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New-York daily tribune. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1842-1866, April 04, 1865, Image 5

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ffp Ss-W! 1, 44 Ait, (Rt-b) I ?Saadi??. B.?1 S Y hack
'fV^i, A Orittia, B, ?i NY, hngai
t MTo? A. 91 NY, at/er B Dsii-, !'. 91 N Y ni ger
J M TV -i-rnisa sgt, 0. *> L Fa*?, U. tl NY, t*"i.?er
Vta? .raaiui I.i??i A ItaJdt. K, SI NT. l?s
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fart? R ' Riolurdion, Cil F.. M St!ubury.li,'?l N \ Midoraen
i; 4 i.,p M 11 iids ?, fi IVit. bead
PMll ei. PSWIi. fit*?' .' Sutler P 117 N Y lin
Oorp A J l>a?n F. * Ms?.. li-iO <>?ke?. I?. 91 N V. thi.'li
W \v , ? . .ato-?. K, 91 N I, I Me? ad. 1?, 96 N ., lUgh
?hnlds-r vR'gbJptaj S !>?'. -.du
JI M?!?-?. B, llthP?, hi|. F LaiikiAion, ?, K Wi?, fore
f.- .???? .. K, 7 lit*, hand srbi
ttalli r. A, 7 Ills, ha? J N Turol ?i T. ? IV;. tea
S d Btvrvett A. 1? M?, t ?r 1 M E Morgen. I) 7 l\ h thumb
f a M? ?lus, H. 7 VI ta, .g J Barb. r. A. 147 N Y. l.,?sd
l ira 11 ?t... Laiism, A, M l'..J* e-vi,?, F. Jl N 1. fol. un
Jt. Ntra'isa'.n.ai N Y ariu
. Jr? J l..'.in'?yer, H. PTN T, C B Me Coilick, K. ?I N Y. I?
mm? John Stetltr, A. bill, baud
?tat A It. ' K 6 Mi?, loot IS ftu?. K. ?i II i?. ch*-l
?sgt Mjrf. Dvarinut. M.Ms.?s, N I>*n'z, H. 91 N I. *i .
J llre.tir, A. SI N Y, I il? t?
? UM. n. K,?*?N . irna Lt M L.,oi,srd. K. ?4 N Y.'hMj
i ?pt H r?-iill.lt. F, I Wls,i*o? i itWt'Kiiisiev.h 4" i?,?bd
lliiiii L. 7 IVi?, ?rio J C i'eck. B. * N ) ?
T kttiii ? II, ?5 N \ . lee F. II It.ile?. I 9T N Y,
tinii.Ui.l.'l. D,M>NY,B .. I ,. Rlfuiihed. H. il e-iam,
JM \i r, O, II Pa, arta I Itaacah??*, 4,,81 N Y,Jiaad
Ali?o. O. MI M??*, tbiei-U Cpl B ?1 lind - U. ? N \ . tl .
i Ti.?.-up- .i. K, 94 N Y mm Mleabo?, F. 11 Pa. bach
J New man, ?1 N Y.ana A lit.tde.e !, ?IN i,? ?doinrn
t>'.?ei-u .191 NY. Mp 1* Christiansen, A. ?5 N Y, fool
m. rl l-;7 N ? am l" .pt F I.Oi mm K,8S NY, leg
?. , V. . ,\r?. I, IS Hr.-- M U.?:?!?, If. IS V. t'.ai.k
Sgtl Up uoer.ir? Mss.,wri?t W ltavta. H, Il N Y.tbifb
IV Mnrte, ?a*,'?! Ps. hip 1. M< Intvre, I, U Pa. html
I -U .?.lay. F. 7 VVia,ftM t H >:, : /, 1), 1 WI
i un. F.-M" Va ' ?HeB.O.ITN Y, head
A ke'l???.? A. 7 IVi?. cheat J A -i?i 1er, H. 18? Pa. l.ai.d
.1 L? y it. 81 .>? Y, arm 14 K B.6IVI ...r,
> rn-???. R.*vV|.. >? .' MeVey, t.oiN Y. -hors,
\ V- ? - . U ?5 .N Y.st.'u-i. -, I il keteel, F, '. Il i?. leg
Strgt T -S r? .ewitv.A.7 IV :i . I .V.hn ,|. 1,47 N'\.
Srgi C 1'- -.i-usr F'6 IVi? br d I> VV Tu ? 1. M NY, farecrm
j ?H?ter! - B. ?i?N Vshomd r SCaaasy, II, SO Me. bar?
S li kVv, 11, ?1 N Y, i-.. c Kt :??.-. If, Il Pi
M NY. le* .- M r.- ? l?. -I N\ . . :
Vf Shel? -. H. S1N1I. I'v->1 J 8 Mania, B, lf"T F*, tblgb
HVtaSs ?ci, K,H1 .Nil. ,'. r M '.a'..-. B, 6 II .?. b?ck
S lime- l 9' N Y. les "t I! L ? ? . ' ?**
tNewba .(t. ?I NY, tt.i.ii R J Moon. C, 1ST P
'.t. -t... .i.-.WU. ..-, i. .1 i*?ta, K.e. V . ?-.
Jar.1.un, ert? i- K ri W'?'- | 1 se " '? P* '-*
lili M ,rd. A. 6 Vl'is. t I h 1 e. ;,u ?? 147 '. . .1 ,.i d
lit! I"- . -t. A.bll'i.'. li.ig'i JUllagg??"??. "? ?'' ?Vaiiil*
OMatb, . H SWI? 1. ,. C ?T? ' ? i. \\ ihm
n ',t i.i- -. i. o, i? Me le.- j* o. lo. r O. SI N Y, ibA rasa
d Mi ,,.- iev, B. 14.--N Y A No-1 n. i'.l N \. Ir,
H si?, -i- , "n a- V ?: ?? v - i '
VV ?inkl. K. 11 P* ''?:?' i"1 D,? N" Y *g
.1 H Hopi ?-. ?1 N V. ltg i l'-ti-a K.s II
CotpJ 1?! ?- ,. t.J9 Ma d? ' -' C , ri .
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a. Ikaanae, ?t, ?IN Y. i-.igi. T.s?-?*l, H SE
, ,1 p?. '?? \ Usa* ? P, IST P? bgn
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r. c lultrl P. HP?, al I ? i: . I.. r?. 0.1] Fa, ?bdo
?'..,. K M iierc-tt. K,39Mi ? ? dlrd
thigrk Jol u.i - ?
II S ,:h? ?:. T. 16 M*, tilth (4 Fil .' P SI N Y b p
s P s i ,er, 1, 11 F?. . >. B, Il Pi
Ban ? '4 t, \\ , ' ?.
h r.rlg ?. mr*,t*a?d I s,., ?-n?. \.r\ s v ?
f. ?T .it. , . F 91 N I ? J ?' n:i i- Il lie ?Vs i. '.?
I'??r;. R i Clair, B, Il ?"s. hi* e;.
I ?T !ti.-e. A 7 IV - le* I i E 18V?,
.: U. <?l S Y. et et, tag
A Oman ?.I*. ?IN Y. le? R Basier, H. I Wl?, head
I . ?. , \i i- t Ksi? r. ,? IB y.tjvt'l?,
: ? l, 7 M i?. >?- r -i,. ; : .?',
^l- .!'P .-ker.??.147.S Y ?!.;.-: C?DB*rti - .? ? I 17 P C,l|
.,.-. ?i. H,8 Wit,Sa, li L- kaei, P, ITS'? I a?, leg
Rl'.-tiii. B11P?, thlgh :i.t ,. k, ? NY, h t>
*A'??ilbe.?.:t. B. 6 ll'is, t:. ? . Il Hartu , B IH
M.1UU.? . r li. U V tl il ?- V- I"'- . H '?' P? ??
WR?',.,. ?.>, il P?. , ,-t DIVspm l'MV, ' .
1 I to-, M Ni, t!,-,l. U K. c K, Il Pa, tl .
?i-, Menir?. O. T tvts. Ir* wHilird INY bip
( -r-, \\ ,; .siH-ncel. F, iMiiii R ?inrllev, D. U Fa, B
tin .n. J ?re in, A, ISO I'-. bead
J?'r,,..' k K.6M"i?.?,?:i.l ?. INY, ..m,
J K Ulbh. n. A. 11 ?'t. hesd r V-r-Hi. ii. ?n N Y, ?m
H Dai - I' MPa, fluger J ReeverO. I4S P*. leg
I SU.'S 1.1 V\l?, ha-l?J a" l" ? " ?I N '. T
r rli.iuk. -, 91 N V. kr? * A Butin I N i. b
J M. c ,i rk. A. 91 N ?.arxo J "? ?o a. Il B
Capt C l'a "W. 11.?4 N Y. BBJ A Sl,sw. H S' I era
Lf K Or.el-ne, 7 His. ?henldei.-.l I H M > t r ...
Fjet K A i sadry.MN Y.: ?' >
I" ftidd'*. 1)7 Fs' i'Si-e ' - ? : R ?? H IP* leg
P H.?ht. ?TNY.thi?'! J-. k-..-i .,-,.- r l.'l i-. r.?-?
