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: '
V0?"XX1V.N?- 7,491.
' 1\EW-Y0RK, MONDAY, APRIL 10. 1.865.
Mail* aid Patriotic Letter from
General Grant.
The Rebel Leader Must Lay Down
His Ja?rmB.
He iapitalat-es on (?en. Griuits
Own Terms.
The Officers to be Paroled fand Sent Home
OEriBl Dltpai? fcee.
TV AB HxrauiM: tT. J
WAaBn4c,T(j.t. April ?, IBM, 9 a/tfaM f-. m J
?'o Aiajor-lten. D.X, ?^faM?f??fa Th'if? Dcjant
Meut bas received the oflitial report of tlio gur
render tia s day of Gen. I.e.? ?and hie nrniv to
Lieut.-Gen. Graut cu tl.e u-rn.H ji^'ptMsl by i?c:i.
Grant. ? ,
Detail? ?ill bo gives M er>c-4???ily m possible.
EnwTJt M. fsTakXTOS, Seen?tary of War.
HlrxgRK J.MEIE8 il Till T'MTE? StAT? I
April 9, ii-63, 4 ll? p. m. j
Ihn. EdWIB M. STANTt??. Secretary *f M'ait
Oes, Lee surrendered tke anny of Xoi^rn Vir?
ginia this afternoon vipon the t errat proposed tr/
VaVtclf. Tho ut e? i..i ::i.yixitr atl.l i Kiual con? ???<m
fan'* will ?how the conditions fnily.
U. S- G?uirr, Lieutentut-GeieTisl.
Arm 9, ISfvJ.
?bbBMbUe? I received your tote of this morriiiig
BE the vrlckrt-liEe, ?hither I had come to meet
jouaadascertaJE dehnite?y what terms ?tro em
(Vrace.1 in your proposition of yecterday with refer
?ace to the lurrvuder of thii anuj.
J now request an interview in aecordacce with
tbe offer coataii.tsd iu yoi.r ktter of ytjtMejsitiy lor
thai pu?T??0M.
Very retpectftdly, your obd't servant,
K. E. ?.IL, ?il... Ta .
To L?euUGcn. t_.EA.:7, C^mManding Unitod
SUIos Arm;. ?.
A i nil. i, 1-05.
Ctn. K. E. laEt, Coaiwifia.ilr??7 Confederate
oStatet Armitti Tour note of tin- dat? i? but thin
moment, M-.l/O a. m., leccivetrT
In i oLiV'.j'.inee of n.y Laving pa???il from the
MK-l.rr.ond and Lynobturg Road to the Farmville
and Lynchburg Road, I am. at this w/ritjEar, about
four miles ?est of Waltera Church, and ?ill push
forward to the front for the purpoM of meeting
Kotice ?ent to m?a on this road ?here you ?i?h
tbe interview to take place will meet me. I
Very rctpect fully, your ol'odknt servant,
U. 8. GEANT. Lieritena;.t-General,
Aptomattox COTapHorta, Avril i*. lftftft
lit,i. R. E. Lrn, Commanding C. 8. A.- In ac
i ?Htlance with tbe FBhr-tance of my letter to you of
lut Wi intt. I propose to ritr-eire XkW ?urrender of
Ibe Army of ?Vortbi-ra Virginia, on the following
termi, to wit:
Rolls of all the officer! and men to be inttde iu
flnplicate, one copy to be giveu to an officer desig?
nate?! by me, the other to be jetained by auch om?
inan m you may designate.
The officer? to give their Individual parolee not
to tike aroit jkgainet the Government of tbo United
KtatM until properly exrbangtrd. ami ?.tali company
??r regimental c-ommand?-! ?ign a Hke parole lor the
Mea oi their commande.
The arras, artlllerv. arid public property to be
parked and ?tacked and turned over to the officers
appointed by me to receive turn..
Thii will not eicbraee the 6ide-aitiii of tke Olli?
ceta, nor their private boreei or baggage.
Tliia done, each officer and man will be allowed
I?? return lo their homes, not to be tliBturbesl by
I'lutatl StaAet authority m long aa they obeerre
Ibtir jar?.:? and tha la? i in fort* where tbey may
i?.,le Very n?rw?etfrilry,
V. S. Geaet, Lieut.-General.
RtX)n*. Aemt or Kobthms VawiinA, April 9. lt*X
JArutAitn. U. S. Geaet, Co*tM/??.?itf U. S*A, I
tiEvEBAL: I hire teoeivel your letter of thii
lei?-, containing the terms of sum-u.der of tke
Army of ?Vorthern Virginia, as proposed by yon.
Astteyare substantially the hu.o aa tLoae *?
?prtaetsd in your letter of the 8th bist., they ?r? at -
C?>pt4>d. I will BTOeeed to deeignttt tbe proper
Crfficar? to i urry the ttipolationi into effect.
Very rt-si^ctfully, your obedient ta.rve.it,
R. E. Lee, General.
The following i? tbe previous correirpondence be?
tween i.ieut.-Gen. Grant and Gen. Lee referred to
I? tbe foregoing telegram to the Secretary of "Win
Curros Hot-?, Va, April*, 1M3.
*i?n. BpjejppjJ M. STAJITOE, .Stcntary of War:
The following corrtipoudeuce bai lakv? oUot '
between Gen. Lce^d myself. There- has bee
rt'i.ixation in the iiursuit daring its ponclenf
V. S. G&ART, Licut.-Ge
April 7, 18
Gen. R, B. Lee, Commanding C. S. A.
0?BBAt: The retnlt of the list ?eck muit
vinee you of the horrelcssn??*! of farther resist?
on tbe pert of4tho Army of -Northern Virg
in this struggle. I feel that it is so, at.l r.?tft
as my duty to shift from myself tho reiponsib
of any further effusion if blood, by askinj
yon the itirrcnderef that portion af tho Couf
rato Southern Army, known m the Arm]
Northern Virginia,
Very respectfully, your ohediuut servant,
?. S. Grast, Li. ut.-Goi
Comtnauding Armies of tho United State?.
ArBji 7, ?(
Gkxibal: I havo received your note of
dato. Though not entirely of the opinion
exprcs?' of the honeloasneas of further rotsiBtaBta
thepurt of tho Array of Northern Virginia,!
