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l'HOI.OK? M'*? HIMTORT A.**/D I.O?
4 A 1.1 ZI ft?*- Ot-VMM.
Tua pr?v? ur? ('f othor uifitoi luid hitherto
vrerent?*d OBI referring to a ( irciully prepared
agmaUti ' DOM the M-J60I ofopidOBlk ('liol. ra.
kjBBoi by '?'"? Coooofl o? Hygiene <?i tho f?iti
MOa'Aasoi ?:."ii. A]U**OOg~h l!ie A - -if hit ion i;*
?OOOBOpn ??? lOOB ?'ulletl 1"' M.. lioole "an
irroifant I '?' ? lf?OOOBtitOtod 01 [01 IsatiOB?" the
ekpcpt ?ion in the v .?rl. < t pl'.v ? .
MB ? .-"'! I ; **v'illin tht Y?'A'ih'< Of Iii'1' OWI
acnfeoainii Bod,ri_ott_o rathol of "DoBJaoa"
i| ni pbyii? looa thal "whi B
1 to attriifl OB, ?v?.'.out Ilk* !.*.i-i
, r," then ii bo eooal 1
A-hv-tlif abo Ki not lu* ntti'.ilr.aly lu . ni *a1;?ii
ttjm* ,u, , ?? ,1 they an* oot paid tot doing?1
?mai ii waraing. Cholera i-- no: BO Otl
?abjecti aod ara ?'re aware thal anj 0} 1
. ... 1 Bo '."" woola
mica?; lik o " e\.'s o? ino:-1 natta**I neverthe
eaa, abottiug ooe'e eye '1"?'- ool .?? tdsng r.
Mid not be 1088 MO ore alar nisi . bul beean B
mp At ? - the oeirapapen c ka '
lOybodj B| 'ii" C1 ton, Bad b
-.- ?, 1 ?:at- ?'ilicii'iil ? - '?? iUl Of
?thootthe Boaaoga of the pendinf Health
ill? ?ion? ai.ring Iii?'Wii.t. ;? :iu.'.ii'', i?^ I pre*
. i t'a' asrpearaoee of the epii mic
ixl Bprii v. wa if. 101 agola to the lootter.
?Cholera a: ti l'?.nuneri'?* hore Ihil much BOB?
, 'etica, ti Bl (ha lorim* r follow * the 0 ah 1 *
.-.a) koopa moat aorily along watei ;'ie?.
It-J-ioodria, itbBfBO ln.-t May in.* filthy
1 by it deoae 1 "".vi of Arabe,
-oltoao, oad Orado, and thom Btieagt-ooo?,
{boll lia' ' ii killed 100oaoy. It abo traraled
o Cairo tv i otiu r plooea along tia* Rile? It
onaad ara u l the aaatora ?">?.? of the Sloditer?
anear*,?'., bing li'vroiit Jail , V 1
nd ?Sniy.:.-, and by the middle of July waa
ukin?, 1 ti oaaaad Urea lou; ?a Bl ? i
Hoopla TI a I iooi ol' Multa, the pnmaoe of
Palermo, tba citir-i afModeaa, Anoooa, Ban
Paulo, V"." a ia. Tooloo. If -neill G
Madrid, Odi - .i, Paris, a'al Bool 1 uaptoa, wera
reached, v','**'uR thut the epideaalc ?l?1*''
Brilon \-." ? r Boob. it traraled to
Bagdacl Bad the borders tti the Pt
?lull', and io Deaaeocai bob Jeraaali n.
At the BOOM time, Mecca BO? .Mciin. , BBd
??he catAv.in- ol pilgriflMy were* ir.o-t 0 verely jt
kc?l. Oat of "OO.OOO pilgrim.* rlaitiag M
?n May, 1: :- e-tiniated that t" ?
Cholera. Out of a oiagli ? ???
'rom MOI IO India, Bfriviag at t'a- Ar
?(?ort of Mia alla in Midwint.*:. BO died before
?heir BOOB] lui'.ns left the .ship. And, geaenlly,
it may ba maoifced that tho rohUfon <>t' hi
HBBoy in tho transportation of ihe opidacodoj
t wa- OBOOaoU] narked, and that tho ?pid?mie,
baafollowed the loorspfei Sfiroai
ah b 3 ?That the- bbobob ? ugly ?
hot oad dampi that the Ba f opidi ario
<*ent?*ri* v 1 by the arotBt tk\V - aad ia t'.c 1
humid loc \'itie-, and that ti - epidemic e
?ind nio.-t fatally " afflict, d ti.. poltrona 1....
. la-*-??'.-- w(:.i dooli in foul air, and ulm are
negligent a-id rockies*? in ti.? * d
in ??!?.-'- and abOBBB ti tin- appetites,
who are generally ino-! ral ? ? ' to the tii.-"a sa
that .?ri e frOBJ bad diet und ?
Thi*? 1 <>? atiy baa hud four ? Iritatioaa o I
.'ra. In .1 ? of MSB, 11 va Bl :nl in an moi?
?ran? v. .?'. m the ?St. Lawrence Biter; it
readied Quetoca fewdoyi later, New?Yori
. *ffO0_Bloter thoo Quebec*, ai.d -.?"it ail? ?
OBOOB ive:*- ioii.il in Allia'.:'. B-d I
along tie ??? ? ,t?*r line of the Miil'll*.- BtOtOB. In j
This city. 11 laen killed .?,r?i:.. (In the Bil A i?
?ember. J-1-. it again I000-Od N" v.-York ii: Um
em?'(-rui.r ahif Hoar-York, Laving killed
? M pa leagen daring J,* ? i * tfoyaga of three
?eek- Bool Havre. About the laBM time, ii
iT.nd at V'-A-Orican*, kUliag thora l,40tdor?
ii? laiOOiyi in a fortnight it wai a? .Mein;
easther fortnight oaniad it to Bt.Loo?u and
ooothorto N..-h\ille and CtotTinnati. On the
ntii afMoy.it leoppoorod in Ne~*?Tor_, fiadhuj
OhoBB a- ..hil'.1 at the Rve l'oints; and dur
irit_ that year &.071 di rod ia the city
tho-Oanaer of 1654, ii claimed
>!.'.'f.? BOO .
