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New-York daily tribune. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1842-1866, April 04, 1865, Image 8

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', "r J-' *^
? ^ ? S if ?
p4 ?o?
? i? i , gj
f S "s?
s / /
' - ? ; :'? PRIVATE BRIDGI
; VIO tfi :?E?-_
?f X. . j^ . J ;/ eje
i v" ?- *>?>0
- ?? V ? '' '' sa
A ; "in4! OREyREficHS
' ? Plant?t oiw*
. ! ? ?; V I
2. flan rAT ?m
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' s. / ' ' . \ / ' .
HlLLvNl _^W
? v - vV/^W/ /
*??/ y?,/x/ / *?/ /
.. ic ltijHal /V?/y;/
? ;
e^-iJSH^JU FLAN? _
L ,, ?. .
?7-^ . - - ,
^'->(v.,'>'^'/77ir?,r..^ ? \\/i??_<--le.?,''',',*.....u.
RICHMOND^^iatvu i r FAILFOA0f-^irVJ??^
hlllHlllllinillUHHiniMIHINgtiMlM \
MB L-7?
of the
City of Richmond
/wA/a? v/c/A/rv.
From Official data.
., scale: Of MILES
%g?cvr [^
-\. .'\>v%^
I ^^-^?HRI^- (VII LES]
-? - ?a
_r?r?tlmied trom r-'tret Fauge.
.heir ranks by the Kein-)? ln-bintl their a*t(att. IBOBW rt? I
in raaiBtaJning their new line serern! hur.ilnd ?urd? b,
advance pf the Line they orcnj led in the morning. Ta-?i
stiTis.on!?. of Hill's Corp?; hol?! the l.clx-1 li.ie in frnr.t ol
the K*?conil f'orp?, the oihtr ilitiinn b?-ing o|i)>oeea to
:be Twenty fourth Corp?, which joih? the Second oi. the
ragbt; th? ground ov?t a hit h tl.<- S com? Corps longl-t.
? it for the most part oov?red with pin* for???.*, which,
? Mta kllording good k*?slti I Ha u a**a? aw* urifaroi
Bb> f?r Hi.? I HHOtst nt? und Ihr mninlerar.ee ?s*nu:
aa**! Il "'???s it&T.
?T**] j vtmtt An**! <.i o? ??' ntri rfanr
me, MOaVa-H iiaalHH tontito* aeeasfcj * Ha
! S-ctiil MB l"ft c.'tiLecliHg wKli Ihr S( codal 11-sU-hrr S I
Urn, and ?.light jalaatf Ht H? afina s.x.i. I Hj-f*.
a rciiioi? ciiAUOP
| ba* dfiigrht this B*aH?*f the Rebelt Bad? a
furioti? aaaaolt ?i? thi? i-'ition of oar lina, Ii
portion of the Thud fcafteja iron? ?ll** Bi ?"" aajrtt,
aud tanoatttf asnal eiRhtr ?r a bss*B*d pri asera
Thiir ?nt???? Iioir.-ii i.iid not Wat ia*g, fl ' '""i:' ,v"""
?yliAi i i. bf B g'lllant i hinge icinp-'li'!-? - ?" ? BS slmu
don tUirposit.onaiiddriiitig the?? bsi? kspsad lu?lr
rirsi ti?ttle line. A ?.Http hie v. BB BaOt 't? '"? Oa\f ?? ,",,,,
,,,,?? llvtinii f. tie hot hreby BOf ?harp.l.on,. n, t. .
i-neu.i vi *t .mahle lo work bat pat*, ?nd ?*a*BI |* all'
,,,, , w i at .i !l 's? cci:tt"1 on our lido IrSH sin Ils
Oej bsy/tajsit* i.?.?'-".', nuts* an .:.?<.'-?>?' ' : ? ''"
their i-ttrncl Biso'.B, Miicb m!-.?t ha?? otd??<l vh*w
?OlUt) I? ?v.
aunt. ??'?is.
There wa? litil- ggbtiitg ll rVssl sf tas asatb C?ss*t
l: I'll night, Wt?tl (Ottsideisbl? sli"Ui|tg <??- ?ilisl.
?.IN'! .lhTr|
q ???? iIm -?ig.," i .1 ? s ibaMiatb Oswfi R sat
A OR? r':.'.'- ' 5 Bavttfltfl ? -,
So ?oat'cr? llBSd BRttl 10 O ?lock, ?i.e., tin- f*( til
Beta >t?rie . lata ? i-r attst -, ia bj i Hsrsl ci?
