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JMMtytm-lh i?_ Wrilmt,
-ATUBDAY, .1 .?:*.? AEY IS, I-'
I ?nu? al th? Vribnne.
DAlIiT .. J'
M ni I r-rhi-cnler-, r* am BO '
leeor, l year-311 i.. . ' ? I.,MWW
1 oopr, 1 year?104 Bli I"".'-?. ti.'1"
2 ci,!bb, d?.. 7.00
h COOMB, or over, fur ?? i I i "|iv. '?.Vi'
M i-.rl.L- . BUBB.
1 copy, 1 year?*?**! i" . . $2.00
Audtf?. i'RI BUBB. Ben Tata.
To Ad*. ? r-.
Wo *eili ihanti ?luruih . c te . ? -? t? h;i:ul
n iii-.i idvertiseii.iut? ii u. n ban aa pan
receiv. 0 ?Her I o'tloik ti.? y < a I ba BaM?ai Bl Art tl.e.r ?
Bru'i. Let?a. ____^____^____
Tbe Tri??t.m- i : i.ordoii.
STE'.'r*-? BROTHERS, I ? a, ?? f-? Llbrarlei
IT Hen: . ? ?- i .-..' liai ? ? I li tlieaaleef
THI 'I IB1 NI 1*0*1 v.. ? '?? , . m ?.J
T*u TuBon Aui . .ni' 1066 ia bow
read?-. See ndverii?. e ?? ?? ????,,-..
K01-CKU..S' KEW!,
Tlte "ttctuBBBip Scotia a Lirerpool Dec.
.?J. vis (Jurenstnivi: I). . . -?
liriniriiii.' ?oven ilv.ys inn-. .
_laentaf repasta mw ' ric? i1erala% aa
iai|*eniiii..r laanreetna si ? Paataaa, and it n.is,
deemed tkwnmwrt tour;: I to Ii ?ead.
Tui Gol ?ruinent <>r Ci 1 I iajr Strossel i??ry
iii... le?en! es-Coal. as ??.??' teadend
i Iraaniento tfcaChilli ?? al aal nrenl
priTt...'"rs ure Beni to I ' SitedBOt An n. i
atiee be'iiecn i'eru mid ? I a - rsgoidsdsesSTtsln.
Tho reticat of the I'arae . jmi iCertl Bteail
The BwnasrlBa corr -;? tof Ti.e lttM-0 ?
Time? ?tntr?: t'nit Cr i. ?'. .,..'.< Amu ?_ dlT?loo.
iiuot ni.i)clair m ne-h Beads , Aaotkn attaeltbftkej
Liberals an IfatannM i ? ? j. A nnia'l i ?i:ip of j
Libeia's has bi*cn larpeti I ? bapestaUata. Air
the prisoners ivtre to l.c* *..'. T .a Be_lean Liberal??;
bad R.vcu ii irriiiid dinner al Bl .?ui.-t.lie, to Generals
Wen at*, and Cru? ford.
Wi'pL!>!i!*h:liisiB,.rui:.?'.D | l 10 ?etierifrotr, Maaain
SewiinJ, li.ia'eiow*, Dr. i.i :.-. rasadllenthi ?a on
thorei*ci-cit:ouof tlie ii.*.. ., .'..;.in', an abl mel at
which na* piton a tssrds; Tin? dir-i .itcli from
M. Driiuiu do Lhujs i. . . r.? i... ; adiaan
of the Freed' Owwamiai a S .:' .Iinw its tioops from
Mei'.cci alta! tLe leeofiiH I ef BairnUiss by the
United fSiute-i. The np.;- si tir. BsoarB i? aa em?
phatic refusal to give Baa u- rill i "'..dee.
g?]BXf9}ICJ--j NEVVH.
A lot rfaegroea <>n p\ ntal ?i on B ii Hirer
ro?e n. a. : I - 'i lew ?luji BffS : li id to murder their
o?if-eer?. lut failed. TI .? ? ?? I .f'Ud to ?n.oiher
poibt, wi?ere ?hey natt?e] I fcteeneata? The
militia. Lou ever, ?uciifiu ... . >g thctO all with?
out -?eriou? ditlnuli:y. Ita r;i | I'-uler? were aner-tej.
On eoveral plnntiitiim? u: i. Bad annes Han were
fouud ??'i-retC'd in conni'i' '-al?'. I Bttttn l'icviousiy
the freedmen in th:.t .* loa I ??' ted ndeas] wink.
The military and militia .n Cuildi ?'j;.--;'i aro ordered
The house of Mr. G ... 1 - Twj]i t, No. 1?4
Clermont-arc. Brook;? a nu (bloalot?te entered
through the hull door, ali.': had l?een tall in loch eil.
about 7 ?dook on ITaan la] Si * i r, while t'.ie fi.m'iT
was in the ba.ieuic.it ?it t> i. TU ; mt* weat up Muire,
and. reiiifickirig the Li: as ? nan ?*;.ic i.'. I in
takiag Bv.ocw C. S. Tit .?? i bondi nBt c.
tached, and a gold le? o ra ' k ilOO, vtU trU '
he eicnpi 1.
Mary Ann Gilroy, un 0 i? of -.vhn ?
fehug? on Hie paeseupej ?t \ -.??o' bar Ti to
thu {Mai. appoarml la ?H1 - :?'? ? lot Ih.i.dav, dfed
ywtmmmmj Mentas* in th .**? i : i : '.; HaajUaL Coran r
Ooier ilnpau?ltd a jiu'T. ?:. all I aM ?n .nji.e*-! on t'.:?
bodv to- 1'iv at I p. m. ?I. i Bel ik, tl.i - .
Ilk't> ti i p. fwtlotmmy gat? bit.. '? ptu tbe Coneac eta!
vaeaBoned tafees Mt pet lei ltd today.
The Mobili Adrirli 'r ?>'. tee BUl ii ?f.. -.ay?.
t_?t Goa. Tfsmn Ba? .- ead lira. Pallon !
that all the United Star. I bl I."..*.
Alaliaiiu, iiua ?.nd M . D ?ki .J t, :'..?? ?*iul"
?;iiiti?, ana that paselatoni I i (aoiliea will be
proioptl_i ii.riii-l.ed lu t.e ~ . . , MSBMBI
fre*? Otorpia le.apectiiI ? BB .1 "f ti B li... I
Batan tr*xip- froui tata Bl
The i".au::'...:.mi ... ure of the alleged|
Rei)cl hotel burner, lease! Mania, ?n? cimi.:.
terdav lefore VOAri But ? I
Burne ttvti?ony wa? iii\>. i ?r that diK'i b Thomp
ton, thti ?eb.'l a/;ent la ' wat eeftiiaaotol the
tcheme. The ct_e i? adJo.ii. Muodsy st 10a. in.
On T.'?jr-clay night li ' priaBBWB BBBBped
fron tue jail in il?:::p*t,*i,,. I,' ., (,',iuuty. One is u
oegra lionied John \\ i!-ii*. ,i. .1 il.e ..the; tv. o (v. hit?-, j
Jaires ?Io' iiBon and Ali l n.r..- Tnnicr. Up to lau,
ereniufr i.o.ieof the|).-i-(, ,? | lae adlaeetsied.
Kca. lotions iijijiroi:.-. ..i tilt- ParisEzpoei?
lion, and recoinuicnui:./ I . timmij approprie?
tioan bj Congres? for Km i-l i,ilion of j? ?
produci?, ivere yesterday : p'nl st B Itltld taeatiRff
of the Chamber of Cn?nu M
The Iron Molden I. iona] Colon. it?i
BtaBm ?cstenlaT in 'lrrn- lay Bal. poaaed .? r?solu-1
tiou ia favor of the cmiit horn i: BSeeaaM, ami uit-r IIS '
tra?sacfi'Mi of ?onie other ? . oarasd siue die. j
Tho IiCfiilBtiTB Ce -.-.' ttee mi Monieipal|
Affajr-*i will bold a rpui....' nt i oilock on luesd.i?
afceraooti. to hear partit? on the Mia-York Health
Ti i- BtOMBSf Lcmi<iiu | arrived .it I'mvinc'.*
town. ?ta??., jcateiiLiy, ti 'io New-York, with ma
tinner ?lightly disabled.
