur.inee aaaaaajl
wer? ?bul off from lobbying.
Tat Ml iKl u oldered the ?xinol.e not entitled to tl
tioor tu ratita.
Mr. Viri'iHi .il.'il for the. enforcement of the ru
c\cl .ding persone ?roiu th? lobby not ?ocoupanied I
Tho Srr.*KEB ordered the rnle to lie enforced on tl
concln-ion of the vote then being taken.
I'I..?- pn-Tu.u- .,1.1-stiou Win oldered. when thoCltl
cuininenwd rtadiug the bill for ?he third t.iue,
Mr. Hai-M' Ji r<i?e to a oaoattaa ol prii liege. Fe hu
dfi-ired au opp.uiui.ity to dincune ilir ttlll, hat that h?
boi'ii denied hi'ii; he now railed attention to the aort
tr.itioti of ?notLer i.iitrni.-r. gao < hik, when laobl
m al hut nnnouiaed, did not give It? bauiUr, thuo inn
loading merofwr? m to it* fhunicier.
taktu?the Clcik did announce the nuinlnr.
Mr. Sai.M'.x?I linteued attentively withmyhnadt
mi ear, b.it did not hear ih^aiitiourcenii nt.
Mr. COUM ?aid tko Clera did duun. ;ly annoaoc
the nuint>'r.
The Clerk proceeded with the reading.
Mr. 1.???st? den, ind'd tbat th? entire hill be rent
which wa? <triri>-4 by the Speaker.
Mr. I'.K.M'" r. .-. to cipla.ii hm M.;e. WbiW ?atiiCe
tl at the lull was tv pa*f, be could not Tote for It, an
nviit then fore MnVr from th? majority of hi? party. 11
believed tho ioca?iire to bo a mimake, and one tba
would re?ult in ii.jnry to the ItepnMicaa party.
Ho ? a* nut i ivu -ed, and \ ?iteii nay.
Wben Mr. MeNeil't name waa called Mr Creamc
?aid that " in iintetiing to the rrapon?? given by him i;
the aJflrmative, he m a? ?nt i?tu-d that there were?"
The Speaker here called hira to order w..n?) '. grea
Mr. CfUMMM, continultg, "? parchaaabk? member
or. thi? floor.'1
The Speaker again eailed hita to order, and reqaeete?
?iernuinher' to toko their neut?.
Mr. Ti k.Nt??! inaoie being called, he rose to o point <>
{oider ainiil ktrcat ooojaatoa.
i The BpOakW raPPOd .?nd oulled to order.
Mi. Tt'BNLU ?aid extraonllnarv meann had been re
|?ott??il tot? pre?? thin hill. Ife would Vote agair??
I it. ikoafk he hud booa offered %50u to vote for it. whilt
other nieiuhem had taken it.
I Great confusion c ?taod. Member* roe ia their ?ealn
The Speaker oa.led U> order.
Mr. A.NuKL ufkeil to be exeuned. and hoped bin re
' ij'i"?t would bo graated. Do bad oootdoi vi oaaaMtj
examiaO all important Uttla; hut. in thin cane, tha
privileg? bad booa denied. Tko hill in MOttoa hai
uuii fiaaad ipon tho portj l" oaaoao, and had Ik-pu
other? in? forced thrtmgh without <lue consideration
, He wa? oxoaood.
' Mr. Saim?n rone to a OjaoafJOJl of M? ?lego. Tt ha'l
' been nUitiil by a lueuiU-i on tiiii tl'.'T that money hie
be. n orfcred him by another mendier %m Tut? for thu
bill. No ice tkooul bo iinmedUtcly tukeu of ike occur
renee try the Boaaa.
Mr. wan moved that a committee of investigation
U. appointed before the aruioiineiiuent of the Tote.
The ?aoakot ruled the motion out of ardor.
Mr. Ward raaf to explain. If the bill pa?ted, th?
FlreDoaartBjoal voaid at ?ncc throw tip th'iruppara
?tun and ><?? Voik woulij be defcinelet? agaimt the
?avng??, ofjtaii
Th? rena?t oa the paaiiige of thG hill wa? then an
noom ed, ?s fulloan:
T?i? Hum? iaiirira. ITmVtt. fd'hlie. BaMhaaa. Uo-k
?(??Mr, Hrsndreil,, Krr.wn, llnn.iieii, <?r|?nt.r ? 'le, Collinn,
Curt, t'iciM-, t'raudal I. OsWWelt, K.l/erloe, VMw ?rd?. Kid
??'.;*, Ki,i..1.v (i<..ifr?y, Olsssnn. Ureea, llsll?beek, Has
ba?W?b, IU.i?ii Howard. Ilul*e llurupl.r. y, llim;erl.T>l
KeiluK/. K,n?.t?,.ll, baairfaa, l.'fier, f ??, , LoWkt hint
lieNrik b. Metasreao. Noaja, OMror. nbaar, 1'iuker. farir,
Piefcsrd, r.tiF. ftatt. Paat, lUaata, kaaafctt??*, rteed, Him
?iJ...U. Kidfcd*ay. lieben, ilice, HanforJ. S. veinme. Sumii. r,
Mmw, Hhepard, Mi .llinan. gpesfcac, Hhult?, Sioitli, ?>??*,
Suffvrd St? vvart, Sirvu*, Tlllfnglia.?. Telliusn, Tupliff, \ tu
Hi,nil, Welter. Will'.r, Wood ?lid VN ?T1 fi??*?.
Ni',i~.?i-..ri Hein-, II? .?. : ltlaviil, Kurdltt. Hun?.
Cuupir, Cud-UK ''' npuisn, Clark, ('reamer. Dm.ieli, ()ku?h<in.
Muy??. Kecfsa. Laoxaor, Cao^woed, Lootastt, Lyon?, Ms
lor' Millhuw?, alcCnvd'e. McOoualJ, Mu.ray, RtskafOaa,
I I'eniield, hebert??.u.^iiliiion, Si mu,en-, Seeha/lier bherwi.ud,
| Mi.itn, Sunnid, Talliuan, lui m X, \ red. r, Word, WaOfOT,
\\'i-. J, WtUotaa.
niW AI Ml PA88EJ).
faooi (annting the Jfatiooal '1 in kind Hath Comptint.
lie Militia hill amended by lixliig the anproprintion
tat uiiliiia |naraaoea f^r tho praatai Tear at luOOtnRX
Aim-niliii^ tkaaat confeirlugoettuiu land grants to
New- Vork.
