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V^XXIV.N?. 7.489?
1,000 Prisoners and 5,000 Stand of
Arms also Taken !
An Mem-ting Account by Our Kpt-ml
Bow the Zit^ading Confed?rales Fled.
A Review ?at the Five Pays' strudle for
the Rebel Capital.
OflBcial nUpatrlie?.
, Mai; l'i rAr.TM._NT. tVai-HIsr.K.s. I
Wedli.'iixJay, April 5-.- p. tr. >
I Major-Gen. .Toni? A.1>IX, Xcic-York: The f??l
?Jfl ksing tvlegriun (rive: all tbf iltti.il- r. o iv. ?I by lit
| XVpartnifiit in relation |fl th<? military flfl rutu.n? ut
i JtlchBioiiil, not tiiri-tofore published.
FpWis M. Stint oh, Sosretarvof Vt'itr.
AiKiss Lanping Va., April :.? 11. 10 n. in.
ItV!. K. Ja*. SiAMC.v. ft ???int (/ Wtm l.ittlo b.
tntism at City l'oit.t. There .-tro t utjfe a att? -rn bait,
an?! these an? overwhelmed ??itti srt.rk. T-po tele
graphed Davis el 3 o'clock, p. BB, of Sunday, tbnt he vt:i?
fci .vu. back ?nil n,u?t evacuate. Tliis sm ?flaBflflflBBfll
?B ebnrch. limit bad ?old hi? fun.ituro pritfii.us.v m
anetion, and tras ready to [leave. All the leading men
Bot away that evening.
Tb?- Hebe) iron-olatla sere exploded. Th? Virginia
lie? innk in the Jtii.ee Elver, al?ove the <iMro?-tioi ?.
Eveil ut the eity on fire. All the bunt.? at p.rti? n of
Main st. to ihe rfv?r wn? dctroyi-d. iBfl bridge?
Broi? ike river were also destroyed.
?Many of tt.e far-allie? remain. Mr?. Lee remain?.
At I'ttersburg the publie ?tore? v-ero burned, ?ipd
S few bonnes caught fire, but not much damage was
?or.e toiLe city. The bridge* tlieie wer? ahxo destroyed,
i I will'r? port fully from Richmond. I cannot (reta
?ietr idea of our It?*. The ouly Cenen.l ki.le.1 If.
- Wlnthrop. Potter ??dangerously wounded int. ei/min.
Gen. Grant hsa commanded the armies in ?trs- :.
sieve tit begloning of tbe operation?.
??. A. 1U>a, Aast. Sei y ef War.
WahDitibtbifn?, Wa-iu>,,to\, >
Wri-M.rbA,, April 5,?It p. m. >
Major Gtn. John A. Dll: A U'?egram jur-t
tteeivid by this department from Richmond, tafiliiat
?Oen. Weit?tel aasajaVta] in Richmond XMt er? 11
?prisoti.ri end ,\is*j Xsr-hel wonndird found in the ho*
B>tuia: ,'jsj piciA* of Jtitlllery acd 0,000 ?tend of arm?
?were captaren,.
The President went to Ilicbmond yesterday and re?
tornes! to Cay Point to-day.
Tbe Stirgton-Oeneral report? that Mr. Sewaril, win
trae thrown from hi? carriage tiiia evening, |fl ?l..ii.P
Brett. Hi? arm was broken ?twe-n the elbow ,...i.
abflsider. Hi? face was much brui*?sJ. The fracture
I ta* been reduced, end the ease pr??ente no alarmiui;
' ayi&ptoma. tuwiB M. Stbtton.
?eoretarv of War.
ajAN-lal ''i.jatic?i to Th? N. Y Tribune.
?\Va8HL"?v.tok, Wednesday, April \ >>.'-.
Your i-orresTio.Hient, Arthur Henry, tin? lir.*t
-to enter Richmond, he? just returned vvit), the following
report. He left that city ye??terd*y.
IjALLAKI) Bettt aal miuMj, Va.. Monday. >
April.'?, lrt?. j
Ere this, the reader? of Tut TbjbiIBB will baro be
eware of the fact that Ilichmond La* fallen. It
aa anrretidered to our troopa by the M tryst of the tiiy
avt eight o'clock on Monday niorriiLg, the 94 ?utt. The
?Bfleond Brigade of tbe Third Dtvitlon of tbe Twenty
fourth t'orp?, commaiided by Gen. Elpley, led tbe ad
tance m?-n tbe towu, M?J.?(ien. Weitzel and hli ilaff
Btsding tbe column.
rpoB eatering tbe suburt* of the city, Gen. We it/el
?eat a ?mall detachment of the 4th Maasacbneetts <av
?try, ander the command of M?J. Steven? to meet the
Mayor of the city, from whom Hen. W. receiv?-il the key?
flbT the public bwildii.tri. The Array of the Jame* then
?starched triaiaphmtly into the Rebel capttaL having
aaet witb no opposition sbaterer.
THK KKCirpTtOji. ,-j
After leaving our work? in front of the Rebel Intrench?
Beat?, our araty wai greeted sitb enthutiaetlo cheers
try tbe {?palace, wbo bare thus far behaved in a be
coming manner, end bave shown na every respect.
Tbe colored population were exceatiTely Jubilant and
.flaaoed for very Joy at tbe light of their table brethren
ta aim?, tbe Twenty-fifth Corpe, who followed close
xibob the heel? of Gen. lUpley'e brigade of tbe TwcDty
tourtb Corf*, in th- entree at the Union forcea lito
TAJtiKo poeaiasios.
Abont daylight on th? morning of the tarrender, our
tareeo were tirmed In Une of battle In front of our work*
??onfrOBting Richmond, aosl sere then moved np by
(?t?ea. WaitteL A few ?tray sit?te weis ?red by the re
treaticg Kelx-U, Injuring no one. lieyond thit do
<a*Jpo?ition waa oArred u? und our troop? tied Into the
Rehel works and up the (Jaborne and Newmarket road
Bo tbe eity.
WHAT THB KB?*!* I.U I BlUllMi.
As loepectioa of tbe Keliel works ilix-leted the faet
?f tbeir l.svuig left In gieut batte. Many of their
?joarter? were left without e thing being takcu out of
them. Pistola, reTolrera, carbines and arma of every
?jeenriptiou w?re fonml in pi.tfusiou, clothing of tttrtt
tVacrlption wae in abondance, and in aome of the
?SaV?M?TB quAvrtera were ftiund tbeir private oorreapond
?nee, diaria?, ?fco.
tVbile ttretrglert were piilueing tbe ?l.-?.-i t--,l . n. -,.
ant army continued It* anarch toward the city. The
'enemy bed planted torpedoea In front of Fort Gilmoie.