I 11-.-:?:.. I. It N Y. tbi.ali BPV . U 91 NT, bed
Poica** t. T Me, bend J Fay t H N Y. hand
I i ?ti-nasck, A, ??7 N i*. Jis ? U H%1( T P*. I
l.Md "I . I . '- . 1 M s i "
s.- C Ht'. B. TNT, be ?J i i m ?? -n K nu ;.. .rn,
v m . l!v, fi. H Ph. tinj. : J 1 ?v U.MNY.I
i Mi ..?t n. M N Y, band I M?!? I "NV srm
OBaai i .?HP*, hand H ? ...l BS1
I?. ?H.N Y, Lai.d l i.fn.-r, 11 P-. sriu
I Broare, .i. 91 B V ha? d ?. L? uta?, K. SI N 1
A ili-lger. r. S Wg>. hand F l -e. ,.,n II )'- t .
I "I - - A. le M? . BM ?I II ! I ?' ?W? K ? W *
?i s i ru r?. ?y , i ?'.'
Ptbeeua* U, 147 N V, tin;, r Mile. - il -. V. , btad
III ! Oil MU* lliKIH.iiOl i THEl
r??? ckTR?.
^ . .??v
la t* aahiiiaii.ii.
I???-..?. N*MMb bl Tbe N. Y. Tribuiia.
M'A-itlNOTO.N, BBBBsdaVy, A pli! a, Mb,
Tb?' BCMJ of the fall of Richniond MEM BpOfl
tht Capital shortly ?fter bteaklitt. aad ?hi'-t- aOaan
awaitinr oSlclal belletitu that ?hoi.M BSaMaSMS the re
cewil of i ie ?ghtlng. It rar. from month to rnout'i and
from ?.:.'' >t to strrel, till within tt.ii niinutes tie wl ule |
town was out, and for a wonder Washington was in a
?t ni of sre?uine old fas hioneti eiciMtMM M h ?s it has
sot Hipa-nenced since the mt-montLle ?eon i
Tb-? 1 -asury DcpaitEiriit ii-t tau?:..! IMlaMctln
<?ea Spl i^er beard tlie gootl ne??, got out the ?Irum?
mer? ??fue TreeeuryCunrd Hcglment. and i" a MaMM
b?d ti.? a?io?e force. bMifty R?MO *tr ,. run Sad
?enea? eSMeethssj until rhe nJIt asasted ? ?lain.er.
i!'.:-il: !? the W..r l?--|.uiiruent Ciorks got
?ahad up, and aenno of thrto a|i>!,nl
t i Ba Mant?n to IK) cxcuseAl bBM duty. ?Bit "? ? I
ebaractciitlc, "tftktettrk??aaftbaaa?aensT?? ?" r-^A
? ?.'j/i/f-iy ?"?T theitutltit VT, 11,1 'a il? u,.."-,-,, O, t'a I, !tl>*
Hr + ."
? t.-rio?? l)ep?rtaiit..? el-fi? l;-.?rd t:?- Bear
ah .-'? r.inltane?.u*ty and all ruabiiig .i.ti. tin-lousi ?or
rid,.;.- :!. I ran around the building, ran-?'! a c BBM t.'.at
lotttrd tl a whole aeelbn ?f the town. Xhe CsSMrfa
aiotier of i'enalon* was first called onl ami Jinaile ? few
remarks, next the Secretary, t ion the CsbMsbMMMI ri. '
jf i'ateut? and of the I.amlOflk?-, aud the whole Ims?t I
? ? imted in aingiug |" Bally Bou.id tin- l'.uv. [
lio?? i'.v thia time the slreel? were thronged with
?iren? Bod strnng? rs crowding to the War Jk
V?ti:::e;,i jfr. Stanton ?HI iBll '?! out act luatle ? f, tv
bapp., r- itiiirl:?. after which the rrcv?,t saug ' Bally j
bhaa I ' M Flag, ' agtl checrcai lili they MM4 ho.vr*e
Pr-scrily Mr. Star tun appenra ,.'Hcii, ?> gg BSMF
wBBtha ?r.d after prolonge?! effort? nhtaii'il .. ,.
bha of :.!,? ?hout? ?Idle Le rttd^"'iHajfi'td'ifWvlb. au
ManMMNj tiie oceopatkn or lUchuood. au- ?...
?eut.-itI the cheers burst out SbEMBs, utterly irr?;.re-si
We. 1,.-; sentence eaying, "The esaTaTI l.f: in grtat
M-'??.' asji groeted with tuu.iiltt.cuio ui.il B4s*attYe|
<?'?tut.'. and that saying Richmond aas on Lie, with
?*?.' '?" ?ierthan ever before. When it was taid that
?*iT?>.'?.s ???ra,?'ringn)adet..put it o'dt,1Jiey cried, ' Let it
bu-n !?? n I.urn,'but van a moment afterward the
??ail, .si ?in of the InliaLlttnts i.l UN taEnEM of oui
????o;.? was mcntionetl.tbcy burn out ?g*?;,, ? AU light;
" pU' : oit ! pUt it OUt P
Iba . ' 'lastehtoThe N. Y. Tril. me
ii A-iiiMii.)-,, btbaaay, AnflE. idtb*.
Tae aneno here this noon is bje^saj MTand
M ? m. The whole city is pouring fc.w.rd tb?
? .r I- ;. trtBient. ? brrc Secretary !itanton ,? re.,ding
? ?? t dtaptic...? to tb? crowd. Veteran sold krs,
BERaaa '4ngre??mei,, and even thn es.ld (fsmhlrr*
h?x?r 11 wild rxiiltait.cn in riSfSMSS to every ?enl?/Tto?-.
1 M-creUry? face i* beaming, md the j?eople ?re
?itig.i tUe gfter Bpangletl llunner he leading ?be
?bu.i Tb* EebttllioB ia.iver, and ha? not a Mead left
??-?i : i Washington. What sc-on*ra?t M MM year*
ago ih?? month, when S?..ea*iou tiadge? were flaunted
?it ?? i-r euraer.
? a FfalUaeilpMa.
I'MiLAliiLirttA. Monduy, April 3, lo?fo.
Tb- ringing of lac alarm Vlls rgnilll n (rranil
???"? ? ?'?!?!! fl.e flic U.I-II, win, i-ougr?gHiec) in frout of
'ad-..-.?!,?,... ?|m:? wi?, ,,.?, Hra??e"ieee ?sdnelMH*.
After prolonged cheering they formed an itnproi
proco.--.-ion, and aim boll* ringing ?ml steam whl
?creaming iu full blast, thev parsed through Thin
?jBRinf en uproar of rrjolomg such as wot never h
he>e beiore.
Tl-? IfHssaTi f*a*??tBlH OH IkoH Bt ht*n ia nt
tha Amu?;. ?? .Pstegraptls?lttiaf, Om ?
a gun fg**J which t'e-v V ere gffjjg eiluWit a?
pareil etas*.
A k-r?t.il "'':.'c la i '?"- A<aofbning from the ro
The te tat i b'iihli'i?..
TaU'.D .i.?,i"ATt':i.
The atatfttoaanl beat bobsabVon lata ?.
Stuf- llene Dew is riaj InajJ ?;? r-. l?_..
lasflisi Bapoalaa an im ig "he ttiaass, iLn
bei!?. ..-.?'., ' , r):i^ or? tl.c HtTt,
The Itoai i of i;r,,\ -t | BH ai.jou.n? ,1 with ohocr?.
Bb ', at i* c, g i?, ipirta ,t tad-at I'
Chlef-Engioe ? i.v! ? of??** Fin- [Vsartniwiit
'-sued a re [uet 1fni u general illnminatlon ol the ho
of the fire ?-in paules to-uight, and i? i* pre
ii::.iiiinB!io:i ?tiil !*? mad ' rentrai
fa Bsaisu.
life:"-,, Ki ti'iv, Apul J. It??J
TL?r floriotll ROtri lnim t'i- Army of the
torn ic a?.o t!ic BBBiiimo'imciit of tt* fall of i?c'i.u
f. en t?-? ..:. cit. n ?,!.?' ?'-"I Ml ;. ? '.II' ?l.oi.l. 11 ?s
Rtasloo bsat I prttsta htrJIdlBga ?tal obi
boly look.? julel.t.t.
l.'irge ?uIM BiajaSM : BflatB aid of tl.c Chrisl
CaHOBSBaSfl aad athei at^alMtlaai lo fat Blah help
the wutmiii!'!
Beio.n;. : gsj VI ax,
A rafte? :.i".t::i? tor ciogi itulivtioii wo- hold In
E**t*jBgs si sao* ta day Piayaron* *t**t*d hf
Bats. Mr 11 r. ? ? ?" ? i : i ?. aad aprroi'rtalo Bja?**a*Sj *
Biailc. (1: :i(i|?'.- line h.i'i'l t~ pi :y..:g pi'trtotii- airi
State at?, .ii... I.? it** ? It n.neraiij appended.
Car? 1 ?n.s'i s* dm Vielerlei.
RULAS. U Hol.?.' Apiil.:. 1- |
Acomj ?" . Lit* . !??'?? frotn P mf
? . Bpon the c... .i ?( .-. tic Capitel t
at' rsooD. l , addi ? ? i '. i
.'.'i ,'i ? M -.--.?'?. . i
"i . o . , i \ 'il i- iba tritfsana
Alba.-..- ?i- tl loyal of tha Mad ?i|>o:i i
brim.m ?i c'-s at ear ? a* aad tl? ptattpi
of aaaarfy, be ? |hm?]
thitik i ?? ? . . . iBBeha ??f a
jh*4a ; ? rill ?Jlaaiae the vrbole In
?t;i. i- log tight? This i-, aa asi
cioii j.,.t ]. . . ? If Re ?' "'.ir cot
Iryrr.i-n : r. *-. . Dgwlthttaoi i Ihc ,
?itf! < ivi., r fit ' .- ? ' ---('irtl "t r! ? BSV wl.
ti c can
. I -r -.' .? I ?