To pro? ide for laying out Prince-?'., Brooklyn.
Ineuipoiatiug the J-'atber Mut'.bew Toinjierance
Society. No. 1, of New-York.
I Kenoluiioiis were adopted reqne-ifit g the MotrrijMilitau
Police Coatniarloaeti l<> report tbo nuiulierof licensed
nud ui?? i?iii> il ratail liquor seller? m their district, and
ul-o Mfoeatiag t! e Baobo poastoiaakoaon to report the
number of suits brought, suiln nettled, and the amount
Of fees and costs received.
The hdl aaatuprlailag iio.fKio taaratatri pleti? ?nd
ipoollooitaaa lor a ao? Capitol in Albany, wa? ordered
to a third reading. Heces*.
^?r. Sa[.<?m(i?c (iHercrt n pfwmUfl and iTsWrito
I tioaa to li.ventiguto tbo eh Tfaaof bribery ami coi nip
ti??ti in oonneetiun with iba paaaage of tha Paid ?m\
DepartmoBt bill; said i'oinminee to report on or bofure
tko lUk of April, and to hare aovar to ?end for p> : ous ,
and papers
Mr. Vaj Hi 1.11 would tat9f ?resolution of inqnirr I
Iiruviding ?ki:v aaparal the whole ground, lie moved j
to n m i ii | to that ?flci h
Mr. Jn i -i fitrored ?Committee thai would cover all I
ebarfM rotattaa; to tl U anhject. Jf mon. v hud been l
aa?d to defeat or to p?ns ?bo bill, he wanted to know
Wim had u?e.| ?t or WM Nul rOOOlv?l it.
Mr. CatKANKM regretted tli? iuuteduetion of the reeo
intiop. Botaaaarht rf at? ooDoogaa bad eoaoaltai tbo
New York delearntlon, tho rCMiIutl?tia would not hato
bun offered. Nothtaf would bo effected by tho ap?
pointment of such a i '(.?niiiittei.
J. !.. Hat/in never knew any gootl lo coma out of
li eat iMvetiik'?tin? ?fuimitteca.
?T. I* l'AHKKRfuid the resolution? were founded
apparently grave charges. TI, y ?hoti!?] either be i
eiaitut?v?, or the calnmniatoi? sntmM bo pnnlsl wdh
Mr. sHaUfM offered a subi-tit.it>''.ncJudio' m>?
g?tions into the vhurgca ot e-irruption?, botit for
againat the bill.
| Mr. T: rm* svid he had not charged any mem
I with corruption, but when ha rone this morning to
plain his vote, he did so with pure motive?. II did
know thnt he than r^mnrked that a member had offe
him money, hat the fact was this: that a membe
tin- House ?lui a?* him to voto for the Paid Tire
parlmeut bill, and told him there were five I.und
, reasons for hi? doing so. Ho r plied that ho could
j vote for it for five thousand laaaaWj am', if a Com?
W of Investigation was ordered, no would go befor
and state the truth.
Mr. Prsnr was opposed to Investigating commit!
' unless H|>e<ifio ehiirges wero made- As yet he l
I heard nothing of the kind. The gentleman fi
?",i teen?, Air. Turner, hnd modified his ?tntemeiit, i
I I..- now hoped tho resolution wouM be withdraw n i
t'.s auestioa dropped. It wn? not Parliamentary
i the lionne to opjoint snch committee upon rum?
SptH'itic charges in writing should be the only groi
for snch action.
Mr. HalmOX said after the explanations that had Ix
mad", he wonld withdraw his resolution?.
Mr. Vkehkk off.ied a preamble and a resolution
the appointment of a aaamattaM af sev m to invest ig
the charge? of fraud for and sgainit the bilk
M. ?T, L Burnt moved the pievioue question, wh
was k?t.
Mr. PlTTB moved to amend to confine the invest!
lion to tho charges made oa tho floor of the Hon
which was adopted.
After debate the re?olution ss amended was adopt
by a vote of 70 yeas against 30 nay?. Adjourned.
Wark Befar? tai? I.rfitiaiare.
Senator CHhiailK'a bill num*? as corporator?. Tv*
Poardmaa, Charl? s Peeor, Minthorne 'I'ouinkins, Sami
J. Seeh'V. Alonso Welch, Lewi? l.<mu?Verrry, ?
John P, C.mvtnlng?. The capital latch of the eoinpo
shall be dl.iwywn.
Tho corporation may tcquire and hold real esta
any pier, wkart, ?lock, bulkhead slip, or water hit
theC'itv of?iew York, and to ?o,.?ini>t and build t
?al o tor the ail ^1 Ittflrft of t.e couinierco a
I is mesa of New-York.
Senator Wiiiti ? MO pTOTldei thai the abara eonrpt
'may in ?ease the number of it? trustees from five
? VID.
TO iNfOTtl'RATK TUL tmV?A?Ot COMUiTlli.?. <
Mr. Il A.SIIMH introdui.e.i a mil to name a? C??TM
tor? R. Russell P.s.th. Q?urg* Dulh.-M. Alfred
?'.. I ??.. lohn Mil-id John A. Jlrown, .Pacph
1 uttle, William P. Dudire. Walter I lark, Daniel \
Past T. Ralston taita. Taoaaaa Pond, Walter
firitTlih, WiUiam Churchill, Kd*ord A. l-nrnls-rt, ai
Josse W. rVtis.Hct. It shall be th-Mr aatytaan?
inteiiil It,. \. has? ?ai..'- of Us! 1 oieigu Mistlou tu Svli.
of the Cenoral At?? nMv.
Snat.'r Willri lutrtMl ee.i n bill to elutafa the nan
?if the above eotupany to that of ' 1 he National lafeai
'1 niveler? Insurance Company."
' Senator ii zaass Will aatucsus. pfaniatara limmsi
Vaaraaea, .1 Si-aver Pace. William C. Cildwrll. Ilom
Cfmdwiek. John A. Wlld<y, Wil.i.ni A. Prow-, J'et
(PHrien, Joseph It. Loggetf, ?nd Thomas Wilder. Tl
object of the asaociatk'ti !? for th<! purpose pf foetcrii
ar.ti 1? r, ? t. i-.i-g the niuioiiiil name af baa? bull ai
the promotion of health. Baal >?-tnt not to eues
?lu, OCX) may be lurid It; the Assooialiou.