(?procote your desire to avoid Mole is effusioT
blood, and therefore before considering your pre
sition ...si? iho termi you will offer on conditior
its eujTciiil, r. K, K. \,rR< t>Derti
To Lieut.-Grn. U. S. Gbaet, Gommanding Aru
of the United States.
Avril 8. IM
To Gen. R. V.. Lee, C^mMrxJiJa-'r.Av C. ?S\ A.
Grara.Ai : Tour note of last evening In rcplj
mine of the same ?Jato, ?iking too conditions
which I si ill accept the ?irrender of the Army
Rortfara Virginia Is Juit received.
In reply I would say that peace being my first
sire, thuro is but out condition that I ?-.-?Ht up?
That th?' men snrrerdercd shall be diittjuslil
for taking up arms again against the (lovernmt
of the United Slate? until properly exchanged.
I will meet you, ot designate officers to meet a
officers you auiy name for the same purpose, at a
point uprcf able to you, for the purpose of arrjaugj
definitely the tenas upon which tke surrender
the Jrmy of .Northern Virginia will be-receivc
Verygeasptttfully yoar obedient servant,
U. 8. ?.rabt, \..?ut.AU a.
Commanding Armlei of the United States.
AillL 6, Ir1?...
G?nerai: I received it & late hour your no
of to-day ui anewer to laine of ytitcrday.
I ijjd not intend to propose the surrender
the Army of KeirthotTi Virginia, but to tek tl
terms of your proposition. To be frank, I (
not tblnk the emergency has ariMi. to call f
the surrender.
But i.s the restoration of peace ihonld 1
the sole objeet of all. I desire to know whethr
your proposals would tend to that end.
1 cannot therefore mttt you with a view to an
render tho Army ol Northern Virginia, but to U
ti your proposition may affect tho C. 8. fore?
under my c mi ,ai?d and tend to tho restoration i
peace, I should fa pleased to meet m,u at 10 a. n
to-morrow on tho old itai:*. road to Ricbmt.nd, b<
twee;, the picket lines of the two armies.
Very n?epectfully your obedient ?tenant,
R. E. Lee, General C.?.A.
To Lieut.-Gen. GBAET, CoEimanding Armira I
the United State*.
APBit9. ?eea
Gcu. li. K. LEE, CotoiAumiLng C. (f. At
4ir.vr.iiAX; Your note of yeitorflhy is receive?!
As 1 have no authority to treat on the subject o
peace, the me?jting tiT?rpoi?ed for 10 a? m., today
could leud to no good. I will state, howovrr
(ieneral, thai I am equally aniioui for peace wit I
vni.i-t '.f, and the whole North entertain the sami
feeling. The terms upein which peace can be ban
are well understood. By the South laying 4o?i
their arms they will hasten that most desirable
event, save thousands of homan lives, and hundred,
of millions of pioporty not yet destroyed,
Sincerely hoping that all oar difficulties may b?
settled ? ithout the lost of another life, I subscribe
myself, very respoetfully, your obedient servint,
U. 8. Oeaet, I.ieut.-Gen. ?. Mi A.
Tkiib M Ge?. Orrnmt. ? I
Was JfKtAvnrmT, yrAstmmm, P. C, >
9:30 p.m.. April 9. 184,3. >
LrRT.T.-GBH. GRAKT: Thsnki be to Almighty
God ftrrthegreit victory with whieb He has this
day crowiieaj you and the ijallantirmies under your
Tat thanks oi this Department, and of tka Gov
ernment, and of the People of tbe United 8t4ktea?~
their reverence and honor have been deserved?will
be rendered to you and th? brave and gallant officon
and i?ei?l*Ueri of you? anay for all itiae.
Uiwis ?M. Startor, ?tacretary of War.
-M- |
CeleErtxlEBBJ tke Vlci?ry.
VVai Dkr.iBaix.aWr. WaihihotOS, D. (.', I '
April 9-io ootieap.?.- J
Ordered: That a aaluta ot tato humlred gsins be
lired at the headriuartet?of every army and d?part?
aient, and at every pott and tree nal in ttt United
States, and at the Military AcaotaBay at Welt
Point on the lay ?>f tke ractapt af tata or?k* in
coutmenentiion of the wrrender of Ciea. B. E.
Lee aijd tke Army of Northers Visigltria .to IAiat
Gen. Grent sud the anty itEilEr bis eoBCMBd? re?
port of the re?ipt tjiA lAlMBtastia of fail order to
bo made to the Adjutant-General, Wailxiugton.
towr? H. STUafTOI. Svcrttary of War.
Ta RichnoBsl aaA B<i?k? Why, Bear.
Frexu Out PpecJU CentinendenL
. a Xtw-Ygu, April 0, \HS,
Time, 11 a. m., Mouday, April 3,1^05. Place,
the Treasury I)t-r?ajtmeLt. Washington, where ?t lila
dr-sk sat the writer hereof. An abstrtiie calculation
corragatcd hi? brow, while an under current of thooght
eddied amona; the proa and runt of tbe ??nestloa?wob Id
I.e win that hat be bad wager?d tltat Kichtaund wofald
fail wlthia 49 boors.
Oi tbe two f?uckt<t>iii, on? us to the rachans-rito be al?
lowed on tin? drafts of th? lion, rolitlkalie EteyeU,
Mi.'iiiter to the Win du .ml Islands, und the ? tl er ae to
the contingent hat afur.nid, the latter tva? tic flrst
tolvcd. 4
A wild shont, exultant sn?l jirrdrmped?a shoot that
grew into a great itorm and whirl? ind of voiced Joy n
hundreds of beHoWi-likc lung? were added to Its fore?-??.
this thousand throated volite come nrging np the hr|ad
stairways and went reverberating adown tbr long c?t
ridurs, and called nil of us for! Into ask hungry ?jo anota
?and these were answered with ono word: ' Bnt?
moud i "
?Now, in the Peninsular Campaign T bad climbed
ti? 11 trees to see but tbe glinting ?pirn of !?i"b;;.on_?
nlwuys careful to keoji tl.e t?t>d? of tlisv tr.?e between my
own l>ody aud those sparet? tUo furnier being- belter cal
related t?> stsrp tuiliVt?. A palo, last Summer, I ?.'limbed
other tree? for tu? same rjnrp????. What tnort? natarul.
then, thsu for mo to be sei. cd with tbe magic of the DM
Slop;aii iiDitih abosad, but always right;: "Onward to
Ifjchmotiilt'' Besides, the trrstfnctt of a retired army
correspond? nt ntterted thcmcelve? ?ml bade irepooBce
more to the front und to on. I more write to TtTa TliB
IM.. And so all elhiob Btth the thougl-t of ;i"n,'
Richmond. T ?>-t about BBS rcaiiiisiU pr?par?t ions, in
','i'( . '. mueli haste h? gtt tLtrtiU wasDsTit L.t-*? If o
get away from there.