(l-l ,.?
1 belli -. ?tar at I ? ? i tha .- ? ai "
I ' ,-?'?' : ; " It't
lution In ?- ?? pr.nt iplc . ? ..re tin
-I- . - i- i v .-.,-inr.- rood
l.-u.d ir. the .-'? public'
Ifr-jolclnj.? in ihr ? lay,
AR ??? v -, ataUY.
I. b htatrt of ry loyal < itiaoa l?toood v..?
?oy yi .-t. i jc . . m?? htsalsBd tro*
Bast, u.i "' -in " f Ih* e\ si .it .i ot i'ntural nrg, t'
?.-,1 patio'i of I ? I Ihiaf I*-?. ??? ,'.\ -, A
revit were th m | ??: ?ft . ? g
taxions ;.n ?? lita
i ? ? ?
At nhoii int . . ? retaso?
ai ?1 o ?? n ? et ?
?Bill BBrr -ii- . . ' i !
- i t:t ?i ktagtl
tLe tat*??, t B Sf rasais ven- ,ro*ii!etl wil
p 'ojilo veil" ???: i .?? i ?tate o Jhtd :
th:.?ids::? n I ? ?"*
Ho', e gie.-.t .1 il of B**a*?ta* !i?? pn.hsl'lj le?.
' - - '. erh ta d ij ??? M f* ih r? i ?,ke
?tre;,?,'i-il, ami mstij- ?if ih'im wer,- ?uikhh ly it ?it .ai? ?
elo.it.g ?nt their i;.? g on Bsad U . i Mti?. laivv.-ri
ItSOtSn - ?-v. - 'v -, ; -r- i Is t?. v in 'Ir .'.Hr,,t,.,l t
the east ? aptstias of the m v.. aal t? asatvasgisg w,i
m! ... wr , i B?lgst * ? ; ri '? --oiii, liai ??.' ? aad csagtati
asttoa* '.f tv .-.?? Bala i
i ' - ?i ??,,:, iiniitiine? Bad tassasaal
of b?l?tu"?? pla? ??? vi I ;,r?Tt'e rrn-lt-io e? wer?- |.: ol
deeorati-il with th?- BetioDB] oolo - Rn *,'.??i- wn.? ei
ix--i.'iii? tiiovt o- m tat*- isapsat, aad aitog-ih?i tt
se. i.- ? a? ..? ?,.-?, i.. r?!i beanttfal,
u'Ai.h-.sri:! i '?
TL.-.J ,l'i! ?? IfalJ-at. it - .i of tbe dob
i-xtravi' - > ? ., i t ? sat) has si
Mit',, ?m?'. '?'? - -. It ?ig?" aad ii? "u-i
wbi-lmiii? ? ti!h'.?ia-:r. ..??;.- t,,..... .,: an -.', *. i
spra.-ig fro ' .. '? .; Cuatera caT eag?rT Bitlaeag gai
er.-il Ho aid.' 'it tatfl ?li.'i-'- f" ti ihanj
? -.?ngiat.ii irion Mid to -iii?-u-l tl -? >;l"ii l. ,- Intelllgeni
thali'i.e , . I r ip'-litt BBal pli?fusi"li. ft WB
not long hefht* a',1 wen naftad la ?mm i*H aad hanM
- . ?. , ?': of Wim.Ilbcr.tr,
I ? .. y ...j ..-..,;-?' -t ',,- t? .?1 i'f.:.,a1 BBBSI
sar?. LaMd 'il ?ere <?. : '??? ft* ? Dtuober af protnl
in-ill >. . .... nlagllBg with t'.
erawi ? ? ? i,cgii?>,-n t' a f paoftasCBtttnn-IIotitr
Withoutprept "'u'i wtthssl iwgaaiastlsasfaajki -I
.. ? i:,u:,i,'''"n ''or-.-i'-e. rspiritee] aad aawrgaitead
.ii.-- i . i.- m .?-r r. ?I'loii. Oa**tral t ri
? ? ' -.-:.:? - \ drew*, tfMilan M Erartt, Shaaat
.n.t, r, Fro*] R an "? CI ?'? ad ib
?,. -,- I. :??;. 'Inlf. )i? I ? , Iks ia .Itit-.'. l,.o
iweOedtoeoi ?roportiosi ?>- ?? ronptotery htsakal
the tLoro'igi,, pain the neighhorkead BoBlaasssm
Hi.jj,-;.<"?,;, Bat by I'nri'ial ol? ?mti IB| BaOBt, hi ' tl:r,tl/'
natural Hiid it: -.-??? ?. ? ?. i r ". -. aiththajaro iBSBtl
me: t of lie hoi.. It* H8M BTBI BBBBt 11 If I -
W.ill-t.ili-i or ol ?-'Hit ?.n<l rm?i? aad r%ld ?rota
Biers? ti mill?n, it? baare parpaaei t*theb?t^rii??sl
t..:i?.-i bhsB [i* nina ihenh*givlag thai osr Tie tat Im
! ? ? . .i ih ? Ttsra lis? heea n?.t>n?r M
it. .',1 tir,: g lia in??-?., BBWilttag to i'-i'ili:.'
Ihilrhappj BlOitHta Is cheers tad Bate?tas, htst
un o n at int bo**ti ?n?' i". ? " the eoit i init- rtag a Kt
etattassi ls> "fils*-*, ffal? htjah,' ar,?i "iii'iv R<mn?i
t?.,-1 ag.' ?Tavasattt* Bsora geria* aaaaatag t? tin
day forgotten. With nn...,. ,.-.i k**s? l*e Bsasai
j.'.i.'il, foil.Till Bad ?BatBBBtta) ifl lio- aiithf'Ui of '<?!'l
Hai ?ir? d.' \oi,..< ion' u; ?- aastsaasd H tH**a*Ht
uses ht.t )?iwer ?ml pt**** '?? I .?? ?hsnt. It iMilUii-ult
to <|.-?c:i!" IB* BtMORB ni?l I? BStSSg ttss*] which ,1
j.r?,''.?'-?1. 'II," -'nl'l?utie?5 of fh* iruthi-ring; the tim?.
?mo?t nhsorhini'?if tinlaVtatvtlal ?1?.-; the pl.tcr?d?
v?,t (1 t?i ? old . i.inii,,-rci.il fact ?lei i.et'-r >'-t I*********
R?ri,e hail? af warm ?satasa i**f lag tt* union at?***
1..? ..Li! m?>?t boiiort-d of ?m i-itl/oi ? in the deinoiiBtra
ti.-n, and the ?liriiiti ol Baasttaaaat which wnsi-vi-rv
Where BUUlifBStad, - omliiued t?i noik'- the event more
impressive, niid more ni'-morii'ile than uti? o! th" kind
thai ?r chU tali t?. mind -liucc ah* opening or th?' war.
it wag jkiiUiagl) ?liiimatic not onij ta a bronil pic?
ture of po|?ai?j laith, ?BOsattO ami en'-rgv but i-ien m
tbe little i.'iciilent? ttilhabieii it was crow?l?-?l An
I'Xampie will ?how. One of the ?pe*k?rs Mr. 'Ir?in?
Baal PO compliment bltu for t'iis achievement, if we
liavc litth-eUe to thank him for?called attention to
the ?igiufn-Kiit end n I Iron tint,' IkSf that still?- the na?
tion'! Hag win everywhere il?- gaily flying, the
him.? of Auirust itelmont. dii*otIv opptwito, was
like a boos?- of mourning, without *n indica?
tion of li;'?: or nt-iio-r. In lees than
trre minnt???. a flag appeare?) at tin? lower window ;?a
verv little flag, aud oxcesstvely new, with the all of
vtry i:-i-i-i,i pur?-l.sie all about It, bnf e<[tial to II? duty.
and aa vehemently w*l?omed as tie biggest of lia fei
Iowa And, furthermore, In leas tbaa half en hour,
laborer* were seen upon tbe root", preparing to spread
j?t another tag. equally new aad oonglAeraMy larger.
from th? loag-neglsotod statf. Is? rope? were tangled
and wet? broke?, and new oues had to be supplied. The
s.mplo proc?s? of tag boiatiug w-einsd to hat? been ?o
Ion?, dnriici .' there ?s l, p??s?-.'i( ntiiiS'isI euilwrrvi?
BBtntf "'?' ,-t las?. I he M oik ?SB ?tana avel '?li 'etl.J-i
lose. It shivered a little el flrrt, a? a tlnld ?tran-yerEn
a huetile Butuctj might do. but presently asserted Itself
with al! ita tiiildnce? und breadth, and flapped exbilar
Hting mpoan? to tin- ebnrsof the multitude. Thi?
was lb" culiuluutlng incident of the meeting. Popular
enthusiasm toH thai it had the right there to expend
itself. The force of justice and retribution could no
f.jrtner go.