..u lb .r h**t, -? a I Bill ? s loQryi 'I ' ?
bwltsstat jtssaal t'.eir de< p ' its loth? ?iia.i?' ? \
i- ?' : , ?oi ,- -,voi ,|s : i s m i' the i laii'ir, art' sa
fill, j!!.:iiii:,:it(?l by tb?, ?!?,'?. 'I battl Lag ?;"? ?1 (S'il
10lb* fro;,I Bf ?he I n-.'?:?; I'o.ith Co,?'?. I'd .. ;?'
? xli' i' "a bwby? ??? theiish, ? II ?? re* ' i '. I \ ? ?
Corp?, alao'dt !1 Batel iv ?. | tlae |taj Bghti i-C wa?
it it? hunt l*ie?eutly ahesM btah? out on Its iront of
iha svEaaai, ?? Its *r* alielsssd lly s* Its lir?? ltd
I , tti, n tSSd ?MM IllC M hoi? ill n bot a! 4 ?il ll.e niotu
;: ta ii.ei.lv lii-i'..i nu. . i.' ., .1'r ,l-?t, , v, i-to the
---.."i Corpa. wbUe abara Mil ,, ticaVMhMPd
? ?: it. the ri? !,? tad again the i ??? oi h.attie ?|ed from
?t.*. ?..?ri-; ..flic ,i I
'lui. l LOB? ;.- .. ?
. Ian v i Ibe battle u.t . ?..' aad thank
i ;... i " . loi* are advaiK'l ?? i, awiig the line.
-?a- - -
it. mil? ..i ?4iiniii4i\ra Operatlaas,
I ? . <-,p ? :.'
Hi's'?;? Artwr of r. lojgAr I
Mi .-.lo.i., rtatarday a.?,r.i i. iM?V >
A IEVIEB ii.s-'.Al.KMII.Sr n.\ Till, i.H-T.
.' MIV 111- I !i'lii' '. I rtll'.iilll . "' lie li-II'llL'
BaVtR Bt? S'ieridsi s cavalry through Dinwlddie Court
Hotite ytiterday afternouu and theconte?inent flanking
of the Fifth Corps. I hsve now to aonennor the n-tire
meut of th? enemy in that direction end th? reaumption
of our lin? of yeitenlaT beyond I>lnwl?i:lio Court
IIous?). My iphere at present being to recoid more
?peciilly tbeoperatiou? ot tho right of mir new line, I am
without full detail? of the action of thi? afternoon.
Trust wot thy reports from the troops engaged", howerer
givi? ?atur ru r that we have succeeded, a!t,-t a furious
ergagetiiet.t. it, ['.ahiugbtck th?; enemy ? line? and re?
covering the groutul loit SB ve.tonlay
lb? retiroment ol Sheridau yesterday east of Iiimtd
d:e( ota; llouii-,rendering a change of front on the par?
of the Km I- Corns .mo.'rsiiTr tic ?roch? of W r. a-more
consequently moved fn.m their rtcwitlon sen*?? ??
White Oak rood a? midalg'i la?t nlrbt down >h?
Boydtowt. plauk to'tb? vici'ii:? of Ike Butler ?m^
wat-rothe? took a road lending? west tovvrsx-i I ?ru ?
Ktatiou on the SoutMide Kaiireod. Arririnr ?t * ?!*e*
knowr. a* tb? Five, l'oint?. ??*> ?--?'1 ? h,!r ""? - "1"*'
the railroad the MaataEd '??? halted, vrhe. t ., .*
rnained lnac?ive uiilll ?! ? -??Set ? ?>
In tlie nieiatime 1-U.itnel?u il' Itirtber te tr. ].-r
WMbrt?l' J'iira*T?or the eh?rn. 11:1 ?teaviil't c ,r
thEaea|Taril ESE| p.?. iVarr-n again a
Ms line --.i ?eetward. ?n-l ?'er prccetr . r ? .? ?
mile*,! M'ijjte4MBMEMB?nM MMab A? ? ?Jet-t
Masasen ata had ?j-riutuiiiv bina way bata*) im
advanoe ? IV ??:!?'!,mail? ai!-;eaui?r': ???in . i, at
s?re b'amlh Page,

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