Iir. s ? Baporiatoadi 11 ": H'*aith d
the (.'?ty o. Provideaoo than whom .?? innr.
total and eflcient be .li!' oflio? r i no: I
l.t'iUd? 1 :? re. fit report to the PrOTidl
P.-iard o' M( ilth, ?1? 1 larc? ti at he "cu: |
oat tlie !?? localiti '..hire the
Cboloni 1 li prara I if H i . : ;;.;
'? in which i" '?
?Ort '.<? B-OiUei and ahno-t t!a
?lill bav< ? ???: ? an ,
?lui* I ? . .. '.: .
amil..* ' .1 ..?.a ?1 -A',li 1 ?? .
ihe di ease; und can thoo* * I I
M'?-' a B ? . BBd the di ?
?I by the prop? ? !' thi*
Mthori 1 ,of:;.' '??.-.'!!?'r,o( t;,. ... . , aaaof
iidivid-.- ." X1 *?<;? ;.? ral Ha ?i ?.. Di kith ".
??rea ?? ladarod ?'. ri ? atcd,
n l-tl'.i. I ? ' ('ho!.Tar.'t".rn"!t')t)c ?. .
'fien, an lbs lOBM 1 Bite aad tOVB ? BBd I
Lt* 188 a .' ?,'.. und ho.ii.is, und ru. un s. Which i'
ravaged in l-:i-';'* aod furl . atate4
?hat " b. ? roiy bar indeed oh 1 polfofod I
-'lave e?.. ? *d nou, BXOOpt in tin
Bbiohaan ti rj bioqboiobhove tba neon time
(M*?*ii %%, ?'?. .'* Tho etty of Worn -t?-r, < .
Baton, i ". a bod twice bet d onrgod, h kring]
MMtM u? o ?? thorough eloBfl -, ? ped the;
'olios.; ?,-.,, ni ?nie, which \.<p: the Boighbor?|
?np f.'. lu ( h?il?*rn oi l-l'.?, ottb in kgnifi?
'act fxi ?".?'.1*. prevailed, ool of l18 tOVBB
ealal, . thora previously -OOVO for th- IrI
?eel in 88 town? atora iti
??iced n..iy. Um Coauaittee afaVo Boyal
?aollei'?' "i BorgeeW found the loca.li/ing
t aiDwe ?,'. |.e ti leuce prevtiiliog* and in
?*?' o' t 1 ; :,:; |oarton whew it lin?t op?
MAMOi, 1 h muny district ?-, the veil
known m.d ?aeventible eOBBM were fouud.
fbuatli? mella al e?_MI report that u in the
to-An ot .tewkftbury the Cholera wau first an
?ouuo'd in nu alley containing a alaughter
bou\ne, pig.styes, and a bone-deposit; and for
more thoa ? month it lingered there, sprtdading
tiianui over the town. In the city of Hull, it
~<t*> at fir t luinu-d to the ill-drained localiu?*??.
'" Rt OiUis I'tutsb (Lroadou), it oom-ion oodla
I ('Lurch--?!., whttt th? drn.ua???? gad ventila?.on
svi?re bait, eleeslag iota t *.?e, ami papalatiat.
don?;??. In UiHKlOB, ?miar?a Iroiii had drain.ice
j rind ventilation w11? tia* geO***rel MOM. lu
I chatiir.ui, the __aanwn chiefly eonfioed to
I the narrow linn rv.< I lUe* -,, im fa uri* IJTOB dad,
deficient ia itlnenHntoi. and when feen b
muni ir lue! pieiaViul. Io U*nrpool, the diaeaai
1 arai oenfloed tot til? noa? patt to 'ho went?
v.*]ji?;iti*d, low, and ill-dniiucd court.?. Lodg?
ol' th..? efaaraotei stn moe?
tintot alone BtUckad.*1 Thel elad of
lodgiag-hooan in Blnglaari thal bal bera
broughl under unitary legolationii with nu eg?
'? popolatka ol ko.ihxj, tri 1 ifaooi t totallj
exomp! trot? Cholera during the Ij ? epidemk -.
i J'li?: report of th?- General Boort] of Health i"t
1849 Matee, thal ia the groal looaat*_ooai
called the .Mi'tiopoliiiin Building!, in which
health regalationi wonOMRplete, ari?i apopo?
1 lira of BOO- not a one ?>?vurr?-d, althoogli tin*
epidendo waa Tttty fetal in thal district. And
the roped of the bbbm Hoard ia IBM itataa,
thal " in tin- M? ti'i)>"li?. every eflkient nal?
:i. ??nvi'iii'iit bai boob follow?d ai dire? tit
. ! ise and effect by r oornjpondlng decnin
?if. ii K:n-1 and mortality. There ia bo eaeep?
ithiarole. ttappliMtotheoourtaialleyB,
and boom oooopied by the induetrioa elai wat
Itapplteato public institution.? of every-rind*
topi tottl) to Im.iiitnl?,toliuiutirfi-ylum*?. and,
above all, to i??tii!>li-.li!ii<*rits.?|H"*u?ly are? ted, to
teat the value of unitary |.rin?-i|?lc -?-to Um
model lodg-tg?--oo_N ol'the MetropoUa. Io au
1 iporl on epidemicCholern.it _ ibOWfl thal M-J
MM nut ot Til,'? pi mon?. ftlRlflt?' of tlii-L- ned? !
building?, had boea attached by the di mm,
wbereM uneng the papolatioii of Loodoa gan?
me pi n "ii in ?."i ami atti k. 1."
THE TI.M set: W9 I. A "ti? Iti lill
THE lTtt:i:iMii.>.
A few dayl linee, Th Ktm?Yari flaiea? ?aritl
'. ??toa report that boom of the legisla?
[ttuMof the lately initirgi?nl Stateehavi .
latri m jir'vcnt the Breed Blaeln fron holdmp
real ???;.>*.??. devoted an article le the mbjeel af
the righi of the lYeeflnMlll to gfg i-u,,^ -'joss teg
the impolicy of 6uch a cour? of legiiletioo,
i-.::il poioting out the beppyeflecti that night
he expected to follow the po??c" ion ot land \<
the Blacki of the Booth. Thi re i- bum b ?
li iri?t which we ?r^ifJl] igreei bal tits
?r. tunent of The Tiwi? 1? n.'iten.nlj* WOsMtl 'I
? the erren into is hfc l. ii bu feilen ss iib
? 1 tiru tate of thiagi axiating in thal
port of the world Eran wMeb it drei t i'.u?
tratitm, v iz. : IheBritiihWi 1 IndiM Bo far m
the ?land ol Jaunit ? ii con orned, ii 1* f.?.- ban
being the lai-t thal "thefir?ednea in not ia
genere! land?olden.*1 Indeed, the verj eppo ?
of this i- the nal atate of iii?- Mae. it i?
true that the plantar polie* by
i?'!'in\ hai been hitherto ruled, i? aot hvonble
to the oegron beooniogowner of lead? l?i.