???lid a* tbtekly that it waa found neoeeaary to march tU
tS?jaBj la ?ingle ale through the Curt, They had
BattaAxbed to every ton,??!? a atick witb a piece
tftt red webbing tied to it, ta naark the lo
Biaaity ?of the infernal machines. Thia preoau
?Bjaj they bad obtserrM tor ?he eafetr of their own
?flaxen. Gen. Weitrel bed ?orne day? piirrn.ii.ly be?n
ta fermed ox*tbe faet of tbeir basing planted this torpe
<a?oA>*, ?and baa' they were marktsd.
<Taat Geineral'i piseaution of not moving until daylight ,
aver tbe ground iinfl?irdi.ii*ly in front of Fort Oilmore
Bra* s very wiae one, a*, bad tbe u.rp?-do? ? been ex
?Beet??J, the 4tfltra?tloB of We must ncoceearily ban
A couple ?,f hours mort, bisas* us int.. the he?
tbo Uel-t. i ity.
I Ik* siis-lit of the burning buildings wa? truly sor
ful. Huit pint of the til y uK.ng the river final U
as the main business rait wo? one rast sheet of ?sa
A i MIAMI t-ll.Nl..
What wiib tlio roaring and duahlng and (Bats
atBrttBBJ ?lid tntnliling building?, the Basflfltjl fll mir
?lier? moving np the n.ain streets to the fopitol,
music of fnioii bands plnylug the Star Spnnpli-d Bal
the shouts of welcome and the excitement of the pet
; wa?aaan.ii>f gvundrur und magnMci-iii-e never u
effaced fioin lr.i-mory.
'J be ihoiiisl.t of entering the City of Richmond,
city flflflflflxflflja* the objective joint of n four vesirn
in such a style srithoiit a ?trut.i/1??, after many I
fought buttles to posse?* it, iu whii h tbousunds <>f
btatt flatSflfl bare teen gla.n, was calculated to t
the beai ts of i.ll in the column.
tien. Wtxt**? immeillalely cstablishi-d his Iieutl?]
1er? In the State Capitol, in the ball lut.-ly occupied
the Virginia llonse of Delegates, ..ml inimrtha
instituted BBflflatNa, to riSitore order to the town, as
wat a Kitbel of ronfuslotia
Die MtotrlBg order wee is?-.ii-d by den. Well
I directly niter Liking up hi? hcad?iuart?r? in the cliyi
l!l?.r ? lu'A'-i'Mirsr At**. tM mi: .1 1*9 t.
Hi? 11 Mo\l> V a.. April .?, I6?a'i.
i Major Hen. i;?,?1fr-y Weharl, otanmaadtng asta
Bteat ?if th?- Arts] of t lie .I nines ai.n?,iinc?'s tb* OCSfl
?tlofl ?if tb? City at Richmond be tb? araiVai al
Initi'l Stute? emir coiiiuuEil OX l.i.-M ?'.?n. Qtl
' T!ifl ptopl. of Kifliinond ur>- ?.-.art-tl thai vs.- como
j reatore t.-tlicin tie I r.'fAiri'.A of (?? ,. ,-. BflXWperlty i
''r- ? ?I? :ii, ii-.dtr tl.?i flag of lb* UueBv. 'H'C tillaras
iBJchmond are r.;ai?i?i! t<> re?tala r??r th* pre?
qalatly wit', in their lion?.?, ntiil to ?void all pQM <?
. ?emblrVfr.-a ?ir in? .-ting? in the public atreet*. An ?
? cunt P.-ovi ?t gaard ? ill lii.m? dial? ?i ratet iIiIIhIi ?n
i.ml tr aiiquiliity withiri the city. Martial la* is t?e
preeent pro? i ?rated Btic.-Oea. Qtargt 1. Skapl
; l'iiite?l Stole? \ ol.inteer?, is berebv ^pointed Miiil
. (lovernor of Klt-huioud. Lient.-CoL 1-red. K. Mannl
1 Provost MuTsl.ul iicui-ntl of IB* Army <?! the Janus, 1
i I ?i? Pio.i ?t-Miirs*:al of lUebskoad. ('?rstflaflsdatt
de tu. ? huie'iti doing guard duty in the eitv will r?-j
, to 1,1m foi inst ructions. Rv lommiuid of Major-*.,
Welt/-.-! 1>. 1?. Wiii'i.Li 9, A? A. G
i l'.i ig. Il? n. ' l.epli y upon being p.acod in coiumiuid
' tbe city, ismed tbe following patriotic order:
lir?QIi<. MllITAKT (!r?Vf;H\on m i.,ri.Mr>M-, I
Rl? HaluM?. VS., Aprilil, IWaV j
The a i ni lea of tin Tftibi Tlb?a having ?.' ????<:?? n? ?i t).
effort i?i. t)?i*Te tin-psopie..| Virginia? Lave ?ml? ?voi
to i e?tr?.y by fire tbe capital which they could i
lftTfer o?-cupv by their *rin?. Lient-Col. Mannii
P'ovos'-M.-irat ?1-lieneral of the Arn,y of lb* .lina
and I'r-.v... t VI ..??i al of Riehmond. will lniBndi.it
?end it detachment of the nmrott guard to arrcit. If p
sihle, th? progresa o? the fin inn. The rire liepnrtnu
of the CitJ "f R;, he.'.lid and all the c.li/en-, Inlrr'al
In the i-rvK-nati. n of th?-ir beautiful city, ?111 lii.ii
rttately ispsji t to Mm for duty, and ren?!?-r ?very |???
bit assistance in staying the BflSflrflflflfl of the conflng
tlon. The firit duties of th? ?rmici of the I'uiou ?
. lm to save the city, doomed to de?trn? timi by the arm!
; | of the Rebellion. ' No ,? ison will leave the i-ity ??f R.<
j m.n.d without a i-a?! from the office of tt..-1'i? .,
i Marshal. Aiiv ? I?, lasa -soldier, ?>r any poison ala.t? 11
u who ahall hereafter [lui der, dettroy or remove a
! publie en private prop?irly of tuv dem rlption wtfatevi
| wil. o? auiealetl a-itf ? .ininarily pnulthrd.
! The ?olit.?r? .,1 ta* i <,m'"?nil ?111 ?I,?lain from ?i?V i
! finilve or iniuttltig wuidt or g<*atur>t towara in? ? i
, Basa,
, ! fifth No treasonable or offen? s expraa?lon? In-u
1 Inir to the flsg, ?hecauae, or th? armle* of tbe I'm
1 i will hereafter be allowed.
. Sink: For an esp. ?ition of their riphtl, tinte, si
, t.rlv lltjgea. the citisei.? of Richmond <xr?- reepeetforll', r
fcrredio tLe proclamation of the Preildentof the l'ait
Sintis in relation to the e.iitlng Rebellion.
