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tri?? Bnttl? of Bentoiisvillc? The *?.?!< nddd
4 andsiet af Our 'ii-tiiii.? I'lu? ? .?if nth
Carp* Prinripnlly l.n^u.nl.
Pt-caa On Spec-ill Ccnr?|'<,ndenL
GOLi>aaoKoi'ou, N. ?'., Friday, March '.'4. lank
The grer.t luttli- tl 'it WEI U? Mtxnil h th
Vorld ha* actually taken p'.aBE and, for the 1 saj?a o
time whieh it lastet, and tlie do-[?eration of the Hebe
leader* to succeed. It certainly was n re tl ta mam
aajre exidbition of l.'ebcl pluck, ("..'ti. Johnston sadtat
?Sther nmgnatea of the CMSsdatMJ had Stavtbl ev.nj
?Cor: to thoroutthly i;:ii,ut? their deceived troop* with
the ttcllef that annnMEa arma uonl.l he all-i'? and
tsrei wbolmtngiy ar.nit ila'e.l. I..il eadag Batter" this da?
aabEEE the sol .iers o l)..vis t-Mt| ! t wuh IM llaga and
?levo?ioa Worthy of a Letter l-tnSW T?.tyvtc. n
?JBa.io.ed by the bot Gene al? lu the Cout'edcr-iey ; b':l
-tait! ill t --ir .snjierior muant? e" ths w?i? U ? I l?
?add* hell iritlctichmeut* SgaMM the lillioii? onsets o
the At?iy of the Tennessee.
Tal* FOS1T10X -"?N" LO AI. TT OF TU?. F.CIIT.
U?>utotisviiic iia as ' efearj cIk-Ii'. n Ms
?houses, situated on I ill C:e ... in Johnn CoaM]
Rjorth Caiolina, It is four n.'Va taath of ths Hans)
eaWnr, and tw? t?t> ? ?.'.? anl of Qcn^shoiMgh, Mill
?Cera k 1? a ?' Beta sMaaat, MeeiaaVrtng lltrangb the
MMntteaeg wu\ ne and Johcna, lad fini.!!., eaaptlet
Jft.tt. thcNe-uselli er. ItislKirt-d n ? ?: ,'y |.y v ?a?
?a bkada, aad la asan paiM than sn aoiiaM'wbl.
?awii.i M !<?' olid B4TC Si rer.t? tl.it t!.:? cm ?'. :- I I'la
hie by iiifriiitry ut any ] oint, sat ' alng Men lb ta tagt)
?sjet't in ?.??th, but barpn a la by 1 itrtUb ipi n ?pi nu -*"
triil ge.
l!,e lia?- of bettle o'tho laeaty a*n in Inn "t ??? n
?Dentivc swamp, and was our antesM lasarla. Itvai
?rery dir.'.C.lt to tiers IhM IS -1' ? -! ' ?Mtilatty. 11
4be rieht and left i* a -u cr-.?iou ol Lilia, winch w.?.
accuped li? tl..-Con eile ah ?.
Thasc ?paatehnspaassin pM adrante ???. and every
aalatar, from tl I 1 en r. 1* d m n M t I , M I |
ajtabsd ths stiei.gth e| : at ind utl '.Min
ajear* vknry behind their aateadld M?:..?:.? un..
Bjna?ta*arl a.
Out line of battle wn? of c arrfc nearly ,,? pa ite thai
af the ? nein*, and ?tr tobad si I | tl I : : ?."-In ?f ?h
awacip. aalO lost te ttoW u <?;ig the diatnni wood?.
I I'i-N'.N . m si ;. ' i U -
The pr ?Uminnry ayatptotn of the buttle bOgM a
airly a* twele o'clock on Monday, whm the eaanj
aTepenad a t*1ge>rna fire m the ni? agaas eftbi
sTii.eeiith Corps, lor so Btsl bauatUs ??i kef shir
nisi ii'g v-.-n, net.'.? !y c ai tod "u. ! ..: arttl ?
a-en:lt IhM Iba hJklSSJ Of a I ii ?r and thofrl
af the few ebttesn ?to ail IB sliU ?rfasg la I
At tthns arates! a In 1 I'-iv-ct o.: aklnn] a? n 1
?rani ni : n.i s o;: af'cr the : .1 n b |y 1 ? I o ? u : Co p
?Vaa ?.nil .. Sgatasl IM ??<.?' 1 ? . ?'? I ?
eanrfal m? bntaaaah WhM a m si ?
oto*, clear ar.d ton. .:..., n.cr,.c i i.: >
a tus.i.ituc-ut chorut t! ,1 . tli"
?tremble. The 1 iticharpe of BTOebatiy smri.iict.
tapon tl I ear OH Hie rnl?-ig of a thousand diotu i
?g: I *, ?:.cl the 0! ??? r- of 01: bays t-il.l M of so::..
sniv ; . ad, We \ti.o v.--- ? p.-, the 1 >nt?
?Mai SOI .hile ?r nMh::i;'of this |o;tii n of tl.e batik
tut aNM tl.?- lean pal sl sin 1 tl ?1 Hi 111
none, ne knew too we 1 thai lbs bio.il/ ?orb ai 1 gaaE]
an The Heb. Is outnutu and M l ? q
?aere cei.ca'i.tra.'-i! ? Hal t ci?
ai ... ttlc ebbed and ft ejfd ?t*M BOY
Coa, 1 t j. ?ijjvtly, and r.t th? iron aterM si '?? iu. 1
ejc\ ? aad ?eaapaaan l\<r a B?nate the btebels apia
?Daily rer.i Iscxl U?. It nu? B trv.ut' ?Plant At t ?
lancti:.-fc Logan crcleiei! M the -I thi
?Dirts:m ?t ?reu. Can ?? I ? 1 ? ?'
?orcen:,'.t SWOpt M like a ave, it? blows fill '.^ thie!
n<d f. t Epou ths 4, '.?'':? i.e. eaa that had to ?tub
f?rnly 1. Id th'-ir peisitiona.
, .Hail,.:: lour later anel tho ene, y Was latfaattbj
P? pant ai him for n mil? aud our tro ?pe s:";u I ;. tl ??
aontcsti-- cnn.t.ii. l!e m < *? ?? r.tt a? eoaapIetonH
?nu p ?* a?.!?' t" stake it in ? toa ?! tl 1 pa aMa? 1 fa
ataiicea of lite li?Lt and of 1 he tok?'rT apt* of ths tsiiititr.t.
?Sert aln it is, that after thi ?rnartioa Sf lbs ?.v.;?, the
?*^ev?--L< 1. ! i.,-? rer.-w it ni-citi durrig tl.? ? vr:.;:.g. In
aftasdgtttheatetabi ntreaSsd ?er?. i"f.e swamp, at?!
t?ook re:t'gc in their n aln lie ot wuri.*. Thsy aha? ?: i|'
?Mtnattl tr.ciiu. Than ?rcrka ven for : u. .;.. tvim
Manated by ahEEM aad ritonar itfrim m ithi
Mrerik ef dur the vol ev? o. 11.;.?'?.- i_\ ?kiu.'-i r.t a t..
t**nk?. ?nnonnced the bi t'c l*nn, and bat n ban tl.?
aori'n.t succtssiou of n.?me bail? was nolnttrrnpted
nave by th'-irowu t-c ?aes. Johnston h ai irjtlateti tr..
attac-K. tdair. wit bbi nolle ? ?-.-;- V?.. 1.reived, ?ad
*aa? in pnEdM on our 1 tr? ?> I rig! r. Ill.nr coramar. le
em ?he r.,-Lt and Lor t:i <>r. t ' ? 1? f". The e e .11. .
Bjtear am 1 ompoeed of such tUrtalona n Uoaer** and
Jtclkhri *.
IrBgai '* cor|>? wa? conr; -. J 1 f II izen'?, IVcod's.
Cms. ? ?i,.! Su.1tl.1t fite ...vt?iu. ?. i tag troopl I
He rxtr? 0 e left, and were opiuse! to Ibe righl ?Eng ? :
the eii- v hi h 1 eeip 1,1 a strong raaiffon.
two carps cor. ti've ths Amy el l ?? resMsMt,aei
K> Kb 1'.. that ir.t.e Id ill cer Major QeaMtal Hovvrii'.
IW lerttle- eomuencel bj eatiie 1 at . 1 o'clo.-k on tlr
?xtrasr?.' light, and ?m Mbaa^Ph] ' ? ?? ,1 nedln|
?fli'i-'ji;. ?vt;ii M M 1.0 r the wave of battle rid fron
an? ?tel , f the line tu tl e er1 e:. "1!
oh-aty force on the rlatt and marirtaued hi? paatttn
?aith ?o a.uch *tu;'? ornne?i? that it "ivcr was or.,- rod up
?bo ciit-ek or repa.lsc him. IV'e moved forward in ? ;
t**?vl<". sn .' f.il uj-on tie aaaak, Btta ihundcrb .I, but
BaM Hebe! column still stovt tle-ir groursd, utd i ?agi l
saritii dt-ri*r?te gtitlat.try. In the n . ! gas bad
teen ?MSBaatj pushing back tl.e enemy. Vn 1er I. ? ,,:
ana i?.. ntadasaan? ? a Baal annsnat,cpe?aliig
apcaiit ' nre-ttlon with the lelt wi..'-. G?n. I. igan bud
O diffit:..!? ta?k.
? - pSMMd t'-.e enemy sorely from t lie ifart, comic!
BsMjlaaaM faU bac r , It. ire gallant ? la*
teught hit dnirion with gra'it *k II and brav.-r. i in
MSapa?*- Mi command firmed the left wing of I I
arm? a- ! ert Doue'eon, and haro asstingni
Mien la at the ?tonltes of thi 'Mtb-Wi t. 1
liirione: Mood eanieit alaal llllimibineal?. antl
Ci.ey slept .ijion the Leid eritl t-c atnlb af ' .. I r\
ne a n teg Itsli brav.. Iiu/en'.- dhuVsion w?i on the
|sJ*V*jf t ' . '!, Sad fought with its frniLii .-.1 t.i ?
tjMaa* ?l ?'ullai.try.
At i.- tcimikkionof an honr, di.rii.g p/ttob Tim?, a?
pr*?o:n.fs- ?t.fniir.etl tj?, the e onv was bear ill rit?r.
forced 1er three ?ue e ? vc h.-ur there VM k"*?t up
an?.- nteeaaa rear of i it tkotry, wttoh, for ,;- |?na in
MaaEly, eaaaaded nyuiag i have ever bniat The
any earth saeand to MvaptMs i.m.ith the ur..
anu tee i ml roar.
WiSallaMaatlIiig tbaf Hgt and weB-r?Ja?texhautted
aotidltn ,i of car troop*, they ?rnlered m thie fight with
aa ardor aid mflliitn, pi Inly In' looting Itelr nn
ahotigingdeteririn.it;,'ti le et . ,'.-r or die. i ley Wt re
ardereci to charge und dirvt- the SSkMBJ Iroin their
?Woi'-.t. and all the While urn! * a tuott de'iouilr.g fire- ol
Maahat ..