The State Keform Room It WbB-BAb, Wlfc,
wa*buri?edon Thuraday nie|it_io8i B.'iOlrJO. The ia
mates ail e?oa??ed.
Martha Grinder, convicted of poi?onhi**, .?ev?
er- rJtMonj}, will be executed nu friday next at Pitts?
burgh. Ha.
Gold opened at 138, ?old up to 139, ancTelosed st
13*.?i JrB'.r.iisy All the ia.'ie? of ( iel e ri.ri.aiit bon j? ?r<
?l.-oaguij .?: cool hiTe.tn.. nt demand. Iiau?. ?lock, ?re in
requen ?nd offered in ?mail ?mounts. Railway maret were
ali lower ?nd offered in lai|* tiuountt. Tb? market closed
unsettled, with ?took? offered treely. Money is ?(Tared in
gr??t ?bunds..c? at i pet ceot to ???diug lionar?, and at t pat
real ordinary boirowei? make up tl.eir ?vrouitt? retdily.
Co?inerciai papar ?all* ?t TAI tot brit ?nd 10a li pat cant foi
M'Oiid ?ndr. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Deputations from the National Wool-Grower?'
and al-o from tho Woolen Maniifaeturore' A?no?
ciation are now in our City, charged with the
duty of conferring and, if practicable, concur?
ring ah to BBch modifications of our present Tariff
on Wool and Woolens an they may deem just
and beneficent. We trust that their accord may
beunanimouri and hearty. Firmly believing
that the road to enduring B-BBBBM forthe con?
sumer lie.*? through Protection io the home pro?
ducer, ?JU3 bringing producer and consumer
tloaer together and reducing the otherwiso
hoary cost of interchanging their products, we
hold that tho Woolen Manufacturera of our
country hare a direct and positive intercut in the
rapid and eteudy eitension of ?Sheep Husbandry
among us. If no pound of foreign Wool had
been imported for the laut twenty yean, we
?rt- cim?dcnt that our Woolao Mnu'i-JivUu'oi.
waaia no.v j>ri can theil raw ninteriul clioa|K-r
tliaa thejda. It bl shume that thh gnat
litoral nation dope not p*o_Bi i Beeriyell
tilt- Wool ?rUeh clothe- it. it v.o.i?ci be bettet
tot cv.-r Anic-'tHii taten ' if our BBBt-eTttJ
;. ? - to*da* iii.ni,;.? v.hal ii ?- vv.
tii'.-t t!;c Mai'.;''.,(?:?'.re*. IBB t!ic* innttcr in tfiil
I . ta_ ail] n ;idily ecci iii- to ahateeei mod
? ? of Um Wi ni duty -h ill be dei i:.'-tl c_
pedient b" tin- A\"i"?'-G-.'?^'-. .
' na. ?
liiere let ma te be some diffl?**_lty about the
lad__ssioo of Colorado it- a Stitt?0 into the Itiion.
Til-,til ol' ('?iTign-.-ol' Ml-t M.:r li. lss'.l, |iro
\:i!ul L--.it on Um ..(lopiioii oi' ti:i! CamtitDtiofl
the State :-!.o"iii it,? r? < ! : 11 ; ? t - - -J. Tbe Co* tita?
lion ?vis i'j tieft -In the Summer ti 1665fl
, Conreotka wet railed bj ?*_e eereial
? -I (omiiultet- anil a si-rond ("oiir-litution
foTlt (I. Thi.s WBI adopt? ii bj ii .small Bl ijOfitJ
of tbe foti " . Th Bctien not being _ct"*ording
to tbe law ol Oomgrtm, Invine diii'in-l in time
?ui'l pi.ice lrom tbe DioeletaBBof titi net. the
1*1 r ' ' ? ? t (Ifilincs to i- "!? :i pi ? li Una) '.'li ::il
g tbe hogtij, and ratet, ti.!' ? lu le qa?
',:.. i 'Ion i fe.)'!...
I ? Tu- Senate, yeitt-dRy, petition? were pre?
. comi-iti-i'i;.* (i'A.!-,.:: ia, asking .i tor?
il t.:'_.'i i/.?i..?ni: far I r_inti.-i ?treal of tbel
end fin in i Vti t Trade Ia ague fci tbe
i of prot?t ir. ' . Reat_nt?tii ? aeee
ed to (oiir-i'.lt-r tbe expedient** ofea taree?
i ii.t'i the .*-':?? rvi -in-* A "1 HU it I of the
i , . nd __tber__ng the Be??oi tttxtetioi
Committee t?< lend lor peiaoiu Hld papen.
re ini'.oiliired to lii.ikt? the Indi.m Com?
t' i- i mi r res] onslble to the Beeret?rj ef War,
to n L'il ii?? _te nie of ?ptetefl .-tain*?-? and
i envelopse, and to Btaend the po I .1
laws by n qnirinf ill DettepepeiSi tad-ding
'.".-i .na i.oni ti?? pabUeetka ofltaes, to bepea?
p lid, tak*_*ee_-b_the Uatlt of money on' a ile >?"?".
H"il iiiiikinir other chaagea Tbe resolution of
Mr.JIov, r was poetponed to next Wednesday,
thi l'"? ? inn n's Bon IO bill <>l Mr. Ti'iml' .1!. is
i_nen_ed ta < oenmittinj. e a- le :J : ed postponed
to Monday, lad the bill to pro. ii civil lightl
mad? the,apodal order foi the Mate day. Hie
}'r< -krat sent in ? Meoeoge iteaeentag the ?ni
ii'i^Mi'ii of dlorado, which, with the end. I.tia!
of its Senator, elict, and a 1 ? ? 11 to rei rogniM it.-?
StateO?j?fen m?at, Ban r?-i. ?r.-?l le the I
mitteeea Territori?--. TI | hill to rc.niliti- the
c!it;ivf (raniMm in tin- Di-'tiii-i of Colambia
was reportedi wits? the reading and writing
quel ..u at ?on strick??u out. The Beaeta th, ii
?trentintoExeotithre Benioaaad -hoctly after
I :'i"inii' d iii! Munday.
In the liotisi?, a hill extending the time of
v. ithdra?? a'of ?.'.Kids fioni bonded war.-ln... ei
..us repot ted and pi_-sed. The hill to ?___?
two oonntiea to-WeaA\_gtaie wai n ported
li?xk from the .ludu i.ii". Commute,'. Reeotn?
t.on* wen- adopted loektag to tin repeal "f Hie
ti l mi carriages valued ni lc-es than "JUiji?, on
ii_?nr, bibles, who'il-ho'iks, Ac.; 'inn,".-in.'
to tax horsi'-rat't-; dlieotfag IO iii?,'...;.
linio the wpidieauy ef *pren_ag the Die?
j tri. t of ( oiu'iil'iiii hy a ConiinisMiin to lie |p?
pointed by the Pit-Went, am! desiring the
' Pi?.-?id'-iit to comiiitiiiiiaii- all ijaigei, arl-,
I miine le -, eltotkBe, a... leletiog to*i?__Bi?
Btr u l on, ahethi i pew ? ?Ling ttwta bin orl'roir
the Rebel States, a n .-oiui.ou reiterating thi
Monroe J ?? >i t riii?.* n- the aeon of the Boo. ? bbi
rei tt I to ti ? ( o*___lttee on IWetga Attain.
IA proposai toit?ai reathe puy ef Ifee-heee <>t
Cob rent and t-ofeeataeft. nnjil??? ?'-11 W b?