??!ii?ion then hi-* elegged Ihe ooRveyM ? o'
land with bMty expeim Mid andb trouble.
H ,t in ?jiit?' erf ti.??? .?? -lifli. -iii*i ? Um Bl ???
adily MtToJbing real ?
indtul y? and it ia oonputed, on tra twortbj
-. that ni the proa at
be fewer than _*0,000 iandhi '?.
DugroMofthat ?land Atani en eel ?>
." re ? fur each holding, tin.? trill giri . 1
gate of ? u ?.(j? ?D mns nssnt'd by the peaaanl pro?
, . ? toi of .l.iin.'m n. In ti?I PC pi at ? ?
oontrary to the ataieanat of TV Itmn,
I between lana . Barb '.???? . li
ti ilatt? r i-i.mii, then ;.r?- trery fen pM ant pre?
prii ti? ? vi*ry hw boMMtead aa aering t<*
the ''mai] nttla-Mota" m nnnen
the iornii r. Barbado?'? ir j an.?.-l<-?l oui into
"??tifiar eatena;** the m..j.int. ni then
I orar ?ni?* hooind aena a pfeee, ead
iilui', -t avery lixit ?'i :'."< '"ii'1. ;ti Mgar eultiva?
lion belong*, to then ntatm, the bidependent
?grlcnltnra] indu try of the Kl.nk bel j.
oonfioed entirely t?i the fro? >?? oom,
ji'il*.' und pet otan bi gi n ii!? <i
fron the large landed pi-nj?. :>-???i-. Barbadoea
li a *nm!l bland - ith 1? denn pop dation?qoite
u denn 1 thi popnlatioo of China? and Le og
a purely agricultural < ounti **.fand li vi ry di <
.1 .i, mi the ri').?cary, ? ', peopled,
and laud than 1? oonpantlvely <li<*t*p, al
tbo igh, owing to tit* in] a bit ii
, lavetl tra ii
in the way of jio??r nenb< -???? I uildei .
?..it by -ni * * - ? imIi
mum people bave Imagin d.
TV Tullin rxmiwcl Ihe porerl I
? KBBflit 1 v )?r. ? ? '
late " Blarery outbreak," will ra ei
land i" thal t**o_ntr] : '?? ooitti ?? ii
whi rein lie - the eon action. It : :? 1 erer,
bin " the tei e land," itii \,
?-, that the 1 of the pi I ?
tiitoofthingi in Jamaica, ? "? t;'; ni re?
gardi the ant.ii"iiii.,in bet ?reen the pla itei and
. ;., ? to be Ion ?'.
and unjust .
. || I" f. ? "ii the li rg?* li tiled proprii '?
mall ?? ttler, lo ty of
;.ii!ii?r-. ti.
two chu M ??I Ig
teied. The owner of ti ?
! undred acre ? Bj?aj 1 bon iii
.'ii' M in the j"*.? ii- 4 ith bli Bee n
lim fiinner i atlibarty t?? v ..t', li,
igoB 1 "n the public ." "i lol
. 'iiiou wit im ? ?. ' v ??i ? li. ??!?.
1 of thi lotti r .s t.? tai ??*?'> a ,.''? ".
'J he agrieultrir.-il ftock ol' the ?R?Ml _ Unod
it Um rate ??i'?-?'? eaoti .1 band? 'i b*b noll iMln
I.:..? to j?uy .*i?'? ?"'?, I"!- every hoi ?? .md muli! !,??
aWM, ??rid $1 for trTOTi ti. ?. Tin* IbeWMC may puy
hin taxi-r by iriitiil'iiu-ni . Thi bitter nm-t
I>ay them m full Ol ORO! BO ?? B_od
?lav, undi-r penalty of ha*.mu In- !*oi?d
l?.*vi???l on and i.ol?I at inn t ?on. al an
agi-Rdlodat, the __m_ nttiei laben ander
thene dittiMlvantai/i'i*. ug comptUOd v?ith the
planter, umply boOHM hi.? pOTBtty e?iiii|ielt,
him to be a produeer on a Binall nala, it, fur
??xamplc, he is a hugar-j-rower, not until h?i-Ruc
???eda in producing 40 barrels of nu(.ar lier an?
num does le-?ialation -reco-cniie bim an Lu the
Mme claea with the planter, and grant him the
same privilege* -with hie wealthy neighbor.
Thai, initetvd ol h-doint the ottor ead atntg
i-?n," man, it barlooobtlB Tilth ?IBpflltB oahra
1 itod tu d. ptOOl ha? aBMtgil -..'.?I i ' kia ?i aha al?
ways m tho lover BOOla. b Bm ?, it re*?? ..
looagBBwthe peooaaA proprietor aa aaagrieo)*
i; rl -t eiititif.i 1*1 ?i,.-, trot a; ra l" the fororable
i ? ?ii. -a lera!, -.ti of (ho St -tt" : Bad, riacrving it.l
broa tor thora oho i n hi I Alford to b-bjbbh
?lith them, ni,'hi the pfOOBBWOf .stimulating
ladostij by boldiai ool hopea o? BsoaaptioB
Bool Lue-?, it ui'at efleetaally pnraota the
healthy d? velopme'it of it BBOOBg th?* people.