'i.. -. i . ::iHfal>r, aarVafl r, tut went foTAiri tof"
? Che very t^eth of the er.onrj withe.-tt so much a? ev. I
?She tdightor-t h sitation, i,e con!,n t at 11 o'clock nal
abrht v.ns territ ?, th* ?Ir trine; Il.?d with sEhEBM of
4leatb.eieryii.oii.eiii bav,i,K ?,.r.asajadtaT t?
Cor. aid evcty ? ?t its sight of ghastly ?jaailBlllIsi
?v. i v a? a moro glorio, i vktt.ry pluckod fri.in mir?
de?j*r?ie and thre?teaiug MMBaMeEMSa, The h? roic
"battalions o" 1 ogau prc-sed on with utiquailing vicor,
and a t?vsi?Lle??eouruge, dri bag the enemy U-for- them.
?Step by Map, tie enemy were diiven back, hi* f?rU
were tr.M-n, a:,d the giounc! be atiundoaevd, oceirpied by
our victotiiiijs troops. I'.y 3 o'ulos k In the iBjeatesaj ae
tad c!i!V"n bin, two ir.lic? ?rom bat battle ground.
The L.l.tiiig of our mm in drwiiig the Relx-ls from
?heir latrenehmerts on the ni^ht of the ??ltt,
aa? maguilitcnt. giual and t> rnbl . 1 hoy faced the
ah rlw.iid of iron anl led witb all the c?ju.posure of a
Bummt i * ruin. Then cerne < harte after charge, ?be
gtpt in m r ?ten batei lanw dli tely otaaed na sad w.th
lb* ?ii..m ?r eeaaanai? the I ? . >y of Logan's bnn?
rne?i. ? 'I ; ?
aittai wa* Bftsh uktk, i.:.. w? (hi m?EM e,l bajtotl
whlstl'-d through th? air, nothing could ba grander
than the firing of Wiese terrible uie?.?eiiger* from bat?
tery to nue pit. and fiom the rifle-pit? baok again to
trj Hi ITSO, It was a splendid ?uht to ?ee. for ?nc
who litu'i noltvnd, no brother tl.ere I It wn?ssb?tilutflv,
ti some patata, ? baas] to ha: (1 engage tient, ia m litert.1 j
?Ba**. la w hlai suj erior ili-trr-i-ination and nerve, even
i|-s?tt?l inperior BomoeTa, were flstoatonii and about
foars/i ! ck tl i II' l el lolnr-.in wavered, Bad liBHWIag
?t it* fierce enri.estne.ss of ?or ?lottrinii.e.l troop?, gnvu
wuy, tatvlBg la*et son.,-t Bg near four alia*.
AUK EXiT.Nl 09 0: K L'SS.
Dr. NltHets, tie me k?:l ttlrecdor of the Fifteenth
?"orpi tells Boa tlit DBt loss waa Bot more t'-.n RH
kilietl and wanaottL A gHamWaaaa of t' o ts**ataaanta
? BTSJ i BBBB I have BWfBJ re sata to l? ,,,i?<, B I ui if no:
taantjtbe 1 - '?.'I'ti'" r ''"11.111 100, The Kt-bol
lus? iu nil the fight -,i ill n : ount to .?OJO,
I.f';Ni:i) TO i.i:\t.i.
Tl.? CMvar.l'y Bet*] Borgsoa* in ll.cir tagst from th''
.field i ft .? fea of their wo ndad la a pise* exposed to
the fire of i ur artilh-r . The wi oils ?.????...-it" Tickercll's
i r.t't; ?TaasHaOab*. m.? ii axtoBviol tswatarg*
portion i.f tho ground. Two of t'e enemy's wounded
ll.e t.-:. ... tor uroi of *?**# I u ? i lio death.
Tl as* two Biifortonats n en o-, ..leitly hail been .?? t r? Ii
Se :?':?! '.vie BBBislB to : et auuy boto th* llaiiie*
. ti.ey were tSTTOSSdSd.
()- ? if ..'i- ?oVier? tus fourni iu r.ento.isville with hi?
Vet sol ofl and bis body horribly jnittilaled Comment
u '
BR] : UM '.'Tel' \ MAU r.HTtADf.
Toi'- . WBBTSr, con i.ir..liiig the M-, H ?1 ?'riv-i'lc "f
?a*t*.?T<BBj ii. Rnith'a liivisnn. trai BBSagaed t.,e dial
u't cr.i t! a gars * t isk of bnrnmj ('..?.'? laTalgs,
"?:.?? the Ifaaaa Ritas*, aad 11" setiag tl, ? n-n sf It*
litt] of th* Xaass?ass. The tsUowtag a**** from
LoRBB WBS ser:t to V. civer nt I?' o'clook:
" The l.i-i-eral co-nniandinr ic |?***ts Cat Weaver to
? l( ',:,,'.? oscapytBRtheattentios of the
? ??er.ior to EarSB lini :o lern the bridge. "
bi'g:u!e, af onl.i cght htutlrai naalats,
I cic. lii.ing, charging lb* i-i.emy with i|?
faraed aav - isttagalstjsd gaDaatry. Gen. Laga* nt*?
a aftendid UttUJtgAt, TI o Iruve Mtowa ? f
Bola, -ih low a, a i ? n I :..,,-., i ? ul, nt.-tl
c|:ar^? BSsa the BSeSBy, Sha* a thrilling si ?mt
.V rung out Sa tat nlr wnit-i, tol-.l nt of a bril
ISSl vi, ' fj.
The -ittnv? i? in splendid ?pints, and reudr for the
tga n -t l. - hmsi ?I o. w. r,
It.,, r I sf '"?u.iorriaora.
STE? I.W. Mi.i.I'.v',? I ON '. i . I <> Till? cniL
i-i.i.??'? bid lOOtttTf?(r.ii?r.LCTiON OV TOR
LMf'I.I.Ml RT, l.ir.
Tho Board met by anecia] ?'.ill at l o'clo '.
. It .:?-.-.-. t M PtSaiSSat, tha 'I"... W, , . . .'!
i?. ??:. i-i .1
a - i- i- aiV?;>"? I appropriating t i ?-un of
,M ef tbs Cundir??
\;.| Sou .'?.'?
Mr El '. wish it' sseraf-ftoa lb* Chair nu of ?h?
.-in" v.-i .i i-.-t Committee shy th* revi.:on of th*
* tases -asi sated.
Mi. Uurtn said the ProrostUafaiihali bslag ven
??i >y.non-ii-.? ready toraeeivi I utlitt*
,-i? ta bt ? .t.n.iti?d wh.'uever the Pr Brost htsisbasi
?a- re re '!y.
Mr. 1. , ???siJ this wts s testier ??' Tiry greaj im
su n ... thefaetthat op ntbereritioa aad sog
,-r.t. t: e qui Itl ? ?.r a .Irait r> ll !.
? : u v. t? corree i at ?ubmitted It sawild
' ? |. iota aboai 7.000 asa
He : s ofl , i- . n that the Coaaty
? be ?- , m -: ' ?" ? ??? iBBf with las
Waahi gte* Is Besjat* (?? the ucorot.aoe
A.lo; (ad.
Mi Hi ? IBi.loa that the pt***a*4|
ran or Btssafl
o? 11 ??????-i, topablle l.eait!,"
ijtd tli ?t the 1 ? t Ad -i te?!.
Mi. ELY ofl . n . ? the Got er at I ??
'??..i'. tl Coaatyoi Nsw-Tert t^')"?.
?State 1
klr. Ill I .M ? .? If the Coti-.tT ???ok Stst?
,,.ii bin s ?nid IBB County get bonds to pay
rs .'.!?'? : ?.
Mr. I.l.i ia.d he anticlpsi-d no It* btfl In Umi
llrecti m.
.\! ??.:.- - ?al?t|..'i WSB ?iV"'t-"'.
Mr luv; dealt dl? .-,otv vvl.r t.. V,.i.i.i.?r Com
. ? il t,. take only one-ve-ir tr'ti nt
? ??:?? ??,- t- f, >? tsars, ti' i? ill sat ??e
.. I a' I ? ? ? t II would be lo the ( ? :.ty. H?
: (Bests*) fir the unison tint be taooghi
, ( be more tsxtssatsl la |
let : '.i' ib -i? ? ? I*? rV.
, t! it the Pr?-?ol? t s call wns for
. i . I teat this c.-.i.ty rsoeiTsd cn-i.t for
,? V- i a? rice, ? ? i oni qaeaoa n si* w?t? m
dues ? i Ui enlist lirr,--Trar? m? a. t?, wt-om a
larger bout '/ l.vl to be paid. 1 l.e itt.ard the? ad
J niri.i-?!.
I niviraitr ol tl-.r 4 itj of ^le?T-Vorli J*
?ii. r I. ihibilion.
Tl ini il Meirltoa of tbo Junior Cltm ofl
Irydftbel itf of Kaw?Tart ?rars held la I
'?.el., j. ?,.f , aa ti.i.c.?i,y Ilulldii,?;s Fiilay n.oin J
' g.
Itere wse?gaits a isrt-r ?tteettaatak ?in?l ??,? the
.... SB did not ?,' p il .n ? of th
rairsi i
? Of tn -?-e II BtttUt ?'?:. v
" ' : ? t: ? ?.' i.. ' . -t a !. i it | ini . 1 '.. ' Ibej
showed ta that pntriattej.tell .?lit? ra
i ... .... - u mliiuthy their iaatrtio?
tor? |
1 res i not a apeeeh bat xm oreiflawing with
? .-i - tlti i .. i- ?H?, one "?' er < -ii .
? : ? . ill ke la terms of i wnaes
di ;'. n ? .'.' ' i. , ii I": ?. '? 'u itlos - ' ?' ii.
lb* . , - i -
'il?:. < aeHll. SBB f t..-:. -,!.? ?1 Iiy il . I
i 1. j , f t! " i ghibltiOB was a? follow?,
si .;?
Pr-vrr ? ? < - 3-..-t Her
1 T'? Wivt.. lo :..- ?? '..Basiaarl C at*R,
.' 1 I > t*Sl . I ? 1 ',?? If?.ll.TI-l i i. ?.
1 Ont \.? ..? kr .??...' I .. ?' ?'h?? ma?
4. l'on , i b> r ii?.A. \v . II I
. . . .An( (I-i lr.,V. .-,.
t>. latmn ? n.B. Oedars teyite,
..i ? .
T "? . . .I, M.I! -a ??o.g.
5. J.i -, ?- . . y. Ir?'-i.ii'j..Ai.uri, ? Ke.urr.
9 Pttrlotiai .Henry Hptlnvayer.
lo Al ?ai la-i ,1.J.'loi Ofl?, jr.
. la
'I. ''-.- BhersaSB.Isas R.LoiVl*?*.
Ia?. Tl ' o ,-i i' W. ?
1!,.. ;,r< ? ttion of lb? tVebstei prhn t?> th* best
orator?. , - * ra?decided by n BaisatUtB* of
'..i-o i.|.,-.. ? by the f? '
The gentl see a ro'the joders to?sy viere the
Uiv. Dr. < im| .? u an 1 Mr T.C.I huiaiaToyiie.
I !. . tie ne ,|. .-i led thai i r- | ri'/?- was won by
J? Orle, |r, and tbey would alao naas special stsatioa
ol Mi i- -? i I..-.. .
'I i o ! it -1 then pluy ?I some oollege ?ad nalintial aira,
, ''" lo .o .lit ,.<u wa? pioiisunceil hi Chan
. 11? r i ?