The ,'oiinte ef tbe War I)or,,firtm?iit toward newspa?
per? and il.eir corretpondent? durlr-i,' the whole war baa
taon marked by petty tyrai.nr, by a cuprioe that wou'rd
be funny if it bad not been so tronUsitranie, and by the
n,' H ( ontnmrnat? ignorance, abort-sign! nines?, |i.d
fully. I'erhaps the ContrluUH'rnte void "pip-Leaded
neu" well ?tuns up toy iad.itm.-ut. '?he procurement
ef parses for eorrcsponili us bat always Je .'?.? ??d on
the part of bonis ?na or atl.er at its olloial? with wbani
'Die came Id contact the above mentioned rjnrU.tj. I
remember when Grant was aboct to set ont ftrTin Ost?
|.?'l'p- r an order was lgened that (*?; i- ?;.,-.? :. nt? iai.it ' ?.
reeristerexl ?? steh tri the srttrv, and the contraction
I ?rued upon It try the War Department w?? tint ? .?ay*
couldBot be granted prior to such regUtratlon, ?ad
that tbe registration most be dune lu prrann.
In otiur Borda ene mutt ta in tta envy
in order to be regi?lcre?), ?i tbe samo, liu?
h? ,,..:! int go to the ?rtny ?util ta wa?
reg!tti-r?d. And Ulettraphia corrnpoaticare with
I'r. ',, ?' M.rV ?* ?I tta frost, and a terie? uf later
?iewi will iTiTifialB at the Dv-pa-tmact. onlj befogged
tl.e niftttar. At length the dilemma wa? ?ut>tnitt?-?l tu
A. Liiuoln, the t..'t,rriiid--r .. i i .,', ?In atraillad
unoondltJonal paiwa? totaJf-a doten of ut?and ho tadd
u? nu ?propos ?i?>ry.
ItHBTititj Ike patt in mir.?', I vm ink? a? all ?s.-pyiard,
en caMlrg at the Ilepartment at t?ooti oa Monday, tA Ind
that flom Recrrtary down r.? one bal authority to grant
lasses? "the late su?ot?tes s?? (hsnged the circtm
Manees that probably a re? polny ? to puses wopld
be required.'* snd won.d I "c?ll to mormw." Idrtrr
mined T would not call tt morrow, particularly at I
thongtit I conld find an old uatn, " Itr order of I.i?at
f?en, Grant," ftearnltT the indorsement, dsted latt May,
?Xtendtd until furaw?. arder?'* nut 1 Lad- k?at?l of
a? -'f .rd.er urtkla'' ?.,:.. -ii.ir it A? I hoped, that
pa?a admitted sue on board tee JametT. Brady tt9p.ui
Bimilar considerations to Ikon whluk ?tirad meto
Klohrnunl h?d th? tutnr? effect upon two other v eterno
correipondrnu?Wbitelaw Keld, tl? "Artte"of ft?
Cineinurti tiauut ivnJ. L. 1* Vrouri", bnt Wtal.iiigton
editor uf Tht riatte--geiil!eiuen with whom it it a
plcu.tir? to travel ?ven oa board of one of Gen. Ingrtljs?
line uf tteameea to < ily I'u.ut- Being anxmu? In forgot I
?taauneensary a?tioy?nee and ?liscoBifortsof my many i
trips on these I?.at? T forbear a drtcrl|.tl?n of the one
in ijuettio?, 1 wiah I .-.?nid M racily iilam-s it fitiiu
my (Iremn, ftr it In* tloo? form??! tie iub?tani ? of tta
oolv i.lrlitmtre by Which I wa? ever riddtn.
W? retobed Varlna Landinp, fifteen milts from
Rieh?innd as raaneth the New Market Itoad, at lUtiSet
Tu?-tday, the most lnterettlng event un tbe way belog
the meeting of Ire or six ?t>?_iboat? crowded With
Rein l prisoner?, who oboered lustily ts ttay ?Msed.
Our j>?rty, now consisting of Mr. Reid. K. T. f'ulbtirn,
of Ihr World, st.d myself. Mr. ('ron use ltd s to] ;.,ul at
City Point,) was anxious lor initant tratitportation to
Richmond?- ?.?or M coca. A mail ambulance, the oaly
vehicle at the wharf, could not accommodate us, mid
we were niaat?r.ng courage to start on foot In company
with a acore or two bound for the tame deit?nation.
when Gen. WelUcl's four-horse bendunarters wagon
drove tip. It had coin? down from tho city with ?
party of ladie?, eteorttd by Major Grave?, of W?it/?l'i
? tuff. Luckily the Alujor wn ?a atqualtatanre
of mine, and our greeting? wore cnt abort by my
Initiating negttiaUona for anta In the wagon on It?
retnrn pavaner. With warm thanks for bis ready
aasent, we three, with all tke flourish of sa old time
stape.-rhci,, and to the no small envy uf a doren others,
rattled off on tbe corduroy road. Rut not all the way
to Mecca that nijfht. Although plied with the coateats
of flaak ??tl po?-ktt-booh, tta driver could not ta
Induced to travel after dark, alleging hirpedof ?, which,
tkoold be stray by night from the straight path and tbe
narrow gate which leads throufrb the Rebel fortifloa
tlon?, might he ?xpi.-ded and *i7l hit hortet ! The ?ab
ltae ?elf abnegation of that driver, and hit great lovo
fur hi? bor?n, begat oar respect. We pardoned hin.
hit want of consideration u to our own safety, aad n
anted to bis proposition that we should pus the night
?t tbe now absndoned hesdqaarten of (Jon. Wdlln!,
ten m.iet ou tbe hither side of Mecca Tbese rread
quarter? conitsted Of I village of deserted bats. The
sole iiifiab.taiits were a colond sergeant with a guard
of ?la men left In ?barge of certain uurtt_ov??l stores.