IS J.ALATION TO TSr *KA' ?TA IT or tnr L\1
Mr. WiluaMs'h bill uroTidrs for the appolntu.i nt of
port?n a? receiver ?ftre rent? nt.d iksm's and Hi tut 1
'le te tl evta'.c uf Abraham Rlkir L1wn1.ee lioceasei
by ta? ?Supreme Court of the r'r- ! J adiciitl Dittrn. t
hW.ATI??? JO !.IO.>'OK M ItaW.
Senator Stboxo ?flared the MtVwllg r?solution i
tVnat? to dav
,r#Vlei?rV MyrtytJitfrVrV'TO+O I"'!:.: Cssatliilsaili I
lay the nutober of prii.'hi en?a?ed in tbe ?a.e i,1 i (.,,.r. ?I r<
t.ili'ltioil dlstrnt, the BaaiM? II. ?aaed ??d the i..,mt<
I usili' ensed.
Mr. l.siMiir.l a offered tbe following:
H.*l<e't T>t the? o-?r,.i..-. t,r? .4 > 1 :.- / the Chty 1
?W.-a V..|k be air.-, led to rep";t f.rtl.wltb I? Ihtl f-MiateM
' in.iiiM .,f pert.,m siura^rd in Oie sa.r et tlsaaff wilheat I
eesse, tml "bs ntnsVev .-/jkt?. i ? ?., encnfr.I w ,ti> aeaasaj 'i,
nilBlbrr ? '. lulls (. Uillx-l.iXl af .ll.M p?ra?ui ?? ; f
m h ai ..il li. ?aaai the nnmber of .m't ?ett>d by t' ? psju.<oi .
co?t?.the ?mountof ?aaaajiaa?t??d ta the ?./??? in m
t.it?. Ibe troaa an,mint el lesSM fret fret it..' und II.
i.i ' 1.11 u.J itt ?i.? o? ti ? tayanai ?'<? ..?il.? ?m h ?aua
A ??r?J ?f Vladlralian f.aaa Oar C arre?
BtaSrai Tkc Charge agaia?! Lirai
t.av. Alvord Keifaratasl- Huaaar? af ik
Lobby ssafed ?os?,
Tu the ?t?ieS? >J The X. Y. Trikss?.
HlR: J <iliM:rvo that my Alliany letter relativ
to the Proadway and Cross town Railroad, published I
your isiue of last Monday, appear? to have canse?!
very wide, and not pieaannt stir, in all cireh'S a/Bradai
sinnal politicians?the Albany Sciibc of /Vit |satl| ^<?r
paying me the coinplitnent of laying that I * v p ? 1 ? 1 n
less than d.'l.'SX) forits eump<isitiun? a ?aataaaM whiel
lead? me to inquire how much wss 'litt; Ti:nm vk paii
for its publication?my price fer writing it having is.? 1
prccnely the ?niue as yonrs for it? public production
AnoUier Albany S?ribe, attached || one of oil
''great?luitiui?," is making <juito a enpitsl with the pro
II oihImio I.ol.lu m our r-'tate aCpital, by giving tin
following verucioti? history of my letter and hi? owi
connection therewith?tho pilan which he clainn
Air haiirjg ' ?uppreseed it M in the paper to Watt
he is ottnthrd 'ami, "in all such muttrr?, con
trois,") being aJJeged to \*i the same with the aniouci
alleged to have. Is en paid U> la' frrr the blief evening'?
labor iniolied in writing that ei(sikition. His ?talc
10. it is as follows:
'That mji'Mii \tassi'fuby him more than a fort
night ?go in tin olllcc of the paper to a hich he lr
attached-and, 'in nil Albany matter? lontrol?.' That
be had then greatdiifieuliyto prevent i!- appearance; bul
that after an argument of ?orne hours it ith the easily
decolrcd gentlemen who in its MM ?natal aad proprietor,
said editor changed his mind altofntl er, and arrived at
the conclusion that he'didn't 1 are if they ran a canal
up and down Prosdway;' orsnrda?only more aner
gela - to that effeut.
"That after he?the Alian/ Scribe?bad quitted
New-York for a return to bin ivp.ntant lob! v dull, a at
tho Stato ('Hpit.il, rind editor wa? again beseiged by
large deliy.ilions of llroadway property-holders, all
clamorous for the publication of that remarkable letter,
und all not only willing, but r-ngrr, to pay any con?
ceivable amount for iU pnblieutio?.
"That the editor?after all?is but human, and was,
aft-r muny slitples? night? spent In deliberation. Ju?t
outleete of yielding to the overwhelming pressure
brought aguiost him, when he?tbe Albany hicriho
aforesaid??inldenly reappeared upon tho ?cene, gave
' s??! kdologer? all ronnd' to the Pruadway property
holder?, and ?trcngthened the spine of the yielding
editor up to the point of rigor requisite for a plump and
jiositlvc, refusaL
"ibis Jone, the v ir (orinas though minute Albany
Riribe returned to his favoiite stamping-ground In the
lobbiei of our Ktnto Atscrnhly and Senat??perfectly
confident that the prol'roadway gentlemen could not
offer him a lea? nmu.it rath.n fur his ?iruot? iu thi?
matter than 'the A3.00U which Mr. A. T. Stewart" (?o
?ay? the Scribe) ha? paid to the subscriber for lus servi?
ce? in thi? affair. It was then that my letter?already
ignomiiinsURly rejected in 0110 newspaper otBce?was
carried toyonr paper for publication."
laW aivnriev of tbe statement made iv> thiiliitla
TeutonioMdenun, must be ao pert'eotly obrf? us to jstir
?air. the editor <?* the other " ?real dailv. ' and to Mr I
A. T. Stewart, that it ?eeni? to require from my pg
further oonfitmation. All men. to a greater or lot
tent, and mes of very ?mull caliber to the whole ext
are luvariaVy lo the habit of judging other?
thoineelve?; ind to attempt persuading buch a pe
a? this Albany Scribe that any publie acta can lie
formed by an? Journal! it from pure motives, on'y ha?
the public inttresta in view, would be on excess of ?
which 1 am net tempted to commit.