1 ? ii ?rtsoapenaloaof t'.e college axassatss.
Ir. uext taWBa ? r.ui. ao. .< i ': M-.i-di y. 'ij-nllJ.
Tiik ('iirtisTiA.v Comm'ssiow.?A iticcting of
BvarohaOtS was held nt the aflHB Of John A. Stewart,
e? j. Raatstaal Tntaisrsr April I, ?m iw-tialf of the
( ? --i.an -lo.-i. iloi.t tWaatJ-live geiitleineii
w? r-- Bnasat, c i Hob. tniillaji a. fadga in the ? h.ur.
BtstSBBBBtB were ?unie by the Ke. K. F. Snii.'i, **?>
:-ti.., Bad (icii.-e 11. Stuart, BB*>, (h.il.uian of the
ii.iir.l Rtstet Christian ?JMniiatoa, and by C i:.
i. brrt, ??-.,., sf this nit who have r??cenllv returned
(roa the snsiss I* lore Itlchnxoad. Ine inilowiuc cub
?ci [it.o'i- net- BlBlIgod IB BBSS* the prenotit prc?sli.g
Htlieigeiiey :
v. i.i. K. Dodge t'i.otio
Pastal ?fasasB_ t?0H
.Lune? Le?aos ... 1,701
AVllllU'.: Hi /?-.... I,K"?
C. lc. Robert. 1,000
L I'. Morton. Cm
I). Willis .lame?.. I.i?)
Morrii K. .i.-mp . 1,000
It. I ,a- A.tMewsit 1.000
JohnT. .lolinston I.'-'?)
On mo-ion, it win resolred that a Committee ef five
be i.pi ulatsd by the Clialr to take tuuh maaturei as
tlcv ilecni BBSS ssarv to lncrea? the BaBOOH of sub
script ions, and the following gentlemen were named as
the CsBtSSBttBBi Levi P. Morton, emj., Wm. Hoge,.rrq.,
C. K. lUiberl. esq.. John A. Htewart, eiq., Charlsa
'. Lamer, ??? j The meeting then ?'?Journed.
W. IL VerBillye tl.'??
,!.s I. Smart A Co 1.??
Charle* Lanier ... ?sJO
N'oah L. Yi'llaou.. ?VX)
W. S. CMitick ... 5"<l
U.K. Darlos. "i'Q
J. C.lfolden. '?W
W. II. A A. Stuart 100
?Sam'lL. Mitchell. I?0
PTABPirxn Afprat.?DurinR a fracas in the
saloon - f Estatal llariington, corner of Avenue 0 and I
1 ?elftl *t,,*aril ou MouUay morning, Dunu-lCa??v was
- o ll ? atn'ouien and ?langer?.usli sssssts* ST a
'i-sfi ? i -if I Csstldy, Who f!'-?l ilium ?!!st?iy afl*r tlio
? ?. 'ii,< w? ?.'. I atan was tattn to hit tat*I
. - >j .A Llaal i A .. lii il.
. Tbc Draft la ibr I'fiTi DUtrlcl.
The ?Irait, in ?i* Tliitteouth Ward will com
meneo tomorr? ? tnorulng at 10 o'clock. There ?re
about 1,020 niiut* in nil to be drawn, Including the
hundred p,r ce. i. 1;.-fruiting I* (low her? ai e'.te"
where, owing to the lack of funds; bnt four ?ubt>t:tii.c?
I iv ? been fiuuished M day, aitd thro? fur the Berenth
Arrrath DUtrlrt? {-.(errata. Ware!.
Cii[)tiiiu F, C. Witprier wa,- not ?bis to
put the wheel ??i motion thu? farytstt, rd*y ou aiciint of
the brisk work In tat n.iti.r*. I'p to j e'eiock yettorday
he had received H rcciuiis.
It i? to be in p. 1 !;c w.!l bo tnpplied with money I
aaaagt to p*y all roluntcers preieuiing tlieiuselvc*?f..r
tl :s wi.l o'.v:.;ie all BCce .?.?.y of ?tirting the. whael once
more. There remain ?bout 7io name* to bo drawn ;o
Cli the one hundred por ce L
Eighth District?Tvrenty-nret tVitrd.
Drn?iiiAf in tbo Twenty-fi lit Ward was coin
menced at-.'p. in.. y<i?terilay, at the office of dipt.
Maii.icrre, I'rovt.st-Mar.-hal of the Eighth District.
The anshn af person? enrolled and placed te Its wheel
w-'i 7.'.-J-t, and tl.e iiui.'.er to be ilinwu wn? loiuewhere
te the Ticiiil;/ of '?no n aine?. M Ji.r l?odge, Assistant
l'royo*t-M u il il (,i n -ni. bad not imfoiined CupL
.1!.,,-iierre of j1 e exact quota of the watd Bpt?. the time
?f ctruftit g. 1: ii thi cghttobe J.?i thmi '?CO. Alore
tl.iiD Mat SM MS4M had bien drawn when the ??taft
c .is s'?e p-i! to enow tl.e l'ii.ver??M.nshal to ?wear in
?uhot.tut??*. It will be rceun.id lo day.
Akermsn, .1 H. Of ? 7T Ami-on. M, 17*1 Lai ?v*
Ister, W .11, MMkaee Ah - I, BMcMtb
A..:i. l,d, il. 4i i r .'? AM? ... '. Ill id
Ante?*, W. M ? .7iL
Barb*, )'. IV, ? e 3l:h 1 -. kiniu, IV L. ?7 w TCth
, .i ? i. a i. Id? HIb i- -n. a y MSMaed
; i? . .i. '.-?? : :n Ir.. >. D, in? .''.ta
i i.'k. A, l\ a?n tl, 4th *v* 1 . Itaiiao, J. Ha... ilons?,B'y
ri-mie!], .Inshna SM 2d ??? fcialy. Pdrlrk. shinty oa lb*
Baireni Henry. 7Jit ?d-tr* ; ?. :>'..-? and 4?H.h
I ra, ? i; i f3;-i k*itev,U, ?TIM ?,,
, . rt J*jb** 1.4. ."nh Brad}, Jo u. r.-B.li
lii.dy, Jino-l, l'-i a X>th 1.1.d, J.d.ii, lc7 a 2oth
fiiey. P, 14 .- Ml COM I''?-!' I, 17.' r ?Ktb
I'-., r.'l. l:je ITta Cry a? T 2Sie ?4?h
Casuy, t E, M elate i . . r,js, ae ?v*
Cbey, Afr. .Vt-alKd
0 ?'., IV, i71 TO near 3d ??? liiia.me.re. J P. FT a II
i) i r. J. ?'?2 - M 1 ? .??- . , I A 10 ?. 31
live?, I, S M? M I rv ?. . IJ I , I 4 Madlioa *v?
Ik ? (,. ; r. ?? In in. r. J i. Man
.) .? - r lj ji,04 Jt.dlion ?ve I ci,.., dia, J, 2trt ? M
futra i'., a?? 3*
Kr.nl?n. 8. rVT Third ?v? FsatbU, Sal t?. ?4
r t.ra I. Il, .'-o w la.'d l std, It, ?t.. a?co?d ???
ii.-airt., I r*J, IV'.eT .- If .p lot ley I IJ a 13d
Utter, ;i ?.'.. 2-' v? MM
HeaTBsaa, (tee. Ml,.?? a, rltek?, liaaa, f ? 3Stk
. i i I . I. ?? Ii altl, I.MI r.riadway
Hart, M J, IF1 / I i . ? i 11, ?. I lile "tat
KB.MwTTlh II* .ra ?>u A.-, lei? "d
lludii.ai., I. tx, r, 4 t at a* 1 .... 1', l.ltu Lioadoay
ii ?-??. .. The??, r\J id ?v
lechaba, Hy. Ml 3d ?* j an ?tea, ?U3 td n
Kid ', J. 4U 2d Av r.rt.1 ,r?. A II. US B M
Know'??, IV la iM I 14
I.tt'.rep, L, r.resd.sy Lewi.. IV M. J?7 Id A*
It, o, risa .'". ' ? .' ??? Meft ?, P, ?Tib
M Ile* J. ::H Ml saw M rai J. M w 13
U. .ir.tb .1 I'?, w .?-.o M rt I, H, IM - rTtti
ll.nn, C, 44T ] sea ki.tt'e..? h,lit?)l
M or?, iv H I' r; i. TH Mattoa - J-?. tn'ia?
,1... V. ?? I4tk I ?, 4? 4 av
: . I m.? I 223 1, way .1 i , i ? h SS ... b 1.1 A Id tv
Mm, La i ?..ai? lo-.rv-? I?*? IM I ?! ?v
M? .n M r,.k I ?? ... ?a:h
ttartia, K, M ?i ?va SI Maaiaas, H) Jd are
Sorib, O F.iOth -e . -, r\ tl a tfth
>, niel. 7 4 Id sv? II.N-I..J ?Mistan
ti ir.ri., J, M ?v? 0 i>?n -. I. ?r.U.
Oplan, J, -Isi??^ r?d
Tuly f). ?T'.b. b*t 4 , ?r.d : .,- |!,??v?
It-vie?. V>-. ?ne r7?h heyne',1,. J "Bjr Jd ? ra
Kaile?. O??* P, - e ? th 1' l.i.-i. v ?te?taV?n
Rsnglt, C P 412)4?*? ila.t? >. J '-iMit.
i i . 1 .(c ....?>! 314
I.? I...-..B, ii?--, M? San B?ady, ii,??j,ij?ii
- ? -. (.-I7I34??? ttteppard.0 i!T?n
-, bo.l, C ?Ji J- ?V? m t'W.ri p ?Il M tr*
." i?? b ? ? , ?* !*b ???
? ?ci J, ItT? M i 4 ? -, . ...
.??. si a- , H, Uta Vi M. ??..i. J P, 7? ? J>
r ,-n-v. IVm N. 47 ?HU I I Hi . ?. STsk
,. ,?? < il. Ml H ?t ? W, .1 ?v
Ir.'j ., Du ?,., liiSthi* M 11, 4.? Ilk te
'? ....?eliedr, 1?.T ? 2*11 V. | ?. \? ,.,. fat 3d?*
I Wirtn. A \? llieimm H f?4?d ?V*
I lleod. Pnvak I.M? Mb W. ? .... H .'d ?t?
v.l. .?, t, 447 dd ??e U'.. 1. S? r, ?li?t
VS ??W :lh, ?ieo a?. K Ud
t.r-tli f ? i - < t : I "* I. r r.t , IVar I.
The drawing ?it. i n... oes ai il t mi httrtthad ?
Ber CSM atldir. ,1 n ? ???t?nia?. The j
. ' .1 by AU m. n 1 irl.y. ani wru
te barn -:?. ii ."i -a.i! lay. 1 be !
. ? . i mu p thai iU i at ' ; ' ? ? . ? d ('apt. d .n- j
1.1.ig. I'n.'. - it'll mhel I r ? Irteti .; aasani ?? ! M
.. t.'.ul '?:..'? ; ' 'net Lid !.. . c':?-.n. and it it
t! errfore, to trt ?? t!.e Xin-tee: t'. II ard Wa* co'.