?Stich being the at?te of thinirs in ?lamiiic. ?, it
is not to be vendora! at thal the nUaten
dreoded popular,agitation fur logiilallraiafioBi.
and that ir.div.(lim!-like tin Uta QoOfga AVaI
i.ain (Joriloii, who d':nj.ui(i.*(l ji; ' e? for the
Blacks, be.nui.* marked linn, who wore to !><?
eil? need at any cc.-.'. 'Hie aflbBOO OfGoitOOO and
ni-, compatriots vii? that they -.vere, through the
BJBBOJof the pfMI and of pnl !;< t:n-,-l;ri,_:-?.
opeaiag ti a eyra of the people to the groai and
.-?ham? lui llaOqaaH?01 of the luws, ;?*idthe injury
therehy h-Ueted apoo the bulk of the pop?lo?
tioti. Wit Ii the Jamaica planter, popular agita?
timb, be it--* fonae never bo loglilBialii, wii? ?. era?
ployed to obtain Hie redreoaof grieranoMarif-BB
out of the BUl?legi lotion <?! the doininant c\i\ar.
in that ooantf .. ' -ried m tantaa?oanl to
??edition, treoaoo, rebellion? aadbereia Baa the
whole secret of the late bomb!. BMJ rOCW of tin*
Ulai ka m flint Blood? 1: ??.?? no1 thal hraanoo?
non v.?- rooty hand, but thal it wa* f? !t to b?
u. BOM ,l-, in the ni'nat of tai1 mini', .'la -,
io .silence l'on ver the voice.? licit had DOBO I ? ? 1
to demand ju-tico fur the ii?i*?sch.
I ?.- ad the I kdaetrial ead, thor I r .
moral effoet which the holding ol 1 ?nd bat on
the pea .an' v i.' I ... ii* . a,; id dto by Hi
7)?nr-.s, aal i ; ill lil o' tai
lie.-ni I" tin whofc ? !. i) i' I. '?:. ,!'? ? i'il'i'. I gg
th it the ]? ? rciaef ra Um
owner then - Bkma,
the mo-t ooariaciag pre : pf ti riiadorael
the jH...' .;tii?t! t?, bo?
I OOM i ' .
? i Jan '? . ? a ? potion. AU a. i o atti
apeo* that Island
t there iaa d arki d ? ootnaat
;? tory ol that ooma?
try aal thi ';- i i entirely de?
i, i wages <
ra ??? ? t
to the latter; luperiot pbj i
in. ? i ill* aid morally- 11 that ooe>
. moro
it. This i
LB Sflfef ' ' kOd Ii.-?
ina] ria ocdi o* U i oOloi ; ribo i thal 11 n
;?. i ? tied on th
atoada thoa m t!. obere the ?; ?? mo?
ployed oa Ibe" planto? . ?
i. (kel ?'?"!.,'
? ?
IBVABI IIB ira I Til la/t I iu\.
Otu las)
the Ci ?' ? i
''.VI ...
( llltllll . . ? ?
,? ' ' Bil]
PoUowiaj '-. ? II ? ? k1 fan I
dr?:ryn::t:..??!l'. D ' " I" U 0? ('..'?'
in ados -, t. ti ... ' Iba a
?86 por ?? ? , but that ? it Um
WOald in?! be wurta mora tJuii1
Ba ki? i. i ?. i]". a', ten, i ad allai
muk at .?J.'1?(??? i.. Cort?la other 1 roated
l?i tliia Oil d' -,
BUUdog " good gai ? a!."i'."'A ii" nari'
gra-av when irrigated ( with Ml Bgo) than t.
Croigl ? ' ? pari ?if
. ' . .t tu. a uga o!' Edlob i.
wini h i.?. ?? ti a ental ot Um i load G
ihilHag? to CBS ra ra, bl Del it.
the owner aad ieaara,oad ia Buaiahed
, ??;, wit! " tai
The ( ba nara of ti ii Bm Im
i . .? _
i 500,000 . illy, ti
,i roto! ;. ai . 'I i " m thn a j\ ire pr
there ba ' ' ? ? ? i
b?r " v.! n ti I i ge ol ' o- iii'.ia. i
I. -.i J?!?." d
in 16 or Ml orree only, i
? : ' ? ni i!,?? - ' mi too
thickly depoBJted oa the load." 'Ho* .'ii a;
"a thin, bli
'i;."n a deep grav( I," u i the ?
? Oes I o gb it 'I be a Inci Bate
. ?i " ?. i bora i'"' abo it thirty oun
boa boon ( ?OTerted into irrigated lund ? poa
I || i .in- i ' tO lu ??' ?? ii ?
v.! ii upo , .t : the ootei goes ?? I, 1 aai - ? yo
., li l ?? pa i ed i" p :?? ? Tho s teal
i [poa ; i . : ' ' t l. ? ?? a ?! it i tOO hinlj
nver the. ??-1 lb "i " 'ii' ? ' ?
it I ??' C1 "I- veliieh
.???', i .* ia '
? r. '
I | ,. and n i "'ii oo k
of sewage at li ilion is
the till I'll leport Ol li " 'I?''' 'I I?"? k1 ('0101
ippo ut ??I for di : ? ?' .i'?i liry. Ths ropol o >
. . ?i ii II i." ?i last, aad wa priatel m i
l'i.l- .iiiei,i...y do. '.ni-1. The Cora on
raaoiotedal the begioniag oi \-'>'. bkI the
:?,. .-',! ropo : .. '??* the ira ilt> of eipe iaoeal
i uaUaood daring Ihn a y..,-,thoraoxperhoeoU
Bot hei-f ooafiaed to Um mere applicltkxi of
soreg? to load, bal ? xtoadlai to Um ""'. ??******?
Con by rattle, of the prodoo.Mailed, aad
U>thO prado? lion of iue.it BBkd milk, a.Toiipt'i.i d
by a ???? iel ni rorari of Ui?(|?it!!itiii< i aatlioarhol
?, ?l?a-o? thopredod ?aadbj ooaieioaalaolyBM
of the BBwoge befbre and after irrigttloa, m
?i o of the ir,,*, uti the mi)!,." Hfra por*
tion ol lind '.vere -.leei'd, ol abolit ??/? BOIM
I tcii, and .'ii' h ol' li.-'M wats aj-aiti ?li.?(hal into
four ploi?. I'lot Ne I arai t?? l?e urncwaged;
No. if to be BOWaOOd Bl the rat?? of '.litt) tuns
per acre por annum; No. ?1 Ht the rat?? of 0,1*00
tuns, and No. 4 st the rate of 9,000 tun? per
acre per annum. The produce of the-n't por?
tion of land, comprising the four plot?; waa to
be girea, in tilt green ila le. tv Itiuuuit eraai
that of the eaoaod (abo la thi gnea Man) ia
, ?ulk! ig ?. nd thal "' lb ? third waa te be
ni fie ii:ti, bif
l*v t!ie ?i|.j.|i, ..'.on of .?-v,,??*' to ir.-ii?, land
daring the Hinter ara i n I Mriy d_ oi
gn*?? wa. fit.t ii:i.?,i, although thii bmeand
Pr,,i'; I ii .-n.ii'i fortheaewageea__4oyod Thi
l>??r:i>d daring which bo itiniiidu'nc of gnea
(bodwaaarallable trae ?I?'? extended ora Id?