>?. ?ni?. All p?r?on? having in th. ir j-o-sessloi, or n
d'-r their control any property whatevs-r of the ??> ? ell?
t'onftvderatc Stattss. or of any otheer theroor. or ih? re
or?l? or the archives of anv public officer whatever, w
Immediately re??ort the ??me to Co!. Maniilng, Prevo?
hi culi?In?.":, the elii/an? of Riihinoad are ri--nr<
that with the restoiatioii of the fing of the I'uion th?
may "xi??ct the restoration of that i>e?ce, iin,M>eri?r ??
liapplLcis which tbey ? njoyi-d uod?i tu? Ouion of whit
that Dug it the glorious ?ymbol.
It. F. Miii'i.i'i. Prig. r.en. V. f*. Veta,
and Military (.overnor of RlchiooBuV.
' The Iflkfll rear uuuid, a small txwly of oevalry. r
treat?d m tb? direction of Lynchburg, only a fe'
j Uiinnte? beforo onr advance entered tbe town. Tl
? main b??dy ??f the enomr commenen?! to retrent abont 3
, B'fltflsl the preceding Sunday evening. Their deitlm
lion ?at believed to have been I-ynehburg. but whrihf.
I Ihey s ,11 ?trikc for tLal point, when tbey come to lear
the ?t ait winch U"?-, with the m?vin body of hii ?rin?
ba? btta forced into is doubtful,
JKyr. DAVI-.
I J? flbieon Imvis remained in the city till dark Sunds
?night having, however, ?ent hi? family to Cl.arlutl?
A'. C ?sjmc time during the preceding week.
Ths luliabitant? gcnemlly were not informed of th
. siiititiplatt-d <;t ai-untion until tbey ?aw th? (.'onfaderst'
! troop? pa??ing through tha town from tbe ea?t. Thn
i the ir-.r., iiathi-d ti|??u them that tbey were to be left U
tbe mercy of the i'antee?.
A aninU-i of these, fearful that their peit misdeed
wou.d not iccommend them to the clemency of tbi
Foiled Htatei Government, hastily lelt their all to ?bar?
the fate and fortnnea of tbo Rebel army, an army it
aha'tered that It can hardly be dignified by that name
The damage dono by the fire wat very great. Th?
finett jaorliont of Main at. and the ?treet ludo*-, front?
ing the nv.-r, bave been laid watte by the devouring
i ek-meut.
xna LiBHT.
I The Libby Priaon ?till ?tand?, ?nrronn.led on all ?l?l?-s
?by a heap of ?raokingand burning mint. Within It?
I l?a?tl ?<?me wall? ere now confined what Rebel ?oldlert
! were aeenred in the capture of Richmond.
I'AHTLB lit I'M.Ell.
fettle Thtin?ler alao ?remain? unlnjnred u monument
I ?f it? BBTBsfll heinontnest.
(iki'Mn or nit ihr.
? i ?m ?nfi.riiied that the confle**ration WM o,casioned
! by the Ri-beli firing a Bumber of the t'onfoderate store
| hontet. coDtainlug- tobacco and other storei, which they
| were unable to remove before the evacuation of the
ci?y, oaiiig to the confusion existing in all qnarten.
No i ; list worth y estimate tan be formed of the amount
of ;-roperty d?-?troyed. The iloort Houae and ail tbo
! bridges ovei the Jame? Rlvei leading into Mantheater
i wer? burnt.
' The Dirpa'ek and A'/?nat??r newtpa[*r office? are ?1?'.
in tuina, aud it* street? in th? vicinity of the fire aro
f.ttered with tbe debris of household furniture, Ac.
| 1'iivale and public papen and ?looamenta art ?cat
tered ovei the ttreet, aubject totbe wiwlt aad tba-ra- j
pacity of the piccaninnies who In innumerable ewurini |
, ?in ?Ung?r of talliag wall??were diving wilt th- n
i.ttle black baud? lato otury pluo?? that sngg?1> d a re
waid for their paint.
TUB fX>UttttB J-'?m.ATJOv
The colored people were extremely ?nthnsiattic. over
our arrival and (creeled u? altb lb? l.esiii. -t welcome
ju a charactoriatic manuer. and " He Lord brtee the
y .ink?-?-? ? waa beard on ttory aide.
The agitai tjius far l^e treated u? erltU Bl?iil cor
diailty, and on our first entry luto the city cheere.
ve* ?ferootly. A few of tbe loud tnontlied and b
" Reh* " got tbumtelves bate trouble by a too freo 01
their tongues, and tbey speedily found them*elvea
line.I te aten q-inrtera in n r?solu in tbe building e>
pied by the l'iovost-Marshtil.
On. "Weitavi lias tuken for bii private residence
rnantion of.Itg. Davit. A portion of his stnffaru i\
tered with Dim, and the remainder in s splendid d
lit!?/ s ?ta B4RM l.llow.
Tna iniTmioR.
The Interior of Davis'* bon?e presented the npp
?nee of hating bun -cry ha?tily avatStMll by I
Everytliiiur lain fine urilcr und gond r?pnlr, Man;
Mr*. Davit'* Lttle ntekuat k* bd?I oriiaaS'-nti nre yt
be found ou the uiuiitl?* ami burfuu? ?if Ler rooin.
The conloo of work? around tha city I hat? as
tnd little time to examine. A glance at them, bowe
?iitisfle? mo that tlu-ir itrcngth hut In no also beset,
agp-crated. The furta ore nioatljofa massive ?lee,
ure ?itnaletl iu naturally impregnable poaition*,
moanted with gnu? of the iRM-ftRE cnllber.
? ?RAM CAi'Tl KKD.
Th* number of guns raptured In the work* aretttad
city art? roughly estimnted at about three )mn<l
They were all ?piked, but otherwise left uninjured.
The powder magazine tn Fort l?arl!ng, and the I!
rum? In Ibe .laine? Hiver l? low, were blown up wi
terrif*? noise. Tbe ihock was ciistiuclly felt for n
All thr steamer* at tbe nhntvci?with the excep
of the IVilliat.i Allison, Betel f!?tr-of-truee ?tcsnn
j were ileitrove?!, together- svith ? new iron-elud upon
, stock?.
The jnrd around Ma Stale Cupilol it literally ten
i ?Uli t!i? hoi ?ebolil utensil? of the burned-nut fsjuil
Tt.e 1'nplttil Hat If hn? not l-ea i: jtired.
The retid.nl* he re Emily believe that the Heltcll
h.i? received it* tlctlhl lovr, and are rejoicing o
tin ir relea?.' from tie tyrinr y of .Jrfferso?. Davis.