?I nl. I ! ' 'I '" ?'?'il tie t.isft. I'e ll ? I. lh tued the
Bodience for tbelr ?jaiM ?nd Mtterlyb i-.vor, sud M S
l. ' ?: et.t after ?i I ?aiii.ced M ?'en t t ? t-le^ram bad
;, i-? i re-e.-i.eil fttn II ul.:;n'tni, eonveying the
gaasdttetefsthM Peteiabarg ?a? en.t.-,i and that
BdwneafB. rbatajtaaaanaiaatht*aa?j^?a?*lai'
a ei t.'.iuis, b"i :iy r< und of api la.? , afier which all
retired Mb tip,
An.er, N. Mb b?t M 4 Ml ???'.? 'I .-?er. J, w ??da 3d ?V?
V ,s ?? n . I.? ?v i.r ? nl *-*?
V. 135 e. A a* ??? '- I' 2H r MS
I I?- ?-. i ,-::''. i? a to :, J I? n . *2.| e ?d .v
v ; i Ii . ? i . .. ?? ni ?? I ? U .,.,?,.,., U I
And., m. H. p. ' ' )*. i tikase, S, :??:...?
Api ? d. ? . ? .. : ? ? M n? .v keai i Ml a SOU
Ai , ii, a s ?ist S ?o-.?? .iiii.it. ?I, oith nr.ir Man
?Ml? Alalia-?,, M A, 777 Au ?va
,J '.a*.
i'n. kl. v, r. w ? irr.iWI Ijma.F. aTl la
) e?tty."|i. . I ??. I. .Ms; ?? ?? d Bnrke, P Oli. b l.t k'.'.la*
I. r, J, a ? tfhk, b 4tb 4 Sth lUtltaek, I, Tllldav
set Buckley, J Id ?? i.?o Aitth
In w ? 82.1. i 5'e ?? I'.srr.. r-, 1.14,1,,
! ' ? ?ii..!. 11 41 . ?v I .
I'.I.. ? k N II, Je, S? th, i.-?! Berg?, I . i le? Mute!, bel
1 .- - tu ? -ti, ?. I ,..!,. l.t ?V
? . w n:< w i ,v i: trail ist , M-s*
i ir?, ..... Ii, ".. ! iwtw 4ih ?nd ! rte-,? 1 ...... ?satlliver
I 11 tv Brt.wn, I I'. . '? t -"ih
I . r. :? ? h. 1ST I 47:h Brackati, 11. :kti3d ??
? . II Air)?hu, BI H-aviiia". J, tata, bat M aal
I!. T , h, ISS? ,'. !| ?III ??-t ?
I ib ., .! ...e. :.e?r47th Berber, F, 11? a Mb
I ... ?-?.. r. n a toi 2d iVe Pi.-etl, I . ill tve nul ?Stli ?
sad sii.i ii.-u.li. VI r. M ? BM
Ben?**. J, Md lesrldtv? f?all la?an. If. **l i 111
Hi ... 11, I. Ii. fi m ?o'lk ? 1 ? . ii. J. ? iidti lit lie, BBM
?: . ? !', , I - Md 48th ,1
11.. : ... ?. H. VM-Mil Br?al II, A'ic. ',, I". I.'snd
Harkai, L. Ou ..e l ? ? . S >. -id. U a?e, brt
Brady. H, 141 ? 41*1 ?'???<? and ?71k
n.M..', ci. y .1 e 4th La ?arr, F. 1414la
herrynin* il lia,?Mas? Batet 1, a, esta a Id ?re?
V% : 1 a. ; jd Siowalay 'I. 1*6 ? IStb
Bernkafl B.eorl d nd svt A B ke-,n vstj ?n.r'.th ave
Re I!, IV, 77H Id sve itsrtkrtt. EdSel Hi
Ba ul s! IM ? Md BlB ', 1, "b h u .Java
.. lei (? m !??? K-ck L ? lh ?.?,- n Xdh
.. Id I -, r ' dhTTtli i'.r. wn, II, 2.V, a ..jlti
h.... ,,k eh.iii.?*?? H ?ba*.svtr ? 1st ?e. a MM
Byrne?, P, l'-.? -'?ry, B I It a >y. .1. csiih tad IStb svr
I'lu.in-ii, .1 Xi ? Wib Babe ir, IJ. I?e?;u-ii'i?ry, U I
I - |.\, 124 ? MUi 1 In ear, ?, a ?ad 24 ???
Carpenter, J, Ttt.'al*?* l'. il??, 11.84! Ida***
hieb Atas. ?Ml 4th are ? ? ?. a : i, aou .'.1 ?va
r?a?*aiBJ*l| *?? to-l ellilh l ?a r..? Ij,l'. Il I Winklio*?*
Crasser, l , ?1 ? ?J Cerry. r P, 2.*. w 44th
l i.wfi.'.er, I. Uwlli!. Cu?n ' ?,!', i.u.u "Hb tsUbsrs
liai! ill. )ul,,lltilll,l,earTd?ye I ?ii,, I.,'.!? hi t?e
? 'uTler.J, w- ? .1.1 B??,B?a 7DUiMe ?linen. A. e s Leilngtr n ?V?,
Chrhtttipbur, Ja?. '.Il lid .?a Masad basi? north ?>2d
Cnftrey, L, <H, near I?? ?ve t .-A C, '-'7 4th ava
Ch.ti'M,.), cr A.Hi ?nd 2d ?r? l'uni,oil? M.e Mbn, betatea
(nnerd, y , b id w 44V i, 47th and 4 th
Clan. IV IV, Ui v? t' th C'-ti;-, J, 1 ?b ?nd tv* B
( lew n, I', Mth, BaaS I'e*. *ve Clmk K -'IJ i d
Collin K, Mlb, bet Jd ?lid U* I ktay, J, I 12 B lid
tagten ??? Cairan, L a w e?w 4btw bBEb
sDion, J. <2?? Sd ?a? Canlaa, '1 I.. 17U I. .Mitli
nipp?, O, 714 4th ave I -' ' M. It 1 a ok kouM
Carroll. J, Hah ?r-1 .?.'h ?va CLrt S !'.'. hirl Td ??? i>^
Ckany, P.c.d. bet :idk*tn?* eu . ?g, E, ?cut ?nd id??*
l orwin, aM.M4 i,l,i, CllJ' ', ?-<"? >'? 4*d
1er BMlTj M. MSSd ava.
Clark. 7 O, o ,1 .,ve Coourr. W, 'i ? ?2d I n 3d tve
Cohen,|lleri,?rd,t?>l d it. C..,,!e, ( . Be*. C l?t ?v? .'. 4 Id
Cmtaly, June?, .id ??a, bet Clu?. 1 urn T, Tith M k E.
7'iih ?nl ?tab it? river
Cane, Tim?. 121 ?. Slit Ccnnllv M, e ? 3d ?v n ?lit
fnilik Pate*. B a Ma Tltvtr. ne, I. e . Sth ?v, bet 4oih
Caave. John, ? e ?jr. ?Vj-?l k ? d ?9'h ?4?
itii ..re r.dliui. C, *<h n Mh ?r?
Cue IBS, I?'--?. ? kU-ll b?' l. nr t'?l SSd i.a-ar 2d
Slit and I'll m i . - I ' ? ' ?V*
CoaliiaU', U, i It 47'Jl < .u, ? ? , .it ? I..I
Ch?n., lehn, n. a SBtli it, but.('nil, J. lit i?,ti,
M k !d-i?es. Cl.-ary J. b ??2d n ?tth-s
C?rl n, J. a ? ?3d ? of Sth ?T('?r??y, J. B* a f.'d
loi", l?i lllaokweili lalai U.CouituUy, il, US w lad
Patioey, H *!r? JA..?.* Ii?l?ln. T. Slat, F. r.*-,**
l)ni7?a.S t , 125 K 24 l'or.?? (I, If* R 47t?
l'ir- v, C. Ahm il, Il I Der? ?, I?, 77 H ?W:h
Do-.^-y P. :i4S K ?llb Dmel!. I, lu? E Uih
Don-la.?, J A, D i M Cth h w T>. I .%? -. 1 , 72 ?2d ?va
avi A Pny'e, II. net (.Id ai, d 2,
l??nll?, S, 173 F, 41 ?t Punr.in, t? S, BU K 9"th
U-tl.i. I, -'-ii lit .le Jda? l'urt, P, Work H. B1
1's.ty, A BUS 1.5.1h UunisJin, C, il, tot!i 3d h
l'nni, J M t. 42d er
>'?". M Wort H, Il I Purunr.I, R. tfl I .VHh
Uro,I.n W R, 11" w??t 48th *t?uiil. l'.l .1 U-t il^di.oi
Prie...!, y, I ?: S., .,>.. M, fit*.
l'nm let r.tdtT*. n-a71it Darby, J, 3 wnt 4?th
(?I'M-: ltd, oear 3d are l'.-a't'.. J, T3BSd?T*
l'eii.arb 'g, II ?r''? 'th Dul .?. J, : 3d und .1.1 rv?
Diisir.l t,?. r.Iil ?ut HttMhOlilil. L. TBlli tu ir ?th i
I , !. W. ta] M ?va P'iwen. H, ?S1 td ?v?.
Pai'nn. J, 41 ? .1 BRA PonriUiy, M, Hl'li u?-nr1d
l'ri.ii.rrmii.i, J, m l'l?T? IL,i.in,? i, J, 53J aii.l 4'lil
h*?..?. A, ?Ju A.1 ; M ut? De? - .1 il mt. U, j> 4 lotit
l'.-l..... n, J A, 31 ?A?t i-Kli
Kerry J, ?Ithhellth k 5tb ?vK.tle. .Ino. .1,21-4 F. 4lit
y av?ra* y. w, six i.th ?t Kile rit, A, i 3 ???r s.'d
i BB*a su, H. 3?4 r?,t 54tB Bl rr,-n. 1, n ? ,-or Mali k 1
EtlMIB. J.THMs? li le.rii?, A,&? e-MJ
i ln?ii.l?rf, J, 177 ? Hit fan aditf J, tHHth
t...?? i.tni,?, C, L-i ?r betKn s-.iil,.M, l.t ?v o? ?rlli
:? i !. i- ih
Pli ,li, Wm, n i lit it nr 19.0 I'arler, Ino, 161 * 5?Ui
Pater, ' ro. 141 r (Ut ivu*at,i k, Thoa, 152 ? S3d
finar, C. I entt? "i?ry B 11 K'-n?, C, k-.?) n:I. tv
1 .ray, J, 7'),, Id ?r Ki-?. J, ? - "M ?v are! loto
I i. .? A. .'.r. h ?? i I.?x!ngtoii"-l aafa /. W e trxt ::,1 ?tb
'.?.. l?-t 5.'.ili arid Ml h . I'm-moii. S." f w 44tii
Plupalric*. 'ii..i?.7'?t., betl'iilr l???'?, ?J?hi W, 161, (old
HO. ?Illl ?Tri ? ? -I
Palla , --r. Ino, 83d, bit Av? AF.> .-i. . rick, P, 47.) n M a?
?i.i b* ... I urtn, II, 137? ?'. ' I,
Fi.hr. Jiio 5n?8,lara r .-? ? i , !"l ? S.'.tli
IpAs-iaiX lid, n w siJ ave tn-1.Itsb, VV s .'. th. n??r 3 s?