I tagten wes tilled iiy 147 to ?r>? Rbji ali Demo*
i m . The Suffrage bul tee t)-1 [^strict of
( o iimbia ??a taken up mid debated by Ifeesn.
u.vi-. ( bmli :, Bingi eni, undtiiinmll, end the
linnet- itiijonnnti ?iii lluoda] ?
Mr, D. J. .Morrell ii au uxten-ivc prodapH of
Iron et Johii.-i"\vii, Pa., whom Vu Eomaiwg
Pott mw fit to have a tilt with. Mr. Morrill
turn i pon hi- Militant, and layi la Bibetancei
"The question of_*roteetion is parely a Labor
nui ._io.i, fdnoe the t"-,t ol ii tun ol Iron i- illino t
:, made op ot theooetof the Laborwhich
produi ee it: l cea make Iranae cheap ai u.\
Briti b m ii . if yon \?ill sapply me ititi l.
at tin* prieee they pay ; but, daee I bene te ji ??
mon than double, ahile the oo t of Uanspoitii
m*f Iron t" t???- g eel iboard i itii - ii abe ii
UM M that of lirin-nn'- liri ;-h Iron
from tbe j ?n ?.?-.ii ii- to the limn mnrlrrii . I can'I
maki- Iron v.itboul Prott*et?oBioloBgei [must
;,,?, >-J pee day for lalmr for which my British
???val payalatathaa ?*** 1. Wli?ea yi? Mt] Vm
Trade, t.icn, you meao ?titln-r that I bhall not
iniac Iron ut all. or lh.it my v.or!,ini-ii -hall re
ceire bo higher traces lhaa timo? eeeployed by
my Uriti-h rivale: vUehie?f1 It -nui- to
ti- ti.at }jlr. Mornll?i hough B barine I .n
purely, eadaote logicieB by trade?put? hi*
OpfOBeatl into a ilihinuia wlierefioni they tun
with diiiicultj- txtoioeta Iheirniliee
Tin Etc tin j Pott nndertekae to irme -,?ith
him, haviiiL' bOOB shamed into priattag hisletter
hy its api?carHU(;i-. in Th_ Tri bim. Ion?: aller it
had been ncnt to Tin I'ust. That join,! leavil
that ve have not nrirted a laoBBt Free Trade
letter from John Bright?a letter not addrna-ed
|0 u-, and which i-ontaiiis no HBtfaBBBt nor idea
which we have not time and again published
and (considered. The London Petition of 1890
or Mr. Web-tOTs niipcch of 1*"_4 allonl as
cogent argument? against ProtceliOB a- Mr.
-right's letter?in e-nence, the ?tame argument.- :
hut we find nothing in either thal shake- Mr.
Morrell's position. Nor does Tht Poit seem
evento grapple tvith it: though it gives (in
suhit-__.ee' these reasons for the high cost of
American Iron :
1? Though we have Ore, Coal, Teat and
Wood in abanderice, "there is a prevailing
backwardness among American Iron-ni-stort? in
regard to the adoption of the ino.-: economical
measures in their business."
9. "The practice of paying extravagant
?salaries to the Presidents and other oiBcors of
stock companies engaged in the Iron husi
3. "The exorbitant charge for royally, and
other m_aiir- of ohtaining excessive inoomo*
from lamil? cnnlaiuing t oal und iron."
?TbvUi. u?a_ * Tht Poa m) ?s-v?etj?--^ uot
the rel.it?vr-'y Mg_ cost of A m eric in Labor
aro the* real obstacle??? to tbe pre-?eut productic?L
?ol' Am;>ric.iu I-on tor U; fewlaUaiB per tun as
hi.iiivi Iimi a 1'ild OOOi n? undi*- Free Trade.
?Hi"?', it letaflB in IB, h a 1 a?L- for an
:iur*. mu ? it bi'f'f-'ii Vrv Taira tai .tates
l.'.iiiat t?. w Lil li tvi? fin 'ii (,'l..d!.\ be a party.
Wear1 i ' Kmtentioa end antagonism, wi
ahoald like to be ia itn manta] in ehiafngeM
i mi oren**, io as to gira greater acope t?.<ii*
cobbJobi tai inToatigationi on othes* topics
which Ml ni of ]>. o..'lind aud pressing inte re-t.
N????. thon?
There* ia iii'll.itig Bl the Tnrifl as it f*xi-t-. or
!y to lu* ni?<l:fif d. ?\liul. pfBCfodei PlBB
Trad n ?Von entering into the production of
Iimi iii i HU il tenu? wiil; Vif'.t'i K(>iii*t.?. Our
country abound? in Ore* am' Coal land which
i m be* bou';lit "cheap oxlirf?verymuch of ii
DOW ovciii-'i Ii? liri' Yi'iuliT.?? nitif'b OAOn til it
t ' be l."i.r'bt . o tha' nil tit? r.iw material re
qoiredfbr tii<* pre Auction of badi tan of Iren
will coal J.tr len th.?.n ? el ric. And the re is
nothing in tia? Tariff, or tho **1UtWtlTC I'oli?y,
v ' :i h ra ;iii .*. or in any wise rxtaBtfatata?, tin?-c
?..-roo c1 rOBB tu in.ii,.' Iri.-.i to form larg! COOpta
?flea, 'o eniploy Presidenta al li ft - ii ,ri?-v. or
t!i ? their adoptii g amy Improrotnent Is
I.' i'i-i!i: king trbli ii baa boen or .?hall be ii"\ iaod.
""fa i-;.'?, then, the Freo Traders, and
?-]"emily the memban and backers al Uta
!". ? 'I. . le A- riation r? ci-ut ! > organised .n
? ?'.. ( iT.tol . '..'lil ?uni unke American Iron:
ata pi', i.if.' ' i* ivy io; iilfi****, nor esorbitnnt
et, but adopting all tin* Itngcoremonti
wl. 'iii ?mr present Iroi-iii i-tti.? au* charred
willi negiectiBf. tie main bo Iron, aad
i ter nii.ke none; we buy some.
iiiiil vii] plutlly buy ?if UM Free Trn.l.'rs
ii they i\?l! nuke it m this iciuniry,
tt\ no mo can hafa a chasei to aaQ tr-w journal
in their WOfkflMB. Wa know that the Free
Tia li n hare capital in abanda-coi th?-y ban
talent; aad a good Many of them already
poo i - ,i!! that ki owledge and ?-kill which our
pu ?' In ii-tiin-ter an! charged witta ladting.
And we ?.I.- Iga then that tra ??vii Brge i np ii
I'ftl.c dit;, on taatpottod Ibbb whenerer they
B li .-Low that they ai'r pit BBBOd in it-, abai BOB
to Hi'.'dy the market ti itli American Iron.
Why i* not th.? a fob ? ?Vr.' Why should it
lud be ttataBOd of ? niitruvii-y ' If the Free
Trailers believe mhoi li pot forth in their bel iii
Bj Tit. l'o?t. why -!.' ubi th y not atop import
log and goto maldng Amaricaa lr..u I Erea
tiny v ill not pretend that onr Tariff IhiWdsof
pr. if nts it; and \w can Bafolj* pfM-iae thal it
ahall Le redooed io CM *?.-? they are pnparad to
inpply our inarki I- w .lb homi-mudc Iron.
? I f | 1 sTgt?B ' It Bill why *
rim mi i.% i io*?? m- r ?ive f nr rnr-l
lil.AmD AIM? TUR I 111 FD
MT % TR M.
TI e ollie ii l.oiiiliiH Gu-.ftti puhli-he?, in itl
i asii?i r of lt."?. ft, the ' rmt?tata Ion ol tba ear?
reaponden e between Mt, Aiomt and th?*.