Two l>nudn of MtagM musicians arrived by
the ?ta ?ii'-r S .'d?t wick on Sunday, and yesterday Joined
1:1 the I'tnera! jul.'li'C by SBSyllg ptttlotlc nit? to the
soldier* stopping St the New-York HI.its Soldieia' lie
{Hit, Hoa M untl M Howard st
They were littached to ltd two best reprimen,? in
South Can.lina, the, 1st Soath Carolina Aitillny, under
Col. Alfred Khett, itncl tl.e 1st BeSJaa Carolina Infantry,
comir.ninied by CoL Butler whcn.tbe Hebel? SJMMSMd
1 ben iii'.-'cirn-i. who ma mostly Orinar?, hid them,
aelveiuviny. and since their ecnpo they hare giron
vont to their inherited Teutonic love of liberty hf piny
Mg the patriotic nils, "Hall Columbia," '" Star-Span
/led Hannt'r,"ete'.
Tl.ey promise on Wednesday evening to give o con?
cert ni aid ?if tho ?ick and eMaadsd of our nttny at the
Depot, und ?ft S9 I si meanwhile play good loyal music
enough to get tioir instrument* straight (they nrc
sadly oscrew now), they may announce such an ??'!. If.
Veil Ing could ? xt-ee.1 the jny of the ?olilurs at this
place m Inn th.-y nard the new? of the full of Kuh
The eailiest new??thut of tie ISEMM of 12.?>X)prl?0 _
ner* .nul H pbsonef artillery?a t them chcc.-iti-,*. ?,,,,,
whei the enpturc of the Kel>?-1 l'roti?hold was an
nnui.te-t!, tle-y v ?re lies.,;, tl,-n.se.ves vi il.'i j,,y. Some of
the cm iij el prisoners, who ,re ben in;.I i t: I ?nrgi BBM
MM rabiad Mir feeble and < mat ?ated forms and waved
the tioti'ju. t* of lint?. is vt Inch the t'-nijer l.nnd* of BMM
I. ?ml .. ..it. ,1 ktaUss ha. i ? kB ? S) i ,. ,r bEBEUM What
will, the Lela i b tads, ur.il the etieerin?t ami the number
of BjtoasaM \i-.tors vi loci: io to congratulate the sol.
iiier-, lb) r,- erara ton? ba| pin pi?< < ? i - the city pa t'T
tluy than tic .\. w-Yuik BteM Sol.l.eii' I)et,>ot.
ItlJl'U'lXil AM?..Si; 111) l ?'I.OKI I) Pt?.pLK.
There WEI on i-i.tl.n-i.'t tit IU4*4*tlng i.t the
Sliil h l'l,.-',.vtcrii.ti Chinch to rejoin trrat*tl : .11 1
1 ? i:.-. '. - ' II ? - prnided, ndt*??rredMiaa
hi n he had ??? liai ed la the ! i ' of U " iIbtm
'. I 1 ,,! !-.'..;l |g BS a sbivi tinm? - I ?TgOBl
0 It aas. Bone ?.f those icir darnlatd perbagi
?ado np the Caras that ntcred l.i.i.:..oiidiu triumph
M day.
The Bot. -t. w. Lotjara, Eefl-knova u sa efllcl nt
if. dn. ?or on the tu <!, i? r u..,l r.llway for |h? la?'.
lSyear?, an tl ikM ]!?, urn, ! ? i I??? I I
?InTr. and l. d felt mm a ll tteaa. d the bot rtH - >?: >! ?\' rv.
Mr. Lctnsi '? sy ?. 1. v.,.- ??U .,i l.fc:..or uml feeding, and
tl I 'i.- si -, ,., r* || r.l.
?Tobu I'.ti i.?oil a!.n Iftmt ?ill, ,r at a,.-. ?'inc..
The andiene ta sndo np of ahite and nabnd per
. sn ? ?.,. m en latenael ..-??? i I i jr der
tire. Many of these ?ta bad !? ?-, hired
with .t sii.se if gr.ililiolt tu (?tad lor the lull of a hut we*
abated lbs liiiT.t Iliilvli u Ihm th? r] en cl alohd wit!,
thaiksg.vil.gat.d ?bliebt.
MEKTIN?. i?f* TI1K OOtasVUl ' M >? lit? THE Y ill'
"if'RN WIT!, nisi;- if.irll* PVM TU>.
Al "_' OdSgtKa ft !? f, i:'?"l:...li tinth
hraa? us if the t oren.?.:, < .. re 11 organi/ed. H ?
- an ! in the AM.mien M
.1 in t ?a .1 ttS /.??d new- raca-ived
to day, n ??? hi I-, r ! . , ? - '. Aft r
vi b th* rt:i ::: ? ' , .. ?., mji gave
"-'? s ? i M ?. . I ? . , ? .
.t'im of ?l.i rii .1.1
FIRIN ' SAL! ??-?4 <?l -TV '? . M'NTF) it i-.iii-jy
At tW' ? ? , ' ? . ' -. ,, 'a-rij.j
...'*? rtn ? ?
? ???h .n I ? : i ?.... the ayaad la lbs
I'mk anretyla MManitsnl |
??.,.-' ' -, n beer, I
H. ml w - ?'.!-' ltd M iraTad t', it
Oca? Oraal ! ? i r? ? "; - J ? i
reeriiile.l ht. Ibntlnad I ? I i d '?'? V\ ji:.
IK..? itKDivua la un i '. rxivii.
Til'' 'r.'i?i'a'.i ?.T Ida? nv?vii...a?l BTDt* WfTP
l,l.*,,lie.| T. ,'! 1. a-.il.i! 'I 'alli.C. ill
a:id al?oi;t Prl !.. I.iua of
TEE Ti a, ? .. laissa v.. bnallfsllj ania?ttad
w-itii eire.i Ucdgn Jet | I bapp] ? i,
tt.ni -b- ein ? las aaMonal bsMaavahiM
/ I. ? ? ? ?n!.i ? a u '.i ? tl_> i.iiiM. a'.d
Tic i*i ??:? ead t! ' - * : I!.''! with eiultifinl? ?
.,f IbS low i- ? I ,.'?* Ihl ? ' .- I an.I 1MB I
r... k.-t fr., n the reef ?ft:, 4sltn a:.u..- d ... im baas
their atoa i., reteih -.
It..lu it M. l)o,Vl?: j .1. . ... i I la: I. fol! -t.. Ill?
his neit ti?,.-'.'er ,' - /' . . , . - ! BTaaded ln*vtu
? low s ?no door* all ? i !.? . .:,)( ;..e i.:.,,t llnfaB
mir clie.-i ... i .tilo throV.a.
ihiTiiinr. ? llnrnm. liTftj Jrlisi i la Iho gesaaal L*righl
-, lir;.: id i ...II. ? tboi ? "it m r n;. Hi iailv.it?.
Bad th'- ' ??! ?"?>? >"' i- int.on ot the City
Ii..ii dans i" ''ri,: ."al'y to :,,ni and ?MtMlMef
S "pt.-r i .i -?. .-?-, ahn ne isetabratad lb? Cable,
?*?.. I'ea.pie han lall la ?I ? ta*.f -au.1, but
w?- ?t. i?-... Irlegmrw b ,.,-,??. thi Ccwiitatlon topixrred
-u' ? rope of sand bol ? cabe? ..r gn .?er Bad /, lad*?
ualtitig power tbaa the i ? Mal a ?s throw ? t>? ? ?uiu
Ihc .,-, go ,, if .,; . Ice
In ib* A ?to.- in.'. -'a. . Mtlcipationof thai
glori?os day, ther v. - ?'. d sonar ai-.-k? ago, s
nil at painiiu (by i larlaa Lt ???. ?-;'. i of the
Lui ding on i'iv ... ith n? !. ..! tr-'u.?ad? u i dtmrnatoaa.
t ot -i lag .m . : ? It ? aid! ? Ihi Ktwtb l:..ud,a., l?s,.n, or
?, -if, . ? n'a l'ai !"
on the tiM-i in?-.-:? ita roeainbM snssr, with bit
hands upLfi"il to a? IBB, |.|.i,i:-: loi dial BBS BaBM
di t ?.... iij -'n , ; littl -, ? u Bien Hol ?.oil
bas ....w >.-; : 'o ,. . .-??...ar-.'-.?l - l: , iiiiiii, 'ruchad?
bow *,nnd Irin privila gi to eaik ?iim.h tLi. Pilgrims with
lAra triai ?d.?, u?t ?mat us. bai blsatag sal seaadiag
trota crerj riissJoa sad frota eicf] leagnsvhaMMI
IK u 1!. II. M
Ill !|V:e?M' ..- i'Ki-1 Kl' ii::i..!.il IsiilllV.'
II. i,: ' tu Iba jtlbilaut eli'.rn !
Dp, lii.'-i. d'h the li]!- t*asVl im longi r fepri ?-.- .t,
l'|i. ;'.mi Iho Ile.irl of tlm I'i op!. : U?9UIsMMlt!
Availing with lojal eini.tioii,
l.eiilietii ?mi jo.v. liKe an neeiin ! ?
I'ichiiHUid is ottrs, ' liiiin'i.iiiil ?s uni ? '
lUtbj Ion Irillr. ?uni her tetJiples ?mil t?:vv.'i.4
Vriiiiil.li' to MesvtJ lieitsr?' ur !
<?l..? 1 to liriiiit ! Glory to tirant I
Hark ! to the .-hou! m*our Nation !
l'p, from tM Irish Ife.nrt. rp from th"(???iniaii?