57-ti fu ?man. VV, IB) ? ?tl*t
l?'?r?:d, P, A!m? Houie.Hoi. :i.?. K. l!.. ? .v?h
1,1 r;i,l..v, Ak*L 161 ? B**
i'i? ii.an, M, 41 at n??r L?x a?. K, rn,.,iit, J J, t* a ?Jii.lt
rii.k. V |71 bthsv
F??". U', w ? Sth ???, bat Rag .n. .1 nC'th, n lits?
Util a.,.1 -.'ill I- I.I..I, J A, 1 ' ' i'. 45'u
?J? rvtv, M. 40 n SM Oij/nor, P, A'mi Ilmi.?, ?I
(. it -, , L, 14", ? H8-h Or. '. Il 1.17 I?, cor Bat AT
Uttatlt, J t, n ? cor a?lh anJ ? I ? bl. A, .'?:i ai ?t?
* 5) ?V? (j.i.m'i: ,11, K. (Kl M ?V*
tsteales J R.7mrtd???,oortl ?? oo.-i r. MBMeee
I.I.-..I,. jTltl ? Ries (i'-nt. H, 5sitliiir?r5tU a??
(?ii.r.r,: R, (J.,.' ,|4t* Onn-i!. ?V H, J ?J BSggtB
l. . - T. A, i , r ?M ?tr,-et
t.iii.? ?. .v buy3.1 ?*a m?i,?n, ti.t'ns.i .?.
(?r-ri br b*. ht, 71 3.1 at* (i nuaii, il, a 5Ti-j. bl 3d k
?i. l-iil.? r, II, il I Wi.rkl.o'i?* |T?
llfict. VV II, Ca? I ark Anal fi ,,ling J. 21! ? Slit
in: i. imui. .??. H W f Jtt Oreel il. Mth, B ttb si*
?? n .-i.-, 'I I ? ii.o2.lar? Or?-? '? ?n. B, 9ektfe P?
sir?;i- J. M ITS, a '?? b Ku-t.,ry. i'.lv.? I. facing
n, ? r. J. 44Ka l.t ..?'k ?uav, r?.. rd ??'. L? IJu 44 n
. r. W , :i4 w (Sth (..'.- B, II. H I U, -ALniM
?...' 1 J. Cci , : .. R (,, I ?ri. 1(8 i 4i.i
(fi.'.. I'. M a.?, t.: T thRI'th ' -i.t! ... I\ a*tB, r>( /dtad I
Oeil ?m. L, 154 - '. th ?I. ri i. .S, 174* 41. t
?I ?I i. T. IM F. 4:th U-I.I- r. . J, n ?TT'.!, b? t 4th
II) u. T, ior lotiiaudltt ?Ta and ih ?va
l,.H K.Math-??? Ilr.lm ?. ?..w i3d ivebetd
, l td ??, .-nr 74lh it?l
I V > lit ??* 11.:. - ., II V, os7Ctli, nei
. m ia* '. lath ne.i -?? w?
ll?t?rl. A, lit I "J?li. rrar I!? I. J, 7-JI J.l ??a
liurd, J.7-li.V,l t? II . 'i e ?, 1), 3d ?Tt, ne,
I i,.v?r?t. II. KH i ?ni. ?' ?t?
i ? ?i i!, if' y. wm i'i..iiii. t. w y. sih
? i M , ? i 7Sili, rr.r Jd- IleaBal II. -2-> C. 4i?l n-ar
?, - lio ... .'.I, ? ? BAS i" ?j 4'1
II?, i. (i w. ire r. 5;d a??
I! . . j. . . I. r 4 th Hi IS, P. ? ? BatB, 3d tioui*
lis ... R, g s IM, aast ttb et Letiagto* ?t?
?.? Il.n,., e, Jla? near ?Jl
II -t. n. J, ???t ?.d. uclf M ll-iir?, 9, l?t a tath
?.a ll.rrio? o.i J. . w Ail
li.i.r 1,.?513J?t? i. ?.'..-, r h. ,
>|.?.)o'>>rr. J, I?.. ? 4','h 11 ... .1, 1. n . ....!., b.t 41!.
11. ? : I I' i.?wiaiic? Milla, r. ...
.... ? ltd??? 1 I V. w, J ?T?, 1
II-.,! J. II.BUtd ?T? ... a ''"i
II-. . t K >'. 4'i7 Mb. ?T* IlevI.KIl ."4-h, near 2d i
Ill*ra ira, W, '.?,? '.I ?V? 11- M. ..1,1 ? M ?T?
11 Buiao, J, 1*3 t !.. n II >u!iy, A. 44 w 4.1.1
Jam?yr, M. l.t IV?, ?d bon?* Jen?i, ll, 171 ? '? th
I . :^'tl j,.iir?. v\", j , i ? Islington
Jo. i.rr, B, I ." ? ?''h b? l il'u Bad Mat
,i i A,.r-.i i ?m J, a 2d sa*? Ist Htb
JnlD?. r A, ? JJ f,.',l>et?l??* " Il
? t :.!. J.r-lyk?, K, w ? 3d tve.
Jo.m ? T. w Lo P l.:?n<t .170111
Kroll|f? ffrr, r. ttl?M* K??rn?T J?HOJ.t?
K?i'.?lT ttC ?" -i Kl lAltetsikall
R.iatM. t*. B I IH sva, a t*th K- ? K Ci w ill?
r. ?aa? ?n L. I ' i ? ?M? H'iiiM, T. TD M MB
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I.li.A r i .o, C, n w en 5Cth Lu. h. W mt. ne?r 11 ???
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!.. ?r ?i,'.jJ, b?l Od ?aalttb I." a'-'- , l ISSi V.'.h
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I.Ti,.'rru,.a. r.n w etttt V2J tastke, tV, ?? ?iJ? 7ith. un
I ?. S W. 151 ? SU \,. ?aval. I., ? ?ida ?th. nt
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I Ignlhorty, A. IB3* tsth L?? .y, W. ???>,. ,-,.?, ?J.M
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Bl, ' ertl ?, VA' s.,1 .?a kl ?.
. I . ' r a.,.1 r. u latav*
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k. J, M ara ai i tt-'d
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M... r . l.t: i.i JET? Mi-La*?, C. 'urtiiSd ???
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\'.i u..- Rohen Ht w tOth tin ,.- B P, e ? tttks ttk?
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M, isli.lt Wi . ? ? M, se? ? ? ? i .
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.ir 17th II U 47th M .1 'I, A'.-...
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Mom???, (.?.r.?, Ml e ?Uta Bt* r?. CA.i t or 71* an.
M? i . ?..i. ri, 7.110. Im iwiu m ???
w4?Ii?t? Mrl'ltltln. I- . I ?: ? ?"th
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M ' ? i, ?. a.id, ? -,'M ??,- ?? ,i ?r,-i
IV. w ? MB a?r, M, ?er, I. II IIS) B ?'.
'i. ' '.. ?ul ^T!!, ,\| -i.?, | v? ? Jtl ?*?, BBtS
llc.M.r-ii,'l o a ll.t, ket 2d Bath
?i.d.d.?? C i ?? r?, P-Iva'l-'y. M f
II. .'? w 44'h M .v M, :.t.i, bet AlUae.
M?1 ..???? j, .''* Bah ?.c at**
Marl ?. i. .?..? ?na I7ihataat ItW?ui .. c BUBthaa*
i.l ? I lie > o, i, A 14'? ll.t
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(?, i, Mi,. i,l, iS. Situ, i.-ai ?tli a??
it. e ?? ?r tath, l?t a? V. ?rali, I .
Naarn r, ( . 1*7 ? t.ii NorsVi. J, -? > >n 45tt *. I?t iv
.S,i. I, i , H, ib, w uf lit a? Ni i- , J I.O.I ?*
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?l'.Nr,;, A. :<?7 1.1 ?T t'.li rn. to... r .'U w 4Ti?
?i m. ., Ii .. ! I . 47tri H.a. I i ? riili, n,..r 1st t*
ITSall I, w.'-.l,?. V,th ti .r i. M, ? ?aata, msMh
?i'( , i,, ,,-.-, ,\ i..--',....- B Is ?''^ i i ? . .? I.BtuMaT
d|i. n , i. vv m. in.' ?imb ?''I', .i.ii-.' i, ate* ?ii, t ,1.1 A?
()'( tlinill J. w ?:i|T.,lll4?V t) ,v T IV,B iTIlt.aWl .1 '- 4-.li
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P. k U'C, f'.l r.?tr4th*T? Pr1 r, R rfTI Hit
I'!, Irr, H, IH B ?mt P?, . ? ( , Air H,b?t ?Oit Hit
!'?r ???. ( !.?? Hth, B*t? 1stBT Piatcloek. !.. M Wim, l.t U w
M. ,?"?!.. .a l.t ???
1*1 ? - -1 . 'u... -:. ?il. ??? Patrick, D "l.t. nr?r 4tii ?*?
???rd .? In-?, H.'.tli.nrit th a? i',?i . , I,, ,' -.. v ., : ,4-i,
I- ' ? , ? II, .'Htl,. naar l.t ?? l'im.i I. . I till Itt a?s
lui.? i, K,!, M ?v- a. lim r. n? ,:.. ,.: ???a-MeeB
l'aiarr, t' I?, '.III, liai -I a?*
(J.,.na. Jio, i-'i.'i 1. m id ?*?
R..?!-.. g, Wm tr w t'.fh Reiliy, I', Il I -. ,-.i.,-,,?
l'v.i. Il,i r-u av? Hunan, M, Uli .. i?, bel B?
Roa ?i. i , i .7ut, IrtiiDtl k Ht
4 iv? H v ?. 1, 191 ?. 41
RaSMI M. n ?n??? ?7'?h RRI?>, J, 12-1 ? Mltfi
u. t ., tV. ?tesHth At ?v* A'ti.iy. A it .. sata ?3 a*?
Ki. i.rre, A, l??i ? 4? h. rear Rogar?, VV. 3 asa, li.-t.'-7AJI
II? i, o. r, I tit.il . B lava R.irr?, ( II, .du .-?..tu
Kii?*, A, ... > e tfth R...C. M, U w 4. tl,
Iti m, B. .m'., n -: a?* RiiioSa k. J vv.itiv? 47th
lui ,,. 1 2.U? ?ttii HatsiM-i?, J, i? btencry, bel
itv.ii-r, f,,., 11*4 I :??? : ,i?i.'..??
RtsBB**, H y -t.- S*lt Rol h.oii, l,78th, n3?v?, a
K. .' . I. ..,-1 il I. I. ? I' ... I. ! ,.r,l ,?j?2d
Ru .1..1.1I. ?, 221 ?-.-t .ith 1(..U. U. ::?j.:diTe
Ro-'.i.bn, J, ror : M k Ll ira R,,,?, il. T, 135 rail l'.l
II?,. -,. 1 ..m.. A .0..1.1/S.??, black il. .'- ? -, (J, 75 weit 44th
? .- -? I -I..1 Ri. ..... K J, 3d ?T?, urat Mth
--?'y (I <r 4.M?lo M..? S. lltkrl. MattbU?, 7I? 3d ?V?
Bewastaback, V, id ???, b?*. S, M:,ter. A, ror 4Stb and Idere
.'?-il. lud luth Koutb, jr. I, 7J.I, t ?; .-.I? 4iha?