Bril I ' - n t ?. r i ? - - i Kail !? i? eil und j
i ? mor, l.'.iii 11ire.'iii.'ii)i"!i(i*n i. f the
Ane rican ela poa 1. igland, a ;? aopel of
i? hi', h vi. giren m Ita TrttBcnd tin? lOtb
in-t. Kee ly tLt* rsholaof ttaia j?<?rti?>n of ti.?*
diplomat? '".'. ?? ??-" nea reina to Iba depreda?
i. E i,.in*i?'.ili. lu arguing ti,
. -?; ? i ' bare t?> ra ur io the aign?
monte need by Itaav. ia totmm lattoaa- a
| i ii Ii i-?|iiiii?l, tin* dtaetM?OB ?if lit* w - lita?, te
?lied*, m tv light on th?- mbetaaeo "f the eon'r?.
Vi BJ .
The.-.. . :,?'. ?.i .* opona v. ltd a letter Bon
Mi. A'l.m,- t.? I'.arl tin ?.II. d?it.*.| (). t. ?M I-?,.,,
rntntnunicating to the EngHeh liou-ninn-nt
certain papen reiatiTOto the dettructiooof the
wiiitiiiiff i-,i-k \\ ?Hi.un c. Nye by the B-M ?? -
doab, and notifying it that the Govamaant ta
the 1 i ited St it' * l."l.*i to that ol England tor
mit unification for Uria m for all rimDar !>>? tea.
Mr. adama briefly reeapHnlatei tha chid beta
of the ca ?. aa airead] itated in BBBnr lettere?
the ??ri t? eflon giren bj the EngHah Qorern?
dm :.t t?. t! i r. -i ned crew of the -lalma ?, tha
oontinnance of theaa pereon?nm.-t of them
Bril b .-.''iij.it?to ra Ire lo Kngl**_d peen?
niary a ?? ?tam e and mpplii.,, the Baanga from
Lirerpool of ti i Baa King, arbieh lahaiqnwiHj
ii-siiiiu ii the name ?>rShenandoah? Mr. Ai uni
i uki ? ti., li:,: tinta Gorernment it*aponsib!e for
granting to the Shenandoah the prit Bogee of a
belligerent after bei transformation into a
privateer h id Is en Bananrnmatad in (hfiaBrii i?.
the I iv. - t.t Ed land, and for tirai enabling her
to injire tin eoniini-'i-e c?f tin? I'niud Bl klee j
.i! ,., for penn tti tg the Rebel agent, J, I?. Hi.I
loek, to -.ii i;n tbe outfit and the entire eren
of the BhenaiTtttoata withonl tba amallaat ?Btev?
terence from um ..ti;< ia] quarter.
Tho reply of Lord Clarendon to moa! ?.i the
complainte of Mr. Adama proeenti bo bob
pointa. 'Hie ? vident ?? iii.iiii-it ll?lhrck. in the
opinion of the I.i gli-ta flnranimaBt. *.i- no1
inflliiii ni to proceed against bim, ?md bobs of
tiie inn ?if th'* Bbenandoah eenld I??* identiiieil
(is llrili-ll Sl.hji'irta. A? to the n-, < '.til?n of the
sinlaandoah in Iiriii.aii porta, aftn harontfit
in viol;?: mi of the linj-li -b lu v., I.or.l Claren?
?ion again adduces ia .i pnwodenl the eondocl
oi' ihe i .'uti ii .**? t. toward Spain and Porta*
(ral during the war ariaing oat of the revolt of
the South Aiii?ri. in Republic -
The replj ol Mr. Admu t?> this lett? ol J.m?!
Clarendon ?r cuitad KoToaibai !*?, Ifift, Mr.
Aiiiuns ohaarrai that la all tha prarioBs ?? ?1111111
nations rat thi lupie lie h.i eaxi Itally Bhatalned
from the tu*-k of albniiin*.' "ilmt ?1 nentrul
Power i? ah.'iiltiti ly IB pon ihle foi the injurious
i ..ii. 1 queueiu of any ami cv.-ry violation of
neutrality thut may orb: r it.' within its terri?
torial limits, without re.L'iird to the circiiiu?
??tances uttinding nach ub?hj."
The proposition which ha did ulhrm and which
he continues to insist upon, is "that a neutral
is responsible for all injuries which may w?
ensue to a Irieiidly nation when it fails to exur
cifto all the ni<*aiis in its power for prevention,
and constitutes it-elf the sole judge of tho
extent to which it will refuse to mort t<?
stronger ouch within, its reach, when the old
ones are proved by the injured party to bav?'
been wholly iiiadCjiia!?* to the einergency."
Ile then *?-B***l in what tho condtnjt of tho
?vv'ui.e? ?*i|-M??'-\ \o* i,d titittiu. Hi IVtugal dil
fered from the conduct of England toward the
United States.
1. "Tho United States did not recognize the
insurgents in South America a. a belligerent
until the fact of the pre-n'tico of their anted
viv-els \?as made patent to theni on the ocean.
I Bat Oreel Hritain did erect the insurgent? in
the [Tatted Bletel into a belligerent hefore they
showed a reseei on the sea, hefore they organ
' li ,1 an arm.? OB land, and hefore Ihey had doue
! a thing but declare an intention to do what they
in-vi-r s!ib>cT|ii'iitly executed.
2. "Upon the lir-t notice given to tho Go*. -
rriiiii'nt of tin rniie.l st.it'-s that the neutral
| ?ty of Uti li |H?rt | ?va- violated by South Ameri?
can ta-Urgeatl making outfits in connection
I ?a ith their own Citizens, they immediately put
in force the provisions of the existing law;
;*iro-ecution? were instituted nirainst the loreign
Bgl nt -, a.-, well as cituen?', and decreert of rcsti
'tullun wereobt.'?nedfrom thejudieialtribunalsin
thec:i-e> "I I ; ptBTed i?ru-.irt y. It; other words,
. nothing was left OB-OBO that BB-fgJ OBBa-do
I tob tagtobeei exir-ting preventive legi-latiou
; again*t the^e olleiiih r-." QlMl Britain, OB li I
contrary, lett all the IBBBBU-trances of Mr.
A,lmi- iraiBel the e.tihlishinent of a Rebel
iav.il ban in b1 Lirerpooi t___e**_ed.
_. In both caral the exiettag law proved in
( ???iii nt to prevent or puri-h illegal outfit!.
portuiral appealed to the (iovernmeiit of the
, tJnited Btatee ead BOtteited anew niovement for
?thepurpose of obtaining fmm the requisite
?traire .-'nui-cr power.? of prevention, and the
'(..'Vi n im nt ol' the I liiiid Sab- at once IBCOg?
I lii/i'd the ju-tiie ol' the OOBp] lint and adopted
UM nggratiOB. "If her Bs-Jeety. Govern
iiiifi.t," to? - Mr. Adam-, "ha* at any time foi
lowed this examide, it ha.? escaped my observa
?':i'!..'' To one of Mr. AdOBM?- n-pn-seiitation?
Karl Ku-s,II tradethe memorable reply: "Sure
ly we are not bound to go on making new IbWI
urt" ivfinitiim because new occasion?? arise."
Lord Clarendon, on Dec. 2, oloOM the eor
re-j-iridc-iu e by ?-tuting that he would be pre?
pared lo ((introvert many -tati-meiits in Mr.
?daau'i letter, but that in the opinion of
the J-Jigli-h Government noadv.intit.'e could re
- ?It l-.nn prolonging the controversy.