Our evildler? have c,inducted Ibemaelrci In a lieos
, lng mai.nrr. tnuerbtutbe a*t,.r IttRtaM of tbe pe.i|
? v?In? expected that tengeaiice woijl?! be vluted o|
okn. wnrzix.
la UDclniini), I would pav g trlbiit? to M*J<r(i
, ll'i.tstl. Hi? ,.. ?.tico.? besriiiii toward !h. eltilii
| in the alty, and bia de!, rtnlaatl u to ?i.ppres? all rel
I Ban ?tntlui?:its, leiuitjfor MB at ot.ee th? rite
and i-t'iiLtl? in ?- of alL
Mncli credit I* a!?<> ?lu?' Lieut.Col. Pre.l S. M?onl|
rrovoit-M?r?l, il of BaUaMMl for tbe manner in wbl
! he ha? di'ci tired bis necriiarily ardticui duti
j Active )tt ?igilant, be ii ptslss'd by ?U.
, freiiu OBI r),?-i-lil Cotte?o-or, l.i.
Wa ;:l*i MS? April:., Itat
Your srr>?**ttini correspeiinleiit, V. D., at lie*
! .?tiari. ii ol Ll-al. (Ira. lirar.t bMSR tl<* f n.'S? l/iir i
port in additioB to 1.1? diipeth ?.f yesterday
111 *!??,! ant. H? A.?-). . t nil: I 'omivai. I
!?? : II FlLI t>, A p. .1 !? )
< APTl BE DP <?fMs.
The ?einlti of the bsttle of ?rtterdny ax? irreal, ai
wai W to expect. TL* entire, line of Rebel defense* fi
into uur liiind* *t -a. in. to-day. At :?. t 38 go
were taken la the fitrtt. 1? Ik lng captnred by tb- Six
C'orp?, and the reel by our cavalry. Tie gun? taken I
tbe Hlxth Corn? have tan? UB? ??? ?"???? l'--?-?. ?k.
???.. ?.?-enj :-?pound?r??eon.e berg iteel and the 14
I brass. Hut Ibe l>e?t reanlt wa? lb? forcing of the grei
llebel unny into tbe Heb), where it cannot n.tkeai
?t.iLtJ again?! our nntnerotis artnf, Hushed wilb ?ucrca
The G*ner?lComni?ndlnp atid fthff r^eed ibro'if
lbs city it 11 a. rai., this duy. und took tbe field by I)
Aprjomattoit, In order tore! s ?tew of the tattle-Hel
from tbe enemy? ?Ide. Tie artillery ?tut out on tt
WUE4B l?oad ai far a? Battery 40. Thit woi
even the railroad and the lend work* by tie aide of I
The latter bave not l.cen uaed for a long time. 1 lean
Till- Wi'llKls
Eaitery Foi ty, and th? Une of defense* to it? right *r,
left. Im lu ling Uat'ery 4.'., wi re still bell by tb
enemy when night put un end to tbe battle of jeetcrd?)
a;. ! then t).?y evacuated in the dead of night.
This ?ection of the lln? wa* nut really m itroog si I
appeared to be from our line, and It could bare bee
carried. Ir, i,,d oi Hattet HO was another line of dc
f?nica toTfrlng th* Sotittmile Kaitroad, and the fire e
their n bid inu.rnrti.il t!.. i< rks In It* front; tbl* all
could have l,o*n taken, tot it would have cat ti* a aer!
on a It, a* of Ufe. wblch wi?* ?pared by ?How in? tbe encnv
time to qnit the worka.
THE ? 11Y.
On paiilnc through the city I ?aw nv>?t of the- ?tores
dosed, and a few puple In tbe ?troeto, the Ntntl
Corpa was the first to enter, aad ?orne of Its llaga wen
bulited upoa the Court-Ueuiv?*.
Som? larg? fire* were to be seen in tbe ?treat--one
of a large tobtu co aenho?j?4? near the Jarrat Hmiae.
The depot of tbe Norfolk lUiiroad waa aln on lia
and lb? tram biidfe over the Appc/niattot waa re
daeed to a few charred beam?. These fires were tbe
work of the enemy, who wa? resolved to leste nothing
of un to ns behind.
4 WRL?OM?.
At fust when cor troop* entered tbe city most of the
women were to la aeen waTlng something or other
white, la tokea of welcome and peace. On tbo face* of
some w??ra real smile??, and no doubt on those of other*
tbe smile dluembled a bitter heart ? tmt more than'
an? thing else led the Seceih fair ME to greet the army
with tbl* mockery of a welcome.
They showed aigna of real gladnt-M st our coming;
and tiili waa the more rrinced by tbe old men who a?ng
M we passed th?-!:i, and aoni? even, in the warmth of
their dellp'ht, took bold of the baud* of oar boy? and
?hi.g a welcome a 1th a few itepa, by way of keeping
time to the chant. At tin* the boya would bant Into
loud lauglii which tbe old negree* w?.nld take for plaud?
it?, and go away singing the louder.
TUB ltAl.El.Te.
In my peregt ?nation? I went by some tanrkets?empty
market?; nothing was tbere fer sale. Ko mut, no vege?
tables, or anything *L-o. It i? true when I passed by
the marked It wa? not tbe time for bruines?, hut there
wai a r?ry et ?tient lack of the necewarlos of life.
Wa? N acare? that the jioot went out to our old camp?
to pick up th? ration? of beef and hard bread lying
?Lout Uiara. ami many carried off tb? blanket? they
found lying in the log hut?. Tbe contrait between
plenty en our'side sod ?ant on tb* other wss very
great. Tbere wai a total lack of business to b* ?een in
the city, and the writer only wondered how the peo(ilo
managed to Uve. AU wore a thin, aalltrw look of half
want, that it tabs aad to ace.
Of llii? liter? ?ctiunl tv b* an,? Quantity. lui<;p%\ lb?
-' f* -
great f'.it art* were a want of food and an abnndan?
tobacco. Our boys were to be icen going about
large " pltflr?" ?tuck In their b.it* or In tbeir La
There -?? sUdl to be a glut of the weed, and In wbi
play the l aja threw plug* at each Other.
11 AMI* JACK.'*
Thl?, toe, wa* found to be plenty by these who i
canning m the bringing to light of ?n?h thing?,
ma?y b 'flow was to be ?een reeling about under
potent inJ|pence? but I law noctsei of great exc
The appiajack is a pleaaant drink for any on?
" luahei,* and in an army who docs not drink ?
At moat of th.-store? or beuar bouse? there t
guard? placed by order of tho l'ror<*t?Mar?hal, j
ciliaenaho applied for guard against piiWtrc, go
The number of mea tlim on duty waa very !?vr??
The road to Cltv Tolnt la being pul in running 01
in the least potalb'e time, and it ?111 be open for trt
by to- mon o w, Soppliei can then be brought dlrcc
the city, which will t? rve aa a base for a time, L
boat! wi'l soon be able to run np the Appomattox;
thai plenty will aooofreigii where want l.aa beet
much felt.