Wc at once eitabhihed ourselves in Weitscl's own bat,
?nd by th? potwacy ef greautaeki soon bid the entin
?-??iiilBtism of the village working and oentmlng for
onr comfort. 0?e proceeded to cook our tnpper. A
tecond started a cheerful wood Are. A third foragted
for furnltarr, prbcarlag threo ctuhined aad ta o rtMkiag
ckalrs, a etnrtn toUo, ?tad three sofas-ongiualll tht
spoiii of dsserted housn In the oelgbtariiotMj. Awalt
ngeuptnww? standen tta vicinity. Oat air rvturn
tergttct Ebony informed u? that ha bad bioaght
us tor ear toilet water and towau tat IB " not
got no comb, na. ro bar-brtisb, na' no foof
brush,' aad hie rarprtaa wn open mowttf?.
wheneieh of ata taro produced from hl? owa dim las
Un tinaliag bag than arttrJea. A ?upper of ?x*gta
bacon aod pofits, ?liai cora d.xlgers, wn to n as aetta
and ambrt-ti?. My own subsequent cigar (krumIng that
my oomptriioni &?v?r ?mokrd, t took care to olfer nd
a prime Iiaraaa but? my owa stanj had ajnrlems
tweeter than odors of Oriental gardens, and lndneed a
retened (satisfaction mor? bUsafnl than dreams of
haaliaait ea-vt Bngeaat Bboar riled ?BO Utkot the i
er a. kling Are, snd In tb? cheer of Its glow the eon vert
t um tainted to reminiscences of nighu etch had pat?
In otmpt Md on bat?afalda, ?hick bad Bot been coi
fortable, of marche?, ilegei, fattlM and eampeign*,
uds enturei lodleroni or dangeroBS, indlng with one a
cord in expreiiion? of satisfaction tb? they wart all
soon to boeosii thlngi of the ?past?that now tt lai
the war ?at noil over.
Now Reid it a man six feet and on? lack In statar
and neither of our sofa? weald aeemOrodate to gre
length of Hab when horizontally diipoied; 10 Serges
Ebony wtt re ?nlred te arrange one bed on the lino
Col bora 1? of le?? ?tal ere, bot even he at propriateel t!
longe?! eort. Not belog ruvs?lf of sach commandir
i pro port lona with ?ran gnimb.lng I accepted their d
j cl-loa that I ?tumid oconpy a shorter lofn. Bat I hi
nly revenge (be text morning ?ben I accused Held
j prolonged tad ?tentorlooi ?Mriaf, and Colbtirn of tbn
tlruea visiting my fluk during the night, My Lndlgn
tion having cooled, I now publicly eonfe?? that eai
accsuatlon ?at falte. Nerivrthelei?, by ?Uady pe
?Iktaaee in them, backed up ?ith mnoh clrrumitentl
deta'.l. thry at the time became firtoty convinced of t?
trutlif lia.??i of the chargea.
lly trrtBgtnent of the night bet?re, wo we
awikened promptly at 4 In the morning, and our boot
wellooliibed .by bergt. Ebony, brought to us. V
drank coffee at 4<\, aad at 3 oar eoAch-anU-foar whirl?
to tho door, and we were off for Mecca. A Jolly rid
thai. Tke san roce vlth a glory that erimsoned tl
whole East, md the balm of the air, and the green
the field?, and tbe budding? of the trtoe? and w? Meoc.
bound. It ?ae Intoxicating. On tkt left, no? neu
nosv far, at if timidly coming toward us, at on as
coquetting away from us, was the river. Aid thei
?ere oor gntbotts above Dutch ?tap, tbovt Drnry
Hluff. ay. within ?h. t of the farthest house in Ricbmona
' All around, everywhere, ?ere tbe yellowptrepet? of tt
i concentric linea, to ?t-Il defended, ?o well beselged, tl
' great guxai ?till planted upon them, but the hoet -f tt
! enemy ?-one. A d./eu negro ?okliers trudarltig I
to Mecca ware tbe only men we ?aw In all that t?
n.'.lii. Til moke of the Cre itlU akinded logloomov?
'l.e southern hatfof tke city, but the ?'hole reni.iinin
half all ilutbt:ti in morning light, ?bowed spire? <
? larches, tkt dome of the ?t?ie house, ?lately ir>ai?Joa
and ?pi inkled nearer to t.i ?nbarban cottage?. It wi
beautiful. Up Maiii-it., and tvp a long kill, tr BMI
mncrl, like Rome, ?M nprra her more than Set en llitfi
, und tuaklDg t wide detour to avoid the burned diatric
! we reached the FpotWwood Hoose. A front parlor o
' the n cued floor, wnk ?ljacent bed-rootiie, reo?ited th
I three m rib-? Md pilgrim* to the Mecca of the w.u
"Towels. John?and ?oma water." " My Mme*? Rirt,
' Very ?til, 1? there m btrber-tliop in the bouee, Ben i
Aol (jalckeced by tbl magic af E*iB?y 1? fmctJoui
i '?tul green, l'en iwiie u* eaBk/ortabl?.
Mv letter written at the ftpott??ood three dati ag
?<>tld ctaroe malr I? eader tk? head.
! The flrat thing that ?truck mt wti the number of tk
oolirred populatioa, perbepe teoaaa? they were ?U?ut c
j rtaora Ie tbe St.ite Monie grunnd?, ?tere they tue
utter BWMM beta ello??.! u. euicr, not le?-? than ethoc
I ?aad ?ere cwigr?ERbVE, ?troUiitgr aktol ?ilk tarum
eyee apot every Yankee, or huddled In gmupa upon tl
! ground, IsjaVing la the ran, there too follo?iug ?it
their eyre th| t'lion ?"ldi?n>, re^cUCy IkoM uf thel
owe ???lor. It ?a? lu.? ?auiMa to taistakt tke great git
! tl st ih.il;? M ?sil their face?. In my hearing one of thee
l eaid l<i MM a MERE <?' bu friend?; "We BBS kin g
, Jl?t ar.y t bar?dM.'t keer fur no p??s?go any ?bar ye
' want er. Uo?y i da kUngihia h ab klm dit tion fa
, ?ufe?dat u ?bat im promlatd in da Generatama I
d>-in ?!*t t?et up tru great iribniatioaa"
A eitlrtn told me that a fe? hoar? before three of hi
bltvee otae tad eipt.iuf .1 to bim that t'.? s ?MB a corn
mrfte* totot-tomhlrn that the If he owned wen frae
bat ?ouiJ ooaUBUt to ?urk tar him on condition that t"
weald pay ttam ?age? ?a gr./si-i. I?. I ??jggcstc.l i.
tht llatte ?a-auriator that the appoint.'' out of ?onUBlttvrri
?et t dietincttve feaiar? ag eallght?MV?4l eommnnltl. ?
rtnd ia any oaao indlaatcd a sirs- high order og? uiivilL/a
ttoaejidt rtpaoty lor ?elf-ctr?. 1ft r.plird. , Well,
I told the ?Lui? crew to go to-, ?.aal they all left; it?
my etrtnbin they II all get tkert eon? enotigh,' and turn
log opon oi? heal went a? ..y ?1th the tur of IB Injure.!