A more actions matter, however, i? the edite
.statement mal? by you that yon have been fnrni.
with "rclubl* evidence " that Licut.-Cior. Alvor
i not, and has lever been, interested in any borne
? railroad in Net-York City, and that bo did aat bel
I to cither llmi?! of the Legislature when any city 1
I road bill? wert paieed. Both a ttetcoicnt may " 1
? the word of pieaiso to tbo ear?" but, moat annum.
It "break? H te tho acuac "?a fact in proof of wl
my tint wilncai ?hall be from the ooluain? of Tun
Y. TMM'.?ir
In that part ef my letter which referred to Lie
Gov. Alvord, I wit? speaking of the legislativo
flneneea which wtr?, ?ml are now, pretsing the "Cr<
town I{ail^???'dlw1ndlo?,?thisruilruad, it la well kno?
IHng a?, emanation of the Pelt Railroad, the Presid
?of wl leb, ?'oka Butler, Jr., i? one of the ?tack bold
named in the adrtrtisoment hereafter rtferred to.
? 1 \I? AND SIGN.?'; L'RK-i CITED.
I charged that 1| pushing tl.ia road, Senator Der
Strong, Treasurer, ni.d John Butler, Jr., Fie.?dent
the Kelt lU.lr mhI, Were dotal] intereatcd, aa also tl
Lieut, Got. Ahoid ?us involved in the ?amo ??hen,
8 fact which apfared to me too imtorlotta to bo
! nied.
If the Lieut.?fJotern-ir? who scorn? to havo forgott
the fact?will step over to the dice of the Secretary
State, he woi fiad upon file in .ta archiv?e his own n
nature attached tithe Article? of Association o? t
very Cross town Railroad project; and he will fortl
find that said Arttcke of Association glvo ill I
"stitches" ef tha project precisely as recorded in i
letter. He will th-d hin band and seal attached to t
pa?pei. in company with tlj? nauiea of Itaattl l>"'rr
Strotg. of hi.nga Contjfy, John llutler, jr., President
the Pelt Hoed; TkiTuiM? L H.ot, representing Peter
Sweeny, his nephew ; Wiliam P. Angel, a t?r. V ?
the St?tutor from .VIleghany; Sapervisor Hunk fttu.
represerting th-' o.d M.:?;" F. S. Littlejobri, irot!
toD?:wlt C. LiitlaJohn, Iht furnier Speaker; Heir
Beach, Senator trotn <lrec:i? C< unty, and MB] I "H
equally known to this kiad of fame, but too numero
to be nentioi ???!.
I>gfj TUB LIU T.lrOVEl'NOR sMUtf,
The LVitet.nul (?ovemor will also probably m ?11?
that last year, while he wa? Speaker erf the Anneml?
tld? sauie Cronr-town till w.ia introduced aad nil in
gal 11 urged by his jiarticolar friend John Hutl-r, ?i
and thnt while the hill w.u ander d.> uss.uti, it w
stigamted by the Hoe. Mr. Ryan, member from Ne
Yoik City, that in piece ,.f tr.o grant? being made
the "Croat town Asem letton," an in? roeaanre w
then fiatned, they nhoold itiaert inste id the nan? a
the atojes i"it and owners, a? the rirrie were to
, found in the o-fleeof Iho Set rotary of Stute?the bai
and neu] of Speaker '1 human <l. A Ivor | being then
app? tided an one of the propaotd ?JoakkeMeri.
The tullid thl- year m pi? Is-dy'tbo sacie as that
last, except Cut the grant in now oeked lor in the nai
of "dauieiirn,' Inateadof in theaame? aigaed and ?? ?I
to tu? original application on fb? In our Ktato Ko..
1- ?**?-*~J- ?^??m fn? the bill is the same
last year, with aome a?' litl?>n .1 aTrength ?rui-ici m
ita Snuue??. oonueulloe with the " Broad?ey Swindle
Yery obediently, your --rv^nt. M. ? a
.v\r lid, Mvk .*>. M
TUB ni m: not m Y ?LAW.
Oflclal Copy ef the Ani<a?*aiorr Act.
The following iJ uti oflWtJ OOfJ ?! the Anii-ri'
?tury State Ikiunty Law passed by the Legislature I
Wedaeeday and immediately nigaad by the QenM
It will greatly fa. dilate recruiting by removing tl
obstacle? hitherto in tho way of rapid enliatment
'three nnllio n loBtfl an? said lo hare been luhscnbe
by our tJtbl ? ? in antieipation of itn passage:
AX Act !" Mi i-i.il . htpter twenty nina o? tbe law? Weichte?
In .Id >uJ ?iiij live, n| ta aeiann rhaftat forty o?
of the law? of eijhteen hi.ubed al>?l -all hTe, ai.d I
aim tut shaftse Mj ?il "ftlie lawtnf eiflrte.-n hundr?
li i.if? dir; and m rriatioii to peoetMa] (lie meas
ter the pajii eul t ka i.liU. a. sud fui inuil?umo| ami ri
tun lias ii.iu.irlnaliti.'i fur b- ? ui.r. i.i.t ?t UasV?t
l'.-.rs March W, I.? three ?til.lu.? ?,t. ? ut.
Th' sVsfti "J tht V?irv <" .Vea- l'iu*. r.fiiiM.,1 m .Se??
and A'""i^?v, il" ft?*1 a* AftetM :
Bccnoa i. Beetioae of chapter II af ili? Lava ?ai 1810
lanned Febrain 10, ws, ls harabj amended ?o m t
ri ,.l ?a follow?
S? i' ?. A l?>nnty to the amonnt hereinbefore providt
shall ht paid tu uni BOfaoa mid to any drafted uni win
hun fiirmahed or who .hall furnish an accep'ulO' lajboti
i tute, or to anv person ?ho shall be u'rafled. tatapnei
I the quota ueiler the eil, ef Deeooabet tt, A.D., l?>t
which Miiiet.into or drait j tm.n ?kail ItlVt been a ?ept
j cd by Uie utithoi .tie- of the I in ted Slate* and credii.-.
to the wOrfe, city orcoi.ntv in which ?ml person ol
drafted tiinti sha'll I.ni?.Ici, and which substitute ol
drafti d man shall go to reduce the nuota in such to? n
City or County ; which louuty ahnll be paid under such
regulations as shall be prescribed hi tu? (loveruor, aa
corati.alialer in chief, by genernl orders. But if ni.y ?in I,
peraon or drafted man baa received anv sum from any
citjr. coonty or town, he pliait nceive by virtue h?re<i|
no ?Ott than enough to make the amount to be paid to
him equal to the Louuty botobj provided for.