TOt'KO Mr.?
are to be seen In the ?treet? who are lit for service,
thti tnrpriaod tho writer not a little in view of the r
conscription of the Rebol i ?overrun? n t. Dy ?orne mi
or other, maoy of th? youug men of thli city have n
aged to evade the law.
seem to have frred better than the men. for few of t
slowed any signs of want, and many of the young woi
. of tbl? city or? very ?ell looking, but they affee
avert their glaci-e? from any one In "blue" coat
deutly the men in grey have been in favor with thet
wat here this day tor a time, and no doubt was i
l-:??'< '. to att tho inside of a city ?blcri ha* solonis* 1
out against our army. For a few day? he hat been t
Ing at t'lty Point In expectation <?f tbe event which
i no* been reaJiaed.
On the ?lst ult., the third day after the campi
opened, there seera?d reason to doubt that the ?ue
which ha* ..it. :,?led our army ?as ?'"ing to be met ?
but ?II has so fir end? ?I well.
"' U i>ik4?KB.
Of flt ?r?e no r??-.-rt?? ef oor lo???? can yet be got.
?re t.?. bu?y ?Uli the ?neiuy now to attend to lui
casualties, ?nd it tl ?* mach at eau !?? done to t?ke ?
of the ?oi.ndtd.
11818 o? tub womDr?
I will try to ?end on a? ?oon a* it can be done.
11 ? ?? bflSflafflflfltfll* ?la at s-aI! . rlund Statioo. K?1
?Id? Railroed. _ t. i
A ?a*, lim* Pifas Arr???l?
Put-Ken? It, Monday, April 3, M
TJit A nu y ?>f tho J'otomao htva beca in n
???ii of Petersburg this morning, merely ui?king a fly
vl.it. 'The K?be!? commenced ?ractiating last nigLl
10 o'clock, and by 3 o'clock tbli morning were across
Hi ?r having ' ...- u>a?l about a UjIHIuu dollars worth
tub*, co, Ibe SouthatJe Riiilro4ii depot ai..| tbe In I,
nr.-i the A ? ?.?..i? ui.-i.
Oar troop? flfeB?vgflfll the inter line ft work? at di
I ?t ? taking * picket line of ?oor >*> mea praBaatta,
The troops, ou entering the city, behaved moit i
' ml i ab;y, no! more tban half a doeea it< i e? being entta
by tb'in. ?B?l tl.ise niosl'y (-??ctainlng tobacco, oiga
li'ioor?, etc. The Provost guard ??on ai;.v?d and?
tai-i.rh? d order.
The Ma? or of tb? town met the troop? ?? rl.ey?
t>r< ?I. ?nd hand?.'. ta th?- oflioer cotiimandicic the folio
ing ootiimunicatior, offering the surrender ot tbe- cit
Lieut (ten. V. P. llBATf, C>.a??j?aa<i'i?vr AratUi of t
I mited State,, rr the Mt/or i.en er ni c-mmatdti
t'ttt.J v..,,,, force* I? front of Pefrrthurf ?
GlaM HAL 11?? iiiy 0r I'atarafiurg having be?-n ?v?
Uatid by tU Col.fi ??irate truo??? wa, * aaBtplttl
?utla-ri??.-?} by tbo Common Council, do her.-by ?un-?
der the city to toe Tailed State? forces, ?Itli a resjuei
foi lh?< protection ?,f the peraut.? ?nd property of it? u
Wr are, reipectfaliy. y?mr ohadient ??rvant*.
W. VV. T.w.M?. Mayor.
ll.Vl.CY l'AI l. l? Illll.ltl- ?-.
Pt'erthurg. A?-ril\l, IrS?o.
Protection Was prunnVd on the part of the troop
and tho cl'l/eni have no came ol complsint. for ce
i i.i.ly there Ii no Imtunce on raconl ?here an arm
after lying so long In front of aplace of so much impoi
anee, and loeing so many men in the effort to captu;
it, entered ?ith 1*?? disorder, and doing leu damage
pruste property than in thia tase. The citizens d
not ?ho* thamielrea daring tho fore part of the da
bat after tlicorerlng that our ?oldlen were order!
and ??Il behaved, with no dlipotltion to disturbt
annoy any on?, they began to make their appearance i
th? door? and ?Indus? of their residences, and later I
the day, even entering familiarly into conrersatloi
many expressing their Joy ?jaietly that the Confederate
bad gone, and hoping that tbe war wonld aoon bo ovei
For more tban a month peat the Rabel troop? her
been receiving leet ration? than ever before, only Jot
enough being brought to last from tay to day. Tb
ottixena i?y tbey have taffrred much, but It la well t<
take ?uch ?torle? with a good deal of allowance.
The Rebela managed to get away with all tbeir ar
tlllery etceptlnf one or two old colnmh.adi, ami a fee
heavy mortar? wbloh they oould not transport reaJJly?
A large number of men de*? r tod and hid ?way In town
nntll our .?-??ope entered, when th?r made tbeir appear
anee and ?er? taken into c??t??dy. It la believed they
retreeted t<>w?rd Lynobburg or Danville, but they will
bare to make food time if tbey alude the pursuit of our
army, now fluahed with victory and willing to travel at
any rate and any dlsteuoe to bead them off.
The city present! a very cleanly and respectable ap?
pearance, and there are many residence bere that
would do no discredit to Fifth are. Many of tbe houae?
in tbe lower part of the city have been badly injared by
the ?hot and shell thrown from oor batteries laut bam
mer, and lince that time moat of the boaies located
there have bes-B vacated.
5 o'duck, p. m.? Kser since morning ot?r troop* have
been peatlng throngh the city westward, taking the
Coi and River Road? to Sutherland Station, on the
Southslde Railroad, where our Head?inartert are to!
tamp to night.
At ih?a hour Iht rear guard, In charge of Col. Tay?
lor (3d Maryland), ar? passing and tbe wagoa tra?a?
are to folio*.
Tbe railroad from City Point here la to be put in run?
ning order immediately, and although it II not expeotad
that a permanent bate will be established bere, yet It
sill behold aa a depot to deliver auppllee to the army
?o long at it it within reach. All tbe rolling stock of
the rallroadt waa rua off toward Richmond, but iu this
Department they most hare been very deflciont, or tbey
would not have burned lo mnoh tobacco.
A courier baa arrived from 8heridan atating that th*
two Dit liions that were cat off, and wblcb it wai ex?
pected would be either badly whipped or captured, bad
creased the Appotaettoi tome 10 ar liljnllee above
Petersburg, but be wai following, skirmishing with
their rear guard und expecting to bare an engagement
lo day. Troop? are rapidly pushing an to hi? aulstance
ind before noon another victory over tbe enemiee of :
,he Union may be gained.