Ba t'i t , si,:, near 3d ??>* M ,, h.?, Aifrrd, 7' 1 lit.??
ta**, Chirl-i, 141 ri.tlltl ?t. In, l? MHb, bat 2d and M
-..'i. ?.n, tin. ?-?
BwstlS, W U. 78 r lath Siilli??n, T, P?nltenti?ry
Sriir.??r, ft*, ? ? Htt ?i.tl fil ?t Muck. T, w ? IMh s?, nr Hth
Mi?ui? ',TJ,w?74tli.li.M4ihiTS|,,ig... S. 4M 4th av
SUiiwood. w M ? S4ta -?Iriionn, il, 777 3d aT
KlK-riiiaxi, I, lBrh, coi 7MB Swt??ii?y, J,n w ror M ?TttUit
Hrhor'OW. T.niIlM ei >d .? rSi?! I,.n?, T. 1C?4!?I
-?Inn fi. V, 2d . ol ' :. : .s. I,:.,.| n.. R n n a tilth "a 3d *T
Bti 1 , ( . ? . t*>?. i.??r 2,1 ?? Hw. A, 1.7 ? IllUi
Snu'l ?in. T. ? ? S?U ii??r >l ?? lean r. M, t rural l'ai k Al
r 0.1 si, .1. I'.-ii.t.-iill ry, u I M-1..1
?1 , ?.T M, la 41* Syia..-, II Y. 147 a M 1)1
.-.,rtetili.pl" r, A o t lagt** N c?. I. .'tl ?1 ?eu ..'d
a* u ... 1. ,i,i Mtt baili.l' , i., U ? ' .'i?i<9BBJ
?t.n mon?, T, 1S4 E 41*t 8**1 L, 6*9 N ?r
Sbrat. F, 118 52d Ps'h-noger, IV 1', 4? W Ktb
Surkblutt, A, t w cor ?5Slh and Smith, I', y*h ?ad 2d*r
Uh av Nnllivun. I 111 'd ?v
?heehsn. IVm. cTOth. nr lit ?v ?Star?sv. J ?V. Ht, B ??'Hk
B?ti?h M.Slal and K R tam?ma, I '.. -''d g S3d
Swdt, P, I?.S F Slab B-liuodt, T. 112 E Md
f-igiria. U. M .M ?r Belatlk, 1, M i 114, W af Irtar
?sii.imeu?, C, Ml l ir Stet? i-t.KII", cor TI?t and 2 av
Sali.-, IV. SSI . Sl.t S. heiJ, C. 14 I e '..'th
Sii.il? Basa, M, 1-J ?v, n?u7*>tb Sar.r.id, .\I t!, loi e ."?Olh
Stecher.. I, l'ont H I S.ii.ini?. -, cor ?Tth k 3d ?ve
Strinlisidt. A, l'eut B I Kc' saler, A, SOth. bat Lex aud
f-nuib, J. J.22i??.'l?l 4tb?Ve?
?"?ti-wa.it,C B, 5th;.v, 44thl? 44*r*?hi?v, J .S, ? w cor 'M ?nd Id
?b?tala*, J, Le* are, bet lud k ?ve .
4 .'ii ?sVit.il*.'.. t., ?30? Hit
"Hemmer, F, Ud ?v?, bet 5Dth t.-'wilt. E, M ?ve. bel 4t*ihStl7th
?? : i? ?-. t. uei. E l; I Hoil'ilal
Sinyth, ll\ t?t,ve, ne?r46th Erhr*jtit-r, T J, SStb k 2d
?-?' .un '.?e, T, ITA ij sv* ?f?
fi**Bt. B,|?|B of 4Ttb ?oJ-^tii -rertnn J II. 1H* aSJ?t
2d uto Btepbsasa, C, Mlh. w*st Av* A
Tronp, ll'o?, 7 e 43th Tha-mpion, ijeo. a t Id tv bet
T?WB*??d, S. ?13 3<f?* S7ili a S..th
Than p- u -, J, Math ?r Tarn? r. L 131 E 49*h
Tntatdaa E, ?its du av Tlinii.p?un, A. IV Honse, B I*
Ilioiiia.uiuir, L, .'.u, a? k. H6th T?. njm, S. 43 K. KM
TbIIiBMB. IV, ItsS e 4Jth. Tsv.or. J. 7Jl) lid ?V
Tinkeiluii.?, U, 4Sth bel lit ATrac-y, *, 7t? ?v naar 57tk
Underbill, M II jr. 140 e 52d
Vsnsrhs?ck. O IV, Tile SOth Van Rr-int, H, 3d i? btttVfllh
Valentine. Jnu n ? K.'d w .'d I ami - r 1 ? |?..), t w c 'ni avkSslAb
Vt? llai.shir, J, jr, l!Jl e .".u Van lu-, - n, 1', l.'S? list
I '.'i N'-ll, (>? '. Ht u 1 '.I
llinthro?, J ,?**?! 3d sv? Worth. G, C"th, n M sv*
vV_'?..n. J, M ritl. ave IV..', C. Td -v -, n VWt
Wright, B. lui e 4 -h Wsd.h, kl, fl.id. b lit ?v
tVhfte, J. in*4 4lHh IFssaarcblel A, Id vn48th
Winter, W, ?31e 41 Wt>??se?xk, J. ir e MM
Un.-h" P Slat, a ?alar? W.,r-ter. Il C. ?i4 r SJd
ii'i .ieub.?t. a k. i.v. e38th i- ,..?:..., u,in??nth
IVaJdcr f', 77l!i. h :i ?ni 4 un ?JV .-?-n. D. B 'I or M arc *
IVstehttrbiaa, L, II., e ?Uh W? I u h, li(,i,i-H kl
U i.li.. le T, ?ill Hi ?v? I*, all r tvysr, W. Htt v Stk av*
Wo f. P. Ti:?4.h ivs IV ,.d. r\ M ? Od
White, w, ? r .'Mb k rth *v* ?w?-,n, C, Ml a c>th
Wall, 1,im a Hi (<ld lis) IV u? i4.-h.-id, K, ? ? 2d ?v-,
vv I i .-, U, w ? .id ?ve bSti.h k near 4 h
S7Hi Wat-|. C. nerTTth ?t Id ?re
W i.s-n J,T01e47th IV?teint*, il I ? ? r Sddkitd ?r
lleli.ter, T, ZJt e liCth 11 agner. F. 71 3d ???
Il i u ..a .l.llieli.t l'?le it, C, 71,1 lit av?
ie ,..,! <:, 2<ise t-'-th ii bajan*, a. B wtuh
M?kes t, bit Ii, near 3d *v* II i rkt r. T L jr, ? ? 7?th, near
'Vnri.T, 3 w 47th Mit?
Il y.oto, -, I..V.I , near 3d ?va Wiuel, 0, TBS 3d ?re
Vermin, A, W14 6th ?e* Vf r-nc?. P. 24 ? Sid
RniL's Hba?, Monday, April lt.?There ?re
only 11?*) head of bullocks in market t'>-?lay, which
wonld appear to be a tu all ?upply, but then they are of
reni?t kably good average ?ju dlty, and there has b?en
?old here since Let report "It Mass, and MB at Bergen
msny of which were heavy oxen. This, beside, sales
at the tin ? n ti-v* n stables, and those BaTMaMi to-mor?
row, will make up a full wc, k'.? supply, ?nd reduce the
qnotiition? from one to two sMM * p?,tirid, and the most
on the b?-*! claa*. The top price of fbst In? bullocks
M day i? "21 MBa ?P B n*i, with a few rated extra
5| 8 -Ii'.. ?end at this the aalasaank we thought, at lea*t
m the afteraaaatj wer? very liberal in tiu-lr e?tn-. its ?>f
weight?. Batea Bist tUaa priesa raaared llElOe. 4' it,.
vv ab very f ?a n. l''e lower i . i-s. lie gnat n ait* in
i nl.- taaS ut l-.i .'.'c i'ho Government look IT? this
week, and the c- ntraeto. ? paid liras 14c. I* ? liro weight
for some of the liest shipping tattle in iii.iik?'t. G.n' lot
of over 100 he.ni M ?ta i? hii-.-tt* heavy fit ean were
tsk? n ?it lb. ihe contract ?jrln i* 11114'.? f c?t?
ut which the contractor? can sarerd totarntob good cat?
tle md so fur thi y hare don-" it. Irul we.-k und tai? we
should sn? nan esta sjoaa, aad the arm paid by a*
Iras iweebaaa I bo ?lata of iba Mirifet la in asnal
trattoa ? II", ely. aad c?ttle moved off lively. After
the new? of the fill of Bit huinnd wa* received, busi
Ban gr?w very dull. H'itch>?r-. ?"??': e?l to tli'rik th.tt
t ?epssnahl ?iv. n *t>h?.? naawttaaaji bnf, u h
Ibaj ?pirt-arcl ileie-imined tliat If Kiehtuond hud to
.-.me down, c.iitie .leiulil come down nl--. or el?e they
??.mu? imt bar. Pina the vtiy that tarn over? of
IV est?ril BattM an ?vu'ing thSTB fdw'td.it look? a*
i; . i i t tf fniy believed prtcn bigbn nw taaa they
w ib be eg tin th!? >;:..)' 1... re M O OOeiiBBad intlux
of ITixmI cattln Irom tan c.-, tad BS gold ttccllBM, tbM
?apply w? i laareen *? d gnatly bdpta ladae? arioee?
Itae fill till? W?ek Would Ian he'll rouob
??realer, "If there hud not besen a f.tdiine in
the ?upp'y the la?t tun week?, on uce.mnt
if th* break? in the r iilroiis by the flood.
The aheap market l? not yet fully supplied : IhM moru
btg than were Imt lew i.i the pen at sixth ?f . and
; m ??- r ngv-d 11 ,ti4e. -prh.tr adeotln of ,'<ric. P tv*..
frtitn . ikt iiiitdaliui ?. A lot of MS line ?iNiled ihe-cp,
av iB^rr.g il/7 Iks , gootl qnality, s?>ltl ?t ll<t cents, uu
ttw?astea Ihen.iiket Is quick for gextti q laiity at
about ill .-?Jts. ihe supply ?f boga i? m,*'.-rate end
trtkde stew aad dull, lae p-L? of Orel eaellty ?oru
;???: hog? i* I.tt*i2ic. sp m. I.re weight, di-iti'.trs, l'2<*
sllocBtsi ?mall oli?te? stock Hog? active at IM ?Lio.
and ordinary, 1'2 a 12|o. Weather clear, cool ana dry.
A Stsab?I Stoky.?-Un Sdnday ovt'i.tng oua
Richter, s Gcrmsu. entered ibe Twtuty awMMa I'ta
u ct Pi lice Station and italcd that he Lad come to de
liver himself up to Just!? e. silegiug ill u he was a Bar
deter. His storr, as told bj UliiiselC is M fo.lows. lie
an. "I la thi? city f-oni'-Coislo. ?i? ths liatlson Itlver
lltltroai! on the evening of the liltb of l"i brnury last
After leaving th? Thuty.first *t. nation be ?trutlexl I
along the wharre* for *ome distance, and finally lav |
In?,n on one ?f tbara ?ail fell a*le?p. II* wa? ?w?k
onetl. ?-.me tisi* afirr by ta? prcaeno? of a stranger,
and found tl nt he had i.'?n po-neaaton of hi? vivfiaa.