(?lor) to iNiinulaii.'? (?lory l?? Sheninui !?
l.'p, from aUParole? uiuiini'?
Fri.'tilom'.s liih'h l.'Viilty pus^ting??
(llory Ui all ! G lory t?i all :?
II? r?n s "rhfttiflMlTrat. mnl Marty.s who l.tlll
Lift we our joyim- ovation ?
Flinty ont the PaEg ! l'la-h out th?- Flaii !
l'p frotn each turret and steeple '
Tip, from the eottftjre, nn?l o\ ?r the mui-non,
Fini!? out tike symbol of Freedom'?" i-xpunfliniii
Vit-tory crowiielh emlenvor!
Liherty Man? ur aEEMWl
L'p from ObEoi valley, ntid out from each rr?o?,
I'liliK out the Kltij?. Flash out tho Flag 1
liorue on the breath o?'tho Fixiule !
Kiehmond it? onru! Iliehnioinl is ours:
Hark! h?iw the welkin is riven!
Hark ! to tho Joy that emr Nation convulson,
TmiiniT all heartts U? the i.innoii'd loud |MaMO|
Voices of horoea aaoc-iiding,
Voieoa? of mart vred onus blendin/Z:
hfinglin??* like traienwonls on Liberty'*, tower?,
"Hichntond i.t our?! Itithnioiid ia ourt!"
FrctHloui r*A?-J-vJ?*tli in BmyvEEI
A. ?j. U- DasUaU???
j J Union ia 4'im lanntl.
(LtaBNATi, Monday. April L.n IMS.
Tlio nowfl of ttt?? full of Kichiuoiid ci "XNitod
(Trent exri!?'i:ient. ItiiHliie?s wr.S alan.-, ivholl V ?US
ponded, l'l.ig? are Billig tmm the house topa I I pro
iu?iou, ami (,'?ncr?l rejoicing prevail!. Thu oil y to
i i?-ht is ****** arttl hrowoikt, and the street* are
thr-.nged with ?iconic.
At the ronnlctpal elect bin today, CoL L. A ITa rrts
(Union; vasiswsetsi Major.
A Card from l.t.-OsT. .tlrcrd.
To the Editor of the AT, T. Tribune,
Sir.- The ap>)eOtasnot <?f I fronh arti?l<> frr?t I
yntir correspondent ''M. O'K." In this ?lay's issne o I
Toor paper, c-rl's for a brief notice, when I will dieajiM
this suljict personally for the future.
i ?is'iiiti BBTJ, H 1 ??ul to you in private conversation!
a fow days ago. tint I am not now, nor have I everl
been, a BtasUtoUer to the amount of one dollar iu any j
street rnilroa?! Ifl the city of New-York, and that iu no j
Legislature af oMsklVH a member was there ever j
incorrxiralcd anj such road.
In IsMa, wl.ile a privnte citi/en. T. at the request of
some frlenils. nc-netl t?i become interested in the organ?
jflBttta of a comprmy to build (he Cross-town KAilroad;
but used no effort, B*t*at?f puid any money, directly
or Imlirect'iv, for the proenn-ment of tbe passage of any
bill Incorporating ***t rood during the sestion of m\%
Having hon ****tol ? member of Assembly in IHa\
to take my sent la .Innmry, lr??'4. I, early in X'oreraber,
in?"., divested myself fr nn ell connection with tbe en?
tatntlsa ?id so ?fulfil on the floor of the Assembly
upon the o-iil of Mr. By*! that year.
The right of tbe pttbiic to inquire into the sets of men
In official i???i?ition ahould lie slwnys at ?nowleilgeil, and,
without n?l?'tire to appear at boa?!lug. I ask nothing
Ik? than tint rr ? B**V i il sets, whether paH, present or
lutnte, ?hiiiihl alu i>? Ihj such at to mod the scrutiny
?nd command the r?'?pect of l.nt:c?t mem my private
business, if rot disreputable, is not for the pnlme.
Very respectfully, T. G. Alvobd.
Sei ate Chamber, AUxuiy, March 31, lSiw.
I ?ruing li .<.ia-.gr Al'I.II. 3.
Ann-ricati Gobi. Ki .nliag, iKock Island.
i;(.?,ihhi....ii.,;1 5O0.|3. 93 ! !"".M
200.'.'il, 100.?l
B ". 93j .Vsi.K'i]
l'i-O.?.1. \C.\ il".K'iJ
?m_?i.y H | UM?.M
?RM. Uli}. 2QQ.?I. tt
l'ai.hl?. K-?! M.t-li. ."?ouih.'rii. 100....bin. 86
200. M | ;mi.ii.l . 100 ....il Kl
roo.Bf?. :???.r.. Seil North-Wwtern.
tM....8l.V 8T? MM. .Vt?l 700.SSI
Brie. ? H?.. 531 V. Wi-?t.-ni pr??f.
ta*.\?\. GR I lOt.w}1 '?!?'?i. 09,
iOD. m i,oou..bI'i. 13 T'-rt Wajna.
.I'D. 58i 100....st0 53i| 500.\X iV.\
lisi.ti. Ki
af. Y. Co trul.
?M....BIA 87
1.0OO... B*. KM
?>i loo.
.'(ki. .>, Illinois I
'.?(si..VJ' ICO.... sil- so
6OJ....B60. ?V? Pittsbtirgh.
?.im.?.t. .',; i .isi.bu. Ml
Khi.... 1,3. Kl
ef?O. Sti\ ?O0.?Ai Oi.i'nV .M.??a.-r.
, ,,;"i-.T'i.SM 10,000 ?'i .?';
1! i'1-o.i H rar, \ WO. MJ Cumbsrlaod.
?oo.?-'i '-? ; Il | Mil...' loo .....-".. 35
lmi_ hil fi | ??00. I : ? -.-.lw-r.
It?.... W '.?I *?.... S?. 1 t] .'Ml. ftf
list.'?tj' 4"?i. li j 100.mW\
?j?)-?.N] ."u.M|
?. i. .-?"i .?? i ?>??>.
(i?\MJ C??*(.BtT AT IllVIXO H AM..? Tru
evejlng. at lning Hall, htm. J. II sakHaaf sifl give
Lere*!.nal BtsHBtt, ?i? ?ted BJ S!s-iior Monirlnrdliii.
Mr ?7. lt. Th.mis?. Mr. .1. X. M****** Mr Thomas,
ami Wr t. 9 ?"'.'???n. Ta* .-or..!-.? ton will H Mr. Win. I
H. rge ami a%t*W ?****a**, Mr? l?ir?-.!ny lui? a fine
-, ... .-, wlili b ? ? ;? ? ?> it!. "..':? h -i'.H ill.il erTei-l
( \.I-?rt(?r'' ? ? '
i.Bt\r fRIMIOM fnlloil S'?'Yi-".",ti r???!
| .?,.-??? ." ? ? ?!??. PtagHflS, Mor- W t !
asy, Atnnilghl sTatt, artah Fattralta aad a, BttpAiss*. ]
Alea? Mr. (t?:-. 1 rrj, m.- Bali itataa Coi ?ar, Sin
/akl li ? ', N.-*!-:. tSattrsB II?iward. 1'.
? - J I' .- . ? i I :? conic
r -,. rasa j trata 110 -'r ?m . P.Bai an,h, Mi
OLBart* ob Rsoairwar, iRa*trated ?'?'. H Bpsa
1. g l'.i. ..n H . . il? -l S: ,f ho Kps, l'iace of
?a.-iri??. u? f tl li-.-. Ir..'. ?. i H'>ici. "t |
. . , ? i ? ?? | i : w i? , -m ?.! ? lin?
dojlreti Hi| if-ci ?? ? .-i-.' ?:?? Tempel aieeati i'raaT
?i . . I - ? .-?-..i Musll V.l.. .'
r-?. l'tic .. VeaegaUuii, . - i ?* ??; Pregreas. C'.'l?r-j
li ? . ? i.i ' i . ?m. iii. ??anuo, ? ni?
r i- ?- ..f iaTi ?aai tP? t.itii tad .Iimih Paarar]
l'a ?ilKtH.i A lui itl - r. t [ n. i.e. ? ,',i. m m the
ilialii, 1?,- * n,- . IJ| 1. .? t .. ? t ? titavr*. Vit i
i(tVgsT?inlf?r. t.m?ut t., ||, i 1. ',. nol r?onl
1 ?' I.1H-..I.-.T Xatnto tai llt.t.ir'v. t'lini-it.? aa.l '
' toil Color, Keith and Knitb. tu? j
tag ih* lo??.?, lies f- '.'... ? LH? Uat. ?? n s?x-ul |
Kai hi?'"' Si or :. .'ot I ? ' ?i.i!? be(iirl?, A L-?-..i
f. r W i ?. tfsrrylagfor Kbow. tPlth '" '-u^rnied II '
iii-n iii'.e -. .'. I1 ?i Na ? ''un ?m ?-??HAL .1? l i;
sai. lui A run.. Outy -?' eeattB, hj l.r?t p..?:, or A: a
?>r. X- stnv n i tare it. .*..!?! r-.- ateeara Kuwtaai
I BUa M? BRI I'r?.. .tw.iy X. V.