SIC. ?. Section ri ol chapter 41 <,f th? lawiuf 1MB.
p i-x-d Leliriiary 2t, ie<s% ia hereby amended ao as to
read aa folio? t:
Six. G. A leiunty, to the amount hereinbefore pro
vided, shall he paid to uuv person or drafted man who
has fiiroislu'd, or who shall furnish an Mceatabtt lab
rtitute. or to any pervou who shall be draft? d, to ap/y
on the qnota under the call of Dec. IB A. D. lei',4, whicU
tobttitatt or drafted man shall have been aoaoatoi by
the autborlticn of tho I'nitcd States, and Otaakted t?
tho town, city or county in which ?aid person or drafted
man shall be enrolh d, and which ?abetitatt Off drafted
man elall go to reduce t:.e uuota in aueh town, city or
counly. which bounty shall be paid ouder auch regulu
tinna aa shall bo prescribed by the (?ovemor, as t'..n,
?snder-in-<.'hief. by general orders. But If any such
person i r drafted man hua received anv aum from anv
city, county or town, he ?hull receive, by virtue hereof,
no inme ihm enough to make the ameuta to be paid to
Ii i in equal lo the bounty hereby provided for.
IK ?'*. Chapter .'si of the Lias of le?",5 ia betake
an,?'ii.I'd so thai the several sections thereof, herein
specified, shall r. ad as follow?:
BBC I. '1 hero shall be Impcaed, levied mid Collected
for the letal year commencing on tbe tirnt day of (K
totier, i-'^'s a tux of two per cent upouthe a-?-"-..!
value of the re?d and personal prop-erty in the State of
New-York, or so much thereof a? may bo ?.i-m t?
provide for the payinent am! ii iuibursement, or r? fenJ
nig or caedltiag of the l?iiintlea directed to be paid, rt
imbursed. refunded or credited by the act, chapter JU
of tho Laws of I-??.'., ami hv the act, chaper 41 of tke
Laws of lrti.%, which tax nhall bo levied, collected aad
jinld Into the State tn nntry in tho name manner tliat
all ether State tuxes are required ta bo levied, collected
and paid.
B? It Por tho purpono of raising the money re?
quired therefor, ? ithout delay, the Controller in uuthor
laed to issue bonds in anticipation ol the said tai, to ;
auch an ntnonnt ua may be neeennry, and In ntich sun.s '
and f?ii ins aa muv be most convenient, at a rate of in >
tcri at nut eiceeilingaeven per cent per annum.
Sf.i'. 1. The sum ni thirty millions of dollar?, or ?o
much thereof un muy be neccnairy, ia hcrebr appropria-1
ted frotrany moneys in the tre.aury not Mbatwltl ?|i-1
nropriatcd. for the purpose of paying tho ?l.ncaaul I
t.oulille?, the priucipal nl.d HU?-ri'?-l of iLn said i?.|l'la
and the necesr-aiy esaeattt Of th? Controller iucariv- j
ing tatO effeot thin set, and also tho net chapter twenty ? I
iiini) aforesaid, not including, however, any expenso? of
the rnllit'iry autliuntlas.
Skc <i. Any moneyed institution Incorporated ander
tho laws of this Mute, may barest tbo money s held by it I
iti the mud boado, or m the at<??k of thia State, to any]
extent which it muy iotai proper, without regard to th.vj
?mount to which it may bav" been limited in mukingi
s'iel: invi ,-ti.i?m? i.j it? cl.i.rt'r. Aud tbe Cui.tnllerJ
may i.-- ue to ? ?ties, counties aud ton lie tor the reuu- i
lurking or mfuudlug tv (hv ?ajpe, of tho b< w.u-t paid '
by thoru. the reimbursing or refunding of which is an
t. orinad by ?ections a und 7 of chapter M of IMSfaoV
nithntaading, and without awaiting the hnpp.iiiug of
the eonttngnaay in said section 7 contemplated), the
bonds authorised by this aet, and he in it deliver the
? ime to snch official person of the said cities countioa
m town? reiuM'tivelr as shall be null, irized to receive
the same by luw, or by tho gaaaral orders af the (Jov
ernor as Commander in Chief, and In tho manner and
at the time? in such law, or in such general orders pre
Bll:. r?. If a law in pnr?nanoe of section 10, article 7,
of the oonstitntion of this state, for crc-iting or con?
triving a debt for the providing of mean? for the pay?
ment or bounties to be submitted to the people shall be
approved by .tanSBEH ut the next general election, a?
therein provide?!, then the tax Imposed by the first ?ac?
tion of thi? act shall not bo lovled and collected, but
tho bond? to be Iss.ied by the Controller under this |
s?t shall be consorted into the bond? authorized by the j
law so submitted and approved, in the manr.cr therein I
provided. And tho provisions of this act shall apply to I
auy moneys already furnished to the Controller'for
the purpose? aforesaid, and to any tnbscriptions or I
agreements already mado for the furnishing ?af money
for snch poriiose.
Sko. ?i. If the law montlonrd In section 5 hereof, shall I
be approved by the people at the next general eloetion
as theri'in provided, the Controllei, so soon aa auch ap
pioval ?hall be known to his satiefuction from the ,,iii
c'rnl returns received by him or by eitlier of the Blata
faavastcrs, shall issue a circular direotlng the tu
herr?n provided for to ho omitted,'aud ?hail direct a
copy ot said ciretilar to the treasurer and another to tha
clerk ol the Poard of Supervisor? of each county.
Sr.r. 4. So much of section .1 of chapter IS aforesaid,
an?! of ?ection 3 of chapter 41 nfor?iaid, a? road? as f'?1
loa?; "And there shall also be paid to each drafted
man who shall be actually mustered into the military
or naval service of the United States the ?uiu of tuW,*
I? hereby repealed.
B?C. >*.. i i.?s amendatory act shall take effect im*
mediately. <
Htstb or New YotaT, )
Ornea or thb rtr.catcTAnv or I tat? j
1 hav? conspired tho preoediiia; with tbe original law on
file rn Hit? orac?, und do hereby osrti;y that the ?mee la a
r ti--1 tramrripl thctrfi. m and ol the ? no!? of ?aid ortaitsl
law. ciumir M. Ds.rr.w.