On. tact la aerMio, Bimety. that tb? re 1? net a negrt
In tke city ?ho doei not know that he 1? fret, and th?
dtiee not count largaly upon il? Nor do the majogltt
look forwurd to a ?Imple heaven of latiae??. A ?lotet
with ?h...11 talked were ibsIom to gel to wrk i.,i
wag?'?. "Net for noae of ?111 ycr money ?a h ich ? m t mir)
uu?uD but de money dat youmOA. Trig chile, d like lokal
a btsp a' ?foi " ??id tie, exhibiting perbap? a ttaa?*ud
dollars of Coafederate iuoei, and alro ??xlil-itlug ?kite
teeth in a hroad grin.
I found Gen. Devons and Staff qoartered la tke boost
lately orenpied by i lov. Extra Billy Hnilth. Hit ? if?.
dtogbter ?ml nelcei ?ere Kill there, and anxiout for
permitiion to go to friends In Italtiniore. The furni?
ture, owned like the bouse by the Btate, remained. The
ladle? ?aid notklag taloagirxg to Ike State ?at re?
moved, except t valuable table, ?. is lo and other plate,
marked ?ith tbe v?t?t? arm?, which had been taken to
the Exchange bank for ?afety, and was there burned on
Monday niarnlng. It ie ?acre probable tku. ladiee were
Blataken, tad that tkoier?liiables Were carried off wlM
tke cuta of the batk.
The Btate ?MtaMaV.B 9wi?i, gave me t choke btautiiet
from tht Maeervetory, aad then tried to enli*t tty eee
vlcei ia prtK'itrlnK for him a park? North. It fcv renRrk
able how txtay Jealre to get a??y-, '*"*? o*0- ta jM
rrov..?t-Mar*hal 1? thronged trim morning to night,
mainly ky people pleading for p???ei to llaltimore. At
preMit none are granted, priaaipaily Mr ?Mt of ?testa,
port allot,
N?xt I called on Gen. Weitael et the hou?? for which
the eit/ paid $' VOW In gold and presented to flavi*
?hen he removed lis GovernBkeut irogn Montgomery.
In the parlor, M the point of ?etting'out for an inter
vie? ?ith Mr. Lincoln on one of the gunboiU. wai
Judge (.'ampl?en, M elderly bald man, bowed, pale ?nd
with a look os bis face fall of al diiappoiutment and
sadnee?, yet of great dignity. I coold kit no? Um con
treat afforded by Wtitttl, who iu Ml uniform, with
?word tt hit loin*, tu to go with Uta t.?Jtl>e President.
It wai the contrast between lorro? tad Joy, fatweea
bitter failure and gloriom racce?*, between ? thwarted
and broken eonipirator whose age preclade? lay hoaor
?bit retrierai end a ?oldler who, though not yet thirty,
hte terved kit country well, a en ber fgrceaeet laurel*
?nd tbe reapeot and gratittid? of good Biet? thl OOB
tr??t between Catalina defeated and Cieere in his
triumph. The very eemrtety ?f Wiitttl'? d'-rntatar to
v?rd the old min bot pointed thl ditvereaoe eteh muet
tare tilt Ukii tEBBMitMEEMji
Her? I mm ?My offleert ?b?m I fad kvjuwnlntle
? Armle? operating egaUtt BUkotMV'-by the ?ay. |
Uoee ermle? are operating elte?kere Bo?, sal it be-1
ic?He?Gr?aiit toch()<????i?ja?aar gMRftWMMW M Itflsie
?s one be ha? catata ta became a MtMomtr. Am?mg
t m ?ere (Ten. Ikepley aad Ctda. ?4. ftaaitk tad I'red.
Manning, late of Butler*? Staff. Having bad targe ex
perler.ee in the get^-njhrig of ea?tiited eHlet mRttrht- ,
lent ceimiDunltiea I fooad tketn vary buiy ta I k?t>? '
they ?r? very uieful men. Tka former Mid M bad ri ?J
reived uotleea that fifty BppHcaU<m?l?^-Jmoitl??n^llTiIlg <
in ipitadid liou?e? to hate offloer? quartered apon tii?m ',
-of ctaorie with a view to protection and Immunity (
from confiscation. Apropoe to Me MEBMMM of bou?ee, 11
a good ?tory la told of tien. Stanley, the Military Oov- '
iraor. A ptrty caaiJEtsl itai I? ?aJ JkW*kUk<)mw\
one of the foreign consuls, and that therefore:, it should
aet be occupied bow or at any time confiscated. The
Goiier?J ?aid to him, "Bring me the lease, sir, 1 will
examine R, aad If I find opon it the stamp required by
the meine laws, t wfl! consider your request. Of
coarse, if the leste is not stamped I am not bound, to
respect it." Whether the party appreciated the reason
inK did not appear, but he evidently understood the de
olsloo, for ka went away.
It ww mom-id to walkabout the ?ty. So ran in houses
deserted, n many ladles la mourning?ill I met wer?
in monrniug??o many old men, brotan with premature
eg*?, their hat? made rnpeetable by tbd dingy crape
that told of sons slain, and then that broad black wnte
allere stood the tartest part of the dry?It was pitiful
And to trie forenoon was spent, and I returned to the
SpotUwood. The chivalry used to rate this bogw
| as we to thoTIfth Avenue and the Brevoort, though!
do aot sea bow, if it were In New York, It could eger
', hare been conaidered mon. than a fourth-rate hotel.
| The dinner vu not Inviting. Among the gnestt were
Hon. ItotxxrB Cunktlng, AstlsUnt-Secrctary Dana ?ad
a tie, and C. U. Cot?n. of Tot Bottom Jt ornai, who, since
the war began, has always managed to be at the point
of Interest, whether it were Vlcksburg, Chattanooga
the WOdeftan?, Savannah, Charlearon, Wilmington, or
Richmond. Near Mr. Dana sat I'ollard, late of Tin
Rrtxft.ncVt'tuougn I think neither ex-editor was aware ol
the other's presence.