PnrriO-lly (Nov. I1X Mr. Adam- had I Otified
Lord Clareinloii that the Government ol' the
Patted Btatei de. lined Um EagUt- proportion
fur the eppotatmeat of a joint twmmiieion.
la Bonpartag the comment nt thora English
jii?,'-r- whiih during the war were a.?''?c1
lyaipethiffwi >??ih the Behellton, epon thin
eiirri-j.iiii'iei.i e, aa an- struck with the general
,iii?i-;ii ? ol any defiant language. They t IplMI
gratification that before thI pulu Y-'ioii of the
eonwpoadeaee Knglead had ibeedy beea
?eearadbj Pieetdeat Jeheeaa that th?- United
state- did not tateadte pub th.? eoatiafeny to
extremitie-'. The very abb? (li-cu*>ion ef tin
ijue-ti"*. eoeoerntag tin-mutual right ?of neutral-?
and bel?g)-r? lils by the liiploinatie repnMtttaV
t.ve-oi Eagtaad ead the Halted states, ead the
? ?mini'nt* upon it by the prom of both countries,
han ii seetna. Impressed the mindi <?i 11001
Englishmen with il,,, importent wnTiction:
i .-. .n 1 i ,? Etagland B*wald be taealTedia 1
??.ir, the uppluutiun bj tho in ted Btatee ?if the
ptii ?plea i u.? down by her statv-nwn would
be fraught erith uppnlhng coastx|uenoee. And
til:- 1 ?il.v.i '.' II, ahi b 1- 1 h allv tr.'.li-p 1:1 !:' bl
the pn ?-..t atthadeef the tateaaMMi ead leed?
inn Journeliste of Qieel P..tam. ?.1 the tn I
etiilenii- thal th?* conduct at? ??iii'.laiiil toward
AriH'tiia ?luring tin- late wnr wa* extremely
Rilli ti ttS TO TUB I'tlllll
liseL-Col. J. H. BimpooB <>f the Bagtaeer
i'orp- btM ;i...de I report le the Interior I'cptrt
nieiit in retbrenee to the Pecifle Reflroedi dob
in process of cou-t ruction. In rnmpUaaoe w.:!i
the mt ofCoaaran. afJaly I, lf?A% ndtherar?
eral natead-tarj act* tbeieoC ita ?WrBipeaiei
I...-, i- accepted the ptU??i_OM of the law Hld
bate organ! ted to build the roads ami branche-.
TheUatan Pecina Company le Buthorind to
build a load from the 100th meridian to the
eratera boundary of NeTttda Territory, lad lira
1.0:11 the we*tern boundary of Iowa to the 100th
meridian. W. B. Ogden of the Ill.nois Central
i< Preeident of the Board of C-tniaieeiooen
nd ''en. .lohn A. Dix of tin? Boad.
Tiie n,:' trin tior- beg in at Omaha, and the
grading of 100 miles be been completed. It i*.
expected that 00 nilee of the rand ????1 be oom*
]ih ted by til?-latter ?'.ut ol .laii'iary, and Jims
nile.- by.lui?. The Ila I'-rn l?ivi>i"ii of thii
Bond has lira built 00 miles ol'road, but it does
,,i.r nom to have Mttiafied the demendi
of the Interior Deportan nt. BottM ililli
i ulty seem- to have arisen bet ?vet 11 it*
in.,:, illili, nt und the road under Qen?
l?i*c. The Hoard of C00U?_Bionera n-p ii, ,1
that the portion Of the road completed
v.,i- nu? perfect, and its ??Yiridtnt bra?iromieed
to reform it. lu OMI it should reach the louth
meridian before the I'liioii Pacific, it may con?
tinue it- track until it meet? the Central Pacific.
Ne booda win be issued until this m?ridien is
rea bed. The Central Pecifle mad run-, rael from
Sacrament.? ead will meei the I'nion blanch at
or mar Sall l.i'-e City. The engineering ou thi-,
??ink B?)be ??'.upeiidou-. (?n leaving S ii IBBM-tO
it will cm.--1 he "-?ierra Notada**. 'Plu* lir-t ?dnnl,-.
after li at tagBeeeaawBtaeaifj it up to the re t?
era elope of the sierra Veeedee, attaining un
eh?...'.mi of M,:vm feet and including some of
tin? beat ii -t ud most rapeaeife gndtag ti the
abete Baa? b some |taora. boleara CoUax
ami Rers/eaetle, the cutttap aro about 70 feet
deep ead IV??tit 000 to I,'ino feet long, through
hurd nu k or ccim-iit. The number of labor?is
now at work is 10,000. During the pre?, nt
?rear the Company hope? to ma< h a p,iiiit called
the Tanbie Uiver, HO miles Inna Sacramento,
7,?ski le.rt above tide-water. Two tunnels an?
being built near the summit o( the. Sierra?, one
l.tJOU feet long, the other DOO feotloiig. The la?
borers are working night and day. Tho Atchison
branch is about to complete tho fir.t section
of ?IO miles, and promise.*?, .0 build the mad in the
most substantial manner. The tSioui City and
Pacific Beflraed ?s anthotirad to build ?road
Ir. :n Sum. City to raaaaot with the main lino
of the Ui.iou Pacific. The liurliugton and
Misv n Wmmmgmmff is anthori.eil to run from the
_i'.-??,'_i l?i\ur to *um tr_u.li ou lu? i.uii.?u
Pacific, this side of the 100th meridian. Landa,
but no bonds, will be giren by Congress. Tho
Northern Pacific Koad has been organized. It
propines to run from. Lake f?uperior, near the
i.?th parallel. toPuget's Sound, with a branch
by way of Columbia Uiver to Portland, Oregon,
tin* latter to join the main lim' not more than
:ioo milet from the we-tern terminus. The
whela road munt bo built by ?July, 1 ?**?"?">, ami
50 ariki within the first two y, BB.
It will thus be seen that the groat work of
building a railway from the Atlantic to the
Pacific is rapidlyprojrres.?ii:g. Wo pIMBBM the
first connection will be ma?k? at Salt Lake City.
The T'nion Line, which eeoma to bo mating tha
most headway, will connect the Lastern c itiea
v.?th the Western, at St. Louis?which will
thu3 be in railroad importance the main city in
America. It? friend-? indulge the hope that it
will be flBiaBid in four or five years.
The Northern Line will probably be fmi-hed
in ten years. Tin? will bo important in the
fact that it will absorb the* Br ti*h Ainer
ia trade. Tin.* project of a Bontbern
bram b seem- to haw beea abandoned, bat wa
presume only temporal Hy. After the ?South Las
lui onie pacified, and order ha- been restored in
Hex in, wa may liojte to have a line from Kew?
(Mea-a through Te_ii-, Nui?-Me.Nioe?, ai.d Ari?
zona, controlling the va-t silver countries lil
BBM we .-hull bare th.'in all. and when that
time comea, Kew*Yo**_? IO dayl from London
by na and 1U deys from San Franci-e o by
ltat-1 irfll comuiaiid the commerce of the
Baal ami the West?of Europe, America, and
Asia. Our destiny as a city i- to become t?e
metropolis of the worlel. and men not very JmAm%
will live to see the day when Calcutta, and Pi -
kin, and Melbourne, and London will make
theil exchanges c D Hroadway.
The? edel.rated case ol' Franklin W. Smith
and brother was one of those which BBBB
largely behead to bring military tribunals into
public contempt. Those two gentleman wen
anaated and kept in canftnemeat, their papen
aaised, their bnatann daatroyed, tin ir npntation
linn,aired, and a naval court -martial. " organ?
ised tu convict," pur-tied them BBialBBtlngly
till a wiser and ju-ter hand arre-ted the malice
of their per-eeutors. It is known (hat Pre-ideiit
Lincoln, ufter full inv.'-tigation of the cas.?,
annulled the whole proceedings, hut it is re?
markable Unit until thi- MOtk the uctiial record
of his deeiaiOB eoald never be obtained from the
Navy Department. An B-BOt copy is still with?
held, bat the following waa preee-ted on
?Tedaaadaj to tha Boataa Board efTkada an
being very nearly the worei?. of the late Pr-i
?? WApmm\ Fr..!,'?'.:. W, Str.ith bail trirji.ictioiir. with
it?. NitiT Department tetbeemeaatef ensatl?aiaad
a ijuarti-r of u ?sHIlea efdeBeM' au?, trt.mi*. Le tittil
the i Lim i: tu ?t?*?! n ipili lae of n nullum, anil w11? only
ili:ir?|i'il with ?tcjling tu cut r! nu 1 umlrid tillar?