Mnblyrattheendof the Meara m mil m tia
ing, ami the mer' n iii proportion to
tlio nwaj ,? mplo ni, op to the highest __o_at
and B.00B toni per acre, Onad theexperi?
h.'ii i BeMi the lan fertile or.? gave i
Maali? pcoducl ti a 0m other, ? 'uni hoth
wen BOMwagedi bat under a Uberal tir? dng
wfthnwage, lhere - ii rule one equaled the
ol er. T.ik:.,;. the average for three yeaiBi ood
In the two BeUitthi .mi.I of ondooe ob?
ti ? '1 without ? ?". " vi aboul '.'1 toni ol
'? ' ? ' " ' ?? jil r ." re per annum, ?'.? about '?'?
toni of hay | and with 3,000, 6,000, and B,000
toni of nwagi pi i m ra pi t annun,tiie anounti
m c, i" peetively, about *.*?.!, 30|, and :??". tam
"'?' gnea pa ?, qua] reepeetively (roi '>.? i "1
aceoiding to thepereeotage of di) mbitan t m
ottm) te aboul :?, Bf. ead 6| tuni o', bay.
Thi !.. - qt* ? iti . - al j'.in(lr;i i !.?
tren obtained m the thi d ?, -.?? ?i the tips -
mente, and with 9,000 tuni of aewage p< r acre,
pei ennun- namely, in rae field 36 I
m the other '.'.? toa al ga a ??. i , i qua! re?
??' t .. ly to .-hont i.?, and 71 of 1 I
?veragi inoraan ol te ned fe* each 1,01 Otui ol
?"' tu ?. abra ..,?>?x?
tuoipi -, when
6,000 t'* uper ai i ton , and
9,0001 i . ::; ? vi.
mut of p ion
lireetly an erei ol ? ige, op i?>
P.000 (bol i the i? i lot'iit ip?
plied Bi ? *?'" ti ' <? wm
m a nuefa ?.. k11? - ratio ti -?. a k a
i . ?)? r*
grane ? m only, i .-I with
fe] Uti '!.-..... but I
ni? .i low . '
Y. i :.i : ' i"' L' ?iten
4 ? I '
minai within o g ? red
tit ?.n i. ? ' " * ? : but
.? :y 0 -"I i , ? :i ployed,
rere ? li : ?ve ?? I. W_s
? '. ti, ? .r ' ander
!" ?
iL" ' ? . S
i . hot! ??' in Ik ia
t), on tia
? a
? : . i '
.?ii both
i ? ' tere would
ed be
tween 1 ind it wa.? ?eel ?mated
: - '
? - ? 'itini I'? i
lead, . | *' prad ?? ' ol .
i.iioii i ,:'.,?:, h: ni::;. ,* .?? re ;?? r .
? . . ? '. I-i i ; ' aent i ?'ii Ital
:i. i ?? one won on! rea inottnl
ah din a| . a( Bdlk
i low gran. With an app?i ltira
..-.*?'...:.t r.,i!"n ;.:. i.' ewagepn acn j??*: an?
Bun, an averagi groaa return of from jl ' ?? ? to
*_;'..'. |i. r .!.-? ii..is be obteioed, taking mik ;vt
per gallon.
?Ti.r tiiili ?-i which thi above Matetnenti
ti t?d i nillir;- ire too minute and vplui .-.
to i'- qnoted io anything Hke an entire
condition, di anothei tine, however, wi hope
!.i pre i ni 'h' i ' ?i. i i ? ?...m? ol li -?i al lea '??
i . . . -, are aotioe, io ti i te?
- . . i ..i ,.. ?: 'i.-i.-- *. : ? laal ' tfcei.I Wael
. .?i . M leal i- Ai al atoa, tae marl
I i. , -,-.., j. ? tlM ?!" '?i*rii la
? ? |. 1 O' I "1 I 1 1,1 I !'??!, lill?
'. . ' i- gold, ?. 1 ?? ?- to ?mr
'i Wini teja-1 mai oftht ?* adi
.lean i thi prl ? '?? M. Baw, I IIMI ita r
. '.. IM |.. ? n ir -, V! t. | . Dr. 1 ?.lai *.??'? .ne:.']?
reell ban ham wilki ? f eowplaiM swweeae?
rea!**r irai _ade a togl ? aler, Bal weet togammi Mat
pelee el peal own i I tha ?*??? wnthOS?O, wael
?. :.i titra barn \? : ? M ma mmaA, inan-ad at
eitel m ?nor iii; ? i la MB the Beata Madel
ewe) "i ...ni!, i. .m j in 'i . lad lew BithgoM
al -?i i. .t iheaM be ?i.it'i a;*n.' ??. upai pat ad. it i?.
m UseBBBtiary, aatjrwertl iheM<_".**erpeaa4. it
-; m i ni i in ?i : i tu?.! a ii 'i a ii np ? | ? Bet
ii ? ne ii ii ii... twoehth .'in- iht ?i ii. smi i-mi
,- ?titlytiti :??' ? ?? ral ?? ?" IM '.um'1.1 i'i.iti-*.!
., ? ,,,fi ' ' I betbn it- war tot U
the ii' "?? i.. r?it n i ? ????u bH_- i bwsBoathi
Wii a a pa Met* wa ' ? aal bmi tim tarma rain eeor?
itni ??-ii sthet -.i. ?_? ' :?' ptedaee laithen
i .linn, .im.-? v.!.i.-: the : - i'-r '- tipwtmhaa
llii'ir ,tl,|?.?l? ti? le in ? rul m III? 1? iii-:.,'-ni "I Ml
?,.?.i'i i? .iii t ?nan te the pri?e el wool m
I .rf? ? ni. li? ?ay? ? Deaafcel reel .- mM i.* i '. .