Tbe report of Oea. A. P. Hill i death it contrmed by i
he citl/etii here, aeae of whom aaw hi? body. I
Among the '.muiUUcy. t f?at*i??ijte U*t o? ? lu?l? 1, it M
lmpo??lb!e to obtain, were the following! Cl
. of'i.? Huh I'? niiSTlvaiii?, mortally wound
Cspt. jM'-t
led ok Ilia
head; Lieut. Ilratton of the lame r?giment, very
?everelyi Lient. TrifTen? of tbe ?arac rep'imnti,
wounded; Lieut, liarlon of the ?ame regiment, killed;
Ct)iL Connlngliitm of ?ame regiment, killed, with about*
at) of th? men killed and wounded. Of ihe IMt renn
lylTaiiia, dp t. ?Bilnghcr and ('apt. Fulmer are badly
woundeti, and ?\birera Suwders killed, with ?evoral
other ca*n*ltlc?. Ihe D-th Ma?snchn*etts had Lit'iit?.
Hurt and Lieut. Vaughn killed, uiih about 20 men in
j Jnred more or leu.
Washing, ok, W?diicsday, April 3, 184.5.
Three hundred and forty lieibel officers,
prlsoaor? of war, were brought to thii city to-day?
Tbe ftrtt [nurabw of n newspaper, about li by 20
Inches, printed oa on? ?id? only, bo* been ittrtsvd
in Petersburg, Called Qrattt'? Putrtburg Progrttl,
with the motto, "I'D-mal Vigilance ia th? Trico of
Liberty." Monday's issue contain? the following items r
At daylight yesterday morning an attest wnsnada.
by the Ninth Corp.* nil Iba fort? In front of luit Heb,
which remltetl, after a brief but spirited nng.igernetit.
In th? capture of four ?,f the enemj'a fort?, l?verai
piece? of cannon and a cumber of prisoner?.
Th? Rebels made but feeble endeavor? to recapture
their worki. and, after a falte attack, at a Ute hour lent
night evacuated, and almost immediately after the Seer
end ltrignde, lint Division, Ninth Army C'orp?. ad
vtmced and occupied Ibe line? in their front; and day?
light of the im.mug of tbe M ?f April ibuwed the Stars
and Stripe? waving from th* Court House.
Tbe following ?re the names of the compositor*, Ac,
employed lu editing, setting up. and working off the
first t'nion paper published in I'etereborg ainco the
commencement of the rebellion :
Major 11. C. antea, ??.tu Mi?. Voltu Kditor; Cap!.
Chat, Mel reerv, stli Ml. b. let? rail Vols., Assistant
1-Mitor: Ciini'liilO 1?. H-agle, Ist Mich. Miiirp-hootrrs,
Editor- J. w. (Jriffiib, tsnad Hiigade. First Diflaioa
Hand, ruteeiMl Compositor?: First l.letit. Hoheit
Farrell, lat Mich. Sharp-hooter?; T. M.ir'utt, Bn?N d
I'-t Igode, Kii?t Division I'.-..'1. J. I'.il.tv, s-cC.-.-t
llrigadi, First Division Html ; Sergt, Oliver ?flreeBtirld.
et h Mich. Vota ; Cnrp. John Taaaaale. JTth Wta. i ??;?.:
l'nvate W. II. 11. Stuart, Ist Mich. .sburp?hooi?-i?:
Privat? Y. B. l'.o?twick, 1st Mi. h. Isbarpslinoier?; l'n?
vate S. Dairvuipie, ?.?Mh Fa. Vol?.
FASHIONABIK AkttlVAL*. AI 1:11? ...
den. Graut and statt', and the Army of tbe Potomac
rrrr. cfnt* and i cknt.
A five cent piri-eaud a copper penny were found In the
Pa-tcrshur?* t'oiitt llotisr thi? morning, supposed t-i ?u?
' I ail Ihe ?Tull?!,!.a speeio in tbe city.
? | Bl'OBl'8 AND T1IIJ.K C?>NTLN |-|4,
Fn?ni what we nave an n of (uppliee in ttain city we
IJutlg* the ? tore? are by no mean? all emptv. I'n I '.1;,,
. an the r? turn of btiilnei* privileget to ibe ptaea, lit re
'would |u- activity and b?iatle enough within their
I ' opened doors.
Not the least happy of the l'i teibhurgians. made
happy by our coining, is th? colored population . ib :.. t,
tbey are all jnst wi'd in th*ir Jnbilatiou to te* ug Lere.
? 11 hsuHAL.
Among th* distinguish?.! citizen* we saw un the
itit'.t thi? Bttwatog were Hng.-fren. I'ryor. I'unfed
eriit? nurtiled ptteean. ?ted w? T. ??teten Judge el
Cucul? Court iu 11 is H.strut.
On fsiitunlsy Lut lour in I*r|*i?Lurg told at the
modrrste prier of gi.llai a barrel. Sugar usd * ? m
I Were eu'uL'v reaeonublc?a douMe ?aw buck Canted*
*;..'?? blue-back lieing the ?s>*t of a pound of e?cli?
MttMMj DEt-TBuyio.
| All tlte tiridge*about l'rtersburg, ?onto fir? orsixiu
uutnt.er, ?are tleitroycd by the Rebel? Ia.?| night on
l!.e-i. dfikiirturi?.
the Bgaa*.
The hand of the Second lirigatle, Fir*? Division.
Ninth <ort>?, wat the ?first band to play in thr city after
its capturo. Tbey entered the? enyjoit alter dayligb!.
ami ?ere ?onii discoursing ?weet tnu.aic rVi.ni tb*
v r.,11'1 ih of ?he Court and rtisiom-Hotiie?, amid tti?
uproar aud hurrah? ut !ho troupe and the ?hole coulru
n.Ac i ow rrTii rrt ?riLTnvr.t.
Th? 1st Michigan *>nnipMnoot*r* bale the t rr-tti!
of lieing the hr?t tn (aeeupy tl* eitr aug of floating
their flag from the dome of the l'etcriburg Court
11- ,i-c. Other flags belonging to different regiment? I
were no! long behind band In getting thcmeelrcs posted I
<>n the top* of all the building* of a p il-Ht cLuxacter iu I
the city.
Wa, I ?4 Co.?In ilarting a pap. r, makiag lore,
1 and mnnv other pursuit? and amuse'neulsnf life, succe*- !
sari prtfluiliisry ?rep i* a d?claration of intention*; and '
weher?'With beg rp?i>cetfiilly to sui.init ours for, we Lope,
tte *pprov*l of ?n enlightened public.
Our Intention* ?re atrictly honorable. We intend to
publish a lire paper s* lung a* circumstance? wUI per- |
mit; fbat i* a? long aa ae can steal the paper and got |
tneu deliA??JsTtl to ?et the tvpo. Our term? will b* lOcent? I
a copy, invariably in advance, except to Lieuteuaut.
?najov and brigadii'r general?; no credit being giren!
to others on any t-onsUeretion except immediately be
foie th? advant of the Pay master.