During the day, torn soAliin and negror.?, and by my
own f'irsgir '.' amoBg the heap? of papers flying about, s
largo number of .-tntograrh letters of dlttinguiihed Reb?
el? fell Into my bandt. H. 6. route excuse? himteli
from breakfasting with Oov. Smith in ? long note In
his utn-tl verbose style. Gob. McCautland pronounces
Gen. Iromal "no cavalry Oeneral." Gov. Brown ol
Georgia wont let Gor. Smith bne a train of Georgia
cars to bring up ?uppliea. Senator J. !.. Orr has a bile
on hi? neok so be cannot breakfast with S.,iltb. Iudccd.
that break Cast must have been a fritura for half a doren
write to decline ajud anotlier half destin to en use them?
selves ful not geeag. Perhaps 411 plead their destitution
to the Governor ?* reaton why they should be given em?
ployment m some ofllee. Secretary ot War Scddon ?nd
rimlth quarrel la inlf a score of letters, over details and
exemption*. " Anonytnou*," to filed on the back In
etuilth't own baud, though the body of the letter -how?
that be wat ?imply afraid to sign id? name, write?- from
New-York or^tolltlcs and of torpedoes, but despairs ef
the Rebel ( Hin?-. " Anonymous," it appear? voted for
McClclIab. Rut these letters will bear publk?tiuu 1b
full, aad I refrain from notiu?; more.
By a lucky cbauc? 1 discovered ?ate ut night that I
could obtain pas?age in a headquarters mail wagon
li.uik to Varir.a the next morning. It was an oppor?
tunity not tr be ?lit.!.*? d, e-p? dally as a li'.tl-i caWula
tlontaadalt ???.cur t! nt by Lilting all the conuectioni
I mitritt nah? Nfw-V??r* Vriday n'irri fa lime for
So??i fray's paper. In that view, Richmond be? ame
Sud um and New?t.rk Me, ra, for be it known that the
rsr)rres|>ondent who Is ahead in point of timo u ntoat
y?!aed by bit paper., rower? of observation, the ubiUy
te tell a story In passable English and a gentlemsBrly
lArnertc? are requisite?, but they are ?II eecondary to
enemy that amer Aagt ami gut? the aewi back to the
i.?me?mt.e em time,
I'eklng up V?t.-rs. Keid and t'olburn at daylight
?tar I tad slept la another part of the city?nud they
f' t<'rml3%d to go only when I called for my taggaaja,
by a second JudfeWni? n?e of the potence of task lod
I pocket bool upon the driver.we made the boat at Vartns
by half a minute. Hence, tediously, by boat lo Haiti
mon, via Fortress Muunx-i thence, ? train tu New
fnt| alltolJ, M houn Ira* JHidhnionsI. Itanium
hours'tough work, rr?u!'n.g lu three rotuuia? in the
r?rxt monucsrV paper, embodying the main facts of the
?vnntian aad occupation of the Retwl capital?and the
IvBdayv of my trip to Richmond and back were over.
The tr ry rtrotahly rio??? my relation of arniy corre
1 aftrttldeiit, wtllch fact may el. use SO much of ,h rt?oiu?
ii.i.tkrr lu t??ri ?rtlclc. Ca.?.
AB.ire Im BicBaaa??..
Waeliikt. 1 < ?a. Uatnrday, A ur? ?. Ifr' V
A letter from Itiuhniond dated April 6 ?ays:
"The new ?tato of affair* in this elty glte? general
? i'ti-factiun to the residents, who, to show their grsti
traie, tender >?? ?ry ?ttentiou and information to our sol?
diers 1 and. on the ?oldtair?' part, tliey are kind and
rjonrteous?ihn? ptvii?K ctinlradiction to tba mauiiiat
aad false report* of the Rebel prett.
? The best of order preval?a The street? after tattoo
are free tan Battant ??tenting the patrul or the
cbanginir of the ?ward.
" >,. n.irnsiiii? are at pel allnwed to be opened, aad
a hat whisky i? finad 1? wotaeatcd aud imui ?d Into (bo
W.srlUNor??!?. April?, IWf?,
Tkt Belsteat ttheg ot Fritfay, the ?1I1 ia?t., say?
t) nt Mit. Lincoln and Mr?. Giant Mimad then? on
Thuraday and, accompanied, by ?ever?* urvmiiiant Gov?
ernment uffii ia>. rode throutfn the city In oarri??-*?,
with an isM?i?rl of cavslrj. and returned to Cltv Point In
the evening, whither the Vresider-.t b?d alreailr gone.
Auioni other iBXtmlnint persons la KU-httioiitl an
VUt-l'ietideut Johiiacui, ix-uator Harlan, extanator
I'm ?ton Hing aast Assistant-Stjoectaiy of War ?Una
Hie river obstruction? ar?' being removed u? ?uxtdi
tUiittlv a? oMaalble, ?tte*foHv-f4ghr nrmr?will not eT?pae,
we opine, bef?te we hear oftteainor? at Rocket?, direct
from Rew- York. RUhiatalnhin anal Baltimm-?,
The river at City I* oint 1? tillad wltii a lutler's fleet
awaiting permits to euable them to bring their supplice
up to Richmond.
Improve meat, reiwvatton and racrwiirtruetlon mittt
?sauredly follow in ike wake of the I'r.iuu armte? In
thing? political at wtll at totnfi mnxarial.
A ?iron? force of lubornr? i? to be ?t ouoe pat ta work
on tbc broken i-oiiitn of the Rlchmow?, ?.'u-ilttiK-ktbtiig,
Aeqnia Creek and Vr/tarnac railroadl, anil Its colonie-,1
U011. which will occur a ithia ?he next f?w a-r-im, all
put Richmond ?In railmad oonimuuicatiun with the
Capital ot the United State* aglin.
The iron band? broken by the ruthless hand o' war 1
welded sgaia ?rill once more reunite a dit iUcd people ja
bands too ft rung to />e put minder.