? A| ? ?* ' m1 Ctpe,wt lee. ??*. i.*?. pet
naem4.lt i: ? gagVah wurketj ?rhleh.eeee wtik ra
l'isue?? uni iL? li.ss Lui. ni "? i i ' in lum nil. ?I mils
in' ? r t..ni ti.c l'if.fan iwa wa* '
i ma. i. iv.? ' raaa arte la tepMIagtM pitos
m then weele, atlee tWlenaeeatotamed?"Beean
.i ai?.o ?n tin laagn ? -?? ''??? r,"?*,?n**??; Mt '?* *l,*a
pMeeefweM le tower la Eaftoad thaahaeRtteaen
?uriimrs am r-8| ntf tit tim ti ? ;>??> b'K'l*. gttiOti gai
?ii..| ni U: iff? n? in-ll M IM um-ii?-?tur?'r?.
PmM ?ui'i i? wet '.'.i. la th? i tggab aarlrM, ttaa
utgmm O' i-.* peeee a? anadi ?bi? hi mmai ti
??iiinii .i,-. ii.r | h.m!. :-i'i'. fe taja we ad?ate add la
ii*i peand, peMj rnr, ?? aeMIMM 11 Mile. pnfaaB^l
li.? |?rrrt t.f .-tporintioii BBf. ''*'? ]"Ji |hi nil. ifoltl, tlmn
Dim.-.ii wixil woulil I?! Beith MM iu ?riiia-'ii ?nil ..O?*.,
ind v. .th gold st 11 -16, would I?- **?'., i'Uir.?iH-y, mid lie.,
curri?:!? v. DnnM si Im? sum? is wurth. in thus mftrkrt,
iiom .Cito Ure., cuu i?ii ? >. Iluruos Aj??*? unvrshlmd is
wortti. in tli? Jtu^li-h BMrMj ?' pauoe and 0 ??sneo i>rtr
pouaJ makiiif n io and 1?*?*.. gold, pt*i* pound. II to
the tirst we add 3c. dntv-for nil wool under l'Jc per
|M?und at thr port of stportatisB psys H . Bold, par
pound?wa shall base Uga gold. i?-.l ??o., r?1?*. Band ti
tis latUr, end ws shall bsrs MR P**rpound, gold, whtoh
will M absei Ile., sutidc?. fut Uis fyrntr. ea4 tor tte
utter ?ya aboil boas Isa, sat.7 Bsoaaa A y.
tb? raii.iii'i. la v?'<rrth imm H u? in- pmaaami,?oM
But tin? ?z-estest ia.sta.tr i? wlif.i' tbe I'oetor ss.v?
i*a: the piici???! *"-aiii<>d Capo 1*, I7l(. in tis la. "
m*?rket. Tbe price of it-?bed Cup?, in tlio 1
nisiket, ii au liiitoi*. " (lood flee? t, 1?. (?1. M 1~?1.. *o?l
li. IDd. or S'a-.; Middling, l'aL aad 171, Low. Ud. and
l"'d.j Lam?)?, lu' und I'M. Noir, oeeordinf* ti tia*.
Good Heros is ?Toriti. in ti?*? Pagina markst, 'J', and IO ..
gold, and all Oeol 8880?g ?'*"'? and upwards, at ?t.o port
''foiportatton. pay? Ho ar.d 10 pet eont, B?ralaisa,
(fold Thi? would makf*.'.'and C *-o. pt*i pnmni, g"M.
I niaki'ir* about 7fiand ttOm 88808088*. Al v.e ku'ivv ol B
wa*?hed Cape ?;. this Wfirket, we eau ord? en*r.pare i?
| rith the (*ood Samo,- laSSS produce?! in this 1888?0
, the very bent of which lias OSfSS luid toi mon thai
j ti'w, ouriene?-, ?lutin(r the prcrjeiit raa-on. Wnl'll?'.:' is
| Wfittb. in tia, Kngliilimarket, ? lal ll.gsal To (Sit
j weedddutfof li.*. ptrpiHind-foi aBassltowB iii"1'
I and laaa tliao J?5c. ii pa;d, pays Vjc. dut i-or. ! v o itali
I bare 44 and 4Cas., gold. Ibis ?voidd 1 e (... aad ?B- I II
I ia: tj- lall bi,-.i"rtban (rood medium pradesof A'
j ISO ?'. I.0"V. or 888188, _ worth, in the Ki,.?li,,!, m.,. v..i,
: M and Mm-, gold, to wtiiel?, wbon tl.e du!y is added, \ .
I "Aal have BJ aad Ma?, fall, Thi?, reduced to currr-iiey,
J would ba M ni... Afc, ciirreiicy, a price wlii? li Aaasrt?
i can laasa ot the sane (Trade would uo? la ?nu*. I,aml) -
worh'-M un?1 '.'.r><., ffol!. to which add duli rial ne I
bare M ai.il M-., pill. Ii. duc cd to currency, tbi*
W( u.d be '..J- end Do Hut !inwa?iiod Cuna, ii. lbs Ia.
(ilinh mar!.et. 1*. ?vortti fiom 7 to lud. per poun !, aBiak
I :.? ! 1 aiul *."'e', [or pound, (?old. If Bit?li W8 .Ma.
j V8 s?mil ha? o IO and Ac, galt, winch ??o*:iil li I B 88*
' ."re., currency. Uawur?hed Cape, of m1 i.*h we hive ?v.
ni,'.adaasa la thi? market, i*? woitb from 1'.", to 1 ..?*.. I ?
rat ty, Tbia taM|Ml laaa IM TagMii pttasa quoted.
bal 81 ?r. I*m'!'i.*:il tbere ii no duty paid on insiga
POSBI IbSf iiaiiiit largely of the washed wool?, to tia*
? 'I tin* u:.wn?).?iL Thf bfUsl munulaatur i
.? ? a ?are I'Vpn; for tot 'ransiaartuiion of lift an
g?t n I : ina Amtraliu Oaraaf G????*l Horn?. and Sa'ali
Anit-rii . 11.? n* i-' a reason MbftAt \wericin manu
futurer ataald ptetm pOftag for tbe irunaportalion ?f
fraaaalatSSTthsa inij>''rt clean woo*. Mon generally
I isf : dsiaf 'I-at ?vinca ia morit lo their inteieit, sad it
willi??* t.n:*...| ib.il aidt-r the osiittui; Urlf" the mtcrett
ol tbi? Alnara un BSSS?M tarer i? lu pel/ foi* th<* tisrit?
portatiouof grasss na.! dirt All IBSOtioi
*,.i'.. 'he aaul we buy und nil ?o Mel ?lift, yet Hie
di.'? we pay is really upon tbe scours?! ?vool. mad?