We are not partluular u to tbe medlnm of exchange) i
und Will take Herd tin k. Oreenback?, Cigar*, l'osiago |
Stamp? and in fact meat *ny ?raliable eurreucv, Con- i
federate liond? and CuBtrabond* alwiy* BSReftoi.
lor iHilitu?, the color of our cloth will be s ?ulllclent
gnarantec that we are not very deeply iniboed with a
?ente of Ibe bcBOtiee of the Secession firm in the village
north et us we believe ia tbe United State?, one a: d
Indivisible: in Abraham I. ncoln, our adopted father;
In U. 8. Oratit. C*p!*iB of the Ifo*>t ; and ournelve? a*
tbe principal ?ajourner? In the Army of the Potomuc,
and the freedom of the contraband, the speejlv extinc?
tion of the ..ebeO.on, and the nerdi.iuu o? JetVgtJtavi*,
here and hereafter. ^^
Fikrts YwTEB!>AT.?The fire? noied iu the Union
line- nearly all day and night, Snndar, were tbe con?
flagration of bridge??, toll?' a o and cotton wut, hou.ac*.
It la eitltnatetl that ?4> 11,<<a> worth of cotton waa
burned, eight warebou?es and five bridgea. Tbc Kor
[ folk depot waa al?o burned.
Shells wrrti ''MtauTiiEM.''?In ipeaklng of the
etirlous antlea of our ?hellt in flying uixiut here and
there, often itriking. acrediUbtaoiilored woman said in
onr hearing this morning ihe "really belie veil our
abella had tneu iu them." Perhaps that account?) for the
getting In here |uat at present of aomuy "men in
Faith or a N'iciiisa*.?ThU morning, a? one
of our eompoeltor? was being regaled with
"corn dodgers" ?nd otherwise generally cared
Sir by an American lady of African descent, be
casually remarked that it would not be long befoie a
change for the better would be visible in all the aspects
of the city; to which she Instantly replied, "Bressniy
soul ! doesn't I aee it a'rendy I Isn't I a free woman
now I De Lord can make UeaTca out of Hell any time,
I do bel iu re."
Tub Silk.nt Dki-abtcm. ?The Confederate? went ont
of the city in the greatest ?ilence; tbe Union army
cam? in with general hurrahing and bannere flying.
BsUDiiRS D i-?moi 1 v.?All the bridge* about Peters
burg, Kiine five or *lx in number, were deatroyed by
the Rebels last night on tbelr departure.
Si h.'RLsk at out UooD ( .'Oitld er? It i? a gener?!
testimony coining to us from all ethMM of our newly
made acquaintances that they find themselves treated
much more respectfully and kindly than w?? anticipated
by them. There ha? been no pillaging nor acts of inso?
lence. Onr ?oldiera bare shown Oiemielv,? to be gen?
tlemen, and *o reflect credit on tbe here formerly much
abused character of ttta North.
Tte Hiaiary af Five Days.
Prom Out Special Caireiromlent.
riTKKSBCB.i, Vs,, Monday. April 'J. I?6?.
In looking over thi momentous events of the
put few dayi it is hard to realise the fact that tbe once
gr-at t'laitio tplnal oolama of the moat powerful ooaibi
nation In arm? agalnit the Union haa been broken and
crushed, and that Lee, with bis ragged, eliah. arteued
and dliorganiscd forcn. la flying from onr advancing
column? which are rapidly bearing down upon him to
complete the work now so nearly flntabed. And yet, to?
day, from muy a ?liasy hlght, our flag floats ia the
bright ?Qullght over Richmond and l'etenburg; the
long line? of earthwork? around thon cit.??, a few
Says ?pro brlstltng with gana end ?eemingly n impreg?
nable, are ?lient and teaaotleu aow ; our advance i?
marching on, ud tc-diy the ?trect? of Itie?mond and
l'etenburg an trod by the ?oldieu ? of th? Union, and,
?nark it, by men ia uniform whose ?kin nature made
lark?man wham tbe .Muted chivalry of tbe South call
lUrei, whine toil receive? only the remuneration of the
aah, bnt who are men nevertsbalen and abo ban made
ralid (bcir claim to the title by thcix ?Jccil?, I ?sw the
I colored troepatiarch irp Waabtaarton at this m
In steady column, ?nd I witneeaed tbo delight
I beamed in the BaBB of the native black population
they realize?! that the links which had b.,un-l th
| Shivery were bratven and had fallen at tt. .r fit
?aw also the curl of wounded pride ?Lieh toi?! t
lip of many a lotg-haired ptttroa of the lash a* I
became semille of the fact that hit human o'iatudi
free forever. I propoao to give somewhat t* Mat
account of tbe operations of tbo tv* day? oaar
whioh compelled these radical olange? ia tbe mi;
rsttAitATi'iys pop. -ire oranyo or the cabf*
Ai the mariner reads in the sky evidence? of tl
proacking storm, so any we diacover in the mi
horizon sure iiidicatiotia of tbe coming of active <
flu?,?. For tome time before tbe late oa?ipaJarn pu
atona ttr work might be ?cea going forward on all
A. ?eck ff beautiful weather, a? warm, balm;
I'ictt as May days, ushered in tbe fourth month.
t-n.-ii!-? had become hard, tad it waa evident tb
campaign waa about lo commence. Fr??m their I
or from some other source, the enemy had obtain?
formatiou of the intended movement, ar.d were gr?
nncasy. On Saturday night, Fort Steadman, on th
of tbe a(ia*h Cori>s, wa? attacked by the cBeray?
wh.it remit la now well known to tl.e public, and
eral otter minor demonstration* m?dc along our 1
Op .-Saturday, the 25thof March, TorneraDivW
?j.jl'Don i Corpt?, Army of the James, was dispatch
tho Chickahominy for the purpose of s.tppor'ilif
lasa. In his crossing in case of an attack by the et
On the ?amo night, Sheridan? forcea quietly croeas
Chickahominy et Jone*'? Biidge, meeting wit* i
alet-ince. and on Kin day crossed tbe .feme? and J
mattox at Vu; i: a and Broadway Landina?, biroai
a short distance south fll the last-mentioned st.eam
' On Sunday, the ?J6th, the Army of the James
honercd by a visit from the President, the Lleirtt-;
(Jeueral, Admiral Porter, and several other ciel
military officials of note. The coming of tho Pre?,
j has always but briefly preceded activity la the a
. He apparently ?leslre* to see tbe troop? for hitare
examine into their diaciplir.e and general efliektBaa-y
I to Judge of their capabilities aa sohlicrs for the
!formancc of tl.e work brforo them. A' Ota, '
' hoad'iuarters everything waa nnusuallv active, an
; ?Monday it wa? known that a portion of hi- n.my, I
waul found to be Turner's and l'n-tci'- I? v B,B
tho Twenty fourth and Rirney'a Catered Dttxataa o
,1'wonty-fifth, the ?bole com nia tided byilen. I*t*I, w
soon Joiu the Army of the Potomac sortit of the l.i
On Monilay, the .'7th. In company ?1th ?P'.lh"rVi
,of the riuill, I li-fl Gen. t>i-d? h? iidauirtcrs for
?' Army of the Poturnae. remarking- t?i " C?tele Willi
our ancien?, colorid cook, Juat pioviot? to at.ui
j " Well, William, Like good care of yourself, ?nd in
tie Jobniiies break through our lines, as I think
i will, make good your retreat across trie river.''