A groat many mea, whom the tyrannical Rebel con-1
Kriptiea ta? taw three yeera driveafnm tie face of day I
and torced to hide land skulk like fehan, aadared by the i
prateaea of the I'niija for?.v??*ijdthnHtarSiy?????< d Han
uar, liaravsnmri^oBcujmcintoshowthe?eelvesui-noog
Iteir fellows.
For the first time during the war the city mav truly
lie said to be quiet and life and property safo. ' Not a I
nuia? bmut uaeouth than the ??and of rj?uttuy bandi !
MtVanay wh??* disturb tho?r ?lap or nigkt.
The frarroters aud burglars that ilthated the Rebel
capital bavBttfbn ktvoekerlthe dn*t nf the city from
their Ret ai.d followed the <>of,-?tente lieg, or they
h?v? pndence euoegh to toi ego the practice tf their I
nefsHoo? art?. ,
The Petenbuig tallroad Is unbroken ia both track |
aad tad? ?seepl 111 o&e or two patee?, at the illataai n
fiurn that city tu RIchmomL Trains are now running
on the road, aad tha welooate w battle ?f the toaomoRv? I
U heard again. 1 ' ' i
The trhur also contains the following^ ?___! 1
iso or rae ViKorru Lmw tATtar.. ?Anlnftym pA__ea> 1
mg of th? L.emtar? of th? Virginia I.tjairiatan
remsiolng In the olty wss htld In the Itw bulldlag, '
Fraaklln st., thii atoraing, for the coaaideration of the,
uropo?itluiii of Prttnteal Ltnoln to r?assembla the*'
tetjbUture for ttatanen of ?olborHlap a <>)irve?rtloa
to uke Virginia Baek into fie bondi of the Uoioa.
The propo?IUons of rre?rB?-t tinculn were lain befitn'
the meeting. AlbrWll^tlag --? appointed to Uta
[iltoe at 4 (?'.lock (Us tJltoi&'U' to which time tta
^{bt"y 1)^11*?? I?nrliVt'^? atijoaraad on tta lBtAef
ataroh to meat otTtLe 29th of that month. 1-ay met
? tta nth Without e fryiortei. A?<^rvting to tbe^xwa
itluttn fhe- eowX. imder nch cirvnmstaaees c?f> ?a
ouru t*/???. lUy tod?y. W4 they did tffl ,flDtd?t/?44tt,
Ih? day o7tin CTuowtlo?, when thty W a mestiitgia
?he evening and lOipeoad wiUtou?. .istttlutWu. taBM
(oing ?f with th.? Geveraur aad ecne lnving na
iitoal taatckait?<ed fer tta poryxo?? attoiwding talaar.
Hie members now ia tha ?jty an the ?aky r????sl*ig
agal rtt/i-sent nivei vf the St ?te of Vi/giula. ftp
Btpemat te etata that th? l^antaW^of lattS l? an
lioriatHl by the ( 'onstitutlon to eall a Conrentiott tor
be puriioa? ot nttllng ?nd ??'Jotting the basis of repre*
eattttion. This queetlon is tattled?but ? Conrntjoa
NtU?aJ far ?J purnon la oanipoieat.
Lctlm of the Rebfl ?Mr-tary afta. Trfasunv
Hon He Traded Cotton sad Tobacco for Bacon
-. ?a?
March 21, IMS.
OrORGF. SeBLXr, eeq., j.ti.e?, Ga.:
Sir: I have received your letter of T??Atch S?,
and regret tho long delay that has ?x curred ia tke pay
men t of your account 1
Thii hat reialted, I s u^pos?, frcm tbi intirreptiont
?tad final removal of tl e X. -... my Note Bnreiu, t hichv
was driven off from Colntrbit by the enetxy. 1 f
I would u?k tbe Engineer llureau to trnnlfeV t|?fay?
?ut of your ?cconnt to ?lugu?tt, bat the' Depo.ib ij#
there U not any better provided with funds ftMB ?I
Congreis bai passed an a. t !r.ipo-ir,g'.3per coot t?M
on ooin, Md luthortttag m li? i thereof a knit m thl ex??
tent of t^OUOfluQ. I hat e directed a portion of thsfco : ??
derived from this source to be told for Treeiory note?,
for the relief of the D<, >o ?tarir? in Alabama, end sib *
of cotton to be made ?.c. ?ii ort'iuitie? oifer, 1er the ?am?
purpose. You had better ?rite to Col, Bbellibo, ?nd?
get a draft for tbe amor:.: of yonr aot>iunt. Md thtrga
?ome friend with tho duty of preaetting it for fjatot.
Tke certificates ot ind-btedne?? authorised by th?
Act of 17th February, lia?, case been m .de receivibier
i;i payment of tuxes. Cau yo? not make use of then., toa
part at least t Very respretfolty,
(J. A. ISkJ-Tii n'a. N i relaiy of Tr-Hdurv
March 24, 1??J.
Mrt. I. G. Gordon, Rklm.o ?t
Makam: Yonr letter o? tbe Irth in?t. la received, ui u\
I rettrn you Mr. alaaiaoii'? letter, ?? ret?ue?t?d.
I regret extieuu-iy Uiat it i? not ?a my powlrto ofl.-r
you another alttutlon. Y.?,, ?at* '.-eiiuliy,
G. A. Them: nit, See-rv-tury of Treasoty.
Hon. P. W. GgAV. Ae ? / tkt Jr.mury, ?jdTflioU,,
fila: Herewith you w..! ?ad copy of a circular adver
?4?e?Bent ?f thl? Ilepei turent " t? the hr?nk? and privat?
capitalist? of tho C. A, ?u-.td upou uaaot of Congres?.
approved Marcb 17, Irsus, enticed "anact tonhacoia
for the purpaee of furnish ng neceeeery supplie? JVr tb?
army." lit" i.l A i I
It il r xpeeted that gretrt benefit atd relief ? in 6? |x
pcrienced by the ttavevtiment in the enforcementof the
proviaionsof tlii act, and sctti?re rt?stacitfully iY\?'4aic?f
to give the same eueb paklfallp ?.i.d m mi?, iseaing;.
lu.-b luptilemtnUiry regulations aad iniitruirtilns a?
maybw required in yeur Depsrtmtrof. Veryre>beet
fttlly. G.^A, TbemK'I k, See?etnry of Treieorer.
. MairohST, iff*.
Majmr D. H. W-TOn, Qr.fttnuietrr. **
MAJOit: Ideale ftti./h transportation to Danville,.
va^,t)r L. F^Bouieux and J. T. Landry, gal for MO
barren? archive? of tb? Second ?uditoi'g office, la
their charge. Very ?a-n^-ifoily.