ISadf I"? the curd?, upon wbieli we pay tin. doty. Tl.e
. ta: .Il ilia . n ?' :: ? 1i-.- t'.<* valu-* of tim dirt on?- parti
.' n die*? lactaasa it.? value of Ita trott, mi
.".. ki |OSaaaaso4ta valia* of onr own AiDorl.au wuo:
la i'-'i ' l'a a. latta awounlof duty paid. 17e ka
I -ti?-w11 ?nat tbe dutl I on wool are :?, '?? : ' ??
, a:, i IO ! ? i ? BBl ? '. ralSISSI p*r p'ii.nd. li.' t?*.o Istt? r
ai.'I I ii*!.et Iii? re? wt*i nil**.1 l'.r the BOfpSM "f pas?
ita laasriooBBsnasrla Ita pu lartise ef tat
?na.l. bul tiice buril, r ti ure are ItsOl toi "nan ./
.:.i- by the iiiiH.u.-r in vfciefc ti* vssllsta
????rtaiail Tta IsWSt data I ol' -? aad l8? P' r B88?i 8*818
f:i|M d Io protect the t'srt.e.- m tbe pn ilaot.oii ?'I
880188 and ?88?881 wool, ltut t!n* gisal balk of lb
pari . i ' l'util j-er pound -? BJISOl p-Ha
afwl aflaaatwoai prodund m the wo* ia. Ita Basal
?ii.-.?! SSi ai (lie C'upeof (it-id Hope, ia Au? tra lia
ita Boeill Au.i :.."i aro ?I! iii:p?.rted i.nl-r t!,e oc. Cn:*
-i ?? t I tbeit ti?vl condition. Tr-y ate all nu*aub? d,
ai.. **>irie '!>? mi dirfy tl.al they nu;? ? .. ? m p m ?!
di.*v. Sow, li i ."tier to uial? isfau.l now !.. 8888*8180
v 11 n?iJ.*r'the aa.our.l wf-.icli I'.- d rty w -?ii
sod al*0 ?but ita clean Brsefcta WBSl akrisks?
aas* aas yiut A? Am **"* bH uP?n Ita Basais! po-md
.?a? i. a ita cir'ia. Ti.i* i,".?*.! tatt sf ita waul
? !... li p 11-s a ina v of '. . , -i-r t nai.?1 wi!" hi.at*
iBOteTBpoi ceut tay,east a?s abatatwe-tkiiOa
] Tbi? mo ii i*ive for eveiy j poutdi ia the ?r?e -re, a?
II 1 ! ti?,uni if 8888884 tv .ml Ita Oat] ou sha!.
wi.uld I*?* i-e per |<iund. Util a pound? al ill s
WS I au'?i as tin BagBal mnnufai tu.-?", sulii.ily ne
? ?? a aal ! ?b'm!; io '''*-!.np ?*.:???' ? !? ? ?*nt. or (
m laipoiled. woquI v:.?ld I pesta i"jdy foi the
to,- i.sva si.-.*a.it .....su tai' Ita baal Cog?
-:? **? r' . f.uui ~ to II? . "foal. Is Ki '..?'. B_|
laattaass staobIkototefoyet* lys pa psata
I ??! t f?t adral?.reta '1 lu? ?votili!. on the ural, le
i ?? st.d aa ti. asesta i. ?> i*. po. mi. wktaft ?stall
I pitad by B \r.,-. Itaeaj li".- on ibe two scoured
pi ad? read? lui the SOIS?? Ol 2 , ni:', ' .? . on one
paiiuil?lacia?:'ruin ki'. \0X psaai 11"~? tban on ti:?
ffSaSfWaSlsf (he muso nualitv importe<l at a dut? a
.? pSSSSOOB. TLi? j..?\f ?veil fur tin? trsnaportatioaiif
il.it. Mti.Ie?l.c? ineilium and lino ?vonO. pay ti.; ! .v
r' .* pom.ii linly, sud .. pua888 ri.'i.i. n* .'Jh. jail? i-iHnii
wool, the ni ty would be tim lee. p?*r po andt but waa!
? ?' t i.? .jil iii: v wiitiBI not ?hunk tit?? thin*, and 88088
;ui*i.fly, tliiaiirh 6i ? pe? taaund duty ?dffct be paid ia |
k8 Ita gfSasO ?,et the 880018(1 p?iunit aOS i p iy |S8B th in
I ? il.tr, ana hIioui<l it 88 ve: y gSNU y. it WS8?I not pay
mure ibau l8, pal pound du'v. ui.tl wu'i!.l | in'.taiv not
f, ve more ttiiu 1 (mund tur I pound? in tho fra
assert?! psaai, iatb?laass, would pay Ho 'li
?a-by we tapSSI ?a nno'i W""l :u Ita gil I
< I 't'e iv ?I.ed vi ?ml. and no', f?" At, li tgi tWJt, B8
. i*. BBwasbta was! ??oil??, bsttei aa tkossntai ior,
a nattai ?o. ita I n?'!.?I who ure tipti aaaeoktatsr
ci ala? ?e.or? in liuvlag thal k:ml al trsstsrkict
s ska tie baal ao the aosas, ansaaJ ui?i> tapsri ensay
vast 'i he u i? opt? ,it?> of tin? i? Ita iu i If wael ia
? "?1 el?',ia it ?vori.a badil, ?ud 88} BOB vt'ouM
i.atlfi'.'aad thsl the dnliei tia* ?tool t!i ' VSrssil VOOU
la* lo ?linn, and if io! prop it eiasS ? i ?'?' SStaB
?.". . ti not b. ho linft*hi BM tba Hill M ? 88? UM
I it < Mas why tta Rachel sad Goaataas bast sala
f! Iiiiphtr'-?? i ' color Dial Iteauiy of tiu.ah a\ bssOOSS j
t: .-? 'i I MIS ?.I'm*.! tv.v.ii mai Bat al ka s"?? ? ?? il ..' ;
v- la
Il all? ni-" ba Bisa Ita! wees al .... m ? :. ,i mliel
arts! Itaatta bigtat datta ?a iBcaad Upai
seal taratatsa ttuuid baooBM spstaths, eel would
atloitl the fin.it r much more ptstsetiaatbal
?ila poaaaol time, bob)wawsaathat ?
i ' ? anderstood that we do not charixe ti:e n
in ia ?iib st!?*;, pti.iif an? Ii nid fit h a upon Qori : B?