I remark was mude to ascertain his itste ofm'nd'ii
the circumstances. With astonlsbrnent depleted on
countenances on discovering that 1 believed in?
J thing possible, be revjlicd, " What, break froode ci
No, ?ar; dey may take all de ir- ops BflTfl? de plea?
j dcy or any leave a line o' de coon? (colored flriiattl
front, I feels safe, ye?, indeed, ear. Yoa fll!? i
, laugh, but I tell yoa, de eooni will be de fnstt? tre
I Richmond, I fecit It in n.y bono?.' l'ue.e Willi i
' prediction wj? nearly e?*rrect, a? proved by si-.l?se?jii
event?. ,
? On Monday. Sheridan's long coli.mn of trooper? t
down to tl e vicinity of llaneock St.uioit, keeping s
to the reer of our works, to shield his movement? fi
the enemy. Sherman was welcome?! tu City Peint a
tbe thunder of cannon, where be met in aoflm-.l
President and the Lieutenant-General, end the tu?
1 ?ere being ratioued for fie cainpt.iga.
I Meanwhile the air wtu- full of reports witb rel'ern
I to the movement about t?i commence. Somo p?ete? ?:
to know that Gold?borou?,-h would be cm- objeeti
?point; some that the whole affair was to boouly aB
? '?y Sheridan to BurkesvilU, the interaocttoil of i
jSoutbside and Danville Railroads; soin" that the BBS
i army, with the exception of a tiftkicat fore- I? it
'garrison the City Point defect ra, would abaadou t
ii.uk? in front of Petertrmrg aad ?v? inget? to tr-r.
point on tbe railroads mcutione?!, but no ?me knew il
real intentions of the Lieutenant-Gen.Tal but the fa
ored few justly .entitled to hit e? ritiJeiice.
TH*". AfcVjilfrE. .
Oa Tuesday, theSStli, Major ?ici ?.. l>. C. Or?;. ?It
the portion of the Array ?ifthe Janus bef-re meiit.et.ei
arrived on our left aud encamped behind theliieof tl.
Second Corps, ?hieb re?ted its left on litter.er'? Rui
At night Sheridan and the Second and Fifth Corps r?
ceived orders to march in the ?Homil?a*?the cavalr
aud Humphrey at ?ix, end tbe commuad of Warren a
three o'elook. The 1 n'th, which hail b.-.-.i quartered it
the rear of the Second, wax ordered to move ths? early,
?? tbe position ?hieb had been assigned them in the
new line to be formed wa? further from tbe start ing
point tban thai of the In-coiid. ?Inch wa? directed r?x
move across the Ran and form a line nearly p.ira!!c|
? isu th* Vaughn road. Th* ia'.erval Between the Sec?
ond and Sixth Corras, flflflasal by the left flank mov? menfl
of the former, was to be fiUe<t by Gen. Ord'? forces.
The Sixth .md Ninth Cor- s received aa ordere ta
march, but were simply to bo in readine?? to move at a
moment! not We.
On Wcdneeday the force? mentioned t?r>ok tbeii I : efl
of march. Gen. Mea tie's headquarter?, near loe A ii. .??
House at Pork Station, wero broken np at 6 o'clock.'
and at eleven Gea. Grant, fecompanicd by Geai. Wil?
liams and Ingalls, a nuniber of bis staff ami several ci?
vilian?. ??rived on a si>ecial train at Humphrey Stan? n,
tbe terniinua of the railroad, within a mile of Qatchcia
Run on the Vaaghn road. Here Grant and bis modeat
cortege mounted their horse?, and after visiting lb?
liouili-utriert of Gen. Ord, near by, moved down to ?! %
new line which had been formed, in compliance ? itht
order?, aooth of Hatcher's Rua. Geo. Meade and stall
bad already preceded him by several hours, and waa
lupei intending tbe formation of tbe Second Corps hn?x?
which in tbe afternoon wa* advanced over ?mile north?
The Rebel pickets across tho Run fell back Before ! Is
advance of the Second Corpa, and the new line wat a??
turned without any oppoaitloa. Intrenching tool* wei*
brought into requisition, and In a abort time the po?i
tioa was r.T.dered secure against any attack. Daring*
thi? time the Fifth Corpa waa moving down tb* Go?!.- i
Road, a little west of ?oath and aeveral milet ea-t of tb*
Vaughn. Fiva mile? from the point of starting, t'as
Corpa strack another roed, known as the Old Sta?*
Road, leading weit to tie Vaughn, * l.iuh It crossed <-ia
a by road to tbe Quaker or Military Road. iVeAiing north?
to tbe Boydtown Plank. ?leanwliile, 6l*ridaawas mova
nig ?till farther to the left, in tbe direction of DinwIda
die Court Hotue, which he Aid not enter until tbe next
morning, owing to tbe unavoidable delay at lowanty,
over which he conttructed a bridge.
Moving np the Quaker Road, through a weeded coun?
try, with ix'cs8i.on.stl clearing? and ?mall ttreemii. tl ?
Fifth crossed Gravelly Ran at il p. m., and on ?Arriving
it May's farm, a short distance beyond, found a line of
Itebel earthworks and a number of buta di-eertod by tl.?
inamy's picketa. A few hundred yarda beyond thi?
.oint tbe Rebel skirmishers wet* eucountertd by our?
Jankers, who gradually advanced, followed by tha
jolumn, pushing the eaemy before thera, until tl.ejr
-eached another clearing. Hera the Brigade of Gi a.
Chamberlain, which bad led tbe column, waa dispose?!
n line of battle, and advanced acroe* the clearing.
IVhen well in tbe clearing the enemy opened from t'..a
roods beyond, driving |l?ack oor aUrnilah?** at/on th?
ine of battle, which now became hotly engaged. A,
ihsrp engagement lusted for fifteen mitai?"*, shru tl*
?nemy, ?bo had need no artillery, showing no dis|.<??i?
ioa to retire, Battery B of the 4th Unit.-d .Slate* Anil?
try wa? aroug ht up and potted on th* right of Ike rond,
o compel a retrograde movement on tbeir part. A letr
oundt, well directed, and tbe Are of tbe ene?.
ny alackencd. Chamberlain's Brigade wa? ti .-a
llrected to charge, which it gallantly did./
he enemy falling beck hastily np tbo Quaker to? ar-l t'a
Soydtown Plank-road. Gen. Warren then fortied bur?
Sec Eighth IsaBJt*

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