ItaVBtsra sf State.
The Mtnte C'aaala.
Aunmr. Thursday, March 30. lP-W.
Tlie ('.uiial ('iiiiiui?s.s?oners liavo eonolnded,
?emi orticiiillv. to open the Erie Canul on the tint of
May. Th?-Chaiiiptani Cunal will probably bnataawd
at tie same time, but it is nncertaia when the wuicr
n Ul be let into the other canals.
C'aart af Appeal?.
ALBANT, Thursday, March 30, Lean,
Day Calentl.tr |V>r Tui'-dav, April 4, IMS,?
?aa, O, li 15, I?, it. ?i, ?H, 23, ti and 23.
'I In'Court, wlou it ,ulji urn? on r rular, will adjourn
to most on Theaday, April i, at 9:30o,?no?k >?. m.
F. A. I'm.lvaX.i, ? icrk.
Caagratulalary Order by ?Lira. Sherman,
Tho follow ?ni? ?irilor 9M mtmt? by Jl.ijor
Ci-n. Bl errnan subscqncntly to the oet upa: Ion of Jl-en
tor.?viiie bv the srnTj ander Ms oomma>di
Hi-tfTS. Militaba Dtvai ?>n of iiik MtnjtnaTfft, f
is un. In i.o, M-Ait liintONsvai.E If. C, >
MsflrhW Msa.)
itrrut. Fn in OtUnta? No. ??The General com
Banding aaaoarsr ?to tiie?r:ny that rtsteiday it beat,
M Us) ebasna gnJhnd, tbe txmoantrAMdJ armies of our
enemy. Who I iu- fled ill disulliei leaving bis >l. ltd,
? ssjiiittsj tiv? prfsonirri in our bauds, aud burning his
l. M,, s on bis retreat.
On the ?..:ue d.?y Major G.-n. SchofielJ, from New
her', . 11 .ul and aasapiad tiold.?boi..ugh, and Major
Gen Terry, ftaa? Wilmington, secured Cox'? bridge
... -in^- and laid a [sitiUs.n bridge ucios? Neu?e R.v r.
?o t',,<it o ii campalcn ha* .??suite.! in a g lot ions succe.-s.
Aftern msreh of the most extiwordtnaiy cdkaraatsf,
nearly five hundred mil?'?, over ?aamp? and rh"^
! u. ..ei i i m passable to others, at the most in? lenient
| ?en-- in of th.- year, and driwing our chief supplies lioru
: a |? or and n.isted country, -a? reach our destination in
' g.H?! health and eoniiition.
i 1 thank ti..- armi, and c. inoro it that onr ??overniacnt
and it. pi?' honor them for ?bl* nsw <li?ylsy af the pbv-0
' ?-tt itotl Inoinl .|tisll?!,s whl?-h rrtlru? houur npan ?Jae
ivInde nation.
You ?indi now have rest, and all the supplies that can
bn I'M-.a'l t fri iii thi ruh gianari.? sud storehouses of
0 .r inagnllieeat eniintry, Ijeforo again embarking on
new and untried daagars.
W. T. tiiiKKM ?>, .Ma,-.i ??rin Oinmanding.
On Monday morning there was a demonstration m.ttlo
by fear I i.?Ire.I Rebel sharpshooters on the front ?if
(Jen. Gettj's division, apparently to reestablish the
Rebel lines. The attempt wa? promptly frustratu I ia a
brisk eugagement wherein tho division of aharpstlnotors I
sndlfeiv.'d New-York Regiment were prominently ?ims
favorably noticed, and the Rebels were driven bur*l
with considerable loss, and the line reestablished. The '
following casualties are reportotL
Corp. Chu?. II. Grant. C. 4Jd New-York, slightly ; ',
Bergt Caraantar, A. 4dd New York, ?lightlv; Mvli
Like, If, ''Ut Ponnsylvania. right baud off; Elias ?Shop
paid, D. t'.ith Saw-Tot*, slightly; That. BkrHv. A. tWb i
Jj iw> V'ork. slightly ; Han? I-'reese, A, Bist Pennsylvania, j
ri. ' ' ?! .-iilder- Henry Ingham, F, iHst I'ennsylvaiila, '
lUgblyi H. C. Sonett. F, IttM N. Y., ?liirhtlv- Philip I
Miern?au, C, tJd N. Y.. slightly; Heury Mnli?n, H, 1st i
Vaine, ?lightly: Sergt. Ih-uj. .lobuson, F, lir.'d Peiin., j
??irht!v, Win. Dinoley, K, 'JJd Peuu., ?lightly; Antrim 1
Craattn, A. 3d vt., ?lightly; Bldaaj Pryor, A, 9d Vt.,
left lag lb"h wound; John tirirtin, A, Od Yt.. ?lighly; I
Bargt, t. O Niel, O, N Yt., slightly; II. II. Williams. I
II. -Mb Vt. ?l?gl'tlv. Win. Oliver, C, ?th Yt., both lung?; I
.I,.-, phllitott, A. '.th Vt.. left baud; Lieut. Chas. Colton, I
C ith VI., slightly; 11. W??idbury. C, 3d Vt.. slightly; !
Orreu M. Madge, (i, ?th Vt,
M iJ-irGen. George II. Crook assumed command of
tho Sa-ond Cavalry Division, March V7, BE leeding
Itiif-.-iicu. Davics, who renssumed command of the
First Prigade. The following ia Gen. Crook? order as
?nmiug^ommand :
IIikjes. Skkind Division, CataUTTOOBBsk >
AUMV OK THI-'. I'OlOMAi', March J7, l-o.\ )
Gp.ski:al<iedkk.?? No. 10.?In cuun?aiicu wit.'i pata>
gnpii I'-', ?if speeij) orders, No. i", Hcadquart?r?
Array Potomac, the undersign??! hereby uasuaics coia
luaiid of the Seootid Cavalry Iiivl.iiou.
tit.oaoE Crook, it ?|or-lien. Yo!iinteei?.