?staat upon ita Meara hut that tiiev ?,u:|iv tata
?ti'vaut tyre ol'ti . ondit lou of thing? ?ki. u IsMst (?? t'i? it
b) a? 'it. sn.1 alfa h i? al all t..*.,??? per'i'cHi lair sn.l I?.
I.iii: ?d': and il .eitais:? would rot bOBBaWrMtta
purt of the f.itm?*r i! lu* ?aw th*? tj'?-?e da |
1 ?. Im", la* it'li.'i i. "si for proieii.oti wet.* t? >? 88 ?? 1 ia
. "i in tlroaj i. i m' BMtaaeai obi b MdMaotaa?ti ;
i ct id al tl.e I nicol fas [??*inr' of fl.r ian-, ifesaM le
? n.n'uv uti- I cb.,uyi-t ni tit? fat.e?a?),
prstssl h.*< .uti'!' ? ? Bal M aaoaaal al ii'e I
partaBoao wkicl task piase ia If ?v lie;...-. ,a
I'o ni. ef lasbesaaosi II ? dsprsM !
I in-lill* pine ol ?tool it.ki r Brill l'en.i ..? da ? ,.
?: ?I hase -nib ? li i ata pooali ?*i i ??? * .,
alta to as?ala Ilk osttaiaty al Bia al kubes *
t! , "l'?re.?!!? nf the .iiiiiici* I n \t hat ?ii r-i ?,-., : I. ,<? ?
baa y Mpastatisss lava satotta Ita psici ni ?los .
a.I . * !><? .na ii?d iron. Ita great law . -;;??' I
a.id ?liiaaiid, ami tbs lact ttal .i'.11 -?? ?
o: ?? ni ?n?e rup? Hid in l??.*', w!?il. ? ? Star I
100 cod V8N r?linne 1 to make up th? tall M ? tsaiftl I
I? ' ?? :r SB a 'lin'ets MBOg to produce nil tin.I I
u. .cluter? i'i*.?uired: and ii cutt BhoMlSW
lind tin? !i'ia?ie snioint of ?tool wa? lirpoii. .1 al i? low
duty, which eiiablfd tie ?nipor?'u to ??fil a ??
h?? pi ko than lie could under (he pre-enf t?fifi. \?,'e
iti.i'k Uta II s ol'Id lie eil MB-Bltf bOSBB?li la iii.?
farmer to demand a much higher duly. TbSfOisssi
tain'v no ISOaSB why (he dufie? of UM. and lo p. t aent
sdvaloretu ?bould be intenered nilli, li'to the lov?er
duti. a st :i ?md Ile. 1 aud lo. should be added, ne think
It would he mum! thai a protection infReient OWOf
folded. Tbia wonld be 4 and tie per pound dut v. Oktal
mini might luppofe, inriewof other heasy duties, mm
but a ilifc-ht protection. Wheu we consider fini thieo
pouudaof this greasy wool only yislds one pound of ahM
wool we should bave lie. daty nj?on the clean ponnd?
sbout as much as the WMhed woel pays with tbe duty
at IA*, and lu per oeat art valoren?. Tbs -urioiter would
theu lui port tie washed wool, vhioh would be a savini;
of l and Vc. upon the iconred posnd, and, m? s coiiss
saenoe, we should ti ml onr colors ws*-i be hri^titer
sad our olotL? better |u<?be?l.
Official Pifiare, of Her tonditi?m?
am .
Mardon?. Swindling and Lasting ed
Freedmen and Freed women.
*> ?
Bully BNB-Bb Soul ii? Marching Ont
t.- nu On Sp? ill ( SSSSBBBBB??
Bera a?mr 'it*. t<*. IM*
[eontinaatha lanela eftha FrooittMrt ni*
r??ftu iii South Cstolirn, ?vhflrs " the propio ?*-re as _fM
j? ri-iiil ff* ? -1' ??*'??!.? i? li ?italfd li onjh MMMM
ladatatel nul.??I lieaatrtj?. t"-*-. so -.vc?**?f. For.
?s-Lal or.gLt tve I?? <-\!'''<-'t from tiiim.?thesa r??<?a?i?t
Rebel -it:?-.-ngeaentl iiftenHapM(n_neary?*
No'liin?. And ?re hen gil it?
'? titi o ?ir ii', '?J BBHeBI I or -. '
-?*?? it take a glur:. ?j af t! ??? ( ondition of Mu* Slain aa
; .?.luted by the aflidaiit" and oilirinl rei>ortK on tie In
Um Kt'eelmer.'i _,rt?ou I'll tie ?tv! tnoiitl,.
.i'.iiitilli Bttnac*r-*-awr>o_na mr t*__mmmu
l_ lb',? ditiritt a plaatol work???! neatly on?? ln-ad/ol
?eereei aaar-CMl ?*>?iin'--ten of ihem on Hie ?oiitn ("sr
i.iina Bettreel for six mot Va,. Ile reccved th**-" w-mt?
?ad pockpted it. The rennii_d?*r, some Llnotr, s oik?4
?atti piaiiMt.ou. si.d ra.?cd a crop ot euri!. sr*i?r?al.
rifa, and cotton. Aftir I > crop whs hsrTi-stci*. lb*
iiilirct? ?sere rent tot hi riff'inn. uttfiijr dent Hate. CR
i'<?nraetbay hail tobe ration???! b.?* the Go?er_r*-*?Mit?*?t
?tarvs. luti.itis *r.r.i*e fur-1'.-.hed tltci- ? ?* '?' ???__?
the li<t ot <* pendent? on ?;??ver:tment rxiur.tv i? in
eteeeed. liptiel? san point io ? n-se u-pro"? ?*? ill'tatra
??..* ol i.iii; s.. m nt'iuit that the race is ?*? MhiftI?*.?*.*"
? ?ui? t s-.nrk." ai,'I " i,r?'fi.i*f to flock to clr-.es ra?bar
ti un tl'Vj ?m theil plaatattoei "
'1 *.ie pi ?ru,-r, ou ;!.eir arrival la tte eltr, list?betel
ISOsui'ii'.-than, lin? larji-estsnioniit thiitsar se? st"
,',i iii i'i rilli! !:??* lus su month? work watt? .-*?, sol
li ?ii.ii t?o-,".] to.'-O cent*. Soxe geil Bsthil <?.
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