?Dil the i,iii'?tioii iin-r i? n'unit hi? tt.?.lim?' a hundred?
I dont be?ere Be ?Bale anjlllag al all. Therefore, the
r.i ! mu? rln.r.u?*- Ble il:?.'ipi*ri.ie.I?declared null anti
?uni. liLil Ike defend tali an tully ?_MhargasV
It WOOld he dilli.?nit to elim tip the rights mid
amaga* of the bnatann more briefly than that.
or to find a paragraph more ehaiaotaiiatfcally
tuid B-B-Btah-blj Mi'. Lii.colu't?. The ?'fleet of
the Preaident'i decision wa? not to purdon the
Masan. Smith?it wa-1" muk.' the proceed inga
againat then roid <i)> ktiti?, tu eenaan the
('?int, te annul its BadiagBi t" repair, ,-o far as
any remed? COttld repair, tin atroemu.? ii.ju-ti??*
of the proeee ttion, ana to restore the iniincei.t
defendants to the lull enjoyment ol that hui.or
abla repute of which un intere.steil malignity
had attempted to deprira than?
II II l.OHl.H AT aT. I.OI m.
Pani* nu nraltsm. Hunk Vnlned ni B'410,??
OOll l.rral Ur.lrm lion mt Properly.
.-?T i.oi im, I riiliiv. ?Ian. !J. IBBB,
The wam weat!.er of tlio pii-t two days,
combined nita the ri?<* m lae Mii-oi.n alerted the ice
in ...ir Inn boa aimut .'. u . los! ti is ?socntas. und it aep?
tratad mails oMoalts the to??t of Carr at., the lewee
pastti n botidi ti,? ni. irn.t 100 ii ? i und ssealag a
il.ai.ml:.. tin? HUnoU alton tbroafb which ?.kilt? patead
Mesial boars, sad rankn k the ittrftt BsBs Mem*.iii?,
i i i? h ?* N.ii.il ni Hie middle of the in-: tht
itesatei BTaissaf atthelswer <*n?i al the iei <*??, the
itaae et Pi?lela Boee ht Um appel ssd oi ih? laudni*.',
nuil lbs t rrj l.imt nu tl.e ?Bama.I
CaaaJdsrsbli daaun nae ui?o anne to icieral other
Lo ii.. lutrsr? -, .nul ivl.arf bosta.
ThsBelte Meiiiplil? Ma? mined al irmtit aLHliHui
mu? in?iiri'.l ii r BMLOM- tha (Tarana nst ralaed si
071,000) itaiaaaraase naa aol koona. Tha I*ra_la
ii. -.? ? it? n uri h ItaVOOO mid i? aa probably Inured- and
tin- tem Unit ?ii? ralaed at aboai IHUM,
Al."m ? m.n the ?t? itner Kebraa?i ssd ferri beal
M n I upin beean onttiiig tl.e tu ettbslew? ,?-.,\?r tim
i:.mlim?.', tsobraks a easaael sbon loorarda rids sa
tin? Mi-aniin thor? :.f..r.y opposite ti... titree, when the
? i m i t,i :.i of n e ?.-.ii.- um,nil Borsd dova tlotrty,
earrjiac wBh It the s/rscka si lbs iteeami ?r-toh
? et ? iiijiireii m..i at?I .it*? .n to tim axttetne l.? 11 part
. r tin* etty, ??here it f.iriued a nene?
'1 ne li.i.-l't.r oppsaita me ett] Mtasveen nn.l ti:.*
fern-beats ure rniniiiiif. U Iseapeated tbat the Ice,
loth ni nie illili bstoS the CltV. ?ill move out 10
a. tie- n.- ,,:. tbe Mn?.,.,n Ki t-r l.rt.1?.- uti it .'..,- ,'i
st iamtmb, Kaaaee I Hy, Leilas ton, Jeflinoa t'ltr,
lltl.l St. I 1, tries, the eltvct ,?f v? liiel: m :,! be li it bete !" ?
face n ' m.! K- At .st. ('hiuleitiii. Noah B-Msni i; i
nn.l fern boat ii?'*'? for 1rs?spontan team, ,.. :-.,?? ti -?
river, mid th,* Itiiidiiii? nels l.inllv liijund. No otter
di ? i lier i? ?et reported on the Missouri,
'i ,i re i? nu in i? s frein the appel Ml-ii?a!i?*ji. JA*
?vuntiier ia Ten nana?
Uimy llobbrrr in n Rnnded Wnrrlion????
The Uri* ?ter Pnrtinn of Hie Uanda Ile
lOTcrril Arrest? an Buepiclnn.
At an Barii hour on Friday Baoralag a pari r
of baratan iBatfi <i an satranes loto th?* I?ree Ixiailed
srsreboaasatthsesrasi ef Waabtagtoa and Carlisle
?is.. Iii reiimiin? eoaaa of th? boan itooee -utjolnioa
ti,- graB-B on the Corliats-it. Bde. After Mourin?
their ?*iitraiice th?* IblerSe? ureftilh r?'!ilne".l the llonea
tim? rfiui.Titiir finn thu ga/,, ol the outside woihl all
triei of t'ii'ir ilejirailHtioti?. Ti, y then brake .?
???n: il et isca ami m Ipad lasaasli e? to Iwtmreo s^uoo
und ?m 0011 worth t.t* ?ellet* ai.d nbliuim, wiih nhich
Uley lilt tl.n tiiiildiii?;. mutiiiir their mt lu meuu? of
one of th>' u union it
At Its o'clock on the name morr.inir Otfinr foyle of
the '.'.til rreeitii't, ?um- two mun dreaned in IsBsr*!
??lot!?*?. g._iii*BvosfbOteeatHf?vat?, u?.ar licit, gath
In,?inn ?itrlii? ?hnuliler a ?eil Ulled Milo*-*! baa*. 1 be
ollleer hailed the BMB, and Band them what was in ti;?
1..,-*. Inn insteml of making a rculy. the? turned and
run dim ii the street followed by tile otliiir, uht> nvs
the iilirui rup. At No. J".' Kecto'rit. the tuen threw the
b up int*, the Illilwa?, und kept on down tiiu?tr?>et.
1 li?* aluriu rap hroUKht to the officer ? n?>, ?,u, *
lioaadB? an Seyiin.nr, and Otlloer? Doyle, ?'ml?
Ihaeaaa. Archer ami Lyon?. The lum*,.? BMatioaed ? ia
surrounded, and after a t'i.?r<niirli ?earth tire ?ailor?
?"li weru found, fllletl with the ?tolen good?. The?
ihm.'t ikmi to the Station house, and at u lalee hour
identilied by Mr. Holfy aa a port ion of thoie tceleu from
him. The amount recoiennl cuuiitt? of l> puces of
?eliet and 31 roll? of blnuk riblnin, ?ltoj-fithsr Tilued at
0i,:*M. tir. llolfV eaiunatee the amou-t ni_s?n_ at
from BUn to Ol.afon. **
YeiterdaT tapt. Uelme satued the an <-?t of four men
on siwpiclon of betei; the thietes. At IBs time tho men
were ?fen by Oftlrier Coylt?, It Is bellnT.'d that they wer?
coniejiug the ban to a bent at the Ylter ?ule, and th?
nray aecount fat the fnol that all e_ (Ut troods vi eta _ot
found lu the twine In Ueitor-tt.
Tur Tridink Al_\na(. for Mtki *coutaiiin
li.Uof Mnustera to l''orfjpnC??uiitrlei, Tb-eHuurenn?