. ?J??a .? -
(tdrrfl.. .1-. I
S"H ! |K ROTII i:.?I ti. iiil.l:, stu'tl ?/.M? -r<
.1. li. In.iir. a I ?>. oil not I?' sold si eitle r ,,f tie
i: it tiale? bet But] .??? l.rv.1 of tfeaai*. Hint, a
si'tKi i - -. If taox i d o H hu \ RTas
111 ?? .?. .. ? ? .'?-iij.i?' r. o!? eiiil n i? h* ! ul ' B
BBM*R**tB*a t.? H? asta, -i n> T?t?. o
| Vtlv.r- ?. I rl ? )
I'tucBa Tint I'-v 1.ki?(?i.h '-'" prr Crxt
oi.r Si... !. ,,t
fata JrtaitjanB,
laitatm *<?
AHClll.K ? I'iNiOA-l. .MaiinUctirci?.
?tan '. II, 13, IS sad it hlarast it, Ken fork.
| \tl.rr-.l-. ai?l.4.|
H.H.' All, U'fillf. Mi I.T<?.\ 'M Itl it $9.? I.V.
Bnoaaw, x<> n Fa**Tt* at* uat Ife ?i > trc-pia.i-.
|.\jT?:?i.ri -"I
l.oiiii'-? Cisaniag .?ml DrstOg KstablUbtnsat,
li?.'..cut? I? , i' f-illv el-ii., il ? : ? irroori'-.i.i-o.- B WR|
-a? - -
| Advei.:..?.!!? m |
.Inn-LFt?. ,'i7 '. liin.t'1.'. ,iv, i- Boiling hit ?to?!, of
l. m ' sad CI IMirn's it ..--'? .1 8ho- , ai ?! loe (?c-nts
Rflpix is nt loa iarii ? lofera N* ".;:i Hr?n?lw ??
[ ?idvrrti-?ir.?r.t.|
Mottnn. Powini ?v- \s k?.l?s. Phr io?i>lofiat<*,
give! l.art? 01 ( . nact.'r linily, at No. ?1' Uroadnai.
I Adi?r'.??a-it.|
CORJat, IxWRIORs, BltLARORR JotllTB ?nul ?ill
.........r tie- r. .->. ..mi by ii?-. /a? h a it ik No nst***Bdwa
tJllOUU'33 ?Vol?Ct'0
l?l'.. Vll.N l.l.?!IMlKttU,
IsvrsToitor Tl.M PeSMBS
ABM IlkUO'-NlutALfUli O.S.
in? rat Oah or all i?is*A??-.i or r*B
Ml. KSK. ( BtWaM ? ATlUBM.
Li m.-. I n.ioAT, Hatat ttwl CeBtBBella?
M.iy le- i .n?.o?..I a? Id? ('?.n-iiitlii''H..UII...
Nu. mu i;i??n..iT
lli-ABi.i, RtWtOBBS liy o.v? flm ICITISB ??lili Dr. \ OS
Kur'ionu ABITII ETICO N?.lB?I^ltCO.N.
Niwlniu, Mare!, lu.
I have b.?n lodoeed by tl,? .?-.-.' i. lulur ?I c. ttiticat... i un
tltmally li,,l,li,l,. .1 l? li?..r of 111. V,JU Kl-moer ?'? ?kill, to ap?
ply ' o libo for i.lvie? i ouc-riii.mSB* tl.-afnr.?, of Biany y?-?r.
?tM.it.iig. 1 p: ? . .1 m)??Il it-id,l l.l? r.re. and to hit iiti,..,?t
il.-njit l.e m?.I.. m? heal |r-i?-?-f i wrll by t ?in ?I? puiulei? *a>
elication of Iir. ,on gttfhera'i " 4i?f*ets??iT tttiiraltlees "
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Jomv \\ AKKiT, No I??* Meats* ?r.
lilt. 1.K.HT111U.
(' ui b? it-n.ui'.-.l at In? rr.ldrn, ?, No- .at St. M.-r?'? ?, i. r
(Ke-I.'h ?i , baSwaen Second mi Thud ???,.), Ir ui 9 ?. ui. till
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1'af.. Tiikoat, ARD
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BtLTiaoar. Pias Pialb llaaraas,
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(SraoOLXT S AmSBICA? H en-lo, SATOS?
ttaica aud Pobtablb tis>a? ii,
at rtduccd prirai until M?y 1.
Ki<-?A*t>?ii?, Moisrot k Co, N?. ?'it Watsr it.
(?II tad ?staun?-, or.. nd lor uiru U?r.
II v i. rti.Lou s Hair Dvr.?The best iu tlin
?..?J Pa<fiM-l, oatiir?), ir,,a,?V. I.vii I???, ?ill ir?'ani?i ?tal
.1. rtl? ? If ,.- , ,-,.-, ,, ... ,~l Will.!**. A Hit ,< C"
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Fait?y Camdibrob.
Si-aaax Kevnca n Clocb Brrau
wbo wsnt
Caotoa Ooods at Low Kiihtb?*.
Our Lire? and Yuied Stock or
Bad Vaeri.v??
hu been cntrkaJ to tneet th? tnarktt, ?nJ w* *r? cunit*ntly
Fatis Ooon,
Laid ia it Or'i/iy Rednted Rale*,
All of whlcb w? offer V,iff Low
r?t cach.
l .T?r.sTr.r It Sircas,
i Importen and Jobbe i,
No*. 52 and M .l'?rr?y ?t
Wp,, the undesigned, cordially renommera.
to Mb ai tice of the frimd? of "Tb? Chriitltn Coriiiiiaaioi?"
tlie ollr < f F. k II. T. Astboht It Ca, to devot? MMt? ob?
ject twen ty.flv? par crvt of tnelr retail i.J?i of Albnau,
Sb-retiat-i/, do View?, an 1 Card PbotogrBphs, for the : a-tnight
eooiii-en;-|iig April 3, at sit forth in their *d?ertl??iueM.
liioa, II. STCAier, fan V. 8. Cliri?ti*ii Coumin'ta.
II. I), ?a Sec. H. Y. Branch C. 0.
Moan* K. Jir t-e.
Tukosorf Itoosirair.
II. E. Dodob, ( tadrrnsn S. Y. Brsneh.
'In: Cbiii?t:4b Coktatuiov.
None* ro Kvibi??odt--Iw:i IVbsk* roa m Hn.a ans
D-irlii?tli?fi.ftulgbt. coviiuienciiig April 3, we will dt Tea*
twenty-bv? per cent of allghc retail ?ales tt our counter, of
Albura?, Sti-n-o-cuplc Vina/a, ?iid Csrd riiotograph?, aid Jato
ranii'ii,m by tmht for th????nie. vv1,eo sospei-Uitd, to tho Tu
I lief of our ?irk and wonrd-d loli.ert tt.rsngb the lujtttirn.*
j Ulity of the t.'hri?ti?n Ccnimtialoa. Orden, IVy ?sii1, fer tl.la
i object, board i g date any tltii- pr vtoa? to M-iy fir??, wtllube C*
I , 1. and th? tweiity-tive por cent paid *vrr.
The aclii,u.?!.-d.:: -..t of tne Treu.ur.-r ol the Cnriel uaCon>
! BBb i n will be seul when requited, ILegoodsa^l b* ?oil
nal print, d i Batltaaa iMeea
tl. i? II. T. ATrnoa-r k Co.,
Sol Bntdway, New. era.
3 duori S-uin St Niahci'ii Hotel.
?r-.'O.NKU oa Lathi a m gkcted Cold will* de?
velop ? con?'?ut t 0114h, Sliortuei* of Breath, Filling Strength
?lid W.ivir.i of Fl?.|b?thu avant e,orlar? of Conlumoticn.
haatnbn '-i t.. un ,: cause will produce l'roncblti????
din-use of the brauchet of the windpipe. In all afltctlon? of
the p'il--...i -y ' r;i:.?, si w?U at In brnchul c aip I dust,
JaVSEB'l FxracT'iu.v5T is both ?paliuuive and a enrstive, ??
ib? BMabnsa? af thsaaaadi and it* world-wide repntatiou
BtMat v? hi.e in Cough, ?i.d Cold? it MM Ipeedi y, tad, wheu
Usen j.. or,hi.g tu d?r?< tlt.ii?, promptly remove? ?beul. Why
not git? t.... ?Uudaid ai. v-e au V"if?-?H?- '.liait Sold
?veryw Itere.
Mai. 11 iSM.ow * ,-ooraixii s'Tacr li the best titd sarast
rtvsswdy IB the world fot all d:?-e?ei of ..hi.dren, ?util s*
toaSjbb g, wind BBBB, Ar. It correct? s rdlty of the ?t ,tut, !..
r-r"'.'-' ?he bowel?, snd gives rait, tenth and romfort to
mother ind child. Per'eetty lafa in all ceses, a? miUloat of
motilen raa ?ratify. tdfF-e? No. 4* TVy it. New Y, rk, and
S->. ?>J Uli!, Ilulcrn. I.. 11 ion, F.nglsnd,
Tug Hats of tub Mbtuopolih, lik? tin; tar?
get! ol Meiil'or?. *r? ?tadly lb-- wsn? fur * Winter? battering.
Bit tb? an um ur -?red lor by Laos. tit? Ilsrt-r .if Halter?,
. l!.-o?d'??y and Fu!ton it? , UbaM -Srai.io Sttl?.?,
aatty ttjasy ehaapaad haab?ta,ataaat ready.
inn I'kttkii I'vrt <?p Fisilioy.