J blur'M. DkLt, Chief ?IMk
AfABCII ?. |&3.
Ti> ''>? frttiitntt ?rid ,''?*-. -, m? ?A. *?r?ral B**kt -?
lAtSuttt of iSmrik mallBii ????.?, Ctrel.aa, ?;af
GejitujjUE: I have the h???r of otll?n?, ?.j^,
Uiut to as Act of Congre.??, 3i,,iieveU March ??.,
entitled, "An Act tora.ie '0!n ftvr the purpose
BUhiiig n?t'*ss?ry ?oppli??? for Iii.- army," ?id to? ti.?
rtgilitltm edfipted fcy this TTepertment to ?airy" tba
lame into effect,
b will be reel tb? the ?eriod in svhicb tke fat V.ay
be comjaaled by the loui: ef an ?trjaal amount In coin.'
will expire oa tbe 17lh of AprJ. i tic tune it to short
th.it ifM deemed expedient to confer pcrboaatlly ,wltk
tbe beak? In the ?evei M State?, and thereby to l'acMitue
tho measures by which tbe tax rua> fa avoided.
Talbliend, Hob. W. W. '"ran?.. AsnliUutSeeiMasjy
of the Treasury, ba? net u ditty ....''ng.d to confer
with vsvu, and conclude the? ue?ct.ai:t, ? on behalf ol
the Gorerement, Ba ?? ais* e-ii?iwercd to direct with
whom t!.e Slssecie borrowed ski?, I>? ?iesaaMUd, ?tod to
instruct provisional reit'pt? for the ?*m to be gtven,
outil the term? a*tie.'ii ap?n can be eu tied into effe.i.
Your mo? ?taedtent tervarlf, O. A. Then holm,
Secretary, of TT-?ax??rry
Murcb B1. ??It,
J?V?. W. W. CBLMP, AuitUmt ."tretary of TtmUurfi
Bat: Im axe berebj arifhorited ?xd lu?tmetti t?
piEtrreed to North Caroli?a, South Coroliua and Georgia,
aad M oerrfiM-fflity with the aceoinpatiylng lettefi to
negsrtiMe with tke Ranks ot ttaee Statt? Car fam el
coin, in jmisuancB of the ,?ct of CeEjEEBRj BBjBBmi
March 17, tat?), entitled ".Anart to raise tata for tht
t r-vrposi tf fttrntihSng :: cc??.,:> ?upniiea fur tht army. '
I ?Ija ?parie obtained y??t ?R! direct fa t?s detrs?!i?<l
with ike Atsistar.t TreHri.nr, ?: Pay DttjaEMflBr tke
' moat eligibly ?it uated to i ? .-el. ?? the ?am?, and ?reel
pros isiiTSkai rccel|.ta to begieai, 'rierefor. M conformity
, With tba r?gulation? of ihn? Department. #
I Uav?taaehonor to reiuain ?oui moat okedieat ?ec
vant, O. A. Ttti.siioi.M. tk-ntrntarj of Trtteaxtp.
TBEtStKT L?fl?A.aTMrsT. RiCirROSi', )
ili.r.ib ?s, IMA ?
A. 1UN.SE. ??? Chief Produ-t /.<-?. JAr??a?gu Tno
State Of Virginia hat. advanced tarea kaintared
thousaml dollar? in coin to the oi^wxsmanl fatttbo
n?e of the Commliiary ?topartn>?fit, ander tkt ?ft o
eangieea of March 17, UeE, - to raise ?'?fa for Ilia par.
r>?Nje of tarMsk in g necessary ?tippllta to the army, * to
receive ia?tatoltte payment for tbe san? cotton ai tht
rate of fifteen eenti per poir. J.
im are hereby authorltad re gtve ta ?arder reibe
facal officer of the Sttta fer two uuliieM of poaade o*
cottoft M payment ?af tbe tame, wall tbe right tossx
port the same tree of all con J. in, -? except tkt pa ynjeot
of thl duty of li cents per pc tinJ.
Tot? obedient tant?t,
U. A. ThESHoi n, be. retar y Trtianry.
MA?!?, 9?, lWv...
attM. W. VV. CniTtr, Attht.-f'* l .ry of Trtoeury:
SlU: You tie respeotfulls re^oeted ?nd etxU??4>?rt
to inetract tbe ?ever?l Dcivosifariet vitb whoB??th?
spe, ie derived from tht Bat?? hi the State? of North
Carolina, South Carolina acd Georgia ?hall be de
poiitad to MO Bj?oE?b* ?ft? I r?> ?ell to the extent of
one-half tba ?moim?, if e? u. ?oh fa neoeaaary, for
Treasury notes at nitrket raMt, ia order to pro-.ide
themielvei with current fiutli t? ?let draft?.
Yutr obedient eerrtaEt
O. A. IBBBMOUC ?eeretary of Treaanry
MABOi 31. lass.
w,y?.r D. H. Wood, ?Mm MtMEfi
Major; Pleaae furnWt tr?u?j?ortast?eB ta Duvftie.
>*t. for *?j MM. ? GoraraBMOt ?chiva?, ta M ?hipjyed
n four lot?, in charge of Metii ?. L. V. ?^s?j?l?ni Saggi, J
T. Undry, ?Rk lakMpiilillM?4jetkaM |l>iJitEMi *
Joe? ?*. Hau? CMtf Clark.
Mtttrt. h. V. BossnrtJt m-.d J. T. Lasdbv: Bies?You
?111 pr.Hiised to DanvlRt, Va., ?ithoul delay, in ohtr,
?fa ?hipment ofptpert, ?Yc., beloigiof ta tka tttaMOf
fa Second Auditor. Prooure a ?uitable ?ankette M
iJMvila?, on the beet terms practicable. In whlob to
liare tir- ?ame. and remain there to attend totM re.
tap*, of f?rt 1er alignant?, und to make all aeceaaary
irrengementi for tbe proper tare of tka property.
It-port tke arranirtmeut? made promptly to ?kit De
Mkrttueut. lieipectfully, G. A. TiiiarHoiJf.
Secretary of Trataury.
Marchai, ?eta,
F. 11. i'lHf.ok, eaq: Bis: You are ?atiwrtxed to ??
tette all conMbatloaa of monev and MMbbbbtM, tad t*

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