(iiiiitofihu I niteitStat-,. mth ?alurio? ty? of Mein
tiuii al COBBBB-i
CBA?t1_?E_| OF COMH-bBC'B. ~
Bpaclal nmtlna ?nf Ihr Badr-Ta* Fart.
? -??saltlaa- latsr-sall-g \Jtkrne~Tht
Laic ltlr. .Tliatara.
A ?-peeisl meeting of the Chamber" of Com.
maree waa held Ti-stt-rday, for ths purpoas of ukis?
action ob a irries of resolutions rsUtluf to ths l'ara
Exposition to bs b?M ni 1b?.T. which were offen?, tt ^
last regnlnr t-onthly mectiug of the Cluirjiber. Mr. A
A. I-ovr ssssUsil. Mr. I?, li. K wolfs, the Chiirmtt '
of the ('ot_mttt_e to whom tns resolutions wen re.
frrrw!. said that the Committee hud inntro. tad hits u
report in fjTor of the result.tines and recoin mead it,-i,
adoption. The resol ition? are as follows
hr.ntl.rl, ll.it tl,B ( lilli i i uf C uUi-.?IC? 0. Ne? Yan
hh?i Issiui4 with ptsfosstf ?atiafWctlon that ti.? Os-swaS
sftbs I altad Stat?? lu? ti-cspt?'I Hie in-itstinn o! u> E"
Bl Ililli Bl ?if l*I?niS tn Lr.it>' ?lil. ttia other -?Tataaaaa?. mt
Ita watti ia tli?"l i'!??r<al j ? pntltloa*' at Parn, In Ap,-,|
l ST, al lbs product? of tack: sal wiil caaBasatlj relvoml?
luteilii.t'Oru and . bcrslit-/ ? : I mtjtm to i_i.:.i tin at? in? ?j,
? l'i e- ?ppropri lisas tu Bil.il).un?, ths produit? ol tu Aruai
i ?ti 1 'ii.'.ii on ti.? |.r> p ?. I n l-l i, iii lush B iii .iii ?? ii.)_,
inch ? ?. an- ti tliall m j.ii'.-i.. Iltja.! rack ?uiong tii?ci?du?|
L ,t . n- ol th? etrtli
?assisse", Tin' ir visv.' of lie wrll-run*idi-i*d ictionif Um
Kreiiih Oor?ra__T_, telhn ? upon ?ii It? dapannsstslaathart
t; ?, ii'Hil n; t'* ? _tn?i?*ru! C ?.irn-rce, H?_diof Tria?
sa! AtB-spilaa sf All la ssusarsta, withts ti..- -_np?r i,?,K,
ot thr-ir uittLoritT. ililli? er.lu t-i.?d deaiajn ?t finir SMa-fka
tli? t roduct. ot Knr ce. ?lie ( i ?uni er el ('? 'Uitii-r- ef tt.i,t_,
prni'cr?! BStl titi elly tt the I iin-0 M it?? k?' ssl ?d un.?, ?,
Stan wliatevur intlutin. e tliey may po?-?s. wiih tbelr H.0?.
? tant t! r.iii.tiunt il.? l'iiion io ?Tt'ir? t!i?Di jirv? r? vt.,
itirnUti t? iks irr.iio-i-d " I ii oatcl ? >d iba ri ,t basts aa?
ssff sash spssta_at al lb?li ptodosls st* lal oro????,
BMJ ?leTal? o ir t ?ti mi .f .rule.! ?nd a tai? rnxt,
?Settuaily ti.It cbj?. l the- d.. i.oiv britts a| priprtsSs ?. tita
sathsBsrtsfthssthnrCh?ab i .1 C'unii_?r. ? ludllin..?-?;
1rs Is el our Bosssry.
RriAr'f1, TI...? It l,?ri>rerTt'.ltoiri-.inni.t?ei .ffiTerefn.
bst? ni this ti it lu bar to ?uti ? I ! ? SlteBtioa r f th? ? i -Lio??.
nf ( aanasKS SI d Bonni? ?il I rad? ii ?*>-- ?i tit.eut i :ti?t o! ta
liii'ed statu to the pe. iliar n itioBal im* ? rt.nn-?, both p,.;?^.
cal and 'nitrifiai of the pro ii il Etp? .ition, in exl?ibKis|s
Hi? dr.TiTtimi.nti and pf? pie? ol' Europe tli? ntitnri' 1-4 ay
du?trial re.oini?, ol Iii? Ameil m fui ?i, low I.ippty
rsstSess* in its fell CeastBa- ?jBlaBtanrBf,
Mr. -ttToetwrad Mr. Coat?- as_resse?theC-ii
I bel in fuTor ot ti.e rsaoietl ?Bl
Mr. (ii' rgi (>ri?T_? tu d?* a lan remarks ?pnrnvii
el the steps tahea by the cm man ni la ths s stus,
TLe Committae wore di:feted to aseas ont n wrlttaa
rr?Hirt, r?ir.1r_?tly iii sr the sf-iif :.::.?:,'?> IXDrrSSed in tlietl
trasses nateh nara made by Mn-r?- KuirgU-? anu Co?.
A dehnte then ensued on t! e misapprehension bj Os
Jui?ui-ry Coamittse of the lion.?* of l*epre.i_tstiTiB
ot n momori.I presented hy the Chambee 111 nferew?
le the Sutute ni Lis?tntloaa _? I the ."?'.'.?rLi-rn asesan
Le__fB_rS_ Mr. Margaaesl Mr. I?sviiinndirorurestl,
ami. as the iiueition li id n.'t yet buen disposed of in ths
Senate, it wn?, determined to refer the mart'-r to that
bo']?, wnii t.e Bsssaaar*" s-plsaathna?
The I'ri'??i'i'iit, Mr I OS . truite a l.-w complimenta?
remarks on the late Mr. Bshstt Minturu, aud nathn
lowed by Me-sr?. 1 11.1 v lad l.d,- .'?-.
A rnrnmittee wat BBBsiStBd tmlraft reBSBattseS sa
the sal t?eut, luimed:ntely aftas erhiehthe chamhst
tuijourticd. ___________________________
I)? nth sr Mir Charlss Kaatlake.
A t?-le?_ram receiveil from l'i.*a ra UfeM
aanssnees the de.th oft>ir l nri-s Beatlehs, rretideor
of th? lloyal Acaderar. He was b?rn ubout 1: , n
Plvmouth. At nu early api? hs bSBSS to pursue jrtntis
Bta?se Bi.d, after probation at tue Koyul Ac ii tay. ha
i'.-?!it'*?l "ihe Baietaf of ?iiiirus'* Daaghtsr," w-iet?,
neepenhoeei b? the late Mr. /ess?lehHenssaeej
of ti.e leading loniioi.-einr. of the time, tihoiuh
n, ;?. ii?!. employed Kairi tit- to make copies froa
BSSShsntel picture? in the Lotrrre. lisna;
s;nt!t tefSenl yean ia Ituly aud Greece, lis
???Ubiislieil. in le!_i, at tli<? Knv ?J Befiata nest
of the I5rii!i/c and Cuatle of St. Ari.'il 1 a:. I other pic?
tures illiistiiitiTt? of Italie,- lu'??. In Ntl he wat gaWtt
an an. ocitte of tne Bsrjsl A -1 lee .? BBri la 1- A he ii
tataed the irak of Beyal A eadesnlclna. AeaeJ tin
tim..- he began la A vnu? hu..-?lf more espeeiaO| to is
lifc'i'.u-i snbj..eu. In lOU I-' was atipnintiil t-> tiieoBc?
at taatOtiaytt na BesnlCemaiaalen of Fine Arti,
anthill K.-. ? -i uf ti'? Nn'.oi.iiKiaU.-j. lu I-.'..'la
wa? e'cited PiesMenl of Ihe li?... ?i AAhiamy utd re?
ceived the honor ef tht Kbb**BI?M L lu .siu S.r Chu
i:.i-t' ike w .ii. appoili*. ii 1 >.: 1 ??': < : the Nstinril! Gal?
lery. His BB-BStatn "lit aeeaM to hine left bia bst
little le-fQre for ort. ss we ha? e had Lui ita
1 i? : .-??? Ir.irn his e:i?i . fur ? * t.'iit: pi-t.