? g wlsde*a,l* d.vr.tiu*. Lidie? wt.j tb .ul? ?oumuld
rinOanana lit? orrtitm ?t? b of Loam*'. Mi??-i aad CkU
d.i.? ?ami t Hat? I 1 bars SBrd un ???th th? treibe?? Pabi*
Syit.se mu uiatt-d tloMb hauow Oar m tl Itroadway pnce?.
(nata, hj. 413 Ur.i*d.s?y.
lli'?Miir'.s ( ix ?lAi.Nir. dt h? s ?miiatiou, and fatj
' 1 i.e i..ajit ,e.tv' llt'r ptepsrt'ioii of tue ?g-. This fart h?? I
I aaaasd aaaa <? m a ? rt'i' ??. hi ltas**aa
??Amis, I.I pRim tau tor?,, Fusjai et, 8toybs,
1 Ukatbrs. t..- R.nia-. <.:ii-:-.'.. 1 ?,.r ? t atkartr *B*r*abin
r -. ?. e. 1.1 ?vie h ? 'a , h e-'loiis M I m ?ir sre ?twisted.
I Hein?er?t,ii? with ill the l.i-.i Immvetaaa? 1
?Hh-r il..??-? lu t?ii-ly. F.,r i.ilr wh.'eis'. ai,J refill at No.
1170 l'uial-il a f.-w .1....1. wa-at of n, .,??.,. J. sr<?is.
MaB1T!4*I Sy.yr PaiEBT ALUM A!tD 1)?T
I I'uttrr.u Kot* tSTa BracL?? MUtii Tlat* Sun. Hi.' 1?
, niaii-1'al, ami ?? ?rrtiit. .1 uelTaattly dry. ALu a Urge a?
! lartui'-nl ot Hanker?' ?.id M. reliant.' Sir??
Mastisi h t o. No Mt llr ..Un
1 ^si'lilM?.
If ?ou s? t if taity ?ml ?. Il BBatl M UM ?EaM
1*0 ?ad ?t Misais aaaooi o r? ? s- *.? ta K.
11 I'ai.bwi?i?. N-.? "?. 1 :. h w j
Maatt ???aaitu.ent and Btafe ta the ?l;r. t. luld
.a n ? dr|.i:tiiii-<i? ?val a -, 1 ?
Lull" PaSEMIEI SiKAM IIratieu
iia-H smith a to. V, iy?| Castran ?r
TsbaEtMb, ?Vc.?" Whitk's I'atk.vt Livfhi
Tr.c-s?" cura? HtriiKi- mu?' iLi.r so ratas??* ou tue,
?tt < i-twtRiianalrrwABoii.iiti.nl, ligbt elaea, ?ut aaay.
?.iiei'niit t t O. N ?>?? tiru^Jaay
OEOYERtt Uakkk's Bl?hest l'remiuni Eins-j
tb- Htiti h ? ul Lock Stitch SKVvi.vii MACnraBS. N ?V"> Bru?.! ,
a?y. Esa Yetb, seal Ma isiKuioc.it. lirsii yu.
Aiiripii 111, laiMRs.-li.FH?.:."K.l,ti.iir:R,I.I..I>., '
..'im nia ?' i'afsT' tunan Lian n iiataian ?aaai M4|
1; w??, N.v ; sMlCaaasaiwi->t ,Paii?. -, l?i?ar.K?B rr., Ho?-1
tea, i,,H?.M?iit >i*a.*o?i iiBMr.iiA.?. .iia.vii, U.S v
lllMUTIelL I.Ill-lIkK l'ilTCKHS.
I'll??? Viii.eltr M |"t d./'il. l'un'i. !'? Sri. t'I ne|?
?ne? MeMtarad R. A Lisais. Ne. I II !?tl.in it . f*. ?
'? PlUB !" " Pilis ' "'
Da? srati Kt.A?ii> 1 Plu Haarot. i- U** aaly PB*
Kii.edy 111 Uta u-,ild lint ?til ?S-cr ? i-riii?liiu,t (. -
..I the vv."-t ..i ? - of H'ind und lile, dm.- I'd. ?. ? id ??? lia?
le.tni?iinvitt ?arp?n?.iitopien that il buCurrd PlCalysed I
:?m'< >d r?i nty siidTbiriv 1?M ' ?isi.diin
K. r ..h, hy k. & ?VaiM k Co., No. |1| Krankl-.i. i'.. S. Y.
?Jpaiga iLoTinitii iok Mkn am> Hoy*!
I.AH.ir Srot-k.
Paicii Hintt.D
iBH.irr 1 Mooitit. u>: Bi?ed?ep.
I ndr f-t. Ni, lnil?. II ,?.'. j
Tan7aEEEi Klastk' Ni.k'!.inos, Srsi'MNSo'tv I
l'.tsiiar.as. SfrTOKTru?. le- Mar.ii ?. ?o. s Ksdical i'-iia j
Ir ? Drt'i. ?? .mi} st N.i. 2 Vc?ey ?t l.s.ly .itleiialsiit.
IV lll.l-.Li.il ?v, \S W90att
llr.'ha.t l'reuiiiiii L.-'K-S'ilcli
SaeiHM liACins*? ?in BuTToM Hol?; Macbiv*
.N.. ??.'.? lt..|..dv? ..' NaW-Velt.
A SlLMNT SatWnra Mi? IIltH.
1 w u Mata '- titas?. Nu. uu Beeaaajap. ?
AT Hi'.m'.v, No. -Il'.i? ll-o.tdvvay. a larga i4
' ?.iiti-.t-nt .-I"Saos? ?ud ?Ltirra? lur ???rlfiriui'. s" ,?.,?e m, -.
? r : lisrieea.
CaVllKNV\|}ik;-llIlkOX-?>nh...id BtaBBBM Adii.tic. -u
tinte froiu Ms,?..nAJ ? 1.1 N'-i'- cirl-...' , ,, s.iurdnr, Keb. H
bytba Ser. H-inuieT liarduer, ? .pt. Il, M Cytlaiiwiae. 7:M!
C. ??-. c. I., to Al,?? tarah VV. Htehea ..1 B*iubridge New- ?
MI/.ltl-eiMOXv.t,,, Mui.Isv mor lin,'. April 3, l.ythel
atar. Fstlier Ciiiuuiinti Sign.u .Minio ol Bu.eii., lufy, 10I
L U" V S. aSlUl?lllS llf thin Clt).
Ma r ?b'iig I l'a.) and ('?liforma papen Bitas* B*PP.
ALLAlKK!? Bruok vn. 01. Sud??. \r'.: ?* M.r/si.tt?
K'i/.ioetli, witei.r B?bert II. All?*?, sndd: ,^ii-er o? tbe
?atabasnetT. ?na?*rg?rct k. 4S**re, Mtba tlstpaarcf
her ?ge.
The ra'atiri-aand fiiendi or the family ?r? reaped f. illy Invited '
to ?tl. '?I the ni ne 1 ?I ??rv ? ???? I ???- her lain ftatdeuc?. No 14 t
Washington av?., Ilroeklyn. on II rtiuti*?j e.en.n.- Bast,
? tloViOak.
The remain? w?l be 1 ?ken lo New Boche!!? for intrrnienl.
BAYAI'll?Tlss riiLeralt.ll'bt.ieat I. P.,v??nd, who died ?1 !
Sterhng C'ily, Colmsdo Tefrittuy on the lath of J tunar v ,
tari, will t?k? plate ?..m ?he r?.i?an* of his ?iste.,. N'.,. ????
Vlftt Po? I'asntl, .1 , on T-ieeaUr, >..- 4- h iu?l.. ?? ?| >?.- ... ? I
HI* ?tapes ni ibt?*e?i hi? breaasaa, Ih?aW.*ata?9?*aa* >>-.
?nd uf the family |*?rr?!lv, at* sv?p*c|nilly In??le* t? at-1
tend wltliont i?rlh*r ueiir*.
His r?ii.iiii. ?nilba tatau lu lii??ai??n. d t'eiiiaiery lor Inter-,
rRkWP()BIV.On Mtintoy iiiitartilag. April 3. Msrv. wife ?f
J. O. L. Crawler?, In the 4M year at ?? ? ??*.
Tli.) trletid? ?ul iritiivei ol iba family are r.-?r?a tl " !? inviltd |
i,, tit, u.l to.- I :i'?ril (rum the ia-.idvtire of her .ir-fher 111
1.? .4. D. Ma/un?. N., ! ; 1.,.:?.?. plat?? aa w-.ine.d,y
A|..ll B, ?4 ' 0 alo.ll p 11.
Ue.i ,r.i?s<.'i vgl'i,?? IsUfilead.?/. -"."" if."* ?-?EjjyoW?*J \
? m m i*a? i? i - - ?
CaATPrRf?T?-Tli? f-.?.???i ?' Les-.? ?r tel.???.?? OtatSatS?
I Adliii.int l?tB Keslmeii- llana. Vol?nt*?rs, wii' tait? asaeai
, oeT'uliT, ?Ht W... et ?b. a**, Iro-a the Fimt Coui?**?
HsflB? Chareh, Rrt>taa*sxt, ?.
fralni ?at? Nrw-HaTi* tat'raad .l??,ut. o?",-? ..( Twnnty
rwen'h ? an,l Koulth-??? et U.^l a. a?., rsl'ium*-. ??av?
rutttvtport Su nul i y. e?