TAi Miikmin? Wrtmtnir of Marah '.'T. report? the ar
riial of.'''. Cniim prisoner? at Libby Prison, ?mutig
them the following e.iiuiniosinued oiHcciS:
It;ii.'. Gen. N. M. Mel..iughlni, Third Prigade. KirM
DiTiama, Ninth Army Corps; Capt. II. D. Sword?. V.it!i
Massachusetts; First Lieut. Thomas Siurgis, Aidde
Camp to ???n. McLaughlin; Second Lient. M. Packus,
Mth N.-w-York; First Lieu?. C. 11. Lockbranner. 14th
Nni York; naooad Lieut. W. Whit.\ 14th New-York;
First Li. ut. K. M. McMillan. lOOtl Pennsylvania;
Cupt. Homer Fooie, in h New York; Cast 11. C.
Ward, 37th Massachusetts; First Lieut. W.W. McCall,
I4th N'ew-Voik; First Lieut. M. Long, lalth New
York, First Meut. C. P. Wsj>kMtB Massachusetts;
Second Lieut. 11. II. M<mn, l'.'th New-York; Major C.
T. liicbardson. 9th M.i.--achi.?etts; Cant, Ir. M. Tay
lor, 7'.Hh Mas?nchu?etts; Second Lieut. C urtia KcUey,
Uth New Yurk; First J.icut. W. M. Uake?. 17th Maa
sachn ?its; Sccoud Lieut. W. li. Fiothinghum, Mth
Mfts'iti liusett?.
The following is the text of the order relative to re
sioil.ig the 1'iiltm flag to Fort Sumtcr ou the couslug
anniversary of th? evacuation of the suuiu by-Major
W su DsTAaTUlwT, ai'Ji'tvnt Gbsekal'h Orncr. )
WssiiiNii-n'v, Marsh ft. [nan, J
G i m it vt. o.tni.rta, Ha 111 OSIIIBBB? JTkst i|B??1 at
the hour af BsatO. on Uo 14th day of April, lssi?, Prevet
Major lien. Anderson will rais? aud plant upon the
ruins of Fort Sumtt-r, in t liurloton Harbor, the ?am?
Datttad States ting that floated over tho bnitlements of
that Fort ibirin r tho lie.ni assault, and which w.vs
lowered und salut.-d by him aud the small for. e of bis
comuiii.d whou tho works wcro evacuated ou the 11th
day of April, lool.
S.i-1 *di Thst the (1i,g, when raised be saluted by one
haudred gun? from Fort Ku:nt?ir, and by a national lo
lute from every f<ait aud Kobet buttery that fired B|>on
Fort Su in 1er.
Third That suit able ccremoiilcs be nnd nwn the oc
csslon, tiuder the direction of Mujor-ticn. William. T.
Shertnuii, whose mlllUry operation? compelled the
Rebel? to evacuate Chailestoa. ur, in hi? ubsciice. un?
der the ebar/o of Major-Cieu. Q. A. Giilaion , command- .
i ng the 1). ;. iriii.uut. Among the ceremonies will he
th? dellv.iy of a public address by the licv. Henry
Ward iv>?.-iier.
Fuur'h: That the uavul force? at Charleston, and their
Commander on teat itaSotL be luv ited to phrtislBaB? In *
tho cerenioiii?? of the nccusion.
Py order.if the Pic?ldent of the Unit.-d Stftti-S.
KliWIM M. brtMOM, Secrotarv of War. I
nftbdiil ? E. D. TtmNitTD, Abs'L AdJ't General I
fien, Grant's Entire Force LanekeJ
AgalisttheSouihs.de Road.
The Rebels Awaiting an Attack.
Hewcrnm! of the Arrar.
Sp?cial Dispatch to The ?? V. Trihuue.
WAgniNOTOX, Thursday, March 30, IbtJ.
Art announcement having been mude tbat ?uJ
Army of tho Potonuu hail ?gain assuiced the olfrnaiviv
it will not te improper to state that the white troop? of
the Army of the James on Meada? and Tuesday erosiril
tho Jame? River and Joined (?rant on hia new move?
ment. Gen. Grout himself left City Point for the front
Tuesday afternoon. Sheridan with hi? cavalry led th?
advance, and by this time has probably cut the only re?
maining li io of ei?tainuuieatton with Richmond ?oeje>
where between Barkeavillo and DanTlllo.
The Rebels on Sunday end Monday bad tbe bulk tl
i?)?!/ army masaed on their right, either in antieipetion
of an attack in tbat direction or preparatory to no ? v...?
uatlo? of Richmond. '
Tbe telegraph between here and City Point has hot
been working for five or six hour? aud if theft r-a la I u
any fighting It la unkno*? a here. It ia b lltTod, how?
ever, that a heavy battle took place to d iy.
FBon the froa /.
Tleeiiag ?{ the President nnd ?.<?<!i?vg
From The Washington CLiouhlo, Mardi '?o.
Tho miuuT which ia rotailrxl l?j- the fOtBlM "f
the town of tbe meeting of President Lincoln ecd tiens.
G nuit. Sherman, Mead?, Ord, and Sheridan on board
, tl.i steamer Hiver Queen, ia undoubtedly correct; bat
? Wt can asiiireotir readers that the result of the otBf r
oaat in not kuown. The statement tbitt Gen. Lee btsl
aekid for a conference with Gen. Graut ia entir?''.y
v nho'it foundation. That great events are inipcadint;
th> ie . a.i b?? no doubt. The rapid depletion of flat
; BtbtJ anuy, the closing of all tha porta where block*
' mler? have been accustomed to enter, the lack of ?atril
and vigor of the Rebel ?oldU-rtt, tho despair of their
, officers, the declaration of lien. Ltt that "the can-??
tl the pebcllion wan hnpelesv," the rapid fall kind uer
n.:.n. 1.1 ?l.'ptei iuLion of gold, an?l the evident di-iru?t
1 of thn atrougest Se^easionista in Jeif. Davis, a I im!i
cate that a ciisin is at hand. When it will come no one)
! can ted. Diplomacy aud inaueuveiing may delay it lor
; d.tya, week?, or mouth?, but there can be no douht :r...t
I v.e urcauonto see the eudof the Kebellion. lato de
screen it, and that the rcault mny be accomplished r.r
'tjiiieMy a? possible, and without any more HiMtabteV
i? the ??rayer of ulL
I l'ai??* t'p ? RrtHl .truiy.
frmii The Philadelphia lii'i'iirer. Maxell >'.