Fiiaeral l?trr?ire? ef ?he l.nt?* Elijah t,
The haerel Hrtieee i ;' the 1 it? EBJaa F.
I'urii teehptsee*? Bstilaj ? m al II topheai
i.;.-'ii;iul Church, Therentslasnereeoeassa?Bra
then-cent resilience of tUc decea? ?:. "?'?? i i Infles n.
at lu oil. < :,. The i. i ? : t ... > el the Chare!, el the corser
.1 Urn?.me mid Chrystie-tt.. ??a- r:.- te 1 at an? uri? tear
li? u ti it lnrve crowd i?: eil - i ? nwaittns; i-nirsnrete
lha i.Bi'i?rig. At lu oo a*eleeh tha hmena* iaBP
irttinl In the folien .*.i^ i.nii i I.: OesBBBSB WA
ii)(r us pa.l-1'Onr.'rs i:i i Bllefl * BSM|)
Dssisll Delsrtnn, Pieahhiel efthe Taananj to
'? ? ? ti- Iii?* W 'I.:..- >1 1 .*. " I'res ?teni o'ihe
i I no tar Gi neral Co-imftt I ? H ?? ?" '?-? Killy,
>'i ri-foi tbeCoantT; 1 n i .1. LE? .-? Sj.itb.eni..
I're?.iil.-tit of ths Iiuriril ??:' BopsrrUi.rs ?Tela l''ii?*e,
I'reniii'ut of the Board o'. A lirrn ii, .1 V,?>. n Oti-s?.
l'r''i..ii"ut .,f ii., Board <"* Cou ic ?Joha A- s_n>
neil-., .-?i!:?.,!! t.'ii'i. nt of Polic.! Orisoa Maas.Ibsb>
|vi-'U: Jobs Vox. Bsserstsss .>ln-riil??i si ..-.k. >nyt
vitnr,- Aiiirustiis M'i-:--t!i 11, Bs^Ssperrisori ?fols
\v i in..11- 1] n? ?? YaaAi ?? . *r.
s., nu.:. Ihehesi i dram by its iro-i-^rsrhoh??,
e..?'-r-d Wltli blaclt BBS liBanag black ui.J wilt?
Bl IBM -.
1 mu?. The f.i-uly and relatives of the d. ceated, i?
? i : legra
l "..ni;. The city sad rtottaty eBMalnratsti
! .fiii. The 'l -Dm i- y ->. ? ty, ??..i delefBtssBenBs
l ill tferd nr.d Trat! *_'si-Di nsatstis .tssiMiatiuB?,
??.-.riiii.- i.ul''i ? ni' ti.? ir mil. : -,
1 i.i* n?:i etas s i-r?? tukt n late the htnUlini? ?nd plsee.
as .i Mes m iront at the nltnr u dints .it the ??nie B_S
bciagpt ft rnieilhy the or^ mi-t of the Cl.urci). priceti
"tl by the O-klSttBf ok i..? mat, tin- Ile?. Dr. l*ii<_.
mid tollim?'il bj ths rehuir?s of tee ?scese a.
The uliii ? n/as boob eronda- la srerj i at r.ot lese
then L300 penosa d diaessai I ths awia ese**effla
ohorch ana gi Iii ipe Ihm ___s_n1
BBI I'? '. w i it- >!;ll left in th. tire- t.
the serries l.e*..n !?? reudii : ths leaton of tasdsi
ir.'iu ti.? I th ( luipi' : of" I'.ii.r.- 1 . btls to ths CsHaB*
ans, in .?r. ' laeal ths Wtb rttat ' ti - c_t_rUnabbsj
i.i i.nun i m:. ... clog ' i??";. I not llvi ain..;,' ?rat
I b in. ti the Bet. i>?'. l'i lea s>U**stsd ths IBsenl u-l_?_,*
Uisa.trr ta the Hirasssahlp Caaads.
teni a ftMei -aa?? "*-*?
The Caaaid eteaniahip Casade ait*ite- otn
' temerity from LiTsrpeuL Wblls attemptitfM ?":t"'
li... i s sa tii* ar?lalas ?ti thatth last shs isaBB*iaa
rochs about IO miles -nsi ths esti i-oi m thal harls**
iiiui thst-psdhesrll) tin.- tun * hal *i.d si sBBssl
isseifiaa satBBss dsn?esjn. sBhsianb iha sBI f? itm
tine', for axamisstioo t, Burrow, use sesea nseant
cli.irgeil Uti lilir.it, rttul BOOM it her -t'i.iil* ?re Bah
Tun MI LI TAUT Ar-M't lAllilX Of ttt Bli f> '
?>: BeeT'ToBB.' rheaaaBal ?."i rig of tim ii.'ttt
aaessastlsa sftae Mali of \ rn?Tst- ???'! ?'?-, NI ?
tin- fity ol' Altiiiit on Tm egey peg Wt4ttaitg, HA*
orr ib ami it. Xha BaaeesatlBB nm tsaaa?s> ib Bl
ciiitiuier .>:'ths ii.in.io! Deasulaeta ti ti ?< ?') "*"?
at ?-'o*cl.iik p. m...) ?aneri IA Oa BTsdaaaiaj ei'n:'?>*
' Junuary 17. iii.? bbbbbI u.iur..-, wii: bt dsBrsaaiB ?
A*-?nibly Chamber In li:...-(,,.. t-SBBB L*--"-1*
t. rd.
(?KUI A M Lill l'i lil s.?Tao -njcaDti o? S *??*"!??
of lix free lectures, hy the Ker. tiru.!'' DbB*?B, tMt?
deliTort-il at the lecture ri um oi t..e Hn?'kiyn ?**___
"ii Wastiiiiirtoii-st., in theC:;y of lirwk'.yu. on S.??,1?*r
(.tomorrow) eveui. :.. ut 7t ??ilii't. 1 lu* lin'rf '
course was dcliT.re.l on Surilty t?vei>?a_r uui.mi***
exceediutfly able and full of iiitervtt
TlIK (illDIM. _T?U Ko? llA\AN*??'ni1*
steamnhip, belon agag to the Ni? -Yorl. M?il ??JfJ
C'onipatiy, is adierilied t?> Ue\o lins slternisin Ot
StmAyniom itj iseseai ?is ?ui ti???"- *l H*4,1%**"
.Sas sdrertissmeut.
Dkatu ritua Exroerai rofoCyt???r__?
onkuown mnuwho naeBsJB te ??i ius?ju?ible sen ??
from ths eit??*ts of tha co4Fin Moai|*?iiuci-y-?-' "T
City on Sundar ersBinK last dn-d ut the Mg'BL,
en Thursday night. Deeeeeed **-_i Hwt??*ivt i? :
man, t.i or 'JO year? of .?e, ahost I ?*^_-*f__5_^_B i
bight. litfJH coiupleti.tn, Uld head snd u?-''-,.ni<f.
whlnker?. 11? had on u black frocs coal? ??('?? * (i|- ;
coat, black setta Tim. dark naM?. ?? hitosh"'1 ? * f( !
undershirt, blnck nook tie. -blsik toit 1?>H hn ????
KiMis Coistv LiBO-iT EtorBT'Jjf'I Z
No?. JJ is?. It, ... _*, Ga, Ti, li?. _>. ?*??. ??-,. "?
ho ni. so. e:. --, i;:s i

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