Du ntt?MBttl g toreeoii-r it, the Itrtatgn ?tiuek nl
bita will u cturti I - . k. Iiut It caughl in a buttOB hole
I In? cist IliiSr /. .1 it and ?truel ..?av.alluct, u the
e. ni. ubi feiL Kit tit. r tl.a-ii l.-ft. hot on biokiop bat'-;
(t?d *?*eing ?Jau the ?transar did not ?lir, he rei met!
and foandtbal h? w?a dead. Fesrful t'.tt beflaiaht l?e
.i m ov red. bo thtea 1 - ??.. frum the wharf into Ibe
weter,and then harried ir n the aceae, Piaeeadbng
to li-ilMir.h. L I , where I e ha? fraoitl-, be ten a:u, d
IMra aatll ttaadnr, wbea tbe i asscloa a ?sa' erbat be
had dona preene Bpnhto ailad to ea??h a ?toan?thai
he tit e.ded to ctiiec to Ihn i i". mi,l gire lu. m If up to
the Him ei? of th? law. Ra to aged I year* aad a ?ail
maker l.v trotte. H? story Ii loa! 'd iiPan a? a curions
mie. Nobody ha? ban banj tli i: a . >w .-i s the d ?a i ,|
lion Hic! ter gtrnof Iri? Hlie/etl vie-un, a: d ?niny rire
iricliiiei! tu t!ie belief Mat be is lanaa la ftio mean?
time b* is tKid to await further devrloptmnt?.
Aiikiv.il OF SinriiL?N Khfi tuns. ? The
t'nit??l St ite* trattsport tien, aatdgautot, which arrived
at tt-ia port on Sunday from VFUmtngtoa, brought a
B ,n be r of Beathna refugees. A party of those, con
listing of four Wom.'ii. a soldier, three bays aad An
inf.ii t. allia t'e nio-t destitut? olrcnui?it.ii!?it
?at. a to tue 96th I'rcciict St itl n at lb? lily Ha-I
temporarily, until qaartera caa be procured for them
i In- ,-oldi", nr* ti ?- it Richard e'. Joanlaa, of the '.?isi
Sont'- ?.'ar.iiitia Kegiu ml. stale? that he w?a at ll'il
astegtaa at the tt'iie it am eratnatadj ami, a? he had
served .."I l-i* tont, but ??*.? mlbial a dtoihaiga, be?
ooaaladed te abamlon the ?inking thin, and did ?...
Ittiis'iT Ji art-.it)?? A Vi.itr SKKloi'a .luKE.-lt has
|ll?t eol.ie to Hgl t tl it l! e iN-c "s no of the ex tl iofl if
Kensetb at Pnt LafayeTtates btlyaaa taken ..dtont
ige .if by so.ne of the i llic in!? t,, alaj a j.iii? mi Col.
Hike's loiiiity tamper? aid seakers? tit a boa en
hiiliilteal mid inrit-I v three are coiitine.l in the Fort.
Tbe gallea? was ore? ie< 1 on the aftniMOB o. n n- ti*.
ev, culiun, la the ooupl yard, iu mil View of t re j nui?rr>
and broke i *. The latter vv ere nut nvv :,re of what u?r
tl t> giillewt wa? to lie put and It netUird ?o tome of
tie otticikis th..: an opportunity a a? ajflatad for i pi ae
tie*, joke. Il i? nil. ?cd ti. it .in oriici pan ? at ting to
have b?-on i*?ii*d from the War Department, ?o*
read to tbe "Juiii|iert" on Fiiday aiteniooi,
M'itlng forth that the evil of bounty jumping was wide
?prc'itl, and th a the mmt vigorm,* cii't-ures were now
to be taken t.. l?ppre** !?, and further, t! at H trad baen
,!? ?enieti to ?t 1- ct twenty aaatn oM of th? aaabi r an>
fitietl iu Pali Lnh.yotto". Wim shoulil be luinir the follow
in?; d?y as n e\r?? pie. the names to hi d.K idadai oa by
leg 1 ha-,e weie t-w of tliem who cloaed their eve? on
Friday mgliL Stone were praying, some staging, uiid
man utterlag ftaiedictiou on Col. linker, wbon they
ret ,r. ? .I ?a the ami.op of their torn!.;?, inisfju-tuj.ee.
C)u the follnaiiig morninir the pirn,'? tren *lu.t np in
the aaatantea a ananriai wa? prepared by thcM and
?dil!-'???-d to Col. llurke. etiiiiiiinritiaiit ol tbe tort, pro?
testing agaiust ?noli stiinjiiarv aetloti, and asking how
much time would be nlliwed those whom the lot decided
?'?."ii.iist. Tide Bstoslre wu* iuierccnti-d, aadnanan
returned, ?ettiug forth ttsjtt the Col,mi I bait o<> discre?
tion fuither than the power to name the calprtta tbaat
?elves, which a ti.'.M be done at once, and the victims
hung in f.ftr n minute? thereafter.
From that time until they were marched ont an?
drawn np In line at tbe rear of the ecatfold, the r r-rte-t
coiuternslioti prevailotL It wa* cuiv after fio re tl ite
tim hud expiated hi? crime* with hi? ll!>, aud the
"Jnuiper?" were ordered into their quartei? again, that
they took a long breath and Lit easy. Some of them
reiste that ?very hour from five o'clock Friday after
noon to twelve o'clock on 8atnx?!ay neoaod a year, aud
that they would not suffer the agonljtit'g horror* of a
??indar ?u.-peme for a tluidtand bountie* of |i.n??> each.
Tns OvEBLAHt Tkleobaph.?Major rVank
Pope, Auuttant-Knginecraf th? Bulk ley Overland Tele?
graph Expedition to Russia, leave* this port en Mon
day for Sit!.*, New. Archangel, where be will Join
Col. Bulkley. Major Pop? Is wall kaown In thi? city
and throughout New-Kngland. as one of the most ex
perienced practical telegrspb engineer? of tbe country.
aiidC.il. llulkley baa been very fortunate lu ?.touring
I it ?ervit e? for the lilchlv Important expedition n|eiu
which ne hu? eiu'iaikiul. The laMmmmkm ?a tn party.
!;..? : this si I, of tiniRnby M.ui.tan'?, have n.ivv left
teg aha MSB! of MatelhEtt. and th? bi?j?ju??a41J ?ffJ'
t'-iltterwforthaealabashTnent of a* Orerland Tsts.
graph wnith ?h.iUeonnect thi* coarvtrt ?'?th ?K'-Jops?
can SOW bo consiiii-ri d aa fairly token.
??VMBRICAlf N?MiBatATI.0 tiOCl*ttX'>-M tita
late annual meeting, the following ssnUera?** waa*
elected ollice-r? tut the euauing yeari
I?' I ir? Prendrai.UrtiaoH. P??:?/*
'H Vice Vrende.it.Isaac I Obsx.twoo?, Ok
Recording Setrttury.Jabi.sOT^
Tr??urtr.JaSB Hi
t'omtpondiuy Hecrttoni.K. ?.CO.
I.liirar,un.Ka ASE I.*Iat)I*.
Curaltir.xlnwAB? (J toa.
We are deslreil to sriy that all coiniatUiicatioaa rata?
?Ire to the affairs of this society are to bo addre**eA H
tho Corresponding Secretary at No, ?17 West Thirts?.
IiOiiTJMif at liioii Briwje.?Thorntw Carth)
and Usarte* A. Liadaoer aero on ?Sont?** arrest?^ by
()tlic?-re Tharar cud Me; er of the KA Prec'irv-t, on th*
??ouiplaiiit of KatbwBiBl Beniners ol No. 10 (?reene-tst.
The complainant altsgi s that while at O'Hrii it's lioMt.
at High l.riilpe, the pi isoners ?to!-- from him a il turnout
hlwaafplB v:i!n?*d at tVlnO. anil tli?) in le?-?! fn?iera
They were coin mi lied by Justice iiaufiuiavn of Weet?
cht-flter County.
Larcentom Sititboard.?Jam?* Fer-rus, Chartas
Mackry, Henry Hiisey, John ?"? ?taibnry, ?ud Audrew P*t?*>
?on, part of the crew of the ?teau.er Ti-rt an Prise?, lye* ?t
plat Nn. 43 Fa?* River, were yeiteitiay ane?t?d on th? CO*?*
plaint of Cat*, Jolio R f nrtla, th? aeBBBaaStatl of th? Y????B
un ri.pi. i..i, of havit i| ?t.,leo a quantity ol cotton ?rid coRaa
with wldch t-.a a*eats* It UJru. About '"" p.. .?t ot reck,
valued at 020?), ?'?? r-i 'nil m t Ii? rl:?.?t? of th* ?una, 1:1 J they
avie ? ..iiiii.i' . .1 by Juatic? S-,su-il.?T.
Launch.?'I ho Now-York .Mail Steamship Coat?
piny wui lannrb on \\>?r.e-j?y. at ? p. m., from tli? yard at
M???r? Rootrveit, Joy.-? v. HsBSttSWp, foot of li.uiat ,a ?A?
Ka.t Riser, ? tu?(nil , eut tteamer of 2,700 l?o?, mt- ntl.-d tat
tbi-ir Non Vor*, lUvans sud N?w-Orleans lin?.
KlBSD? The Volunteer Couiui.tU-e ye?t?td*y ?ol l??ed fol*/
nifin. cliieliy Tor one year'i ??.-T?ca.iinde- the r*-rnt r???>lut?es
"I 'ii- l'o-i.i n-tre. At 2, 3 ar.d 4 o'clock yrstarday ?ttaSSBH
??uperri.or i.iui.t fir?.l throe BttaSBI of lbO gam? etch, rada
larga crowd g?(li?red ?bout the ro?ims of tue Commit???,
clieerloir mo.t vocifei-ouYy.
Meitino ok the f.'ommon ('ottsctl?Tiie Roabds
\njoiuv ?tTO Iuuk? i u:.iit? Ill? Hoard? of .Utltxtn???
and ('".ui, ihnen met it 2 o'clock y??terd?y aft'moen. Alto
road.ng of ih? uiisutri the b??-u.e ? of th? Bo id wai *a*>
; ?, ' I inH p?ntling a uiotlon to tuljauro, the ;.??.. ??t. roe?
en miuie ind giTe three siren for Hie new? of the Ml et
Richmond. I!-ti. I!.?.!, ir? to u - i 1 i ' 1 t ,, .in?
hood wliro reiol-itloiii r?-;iti?e to ihn aracuatloa of K...haao?g
are to be tak?n up for tetina.
Tub I-'obt .Simikk Lelkbratiox.?Tb-i ('.itntstt?
le? of Ariaogninriiti for the ?'?'ebratiou of tli? Vnulvrr.ary at
the Alt?, k on Kort RaSBttS met y??t?rdiy ?t the .??tor Hon?*
A Irtter ?ii receiTrd from Major Uoo. Jno. J. i', ck. accept?*]
the . :!. : to act as ? bai.-iuao ob th? stSBBBJ ef BBS o ratio*?