. The 0-tMnplaJBta iiiiaiiist Jetf. Davis In ? Iy tit?
tered t ?hurt tinte taja in etuetataoet of the non em
? plo?. meut of the " great soldier," Joseph K. Johnstoo. in
the ?taboj army, barrfctg been ajotttrd by hia taatgaif? i
'of the latter to"tlie cli,.-f couitiiand in North CtaattaV?,
? there baa been little said about hia for aotae lime, ex*
ice[it torepn-eeut him u? "alion' in the path if Slct
: man, end a inn lar nonsense. Buttherecent publication
i of Hood's aceoent of hi? aafbrtaaata Teaatstataaaae
I i?..i?-n wtil anrneo ?jrfticlsm once more. J*our Km?!, m
I badly out-generaled by Bhtwraaa, and so badly whipped
by I'lioinae, ha? considered it to be n.>ceasary to apolo
frute for his own f.illure by showing i.p tho miserable
Hilare of his predecessor. We do not lotead to take
| ?nv side in this l'uaTel between two iniserabU? traitai a.
| We Eier.Iy dt-.ire to adduce some ngure? which n'o to
be i'? null in II jmi.-? stateim nt. He saya tbat in liny.
! MU, the Reliel army of Tenneaaee, under the ct/iumettil
of ,l< ii?i>iii'i w??, i ..!n:s).e<? ui 7(j,uuu effective men. la
! twenty four day?, by detents and retreat?. Johnston last
? I? hi '."?'nJ? men from bin ranka by death, v euttrts unit
?Vstanoaa, t'fthisnnmbor the Baal ?r??hnstoa hii'-ell
endeavored to jialliate the severity of the lues by statin?;
? tbat *,<??i were absent ?aitbout Ice*, e.
Hoodsavt thut when the urrny wan C*rnori over to)
him it was'componed of ????,;."? men. He aajw that ?at
whole losa during all his campaign from Atlanta to
Nashville ?nd In retreat w;i? but lO.OUOmen. b round
numbers ni.? would have been irresistible, but liood
unfortunately speak? of a few losses whkh are iuclu 1? d
in the ahove.'whioti retidei-a it certain that hoasaust have
fjrgotti'ti ?ev??ral others. Por iusunee.be puts down
the batatal at Atlant a> and Jonesboiourh at .\*.M7 : Is
loss at Franklin t.?*), mnkiug the total 'J.'clT, which,
sa.vn ?'ht Ric?monU ??*</*??>??, r.Johtintou'* organ\ would
make I \- loss at tie battle of Nashville but ?.'?.'I?al?
though he lont M g??n there, and Thomas ?ays he t?r??k
!?-',!''?' prtsonera at that battle, without t iking into otu
sbleratlon the killed and woiiuded, which must have
boen *? i"?.' more. l'r?m these ligure? ami fuel? it ia
doubtlal tatthei Hood, when he got baek hate Ala?
bama, had tnore than lM.tsRl moo, a clear loss el isi,<??l
men to that army In the onerntloiis of the rercedirg
nine months undor ?diiisc'r and tbe gieot .7<n?eph K
J i ?ii a ?> t o 11. _ _
Frwne It leur ??a?.
Bal PitAMisx?. Wednesday. Mnirh ?0, Iff*
aflt^ncop advices ol the lltti iunt.. by the)
Moses Taylor. 11 day? from SsuJuau del Sur, infoitu us
that a bill had passed tho Secuto granting '.id aeree of
good bind to ai" mil white settlor? lu Nicaragua.
I'rc-ldcnt Martinet had recommended to the Lcgtshi.
tute to extend the tenu of tbe OOBtratt of tbaCfttal
American Triuuiit Coiupuuy to M reara.
Iba ?total tag sent from Nen-Voik to rcrlece tha
pniiH-'le;- wiii? a wa.s diaabitil aj Grey tow u aUiut t?u
mouths age had not arrived.
The Spring rains In the mount ?ire uronnd Lake Nic?
aragua ttetaitt a ?ood boating etage of water tl !t
The eropn generally prove very abundant.
There are ll feet of water ou the Colorado rr.c.itu of
the ban ?'.. m.
Mivv-Jcrmry l.rg?nbaliirc.
TtiK.NTON. Thaisilay. Murch?. le/fl.
Both QotjBBB huvo agreed tu adjourn OB tho
6th of April.
Mr. Hcovel'n hill, makinc it n otfouse, ptuiiaLiable by
line und imprisonment, to retni.i und approprati li.a
Umuty of any New Jersey volunteer, baa paa*c<l I ?.Ui
Uouacs uuaiiiiiiously.
1 be ?kvrn-Tliirlie?,
rnavpFi-ruiA, Thtnday, MtrcbDfll 1M'\
The sties pi tho ?cveu-Thirty louu today
were t~,<r',,i'flu. The lurge?t Western ?ub?<*iptio't
was iJ3D,UU rr"iu Spriugtiebl. and the largest Kasle-u
subscription ?."s?x),mjo fr.un New-Voik. Tbert were
1,401 individual subscriptions for 630 and $100.
Frena F er l reas lloara?-.
PortTni>d Mo.viiOB, Wedneaday, March ?.?-?, 1W?6.
Tlio rieiuncr President 1* >ilmoro from New
York nriived to dity, and tusk?? the followlug report
" Experienced tveod wiatdl und henvv guie? fiom the
??utilw .-.i. lu 1st. it N., lwag. m?|t \V. came In col
INI.m with the,I'.iiiishbriw Gold Hunter, of Yeruiomh.
from riilladelpkia fvrCieiifuego?. ?Inking her In a *>w
mouiect?. T .e C?ptalo aud all bands were saved."
KapUeiasa ?ai* F?*?? der Bllllo.
Habiporu, XLui'iday. March 30. Imm.
Three powder iniiU of IJaaaitl ?V Co., at
Canten, btew up at I o'clock this morning. Six tana o*
powder exploit? 1. No livue loot.
KciKMTiPio Meeting.?At the house of Mr.
A. K. Kdward?, So. 49 Jtt.'-?t., this evening, tlcu
will be a mf'iiigof gent!e!i?ruf a- tbe purpoeeofargaa
i?iiig a Microaeopleal Soeiety. All gentlemen Inter?
ested in the advancement of Mieroicopy era tBoaatlly
lavitetl lo attend.
Tht otii/iMis of the TtjtjttT iiwtjlbl Ward hold
a meeting at St. Stc? hen'a Hull, cornet ef iirotutwar
?tal Foitj.-eveutli st., tht? evcutng to pmenre ?tibeti.
tutes for the drafted poor.

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