ORA? lS-OiiM'mdiy, A;ri:3, .?.relilbtU (?rtele, la the TOtk
y??r nf, -
Tb?ni ?ul? uni ioIa ii?, i? ?i.vttt-.l 11 alu-ul t'i...-fur?r?lffua?
R T. ??? v, ? i ? u ?' . ou V\?adm*.il-ir. April i, ?| p| p. m
IfOfJlTOR-In Rrnnkrj*. ?of ?tatty ???et"?. April t, laasBB
I>? A: i? i, y or.it-.t ?on if risucli U. ana 1...U.I Mou!'..?*
??-..1 ; ? -, l r.'.t.Oi in.! Il il?-?.
The friend? ot ?n? faintly arc u'ivit-d to *tt?ad (h* fioarsi
BeSnths i-'-.Irn.'e er !??< psrei.t?. No. ?17 Ivuipkiai aie**.
Bio .?i, ;? on Tueiday. Apri 4 *t II ' '-<*? k
S\(??_~V Cottioton, I?. Y. on Thursday, Mareo V. kmtA
S??'e, s?x-1 li ??ri.
IffiTTTii y?It?Ttt?a*tt, r.. r., on sa.uija? ?tptu t, m^??
Own Joba R. !in)Ut'r. at aiKipleiv s:?d 77? ytJtr?.
Tita tcitii r . u ,; fi, n J. u' th.- ?auiily ar? re.-pe.tudiy inSit-O
' te vti-i.d tdt funer,:, en VPedarsdsy, aVsctft, tren ha l?'."
, t-.,.lon :?-, ScUuket, at 1 o ?lock p. in., without ftirtber in?t
j Mat*.
'smith?\t B?**jVtt. *? C. on sfaaeay. IfsaBt H, ?f
lever. Mi-i Ki-.l-y P. Sml'h oa-ighterof the 1st? ?lev .-?li^'iV
ft. Sa II'i "f the N. V. K. t ,inr?r?nee.
SMITH-At BtrsRkessrs, I. I., on Batata?, Ap'll I. Kit? W.
It? i i i?. I- i. .f the ' \ta Riel ?d BatR o t.? i It yi.r?.
i?, mi i'-.er.d? ..?'' ? ' nntrTeed ?f ' ei Sase, K.dwse-1
II. ?nt J. I.iwrru.-- Sini-l . et* i: viu-d to ?ftsi.d liar fuoi-rsl
fron St. J,.:. >-. ? l ii.rel,, lHaitaVteWB, ou V, i?t,<r??.?J, Aa?i?
s i? le'ektea, t
_ - | --? .j-~rr**i
? riw. ?uectol ?VOt?Cf0.
Ifow are van, Klrhintbil *
Optics:.? Parket*.
Comer ?.' Thin> :?-. -I? ?t ?. J ttarh ir?.
, Tie n'tl.l, OP RICHMOND will be Mkbtstetl THi-f
f.vi.MM, ?t gB'eleefc.
apeAKens. music, fireworks, j.
COMF. OX-?.. CORfl Af.f.
_ Ky ordere! TffP. PKOPLK.
T-*thTTsri ii sainTef anasTth? Tenth Wettere
tarn ?radio n?. ?'??? it the Kiaea Mi.?-'-' Uourt-hesa?. ?a*
tVJtilNKbl? \V I.. EN1KO, .toil. 5. At 71 o'clock.
*OBB It. f.Af..-. xc*. meeff, Clui. ReetSkaB -<< ?ut.
I illieiilB Word,
i I LI? i'H K m'tiT a:
A i ?rial?' ri - . ' ? ot the r-'dJent? ui' -in Fiftrse'.ti
?A'irl i.-l I be i.,ld
Nu. 7.11 Broadway.
at I o'clock.
Its t.ik?-1 ..-h mrmirei u v ii! .-i?-i?t in rellmi-ig tli* il'.i/eai >?
[tie W.i I. p- .."it u.i aii'i.ti'ii.jl Jr-i.'t, ? ml ?i.! uy It..- q'iof?
t ?il -.1 for ov ?JsiM-rniiMnt.
, Km tj r. ?M< ri? ,f the Ward Ii Intrreited is thli BM>Nbb*b*?
,ib?I ?ho?, I et.-ml II.? me-'.n?. Every drifted c-i-i i? ?a.
!pne??d to Be j,re??iit wiihout :??'.
hv or(pr of the Commit!??
JN'?. A Van i:r?KIltK, (iKO. W HUTCHIROf,
JA.vir.S W. f?HLER, THOMaVI 1.I..WI.
(?KdROK II. Pi KSKIi. J. C. (<?l.<-'j.,
Tln-.iiU.lKE ft. Blt?)N'.-S?iM.
CHARLES II. M.VU?UALI-, fhllnaa*
( ? is. IV, I) ?at.is.i Trenur -f.
*. V Rr.D ?ni r iH .-Sa.-rrt.rT.
An?-rl-hu liiaiiiiit. Hoi Ui iiIImimI Assneialiea.
??A u.t?ti: gel the Ana latlon wi ' o? iia.j en Tl. I.MIAB.
?piil I ?t?ep ai., at ta?- II- .. ?? if tli? In.ti.'it?. in th?j
eofot I i i. .. Huilitiiiir. Dr. B .AC M. W.VRI? ?ill ?ieltvvf
She .??????ntli Locturs ?i ttie ,-onr???. Stibjact? ' Pear Cultura,
W'hil to Plant, and liuu to Plea! to Urvw Large r ruit. '
I!, t TOWSRESi?, Ptiitiettt.
JoB5 W. Cu?*?:*! S?, r?tiry.
Amerlcati ImKitittr FttrsiiTS' Clab.?A meeting of
tha tile uil I,.- Bali TO-DAY 'I ?.i?} I April ? at It
ocio, k, at tl ? reoBM >,( tit? laftRate, i* it.? Cooper L'nhNi
All i!:t?r??te?l in Air.'eultnral luir rovnurnt si? Uv.
?lud to att?>n.l. JdHN \V t ?IAMPEHS, ?eeretary.
Notier.?A rarrtini of tlie VVeiteni m?n now in th? ?Ity
rflf New V?:k will b?liel/l at lta? Resiling r^oni of ik? > III?
jVi.nu?!!.- . on TUESOAT. at 4 o clocB p. ui., to ?nil?
?BsaSaSS***!* to rooprri?? alt!, the i-i'iz-ni )f Naw-Yurk **4
eUewliere mi 'i --.-!?' ritioii of tli? rr**t Tttrtori?? at our
?asalta. t*t ilrtng '.. ? i? cipfjte ot RichinoniL Let then bws
l'iillar'endi.B e
1). P. i,: I.V. ?'LlN(i-). A. H. H. MP.KR.
( ?)(. BUEPARD, WM. if a. ntLLrJ,
H. U. ( ARPE.NT1 i UEt?. 3. ROSTKN,
A. vt.'WHUK, d. f. .MIA .(?
ii i .it!??rs.
A Vory l..-i- ggi- end l-'im- Aaisorrsiwat
tSow Ici.iiiig per .tetinihip \\'aihlng'oo.
T?r?-- t --J will H ???Id at tli? prr^rit UiW j-1-1 val ia
ilon. ?ail purrh?*?r? | ?ay r?ly upon recciiiug on ilietu. a*tt
ei-n D|Ksi our .-niie ?to- A tliv full ueaeat ot til* HOBBI fell ha
ClU.s'iil-'.LIi'.H.-? ARTO OAR HXTLR.S
Parian ITATDARY, ?sn.\ ?R ano i'i.A run.
DINXLIt. Ra, \ND TdlLf.T Sr7T-<. (.11. V>-? WARP,
ka, .??. ?. In ;r-at ?Ba'attl.
No?. M 430 nid i 'I Hro..?w .,
C'ertirr of aVSeSM li.
A Mound Invratmnnt.
R. (. SI HUMAN k LU.,
No. 57 ExohaJige-p'a. ?.
ti ?it? ?lit alt?ntis,ti of tl-.rir ci-toin-r? ^.d ' Ue |??h!? Util
?a? r ;??...- -a rlaiwhrr? pnl>.i?|rd. of
IHK ?IliOAH Clllli K PETROI I'l M i OktTAHf.
A limited p??rti,.n of thl? r?a!'yT?:uAb!? ?to k ii ojx-n to iub
?cr.i'tioii at ? ,f ?-tli e. tt e J??ir? to ?tits tuat:
let, Hi*.Mttsl .-' this Cou.p*iiT i? n?t ' w???r?J.'' and
?la-?, not ?.?oil it- an,,unt tli? ta.u? of the property on wbW?t
It I? l?a??-<i.
AI. Te* well? *re Bars i .In do* u in the clioicaat S?m
Craak Ii???-? oil .li.i?lt-t. T'ir Cipir?! Sto?k ?I ?o ?nil'I that
'i-a r,!l??ii lawrel? ol oil ptr c<- ? wdl pay liAtni.o.u? mouthl/
tlivijrll.1?. Wit!, ?. . I .1 ?ttd.
3.1. Tl^' iirn>?rt.r. of tht? Cenirwnr h?T? formed it on en
h- n?.t bi.?.?, ainl look foiWArd iur thru pxittt to a n?* la ths
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