A le-.ier ara? a'l? r?-cri?rd from i'r 'Jraful't, listing that k*
ba*a*aa***S*d two pi-re? : " Ao'ler.oi,'? March to Sututar,'?
a.,J " Ai'.dnr.-.a'l Q.iick.tep." expi?.ily for*U'At occ alas*.
aaVttSt* of ?c.'?r>t intv wrr? r?cc-iv?.| from ?-vsrtl <i. ? ':?. - -1 teAaaaB
?rutleuien at.tl read to th? Cooinilttee, and alter Ti-io-n Coat
BttasSBBsWasj -?ported, the mating nljo'iined until Weilo?
clay, th* 5'h heSt . st t!i? A?tor H. BBS.
tweii'y lour hour? of r-aturdiy si.ti Sundty these wer? no? UaB
iban arTrii diir r-nt fir??, ?t vaM-h ?! ?. wti 11 '.jMy ?n ?*
-:r.-.,?f, lot? of ?S7...0.*. It i? but j .-.i ?ad r.ght to ?ay tliat the
conduct oi th? rue PwparUurBt was u . a elkieLt and iigbly
A YouTarm, Coxtidbnck Opruatoh.? Oa Ubo
21?t of Nov. miwr l??t. 11,-uiy \'*a l,.,r-oii. aged la year?, dl?
tape led f'<m '? ? home ?t No. (t) .?ruk-li.. ?nd ha? aa*
??BBBSaSB l.??rl fr-m. A f.-v? d ,y? ? : i the Ittlo-r o: t .? BataW
>:i.C i.Aii ?a? c? 1x1 up. ri by a y in g uiaii, trBe ?t titi Laa*
.r wte ?tii .: lip ? v ir t'orp-aii-r, ? 11 pr-o-uri! * IsttSB
p rpnrtl g to d?e ta* btsarsf sattM i-ytoiak? the ir,-?????p
itepe lo tears the wltersebtst? efjaamt Va* R??| ?? *"0**>
'|ut ii y lie , . led, uid int'.rined .Mr. \ an Uergen tint 1,1? 10*
? it Iro'viir-J. tb it he had ie .rnerl wher? the be?!? ? ? b-iriat.
a?-1 ii in.u?T ??? terni? be.' l.lui.h?- w.- ildb-'inii? ?m. l,,l,cltjA,
t.ri nun nil ? ?l-u^-at, Mr. Van ilris-t n adraoc. -i Mat oaarfp
|i..i and t v : .n lly Bktt? all the as e.-,?.,-y ?r. a.,.,--i.? ?.?fa?
th? finirai. \Vl.il? tho?? art***? i ie..t? wrra in pro?ri??, Jala
Van liaigeuc ll?d '.u..u loipm-'-.r tir,? i.;. r fbr fart?t r iuitar?
u tieni. n id w t? t, 11 br Inn? thai b? hid LwliMii: llrd Va*,
tardar, ii.? youthtul lonS !rn -e no?, i-er w?? ?rr?.t?d, Wat
!.....,i ir. he lirory O. ? -ty w ?- ? ??a;, nt? r?i ? n:. .-?lataa
, ?Ki.-I 11? .. ?-. k-i .wi. 'o t.-'? " I!'?. l-.atl ? lingA? <??*?>
uiui*d k.m toi trial in def.ult et ai.oUO bill.
fA-lvrrtla?! ??--.]
rossTjiii'Ti-ix-i oNBcnTaWf.
?W? ?ay to r r . m . .- log ? '? n ; \ ... u\ aej?rvrr ?t**?
f th? dil?r?r,'.?- I'r. it ISmABT S ' OK .,.** IAL I O'.UIll)
?ui, o :? rnui.y ?? ? up ?y 'n* il "d ?asi i ? i. d o the
lunp ?tul ?i? '-?I i. - pruicp't? ol the lag t< t opet. Ina ia>
fl.tii,? d ?or. ? il t..? tur*? Mitl ?? p t .?1. dec.TSl ou,?. -?>??**>
p,,,?.!. Bt. :? >,?..:. Taa ii>?. <R*a iRa ?. u...a?.t?b
a***! power 'o d ??ni?? abe Ihieb Bsata* pt ?t. ?-? ?ptss
tTlad p.??.ur i et fie m-..-? m i >i;eli it ntm il..- .---t*???.
la? lis* far? i a* ? OkelAL p i a* IB* tdftd aad aMHBB
of al . of i. .? !.. '.ft thai iaCOI..?'ailt .. ' *BB '? .? ? rr*. a*.
-,. I -,d, t. r ...'. I t Biriin, llln-el.r? Bi'.rIVl, i-4
?. Skia l>i? -?, ir.' e ;? ? rr 1 liy fs. W l'.'aBT*.
Pi?k 'i KKK Taa ? oui) : al. (.tLc, .No le Nert-i Second tt,
I' I aWls**?,
.-t, . i. n i ..XBsii D'i Drug did Ce*fl?a**l sVarrhcn??, H*.
5.14 Bioada?y. .N. Y.
?le?r.T*rk ?.???lar Sikaal lints ABsdwa?*?
The Anniversary Meeting of this, iSVw-Yoett
Sunday School l'mon was held on S-tmL'.jpfvi'nin.r nt tha
Hex. Dr. Thoir.psnn's (.'hr.rchj'corr.er of Br?vt-i? -,v ant
Thirty-f.>nrth-it. There wot a l.-'tce ?Rtlen I mc* sf
1 idi?i and i-'-ttlTi'"1. who evince,! by ||e:r | - -eenea
vlie iutcrtf-t ii,.;. I. c. in this n<>tle u -!?rt-'kiii?r. Tbs
e.?slii.'i Bosainetieed with nu Iniaressir* *o4
ippiopnate prayer by thsneei'or Ferris, Which ? is !*??
mrdietely followed by tha sUnglne; of the Cru i hymn bg
the el II Iron of the Sunday Rasapi '11.? ni-ti'.- ? waa
aiidre.-- ol by (,'liancellor Ker'is.
The Secretary, Mr. liurtia?. r-ad tha Keport. frost
iv l.ii-h it appeared tust by tie Sunday SaVi U ol N'ew?
Voik m the Union t-.:*") -as? ?u'?'-ibed during tha
past **ar,aboul ?.' 000 lararerthan the amtssiit ?oiWrlrss?
? he yeer before. There was put into ths tn-aaury frosa
other schools not in connection ? it h thssXT ?ioa ?l^,4*Jt,
iiiakii?' altogether 11C,~'.*.K The c.-lletnloiis roeiratl
from shnrc'cs, donations, Ac. amounted to ?li'JtMl
One thousand one hundred and twenteafoir Sunday
?chools have been org-.iisetl ilnrtng the iHtyear, 4?.HT
children gathered into them. 4.11'.' ?chotis have bee*
saisi and visited, niakinr the whole nutsner of schools
visited and aided ?,'...0, and the numbH of children
reached through its misai 'mules -.'.'?'..r.v*. They visite?!
23d famiiii's siul dbrtributed 5.IJC1 b.llcs atp testsinentt,
nn.l trHTslcd IsM\(i76 mile?. Ii is ?aid tWt there as*
shoal 90 C'tJotiihlren in the City of N'ew-Mi k who ha**
never been in a Rattl ?f ?? BsoL S. v-rd Uher ir.terest?
Inir statenionts were m.-ido by th?? IflavsetK In eoneH
.?ion he iulvoeatetl the nece?.<:v of rutiewglex'rti'a aad
tli* continu?*?-?' of the work.
The Ker. Mr. Thornpson and the Rev. Mr. Kirtredg*
spoke ut considerable length,.after v? 1,8th a co?ivtisat
was takBii up a:.?I a considerable sum su!?R|ribed.
Lt iTli; R0WRBT.
Tho pb.ntopritpliic ittlliyry tml di
Fli?ah?th B.ileh. Na. I?-I Wowerj. Werr to. ?
algbl r.? th? auiou i of s>2,i'?Ji'. 1o?ur?il fot th
St.,Miik*. ( ,.. Mr?. Basket v??i rn'i.tl fi
b.i'.hn.-.'.y Phil p A Da.'o.n. .11 ?xrmpt u.e _
V.u. Ne. 40. 'Im- fini ?jor w.? c ? . !'.. II.'H. l'rrL.ua a
H t.., ******* lu c.ryiri.. Los? as KeeB By tram, OkltR Ia>
?.ir.'Hu th- l(iii?ri?. S|ii;t--- ..ut ?11 I ..Irr (Sti paaira. Ne?
I2? i? otAi'ipi"'' I? (I. ?'?f Bakel de*lef ui fawioiurr. -??o?*,
?tim??!i4t diiin.od I.T w.iter. lu.ur.-d. TneB;i..:ng N*. 1IR
UowiefbjC. V'. Aiid.-ron. !.???? ab >?t tMfmtX uiaisdk
Th? t*?ing e?'.?ti...iiii.rot, f John ?'1 ir- n ?l,?t*^r t.f No. ?VstS
?li.nl.:. Waaierio'i? T .l.'Uis.-ed b? nre. (.???% SJOO.
Tha ?tab!? of Patri-k U-??.-rt?. ?--?ni. r ?f Klav''''1 ??- ??>*
ttlll B J WiasHst. wa? d?i:roy?d hy tu? on Rsturd.y uijrm
I.-.- -.. f O-i No iuiuran-r.
IN B?Ut)WAr.
Th* ?aloon of S.n.url Krluri. corner of Prosdway aast
HSBSIBS Bi. w.? .?rlon.ly .luiiaged bv Br? on .-un.i.y oi?.i*
los. !.. ?. -n .I...A ??<? ??!?"??;,." " ' . '" ' ', \L?''I , T
i,,th?'lVAdr.m..B.Coo.p.?T loe l?tol '?.^.t ?"???"?
d??l?rlt, (tri.tle.ii-ni i..ii'i?lunt ?"?d?. No. 60. Brealwsj.
N.i-1 was oe?nrl"t l'T Tmtle, J.-st.-r in rin-ier joe, .......?^.
? atsBJSB*tll de?troy^ Owiaa M the ab?*ue? ef th? ?eraa?.
^irUseei not b.\.cn:, o.l l?a_ass?? SBitjas ?x ?he
bull.llng.,?o<-iipi.-dbT Ch.rl?. lt. brll, photofr?ph.r. Lern
oo stock by ?star, ...?ht. _
in nrtton-nanK. ?,._.
The eraeker-bakery of Mr. IV'rr R. Ano>r?on Na. M Fal?
t?n ?t.. wa? d.ni?4?Ml by tir. ob ?sunAtoy looreing t* lU u???*
oi R I?? i iaiured.
15 THtBD-AriNl X.
A bar?, oeeopled hy Mleb.rt Kelly. BaisarSf ?Ota tas tas!
and ?itbth-?t. an?! Third-are., wa? c,mpiet?Iy ?V.lroyml By
mrZmi ,?aataSap sesasBi (ses. *?j?tt, a? iosuiano?. Tae
?ttr? a- a? th? work of an lnoeodliry.
Bbota? AasAiLT.?Willism WilHatris aa*
!a,n?. Mtiilen WrT* on .-'anduy UOIIIasHsi by Ju?ttc? M?*s
Beld tot brutally B**?l I s' '??<-''> Kliiir oi. th? .?'?d mW UkSSS
eer I ????? in lb? ?? "'i >" l-*' ?' ?????? ? - '- ?tSBBBj
?UJ ? ta?d ?v? 70 1 ?si uaottxcsj ?1 .J re? 0 vit.

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